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Fr. O’Connor Reveals
Red Deceit Terror
By John J. Daly, Jr.
(Staff Writer, N.C.W.C. New* Service)
DALLAS. Tex. Communism conquers by deceit and
then rules by
The Columban priest, a veteran
newsman and former president of
the Msociation, told some 1,800
persons at the banquet that com
munists are "utterly and dread
fully consistent” in their meth
ods of overwhelming a country.
Their tint step, he said, is to
soften resistance by deception,
ta China, he pein*ed out, thoy
•weaked os land reformers. In
trees whore most ef the poo
Pta ore religious, the Reds are
slow to reveal their atheism.
"They change their tactical
line to suit the circumstances,”
he declared.
But basically they are material
ist*. believing in no higher being
tn whom they are responsible,
Father O'Connor stated.
"They look upon mon no
mere than an animated hunk
meat. They set aceordinfly.
It would bo insane to think they
K of Notes
MARION Members of Mari
on Council 671 are completing
plans for the open house to be
held June 10 at the council’s new
chibrooms on E. Center St. Com
mittee chairman Robert Murphy
has announced the event will be
held from 2 to 6 p.m.
The open house committee,
made up of past grand knights,
includes Joseph Dunn, Thomas
Andrews. I* A. Axe, George Bar
nn, Francis Norris, William Sim
mons, William Lawler, Charles
Simonis, Francis McDaniel,
Charles Dunn, grand knight, and
Anthony D’Amato, deputy grand
terror, demanding a ghastly toll of human
tn maintain its bold. Father Patrick O’Connor, an eye
for more than a decade to the work of the Reds in
the Far
East, said here.
Father O’Connor, correspond
eat of the N.C.W.C. News Serv
tee whose dispatches from the
Far Bast on the effects of enm
mnnism in th«t area have won
him high praise, marked his re
turn to the United States for the
flrat time since 1946 hy speaking
•t the civic banquet nf the 461h
annual Catholic Press Association
convention here.
The council has erected K of
reads on several routes on the
outskirts of Marion Riving loca
tion of St. Mary Church and time
ef Masses, as well as location of
the council’s new
will net continue to act accord
infly," ho said.
When the Reds take over an
area, he want on. thoy systemat
ically begin to crush all institu
tions or persons which might of
fer resistance.
"1 was told once by Chou En
lai. the present Premier of Red
China, that the communists' hope
is to make religion disappear un
til it becomes only a subject for
poets.” Father O'Connor said.
Father O'Connor spoke out vig
orously against admission of Red
China to the United Nations.
He said that most arguments in
favor of such a move arc based
on a “so-called realism.” He con
tended there were also “realis
tic” arguments against it.
"It would havo an Immediate
effect on the whole continent of
Aeta, giving a great boost to the
communist cause there and
among the 12 million overseas
Chinese. It could wall tip the
balance in favor of the Peking
government," he contended.
“It would also give millions of
people the sense of bein* sold out
to the communists.” he declared.
Benefit The Now School Addition
H. F. Albert, Ins.
I, Bread It. CA. 1-7S73
Bobb Chevrolet
ItH *»r»ens Art. CA. Mias
Crystnl Swimming Pool
1453 S. Chamoien Av*.
Cook end Son Funeral Home
’431 Parsons Ave. hi. 4-7S41
Cathedral Book Shop
IM B. Bread It. CA. l-4t|i
City Decorating Company
Nt t. Front Bl. hi. 4-4334
DeVanoy Cleaner*
Illi Person* Ave.
DeSantis Brothers Florists
1175 W. Henderson Rd. AM. 1-1117
Franklin Plating end Polishing Co.
IM I, Sixth Bt. CA. Mill
Drt. O. J. and George Fillinger
Ml Thuynan Ave.
Fiesta Club, Inc.
Ittl Chamglen Ave.
Fayette Boabty Shop
ISM S. Fourth SI. Hl. 4 »3I3
Egan-Ryan Company
a Breed St. CA 1-4444
Father O’Connor said that “no
country has gone communist vol
untarily.” Nowhere has the ad
vance of communism heen a pnp
ular movement, hut rather a care
fully executed plan hy a "com
pletely ruthless, well-organized
small group,’’ he said.
DALLAS, Tex.—(NC) Excel
lence in field of Catholic journal
ism was honored here with
awards to some two dozen publi
cations and an expression of ad
miration for the work of a dis
tinguished correspondent.
Father Patrick O’Connor receiv
ed an illuminated schol] which
Charles J. McNeill. CPA presi
dent. said came from “the grate
ful and admiring members” of
the association. Father O'Connor
also became the first recipient of
The Catholic Digest Award for
distinguished service to Catholic
journalism. Tlje citation was ac
companied by a check for $1,000.
“Inveniemus viam aut faciemus.”
We shall find a way or we shall
make one Inscription on Me
morial Gate, University of Penn
Novelty Games Amusements Refreshments
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Sit -Hemlil It. CA. l-33to
Lakeshore Bus Lines
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McNally Lumber Company
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Naberhood Bakery
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Noltomeyor Flowers
744 Greenlawn Ave. HI. 441M
O'Shaughnessy Funeral Homo
4M B. Town St. CA. 1-1311
Westwatar Supply Co.
1*0 H. Third
A* Catholic Journalist* Met
The Catholic Press Asso
ciation of the United Sta
tes, meeting in Dallas, Tex.
for its 46th annual conven
tion heard a keynote ad
dress from a former preai
dent of the Association,
Father Patrick O'Connor,
o e s ondent of the
NCWC News Service in the
Far East. Pictured at the
opening session are, left to
right (upper photo) Bishop
William T. Mulloy of Cov
ington, Ky. Bishop Robert
J. Dwyer of Rono Bishop
Thomas K. Gorman of
Dallas-Fort Worth, host to
the convention and Bishop
Albert R. Zuroweste of
Belleville, III. Lower photo,
Floyd Anderson, managing
editor of The Advocate,
Newark, N.J., (left) and
Monsignor John S. Randall,
managing editor of the
Catholic Courier Journal,
Rochester, N.Y., discuss an
item on the agenda as Rog
er Cahany, secretary of the
C.P.A. looks
(NC photo)
Mews In Brief
priests who will be ordained for
the diocese of Steubenville May
26 constitute the largest class yet
ordained in the diocese, and will
increase the number of active
priests to 115, another record fig
TOLEDO The Toledo
Metropolitan Housing Authori
ty has received the City Coun
cil’s approval for plans to con
struct some 200 public housing
units for two low-income
groups the aged and large
families. Plans for the aged
call for one-floor construction
with ramps and extra-wide
doors to accommodate wheel
chairs. Some 150 units will be
built for the larger families.
A life never goes better in its
direction than when it goes in
God’s direction. Bishop Blan
Corner Bruck and Hanford
Fish Dinner
Pizza & Sandwich Bar
5 TO 8 P.M.
Door Prizes Hourly
Plank's Cafe
743 Parson* Ave. Hl. 4-01*3
CemoHmont* e
William A. Sherrard
Swingle Hardware
ItT Thurman Ave. Ml. 4-3733
A. F. Tynan
S47 I. Broad It.
Dr. L. R. Thorpe
Iggl/g Thurman Ave. HI. 41011
United Business Service
411 B. High st. CA. 4-1997
Zwilling Printing
441 City Park Ave. CA. 4-1413
St. Loo's CDF Ct. 1475
Durthaler Organ Sales and Service
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WCOF Ct. No. 105 St. Leo's
St. Loo's PTA
Seyfort Potato Chips
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Beck Sporting Goods
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St. Loo's Altar & Rosary Sodality
John Quint A Son Funeral Home
1177 W Pltth Ave. AX, *-1133
Bishop Ready Tell* CPA
Self-Rule Appeal Not Enough
Sreeion IxmiL* Into Merlin 1 Fr. Fick Define*
OiiAorehip Prelate Claim* Comic* Clean Hoiimp
By Burk* Welsh
(Staff Writer, N.C.W.C. Service)
Delegate* attending a section
devoted to "Censorship and the
Catholic Pre**" heard shocking
disclosure* that tom* ef this
material it mad* easily acces
sible to youths in many parts
ef th* country.
Authoritative speakers dealt
with conditions existing in the
fields of magarJnes an paper
back hooks, motion pictures, ra
dio, television and hard-back
books. The speakers, generally,
called foi self-regulation within
the individual industries rather
than censorship to stamp out the
objectionable materia)
Bishop Michael J. Ready of
Columbus, who was honorary
chairman of th* session, sum
med up th* discussion by say
ing: "This thing is very se
Bishop Ready intimated that
the .situation already may have
gone too far for self-regulation
hy the tn be effective.
“Appeals tn the industry may
not work,” he said. Self-regula
tron broken notably in
most of these cases Something
more needs to hr done than to
appeal to the conscience of in
Father Leonard J. Fick, edi
tor of th* Josephinum Review,
active chairman of th* meet-
ing, defined censorship as a
function belonging only to the
state but said that the state
can use it justly when the right
of communication is abused In
such a way as to threaten sub
stantial harm to the state.
Bishop Ready took note of this
definition. He said “it seems al
most necessary that somelhing
be done for the good of the re­
You ar* asked to pray for the
repos* of the soul* ef th* follow
ing and the others who have died
in the Diocese during th* past
trude A., 59, May 16. St. Ix'o’s
Church. Columbus. St. Joseph
McCABE. Mary (’., May 16. Ho
ly Name Church. Columbus.
YARGER. Mrs Thelma M„ 56.
Sacred Heart Church, Columbus.
St. Joseph Cemetery.
PETERSON. Edward, St. Pal
rick Church. Kent, Ohin
K USTER. Louise May 17.
St. Joseph Cathedral. Columbus.
KRUSE. Joseph John. 67. May
14. Hnly Family Church, Cnlum
but, St. -Joseph Cemetery.
McCARTAN. Arthur, R«. May
19, Sacred Heart Church, Coshoc
ton. Ohio.
KRAUSER. Mrs. Katherine. 84.
Holy Redeemer Church, Ports
HANNON. William, 72. May 12.
Our Ijidy of Sorrows Chapel, St.
Joseph Cemetery.
PEARSON, William. 61. May
18, Blessed Sacrament Church.
WEAVER. William J., 80. SI
Joseph Church, Dover. Calvary
MILLER. Mrs. Helen Evelyn.
27, Anthony Church. Dover.
REES. John F„ 57. May 14. St.
Joseph Cathedral. Columbus Cal
vary Cemetery.
REICHERT Mrs. Mary Cather
ine, 84. May 16. St. Francis de
Salem Church. Newark. Mt. Cal
vary Cemetery.
BURNS. Mrs. Renus Alice. RO.
May 20. Holy Rosary Church. Co
lumbus. St. Joseph Cemetery.
BURNS. Ralph E.. May 20. Ho
ly Rosary Church, Columbus. St.
Joseph Cemetery.
DICK AS. Mrs. Mary (Mac). 79.
May 20. SI. Joseph Cathedral. Co
DOWNEY. Miss Esahel A.. 59.
May 20. Hnly Trinity Church.
S ^erset. Ohio. Holy Trinity
JACKSON. Herman 26. May
1R. St. Joseph Church. Dover, St.
Joseph Cemetery.
FAB1ANO. Mrs. Jennie. 70.
Mav 17, St. Elizabeth Church.
Roswell, Ohio. St. Elizabeth Cem
DECKER. Mrs. Emily Jane. 57,
Mav 20. Corpus Christi Church,
Columbus, St. Joseph Cemetery.
NERNY. Fred C. (Pete). 5R.
May 20. St. Patrick Church. Co
lumbus. Mt. Calvary Cemetery.
BRADFORD. Grover. 64. May
16. St. Mary Church. Manchester.
WETTA. William J.. 52. May
15. SI. Mary Church. Portsmouth.
ALBERT. Mrs. Tillie*. 71, St.
Mary Catholic Church. Columbus.
HART.S, Mrs Jnhn. 66. May 12.
St. Joseph Church. Dover.
A strong warning wax wunrled here
that the serious increase of filth in pictures and the printed
word in this country must be combatted bv something more
than an ‘‘appeal to the conscience of industry.”
Catholic editors and publishers of this and other coun
Dip*. x«’h*'»er| 3t the 46'h annual
convention of thr alholic Prp*
Association of the United States,
were urged to intensify their al
ready active effort* tn combat
this spiced of indecent matter.
piihlu to keep these vicious peo
ple from destroying the repub
The Bishop teld the editors
that they "share in the pas
toral ministry," and be called
upon them to "share in it bold
Msgr Thoma* I Fitzgerald nt
Chicago, executive .rerrtary of
the National Organization fnr De
cent Literature, told the meeting
that the code authority of the
Comics Magazine Association of
America ha* made tremendous
strides in cleaning up the comic
book industry
"It hat not don* a perfect
job," the Monsignor said, not
ing that it has been in exist
ence a relatively short time.
"But it ho* done an Impressive
job. It ha* made th* eomic
book problem a minor one in
comparison with the magazine*
•nd paper-back books."
Concentrating on lurid maga
zines and paper hack books deal
ing with sex and violence, the
Monsignor expressed primary
concern” over the way in which
these books are distributed to
day. Hr said they arp arrayed in
the racks of neighborhood out
lets hack tn hack with many ar
crptablp hooks, fine magazines
and the greatest literature in
pocket-size form
May Crowning
Scheduled At
Air Force Baur
Next Thursday. May 31. at
7:30 p.m the Air Force person
nel at Lockbourne Air Force
Base will have a May crowning
of the Blessed Virgin in the
Catholic Chapel at the Base
Monsignor Roland T. Winel.
chancellor of the Diocese, will
preach the sermon for »he serv
ices according to Father James
Frommeyer, base chaplain.
Fr. Frommeyer said Lt. Mary
Reck, an Air Force nurse, had
been given the honor of crowning
the statue of Our Blessed Lady
and the Fourth Degree of the
Knights of Columbus will act as
honor guard for the services.
According to Fr. Frommeyer. a
dinner for visiting clergv will be
served in the Officers Club after
the services.
Fr. Frommeyer also announced
Sunday, Mky 27. as Communion
Sunday fnr all Catholic person
nel on the Base Mass will be at
9 a followed by breakfast in
the Officers’ Club for all who
care to attend.
For ped 1
If yn« wilt merely led u* shew you Our brend
new STARUGHTEC line of storm.screen windows
end doers We guarantee you’ll be u»»d*r obso
lutaly no obligation to buy.
Coll us and your coediol AlSCO mon will
deliver the 10-Fioce Cutlery Sot to your door.
Actual retail price of $9 95 is printed right on
gift box. It’s yours with Alsco’* compliment*
whether you decide to buy or not.
S 1 AMGt *L» e« smwm winiio*
BR. 9 6185
Member K.C. Council 2A9R
Friday. May 25. THF. CATHOLIC TTMES—j
Thi* fihghflu V*ed
•Rtfr/f/fer” Spinet Piant
Will NOT He CnderMhl
0 North Hi^h Street
Building Unions Told to End
Practices Criticized by Public
(N.C.W.C. News Service)
CHICAGO Monsignor George G. Higgins tnld build,
ing trade unionists they should take a special effort tn
eliminate those practices “which are subject to legitimate
criticism tn the general puhin
The direclor of the Sociall.Actinn Department.
Catholic Welfare Conference,! also tnld them thev should
lean oxer oakward-” to cnopri
ate with management in every
reasonable effort to reduce the
coat of housing.
Msgr Higgins delivered the ser
mon at the 16th anniversary
Mass of the Chicago and Cook
County Building Trades at St
Viator’s Church here.
Fttrbidden Book
(hi Sole in Rome
ROME (NC) A book put
on the Index of Forbidden Books
by the Sacred Congregation of
the Holy Office in 189? has been
reprinted here and its sale is b*
ing promoted widely by Protest
ant groups
Ttv book is the “Life of Jesus”
by Ruggero Bontthi. which was
condemned by the Holy office as
being rationalist and based upon
Protestant critical studies.”
Catholics here are being re
minded that books nn the Index
cannot he bought read kzpt. bm
rowed or puhlihrd. except with
good reason and with the perm,*
sion of a member of the hier
Read the Time* Cta*»ified Ads
"If th* public is inclined to
btame the high cost of homing
on the unions," he said, "it is
up to the plumber, the electric,
tan, the carpenter and other
building tradesmen to telf their
story to th* people with whom
they come in contact."
The social Action Department
director asserted that the present
generation of trade unionists
the United States, “now that the
problem of poverty and material
want has been substantially elim
inated.” is in a position “to emph
asize the importance of the spir
itual and to raise men’s sights to
that higher level of living de
manded by the basic teachings of
religion.” He said the time haa
come “for the well paid member
of the Building Trades Uninns to
take the leadership in this direc
"The Church he* every right
to expect to see you at daily
Mass more frequently and the
community has every right
to expect you to continue your
education and te take *O active
interest in social, political end
cultural matters," he added.
Retails at
i A 95
Offer Ends
AM. 8-3085
Member St. James
The Less

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