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Road "Tho
On Pago Four
Vol. V, No. 44
Steeple Chase
For more than 9 hours, the 8-ton steeple of St.
Augustine's Church, Troy, N. Y., teetered precariously at
a 45-degree tilt, as it was being removed for repairs.
Steeplejack William Mullins rode with the steeple to the
ground as crowds in the streets watched the unusual
Bishop Lays
For St. Asncs
Bishop Ready will lay the cor
nerstone this Sunday at 4 p.m. for
the new St. Agnes School. West
Mound Street at Wheatland Ave.
The $240-thousand. eight-room,
one story structure is construct
ed of cement block with brick
The school will eventually
house 400 students who will be
tinder the supervision of the Sis
ters of Notre Dame de Namur.
During the past school year the
first three grades were taught in
the parish hall, which is the east
wing of the church.
Completion of the school is ex
pected by late this year. The new
building is a direct addition to
the present structure and will
have, in addition to the class
rooms, a multi-purpose room with
kitchen facilities. The school
rooms have modern equipment
and armor-ply blackboards have
been inst?”«d in all e^ht rooms
Bishop Ready organized the new
parish in 1954. Fr. Robert
Schmidt is the pastor of St. Ag
19 Baptisms Birthday Present
The Glenmary Missioners who have served several mis
sion parishes in the Diocese of Columbus for some years,
this week relinquished the last of these charges. Father
John Garry and Brother John Kelley, both stationed at
Ty and Brother
Holy Trini^J church, Otway, in
Scioto County, departed amid sad
farewells following Mass Wednes
day, the Fefcst of the Assumption.
Father Garry left in a blaze
of mission glory, for on Satur
day, Aug. 4, he had baptized 19
converts in impressive cere
monies at the little mission
church in the country area west
of Portsmouth. The mass Bap
tism brought Father Garry's to
tal of converts received with
in the last five weeks to 26.
Aug. 4 was the zealous mis
sionary’s 31st birthday, and he
described the happy event as a
sort of birthday present for him
The Glenmary Missioners,
sometimes called the Home
Missioners of America, have
been in charge of Our Lady of
Official School Calendar
1956 -1957
Wednesday, August 29—-Principals and Teachers meeting.
Wednesday. August 29—Community Supervisors and Dioce
san Consultants’ meeting
Thursday August 30—Principals and Teachers Meeting
Tuesday, September 4—Elementary Schools open
Wednesday, September 5—High Schools open
Friday. October 12—Columbus Day (No class)
Friday, October 12—School Lunch Workshop
Friday, October 12—End of First six-week period (29 days)
Wednesday, October 24—Achievement Test (all elementary
Week of October 29—National Catholic Youth Week
Thursday,- November 1—All Saints Day (No class)
Monday, November 12—Armistice Day (No class)
Tuesday, November 20—Thanksgiving Vacation (Close
end of school day)
Wednesday, November 21—Thanksgiving Vacation (No class)
Thursday, November 22—Thanksgiving Day (No class)
Friday, November 23—Thanksgiving Vacation (No class)
Friday, November 30—Eqd Second six-week period (31 days)
Thursday. December 20—Christmas Vacation (Close at end
of school day)
Thursday. January 3—Classes resume
Monday January 21—Semester Examinations begin Elemen
tary and High Schools
Friday, January 25—End of First Semester (No class) (31 days)
Friday, February 22—Washington’s Birthday (No class)
Friday, March 8—End of Fourth six-week period (30 days)
Tuesday, March 12—Holy Father’s Day.
Sunday, March 31—Laetare Sunday—Elementary Band Con
Friday, April 5—High School Registration Day
Tuesday April 16—Easter Vacation (Close at end of school
Tuesday, April 23—Classes Resume
Wednesday, April 24—Achievement Test (All elementary
Friday, April 26—End of Fifth six-week period (31 days)
Spelling Bee dates to be announced.
Week of May 5—First (?rade
Thursday. May 30—Ascension
Monday, June 3—Examination
Thursday, June 6—Closing of
Friday, June 7—Closing of Elementary Schools (29 days)
Day and Memorial Day (no
High Schools
This calendar calls for 180 days in the High School and
Elementary School. This includes all legal holidays.
Schools must conform to the Diocesan Calendar date for
the opening and closing of the school year. The date may not be
changed without a grave reason or without written permission
of the superintendent.
The Pastor, in case of parish schools, may not declare more
than three free days.
°ftro Or,.
Diocesan Institution
Holds 91st Annual
Festival Saturday
One of the oldest Diocesan institutions will celebrate
its 91st year with an annual festival Saturday, August 18.
The convent of the Good Shepherd was “begun in the
Diocese in 1865 on Spring Street
hy four religious of the Order
of Our 1-ady of Charity of the
Good Shepherd of Angers.
In March of 1866, the
at Broad and Sandusky
purchased It was tha old
cas Sullivant estate and
original house erected by
founder of Franklinton, which
is now Columbus, around 1800
is still part of the convent.
The nuns who had been invited
by Fr. Edward Fitzpatrick, who
was later to become Bishop of
Little Rock, have always
on the generosity of the
of the Diocese for their
Their order, which was
ed hy St. John Eudes in 1641, has
as its principal function the care
and training of girls and young
In 1954 the Order at the re
quest of the Bishop took on the
added responsibility of opening
the first rehabilitation center for
alcoholic women in the Columbus
The women and girls both in
St. Euphrasia’s School and the
Rehabilitation Center come from
Glenmary Missioners
Leave Our Diocese
Lourdes, Otway, and St. Anne's,
Buena Vista, as well as
Pond Creek Mission, all in
oto County. A few years
they relinquished charge
Our Lady of Sorrows, West
Portsmouth. All these assign
ments are now in charge of the
priests of the Diocese.
Four Glenmary Sisters, sta
tioned at Pond Creek, are not
leaving. They will continue their
work of catechising and aiding
the priests in caring for the chil
dren in these mission parishes.
The Glenmary Missioners were
founded in 1939
sion of souls in
Catholic areas,
headquarters is
Ohio. At present
ing in the Archdioceses of Cin
cinnati and Indianapolis, and in
the Dioceses of Columbus, Okla
homa City and Tulsa. Owensboro,
Raleigh, Savannah-Atlanta and
for the conver
neglected non
Their general
in Glendale,
they are work-
Aquinas Head
Appointed To
College Post
Fr. Joseph B. Taylor, a mem
ber of the faculty of Aquinas
College High School for 23 years,
and president of the school since
1950. has been appointed to the
athletic department of Provid
ence, R. I. College, the Very Rev.
William Marrin of New York
City, Provincial of the Dominican
Province of St. Joseph, announc
ed Thursday.
Father Taylor was ordained in
1931, and after graduate work at
Catholic University, Washington,
D. C., was assigned to the Aqitin
as faculty. From 1935 to 1950 he
served as vice president and di
rector of athletics.
Fr. Taylor also taught Latin
and Spanish during his term as
AMA Says Dogma
Used As Medical
Term in Code
CHICAGO The American
Medical Association has explain
ed that a statement in its pro
posed code of ethics refers to
medical tenets and not religious
principles when it warns doctors
against basing their practice on
“an exclusive dogma or sectarian
T’his was explained in a state
ment issued hy Dr. George Lull,
secretary of the AMA. at its gen
eral headquarters here.
He stated alffo that,use of the
words “dogma” and “sectarian
system” in this sense has been
common to AMA codes since 1847
when the first such set oftprin
ciples was adopted.
Explanation of this part of the
proposed code was prompted by
criticism in several Catholic
The holic Times
Columbus 16, Ohio, Friday, August 17,1956
all walks of life and represent
ali faiths.
The convent has grown steadi
ly since its’ foundation 50 years
ago. This year the convent dormi
tories were expanded to accom
modate a peak enrollment of 70
St. Euphrasia School, an ac
credited junior and senior high
school, follows the Diocesan aca
demic curriculum. It has addi
tional classes in domestic sci
ence, typing, shorthand, comp
tometry, cosmetology, sewing,
arts and crafts, so that the girls
are able to return to society with
skills that will enable them to
enter either the business world
or to become good home-makers.
A special room has also been ar
ranged for audio visual work.
The cost of operating the
school last year was $52,203.55,
Much of this money comes from
private and agency donations but
the Sisters still rely nn the an
nual festival for a good portion of
their income.
Paper JFurns
Against False
Papal ‘News'*
tore Romano, Vatican City daily,
has warned against press agen
cies that release news which
gives the impression Jhe story
has been inspired by ’the Holy
L’Osservatore issued the fol
lowing communique:
"Our attention ha* bean call
ed to the activities of press
agencies which, either because
of their designation or the
news they give, may seem in
spired, if not officially at least
unofficially, by the Holy See,
the Vatican Secretariate of
State or His Holiness Pope Pi
us XII.
“Wc are authorized to state
that no such source of informa
tion, irrespective of whether or
not it professes to be Catholic,
can assume this characteristic,
since the Holy See does not lack
either the manner or means Io
bring to the notice of public opin
ion any information it considers
necessary to make public.”
It was learned that the warning
in L’Osservatore was not direct
ed at any of the Catholic news
agencies established by the Cath
olic Bishops in various countries.
Rather, it was stated, the com
munique was directed at certain
recently established agencies
completely independent of the
Holy See but which claim to in
terpret its mind.
The principal sources for dis
pensing official news by the Ho
ly See are the Vatican press of
fice. the official column in LOs
servatore Romano, and Acta
Apostolicae Sedis (The Acts of
the Apostolic See), official publi
cation of the activities of the
Holy See.
a y
Nun-writer Here for
Third-grade pupils reading the three
the coming year will find the Mass ex
plained in weekly letters from Sister St.
Thomas, S.N.D de Namur of Mt. Notre
Dame Academy in Cincinnati. Here, Sister
discusses the forthcoming series with Doro
thy I. Andrews (left), editor of the three
Mass Offered
At State Fair
Maim* will b« offered et the
State Fair Sunday, Aug. 26, in
♦he naw Youth Building which
la situated across from
17th Avenue entrance to
Fair Grounds.
Monsignor Gilbert
Schmenk will offer Masses at
8:30 and 10:30 a.m.
LET'S GO TO PRESS. Three guests of
St. Raphael's turn out the latest edition of
"Echo", tha Homa's official newspap
From laft to right: Mr. Archibald
Up in Marble Cliff on Rox
bury Road a beautiful stone
mansion takes up the better
part of three acres. To a
passerby it might appear to
be the home of some million
Actually ♦hit beautiful home
in one of the better sections of
Greater Columbus houses
many who by the world's stand
ards would be considered pau
This outward display of wealth
might well be one of the reasons,
suggested Mother Elizabeth, ad
ministrator of St. Raphael’s Home
for the Aged and Infirm, why the
eight-year old institutipn hasn’t
done quite as well financially as
some lesser looking institutions.
"People just can't believe
that we need money," Mother
Elizabeth observed. "Actually
we often run from one to two
thousand dollars over
come in expenses each
our in
Of the 80 guests
Raphael’s, nearly half
are either non-paying or pay on
ly the token of an old age pen
sion. which for the most part is
of them
The remainder who pay St.
Raphael s "full price’’ are actual-
Honor Thy Father and Thy Mother
Home Isn’t What it Seems
It Needs Your Help to Keep Going
ly paying fnr only minimum ex
penses. This is not inefficiency
It is merely the continuing story
ot the Church's will, since the
time of Christ, to serve the many
rather than the few.
St. Raphael's is presently oper
ating at capacity. “We would like
to increase our services and add
another wing but with our pres
ent income this is impossible,”
Mother Elizabeth said.
The home is still trying tn pay
off a nearly 300 thousand dollar
building debt plus trying to keep
even with monthly expenses.
The guests of St. Raphael come
from all over the Diocese. Many
are still active and have a will to
Take Mr. Bordenkirker for
example. He and his wife, na
tives of Coshocton, both live at
St. Raphael. John's garden pro
duced enough sweet corn for
five meals at the Home. He's
worried about his melons they
didn't turn out too well this
Mr. Will Noon, Zanesville, is
another example. He edits the
St. Raphael’s Echo, the paper
published by the Home. His edi
torials both inspire and entertain
Teachers’ Meeting
separate editions of OUR LITTLE MESS
ENGER, and Madonna Wach, associate
editor. Sister St. Thomas will discuss the
subject of teaching primary-grade pupils
about the Mass at the morning session of
the Annual Columbus Diocesan Teachers'
Meeting, Thursday, August 30.
Annual Collection
Sunday Will Help
Aged, Missions
:’r .«
McKliester, operating the'press'while Mr.
Will Noon, Editor-in-Chief, and Miss Ger
trude Ford, proof read the finished pro
the guests and Carmelite Sisters
whn operate St. Raphael. He
takes a fierce pride in everything
the Home does.
Mrs. Clara I-ang. a blind musi
cian who plays thp organ for the
Home and gives lessons to other
guests, is another example.
A mother and daughter team.
Mrs. Anna Stewart, 92. and Mrs.
Bertha Lewis, 68, both reside at
the Home.
Mr. Archibald McKliester, a
native of Ireland, another guest
who won't quit living just be
cause he has reached a certain
age, also helps out with the
"Echo" and assists as doorkeep
er while keeping up on the
latest ball scores.
Mr. Martin De Chant, who
spent 40 years at the blind insti
tute and who recently donated a
water cooler to the Home, is an
other nf the guests who believe
in living a full life.
Miss Ella Blacker, who will be
101 years old on Sept. 13, is the
Home's oldest guest. Miss Black
er of Circleville, not as active as
she used to
ward to this
be, still looks for
big day.
active resident is
92, Columbus, who
The oldest
Ella Noonan,
frequently gives recitations for
entertainment of other guests.
Many more guests are not ac
tive. They require special care
and medicines. All of them de
serve the help that you can give
both at the annual collection this
Sunday and by helping the Home
as a member nf one of the assist
ing groups.
The inscription over the main
entrance of the Home, originally
written many years ago, puts it
even more simply and effectively.
It reads “Honor Thy Father and
Thy Mother.”
Sisters Make
Franciscan Vows
Three young women from the
Columbus Diocese were among
the participants in the cere
monies of Reception and Profes
sion held in Joliet, Illinois, for
the Sisters of .St. Francis of Mary
On the feast of St. Clare, Aug.
12. Sister M. Maristelle Lambert,
formerly of St. Mary parish, and
Sister M. Theodette Spires of Cor
pus Christi parish pronounced
vows for one year at ceremonies
held at the Motherhouse Chapel.
They received the silver crucifix
and the black veil from the hands
of the Most Reverend Martin D.
McNamara. D.D., Bishop of Joli
et, who conducted the services.
In the Cathedral of St. Ray
mond the following morning,
Miss Carol Ann Jander of Corpus
Christi received the Franciscan
habit and the white veil of the
novice. She is the daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Jander and
will be known as Sister Paul
Monsignor Higgins
Toll* Of A Now
Pogo Four.
Price Ton Cents $3.00 A Year
Past Donations
Bishop Says
The annual special col’ec*
tion to aid the aged and to
help the mission areas of the
Diocese will be taken up this
In a letter to all pastors.
Bishop Ready recalled the ur
sent need for assisting the
aged and expressed his grati
tude for the collections receiv
ed for thie purpose. He said,
however, that donations receiv
ed are not nearly adequate.
He pointed out that St. Raph
ael’s still has a large debt tn
erase and this cannot be done by
the fees charged to guests be
cause rates are kept to a mini
mum: many being accepted whn
can pay nothing and others whn
can only offer their old age pen
sions which are for the most part
Though St. Rita's debt is gone,
there remains the usual upkeep
of the building. St. Anthony’a
hospital also has shared in the
collection which has only amount
ed to an average of 15 thousand
dollars in the last 10 years.
Mission* Also Aided
Moreover the money for estab
lishment and administration of
our mission areas must also comg
from this collection. The Bishop
emphasized that “Even the little
which is shared with priests in
charge of these needy parishes
means the difference in most caa
es between peace and anxiety."
Old Age Difficult Tima
“Old age,” said the Bishop, “is
the hardest affliction now press
ing on many dear souls of our
flock. The lonesomeness and ills
of old age are added to the com
mon grief of the aged—the poig
nant remembrance of happier
days with friends and family now
The Bishop thanked the men
and women who had formed
guilds and associations to help
the Sisters financially, and ask
ed the pastors to enlist the sup-,
port of all their parishioners in
such pursuits.
Miss McLean
Named to Head
Miss Catherine McLean. 1190
E. Broad St., has been named
General Chairman of the 11th
annual convention of the Dioces
an Council nf Catholic Women
according to Mrs. Frank Vogel,
president of the Council.
Miss McLean
Miss McLean, a teacher in tha
Columbus public school system,
is the immediate past president
of St. Joseph Cathedral Parish
Council and the immediate past
chairman of the International Re
lations Committee of tjie Cen
tral Deanery.
The Convention will convene in
Columbus Oct. 10, at the Neil
Pope Recites Angelus
On Vatican Radio
direct broadcast of the Angelus
recited by Pope Pius XII was
heard over Vatican Radio on the
Feast of the Assumption of the
Blessed Mother.
The broadcast was heard at 12
noon in a hook-up with many
other radio stations. Italy’s Cath
olic Action asked all its members
to unite with the Holy Father to
invoke the Blessed Mother’s pro
tection for the Church and tne
I world. v

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