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Spanish Archbishops Warn
Improve Workers Lot
Or Suffer Revolution
MADRID (NC) A warning to the Spanish govern
ment and to Spanish industry to improve the condition of
the workers has been issued by the Archbishops of Sptain.
Denouncing present working
conditions and that low wage
scale, the Archbishops said that
"unless the abuse is corrected
promptly and decisively, it is
useless to think of effectively
upholding public order, peace
•nd the tranquility of human
society against the promoters
of revolution."
This is the second joint pas
toral letter on the social problem
Issued by the Spanish Archbish
ops in the past five years.
Turning to Leo XIII’s encyclical
“Rerum Novarum” and to Pope
Pius Xi’s “Quadragesimo Anno”
for their authority, the Arch
bishops pointed out the obligation
of industry to provide a living
Ths pastoral letter denounc
ed as un-Christian the present
conditions in Spain which ex
clude the worker from enjoying
properly the profits of his la
bor. The accumulation of the
wealth in the hands of man
agement has brought about
what has been called "the apos
tasy of the people," the letter
The dignity of the individual,
ho matter what his station in life,
demands for him the right to well
protected family life, the letter
added. Every man has a right to
expect his labor to provide him
with enough money to assure
him and his family of the necessi
ties and some of the comforts of
life. Whenever management fails
to provide sufficient wages, the
worker becomes restless and
public peace is endangered. Such
social abuse must be corrected for
the sake of human society, the
Archbishops wrote.
"A genuinely Christian society
supposes the just distribution of
mutual benefits,” the letter con
tinued, but in the struggle to
achieve economic justice, ‘‘labor
has been on the losing side.”
"Whin thia happens, justice
Is trampled down, wealth is dis
tributed unequally, capital rises
abusively, the inequality of the
social classes is accented, and,
once the dam Is broken, the
flood of revolution shakes the
foundations of the social or
The Archbishops proposed that
workers.be permitted to organize
to protect their interests and to
meet management in an effort to
conciliate opposing interests and
to promote industrial harmony
Our 32nd Year
The Deal
They Want
555 W. Broad St.
CA. 8-1555
and social justice. If i iklustry
does not succeed in thite, the
Archbishops called upon tlae state
to step in to correct abuiaes and
to find fair means of aiding those
who are most poorly paid.
The letter pointed outi three
ways in which equitable distribu
tion may be achieved: (1) a high
er wage scale, (2) distributiing the
profits of the industrial or agri
cultural firm among the workers,
and (3) the direct intervention
of the state in re-distributing the
national income in the higher in
come brackets chiefly by means
of taxation.
The Archbishops expressed
their concern for the workers and
for national security at the pres
ent time. They point to the un
dercurrent of unrest and dissatis
faction which, they say, is dan
gerous to the social order.
They called upon all to re
nounce inordinate luxury as un
christian and to devote them
selves to the correction of pres
ent economic abuses.
The pastoral, published by the.
Secretariat of Spanish Bishops,
was signed by eight archbishops
and three cardinals. The cardinals
were their Eminence Enrique
Cardinal Play Deniel, Archbishop
of Toledo Benjamin Cardinal de
Arriba y Castro, Archbishop of
Tarragona and Fernando Cardi
nal Quiroga y Palacios, Archbish
op of Santiago.
K. of C. Council
Sets Youth Plans
District Deputy Ralph W. Mar
tin of Chillicothe met with offi
cers and committee chairmen of
Portsmouth Council 741, Knights
of Columbus, to discuss at length
plans for the council’s participa
tion in special Youth Activities
during the coming year. Details of
the council’s program will be an
nounced later.
The group also formulated
plans for initiating candidates in
to the First Degree on October
25, and into the Second Degree
on November 18. The Third De
gree will be exemplified by a vis
iting Degree Team on Sunday,
November 25
Youth Activities for the im
mediate future will include a par
ty at the clubrooms after the Fri
day night game with Portsmouth
West for Notre Dame students
who will be guests of the council.
Music will be provided.
Announcement was also made
of a scheduled Saturday Night
Party for members and their
wives which will be held in the
clubrooms on Saturday, Oct. 6,
and of a Father and Son Colum
bus Day Communion and Break
fast which will take place at St.
Mary church on Sunday, Oct. 14.
Full details of the scheduled
events will be made available to
all concerned within the near fu
Newark K. of C.
Has First Degree
Rites Tonight
NEWARK Newark council
721, Knights of Columbus, heard
reports of the district meeting
held in Lancaster a week ago
when they met last Tuesday at
the clubrooms. Coach Walter Reid
of St. Francis gave a preview of
the Green Wave football and bas
ketball teams as a highlight to
the program.
Exemplification of the first de
gree for a qlass of candidates will
be held at 7:30 p.m. on Friday,
Sept. 28, in the group’s club
Installation of newly elected
officers, originally set for early
October, will be held Tuesday,
Oct. 23. At least 20 members of
the Newark K. of C. have volun
teered for altar service at the 12
o’clock Mass at St. Francis
church. They will serve on a ro
tating schedule.
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Th* officers of the newly formed
Knights of Columbus Rosary Council in
the Tri-Village area Columbus, are ready
to launch their fall program.
Pictured above is the second adminis
tration as they took office at the past busi*
ness meeting. District Deputy Paul J.
Lynch is handing the gavel to the new
Grand Knight Henry Brodish.
Seated left to right: Henry Brodish,
Knight, 2574 Northwest Blvd. Rev.
Father Ambrose Metzger, chaplain, pastor
of St. Margaret Nicholas Savko, Deputy
Grand Knight, 1481 Westwood Ave.
Standing, Paul Lynch, District deputy
Priest Says
Australian Aid
Not Sinister
Canberra Diocesan Director of
Education has denied that the
Australian government made a
“sinister offer” of help to the
Catholic Church in Canberra to
the disadvantage of other relig
ious denominations.
Father J. P. Kelly made his
statement at a monthly meeting
of the New’ Education Fellowship
Forum. The charge arose follow
ing the announcement of a gov
ernmental plan to aid non-public
schools in the Australian Capital
Territory, whose status is similar
to that of the District of Colum
bia in the United States. In the
Capital Territory the national
government has charge of educa
Under the school aid plan the
Australian government will meet
interest payments at five per
cent on loans raised by the re
ligious denominations for the pro
vision of nongovernmental schools
in the Capital Territory. A ceiling
of $56,250 will be in effect, in
volving a capital program of
Father Kelly said that the gov
ernment was using 100 per cent
of the taxes collected from the
whole population to provide
schools for only 76.2 per cent of
the school population. He esti
mated that Catholics made up
more than 23 per cent of the pop
ulation in the Capital Territory.
He said that, rather than being
a “sinister offer,” the govern
ment’s proposal by excluding al
ready existing schools, even
though they are not paid for, and
primary schools, “clearly sought
to ensure that the offer would be
made to all Canberra churches on
an identical basis.
“If any are placed at a disad
vantage, they are clearly the
Catholic and the Anglicans, who
are already in debt for existing
Christ the King
Holy Name Group
Launches Drive
A membership campaign, aim
ed at giving the parish its largest
Holy Name Society, has been
launched in Christ the King par
Plans were disclosed at the
September meeting also, at which
time new officers were inducted.
They are Vincent Herrmann, pres
ident Fred McCool, vice-presi
dent Edward Paulus, secretary,
and Joseph Hauck, treasurer.
McCool, chairman of the mem
bership drive, said the men of
the parish will be sent a circular
letter, pointing out the aims, ob
jectives and benefits of the So
Also a questionnaire will be in
cluded to secure information for
program planning throughout the
The society has scheduled a
Communion breakfast and meet
ing for Sunday, Oct. 14. The pro
gram for the meeting will be an
nounced later.
Storm Windows and Doors
Aluminum Combination and
Outside Casement Storm Window*
and Doors
No Down Payment. Up to 36 Mo*,
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Rosary Council Starts Fall Program
Of interest to music students
is a new member of the Music
Department. Mrs, Nicolai Timo
feyew was a student at the Con
servatory of St. Cecilia in Rome.
Italy, where she received the title
of “Maestro.” She also studied
voice and the art of ballet, for
many years. She has been in the
Academy of the Dance of the
Teatro Reale, Rome, and has
done advanced work in lan
guages. Mrs. Timofeyew speaks
and reads Spanish, Italian, French
and Russian. After finishing her
studies, Mrs. Timofeyew taught
at the convent of Marymount,
Rome, and at the Universidad del
Valle, Colombia, and the Universi
dad National do Bogota.
Part time teachers in the col
lege, this year, include Mrs. John
Stattmiller, with a B.S. in home
economics, and Harold Brock
man, M.A. who is returning to
the mathematics department.
Chillicothe K-C
Initiates Four
exemplification was .conducted
for four new members of Knights
of Columbus Flaget Council No.
1071, at St. Peter school auditori
um last week.
Those receiving the degree
were: Jerry Hurst, Neil Smith,
Thomas Guier and Philip DeAnge
Degree team members were
Ralph Martin, grand knight R. T.
Ward, deputy grand knight Nor
man Graham, chancellor John
Ziccardi, warden Donald Kalten
bach, financial secretary Albert
Waite and Loren Posey, guards
Willard Spetnagel, organist.
Following the degree work
there were two films shown to
the members by Joseph Evans,
lecturer of the council. The films
were “Atomic Energy” and “Op
eration ‘Ivy’.” H. E. Hunter out
lined the annual youth campaign
fund drive currently getting un
der way.
Richard Zimmer, warden, 2479 Crawford
Lawrence Burns, trustee, 1714 Northwest
Blvd. George Gillig, chancellor, 1944 W.
Fifth Ave. Raymond J. Albert, financial
secretary, 1029 Western Ave. Theodore
E. Wolf, treasurer, 1353 Virginia Ave. Rob
ert DeVictor, advocate, 2373 Woodstock
Rd. William llg, recording secretary, 2564
Woodstock Rd. John Quint, Jr. past
grand knight and trustee, 3429 Trabue
Rd. James M. Bauermeister, inside guard,
4574 Scioto and Darby Rds. Mondo Lom
bardi, trustee, 1792 Glenn Ave. absent is
Raymond Kavanaugh, outside guard, 1057
Lilley Ave.
St. Mary of the Springs Has
Many New Faculty Members
The College of St. Mary of the Springs began classes
this fall with many new faculty members. Sister Dorilda,
O.P., Registrar, is replacing Sister Marie Rosaire, OP. who
has gone to Albertus Magnus
ticut, in the same capacity.
Sister M. Regis, O.P., formerly
of St. Mary Academy, New Hav
en, is the head of the Business
Department, and Sister Natalie,
O.P. is the new chairman of the
History Department.
Sister Regis received her M.
A. from Catholic University,
and Sister Natalie her Ph. D.
from Fordham University, and
has done graduate work at Ohio
State University and at the
University of Mexico. As his
tory professor. Sister Natalie
will take the place of Sister
Rita Mary who is now teaching
at Albertus Magnus College,
and Sister Regis will replace
Sister Florence Marie who is at
St. Mary's Academy, New
Other full time teachers are
the Reverend Bernard G. Hart,
O.P., M.A., M.S.W., who is trans
ferring from Aquinas College,
Grand Rapids. Michigan, and the
Reverend Walter U. Vol!, O.P.,
M.A., formerly of Trinity College.
Washington, D.C.. Father Voll
will head the Theology Depart
ment, and Father Hart the Sociol
ogy Department where he will re
place the Reverend James M.
Murphy, O.P., who is studying for
his doctorate at The Anglicum,
.College, New Haven, Connec-
Sister Leonita. O. P., is the
new Dean of Residence in Sans
bury Hall.
You aro asktd to pray for the
repose of the souls of the follow
ing and the others who have died
1” the Diocese during the past
FOX. Mrs. Mary. 76. Sept. 21,
St. John the Evangelist church,
Columbus, St. Joseph cemetery.
HARTMAN, Mrs. ^Josephine,
Sept. 20, St. Joseph cathedral, Co
lumbus. St. Joseph cemetery.
MacBRIDE. Mrs. Ann. 71. Sept.
19, St. Joseph cathedral, Colum
bus. St. Joseph cemetery.
LYNCH. Charles. 60. Sept. 20,
Holy Redeemer church, Ports
HALEY. Mrs. Bertha, Sept. 18,
Holy Redeemer church, Ports
BERGER, Mrs. Anna, 60. Sept.
20, St. Ladislaus church, Colum
bus. St. Joseph cemetery.
WOLLBOLD, Mrs. Catherine,
67, Sept. 16, Immaculate Concep
tion church, Dennison. St. Mary
KATONA, Mrs Elizabeth, 78,
Sept. 19, Immaculate Conception
church, Columbus. St. Joseph
POTTS, Earl, 54. Sept. 19, St.
James the Less church, Colum
bus. St. Joseph cemetery.
McALLISTER, Sidney, 56. Sept.
19, St. Aloysius church, Colum
MELLETT, Stephen. 85. Sept.
18, St. Aloysius church, Colum
bus. Mt. Calvary cemetery.
COMPLIMAN, Lewis, 77, Sept.
12, Holy Redeemer church, Ports
ROGERS, Charlie, 59, Sept. 13,
St. Francis de Sales church, New
GALLAGHER, Mrs. James. 77,
Sept. 12. St. Francis de Sales
church, Newark. Mt. Calvary cem
HEIMANN, Urban. 68, Sept.
16, St. Ladislaus church, Colum
bus. St. Joseph cemetery.
LANNAN, George, 68, Sept. 15,
St. Francis de Sales church, New
ark. St. John cemetery, Loogoo
tee, Ind.
TARTAR Joseph, 77, Sept. 16,
St Thomas church, Columbus. St.
Joseph cemetery.
BYRNES, James, 63. Sept. 16.
St. Thomas church, Binghamton,
N.Y. St. Patrick cemetery.
COMPLIMAN, Lewis, 77, Sept.
12, Holy Redeemer church, Ports
REINHARDT, John, 78, Sept.
16, St. Mary church, Portsmouth.
George, Sept. 15, Holy
Trinity church, Somerset. Holy
Trinity cemetery.
Vatican Official Thinks...
Catholics Should Watch
TV With Critical Eye
VATICAN CITY (NC) Catholics must take an in
terest in the morality of radio and television programs,
Msgr. Angelo Dell’Acqua, Vatican Substitute Secretary of
State for Ordinary Affairs, stated here.
made hit views known in
letter to Bishop Martin O'Con
nor, rector of the North Amer
ican College in Rome and chair
man of the Pontifical Commis
sion for Movies, Radio and Tel
evision. Members of the radio
and television section of the
commission are holding a meet
ing hare.
Msgr. Dell’Acqua urged Catho
lics to oppose all radio and tele
vision productions that would un
dermine public morality, the
sanctity of the home, or the sound
education of youth.
The Vatican prelate said that
particularly in the fields of radio
and television, united action was
needed to bring lasting results in
the improvement of the moral
tone of productions in these me
Principal topics discussed at
the meeting were the several
problems connected with the pro
duction of religious programs and
the moral quality of programs in
Two priests from the United
States were among the delegates
to the meeting. They were Msgr
John J. Dougherty of the Newark
Lancaster Parish
Sets Annual
Festival Oct. 2-3
Monsignor Roland T. W’inel.
pastor of St. Mary, has appointed
George B. Shaw general chairman
for the two-day annual festival.
Proceeds from the social will go
into the parish development
Other St. Mary parishioners
who are assisting Monsicnor Wi
nd and Mr. Shaw plan the festi
val are Mrs. Leo Rinehart, presi
dent Catholic Ladies of Colum
bia Mrs. W’illiam Ryan, president
St. Mary Parish Council of Catho
lic Women: Mrs. Fred Kiger, pres
ident ladies auxiliary Knights of
St. John Robert Spires, president
PTA: Herb Probasco, president
St. Mary Booster Club and Fred
Larger, president Holy Name So
6lh Annual Corn
Fest Set to Run
Tonight, Saturday
The Sixth Annual Corn Fest of
Holy Spirit parish will open to
night on the East Broad Street
School grounds, according to Jo
seph Laenen. Reynoldsburg, gen
eral chairman.
The other committee chairmen
assisting Mr. Laenen are:
Hams, Mrs. Mary Lee grocer
ies, Duke Curnutte: general mer
chandise, Daniel Gorski balloon
shoot, James May: stuffed animals
and dolls, Mr. and Mrs. Edward
Burgenmaier white elephant,
Mrs. Betty Herbert linens, Mrs.
John L. Frencho pony ride.
James Toomey gold fish bowl,
Dick McCann cakes and pies,
Mrs. J. C. Isselstein publicity,
A. d’Audiffret.
For The Finest In
Cadillac and
Oldsmobile car buys
“10 Years On Broad St.”
424 E. Broad St CA. 8-1951
________ TT
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2151 WtttBrviM Rd.
AMhcrst 3-5923
Friday, Sept 28,1958 THE CATHOLIC TIMES—3
Piano Buyers Attention!
Buy Now Before Prices Go Up
archdiocese. of the television sec
tion, and Father Louis A. Gales of
the St. Paul archdiocese, of the
radio section.
Bishop’s Plan
Ends Panama
Bus Strike
(NC) The plan of Archbishop
Francis Beckmann. M., of Pan
ama for settling a bus strike has
been adopted here.
Nearly 1,000 buses halted op
erations after the Transportation
Workers protested the increased
taxes on gasoline.
The strike was causing disor
ders in the country, and it was
feared that serious disorders
might arise.
The Archbishop proposed to
the four members of the concili
ating committee that the taxes be
reduced to five centavos, a com
mittee be appointed to study la
bor conditions and strikers who
had been arrested be freed.
Chief negotiator was President
elect Ernesto de la Guardia who
at first had thought the strike
was called as a political maneu
ver by his opponents.
How about those Aluminum
Doors and Windows before
the cold weather comes? The
prices and terms will please
St. Mary parish Lancaster
hold its annual Fall festival,
2 and 3, with a dinner each
ning in the school cafeteria.
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