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Glrtt, Too, Win Stand With Them
Behind Every Fighter
at the Front
To pat behind every Oethollc fighter
In Vmnce the support of one boy or
girl In erery perish throughout the
United States Is the plan of the National
Catholic War Council for backing
the Victory Boys' and Victory
'dirts' "Earn and dire" Division of the
United Work War CamD?i?rn #? ?
'$170^000,000 "for the boys over there"
during the week of November 11-18.
i Through diocesan, county and pariah
i organisations, the rallying of one
'youngster for every man who has gone
to war In every community Is already
under way. By their own earnings,
land not by contributions, It Is expected
that these sturdy little sponsors
'for the boys abro^l will each raise at
| least five dollars for the Joint wel fare
work of the I. M. Q. A, T. W.
O. A-, National Catholic War Coun#
<cll. Including the Knights of Columbus,
War Camp Community Service,
'Jewish Welfare Board, American Library
Association and 8alvatlon Array.
Boys and glrla In every Catholic
parish throughout the Uulted States
are already being picked to represent
leach fighting man who has left their
church for the front. In every home
.that files a service flag little brothers
land sisters, sons and daughters, are
ieagerly volunteering to look out for
<the share of their family fighter In the
jhuge Joint welfare campaign for all
)the hoys abroad.
PnntUh Pnrwn CI, <
uiyuwi vamp OIIUVVS 1110 UOOQ
Work of That Organization
for Our Boys.
Something like 18,BOO piece* of atetlooery
are distributed dally among
4,000 enlisted men by Uriah B. Brobaker
of lots, Kaa., as llbratian at th*
'T. IL O. A. writing tent, Woodley
Rest Camp of the American Expendltlonary
Forces In southern England.
?has on
?Oaiy see ekaace of a Hoa i
?-Only oae cbaace of causing
aatf lives to prove a rata sacrlflc
?Germany's oae chance is th
of victory, might lssssa her aflo
and, tkraogk ovcr-eooMwc*, sla<
?Oar government knows that
of desperatloa. the slid itruftk
paaaseaaa that brutal cunning wto
aa opportunity. Ska is eilll a pa
W In Amarlca must saa
la smashed sa that never a
Into such ageny and suffer!
the past four years. Force t
must be our only thought, 01
assured?until the war la
?Failure oa the part of the
there is yet a gigantic task bet or
disastrously, woaM opea to the H
?The demands ef oar army ai
oar gailaht Hies are constantly I
war ends. We must, therefore, at
ever, rl.ipcnse with on' ronnump
' ii t
1 . . w
the ^ui uuaud U
Booth Carolii
in the Porch;
They paj inU
of 4 per cent ]
pounded quar
(Yankee Chemists Devise New
Headache Tablet In Which The
Heart Depressing Tendency it
Counteracted by Heart Toning
! Elements. Aspitone, the name.
In August, 1014, when the war com.
nienced, many of the newer remedies pre.
1 scribed by our American physicians and
I druggists were "made in Germany." Today
we are making all of them for our:
selves and for half of the globe.
Duriug the first four years of the war
American genius, prompted by necessity,
i has concentrated its attention upon the
chemical iii(ln??ei?ti a. "
niucricau aixcoverips 11
j have followed in such rapid succession that 1j
oul.v the scientific journals have been able <
I to chronicle them all. The latest and one 1
of the most serviceable in the field of
medicine is the perfected headache tablet i
called Aspitone, in which the heart de- j
pressing tendency is deftly counteracted i
b.v heart toning elements. 1
1'hysicians and druggists maintain that j
it should and will take the place of all 1
powders and tablets for headaches, neu- j
ralgia, colds, la grippe aud geueral pains, i
i They explain that Aspitone gives simple >
j relief from the pain, which if chronic, |
! should of course receive diagnosis by a !
| physician. j
NOTE: The product referred to above !
is sold only in unbroken packages, price ;
35c, and may now be obtained at !
Standard Drug Co.
Tha number of troops at this camp i
arles from 3,000 to 0,000.
This single detail Indicates why It )
Is necessary for the Y. M. C. A., Y. W.
C. A., National Catholic War Council j
and K. of O., War Camp Community j
Service, Jewish Welfare Board and j
Salvation Army have to furnish 125,- J
000,000 sheets a month for soldiers'
letters, \
Hundreds of hooka are taken out In J
this small can%?, hooka furnished by )
the American Library Association and j
handled by the Y. M. C. A. Most of the j
demands are for a good cluss of flc- 1
I tlon. Thirty American newspapers are i
, received there dally. One hundred and j
fifty maguxlnes are in use dully ami !
I 400 pieces of athletic equipment fur- i
nlshed by the "Y" are put to good use.
Church Novelty.
Flatbush?Been to church lately?
Bensonhurst?Sure, 1 was there last i
Sunday. i
"Anything new doing?"
"Indeed, yes. Grimes' boy, who Is i
home on furlough, was there, and the i
>ininiPi?? Announced: The young man ;
In khaki will now take up the collection
In his helmet.' *
the fearful owtpovtoi of on Uwf
kt America, daasled by the proepeet
rte on which Allied rletory depend;
ekea In her proeeeutioo of the wer.
Germany still hee the breasted power
of madness; and thnt she stitt
Ich merer fells to take advantage of
wer the! menaces ell tree nsHona.
to K that the power of the Hen
Bain shall the world be drawn
ng ee K hee undergone during
o the utmost, force to the HsiK,
ur sols Impulse, until vlotory Is
finally over.
Individual American to realise that
e our armies would prolong the war
una their only hope ef rletory.
Ml eery and of the Agfcriag to roes ef
increasing and will not end uatfl the
irry on to th* wd?nwt, now tku
tIon oC qoq MMattal and i?
ar?4 to ?v jOTWimw< mo th*t tbd
>r and natartal whWdj wm luri glvaa
] a practical and profltafcla mathod
a/ Car VICTORY, and that Is through
tfc Lag* Behind
use of W. S. S.
sreet a* the rata
per tnnnw, oom- '
tMe LA^JCAgngt NUWS.1IaJ?CACTBiC s! c. "
SB v
| When You Pay a L
H For a suit of clot]
H for?a little bettc
| Same Way With P
H You pay a little n
Q and a little bettei
| When We Print foi
M You get the best
J. . faces,'modern ma
| Compare Quality an
= ^
M And see if you ps
=j you are getting ir
| The Lane;
M "The Qualit
' Arm them with the morale th
d -j. vw/it
H| 1A i LfLUL'
3^ Coo
B3B[BM^BM8llB5iiW^B6Bi^B#SSlMu yn^-j.
JOB PRINTING?Remember, The N?
ittle More |_ | |
bes, you generally get what you pay 1 Sal
:r quality and a little better service. 1 K \
tH| x-v
rinting jy ll
nore for a little better grade of paper 1 ?
' grade of work. |et e|
r ^?U * tBi
that can Ve made with modern type |,t Ji
chinery and good papers. !j I f J
I" MS j '
dQuantity til
iy any more?if you do, it is because i? || a
tore quality. lie <
M pr
ister News |1|
:y Printshop" |j| ^
iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin |i
a#- k.AAf? ^
uu TTiiis uauies |jnicuinuNlA ?5';'! SJJ
Fir?t. phyalelan. {
? . I Immediately commence US
3 fnen't?- *r'*nC>'" /^jg ( H
| 11
ip the Bqys Overmen ?* " * fll 1*1
YWCA - National fjiWJriMny ministration. i |
Jewish Welfare STATE of south carolina, I ! 3
rd "War Camp Commuiiifo County of Lancaster. * *}?
vice - Am^yw IiKfAiy ^ By J- E. Stowman, Judge of Pro; | rp
30Ciation- Whereas Mrs. Annie L. Byrj Qj
lt . A hath made suit to me to grant he' . % JJ
^ftUOU Army * Letters of Administration of th?
estate and effects of C. Amos Rryd J
These are, therefore, to cite ant p
ffTED WAR WOBK CAMDAIQtr ?nil ??/? S
Wriinrp U ceased, that they lie and appear be
A* J/ forp jn jhe fourt of Probate, ti j]
jbe held at Lancaster on 13th Not ? IE ,
?a*--* Jk 1918, next, after publication there ?
^ J ~ . VMM J of, at 11 o'clock in the forenoon, tt
day of Oct. Anno Domini 1918. 2^ |- I J
?... 1 J __ J. E. STEWMAN, t 1
iws is headqnarters No 3 2 t i t a wrrobate Judfce 1 ?5

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