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J\f). I*. ST i l lii>, Ktlltot
• c. ^ i ii.ij -r *5- -t..--.- . l
THK fOUriVAL >v \i?.
K p bliran Si'ii 'furs Afraid Id 1 otirli
the Turin' Question.
WasHin'oton, l>. r., Align.-; : i.—
The action of tlu> caucus oi the
Republican :h na!<• i given ml '
was very generally discussed today
around the Capitol, and alt!'..ugh t
Mr. Allison mid some ol' the olio r
Western Ilep bl can* who line
been promising (or m:in\ months j
limt the Semite would luii ■_ (drib a
till iff hill, m e still telling those with .
whom they talk that the measure j
will lie fort Ik inning in a short;
while, it will ho noticed that Mr.!
Allison has been giving himself
ample chance to escape from nU re
sponsibility in the event that noth
tug is done, or that no bill will lie;
reported at all lie sins that tin
bill will "probably” he reported to
the full committee in ten days. I t
does not givo much encouragement
as to the date wh :i the full commit
tee will report the hill to the Sen
ft it* <1 l wR li ki 'tin] nrlmu I v
that body.
Some of the Republicans in ox
pl.uning the situation sa> that of
course they don’t know what the
Democrats on the finance commit
tee will do. Th's is nonsose, fertile
VvOSon that it is generally known
that tlie Demi-crals of the finance'
committee, and indeed all of the1
Democrats of the Senate, with one
possible exception, reirard tin Mills
bill, which has already been passed
many weeks by the Jloaseol Rep
resontati ves, as a measure fullv en
titled to Democratic support. It
would not take the Democratic
members of llio finance committee
one hour to mule m a report recom
mending to the Scnato the passage
ot tho .Mills bill.
One significant fact ab mt Iasi
night's caucus is that lieittn .• of t
Kan.-as Senators wore pres, nt I .
deed, there has been mm li . m
ment t. .day over the fa 'are i!
<|uitea number of Republican S<>na
tors to attend Mr. IMmunds’ cau.-us
'1 here are at prs. nt thirtv five Re
publican Senat«r> in tiro ci ty, and
although urgent appeals were mad
to each and every one of them !.■
be present, only twenty-two were j
un hand, Fliis shows la-y.in 1 m
doubt that a iargo proportion . <
the It. publican Senat >rs are not j
worrying themselves very much
about the t.iri fl question. 'J'|,e\
have about made up their minds
that nothing can be done this 1
sien, and some of them have fi.on,
tho very start loan opposed to Unj ,
attempt on the part ot the S- mate to !
pass :i tariff hi IP
Messrs. Ingalls and Plumb, in
view of their p st uttoramvs, ami hv
the stand taken by other R'pub
lican constituents in Kansu- cannot
atlord to go In fore their people a: i
say that they had consented to a 50
percent reduction on surar, espec
ially when the caucus refused in
any way t"into.»fere with i!i t xi ■
ing duties on lumber. Kan-. Ig.
| Uo.i.ans want a red ictiou uii Inin
borand tliec w ho .t i..,,..i. ..
the sorghum industry has bcc.-nn
0no of stub im; stance in t: ,r
State, tiny have been opj-u.-ed a!
so to this tremendous ut I,II Miyur.
The whole truth of the matter i..
the Republicans ha, i 1 the i .
wotest idea of getting a loll
ttsrough. rt.ey are playing tin
same old gauie of bluff which they
commenced two rumlb- ago, am;
their sole object is to h idvvinh am!
deceive the people ef the North
west. They may report a bill, 1 .t
not one Dial. ill ten in this eitv who
watches legislation believes for a
moment taut they will seriously at
tempt to pass the me..sure. Boss '
(}uny is against it, ami so is J5j-.
Hlaine, and the poor old hVpublr
can party is torn up and divided
over the tariil issue that the voul.J.
bo leaders in the Senate will be
c impelled to waste t rue and tali;
l'I<on irrelevant subjects until a
short peril) 1 before tie; Novcn.boi
CleCtl Jll.-Si. 1. ,1113 Republic.
I he Heal Issue,
iuetcal i>s';-. in th .3 ■'a;njiiiign i
between ifemoera. v, labor and th
people On .mi- hand, an) liepuM;
eaoism, capital a.v.i tru - s on f.
i’lh; r. Let not th-.> v,. ; aj.
low himself I.. Im d, , |"'j
false eric- of (he II • |■-i 1n in.an ,
Kers, hungry hr (he sp -d- and
reckless as to tb. m.'.-ii s by u |,mh
hey may obtain tin „i,
1 •' ' i- m f , a id, . i
BS' -*
■! i,
'i re n n
I v i i!<i amount
tectUMI iltcm ’V .> ;! n ' ;to|*v|
fcum'id uii mi&.tUitc'iiit a n i L
meant i>ut l,- <It-c-fi Vt«, clivc11 the peo
]•' >V i..i; Is fn.m that ismo. !: is a
>i■}-j■;e one, and van be ea.ih
grasped ntil ramomberod, It is'
Democracy and the people a - iast |
Kepnblieaiiism and the vnrmoi .:.« ,
combinations of capital am! mono
p jh’.
As for “protection,” that is now
and ever has been one of the lead
ing prii■ pies of trie Democratic
j»:iit3 -t!io protection ofthepei ;dc
from impositions and wrongs of all
kinds, including war taxor* for the
special Immdit of capital; the plund
ering raids of railroad corporators
mi the public domain; the aggrand
izement ot monopolies and trusts In
r hoir conspiracies to put i the
prices «>! the necessities of life r
their own cnoimoits enrieliment
'.has inaugurating the reign ot an
aristocracy of Jtlammon, t'u m 11
mo list rom of a!) despotisms that
ever cm lied a people.
This is the issue and the proof is
not wanting. Mr. Blame hns de
clared tha' trusts are private affairs
with wlncli tlio I’rosideiil nor am
body else 1ms any right to interfere.
Mr. Blame is the recognized mouth
piece ol the Republican parly.
jnTSi-nUU;vos have iiitf.i'tiii-v'l bills
to regulate trusts and prote<t the
people front them; un4 tlie* Demo
eratie Attorney Generals of the
States of New York and Louis1,ina
have instituted suits at law to bring
the trust terming eonspirator
against tlio peop*c to terms.
Monarchy lias been defined as
“the right divine 1' rule wrong,”!
,ind tie Republican party to day ’
mi oh t lie defined as‘‘the protector
of trusts to rob the people.”
A ‘ trust" is a banding logchet
of rich mon tor the purpose of hi
creasing their wealth bv raising j
the prices of everything needed by ;
the w >rking man, therony robbing I
him and his family ol the earnings j
of his l ihor by over-charges f.,r th< !
freees.aries o{ life. An apt illn«tra
tion of this was given ii New Ymk
City last week when the sugai
trust, composed ol the wlule-ah
grocers of Ne w York City and \ i
•• init\ met and took such action as i
will increase the priet of sugai by ;
a cut a pound. N > doubt il . lie
puldUan editors and orators will;
soon come out and charge tit.' in
crease to the .Mills lill and the
Democratic patty.
Let the voters remember the is
sue—Denme racy a; 1 the p
against Heptiblicanism and tin
I; u>t .--Amer can Catiiolie News
.3! !M.i: lilHDLYVS TUI It.
am. ii.. iccnts Made for the Old lie.,
man's Trip To Nee York.
Col t MBt s, O., Aug. dl. ,lu Igc ;
Thurman expected to make the
dates i t In.- Y i a York m. et: ii .s fi r
some time the latter part of Sep
tember, blit has been pre, a. h i ....;
on to yield to the dosi re of t lie N a - ;
tie nal t a mini tie c an i viii •avel'or
N i' .i \ui k on Sept 'ini*- r •>. next
Wednesday. On the evening o1
the Cth he will bo present at tin
Democratic meeting t > he lodd in
Madison square, at waicli lie will!
be tin principle speaker. Tin
meeting will bo und r the direeR
control ot the Nr ti.oi.al Guiamitti o.
and vfi i ts are being i-.rk to have
an immense rally of the Democratic’
hosts, a gathering surpassing any
' . tut- ituiim.'j uri.iuj.'i i »* i i'T i t .s ‘t
i1 y> ir. idle party will h a\
New 'i . rk on the return li ip S j
tember 7.-'ml arrive at Columbus
Saturday or Sunday following. •- ,
that Thurman ran h. in t 111>..1
during tin week ut tlu Xtuionul
Kncamprnent of lho. sir.ir.d Army.
Already Judge Thurman ha re-'
reived a largo number <d' Idlers
fr m ' i.hl soldiers no;in ; him
that thoy will call to pay their res
pects during the week, and this
fa t, no doubt, has mmii to do with
the hnet stay in the Mast at this
Judge Thurman, not leaving lu re
until \V dm sdav, will he aide toll
present at the? opening ot the t en
tenia! Kxposition on Tuesaiav next.
I ll-, intention is to arrange the
triji in such a way as to avoid the
crowds as miieli as po- .,l.»ie, h : the
Judge v 1 hardly' In- able to km ;
lieiii making several speei h < along
tl r«.a<i. l'he details for the,
journey haw not yet h. ,-n c,triplet !
c !, the route not having yet been ,
deeid -d up di, imr is it known who
will a.; dupany tin* Judge.
t 'h i r. ..in t ‘ or!e i.. J ,viu id
the iK i.ioeralie State Kxtvuiive
1 'omnuttce of Indiana called on
Fudge Tinman last tight a view
io curing uni) b. ■ 11-■ in forma
''1 di as t" i!;e hitt r s proposed trip
ti i igh 1 ndiana, I t'h .« will 1 ,
not ini.•' J.elii, i i•: as i date deluded
up n 1 nf i! alter th<> t.-ij to N, .*
1 "' v. A d h gmion from )ndimia
l"'*lis veil1 call on rinirman at J p.
t- nil r w ..j extend a torin.il in
v,|al u 'i him t . \ isit that cilv .—
■ -C “V- ,-.-u * **C‘-.V i
T ’ I ( ' |
l ;uiu a v_.iou(i,
Gearing Hir».?^If.
]!Y .J i:\NIK DA\ Is JUliToX.
•' I ..Gel
or; v.- : unites • • : • . v <vn<
up w. ' t’. 13 yet. V.'I,. re' In,; Ki ,'avt
1" . r • - ,i, i .y girll l* i ti *j n: l-m
\vh..t, tiv.ii Nun forty- Lt. C me
,S(,r: • ,s („ u;i 0fll .S;
V.’ho -iCr >:;i llllid them, Ulld lit :, re ell |
ten I tht> r. .re which 1 , l 1 sou it tin i:
t' : ■ :i 1 v. .-. will.; l u\v. t.i n* llev
Avery's ;iii,nit', to I ns a liv.h di.'Appoint !
l.-uit in .. lii.ir that the t :ir'!ry were li
search t f 1, 1 not been L • iv ' ail.
It W.'U i. i l'aui! f : . i'.ei .*::, ei's tin." ,
the;, were Luis lute upoa lie lit
iviji LI In;*, e tiuwn str; ieM fr. : . L. ;t miser
ut,1** ,.1‘ai t.:Htsi 1o i ,i,! *1 r.jt 1 .*. : * itn ! i ' st . ..
the r A he Ire‘ t n:!. vinos topper
11j .' 'i .* j • *t .• ' ry mi,-... .tv -
a proceed i..
“ fit), ne. .. :•;*.: 4* l'r 'hire , f the sort :
You art not ptitrr to al .ri i i'.ii* bird an.
have him take to the v.\. 1 v's th:;l I
i iipress buriiieo: -you've _*.-! Le el. u* your- ,
te)f there— anil lnj. it h*>!<N t :<* view tt I
tvlnit became of thi money, t . remember.
There's too much iuvolv; t to let you spr.i I
Eli for a et,; i.iu iiR.i in.. (.'■■!!..■, tvc'l! |
(to around to the Tromout House, have a :
bath and breakfast, and settle ou out j
course. I’ve a frieml who i pa 11: .re. a .
magistrate named Steele. We'll rout him j
out and see what must bo done in the tvay j
f Dflllr.if out u Will* i 11 ll’i.i 5 . ,!t i.' i
The fates that hail been with Ing >1 hr re- j
tel at • to the ot her ido v
Humlorvd so blindly into J ri.-e Stock s
oi'ih e lii the sai.ie hour that . \v the oth- r
1- .1 ty t! ere securing the 1« a i 11 is neces
sary hi their purl,' sc of deli a.,::,/ him.
i. u, the i..mister’s house, the three
made all haste to reach the depot, and i.t
the entrance i ncetii.tr.. d the clerk win,
had shadow d Ir.gi uti l who s dated them
familiarlv, with an air of visible y lief,
“Oh, here yt.u ar 1 was just in nig h
teb ph o . to 1 S‘ V ' r puriy's in
there. lie was taking tickets for the
southern tr i n. which ksn t duo yet fer
two I the joke el ll " \v! '
tiling is that he came to t: •. to h • tied.
Steele v.i aid have ki pt him at the e.neo, hat
h> ieV. iairi'i’, uiiilij iv.. ■ cu t-s- . -it
him down."
The party turned toward ti waiting
room, b.it Nnrrii'i was Jlr ’ l1 . lest’, i
cat ’U sigh’. of a c ■ tain white. v.\ ary, wistful
f . i‘ v. ul::i .■!
“ t >h <'an 1, thank lb ivi a ■ thank
Heaven, that you are not married to that
man 1— that we ar. in time.”
Ho h.ul neither eyes nor tin eyht ; r nr.y
but ie r. it was the clerk who tui d i.i
wonder, doubt r.i.d final cum wti : i.
"Why, win re has he e :_e; Ilo w: a hero
tie' two loiout s ;.e \V 1. i reek n he
took a . kU:L lit was
about i that I didn't suppouo 1. a, ;>p i ,
tii" 1'are waste of time t 1 . 1 r
him new, pi nti.-inrn. That Co-.-e knaves
w; at he's about V,' rk tho wire far ail
th 1 ■ • i.i.'.-' U- j .
de.ht titti lira."
cHAin ?.u
“ 11:■)?i on: \*is to . . ....3."
Ingot v ? cot i . . .. ■ : 1 1 ■ y
portr.nity, he war eiT lh, V ry ; . nt t, r
Uo Was i.ir too ;i.i ;> *a try t" “ ‘ e.viy
by one of the outgoing tr 1. 1 .1
dr- opr,I hiii light o.,:\ at i.i the vat ! c
si i-. t'ereJ after told;,y '!:• te-k ts, c.r.d in
In sauntered through th crowd, be wound
t iareo muffler about la a fac • like one who
suffers fr >sn tootluie! •, mid e pi: h.u
bat a knit jersey j> . , ' drew
flout hut p:-.-Let, dr. hpu# th.- hut v.:i[vr
e- i. -at ft.liner on, uud in th,1 slight disguise
of hi - i * *. . d nypi nr..m v, lie le d p is led
cl "»<* l.y i in ■ party, bo. plutel by the
clerU, were at that - tit turning into
tho wailing-rooma in s i.-.-li of hi;a.
It require-1 son.- rvo to w.ek slowly
stray when Is-- reaeht 1 the stre t, but 1 .• ]
got did it, and made good Us cscapo,
whlh-Uni’lc Am-a and the ik/.h--- sergeant
went sending messages to hav a train
vh.eh hud just pulled <-ut uv.itil ; ’ its
f.rs* :■ opjie [ y ~s\., was reua
surit c thu startled girl whose heart,
thro ui-ul v.u a itr.u ' f erm
turns as .-ii' h- .--I. i-at.' \, ' ml tills
.1 >y that the fihiilinu ir f her promise
eou i t . uvt. iv*| re-J l>y Ingot: tear
lest Lym ta might he -oa Ua
e (ry fret . t other was
T f at having t . t
f ! 1 vr I i hv eiu w! 'Was u, l.st a
! . ti 8*< not hi ■ lip I, told f
the t' -'ii ! uoss dure • li i.ux* >ty i r
h'r hi ’her was upper;:.... t.
" i .. \ h f I:. - 11 •* • I. ,:i 1
bat" h- ' tl away fi ::i ■ '
“ V i - a . .*• ’ a ii . v. y. : u hi
let your fa l shwu .a h-a ' . a, w.U \ i
rat: It In.s rtt'ved the s to be shut
away 1* i. vou in va tivulile 1 thiitl; it
is tier tra'uli;. . t*. ■, th . ;h 1 w. h i not say
It to any i • i 1* yea.
“Althea! Ob, 1 eou led -re ' : Uiv
er:\i i are.
-• W:t,: is p< r \ •: . h ■ ■ set jou
s her' Sh s a urn: fri ..a . f >
h:ui ..as a -1- -hr : ho ' '
“She has done nothing—:*■ I; is
what h .. . ■ ■■ ■ e . :*s: h -r ' r
ehiid never though. i "• -per**: .g to-r.s if
f . “ it i . m will state
araeti-ir, if ho ever gets aveiih’
If. t- qUiVei . - tears
pliutenuig i u her long lashi > t!i d *'.\ v.t
i.er white oho--Its. hi m.i felt a p:t g of
do * *i v, ,.
I.ymaii and that vp-'v* wrong at -.vlh-.-h s* >
hint !, or—
“ Vou ar not ie< aua In t ha
tui But ' ■

fo: f I even when you t ..... t
rviHie’.il to be hat j > *.v:t:i ban, r.i.J 1 ' 1
u ; if y.e. nut i- “
“(ill. no; that was nut what Inn ant. I
did not intend to marry him, then Lyman \
had told mo 1 need ti-at and 1 e.q. vted to j
ho fin ■ from him r :i the day after 1 saw yen.
That was why I twp tit !• very happy
•■ifier n. o .avow
Sv. j i
1 •' : : 1
i; - " >■ ■ C • -•..■! v.o.i
t,j\ eye: tUingin tan v.. < t 1 a
A grave shade fluted w>:.ss tt.o girl’s
fair i ,- i , I ’ v. r < y's so his v.’ilti
o. f : low f r r ' ry ia
*• i; 1 ..•■in;. ‘ , ’ :j "t cn
l;l." - '■ y. 1 T;ie o ara
—an: rm why it i-> be.ter that you
sh >i;M ];n ’.v i- i ..ft ra.f-t
H ' . a. . thor. IT.rget. r.r:'. if you do
caro i -i ure. Think ,> rmo .... ■ , f
Althea. her s'-.l: well an y y.-.rs.”
“I v.v«h I c-rald rorjua.do you to sea
Altiw ,. 0b migh i. ;vo jectic 5 to this
lit! I * erra id. if vium. to wall :.i r.y
si We v. I i. . apeak of i„ now. Hero
y i i are, at ho:a
Sarah * y< ned tha do :r before ho could
riu;; til.: boll.
*• :•!:<*- fin r. ill'.; in the parlor. Uo in
There, Mi.-s i •ami."
Hoj.v•' in the tv > nan’s faco struck
a’.'. '.-t: f.•: ■ ... : to C.inn’s heart
‘•Oh, vliut l. . I.ymau—”
"Til,:: I, ,i a change. lie’s cor.:'.' to
hi .- if. li . idhav.. nl right ,.J
lor Mr. Thvrler a.
•• •! : . : ■ U in, I ein't d; till I o
him,’ he lo p' mg on, and Tim : aid we
inus'u't fret hi ... Han't luol: so, my pool*
Iambi Tim says he’s us Idea to go one way
as t’other; th y always tl. . ., they is
The parh r door opened. Carol f -it her
sc t drawn in and 1 I i< l cl. ,u Alt' . -’s
arms. Thera were uo words, no tears,
while they waited, but oh! the agony of
s'.ieU waiting tvuea * life hangs in the ha'.*
I ivo minutes pass-.!, a:. .1 Mr. Kverleigh’s
stops c line clowly down.
“He ivor I . th m h
the fever ha . Tth 1 he v. as
r. .1 f .■ . :t t. ;t
raving. • 1 want to die, but that 1 ad I. Id..,
Mi back. It is all yours, so why don't y t
take it, Kvorleigh -Ev> igb Ids ,-le lil*
Though hi was looking straight at do it
was ipnie evident that ho did not know u •.
Thrum': • gave him u p verful sedative,
iitid hr eu. tor a -w. I would stay Ion; or,
»■ .
be want d.ubo, JJorris."
IT. • two went OU* t wtlr-r, ut.d Carol
s! way from tl. cla -p of h- i IV. uni,
s i;, i ; in . :
■ V iu w lid not vantt ton d. m il j i
know ail, Althea. Imust tell you, though
yi o > aie . . eh. 1 d. .'tti h I... . ui wui
raving, he was trying l<> toll that the mon
ey- Hi,- fortun.—was at ver , :rs. Lie took
it fr nr tod! r, I I n’t Un.ev how. ln
tr.e told me, mid that Lyvirn sho t himself.
' «ha'. a Hal, -\l'iieal >' a, 1 k . ■
he susTon*1 t- rrlblv, terribly, to (la rucU a
thin:?, coil 1 lovo him. ImU ’tlovc lum uil
the more, because now, it ho Uvea, ho will
never have any ono lust me."
•■1 suspected sum'thins? of till:-,” nuU
Althu:1, in ■ .. it • i "-•ii, til s si. if draw
uiv iv ir -si ip. , < ,uw. y ia hav ■ done noth
in-' set ■: L>- . is. ' ■ y fm id through
tin., f id'', aud d i; a b ■ ra . . !•: 1. to >,
amln tr :V. ■ p • r,,.si,i 1,:, ,w
—can y •. .... '. .. . ..!
Carol ■ • m to t. sable.
" I a;:i i.fi , 1— Chi. Althea! stun! 1 toll y a
tvh;s* I tii s.h
"... .dot 1 ■ '1 that
t inawor for. 1. Uo
u. , . . s . . .
U .: Lyman Ch.i \ r did »< t die. 'i'h • roat
. -t .. • / 1 . i t . :i
*w au <’ I t: . i t. a*, h a: II *
i. . is.- .. I-r. r 1 .. . i \y, out. of
.v . -U iv •.. . ,t only i dicat i: -
U . . s ti- ■ p-urnd. in f Which
,«. . 5 ... .a. . i.■. 1. - ., 1. uli u
«.. .... 1- • •• A •• " U ••
S • \ a. v.s u. . • • ; , . • v in Ui3
.. .. i'. So US'S.. . i'i u. ” i.a , 1Sdisn, It,' . So bo
; . .... 1 b [I..- I : . : • •;
is at I , a ■ . .s’, 1.. .y hav: .* V,. a. . a
fiiiiy • . hslia I, ..a; a 1.5 ill .- bruin .
v. . -a uo u; ;-y tii r i . or.
Th ivsvr day3 of .usp: i... for time
\v.■ • inter. a s ,.i in . s' m b, : r ■
la ha .uv tv.S3 . ... . Sis; . i, ,.:.l lie was
i r.-acuisccd si', n! a a 1 :.
THIS IiSSMj AN'S) Sill. Ito-S'lV S.
The b- s'd . . m .-.a 1 >".-n ... and Vu
r! Am hi. a. . ti.. a t ..simusiy,
v. it a vay ! s-.
.va |» - s. . ii in . a lo v.c i.ro
in las iicighbos . .1, ui- i -.tsUtii- former.
“ 1 hav not heard til i . a . , : . ,
• rv, and t.1 a ;• iS.i ip.;, yd
i -oar t-1 I*: \ .Hi .. ..i t iici ..i * ' four tijaii
has....: try t1 ■■y a l_r the second
t.a. , L'iiv.' s As......
"Scarcely," md th 1 man chuckled
"Via. hVi'l'i,aii.l ll-SS [. bill .1 lilt t<J
be bard to bins, bat 1 thought it best,
vails t. this, other in; . a so stirred up, to
get hissi out of the way ;■ r a lime, so Ilia
truth ii, I've seat hisa out lo thr cottage."
■' V. ,i are a famous dbleetivc,' said o'er
r.a, with a laugh. "First run your «.:i
1 naa, Siilil tbs .1 - him .; 1. as:.' . l' Lie—
far Usui . . v. lust it will ana aiii i . •.
"lusn only at rstsd '.tail ho will not live
\a y la,;. p" S' f.'lloV.'i ( .. .as Ni S'l'is,
yoli .s' s 1 liot objaet, bins ' V . , sefu 1 ■ t-) live
with me, and lade ti \vi dd iind it tail'd to
get a situation whore i.e could s sjiiv.rt him
self. No on: would tare to him
With that blot of cisho.i, sly hmnsaio , v r
him. and, besides, he is not now lit I r any
ti a...' except to p-b er «b0.it u [Huec i.i.o
"All eminently goo-1 mil k..' fa -biry
reason., Uti ■■ Ass." . 1> st ,i; . I to van! until
1 pay j >u \ isst. tn ra t . . ;rs. w. it he s.ev
in the ba i!t that night Kvid» -a ,a you do
is. I regard him as. l.y..imi Ciai-ier'a aa sah
"No. Ijysa.in ( udder'' own h.mtl »"u.i
mitted the es-iiib' acumst him ■ if, yi i snav
kuoiv why, though \ u keep no quiet uIm t.t
it. u what Ki.r-t u says.
It w a only v.'Ii-it tho r .dor 1; iv v.-itli
nt t v11 Liiv:. lluhl j,i in ' io I’XP*****''-' ci ■ f
liti-.l sg I '...i'h r ci -1 la 1 a ■ •
III;.■ tint v. I h In. i ■ ... ' ■
Vi si ..... I! Ison htt i •: sc ... f j •
la ti: • • Vi. •J-Htigl,:;. s’artio the <•! il'T a ; he
t in. -d tli > i -! '• a r.i: ‘ l.unv !f mid -
ll. ■ b.i'l rr;1 .|i .• hnine, meaning ii. to si.11
Lie’s ji..:'i - -s i.iri'Vi p.
L. i-.hi iuu.1 net a doubt bat that this ha.l
b a doin'.
a bnr.v la.i'i at the best, atul ron
iuTo l i- r - l uivardiy by a year of 1 yltlvo
■ listen ©e, he was appalled by the cons®,
qaetices w.neli ii.igli' rolled. r.p:i !i.1 f.
Wil l V i'. ■ 1 i.ulieve that ii o '.J i 1" . that
p,.a at tii.it !. car f. >e air p'l p ■ • • hut cv i. <
!’ Hi i . i. i ..a, that hi .a. nf li ■
othi is suicide would b u ti ir aud blni
s-.'li I- I 1 .Viil;. .,rdl 1 'ids is!
U a-. lli.lt. s’ill HI'S lip .. ... - 1 hi twvetl l 111* P.V l
i... .1 i. ::.i :o tli.-- .: V’n.'buL’1',
ua-i is ya a led i ! s i ■ a. r- sad mude
g1 1 'i.i h.s i "i ■ p. . i 1 t i . pains h. obliter
ate a!! ta.irlts of ins pp, s. a .■ ti. a He I... <1
brought tin"1 lies'.- "iverad v 'u■ .
their n I »h vs a : j I them p
in the alii i !. - • v.here he had f.uai-1 a
hiding pi a Slid is '. !•• all . no • of l his;, r
u .d li .. t. . i' ae . id a itio ' ! the tilling a
Taa v.a.s . .. la..' I si’ All t a a d *i ii.
T. ■ s*’1;ail l tin’ . ' •: , ', t. ■ ■ i.. y
to thO one n ystory i f h I.yaiati (,'hihler
laid r. I). . .... i > l • will, trust, . 1 ..a,
ciiiai! lat r, v.-ilftt the -si; rn.n was so far
rCo .1 • il.lt. ill’ ••••'. Ill' . 0 ilhn ,!. th i' l.’il
oiiiy th ... ..a i.i...’ !' bin 1 i'. d h-Mi
i 'll' day, .t h.s i • ' 1 i . I • I.al i a:
hr ..a;. . v. ’>i him .. ■ a1:. : ail with v. ' ;-i
he li.ul a b -ns . ..dain1 o-.\ thadivisi a
sap-onati:. i it .-f ti. ' a r. . inr ., iv.
Ui.i’.w’’ V. . I -N' iv.-s had done id;, w .Lid.
nk conriM : i
■V rr-'inr /'-./• /•'. XXIIX
m)n i iti ,ivztiKZSf: ’»■'•■'«®*»T ,-ac.ffi*
,s.; .Mir t'. LJ A11 v I) A; I*HIU Ii ! Ae u* 1 i
Steam Pumps, Jet Pumps. Stalk Gutters, Mowers anti Reapers.
■■OL lxPor
Wo Endeavor tv> ii»ko 'i'ME MKWS Interesting t-o Both
‘Mie Ot,U emid rS71a.es VOUlfa.
1 lie Militsvrijjiion j * i<k* <i this newsy }>i«f.<cr is wnly
have added
n e ve
tl at
material 1 o our juls
ilTle *• Hu *]d*s the
rk department. and are now prewired to do asthma ia
elu spest, and * ill gtiurniit*** to do »ou ' "
0 J
• t.
Advertise and let
1 j 3 0u nre selline
ths people ki,n\v xvlmt;y.ni »ve doing |f , „
? ' 'os 1-t litem *|,(sw it. Or if you w*. t<> ocll
a farm
dry K odn, 1#,! them know
!>o Somo Advvriism
S <1*
ft.lvevtisem. a . ! will know that y ,u Lave a farm for sale.
Or tliat you
ati'l tho people will road th0
l'ftve gi’ocorleB or dry goods to sell.
rl b<
•* A A
§^( I SH"** 1 A / tf0^ ? 5'
: \\ ill do
Vour adwt! ;'imy in
s(yir. and also as cdn ip as any lu ivsjMpcr. Call ami
inat in; nave not|irevaricHtt*i] an in. i, jn tins matter
see us and
l>o cotivir je-i

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