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VOLUME. XL—No. 132.
MORE CLIPPER is furnisU.'d to subscribers, by care
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payable to the Carriers only, at the end of each \vm k.
The Clipper will also bo sent, by mail, to distant
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All advertisements are payable at the time of their
Newspaper, containing all the select matter of the ,
daily, is published every .Saturday morning, at the low
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(try- All papers rent by mail, are liscontinucri the day i
on which the advance payment expires.
[Reported for the American Republican.]
rrest.nl—Judges Brier, .\ishcl anil Iforlhinglon.
MONDAY, Dec. 2, 1844. Tlio Court met at
10 o'clock. The hall was densely crowded
with persons. The ease of the State vs. Chas.;
T. Torrey, charged with the abduction of three
. slaves, the property of Mr. llcckrotto, of this
city, was resumed.
George R Richardson, Esq., Slate's \ttoi
ncy, in the Opening of his address before the
I jury, said that in answering the able argument
i'or the defence, delivered by Mr. Johnson, on
Saturday, ho should confine himself strictly to
the testimony and the law; without going into
other theories, to inquire what opinions existed
elsewhere, or tho probable result of the issue of
the trial in reference to individuals; nor should;
lie inquire after the motives of the traverser, or
hy what peculiar feelings lie had been actuated.
Ho urged upon the jury, under their obligation,
i not to bo led astray from any considerations as j
| to what might probably lie the result of the j
'trial, as regarded the social or political rela
tions nf either individuals or the nation; their
' oath binding them to disregard all these, and j
requiring them to rely upon the testimony and ;
. the facts in the case, in connection with the;
Mr. R. then passed in review the testimony i
—first tracing the traverser, (Torroy, j from the
time of his employing Woodward's horses, on
Tuesday the 4th; his being seen passing up the
Harford road; repeatedly in the neighborhood
of Peach Bottom, on the sth and 6th; of !lis .
being seen at Deer Creek, where were also the
same horses and carriage as hired in this city,
and seen along the road by several witnesses;;
and of the fact, that ho was accompanied by 1
throe colored persons answering the description
of those lost hy Mr. Ucckroite; and of the
same carriage having been seen returning, in
the care of Torroy to the city, on Saturday <
and Sunday, the Sth and 9th, when they were
returned to their owner.
He next leforred to the testimony to show I
that the negroes thus seen accompanying Tor-i
rey, must have been lleckrotte's.
Mr. It. having given a close array of facts,!
adduced from the testimony, said that though j
incidents or facts in themselves, when diseon-l
neoted, might not be of much value, yet when j
put together, fbrmed the most powerful and j
irresistible evidence of truth. Facts and cir- j
cumstances, thus arrayed, were not dependent
upon their mere arithmetical position in estab
lishing a conclusion; but, in their combination, j
. multiplied in geometrical proportion, as one to
eight, or greater. A twig might easily be brok- ;
m en by a child, but place numbers of thorn in a
bundle, and they would defy the power of
man. So facts, multiplied, defy i
of mind to weaken or break them.
Mr. R., in reference to the ribbon said to j
have been put upon the bonnet of the girl a j
short time previous to her absence, and found !
at Deer Creek bridge, by Mr. Rigdon, ill de
fence of a position assumed by Mr. Johnson,
that the ribbon found could not have been the
same as placed upon Mr. ll.'s girl's bonnet,
because it was somewhat of a different color,
produced a portion of the ribbon as brought
into court the day previous by Mr. Hcckrotte's
daughter, from which he (Mr. R.) had re
moved a portion of its color, whereupon it had
assumed tho very same color as that found,
/ which had tile appearance of having faded—|
the original color being groen, and in its cliang- j
ed condition yellow. Blue and yellow com
bincd forming a green, and removing the green
the color remained yellow. These facts, said :
Mr. R., speak more potential than any human
1 oath. He referred to the Messrs. Rigdons arid
Amos, as being witnesses of unimpcached and
unimpeachable character.
Mr. R. in referring to Mr. Johnson's having;
set up tho plea that the offence had not been
committed within the taxable limits of the city, j
and consequently the indictment could not hold
good in this couit, conceived it an admission;
i of guilt.
Mr. Gallagher desired to correct the Attor- j
G ney. Mr. Johnson had not admitted the guilt;
of the traverser; he admitted that the traver J
ser might have been seen in Harford, but he |
denied his having Mr. lleckrotte's negroes.
Mr. Richardson, said he understood his posi- 1
tion. lie ridiculed the idea of the slaves run- j
ning off, and meeting Torroy on the road, and \
his taking tliern off, without a previous under-!
standing; and contended that if they went off;
from their master, or left tho city, with an un- j
derstandi ng that they were to meet Torrey, i
{ either by the advico of Torrey, or any agent!
acting for bim, lie was equally guilty.
Mr. R. cared not if Southmead's testimony
be set aside —the proof was plain and positive;
it had only been introduced to make assurance
doubly sure. He contended that the informa
tion given to Mr. Heckrotto hy Southnread, in
reference to his negroes, must have come from
Torrey, because nobody else knew any tiling
of it; and no person but Torrey himself know
ing the facts, they must have been given by
him to Southmead; and though counsel might |
paint the character of Southuioad as black as,
Erebus itself, yet the Devil might and could
tell the truth.
[ <4 Mr. R. briefly alluded to Torrey, as having
crept like a reptile into the bosom of Mr. Hock
rotte's family, where he found the servants en
joying almost parental care, contented and
happy, and having seduced thorn away, tosu
,ffcr perhaps abject poverty in their supposed;
free condition.
Mr. R. spoke of the effort of counsel for tho i
defence, in attempting to toucli the feelings of
the jury by speaking of the companion of the
traverser, as a lady who might proudly com
paro, for all the virtues that should adorn her
sex, with any of her sex in this community; and
the blow given her husband, if convicted, would
fall alike upon her. He did not doubt tho sin-;
eority of the appeal; and he also felt a share ol
that regret, for well lie knew it sometimes hap
pens that the virtuous and good were pierced
with sorrow by the unjust acts of the vicious.
But, in referring to tho jury, he said that how
ever counsel or themselves might regret such
sad results, there were (uglier considerations j
which they should look to in deliberating as to
the guilt or innocence of the traverser.
Mr. 11. referred to Mr. Johnson's speaking
of Torrey as being no ordinary criminal—ol
bis having received a fine education, and de
voted his life to the study of the precepts ol
Heaven. Mr. R. said lie knew of no injunc
tion derived from Heaven which disconnected
the christian and the citizen; a good christian
was tho best citizen; a good citizen respected
the law of God; all the civil relations of life,
were but part and parcel of Heaven's in
junction, which commanded of all men "re
peat your rulers," fcc. Mr. 11., in the con
cluding portion of his remarks, spoke of the
beauty of the moral law in harmonizing with ;
the civil law; of tho obligations of all men to
obey both; and of the absurdity of any man's
violating the laws of the land, because of the
belief that lie was doing the Lord service.
We have attempted merely to point to the
most prominent parts of Mr. It.'s address; arid
do not hesitate to say that it was one of iiis
most powerful dibits—characterized as his ef
forts generally are with ability and ingenuity. 1
As a display of forensic eloquence, the conclud
ing portion was peculiarly great; and for sub- j
lirnily of moral sentiment, never perhaps sur
Mr. R. spoke for about an hour and a half,
and was listened to with the most profound at
tention. Upon his concluding, the case was
given to tho jury.
Mr. Cox inquired of tho Piosccutiug Attor
ney, if the jury were to understand they must
believe the offence, if any, to have been com
milled within the limits of the city.
Mr. Richardson replied, most undoubtedly.
The jury then asked for a bailifl*, and retired.
After an absence of about two hours, they re
turned, and rendered a verdict of "guilty."
[lt will be remembered that Torrey was ar-,
raigncd under three indictments, eacli specify- !
i'ng a particular slave said to have been abduc- ;
let; and a general indictment covering all
three. The question will therefore be argued,
hereafter, before the Court, whether Torrey
will be held liable to a separate sentence in
eacli case or not. The law imposing a term
of six years in tire Penitentiary for a single of
Mr. Cox, upon the announcement of the
verdict, filed a motion with tho Court for an ar
rest, of judgment, with a view to a new trial.
The Court adjourned till to-morrow morning
10 o'clock.
[For tlie American Republican ]
To llie Honorable, the Senate anil House of lit
; presentutives in Congress assembled:
| The subscribers, citizens of the United States,
; respectfully represent: That they consider
themselves aggrieved, and their liberties inva
ded, by the unjust exactions, and the manner
of the administration, of the present Post Of
j fiee laws and department.
Your memorialists would respectfully ask
your attention to the following astounding fact,
i v iz:—That the Post Office, under cover of the
franking privilege, has been prostituted to sub
| serve the interests of political demagogues, as
i piling to office and power; thereby converting
a department of the general government, insti-
I tuted by our lathers to subserve the common
interests of the people of these United States,
■ into an engine of corruption.
Your memorialists would most respectfully
i and seriously represent to your honorable body,
j that, us descendants of pure Republican fath
ers, that were jealous of their liberties and
rights, they consider it their duly to remonstrate
with their Rulers, chosen to represent them in
the Legislature of their country, whenever they
believe that evils exist, that threaten the sub
version of their privileges and rights as free
men: and your memorialists fully believe that
sucli evils do now exist, as above set forth.
Your memorialists would further respcctful
, ly represent to your honorable body, that the
j evil of which they justly complain, viz:—Tax
ing tho people through a trial-administration of
[ the Post Office department, to the amount of
] the entire cost of the transportation in the
United States mail, of a mass of electioneering
papers, letters, and documents, greater in
amount of cost of transportation than all the
mailable matter of letter-postage within our
I Union, is, as an item of just auinradversion,
j fully equal to certain items of British aggres
sion, to redress which, our patriot sires perilled
I their lives and fortunes,
i Your memorialists would further respectful
; ly represent to your honorable body, that the
I present exactions of the Post Office department
I aforesaid, as respects the transportation of
I newspapers, is, in fact, waging a war against
the diffusion of knowledge in our country; and
that the evils in question, in all their bearings,
are without a precedent in the annals of the
Your memorialists would further respectful
ly represent to your honorable body, that, as
citizens of a glorious Republic, it is humiliat
ing in the cxtrome, to view our Representa
| tives, with the liberal per diem allowance of
Eight Dollars, contending for the additional
I perquisite of an abused franking privilege,
j while tho legislators of monarchical England,
without any per diem allowance from the pub
lic purse tor their services in Parliament, mag
nanimously pay the postage of their letters
from their own funds.
Wherefore, your memorialists most respect
fully request your honorable body, to correct
the evils in question, and thereby restore your
memorialists to their just rights; and by re
| ducing the present exoibitant rates of letter
I postage, remove a disgraceful reproach that
j now hangs like a foul incubus on our free in
j stitutions: and your memorialists, as in duty
i bound, will ever pray.
The above memorial will bo furnished our
follow citizens throughout the State of Mary
land, for their signatures; and it is desirable,
that that portion of tho newspaper press in the
United States, that is not ridden to death by
i political demagogues, shall give the above me
; morial a place in their columns, and aid in stir-
I ring up the people to a proper sense of tho un
just exactions of their would-be-masters.
FIRE. A fire occurred in Providence, on
Thursday night, which destroyed the green-'
house belonging to Mr. Boswick, of tliu. city.
PERSONAL MATTERS. lion. Richard 11.
Bayard will probably be elected U. R. Senator |
from Delaware, as lie has consented to servo, j
—The Virginia Legislature assefnbled yestcr- :
day and will shortly elect a U. S. Senator.—
Franklin Litchfield, for many years U. S.
Consul at Porto Caballo, died on the 9tl ult
Rev. Geo. J5. Clicever, now in Europe,
lias been ongagod as editor of the Now York
Evangelist, and will, it is said, devote himself
exclusively to the paper on his return. The
St. Louis New Era says that at tiie last elec- ;
tion in that city a voter's name was recorded
011 the poll book o''tho first ward as Sodom and
Gomorrah JJollowmj, A man with such a name
should have had his vote challenged. Mr. !
Lester, the American Consul at Genoa, is i
writing a history of that State. Sheridan j
Knowlcs talks of a second visit to this country, j
Major Pnpham has been elcclcd President j
ofthe Society of Cincinnati, in place of Gene- '
ral Lewis. Captain Dinnas, of the brig Cy- j
rns, captured by a British vessel on the coast of j
Africa, lias deposited his (lag in liio Secret arv of
State's office, because lie alleges il is no protcc- |
tion! It is said thai the Cyrus Inula cargo of j
WLAl!ixc LONG HAIR. 1.1 IGI9, the follow- !
ing agreement was entered into by the gover
nor, deputy governor and magistrates of New j
Hampshire, to discountenance that sinful prac
tice if wearing lung hair!
"Forasmuch as tho wearing of long hair, al- j
tcr the manner of ruffians and barbarous In
dians, has begun to invade Now England, con- j
trary to tho rule of God's word, which says it I
is a shame, for a man to wear long hair, as also i
the commendable costume generally of all (he I
godly of our nation until within this few years:
Wo, the magistrates, who have subscribed#!,!.-,
paper, (for the shewing of our innoceney in this !
behalf,) do declare and manifest our dislike and j
detestation against the wearing of such long
hair, as against a thing uncivil and unmanly, j
whereby men do deform themselves, and offend j
sober and modest men, anddo corrupt manners. I
Wc do, therefore, earnestly entreat all the eld- j
ers of this jurisdiction (as often as they shall |
see cause) to manifest their zcu! against it in '
their public administrations, and to take caie !
that the members of their respective churches
be not defiled therewith, that so, such as prove
obstinate, and will not reform themselves, may :
have God and man to witness against them." j
ent, writing from Gainesville, Miss., informs ;
the New Orleans Picayune, that three persons I
were killed in that vicinity on the night of the j
21st ult., by the falling of a house. The ilirni- I
ly had but recently arrived on the island be- j
tween East and West Pearl rivers, about, six j
miles above Gainesville, where they built a i
house. This house, owing to the overtlow of J
the river, the}' placed upon blocks about four j
feet high. These, from the sandy nature of j
the soil, gave way on the night above mention- |
od, the house tumbled in, and three of the un- !
fortunate inmates were instantly killed. Their 1
names were Catharine Miles, aged 25, Jemima j
Miles, 27, and a lad 7 years old, named Petet
Boston paper makes the following estimate of:
good things consumed by the people of Massa- :
chusetts on Thanksgiving Day, viz:—
Five hundred ducks, 130,000 chickens, 20,- !
000 geese, 35,000 turkies, 60,000 lbs. of beef,
pork and other meats, 23,000 bushels of pota
toes, 28,000 bushels of turnips, 8,000 beets, !
10,000 bushels of onions, 20,000 lbs. of cheese, j
25,000 gallons of apple sauce, 2,000 gallons of
cranberry sauce, 737,639 pumpkin pies, 100,-
000 apple pies, 25,000 mince pies, 75,000 other !
pies, and 1,000,000 eggs. In the preparation j
of the above, there would bo used, at a rough
estimate, 80 hhds. of molasses, 100 boxes of j
Havana sugar, 10,000 lbs. of allspice, ginger,)
cloves, nutmegs, and other spices, 900 bbls. of j
flour, 90,000 lbs. of butter and lard, and 600 |
hhds. of milk.
MORE PROTECTION. Silas Wright was late- j
ly seen pricing bull-dogs in the Albany market, j
and as is "supposed, byway of protection against I
the office-seekers.
BE CAREFUL. A fine little girl, aged three
years, daughter of Mrs. Thompson, of Esques
ing, Canada West, was burnt to death a few
days ago by licr clothes taking fire.
CHEAP POSTAGE. The New Hampshire
House of Assembly unanimously adopted a re
solution, requesting their representatives and
instructing their Senators to use their exertions
to reduco tho present exorbitant rates of post
age. Tho of every State will do !
the same.
A COMPLAINANT. ABaptist clergyman com
plains, through a religion? paper in Tennessee,
of tho application of the term "Parson," to
ministers of h : s sect. He says the proper title
is Bishop.
SHOCKING MURDER. A horrible murder
was committed in Ilooksett, N. H., on Mon
day, the 25th ult. Esther Darrah, the person
killed, was the wife of John Darrah, and the
mother of Charles P.Darrah, who wcro Ixrtli ;
charged with being guilty of hor death. All j
three were miserably addicted to beastly drunk- J
ennoss, and often had fights over their bottle
of rum. It was in one of these brawls that |
Esther Darrah received the blows which caused i
her death.
AWFUL TRAGEDY. On Tuesday of last week, J
a Mrs. Stevens, the wife of a firmer in the vi- j
cinity of Greenville, Ohio, murderod her hus
band, hor step-son, and dreadfully mangled hor |
step-daughter, after which she fled and hung ;
herself. !
MBLANCHOI.Y SUICIDE. On Saturday morn- j
intflast, Or. A. Bircltartl, ut whose store the ,
recent tiro at Saratoga Sorinns was Ihst tfis-
I =5 |
covered, and who lost all his property at that
fire, committed suicide by taking oil of cedar.
The cause which led to the commission of the j
act, is thus given by Dr. B. in two letters to
his brother: One detailed his loss, and the ru- j
port of the origin of the fire in hi.r store, ex
pressed his wish to die, and his hope that his re
latives would not mourn for him. The other j
expressed the hardships under which lie had!
labored to acquire bis property destroyed, his !
hopelessness of repairing his loss, his unwill
ingness to live, his inability to pay a small debt
due Mr. Noweom, of Troy, N. Y.
steamboat Worcester, f'apt. Vanderhilt, plying
o.i Lou- 1.-kind Sound, had a very narrow os
cape from being wrecked on Thursday nigut.
Early in the morning, during a thick snow
storm, she went on shore at Sand ; Point Light,
about twenty-five miles from New York, the'
wind blowing strong, ur.d a heavy sea running.
She thumped pretty hud several time >, kee! d
over on her side, and it was thought at one
time she would go to pieces, but the well tliruc
ted efi.brl.s of Capl. Yandcrbilt and his crew fi
nally got her off. The water tanks bursled and i
aihnitted six inches of water, and the straining
of her limbers opened herseatn-, so that more
water w is admitted, but this influx sho was
soon got rid of by her pumps. The damage is
estimated at 5c.',500.
MISSISSIPPI. The official vole in this Htal-'
is as follows: Polk J3,10J; Clay 17,920. I'olk - , '
majority 5,243.
MADEIRA WISE. The exportation of -Ma
deira wine to the tinted States was formerly '
several thousand pipes annually. Last year it]
dwindled down to hundreds, and the belief is j
entertained by the manufacturers, that it will j
not ho necessary to emum ralo beyond two fi
gures, or tens, to express the amount total for :
the present ) ear.
TOBACCO. An English paper calculate:*, that
if the duty wore paid on the whole of the to
bacco at tho time of writing, in bond, in Lou
don alone, including manufactured and iiuma-j
nufacUired tobacco and sugars, the sum would ]
amount to little short of seven millions stei- 1
vr.RTiriXG. "There's nothing that greases the
wheels of business like newspaper advertising, i
1 teal's i!o aii.t a touch to it."
SEIZURE. The Collector of Toronto LIASJ
seized from several merchants in that city, for !
duties, about one hundred and fifty boxes of;
tobacco, purporting to bear the St.. John's Ciis-j
torn House stamp, imported into Montreal by j
a house largely engaged in the Now York trade. I
the piano is advertised in the newspaper print
ed at the Sandwich Islands.
PURE WATER. Some timid genius is firing j
away in the Boston Atlas, against the intro-j
duclion of pure water into that beautiful city.'
Tie should he fed on crackers foreverniote. j
GOOD YIELD. George Thomas, of Mill-1
ville, Ohio, raised, on an acre adjoining the)
village, 2, Tig pumpkins, good and sound. A)
red beet, measuring twenty-three, and another!
twenty-seven inches. This is a large yield.
It is said that when ink marks on paper are
erased, by scratching out, that a little rub of
tho spot with the edge of fresh india rubber,
will render it fit to receive a new mark with
out the ink spreading, and is better than pounce
for that purpose.
SLANDER SUIT. In the case of Crommclin
vs. Laforge, in New York lor slander, growing
out of the "Mary Rogers affair," tho Jury oil
Saturday returned a verdict of Jjloo damage
and 6 cents cost.
MAYOR OF BOSTON. The American Repub
licans of Boston had a large and enthusiastic
meeting in Faneuil Hall on Friday evening, at
which Thomas A. Davis, Esq., was nominated
for the Mayoralty.
Friday night last, the students of the Universi
ty, at Charlottesville, Va., had an illumination
and bonfire in honor of the Presidential oleo-j
learn by the letter of our Washington Corrcs-i
pondent, received at a late hour last night, that
lteuhon M. Whitney, Esq., has been appointed
Recorder of the Land Office, vice Williamson;
RAILROADS IN EUROPE. Such has been tho 1
success of Railroads in Europe, and the increase j
of travelling in consequence of tho facilities j
they aft'ord, that in England alone ninety new
schemes are now before the public. Tho re
ceipts of tho existing roads this year aro vastly
greater than those of the last season.
drcd and ninety thousand bushels of Indian corn ]
wore shipped from Now York to England dur-j
ing the first eight months of the present year, j
LARGE HOG. Win. Perkins, of Chester;
Town, Md., killed, last week, a hog, weighing
372 pounds, it was one year old.
The subscriber tender.*
"fy y thank* tor iliu liberal
fc %* | j I j pauonliige In; lias rereiv
A.S'tUJ B , zAj oil since hi* resilience in
*"* *" *•*-*•*•" Baltimore, rind continues
to perforin all operation* in DENTAL SURGERY
(embracing the latest improvements in the sei. nee) ;n
one-third leu than the usual rates. He invites those
who are lilllieleil with had Teeth to rive liiin an carle
call. The hi: h charges heretofore established having
precluded many from siihinittiii:: their Teeth to llentnl
opi r.ilion*, mi opportunity is now offered to nil to luivc
their Teeth put in rood order, a* the charges shall soil
nil who may favor him with a rail.
(try- All operations warranted to prove beueficiul, e-r
no charge made.
.I.l'. SOUTIICOMR, Dentist,
N". Shi Fayeltc-st., 3d door from North.
! . Ij sillier with tho Tooth
• • . ~VR>S*V ache when >ou onn
, —•; "... , y "have it eU'ectuulL and
J a y ■■*■; !!' '£ lenllraly cured by call
f a • •>' % •lie:: on Dr. ST! V.-'( l.\.
doors lioith of I'l M. He has an entire new prepara
t '-11, OKU v.ii! uurit it in a few miniwithout p;iii
oi • " nvciiienco, HO that it may afterwords be filled
anil rendered a valuable tooth for liiV, tin i by obviat
ilia tho jmin ami danger of !iaviug ii extracted. It is
c< naiuly our of rrat t discoveries <;!' tin: day,
mid never fails of having tin: i|ein d ct'Aci.
Dr. H. li t.- also mi nrti'dc for fillinir te-rb that are
mi.eh ilir.i .i, which will do away with that di a- j
Kreenhle la-o* and small they i iVitriably irive, and r a
dei He in vuliiahlr and dural.je. /ilso, I ii:t, I'IIIL;-
iiin:*. llryalatir.:; <r rei lech. in?; liie re 11;• •: 1i• i o' eriii- |
tii"i:'s trrt.li and ins'rtiii:r Artificial 'IV ih. •Voin one
to a full set, in tlv most approved manner and at;
prices that cannot fail to pl a r. Dr. dors not '.im
to he tin: rhunpcsl dciii i.-t i i the oil y, hut his prices!
fhall !•' as !'i\v as po-uildr, ami have the operation <
laiUifiillv and durably performed, vvhitii he warrants ,
; rn'*e for raring Toothache U5 cents; do. for!
from o i,ts t. vi. 'i'e'. th extracted for -Jf.
cents, hy now and improved instruments, which a(
lord il'.e least possible pain. a29-y
J-WliK TO f'HID \Di- Drill.l ."50.
.VKW STW.I. tjilkOAH l JDS WK IS W'f 'iViSKftf
DAILY (SuiiHinjs CJ'T/IIH/,) at ()'CLOCK, A.M.
until thr Close of the Nr: i at ion.
<4 •**n Hy tile superior, fast a:nl coniiaiMiioiH
L] " { - ♦ \PODHOM, t.'ajit. ■
fro n the wharf, ooni'-r of and l'ratt stre t>.
The above ' jihaiijid, I'a-f and coinniodiuus '
having been pi ie d on the lino, will continu 1 running '
a tnornifi'.t line until the r!< • of the navitration, leav" :
iii'Z 1110 wharf, corner of J.i'/hf and Piatt atroots, daily, i
(Sundays excepted,) it o'clock, I'. M.
I'aF.-enjji r- In this lino will find every conve
ni' nee and comfort r. •piiii d.
Deck I'a.-.-ase only .00 cents.
D'Mu. \. iDWVLIVGS. A sent, Hahimore.
olil Tin 11. 'i'. KIsFiS. Arch st. wharf, Phil ad.
B\• •. IMOUR, 12th Nov. 1844. i
•tTOTIC'KJTO 'J'AX IVWIdKs. The Collect- !
or, de-irous of ehMing the eolleciiuti of tile State
and City Taxes lor the current year, as near as possi
ble, before it expires, and anxious to avoid any pro
cess hy which tho Tax Pajer may he subject to addi
tional charges, publishes, for their information, the
inllowins extract from an Ordinance of the city, ap
proved 16th .March, 1611:
Sec. 1. Be it enacted and ordained by the Mayor
and City Council of Baltimore, That from and alter
the Hrsl day of November, in each and every year, ir
shall be lli' duty of the Collector to enforce the pay
ment of all Tuxes remaining unpaid'by di.-iress or!
otheru isti,
'J'liis section of the city udinaucrs applies as well 1
to the eolle( tion of the Stat.' as the City Taxes*
That legal process may be avoided, and the consc- j
(ptcnt expenses, persons owing this office are earnest- '
ly rc(|ite-ted to pay the Assistant Collectors, promptly, j
as they may call, or at the office, which is open fori
that purpose early in the morning until Into in (lie |
n2l-eo2w A. R. LLVKRING, Collector, j
VIJHEIIV CAT A LINK attempted to overturn
V v the liberties of Koine, he commenced by cor- j
rupliug ilie morals of the youth; and although he did
not succeed in his nefarious attempts, his name was j
branded with infu.mv. Various plans of treatment :
have been proposed for mental alienation with limited j
success—but for diseases of the physical frame a re- !
iiicdy has been discovered, which, in a large majority j
of cases, will r lieve tlie patient of his sufl'crings, and I
if timely administered, cure the disease.
HANDS* SAIISAI'AKfLLA will perfectly cure dis- !
of tlie Mucous Membranes, Scrofula" or King's 1
Evil, Fever Sores, Pustules and Pimples on the face,
Rheumatism; obstinate Cutaneous Eruptions, and
other diseases caused hy an impure state, of the blood. 1
J. A. HEED, Hole Agent,
je2C eoly Corner Gay and Satatoga-sts., Baltimore.
rgtHR PROl'SlE'i'Oßfj OF THE (TXT
*|>cctfully inform their friends and tlie public gene
rally, that they have now no ham! a large and general
assortment of Parlor and other CHAIRS, comprising
mahogany, maple, walnut, and a variety of imitation
and wood color*. They would request persons dis
posed to purehasc to give tlicm a call, as their stoek
is not surpassed, if equalled, by any establishment in
the city.
Tliey would also inform shipping Merchants that
they are at all times prepared to supply them on terms
equally accommodating as they can be procured at
any establishment in the city.
selSMtawtlstJ* 'A. & J. li. MATHIOT.
-v The Proprietor, grateful for past
Oj-. f., j, favors, returns lit* thanks to hi*
- . " -j'qjS numerous customers and the public
generally, and would inform tliorr.
A his Hireing Stock is not to be
surpassed in the city, as the HOUSES are gentle,
kind, and of good movements; the VEHICLES,
embracing every description, are light and tasty, artti
entirely new this Spring, for hire with or without
horses. Also, a number of line Saddle Horses, suita
ble for military parades—amongst others, some supe
rior I.ndies' Racks. The .stable is accessuble at all
hours during the day or night.
N. B. The Carriage .Manufactory carried on as usual
adjoining tlie staii! • where all orders are attended to
with prompttn ,ml despatch.
ap29-tf Davis lienr Pleasant-st.
•1 doors above South street, j
I have on hand and still continues to manufacture j
all such articles as GIMI'S, FRINGE COltlrS and
TASSELS, BUTTONS, of ditierent kinds, namely:
Sun Buttons; Daisy do; Squaie do; and a great many
oiher styles too numerous to name. 1 have also 011
hand, a large and well selected stock of Velvet RIB
BONS, some of the handsomest in the city, and at
very reduced prices. I have also a new style VEL
VET GIMP, which i* something different from any
thing now iu the oily—with a general assortment of
articles of every description, namely:
Gentlemen's and Ladies Cloak Tassels; do. Gloves
and Hosiery; Merino, Lambswool and Cotton Shirt
and I'ants; Collars and Shams; Cravats and Scarfs,
nnd a variety of worsted apparel for children, such as
Coats, Cloaks, Cardinals, Caps, Gaiters, Sic., Willi a
large assortment of Hilk anil Cotton Cords; Tapes;
Spool Cotton; Furniture Bindings; Sewing Silks; Rib
bons; Galloon Bindings; Coat and Vest Bindings; gen
tlemen's Purse* of every description; Ladies'do. I
also keep on hand a large assortment of Odd Fellows'
and Masonic Regalia; Flags nnd Banners, Gold and
Silver Tassels; do. Fringes; CoidsandGold and Silver
Bullion; dp l.aec and Stars do. With a variety of
fancy articles, such a* Purse ornaments; Ilair do; Hair
I'ins; Combs and Brushes; Penknives; Seissors; Poek
et Book*; Wateh Guards; Pursi Twist; do. Rings;
Beadsof alt kind*, namely: Jet, Satin. Gold, Silvei.
Hugh , See. Of all colors—with a splendid assortment
of Bugle >atin Head Necklaces.
N. B. That I also carry on the HAIR BRAIDING
business in all it* branches, (fey- Look lor
JAMES M. 11A1G. No 121 Ralttmore-'st.,
n2O fi'j Four doors above South street,
d >, %" ili' right hand sitlu goirisr l'roin iiitltimorc-nt.,
> P Uvo doors from the ' oriH.T—where iu;iy m? ob
tained mo.-i speedy remedy for flmiorrlnpn, Gleet*)
strictures, .Seminal WtinkneH*, paiu in tin* l<oins, af
lections of the Kidneys, and every Syniprom ufa ae-
r t Disease.
ATTENDAN* k from 7 in the MOUMNOTILI. 10 atKiOHT.
A member of the Royal Cn)lrje of ftirfoons, Liceti
t ate of the Ap:tliocary , s Hall, London, and Grr.du.aie
tV(.;n one of the fnut colleges in the United States, mtiy
!> loin'tilted in all diseases incident to the iiutuact
iVanic, but mure tspeoitdlv in :.ll eases of a
Win n the misguided and impiudent votary ofpiea
-1 sure finds he has imbibed the seeds of this painful hs
, l'wc, it too often happens t!:at an ill-timed rmse f
vliann ,or dread of di>covery 7 deteri him from apply
-1 'its: to ilioi-v who, from edticr.tion and respectability,
< an alone BE frit nd IUM, DELU\ N : till the COH-I tutiotiai
| sviiijitoins of this iioiriii di.- a • make their appeal
[ aiH'e, si;ell as ulcerated sore throat. dise: ..et! nose,
IIM t'irnal pains in the head and ii nbs. dimte • of. ight,
d!*.-flics, nodes on (he shin lamt .■> and .iritis, blotches
on the head, face and rvtreinijies. pne;".siiir on with
lVightful rapi Jity, till ; i-t the palate <fl.hr niouih or
tie* I.ones of the in* f:.ll in am! the \i< ti.a of this* aw
ful disease becomes a horrid object of < oiiii.iDen*li/:u.
till <!• a:!i puts a period to his Vhemlfid >ufl' i:ni>, hr
sending him to ••!!!:! fnui.ie whei.ct* no trnteller n*
tin lis," To such, there ibro, I'r. ;!> pledges
liim.-elf to preserve i e mo-t i*;\iolalih- .-rereey: and,
from lih c • f' f. iv- pnetic* it. the thy; hospitals of
i.ur .p.* and America, ho can en ifidentiy reeon I;nmu(
'■ '*'! • and speedy cure to iii-• unfortunate vietlui ot
this horrid disease.
TAKE NOTICE. Those person* who have injur
ed their constitu'icns !)• n c ttniu ; rticiic< , speedily
StTRGfCAT. 0 PER AT IONS on the Eye, such ns
for utim, Cataract, <e. /\J o ti. -. I T Deformity
o| th" i.imli. .*a nas < !tih c*i.\, perionned cu
the p., -r fi-t-c of n, -for.
SKI \ S riPEMiill Y CURIO.
Take notice, on the ri-.dit hand side < I l , nuitri ,, k
trect, goii.'y from Baltimore street. 2 doors from the
corner. Observe the name.
; • Ydvi • t-i the Po >r GRATIS. 038
t "a;7Jr v 4v#'l" I' law;.r!':,:i U,(Sun-
SxkaaMßMßNKtds]. excepted}) (hi tin- convevauce of
Passengers, Vlri.'.iMiili.-i-, s,i -rio, Baggage, etc., fctc.,
i.nais of this iim-, having in en put iu c iin pit te run
ning order, one or wore will leave No :i Light tr. et
wharf DAILY (Smubiv .-xcr-ptt'ii.) at '>• oVhu k, P.M.
arriving ill Philadelphia at tut early lioui th' following
lairirnin-, ia time to conm et with ihe Ne'.v A ork line.
Merchandize dc-riocd for Now York. l'.neion,or any
jioint eaenv ir<l, will In: fotwnrdod from I'liilak iphm
t!i<j satiie day as received, free of roprmissioii. For
linae aliipmcnts, special eomraeiH cat) fe made at low
raloj. Shipperare reijiieeted to send a mcmo
rur.diiiii with each dray of toads, with the name of
the ehipyer and coiisi rin c,ni.il al.'o to have their
ou tlie wharf by half post f o'clock, to in.uro ttioir
delivery in Philadelphia early next morning.
For further particulars, applv to
L. <;. UAIIRIH, Agent,
010-3 m No. !j Light .street wharf,
!•' VIIK s', KB T<'El).
DAILY (SUNDAYS excepted,) at 7) o'clk, A.M.
nj The only re,al Oppuiiion Line b-
Htilliiitore and I'hilndniphia,
telunaakkdSL leaves tile tvli.irf, corner of Liulit ana
Pratt streets, EV EifY .MOIiNTNCJ, (except Sttndny.J
ill 71 o'clock, per splendid Stennier jNAI'IjLEUN,
('apt. Uoss, to Chesapeake City, thence 14 milts
through the Canal to Delawit-e City, in fir-t class
Packet Boats, commanded by genU' uiutily and e.xpo
rii need Captains, and thence by the splendid Steamer
PIONEER, Capt. Ililderhaek, arid arrive in Phiiadel
phia early the same evening.
The public are assured that, ('.lotwitlistandins the
false teporis ia circulation, of this line having been
stopped,) it is, and will be continued, and no exertion
spared to give comfort and speed to passengers. The
only change that has been made is in placing the
dtrumbonl PIONEER on this line in the stead of the
Steamboat Portsmouth, because of a popular Preju
dice (justly founded) against this last named boat.
Mr. flees has been all along and still is the Agent, in
Philadelphia, of the only Opposition Line.
LOOK OUT FOl! IMPOcTFI'-iN! The Portsmouth
I.inc is run by a".Monopolizing Company" for the
purpose of putting down the regular opposition. It
you wish to keep the fare reduced from y I to £l.fO,
goby the Steamer NAPOLEON, and no other. The
accommodations by this line arc warranted to he equal
to any running.
The Line by NAPOLEON and PIONEER wa j
commenced in June, by the individual enterprise e.f
our own city and Philadelphia, and it is hoped that t
generous public will sustain it against the I'orlsmouih
Line lately started, and run (there is good reason Pi
believe) hv the Railroad Company's agent.
(177-Office, Light, above Pralt st. n9
Aii aiticle appeared in the American
iHiil RrnWfbC of yesterday morning, with
iKlf'*il4BH£.the signature of LEMUEL O. 'PAY
Loll annexed, which, notwithstanding the scurrility
of style, demands some notice at my hands, in const
quence of the unjustifiable attack made upon me, in
dividually, therein. Having no desire lo submit my
professions of zeal in the public service to other test
[ titan that of practical experience, I shall not essay
i any unnecessary statements of facts, bt leave my
position to such a defence as the judicious portion of
1 my fellow-citizens will ati'ord me, under so unpro-
I voked and unwarrantable an assault. True, it is an
assault by the pen alone, but it strikes at tny integrity
| of purpose, and is more offensive to an honorable sense
of propriety, than an attack upon the person. It ema
nates, too, from a professor of Christianity, a faet
which would impart some weight to it, but that the
low and indecorous language iu which the malice of
abuse is couched by the writer, abundantly shields
me from its influence, and leaves the venom rankling
in the bosom of the matt from whom the missive sped
I have no desire to retort upon this self-constituted
censor of my pursuits, hut leave hint, with my feelings
undisturbed, to the calmer rcllectiotis of his own
mind, satisfied that lie must find therein, if not at Die
hands of an insulted public, that reproach for so gra
tuitnus an imposition upon the i n ihility of this com
niunity, as its audacity deserves.
n2B-tf Agent for Napoleon Steamboat.
cO ngr-osj The proprietors of this I tie have
based those large, safe and eorn
tnodious tstcaniers, so well known to
the citizens of Baltimore and the travelling commu
nity generally, viz:
The "MARYLAND, Capt. I.smi ki G. TAYLOR.
The "OSIRIS," " Jolts D. TCRHKR.
And on the Delaware River, that - tie and comforta
ble Steamer "PORTSMOUTH," Unpt.Jxs. Devon.
lUltPr--tYf.lted up ill elegant style, have been
HUfIBRRKc-'ig: J placed on liit- Delaware and Chesa
peake Canal.
Will leave I'ralt street wharf, near l.ight st. every
morning, at 7} o'elock, (except Sundays,) and arriv
ing in Philadelphia early in the evening, {ay- Several
hours in advance of the steamer Napoleon or Erries
son Line..}®)
Passage $1.50.
(Ixy- Passengers landed .r taken off at Ford's Land
inc. This route will be continued until the closing of
ihc navigalion by Ice, nnd resumed at its opening in
tlie Spring. H. M. HILL, Agent,
Office N<. 123 Pratt street,
029-tf Corner of Grant street, ,up ttairs.l
toi'IVE To NHIPMiKei uti' MKRCH \.
v J. It. PECK 5t Titos. CLYDE having
'' ,J " ' r '"•'""•'•t'n tlie Eriis
■ ' -XSoSOSL son Stcaiiiberk Line shippers are re
>|iieste>l to consign tlieir goods, t. be forwarded, to the
Agents of the Line, i i-me iln safety abil despatch.
No. 3 I,iht-st. wharf. Bait. Md.
A. GROVF.S, Jr., Agent,
04-tf N, 19 South Wharves, Fluittil,

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