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WEDMKSDAV, Feb'y 11,* The members of:,
the Mili ury Convention, in accordance with a; ,
call from their President, met on Wednesday | (
eveninjr in the Chamber of the First Branch of ,
the City Council, in the City Hall. Gen. J. j ,
Spear Smith having taken the chair, the Con-' ,
Iveittion was called to order. The President! (
Ihriefly recapitulated the circumstances which ,
tad induced him to call a meeting of this Con-1 :
vVjntion again. The following 'were his re- ,
marks: Gentlemen, —A formal request has!,
f.tcen made to me, as chairman of the Military I ,
| Convention, to re-assemble you, to again take ,
into consideration the condition of the Voliin 1 ,
teers and Militia of our city. It is known to ,
you that the bill, amendatory to tlief Militia (
laws, which was formed with so much care by ,
this Convention, was sent to the General As- |
sembly. In the House of Delegates it was re- |
terrcd to the Militia Committee, and after a ,
time, reported to the House. A motion to
print it| was rejected, and it was referred to a
select committee, composed exclusively of the (
delegates front this city. They reported tint ,
it ought not to pars, but I beliove that no ! (
filial vote of the House has been taken. It is
then in the condili m of heing repotted against
by our own immediate representatives, and not
likely now to h 'entertained with favor. Al->
low me to add that the bill in question is, in my
opinion, well adapted to every purpose of an
efficient organization of tho Militia service—
that it is the least oppressive of any law of the
kind ever enacted, as instead of four annual pa-
I rades, with arms, there will ho but two, with
out arms, and merely for roll-call, that our
strength may he known, and tire citizen rocog- !
niso his military obligation, know his officers, j
places ol rendezvous, and the company and re
giment to which lie is attached; thus enabling
| him on any emergency, to give his aid in de
fence of Ins country, or its laws. Whilst tins
light, duly is imposed on the private, the offi
oers, under your bill, have to undergo a severe
I coarse of training, under heavy penalties for
Lriegligence. This is to qualify tliem for cotn
rtn.utd. They are also to be selected for their!
merit, and not to be promoted as formerly, by j
mere seniority. Thus the severe duties fall in
fine of peace on the officers, leaving the pri
vates free from every embarrassment, except
that of his mere personal appearance twice in
the year. I will irot go into further details, as
the whole subject is so familiar to you. Hav
ing thus alluded to the two prominent features
or.be bill, I will leave tho subject now for your
deliberation, with the single remark, that our
delegates should manifest suelr strong distaste
to a measure, calculated to bear so iightly on
[ their constituents, as compared with the exist- 1
ing Militia systi m.
Captain Ihckell, of the National BIURS, arose
j and addressed tho Convention, in reference to
tho manner in which tho hill had been disposed
of by the delegates from this city, lie said
that the labors of the committee who drafted
that bill, were deserving of nioro respect and
consideration, than was given by tho delegates
to whom it was referred, lie read the adverse
report of the delegates from Baltimore, and
Commented in strong language upon it, they
having taken upon themselves to act in tho
matter without consulting any portion ol their
immediate eons itucnts.
He also contended that tho proposed bill was
less objectionable than the old Militia system. :
lie concluded by offering the following resolu
Resolved, That the leeenl unfavorable action
I 'of the Delegates from the city of Baltimore, on
ka bill for the re-organizing of the Militia of the
N District, meels with our decided disapprobation.
Res Ived, That wo sincerely bolieve, if the j
details of said bill had been submitted to the
consideration of the people of the city of Bal
timore, that it would have been sustained and
approved of by tliem.
I Resolved, That we also believe, that if the j
said bill had been printed lor the information ot
the Legislature, and its importance to our citi
zens fully explained, that it would have passed
that honorable body by a large majority.
The resolutions wero read and unanimously !
adopted. Gon. Steuart and Cupt. Kane ad-!
dressed the Convention at some length, recapi
tulating the circumstances and facts connected
with tho summary rejection of the proposed
bill, which had come to their personal know
ledge. Major Law and Capt. Pickell made a
few remarks in reference to tho conduct ol the
Baltimore Delegation, when Capt. Kane arose
and offered a long manifesto, intended as an
txpose of tho wholo matter. The paper con
cluded by requiring all officers, who should
sign it, to resign their commissions. Col. Da
vies, Col. Hickman, Capt. Kane, Capt. VVat
| ftirut and Capt. I'ickcll, discussed the contents
of lite manifesto at some length, when by re
quest, Capl. Kane withdrew it, to permitCapt.
Watkins to offer tho following resolutions:
Resolved, That the foregoing resolutions,
(Capt. Pickell's,) and the entire proceedings of
this meeting, bo signed by the President and
Secretary, and lie published, ani a copy fur
nished to each member oi tho Legislature.
• Resolved, Tiiat the committee heretofore
charged with the presentation of the Militia
hill to the Legislature, he and they are hereby
instructed to present to the General Assembly,
a memorial sotting fortli the disastrous effects
ola refusal or neglect on the part of that body
to pass the bill that lias been offered to their
consideration, or some bill containing adequate
provisions for the organization and support of
the Militia and Volunteers at tho present crisis.
'I lie resolutions were adopted by a majority
of one. Capt. Kane's manifesto was then read
again, and after considerable discussion, on mo
tion of Capt. Watkins it was laid oil tho table.
The Convention then adjourned until Wed
nesday evening next, at the same time and
I From ihs Pittsburg Chronicle-]
This anniversary of Cupid is near at hand. •
The FOURTEENTH oTthis month is ttie day up- j
on which of right Cupid ascends tho throne of j
Jupiter and ruigus supreme over all animated
Tho origin of this anniversary, arid of the I
peculiar customs which constitute its obsor- I'
vunco, are wrapt in considerable mystery by 1
the clouds which rest upon the past. St. Vul- 1
cntino, whose name is given to the day, accord- \
ing to some writers was a bishop, according to j
others was only a presbyter. lie suffered
martyrdom in tho reign of Ivnperor Claudius |
11. Laving been beheaded at Rome, and was
canonized at an early period by tho Catholic !
Church. Ho was very much distingushed tor
his love and charity, and from these ehnraeter
istics of the worthy Saint it is supposed by
some writers that the custom of choosing Val
entines, or special loving friends, on Ins day |
(Feb. 14th) originated. Others, however, at-j
tribute this custom to the fact, that, in the |
countries whence it has been derived, the birds ,
choose their mates upon this day, St. Valen-,
tine's,from the coincidence having the honor of j
giving name to the day and the partner chosen, j
There is, however, still another view of the
matter. Other writers deduce this custom from
a practice which prevailed among the old Ro- :
mans during their Lupercalia. In accordance !
with this practice, tho Roman boys and girls, j
upon the 14th of February, wrote their names
upon small slips of parchment, or other substun- !
ces, and cast iliem into two urns, the names of |
tho hoys being placed in one urn and those of
tho girls into tire other. The young people
then, each in turn, choose out of one of the !
urns their partners for the festivities.
"When Doctors disagree who shall decide?"
Among these different opinions in regard to ' t
the origin of this day and of the manner ot its
observance it is difficult to determine the true
one. This, however, is of no importance. We.
have the day with its love-making, fun-ereat- !
ing customs, not "more Inllowed in the breach
than in the observance."
Tho custom of observing this day in the po
pular manner is a very ancient one, and bus j
prevailed very generally in England, time out I
of mind, much to the increased" tho revenue ol
tho Dost Office Department Of late years the ,
FOURTEENTH of February lias come to ho a
day to ho remembered in our own country. Iri ,
most of the Eastern cities, and paiticularly in
New York, the number ofCupid's messengers,
which have bv means of the Denny Dost, pass
ed hulwe.cn "all true lovers," is very large ;
Twenty-seven thousand lender epistles from
"sighing swaiiis"aiul "languishing mistresses,"
were delivered by the New York City Post ol
lico on last St. Valentine's Day.
The peculiar form and style of these mis
sives is, of course, a matter ot taste with the
writers. Love, however, should bo tho theme,
and warm and tender passion should breathe in
every line. In the mode ol expression, the fi
gures and similes with which these billets-doux
every one must suit hiuiscl! or hcrsell— cliacwi
a sort goaf. The custom of the day gives every
body the privilege of writing to every other bo
dy, but nobody—to prevent actions for broach
of promise wo suppose—signs his or her own |
name to the epistle sent. This greatly increa
ses the mystery and mirth of this pastime.
Wo like these okl customs, when observed
iin a suitable spirit. I hey serve to prolong the i
j feelings of youth, which too soon give place to i
the cares and sorrows of real life. We grcjw |
1 old too fast, and need to cheat Old i into out
of as many sands as we can. Our bodies we
cannot withhold from ids grasp, hut our minds j
and feelings are witlirii our own power and
should be made to linger with Youth while the
former are hurried on to their filial resting
tucky legislature is about to give a quietus to
abolition excitement in that State, or rather to ,
administer severe punishment to those who
may venture on her soil to promulgate their
fanatical doctrines. Tho following law lias
I passed the Seriate:
The first section makes an attempt to per
suade any slave Drum his owner punishable by
confinement in the penitentiary from one to
fivey-:urs. The second section provides that
if any person shall excite slaves to insurrec
tion or rebellion, he shall lie punishable by fin- |
prisonincnt in the penitentiary not less than
five nor more than twenty years. The third
section makes an attempt to excite insurrec
tion by oral discourse, or by disseminating
: printed or written documents amongst the j
• slaves, punishable by a fine of from SSOO to
I SIOOO, and confinement in jail until line and
costs are paid. The fourth section makes aid- j
ling, harboting, concealing, or assisting any
I slave to escape punishable by imprisonment in I
j tho penitentiary from one to five years. The
I fifth section subjects a free negro or mulatto, j
| guilty of any of llie above-mentioned offences, ]
! to confinement in the penitentiary of from five
|to twenty years. The sixth section makes it
the duty of the circuit judges to see the law
i fully executed.
THE LAST NOVELTY. The Germans are fa
. mous for novelties: tho last one is a musical
I bed, which receives the weary body and inimc
• diately "laps it in Elysium" to a soft and gentle
air of Aubor, played long enough to lull the
\ most wakeful to sleep. When he wishes to
. rise, the bed plays a march of Spontom, with
drums and cymbals, and, in short with noise
j- enough to rouse the seven sleepers.
• LOOKING FOR WAR. The citizens of Brook
lyn are bestirring themselves to prepare forde
-3 fences of their city. They will orect suitable
t defences forthwith.
FKi i)A \ URNIiNG, FEBRUARY ):j 1846.
[Ueported.tor the American Republican.]
' I'ucßsn w, Fob. 12, 1810.
The Branch met pursuant lo adjournment,
Present, Jacob I. Cohen, Jr., Esq., nnJ all the
members, except Messrs. Dutton, Gross, Neil
son and Buchatinon.
The following petitions were presented nnd
appropriately referred. By Dr. Collins, from
Messrs. Bull & 'l'uttle, asking payment oi
their hill for advertising in the "Biltimore
Clipper." By Mr. Walsh, from D. C. Spring
er and otlieis, praying the Councils to make an
appropriation for tho purchase of the laigolot
! adjoining the Eastern Fountain. By Mr. I'ur
i nor, from Michael Moon, praying to ho rofiind-
I ed certain fines paid by liim to the city for vio j
bating corporation ordinance. By .Mr. Starr,
tioni the Washington Hose Company, asking !
i for n spec ial appropriation. By the same gen-!
I tleinan, the annual report of the United Fire i
i Company, praying for a special appropriation. 1
By the same, from John Sbowacre, Esq., pray
ing payment for services rendered as Justice of
the Dcace for tho Southern District Watch
.Mr. Walsh called up tho substitutes offered !
by him for the unfavorable report of the com. 1
ruittce on claims, on the petition of L. Lalibae. !
The substitute provides for the payment of the
wholo claim amounting to $111.25. Adopted.
A nies-age was received from the Mayor,en
closing a report of the examination made by ;
Dr. Frazier, of tho ship ilottinger, which ar
rived at Now York from Liverpool in June
last, having the Small Dox ori board. Accom
panying the message was a memorial to the
Senate and House of Representatives, praying
tliem to passu law compelling the owners or
captains of all emigrant ships to carry with
them, in all cases, a regular Physician. The
message and accompanying documents wero
referred to the joint committee on health.
Mr. Turner, from the committee on fire!
companies, reported a resolution authorising J.
T. Jackson to alter the front of his frame J
house on Canton avenue. Adopted.
Mr. Colton, from the committee on markets,
reported a resolution, appropriating $250 fori
the white-washing and painting of the Centre
market house. Laid on the table.
A communication was received from the i
Mayor, conveying ari invitation fioiti Doctor
Pinkncy, to the members of the Councils to
attend bis proposed Lecture on tho merits of
the Broechieri Water to be given on Saturday i
evening. The invitation was accepted.
Dr. Collins offered a resolution in relation to
ilie iron gratings and cast iron covers on the
footway. The resolution proposes a plan for
remedying the nuisance complained of. it :-
ficired to the committee on clients
Mr. Brown called up tho resolution request
ing the Representative* From this city in the
Legislature to use their exertions to procure tin
pas age of a law t ixmg I > inks and all incorpo
ration!!. Adopted
Mr. I lack, bom the committee on claims,
submitted a resolution authorising the Register
to pay to John .Showac.ro, esq , $59.53, die a
mount of his claim against the Corporation.—
Mr. Hack, fronr the committee on claims,
submitted an unliivoiahlo report on the peti
tions of Gilmer and J. Dusiiane, with a re- i
solution discharging the committee from the
further consideration of the subject. The re
solution was adopted.
The resolution increasing the compensation 1
of the assistant Clerk of the Feli's Point market
house to $12.60 per month, was, on motion of
Mr. Colton, taken up and adopted.
Present, Kob't Howard, Esq. President, and
all the members.
Mr. Baker, from the joint committee on
claims, reported a resolution in favor of paying
| Messrs. Benzinger St Eschbncli $1163.43 lor
; paving done at Mount Vernon Place.
Mr. Baker, from the joint committee on ed
ucation, reported an ordinance fixing the >ala
- rics of tlie teachers of Public Schools.
1 Mr. Denson, from ilia joint committee on
j markets, reported a resolution directing the
I Register to soil at public auction the stalls In
the new market house on Cross-st. Adopted.
Mr. Green called up the resolution trom the
First Branch providing lor the payment ot
such of the night watch as may he disabled in
the discharge of their duties. Several ineiid
meuts were offered and lost. The resolution
was then passed unanimously.
A communication was received Loin tho
Mayor coveting tho opinion of the City COIJII
. sellor on tho question as to the period lor
; which the members of the Second JJianch ol
the City Council were elected. The City Coun
sellor states it to be his opinion that tho pre
sent members were only elected for otic year,
' and thai tie late law of tho Legislature re
quires an election to be bold annually. Also,
a report fioin the City Couunfisioner- staling
that tho cost of widening McEldcrry's A uarl
seven feet on each side would be $21,880. —
Also a report from the same, relative to ttie ar
i ill or yat the corn l iol Forest an I M.idi'oii sts\
A message was reccivud from the First
Blanch, covering the petition irom David C.
1 Springer ami others, praying tor the purchase
of the lot adjoining the Ei-u.ni Fountain—rc- ,
> ferred; also the bill providing lor tho appoint
ment of Vaoc ne Pny.-ici.ins, with amendments
—concurred in; also an invitation Irom Duet, i
I'inkney to att md his lecture on Saturday on.
! Broechieri water —accepted. I
Mr. Richardson presented tho petition ol Pe
regrine Gorsuch, relating to cleaning the streets
iof the city. Referred.
Mr. Richardson, from tho committee on ways;
and means, submitted a report and resolution
unfavorable to the abolishment of the office oi
Commissioners of Finance. Adopted.
Mr. Richardson, from the committee on Po
lice, reported a resolution favorable to renting
the room of the Western watch-house as a drill
room. Laid on the table.
Mr. Bolton offered a resolution directing in
| quiry to be made as to the cost of a cast iron
pipe from the Eastern Fountain to the whart at
the end of Eden st. Adopted. Adjourned.
PROFITABLE. The Swiss Bell Ringers,are
|at New Orleans en route for Mexico. Since
September last they have travelled over 1900
miles and given 94 concerts. Since their arri
val in this country they have travelled 25,700
miles, giving 329 concerts, and sold 147,803
i tickets, their expenses being $27,370 and their
profits a great deal more than their expenses.
THE NEW TARIFF — Mart of its |
We have alrendy given our reades some of the i
provisions of the new Tariff about to be deliv
ered to Congress, by the cmumilU eof ways t
and means. The correspondent of the Patriot
furnishes the following additional features of
the bill, winch is made out in schedule*, each
schedule to pay a specified duty.
Articles in Schedule A. pay a duly of "5 per
centum—such as spirits, liquors and cordials.
Articles m Schedule B. pay 30 per centum—
such us all manufactures of iron, leather, fruit,
except loinons and oranges; molasses, ready
made clothing, wines, glass ware, except plain
tumble!s; porcelain, spices, iiiniiulactiiics of
j tobacco, of paper, and of wood; soaps, Wilton,
| Saxon and Turkey carpets; coal, and India rub
ber manufactures. i
i Articles in Schedule C. pay 25 per centum— t
| such as manufactures of wool or of which wool '
is a component pari; all manufactures of silk, ,
or of Inch silk is a component pari; all man- ,
ufactures of mohair or goat hair, oi of which i
: these for in a component part; buttons, moulds,
j arid manufactures of hemp or flax.
Articles in S liedule I), pay 20 per centum— '
such as manufactures wholly of cotton, pie in
! and printed woollen manufactures; drugs, mo- j
dicincs, dye wood, olive oil in casks, paper, j
hooks, bound or unbound, piper hangings, <;
ton bagging and common carpets. '
Articles in Schedule E. pay 10 per cent.— t
such as unmanufactured articles generally,
. saltpetre, watches and parts of same,linseed,
precious stones, diamonds and plaster of pari* ' 1
ground. ! v
Articles in Schedule F. pay 5 per cent.— !
many of which are now duty free,used in man
ufactures and the arts, and gunny cloth.
Articles in Schedule G. are duty free—such
as tea, cufl'ee, salt; all articles of the growth j <
| ol the United States brought back in the same : •'
state in which they weie exported; personal j :
, effects of American citizens dying abroad; tools | „
i of trade; sheathing copper und copper for the !
j mint; specimens of antiquity and of mineralo- j !
, gy; fresh fish and sheeting materials.
All bounties on fish or fishing vessels and on
refined sugars are abrogated, and also all draw
j backs on ruin made from molasses.
It is stated that Mr. Walker and bis Assist- j '
ants calculate that such a Tariff as they have j i
framed will yield a revenue of about $22,000,- •
ITEMS OF NEWS. A court of inquiry is to
meet at Springfield, Mass., for tho trial ot'.Ma
jor Ripley, Superunleiiilaiit ol the Li. S. Armo
ry, charged with iiiul-adrninistratioii. 'James
Brown and six other loiuiterlipt is, have b. it;
arrested at Akron,Ohio. AlDtltsYirg coun
terfeit halt' dollars are in ciiculalicn. Mr. |
F. N. Mcriviu, a respectable citizen of Wood
bridge, Conn., was cli-.'-.i <1 to death by a piece
of meal last wee:;. Mr. John T , niton, la.' •
Superintend'.ut i f the Democratic II ad ing ,
rooms, Boston, died .it 2 o'clock on Monday i
niurimor of an affection ol the Ivrl.
Dempster, the vocalist, is giving :>.i*:erU i:i N.
York Joseph G. Cabell, Esq. has resigned !
the olti r o of President of the James' River 1
Company. David it. ilossiler, of Dhuifiehl,
HI., wis killed a few days sin eby the di- .barge '
!of his own gun. Tiiero are 378 Divisions of! i
the Rous of Temperance in the United States, i
of which 1" arc in Maryland, and II) in the
District of Columbia. The tux paid in the
city of N. York is 93 cents on every
There aro43 d lily papers in the Stale of New
Wirk, 16 of which me in tho city.
February 11. Isiti. No. 61. J. B Mjg.udor
' and W. Ililiiary and wile vs. Win 11. Baldwin
and William-, was submitted on written argu
ments by C. O. Mugrudor for the appellants,
und Alexander for tho appellees.
No. -IS. Wm. 11. Fresh John I). Grove
and Joseph Ward, was concluded in aigumcnl
by Dulauy Ibr the appellant.
Tho decree in the case of Kiunnour vs. Iv !-
■ ler, upon the mot on of Mc.Mahon. made at
December term, 1844, was corrected by tho
No. G2. Lee vs. Iglelnirt, on motion of Al-,
oxander, decree affirmed nisi.
No. 38. Wells, Miller and Clarke vs. 15ri- -
cue, was argued by Dulauy for tho appellants,
. and David Stev. •rl for the appellee.
No. 42. Wurfield vs. Horn, decree affirmed
! nisi.
No. 45. Goddard, Tumor and I'oad is-
D.iuglicrty—decree nfiirmed rfisi.
appears to bo as difficult to ascertain Llie i-hjecl
for sending the pilot-boat express from N'\v
York to England, as it is to find out "who shut
at Mr. I'aine." Tho last N. 4urk Globe says:
li appears that a gentleman who his lor
many years been extensively engaged in the
manufacture of carpet at Astoria, Long Island,
sailed from Boston in the last steamer, I iving
- Ins business in such a situation us to alarm Ins 1
i, cicditou, particularly thosu Irom whom lie had
recently obtained large loans under various prc
ii texts. The pilot boat was chartered by tiicin, j
I and her departure delayed till the papers could 1
■j be prepared with a view to the arrest of the j
i fugitive in England. We learn from a source ]
j entitled to credit that the name of the refugee I
i, is Richard Clark, and that ho leaves his crudi- j
ij tors minus about one hundred thousand dollars, j
2ESCULAPIAN ROGUE. A medical Student I
. of highly respectable connections in New Jer
r soy, has been arrested in New York for pur
| loining books from book stores arid robbing bis
follow Students of their Surgical instruments.
, VIRGINIA. The legislature of this State has
t j refused to call a convention to reform the
ZJ LAMPS —PBICK 30 CBVTB. Tne great oli
"' j ct fully accompliHlieil. OIILO LARD is usi'it without
) the tumble of first uie'tinu; j cent's worth Is said to
last a whole eveniuc; it llaliis up al once without any
• prt vio u* care taken io saturate llie wick as is the
I case wiih nit others now n use Al'oon l.and. Lard
and Oil LAW P3 of every de-cription. Pupply yiu
i selves immediately, at the Cheap Housekeepers' I'm
, puriuni of
, I f| 18 Baltimore-si. opposite Centre Market. i
rf lA.VXItLLL'.S AGUE ,ii tX ii~. ,
Dor the cure of all IIILIOUH ArrecTioxs, if taken
according io ditcctious.
11 is a never fitiling remedy, which no family ought
to be without, especially io low IINA liy countries.
AH this rued. cine IS put up under the proprietor's ,
immediate inspection, oil the most se.ier ijlie prinei ,
ph S, (hem; purely Vegetable,) AND liavi. G tried LIS
efiicacy on thousands for upwards of iwilvc ;e:irs,
and io his knowledge when laken stricily according
'O directions, there Las not been one fu'ure. I'N
d. r such eircuinsinnces, I recommend it to THE pnh
lie, ruldinga few certificates ill support .1 my asser
The indications of cure in the tri n!UI> lit O fi ver
and ague are— first, io put A speedy a -top N po--itde
to the LI! when it has taken place, directions lor
which you will he supplied with OH each I oiiie. al
wars iihserviiig thai the written -Igiinluie ot' the NIH
■c rilier, 'John A. * unroll,' is pasted oil the EM elope
of each bottle. I'live •! . PCH.
Voim.lT, Alabama. .-L pi. L, LAIY
This |O certify, TLIAL L.Joia ph H. VO r. . had
111 !' I" and Ago A lor ti-urly two JC.rs, Rod tiled
aU ost p oiiiiiictii MI dicines nsei! for the cute
ol aiit tiis. use. wiih-OIL oh! tilling pi imaiieut relict'
I \v is Indilei it. tliiiiiigll the persuasion OI a lri< lid, to
try L '..ii troll'S Tonic ALL* tare, one bottle til' who IT T> ■ S
MA'. •it perm. IIU'IIT cure of my C-MC. I can with D U
tlilence recommend it t nil MILI' !■ d with D> v r M..l
Agile. JUttlll'lf 11. MOORE, J
This is to certify, That I know T icnbo.e IN LIE cor- I
rect in every particular. W. 11. MCI., I
Oln iiiist nnd I)TUGG : sr, N. E COMER of J
Cove; anient and Coiiecption iits.. Mobile, Ala. !
Nor ILLVVAKK, Hrpi, 241 H. LH-IJ. |
This is to certify. That myself, wiio, and two chil
dren woe ufflicted with IVver and Ague, and that |
two hoitle ; of Caiitn I!'* Tonic Mixture ninite A PER j
feet eure of to, and I call Willi perfect confidence S
recommend it. in the public. JOS. ANTHONY.
I'HII.A DEI.I'IRIA, Sept. 22d, 1615. J
IVe, the undersigned, ha"ing seen alio beneficial |
I fleets of I.'anlrcll'G Ague .Mixture, in curing the De- |
ver and Ague when all other remedies have failed,]
can Willi confidence recommend it to the public.
WILLIAM >1 VERS, L'.S. Naw Yard, I'hilad.
A. POWELL. do do do
I'. li. SAVERV, manufacture! of I'nrrelain ami
llollow ware, foundry. Southw, irk.
Sold, Wholesale anil Retail, ny C 'JtLKb I'Hh.s-
SOi V, at his llrng Warehouse, N0. 6 North Ttllßli
St., Philadelphia; also, by the regularly appointed
J. D. Perkins .% ft ro., corner ofFraiiklin and Green
•as., Baltimore, .Md.
E. H. Perkins, No. 425 West Baltimore St. corner uf 1
Green st., Baltimore, Md.
Robert Johnston, Froderickcity, Md.
.1. P. Italian, Washington city, It. C.
H. Peel & Co., Alexandria, do.
J. 1.. Kidwell, Georgetown, do.
Prepared only by the subscriber, corner nfCnrpcn J
tor and Second sis., below Christian, Philadelphia, j
{JRY-I ihscrve, none are genuine without Hie sign .I !
lure JOHN Jt. CJiNTfIKLL. fed IL'Qw'r !
L ACHE will HAVE itcurod In one minute by using
the lootli, will he protected from all decay — Soreness
of llie Gum- is cured by il — Softness ol llie Gums is J
cured — lLcedilig of F lit- Gum -' is stnppt dhy il, I D I;e ■
lei in. gums and iiieiuii are ALWAYS kept pica -am, 'I
in tile best slate of In :.liil.
\ our Tea berry Tooth Wash hnvii r- moved tlie
scurl from my lei tit. cured toothache and soreiiuss of
my gums, anil arrested all decay of teeth. end you
(hi-, my ccrtiiicttte, which you ni'-y publi-H; mid I
hop that 1.1 .OI who sutler with tcurl. L-iolllache,
sine , est- of the giiias and d >y of the lei TLI, may 1
evad th mr- Ives ol llie i""i i:y 'I ■ htninii a
similar remedy ANT UNT'ENIANUIY I asitnl 'J'ooth
VV. Wheeli r.
Your Tea-berry Tooth WU-LI I es'ceui a- fully DO
viiu all olThe prai-a I see lu snoved upon 11. unit
it is a -,'T.ill cation to :.dii my lesiiaiouy of i;s > It:.'!
I NEE for the teeth and gnios to L a. wh ch you in W
h ive, for the h 0,1 tit of tloise who wisii tor ' T- mcilj'
I r naiu of the Teeth, Tartar, and t WASH I I L.cep the j
LI -ILL and HIDHTIT vi ry pleasaiii, lar which purpu . I
h ive used it, and FOUND it a -P< ''di and verv pi. asatit I
remedy. ' Al. 11. MANCOURT. '
VV. Wheeler.
11 itfliinlsnie pleasure to give in> lesihnony rehilive
to VVh'O'lei 'S'Pea berry I'OOLH WFOH It iias cnliri.iy
RELIEVED much pain of my gums, removed a T-welling
IVoni nil gums, l ined 100 hu-'lie, .topped ..II decay of
LIT', I .I, and is a pie want article lor PI -erv.ng the
le. Ill, <_>lllllFL and NI iulh in pi r ■ RT LU a'ih
Sohi at No, 121 Baltimore vreet, above s.eiili, by
*R'l Old -4731PT1VKX Hi'WAK-: DP IiI'CDP 1
M.I .UN AN IS ALL SlT'll(Ul':j TALL .Mi\- .
TURft - 1 GO; np as IMTTJITJOMi of
which I. dailv elf. cling such ri niarkahte RUN - in
Ptin AOKLT'iiti, October 13, 18.-lA.
he unditigigiicd is indio ed to make the follow NG
brief Nt itemiut under :t firm con vie lion It; at rnaiiy
valualile lives might be saved xv ; recour " t ail O-
Hie snuo: means which H ive restored me lo he 1 ">. I
IFII! sufiered for ye.l'S WI-LI weakm sof lit- LI M...
and L.L VEll SI L'L,\ I NT, hut SO gradui.: RD T. I
inroads of dige:t-O that T I It no ID rm it I.IL WI'LU
the last y . The chief came of distr ss VI I- pria
in my frein I RUID right .• idr, great oppr. I siun, almosl
siratiglui'.', and total iii TB'lity to r iso tlie rorrup. N: >.
Orwh EH ohslilieied my hr aliiuig; and at loin
great uas my snlliui.-IG I thought I could not I.V an
hour. It IS scarcely necessary to Mty, ihnt during
•D.is lime I had IF' best ineilicki atlt II f.ru' , WIIS E no
peil, blister d, tic., with RU> avail. I also ued vari
■OH advertised an I w 11 I- NOWN int dieines. OH AIN11; 1
N IL lief WFAIAVI r nuiil I procui 'd TIIQAIXQA'
rOMPOT'XD Sl7 I 7 P OF T*ih M) tl'OUli
X'Jll'll rn.i, one . ILL, o; which benefitted in - lunie
If a I all TII had taken; and I IM v ■-.- lUa - > ,
•ol i. N I.C:T I that hytiii-I time I\HO T.'.F A- • ' CN ;
mi! Ira C'. •'< 1. I' ihOcuf"' !■'■>; • EMCIB; < ' T/N' I O
.LL'.L, ' S.vl!|! JANE AL AMR, I
No. 13!! D noil I ourlli .-'M It. |
Hworn I■■ uol sahscrihed ill. ■ !' tli; ■
184;), helijli. tne, dtoi'serv HUM v A'dr ; :-R. I
I re pared only hy S. P THOMSON, p liludoiphia. -
Authorised AGENTS! Roheria St Atkinson, corner latin- !
more and Hanover U | C. Stott, Washiiij on, I), t ,J I
>l. A. 6 inton , Norftilk; A. Duvall N 11(1. RH nine L.
Va. PI it .VI "s. or nix hollies for W. )i vwc oj
•r.'iom y'jn pur- h fte. ri 15 3n.'
tli !■ .IMi cdiv I' i.L 1 i-'x t, l. :
T • SO. SB N. HOWARD AT "F- ' ' R "'N
-RFJSE* 'PILE subscriber it) constantly matiufiicte.r- I
ing I iiiliri litis ll evir. variety ■••I-d !U -H, |
'-■AR.LSA'" and has now on hand A IX auiTtil nssiat
no'ttt of rtilk , Aenich LIT 'G ; ant ami ( otlott I
U.M IJR EL LA 6, wltieh lo- will -■ U, whn'F , ale and re- I
tail, vi TY low fur cash. Umbrellas, Parasols and
-duo Shades, covered and repaired (.IT r< asonahle '
ttums. Alert It it ts having tittnalealile silk- on hand, I
cart have them raade up utt leafcoiiahlc Icritt*. Call .
and sec for ymtrselves.
IlecollGC. the No., 33.
T. LUC AS P.N MS, Practical I'mbrr !LN
Manufacturer, North Howard st.,
020 Sign of the Lady with the Parasol.
.'""SBATN The subscribetenders
NT-I- E' I ' S L' , ANKS for the lifer?'
'Of I |*T II patronage lie hae reeciv !
. ■T.I L O*KJR ®D SINCE Itis rcsidettcc it: .
Uaitiiiiore,aiid conliiu.T. '
to perform all operations in DENTAL SURGERY !
(einhracingthelaleslimproveinentain the science) N j
one-third lest than the usual rates, lie invites LIN SE ■
who are afflicted witlt bad Teeth to give htm at; eaily '
call. The high charges heretofore established It, A Ir ;
precluded ntanyfrom sultmiltine their Teeth to If ntol '
opeiations,an opportunity isttow otferedto ail to linvt :
tlo IR Teeth put IN good order, as the chaigt shuil - oil
all who ntay favor him with a call.
All operations warranted lo prove bcnefic; ,ot
no charge made.
J. T. SOUTIICOMB, Dentist,
j.6 _ No. 86 Fayette-st., 3d door from North.
KL reus, ntemberof the Drench Acadt-mv, &c. SIC
Translated 'lfotn tin- second edition of 1845. I.y ( has.
tie. Luccria Migs, M. I). Just received and fnt t ale bt
JAL No. ITO Baltimore street.
i> ii i iiUUiiili 1 JJVJ ilUiSi 11 RJbj
♦ktf Ki.itJ-. may bu nbtuihiu n*t i osl speedy
v T ttnr'ciy for Lotion I a-, Lie*is* > iiicturee, He
ir: in '*l IVer. knesn, pain lit the !.• lit*. i-Rt iicsre CI the
Kidney ••; also (s ptt nii: r allt cti i.f winch arise
: a certain prtuti r of youth, aid whiil/.if nut
cored tenders miirrinpi-' in*,#->-Mhle, so d in tl>e tin)
d r troys tfiUi mind ai.d in dy. 'J bis i m#dy v .11 alao
cure In*potency, . ltd ev# ty >\ n■ j * m of c
A ruiiE YV>i!uAf* i L.uj u **> oiiA'' c MAUL,
on iim r;,ilst hand sid* going from Halluoo
i. r from tbe co/M.r —right opl> kin* be Police oilier.
R pi.rikiilai til oh.-iviii tin- namon the door
and wiH■ dw, i r you .tid mnii ki the place.
a ri> liiigiiiriM.l toad • ate fiom rue of Iho fire I Col
li u' *MI tin* Unt <i state, v hit h uv i t seen by his
Diphui.n; *.. P o a member of li t h#.\al College of
v itr..Mii!iH e: <1 L:o ntiatr of the Apeufcflry>v flail,
L ii oii;;ntd ih* greater pari o( v. hose life lies her n
P m HI f hi firs ti* pi nlh of Tun pt finn America,
v./- tl.-.:<• of I.oi 'oi i, Paris and 'Pf.ilu<'c ! pMa f inky
• • • .ii i: on ;.ii dtifj.M'r, iut more pa- Jtulnrly
VVne:t tin in i.-guided and .mptu tern votary of plea
s.ii i ftnd.r Ijw.-, imbibed tin -♦ ni* : tnis aniuco; dis
ease, it t< > often hanpt - s- at. an li ti net) rmsf of
thum* or d/c&ri of tie t: w* y, dot •Mi * fiom apply
ing !#*?•:••■ who from eti: an -n aid respectability
•mii alone b .Mrtend Mm, k lay.- u nli lite coiit-tiuiUons)
sytiipti i tiiia itonid disease make tneiraeptai
we*r, fijcii i. :!'.eraiKi Fore throat. diseaaP.? note,
no .'MI r u;ii ; a.i. ,i tin head and liinh- (bin lioxs of Night,
('• cFflj nu • son the slim hones and .arms, blotches
on Hi#' lu-ad, M.M a.i! * Ttremities, p?cigre* ii.G on witli
!• ut, y, till Sit last i!ie ialiis of the mouth or
f! ' -n< •of rh if *e fa!! in anil thevictiiß of thiaaw
ft'l be* n ui'!- a hoi rid object i I < oinnumeration,
til! deii'.lf put - n r .; riod to hi? dreadful sulfetingf, by
sending hrtn t. "that hourne v heme no traveller re
turns.: To sntcn, therefore, lr. JnhNS'pdN pledges
lf to preserve the most inviolable secrecy; and.
fr/un hie • .vtmi-ive prsictiet in the firu hospitals of
Europe and Ami rica, lie can confniv atly reeoinrncnd
a safe and sj/eedy cure to the on fortunate, victim of
this horrid disease.
It Ha melancholy fact, that thousands fall victims
to thi* horrid disease, owing to the unsKillfulness of
men, who by the use of that d adly poit<on, mercury,
ruin the corisliiuhon, andeiiht r send the-unfortunate
suffer to an untittr )y grave, or else make the residue
of his life miserable.
' most speedy and the most pleasant r medy hmuvn to
| no oilier phystciun* Itreqitireh m restraint of diet,
, >r hindrance fioui buMuess— it i? mild, saft and cfti
-1 encious. eradicating every Nyiiipton) of this nfl'-ction,
without causing other diseases, such as JSTRICTIRB
i irMND) winch unpyrics and quacks ?o often create by
• their n xious drugs and filthy ml' ciions.
) t>TKICTI REB—-when there ih a partial tr.pprcs
! sion of urine, accoinpauied with ur.t asiiie.s? in the
par' -, or a frequent ii* -ire to make water, it is ea led
Stricture, \'*i this C!IM as- may exist, and none of
ti.e e ymptems be perceptible, or if at nil. they are
*i . l li;-Ju as to pa*- uniiOtii * d; h"M e. net: fl tbou
.-•Riie* lahoj.i;:- under lb - afleeiion vvl r> aro entirt ly
uncoiiftCioU- of it eucii pern n- bcoii.e weak in the
I parfs, -eld •• Uui .. children. id i:i the li.' er bl.iges of
ii i compi diit i i incapftble f eujuvinu Marriage —
Ii:1r i >- h. eoiuc deranged, p.oi c nlarly tli
, f totnaeh. mdii •: • ymptoirir. •• d'-. ;• p! ia; alsi/ affec
tiur.se.l tbc viiiulf t < culiar fits ot iiiiiauclioly, 2tc.
.•ic. wai :h ,i > • ltd in roi; • er- to tut t'iica* •of the
tierv . ! irv r en .so n mure de.nth or
t.i-.i i;.n ir,. r' toi i'• noM'i.il-lr Jo HU :fi per
1 son- ii< JoiiKaTos ovTers iue inifi spied.y remmiy
i thai e.m in ohu.iiii din tie Unit ft . v /i;fe^.
(.; I •< la*. J's 'i icati* s'i Vei.emi,tc. etc.
PR(>>TKA r f i; M.AMi r r lin generally
ftrisi • from fn im ropctly treuted Gonorrincn—Uie
('i-MSiri'O i: ;.|R clitl'M il H'<' Main I.\ by injections,
u any improper remedy— it is nil nffectiuti i n w
i physician* t : taiid,und noiu in tlx wb M| mrure
.i! \ ..erca! dis'-;;x> ai>- >' difficiiii to tuu- ;* ...ai
fer wbt ilx r u itri. es from in real or i iist*r ChUPI F,
; i 1... b ,:il I ii.o aid-1 -killnl, •ml i linis so much
to l c da .-•! d as ihe au ; pr# • nion of ur n# which it
o. • Mris. i ll#.' ;;illicted may p< rei.ive at a glance
bow i" res- uy it : s to ap-piy to . ph>.-ician who m
(ier.-fauds ilio tteatineiil oi l/ is ufft eiion. Dr. J cur
oi no pay.
You rig i it'll who havi injured then .rives h> a c i r
t. in pr ;<:fee ir.du'ged in when alone—a habit fre
, quo* Uy b >riu'd fiom evil compainonor nt school—
the lit • u <•> w tiich uk nightly It ii •v n win i asleep,
and if not curt I leudi r. mnrnaue impossible, and de
stroys botli mind and body.
What a pity that a juuui'inuri. the hope of hi*
: iotii.tr., and the darling of Ins parints, should be
sitnteh'd from all the pios. eels and enjoyments of
1 Ii " i" lit. qui i i ♦ s of deviating from the pnth of
nature ntid indulging in :n • nam si crt habit. Such
persons before contemplating
•flioiild refb ct that . sound and body nre the uimrt
II N s-.uy r- ip -lie's to promote connubial happiness.
In.h ii without tin se, the joun.< ill rough lib be
e >uif s a weary pilgrimage, lie pio*pi*< t l.ouily dark
e11.- ii In \• w the mind hecoims -hadowed wii>
ii ;'.,h,nnd fi led with tlie fiielaueholy reflecta>ii, iiia:
;S • ha;pnicr?s of uiM 'her be.coihes blighted wtthnu.-
0 v. u.
coxsTJrrriofl u. nrrtu rr v.
lie. J. adure.-r'fH young men and all v/lio have in
j.tr I *h#*u selves by privnie n itriiiroper iinlulgeiictiH.
'J\iL UP UJiXt>.
L sof \ irile power is the prn.diy tuoFt frequently
p tid l> Ihom who give i loose rem or licetiHt to Um ir
1 - n . Yuuiig j eiHons an too apt locotuniii ♦.x
c sis fr ui net being aw are of t! e dreadful Ueetn
iii.il amy i i: s Ut:. Although iinpuleucy oicora frort;
• "tin •; j.e-ii -in the urine, giuvi i, ami from nu
?) ere ii-* othei <•: ii< • s. yet the abuse of ihe pexuil or
g.i.i by •x r .-ive venery or Hvlf-pol uiion; {viriieu
:• 11) liii lain ris the mon ticiptein < ;m:c of ii. Now
v. h that ei-hrsiauds the f ut-j.-et will pretend to deny
ll; .1 i!. | .ver of precr-Hl'iil' tlie sp iiis 16 lost s r <Oi.
er by ifose tvbo pr. eii.u- \\,. s oUtnisjvirr. than ' v : '
prt.uer!. ! esides. by pieuiaiure unpotinee the di
'i;; nvi l-.nciiond are licrnnu d end tbe t bys.ud mid
lin rital powers \vi nketn dbynti • : qui nt ,! too
rt t excitciticni of tbe genital org i !; Pa rents at H1
! anai lian9 . oft u misled, wuii ri at • tlie
-c-. or i.urces of ill-- lis in their fes Pivl ward*.
!'■ W ofieii do lliey .isciilie to oilier c Uses tw 1
of tin- h:.rue, h i tr\ niadttos. pnSpitat or of' the
'' 11 ' indigeFtiou, erttngemeiit r f tbi ucrvous Fys
ot', cough nnd .•>irtoin*. indie ; ; . consul
j When the truth is that they bave he ri caused rin
deiginii m a peitiii ioue, ihotiLii tiiiuriug praon . dt>
trui' i•e to both nit ri nri hi d .
j i.N i'OLUMTjJJi V M MIXjtL I MJSSr i A S.
, ' this dUtrossina disease whi nis tbe common
' vc'Ult oh ahov ntent • nerl <rcrtf hchit, huf u v ry
brie) Ii ICI p.ion for many n a b giv ti bare.
The complain* come* on gr -.'cu! \ It keg ;>by a
j too hasty discharge of .-!• en is copulative ;.tid p.te
sioi.ntu dr a ins. Buch enns-a>ns h ii-c lou hasty,
Itavi i opot e r . w i.Hi the i ret fi us an feel l. . imper
, feet and soon over. As the disorder crows worse,
tie discharge-* or i rn'N'uonF feci fe* r.o re eesilyex
| eitpd and frequent, often brought on by lascivious
| ideas, or b> ii ejeiy leuchitiH the pint, in this deplo-
I rablu case, the i missioiis take place without any
' plum ure and w iihuut • recfion. and in this debilitated
: and s neitivc Flafe ni'?lie#rcnna the direful effects of
j pollution so ruinous fo l<*nlth, aki place <luy and
, uigiit. Rale, euiaciati• and weak, the unhappy vic
j lim of artidei ;i grat-fii'ition eoniplaius of pain in the
i herd ond back, bos a languid look, dinuicss of sight,
flualiiug ol tl • ' icc w lien spoken to, lownesa;' api
r|| .nd i vague di ad of aoineihing oftci star ling
with terroi • a suddeit tight or aotivd. He also
' logilis -ociefy, from an Minnie acrise of shame, and
feel? n dislike to all bodily and mental i xeriion.—
I Distressed, and hi*"mind fixed upon hia miseries, he
slyly eearches i\ir> source ihnt pmma?es relief.
: Ashamed to make known his situation to hiafricads,
,or those who by education, study,and practical know
! ledge, arc able toreliev* Lim. he applies to tbc icao:
: rant and designing, wbo filch him of hw pecuniary
sub6t&nce,Mtu instead oi icmuing bini to beatltb,
leave Itiin to sigh over his palling riisnpfiointment; the
last scene of the drama winds no w ith mr<Nfi, rata
lep-y. epilepsy or some terrible disease ol ike nerves.
;ind death drops the curtain, hurrying the unhappy
paiie4it to nu untinielv omh, where bis tirter.rio ar
lotVJv iffnorant f the leal w use.
N. 11, Let no tniKt nciicar y prevent you, hut iq ; U
ininiemnn i\ enn* r petsiinally or by lette*.
{hj* Advic to the Pour GRATIS* d 4 t

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