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an Ucpublitau,
telegraph Inst evening announced llial the
steamer Britannia had arrived at Boston, and
that the intelligence received by her reached
Now York last night.
LIBERIA PACKET.— Wo stated some days
since, the fact, that one of our excellent ship
carpenters, Mr. L. B. Culley, was engnged in
the construction of a packet to run between Li
beria and the port of Baltimore. We consider
this a most important movement, and well cal
culated to advance the laudable objects of the
American and Maryland Colonization Socie
ties. The vessel is to be built under the super
intendence of a company chartered by the
State of Maryland, the stockholders being per
sons of color. She is to be manned exclusive
ly by colored persons, with the exception of
the captain, who will be a white man, for the
first '.wo or three voyages, or until a colored
man can properly qualify himself for the com
mand. The American and Maryland Coloniza
tion Societies guarantee freight and passengers
amounting annually to the sum of $2,000 each.
The vessel is to be launched on or before the
first day of November next, and will sail this
fall with freight and passengers from both of
the colonization societies. This direct and
frequent communication with the colonies in
Africa, will bo gratifying to the friends of hu
manity, for it will tend to dissipate the preju
dice which, unfortunately, exists in the minds
of many free persons of color, against the pro
joct of colonization, and may induce them to
take advantage of the liberal conditions offer
ed, to become colonists themselves. We feel
assured, thai if convinced of the actual condi
tion of those at the Maryland colony—theii
perfect freedom—their means of procuring edu
cation for their children—and the rewards
which aro received for industry and prudence
—tlioy would prefer becoming freemen in Afri
ca to remaining in their present degraded con
dition. We had the pleasure of conversing
with Major Wood, one of the c lonists, anc
found him a man of great shrewdness and intel
ligence, fully competent to appreciate the dif
ference between his former condition in this
country and his present one in Africa. The
lotters of governor Russworm, Dr. McGill, and
otlieis, (colonists,) would do credit to some
white statesmen.
The Maryland Colony has succeeded in "an
nexing," by purchase, one hundred miles of
soaboard t Cape Pulmas—and the natives ex
hibit a disposition to participate in the benefits
of civilization. Wo consider the Maryland
Colony as constituting the foundation of what
in future times, may become a mighty chrisl'tai
We should rejoice could the free colorei
population of this State, be induced to loo!
upon colonization in a proper light. Her
they must continue to be, what they now are
an inferior race in all that gives true dignity
to man—in the colony they would enjoy all the
rights and privileges of freemen—being eligible
to all offices—and reaping undisturbed, the
fruits of their own labors. It is their native
soil and climate—and they would there be as
exempt from disease as they are here. It as
tonishes us how sensible colored persons car
decline a boon which would contribute sc
greatly to their happiness—or that doubt upor
the subject should be entertained, when Majoi
Wood and other colonists, have returned ant
made known the happy and prosperous condi
tion of the colonists. But tlioy will have cleurei
and more just views of tho benefits of coloniza
tion, when the vessel now building shall have
made a few trips to arid from the colony.
CALIFORNIA. The Union announces tho re
ceipt of information, on which it places implicit
reliance, "that Commodore Sloat look posses
sion of Monterey on the 6 lit of July last"—anc
says, "on the 9th of July, Commander Jojrn 13
Montgomery, of tho Portsmouth, summoned
the commandant of Yerba Buena to surrender.
What the result of this summons w as, we are
not informed."
All our serious demonstrations appear to be
directed against California, and its annexation
to the United Slates seems to be inevitable.—
We have seized different portions of that terri
tory, not that it may enable us to procuro a
compliance on the part of Mexico with our just
demands, but that we may be in a position to
force the cession of California to us, should it
be necessary, on the conclusion of a treaty
Nor will this bo a difficult matter with Santa
Anna at the head of Mexican affairs; fur we
believe that there is a perfect understanding on
the subject between him and our government.
A short time will show whether our conjecture
be true or ii.correct.
Tho information of tho Union further slates,
that, "a few days previously to tho 6ih of July,
a detachment ofCol. Fremont's force took pos
session of a frontier post called Sonoma, to the
North of San Francisco. Gen. Castro attempt
ed to dislodge them; but, after a slight skirmish
and tho arrival of Col. Fremont in person, ho,
Castro, retreated."
It appears, from the same Eource, that the
Califomians are much divided amongst them
selves —and that "on the loihof June a junta
met at Santa Barbara, headed by Goromor
P.co, to declare California independent; which
movement was met by a proclamation from the
commandant General Castro, declaring martial
law throughout the country."
Tho declaration of independence is only a
p-eparalory step to annexation—for, it is nol
to be supposed that the Califomians would un
dertake to forcibly separate from Mexico, unlesi
they relied upon our government for aid. It is
probable that a large portion of the inhabitants
of iliat terri ory would willingly unite their fate
with this country; and this spirit has no duubl
been encouraged by American citizens settled
there. With these leeliiies in our favor, and I
actual possession of n part of the territory, it ,
would not be difficult, we presume, (oven ii no I
prior arrangement to that effect had been made)
11 induce Santa Anna to yield us California for
a consideration. We look upon the matter as
settled; and ere prepared to seo a hill of formal
annexation introduced ut the next session of
RIFFS. The official government paper has pub
lished a comparative statement ofthe old and
new tariff laws, which we think is calculated
to grossly mislead the people, as it gives a total
ly erroneous impression of the ad valorem du
ties under the act of 1842, in almost every
instance, which overy jyactio&l mechanic and
well informed merchant and business man in the
community, can see at a glance. In fact
the deception is so glaring that we should not
have considered it worthy of notice, had not a
certain froe trade journal in this city, which
generally cringes at the footstool ol power, and
plays the sycophant on all occasions in order
to obtain executive favor, given it publicity and
attempted to impress its deluded readers with its
importance. The mechanics and workingmtn
of Baltimore cannot he too careful of such hum
VIOLENT DEATH. A young man named Sa
muel Taylor met his death on Tuesday night,
at a tavern in Brown street, Philadelphia, un
der the following circumstances: "It appears
that the deceased, with several companions,
went into the tavern to get something to crink,
which they obtained, and after sitting awhile
they went away, leaving Taylor in the bur
room. In a short time Taylor called for ano
ther drink of spirituous liquor, but the bar
keeper gave him root beer,and then asked him
to retire, as he (the bar keeper) wished to shut
up. Taylor refused, and the bar keeper ntov.
Ed towards him to put him out. A scullle en
sued, during which Taylor fell, striking the
right side of his head against an iron foot near
the bar. When the watchman reached the
ho ise Taylor was dead- McDonough, the
bar keeper, was arrested.
boat Columbus, says the Annapolis Herald,
having on board a handsome volunteer troop
composed of butchers, detachments of other
military companies recently formed in Balti
more, and a large number of citizens, arrived
at the wharf at Annapolis on Tuesday evening.
In taking their departure, the steamboat ran
aground, about night, in the mouth of the har
bor, where she remained until the making of
the tide, about half-past eleven o'clock, before
she could get off. Some of the passengers
came back to the city, and returned to Balti
more in the morning train of cars.
preme Court of Ohio have in the consideration
of a question involving the constitutionnliyt of
such of the laws of Ohio as were designed to
J secure fugitive slaves from arre=t, re-affirmed a
j decision of the Supreme Court of tiro United
[ Stat, s, by which it was declared that "the
owner ofa slave, either by himself or agent,
may pursue, arrest and return him to the State
from which he fled, without the aid of the State
authority; and that all legislation which inter
feres with or embarrasses such arrest is uncon
stitutional and void, all legislation on the sub
ject being exclusively vested in Congress."
NAVAL. A letter in the Charleston Evening
News, dated U. S. steamer Lvgare, off the
Brazos, Aug. 19th, says: We arrived here yes
terday. I find the steamer McKiin sails imme
diately for New Orleans, and 1 hasten to give
you all the news I have. Gen. Taylor has gone
loCurnargo, leaving a regiment at Matarnoras.
The U. S. sehr. Ewing is here; the Van Buren
and Howard have gone on a cruise as far as
Vera Cruz. SScarnorsand transports are busi
ly engaged carrying provisions up the river to
Cumargo. The troops, I understand, are
understood that a great effort is being made in
New York by some extensive holders of Texas
lands, to bring that country in direct communi
cation with New York city. For this purpose
they are preparing an expedition to proceed to
Matagorda soon, under the'direction of compe
tent persons, who will select titles for cities and
towns. The emigrants composing the expedi
tion will consist principally of mechanics, who
will be furnished with means to make a perma
nent settlement, and otherwise carry out the
views of the projectors.
JOURNEYMEN TAILORS. At the meeting of
Journeymen Tailors in Philadelphia on Mon
day, speeches were made which mentioned their
having to work at the rate of 75 cents per day !
on an average, and from 14 to 18 hours out of,
the 24. Numbers of those present joined the I
United Brothers' Society; and a motion was car
ried to appoint a committee of five from the I
various societies, to meet together, and endeav- j
or to form a Union between the journeymen:
belonging to each society and thoso who do not
belong to any. j
CARROLL COUNTZ. The Westminster Car-,
rolltonian says, that there are now eight iride-'
pendent candidates in this county for ;he legi3-1
latere, viz:—Messrs. Ego, Wumpler, Hook, *
Shelman, Scott, Dovilbiss, Booth, and Reefer. 1
A call also is made on Mr. Isaac Van Bibber to
be a candidate; but we have no means of know
ing whether he will consent or not.
SERIOUS ACCIDENT. WO learn from the
Hatford Republican, that Richard Green, esq ,!
was thrown from his buggy on Sunday last, on !
the road leading from Abingdon to the Harford
Furnace, and seriously injured.
MONEY MARKET. The New York Express
say:; that a lot of $50,000 of mercantile paper j
has been discounted in Wall street, ut 7 per
cent. Capitalists arc seeking investments iB j
this description of security.
has started a cotton factory in Falmouth, Va.>'
which is the third in that vicinity
Democratic Nomination for Senator. An ad
journed meeting of the Democratic Nomina,
trig Convention was held last evening, and
after considerable, discussion the members pro
i ceeded to ballot for a candidate for the Senate,
[ which resulted as follows: First Ballot—Vutr-
I sunt, 40; Stump, 25; McLano, 21; N. Williams
| Krebs, 2. Second Ballot Vacant, 40;
; McLane, 30; Stump, 23. Third Ballot—Van
i sant, 51; and McLane, 41. Joshua Vansant,
E-q. was therefore declared the candidate. It is
proper to state that Win. Frick, Esq. declined
a re-election. The convention adjourned until
Monday, when the delegate ticket will be no
Ran Off. A horse attached to a buggy, con
taining a gentleman named Lee, and anothei
whose name we could not learn, ran off yester
day morning in the vicinity of St. James
Church, Aisquith street, and dashed down Ais
quith to Gay street at a furious rate. He kepi
down Gay to Hairisonstreet, and down Harri
son to near Baltimore street, where the horse
was brought up by coming in contact with a
wagon. The buggy was completely used up,
and both gentlemen thrown out, one receiving
a severe wound in the leg; the other escaped
with but trifling injury. We learn that they
were returning from camp meeting, and thai
the horse became frightened at a cow in the
street. Both parties made a narrow escape
from being killed, as did also several persons in
the streets through which they passed.
Tlic Stolen Goods. A large amount of the
goods recovered by officers Hays and Snyder,
have been identified and taken away by the
owners. Several spoons and an overcoat found
in a house in Lombard St., have also been iden
tified by parties, who have had them stolon
from them. Mrs. Armstrong, of the count}-,
claimed one of the birds and cages, also some
jewelry, which she had lost some time since.
There is not the shadow of a doubt of all the
goods having been stolen, and will all probably
be identified. A full examination of the par
ties charged with stealing and receiving them,
will be had at an early day, when the truth in
regard to their probable guilt will come out.
Jveto Companies. A new rifle company has
been formed at Wiseburg, Baltimore county,
called the "Rough and Ready Rifle Corps."
They have elected Pleasant Hunter, Captain;
James Mullin, Ist Lieut; James Young, 2nd
Lieut.; and Benjamin Rutledge, Ensign. In
Towson Town, Baltimore county, another new
corps has been formed, called the "Towson Ri
flemen. The officers are Edward C. Talbott,
Captain; George Pillson, Ist Lieut.; and Jas.
Boyd, 2nd Lieutenant.
New Tobacco. Oil Wednesday, the first
hogshead of new crop tobacco was inspected at
State Tobacco Warehouse No. 4. The quali
ty is said to be better than the growth of last
year. Mr. Charlos Worthington, of Frederick
county, raised it. It was planted on the 28th
of May, cut on the Ist of August, fired, strip
ped, rc-fired, conditioned and packed, brought
to market and inspected by Sept. Ist. Mr. R.
H. Hall, commission meichant, sold it to
Messrs. Oelrich's & Lurtnan, at §ls 75.
The Howard District Tioop. We learn that
this fine troop, under command of Col. Charles
Carroll, are rapidly increasing thoir roll, and
uniforming. They have ordered a large num
ber of caps from Jas. L. MoPhail, No. 132
Baltimore street, which are very neat, and are
similar to the United States artillery caps, hav
ing horse-hair plumes. We undeistarid that
this fine troop, under their popular comman
der, purpose visiting Baltimore at an early day
this fall; we can insure them a hearty welcome
from both citizens and soldiers.
U. S. District Court. A writ of habeas cor
pus, was disposed of before this tribunal yester
day morning. It was a ease in which Mrs.
Foulke had obtained the writ for the discharge
of her son, Thomas foulke, who Lad enlisted
in the new Regiment of Mounted Riflemen, he
be'.ig a minor. The young man was very ad
verse to leaving the service, and stated it to be
his intention to re-enlist somewhere else, the
first opportunity, but the mother was inexora
ble and refused to permit him to go "away (o
the wars," and the Court were compelled to
order his discharge. Mr. Gale appeared for
the petitioner. The Court adjourned until this
Jittered Jhvte. The American lias seen a
note purporting to be a two dollar note of the
Mechanics Bank of Baltimore. It was evident
ly a genuine note of some Eastern Bank, alter
ed so as to insert "Baltimore" and "Mary
land," hut the ei graving bears no resemblance
whatever of the genuine note. The signatures
were badly filled'up. Look out for them.
Assault. Officer Small yesterday arrestee
Mary Quirm, charged with assaulting and beat
ing Mary McConnell. She was committed for
her appearance at Court by Justice Wright.
Look out, Lays! The Mayor has issued hi:
orders, directing the police and city bailiffs l<
arrest all persons known to fly Balloons iiavim
lights or tiro in them. The penalty is froir
one to five dollars, as may be seen by the notier
in another column. It is a dangerous practice
and we hope it tnay be broken up.
The "General Taylor." This is the name o
a new Omnibus, put upon the route yesterday
by tire "old line." It is a beautiful affair, ant
from its name will no doubt be very popular.
Filthy. We have been requested to call tht
attention of the proper authorities to the filth)
condition of the gutters end sewers in certair
streets on Fell's Point. The condition of (hen
at this time is calculated to breed disease. Pu
"them scavengers" to work forthwith.
Attempt at Suicide. A colored man, namei
George Powell, while laboring under a fit o
mania-a-potu, attempted fo commit suicidr
yesterday afternoon on Smith's dock, by cut
ting his throat. He made quite a fearfu
wound, after which he jumped overboard Fli
was rescued from the water and conveyed ti
the Alms House. The wound, although very
severe, is not likely to prove mortal.
Qutcfc Passa e. The steam packet Herald
Captain Russell, (of the Baltimore and Norfoll
line,) made her last trip from Norfolk to Balti
more, in the remarkable quick lime of twelvi
hours. Passengers speak in the highest term
of the polite and gentlemanly deportment o
the Captain, who no doubt deserves all tha
can be said in his favor.
The Old Defenders. We understand that tin
association of "Old Defenders" contumplati
celebrating the approaching anniversary of tin
battle of North Point, at MePherson's, Moun
Clare Depot. They will march to the spot ii
the early part of the day, and after listening ti
an Oration by a talented member of their body
will partake of a sumptuous dinner, prepare*
expressly for tlrem.
Drowned. A small boy, named Joseph C
Taylor, aged about 12 year 3, was aceidentallj
drowned on Tuesday nroining, by falling int*
the river from Fcrrby's wharf. His body wai
not recovered unlit late on Wednesday oven
ingi when an inquest was held over it by coro
ner Hooper. Verdict, "accidental drowning.'
His body was conveyed to the residence of hii
mother, in Pat M t.
APPOINTMENT. Francis Grice, E-q , nava
constructor at tho Brooklyn navy yard, hai
been appointed to the office ofchief naval con
structor, to fill the vacancy created by lire de
cease of Samuel Humphreys, Esq.
every description, executed with great despntc.l, at
he Office 01 the Clipper, 134 Baltimork-st.—an
MAMMOTH BILLS j M " C officecan^'execute." 01 ''
Indeed it is needless to enumerate, us we are pos
sessed ofl'acllities (with lateststyles oi type and new
and splendid machinery) fordoing wot k, in ecarystyh,
in a manner unsurpassed in this city.
FRONT STREET THEATRE — Success of Ike new ■/?_
merican Drumi. The Front Street Theatre was
crowded to excess last evening, hy a fashionable au
dience, to witness lire first representation in this city
of the new American drama of "The Swamp Fox;
or, Marion and his Merry men." Notwithstanding ii
was a first performance, and the Marching a little
stiff, it passed off in a most admirable manner, giv
ing entire satisfaction. Mr. Scolt, the worthy stagf
manager, under whose immediate supcrintendance i
was gotten tip, deserves great credit for the perfect
style 111 tvh ieh he has brought ii upon the stage. I
will he repeated this evening, when we predict anoth
er jam. It is destined to have a great run. Tin
fe its of Mr. Brown and his beautiful mare Gazelle
are of the moat daring character, and must he seui
to be appreciated. Let uo one fail to see the piece.
THE MUSEUM. Unite a large audience wa3 at tin
opening of the Museum last evening. Every one wai
loud in the ir praise of the beauty offlthe Saloon, ant
its admirable arrangements. The performance pass
ed off in the most agreeable manner. The beautifu
comedietta of "Wilful Murder" and the laughablt
farce of "The Dead Shot" are the attractions for to
OjT-MESSRS. EDITORS:—You will please an
nouuee through your columns as the People's Can
didaie foi Mayor it the ensuing election, ALEX. A
KENNARD. His long tried fidelity as a public offi
cer, Iris in 'ependent course and known devotion tu
principles involving the dearest interests of our city
not only entitle him to, but will insure the support u
a majority OF THE VOTERS.
(ff- SLANDER. The public are informed that the
advertisement in this paper ol Sept. Ist and 3d, head
etl "PRIVATE INS I'RUCTION," mill purporting
to It from tne, was a forgery and a fahehoo '.
VIGILANT F1 RE COMPANY. A quarterly meet
lug of tire Vigilant Fire Company w.ll be Field or
MONDAY EVENING the 7th ins:, at 7j o'clock.-
Punctual attendance is requested. By order
WILLIAM A. IJAUNS Sec'y. se4 3t
gty-1.0 R.M. Chiefs and Representatives o
the Great Council of Maryland, take notice, That 111
adjourned meeting will be held at Uncus' Wigwam
corner of Gay and Front streets, on THIS (the 6th
SLEEP, in the fourth 7ih Sun of the Coin Mooi
in the grand Sun, 5606. Punctual attendance is re
quested. By order,
It- A. BALLAUF, G. K. R.
QQ- We invite Ihe attention of the public to ilu
certificates of a cure performed by Dr. CULLEN's
!y goes ahead of any heretofore published. The liigl
standing of the gentlemen whose names are giver
as having witnessed this cure, precludes the possi
biiity of imposition. There is a large number o
persons now taking this medicine in this city, whost
residence will be given by applying to Hie Agen s
whose names will be found attach'd to the certifi
eates. ee2
Was an expression we heard a gentleman make ti
another, the other tlay as we were passing—we sup
pose he has often tried liooili's Cigars, (as we have,'
and foil, ti them No. 1. We endorse tiie expressioi
and repeat it, "give ua Booth's Cigars!" HLestab
lishmont is in HANOVER STREET, No. B.x, 3 door
south of Camden-st., nearly opposite his old and fa
voriie stand. H
putchase Fine Gold anil Silver WATCHES; Goli
Guar.l and Fob CHAINS; Silver Spoons, Gold Penci
Cases; Itreast-pins; Ear-rings; Silver Plated Oak
BASKETS; Britannia Ware; are invited to examin
GABRIEL I). CI.ARK'S assortment, which is com
ult'te, athis Old Established Store, Water-st , 3d duo
from Calvert. apß
PLATES, of every size, for sale by the case, dozen
or single Plate.
ALSO, the most completenndiargestassortuien
of Mahogany FRAMES to hefound in (lie city.
Gilt Portraitand Picture FRAMES, of entirely nev
patterns, nevorbefore introduced in Baltimore, inad
toorderof the very best materials and hy the lies
workmen; together with Gilt Box CORNICES
&c. &c., forsale and made to order, as cheap as the
can be obtained at any establishment in the Unite!
States. E. S. FRYER,
nll-tf No. I North Gay street.
8(7- SOUTHERN TRAVEL. Travellers for tin
Siuth,—say to Norfolk, Richmond, Petersburg, am
Charleston, S. C.,—as also to Lynchburg, and Whip
Sulphur Springs, will find the Bay Route the nios
pleasant, comfortable, safest and cheapest to any otii
et Route. See advertisement. je26 d
was once said 'There is nothing new under the sun.
This has keen i nipliat ealiy Hue, in regard to medi
cities. Hundreds of Pills, Panaceas, Expectorants
and Specifics of all sorts have been pulled into nolo
riety—nil made mainly of the same ingredients, add
ing no new materials to the healing ait. Bui Dccioi
VVistar's Balsam of Wild Cherry furnishes u new
medical agent—a new principle evolved from na
ture'e own depository. It cures Asthma, incipien
Consumption, Liver Complaint, and all diseases o
the Lungs, when nothing else will. An hoiiorabh
member of Hie Canadian Parliament writes that i
has cured him of Asthma of ten years' standing. A
Williams Esq., Attorney at Law, 58 William street
New York, was cured of the same disease of twenty
four years'standing. Mr. Consent of Haddonfield
N, J., makes affidavit that it cured him ola upposer
Consumption, alter physicians had given him up ti
die; and so of hundreds of others
Remember, we positively, in no case, palm off un
real cures as produced by this invaluable remedy.-
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Sr. Atkinson,corner Baltimore and Hanover sts; J. F
Perkins & Brother, cor. Green and Franklin streets
Joseph 0. Starisbtiry, 61 Thames-si; Elisha H. Per
kins,corner Market i.ttd Green-sun; George H.Keerl
No, 323 Baltimore street; N, N. Robinson, 58 Nortl
Gay street. sei lw
REMOVAL. The office of the SAVING:
. BANK OF BALTIMORE has been removei
from the Exchange hu'ldings to the house a' the nortl
west center of GAY and SECOND STRKETS.-
(Entrance on Gay street)
fty-Deposits, as heretofore, tvill be received am
paid dally, from 10 to I o'clock. SC4 -41
fl N ACES. A large euppply of ENAMELLEI
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ALFRED II- REIP, 335 Baltimoresf
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rftOAIA COAL! COAI.I The season for lay
ing in Coal having commenced, the subscribe
is prepared to supply fumiliis with "Coal Brook,'
Bsliimore Go's) "Hanover," "Pinkerton" and Peacl
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Furnaoee. He has also constantly on hand Bitumi
nous COAL front the Cumberland mines, suitabb
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poses. may be made at ihe yard
head of Union Dock, or at the office, corner of rloutl
and Lombard streets.
a24-eo3:n JOHN PICKELL.
8MIIE! Theaubacriber hat been appoined Aofn
having complied with the requisitions of the Law o
the State of Maryland for Foreign Agencies.
at reasonable rates,— and as an old Fireman, respect
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au29 6m
S Lots to tease on a good advance in the Easterr
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OAPB if every variety. it*
eUs 9\f PRIZES OF ,530;
TODAY, Sept. 4;h, will be drawn the Mil. Con
soliriated L ittery, class 30—75 Nos. 12 drawn bal
lots, for the bchefu of Frederick Female Seminary.
I of $4,0001 2 of $3Ol
lof 1,000 | 2of 201
1 of 040 | 5 ol 151
1 of 459 | 5 of 12!
Tickets sl Halves $250 -quarters $025.
Certificate of a package of 20 qr. ticketssl4 00.
For lucky tickets by the package or single tickets
apply to the prize venders, MILLER It CO.
Corner of Baltimore and St. Paul streets.
Drawn Nos. of tile Md. Lottery, class 35, drawi
September 3, lowest prize $4:
73 21 55 38 71 3 50 36 31 47 17 76 6 34
Opposite Barnum's, Bait. Md. J
(jry-uFFICIAI. DRAWING ol the Mil. Consul!
dated Lottery, class No. 35, for 1846: For benefit oi
Town of Bel-Air:
73 21 55 38 71 3 50 36 31 47 17 76 6 34
21 and 73, being the Ist and 2d drawn Nos. each S3O
21 and 55, being the 2d and 3d drawn Nos. each 25
38 and 55, being the 3d and 4th drawn No-, each 20
38 and 71, being the 4th anil sth; or 3 and 71, be
ing the sth anil 6th drawn Nos. each 12
All having two of the drawn Nos. on them, each 8
AH having one only of the drawn Nos. on, " 4
It EMORY & CO., No. 2 N. Calvert-st.
EMORY 8t CO. invite a I who have been
buying tickets without success, to give the old and
celebrated prize office a single trial, and our word
for i: you will not be disappointed in getting a good
prize. I'er drawing of class 35, drawn yesterday,
the grand prize of $4 ,000, sold to Nos 3 38 71, whose
ticket, was bought by a Merchant of this city who
called in at the lucky spot to g t a S2O note changed,
ar.il concluded he would have to tiy his uck, and
sure enough be has the second Capital of $4,000; one
of SIOOO, and several smaller prizes sold by Ihc all
fortunate EMORY & CO.
lof 4,000 DOLLARS! lof 1,600 DOLLARS!
1 0! 2 000 DOLLARS! 10 of 800 DOLLS., Ac.
And 20 of SIOO each!
Tickets only 25 cents.
Every one has a chance here for a package.
EMORY St CO., will sell a package for $3 50 that
can draw $6,0u0; go in for one trial of a package, a
piize is sure and no mistake!
For Pi z s in attv Lottery, always apply in person
or b; mail to the fat famed Lottery firm of
United States Lottery Ag-ney, No 2 Calvert street,
2d ollicti from Baltimore st. it
OLD ESTABLISHMENT, 10 Exchange Place.
City and country property, of every description,
bought, sold and exchanged. Rents and Accounts
coll cted with punctually and despatch, and all bu
siness, n which the services of an agent are required,
transacted on moderate terms. Situations in whole
sale and retail stores daily open for young men.
Clerks, Book keepers, Agents, Teachers, Bar-keep
ers, Coachmen, Waiters, Ostlers, Farm hands, Over
seers, Laborers, Cooks, Chambermaids. Dry ai.d Wet
Nurses, Ac. Ac., are daily wanted. Families wish
ing to oblain good servants can be supplied at a short
notice. Negroes bought, sold and exchanged. Cash
in small sums to loan out. JuJgments of six anil 12
months warned Apply at
L. F. SCOTTI'B Intelligence Office,
se4 old establishment, 111 Exchange Place.
BALTIMORE, September 3d, 1846. 5
TUOTICE. The Police Officers ami City Baiufli
XN are hereby directed to attest all persons known
to fly B ALLOONS m the city, having lights or fire
in them, a much danger to the city is incurred, ii
being in direct violation of the sth section of Ordi
nance No 27, approved May 22d, 1828, which impos
es, for every such offence, a fine not exceeding
se-l 81 JACOB . PAVIBS, Mayor.
between Charles and Light-sis.
Has received, and is now opening, a large stock ol
the most fashionable
imported this season—to which the atti nt on of mer
chants and buyers generally are invited.
FOR GENTLEMEN—Superior black, blue, olive,
brown, gretn, drab, French, English and Domestic
CLOI IIS, from 2 to $10; sup. black and fancy CAS
SIMERES, a!l prices; super embroidered Satin, plain
Satin, Velvet, Cmliiiieis and Silk VESTING; a lull
stock of Gloves, Hdkfs., Cravats, Hosiery, Under
shirts and Drawers Ac. Sic.
FOR LADIES—One of the largest stocks of Dress
SILK, entirely new and very rich, ever offered in
tins city; rich black Silks, plain tig'd and satin snipe;
now style French Cashmeres; Mous de Laities; new
style Cashmere Robes; Oregon and California Plaids,
cniirely new; new style Ginghams, superior quality;
licit white Damask SILK, for evening druses; em
broidered Robes, in white and col's; Taileton Robes;
Swiss Jaconet; Tailetans; Book and India Book
SHAWLS—Embroidered Canlon Crape, French
Cashmere, Terkerri Printed, very rich; rich silk em
broidered Cashmere and Saxony Net Shawls; Ter
kerri Scarfs; Silk do; scarlet and farcy colored Crape
Scarfs; one cartoon extra fine Thread Edgings and
Laces; 1 do Swiss luscrtings and I'dgings, very fine;
French Needle-work Collars and inside do; Cuffs
Sleeves, Sic.
LINEN GOODS—Linen Cambric link's, ail prices;
Rich Embroidered and Uever Bordered Linen Cain
brick Hdkfs; Irish Linen; Linen Sheeting; Damask
CLOTHS and Table Damask; Bird Eye and Huck
aback Diapers; Scotch Hollons, Brown do., Wnitf
do ; Damask Napkins, Stc.
DOMESTIC GOODS—Bleached and Brotvn Do
mestic, all kinds; Prints of every variety and price
Salt nets,all prices, veiy cheap; Osnaburgs, Cottons
Heavy fulled Cloth, for servants wear, Sic. Ac.
se4 between Light and Charles.
SCHOOL ROOKS. Country Merchants
Teachers and'others, are now invited to examlm
my large and complete assortment of School Books
all fresh and new,and of the latest and best editions
to be sold at the very prices.
Every variety of Stationery and Blank Actoun
Bo >lts can also be had, really cheap, of
School Bookseller, Stationer, and
Blank Book Manufacturer 151 Pratt st.
sc3 tf adjoinmg the Railroad Depot.
rjno BOOKSELLERS. Sealed proposals
.1 will be received until MONDAY, 7th instant,
bv the Chairman of the Committee on Books, at No
163 W. LOMBARD STREET, for furnisiiiug the
Public Schools of the city of Baltimore with Books
and Stationery for the current year Catalogues ol
the Books and Stationery, to he useit, may be had by
calling on the Clerk of ibe Bo; rd. By order,
J . W . Ti LV F\ KD, Oleik.
-'6 4t [fit] Nn. oi vv. Fayette-at.
The subscriber, bavin; pr"Ctir<il Hie 'HMnula of Dr.
J. A. Hariis' Aromatic and Astringent .Mouth Wash'
md Aromatic and Detergent Jootli Powder lakes'
jleasure in offering tb. in to the public, iccling'assur
'd that they will m :nt with g' menu pprnbalion.
Phey combine, in 1111 e niinnt degree, di die iin port
in t medical qua'iiies wnicli are desirable for prepara
ions of the sort to poses -. They cleanse ..lieTeeth,
ixcitc a heathy action of the gums, and i.npait to the
ueath a most delightful fragrance.
!Xf- Prepared and sold only by C. P. ROGERS,
Iruggisl and Chemist, corner of Howard and Marion
treets, Baltimore. sc3-lw—jel9-oin
r ERSON has just received an assortment of
Perfumery and Extracts. Frmch Snaps, Itorige. Ac,
jeO No, 58 HO WARD-ST.
184 fir | Bun | Bun I
SEPTEMBER, | Rises I Bets, j Moon I .'
31 Monday. 13 3-2 I G 281 M
1. Tuesday, 5 33 1 6 27 {■
2. Wednesday, I 3 31 > 6 28 an.
3. Thursday, |5 35 0 25 I Firttqr 29 5 7|H
4 Friday, 5 38 I 8 24 I L'rill 8 8 GIB
5, Saturday, 5 .>*lß 28 Lntqr.l2 8 35?^8
;8. Sunday, |s 39 | R 81 | New . OIO3IIM
rro CURE TOOTII acii yH
J and preserve healthSH
flry-THE TOOTIIAUH is always cured in
minute by an application of WHEELER'S
RV TOOTH WASH, and the Tooth be 3til! protelH
cd from all delay; Soreness of the Gums will be
ed; Softness of the Gums will be cured; all Bleed* H
of the Gams will he elfectually stopped, and
Teeth. (>utns and Mouth are always kept
and in the best ol health by its use. Sold by
J. M. HAIG, No. 133 Baltimore stieet,
je39-ly above South, opposite Clipper office.
American depot v
J. TOY (,■ CO. beg leave 10 inform the citizens I ?
Baltimore, that they have opened a Store at the abc
place, for the sale of Standard and warranted MEI
CINAL PREPARATIONS, wliere lliey will be
to wait upon those who are so unfortunate as to: H
in anywise afllicted, ai d who may want any
in their line.
FLUID, Btc., for the cuie of Rheumatism, i
and all other Nervous diseases. If these Bands,s
are not found to be superior to any others ia use,
money will he refunded. r,^H
The RUSSIAN COSMETIC, for restoring a',H
beautifying the liuinan Hair—warranted to
110 charge. Render, can you ask any tiling more
We ask for it only one trial—satisfied thai the
or gentleman who purchases one bottle, will not..
Inwards do witliout it.
{ftj- For sale at the General Agency, No. 28j
Market Space; and also at W. G. Gekler's Comb
Fancy Store, 82 Baltimore street, near Gay; S. ,
Smith's Periodical Agency. No. 1 Sun Buildings;
Wiseman's Drugstore, corner Baltimore and
streets; T. L. Eiinis' Tmbrella Store, 3b N.
street; 11. Slater's Fancy Store, No. 203 Broad
Fell's Point. jy'23-eotlJ.^B
On Tuesday the lstinst. by the Rev. A.S.
John Tortkr, of Connecticut, to Miss Fanny
of Baltimore city.
At Wasningtou on the Ist instant, by the Rev.
Kge, Mr. Geo. K. Rnrr to Miss Sarah Jans,
daughter of .las. Crandall, of that city.
At tlie National Hotel, on the 3d irist, by the
C. P. Krnuth,Mr John Pile to Miss Viruinia IjH
Thurston, both of Virginia.
flu the Ist inst. by the Itev B. 11. Nadal,
E .Dor- ey to Miss Sarah Ann Sherrs, all ol iln/^B
On Hie 2d inst. Laura Weems, aged 12 ntonthjlH
arid G days, infant daughter of A- Huntington anvH
Maria L. Lee.
On the 2d inst Sally Warhbld, aged 8 month.ffl
and 17 days, daughter of James and Emma M. Ptyfl
tern. pfl
At Stafford, 28;h ult. Mis. Cassandra Stump, iifjH
the E6th year of her age, widow ofjJohn Stump, EsqpH
of Hartford county. 11l
At Cumberland, Md. on the 27th u t. Major Alex.iJß
Wacom, aged 73 years. yl
In Philadelphia on the 21 inst. after a short and se >1
rere illness, Mr. Georoe lion ner, in the 42d year or I
a is age. ill
London, Aug 3 I Canton, May 2f<|
Liverpool, Aug. 4 llio de Janeiro,.... July 16>l
Havre Aug. 1 | New Orleans,.... Aug. 271
For Canvn—Ship Cincinnati, 7th Sept. |al
For Bremen—Ship Elise, with despatch.
For Amsierda.-n—Ship American, 10th Sept. ,fl
For Uotteidain—Ship Ellerslie, with despatch. I
For Bremen—Ship Albert, soon. -J
For Bremen—Ship Port, soon. , 1
For An sterdam—Ship Potomac, with despatch. 6
For ftotterdam—Ship Chesapeake, with
For Valparaiso and potts in the Pacific—
Hortensia, Oct. I. I
For Havana—Barque lowa, soon.
For Valpari iso—Brig Arg) le, Sept. 6. ifi
For Brazos River, Texas—Brig Saldana, with de-r
! pßtch. l|l
For Rio ilc Janeiro—Brig Whig, soon. !i
For Point Isabel, Texas—Brig Union, few days.
Schr Afblanri, Paine, Derby, master.
French ship L'Andille, Prugnoz, from Havre, July;
8,1 ailast and 33 passengers. •*
Brig Mount Veruon, Sadler, from Trinidad, Port 1 '
Spain, 20th till, ballast, to John K. Randall. Left.:
brigs Thus. Trowbridge, from Fair Haven, dis; Indus,
Coffin, from Baltimore, for St. Thomas, about 24ih; Lj
sclirs. Portia. Kirkwan, do. do. 2lsl; Caroline, of™
Norfo'k, for Turks Island, in a few day. Brig Black
Hawk sailed 18th for Salem. Spoke Ist inst. oil" Nag's i(
Head, schr Mary Catharine, Tyler, from Baltimore for
Cltarlesion; 2d, off False Cape, schr Gen. Marriott,
Tootle, from Baltimore for Biazos river, Texas. w
Br. brig Adriana, Haul, 10 days from Ueinarara, ,
ballast, to R. St. 11. It. Tucker. Left' Brig Arabian, 0 ,
Ho, kins, for the S; anislt Main scliis Mary Hammond r j
Hamilton, tosail for next day; Globe, for New
York, in a few days; Lyra, Smith, for do. K
Br. brig Garonne, Dunn, 15 days from An'iguabal- b
last to Jos. C. Yates. j,
Schr Henrietta, Hashes, 7 days from Charleston,
lumber and rice to J tin K. Randall. u
Schr John Emory, Wood, from Alexandria, D. G\, a
■ndze. to Rose, Merrill St Co. ,
Steamer Herald, Russe I, from Norfolk. Saw off lei
New Point a brigantine, bound up. n ,
SAILED this morning—Barque Meteor, Janney, le
St. Thomas. j,
Ship Isaac Newton, Lambert, from Batimore arriv- |sl
ed at Portsmouth, N 11. 29th ult. je
Barque Jas. VV. Page, Tayler, from Baltimore ar
rived at Boston lstinst, te
Brig Selina, Jackson, from Baltimore for Rio (le is
Janeiro, was in Hampton Roads Ist inst.
Brig Architect, Gray from Baltimore for Point Isa
bel, was spoken 12ih tilt, no lat.&c. (by a vessel at llj
Key West I4lh)—intend rd to touch at Key West,for ei
Schr Zeni'bia, Brpwn, from Baltimore, arrived at
Churl ston 29th ult. V,
Schr Maria, Johnson, cleared at New York forßal- jj
tiniore, Sept. 2. L,
Scln Mary Augustn, finm Eastport for Baltimore, f
was spoken Aug.3o, lat. 49, 30, lon 09,50. tl
Schr John Ailyne, Riekitson, sailed from New Bed- fi
ford for Baltimore, Aug. 31. , r
of all descriptions, to hire at No. 101 It
MT HIGH STREET, below Pratt. a25-lm a
• N. W. corner of I
jy2l-3m EUTAVV and LOMBARD STS. •<
N VV. Corner Lexington and Cocrtlanb streets. r
Off- BOARD furnished by the day, week or month. 1
jel9-3in |i
jel2-6m No. 4 Coortland
■J Ell Fl' MEUY of all Hinds on hand and or f
JS sale by JAMES M.HAIG, t
•J&b I* jB3 Ba'timore st. J
M the papers would teem with the news of the dis
covery of a gold or silver mine near ihc city, what
excitement it would create, —yet a sure mine of
wealth is now in active operation in the very heatt
of Baltimore, distributing fortunes in all directions
in every part of these United States; yet there is no
exiru excitement attending its opciasion. How 13 I
ttii-r because a great many persons are "afraid" to
try their luck, when the attempt might, aye, wouid
be to their benefit, by furnishing them with tViends ]
This mine of wealth is M. DoYLE'B Capital Prize
Depot, No. 144 Pmft St., oppo. ite the Railroad Depot.
The road to fortune lies befnru you, and a fortune
may be realised by a email investment in some of the
following splendid schemes;
THURSDAY, cnyital $12,000, tickets $4, shares
in proportion.
FRlDAY—Capital $1,01,0, tickets sl, halves 50
cents, quarters 25 cents. A veiy profit: bte irfvest
ment may be made in this Lottery, as a package nf
whole tickets, consisting of 25 tickets, will be sold
for sl2, halves SB, quartets $3, eighths $1 50. Re
member, "Faint heart mvurwon lair lady" nor a
capital prize either.
A liberal iliseoutit will be paid to persons who pur
chase by the package or quantity.
For sale in the greatest variety ol lucky numbers, by
thr package, single ticket, or share. All ord< rs, n
mail or otherwise,addressed to
M. DOVLE,N'o.I44 Praustreet,
fIVAKE NOTICE. Young men wanting situa-
JL tions in wholesale or retail stores, can obtain
such by calling and giving a short untie e at
SCOTTf'S Intelligence office,
No, 10 Exchange Place.

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