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American Republican,
fallbimineeo has commenced, our marehanuand m.n
of business must u.lvc use i they wish to sell Mi r
xhiniH in Philadelphia ntel New Yoik, Hie great rivals
of Baltimore, are lilx r..11y advertising, and attracting
the custom "f ill'' South and West, and Baltimore
in ere halt is must lollow suit. The Clipper, I'ioni its
largo and intensive circulation, is now an exei ll.nt
medium thr-ugh which to communicate with the
merchant, farmer and mechanic of the Vt est and
Eolith, where us readers have increased live times
greater than any penny paper published in this city,
or, in fiict, in this section of country. Its nailers,
toe, comprise the great bulk of the leading men of
business, capital and enterprise, whose custom it is
a. ways desirable to obtain, and which doubtless onn
be had by liberally advertising in the paper which
they daily peruse. Lei advertisers, ami those who |
heretofore have not advertised, reflect on these tacts, (
and act accordingly.
The telegrapli yesterday announced the arri
val of the steamer Cambria, at Boston, witli
intelligence from Europe to the 4ih inst., and
stated that there had been an improvement in
the price of flour and grain, hut from some
cause, yet unexplained, nothing further was re
ceived, the telegraph refusing to operate up to
a late hour last evening. The substance ol the
now , it is reported, was in the hands of specu
lators in this city, and in consequence, tho|
price of wheat advanced four or five cents per
bushel. _
THANKSGIVING DAY. If a feeling of grati
tude be entertained, and be considered com- ,
mendable, for favors conferred by man, how
much deeper should be the sentiment towards
Him who has created, sustained and prospered
us in this life? Individuals may kneel in thank- j
fulness for the mercies and benefits which they j
have experienced at the hands of their Creator,
and the feeling which dictates the humble pos-,
ture and the uplifted voice of gratitude, claims
and obtains the respect of even the thoughtless
and the wilfully wicked. But individual peni-,
tence and thankfulness, however acceptable to,
God and efficacious they may prove to the i
party concerned, do not discharge the whole op
our duty. We believe it was General Cass 1
wfio expressed the opinion, in a late speech
made in the Senate, that the iniquities of ana-,
tion were as certain to be punished as tho sins j
of an individual; and we give our entire con
currence to this opinion. It this bo
then it would seem to be as much the duty oft
a nation, as of an individual, to be careful al
ways to act uprightly, and to acknowledge its!
dependence upon the Ruler of the universe: j
(or, unless we act righteously as a nation, we
have no reason to believe that we shall be
ptospetous. In view of our duties, then, indi
vidually and collectively, we think that it would
bo proper to have one day in the year set
apart for national worship—one day in which ;
the hearts of the whole people of this in-;
fant, but great nation, might be raised in hum
ble thankfulness to the Throne of Grace.—
The President who would set the example of
inviting the people to this act of devotion,
would merit and receive tho approbation of all
and oonoido'-lo r*""" I*' 1 *' tK "
absence of such recommendation for a national
Thanksgiving Day, it would be well for the
governors of the several states to select the
same day for this commendable purposo. The
governor of Massachussutts has already ap-1
pointed the 26th of November as thanksgiving
day; and if the governors ofall the other States,
would select the satne day, we should have the i
great and interesting spectacle of a whole peo
ple pouring out the expression of their grati
tude to their Maker at the same time—a sight
edifying to the rising generation, and which
would no doubt be acceptable to the Supreme
jjuing—for "it is very meet, right and proper,
that wo should offer thanks unto the Lord." i
We make this suggestion in the humble hope j
that it may merit the consideration of those j
who can alone carry it into effect.
question has been happily settled between Eng
land and the United States—as it appears, 1
chiefly through the amendments made by the
Sanate to the resolution of notice by the House j
—and by the active instrumentality of our tnin- j
ister in England—yet the subject continues to |
bo discussed in the papers. But the issue is nu j
longer of a national, but an individual charac
ter; and tho point to be decided, seems to be,;
whether or not, the President has been guilty,
of inconsistency. To shew that he has, quota-'
lions are made from his message to congress, j
and froin the speech delivered in New York by j
the Hon. Louis McLatie, in which he says that :
he carried out the wishes of the President, in '
settling the difficulty with England upon the
basis of the 49th parallel of latitude. Now, it,
is rot material, in a national point of view,;
whether the President lias or has not been en-1 (
tire'y consistent in his public declarations and j i
his private views: he assented to the settlement,; s
which was all that the nation was interested in.'s
His declaration, in the message referred to, that <
our title to the whole terrritory was "clear and
indisputable," did, at first, excite some alarm;
because it was apprehended, that it might ni
volvo the two nations in war: but the speech ;
of Senator Haywood, in which ho denied that
tho President had closed the door of negotia
tion, and gave other intimations that a compro
mise would be aocepted, convinced us, that the
President desired to close the business, and
would accept of the 49th degree as the basis of
a troaty. This we stated at ihe time—nor did
wc ever after falter in our conviction,that there
would be an amicable arrangement. If then,
the President, irritated at the rejection of his
proposition by the British minister, did express
himself in favor of the "whole of Oregon or
none," and declare our title to it to be "clear|
and indisputable," the error was subsequently j
corrected, and should be overlooked. Thou-1
sands of those who were resolved to fight John
Bull if he refused to yield every inch of the
land, now applaud the compromise, by which
we <ret a patt—and wc do not see why the
Preside! t th'.uld be selected for particular cen-
sure, even if his views did undergo change.
' The change was a happy one for his country,
and the apparent inconsistency should be over
looked. We are too thankful that peace has
been preserved, upon honorable teims, to de
sire to be censorious upon any one who has
changed his position from fifty-four forty to
i, forty-nil e.
J DESTRUCTIVE FlßE— Jriblo's Gardens C on
] sumed. Wo learn by a gentleman who arrived
s by the II o'clock boat last night, that a
! destructive fire took place in New \orlt yestor
-1 day morning, which broke out in Niblo's Gar
den, the whole of which, with much ad.
! joining property was consumed. The loss is
i very heav£.
! RML ROADS—Low FARE. The American
' Rail Road Journal of the 12th inst., has an ex
' cellcnt article in favor of low fare upon Rail.
| roads; and, as an evidence of the benefit of such
reduction to the roads, it is stated, upon tho au
thority of the Boston Courier, "that during the
summer of 1845, the fares between Boston and
i New York were reduced, by opposition, to $2, |
| first class, and $1 62 1-2, second class By a i
; recent arrangement, the rates have been ad
; vanced to $4, and $2 50, or nearly doubled.—
Upon comparison of corresponding months soon i
after the change, the numbers and receipts!
. been as follows .
Numbers. Receipts.
July, 1845 18,110 $45,208 :
July. 1846 12,301 35,963,
* I
Diminution 5,801 decrease JO 1 ,245 -
I It will be seen from these statements, that |
! the number of passengers was forty-six per cent, j
more, and the roceipts ticentyper cent, more du- j
j ring the season of extremely depressed rates—
I and though the first named price is even below <
the estimate contended for [by the friends to
low fares] upon this particular route, or for that
, distance, yet tho experiment shows a propor
tionate gain over the higher price."
PAUPER EMIGRANTS. On Wednesday, 318
1 German emigrants arrived at New York, in
! such a destitute condition, that they fuund it
impossible to procure lodgings or food, their
whole capital consisting ofs!4o,not a half dol
lar a piece. They slept one night on the pier, j
many of them sick and diseased, and others in- 1
firm from advanced age. The authorities were
compelled to send them to the alms-houso.— j
Tho True Sun says, the arrangements for their
| passage appear to have been made by some
unprincipled passenger agents with the autho-!
| rities of a German township, and a sum sub
j scribed to get rid of the aged paupers and des-,
J titute children and families. Promises of land
and abundant employment, and even money,!
j were freely made; never, unfortunately, to be '
| realised by the deluded emigrants.
MAINE ELECTION. The Boston Atlas extra
gives returns from 116 towns in that state,
j froin which it appears that there is no choice
of Governor by the people; that but one mem
ber of Congress (from tho Kennebec District, a
Whig,) is certainly chosen, though there is a
probability that itt the first and seventh districts
the democratic members are chosen by small i
i.irtjoititer, it.ai proOamy uui one nalt'tlio ena- '
i tors aro chosen, and a large number of towns
j have failod to elect Representatives. The
Whigs have a large gain in all the towns heard
SICKNESS. WO are gratified to learn, from
the Physicians of our place, says the Ilagers- 1
town Torch Light, that the sickness in and ,
around the town, is rapidly decreasing. That i
which has prevailed, has been much oxaggern- j
ted abroad, both with respect to its extent and '
its malignity. One of tho Physicians assures J
us that in a practico of twenty years, he has '
never witnessed a milder description of fever;
; and as a proof of this very few deaths have 1
; occurred.
I A WISE FATHER. One of our exchanges
i tells a story of an editor out west, who wished
to marry a blue-eyed datnsel in his neighbor-'
hood, and like an honest man, asked the con- j
I sent of her father. Of course the old man, as
! every prudent papa should do, inquired how
much money he could bring tho bride. The
! editor said he hadn't got any money, but he
would give her a pvff in his paper. Tho fa
ther was satisfied.
WHEAT AND FLOUR. The trade of Buffalo
is going on with wonderful spirit. Within!
three days of the present month, there arrived |
at that port 11 steamers, two -[propellers, 11 j
brigs and 43 schooners, bringing 181,970 bush
els of wheat, and 21,074 barrels of flour; equiv
alent to 287,342 bushels of wheat. This, be
sides other produce, will givo an idea ofthe vast'
consequence and value of our Lake trade in
lime, and particularly ofthe port of Buffalo.
FIRE. We learn front the Princess Ann 1
Herald that the residence of Mrs. Goslee, near
Quantico, Somerset county, Md., took fire on
Monday last by tho lodging of a spark among
so ne flax near art open window in the upper
storv of the building, and was entirely consum
ed. The property was not insured, and the j
loss therefore is considerable.
The Telegraph—Speculation—Mystery, S,-c. — j
it was the current rumor urotind town yester- j
day afternoon, that the news by the steamer j
Cambria, just arrived at Boston, had been re-i
ceived in this'city by the Telegraph, "exclu-!
sively" ior the benefit of some speculators, and j
that they were buying up all the flour which I
they could find for sale, at an advance of fifty j
cents per barrel, and also grain at an advance '
of six and eight cents per bushel! The atri
val ol the steamer was found late in the even- >
ing to bo a "fixed fact," and the rumor of her
commercial news having been received and
used as stated was very current. There is some
mystery connected with these rumors, and we
hope for the credit ofthe proprietors of the Tel
egraph lines, that this invention has not been
| prostituted for any such selfish or unfair pur-'
| poses! If speculators can use it as a medium
j by which they may "take in" the unwary !
I merchant and dealer, it is high time the public
were mado aware ofthe fact, in order that some
guard may bo had in tiie futurp, Cgai ist a rep- j
clition of such acts. The Telegraph is a mo
nopoly enough now, in all conscience, without
hoir.g prostituted to such rumored dishonest;
and disgraceful purposes.
Tract Distribution• That indefatigable !a
borer in the dissemination of religious tracts,
i Mr. Thomas Freeman, the missionary of the
cause, has recently returned, says the Patriot,
after a journey of about 800 miles, principally
in Pennsylvania. He has visited all the towns
on the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal, on
the Susquehanna and Tide Water Canal as fir
j as Northumberland, and up the Juniata above
| Hollidaysbutg. He labored among the boat
; men, raftmon, quarrymen, and those at the
j furnaces, endeavoring to promote their best in
! terests, by the dissemination of tracts, and im
j pressing upon them the necessity and import-
J ance of a duo observance of the Sabbath day,
j and we doubt not his efforts will prove to have
j been attended with highly beneficial results.—
Mr. Freeman had the pleasure of visiting the
i U. S. ship Truxton, at Norfolk, just before she
sailed, and distributed tracts to all of the crew
; —the good effects of which will not be known
|in time. He is an old man-of-war's man, and
had a long and interesting talk with the com
mander of the Truxton.
Severe Fall. A gentleman named Lunt,
' who had just arrived from Richmond, Va., met
! with quite a severe accident yesterday morning
i at the Exchange Hotel, whore he was stopping.
He had got up before daylight, and mistaking
I the rotunda for the yard, fell over the gallery
i to the pavement, where he was found a short
time afterwards by some of the servants, almost
I lifeless. Drs. Smith and Whitridge were im
mediately sent for, who rendered all tiio servi
! ces in their power. He was (bund to be much
bruised and injured, but no limbs were broken,
and with proper attention he will, no doubt,
recover. It was a most unfortunate accident,
and a narrow escape from being killed.
Fully Committed. John Smith, alias John
Clarige, John Myers, alias John Roney, arid
Adam Myers, three boys, wnose arrest we no
ticed yesterday, 011 the charge of stealing a
small sum of money from the drawer of the
store of Moses Fulton, corner of Pleasant and
North streets, were further examined yesterday
afternoon before Justice Kennard, and fully
committed for trial. It appears that two of the
boys decoyed the person who attended to the
store out of doors, and the third making use of
the opportunity, entered the store and took the
money out of the drawer. When will we have
a House of Refuge?
A Man Trap. We are requested to call the
attention of the Mayor, to a large hole, adjoin
ing the sower on the North East corner of
Holliday and Saratoga streets. It is an excel
lent place to break somebody's leg in. The
attention of the City Commissioners was direct
ed to it several days since, and one of them
shown the place, but it has not been meni'ed.
Whose fault is it?
The Mounted Riflemen. By a reference to
our Marine head, it will be seen that the brig
Said ana, Capt. Stubbs, which sailed hence a
few days since from this port, for Brazos St.
Jago, having on board company F. of the
Mounted Rifle Regiment, command by Capt,
Mason, and part of company C. under Lieut.
McLane, put back into Harnptcgi Uoadsonthe
Bth inst. (last Tuesday week,) having in the
gale on the previous night, lost her main sail,
fore top mast, stay sail, and flying jib. She
received no other damage of consequence, and
as soon as repaired, would proceed
Serious Accident. A man named Isaac Wood
ford, accidentally fell from tiie mast ofa schoon
er at Light street wharf, yesterday morning,
and striking the deck caused a transverse frac
ture of his thigh, and otherwise bruised him.—
He was conveyed to the Infirmary on West
Lombard street, where the fractured limb was
dressed by Dr. King, assisted by several stu
dents. He is doing well and is in a fair way of
lOtuU'iMj An n Ifornatiat. ooourrcJ jrooicnlu^
morning, on board a sloop lying at the head ol
Smith's wharf, in which a colored man, named
Aaron Payne, was stabbed by a young white
man, named Thomas Isham. The wound was
inflicted with a common seaman's knife, back
of the loft shoulder blade, and was about two
inches long, and one inch deep. A physician
was sent lor, who dressed it, and no serious re
sults are anticipated. Isham was arrested by
officers Campbell and Kurtz, and committed
for trial by Justice McJilton.
The Robbery in Old Town. We noticed yes
terday, the robbery of an old man, named C.
M. Shane, of some S9OO worth of jewelry.
We since understand that there were some
thirty or forty watches of different kinds and
value; among them a gold chronometer watch,
worth S2OO. So far, no clue has been obtain
ed of the probable direction taken by the
The Minor Law. We thought that there was
a law prohibiting minors from running with the
fire apparatus. We saw various pieces of ap
paratus pass our office lust evening, about eight
o'clock, manned with boys; one reel especially
had more than twenty boys, about fourteen
years of age, holding on to the ropes, and not a
single man! Whose fault was it?
The Eastern Mail. Tire train of cars carry
ing passengers and the Great Eastern Mail,
and due here yesterday morning at 5 o'clock,
did not arrive until about 2 o'clock P. M. The
detention was caused by the train running off
the track, near Wilmington, Del. We did not
learn that any person was injured.
The Shipping. The number of vessels of all
sizes, hut more especially ships, barques and
brigs, which have arrivod within the past two
days, is almost unprecedented. By a reference
to our Marine head, it will be seen that a num
ber of vessels came up yesterday, many of them
injured by the recent storm.
Emigrants. We mentioned yesterday the ar
riviil of seven vessels, having German emi
grants on board, amounting to 1048 in the ag
gregate Since then the ship Goethe, Cant.
Homann, has arrived from Bremen with 2u 1
emigians on board.
The Public Schools. At a meeting of the
Board of School Commissioners, on Tuesday
last, Mr. Jhomas Crnnmins, was
assistant Teacher to Male Public School,
6, in the place of Mr. William R. Cteary, pro
moted to the principal of the same school.
Repairin We are pleased to see that work
men arc employed in laying a new floor on the
North foot-way of Baltimore street bridge over
Jones' Falls. The old floor had become en
tirely rotten and full of holes, and was not re
moved before it was required.
Case for Court. Watchman Stewart, of tho
Western District Watch, on Friday night, ar
rested Andrew Wigart and Thomas C Green,
charged with assaulting and beating one D. H.
White. Tho assault took place in the Lexing
ton market house, and was caused by a gross
insult niferfi'i to sorno females, by tho plaintiff.
The • parties were held to bail to appear at
court by Justice Wright.
City Court. This court only set yesterday
to receive the reports of the Grand Jury, when
it adjourned. The regular assault and battery
docket will be taken up this morning, and iu
consequence of there being two weeks work,
will probably be quite large.
County Court. Tho case of James Wilson
and others vs. James Hooner and others, still
occupies this tribunal. In the Appeal Court,
no cases of public interest were disposed of.—
Both courts adjourned until this morning
The VVskkly Clippsr. A rich anil entertaining'
number is issuid to day, abounding with late and
important news from all quarters, including the Ar
| my, Mexico, and Nanvoo; graphic account of the
I loss of the steamship New York; the battle and ex
i plosion on the Rio Grai rte; memoir of Capt. Page;
j Loss of the Truxton; Odd Fellows'procession; eor
| respondence; editorial; poetry; city items; report* ol
i the markets; miscellany; items of news, and'Mnci
| dents in the life of a Pedlar'' a gsod story. Price $1
! a year, or 3 cents a copy.
| Tna Steamer Mount Vernon. We have had
the pleasure of examining the splendid new stoamei
i Mount Vernon, which plies between this port ant
| Aquia Creek, and we can safely say that in regaid It
j her internal arrangements and fixtures she has no su
| perior. The upholstering and handsomely cushioned
| seats particularly excited our admiration. They art
I made of the most costly materials, and combint
j beauty and neatness with conifoit and convenience
! They are the workmanship of Mr. W. B Bams, Vene
J tian Blind Maker, No 61 Arch street above Second
| street, Philadelphia and reflfbt infinite credit upon
| him for his taste aud skill. The mattrasses and bed
j ding, also, were made by Mr. Bams, and are of a su
perior kind ann quality. In their general construe
I lion, and in every respect, they attest his merits as s
! workman.
THE MUSEUM. This favorite place of resort con
. tinues to be nightly filled by large and fashionable au
! diences. We know of no more agreeable place to
spend an evening. The pieces selected for perform
ance to-night, are, "Christine" and "Husband at
sight;" in both of which, Miss Ludlow and Mrs. Mc-
Lean will appear.
Dedication. The new Methodist Episcopal Church,
just completed at Canton, will be regularly dedicated
to-morrow afternoon, at 3 o'clock. The dedicatory
sermon will be preached by the Rev. Henry Sliccr.
fessor in the Western Theo. Sein. will preach in the
•2nd Presbyterian Church on Sabbath next, Sept. 20th
at II A.M. and 7$ P. M. lt
A slated meeting of the Institute will b; held at hall
past 3 o'clock, P. M. on THIS DAY, (SaturdaX, I9th
instant,) at the Rooms of the Light street Institute,
when a Lectu e on Writing will be deliveied by Mr.
W. Fife. Teachers generally are inviledto attend.
It* R. CONNOLLY, Rec. Sec.
[From the N Y. Journal of Commerce.]
ot7~ THERE MAY BE CASES where the true
Balm of Columbia has not produced the hair on bald
heads when pioperly applied, but they must be rate,
for those where it has are so numerous and respect
ably authenticated, as to command, not a belief, but
a knowledge that it will do it. Col. btackweather
has used it for fifteen years as the most perfect and
only antidole to dandruff, and a stay and tonic to
weak and thin hair. He procured it at 21 Courtland
St., and like hundreds of o.hers, a'ter trying various
articles returns again for the Balm.
For sale at the corner of Baltimore and Hanover
sis., corner of Baltimore and Harrison s's., and No.
til Thames-?!., F. P., Baltimore. It
prices; Paris Elastic Suspenders at 95 and 50 cents;
nchly embroitltred de. 62]; plain do. 18j; gentle
men's Collars at 12] and 18]; Neckties of oik. satin.
75; figured and colored da. 62} els; Razors; Pen ami
Pocket Knives at various prices; Scissors 12], 18]
and 2) cts; Real Polka Combs, of beautiful patterns;
also, fine Extracts; Cologne Waters; Teeth, Nail and
Crumb Bru-lie.-; Berlin Iron Guards and Watch Rib
bons; with every variety of Goods,run off at one low
price for cash.
Right on the come' of Baltimore and Charles-sts.
The neat Missionary Chapel just finished on CLIN
TON ST. will be dedicated to the worship
inst, at half past 3 o'clock. Appropriate exercises
will be held and sermon delivered by Rev. Henry
Slicer, formerly of this city. The fitcnds of Reli
gion are invited to be present and a collection will
be made to have the Chapel free of debt on the day
of dedication. selßQi*
33-We invite the attention of the public to the
certificates of a cure performed by Dr. CULLEN'S
ly goes ahead of any heretofore published. 3'liu high
standing of .he gentlemen whose names are g.ven
as having wituessed this cure, precludes the possi
hility ol imposition. There is a large number ol
persons now laking this medicine in this city, whose
residence will be given by applying to (he Agents
whose names will be found attached to the eertifil
cates. se2
From the Boslori Mercantile Journal, Jan. 1845.
There are so many "certain cureß" for coughs, colds,
and even consumptions, that we are sometimes dis'
posed to question the efficacy of any of them. Mr,
S. VV. Fowle, a druggist of the highest refutation,
at 138 Washington street, has the agency ot an arti
cle called Balsam of Wild Cherry, which seems to
have won for itself a good reputation where ever i I
has been introduced. We have seen letters from
variftus parts of New England, from persons of the
highest standing in the places where they reside,hear
ing testimony to the benefit themselves or friends
had received from a trial of its properties.
Extract frnrn a letter dated
Petersburg. Va., Jan. 15, 1815.
A gentleman of unquestion able veracily informs us,
that his brother had been confined to his bed for
weeks with some species of cough, that baffled the
skill of several eminent physicians, and by the use ol
two but les of
he has been restored to perfect health, and he is now
"a fat and healthy man."
Yours, respectfully,
On hand and for sa'c by
STABLER &. CANBY, 120 VV. Pratt-st.
Also, by Geo. VV. Jones,cor. Baltimore and High sts.;
Seth S. Hanee, Baltimore and Pratt streets; Roberts
Sc Atkinson, comet Baltimore and Hanover sts; J. F.
Perkins 5c Brother, sor. Green and Franklin streets;
Joseph B. .Stansbury, 61 Thames-st; Elisha 11. Per
kins, corner Market and Green-sis.; George H.Keerl,
No. 323 Baltimore street; N. N, Robinson, 58 North
Gay street. sels lw
PLATES,of every size, for sale by the case, dozen,
or single Plate.
ALSO, the most complete and largestnssortment
of Mahogany FRAMES to be found in the city.
Gilt Portraitand Picture FRAMES, ofemirelynew
patterns, never before introduced in Baltimore, innde
toorderof the very best materials and by the best
workmen; together with Gilt Box CORNICES;
Bcc. Bcc.,forsale and made to order, as cheap as they
can he obtained at any establishment in the United
States. E. S. FRYER,
nll-tf No. 1 Nmtli Gay street.
53- SOUTHERN TRAVE#.. Travellers for the
South, —say to Norfolk, Richmond, Petersburg, and
Charleston, S. C.,—as also to Lynchburg, and White
Sulphur Springs, will find the Bay Route the most
pleasant, comfortable, safest aud cheapest to any oth
er Route. See advertisement. je26 d
33-CITIZENS AND STRAMiKRs'who wish to
purchase Fine Gold and Silver WATCHES; Gobi
Guard and Fob CHAINS; Silver Spoons, Gold pencil
Cases; Rreast pins; Ear-rings; .Silver Plated Cuke
BASKETS; Britannia Ware; are inviledto examine
GABRIEL D CLARK'S assortment, which is com
ill. ir, athis Old Established Store, Water-st , 2d dour
from Calvert. apß
ratRUSTEK'S SALTd. By virtue of a decree
I of Baltimore County Court, the undersigned
will offer for sale on TUESDAY, 13: li October, at 4
o'clock, P. M., on the premises: All that LuT OF
GROUND, beginning on the north side of East Loin
hard street al the distance of I 1 ft. 6 in. east* ily from
ihe corner formed by lite inletseciion of the north
side of Lombard street and the east side of Argylr
alley, and running thence easterly, binding on Lom
bard-st twelve feet, (hence northerly, parallel with
Argjle alley, sixty-seven feet to a three foot alley, to
be laid out and kept open lor the use and benefit of
the property now being described, aud that adjoin
ing; thence westerly, binding on said three foot alley
tw. lve feet; and thence, by a straight line, lo the
place of In ginning
,emSl .This Lot is improved by n good two story
Pi-kH "rick DWELLING, and is subject to the au
.siH&mtal rent of sls.
33* The terms are one half cash, and the balance
in six months, with interest and secuiity;or a'l cash
at the option of the purchaser.
sel9-2aw3iv T AS ] Trustee.
J. EDWARD BIRD, N0.209 Uxltimork sikriit,
Ins just opened a most beautiful assortment of rich
Cashmere SHAWLS and rich BILKS, to which the
attention of the ladies is particularly invited; oriccs
moderate. Also, a fu'l stock of Seasonable Goods
selling at prices to suit the times.
J. EDWARD DIKD, 209 Baltimore street,
st!9-2w east of Charles.
We will receive thi ( UL I
of lumnr, wit, pleasur tin,
instructive and enterta me,
ate a portion:
Boston Pilot, Uncle ar :'
Bennett's Weekly Lerai.
National Press; Saturday
Neyy York Freeman's J ..untryman
New York Spirit 01 the ,gn, American
Police Gazette; Philadelp.. A Courier
Dollar Newspaper; Farmer and Mechanic
Ntoal s Gazette; Odd Fellows' Mirror
Saturday Visiter, and the
PUHHAHE;Vc. , &c. Periodir *' N " V f "' m:al!
J^ 19 " 4. and 6 Jarvis' Building.
by the undersigned, is th most effectual remedy
j Known lor the above distressing disease. It gives
immediate relir * to the sufl rer, a d in almost every
j case, if properly USED, will effectually remove the
| disease. It, allcviaiive n£ NATIVE piopertirs have
| been fully rested by several lysicians and a num
• - 1 WLL ° HAV US. it. Prepared and sold
wholesale and retail, by
~ „ „ , . WM. S. REESE, Druggist, Sic.,
31 E Baltnnore-st., between High and Front sts.
WF' " OP 60 cents per bottle. se!9 I T ^
T4TOTICE. The undersigned has just received a
FROM the Peekskill Stove Work*,
HI New York State, and has opened a warehouse and
office nt No. 49 S. OALVEITT STREET' Bnl fmor'C
the pinpiietor of this estahli hment feels vrarranted
11 •• UHtma the public that his assortment of STOVES
? E ,'I *-9U<IL to any tlial cao be . ffeied this season J
as they are all of .lie newest and best patterns, and
on as reas riable terms. Your attention is respect
,!! his stock of Stoves when making
purchases, lie feels confident, (rem experience and
novantages in manufacturing, lie ran offer the most
factory inducements as to price, quality and
OOF-Orders solicited at No. 49 South Calvert street
OF?-J HIBING and REPAIRING done at the short
est notice. THOS. NORRIS,
■Y' 9 -' 1 " Proprietor.
AFTSFE RENT. Store No. 106 BALTF •
MI!I'I! MORE BTREET, thiid door west of Holli-
Bffiinl Y ' AND P"eion given immediately, in
JBullilLquire on the premises.
About moving to No. 360 B ALTIMORE STREET
ail persons indebted lo me are requested to call and
settle their bills. My old customers and friends gen
erally are requested to give MC a call at No. 360,
of I' * P\'lP > E > | V VO FI ' 1 ' 1 A , LAR B E AND -splendid assortment
I. ! ITS V erieiies, and at prices
l owe ß than the same goods were ever before sold in
ROK SALE. Shelving, Gas Fixtures, Awning, Kc.
Inquire as above. fpj se!9-eo6t
**' K TFL The Steamer OSIRIS, ('apt. J. I).
will leave Patterson street
***■*. wharf, on MONDAY MORNING, the
21st September, at 7 o'clock, far the above places,
and return ncxl day, leaving Miles River Feiry everv
1 tie-day Morning, at 7 o'clock, St. Michael's 7J,
Wye 81, and West River LLJ, for Annapolis and Bal
For LVii I Mi. illeand Chestertowu, tveiv WED IVES
DAY MDRMi\G, ut 9 o'clock, and r.-turn next day,
Icaviv.g Chestertown every Thursday Morning, at 9
o'clock,for Corsica and Baltimore.
At 7 o'eock ev< ry Saturda. M 'ruing, for Centre
ville and Chestertown, and return same dey All
baggage at the risk of the owners. sl9 if
i.l The Steamer CAMBRIDGE. Capt.
■t'.>a>fri' <i 4W J n TvßNeit, will leave the lower
- of Spear's wharf (for the present)
on MONDAY MORNING, the 21st September, at 7
o'clock, lor the above places and return the same
wi'l leave every 1 UESDAY MORNING at 7 o'clock
and reluni the next day, leaving Fusion every WED
NESDAY MORNING a: 7 o'clock, and Cambridge
8J o'clock for Annapolis and Bultiino e
THURSDAY MORNING at 7 o'clock, and return
the same day.
Every FRIDAY MORNING at 7 o'clock for AN
NAPOLIS, GAM BRL T)CE and EASTON, and return
next day, leaving Easton every SATURDAY MORN
ING at 7 o'clock, and Cambridge "*J o'clojk for An
napolis and Baltimore.
(RJ-AB Baggage at risk of the owners. sl9-tf
"JTHT OTIC'E. The undersigned, who have been ap-
XN pointed permanent Trustees of JOHN S. REA
DY and JOHN*J. WELLS, applicants fur the benefit
o' the Insolvent Laws of Maryland, hereby notify the
debtors of said insolvents to settle ihe.r accounts with
them alone. The transfers of . accounts, &c. to their
creditors by said insolvents being void. Any person :
paying to them after this notice, will be obliged toac- 1
count to the Trustees for the amount of thetr bills.— '
The creditors having such transfers in their hands, J
will please give them to the Trustees, without fur- 1
ther notice
No. 5 Spurrier's Court,
No. 25 St. Pat's st. J
> seribers have f> rmed a connection in busin-ss,
under the firm of JOHN C. BAKER & CO., for the!
sale of CHINA, GL ASS and UUEENS WARE, at
No, 41 How Alio STRSET and No. 7 S CHARLES ST.
N. B. The Store on Charles street will be given up !
in a few months, and in the mean time the goods
will be sold en m st reasonable terms to the pur-'
chaser. JOHN C. BAKER,
,)|U DOLLARS, divided into'
*9 a great many beautiful
prizes—capital prize §2l),ooo,"and 10 prizes of '.s[(loo,
making a splendid and magnificent Lottery, "AS we]
are daily selling prizes, we expect all who want A'
prize will call upon MILLER A. CO. and purchase a,
MONDAY, Sept. 2l, will he drawn the Maryland]
Consolidated Lottery, class No. 102—75 Nos. and 13]
drawn Ballots.
lof $20,000 1 2of sl4oo'
lof 5.000 | sof 1153
lof 2 000 I 50 of 10001
lof 1,500 I 10 of 110
Tickets ss Halves 24-quarters I 25.
Certificate of a package of 25 qr. tickets sl7 37. !
For lucky tickets by the package oi single tickets,
apply to the prize venders, MILLER St CO.
Corner of Baltimore and St. Paul streets.
Drawn Nns. of the Mil. Lottery, clas9 32, drawn
September 18, lowest prize $1:
68 33 40 4 7 17 60 67 75 3 29 73
Opposiiu llmnum'S, Bait. Md. J*
0T?-UFFIOLAI, DRAWING ol the Md. Consoti-J
dated Lottery, class No. 32, for 1840: For benefit of
Frederick Female Seminary.
68 33 40 4 7 17 60 37 75 3 29 73
33 and 63 being the Ist and 2d draivn Nos.each sls
33 and 40, being the 2d and 3d drawn Nos.Vach 10
4 and 40, being the 3d and 4ih drawn Nos. each 3
4 and 7, being Hie 4th and 6th; or 7 and 17, be
ing the sth and 6th drawn Nos.each 6
17 ami 60, being the 6th and 7th; ar 60 and 67, be
ing the 7tli and Blh drawn Nos. each 4
AH onv;nc iwe ofthe diSwn Nos. on them, each 2
itli having one only of Hie drawn Nos. W, " 1
It EMORY & CO., No.2N. Culvcrt-st. j
4 STO.VIFHING! The luck that attends the
IL. old established house of EMORY St CO. It
certainly does appear that Dnnio Fortune intends that
her agents should st II all the prizes, for at least sevtm
tighilisof all the large priz A sold this year have
been sold by Emory ST Co. Per drawing of yester
days small Lottery, class 32, the little beauty of
SIOOO, in a package of quarters, was sold to a lady
from Winchester, VN , the Nos. were 33 40 68— this
was the lady S first Dial— for $350 she gels hack $350
clear gain— not bad for nhb n ami pin money; or.e ol
$' 00, in a package of wholes, sold to a gentleman
from Ohio; besides severe SN-allei p-izes sold to cit
izens. Tnis is luck enough for one day ami no mis
Draws a beautiful srheihe. 75 Nns and 13 ballots
1 of-0 00 i DOLLARS! lof 10,010 DOLLARS!
lof 5,000 DOLLARS! lof 4,000 DOLLAFIS'
Tickets only ss— shares in propor'ion
Now is your chance for a fortune by purchasing a
package fro n Imory &. Co. in the above lottery,
which will cost you only the small sum ofsl7, aud
can diaw yon $.0,000! Wesav try on.;.
FTJH For przes in any Lottery, always apply in per
son or by mail TO the far famed L tilery firm of
EM JLLY & CO., 17. 8. Lottery Agency,
NO 2 !a!verl-st., 2d Lottery office
It from R diiinme street.
All the vaiieties of COAL, suitable for Orates,
Stoves, and Cooking Ranges—tor sale by
A L M A I* A C. f ®
1846. i Sun | Sun I J[
SEPTEMBER. | Rises | Bets. j Moon's pjnjl
7 Monuay, 5 40 I 6 2tT <?'
8 Tuesday, 5 41 6 19 t '
9. Wednesday, 5 42 ,6 18 o 1
}?' X h , u , rada y 5 45 B 15 | Firslqi C 9/ V
11. Friday, 54616 14 | Pull t}> l L
12. Saturday, 54716 13 I Lailqr.l*' ({S
13. Sunday, 5 48 | 6 121 New Cot,lM
(H?-THE TOOTHACH is always cured
j minute by an application of WHEELER'S TEH
j BY TOOTH WASH, and the Tooth be still p-®
ed from all delay; Soreness of the Gums wilt P*
ed| Softness of the Cuius will be cured; all 111.-
I of the Oenio will be effectually stopped, a.*
T-.ah, Gums and .".{ouiii are always kept ptjl
and in the heat ol health by its use. Bold by 1 •
J. M. 11A1G, No. 133 Baltimore stte G
; je3o-ly above South, opposite Clipper 0
I On the 17th inst. by the Rev. Jos. P. Wilsoni*
1 On the loth inst. by the Rev. Mr. Vinton, t
ROBINSON to Miss SARAH SWKKNY, all of this r
Mi At Philadelphia on tne 17th inst. Mr. JOHN U5
to Misß FREOIRICA WILT, both of this city. n
On the 6th inst, CYKDS SINCLAIR, aged 44 ml
formerly of Talbot couuty, Md. [Pittsburg **
please copy. Al
| At Washington,n the sth inst, ALBIRT Gt
WELL, aged one year and twenty-six days, son J
O. and Elizabeth C. Greenwell. 3
On the Ist inst. at Oakland, Prince George's i
ty, SOd. SAMORL GLENN MAYO, son of Capt "I. i
U. S. Navy, aged two yeats and seven months.k
London, Aug 18 I Canton, Ml
Liverpool, Aug. 19 Rio de Janeiro. lu
Havre. Aug 16 | New Orleans,
F r Liverpool—Ship Powhatan, with despatch
For Aiusterdarn—Ship Potomac, with despatc :
For Rotterdam—Ship Chesapeake, with despj
For Bremen—Ship Elise, with despatch. '
For Havre—Ship L'Andille, with despateh.
For Bremen—Ship Atlas, with despatch. .1
For Vaipaiaiso and poits in the Pacific-Bt
Hortensia, Oct. 1. .
For Antwerp- Barque Paoli, Isth inst. a
For Liverpool—Barque Louisa Bliss, about <
inst. J
For Valpan iso—Brig Argyle, will sail this we-r
FRIDAY SEPTEMBER is, 1816. j 5
Ship Cincinnati,Codinan,Canton, Wm Wilson
Sons. „
Ship Potomae, Claggett, Amsterdam, B M Hot*!
Jr - ft
BrigC H Rogers, F W Wilson, Brazos St Jf
master. 14
Schr l.ydia, (new) Post, New York, Rose, Me
& Co. I
Schr Hy M Wilson. Edmondson, Edenton, Elil
both City, .Viirfresboro', &c, master.
Bremen ship Goethe, Ilomann , from Bremen?
ult. mdse. and 211 passengers to Oelrichs at Lurrt
Brig Eleanor, Brown, 14 days from Port Spi'
Trinidad, ballast, to J K RnndalJ. .
Jfeßtig St. Andrew, Cromwell, from Turks Isti*
salt to W W Spence it Co. 1
Brig Eagle, Fessenrler, 6 days from Boston, asst
ed cargo, to Thos R Matthews, On the 9th, lat > !
lon 72, saw a large ship ' f about 700 ions, Dirjii 4 -
ports, wt'll loss of head of foremast, main and'mil ß
topgalluntinnsls, dpurs, standing to the notth uu
coulter, spanker and rtysnil i
Schr Emily A Thompson, Keene, from Nassau r' !
6th inst sat, old copper, rigsing, anchors and cliai l
to FT M miell. Left nothing. Spoke 9th inst. ■'
27 15, ion 76 20, hrig Cotnmlsafy, of Bristol, R I fnl
Boston for Havana, 15 days our; ltth, lat 31 12, a
7i 50, brig Maria Spear, of Boston from Mobile fun
York 16 days cut; Ifith, saw off Hie False Cape* l
anchor, a vessel apparently a hcimaphrodite br, !
with her main and fhretopinasts gone, together w '.*
tlie standing rigging—she was all irlhein brig: it w)
blowing very heavy at the time, and did not spe*
her. Passengers, C It Kahili and son, from Vt
Cruz, Via Nassau.
" Schr, Ruth Atkins, McKinnear, 7 days from Boato'
domestics to Thos Whitridge A. Co. '
Schr Chesapeake, Stuart, 4 days from New Yor)
assorted coigo to Kree, Merrill & Co. |
Schr Elhcoti; Cole, 5 days from New York, assot®
ed cargo to 1 Mao km I
Schr John Howell, Lowden, 5 days from N Yo"
assoited cargo, to I Mankio. 3
Schr Mniio, Johnson, from New York, via Norfol
assorted cargo, to 1 Mankin. J
Steamer Jewess, Sutton, from Nor olk. Repot
offSeawell's Point, U. S. steamer Engineer, bavin"
111 tow two wiecks hound to Norfolk, one was cailtl
the ' India," apparently a brig. Coining in the Capei 3
II revenue culler, with a la'ge square 1 igged vessel i'
law, could not tell what she was; same time at?
place, a large vess. I in tow or a schr., wiih head 1
the bay. Off New Point, a brig with loss of spar,"
rigging, &e ; tiff Smith's Pbhtt, a baique with wh i J
streuk. uninjuied; and off Sandy Point, a brigantintl
SAlLED—Rarque Ida, Hailett, Boston; schr. D f
reel, Briggs, N. Ycik: 1
Brig Architect, Gray, and schi. Icna, Stevens, frot' l
Brazos Santiago arr. at N. Orleans 9tli inst. ,1
A Baltimore briganline in distress, with ft ur feW
water in her hold, was fallen in with, 10th inst, b
the schr Silas Wright, (pul Imek at New York,)
reports could not lender her any a sistanee 011 ac,
time" 0 ' *' S '*' ovv '"B 80 tremendously hard at tht 1
Brig Saldaua, Smbbs, from Baltimore for Brazosi
St Jsgo with a company of Us mounted Riflemen'
on hoard, put back into Hampton Roads on the Btlt
inst, having in the gale on theprevioup night lost bei
mainsail, foretopmast staysail, anil flying i'ib.
,nS?M!?r' C V ole; !V""y J "lj""n, Snedicor-
Hid Ashland, 1 aioe, (rom Ba!timmee;irrivcd at New,
York 17th inst. Cleared at do. same day, schr R
Habersham, Peniston, for llaltimoie.
• N. W. corner of
jy2l-3in EUTAW and LOMBARD BTB.
STEEL BRADS—r have on hand a large as-'
sortment of Steel Bends, all HUit.bers, for sale by
J e J2 J. M. HA1G.133 Ball 1 imorest.
BJIA!*OS,of all descriptions, tc hire at No. 105
HIGH STREET, below Pratt. u25-lm
DIl. J. S TAN L RY, from London,can be con
sulted daily, for Rheumatism, Paralysis, Spina
Disea.es. and all Nervous affections, at' his office,
corner of Cove street and Biittgimdy alloy. m 2) 6at
Observe the Name and AT), of the Store.
F ' ve doots below Frederick st.
Best BLACK. BEAVER IIVPS, superior style and
Best NUIRIA BEAVER HAITS, very fine and fash-'
Best EXTRA SUPER MOLESKIN, best texture, of
superior finish.
CAPS ol every variety. U
ANOTHER CAPITAL! Every b7y knows
that the capital, SIB,OOO, was sold at COLVIN
fx CO'S. We have now another to add to tie list,
the lilt'e Small Fry, a small afftir indeed, slllOO, but I
good ennu.h for the cost of it,si. There was ano
ilier little affair 01 $6lO, sold in u quarter ticket, cost
25 cents.
75 Nos. and 12 drawn ballots.
1 of $20,0001 1 ef $1,400
1 Ml' 5,L00 1 of 1,153
lof 2,900 1 10 of I,lo#
lof 1,509 I HI of 50
Tii kets $5, shares $1 25-
S3O 080, 100 of SIOOO, lOu of SSOO. on WEHNES-
Da V—one of the innat ' rilliant schemes. Tickets.
$lO, halves $5, qrs $2 51), eighths $1 25.
(CJ-Urders receive prompt attention
COLVI \ & CO.,
N W. corner of Calvert and Baltimore sts.,
sl9 it Baltimore, Mil,
JII4T RECFIVEIJ by late arrivals from New York
and Liverpool, a large assortment of splendid
S PEAK DISHES, from II in. to 24 inclusive. AleqL
Hnh Dishes; Vt nison do ; (h.flee Urns . nd Higgens;
Coffee and 'Pea Pets; Egg Boilers; Dish Gov rs; Jelly,
lee Cream. Pudding, nlanc Mange, Biscuit, Vegeta
ble and Charlotte de Busse ,Moulds, Stc. ttc.,—a I of
the most beautiful finish an I workmanship. Deal
ers nnd hotel keepers supplied ai the cheapest rales.
Also, a large assortment of Britannia Ware. Waiters;
Tab'e Cutlery; Albont, Silver Plated and Gorman Sil
ver Folks and Spoons; Solar and Hall Lamps; Lus
tre#. Btc. VVhtdei-alo and retail cheap for cash.
No, 10 Norih Charles street,
b!9 2W opposite Union Bank.

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