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American Republican,
FRIDAY MORNING. ° CT * IG - ,516 -
OJ-TIH. I.irpc nml rapidly increasing circulation of
the "Clipper," bmU In ill" cilv and in thecoumry,
makes it an admirable ine.lin n let advertising, and as
business is beginnr.g ■ - stir, mere hams, store keep
era, and ethers, should immediately avail themselves
o( its eoluinns.
certain that our government lias issued an or
der to General Taylor to terminate lite armis
tice, and to proceed on his march forthwith.—
The Union takes us to task for doubting iho
correctness of this policy, and expresses itself
in confidant terms, that the army under Gen
eral Taylor will be able to conquer any Mexi
can force which may be brought against it.—
We have the most perfect reliance upon the
skill and intrepidity of General Taylor and
those officers and soldiers under his command.
Their brilliant achievements under great disad.
vantage of position and against double their
numbers, prove that, for generalship, daring
courage and self-devotion they cannot bo ex
celled. It was not, therefore, from any doubt
upon these points, that we suggested the pro
priety of permitting our troops to "stand at
ease" for a short time, to provide reinforcements
and to ascertain the disposition of Mexico in
respect to peace—and we stated our impression,
that tho victories of oui troops would, in all
probability, induce Santa Anna to embrace the
earliest opportunity to torniinato tho war. In
response to this part of our article the Union
says, "one would have supposed that the bat
tles of Palo Alto and of Kesaea de la Palma
would have been sufficient to 'incline tho Mexi
can government to sue fur peace.' Hut Mexi
co was too blind and vain-glorious to feel her
inferiority, even after those two memorable de
feats." It should be recollected that the alfairs
of Mexico have undergone a great change sinco
tho occurrence of those events—a change much
moro favorable to tho promotion of peace.—
Santa Anna has been restored to power by the
permission of our government, and it is be
lieved, with the understanding that ho shall
seize the first favorable moment to terminate
the war. The proceedings of our government
indicate that such was its expectation; for it
sent a proposition to negotiate at the moment
when it was anticipated that he would resume
his power; and, until it became known that the
consideration of our proposal had been refeired
to the Mexican Congress, naval and military
operations were, in a great measure, suspended
on our part. The time had not arrived foi
Santa Anna to move for peace, fur lie had not
yet fixed bis authority on a sufficiently firm
basis, nor was the necessity so pressing as to
make it apparent to the people of Mexico that
peace should be restored. It is different now.
The capture of Monterey will justify Santa
Anna for taking immediate steps to close tht
contest, and we think that it would be pruden 1
not to press forward our troops until it can bi
ascertained whether or not no
peace. i lie delay coulu produco no injury
and might be productive of good, in saving tin
blood of our gallant army. It is not for glorj
or for conquest that we are fighting; and henci
wo cannot see why a treaty could not be as ad
vantageously negotiated with our army al
Monterey, as if it wore at Saltillo. The pre
sent army is too small to attempt to penetrate
to and capture the capitol of Mexico, and there
to dictate the torms of peace. If it be tho de
sign to march upon the capitol, then our gov
ernment cannot be too speedy in reinforcing
General Taylor, as his present force, however
brave and enthusiastic, would be incompetent
to the task.
Tho Union sets down General Taylor's atmy
at ten thousand strong: that includes, we pro
sumo, those troops which have been letl to gar
rison the places captured, and which can be of
nq service in future conflicts. The number of
our army engaged in the capture of Monterey
has been stated at about six thousand; five hun
dred of whom are said to have been cither kill
ed or wounded in the engagement. Now would
it not be hazardous to thrust this small body of
men forward against an organized opposing
force oftwelvc thousand men under Ampudia,
witli the possibility of powerful reinforcements;
We are opposed to unnecessarily risking the
laurels which havo been won by our gallant j
troops, and therefore think that General Tay- i
lor acted discreetly and judiciously in giariting
the armistice, and that lie should not be order
ed forward without sufficient additions to his)
force to insure success. We rejoice at the j
glory which ho and those whom ho commands
havo acquired; but we must have discretion in j
our exultation. The bravest men may be over- ,
come by numbers—why, then, unnecessarily j
risk a result which would prove most disastrous ;
in its consequences? Tho editor of the Union I
cries, "Onward." So do we, if the honor and I
interests of tire country require it. Hut we!
would not convert our little army into a "for- j
lorn hope," if it can bo avoided. Lai General !
Taylor have a lair chance; and if it be resolved j
that lie shall march into the heart of the enemy's !
territory, let him havo a forco adequate to the |
ISIENKIAL SESSIONS. Tho editor of the Ha-!
gerstown News promises, that if we cau show
how biennial sessions "can possibly save one
dollar i.i a hundred years," lie will send us his
hat by the next mail. Now, we doubt wheth- i
er his hat would fit our head; and besides, it;
may bo old and shabby. We shall not, there-j
fore, claim it under any circumstances—but we ;
will ask him to answer a plain question in arilli-,
mntic, in figuring out which, he will probably
become convinced that he is in error, in respect j
to biennial sessions not producing a saving to
the Stale. The question is this: if annual ses
sions of tho legislature cost sixty thousand do!,
lars per year, how much will be saved by hold
ing them o ice in two years? Figure it out Mr.;
News, and shew us the result.
! all the additional returns received from this
! State, since yesterday. In Philadelphia city
; and county, Lelar, native, is elected sherifi by
i a majority of 25 over Deal, dem., and 5420 over
McGtath, whig,
i The democrats havo elected the Auditor,
j County Clerk and Register of Wills,
j The whole regularly nominated whig coun
cil ticket for the city, is elected, by a majority
varying from 1000 to 1500; as is also the whig
1 delegate ticket.
In Philadelphia county tho democratic sena
j tor and delegates were elected.
lUrks county gives only about 1200 majori
ty for the democratic canal commisisoner.—
Bucks and Schuylkill counties have both gone
tor the whigs. Montgomery gives less than 200
( Ibr the democratic congressman, and 500 for the
whig senator. In Allegany county the whig
majorities range from 1000 to 2000. Power
has about 2000 maj. Whig mnj. last year from
400 to 600. The U. S. Gazette says:
In looking over the returns as we received
j them from various counties, we notice the fol
lowing results:
The whigs carry Philadelphia city, tho de
mocrats tho county. The whigs in Bucks coun
ty have a gain of three assemblymen, and one
senator. Northampton county, though demo
cratic, allows the whigs one assemblyman—a
gain. Schuylkill county goes for the whigs,
giving a gain of two assemblymen. Cumbor-
I land, democratic, but allows one whig assem
blyman. Lebanon, Delaware, and Lancaster,
go for the whigs as usual. Berks and Montgo
i mery go for the democrats as usual. It is said
that Chester elects two whigs and one demo
crat to the assombly. This would be a whig
i loss of one.
The Whigs, so far, havo gained 4 membors
of the Mouse, and 2 Senators,
i Canal Commissioner. Mr. Power's majority
: in this city is about two thousand —hut the vote
of the county overbalances this so much that
Mr. Foster, the democratic candidate will go
out of the county with about two thousand ma
jotity. The returns thus far received, seem to
warrant the belief that Mr. Power (W.) has
been olectcd Canal Commissioner, in place ol
I Mr. Foster, dein.
As the vote for Canal Commissioner will be
the test vote in the State, we subjoin the fol
lowing table of reported majorities:
Power, W Foster, D.
Bucks, 300 mnj
Berks, 1200 inaj.
Schuylkill. 300
Dauphin, 500
Montgomery, 200
Chester, 150
Franklin, 500
i : Cumberland 100
Perry, 100
1 Yoik, 100
Lancaster, 2200
' Delaware, 348
Northumberland, 400
[ I Lycoming. 300
Union, 1100
■ | Centre, 150
Huntingdon, 600
,! Blnir, 500
Juniata, 100
j Allegany, 2000
j The above returns show an immense Whig
1 j gain since the Presidential election, and indi
' j cale that the Slato has gone for the Whigs.
1 The following is tho result for Congressmen
® . as far as ascertained:
Ist District, Philadelphia—Lewis C. Levin
• ; Native, re-elected. Majority 432.
e J 2d District, Philadelphia—J. R. Ingersol!
y I whig, re-oJected. Majority 1669.
; j 3d District, Philadelphia—Charles lirown,
dent ,in place of Campbell, native. Maj. 300,
4th District, Philadelphia—C. J. Ingersoll,
1 dem. ro-elected. Majority 464.
sth District, Delawaro and Montgomery—
Freedly, whig, in the place of Jacob S. Yost,
i dem. Whig gain.
6th District, Bucks and Lohigh—Hornbuck,
in place of Erdinan, dem. Whig gain.
4th District, Chester—Mcllvaine, W., ro
j elected.
I Bth District, Lancaster—John Strobm, W.,
i re-elected.
j 9ih District, Berks—Wm'. Strong, dem., re
i elected.
| 10th District, Northampton, Monroe, Pike,
Carbon, and Wayne—Broadhead, dem., re
j olected.
13th District, Pollock, whig, elected by a
j large majority.
14th District, Dauphin, Lobanon, and
! Schuylkill—Dr. Eckert, W.
15th District, York and Adams—Mr. Nea.
; Whig gain.
16th District, Cumberland, Franklin, and
1 Perry—James L. Brady, in place of Jas. Black,
j Whig gain.
18th District, Andrew Stewart, whig, has a
! majority in Fayette county, and is no doubt
21st District, llamj ton, whig elected. Same
as last year.
GEORGIA ELECTIONS. Complete returns
have been received of tho vote in the 3d Con
gressional district in Georgia. Dr. Jones, the
whig candidate has been elected over Colonel
Towns, tho present incumbent, by a majority
of 116 votes. This is a whig gain. The dele
gation will certainly stand 4 whigs to 4 demo
crats—possibly 5 whigs, as Haralson's district
is yet in doubt.
CAROLINE COUNTY. The following is the
vote at tiie late election in this county. For
Senator—Carter, dem. 596; Potter, whig, 568;
For Delegates—Sherwood, 588; Lyden, 588;
Dawson, 583, all democrats; Pearson, 580.
Harrington, 546; McKuctt, 568, all whigs.—
Democratic Senator and two Delegates elected,
and a lie between the lowest democratic and
highest whig. Four of the five Commissioners
are democrats.
Courier and Enquirer announces the determi
nation of its editor not to sustain the Whig
nomination of Mr. Young, us the Whig candi
date for Governor of that State, upon tho
grounds that Mr. Y. is Ilent." Tho
Courier and Enquirer declares that it will not
oppose Mr. Y. in the canvass.
AN OLD OFFICE HOLDER. John Fisk, esq.,
was on Tuesday last clios n Town Cloik of
Middletown, Conn., this being the fiftieth year
that he has held that office. He has also en
tered upon his twenty-fourth year as Town
RATHER OLD. There is said to be a female
in Bangor, who was born in Newbern,N. C ,
in 1442. She walks to church regularly every
We have the full vote from Somerset and Wor
cester counties, which, it will bo seen, goes to
swell the already ascertained majority jf the
people of Maryland in favor of Bionnial Ses
sions of the Legislature, one of the j/reat mea
sures of State reform, which we hjtvo so long
Ayes Nays.
Somerset, 1,686 145
Worcester, 1,439 807
Cecil, 1,600 936
Dorchester, 1,394 439
Anne Arundel, 711 2,243
Baltimore city, 6,811 7,495
Baltimore county, 1,439 1,572
Frederick, 2,612 2,595
Alloghany, 1,371 1,444
Washington, "ol in.
Talbot, 344 532
Kent, 458 135
I Queen Anne's, 600 m.
| • 21,615 18,343
Majority so fur, 3,272. Montgomery county
' has given upwards of 600 majority in its favor.
; St. Mary's, Charles, Caroline, Harford, Cal
vert, Prince George's, and Carroll counties not
; heard from.
of Wednesday says, the recent storm in New
York was very severe. It was accompanied
with a strong southeast wind. The schooner
Olivor H. Perry, lying betwoen two vessels ut
Pier No. 7 North River, was so jammed and
injured in her upper works as to cause her to
leak badly. About a dozen of the beautiful
trees on the Battery have been blown down,
and the ground is strewn with branches of trees
in every direction. We fear this gale has prov
ed disastrous to the shipping along the coast.—
Vessels coining down tho New Jersey coast
could hardly avoid going ashore.
CART. FATIO. We copied into our columns
on Saturday last, a paragraph, stating that thi s
officer, who was rocontly dismissed from the
revenue service, for disobedience of orders, had
sought an interview with the President, for the
purpose of procuring his re-iristatement,and that
the President refused to listen to his excuses.
A friend of tho captain requests us to state that
the whole paragraph is untrue.
Board of Health of New Orleans reported on
the 6th inst., that there had been 21 deaths by
Yellow Fovcr. The Board was, however, of
opinion, that the fever was at that date on the
decline, and that no epidemic was to be appre
hended, as hut very few cases have occurred in
private practice.
dresses, low shoes and plaid stockings, it is said,
are coming into fashion. There is nothing liko
a plaid slocking or a well angled tie to a laced
slipper to set off a pretty ankle; and the girls
know it.
.Irresl of ".Kipper" 1 and "Till" Thieves. The
active firm ofZell, Itidgely & Cook, on Wed
nesday night, arrested a young man, calling
himself James Brink, on the charge of robbing
Mr. William Hoblitzell, of Cumberland, Md..
j of §35 in money, at the "Globe" hotel, corner
;of Baltimore and Howard streets. Ho entered
the room of Mr. H., by means of a pair of
i "nippers," and took the money out of the pock
et of a pair of pantaloons, but luckilyflefl the
! largest "grab," there being some §2OO in the
saino pocket, which he missed. He was seen
by a servant handling tho pantaloons, and
when caught arid "frisked" by the officers, the
money was found in his possession, Brink was
dressed in the full "swell" fashion, and was
"pulled" at one of the fashionable hotels, where
he had removed after the above depredation.—
Justice Duvall, No. 15 Mercer street, fully
committed him for trial.
The same officers, on Wednesday night, ar
rested two genteel looking young men, named
John Penny, alias and George Hess;
in Pratt street, on the charge of robbunr the
"till" of T. T. Tucker & Bro., Lottery and
Exchange Dealers, at the corner of Baltimore
street and Marsh Market Space, on Wednesday
afternoon, of between §SO and §6O in money.
It appears that they went into tho office, and
one decoyed tho lad who stays there, to the
door, while the other used tho opportunity to
slip behind the counter, and "raise" all tho mo
ney that was in the till. When arrested, which
followed so quickly on the depredation, the
wholo amount of money was found upow them,
and immediately identified. One note espe
cially, which was a §1 note on the Lancastei
County Bank, Pa., altered to a $lO, will be
sufficient ovidence to give them a close shift
for the penitentiary. They were also fully
committed for trial, by Justice Duvall.
JVot Bad—Go it Boots. In the 6th ward, one
of the political parlies had, what is familiarly
termed a "coop," previous to the mayoralty
election on Wednesday, in which were caged
some 12 or fifteen hard cases of voters, whom il
was not considered safe to permit at large, foi
fear their opponents might-come across the
"freemen,' and persuade them to vote contrary
to their principles. The cooped gentry woreir
a room, in which there was not a sufficiency o
seats, and they made complaint, swearing they
would not stand such treatment auy longer.—
The proprietor not having any chairs to give
litem, tumbled a large box (containing a dozer
pair of new boots, which, being a shoemaker
lie had just finished to send away on an order,]
into their room, and told them to use it for a
seat," and being large enough, would accommo
date a half dozen of '.hem. This contented
them, but lo! in the morning, when he went in
to the room, to see how these independent vo
ters were fareing,he found twelve of them rigg
ed out in a pair of new boots, each, having bro
ken open the box and made free with the con
tents. This was a dilemma the politicians
who had them in chaigc, did not anticipate; it
would not do to take the boots away by force,
for fear of offending them, and thereby losing
their votes, and it was rather a large bill for
the party to fool. It created considerable diffi
culty indoors, and plenty of merryment outside,
wherever it was known, but iiow it was settled
we could not learn. It was a bootless party
when cooped, but as boot is always given in
election times, we don't see much harm in the
above "appropriation," if thereby their hones
ty did stick in a "feet."
County Court. This tribunal was engaged
yesterday, in tho case of Lloyd McNeil vs.
Samuel Hopkins, executor of James Knight.
Messrs. Glenn and lug, for the plaintiff; St.
George W. Teakle, for tho defendant. Ad
journed until this morning.
Assault. Henry Johnson, charged with as
saulting and beating William Thompson, was
airestod yesterday by officer Lucas, and com
initto l to jail, to appear at court, by Justice
Franklin Square. In the extreme western
section oftho city, there is a fine lot ofgroond,
belonging to the corporation, called Franklin
Square. It is bounded by Carey, Lexington,
Fayette and Calhoun streets, and has a I root
on each of those streets o("320 (bet. The cost
of the squire was about SIO,OOO. It is surround
ed by a plain wooden fence, and in it there is
a spring of pure water. There are no improve
ments on it, but in the immediate neighborhood
a number of large and handsome dwellings have
been erected. The expenditure of a small sum
of money would construct a building over the
spring, and lay out the place with gravel walks.
It is a beautiful and healthful spot, and its im
provement would increase the value of tho pro
perty, and be an ornament arid benefit to the
Remains of llie gallant Col I t'alson. We un
derstand that the "Independent Blues," at a
meeting held at their armory on Tuesday night,
appointed Samuel S. Mills, Esq , a member ol
the corps, to proceed to Monterey, and take
charge of the remains of Col. Watson, for re
moval to this city. This promptness of action
j on the part of tho corps is highly creditable to
J the gentlemen composing it, and is a merited
tribute to the memory ot their late gallant
cainmander. The gentleman deputed to su
| perintend tho removal of the remains was inti
mately associated with the deceased, and the
duty could not have been devolved upon one
better fitted for the performance ol tho melan
choly service. Mr. Mills will leave for Monte
icy as soon as the necessary arrangements can
be made.
Occident. A young man, named S. Honryl
Hocn, an apprentice to Mr. W'eber,engraver,
during the crowd at the Patriot ollice, on Wed
nesday night, accidentally fell over the iron
railing into the area in front of the "Jarvis
Buildings," and injured himself'quite seriously.
His head struck .the brick pavement below,
causing a concussion of the brain, and blood
flowed quite freely from bis mouth and nostrils,
while lie lay insensible for some time. He was
conveyed home, medical aid procured, and wo
learn that he was much better arid out of dan
ger yesterday morning.
Ornamental Writing. A fine specimen o
ornamental writing, equal to any tiling of the
kind wo have ever examined, lias been execut
ed by Mr. J. S. Nichols, teacher of plain and
ornamental penmanship, No. 211 Baltimore St.,
and presented to the manager of the Baltimore
Museum. It consists of a descriptive sheet of
the curiosities of the establishment, and, at first
sight, would be taken for a fine lithograph. It
does great credit to Mr. Nichols, and forms an
appropriate present to the worthy manager ef
the establishment.
Sudden Death. A small daughter of Mr. J.
R.. Norman, residing at No. 129 East Balti
more street, named Johanna, died very sud
denly yesterday morning. She had been un
well for a day or two, and was not confined to
her bed, but running about the house as usual,
when about 7 o'clock, yesterday morning, she
was taken suddotily with spasms, and by ten
o'clock, (in about three hours,) was a corpse.
Drs. Dowries and Diflenderffcr were called in,
and every thing that medical skill could do
vise, used to save her life, but without avail.
The cause of her death was supposed to be con
gestion of the brain.
The Races. Wo learn that the sport at the
Canton Course, yesterday, was very fine, and
the racing excellent. Five horses entered, and
the purse ($200) was taken in two straight
heals, by Mr. O. P. Hare's "Patsy Anthony."
To-day two three mile races come off, in which
"Fashion" will be a competitor for the club
purse. Exciting races may be anticipated.
Fined for attempting to vote twice. John
Clark, who was arrested on the day of election
for attempting to vote the second time at the
Sixth ward polls, was yesterday further exam
ined and fined $lO and costs by Justice C. G.
llidgely. He was afterwards arrested and ta
ken before Esquire Schaffor on the charge of
having also voted in the Fifth ward. The lat
ter charge will be investigated this afternoon.
Stabbed. A man named McConias came in
to the middle district watch-houso about 11 o'- {
clock on Wednesday night, bleeding very pro
fusely from three different wounds—one near
the left shoulder, and the others in the right j
sido. lie said he had been knocked down in '
Light st., near Baltimore, and stabbed by three
men, whom he had never seen before. Dr.
VVhitridge was sent for and dressed his wounds, i
after which, he was placed in charge of his bro- j
ther, and conveyed home. Neither of the [
wounds are dangerous.
Full. The watch-houses in every district'
were lull of loafers on Wednesday night, the!
politicians having no further use for them until!
the next election. No less than eighteen came j
for lodgings at the eastern district.
Inquest. An inquest was held yesterday
morning by coroner Hooper, over the body of a j
new-born mulatto infant, found exposed in a j
wagon, at the corner of Aisquith and Madison I
sts. The jury returned tho verdict, that it j
came to its death by being exposed, by the
hands of some person unknown.
City Court. Tho only case tried before this j
court yesterduy, was that of a negro, named Je
sepli Kyscr, indicted for being tho father of an
illegitimate female child, by one Harriet Coul
son, colored. Verdict of guilty. F. P. Love
grove, for the State; W'm. P. Preston, for the
traverser. Tho court adjourned until this
FRONT STREKTTHEATRK— 7'Aird Night of the Ravel
Family. These extraordinary performers will make
their third appearance at the "old Front" this even- j
ing, when an entire change of performance will take
plaee. Their feals are of so astonishing a character j
that any attempt at deception would utterly fail. To j
ie appreciated and believed they must be seen. To j
secure good seats application should be made at the |
Bex olfiee in the fore part of the day—Mr. Barton, the
rreasurar, will be in the office for the purpose. j
THE MUSEUM. The favorite eomedy of the "Old j
English Gentleman," and laughable farce of "The
Loan of a Lover," will be performed at the Museum
10-night. In the course of the evening a dance by
Miss Ludlow; song by Mr. Garner and the mesmeric
exhibition of lite Highland Fat Boys. Mr. John Sef
lon and Mrs. Moisop will appear in bo.h pieces.
(gj- At a meeting of the CALOCAGATHI AN SO
CIETY of St. Mary's College, held on the 14th inst.
Mr. A. L, KNOTT rose and announced, in a feeling
iind eloquent manner, the death of their late fellow
member, Mi Titos. W. CHYLE, a graduate of the
present year. A committee, cons'sting ef Messrs.
A. L. Knott, Charles A. Schratder, and Francis
Garesclte. having been appointed to draft resolutions
expressive ot the regret with which the Society re
ceived litis communication, the following resolu
tions were renortcd and unanimously adopted:
Resolved, That the members of this Society have
learned with heartfelt sorrow the piematu-e death
o 1 their late fellow member, Titos. VV. Coyle, and
that they feel it a duly to give a pulilic expression of
their admiration of the distinguished talenls and ac
quirements of one so gifted an ! yet so young.
Resolvt d, That we fondly elteri.h the remembrance
of his many virtues, his engiging mannets and warm
friendship, which endeared hitn to all who knew
him, and deeply sympathize with bis family and
Iriends in the sad bereavement to which they have
been subjected.
Resolved, That to testify our attachment to our
late fi end, the members of the Society will wear
the usual badge of mourning for thirty days—that
the oliicers of the meeting be requested to send a
copy of the proceedings lo tho family of the deceas
ed, and cause the same lo be published in the differ
ent papers of this city.
H. C. CASTELLANOS, President.
tft?-1.0 K. M. Chiefs anil Ueprcsentatives ol
kite Great Council of Maryland, lake notice, Thai
kn adjourned meeting will he held at L'ncas' Wig
want, cornet of Gay ami Front streets, on THIS (the
6th) SLEEP, in the third 7th Sun f the Travellinr
Moon in the grand 5un,5007. Punctual attendants
is requested. Uy order,
It* A. BALLAUF, G. K. R.
BALTIMORE, October 16, 1846. J
QQ- Vou will attend a special meeting of the Trooi
on THIS (Friday) EVENING, the 16th inst., at '
o'clock at the Armory, S. E cottier of Exchangi
Place and South street. Punctual attendance is rc
quested, as business of importance will be laid he
fore the Company. Bv otder,
JOHN GROSS, Lieut Corn's;.
It LEWIS REPPART, Secretary.
A stated meeting of the Institute will be held at lial
past a o'clock, P.M., on SATURDAY. 17th inst., a
the Rooms of the Light street liuiilu'e, when wil
be held a discussion 011 "Mural Discipline it
Schools," postponed from the last meeting.
1." K. CONNOLLY, Rec. See.
QtJ- FLOATING BETHEL. This good old shi|
is now moored at the f ot of Gay street wharf, anc
will be opened fir visiters. Ladies and children cat
get on bo ird with ease, as she lies alongside the Nor
folk steam boat wharf. The ship-keeper will be 01
hoard to show the ship during this week. Person
wishing to aid in paying for this good old ship, wil
see a box on the foremast, in which they may dro|
any amount they please. There will be prcachin
o'clock, and SABBATH Morning at 11; Aflertiooi
at 3, and Evening at 7 o'clock. oio-tf
Tune —"DANDY JIM."
Every body tells me, O,
"Booth's CIGARS are all the go,"
I went myself and (ound it so,
Just as ail had told me, O.
To 65, that is the place,
llyoM need Cigars, where you must haste;
Or else, altho' you want a puff,
You'll not be sure to get enough!
Then haste away, to Booth's you know,
He keeps the best in the city, O,
J .st step in his sime and you'll find it so,
Just as 1 have told you, O.
N. 11. BOOTH'S establishment is in HAXOVEI
ST., 3 doors South of Camden, nearly opposite hi
old and favorite stand. se24
PLATES, of every size, for sale by the case, dozen
or single Plate.
ALSO, the most complete and largestassortmen
of Mahogany FRAMES to he found in the city.
Gilt Portrait and Picture FRAMES, of entirely new
patterns, never before introduced in Baltimore, niudi
to order of the very best materials and by the bes
workmen; together with Gilt Box CORNICES
&c. fee., for sale and made to order, as cheap as the]
can be obtained at any establishment in the Unite*
States. E. S. FRYER,
nll-tf No. 1 North Gay street.
QQ- Wo invite the attention of the public to the
certificates of a cure performed by Dr. CULLEN'S
ly goes ahead of any heretofore published. The high
standing of ;he gentlemen whose names are given
as having witnessed this cure, precludes the possi
bility of imposition. There is a large number ol
persons now taking this medicine in this city, whose
residence will be given hy applying to the Agents
whose names will be found attached to the certifL
oates. sea
Mt. Holly, New Jersey. Nov. 1, 1845.
Dear Sir: Having used DR. WISTAR'S BALSAM
OF WILD CHERRY, with great benefit to myself, I
cheerfully comply with your request to give my tes
timony in favor of it. Some time since I took cold
and it settled on my lungs; I was troubled for seve
ral weeks with a very bad cold,'raised blood several
times, and had all the alarming symptoms attending
confirmed Consumption. 1 despaired of recovery -
Alter trying various remedies in vain, I obtained a
bottle of your Balsam; 1 took three bottles, and te
my astonishment was entirely cured. I attribute my
restoration of health to that medicine alone. All wbc
are sick or afflicted with Pulmonary affections, I
would recommend Hunt to try Dll. WISTAR'S
BALSAM immediately,
None genuine without the written signature of L
On hand and for sate by
STABLER St UANBY, 120 VV. Pratt-st.
Also, hy Geo. W. Jones, cor. Baltimore and High sts.;
dctli S. fiance, Baltimore and Pratt streets; Roberts
8t Atkinson,corner Baltimore and Hanover sts; J. F,
Perkins St Brother, cor. Green and Franklin streets;
Joseph B. Stanshury, 61 Thames-st; Eliaha H. Per
kins. corner Market and Gieen-sts.; George ll.Keerl.
No. 323 Baltimore street; N. N. Robinson, 58 North
Gaystreet. o!2 Iw
J. by W. T. THOMP.-ON arid W. H. CARPEN
TER, published this morning, and for sale at Ihe
principal Periodical Depots of the city. Among the
contents of the present number will be found:
First Love, an episode in the Life of Frederick the
Great, a tale of female heroism; The Black Prophet,
Chap. XX, Tumults, Confusion of Warder; Royal
Marriage in Russia, being an interesting discussion of
the ceremonies on the occasion of the marriage of the
Princess Olga.
ORIGINAL SKETCHES—The Medical Btudent;
or Commencing to Practice, by Evoigrah; Ki Lam's
first visit to New Orleans, a Southwestern sketch, by
Will Whipple.
ORIGINAL POETRY—Gulnare, by William Gib
son, U. S. N.; On a Pieture, by the same author; The
Mermaid, ftom Goethe.
EDITORIALS—The Hero Sous of Maryland; The
Judiciary; The Stewart Case; The Horrors of Wat;
The Armistice; The Boston Suicide, Btc., &c
Details of the Battle of Monterey; News Items;
Miscellany; Agricultural Matter; Anecdotes, &c. &.c.
Subscription ptice $2 per annum. Single copies
6j cents. oclß 2t
Great sensation produced at the HOTELS and
EATING SALOONS, in consequence of the great
arrival of
all sizes. Also,
PARISIAN COFFEE MAKERS, a new article on
ari approved plan; COFFEE and TE V POTS; EGG
DISH COVERS, ike. of the most exquisite finish
and workmanship.
in sets, with silver tops, and white metal handles,
very rich; American Britannia of all kinds, with n
variety of fashionable styles of
IVA ITERS, .s>c.,
Which will be run off rapidly, wholesale and retail,
as cheap as can be had at any house in the U. States
Dealers and housekeepers will do well to call before
purchasing. Every variety of
constantly on hand at the very LO I VEST PRICES.
No. 10, N. Charles St., opposite Union Bank.
oclO-lwif And near the Pew Church.
(Recently occupied by the I ite Jas. V, Wilson.)
The subscriber has resumed business in the above
establishment, and is prepared to furnish toordirall
descriptions of IRON CASTINGS. Also, IRON
CHINE WORK accurately made, and for ARCHI
TECTURAL and ORNAMENTAL purposes, carved
in the best style, Qy Orders respectfully solicited
utid punctually attended to.
door from Market St., you can purchase CLOTHING
at reduced prices, to suit the times. Clothing made
mid trimmed at Ihe usual rales —Pants and Vests at
$1.25 a $175; Coats, of French or Eiqlish Cloths,
$5 to SB. The new style of New York Over coat
and Sack has just arrived; also, the new style Vests
and Pants, Blouks, Rc. Cull and see the quality and
style of these garments at Oak Hall Clothing Store,
No. 1 Hanover street, hy
o 15-1 in * MATTHIAS MELICK.
IIADED PURSE SILICS— A beautiful as-
Jjsortinent on hand and fur sale by
sel2 J. ML HAIG, 133 Baltimore st.
flMpjii The undersigned respectfully in-
Jfc'l,l forms his friends and the public gen
/ 0 erally, thai he has on Imnd ana in
XL tends keeping a general assorlmetit
Mt of WARE, in his line of business —
iajj' 1 such as Block Tin, Britannia and Ja-
QL panned ' Ware; also, Pots, Ovens,
Wit Spiders, Tea Kettles Sic. Together
with all kinds of TIN WARE gen
erally, used hy country merchants, which he offers
STREET, Baltimore,
Opposite [i a mil m's, Halt. M •
dated Lotlerv, class No. 41, for 1846: For b
f Town of Bef-Alr:
32 -13 19 20 45 26 16 55 64 13 67 63 9*
32 ami 43, being the Ist and Hit drawn Nos.each,
20 and 49, heine the ;| il and -Itit drawn Nos. eacir
26 and 45, being the 6th and 6lh drawn Nos. oae
16 and 05, being lie 7rli and Bth; or 19 and 64, In''
irig the 9.h and 10th drawn Nos. each *
All having two of the drawn Nos. on them . each
All having one only ol the drawn Nos. on, " '
,Of?" flowing Of Maryland Consolidated l.cl
class 39, lor the hem fit of the Susquehanna CI
and for other purposes.
73 63 9 72 19 " 24 26 14 13 74 35 5 :
63 and 73, being the Ist and 2.1 drawn Nos. each?
9 and 63, being the 2d and 3d drawn Nos. each
9 and 72, being the 31 and 4th diawn Nos. eac
19 and 72, being the 4th and sth; oi 19 and 77 be,
ing the sth and 6th drawn Nos. each '
All having two or the drawn Nos. on them, eacS
All having one only of the drawn Nos. on them
It EMORY A CO., No. 8 N.Calvert'
J Here is luck that can't he beat: In yesteri
Lottery, Class 39, the magnificent prize of £j
DOLLARS, in a package of i|nnrter tickt ts, was
per letter to a new customer in I'hiladelph:
This is the third prize of 425,000 sold by EM<
A CO in four months, besides prizes of asm
amount over $900,000. This is erough to conr
every one that EMORY & CO.'3 is the lucky
for prizes.
I prize of $4,0J0 I 1 prize of $1,2(
1 " " 2,C00 I 2 " " | 0
And 6 of SSOO each. '
Tickets only sl—shares in proportion.
Thu is the little fellow for packages. The risl
a package 0r95 tickets in this scheme. EMOK
CO. will sell for s3.so—each package guarantie
draw hack '2 55, at ihe worst luck. Now is
chance for the Four Thousand. Give EMORY A<
a call, and secure the prize.
fijJ~ For prizes in any Lottery, always apply in •
son or by mail in the far famed Lottery firm of
EM 'ItY it CO., U. S. Lottery Agency,
No. 2 Calvert-st., 2d Lottery office
It from Baltimoie ttree
A FOR " 4S
% v 1 F\y at tlie lucky office ofMILi,EI
CO., coiner of 3t. Paul's and Baltimore streets.
Will be drawn TO-DAY, (Friday,) October II
Md Lottery, for the benefit of the Fiederick Fem
Seminary, class No. 36. 75 Nos. 12 drawn bailor
making a beautiful scheme for the price of tickt
which are only $1! "i
lof $4,006 I 2Of <
lof 1,000 I 50l
lof 000 I sot .
lof 300 | 10 of
Tickets $1 00—halvps $0.50 quarters $0.25. :
Certificate of a package of 25 whole tickets c
only .sl4 80, halves $7.40, quarters $3.70.
For lucky tickeis by the package or single tick
apply to the prize venders, MILLER & CO.
Corner of Baltimore and St. Paul streets
Drawn Nos. of the Md. Lottery, class No,:
drawn Oct. 15. Lowest prize $3.
02 13 40 20 45 20 11, 55" 01 ill 67 63 I
ORDERED, this 15th day of October. 18
by Baltimore County Cuurt, that the sale ma
and reported by Orville Horwilz, Trustee in t (
above cause, be and the same is hereby finally ra
fied and confirmed, unless cause to the contrary i
shown on or before the lllth day of November lie
provided a copy of this order be published in son'
one of the daily papers of the city of Baltimnr
once a week for three successive weeks, prior to tl
said 10th day of November next. ,
The Report stales the amount of sales to be foi
hundred and firty dollars. By order,
016-law3t Trn'e copy, A. W. BRADFORD, Clki
The Famous Small Fry Lottery THIS DAY.
Capital $4600. Tickets sl, halves 50 cents, qnarte
25 cents. Draton Nos. of Bel Air, class 41. Oct 15:;
32 40 49 20 45 20 16 55 64 19 67 63 9 1
1 ptize of $lOl.O 1 2 prizes of ,SSOO
I do 1,00(1 I 2 do 396
1 do 040 I 5 do 200
I do 459 | 5 do 150:
T cki tssl.oo; halves $0 50; quarters $0 25.
package can draw the lour hlghc t capital:
and we will issue cer ificates of 25 whale tickets f<
$14.80, halvess7.4o, quarterss3 70, eighths $1.85.
Orders receive prompt attention. ncdres3
N. W. corner of Calvert and Baltimore sts..
It Baltimore, Maryland
Splendid Untiling c.vcd fust quality fill,
yfyh. jewelled patent, lever WATCHES, receivei
Ji P'' r the last steamer, inade expressly to or
BBASIW der, with a large assortment of the differed
desciiptinns of gold ami silver Watches, which arn
warranted to be as fine as any of my former impor
lations. Persons in want of first quality Watches
will please call and examine G. D. CLARK'S as
sortment, at the old established stand, Water street
second duor from Calvert. 010
Observe the JVnme and No. of ihe Store.
Five doois below Frederick t.
Best BLACK BEAVER H.iTS, superior style and
Best NUTRIA BEAVER HAWS, very fine and fash
Best EXTRA SUPER MOLESKIN, heat texture, of
superior finish.
CAPS of every variety. It"
THY HE subscriber widies to purchase, immediate
JL ly, a number of likely NEGROE-*, of both sexes,
for which the highest market price will be paid
Apply at the Washington Hotel, PRATT STREET,
a few doors above Hanover-st., where I can at all
times be fouud. All communications promptly at
tended to. [o!6-lN5*3 WILLIAM BARKER.
There will be a great run of luck this week as usu
al, at the office of our agent, Mr. DOYLE, capital
prize depot, No. 144 Pratt street. We are determined
to send to him this week all prizes, and he is as re
solved to sell them, tlieri fore, if you would wish to
purchase a prize cail early, as the highest prize may
be chosen first, delays are dangerous. There ate no
humbug prizes advciti-ed by them, and for the truth
of which we refer to our official schemes and to the
prizes themselves at his counter, where they remain
for a week after being drawn, so the public cannot be
deceived in what lie says. FactsLspcak for themselves"
"call early."
FRIDAY, capital $4,000, tickets2sc., shares in pro
SATURDAY, capital $5,000, ticketssoc., shares In
Any person who would wish to try their luck by
the package in a small way, have now a good chance.
We will sell on certificate, 25 tickets for .$3, thereby
giving a chauce for 3capilal prizes, and the whole 75
numbers for the same sum ($3) ana who would not
throw themselves in Fortune's way when it only re
quires a risk of 25 cents for a single quarter, which
: stands the chance of drawing froth asl to a $4,00
! Persons ordering tickets from a distance may rely
on having them sent as correctly as if lliey were to
i choose themselves, aipl the official drawing sent as
soon as drawn.
A liberal discouut will be paid to persons who pus
j chase by the package or quantity,
j For sale in the greatest variety of lucky numbers, by
, Ihe package, single ticket, or share. All orders, per
I mail or otherwise,addressedto
M. DOYLE, No. 144 Pratistreet
It fit 7 Opposite B.A O. R. K. Depot _
Nos. 17 AND 19 HANOVER ST.
kTh bill !>■ CASES now on hand arid daily le
-55 jr Feeiving fresh supplies, both Ironi New
I England and city manufacturer, and for sale by the
i case, on inanulacuir. rs account.
I The stock embraces a general assortment of all
i kinds of Boots, Shoes and Braguns, both coarse and
A'so, Agency of Goodyear Rubber Manufacturing
j Go. and on hand a full supply of the patent metallic
I Rubber Shoes.
J Also. Agency of Hartshoroe A Go's, manufactur
j ed RUBBERS, and a full supply of the imported
Rubbers, in original cases, Ac. Ac. Ac. aB6-eo3m
ANTHRACITE COAL —Sol ected txprcssly,
as to kind and quality, fir Stoves , Grates, Itnn
! ges and Furnaces. For sale hy ROBT. W. C'LIFFE
jit CO., No. 1 North st. Yard foot of Albemarle!
| street. au!7-law3m
I ijUTTY. The subscriber is selling PUTTY,
1. made of pure Linseed Oil and thoioughly dry
Whiting, fiom3otolo per cent, below the market
: price. He keeps it on hand in latge quantities; and
making it bysleam power, is (prepared to fill large
orders at short notice.
J. W. W. GORDON, 152 W. Pratt street,
I o!3-eo opposite Bait and Ohio R. R. Depot.

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