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[Correspondence of ihe Baltimore Clipper.]
WASHINGTON, Nov. 1", 18-16.
Interesting to Benevolent Associations. A
trial took place, yesterday, in the police office
of Justice J. L. Smith, which is worthy of pub
lic notice.
It appears that Mr. F. Scbnell, a member of
the Gorman Benovolent Society, who has been
regularly paying his dues for seven years, left
this city, some tiine since, on a visit to the
Springs in Virginia, for the bonufit of his
health. Mo was absent eighteen weeks, during
which time ho was sick. When ho returned,
he brought with him the certificate of a magis
trate and a doctor to this effect; which ho ex
hibited to the society when he applied for Ins
alimony. The officers refused to pay it, on the
ground that the twenty-second article of the
constitution declares, in effect, that unless a
member pay six months in advance, when he
leaves the city to reside elsewhere, he shall not
bo entitled to benefits.
Mr. Croutzfoldt, (although not a lawyer,)
appeared for Schnoll, and contended that .Mr.
Schnell was not a non-resident member at the
time of his absenco, ami, as a consequence, did
not come under that article of the constitution
—that he was merely a distant or absent mem
ber—that being so, ho was not required to pay
six months in advance—that his absence did
not oxtend to six months, and that he was us
much entitled to benefits as any other member
who paid his dues regularly, as he did through
a friend, wilh whom he had previously made
an arrangement for that purpose.
Mr. Giberson, (a lawyer,) counsel for the
Society, took Ihe opposite side. Mr. Schnell
was a non-resident member, having left the
city. The twenty-second article of the consti
tution required, in such case, that six months'
dues should bo paid in advance, which was not
dune, lie objected to the certificate of the
magistrate, as evidence—because it had not
the county seal, etc.
The puper was referred to Justice Smith,
that he might decide whether it should be ad'
wilted us evidence.
The Justice gavo his opinion that, though
the paper had not the seal, it was testimony
unless the constitution expressly required the
county sen I, in such cases.
The paper was, together with the certificate
of the physician, handed to the jury to be con
sidered as testimony; and, after a consultation
of fifteen minutes, they returned a verdict in
favor of Mr. Schnell for forty-six dollars.
The Society is chartered by act of Congress.
1 was not present at the trial, but was inform
ed of the facts by a gentleman whose impar
tiality would not lead him into error.
[Correspondence of the RnltimoreClipper.]
WASHINGTON, NOV. 18, 1816.
Important Trial—The Van A'ess Case. The
issue joined between Mary Ann Van Ness and
Cornelius P. Van Ness, administrator of John
P. Van Ness, came up before the Circuit Court
this morning. Counsel for the plaintiff, Messrs.
Gilpin, of Philadelphia, Brent, of Baltimore,
and May; for the defendant, Messrs. Cox, R.
G. Bradley, and Carlisle.
The jury being ernpannelled, Mr. Brent
opened the case, by telling them that the issuo
they were to try was, whether Mary Ann Van
Ness was, in truth and law, the widow of John
P Van Ness, and referring to the resignation
of the counsel which had first been engaged to
manage the case for the plaintiff, viz: Messrs.
Dallas, Dent, and Leo. He described the
character and history of the lato General Van
Ness, and also those of the lady, and said the
counsel would be able to show, by circum
stantial evidence, that Gen. Van Ness was
married to Mis. Conner, in the city of Phila
delphia, etc.
Mr. Carlisle, (for ex-Governor Van Ness,)
contended that this case was unparalloled in
the annals of tho Court. Wo live in a com
munity where crime never shot up such a
trunk or bore such fruits, and the pretensions
of the plaintiff could not bo justified except by
the grossest porjury and forgery. They would
show that tho letters purporting to bo from
Gen. Van Ness were forgeries, and adverted to
the fact that Mr. Bieut had taken an article of
assignment Irom the lady, which
Mr. Brent acknowledged; and, at a subse
quent stage of the proceedings,
Mr. Marbury was sworn, who said that, on
one occasion, he had taken an assignment from
a client to secure his fee.
This app ears to have been suggested to re
move any prejudice which might be entertain
ed towards Mr. Bient, and, as a consequence,
to prejudice his cause.
Mr. May, one of the counsel of the lady, read
the testimony of Mrs. Moulder, of Philadel
phia, at whoso house Mrs. Conner stopped,
when she visited that city, as to this fact, and
as to Mrs. Conner's conversation with an old
gentleman [said to he the late Gen. Van Ness]
at tho house of the lady mentioned. Also, the
testimony of several gentlemen of that city.
He likewise read tho petition of Mrs. Mary
Ann Van Ness, sworn to, stating that sho is
the widow of Gen. Van Ness, and praying the
Orphan's Court that the letters of administra
tion on tho estate, taken out by C. P. Van
Ness, ought to be revoked, and letters grant
ed to her instead. This is dated July ", 18 16.
Mr. Bradley, ono of the counsel for Mr. C.
P. Van Ness, read the answer of that gentle
man, in which ho says that lie has no knowl
edge or belief that the pretended marriage was
solemnized. Several of the letters accompa
nying the answor, spoke of a child, of which
the late Gen. Van Ness was said to be the fath
er, and urged upon Gov Vail Ness, his brother,
some action in "an important mutter," of which
he was left to judge by letters enclosed in an
envelope and previously sent to hiin.
The court room was crowded during the pro
ceedings. A larger report would have been
given had there not been many important
points which cannot be stated sufficiently accu
rate in a sketch, and if there were not appre
hensions that injustice might he done to the
very able gentlemen who opened the case.
Without coming to a conclusion, the court at
four o'clock, adjourned till to-inoirow morn
ing. C.
[Correspondence of tiie Baltimore Clipper.]
WASHINGTON, Nov. 18, 184 S.
The Union Literary and Irving Association
have commenced their literary campaign for
the winter in good earnest. Louis Fitzgerald
Tasistro, Esq., lectures before tho Irving to
morrow evening. Ills known talents as well
as his heroic fame will doubtless bring out a
large attendance.
The dive of the Columbian Fountain from the
regions of cold water to]the extended "area of
freedom," has called down from the ultra of
Temperance such a shower as threatens to wash
away considerable of that good feeling which
should unite fellow-workers in a good cause.
[We are under obligations to the above cor
respondent for a report of the Van Ness trial
but as our regular correspondent has furnished
us with a similar report, and as we are cramp
ed for room, we have omitted that portion of
his letter referring to tho trial.]
atjKATKS. Just received per ship Marianna
J5 ad fur sale o.w ''V
o yi 29U Baltimoie street.
District of Columbia AdvertiHeinriita*
STORK. Th: subscriber having obtaind Li
cense to gull at unction, ami locutrd himself in that
I arise ami commodious building lately erected by
Ncflnrs. Haslup & Weeden, fronting Dili street and
I'enn. avenue, between C street and Louisiana Ave
nue, and frouring the west end of the Centre .Market,
lespectfully offers his services to sell property of eve
ry description. All sales entrusted to his cart w ill
receive his person ii attention, and every effort will be
made to make goods command fair prices, lie will
bestow parlicu'ar attention to the arranging and dis
posal NI furniture at private houses. He CMH store a
large quantity of goods, and storega will be low.—
Any furniture sent to him on commission will br
carefully stored and taken care of. lie has always
on hand, at private sale, a good assortment of beds,
bedsteads, and other furniture at low cash prices,
ni. eotf THUS C. WILSt \, Am lioiu r.
--/% • CHANGE BROKER,Office N(. ii BROWN'S
HOTEL, Washington, Ii C. Orders in the follow
ini! rich anil brilliant Lotteries will receive prompt
and confidential ntieniion, if addressed as above.
Class N, lor IMC,
To bo drawn at Alexandria, D.C., on SATURDAY,
November 21st, 184(5.
1 prize of $40,U00 is $40,000
1 do 12,000 is 12,000
1 do 10,000 Is 10,000
1 do 5,100 in 5,100
15 do 2.U00 if 12,000
10 do 1 500 is 15,(80
211 do 1.200 is 24,000
50 do 1.080 is 50.000
60 do 500 is 30,000
70 do >OO i. 14.000
66 do 100 is (i,(i#o
66 do hi) is 5.280
66 do 10 is 3 3110
40 do 40 is 2,640
132 do 30 is 3 060
3 9 ,0 do 20 is "9.2,0
25,740 do 10 is 257,400
$30,3i6 prizes, anfouniing to $570,570
78 Number Lottery—l 2 Drawn Hallots.
Tickets slo—shares in proponion.
03™ An official account of each drawing wi'l be
prill to nil who order from this old established I'rize
Ollice. Address
A. VV. KI It K WOOD, N0.2 Brown's Hotel,
nl6-61 Washington, D.O.
fMA 111. 5111.1:, UN desires to inform his
• friends and tire public generally, that he
has Removed his Furniture Store to the EAST SIDE
OE SEVENTH STREET, immediately opposite to
Messrs. Gales it Seaton's Printing Office, where he
has three large Rooms, besides a large Cellar; there
fore he will be able, at all times, to keep a goop sup
ply of new anil second hand HOUSEHOLD FUR
NITURE, such as Sideboards, Bureaus, Solas. Fea
ther Beds, Bedsteads, Ma.trasses, hair and shuck, as
well as nearly every important article in this line,
lie has on hand ni this time a considerable lot ol
FEATHER BEDS ami about sixly STOVES, and
being determined lo sell goods low for eash or nrgo
liable paper, he feels assured that persons who need
goods of this kind will find it lo their interest to give
him a call belore they purchase elsewhere. 028-lf
H J lilt. DOW has probably had more practice and
experience in curing diseases of a private nature
than generally falls to the lot of any one physician;
and within the last four years, he has no doubt cured
more of those difficult cases of private disease, such
as require practical experience, than all the physi
cians in Baltimore. The reason is that he applies
himself to the duties of iiis profession with untiring
zeal and industry in the investigation ol the disorders
to which he has confined his whole attention, and
has by this means discovered that the old fashioned
mode of doctoring symptoms only, does not succeed
so well as his plan of attacking the disease first—ex
tinguish that, and attend to the symptoms as may
best suit the case. His medicines are free from any
nauseous drug, anil are easy to lie taken, without in
ter fe.-int; with tin avocations of the patient.
Dr. Dow would say that his medicines are free
from mercury and all other poisonous drugs; tlrey are
put up in a small ana compact form, and can be ta
ken without fear of exposure or hindrance from bus
iness, and except incase of violent inflammation, no
change ol'diei is necessary. For further particulars
please call at hi- Office,
where ninetcen-twenticths of all afflicted with Pri
vate Diseases in this city make immediate applica
tion, and therefore always receive speedy and per
manent cures. Dr. Dow need say nothing as to bis
success, but nioiely advises the afflicted who are not
acquainted Willi him, to observe that Ire has had an
extensive practice for the lust eight years, and during
that time lie has made such improvements in the
healing art, that he catfgal'ely guarantee a perfect cure
in all old Chronic cases, such as have baffled the skill
of some most eminent physicians.
N B. No pay without a cure, and the poor liber
ally considered. Uffice hours fiom 8 A. M. to 8 P. M.
IIU if
15 E. PRATT STREET, between President st. and
the Bridge. Disease driven out instead of being turn
ed in upon the constitution. Who will risk health
and life by taking a specific or compound, administer
ed to ail aiiArc, without regard to constitution, sump
iom* or slagc of disease, when, for the same money,
they can obtain the advice and treatment of a skillful
ami experienced Physician?
DR. HARRIS, a distinguished graduate of Cam
bridge, united witli an eminent practrtiom r from New
Orleans, is well known lo ihc citizens of Baltimore
nsaskiltul and experienced Phi sieian. He makes
no promises he cannot fulfil. Ilis charges are mode
rate. Where a cure is warranted, it is given in writ
ing, so there can be no mistake!
No Mercury, Balsam, disgusting Oils, or ftetcrl Drugs,
taints his remedies. Tin y are made of sweet but
powerful Vegetable compounds— purifying the blood,
strengthening the stomach, and forcing disease, out
instead of throwing it into the system to break out
allerwards with renewed virulence Syphilis, Gn
norrhrea, Gleets, Stricture, Seminal weakness. In
voluntary Emissions, Swelled Glands, or any inflam
mation of the members, with affections of the kid
neys or bladder, treated with prompt skill and speedi-
I" cured.
GRAVEL AND PILES. These painful and dan
gerous diseases Dr. 11. pledges his reputation to ef
fectually cure in a few days without surgical opera
tion or hindrance from business. Persons at a dis
tance may consult Dr. 11. by letter (post paid) and be
cured at home. Medicines forwarded with dispatch.
Honorable confidence observed in all cases. Advice
gratis. Office arranged witljiprivate Rooms. Open
from 6 in HIP morning till 11 o'clock at night.
N. B. Observe the signs upon the window and the
door. jy3!-tf
seven doois easi of the Bridge.,
The oldest Institution in Baltimore for the cure ol
the secret disease.
Challenges the world to produce a cure more certain,
speedy and permanent than he now offers to the
afflicted. His recent extensive medical tour has put
him in possession of the grand scientific secret, ol
not only eradicating the lurking poison of venerial
venom, but of restoiing the shaft- re 1 constitution to
its pristine vigor. Dr. H. confidently assures the
victims of vein real disease that he can, in an un
paralleled short space of time, restore the patient to
perfect health without resorting to the nauseous and
deleter ious drugs too often administered by quacks.
IMPOTEVCY, from whatever cause arising, and
its sources arc various, Dr. Hp edges himself to re
move permanently and effectually, restoring to their
full vigor the virule powers. Those addicted to the
solitary vice, or who maybe suffering from former
indulgence a prosiralion of mental aiid physical en
ergies, would find it much to their interest lo apply
either by letter (post paid) or in person, to Dr. H., in
whom they may piaee the most implicit confidence,
for honorable secrecy and efficient aid. Office hours
from 6 A.M. to 11 P.M. ap!4 tf
GLEETS, STRICTURES, &c. &e. Of all the reme
dies yet discovered for the cure of these complaints,
the Vegctable'Pills have been the mo-r effectual, as
they have never been known to fail o flecta perma
nent cure. They are mild and pi r nttotake,yet
powerful in their action, and may .p taken without
the knowledge of the most intimate friend. These
Pills are put up in square boxes, with full directions
accompanying each box.
tfff For sale by J. O. 8c N. MeOormick,N. Gay-st.
(OVT.); and by C. Wiseman, Ligbt-st., opposita
Fountain Inn.
In Washington—by M. Pelany, cor.4J street and
Pennsylvania Avenue, and by C. Scott, cor. 7th st.
and the Avenue. Prire SI a hox. ia!7
lured and for sale by
n2 (p) J. M. IIAIO, 133 Baltimore street.
I EOCER PAPERS—lmperial, super rnval,
* royal, medium and demv, blue wove and white
woved, for --ale by TURNER & MUDGE,
nt'6 No. 3 Soutli Cuarles st,
*3 W NO LONGER •3<Url
♦3 O 20,
d?y- The public arc respectfully informed that by the
ordinance of the city, regulating the numbering of the
iieuses, the subscriber's number has been changed
from 26 to 88, of which his customers and strangers
will please lake notice.
The Proprietor of the celebrated VEGETABLE
BITTERS and COUGH DROPS, would lake the pre
sent occasion to call the attention of strangers visiting
the city, and others, to the superior qualities of ilie
bove medicines for the cure of Dyspepsia, Bowel
omplaints, Bilious Fever, Fever and Ague, liheuiioi
iisni, Colds, Coughs, Consumption, and many other
complaints to which we are liatde. in addition to the
many certificates published in the papers of the day,
lie has in his possession a number from niort respecta
ble individual;;, all testifying to the virtues of tbe.se
nu dicines, ami which can b< seen at his store..
The subscriber also takes ibis opportunity to return
bis grateful thanks to a discerning public, who nave
extended to his medicines such a liberal support since
tbeir introduction into this oily; and he is happy n
the belief that liny have been productive of much
good wherever used. As lie is the sole proprietor and
manufacturer, he would caution the public against any
attempts that may be made to impose upon tliem a
spurious article. Every bottle of his medicine is
sealed and stamped with bis name on the top of the
cork, also a t'ac siinilie of his name on the label on the
side of the bottle. None other are genuine; therefore
he not deceived.
His ANTI-BILIOUS FILLS are acknowledged to
he a most excellent remedy for billioua complaints.
Tliey are extensively used, and pronounced one of
the best family medicines now before the public.
in addition to the above lie has many other MEDI
CINAL PREPARATIONS, of his own manufacture,
together with a great variety ol PERFUMERY, cata
logues of which can be seen ai his store, and which
he warrants to he equal to any in the city.
LOU If <;< >III, EY, No. 38 Baltimore street,
Between Frederick and Harrison streets,
And near Centre Market.
X. it. Remember the No., 38, ns the genuinearti
cles arc for sale at no other place in Baltimore, nl6
HA k A fe !)()1,1,A US i; KW ,\ Ul>. DOCTOR
the cure of Gonoirhoia, Gleets, Snienires, Diabets.
fee. Sic., and all other unnatural discbarges from the
uretha of cithersex.
In in, case lias ibis medicine been known to fail, to
effect a permanient cure, one 100, in the shortest pos
sible time. Should Ibis medicine fail to effect a cure,
when; it has been taken according to directi 'lis, re
turn the empty vial and gel hack the money. Why
then spend both time and money withstiehquaeknug
triirns as cannot be depended upon; when, for .$1 you
can purchase it pleasant.,safe, ai d speedy cure, com
posed solely of vegetable substance? One hundred
dollars will he paid to anyone who will produce a
medicine lo equal ibis compound, or who will prove
that il contains any mineral substance whatever
N. 11. This medicine can be had of James P. Wil
liamson,cor. High and Gay-sts. (O. T.); Jos. Saw
yer, cor. of Paca and Pratt-sis; and of E. Y. Forney,
cor. of Clay and Euiaw-sts.
in Washington—of C. Scott, corner of 7th-st. and
Pennsylvania Avenue; Robert Patterson, corner o<
lith-st. and Pennsylvania Avenue. jal7
SThe subscriber would respectfully
inform his friends and the public
-generally, thai be is continuing the
H©l!OOT and SHOE Business at No
site the Exchange, third door from
Second St.. Baltimore, where lie intends to manufac
every description, in the most fashionable and ap
proved styles, of the best workmanship and material,
warranted lo wear and fit equal to any in this or any
other city in the Union. He would also embrace this
opportunity of returning thanks to his numerous ctis
omers and friends for and kind patron
ige, and respectfully solicits a continuance of the
satfrq. Prices as follows:
Dress HOOTS, stitched, $5.00
do 'do pegged, 3.50
Double sole lined water proof Boots, stitched, (>.OO
do do do do pegged, 4.00
Cork sole BOOTS, pegged, 5.50
(it?-All orders filled at the shortest notice, whole
,alV and retail,
seii-tf SAMUEL J. HANDY.
sk Slid making,at No. 77 ExciiaNoe
Blj Place, mv $3 BOOTS, which are
til lo lieat, as my numerous ens-
Hb miners will testify. In addition lo
ixL. which. I am niaking a DRESS BOOT
for $3.50; Sliiclieil 800 l $5; Sewed
Boot ®4.50; Cork Boot $4 50 to $5; double soled
water proof. $4.50 to $5; the real Palo Alto or'l all
Root, $5; Boots footed $2 50. All done with neat
ness and despatch, wholesale and retail.
No. 77 Exchange Place.
N. R BOOTS exchanged for DRY GOODS ot
A—j The subscribers nave preparert——.
a fine assortment of tieautitul
fashionable SHOES and GAITERS, suitable for the
fall and winter, which ihev would like the Ladies to
call and examine, and can he sold at the following
prices: Gnileis 82; Half Gaiters, thick soli;. sl.fi2:
Morocco halt Boots do. $1.85; Morocco Jeffetsons,
do. 81.12; Seal Skin Half Boots, $1.12; Seal Skin
Jeffersons, $1; Misses half Boots, thick sole, 75 cents;
children's Boots and Shoes, 50 cents.
go- The above woik is prepared hi tne neatest and
most fashionable style, with everv caie for its dura
bility. FANCY SHOES and BO'OTS, for BALLS,
WEDDINGS and PARTIES, miidc at lite shortest
notice. ELLIS s<. NICOLAI,
n27-tf No. 8 Baltnnoiu-si.
Tr -"a 3 DR. I. ZACIIARIAH, .115..
W f| Respectfully infoims the ladies and gen
f"* tit men of Baltimore, that he is now per
-5 inanently located in this city, and is pre
-4 pared to CURE HARD or
J. >FT CORN'S, Bunions,
Chili -Vr tils, ynils penetrnt
b , Tafflfcn in " "■' Eiesfc, or Calluses ot
any kind on tee feet, in five
"WSSLAKSI*f3fiK : ..Jc minutes, witlieut the least
pain or bi,ood, in a manner that tliey will nkvkh
Dr. 7,. wW attend on ladies or gentlemen at their
residences, if required, bv leaving areersat Ins resi
deuce. Dr. I. ZAOIIARIAH, Jr.,
Surgeon Chirope.list, No 111 Lexington sr.,
above Liberty street, llalliniore, Md.
{gT-Families attended by the year. jel dfini
All articles may he obtained POUR DA YS from the
iinc left,unlessotherwist ordered. The following are
he only Agents in this city for the above establishment:
ELL.IS tv NICOLAI,B9 Htiliunore-sl.,
nearly opposite llolliduy st
P. A. NICKERS'IN'S Dry Goods Sinre,
No. 52 Norih Howard street.
L. HAMMEIISLOUGH, 59 N. Howard-st.
jal3 JAMES M. HAIG, No. 121 Baltimore street.
As so much imposition ami qri cl;> rv is practised
upon those unacquainted in a large eiiy, all should
know where, under affliction, they may he able to
consult a regular Physician, and one who lias devot
ed the most of his life to tne study and cure of Vene
ral or Private Diseases.
Lock Infirmary, No. 15 East Pralt-st.,
seven doors from the Bridge,
Sign ou Window and Door.
Dr. HARRIS is well known to the citizens of Bal
more, and a Graduate of Cambridge. He is associated
with an eminent practitioner from New OSc. ns.—
Thus persons will be certain lo find one of them al
ways in the Office. Their long experience enables
them to have Medicines always prepared and em up
for ilijferent Private Diseasrs —eo that any one leaving
the city by calling at the Office would meet no deten
tion. The Medicines produce lr % sickness, nor require
low diet and hindrance from business Ten years
prooff their virtue before the public have given
them a higher standing than any other- in the city—
Dr. H. warrants a perfect cure or makes no charge.
All weakness of the organs speedily removed, and
full vigor restored. Gravel, Piles, Fever and Ague,
Dropsy, Asthma,and all Chronic Complaints promply
treated, and soon relieved. Dr- H. may be consulted
hy letter (post paid) and treatment tendered.
Terms always moderate. Office with several pri
vate rooms, open from 6in the morning to 11 at night.
N. B. All Complaints in females skillfully treated
by Dr. H. Observe—No Mercury, Balsam or disgust
ing tnixtuie are Used by Dr il jy3l
The Subscriber has just received an assortment of
cheap and fine CARPETING, embracing cotton, In
gram and Three-ply, which will be sold very low for
cash only.
ffiy~ Personp wishing to buy, had bettt r call before
purchasing elsewhere.
JOHN C. HOLL AND, 18 Gay street.
s9O opposite Frederick street.
F>A LTIMORB, 00i.93<1, 1846.
O JJ~ I hervby recnm end Mr HUBERT DELA
NEY'S Indian Vegetable till TERM, PANACEA,,
and Rheunnalic External SOLUTION, Having prov
ed its great efficacy—being a speedy remedy for
Cramp Cholics Dysenteries, Bilioas Atiacks, and
arrest the Yellow Fever also. A seaman declared
nr me thai he was cured of the ye llow fever in 24
hours, by one bnille of his No. 1. In malice and tor
public good, 1 sign in behalf of myself and passen
gers, Capt. VVM. ROBERTSON,
No. b9 Thames st., just from Mobile.
(Witness present,) Signed,
FEMALES, having the Womb Disease, Cough, first
singes of Consumption, Liver Complaint, Dyspepsia,
habitual Cosiiveness, Piles, impurities of the Blood
Worms, Head ache.
Females treated for Dropsy, have been relieved of
j huge woi ins and restored to health by one bottle of
|No I. To remove delicacy, Mrs. Delaney will re
ceive personally sealed notes, and in retain will give
a siaii nient auaiantied, endorsed with satisfactory
certificates and references.
Ma. DELANEY, Sir: For the last twenty years 1
I have hem subject to the passing small worms, and !
! troubled wiih the eholic, and having applied to all the
Professors in the United States, and kept ill my office
an easy elastic absorbing chair, I obtained no relief
until 1 tiled Mr. Delaney's No. 1. lam now perfect
ly restated to health. Signed,
li. I) TYINGS, A. A. C. Md.
Witnesses, D. ''A Ni 'N, Market Space,
Mr. 811EPP \RD, Clerk It. St O. R R.
N B. The same public certificate of the press
from P. NOWI.AND, Ciimbeiland, Md., relieved olj
swelled dropsical stomach—puss 1 pint of heavy
The undersigned recommend Mr Delaney's 1. V.
B. us- the great Worm Destroyer and Blood Purifier.
Our children havered only been relieved of Worms,
Spasi. s and Scurvy,but we rnav say restored to life,
when all other remedies have failed, in five days
one SO c. lit bottle w ill cure six children. Sign.d; P.
Youce, Collector, Eden st.; John Morrow, Boot and
Shoe Store, W. Pratt st ; T. iluike, Sup't Fort Mon
roe, Annapolis, Md ; Win. Murray, lluot and Shoe
Store, Market Space; Win Lcburu, Old Town.
LANEY'S No. I. Price 81 per pint Itottie.
I hereby lecominend Mr. Robert Delaney's Indian
Vegetable No. 1 and Panacea, to persons having the
Ague—my mother, biollrer and myself having been
perfectly cured hy the same. Whole cost $4. Alter
getting it we took one ine gln-slul of his No. 1 hot- (
tie every hour, forsix hours, and afp r reeuced it tn j
one every four bouts during the day,and have had no
ague since. I can also testify as to nry neighbors
having been cured by lite same, when all Pills and
Powders have failed. This has been the worst ague
season for some years.
Lower Patapsco Biidge, A. A. county, Md.
Baltimore, Oct. 21st, 18i6.
We hhrct-y certify that we have been cured of the
Ague, in llirec days hy the use ofMr. Delaney's No.
1. Sigied—lsaac Biggs, Cenlreville; Capl. J. Tur
ner and C. Colt Richmond; Byrnes J Carter, Severn
River; L. Bennett,saddler, west Pratt st.
{gy-i further guarantee an important certificate for
every dav in the year. See Note Book guarantied.
UEPKRKNCES:—CoI. N Breo er, Magistral!'; Messrs.
Orndorfl'St Co.; Mills St Co., Flour Merchants, Wesi
Baltimore s reel;'!'. Stewart, Caillc Scales; M. Kee
nan. Hotel, South street; F. C. Holland, Est)., Gav
st.; James Girvau, Esq., Shipping Merchant, Smith's
His Salve efTeetscures in King's Evil andoldSores,
from any cause—rusty nail or poison. (See Baltimore
Blood Purifier and Worm Destroyer, Indian Vege
table Depot. No. 32 Lombard street, near Frederick,
Baltimore; or J. FITZGERALD, Agent, Washing
ton, D. C.
QtT-Gli ATITUDE. I wish it made public that, my
wi'e has been ill for the last iwelve month* with pal
pitatinn of the heart and fainting spells Having ap
plied to three of the most emiumit physicians in the
eltv. without relief, I was induced by a friend to get
two hoi Pes of TONIC and PANACEA from RU
BERT DELANEY, Indian Vegetable Depot, 32 Lom
bard *tr et, Baltimore, Md., which has perfectly re
stored ber. VVM SMITH,
Indian Queen Hotel, Fourth St., Phila.
Nature and Nature's laws laid hid at night,
God said, let Nature he,and nil's right.
Signed by a lauy of first talent, on the womb dis
ease, to R. DELANEY. 0'24 IHI*
KW 'i f ALLY from BA.M. till 8 P.M..at his office,
MEDICAL ADVICE —AS it is always important to
obt iin the services of an experienced and skilful
physician, call on the celebrated Dr. Dow.—Medical
and Sur/(i at Joarnat,
Dr DOW'S justly celebrated ANTI-VENEREAL
REMEDIES have lor many years past been consid
ered ill only sale and certain cure for all Venereal,
Meicurial and Scroluious affections; such as ulcers
in the mouth, throat and nose swelling of the glands,
nudes or Intro and painful Tumours on the bones,
eruptions on the body, at d all other secondary and
ternary svniploiiis of disease, are speedily removed
MENT. Ever since the days of Hippocrates, medi
cal men have been anxiously seeking an infallibh
cure Or a certain class of disea-es. The Greek
physicians made some progress in preventing hut
none in curing them. Most of their medicines being
ola caustic and irritating nature toe "delicate and
sensitive" suffered nearly as much from llie apparent
remedy as limn the iPm use itself. Still ilieir > xpeii
■items went on, its d the hopes and wishes ol the ittosi
zealous confidently i.xpeeied that at the close of
their labors some lucky accident would di-cover a
positive remedy, which genius and their chemical
philosophy, how ver, failed to accomplish. To those
suffering under the effects of Syphilis, Gonorrhoea,
Gleei, S trie uie, Sr initial Weak to s;, I inpo ency, Af
I lections of ill ■ Urinary t ogans, General and Nervous
lh hilily, Mercurial Disease, or any complaints, lor
the cure of which Dr D i- so celebrated, it is pro
per to imnou. ce ilist ibis important and long looked
for desideratum in medical science is now fully dc
iiionsiraied, and (in successful operation) bus been
satisfactorily evidenced hy an uuexampltd and ex
tensive practice (luring the last eight years under his
own in mediate supcrinleiidance. !Y.i dicnl men may
possibly doubt the existence of such a discovery, and
exhaust their argunn mauve powers under the ban
ners of modern chemistry, and arrive at conclusions
apparently sat sfuctory. But it is tver to be remem
tieicd. that theory is one iliii g, and facts, resulting
from well tried experience, another. Dr. I) trusts
thai no one claiming to sympathise with his suffering
patients will yield to pinli ssional p ejudices until lit
liar it sled these requirements bv incontrovertible
proof. The unfortunate, either at a distance or who
may re-irie in llii ciiy, may confidentially consult
llr. DOW personally or by letier, if desirable, de
scribing ilieir cases from the commencement, givii g
llie leading symptoms which characterize their dis
ease, the remedies used.stale of the custiluiinn ami
condition ofgetieial health, &c., anil immediate at
teutioii will lie given to all such applications, if post
paid and accompanied with a reasonable fee for ad
vice and medicines—which correspondents may rest
assiin d wi I be Iniilitully answered, and that secrecy
wil 1 in all cases be strictly observed.
TO LADIES whose health has become impaired
from the waul of a he. lihy and natural action in cer
tain organs, wheic y the usual secretions are choked,
the Doctor would recommend his celebrated
II is a perfect cure in all such eases. CHARGES
N. B.—A CURE warranted ill all cases, or NO
Qg- Recollect, No. 48 SECOND STREET, be
| twi en Soulli and Gay streets. o9 tf
~ "j.'l' 'v""',;''''^
for any desirable length of time, without being any
wise offensive to delicacy, or uu<eeinly in appear
ance. The value of such an invention cannotbe es
timated hut by those tender feelings which long for
the preservation of a departed friend, and among the
many who have been compelled to use it, a general
and pleasing satisfaction has been given, for nonecan
speak too highly of such a needy and important in
vention. Benevolent institutions and others, who
wish to delay funerals until the arrival oi distant re
latives, or make all suitable preparations for inter
ment, would do well to apply immnierliately after
death, as its great practical value has been demon
stated beyond doubt in the hottest weather we have
had this season. Undertakers icnerally of Baltimore
can obtain riylils or agencies on reassnable terms.
References can be given, if required, hy applying to
R. FREDERICK, No 177 North Gay St., General
Undertaker and Furnisher of Funerals.
Applications will he received for Agencies or sales
of Patent-rights for the. following Stales, or any por
tion thereof Nuw Hampshire. Vermont. Connecti
cut, New Jers' y. Pennsylvana, Tennessee, Alabama,
Wisconsin, Maryland, *.orth Carolina, Mississippi,
Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, Florida, and lowa.
jy3 if
(first dooi I'ioni Baltimore st going towards the dock)
W. different parts of the Office.
Attendance ironi Brt.M. till ID at niglit.
Memberof the Medical and Surgical Societies of New
York and Louisiana, Uraduato of the University of
Pennsylvania, and Honorary member of the Wash
ington University o Baltimore, of ten years stand
ing, may bo consulted on all diseases to which the
human frame is incident, but more particularly in
ihut class ol cases commonly called
DR. ROGERS, from a regular medical education
and a practice of 12 years, (exclusively devoted to
the treatment oi these maladies,) 111 New Yoik, Ha
vana New i irleans, Mexico, and this city, is enabled
10 WARRANT to both sexes a safe, speedy and perma
nent cure, for the WORST CASES of them, or any of
the effects resulting trow the use of mercury for the
malpractice of quacks.
Peisons afflicted with copper-colored blotches, on
the face and head, pains in the limbs or body, nodes
on ilie hones of the arms and legs, ulcerated sore
nose,mouth or throat, or any other symptoms of
| that loathsome disease,'* THE COA S'TI'I U'VIONAL
I AFFECTION;" persons afflicted with obstinate
! urethral discharges, or weakness of the urinary or
gans,or who aie suffering from indulge! cr. in acer
: tain destructive habit known as the " SOLITARY
VICE," and who. fiom disgust and disappointment,
i have abandoned all hopes of a cure, are strongly
urged in call at his office. If NOT GORED no money
WILL BE demanded.
to .16 hours by a single application, without requiring
patients intake any medicine whatever. This treat
ment cures in one-sixth the time of any other. It is
perfect. It requires no change of diet ot habits. No
nauseating doses ot Balsam, Turpentine, Harlem
Oil, he. No astringent injur tio is_ or bougies used,
hut a cming obtain* d to certainly, in the lime named,
without pam, inconvenience, or discovery.
STRUCTURE. This disi use is of very I'r quentoe
cutrence, and often exists in peisons w ho are nottlie
least aware of it It frequently prevents men front
being fathers, who oihei wise would have children.—
11 induces Impotency, great weakness of the parts,
fistu.a. dyspt psia, diseases of the bladder, the ureters
and kidneys. Dr. Rogers treats the dise-ueon a new
plau.known to be lite only method that ever perma
nently rniriovea Strictures. All other meihods of
treating it aie mere PALLIATIVES. They only suspend
the symptoms tor a short time hut cause the com
plaint to rem in with redoubled violence, and render
it more difficult to cure. Dt. Rogers wel contract to
remove Stricluie far a certain sum payable when il
be ascertained that the disease is ptonanently re
moved. In all cases a cure be obtained to certainly
in as many hours as it formerly required days, or
even weeks, without pain or inconvenience.
Qfy-DU. ROGERS call refer lo some of the most
respectable persons of Baltimore, that have been
cured by him of stiictures that bad, for a long time,
been pronounced incurable.
SPASMODIC STRICTURE removed in an hour.
affections of the eyes and skin speedily cured.
(jty-AII diseases of Females, speedily attended to.
ing. Club Foot, &c., performed on the poor gratis.
Separate Private Offices.
Strict SECRECY observed and charges moderate.
Persons at a distance must pay postage.
TAKE SPECIAL NOTICE. Dr.Rogersconducted
f* r several years the most extensive Veneieal Hospi
tals e"er established in New York, Havana and New
Orleans, and it is generally known that his practice,
experience and success, in the treatment ot private
diseases, have been TREBLE that of any other pliy
sieiau south of New York. For evidence of legal
qualification, he refers to the Professors ot the medi
cal colleges named above, and for proofs of unequal
led success in the treatment of the most desperate
cases, to numerous certerficales (substantiated by
oath) tendered him by gra elul persons, afflicted with
diseases that were considered absolutely incurable.
The following, from a very respectable gentleman, is
seleeted from a number, for its brevity. It needs lit
tle discernment to perci ivu that one well established
cure is worth all the PUFFING, AUCTIONEERING,
and SELF-LAUDATION, in the wo Id:
This is to certify. That I was afflicted with Strictuie
of the Ureihra, at times accompanied with a gleety
discharge, for a term of filter n years, the greater part
of which time I was under the charge of several emi
nent physicians, who all failed in doing my complaint
any good. 1 had jery great difficulty is passing my
water, and was obliged lo get out of bed several
times each night to do so. My health became very
hail. I had pain in the back, about the kidneys, and I
dyspepsia, and l lost my power and became impo
tent. Alter enduring tin greatest sufferings, I was |
advised to apply to Dr. Rogers, who cured me per
fectly in about ten days, without giving me any pain, !
and although several months have how passed, I i
have had no return whatever of my complaint, and
my health, in every respect, is as good as that of any j
person. (Signed,)
v J* *• H. G *♦.
State of Maryland, City of Baltimore, SCT:
On the 12th day of April, A. 1). 1844. lit fore me,
the subscriber, a Justice of the said State, in and for
the city of Baltimore aforesaid, personally appeared
J"H G***, and made oath on the Holy Evangely
of Almighty God, that the factsstated in the fori go
ing statement are true. Sworn and subscribed be
fore I). H.MCDONALD.
[First door going from Baltimore st. towards the dock]
Established in order to afford the affl cled sound
and scientific medical aid, and for the SUPPRESSION
To young men and olhers, who may have injured
themselves by improper indulgences,
One of the most frequent penalties paid by those
who give iinr- strained license to their passions, is a
loss of virile power. The young, unaware of the
f. arfttl results that may ensue are but too apt to com
mit excesses. Impotency may and does occur from
stricture, gravel, deposites in the urine, and from
many other causes; but by far the most frequent
source of it is abuse of the sexual organs, by exces
sive venery or self-pollution—particularly the last.—
It is a fact well known to those who understand the
mailer, that all those who practice the solitary vice
lose the power of pro-creating sooner than the more
prudent. Too great excitement of the genital organs
is, however, productive of o her effects besides pre
mature impotency; it tends to derange the diges*ive
functions nod weaken the physical and mental pow
efs. Thus parents and others are often deceived as
to the true source of the complaints of youth and
young men. It could be shown how the aitenuation
of the frame, palpitation of the heart, derangement
of the nervous system, cough, indigestion, and a
train of symptoms, indicative of consumption, are
ufen ascribed to wrong causes, when in reality they
are the consequences of an alluring and pernicious
practice, alike destructive to Hie mind and hodv.
The most common result of self-abuse is luvolun
tary Seminal emissions, for various reasons, but a
passing notice of this distressing complaint can he
j given here. It comes on very gradually. It com
! no nces by a precipitate emission of semen eit' er in
i coition or during lascivious dreams. The emissions
I are premature and without force, and the erections
| slight aad incomplete and soon subside. As the af
I lection increases, the emissions become more fre-
I quern and more readily excited, are induced merely
j by eratic ideas orthelei3t contact or nidation, and
take place without erection and without pleasure—
I sans secotisse et sans sensations volnptuese. In th's
| weak and susceptible condition of the organs—pol
lutions are liable lo occur both djy and night, gradu
al!} undermining the health.
The patient becomes pale, thin and weak, suffers
from pains in back and iiead, lias disturbed vision,
and a sickly languid look, and feels totally unfitted
for active bodily or mental occupation. II is mind
hiring constantly absorbed witli Ins sufferings, lie
eagerly peruses evi ty thing relative to his complaint.
Obliged to conceal his situation from his friends, and
ashamed to apply to those who from education,
knowledge and practical experience jare alone ahle
to assist him, he flies to some ignorant quack, by
whom his pecuniary means arc drained, for which
he only meets in return with bitter disappointment.
At length, epilepsv, catalepsy, mania, or some other
disease of the nervous system, makes its appearance,
and the patient is relieved from his horrid situation
bv a premature death, the cause of which had frc
quently been entirely overlooked by his unsuspecting
If this publication should meet the eye of any one
who, in the indiscretion asd imprudence nitendanton
youth should have brought oil himself any ot the evils
alluded to above, to such, Dr. Rogers offers his servi
ces, and pledges the most honorable secrecy He be
lieves that he has the means of remedying their suffer
ings and of obtaining for the in a permanent cure, If
such however should not be the case at least no loss
will he sustained by their applj ing to him, inasmuch
as '• lf no cure can he effected no pay viill be required."
Persens afflicted with Impotency must avoid the
alluring promisesandsmat eringaeqnirementsof Em
pirics and Uuacks. who, one and all, are perfectly
ignorani ot the innumerable causes of ihe affection,
and whose nostrums do much more harm than good.
No single plan of treatment is effectual; a variety of
causes must be removed by a variety of remedies. Dr
ROGERS is continually being applied to by persons
afflicted in this way, whose means have been ex
Itausnd by advance payments, and who receive no
benefit whatever from the commencement, ijifi
of PARIS, Licentiate ol the Medical Faculty
of NEW ORLEANS, Registered i n the 951h folio,, •
Also, a Graduate ol (lie Medical Faculty of Mary p 1
land, since the Gil oi April, 1859. p.'
Q&- THIRTY ODD YEARS ol* oxpenence in j.
Pans and America have enabled this French Doctor,,
to cure any form or stage of secret disease in a
shun but reasonable time, Strangers be on your '
guard. Before you pny enormous lets, read a coin-,
plete treatise on secret diseases and destructive habit J
of youths, called solitary vice, written and sold by, 1
the French Doctor of the French Medical House, 15|-
Eomh Frederick street, west side, two trees
the House. Puce of the hook 25 cents. Aflhctedr
remember that this French Doctor makes the only.'
medicine which will cure stricture without bougies'
and restore impotency to prime vignrwith strict lion- '
osty. Written guaranty and forfeiture if desired.— 1
Terms moderate.
N. B. Diplomas from the Medical Faculties ofßal
timore and Paris framed in the office. "
NO MERCURY OR COPAVIA. 'There are two*,
ways to treat a Secret Disease, the first so much™,
boasted of, is merely the temporary disappearance off
Ihe symptoms, by no aus of mercury or copavia, and .
requires but a day or two, but it is very injurious in-j
deed; the second way is to eradicate it oui of the? #
system, slowly, safely and surely, without Mercury"
or Copavia. As the wise say, '■
Bound in a day nr two,
'Tis too good lo be true.
V ictims of an improper tieattnent, and weariedi
with disappointment, may confidi ntially apply. Per
sons wno have injured their Health by a certain prac-i.'
uce called solitary vice, which biiugs impotency,,'.
will he restored to prime vigor. This is the only
place in Baltimore, where sure cure can be had on
written guaranty and forfeiture, with strict honesty, f
and terms moderate. The most espectable city reftrr- :
ences will be given. Advice gratis.
CONFESSION. I, the subscriber, publicly con-t
fess that I have been afflicted with a secret disease 1
ever since 1825; I had thirteen eminent physicians,
whose names are recorded at the French Medical
House; some of them abated the disease, but it al-1'
ways returned worse than befote, until it carried •
away both sides of my throat and pierced the top of ;
the palate. I also lost several bones of my nose and j
was almost blind of an eye, and my face was cover- '
ed with an immense quantity of scabs, between I,
which the skin was as red as scarlet, and 1 was in- ;
deed in a most deplorable condition, so much so that !
the learned professor S pronounced me incurable "
It was obvious to me, then, that a common doctor
could not extricate me from the jaws of death—for
they all follow Ihe same o d routine , with their train
of mercury, mixtures or pills, invented by ignorance j
and continued by cupidity, and do no good to any but J
the verniers. Several persons recommended Doctor.
HUET, of the Medical House, No. IB SOUTH FRE
DERICK STREET, as a scientific man and a rare
genius in those complaints. I went to him and he
pledged to cure me on written guaranty, I did not
hesitate at all on seeing so many likenesses of pa
tients who are living evidences of the many wonder
ful cures he has performed in almost every kind of
disease. Then he had my daguerreotype likeness
taken, and I took his medicine for about a year,
which completely cured me. He bad 110 n tny other
likeness taken, and both are to be seen at his oftice.
If this meets the eye of some wretched being in the
grasp of death as I was, let him fly to this praise
worthy philanthropist, whose deep knowledge of the
vital principles which animate and move the human
frame, are known in both hemispheres and 1 believe
from tny very soul (not forgetting thai I am on oath)
that his exquisite genius will discover as many new 1
and well appropriated remedies, as new diseases may
be formed. HENRY BRUMMER.
Sworn before Justice Wm. McJilton, the 30th Oc
tober, 1845, Baltimore, Md.
their health by the hateful and dangerous practice of
solitary indulgence. This is very injurious to the in
dividuals, whose complexions becoming pale, and,
their bodies feeble, had digestion, their stomachs very
windy, and some pains are to be felt in the stomach,
many times in th lungsand elsewhere, according to
the duration of this destructive vice. I have seen a
great many youths carried to their graves before
twenty-seven years of age, for not having quit it and
be relieved in time.
Study frequently produces this affection, since the
head, strongly taxed, irrit tes the entire nervous sys
tem, although there is little propensity in nature to
pursue this vice during sleep, dreams are ready to
seduce the senses of the young victim, until he in
voluntarily becomes guilty of the weakness, from the |
effects of which all the skill of the medical profes
sion has much difficulty in saving him. It is this se
ries of circumstances which gives rise to the vaure,
the result of which terminates in nocturnal excite
During my residence in Paris, which lasted more
than a score of years, 1 had occasion to examine a
great many thousands of those cases which acquaint- 1
ed me with ali the peculiarities of that detestable
and injurious habit which soon or late will kill the
patient, or what is worse still, bring him to kill him
Among the very many which I have treated and
cured there, I recollect a man affected with this mis
erable complaint, who on the eve of suicide came to
see me; the reading of a scientific journal which 1
published at that time, gave him some rayß of hope,
and lie detailed me his complaint as follows:
1 am a man of thirty odd years old, a portrait pain
ter by trade, and in easy circumstances, but ihe most
miseiable being in mind that ever lived, I never had
any intercourse with any being whatever hut myself.
From my boyhood I sought lonely places and indulg
ed in this v ce of nature, but soon alter my digestive
organs became weak and windy, hard digestions,
feebleness and above all so nervous that the least
noise made me jump with tearfulness, though I had
no fear.
You were right said he to call this conmiaint noc
turnal, for it was at night that I indulged Tie most in
rhat horrible practice, w hiclt debilitated me to such an
extent that 1 was unable to walk half a mile without
taking some rest, my parents were alarmed at the
stale of my health, called a doctor who suspected me
of this practice for lie turned every way to find nut
the truth, I denied all, even the knowledge of it, hut
lesolved to quit it, but it was in vain for I resisted all
the day long, hut at night the dreams came to seduce
my senses and ruined me. I thought if I got married
it might change the vice. Therefore sir I have come
to the conclusion to put myself unreservedly under
your cure, and if you don't fit me to gel married and
have a family, 1 will soon be out of this world.
First thing I lied to do, was to re-establish the dis
orderly organs of digestion, then to strengthen the de
bilitated organs in question, then another kind af
inr-dicine to break the violated habit of nature, after
which the patient found himself of a more lively dis
position, got martied and had several children before
I left Paris.
I will now cite another case which occurred lately
in my practice in Baltimore The patient presented
me the following certificate after b- ing cured
VICE. I am a man of thirty years of age, and have
been addicted in my boyhood to Ihe destructive habit
tinned Solitary Vice; I have learned it from had boys
and practiced it for aboul ten years, hut thank God 1
have quit it and recovered my health and strength
once more. Soon after the commencement of this
abominable practice instead of glowing strong, hear
ty, and blooming as youths generally do, mv health
impaired, my body feeble, anil my digestion difficult.
It was not long before my parents were somewhat
alarmed and sent for a physician who pronounced
me affected wilh a Liver Complaint—several other
doctors wete called in succession, some treated me
for Consumption and others for disease of the Heart,
! however tin y all agreed that I had the Dyspepsia.—
| When about 91) years of age I became fretful, tremb
| ling at lite least noise, and shunned all coin, any, par
j ticularly that of Females. I choosed to he alone
though I was not company to myself, and thousands
I and thousands of times 1 secretly desired that death
| would come to rid tne of my miserable existence (to
say no more.) The perusing of a little treatise trans
j lated from the French which fortunately fell into my
hands, instructed tne on ihe true cause of my suffer
ing, I then resolved to quit this nocturnal practice and
accordingly did so for several years, but that infernal
vice did not leave tnp, and it committed its depreda
tions in tny sleep—while in this precarious situation
I saw a treatise on this disease advertised in the Sun.
I bought it and found that it explained my disease so
minutely that I resolved to put myself unreservedly
under the care of its author—l did not hesitate much
for he showed me several unfortunate beings who
had spoiled their health as I did, among whom was a
young physician, and they nil indeed spoke so highly
of the skill, ability and experience of this truly learn
ed physician, that I cannot but join with them in re
commending him particularly in this complaint, for I
positively certify, that he perfectly restored me is
every respect, for at this present time I weigh forty
two pounds and three quarters more than I did two
years ago, and I sincerely thank the Almighty for hav
ing thrown me in the way of this good man.
State of Maryland, Baltimore, city to wit•—
>' e jt remembered, that on this 3d day of January,
1845, before ine, the subscriber, a Justice of the Peaco
of said tsiate in and for ihe city aforesaid, personally
appeared Benedict G. H. Green, and made oath on the
Holy Evangely ol Almighty God the matters and facts
set forth ill the above annexed certificate are just and
true as stated. Sworn before JESSE CLOUD, J. P
It this publication should meet the eye of any ono
who, in the indiscretion and imprudence attendantor,
youth should have brought on himself any of the evils
alluded to above, to such, the French Doctor offers
his services, and pledges the most honorable secrecy.
do- He believes lha' he has the means of REME
required. 019-lm

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