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lire,tiK bread! bread for the dying:
The fainting, the gasping and sighing,
The heart of poor Ireland is crying
For bread!
Bread! bread lor the weak mail,
80 stalwart before,
tVlio ghastly anil gluist like
Now crawls from bis door;
.Anil bread for that Maiden,*
Who fainting ere while!
Was waked into life—
Willi a lunatic smile!
Bread! bread for the Mothers,
80 sleepless and pale:
Whose offspring cling round them
Willi a sorrowing wail!
Hear ye not a shriek?
How it pierces tin air,
The voice or the famish'<l
The cry of despair!
O give something for HIM,
Who lias hless'd here our store,
And who looks with deep love
On the friends of the poor
Bread! bread! bread for the dying!
Tin fainting, and gasping and sighing,
The heart of poor Ireland is crying
For bread!
'A young girl of Giicrin went to liergnrrei, anil when
found almost dying for wantof food, she wa- taken care
of only to awake a maniac!
[From the N, V. Spirit of the Times.]
Among the members of thn liar, was young
11., whose round, smooth face, soft skin, and
clear complexion, gave him a inther feminine
cabt of countenance. And the mode in which
he dressed his hair, heightened the effect of his
peculiar physiognomy. In childhood he had re
ceived an injuiy on lus head froru a scald,
which ever alter prevented the growth of any
hair on the scalded spot. On every other part
of his head his hair was of a most luxuriant
growth. This blemish he was always very
careful to conceal, by combing his hair over
the naked place, and fn tcning it with a lady's
But it must not. be inferred that 11. was femi
nine in disposition; lor a more manly, generous
hearted, good not ureal fellow, never lived, lie
was always full of fun, and always ready to en
ter into any joke that was going.
The landlady at one of our usual stopping
places on the circuit, was a very precise, fur
► mal widow, considerably past the prime ol'hfe,
who valued herself very much for her strict
propriety of deportment, and the respectubilty
of her house. To do .M;s L justice, it must
be admitted that her house was the most order
ly, and the neatest in its arrangements of any
in the circuit.
But some of us thought that her extreme
nicely of demeanor bordered rather 011 prude
ry; and tho great pains she always took to
provide for the comfort of the Judge, who was
a formal old bachelor, manifested a preference
not altogether to the taste of some of the incm-
bers of tho bar, who thought themselves equal
ly as well entitled as the Judge, to tho kind
considorati.ii. of tho landlady. Some of them,
therefore, determined to indulge themselves in
a joke, at the first convenient opportunity, at
the expense of the J >dgo and our hostess.
The appearance of 14- on our circuit suggest
ed a convoniont opportunity for play ing off tho
long contemplated prank. As if. never had
been 'victimized 1 on <>ur circuit, no scruples
were entertained on his account.
We had been riding during the greater part
of a cold, uncomfortable day, over an extensive
prairie, exposed tea sharp cutting wind, when
we approached within a few miles of tho lieu-e
of Mrs. L , whom we intended honoring with
our company for that night.
F. and 11. suggested that it would he better
to ride ahead and give .Mrs. L. timely warning
of our approach, in order that she might have
ample tune to prepare the supper and make the
necessaty arrangements for stowing us away
for the night.
This was at once acceded to by all, and F.,
B , and myself, offered ourselves as the 'ad
vance guard.'
Mounted on fine horses, ami going at a ra
pid pace, we soon arrived at the house.
Our landlady received us in liar ual stiff,
formal manner, and soon commenced making
inquiries about the Judge, of whose health and
speedy arrival wc gave satisfactory assntan
We found, as usual, that the best bod in the
house, and the best stall in the stablo, were re
served for the comfort of the Judge and his
"Mrs. L ," observed F., in a very serious
manner, "how long have you been acquainted
with Judge T ?"
"Ever since be has been in this circuit," re
plied our hostess.
"Mrs. L." continued F.,"1 have known you
for several years, and have always entertained
a respect for you, and I deem it my duty to
apprise you of a circumstance that may deeply
affect your character, and the standing of your
"My character, and the standing of my
house! why, what do you mean, Mr. F,? Who
has dared say anything against my character,
or the standing of my house?"
"No one that I know of,"answeied F., "but
1 want to put you on your guard. Mrs. L., 1
have my doubts whether Judge T is the
man you take liirn to be. To come to the
point, he is now travelling the circuit in com
pany with a young woman, dressed in man's
clothes, whom he is passing off for a young
lawyer. Ho calls her Mr. H , and they
will be here in a few moments."
"Is it possible, can it be, Mr. F? What?
Judgo T guilty of such conduct! Why, 1
have always regarded him as one of the most
correct men I ever knew. It cannot be,
Mr. F."
"You will soon see, Madame, to your satis
faction. I could not believe it myself, when I
first heard of the affair."
"Mr. F.," remarked the widow with great
earnestness of manner, "will Judge T
have the presumption to enter my house with
such company?"
"Doubtless he will, Madame,"answered F.,
for tliey have been travelling together for the
past three weeks. But a short time ago 1
heard him remark to this young woman, that
he would take great pleasure in introducing
her to yon."
"He will, will he! i will let him know,ex
claimed the widow, with virtuous indigo; lion,
"that if lie ha* no rcgird far his own character
1 have some for mine, ("hoy shall net slay in
my house."
F. had succeeded in workingon the old lady
to the right pitch, when tho Judge, in compa*
nj with 11., entered the house,
" rs. L ob-crved the Judge, with much
cordiality of manner, "I am indeed vciy glad
to seo you looking so well. How have you
been this Fall Allow rnc to intioduco to you
my young friend, Mr. 11., who intends to pi ac
tio*; in our circuit.
The old lad,- drew herself up to her full
height, and with a countenance expressing the
utmost indignation, replied: "Judge T ,
you are the last person from whom 1 should
have expected such treatment. Yen might, at
least, have spared mo this insult in my pwn
"Insult, Mrs. L." said the Judge, with the
greatest astonishment. "What is the mean
ing of all this? lam entirely unconscious ol
having done anything to injure your feelings
in the least."
"You are, indeed!" replied our hostess. "!):>
you not regard it as an insult ton lady, to in
troduce to her such a worthless creature as
that!" pointing to II , who stood by the side of
the Judge, cup in hand, and lost in utter
amazement at this unexpected attack upon Ins
"Why, Mrs. L ," continued the Judge,"this
is Mr. H , one of the most respectable young
gentleman in our country. You certainly must
"Respectable indeed"' interrupted our land
lady ina scornful and indignant manner. A j
worthless huzziy dressed in man's clothes.— ;
Arid you, judge T , to be travelling in
company with such a creature. I never would j
have believed it, iiad I not boheld it with my j
own eyes.
"My dear Madame," said H., stepping for- I
ward, "you are mistaken—soine one must have'
been imposing on you."
"Don't dear tnadamc, mo—you brazen faced
trollop," exclaimed the old lady. "How rtarel
you come into my house? Out of my house
this moment—you impudent jade ."
"Surely, Mrs. L "said the Judge, endeavor-1
iug to stop this torrent of Hbusu, "there is some
strange mistake about all this. 1 assure you
that you are entirely mistaken in your surmise. |
This young gentleman is well known to all the
members ot our bar. Mr. F. you arc well ac- !
quauited wjth Mr. II r Where is Mr F.?
Tlie Judge looked around, but all had dis
appeared save the actors of this ludicrous - eene. j
As soon as we saw that matters were coining
to a crisis, ive all left the room, and going round I
the house placed ourselves in a position where I
we could hear all that was going on within, j
without any danger of being discoveied.
In the meantime, Mrs. L , insisted that the
Judge and IT, should both leave the house.
Not being abie to find any one to aid tlieni |
in their extremity, and despairing of convinc
ing her ol the mistake she was laboring under, j
they mounted their horses and rude to the next
As soon as they had departed we returned to
the house, and complimented the old lady on
the resolution and spirit she hud shown on this 1
trying occasion.
As she had now successfully repelled this as
sault 011 her dignity and the character of lier
house, bv driving out the invaders, she soon !
became restored to her usual equanimity. She
repeatedly declared during the evening, that,
nothing but her own eyes would convince her,
such had been her esteem for the character of
Judge T She declared that under the
same circumstances she would have driven
from her house the President of the United
States. |
That night F. slept in the bed reserved fori
the Judge, and regaled himself with many lit-;
tie delicacies set apart tor the special use ol' his
In truth, we who remained, were treated with
unusual attention. The Judge, who soon un
ravelled the mystery, was for a short time very
indignant; but being very sensitive tu ridicule,
he pinmishcd forgiveness upon condition that
we would not tell the story on the circuit.
H , however, said it was too good to keep,
although lie was the principal sufferer.
Our hostess was for a long time unappeasa
ble, hut eventually was reconciled to us through
the mediation of a handsome silk dress.
COLLISION AT SEA— Probable Loss oj Life. —
Capt. Dixon, ol'tlio brig Savannah, arrived at
Savannah on the 24th inst. from New York,
makes the following report:
On the 11th inst., he experienced a very
heavy gale from S. E. At 4A. M. while lay"-!
ing too, came in contact with the schr. Laura.
Jane, of Mattapoisetle, Capt. Delano, from N.
York, bound to Cape Florida, with a cargo of
brick, stone and other material for building a
light house. In the collision the Savannah had
her main channels carried away and some of
her chain bolls broken, and received other dam
age. Capt. Delano arid three of the orew of
the schooner, jumped on board tho Savannah.
Fears are entertained that tho schooner went
down in a short time, as she could not be seen
at day light. There were twelve passengers
and two of the crew left on board the schooner.
Capt. Delano furnishes the names of some of
the passengers, viz: Messrs. Briggs and T. C.
Hammond, of Mattapoiseite; Captain Pease,
Messrs. Bourne, Dow, and Boyle of Now Bed-!
ford, The wind continued to blow a gale from
the Westward for throe days.
AN INGENIOUS TRICK. One of tho prison
ers at Sing Sing escaped on Wednesday list by
an ingenious expedient. The keepers at night
ascertain that each prisoner is in his cell by the
hand, which is thrust through the bars. The
prisoner manufactured a hand, and employed
OHO of his follow prisoners to stick it in the bars
of his coll, while he himself remained in the
workshops, from which he easily escaped. He
had carved the hand in his call, carrying out
the shavings every morning to the workshop.
A FAMILV MEETING. In New York, last
Christmas, there was a family meeting of eight
children, a brother and seven sisters, whose
united ages are five hundred and fourteen years,
being an average of over sixty-four years—
They were ail in the enjoyment of excellent
WORK FOR THE P-LICE. Gaunt, the celo
brated English pngelixt. and Yankee Sullivan,
have made a match to fight early in May next.
The ground .-elected, is, however, in Virginia;
and it i- to be hoped, thai the cube, of that
State will he on ihe alert, to prevent the dis
gusting aliuir (rum taking place. The stakes
are cm: ill us i.d dollars a * dc, on; ll:o fiiends
of each cli v-.apiuu have, of course, large bets
pending besides.
(Kcr the Baltimore Clipper ]
An immense improvement has taken place, in
lighting our city, since 1 l.ad the pleasure of
addressing a few remarks upon that sul.j set
through the medium of \ our valuable indepen
dent journal. It far exceeds my roost san
guine expectations—my hopes, and even my
My object was that our citizens as well as
strangers, should realize the advantages of
lamp light, to guide their stops, he for etlre rising
of the moon, and after that, orb had ddflpeudud
the horizon in llio West, for obvious reasons,
staled in my communication. If I have been
instrumental in effecting the recent improve
ments, my designs have been manifestly mis
iindeistoud; and instead of benefitting either
citizens or strangers, it lias not only proved
nugatory; but imposed upon our Watchmen
great additional labor, and a largo viasto of oil,
the cost ol which, of course, will be found
charged to the tax payeis of the city.
I will give you a few facts, which I hope
may attract the atlcntion of the proper au
thorities, us well as the fathers of the city, who
will soon assemble to regulate matters and
things in general, for the ensuing y ear.
On Thursday evening last, although, al sun
down, the nearly hull orbed moon was at meri
dian, the whole of the lamps throughout the
city were fully lighted; by whose orders it is
not my province to enquire: I merely state the
fact end vouch for its truth
On Friday night, with a clear and cloudless
atmosphere, the moon shone brilliantly, as
though she also was revelling, in holiduy at
tire, at the event a Christian were cele
brating that day. So it was with our city
lumps— they were rrj licing throughout the
whole extent ot our city, as tur us it was prac
ticable for their light to peer thro' smoky,
dingy, unwashud glass—until about ten o'clock,
when the industry aud labor of the Watchmen
was, a second time, called into rt rpi sition )( /ur
that niglit, suddenly to extinguish them. It
had been discovered that the moon had risen!
On Saturday night 1 had occasion to visit the
lower portion of the city} and to my surprise
and astonishment, found tho southern limits,
from Light street, (including one side ofßilti
more St.,) to Hat ford run, thence along Wilk
st. and thu line of tin; Basin to the place ul'be
ginning—with the exception of an occasional
patch— luxuriating in moon tight and lump light.
As lew persons, perhaps, specially noted i/
fact, and QS I am particularly hostile, HS an
old fashioned democrat, to monopolies of any
kind, 1 avail my self ol your kindness solemnly
to protest against sin li proceedings, and invite
the co opi ration ot ail who are interested in
footing bills for such oxtravugiuiz is, to aid in
correcting the procedure.
Yours, respectfully, VI.VTOU.
P. S. I had almost forgotten to stale, that,
in traversing the lamp lighted district, the lurid
glare of tho lamps actually cast a perceptible
shadow of my /irrson upon the pavement! and
that we had nothing but moon light on jjhuiday
night' V.
Orleans Pieavuii' contains some additional
items of news from Mexico, from which we
extract the followino-;
(til the lOtli ol November, by order of
Santa A una, a (fraud mass was celebrated, all
tile officers ill the army being present, to im
plore the Divine aid tor the happv issue of
the war. Flie same night, the termination
ot the armistice was to be celebrated by a
grand serenade.
Flie reports front Chihuahua wen that, the
Government hail organized a lorce of 1,200
regulars and 10.000 volunteers, with fifteen
pieces or artillery, and that all wi re to march
against the enemy on the Ktlinf November
We do not believe the halt of it.
A communication had been received l'roin
Sinaloa. dated the. 2t-'lli October, staling- that
(-'apt. Flores, with u few regulars and some
volunteers, had routed a party of North A me
rieans. Ii was added that at l.os Angelas tin-
Indians had massacred one hundred aud fifty
American sailors acting as soldiers.
I lie negotiations between Coin. Conner and
other authorities tit Tampion tire triven, hut
they are not imjxirtant and we are crowded
for room.
A private letter from .Mexico assures the
Diario that a jg-t><kl understanding- existed be
tween Santa Anna and the Central Govern
ment, but that the necessities of the General
were such that he was constrained to insist
upon the forced loan of two millions. His
army amounted to about 25.111)0 men, the best
arm of which was cavalry. Gen. Taylor had
suffered much from desertion and sickness,
hut the number of his troops was variously
The Mexicans arc continually apprehen
sive of a attack upon San .loan tie Ulna.
An attempt was made, tliey thought, the
night of the Ist ult., but it resulted in noth
ing, having' been early discovered.
We learn verbally that (Jen. Woll, who
was for many years in the service of Mexico
and who signalized himself in Texas anil on
the Kio (Irande frontier, recently effected a
landing at Lagima and had proc aided to
wards the Mexican capital, (ieu. Well is a
Frenchman by birth, retired to his native
country a year or two since with a fortune,
and has the reputation of being a brave officer.
ARRIVAL SF SPECIE. The Spanish ship
Bueanaventura, arrived at New Orleans on tho
19th from Havana, brought $44,400 HI specie,
consigned to Lapeyre, Harispe & Co.
Nov., 1833, the State debt of Pennsylvania
was $21,C27.886 32. It is now, after a period
of 10 yours, £40,789,578 00. The revenue of
the pa-t year has equalled the expenditures, an
even t v. hir-li has not before occurred for a long
pciiod. There is no reasonable doubt that tho
Fubruary interest will be punctually paid.
STUDENTS' VALOR. One of tho volunteer
companies now raising in Boston, is s.d l 'o bo
composed entirely of students of law and medi
A SAD MISTAKE. V. B Howard, a worthy
clerk in tho post office al Dayton, Ohio, was
I last spring charged with purloining §2OO from
a letter which Messrs. Chambers &. Harns, of
that city, deposited in tho office to be sent to
Springfield, but which never came to hand.—
The charge against Howuid almost drove him
to despair. He immediately resigned and vol
unteered for Mexico, where, being of a feeble
constitution, he fella prey to disease and died
on the march from Matamoras to Camargo.—
Last week the letter with the monoy, was re
turned from the dead letter office at Washing
ton, having been iriisdiiected.
THE NEW TARIFF. The New York Tri
bune says that the business in the Custom
House in that city continues to fall offas com
pared with last December, and tho increase of
the fust week lus been nearly absorbed by the
deficiencies since. Tiie receipts last week were !
less than $200,000, showing a decrease of some 1
20 or §OO,OOO.
MELANCHOLY DEATH. Mr. Tlios. G. liar- 1
rison, a wealthy and respectable man, in Fau
quier county, Va., blowod his own brains out j
011 tho evening of the 16th inst., with a shot
gun—the load entering his forehead near thu ,
eye. Ho was supposed to be under a religious
excitement some time before his death.
CITY MORTALITY. There were 119 deaths |
in Philadelphia last week, of which 36 were I
under one year of age; died of consumption, 21;
dropsy, 8; scarlet fever, 6; inflammations, 19. '
nth inst. was observed as thanksgiving day, I
by the Cherokee Indians, in obedience to tho
proclamation of John Ross, the chief of the '
N. Y. BRIGADIER GENERAL. It is thought,
that Aaron Ward, of Westchester, will bo ap
pointed Bi igadicr General of thu troops raised t
in New York and the neighboring States.
EQUAL SUFFRAGE. The Constitutional CUII- 1
vention, Wisconsin, have passed negro sulfragc ;
resolutions by a vole of 03 to 46.
BOMB SHELLS. Tburo are six huntlrt TL and
t.venty torn bomb-shella at tbu western rail
road depot, in Albany, wliiob were niinu'hc
tured at Troy, destined for the Gulf of Mexi
Dep. Master Gen.,at New Orleans, receiv
ed on the 20th uist., by express, §603,000 in
gold, which amount ha deposited with the Ca
nal and Banking Company, to the credit of
A RUMOR It was rumored in Pbilndelph.a
on Sunday, but not cicdited, that news had
touched the city, to the ell'eot that the Castle
of San Juan d'Ulloa bad been taken possession
of lay our forces.
BI.ASTIS'O. Exp-'riniciits upon tiio applica
bility of gun cotton to the purposes ofblasting
rocks in mines have been made. The result
lias surpas od expectation.
MUSKET BXT.I.s. At the Arson 1, near St.
Louis, they have a machine by which they
make ono hundred and eighty balls a minute.
Wi hin two weeks it is thought that two mil
lions of halls were shipped from that point to
thu seat of vvai.
HEAVY VKHDICT. MIS. Collins, one oftlie
sulferers by the explosion oftito steamboat Cut
ter, at Pittsburg, two years ago, lias just reco
vered §1,500 damages from the owners.
Council of the Cherokee Nation, seems to bo
intent on furthering public instruction in the
Nation. It has directed the establishment oi
Cvo public schools, one for males, and the oili
er for females, and it is probable a Manual La
bar School, for Orphans, will also ho set in op
lEI.IMSIS SENATOR. Judge Douglass has
b en elected la the U. S. Senate from this
rmo THE 100,000 READERS
HTlio Mihsrribi r would respectfully inform Hie public
tlmt in eonsctpienre of the immeroiis applieations hith
erto made to hi in. for the furnishing of original pieces
of poetry, songs, acrostics, sonnets liir Alliums. ailvcr
tisemenis in prose anil rhyme, original letters, obituary
notions, notices on Music anil the Drama, anil in short
all descriptions of composition, he is prepared to fur
nish those in want, hoili ill the city and country. Ap
plications liy mail, enclosing any amount, will receive
i Ml inedi :ite attention. Appliealion personallv, or if In
itial!, post paid, to W 11.1,1 AM TAYI.OK,
No. I and Jarvis' Buildings, llaltV, Mil.
{(y- Communications strictly eonfuteviiut. nllt tf
J' I'ST UECEIVKI). a large lot of new and pop
ular works at half price.
The Pioneers of Perote, containing a journal kept liv
the Author, who was captured by the Mexicans lit
Mcir, Dee 1842, and released from I'eroie Mav
1(1,1841, 12c
Tlie Dramatic Authors of Aineriea, liy .las. Itees, 12
The Warwick Woodlands, by Frank forester, jo
The English Woman in Egypt, written by Iter sister, 12
Impressions of treland and the Irish, 12
Knights of the Round Table, jo
Recollections of the eventful I.ife of a Soldier. I;y
the late Joseph Donaldson,sergeant in the llltii
Peats Brigade, 12
History of the Mutiny at Ppitle ad and the N ire, 12
Sketches of Imposture, Deception and t'redulilv. 12
Babylonian Princess, '2 vols. ' gfl
l'hysie and Physicians, 2 vols. 2j
Together with all the new works, newspapers, ,Vi'.
{ly- For sale by
(icneral Periodical Agency,2B F„ Baltimore st.
Dll between Front and High streets.
per and Pailor, \n .10 (JFITMAN BTREET
(a few doors east of Sharp st) has a few more of
those Garments left, lie is thankful for past favors,
and solicits a continuance of t'> public patronage,
N IE An npptentice wanted—one of industrious
habits gad good ruur&l character, nll-inwtJal
im/nnoiu; LOCK HOSPITAL,
niay he obtained the most speedv rein
▼ ▼ cdy liu tioiiorrhcuc, Elects, Htrictures, HeminaJ
Weakness, I'ain in tin- Loins, Affections of tin; Kid
neys; also those peculiar affections which arise from a
cnhi)n />rmti>, oj youth , and which, if not cured, ren
ders marriage iuipos-ible, and in the end destroys Imtli
mind and bod). '1 In.- remedy will also cure finpotcu
cy, and every symptom of a
<nthe right liand side going from Haltunore-st., "2nd
door Irani the corner—riuht opposite the Police Olliee.
lie particular in ob-i rvmg the name on the door and
window, or you will mistake the place.
I> It . JOII \ STO \ ,
a di. tuigui died graduate from one of the first Colleges
in the I tnh tl States, which may he seen h\ his Diplo
ma; al-o, a iiiemhcr ol ilie Itoval fnllcjjo of Surgeons,
and Licentiate of the Apothecary's Hall, London; and
the greater part of whose life has hecn spent in the lirst
Hospitals ol Europe and America, viz : those of lx>n- :
0U) Paris and Philadelphia, may he consulted on all :
diseases, hut more particularly
W lieu tin mi-gimhd and inipriidimt votary of |h a-
Mire linds lie has imhihed the seeds of this painful dis
ease, it too often happens that ail ill timed sense of
shame, or dread of discovery, deters him from applv 1
ing to tiiose who, from education and res|s>etahility,
can alone helricnd him. (h layinu till flic eon-litiitioiial
s)niptojus ol this Imrrid disease mukc tin ir appearance,
'l' li ~,s ulcerated sore throat, diseased nose, nocturnal
pains in the head ami liinhs, dimness of >ijtht,deafness,
nodes on the sliin hones and arms, Motrin.- on the
head, larr and cxtrcinetic-, progress on witll frightful
lapiditv, till at la-f the palate of the uiiMith or tile hones
of Hi-• nose (all in and tile \ iciim of tin- awful disease
becomes a horrid ohjeet of eoiumisseration, till death
puts a period to hi- dreadful sulferings, hy sending him
lo "that hoiirne whence no traveller returns.'" To'
such, therefore. Dr. JOIINSTOX pledges himself to
preserve ih most inx iolalde >eerc< \; and. from his e\
fui-ixr practice in the lir t hospitals of Europe and
America, lie can confidently recommend a safe and
speed) euro lo the unfortunate victim of this horrid dis
It i- a melancholy fact, that tliotl amis tall victims to
tin- horrid disease, owing to the uiiskillfuliiess of men,
who b\ the use that d ail\ poison, mercury, nun
the eon-titutiori, and either -end t lie unfortunate .-iitler
cr to an untilm l\ grave, or • l-e make tin* re-idue of Lis
life miserable.
HdVURRIKj; \ \\ D t.LKKT (FRED, h> the
most speedy and the mo t pleasant retinal) known, to
no other physician li requires no restraint of diet, or
hindrance iroui hii-im -- it is mild, sale and clfieu
eious. eradicating e\ r> -\mptoni of this ntP'cti<>|]
without eau-imr other di > •-. s. ,-m ha- Strichm and
.IffctHon of the Bladder* and Prostrate Gland. wliien
inipyrie- and quack-so olten create hy'their noxious
drugs and tilth) infectious.
RES w hen there i-a partial-uppre--ion
ot urine, accompanied witli iinea-ine-- in tin part-, or
a frcipnut d< sire to make water, it i- called Slri'turn.
\el this di-ea-e may \i-t, and none of the-.: symp
toms he perceptible, or if at all. they are -<> light'us to
pass unnoticed: hence we find thousands laboring tin -
der tlii- atfeetimi who an entirely uuroic-cintis of it
such persons become weak in the parts, seldom hare
thihl,' a, and in tie I:tt• r -lages of ilu> complaint are
incapable of cujo\ing y t,>, ,i t- tlieirsyst.-ms heeome
deranged, panieiilarl) I lie -loin.tell, inducing - \ uiptoms
of dyspepsia; also afbetions of the wind, peculiar to tits
ol melancholy. &,e. which ina\ end in some dread
(ill ilhcuse ot tlie nerves, and will cither cause a pre
mature death or el.-t make the r iof | ; f miserable
To such p r-oiis. Dr. .Inlin-'toii off rs the ino-t speedy
nulled) that run !• obtain"d in the United Stiles'.
sj.'/-Read Dr. .I.'s Treaties Oil Venen il. etc. etc.
T \KE I' \RTI< 11. \R NdTlfK.
Young neui who have injured them •!\ •hv a e r
tain pr;u*ti.'' indulged in \\ hen alone—-a Imhif firqiiriit
l\ learned from evil companions, or at ehnol--the cf
feets hi w '.iicli art* niglillv l*|t, even when asleep, and
i! tint < ur. ,| r, ii,h>r> mariiage iiupos>il|e, and t -.-troys
both mind body.
What a pity flint a young man. tin* hope of Iris coun
try, and ilir darling l' hi- parents, should I<- snatched
I r*'in all pin-pi }-• and enjoyments of lit.- by the eon.-r
(jjicnrcs of deviating from tin* path of nature and in
dulging inarm-fain M*cret lialnl. Sti#*lt p r-oits, be
fore contemplating
M \RHI \<;K,
should n Irrt tint a -miid mint! nml bndv arc t.li°
must m rr---ar\ requisite to promote coiinnhial happi
ness. I mired, without these, the journey through lite
heroin- a \\ aiy pilgrimage. the proqiret liourlv dark
r:is to tin* virv. -lie mind becomes shadowed itii
d pai aiel ti!l* l with tie* HI- laiir||n|\ i f!<tion, that
the happiie of atedlirr becomes blighted with our
Dr. J. addi< . s oiuig mrii and all who liavr injur
ed t!o*iii-rl\i -h. pri". t* arid improper indulgences.
/ wi j uvv:\i '■ it'/•:./r v/•;ss or rut:
t.i:xt r.n. ota,.i\s.
I.n-s of viri! • puv, r is the peuultx mn.t frequently
paid In thn-r who giv- .t !*-• rein nr lirense to their
passions. Voting p. mi arr ton apt t• commit ox
rossrs Iron I lint being av. ;;fr of the dreadful i llertsthat
may ritsin*. (though imp**i \>.r\ occurslVniu -tricture,
deposit- s in tin* urine, urn v. I. and from numerous "Hi
rrcfillers, yet the abuse of tin* sevual organs, hy -\-
ecssivi \riiery r srlf-p illutiou; particular!) tin latter
is tile more frequent cau-colit. \n\v who that un
derstand- the snhjert will p'cteiid t denv that the
power of procreating tin* species i- lost sooner by tho-r
who praetire the unliti,y ri< < than by the prmh lit.—
lb-sides, by premature impotence ibr dige-tive funr
tions an- ih rang* d, and tin* phy-ical and mental pow
ers weakened b\ a too frequent and tno great • \citr
inent of the genital organs. Parents and guardian- are
otleti misled, with resp et to the causes or sources ol
diMia>e in their sons and wards. How often do tliry
us< rilir to otln r eauses the wasting of tin- frame, idiot
ey, inadues.s, palpitation of the lu art. indigestion, dr
raiigeuient of the nervous system, rough and symtoins,
indicating eoiisiimpliou, wiicti the tnitli is that they
have been caused by indulging in a p 'rnieious, though
alluring practice, destructive to hoth mind and bod v.
SKMf.W-tL H >ll SSI OSS .
of this di>tressiug disease, which is the eomnion re
| suit of lite nluwe mentioned secret habit, hut a very
brief th smiption, for many reasons, can he given here.
The complaint comes on gradually. D begins by a too
hasty discharge of soiicii in copulative and passionate
dreams. Such emissions living too hasty, have no
power, while the erections ale feeble, imperfect and
soon over. As the disorder grows worse, the di charges
or emissions become more easily excited and frei|ttetit,
olleu brought on bv lascivious ideas, or In merely
touching the pail. In this deplorable ens •, the epos
sinus take place without any pleasure and without
erection, and in this debilitated ituil sensitive state of
the organs the dire fill etibets of pollution so ruinous to
health, take place day and night. Pale, i-uia.-iateil and
weak, the unhappy vietiiu of artificial gratification
complains of pain in the head and ha. k. lias a languid
look, diliilless ol sight, lltl-hing of tile tare when spok
en to, lowness of spirits, and a vague dread ol o iic
tiiing. oti.'ii starting with terror at a sodden -f i t or
sound. He also loathe society, front mi intuit, sense ol
shame, ami feels it dislike to all bodily ami inentnlex
ertton. Distressed, and his mind ttved upon Ins mise
ries, he slyly -enrelies ivi ry sirer that prouiises re
liel. A ll,amed to make known Ins situation to Ins
trienils, or tliose, who. by ediieation, study and praeti
enl knowledge, are able to rein x e liiin, lie applies to
the ignorant and designing, who lileh liiin Of bis pecu
niary substance, and instead of restoring lion to health,
leave him to sigh over his galling disappointment; tin
last scene of the drain a winds up with mania, eatnlep
>y, epilepsy or sotnr n irible disease of the nerves, and
J death drops the curtain, hurrying the unhappy patient
! to an untimely tnmli, when his friends are toiallv ig
, noraiir of the real cause.
N. It. Eel no false delicacy prevent you, hut apply
i iimnediately either personally or liv letter.
AI.I. LETTERS must lie jb IST I' \ll>.
SKIN Disi: \si:s si'EEDii.y < THHD
f 'S- \dvlee to the poor GRATIS,
i TAKE NoTll'K. Dr. JOHNSTON has had a greater
| practice in the above atfeetions than any physician in
I Hie !'• S. II • also poss, ss. s an ndvant.f.'f over all
, others, irom the fact of his having stodit d in the great
I Hospitals ol 1,-,lh Europe ami this country, vi/,: those
,oi England, Frame. Spain. Russia, Denmark, &e.,
and the Hospitals of Philadelphia. Thousands in Bill
| tlmont can testify that lie cured them after every other
ineaie had failed. Itinuiecriiblc ecrtilieatc: could he
' given, but d. lie; cy prevent* il —for m/ 0.1 una n; , , >cc
lability would likcnls name exposed—atone- besides
then are so many p, rsons without knowli tlgc or char
\ tieter wlto advertise tip* things with ihl-e names.that
alone would fbrbid it. d2B
I f AOI.l) PENCIL i \ RS. will Gold Pens
xf attached a' very r due I prio for t
' Pre-1 at. ft j .ale lw
' t;. t>. CE ABK, AV iter street.
1 d'-E! second door Irom Calvert,
f SiVliTlMOltl, HKK I M-liOlA ICY,
'> No. lft E. PttATT STKEKT,
sven (loots nam ofthv Kri4gc.
[he Oldest lunituliuii in Baltimore for ;fi>-< ure of
the seer*.'i disease.
Challenges the world to prodm • a cure moio certain.
Hjieeily ami permanent tlmn he now offers to the
afflicted. f.iH recent extensive niodictl tout has put
him in possession ol the grand scientific secret, of
not only eradicating the larking poison of wtmrial
venom, hut of restoring the shaltt re constitution to
ntt pristine vigor. I>r. H. contidenlly assures the
victims of vem real disease that he can, in an un
paralleled short space of time, re u re the patient to
perfect health without resorting to the nauseous and
deleterious drugs too often administered by quarks.
IMPOTENt;Y, from whatever cause arising and
its sources are various, Dr. H. p edges himself to re
move permanently an.l effectually, restoring to lln ir
full vigor the virule powers. Those addicted to the
soli.ary vice, or who may he suffering from firmer
indulgence a prostration of mental and physical rn-
I'lgies, would find it much to their interest to apply
either by letter (post paid) or in per sun, to Dr. H., in
whom they may place the most implicit confidence,
for honorable secrery and efficient aid. Office hours
from IS A. M. to 11 P. M. apfd tf
jnjEriSO.VB afflicted with Scrofula, Kings' Evil,
ft. Cancer, Erysipelas, Old Rores, Ulcers, Tetter,
Meicurial Diseases, or any other complaints arising
frutii impurities of the Blood, are requited to read
the following testimonials, in proof of the wonncifal
properties of 'he above named medicine
itEAI) ! HEAD!! HEAD!!!
We, the undersigned, having visited Mr. Isaac
Rrn*l<q, Jr at the ortice ot Messrs. Ucwnnd St Wal
ton, 376 Market street, Philadelphia, cossider his
case the most remarkable one we have evr witness
Hor heard of. His tisease was HCROFULA, and
teirible must have been Ins twilve years' conflict
with the destroyer!
F!is Palate, the Entire Roof of his Mouth, his
Nosh. Upper Lip, and lower lid of the RIGHT EYB
have hern Octroyed, his Face neon I, f eaten up, and
part of the JA W HONK carried away. And yet we
can give no description of Ins case.
Mr. U. if!l< ri:i9 us that in January last, the whole
interior of his mouth, as well as most of his face,
was a miss of deep and painful u'ecrs!
On the I *lth it January last, he commenced taking
which checkt d the diioasi in .1 ft wda ye, and from
that time the cure has progressed without inn 1 mis
N'w fls|i has supplied the place of the d p ulcers,
and though 1 adly disfigured, hi- face is round, ami
his general health is restored.
We arc : naired thatin the treatment of Mi. Brooks'
ease, no V KRCUHIAI.B. Ointments, or Cacbtic np
plic.uioiis have been used,—in fact, the PANACEA
AL"NE h!t- wrought this wonderful change.
David Smith, Bucks co, Pennsylvania; Charles f*
Rnwarid, Mradville, Crawford eo. Penn&ylva i.i; J
W J oil # M D South Recond-pt, Pliilndrlphi ;Jacob
Lee, Pemberton, N Jersey; E W Carr. 'l4O N Fourth,
ab ■. Poplar 1 > Liberties; 8 McCullough, Lsucmb
ler, Penn-ylvnnia; R M Maddock, *,M N Elevrnth-st,
Philadelphia; C VV Apphton, M I) 40 South *t do;
I Immhy Caldwell, Marion co, Missouri; Daniel Yea
kel. (Chestnut Dill. Philadelphia co,Pa;John Darned,
Ml Digh-st. Philadelphia; William Steeling, M D
Camden, New Jersey; William Male, 378 Hight-St*
Phtladi Iphia; J I! Pott- r, Manufacturer of M neral
IV th 100 S Niuth-Kt Phila; L A VVolh nweber. Ed
Phil 1 D mnrruf. >27 X 3d st, do: Ceo W Metz, Brush
maker. 317 Market st 1-•; Ezra Carr, 159 Cheßtnut-Rt
!••; D Gillette, Pastor of Eleventh Baptist Church,
l'hihi; John Bell, Erie st, Phila, (North American of
fice;) Aaron Sands, 104 Catharii e-st, Philadelphia;
IMnicl McCin'ey, K' .shlcCs \IU y,do; Andrew Swea
tn, Canuh n, New J rpey; R II Evans, Y\Vt Phila;
K-.clvrd K Young, Gilder, 409 Market-st. Philr.; John
W A.'hmead,6o South Bixth-st, do; T S Wagner,
Lithograph* r, 110 (Busnut-Pt do; P. J Kerisi? I'i'l 3
Eleventh st do; Peter Skcn Smith, Editor Native
Engle, do; Joel BmJiriP, Glass manufacturer, W'il
liitmslowi!, N Jersey; William Steely, Farmincton,
Van ILim ( , fnw;"i; L K Doles, M D Boston, Mass;
I*ui9ssl 'anti Id, i'ltvsiol'?;"<?, Fliila; Thonuo P 8
Ruby, D Hnrr f'j; peter Wright, 259 Market
M y f'hita; Jame> W Newlm. !(:< Filbert -<t, dr.- John
Good, 171 Spruc*-r-t, cU; William T'rie, P; stor Ft.
Paulh MKCn Cf tharin t. o; .1 hn Chambers, Pas
tor ist Intlirp Cli Broad st, do; T L Sanders, Publisher
■I t h"Jur and Klandaid. do; l' teller , Edit, r Olive
Uratcfe, l ioy'estnwri. Bucks co. Pa; Jr;l:a Coatee,
Prii "r, 11th and Mnrket-st, Phlu; Jacob Freik, Cdf
itor American fcfentii.el, do; C Guilou, t •>!.-< r, 09
S -Ith .Ht, do; I, A Godey, Publisher of th* Lady's
Book. do; It S Keifrr, Editor American R> nnl kan,
Lain aster. P; !l <' Fnnc.smiih. Kt?:poriuti m Health,
!'; A Wilson, M J) iVo v Cedar flow, Ph?fa; Levi
Hri'k. New York; J B Atkn son, Cam* • n. N Jersey.
The above ur.nn ii cmt'ernen (eon.'tlMt \ g '.fit a
j ina portion of those who hav visited .Mr. ! ; ouksat
our office in Philadelphia, and would certify to the
r-aine facts if necessary) are well known. I their
high standing in HOI 5Y reeiud S the ID# „ *r tuei
lending theii names to i \rr. #u an iir pe,t-i:inn.
A - additional testimony in proof iftbi -r
ry curative powers of oui Pan . "a. w< -five a tow of
tin many certific ire- in our ?, the truth of
which ran be testified by wrifine to th# roiivhttmlH,
who, (with tin? cxcrptieri of Mr. .V-ixwe'L v h , is io
Vow York) may he found where they n-i.V.I when
tin* certificates were given.
And here we say. wihout the fear of eon radktion,
thai \vc have ri"t'foun.i a case r.f .Scrofula #r oilier
diseusefor which we recmnn nd the Panacea which
the medicine has not speedily arrr ♦d.
\Xi have at this time a multitude f patients under
feaini. hi. .!I of whom are (!oinj we!). An *.ng them
is on#. ... CA which was pronounced by phys
icians beyond the. reath of Surgical a-mstance, nut
from al! appearances will he cured in a ft w months.
Sold who'csalf. and retail by the proprietors, ttOYV
AND &. WALTON, 37f Market st, PhU.i. Also, in
Baltimore by N.N. Robinson, corner of (Jay ami Sar
atoga streets; Kin loc & Toy. Marsh Market
Space; James Stanebury, N'. 2*17 Broadway, Pell's
Point; Gorden Sc '1 uhuiait, No. 152, West Pratt at.
15 L. PRATT STREET | between Ptcsiivni -.t. and
the Bridge. Di.-ease driven out instead t.f being turn-
d in upon ihc eoustitution. Who will risk health
and life by tukins a specific er canpoun aJntinisier*
rd to all alikc } \yithont regard t ccn\lihiHon s
tonvt at stage disease, when,f.r i.<- on i'u.ney.
tln v can obtain the advice fud trc; t ;er.t ot .1 skillful
and oxpetiener.d Physicinnf
DR. HARRIS, a distinguish' I graduate of Cnm
hridje, united v.i; ian enokr r.I pr:u . li .n r r or. New
Oilean*, is well known to th* citizens f Baltimore
v a >kil!t:l aui experienrrd Pin k iau H > >nake
no proiiiisfs he canru I fulfil. His barges nr mode
rate. Where a cure is warrantsd, it is give* in writ
t\g, ?o th. n can he no yuittakc!
V. Mercury, Balsam, disgusting Oils, or fesud Frug,
1 taints his; r in dies. Tin y are mace of sweet but
I powerful Vegetable compounds—purifying the blood,
.•trcugthening the tomaeh, and forcing disease out
in teud of throwing it into the system to break out
ifterw irdc with renewed virulence. Syphilis, Go-
R<*rrb(Ba, Gleets, Stricture. Seminal weakness, lu
voluntor) Emissions, Swelled Glands, or any inflam
| iuition of the inemhers, wirh afftctionF of tke kicf-
I iicj sor bladder, treat' d wita prompt skill and speedi
f" cured.
GRAVEL AND PILES. Thee- painftil and dan
; serous di-eates Dr. 11. pledges i.i rcpuuition to ef
; fectual'y cure in a few days v. iP.otit tupical opera-
I lion or hindrance from business. Persons at a dis
j tiiicf may consult Dr. 11. h\ letter (post paid) ami be
?ured a* home. Medic in'/ft rwa : detl with dLputch.
Honorable confidence fd*srrvcd in all cases. Advice
gratis. Office arranged with privat Rooms. Opeu
11' m 6in the mon ing till 11 o'clock atnigi
N. B Observe the sig- upon tne window and the
d iop. jySLtf
mnifl IS TO GIVE NOTICE, That ilerub
J (.rib' i hath obtained Iroai the Orf haiV Couri
of B hirnme county, '• it• r- t# l'-t.tary on the per
-o i .1 i iute cf M ARY M. t'ORKELL, late ol >aid
r> ur,!>, d.■cca-e !. AM pr-raoiis having claim gainst
il * - . i deceased, are hereby warned to rxhihit the
-• ;i , with the voucl r ?l ' reof, t< the nib eriher, on
■ n-'it re the Ist da> of Ji s>7; tl-ey na; otl cr
w by law, In ixcludfdfi in a I Leu-ii ( f -aid es
i . Ml p rs<; • indf bted he s lid e Rate, ate re
-1 <j. • 'loinak* t•: ;c. rtt (Lveu under
I in/ hand, tkisSFth day of .V >ve be:. 1846
' iL'-iuwH ANN RAMSAY, Ex'x,

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