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[Re|ir< led for thn Baltiif Clipper.]
The Senate adjourned before the journal
was read. It was a solemn mark of respect
to the memory of Alexander Harrow, just d<r
The resolution adopted yesterday, to furnish
the volunteers with clothing at the govern
f.ient prices, was reconsidered; and it was re-
Ssired to the committee on Military Affairs.
Mr. Iliralson, from that committee, report
ed & bill to raise, in addition to ilie present
military establishment, one regiment of dra
gootisand nine regiments of infantry. The term
of enlistment, under this act, and for the
regiments of dragoons, artillery, infantry,
engineer soldiers, and riflemen to be "dur
ing the war," or five years, at the option
of the recruit. The President to appoint
one additional Major General to racii o!
these regiments, to he taken from the rank
of the araiy—an additional (Quarter-master
to ho appointed to each regiment, to he ta
ken from the subalterns of the line. A boun
ty of twaive dollars to be given. Six dollars
at the tune of enlistment, and the remainder
when the recruit shall join the regiment for
The bill was referred to thu Cominitee ol the
Whole oil the State ol the Union.
Mr. Haralson also reported a bill to refund
to the States the money advanced by them to
subsist, equip, and transport volunteers; which
was referred to the same committee.
Mr. Hurt reported a bill to increase the effi
ciency of the regiments and corps of the arin.y,
and to provide for disabled and infirm officers;
which was similarly referred.
Mr. C. J. Irigersoll endeavored to submit it
resolution, to print five thousand copies of the
rejtort on our relations with Mexico, made last
June, but the House refused to suspend the
Mr. Hamlin, of M aine, submitted a resolu
tion, whicn was adopted, to close the releclo
r.es in the basement of the Capitol, unless the
keepers dispense entirely with the sale of in
toxicating liquors.
A message was received from the President,
staling that he had signed the bill lor the ad
mission of lowa into the Union.
Mr. Rathbun stated that the representatives
elect were now in waiting, and Messrs. Luff'
ler ant! Hastings having taken the oath to sup
port the constitution of the United States,
were assigned seats.
Mr. King, of Massachusets, presented the
memorial of nine'thoiisand Quakers, who re
cently assembled in New Bedford, against all
wars. After debate, it was referred to the com
mittee of the whole on the state of the Union.
The printing was refused—yeas 7'', nays 66.
Mr. Cranston presented a similar memorial,
which was laid ovar, Mr. Pultit expressing a
desire to debate it.
Mr. C. J. Ingersoll submitted a resolution,
which was adopted, instructing the committees
on Naval, Military, and Militia aff'airs, to en
quire whether the present mode of enlistment
in the ariny and navy cannot be superseded by
drafting—the officers to be taken from the pri
A large number of petitions and memorials
and resolutions were presented, and appropri
ately disposed of.
Mr. Cobb called up his resolution to amend
the rules, so that members, on asking to be ex
cused from voting, shall not take occasion to
make speeches.
Pending the question, the House adjourned.
(Reported for (lie lliiluaiorr Clipper.]
At the meeting of the House, the Hon. John
P. Kennedy was unanimously elected Spoaker,
and being conducted to the chair, delivered a
most practical and eloquent add*ess. Geo. G
Brewer, was re-elected chief clerk, and Eli
Duvall, reading clerk. Benj. H. Gautt of P.
Georges, sergeant-at-arms, and Wm. H. Mar
shall, of Worcester, door-kee.por. Messrs. John
W. Rider ofSom., Saml. T. Houston, of Fre
derick, John T. Jackson, of Dorchester, Jas.
B. Smith of St. Mary's, and Saml. Rinedollar,
of Carroll, committee clerks.
On motion, the Rev. M. Hirst, (Methodist
Episcopal church,) was elected Chaplain.
The Governor, m reply to a message ol' the
two bodies, immediately sent in his annual mes
sage—a copy of which I send you.
Some minor legislation was performed.
The Senate, having re-elected all its old of
ficers, proceeded to business.
As the message will occupy much of your
columns, I need not be more particular.
gislature of Pennsylvania will meet at Harris
burg on Monday next. The Legislatures of
New Jetsey, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Michi
gan, meet on the same day. The Legislature
of New Yosk meets on the first Tuesday in
January, andjilic Legislatures of Maine and
Massachusetts, moet on the day following.
of the Post Office at Nashua, N. H. while dis
tributing the mail a few days since, noticed
that a sealed newspaper felt rather heavy.—
Thinking a newspaper would bear squeezing
he pressed it with his hand, when c-r-a-c-k!
went something inside. Looking in at the end
he saw something which he fouad to be a rich
gold locket, containing one of the most charm
ing faces imaginable.
SPECJE. The New York Tribune says:—
"The stream of specie from the OH World
begins to flow by the packets. The Henry
Clay from Liverpool, has $30,00#, and the
Oxford a smallar amount. In addition we have
to-day $150,000 from Canada. The Cambria,
it is new ascertained, had about $500,000 in
SUICIDE. Mr. Joseph Caldwell, one of the
most aged and respectable citizens of Panola
county, Mise.,committed suicide on the night
of the 12th inst , by hanging himself in his
stable. His mind, fur son.o time shattered, had
lately received a fresh shock in the death of
his wife, which state of aberration led to the
MR. JOHN B. GOUGH. This groat cham
pion of tire Temperance cause arrived at Nor
lo!u on Thursday last, arid was to deliver a lec
ture on Christinas night.
CAUGHT. Charles Willis, the robber of the
biig Palestine at Newport, has been arrested
and the money recovered. The amount was
S C;*JED THE PLEDGE. About sixty persons
gigi the plo !g at Wilmington, on the occa
sion of Mr G iiigV-; b lure tit that place last
irtw* of Hubert W. Moort) j
trcen arrested it. Vet* York, on the charge oil
defrauding: scvoiitl merchant!) of that I >t out:
of $6,000 nr ,000 worth of butli r mid roi:e
vies. llinry M, liroadinai), of .Maltttniog
i county, Ohio, was recenll* ti 1 rotv 11 from Ins
carriage arid killed. \ iitin named lienißiil
Doyle "as frozen to death at. Rochester last
week. Mrs. Kh'/.abeth Simundu, aged 81
years, wag buriit to death in Roston on Wed
nesday. 'l'tv 1 hea 1111 1'nl t rooks, one for Gen. j
Taylor, the other for .Mr. (.'lay, have jo-t been!
made at Newark. At Albany, teams are
crossing the river on the ice.
Am RKFHSRP. The Hoard of Aldermen ol
New York have refused to appropliulo $5,000
to an ids buying blankets, &e., for the 1,000
volunteers raised in that city. The re usal
was based 011 the ground of economy and a de
sire to keep down the taxes of the city.
FRM<;IM* IN NEW YORK. The Tribue says:
—Shipments liuvo obtained another advance-
Two or three ships have taken up at 18d. for
grain, arid ss. for (lour for Liverpool, and one
or two for Ireland at proportionate rates. Cotr
ton freights, however, aiu dull, and engage
merits coild have been made ath-IGd. To
Havre, I's ct-. is obtained for Hour; 150 cts.
for provisions; 30 cts. for grain, and 1 ct. for
LARUE llot.s. The St. Louis Era notices
the receipt there of six hogs, whose average
weight was 000 lbs.
El Imi rle 1 of Columbia Attveriueisriii'.
LEOIU.ETOW V, l>. < .
The suhserilier would most ri.-|Mctlully i
vilf tlu' alti'lltion ot' tlie riti/.ensot'tieorLii'toiMi
11,5 i lotus assortment ot" CI.I I'l'llS, rASSIAIKKK-S
IT. mill \ EST I NHS. wliii-ti lie will iiiukt to order
111 superior style, for sueli prices, lor cash. til.it llill
give entire satisfaction.
We would also inform those who prefer to lurnish
their own Cloth, that should lie tail to give a lirst rate
lit. that lie will either pay them for their goods, or fur
uish others that w ill lit
\VM \. KIUIIAEIHON. Merchant Tailor,
bridge st., 5 doors west of Union Hotel.
WANTED—An Apprentiee, ol industrious habits
and good eharaeter. Apply inuiieihaleli to
STORE. Tin subscriber having obtained la
eertse to sell at auction, and located hiiusclt in that
large and commodious building lately erected by
Messrs. I laslap 8c Weeden, fronting dill street and I'enn.
avi one, between C street ami Louisiana avi nue, and
fronting tin west end id' the Centre Market, respectful
ly oilers his services to sell property of every descrip
tion. All sides entrusted to his cure, will receive his
personal attention, and every effort will be intuit to
make goods command fair prices, lie will bestow par
ticular attention to the arranging and disposal of funii
lure at private houses, lie can store a large quantity
of goods, and storage will be low. Any furniture sent to
him 011 commission will be carefully stored and taken
care of. lie has always on hand,at private sale, a good
assortment of beds, bedsteads, and other furniture at
low cash prices.
nIT-coti" THOS. C. WILSON, Auctioner.
of the Island intend holding a sale of USEFUL and
FANCY ARTICLES, Refreshments, BM?., Die proceeds
of which are designed to promote die interests of the
Protestant Episcopal Church in that part of the city.
The sale will be held in the large frame building on
Tenth street, near Mary land avenue, adjoining tire res
idence of W. M. Morrison, Esq. It will he opened 011
THURSDAY, the 24th instant, at 12 o'clock, M., and
continue for several succeeding days. The articles are
such as it is hoped will give satisfaction, and will he
sold at prices to suit the times.
Contributions of refreshments, Btc. will be gratefully
received. Admittance 12j cenls.
N. 11. On Christmas day the sale will not commence
till 3 o'clock. d' 22 d
fHI 11 It KK TIMES A WEEK. Carrying th c
.1 GRB.IT CHXTR.IL V. S. Mail, by tire well
known and popular routes, via Chesapeake Ray, 10
Norfolk, Portsmouth, Franklin, Richmond, Petersburg,
Gaston, VVeblon and Charleston, S. C., (avoiding all
those unpleasant changes as on the route via Washing
ton,! and 110 loss of sleep, to VVeldon.
s> Leaving Spear's vvliarf llnlti-
J r*N more, every MONDAY, WED
fexAg/.ttfeay \ESDAY and FRIDAY.a 4 o'elk
-'c'l.-c AVig;—' p, j\| ti, one of tin popular, com
fortable and safe Steamboats, with their experienced
commanders ft crews.in the UF.< >RC IA, ('apt. Cannon,
or HERALD, ("apt. Russell, or JEWESS, ('apt. Sutton.
This Line lias been running for upwards of twenty
years, without ln\s of Property or Life. The Boats limit
expressly for this Route. Arriving ip Norfolk next
morning, after a comfortable night's sleep, at li o'clock,
A. M.
Thence up James River with its
J beautifnl scenery, in the htenmboat
CI'RTIS PECK. Capt. Davis or
ALICE, ('apt. Brough, to Rich
mond or City Point Railroad, now in complete order, to
Petersburg, Va., (h aving Baltimore at same time, atJ
ways in advance of tin line via Washington,) thence
to VVeldon ami Charleston, S. t'.: through as fast as any
other line, with much more comfort and less expense.
This Line also connects with the Sea Board ami Roa
noke Railroad, from Portsmouth, by Railroad, toGrays
ville. Franklin, N'ewson's and Baykin's Depots. And
by steamer Fox, from Franklin to Kdcnton, Plymouth,
Nevvhern, and Washington, N. C. Returning leave
Norfolk, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, at 3 P.
M.., connecting (next morning) at Baltimore with the
Lines going South, West, and East.
Conformable to our usual custom at this season, the
fare will he as follows:
Between Baltimore St Norfolk or Portsmouth DO
Do do Franklin - f (X)
Do do Richmond or Petersburg, Va.. 500
Do do Gaston or VVeldon 9 0(1
Do do Thro' to Charleston, S. C.,... 21 00
Meals on board Bay and James River Boats included,
thereby saving at least .< -2 expenses*
by the above routes will please be di
rected by our Soliciting Agent in the Cars, hand t our
checks to him, or to the Porter in the Yard, (Norfolk
Line labelled on his hat.) who will conduct you and
your baggage to the boat.
Baltimore, December, 1846. d*24-d
F ASHI O If A B L h5
GEORGE K. Q VAIL would most
respectfully inform his friends and the
public generally, that he has u w on
a large ami goner i! assortment ol
AT-*, of all kinds, ol his own manu
facture, which, for beauty of style and fini-h, cannot
be excelled. Together with a large stock of CAPri.
consisting of Fur, Cloth and Glased.
He would also call the particular attention of tin*
LAD!I 8 to his handsome selection of Lynx, Sable
Martin, Genet nnd other MUFFS; also, to his beau
tiful fancy velvet and C oth CAPS for children.
(JT?*Tne above Goods having been selected by him
self in New York, for hi* retail trade, and purchased
a; the lowest cash ptices, he is enabled to sell them
wholesale or r< tail, as low as any other house in the
city. 013-11 sU
per and Tailor, No 30 GERMAN STREET
(a ft w doors east of Sham st ) has a few more of
those Gar nents left. He is thankful for past favors,
and solicits a eontirni ince of the public patronage.
N'.B. An apprentice wanted—one of industrious (
habits and good moral character. nll-lawtJal
Many incurable cases of Consumption result from ne
glected coughs and colds. Dr. Sweetser's medicine
cures ( 'oughs, ('olds. Spitting of Blood, Pain in the Side
and Breast, \sthma and Consumption. One botth i
sufficient to make a trial. Price w| per bottle.
For sale by Perkins. Hanee, Robinson, Jones, and
Thompson; also, Hopkins, F. Point. d 4
\ r OTICE TO CRKnirtms. The cr (lit
ors of JOSEPH A. RVERII AIM', an Insolvent
Debtor, are hereby notified to prwnt ilieir claim*
(prior to the date of his nppltc ition for the bene fit o*
tiie Insolvent Lews,) properly authenticated, to the
under/igned. or to George Ernest, Jr.. E-q . Auditor
of [ Merit vent D 'htors' estate*. on or hi fore the. 120 th
day of February in xt, pn puamry to a dividi niol
a l< t .
dlB l.tw4t •R V f'. L E HORVVITZ, Perm.Trur. j
SHADED PCRSKSITiK. A luaiiUfiil assort
ment "'i hand and for - th bv
d2i JAS. M IIAIGJ 133 Baltimore st,
mn ■ —CJCL'sUaEjM—n i
{■jf THE 01.0 STASB..fiO
\<>. IN Ncll<l Nllfft. V. 4K,
Ht:ru u:s south <;.IY struts,
II A I. 'l' r M O K E .
I WUIUMIKII lor tin perfect cure "I' nil IHf
J <iHn;> incident to the llutnati System, lint partic
hi i i ii nature, fruin whatever cause tin y may orilritt
ute,or in WIPIP ver state tln'v may bo, from tiic most
> i inplo OONOlilillO-10,
lii tin- worst iiiul must ihlfieillt Syphilitic Affections, |
ami inula r tin- |ii>rs>innl superintendence of
.1. now, M. I)„ a<i K. II VK< OUKT.M. I>.,
In nhis' i|tti-rn'o 01* tin: increase in his bushier*:, ami
fur tho is iti r accommodation of his numerous patients,
lir. IX>U has associated with himself, Dr. EDWARD j
IIAIU.'OCKT, of London, late Principal Surgeon to
tilt* Wnfrmil Hospital at Havnnna, and for the la*t four ;
ymrs A.-sLtint Surgron t" the New York City ILwpit- i
al; hy tin.-' urranpement pathnts will always he r>ur* ol i
finding one of them at home, day and evening.
Dr. Dow, in his younger day, tned to think it requi ,
site to give the public some of the outline* of his s\i- :
perior (|tiaiitieatioiis as a I'hysir ian and Surgeon, ami j
coine or the advantage* gained by consulting him per- i
nonally on certain difficult and dangerous diseases-, *>ueh |
ns had baffled the skill of all common physicians: but ,
this has heeoriie unnecessary, as hi*
has he'-one well known, and for the last * years his J
name ha* heen celebrated for the cure of the above
diseases, in all the eivilizcd countries on tie Globe. .
It i> sulheicnt for him at present to nay, that he is r ,
regularlv educated physician, Graduate? of tint Philadel
phia Medical School, in Class IK'), since tiiat he has
devoted hi.- whole time and attention to the study and j
euro of all difficult diseases, such a> require Practical I
Ifis practice is according to the latest improvements
in the English and French mode of treatment; he |
strikes at the root of disease, eradicates tin* disease it- ;
self, imtiiedialely, tlien removes tie symptom* as may ;
best suit tin east •
During his late medical tour through England, France !
and Germany, (visiting all tin principal Hospitals and i
witnessing th latest improvements 111 medicine made |
in those countries,) he has made some valuable acqui j
sitions to the healing art, whereby many diseases are j
cured in ns few days an it formerly took week* or
months, without the slightest danger of a return of the j
disease, or secondary symptoms, if the ease is attend- ;
rd to early.
His medicines are free from Mercury and all Miner- j
al (Kiisous. put up 111 a neat and compact form, and
may he taken in a public or private house, or while j
travelling, without exposure or hindrance froin busi- j
liens, and warranted to cure all eases, and that in the .
shortest possible time, without the least injury to the
syleni or bar of detection by friend*.
|KM :'P( III* |M )\V,
within tie last ff y ttrs, has curtd more than '2 1,500 ca- 1
•es of Private Complaints, a ffcacticc, which no doubt
exceeds that ol all the other physicians of this city, j
and by hi* improved course of treatment he guarantees !
m effect speedy and permanent cures, in ail eases of ,
Chttnn'i*. Ch'ers, Eruptions, and all other forms |
ot" tin Venereal Disease, if taken early, without dan
g r of Secondary or Tertiary Symptoms.
Within the last tear he has treated .'1,71*2 cars s of
6sl cases of Venereal in their different forms and !
stages; *207 recent just broke out; 4lff old chronic ;
cases, iii.iiiv of which kind had been years standing, ul- '
ci*rs in the throat, nos or roof of tin* mouth, some with '
the partition of the nose gone, and the palate of the j
mouth much decaved from tin* e!fl*rte ot
given hy mexperii-nced physicians, or others, not M.
D.'s; some rases with hard and painful swellings on
tin bones, >ores and eruptions on different parts of the :
body. Am*. &.<•., many of Uiose chronic eases were re- ,
commend* d to us hy phynicians ami others, who had 1
known of our extraordinary skill iti curing those old 1
and difficult eases, hitherto considered in< arable.
Drs. 1)< )\V it IIARCCHJRT would take this opportu- i
nity to return their thank* to the medical men ami oth- ■
• rs, who have reeommended patients to their cure.—
From tin ir great experience for many years in Hospit
als and Private Practice, and from their improved 1
course of treatment, by which the disease, if attended !
to early, is stripped of all its painful and horrible as
pects, and a perfect cure effected in a few days, they
nope to continue to
Hardly a day passes but they are called upon by per j
sons who had been taking medicine lor weeks and
mouths without benefit, where, in the first instance, I
thev w ere promised a perfect cure in about
Therefore, all who desire to he (Wed, not merely have j
the disease checked for aw hile to break outin it> worst j
and most difficult forms, will call at
as soon as possible, after finding themselves diseased. '
i M the fi->M cases above-mentioned, 64 are now tuk- ;
ing medicine, the others are all thoroughly cured, and :
warranted that the disease shall never return in any
shape or form.
3.089 cases of Local diseases, as Gonorrhoeas, Gleets, !
Strictures, Affections of the Bladder. Prostrate Gland, J
and other diseases of the Urinary and Genital Organs, j
of both sexes, have come under our care within the
last year; of this number 9 are now taking medicine*,
the others are either well or so mu h relieved its not to !
require the aid of medicine*.
Young men troubled with Seminal Weakness, (In
voluntary Emissions in sleep,) a most terrible com
plaint, with its long train of bodily and mental evils,
which, if neglected, blasts all future prospecte, how
ever flattering they may he; all moral courage becomes
merged in the gem ral imbecility of both mind and body
—such should remember Drs. Dow i*. Harcourt, who
have been unusually successful in treating the above
complaint- and warrant a perfect cure in all case* or
no pay w ill be taken. .'lff eases of the above complaint
have commenced our course of treatment within the
last six weeks; the IIIOM of these have wholly rccov- !
ered; the others are improving as fast as could he ex
pected, considering the seventy of tin-cases and the
h ngtli of time they had been afflicted with this most
horrible complaint. Drs. D. \ 11. can, without IN tast
ing, say. tlicy have cured thousands from the above .
disease, and have never yet met a case in which they
could not effect a rapid and permanent cure, their !
treatment operates as if by magic, cheeking the omis- 1
sions and restoring these organs to their natural and
liealtiiv torn in a verv short time.
You who are troubled with Suppression*, Irregulari
ty. &.*. of the Monthly Turns, Weakness or Whites. |
or any of the numerous ills peculiar to the Female
System, ure respectfully invited to call at
where Drs. I). H. are confidentially consulted, and a
cure warranted in a few days, by their improved course
of treatment. Advice gratis.
Dr. Don's PREVENTATIVES for Married Ladies
whose health will not admit of their increasing their
family, may be obtained as above. Price This
preparation has been in extensive use for the lust eight
years, and has proved a blessing to thousands of deli
cate females.
For sale as above. Dr. Hareourt's celebrated
<: o ug ii i) n op s ,
for Coughs, Colds, Consumption, Asthma, Whooping I
.Cough. N.e. See., with directions and everything in full, j
Price ;"0 cents single, or ."$/> per dozen. Beware of
counterfeit*—none genuine unless signed E. Harcourt,
M. D.
Surgical < >pc rations performed according 10 the im- |
prove incuts in modern Surgery, Midwifery, Sic. attend- i
ed to. Apply as above.
performed for the poor (gratis) between the hours of 1-2 1
and I. every day hut Sundays.
Diseases of the EVE and EAR attended to ns obovc. I
N. 11. ADVICE GRATIS—A cure warranted or no I
pa,. Urcolle't lei SECOND ST.. Drs. DOW & HAR
You who apply as above, are certain of a perfect
cure; you are certain their remedies contain no mer
cury or poisonous substances; you are also certain that
Drs. ii. k. ll,are old and skilliu) Physicians and Sur
geons. and understand the above diseases in all their
different varieties. These are some of tile reasons
wh, all those who read thisadvertisement will, as soon
as occasion requires, he sine tp call on Drs. D. 11. to
I tired, t 'lire warranted.
Strangers and others in search of a Physician in
whom they can place confidence, will be sure to call
as above.
Office open Day and Evening. Private Apartments,
so that patients never come in contact or see am one
hut the Doctors themselves, one or both.
All who desire speedy and permanent cures will call
as above as soon as they tiinl themselves diseased. Im
a very few days will then he required to effect a cure.
Drs. I). \ 11. are willing to consult with physicians
of respectable standing on any difficult ease of disease.
Also, calls made in any parts of the city or country.—
Charges reasonable in all eases. " ,| jj
GLEETS, STRICTURES, &e. &c. Of all the rente- I
dies yet discovered for the cure of these complaints,
the Vegetable Pills have been the nuts effectual, as
they have never been known to fail Rectatiernia
nentcure. They are mild and pi i nt to take, yet
powerful i* their action, and mey p taken without
the knowledge of the most intimate friend. These
Pills are put up in square boxes, v. • ill full directions j
accompanying each box.
ftT - For ral •hyJ.O. kV. McCormick,N. Gay st,
(0.T.); and hy U. Wiseman, Light-st., opposita
Fountain Inn.
In Washington—by M. Delany, cor.4j street and
Pennsylvania Aveane, and hy C. Scott, cor.'tit st
and the Avenue, Price .til a hog. iaF7
f livt"! YYOHK MOVES, suitable for Pre
sents I have just received a handsome assort I
tnent of the above, for presents; for sale by
.1 \s. M. iI.VIG, IXI Baltimore street.
Filract ol* Sarsaparilla.
rg'HIS EXTRACT is put up in quart hollies- j
E il is i'B limes cheaper, pleasatiter, and warrant |
i d superior to any sold. Ii cures diseases without
Vomiting, Purging, (Sickening or Dcbiliating the ;:•
ticni, and is particularly adapted for n
Tilt great beauty aud superiority 01 this S.vsuparills j
ovi r all oilier remedies, is. while ii eradicates I
disease, it invigorates the bistv.
SIDE, &c.
| Hi. Townsi.nd:—i make the following statement it
i order to express my gratitude to you an t to recom
I mend) our Sarsaparilla, and your compound Extract
jot Sareiparilla to those who are so unlortiinate as to
have lung complaints or consumption. Whilst resid
I ing in Ihe south several years ago, had a long and
severe sickness, which with subsequent exposure
| very materially injured my eoustilution, I being able
however much of the time to work, although my
lunge were affected and I had a cough; for the last
year I grew much worse, and the last winter I caught
| a severe cold. The pain in my breast, distriss in
| breathing and coughing very much increased. I took
j a number of popular remedies for consumption, but
' tltev failed to relieve me. At last I was confined to
| iny room, and waa so had with the consuniptiOH that
' I did nut expect to remain here long. I sentfor Mar-
I cos i>. Moore, who resides at the corner of Lydius
I and Grand st-', (who will confirm this statement) and
I made a disposition of my property. A few days af
I ter this a friend sent you to see me; you ordered a
. bottle ol your Extract of Sarsaparilla I took it ac
cording to .vmir directions and liniHetlifilely 1 felt re
! lieved—my pain gradually left me—l soon breathed
\ fteely—roj hacking cough subsided—l raised vastly
! and slept soundly—and to my astonishment and de
! light, when I had taken tin contents of tlu Lottie, I
\ was uiile as you well remember, to walk from Ferry
jto Beaver st, to obtain more. I have continued to
J lake it, and am now about my business, although it it
j not more than two months since I commenced will;
; your medicines—and am thankful to the Lord that I
was induced to try litem.
BAM. H. STUART, 26 Ferry st.
\ Albany, May ltitli, 1846.
! Probably there never was a remedy that has been
so successful in d- spcratc eases of consumption as
, this, it cleanses am! strengthens the system, and ap
i pears to heai the ulcers on the lungs, and the pa
tients gradually regain their usual health and
1 strength.
Dr. Townsend: i had. been afflicted for months h)
a dry, hacking cough; at least 1 raised great quutili
! tics of had matter, and experienced a severe pain in
imy left side, accompanied with a distress on my
| lungs—my cough very much increased, and 1 had
! cold night sweats. Learning that you had a remedy
j for such cases, 1 concluded to liy it. I purchased a
; hott't of your Extract of Sarsaparilla—before 1 had
finished taking it, my cough raising, and the pain
1 in my side lett me, and I now have regained my gen
j eral health. Believing your medicine to be a very
; valuable one, I cheerfully recommend it to those who
are similarly situated. 1 found the medicine pleas
ant to the taste and strengthening to the body.
WM. H. McKINBTKY, 284 Grand M,
New York, April 20lh, 1846,
This SarsnpatiWa is used with the most perfect sac
cess in Rheumatic complaints, however severe ot
chronic. The astonishing cures it has performed
ate indeed wonderful. Other remedies sometimes
give temporary relief. This entirely ersdeiates it
from the system, even when the limbs and bones arc
dreadfully swollen.
Dr. Townsend: I was attacked with a distressing
| pain in nty hipjoint, so bad that I could not walk
without my crutches; aud tnuch or the time I was
: obliged to keep my bed. I tried several remedies, but
tliey did not relieve me. 1 then called on one of our
first Physicians; he did not help me. I heard of yout
Sarsaparilla, and obtained a bottle, and in a few days
, it entirely aured me, aid I am as well now as ever.
ASHBELL WALKER,irt Daniel st.
- Albany, January 2, 1845.
(W-H ear Mr. Seth Terry, one of the oldest and
most respectable Lawyers in Hartford, Conn. The
following is ai exitaet of a letter received from liitn'
j Dr. Townsend—l have used one bottle of your Sar
saparilla, and find il is excellent in its effect* upon a
1 chronic rbeatnatic pain to which I am subject, from
an injury wceasionod several years ago hi a public
siage. Please send me two bottles to the care of l)r |
Seymour. I have conversed with two of our princi
■ pal physicians, and recommended your Sarsaparilla
Hartford, March 12, 1815.
Dr. Townsend—Dear Sir: I have, been entirely
cured, by using your Extract of Sarsaparilla, of a
chronic inflammatory iheuinatism, with which I
have been afflicted for the last two years very severe
ly. I have endured the most agonizing pains; my
feet and legs were dreadfully swollen, and there
have been months when 1 was unable to attend to
my business. Being cured of the Rheumatism, and
having my general health restored by your agreeable
medicine, I thought I could do no less than acquaint
i you of my success in using your Sarsaparilla. Per
liaps 1 should add, that 1 used tin prescriptions of
I'll sieians, and purchased some of all the embroca
tions aud ointments in the market, and received no
lu-nefil. Yours. &c.
New Yotk. November 13,1845.
j Dr. Townsend: You remember that when I ob
tained a bottle ol your Sarsaparilla, and promised, if
lit effected a cure, to give you a ee-tilicate. I ant
| lia|fpy to have it ill niv power to return the favor. I
had been sorely afflicted by the Rheumatism for
' months: much of the time so bad that I could nei
! tiler eat, sleep nor walk. It would be impossible for
me to desciibe the pain and agony I endured. I tried a
number of remedies without being benefitted. A
gentleman, who knows the qualities of your Satsa
parillc. induced me to try a bottle. I did so, and, to
my great astonishment, it in a few days efieoted a
perfect Cdre; if any are incredulous, I invite them to
call on me, and I promise to satisfy them of the truth
! of the above.
IRA GODFREY, No. 5 Liberty street.
| Albany, March 26, 1845.
Dr. Towneend's Sarsaparilla is a soveregn and
speedy cure for incipietitjConsumption, Barrenness,
Leucorrhas, Incontinence of Urine, or involuntary
j discharge thereof, and for the general prostration of
] the system; no matter whether the result of inherent
cause or causes, produced by irregularity, iliness or
| accident.
QQt-Nolhiug can be more surprising than its invi
gorating effects on the human frame. Persons, all
, weakness aud lassitude before taking it, at once be
cotne robust nud full of energy under its influence i
It immediately counteracts the nervelessness of the
! female frame, which is the great cause of barren
It will n dbe expected of us, in cases of so delicati -
a nature, to exhibit certificates of cures performed. ,
but we can assure the t tilicted, that hundreds of ca- ;
see have been resorted to us. Several eases, whet,
families have been without children, after using a
few bottles of this invaluable medicine, have beep
blessed with healthy offspring.
Dr. Townsend:—My wife being greatly distressed
by weakness and general debility, and suffering con
tinually by pain and a sensation of hearing down, i
falling of the womb, and with other difficulties, and
having known eases where your medicine lias ef
fected great cures, and also hearing it recommended ;
fur such diseases as I have described, 1 obtained a I
bottle of yout Extract of Sarsaparilla, and followed '
the directions you gave me—in a short period it re-1
moved her complaints and restored hci health. Be j
ing grateful for the benefits she received, I lake plea I
sure in thus acknowledging it, and recommending i; |
to the public. M. I). MOORE, I
Cor. of Grand and Lydius sts.
Coxsackie, Sept. 28,1846. j
Dr. Townsend: i
To all whom it may concern —This is to testify. ;
that my wife used one bottle of yaur Sarsaparilla pre
j vious to her confinement, under the most alarming I
I and delicatecircumstances,being troubled with the]
dropsy, swelling of the feet, nervous affections, and |
j very much debilitated; with my persuasion, and re j
commendation of those who had used it, she was in- '
j duced to try it, with little or no fnith, and suffice ii j
J to say, the tne licine had the happy and desired ef ,
j feci, not only in the hours of confinement,but aftei I
I the expiration of one week ofits use the dropsy am '
her nervous affection gave way to an astonishingde >
gree, and her health is now better than il has beer 1
for a long time previous.
If this will be of any scrvioe to you, or any out j
that doubts the effects of the medicine, you arc tn '
lirely welcome to it.
I subscribe myself your most obedient and obliged
servant. S.S.JAMESON.
For sale by SETH S. HAVCE, 10 ' Balttmoic Btij
ind corner Char Job and Pmtt-€t?
tie, or six bolilt-s for $6. "1
j (First door fiom Baltimore st. going towards the dock)
j M diflbrent paitenf the Office.
Attendance Irom 8 A. M. till 10 at night.
Mem bet of the Medical aad Surgical Societies of New
j Yum and Louisiana. Graduate of llie University of
j Pennsylvania, and Honorary member of the Wasli-
I ington University o< Baltimore, of ten yeais stand
ing. may tie consulted on all diseases to which tin
I he.ui.in tr.-irne is incident, but limn particularly in
j ll.at class of cases commonly called
I lilt. ROGERS, from a regular niedicul education
I and a practice iff 13 years, (exclusively devoted to
the tieatiueut of these maladies,) in New York, Ha
vaua New Orleans, Mexico, and this city, is enabled
to WARRANT to both sexes a safe, speedy and perma
nent cure, for the WORST CASUS of them, or any of
the effects resulting from the use of mercury for the
malpractice of i|uacks.
I'eisons afflicted with copper-colored blotches, or
the face anil head, pains in tin: limtis or body, uodts
; on the bones of the arms and leas, ulcerated sore
i nose,mouth or throat, or any other symptoms of
I thai loathsome ill sense, 4 7 HE CO A S I'll UTIONAL
'■ A FEEC'I'IO A," persons afflicted with obstinate
urethral discharges, or weakness of the urinary or
> gang,or who are suffering from indulgrrcr in ncer-
I lain destructive habit known as the "SOLITARY
' VlCE," and who, fiom disgust and disappointment,
1 have abandoned all hopes ola cure, arc strongly
i urged to call at hi office. If NOT CCRUD no money
1 WILI. BE demanded.
1 to 90 hours by a single application, wiihotit requiting
I patients intake auy medicine whatever. This treat
ment cures in one-sixth the time of any other. It is
(perfect. 11 ri quires no change of diet or habits. No
! nauseating doses ot Balsam, Turpentine, Hmlem
| Oil, Stc. No astringent injei tin is or bougies used,
I but a cuiiiic obtuin*d fo certainty , in llietiiue named,
| without pain, inconvenience, or discovery.
| STRUCTURE. This diei use is of very fr.qumtoc
! cutrence, and often exists in persons who are not the
1 least aware of it It frequently prevents men from
, being lathers, who otheiwisc would have children.—
I It induce* impmcncy, great weakness of the parts,
fistula, dyspt psia, diseases of the bladder, the meters
and kidneys, llr. Rogers treats the diseareon a hew
} plan, known to be ilie only method that ev< r perma
j nently removes fftiictures. All other m-ihoUs of
] treating it are mere CALMATIVES. Tlicy only suspend
' ihe symptoms for a short time but cause the eoin
-1 plaint to retiiin with redoubted violence, ami leader
it more difficult to cute. Di. Rogers wi'l contract to
remove Stricture for a certain sum payable when it
j be ascertaintd that the disease is pt- marten fly re
moved. In all cases a cure be obtained to certainly
in as many hours as it formerly required days, or
even weeks, without pain or inconvenience.
(gjf-lIR. ROGERS can refer to Rome of the most
respectable persons of Baltimore, that have been
I cured by him of strictures ttial had, for a long time,
been pronounced incurable.
SPASMODIC STRICTURE removed in an hour.
affections of the eyes ami skin speedily cured,
j Qn- AII diseases of Females, speedily attended to.
ing. Club Foot, &c., performed on the poor gratis.
Separate Private Offices.
' Strict SECRECY observed and charges moderate.
; Persons at a distance must pay postage.
j TAKE SPECIAL NOTICE. Dr.Rogersconducted
! far several years the most extensive Veneiral Hospi
tals e"er established in New York. Havana and New
j Orleans, and it is generally known "hat his practice,
j experience and success, in the treatment of private
diseases, have bei n TREBLE thai of any other phy
i sician south of New York. For evidence of legal
qualification, he refers to ihe Piofessors ol ihe medi
cal colleges named above, and for proofs of nnequal
-1 led tureen in the treatment of the most desperate
■ cases, to numerous certerfieates (substantiated by
oath) tendered him by gra elul persons, afflic'ed wilh
- diseases that were considered absolutely incurable.
The following, from a very rcspeclable gentleman, is
! selected from a number, for its brevity. It needs lit
tle discernment to perciivs that one well established
j eweis woith allthe PUFFING, AUCTIONEERING,
and SELF-LAUDATION, in the wo Id:
Thu isto certify, That I was afflicted With Stricture
' of the Urethra, at times accompanied with a gleety
I discharge, lor a term ol fifteen years, the greater part
ofwhicb time I was under the charge of several emi-
I nent physicians, who all failed in doing niy complaint
any good. 1 bad very great difficulty in passing mv
water, and was obliged to get out of bed several
i times each night to do so. Mr health became very
bad. 1 had paia in the back, about the kidneys, and
, dyspepsia, and I lost my power and became :mpo
! lent. After enduring the greatest sufferings, I was
. advised to apply to Dr. Rogers, who cured me per
fsctly in about ten days, without giving me any pain,
' and although several mounts have now passed, I
! have had no return whatever rf my cc mplaint, and
I my health, in every respect, is as good as that of any
j person. (Signed,)
J H. G ' ♦ *.
' State of Maryland, City of Baltimore SOT:
| On the 12th day of April, A. D. 1844, to fore me,
the subscriber, it Justice of the said Stale, in and for
the city of Baltimore aforesaid, personally appeared
J'* li G***, and made oath on the Holy Evungely
:of Almighty God, that the facts stated in the lortgo
-1 ing statement are true. Sworn and subscribed he
, fore I). H. MCDONALD.
[First door going from Baltimore st. towards the dock]
Established in order to afford the affl cied sound
and scientific medical aid, and for the MTTHLSSK'N
To young men and others, who may ha.e injured
themselves by improper indulgences.
One of the most frequent penalties paid by those
' who give unrestrained license to their passions, is a
loss of virile power. The young, unaware of the
fearful results that may ensue are hut 100 apt to com
mit excesses. Itupotency may and does occur from
stricture, gravel, deposites in the urine, and from
many other causes; but by far the most frequent
j source of it i abuse of the sexual organs, by exces
! sive venery or self-pollution—particularly the last
11 is a fact w ell known to those who understand the
mailer, that all those who practice the tolitary vice
lose the power of pro-cteaiiiig sooner than the more
1 prudent. Too great excitement of the genital organs
is, however, productive of o her effects besides pre
mature impotency; it tends to derange the diges'ive
(auctions and weaken the physical and mental pow
efs Thus parente and others are often deceived as
| to the true source of the complaints of youth and
young men. It could be shown how the attenuation
; of the frame, palpitation of the heart, derangement
j of the nervous system, cough, indigestion, and a
train of symptoms, indicative of consumption, are
of en ascribed to wrong causes, when in reality they
: are the consequences of an alluring and pernieious
t practice,alike destructive to the mind and bodv.
The most common ri suit of self-abuse is iuvoiun-
I taryßeminal emission- 1 , for various reasons, but a
j passing notice of this distressing complaint can be
[given here. It conies on very gradually, it eom
mences by a precipitate emission of semen eit' i r in
| coition or during lascivious dreams. The emissions
are premature and without force, and the erections
slight arid incomplete and soon subside. As the nf
! fection increases, Ihe emissions become more fro
- qu.-nt and more readily excited, are induced merely
| by eratic ideas or the least contact or litilation. and
1 take place without erection and without pleasure—
j sails sccousse et sans sensations volnptuese. In ill s
! weak and susceptible condoiori nf the organs—pol
lutions arc liable to occur both d ly and night, gradu
ally undermining the heallli.
The patient becomes pale, thin and weak, suffers
from pains in back ami head, has disturbed vision,
; and a sickly languid look, and feels totally unfitted
; for active bodilv or mental occupation. His mind
being constantly absorbed with his sufferings, he
| eagerly peruses evi ry thing relative to his complaint.
Obliged to conceal tiis situation from his friends, and
ashamed to apply to those who from education,
knowledge and practical experience are alone able
to assist him, lie flies to some ignorant quack, lo
wborn his pecuniary means are drained, for which
[ he only meets in return with bitter disappoinment.
j At length, epilepsy, cutalepsy, mania, or somet other
| disease of the neivous system, makes its appearance,
j and the patient is relieved from his horrid situation
| bv a premature death, the cause of which had frc
I qitently been entirety overlooked by his unsuspecting
I friends.
j If this publication should meet the eye of any rne
who, in the indiscretion and imprudence attendant mi
[ youth should have brought on himself any ol the evils
alluded to above, to such, Dr. Rogers offers his servi
ces, and pledges the inosl honorable secrecy. He be
lieves that he hasthe meansnfremedyingtheirsuff'er
itigs and of obtaining for them a permanent cure. If
| such however shi uld not be the case at least no loss
will he sustained hv their apply ing to him, inasmuch
I as '-If no mi re can be effected no pay uiill he required.''
Perse as afflicted wish Impotency must avoid the
alluring promises and sunt eiirtg acquirements of Ent
piries and Uuacke. who, one and all, are perfectly
ignorant nl lire innumerable causes nf ihe affection,
and eat t ■■ n<v<wni s do much mors tintni than good.
No ua d- ate '. mstu eat is elk-eiual; a variety of
eooeen iru.-t Lo removed by a variety ot' remedies, llr.
ROGERS is continually being applied to by persons
afflicted in this way, whose means have, bees rx
huusted by advance payments, and who r,-*i<uve no
benefit whatever (torn the commencement, bI6
J\. of PARIS, Licentiate oi the Medical i'uct, G.
<il NEW ORLEANS, Registered in the 95th |if irvtl
Ale.), a Graduate 01 the Medical Faculty of Mi •lo>l
land, since the Sd 01 April, 1839. ; |i<
Fillrl'ltlETGK GF THE .
raEM.ll HOUSE. 111
11; SOUTH B'KKDKhICK STHF.H'J', ( tVrtftV, a
0(7" THIRTY ODD YEARS <d experience 1,1
I am and America have enabled this Trench llncm
to cure any lorn nr stage of secret disease in a very
flu it bill reasonable time. Strangers be on yotiM
guard. Bi fore you pay enormous lets, read aLo J
fill to 11, arise on secret (iiseie.es and destructive hrisV
or yontliH, called solitary vice, wniten and sold by
the Trench Doctor of the Trench Medical House, 15
South Frederick street, west side, two trees before
the House. I'rice of the hook 95 cents. AtHictod
remember thai this French Doctor makes the only
medicine ivhico wiM cu r e stricture without nuigiei
and restore impoieiicy to prime vigor with strict hon
esty. Written guaranty and forfeiture if desired.—
Terms moderate.
IV. B. Diplomas from toe Medical Faculties of Bal
timore and Pans fratrn d in the office.
NO MERC'D'UY OH COPAVIA. There are two
ways to treat is Secret Disease, (he lirst so much
boasted of, is merely the temporary disappearance of
the symptoms, hy means ol mercury er copavia, and
requires but a day or two. bill ii is very injurious in- I
deed; the second way is to eradicate it out Of lite j
system, slowly, solely r.nd surely, with.iut Mercury !
or Copavia.
Victims of an improper tieatnieni, and wearied
Willi disnppointmr nt, may confidentially apply. Per
sons wno have injured their Health by a certain prac
lice called solitary vice, which brings impotency,
will be restored to prime vigor. This is the only
place in Baltimore where sure cure can be had on
written guaranty and forfeiture, wiili strict honesty,
and terms moderate. The most espectahle city
ences will be given. Advice gratis. J
CIINFESPIoN. I, the subscriber, publicly con-*
less that I have been afflicted wilh a secret disease '
ever since 1893; 1 had thirteen eminent physicians,
whose names are recorded at the French Medical
House; some of them abated Hie disease, but it al
ways returned worse than before, until it carried
away both sides of my ihroat and pierced the top of
the palate. I also lot sevetal bones of my nose and
was almost blind of an eye, and my lace was cover
ed with an immense quantity of scabs, between
which the skin was as red as scarlet, and I was in
deed in a most deplorable condition, so much so that
the learned professor 8 protiouncer. me incurable
It was obvious to 11.e, then, that a common doctor |
cou d not extricate me from the jaws of death—for 1
they all follow the same o ri routine, with their train
of mercury, mixtures nr pills, invented by ignorance
j and continued by cupidity, and do no good to any but
the render*. Several persons recommended Doctor
HI'ET. of tin Medical House. No. Hi SilU'l II FRE
DERICK STREET, as a scientific man and a rare
genius in those con plaints, r went to him and he
pledged to cure me on written guaranty. I did not
hesitate at a'l on seeing so many likenesses of pa
th "Us who are living 1 videioes of Hie many wonder
ful cutis I.e has petfoimed in almost every kind of
de-ease. Then lie had my daguerreotype likeness
laken, and I took Ins medicine for about a year,
which completely cured me. He had iln n iny other
likeness taken. and both are to he seen at his office.
II this n.et-is Hie eye of some wretched being in tfce
grasp of death as I was, let him fly to this praise
worthy philanthropist, whose diep knowledge or the
vital principles which animate and move the human
frame, are known in hoili hemisph-res and 1 believe
fiom my very soul (not forget ting that I am on oath)
that his exquisite genius will discover as many new
and well appropriated ri uiedies as new diseases may
be formed. Usury Drummer.
Sworn before Justice Win. MeJiltnn, the 30th Oc
tober, 1845, Baltimore, Md.
DESTRUCTIVE HABIT. How many youth spot a
their health by the hateful and dangerous practice olm
solitary indulgence. This is very injurious to the
dividuals whose complexions becoming pale, and*l
their bodies feeble, had digestioa, their stomachs very |
windy, and some pains arc to be felt in the stomach,
many times in ill lungs and elsewhere, according to
the duration nf this destructive vice. 1 have seen a
gnat many youths carried to their graves before
twenly-seven years of age, for not having quit it and
be relieved in time.
Study frequently products this affection, since the
head, strongly taxed, irrit tee the entire nervous sys
tem, although there is little propensity in nature to
pursue this vice during sleep, dreams ar ready to
seduce the senses of the young victim, until he in
voluntarily becomes guilty of the weakness, from the
efleets of which all the skill of the medical profes
sion has much difficulty in saving him. It is this se
ries of eircumstaaces which gives rise to the cause,
rim result of which terminates in nocturnal excite
During my residence in Paris, which lasted mere
than a score of years, I had occasion to examine a
great many thousands of those cases w hicli acquaint
ed me wilb all the peculiaiitics of that detestable
and injurious habit which soon or late wiN kill the
patient, or what is worst still bring him 10 kill him
Among the very many which 1 have treated and
cured thete, I recollect a man affected with ibis mh_
crable complaint, who on the eve of suicide came to
see uie; ih reading of a scientific journal which |
published at that time, gave him some rays of hope
and lie detailed me bis complaint as Co lows: '
1 am a man of thirty odd years old, a porirait pain
ter by trade, and in easy circumstances, but the most
miserable being in raind that ever lived, I never had
any intercourse with any being whatever but myself.
From niv boyhood I sought lohely places and indulg
ed in this v ce ol nature, but soon after my digestive
organs became weak and windy, hard digestions
feebleness and above all so nervous that the least
noise made me jump with tearfulness, though I had
no fear.
You were right said he to call this complaint noc
turnal, for it was at night that I indulged the most itj
that horrible practice, w hicli debilitated me to such as
extent that 1 was unable to walk half a mile without
taking some rest, my parents were alarmed at the
stale of my health, called a doctor w ho suspected me
of this practice for he turned every way to find out 1
the truth, I denied all, even the knowledge of it, but
icsi.lved to quit it, but it was in vain for I resisted all
the day long, but at night the dreams came to seduce
my senses and ruined inc. I thought ill got married
it might chance the vice. Therefore sir I have come
to the conclusion to put myself unreseivedly under
your care, and if you don't lit me to get married and
have a family, 1 will soon be out of this world.
First thing I bed to do, was to re-establish the dis
j orderly organs of digestion, then to strengthen the de-
I bilitated organs in question, then another kind of
[ medicine to break the viciated habit of nature, after
which the patient found himself of a more lively dis
position, got married and had several children before
| I left Paris.
I will now cile another case which occurred lately
lin my practice in Baltimore The patient presented
\ me the following certificate after bi ing cured
| VICE. I am a man of thirty years of age, and have
been addicted in my boyhood to ihe destructive habit
tetmcd Solitary Vice; I have learned it from bad boys
and practiced it for about ten years, but thank God I
have quit it and recovered my health and strength
once more. Soon after the commencement of this
abominable practice instead of glowing strong, benr
ty,and blooming as youths generally do. my health
impaired, my body feeble, and my digestioa difficult.
It was not long before my parents were somewhat
alarmed and sent for a physician who pronounced
me affected with a Eiver Complaint— several other
j doctors weie called in succession, some treated me
J fur Consumption and others for disease of the Heart,
, bo we t|g r Iln y all agreed lhat I had Ihe Dys-.epsia
| When about 90 years of age I became fretful, tremb
ling at the least tr ise. arnt shunned all com, any, par
ticularly lhat of Females. I cho?ed to he alone
though I was not cf.fiiparty 10 myself, and thousands
and thousands of limes I secretly desired that death
would come to rid me of my miserable existence (to A
say no mote.) Tlip perusing of a little treatise trans- ■
Inted from the French which forlnnntely lei Into my J
hands, instructed me on the true cause of my suffer
ing, I then resolved to quit ibis nocturnal practice and
accordingly did so for sev. Ml yt are, but that infernal
vice did not leave me, and 11 committed Itsrieureda
tions in my sleep—while in this orecartous situation
I saw otrealisr on Ibis disease advertised in ihe Bun.
I bought it and found Hint it explained my disease so
minutely that I resolved to pot myself unreservedly
under the care of its author—l did not hesitate much
for he showed me several unfortunate beings who
had spoiled their health as I did, among whom was a
young physician, and they all indeed spoke so highly
of the skill, ability and experience o' this truly learn
ed physician,that I cannot but join with them in re
commending him particularly in this complaint, for I
positively certify, that he perfectly restored me in
every respect, for at this present time I weigh forty-
Iwo pounds and three quarters more than I did two
years ago, and I sincerely thank the Almighty for hav
ing thrown me in the wav of this good man.
Slate nf Maryland, Baltimore, city U "it:—
lie it remembered, that on this cd day of January,
1845, before me, tile subscriber, a Justice of the Peaca
of said State in and (or the city aforesaid, persoitnl'y
appeared Benedict G. H. Gtcia, and mt.de oath on the
Holy Evnngelv of Almighty ton' Hip matters and fac'A
set tortii in the above annexed certificate are just tnfl
true as stated. Sworn before I ESSE IJEODJ), J. (•
II tliis publication should meet the i ye of any one
who, in ihe indisci> ii"ti and impend 1 ce attendant ml
youth should h- tf brought on himself u.v of the evi"
alluded to nhovt, :i. inch, the French Dnclnr oflbra
his services,and pledges ;he i.-.oW e,, h'r serrery.
ITJ.. || V believes that lie hi. - the i- ■> -• r REME
r colored.
5t7- Lctteis received, post paid, and niediein- senl
to any part of Ute country, ulflm

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