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jy Tks 8l Louis Kiprttt (Bcll-Lv*rett or
pa) w*fU »«>st positively tkat gM.000 na
Wit to tkat efty two jr«n ago by PmfMlir
FowUr of >'•" York, bow * fugitive defaulter,
to Aid ia 'Wlealiag Prank BUir. TIk> JTjprsss
declares tkat wkso*v*r tk* proof is demanded,
it fK*" be prmlueed.
gf TV* 8t Albans (Vt) Dtmoerai, an orfc
[„.i Douglas p*p«r. after keeping that name at
thshsadofita solumns till la»t week, took it
down, aaJ pat ap Ike names ol Breckinridge
ao'l Line.
jy Senator Wilson, in a spesch at Water
town, >!aaa, last weak, predicted. and called
upon those present to mark Ik* prediction, that
Mr. Douglas would not obtain a tingle Elector
al *ots in tk* Union at th* coming Presidential
jy The New York thrald says : " Lincoln
is virtually elected. Breckinridge and Douglas
have elect*l kirn between them, and all that
Old Aba has to do now ia to select his cabinet
and gat His things ready for a journey to Wash
ST* The Louisville Courur offers th* follow*
Ing opinions concerning tk* contcst in Ken
tucky : •'Thecostest In theslaTeholdingStates
is between Breckinridge and Bell And be
tween thee* th* chow* must b* made. Douglas
witl oat only not carry ona Southern State,
but he will scareely receive a respectable mi
nority vote south of Maaon and Diion's line."
*y Hun. J. Z. Ooodrich said, la his Phil*,
delphia speeok tks other night, that •• he had
seen Aba Lincoln, and could vouch (or It that
be is one of th* best looking men, fur suck a
homely man, that h* ever saw."
|y There were nine gentlemen before th*
National Democratic Convention at Charleston
for the Presidential nomination, vii: Messrs.
Hunter, Uuthrie, Douglas, Dickinson, Lane,
Tooe*y, Davis, JoknaonofTeaaesee.aad Pearce
of Maryland. Witk tke exception of Mr. Doug
las, and poasibly Mr. Quthrie, all now support
A CcmiDnunc Priuc Omca.-A it**'
mtiiy compliments are paid to the late Postmas
ter at New Orleans. who has taken only §30,.
000, • lira it is alleged that he might have j ut
lila liau<is on nut*.—Pritri'Umc* Journal.
Ma. Torn t* tiie N..itiiwc«t.—
The Auburn I'mot says : " In reply to inquir
ies iMntw l to us, we are authorised to say
that \lr. Seward will Bret the Republicans of
Michigan «n Saturday, September lit; of Wis
consin, on Saturday, September 13th. On hia
return he will 111 engagements alrenly made,
by calling in (W State of Illinois, where the
State Committee shall appoint, and also at
Cleveland in Ohio, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania,
and at Fredonia an I at Le Roy in this State.—
The days fbr these Utter places are to be de
termined when he shall have ascertained the
p -obable time required in the Northwest."
Ttca Paosrccr is Ni.tr York.— A cnt!rm»n
who is engaged in the imnufniturin:; business
in the town of Waterloo, Seneca Co., N. Y.,
and who employs 310 hanls, *ays tl a' every
nan in his employment, with m< exception,
are for Lincoln and Hamlin. Quite a number
up to the present time have acted with the Dem
ocrat*. but they now believe their interests re
quire thein to act with the party that p*s for
protecting free labor, rather thau to promote
the spread of slavery. They have erected a
Lincoln pole, in front of the mill, 1V3 fret in
height and are very enthusiastic. A gentleman
residing in the same town ia about raiaing a
pole '230 feet high. He atatea that the Ktupire
State will be for Lincoln and Hamlin by an ins
rasnse majority over all opposition, whether
united or divided.
8r mistical—The Brunswick TtltfrapS
givfa the following classification of the gra lu
ating cUtt of Bowdoin College for IN-0 : " The
religioue |winauiou of the claa* kit aa fol
Iowa: Orthodox Congregationaliata, SO ; I'ni
tariana, 10 ; llaptiata, H ; Kpiacopaliana, 3 ;
Sweedenborgian, I : Quaker, I ; Uncertain, 2.
Politically, the claaa is thus divided: llrpub
lio in, 41 ; IVuKKPatjc, 13 : L'oiou, 1. Indicate
iaj how the election will go.
The faUir* occupations will he aa follows:—
Lawyers, 34 ; Minuter*, 40; 1'hysiciaua, 3;
Engineer*, 3 ; T -acher*. 3.
No. who occasionally aYtx*, 16 ; So. wh i
never imbibe, 30. [Thia doea not include those
who make regular demand lor ' medicine.']
No. who amuke, i-'t ; don't smoke, '10 ; *i\»>ke
and not drink.2; drink and not awoke, 0; drink
and smoke, 14 ; neither <lrink nor soiokc, 30."
M ini Stat* Smuait.—The Lewiaton Falls
Journal aaya: " We are gratified to learu that
the Trustees of the Maine State Seminary hate
required to endeavor to raiae ?M,000 for the
endowment of that institution, and $'.13,000 for
the coastraction and ftirniahing of a Female
College Hall, (eaat of liathorn Kali,) aa con
templated in the original plan, and for furnish
ing liathorn llall—960,000 in all. Thia aum
is needed to put the institution upon a thor
oughly self-supporting baaia, and for making
auch improveuiauta aa the wanta of the ags de
mand. We un Jerataad that Benjamin E. Batea,
E»l-« of Boetoa, a l»lm; owner ia the manu
facturing corporation* in thia place, haa led ofl
in thia work by a generous subscription of 93,.
000, and other gentlemen interested here giv#
encouragement that they will aiuist.'*
New Yon*.—Fusion turn* to beinahaJ way
in New York. The old Fillmore mm refuse in
larga numbers to be tranufcrr^l to the support
of the Democracy u<l now their intention tu
vote for Lincoln. Among the recent noeeemcri
to the Chicago ticket, in Western New York,
are Hon. James O. Putnam, lata American
Suti Senator, Hon. George R Habeo*h,»n in
fluential leader, an I 0. A. Scrojrjjs of UutTalo,
President of the American Stat* Council. Each
of theee (mllMra wm a prominent sup|>orler
of Mr Fillmore, ami their acceeaion to the Re.
publtean ranks will exert a decisive inflaence.
coMrLAnn or children.
In the MM of fcevcrfeiag and serofelous chil
dren. predlspoeed to enrvatures uk] uOtvr d.runn
It lea. It U "flea desirable to (Wo a feale without
etJmalaats, and an allerailTa without irritation
Far sneh It wmM be ImposstbU to select a preper*
lion comMalnc so many of the abort advantages
New York. May IJ, i«m.
H West 41st St.
To the Proprietors el Um Peruvlaa Myrup,
Oimisiv —My daughter Caroline, two aad a
half tears old, suffered, suae her birth from *r,f.
• la. twits, oppression of the stomach, aad !•«* ol
appetite. Am yss knew. 1 bare tried jr»ar 'Peru
rlss Sy nip.- aad I am eeryhappy to euafcee >he u
re«t< red to food health The same sras the ram
with my yonateet hay. Rudolph. »lght months old.
He suSbred Oms seroAsla. Hie ear* were *»re. ami
he had on difbfent part* »f his Ih-Ij seabeofa daa
serous character. 1 (are klm your Pern*tea »>r
up dnrlag two week*, a tonspooafhl at a time, and
my pretty bay It parfeetly well, end his entire body
(toe (him tea be. Tours, with respect.
M Pastor of ths German Kvangelienl Church..
0>_lf!TK »•* Chreale Diseases of the Threat
■" 1 treated by MnnicaTnn
InnakatM*. sad otoar Remedies by
O. MOX«s, M. X>..
Physician IV»r IHesasee ef the Laags,
1M t'eairsss Mistu Peniul, |«.
Dr. Meree wtll be at the Blddelbrd ll»UM ma i.
Ibrd. Prlday Mny * and fee the aeeemSMl !f
hisnumerous patlenta,andmhsrs in■•*«.wh<>,
wish to n—all him. he ertll be at the 8am House.
Uaea, Friday Jaae » and u. and Jaly • and ao. »
Briti«h Oleon,
roll THE H AIR 1 1
The oil from which thl* elegant preparat'on la
■dk U tbltlMd ftua a )>luui whleh (row* only
la rersla. It (H Cm dlaooverwd In tha yenr ItM,
bjr ib« c*l*brated Orteutal traveller, Dr. Stephen*
fun. who brought ll to Lusdoo, la Kngland. where
It U Mid, u many u 3u.tu> bottle* hare be«n told
In »m day • It U entirely unlike anything before
known. II hoop* the hair niol»t and lively for a
great length of time, and give* It a beautiful dark
glo«*y appearand, without making It greaiy and
rtieky, of leaving It braah, dry. aa>l tall of daodru ft
Ilk* all thoae preparation* which contain castor
oil, ollre oil, or eoeua-nut oil. Unly '£> cent* a bot
tle. For «al* by all apotUecane* la ttaco and Bld
delurd. Jt
Dr. a II. MhelN. Krlccilr Phralrhn,
flee* particular aUentlo* to dl*ea*eeuf the y*»He
ariaery orgaa«, aad apeolal dl»*a»e*of women. See
adr*rti*cnient hi another column. lyrti
Groat Romodios.
To <*nre a tevere Cmmvk »r CaU, we
Dr. WltMr'i Bal«« •( WIN CWny.
To e*re moofiHj Caufk. Craaf »r It'oneSMl UN
Dr. Wiatir'a Balaam of Wild Cherry.
To arrat |ir<4U|Ni«lllua to
T<> aura ItffajaU »r «*e
To Cora Jilhmt, JeiAitp, »r Hr*rtlnrn, u*e
Thf Oir|taalr4 Bitter*.
The*e remedie* perform all they promlte. They
relieve tulfcrlug. cure dlacaae, reetore health, thui
affording conaolatloa and comfort to the tick and
afflicted, where discouragement and iuffcrlug exltt
«t betdr .
Clyde, Wayne To.. N. Y, Ma»eh in, |W.
1 Mnin. *. W. Fuelf A IV—1 aia happy to «tate
that I have u#ed the di.vpiuitol Aitten In ray
, prartice for the la«t three ttari In the treatment of
I IH apepaia. Oeneral IWMIIty, lndlge*tl»n,and affec
tion* of the Liver, with the nnwt tnlUlactory re.
«ult*i ami would cheerfully recommend to thoee
*afl*rlng from these di.tre»*lng dl«**e«, to give
thi* valuable medicine a trial.
Respectfully your*,
J. it SMITH, M. D.
Exeter. Me., dept. ».
Thl* eertille* that I hare recommended the ute ol
Wttimr'i Baltam af Wihl Ckirra for I>i*ca*c* of the
Lung*. for two year* put. and maay bottle*, to my
knowledge. have been »wl by my patient*, all with
bencSclalrean"* In two cane*, where It wa* thu't
couflnue«l Consumption had taken place, the W'i/J
Utrrj e fleet ol a cure.
E. UOYPE.N, Iti) fielan at Exeter Corner.
The only genuine HaJ-tm hai the irrtflt* llgna
tare of "L lil TT>" on the wrapper.
I*re|iared by 8. W. KiiH'LK A CO., Boston, and for
Mile b> J. Sawyer and Augustu* Kiwyer, ttidde- '
ford; iillraan A Kiiul>all, Saoo; E A. llragdon,
York; Joseph Curt la. WclUt Samuel ll »u*oo. llux- I
ton Centre; C. M. Hutchinson. We»t llitxtont Clark i
A Hrackett, Limln^tou ; and l>y dealer* every ,
where. lwj|
Concha nuil told* 1 Couch* »ud folds I
Let ao one neglect a cold or a (light cough. Thou- j
•and*, doing *u, have had one cold added to anoth
er, uutll the rnucou* membrane, lining the air pM»
•age*, ha* becowo exce**lvely irritated, and even
permanently thickened, ami toon chronic cough,
chronic pneumonia, and eoniumption, successively
gallop along. The be*t time to cure all thl* I* when
it l*gtn< If you are to fortunate a* to poe*e*a a
sa*e of HampArrjr'» SptctAc Ham*np«lkit R'mlJlrl,
and If you do not, you ought to at once take a Caayk
PHI. and then two or three pill* per day. with care
a* to renewed exposure, will hriu£ you all right In
a day or two.
If your cough ha* got further along, then more
care and more patience i* neceaaary for a cure, tho'
it lie* In the nine direction. Our advice I*, to keen |
the feet warm, the head cool, and take Humphrey>
Homeopathic Cough Pill*.
Price, AJoeut* per box Six bole* for |i.
It.—A full aet ol lli'Mrtiat.t*' IIoueopatUU'
Spu'irtca, with Rook of Direction*, and twenty '
different Reined lea, in large vial*, moroeco ca.*e,
do. In plain c**«, $1 ; ea*e of llrtceu boxea, and
The*e Remtdle*, by the tlagle hog or ra.it, are
•enl by mail «r ex pre**, free of charge, to any ad
Urea*, on receipt of priee Addreaa
No. ">t ttroadway, New-York.
Sold by A. Sawyer. Ulddeford. 4w3l
want as noon as possible 130 men to peddle ,
mot ctiK'« in any of the New Kn-land Statu. The
Medicine* are Dr. lltU'l CtltkraltJ Hrili'A Ktm*4itf,
which arn put up In better style an<l ate more rrll-1
able than any medicine* now In ttic market. Tito
business will pay ff' in $i»i to |KWu a year above \
expenses. If yon are out of buslnees.and want one |
that U permanent and paying, • chance in here pre
sented. If you will *cn«l to us wo will semi yon a
circular explaining the whole matter fully.
JH1 H. >1 HIIAW X Co.. Alfred, Ma.
The sulmcrlber will rend (&r* tf rkurft) to all
who desire It, the Recipe and directions for making
I a simple l ry«/.<»/» H-Jm, that will. In f>mu two to j
eight day*, remove Pimple*. IHotche*. /'•*, »»<•*- I
If, Nallowuees, and all impurities and roughness • f
the Skin, leaving th«- same—as Mature intended It,
»h II I ! Ire t»n. rUat, tmftik an I Tti<>«e |
<k-lring the Re*l|»e, with full Instruction*, dlrec- I
tlous. and advice, will plvaao call on or addreu
(With return postage)
I'M .'fee I Cheulet,
3mo*.M No. 3J City UulMlngs, N. V.
Infklllnle In Correcting Irregularities and retnov
Ing obstructions from wbatc\er cause aud always
»u> >-e**rul a* a preventive.
The above named Uoliu x PiLl.t have been used
in the Private Practice of l>r. Ih iumh f.ir over
Thintt Vkak* with unparalleled 8rtx'«a» In al
most every case, and It I* only at the earnest Milks
lUtlon of TIlol'HAMM ur I.ADIK8 who have
I wmimfully used them, that he is Induced to make
them Public, by appointing agent* and advertising
the in In order that all who uiav be fullering from
the mbove complaints uia> Bud in the al>ove 1*111* a
frtnnlui KUttJ and a uermwieut Cure. t'oiue
<4u<-ntly, he has aupointcu an a'^ent In every city
and town In the Inion, wheru tlieso 1111s may be
Price 11 per Box.
Sold kjr l»r K.U.HTF.VKNH, (Druggist)Liberty St..
I .tyssl t»r t»rd Mad >*e.
Ladies f by sendinginm |l,i*> through the BiJ
4tt»r* f.il Ufirt, call have tins I'llls sent them
!o<>iittdeatlall>)by mall. These I'll Is are reenter
fttltJ, don't touch them unless you see the Signa
ture utH.il. Uowe on every but—all other* Are
unsafe. timlu
Aro You lnsurod P
The »uh*crib*r. baring been appointed an Arent
K>r wvml »f lk« InmiiMivc lVutp«alM III lliv
country, It prepared to take rltk* on Dttlllnp,
Store*, UtrthtixliM, l«. A*l al*o Marin* rliki on
V *•*•!*, Freight* and t'arcoe*. on terni* eon*i*t*ut
with *olv*ncy and fklr profit.
IrrJS CII AS. ritED TO WliE.
jy"l*ar*'« YcptaMe Ucadache Bitten" cam
tli* mo*» Inveterate c«ki of llra<tache, Diulueea
Coetivene**, and Jaundice. Many te*timonlals of
It* efficacy ran be produced 0\>ui lKT*>m who have
b*«i p*ruianrotl) eui»l of the abun complaint*.
an«r many year* of (nlTerlng, au«l try Ins many oth
er medicine* without deriving any l>»neflt from
their um.
Sold ky Lewi* llodfdon, at Mi Nookrtore In HmM,
by E. U. Sitereni, l>ru£(Ut, In lUddeiord, and at the
I principal (tore* la York County. JAf
Xrtixhton Market-Aua It.
1 At market, IXV lleere*. 160 Store*. 3i <0 Sheep
Paicca-lWCattla— Eitra, |7 »i Br«t quality.
IT <u * oui mcuuU, $«;j a|000| third. U?»a
• m
Working Otea—None.
Milch Cow*—|U a 47 ; common, |I9 a 30.
Veal Caleee |J.m. •« iu, ||.■*».
TmtIIi|>-*i«*-i«u jear* vld $9 • lit three
year* eld. fl'i a 17. •
^Utdee l«H« per Ih. Calf Hhln»— lo a IM per
Hheep and lamb* |l 00. 1 30 a I 7}| eitra $J ou,
PelU-fnart* || 7J each.
Swlae J tore*, wholesale. 6| a 7e ; retail 7 a \
Sprint ltga,7f a oe; retail S a tot fct hogs, undre**
•d, none.
Boaton MnrkvU-Attg. 11.
I Flora.—Sale* of common brand* Western, at
[ J » • |S MI fhiwy brand* at «3 M i •*
, trap 73 a |* uu, and raperior at M X) a»»u) per
I Shi. Southern la quiet at |*JW * f* # for thacyi
X) a 7 00 Me extra*; and |7 <ua* 30 ftor •upertor.
I Co**.—Yellow,070at) 71c perbiuh ; Mixed <7 a
Cw, wklu BOOllBil
| Oat*.—Northern a ad Caaada UaCiper buk
I lira.— We par baah.
' ****<—'There hare been lala* of Kaatara at |19 a
[V par too caah~
, a'*rJIU ImC^bjr Rer. II. B. Abbott. Mr
10 ,i,m K,,b*r
0f'Z^r\bW ^ Mr Mewrr.,
l?Yi£2•Urtcholl, of Itto.
Jo Alftal (Jon, \r»T .rib, hv R«r. Mr <\>t>#r.
M«"rrlM r Mar,h*n< Jr- to *•» KH«» V.
Mr. Enoch 8. Joqm, to
li,t*ru *»wU, «Mwt <Uught«r ofMr. fh*«.
In thit clty.tth in*.. at the re«kle»e« of Himii
l>ay, Lydla PL Luck, formerly of Auguita, Me.,
»t««l M yrtn.
In KtnMiiunkport, lotli tn»t_ Mr*. Mary It, wife
of John Downing. K*|, aj*<l M year*, 'i months,
•nil 11 <Uy».
In Saco. 9th Inst., Mrs. Maria A. Cram, aged 01
year» andmonth*. formerly of Limerick.
In Llwlu^tun, &fct nit., WillUuu Ldgcoinh, aged
U years and C month*.
Iu Kittery, 2<1 In.-t., widow Lucy Aiub«r, aged 79
In Cambridge, Mr* Narah Louisa 0„ wlfc of lUv.
IV iter Potter, and daughter of the lata Northern!
Cogswell, Ksq.. of Noaui llerwlck. Me.
In Kltinghain, Ji. IU on the Mil of August,
Mr*. Ileteev Tuck, widow of John Tuck. Ksq.. late
of Par*on<tteld, Me., on the day oil which she com
pleted her 77th year.
Mn. Tuck seemed to nil hrr acquaintance*,
to*)completely fulfil the dutie* which grew out
of the relation* of lif« iu which I'rovideuce called
her to act, and connuen<le<l herself to all who
knew her a* an example of singular piety ami
gooduess, that a brief obituary notice may
properly be bestowed upon her memory.
Her maiden name was Betsey Fowlc, and she
was bom in Hampton X. II. on the 3th of Aug.
1783. 8he married John' Tuck, then of the
rniue town, and in 1W7 with a family of two
children removed to l'arsonsfield where other
children were born, and where »he reaided till
after the death jf her hu*l>and in 1H47, when
the family became broken up, and she went
with her children to live in different placet till
1850, when she began n prominent home with
her only surviving daughter Mrr. John llod( d n
of Effingham. Three other children still sur
vive. Jonathan Tuck, the present Mayor of
Uiddeford, Hon. Amos Tuck of Kxeter, N. II.
and John Tuck Ksq., of liiddeford. Two
daughter* preceded her to the tomb; Mrs llodg
don, and Mrs. Daniel Wiggin, late of Uidde*
If doing well the dutie* of the station in
which Providence places one, i* the criterion of
merit, then wa* Mrs Tuck entitled to
eminent praise and honor. As the wife of a
Giriner in moderate circumstances, as the moth
er of children to be educated, and cared for,
and with only limi'ed mean*,and as an exam
ple of christian character and loveliness under
all circum*tances, she had few superiors.
Not favored hewell with more than the or
dinary privileges of education, as schools were
sixty year* ago, she ever felt that the best thing
she couI'Ldo for her children was to give them
a food education—ever teaching them to priie
Icirning more than wealth, and virtue even
more than knowledge. Having a talent to
make the most of what she had,and with mean*
which others might have thought inadequate,
she succeeded in civing to her family of six
children all a fair education, with the practice
of only such frugality a* is proper under all
llef.no her ctiil Iron, both by example ami
precept, she placed the best standard or charac
ter, ami taught it hem from infancy that the
fear of the LorU is the beginning of wisdom.
As a neighbor and friend she was greatly
beloved, and ever exhibited a sympathizing
heart in all the joja and sorrows of her neigh*
bora and acquaintances.
She was a professing christian from early
life, ami ever adorned the christian character,
lint when the loss of children and husband
taught her the severer sorrows of life, she rose
t > a higher state of faith, and placed her ho|>ea
more fUlly on lleaveu. ller surviving children
bestowed on her every attention and unwonted
affection, all of which she reciprocated; but
her chief ioy was in the triumphs of christian t
hoj»e, and her chief conaolatlou in the belief of
aoon coing to her rest in Heaven. In her last
sickness, which was of a distressing character,
her hope was always bright and her confidence
in tlod always unshaken. When a son arrived
at her ln*dside, »he a-iid to him, "I atn waiting
for Jesus, and anxious to have him say, child,
c >mc home." Again, and many times she said,
"I Ioiijc to be with.Jesus." When articulation
became imperfect, and a few minutea before Ler
death, she »a* understood to be saying:
"Joiut can luaVe a J) Inn l>e<l,
Frrl suit as ilnwny pllluws nr«
Wtills on lil» t>rcn*t I It-su iu> lu-sil.
And )>reaUie in y I Ho out swi'stly there.-'
A Tain, aoon after, she s|n>ke more indistinctly
"I long"—hut could say uo more, and shortly
after breathed her last.
The funeral took place on the 7th from the
Free Will II aptist meeting house at Kffingham
Falls, where a sei rnon was preached by Rev.
John Uuxxcll, from Phill., 1.23, "I aui in a
strait betwixt two, having a desire to depart
and be with Christ which is far better." Kev.
.Mr. Foes and Bit. Mr. I'ago participated also
in the exercises.
Coat and Pants
PlMMUtly -Hunted lu the town of
York, on* ui 11* from (>iuu<|ult ll.ir.
'••or, furim-rlv owmtl liy tlie lata Tluo
dure Mttieiiein
Nu<l faiui t'liuuln* about ninety acre* ofiuperior
land. tulUMy *11 v»«I«xl Into mowing, tillage, and
wiMMiUiKt. It If well watered and iuo*tly Ik need
with *toue wall.
On th« preniiae* la a £'»»! house, outbuilding*. a
lars^> barn, and alwut two futmlt»*■ I Apple Tree*.
fanning l'tensil* Included In the tale, If wanted
by the purchaser.
Term* of payment made ea«y.
For further particular* Inuuire of It. Maxwell,
Ogun<|uit, Well*, Me.
August Id, l"*0
IF not previously di*D"«ed of at prlrato sale, the
Ileum- and Lot on Main Street. In Njeo, now oc
cupied In J M. Ilurl ank, K«>| , and formerly oceu.
plot by |tien. A. II. Itovd, will be *old at public
auction, on WKUNKSl>.\V, the .Uh of Sept. nest,
at ton o'clock In the forenoon.
Terms 111* ral and uiade known at the vale.
The house I* In perfect repair, and preaenti great
Inducement* to purchaser*.
For further luioruiatlon, apply to
Attorney for the Owner*.
8aco, Augu»t, l(Hh, IN». 3*31
For Sale.
The farm now occupied by Joel
"Mclntire. In the town'of Dayton,
near tiu»iwin'* II Ilia, eon tain I njc about ality acrc*
of good land, with building* on the aame.
3Uf Inquire of WM. PERKINS, Kaco, Me.
THE member* of the Second Cla*e of the Yerk '
County Mutual Fire Insurance Company are
hereby notified that the director* of aaid oompany
bare ordered aa aaacoment on Ike member* or **M
class, payable at the otDce of aald cumpanv, on or
before the A)th day of September, A. If. I MX
WILLIAM HILL, Treat, of *a U1 Co.
South Berwick, Ma, Aug. 8, I MO. 3w3l
At» Court of Probata held at North IhiM. with
| In toil foe the eoanty of York, on Uia Brit Tuc»
day In Aanivl, In Ibeyear of our Lord elchteen
| hundrad and slit/, by the lion. K. E. ltoiune,
i Judge of aaid Court i
ON Ilia patltion of EMILY F UNDERWOOD,
widow of SKMVZL UflUKRProoi), lata of »a
1 co. In Mid eoanty, deceased, praying that admlnl*
t ration of the estate of Mid deeeaeed mar ba grant*
ad to William J. ratten, of Keonehunk i
Oritrtd, That the petitioner elta the next of kin
to taka administration, and gire notice thereof
tu the heln of Mid deceased, and to all persons In
tereeted In Mldestata, by causing a copy u( thl*
order to be published three weeks successively In
the r'aien tf Jtiraa,; printed at Ittddefonl. In
Mid county, Uiat they may appear at a Probate
i Court to lie held at Limerick, In Mid county, on
the flrst Tuesday In (September next, at ten of
theolock Iii the forenoon, and »hew eause If any
Utay hare, why tha prayer of Mid petition should
j not I mi granted.
34 Attrst, Prancli Dacon, Register.
I A true copy, Attest. Frauds llacon. Register.
At a Court of Probate held nt North llerwlok, with
in and for the county of York, on tho flrst Tues
day !■ August, in the year of our Lord eighteen
hundred and sixty. by the Honorable K. t.
Itvurne. Judge ot (aid Court:
ON the petition of EMILY P. UNDER WOOD,
praying that administration de bonU non, with
the will anoeied, or the estate of SAMVKL UM
: UUHH'OOD, late oT Naco, In said county, deceased,
1 tu »v l>« granted to William J. Patten i
I Ordtrrd, That the petitioner cite the widow and
i nest or kin to take administration, and give notice
' thcrror to thehelri of tal<l deceased and to all per
I y>n« Interested In mid estate, hy causing a copy
of till* order to be published in the Union tr Journal,
printed In Uiddeford, In «ald county, three weeks
successively, that they may appear at a Pro
late Court to bo held at Limerick, In laid coun
ty, on the Brit Tuesday In September next, at ten of
I the clock In the forenoon, and shew cause If any
, they hare, whr the prayer of said petition should
not be granted.
31 Attest, Francis It*con, Register.
| A true copy, Attest, Francis llacon, Register.
At a Court of Probate held at North Bcrwlci.wlth
| in and for the oounty of York, on the flrst Tues
| ilay In Aut^ist, In the year of our Lord eighteen
h||n<lred ami sixty, by the llou. L K. liourne,
Judge or said Court:
ON the petition or NATHANIEL LEAdl, Ad.
minUtrator or tho estate or ASA I.LJCII. late
or Kcnuehunkport, in said county, deceased, repre
senting that the personal estate or tnId deceased Is
not >ufflclent t > pay theJu>tdeb:twlilo'i heowid at
the time of his m-atii by the sum or sertn liundrid
dollars, and lwvjr n^ftira license to sell and eon
> vey the whole 01 the real estate o! said deceased,
at iiubllc auction < r private sale, because by a par
tlal salo tho residue would l>c greatly Injured i
I OrJrrtJ. That tbe |>etltloner give notice thereof
to the heirs of said deceased nn<l U> all persons In
j terestcd In said estate, bv causing a copy or this
order to be published In the Union ami Jnnrnnl.
I printed In lliddefbrd, In sabl county, three weeks
successively. that they may appear at a Prolmte
1 Court to lie inddeu at Llmerlok, In said county, oil
the first Tuesday in Neptemi>er nixt, at ten of tho
clock In the forenoon, and shew cause, irany they
have, why the prayer or said petition should not be
31 Attest, Francis Paeon, Register.
A true copy. Attest, Praucis llacon, Register.
At a Court or Probate held at North llerwlok, with
in and ror the oountv or York, on the llrst Tues
day In August. In the year of our Lord eighteen
hundred and sixty, by the Hon. E. E. llournc,
Judgo of said Court:
Benjamin Johnston.tiuardianotr avf.ua
w JOHltMTQtt% minors and children or Kainucl
W. Johnston, late of lluxton, in aald county, de
ceased, having presented his petition fbr an allow
anoe out or the personal estate or said deceased, to
the said minors:
OrdrrtJ,That the said petitioner give notice to
all |tersons Interested, hj causing a copy or tills
order to be published three weeks successively in
the Union 4 Journal, printed at lliddeford In said
count*. that the) ma) appearat a ProbateCourt to
!>«• belli at Lliueriek, In said county, on the llrst
Tuesday in (September next, at ten or the clock in
tho lorenoon, and shew caui>e ir any they have,
why the same should not bo allowed.
31 Attest, Francis llacon, Register.
A true oopy, Attest, Frauds llnoou. Register.
At a Court of I'rolwto held at North Flerwlck, within
ami f«r tho county of York, on the llrst Tue»day
In August. In tho year'of our Lord eighteen hun
dred ami sixty, by the lion. H, E. liourne, Judgo
of Mid Court ■
J J of llollis, In mIi| county,deceased. having pre
-• itt'1 I her i" tit 11 ii fur her dowel In raid estate lo
be assigned anil wl out to her. ami .thai Couiinla
•loners luay be appointed fur that purpoce pursu
ant to law:
OrJtrtit, That the petitioner give notlco to all
iwrsou* Interested, by caudng a copy of this order
lobe published In the (/man * Jmvrinl, printed In
liidderord, In Mid oouat), for three aucces.
• if*!}', Uwt lllU> MM| a*|M> «( » I'wlwito V«H'k
to l>e helij at Limerick, in Mid county, on the llrst
Tufvluy In September next, at ten of tlio cIik.1i In
the rrenoon, ami «how cause. If any thej have,
why the saAo should not Ihi allowed.
31 Attest, Francis Raoon, Itegtster.
A trua copy, Attest. Francis llaoun, Register.
At a Court of I'robate lie 111 at North ilerwiok, with
hi ami for tho county of York, on the tlrst Tues
day In August. In the year 01 our Lonl eighteen
hwrimiH duty, by the Hon. K. E. liourne.
Judge ol (;kl<I Court)
ON tho petition of LKWLS L. lU'AN, a crcilltor of
the estate of l/.IMA A. iiOH'AK, late or tier
Wick, In ralil c unity, decerned. iiraylngthat a<liuln
titration of tlio estate of said deceased way bo
granted to hlui i
OriUrnt, That the petitioner elte tho wlilow |and
next of kin to take administration, ami giro notice
thereof to the hell* of Mid MNM and to all
person* Interested. by causing n ccpy ofthU or
der to be published In the Vnivn tr Journal, print
ed In lllddeford. In Mid county, throe week( (ue
< I vely, that they may aiipear at a I'robato
Court to be holdeu at Liiuerlck, In Mid County, ou
the lir't Tuesday In September next. at ten of
the clock In the forenoon, and (hew causo If any
they hare, why tho pra>cr of Mid petition (huuid
not be granted.
31 Attest, FrancU R:»e»n Register.
A true copy, Attest, hrutiol( Uacoti Register.
At a Court of Crohatc held at North Rcrwlck, with
in and for the count v of York, on the flrst Tue»
day In August, In the year ol our Lord eighteen
hundred aud ilxty. by the L. E. liourne.
Judge of Mid Court •
ON the petition or JAMES 1>. 8TACKP0LE. In
lere.-ted In the estate or M.INY It. STACK.
TOI.i:. lato of III ideford, In Mid county, ite
c>a(od prat in,; that administration or the edaia
oT Mid deceased may i>e granted to h m
OrtrrtU, That the petitioner elte the ue*t orkln
to take administration, and g're notice thereor to
the heir* or Mid deceased and to all perron* inter
ested in Mid citato, by causing a copy orthi* or
der to be published in the VNwN tr J»wn «/, print
ed In Rldilctbrd In Mid county, three week* suc
cessively, that they uiay appear at a Probate Court
to l>e held at Lioivrtck, In Mid county, on the Brst
Tuesday In September next, at ten or the clock
In the iorcnoon, and *hcw cause If any they hare,
why tho prayer of said petition ahould not be
34 A11. -1. Francis Itaeon, Register
A tfue copy, Attest, Francis liacon, Register.
At a Court of Probate held at North Bcrwlok, with.
In and tor the comity of York, on the tint Tues
day In August, In the year of our Lor>l eighteen
buivlred and sixty, by the llou. E. E. llournu,
JmUe of nM Court i
I."OREST BATON, fluardlan of ALBERT J. E.f
I TOM. a inluor ami child of Adonlraui J. Raton,
late ot Hell*. In *ald eounty. deceased. having lire
sented his fourth account of guardianship or his
raid ward for allowance i
OrdrrtJ, That the raid (luardlan glvo notice to
•II persons Interested, by causing a copy of tlila
order to be published In the Into* 4r Jonrn»/.
printed In Ulddcford, *n Mid county, three weeks
successively, that they may appear at a Probate
Court to to held at Lluierlok, In Mid county, on
thrflrst Tuesday lu Kcptoiuber next, at tenor the
clock In the forenoon, and shew cause If any they
hare, why the Mine should not l>e allowed.
K Attest, Francis Ilacon, Register.
A true copy. Attest. Francis Uacon, Register.
At a Court of Probate held at North Berwick, within
and tor l)i« county of York, on the Ont Tuesday
In Augqst, In the year of our Lonl eighteen hun
dred and sixty, by the lion. b. E. llourne. Judge
of Mid Court:
IVORY 8MITII, named Executor In a certain In
1 struuient. purporting to be the laat will aud t< •
taiucnt of DJyikl. SMITH, late of Mollis, In Mid
county, deceased, having presented the Mtue for
gnrdtrrd. That the mI<1 executor {Ire notice to
aHl persons Interested, by causing a copy oftbli or«
Uer.tobe published three weeks successively In the
t'aiea 4 Journal, printed at lliddefonl In Mid
county, that they may appear at a 1'rohete Court
to be held at Limerick, lu Mid county, on Uie flrst
Tueeday In September next, at ten of the clock la
the forenoon, aud shew cause, If any they liare,
why the Mid instrument should not be proved, ap>
proved, and allowed as the last will and testament
of the Mid deceased.
31 Attest, >rancls Ilacon, Register.
A true copy, Attest, >raucls Ilacon, Register.
At a Court of Probate held at North Rerwlek. with
in and for the eounty of York, on the tret Tuee
day In August, In the year or our Lord eighteen
hundred and sixty by the Honorable K. K. Itotnie
CJudge of said Court i
iVllUS CLEAVES, named Executor In a certain
' 'Instrument, purporting to be the laat will and
testament of WILLIAM A. CLEAVES, late of Day
ton. In Mid eounty, deocaacd. having preeented the
same lor probata i
Oritru, That the nM executor (Ire notice to
all persons Interested, by causing a copy of this or
der to be published three weeks saeeeatlvelr la the
t'ntm *f Jmhm/, printed at Blddefbrd, In said
county, that ttoer may appear at a Probate Court
to be held at Limerick, in Mid eounty. on Um
tret Tueeday In September neat, at ton of the eloek
In the fbrenooa, and skew eauee. If any they have,
why the Mid Instrument should not be proved, ap
proved, and allowed a* the last will and tests meat
of the said dsasassd.
M At toe i, Fraaala Raeoa. lUftator.
▲ true copy, AUeat, fraaels Baeeo, Jlajtatar.
At a Court of Probata told at North Barwtek, with
In and forth* county of York, on Um imTuw.
day In August, In Uwnir or our Lortislghuen
hundred and sixty. by the Honorable K K.
Bourn*, J udjre ofMld Court ■
OA RAII A. DON NELL, named Executrix la I
O eerUln instrument, purporting to be lb* last
will and testament of BtJTJ AMIS T. DOSSKLL,
late of York, la Mid count/, deceased, fearing pre
sen led the mm fbi probate i
Oritrti, That tlie Mid executrix (Ira notice to
all pereoni interested, bjr causing a cop/ of thli
order to b* published In Uia Umha 4r Journal,
printed at Bidderord, Id Mid oount/, Uiree week*
succcsslrely. that ther ruav appear at a Probate
Court to be held at Alfred. in mUI count/, on the
first Tueeda/ In Octo'ier next, at ten of the clock
In the forenoon. and shsw cau*e If an/ the/ hare,
why the Mid Instrument ihould not be pro red, ap
prored, and allowed as the last will aou testament
of the Mid deceased.
31 Attest, Prancli Bacon, Register.
A true cop/,Attest. Francis Bacon, Register.
At a Court of Probate held at Ntrth Berwick, within
and for the count/of York, on the flrst Tue«i»v
or August. In the /Mr of our Lord eighteen hun
dred and sixty,by the Hon. E. E. Bourne, Judge
or Mid Court ■
DOROTHY 8TEVEN8, named Executrix In a eer
Uln Instrument, purporting to be the last will
and testament of PAUL STCPCSS, late of Ken
nebunk. In Mid couuty, deceased, having presented
the Mine for probata i
OrJrrrJ, That the Mid Executrix glre notice
to all persons Interested, by causing a copy of this
order to be published three weeks sucoeosirely In
the Union tr Journal, printed at Bidderord, in
Mid county, that they may appear at a Probata
Court to be hold at AITred, In Mid county, on
the Itrst Tuesday in October next, at ten ot
the clock in the fbrenoon, and shew cause If any
they hare, why the Mid Instrument should not be
prored, approved and allowed a« the last will and
testament or the Mid deceased.
31 Attest, Francis Bacgn, Register.
A true copy, Attest, Francis Bacon, Register.
At a Court of Probate held at.iotrn uerwica. wun
In »u<l for the county of York, on the flrst Tues.
.lay in August, In the year of our Lord, eighteen
hundred and sixty. i>y the Honorable K. E.
ilourne. Judge of laid Court,
HO HACK HALL, named Kxecutor In a certain In
ilrumcnt, purporting to b« the hut will and
testament of I'til LIP HALL, late of North llei
wlek. In Mid oounty, deceased, having preseuled
the MUie for probate i
Oritrti, That the Mid executor (Ire notiee to
all per*>ns Interested, hv causing a copy of
Uii« <>r<l«r to be published three week* »uccr«41 re
ly In the Unitn * Journal, printed at Ulddcrord In
Mid county, that they may appear at a Probate
Court to bo held at Llinrnck. in Mid county, on the
first Tuesday In Heptouii>er uuxt, at teu of the clock
In the forenoon, and (how cause If any they have,
why the Mid Instruiueut should not be proved, ap
proved, auu allowed as the last will and testament
wf the Mid deceased.
M Attest, Franol* Dmod, Register.
A true copy, Attest, Francis llaeon, Register.
At a Court of Probnte held at North Rerwlck, with
in and for the county of York, on the flrst Tues
day In August, In the year of our Lord eighteen
hundred and sixty, by the Hon. K. K. Ilourne,
Judge of Mid Court i
/'HAHLI!* L. HAINES. named executor In a cer
I tain Instrument, purporting to he the last will
and le«taincnt of PIIC.IH J. II.IIMKa, late of 8aco,
In saiil couuty.deceased, hat inx presented the Miue
lor probate i
Orkrrtd, Tlmt the said executor give notice to
all |>ersons Interested, by causing a Copy of this
order to t>e published three weeks successively In
the vniaa k Jotrntl, printed at lliddeford. In Mid
ouunty, that they may appear at a Prol>ate Court
to lie held at Limerick, in Mid county, on the
lirst Tuesday in September next, at ten ol the clock
In the forenoon, and shew cause, if any they have,
why the Mid instrument should not In> proved, ap
proved, and allowed as the last will and testsment
of the said deceased.
:il Attest, Prancls llaeon, Itaglster.
A true copv. Attest. Krancis Ilaoou. Heglster.
At a Court of Prolmte, holden at North Berwick,
within and for the oouuty or York, on) the flrst
Tuesday of August, In the year of our Lord eight
een hundred and sixtv. by the Jlouorahle ft. K.
Ilourne, Judgo of Mid Court:
SA ft AII L. MILL, Administratrix of the estate of
JOS AH HILL, lato of Ihtyton, In said county,
deceased, having presented her account of admin
istration of the estate of Mid deceased, for allow
Ordrrrd, That the Mid Accountant give notice
to all tiersons interested, by causing a copy of this
order to be published in the VMion * Journal, print
ed In lliddeford, III Mid county, three weeas suc
cessively. tlmt they may appear at a Probate Court
to be held at Limerick, in Mill ouunty, on the
flrst Tuesday In Hepteiulier next, at teu of the
clock in the forenoon, and shew cause If any they
have, why the same should nut b« allowed.
•'II Attest, Prancls llaeon, lleglsler
A true vopy. Attest, Krancis llaeon, Register.
AI i tuun 01 i nnwirini'i vxuimi
an<l Tor the county <>r York, on the flr»t Turwliy
In Auguit, In the jftrcif uur Lonl (Itlilnn hun
dred ninl »l*tv, i>y tlio llou. K. K Uourne,
Ju.lc« or Mill Court i
ON the pot tlon of AMU L. AYKR, Oua'dlan of
i.v.v numiA.ya mivi *jitaii r. iimii.ink,
minor* •nil uKtlilrvn of t'aluh llurixtuk. lata of New.
, Ociil, In i^lil rnuiily, 'i-Jrmud, rvpruMuUuK that
••fit minor* are Milled ami imMiwi »r »«rt»ia
rtal null dtuate In Mltl NewBeld, moro ftilly de
•erliwd In Mid petition.
That an advantageou* offer of Dra hundred dol
lar" ha* inen made by William A. Thoinpaon, of
Nowfleld, In nald county, which offer It la for th«
Interest of all concerned Immediately to acai-pt i
and the proceed# of ule to I* put nut on lnt>'rp«t
for the l>enellt of the Mid minor*, and praying tli.it
licrnae may l>e granted them to toll and convey tha
Interest aforeMld, according to the ttatuto In *ucli
cam made and provided.
OrJtrtd, That the petitioner rIv® notice thereof
to all per»->n* Interested In Mid e»tato, l>y raining
a copy of till* order to he puhlUhed three week*
meci-xlvely III the t'uinn fr Journal, printed at
niddeforil, In *ald county, that they limy appear
at a I'rohate l'«url to he held at Lluicrtak, In Mid
county, on the tlrit Tuenday In (September next, at
ten of the elock In the forenoon, and «hew caumi
If anv they have, why the prayer of Mid petition
iihould not he granted.
31 AttoM, Francl* nacon, Regliter.
A true copy, Attcit, Frunal* llauon, HcjcUter. j
Great Seduction!!
Ii cluilng out
OF 1118
Slimmer Dress Goods,
Silk and Lace Garments,
Stella and Camel's Ilair
% 9
Being dtslrou of doting out *11 Huramtr Uoodi,
Um prlof* will b« mad* •xtrtmeljr lew.
n 14J»ford, Aug. 3, IW&
IM cIm*.
of mtroan
ilui p*r» n>r It! o»i Rorci
ForM»tof»»Uom, Ur*« *J^U"
Jftre Insurance.
Lite and Fire taiiruee Agent,
Office,—lTp ttiirs—.\rzt Door to City Bank,
Liberty Street, Blddeford.
I am giving my whole time and attention ta the
above business, and represent the following Com
Snlee M Agent vis t—Tkt NinkIuiUi Mutual
b, located at HprlngSeld, Mae*., capital ortr
0,00). In this company I hare upon my book
orer 300 member* or the ftrtt men Id Blddeford,
Haeo, and vicinity.
I have Juit taken the Agency of the .V»w tuflmi
Lift Company, located at Boston, Mas*. This com
pany hai a capital of t>.!*),<>«> i IU cash dlsburse
menti to It* Life Members In KM wa* f uv>>'- 1
operate ai Agent for the following Ireoom panics i
HUdifard Mutual, Cktltea Mutual. oft'helsea. Mat*.,
and the following companies: (s«e advertisement* )
Thankful fur oast bivor*. 1 ask for a continuance
of the tame. Call and m* me. and bring your
friends. All bntlne** entrusted to me will be folth
fully and promptly performed.
Dlddeford, June 22. I960. Iyr26
City Fire Insurance Co.,
Oflci Ita. 34 Chap*I SI (Haanlman Buildiuf.)
I'ald up Capital and Rurplui,
The undcrilgned will l**ue pollcle* aralnst Fire
Dwelling Houses, Htore*, Manufketurlng Kstab.
llihuients, and almo*t every kind of property. Al*o
On Dwelling Houses, for I and II per cent, for flva
year*, coating ea/jr from A) to 21 cent* per year on
11 no. Mo aeeeenneute.
nerr.arm a* —II. J Llbby A Co., Chase, Laavltt
A Co., and Steele A llayei, Portland.
Levi Dradlkt, Bee Wills 8otrrnworth. Pres.
Portland Agency, 101 Middle Street,
J, XV. Ml'MCER, Agent.
Blddeford Offloe—City Hank Building,
lyrl* III KI s SMALL. Altai.
Piwcataqun .Tluliial
Authorlied Capital, |Vt),onoai'
CiipiUl nubicrlbed and wcurcd, £3,4(j 76
The ImalntM of tho Company at pre*eut contlned
to Fire and luland .Navigation rlak*
TliU company having completed IU orjan'.iatlon
li now prepared to l»«ue uollcle* on Inland NarU i
p»t inn rlfki. al*o, against low and damage by Are.
luland Inntirauce on Uood« to all part* of the.
country. Fire Insurance on Dwelllngi, Furniture,
Warehouse*, I'ubllo Iluildlngf, Mill*. .Manufacto
ries, Htorr*. Merchandise, Hhlpi In port or while
liulldlnir. and other property, onaa faroralile teruii
a* the nature or the rlia will adult.
Five year Tollcte* leaued nn dwelling* from I to
li percent, fur jyear*.c«itlngonly from *>to .Tii
cent* per year on |IU) MMIW. All premium! pre
paid In money, and no amumtnti made on the as
sured. Lo.*«e* paid with promptneM. The Coin pa
ny truita hy an honorahlaand prompt adjustment
of lu luue* to secure a continuant* of tha publlo
Ilo*. JOHN N. UOOHWI*. President.
OIIKII P. MILI.KR, Vice President.
Itlddeford and Haco Agency, office City Dank
building, lllddeiord.
tfia III' Ft 8 SMALL. Agent
Can obtain their Ticket* by whatever route they
prefer, at the
Tickets & State Rooms for
<3. A. CARTKIt, Agrnt.
Ausuft 10th. 1900. 3Dtf
ron K A I.K AT THE
cur AGENT, FOR all lawful purposes.
"A carefully selected stock of Liquors, suitable for
mt'illciiMl, mechanical anil manufacturing uses, as
pur* a* can Iw obtained, and us low a* any of like
•luallty tuM elsewhere under I lie forlxarnnce of the
Agencies of other town* furnished with reliable
liquors on reasonable terms.
Al«>. a well bought stock of nriine family Plonr,
(IrMtrlM and West India floods—low fur cadi.
Highest cash price paid f«r eggs and flrst quallty
of family butter.
Nlgn or CITV LIQUOR AUKNCV, opposite the
new engine house, Liberty btreet.
Mddrford, Aujt. .1, IMO. 3itf
Dyspepsia Remedy '
/tromntic, Invigorating
Tkit Mtdieln* kiu bftn me J Ay Ik* pulhr fur « years,
tctlk jntriaiing/m+r. Ill* r*r»mm*»M Ittmri
Dyipfptii. .VrmmiiNi, lltarl-Hurn, Colte
I'nmi, Wind I a Ik* Ahmork. »r Pmin* in
Ik* 11***1*, llrmbrkt. I)r<evttneu.
Kidney timpl.nnle, l*w Spirit*,
Dtllrium Tr*m*nt, Intern
It stimulates, eihllarate*. Invigorate*, but will not
Intoxicate or stupefy.
t 8 A MKDICINH. It Isquick and effectual,curing
. I Die most aggravated ea»es of |)y»|>epsla, Kl«f- j
ney Complaints, and all oilier derangements of the
Hlomarli and llowels, In a speedy manner.
It will InsUntly muf the moit melancholy and
dmoplnic spirits. and restore the weak, nervous and
sickly t<> health, strength and vigor.
Persons who, from tlie Injudicious use of liquor*,.
haro liecome delected. and their nervous i) stems
shatter**!, constitutions broken down, and *uh)eet
to tliat horrible curie to humanity, the Dklibii'm
Thkmkms, will, almost immediately, f»el the happy
and Invigorating elScacy of l>r. Ham's Invigorating
Doir—One wine glaai m often u necemary.
One do*e will remove all Had HplrlU.
One doee will core lleart-'iurn.
Three do*e* will euro Indigestion.
One <1om will give ><«u a tiuod Appetite.
One doee will *t»p the diatrrielng p*ln* of Dye
One doee will iwnra the dlttreeelng and <1l*a
(ratable effect* of Wind or Flatulence, and a**oon
m the Momach reeelvee the InritforatingNplrit, the
dlMrruing load and all painfull feeling* will be re
One doee will remote the moit dl*tr»**lng !>••»»
of colic, either In the itomach or bowel*.
A few do*ee will remove all atMtniotloiu In the
Kidney, Madder. or I'rinary Organ*.
PvranD* who are efrlouily afflicted with any Kid
ney complaint*, are awured «peedy relief by a doee
or two, and a radical euro by lh« u*e of oae or two
IVreoni who. from dlMlpating too much ever
nlglit, and feel the eril effect* of poltonoa* liquor*,
In violent headache*, alckneee at *tomaeh. weak
nee*, glddlne**, Ac., will Sod one doee will remove
ill t>ad feeling*.
Ladle* of weak and *l«klr eo«*tltetloae ihoald
lake the Invigorating Spirit three lime* a day i II
will make them ftroiu, l.»-althy and happy, remove
*11 olwtructlon* and irregularltlee from Ue men
itrual organ*. and reetore the bloom of health and
beauty Ui Uie careworn fee*.
Purine pregnancy II will be fouad as Invalaable
medicine to remove dimgrteable tenmtion* at the
All the proprietor a*k* I* a trial, aad to iadaaa
Ihl*, he ha* put up the Invigorating ay rap la plat
bottle#, at 40 cent*, aaait* fl.
Uvnerai Oepet, •UrStreet. X. T.
Wholesale Agent* -lJoeton, M. a Bmrr A Oe»
WRf,«aleP?nnWdelbrd byO^rge W. W. felreoa
Wm. C. I»yer. A. Hawyer, and K.U. Stevea*. aad by
— — lyrtt
The beat Cough Medicine in the
WamaUd to •"^^,r<SweUeUerMe4
roa taut ii ainrntaoap it
DR. E. Q« 8TSVSN8,
II Ho. 4 CryeUl Arcade. «■
Pleasure Travellers.
Tickets to the Mountains,
Spring*, JYiagara, J*e.,
At about Half Fare.
Jot mIi at Um
Expreu tod Telegraph Office, Sieo.
O. i. OiBTEB, Ainl.
Anput 10lb, I MO. 33tf
Tub fall term or uu laauuiioa win •»
ui.nee Amgmmt tOih, under the
A UmluU of Dowdoln College.
5. D. APPLETON, Secretary.
Alfred, August 3tb, I MO. 2w33
The Fall Term of (hit InstUolion
Wodnosday, August 20th, I860,
l'nd«r the imtructiou of
J. II. MOORE, A. n., Principal.
aPnROVISION Imrlng h*«n made by the Slate,
<|"J a Normal Department be organised at
A; the commencement of the terra, and special
attention will ixi Klren to those scholar* with
liu to teach. Lectures oi'discusslona, on the iut>
)eet or Education, may be expected frequently.
Members or the Normal Department will bis un
signed to hear various classes, and their mode of
inatructlon will be eritlcited.
The quietness of the place admirably fltt It lor an
Institution or Learning.
Candidates for the Normal Department will ha
examined on Tuesday, August - -in. at I o'eloek 1
f. M., at the Academy llall.
Text Books and Ntntlonery can be obtained or the
Principal at the loweit caah price.
Hoard cau i>e obulm-d on reasonable termi.
Male*. 11.00
females, M
English l)ranches, |3 M
Higher » (Extra) ... i.uu
Languages, ....... 2.U0
No student admitted lor less than hair a term.—
Thoae wiahlnK to room to|(ether or desire further
Information, will apply to II. PaRKia, at Eliot, or
to the Principal, at Portsmouth, N. II.
Those wishing to hoard themselves, can obtain
rooms suitable.
II. PARKER, Secretary of Trustees.
Eliot, August loth, I'M). 4w33
The Great Indian Remedy,
Thl* celebrated Female Medicine.
uumchiok virtue* unknown of any
thing elx of the kind, and proving
effectual after all other* have failed,
I* prepared from an Indian plant
uaad by the native* for the Mine pur
uo*e faun time Imineuiurlal. and now
for the Ar*t tine offered to the pub
lie. It I* dealicned for both mnrrttd
nnj tinyli Mir*, and U the very be*t
t'llni; known for the purpoee, a* It
1 will brine on the manlhlt titkntu In
rate* of olxtrartlon, after all other
remedie* of the kind have been tried
tn'vata. Till* may were Incredible,
but a cure I* cuaranteed fa aU tatn.
bottle* hare »>een toft In eighteen months triikont
a itngU fniUrt when taken as directed, ami without
thu lrait Injury tu health in any tit. fy Put up
In tiro mince buttles, with tall direction! for using,
antl sent by express, iteurt from obitrntion, to all
Cirts of the country Prepared and told t«/y at
r. Mattlson's Itemed ial Institute for Special DU
mmi, No. Wit Union Street, Providenoe, it. I.
No. I, (Full strength,) • • |I0 per bottle.
No.'i. (Half ue • • S do do
No. 3, (Kighth do • . | do do
All arc warranted to cure, l>ut It will require M*rr
of No* 'J and 3, than ot No. I.
CAUTION.—To prevent Imposition, Dr. M. will
■end frtt. I>y enclosing one stamp a< al>ore, a I'ain
plilet on HISE ISES Of H' O.Wf.V, and on Prn+tt
imi Ckronir MulaUiu generally | alio circular* glr.
Ing full Information, irilk Ikr mil uhJomhltil rt/tr.
seers nu t (iMiminWi, without which, no adrertl*
Inj, |'h» iltflan, or medicine of Dili kln<l I* deserving
of A.vir COXriDLXCC HIIATEI i:n. Order* by
inn11 promptly attended to. Write >our addrea*
plainly, an<l direct to Dr. Matti*ox. u a bore.
No. 28 I'nlon Street,, i Mini Providence R. I.
Thli iftrlallf embrace* all diseases of • Pni*lr
nature, Ixjth of MKN and WOMKN. Consultation!
by letter or otherwise are tlritllt <•«» A tm i and
incdlclne* will be*ent by Express, secure from oh
serration, to all |>art* of the country. AI*o accom
modations fur uatleot* from abroad, wishing for a
secure and quiet Iletreat. and good care, until re*
stored to health. Tkt mot! mtUubtft Rtftrtmttt
•hJ Tfltmomialt sent by mail. Addrvss(wltli stauip)
Dr. N. II. Nirtiui. as abore. lyrJU
Aad grow* aiarr a«4 Marc 1'epular at*
cry Daft
And lettlmonlalt, new. anil almost without nam
her. ntii;h( he glren lioin ladle* and urutl luni In
all gra^e* of toddy, whom.* united t«*tlinony Done
couTil r««i»t. fi.it Prof. Wood'* Hair lUttoratlre trill
reetore the bald ami grey. and preeerr* lb* hair of
the youth to old axe. In all Its yontlifai twenty.
Datti.c Crkkk. MI«Ii., Dee. 31, ISM.
Pnor. Wonn i—Thee wilt plcane ac.*ept a Una to
inform the* that the lialr on my hvad all fell off
orer twenty year* a*". c*u*ed by a complicated
chronic dlteate, attended wltli an eruption on th*
head. A continual oourte of tnlfcrlng through llf*
having reduced m* to a »tate of dependence. I hare
not been aide to obtain duff for cap*, neither hare
I been able to do them up. In coniequeneoof which
my head ha* tuffered eitremely from cold. Thi«
Induced me to pay llrlgg* A (lodge* almo*t the lad
cent I had on earth for • two dollar bottle of the
llalr IU'»U>retire aliout the lr*t of A«|u*t la*t. I
Itare faithfully followed th* direction*, and tlie bald
•pot I* now eorered with hair thick and blaek,too'
fhort i It I* al*o romlnif In all orer my head. Feel,
log oonAdent that another lam bottle woald re
■tore It entirely and peraiaaentlr. I feel am loo* to
prrwrere In IU u*e,and being deatitut* of mean*
to paraba** aay more. 1 would a*k thee If thee
wouidtt not be wllllag to tend me an order oa thine
agent* for a tiottle. and reeeire tolhyaelr the *er1o
ture dee la ration —"the reward I* to Uto*e laat are
kind to the widow and the fatherleee.
Thy friend, BlSA.N.NAII K1RDV.
Lioo*iaa, Moat.* t'o.. Ind.. Peb.», I AM.
Prof.O.J. Wooit—I>car »lr —In the latter part
of the year l*'U, while attending the Hlato and Na
tional Law School of tbe State of New Vork. m»
hair, trum a cau*e unknown to me,commeaeed fall
ing off rery rapidly, *o that In the *bort *paee of I
■li month*, the whole upper part of mj wt
almo*t entirely bereft of It* corerlag. and maeh
the remaining portion ap»a tbe *ide aad bee* pa
of my head ibortly after becaaw grey. *o that yt
will not be *arpr1»*d whea I toll roa that apaa ■
return to the (Mate of Indiana, my inore eaeaal a.
iiaalntance* w«re not eo much at a loee to dl*e*r*r
ihe eaaee of the chaage la my appearaaaa. M my
more latiuat* acquaintance* were to raaagalta me
"utaaaa Made applleatlonto the poet iklllfal
phytic la a* ta the eoantry. bat, reaelrlag ao aaear
Lnee from Uieea that my hair eoald apia be rartar.
>d. I we* foreed to hieom* reooaclled to my fbto.
in til, fortaaaUly. la the Utter part of the year
<U7, yoar lUetoratlre wa* reaaaimeaded to ate by
i draggtot. a* be lag the aoet reliable llalr lUetor
ttlrela a*e. I tried aae bottle, aai fun ad to ay
treat millet tea that It wa* pradaetag the deetred
(Beet. HI ace that time, 1 hare aaad **rea dollar*1
rortb of yoar Heetoratlra, aad a* a reealt, hare a
■eh coat af rery eofl blaek hair, which aoaooey
iaa bay.
A* a mark of my gratltade tot yoar labor aad
kill la the projection af eo treSarfkl aaV^OeUI
•are recommended itiaato many af ay ffliaii
Vary raepaatfally yoar*, A. X. LATTk.
kn.tirbottt the world. ^ ***
% botttei the large hakl* a quart, *° par eeaU I
la prvpartloa, aad retail* for (J a boUle.
O. J. WOOD A Ca-, Proprietory 444 Broadway,
aad 1)4 Market Vt, Mt. Laala, Ma
Aad eald by all gued Draggtatt aad Peaey (W*
* Portsmouth
low* |
Lmt* Portlaad tor Blddtford at 7Jo, Ms a. M
•ail 3jOQ P. M —»»•«,
- Blddalbrd tor Baatoa at MS A. H,u4
- Biddafbrd tor Portland at t JO, II.OA. M.
aad Ml P. M.
Freight Tralnj aaob war *a»r!
Lmt* Portland tor 8mo aad Blddrfbrd at 7 JO
A. M.,
w niddWbrd for Portland at 130 A. if.
Monday*. WcdaMtfurt. and Friday*, a *t«aa
Boat train learoi Portlaad at 4 oYlook. P. M.. aad
on lb* arrival of Um Boat from llanforlmtm Baa.
ton taa* da/a at • o'clock. P. if. ftwa tralaa
will taka aad laara pawnpri at war •tatloaa.
Portlaad. April 8.1660. I«tf
Tb« ipUodUl and bit BUuaMlp*
Ktdht Cmo
'WILL, »n<l I'tlaam, CAP*. B. K.
IVaiu, will until ruruiir mUw tu
u roiiowt i
ty Lmtm Brown'* Whtrf. Portland. *rttT
*Yl>XtXDJr and SATUHOjr. at» o«*lo*k P. M.
ami Imii Pier 13 North Hirer, Now York. trjClf •
N'ED.fLSUJY and tJTL'KDJT, at 3 o'clock P. M.
Tha raaaali are lltud up with la* McomMnda.
tlon* for pa**eni(crt, maklus th'» tl.« mo*t *p*ady,
aa/fcand cotor<>ruble roata for trareler* between
New York and Main*.
Pu*a(*, 13.00, Including meal* an<l Rtata Room*.
Uood* forwarded by this Hue to and front Mm.
treat, Uu*l*e, llangor. Ilatb, Aufti-U. KaJtport
and nt. John. They al*o connect at New York with
Mwwtn lur Ilalllui. re, haraunab and M'a*bln(>
Uhlpper* are reooe<t*d to Mnd thalr FrtlfM In
the boat before 4 P. M. oo tha day that *ha lea re*
For freight and Paaaar*apply to
EVERY k FOX, Uruwn'* nhatl. Portland.
II. II. CROMWELU Cc..Pi*r li.North Hirer N.Y.
May lath, lt«o. 4-tf
Th# ipUiwIM nm »*••*nlnj SUun
era Ftrfti Cliy. l«fwUl«iii w»4
MmifmI, will until lurtli»r nw
lie* run m r«>IU»w» ■
Lmti Atlantic Wharf. Portland every Monday.
Tueaday. Wedneeday, Thursday and IrMar, at 4
o'clock P. >(.. and Ceotral Hliarf. Iluitoi, ittrr
Monday, Tueaday, M'adoeeday, Thuraday and Prl«
dav, at 7 o'clock P. M.
fare-In Cabin, 11 iv On iwk. |i.no.
N. II. KmIi boat la fUrid*hed villi a large number
of MtaU K—m-. for tlx' at'ooiiiiu<«.alioii of ladle*
and fauilllei, and traveller* ar- reminded that by
taking tlii* line, much aavlnic of tluie and *span*«
will !»• made, ami that the InoonvenWoea of arri
ving lu Uoaton at lata boar* or tba night will ba
Tha boat a arrlra In aaaaon for paaaangara to Uka
the earllvet train* out of tba city.
Tba Company are not rr(|M>n*tt>la lor hacgafa to
an amount eieoadlng In value,and that p*r*on
al, unlaaa notice I* given and paid Tut at the rata of
onenaaaenger for every »v«> additional ralua.
IJT Freight Uken aa uiual
Portland, kay 18, I**- tllf
No. 3 Biddtford Ilouae Block*
Mr*. Kldder'a Dyalnterry Cordial.
M Wlnaclow'* b«iothing Hyrap.
Dlarrliu a Millar* for children.
llob*naack'* Worm H) rup.
McLane'* Vermifuge.
FaboaeU*k'» -
Mr*. WImIu*'i DyalnUry Cordial.
Hanford'* Liver Invlrnnitor.
kenned) 'a Medical Dlacwvary.
„ Ac., Aa.
Order* by nail or •tag<,l will receive uy prompt
33tf .... nRtuawT.
Only U Cenl* n Bottle I
Dr. Butltifk Smvt'i re apt Mtditft wa* ditfi+r
*4 »j eM /Jr. Ihrliift Smart, */ A #■* raA, Ml , *n4
hi turid mtrt (alii e/ CMna^wa l»mm any Mtir
rimttlf. irtll tart Ikl Mnl C*»fk I* thru daft,—
Stld If §U 4 flirt la Mtdtrmn. 3
Thouaand* ar* dally ipaaklng la tha pralae at
and why f became It never fall* to afford laaUnto.
neou* relief when given In lime. It aata aa If by
magic.awd one trial alonu will convince you that
what we aay I* trae. Itoontaln*
ofany kind, and therefore relieve* by removing
the tutoring* of your child. In*trad of hy deaden*
Ing It* ern»il>llUfa«. For thl* teaaon. It (oai.ueada
Iterlfa* the onlv reliable preparation now known
for CklMrea Trtlklai, IllarrkNa, !);*»»•
1MI "
it«lfa* the onlv reliable pieparatlon now known
Mr** Trtlklai
UriplMg In Ike Materia. Aridity e(
lke> Niaaaark. \VIwrf. CeU lu Ibr llrndand
Irry. ttrl
t'raai*. alao, for aoflenln/ the luiu*. rvdaalng la*
Itanimation. regulating th« MM and relieving
pain. It haa no aqaal—'•elu* at antl-«ya*niudle, It
I* uavl with unfa'dag *noa«ee inaihani of Coavul.
•ion or other FIT» A* yon ralue th* life and
health of your clullivf. ai>d w>*h to Mr* litem
I mm t it. 1*0 Ml am I bllgMiaw cnmi lencri which
are certa'n to rmultfiom tie n«e ..r nam I'm of
wt :** all «tber remedle* fo' iii'antil* ('• rnplainta
art- f impoMd, ttl a no.ia i'ul"Dr Katou't lolaatile
t'oidial. thl* you can rely upcu. II la (irifecitf
haruleaa, and car.not lnlur> th* newt delicaU la.
hni, Prioa ■ aaata. rail dlractlou* aoevmpany
each bottle. I'reparad only by
lycopflu .No. iOt Broadway, M*w Vork.
Exchange Hotel.
Mm 31 Si 114, aa4 UK OrMiwIck lb,
Olf THE tVHOPCJ.t ri.J.V.
Thlt wall known builnaaa/Zoaaa la loratod In Uto
Itnuiadlata vicinity of U»a //udaua rlrar aad fcrla
JUI1 road Dapota.
Tha arm of Irlah and Drnwr I* dlaaolrad, and Mr.
IintMr li happy U> lalbm Ln flitidi i*d Uwtnr
alia* paMla. ml Im haa Manila I nl hlaaalf with
Mr. B. t. fopfU, ftir»«ri/jr»frMf af IM Wada
worth Hvm, In HuSklo. Ifca boaaa haa haaw mi!
to pirtHI wpalr. l«Hl haa> ranimlahad aad lia
pmrad In an«h dipirtattl.
TIM ahaoga In oarraatoaratl U frwUf LnproT.
ad. and wa eaa boaat of harlan a* plaaaaal m ant
ing room, for Ladlaa and UfcUaincn. a« can ha
fuuod In tha alt/, and II will b*(apt auppllad with
lha bcai tha aarfcat aflbrda.
Inaonaaatlun wJlhthalftNua U a good Barbae
Shop and Bath RatU
Krarr attaaUaw la all Dm danartmaaU of tha
tfou*a will ha ftriuljr anforead. fed no aObrt will
ha aparad to naka lha Mowaa amaabla la all lla
^ >•
JL2 ' tho"ld J1*"*4 to rn all mr aid
fHaada, whan thajr rim Haw Tock. I. UIIRMKK.
Lebanon Aeatfetajr.
Will www Aofitt nd, ud —attoa* alma
ELino hatm. laanurr.
Waat Lab*—. An. i, ma iwta
to all Uom tevtag ftolaM kla Uil U*«a*
MMll/, If atUDdwl 14 lOUMdUUI/.
eujui u aiuox
Bidd*ford. Air a, i Ma j»b
n« fcwt thla* li Wfcf drawing wtU* froa
walli of 10 to loo frot 4MB. TU wmmUm haa
Ww fnrmi Md Wod hr Um. W mi
of mir eoaali^.awddaafcMky tfcawtoboiM Torjr
i KM WDiJfiHf M 9
tUmI MffcU Ibr Yocfc loaaljr, o(U« a bo v..
m Uo Moal n*MwM« UnM. tofwrtW
■Urt applr to Wa. II. BOA&DMAN, hiptitu* m
UmhgaUor Vort Cbwatjr., AllanWn,bTSaU «
•U«r«lM. proaipUr atUadad to.
BMdafbrd, Aoguattt, law. M
a# wmU

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