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tlaltimorc Commercial Journal,
VOL. X. No. 36. ]
p'or the week, commencing on Sunday,
FEBRUARY 6. 1849.
Moou —First Qr., llth.2h. 40m A.
DAY I. C ..I Day*' | Moon
MoMVk.\ nr ""' n length, jr.s-sef.
6 Sun. 1 60. 54m. oh. 6m.! lOh. l*2iti. 7 19
7 Moa. | 6 53 5 7 10 14 I 8 29
8 Tues. I 6 52 5 8 10 16 ! 9 39
9 Wed. ! 6 51 5 9 10 18 jlO 48
10 Thnrs. 6 50 5 10 110 20 11 53
11 Prid. 1 6 49 5 11 110 22 morn.
12 Sat. | 6 49 5 12 [lO 24 j 1 0
Are conveyed by Rail Road Cars and Singes daily.
Eastern,daily,ex.Suit.8 A M.&7P.M..3P.M.&11P.M.
Sunday 8 A. 12 P. M.
Great Southern, dai1y,...9 P. m J„ A ' M '
Washington,daily, BA. M.,4&9P.M..BJA.M.,3&9P.M.
Western, daily .*0 A. O) P. M.
Winchester,Va.ex Sun.. .0 A. 05 p. M.
Vork.Pa.Route,ex.Sun..B A. M. .........6' P. M.
Annapolis,Md.ex.Sun.B A.M&4P.M..8
Delaware,E.ShoreofVa. 2
Somerset & Worcester f ; ] p Mi
co.,Md.,Sunday,Tues* 4
day & Thursday )
Up.counties of E.Shore, 2
Md.. Monday, Wed-> BA. M 3 p. M.
uesdav and Saturday j
Upper Marlboro' Route, 2
Monday, Wednesday >9 P. 8 A.M.
and Friday, 7
Pt.Tobac'nßontc.Wed- TG P> M 8 A. M.
nesday and Sunday, 3
Westminster Route, >
Monday. Wednesday >6 P. M. .....-...7 P. M.
and Friday, j
Bel-Air. daily, ex. Sun.. .8 A. M. 2 p. M,
I,titer* composed nf one or more pieces of paper,
but not exceeding half an ounce in weight, sent uny
distance not exceeding 3011 miles 5 cents.
Any distance over 3(10 miles 10 cents.
On every additional weight of half an ounce, or
any fractional excess of half an ounce, an additional
postage is charged according to the distance.
Letters dropped in the Post Office for delivery in
the same place, 2 cents each.
Letters advertised are charged 2 cents each, be
sides regular postage, or if advertised in 2 papers, 4
handbills, and advertisements, printed
or lithographed, on paper not larger than quarto post
or single cap, folded and directed, hut unsealed, 2
cents per sheet, any distance; when sealed, same as
Circulars on sheets larger than cap, arc rated as
pamphlets. .
On Pamphlet*, magaxincs, periodicals, and every
other kind of printed or other matter,(except newspa
pers,circulars,handbills. and advertisements,) uncon
nected with any manuscript communication, weigh
ing one ounce or less, 21 cents per copy, for any dis
tance. For every additional ounce, 1 cent. Any
fractional excess exceeding half an ounce, to he
charged as an ounce; all excess less than half an oz.
to he disregarded.
Xemspaper* .(when sent by the editors or publish
ers thereof,) if they do not exceed 1901) superficial
inches, for any distance in the State where published,
1 cent. For any distance exceeding 100 miles, out of
the State where published, 1.( ct. A newspaper ex
ceeding 1900 inches, to be rated as a pamphlet.
Netvspapr.rs irregularly sent, that is, to a noti
snhscriber, the person sending must prepay 3 cts. for
each paper. .... ,
When the article to be mailed is a circular, pam
phlet, or newspaper, it should be so enveloped as to
be open at one end—otherwise, it will be charged as
" For rig n Mail*.—A. mail is forwarded from Roston
to and received from England, via Halifax, (Nova
Scotia ) by the British Mail Steam Packets, twice a
month for eight months in the year, and once a month
lor the four winter months. Letters, thus sent, must
have their postage to Boston pre-paid. The postage
on Ship Letters, delivered at the office where the
vessel arrives, is 6 cents; if conveyed by past, 2 cents
in addition lo the ordinary postage.
American mil Steamers—The following are the
rates of postage prescribed by the act of the .id of
March, 1946, for mailable matter sent by this line to
Upnn'alMetters and packages not exceeding half an
ounce in weight ••• - <o '
For all letters and packages over halt an
ounce and under one ounce 4oc.
For every additional half ounce loe-
For every letter, newspaper, pamphlet,
and price current ~ •• ■••••' 5 c;
The act ofCourcss also requires, that the United
States postavc will be charged in addition to the
above upon all mailable matter sent through the
mails oftlie United States to New York, from whence
the ship sails for Bremen. All mailable matter ad
dressed to England. Ireland or Scotland, will be leftat
the British post-office in Cowes or Southampton;
and all for France, the Netherlands, Belgium. Italy,
Spain, and Portugal, and Africa, will be sent to Ha
vre. in France; and n separate bag will be made
up for Hamburg and delivered at Bremen-Haven.
And as no arrangements have yet been completed
between the post-office ot the United States and
those of the above countries, pre-payment of the
postage will he required at the office from which sent
noon all mailable matter directed to those countries.
Upon mailable matter sent to other countries on the
Eastern continent pre-payment will not he required
it will he mailed for Bremen, where all unpaid posta
ges will be collected for the United States by the
Bremen office.
The American postage only, is charged on letters
and newspapers to go by the French steamers, or
the Cimard line of British strainers—the foreign
postage being collected on the. other side.
Under present arrangement, letters for the Can
ad as and other British possessions in America, will
ant he forwarded hy mail unless prepaid.
With Distances ait it Fare from Baltimore.
For Philadelphia and Sesv York—
About 100 miles, S3—About2Bo miles,7aSß.
Cars or a Steamer leave I Are due
Daily, at 9 p. M. | Daily, at .......6 A. M.
Daily, exc. Sun. 9 A. M. I Daily.exc. Sun. -2) and
and 2) p. M. I lie- M.
For York and Columbia. Pa.—
59 miles, 51.50—79 miles, $2.12.1.
Cart leave I
Daily, at 9 A.M. Daily, exe. Sun. 11 A.M.
Daily, exc. Sun. 3 p. M. | and 6J p. m.
For Washington City—
-40 miles, 1 60—(no round trip tickets issued.)
Daily, at 0 A. M. |
Daily.exc. Sun. 6jA. m. | Da. y.SA.M k,\p..
and 6* P. M. I D"' l )'. Sun. 2) p. M.
For Cumberland, fcc.
17* mile*. #7.
Daily, at 7)a. m. | Daily, at 6 p. M.
For RUlcntfn Mlllu anil FrederloU
-15 miles. 611 ets. — 6U miles, 82.40.
Dally 7}a, M. I Daily ••• p
Daily,exc..Sun. 4 p. M. I Daily.exc. Sun. 10 A. M.
Harper'* Ferry and Winchester, Vn.-
f| miles. -111 miles.
Carsleave daily, 7} A. M | Daily, 6 P. M.
For Norfolk und Port.moutli, Va. —
ISO miles, $5.
A steamboat leaves ] Is tint
Daily, exc. Sun. 4 P.M. I Daily, cxc. Mon. 7 A.M.
For New York-
Cars or a Steamer leave
Daily,at 7 and 9 A. M. and 5 P. M.
For Baltimore—
Daily, at p - M-
Daily, exc. Sun 7 A. M. and 31 P. M.
For Boston-
Can or Steamers leave
Daily, exc. Sun., at P. M.
For Pit I la<lel|Hia —
Daily, cxc. Sun 7 and 9 A.M. and 44 P. M.
The Mail for Boston, via New Haven, closes daily,
excepting Sundays, at 5 A. M.
The steamboat Mail for Boston, via Stonmgton and
Providence, closes daily at 34 p. M.
The great Southern Mail, including the Mail also for
the Western States, closes daily at 71 A. M.; and,
except on Sunday, at 3 P. M. , on whiclt latter day
at 14 P.M.
(Days of Sailing.)
Mail Steamers between Liverpool and the
United States—New Arrangement-
Commencing on Saturday, Jan. Ist, the steamers
will leave EVEIIY ALTERNATE SATURDAY, being on
the following days: —
Departures from America.
Saturday, From I Saturday, From
Jan. . .Ist N. YORK. | Feb. 26th... N. YOIIK.
Jan...loth BOSTON, j Mar. .11th BOSTON.
Jan.. ,29th... ,N. YOBK. Mar. .25th... ,N. YORK.
Feb. . 12th BOSTON. |
Departures from Liverpool.
Saturday, For I Saturday, For
Dec... 18th... .BOSTON. | Feb.. ,12th... .805T0N.
Jan Ist N.YORK. | Feb. ,26th... ,N. YORK.
Jan... lotli BOSTON. Mar.. 11 th . . BOSTON.
Jan. ,29th N.YORK. | Mar. 25tb N. YORK.
And thereafter, from April to November inclusive,
the Departures will be WEEKLY, (every Saturday)
New York and Liverpool Packets.
To leave Liverpool.
| Cambridge, Dec. I
Constitution, 6
Garrick, II
Montezuma, l6
New World, 2l
John It. Skiddy,.. . 26
Fidelia, Jan. 1
Hottinguer, 6
Roscius, ll
I. Wright l6
A*hbtirion, 2l
| West Point, 26
j Yorkshire, Feb. 1
To leave New York.
Columbia, Jan. 1
Patrick Henry,....— 6
Waterloo, II
New York, l6
Queen of the West, — 21
Sheridan, 26
Oxford Feb. I
llenry Clay ~~ M
Cambridge, l6
Constitution 2l
Gar rick, 26
Montezuma, Mar. 1
Kctv York and Havre Packets.
To leave Havre.
I lowa, Dec. 1
Havre 8
Baltimore l6
I Bavaria, -24
Burgundy Jan. I
j Admiral, --
To leave Xew York.
Argo Dec. 8 I
Zurich, l6
Silvie de Grasse,. . 24 |
Utica, Jan. 1
Splendid, l2
New York, l6 |
The following is a copv of the Regulations which
to ere established by the "Board of Trade of the city
of Baltimore:"
In all transactions in Foreign and Domestic articles
the following rates to be charged if no agreement to
the contrary exists. Dam. For.
On sales of Merchandise percent. '2 j 5
on Stocks J 1 1
JJills of Exchange if endorsed 2J 2j
do. do. not endorsed, i 3
Purchases of Merchandise in funds *2t 2 5
do. do. in advance,..' 23 6
Purchases of Stocks and Hills of Ex
change, •• • £ 1
Accenting or endorsing without funds, . ,2£ 2 3
Collecting Freights, 2j 2|
Procuring Freights, 21 2j
Disbursements of Vessels, 2j 2J
do. do. without funds, 2j 6
Effecting Insurance when the premium
does not exceed 10 per cent J 5
cent, on the amount of premium. 5 5
Adjusting and collecting losses insured if
not disputed, or litigated, . ...1J 2J
delayed or litigated accounts,. ..2j 5
Eulcritig and forwarding Goods, on the
amount of Duties and charges,. .2) 2J
Advancing money on letters of Credit, or
otherwise, 2J 2j
On consignments of Merchandise withdrawn or re
shipped, full commission to be charged on the I
amount of advances, or responsibilities incurred -
and half commission on the residue of the value. I
The above commissions are exclusive of guarantee
for sales 011 credit, Auction duty and Commissions, !
Storage, Brokerage, and every other expense actu- j
ally incurred.
If a vessel is freighted by the ton, and no special f
agreement is made, respecting the proportions at j
which each article shall be computed, the follow- I
ing shall be the standard ofcomputation, and either
parcel deemed equal to a ton, viz.
2,240 lbs. Pig and Barlron, Lead, Copper, Logwood,
Fustic, and other heavy Dve Woods.
•2,000" Nicarague and Brazilletto Wood.
2,240 " net Sugar and Rice in casks.
LB3II " " Coffee in bags.
1,600 " " do. in casks.
1,300 " " Cocoa in bags or bulk.
1,120 " " do. ill Casks.
1,110" " Pimento in hags.
952 < " do. in casks.
800 " " Ship Bread in bags.
7110 " " do. do. in casks.
1,120 " Dried Hides.
900 " " Wt. Green Teas and China Raw Silk.
1,120" " " Bohea and other Black Tea.
1,500 " " " Virginia Tobacco in hhds.
L3OO " " " Kentucky do. in do.
1,000 Maryland do. in do.
8 brls. Flour of 196 lbs. net.
6 " Beef, Pork and Tallow.
7 a Naval Stores and Pickled Fish.
200 gals. Wine Measure—estimating the full con
tents ofthccsk. of Oil, W inc. Brandy,&c.
•22 bush. Grain, Peas, Beans, &c. in casks.
40 •• do. do. do. in bulk.
40 " Liverpool Blown Salt in bulk.
34 " do. Ground do,
31 <• St. Übes, Cape de Verds, itc. in bulk.
30 " West India Salt in bulk.
30 " Sea Coal in bulk.
40 cubic feet of Plank, Boards, Timber, Bale
Goods, Packages and Boxes.
In estimating the contents in cubic feet .ofvariouspack
a'e.Tid goods, the following shall be the standard:
A Flout Barrel '®
A tierce of Rice, •
A hhd. of Flaxseed, l * tl
A hhd. of Virginia Tobacco _ . ••• • •
A hhd. of Kentucky, Georgia and Carolina, .41*
A hhd of Maryland and Ohio,
5 hu*hcl of Grain in hulk ••• • "", .
In computing boxe* of Candle* and Soap, keg* o
Hotter mid Lard. Ham* and Bacon —and generally all
similar article*, '2(H) lb*, net wt. shall be considered
equal to a barrel of 5 cubic feet.
All goods brought to this port on freight, must be
delivered on a wharf, at the expense of the vessel
bringing the Name —a delivery after due notice on any
good wharf at Fell's Point during business hours, is a
delivery in the city and port of Baltimore —Hides and
articles prohibited to be landed ill the city at certain
periods may be landed where the public authorities
may direct.
In all cases when vessels are obliged (by the quar
antine regulations, or city authorities) to discharge
their cargo in the stream, the expense of delivering
the same East of Jones' Falls, will be borne by the
carrier only. Hut when requested by the consignee
to be delivered West of Jones' Falls, thcMi the ex
pense shall be equally borne by the carrier and con
signee, (each one-half.)
If a vessel is chartered for a voyage out and home,
each shipper shall he entitled to his fair proportion of
the whole homeward freight, pro rata, of the bulk or
space occupied by each shipper on the outward voy
In all cases where a vessel is chartered or freighted
for a voyage out and home, the freighter, or charter
er is bound to furnish sufficient cargo, to enable said
vessel to return safely home, and the same from Port
to Port, where tin* charter provides for more than
one Port: Provided, no agreement to the contrary
is made by the parties.
STORAGE— per mnnth.
Hogsheads of Sugar, Tobacco, Molasses, Rum, Oil,
and Pipes of Wine, Hrandv and Gin, .... 25 cts.
Hhds. Col Tee, Copperas, Codfish and Tallow, 20 "
Tierces of Sugar, Rum, Molasses and half
Pipes, 16 "
Tierces of Rice, Coffee, Flaxseed, Alum, &c. I*2 J "
Barrels of Rum, Whiskey, Sugar, Beef,
Pork, Fish, Ciieese, Oil and quarter casks
Wine, 6 "
Brls. Flour, Coffee, and other dry articles.. 3 44
Boxes of Cuba Sugar S "
ofFisli, Wine, Oil, Lemons and Or
anges 3 "
Soap, Candles, Cheese, Tin, Raisins,
and drums of Figs 1 "
Bags of Coffee, Cocoa, Pepper, and Pimento, 2 44
Bales of Cotton and Hempen Yam about
300 lb* 12} 44
Rales oflndia Piece, and other similar Goods, 10 "
Indigo in scroons, 4 cents; in cases 10 *'
Tea in chest*, 3 cents; half do. 2 cents? boxes, 1 •
Kegs of Butter, Lard, Tobacco, Nails, Raisins, 3 11
Hides, Dried 1 "
Hemp, per ton. ••• 50 44
Cordage, per do 30 14
Iron and Lead, per do 20 "
Dyewood, pet do 25 44
Hampers of Bottles, &c If! "
Crates of Earthenware 20 ct*.
Grain, per bushel a '
Salt, per bushel j?'"
The owners of goods to be at the expense of put
ting them in store, and delivering them.
All goods stored to be subject to one month's stor
age, if in store 10 days. If less than 10 days, to
half a month's storage.
The risque of loss by fire, robbery, theft, and other
unavoidable occurrences, is in all cases to he borne
by the owner of the goods: provided, usual care be
taken for the security of the property.
Sugar, Copperas, Alum, Brimstone, Shot, Lead, Iron,
Steel, Ilemp, Dyewoods, and all other articles
heretofore sold by the cwt. of 112 lbs. or ton of
2*210 lbs., shall in future be sold by the decimal
hundred of 100 pounds, or ton of 2001) pounds.
Tare shall be allowed as follows:
Sugar in lihds. or tierces, 12 per cent.; in Cuba boxes,
15 percent.; in flour brls, 22 lbs. each, do; in linen
bags 3 per cent.; and in all other packages the ac
tual tare.
Coffee in linen, single gunny and grass hags, 2 per
cent.; in flour brls. 20lbs. each; in all other pack
ages the actual tare.
Cocoa in bags 2 per cent.
Pepper in linen or single gunny bags, 2 per cent.; in
other packages the actual tare.
Pimento in linen or single gunny bags, 3 per cent.;
in other packages the actual tare.
Rice in tierces and half tierce*, 10 per cent.
Copperas, in hluls., 10 percent.
Tea*. Green, whole chests 20 lbs ; half do. the Can
ton tare; do. Black do. do. '22 lb*.; do. 3-4 chests
18 lbs.; other packages the actual tare.
Cassia, in mats, 9 per cent.; boxes and other pack
ages, the actual tare.
Indigo, in seroons, in singlehides, 11 percent.; in all
other cases, the actual tare.
Alum, Brimstone, Ginger, Nutmegs. Mace, Cloves,
A Imonds, Figs, Cheese. Soap, Candles, Chocolate,
Currants, Prunes, Starch, and all other articles not
before mentioned, the actual tare.
No charge shall be made for casks, brls., boxes, or
other packages whatever.
On all weights even beam, J per ct. to be allowed for
CondenscdtWil/tother mailer appertaining thereto ,from
various Act* of the General Assembly of Mart/land.
For every vessel, either drawing 9 lect water or tip
wards, or measuring 75 tons eustom house tonnage,
coming from the sea to the city of Baltimore, per
foot S'3 59
For every vessel of like draft, from Baltimore
to sea, 2 50
For the monthsof December,January,February
and March, in addition to every foot such ves-
sel draws, ' 0
Be it enacted by the General Assembly of Maryland, \
That every master or owucrof a merchant vessel go- I
ing to sea, whether sailing under a coasting license or j
registered, of the burthen of one hundred and twenty |
tons and upwards, shall ite obliged to receive the first ]
Pilot who olfcrs to conduct or pilot his vessel, and I
shall continue the same Pilot to the Capes, or shall
pay to him half pilotage; provided the said Pilot shall
speak or board said vessel above Fort McHenry, and
shall be duly licensed to act as Pilot; and provided
further, that the Pilot who shall have conducted any
vessel from the Capes into port shall be entitled to
take charge of the same vessel as Pilotto the Capes,
on her next voyage.
SEC. -2. And be it enacted, That any master or own
er of a merchant vessel, sailing under a coast ing license
or registered, of the burthen of one hundred tons and
upwards coming from sea, shall be obliged to take the
first Pilot who shall offer to conduct or pilot his ves
sel, and shall continue the same to the port of destina
tion, or shall pay to him half pilotage; provided said
Pilot shall speak or board said vessel before Cape
Henry Light House shall bear south, and provided
also, the said Pilot shall have a branch or license to
the destined port of said vessel.
SEC. 3 And be it enacted, That the owners of all
vessels of the burthen of seventy-five tons and up
wards, not exceeding one hundred tons, before going
to sea, shall apply to the Board of Pilots for a license
to navigate the Chesapeake Bay, and shall pay to the
said Board, for such license, at the rate of six cents per
ton, and sucli license shall be good for twelve months.
SEC. 4 And be it enacted. That the master of any
vessel, for which a license is made necessary, by the
preceding section, who shall navigate the same with
out such license, shall subject himself to receive a
Pilot upon the same terms as is provided for in the
first uction of this Art.
Extracts from the Ordinances now in force.
It is incumbent on the Harbor Master to collect all
ton nacre daily, and whenever two days tonnage is due,
end the payments not secured to his satisfaction, he
shall enforce the payment thereof in the same man
ner as other city dues are collected.
The sum of two cents per ton shall be, and is here
by assessed and levied upon every vcsselof sixty or
more tons, arriving at the Port of Raltimore, which
by the laws of the United States, is required to re
port and enter at the Custom House, and the collector
of the port shall be, and is hereby authorised to col
lect the same.
Also the sum of two cents per ton shall be, and is
i hereby assessed and levied upon every vessel of sixty
tons or more arriving at the Port of Baltimore, which, j
by the laws of the United States is not required tore- I
port and enter at the Custom Hrnse, and that the ;
Harbor Masters shall be, and they arc hereby author- j
ised to collect the same, provided, nevertheless, that |
the sum of money assessed and levied by this section,
shall be collected from each vessel but once a month,
although she may arrive more frequently.
All vessels, except those with fire wood, lying
or in manner making use of any wharf belonging to
or rented by the state, shall pay dockage according
to the following rates:
Those occupying the Ist tier, per ton,per clay.. 1 cent.
" " 2d do. " " 5
All beyond the 2d o. 11 ** 2
SECTION 1. Re it enacted and ordained by the May -
or and City Council of Baltimore , That from and
after the passage of this Ordinance, all Goods, W ares
or Merchandize landed on the public wharves, from
on board anyvesselor vessels lying at said wharves,
or placed thereon for the purpose of shipment or ex
posure for sale, shall pay the lollowing Rates of
Wharfage for each and every day the same may re
main thereon, or any less time, (excepting, however,
Fire Wood and Lumber, the rates of which arc to be
accounted for the whole time allowed by Ordinance,
for the same to remain on the wharves,) to be paid
by the owner or consignee, or in event of their bein*
none, the master of the vessel, and all goods shipped
from one vessel to another, one-half price, also to be
paid by the shipper, or owner,or the master a* afore
Liquids, hhd. cts. 6]
j Lemons, box, 2
Lumber, may remain
I 5 days, 10
Mahogany, 500 feet, 30
Manure, earl load, o
Merchandise, bale, -1
do brl. 2
do case or box, 3
do trunk, 3
do tree, 4
do 2 do 2i
Meal, brl. 2
do 4 bid. I
I Mill Stones, each, 25
I Mules, each, 5
| Muskets, case, I
Nails, cask or keg, 1
jOars, I OdO feet, 20
Oil, Whale or Sperm,
I cask of 150 gals. 12j
do trcs. under lOOgals. 10
do do SOgals. 4
I do brl. 2
do box, 2
do jar, 2
[Olive*, jar, J
!Onions, bus. or2o bunch, j
Oranges, box, 2
Paper, wrapping, bdl. £
Pepper, &c , box, I
Pipes, box, 1
Pitch, barrel,
Plaster, ton, 5 I
Ploughs, each, 2
Potatoes, bushel, {
Bags, bale, 4
Raisins, box, 4
do drum, 1
Rice, per tree. 4
Rosin, brl. 2
Salt, hogsheads, 6}
do sack, I
do bushel, j
Sheep,each, 2
Shingles, 1000, 2
Shoes, box, 3
Shot, bag, j
do keg, (12 bags) I
Shovels, dozen, 2
Slate, ton. 15
Soap, box, £
Staves, barrel, 1000, 12j
do hhd. St pipe, do. 20
Steel, ton, 5
Stone,granite,&c. perc.lo
Stoves, each, 6]
Sugar, Havana, box, 3
do mai>, I j
do Brazil bx*,ton, 15
do hhd. t>l i
Swine, each, 2
Tar, brl. 2 ;
Tea, chet*. 4
do r. cheat, 2
do I chest, 1
Tea Kettles, drv/., I -
Timber, 1000 feet, 15
Tin,box. \
Tobacco, hhd. 6j
do hale, 2
do box, 2
do * box, 1
do k*g, 2
do £ keg, 1
Turpentine, brl. 2
Wagons, each, 12r
Ware, wooden, neat, 1
Wine, box, 2
Wood,fuel,may remain
2 days, cord, 6J
I Almonds, per 9ack,cf.i. 2
do. bag, 21
[ Anchors, ton, 231.
' Anvils, each, I 1
Ashes, carl load, &
Hark, cord, 6j>
Barrels, empty, fret.
Beef. brl*. 2
Bottles, hmpr. 4
Bread, brl. 2
do h brl. I
Bricks, 1000, 12 j
Butter, keg, l|
Cables, chain, ton, 23
Cainbooses, each, 6j ■
Candles, box, >.'
Cannon, each, 6;j.
Carboy*, each, 2i.
Carriages, each, '*2* P
Carts, each, I2>P
Cart Wheels, each, 2
Cassia, lM) mats, I" i
Castings, ton, 1 5
Cattle, horned, each,
Chairs, each,
Chalk, ton, 15
Cheese, box,
do cask, 2 (
Chocolate, box, 1 *
Cider, box, 2 1
Coal, ton of 28 bushels, 5 1
Coffee, bag, I '
Copper, case, 3 I
Cordage, ton, 16 j I
Cotton, bale, I 1
Crackers, keg, I I
Crates, each, 1 I
Demijohns, each, 1 I
Drugs, box, 3
Drv Goods, box, 3! I
do hale, 411
Dyewood, ton, 15 *
Feather, baits or bags, 2
Figs, drum, 1
Fish, quintal,
do brl. 2 S
do 1 & qr. brl
do drum s'*
do firkin 1 ;
Flour, brl. 2 £
do £ brl.
Ginger, box, 1
Glass, wind., bx. 100 ft.
do do $ box, *
Grain, not of the state
of Md., ■? >
Grapes, jar, I
Grind Stones, each, I
Gun Stocks, 1000, 30j
Hay, bale, 6}
Hemp, ton, 5 S
Herrings, hox, j I
Hides, ox or horse, 100,30 I
Hogsheads, empty. free
Hoop Poles, hhd.",1000,20
do do brls., 10 I
Hops, sack, b- I
Horns, 1000. 20 'I
do tips, 1000, 6i
Horse, 5
Indigo,scroon, 61,
do case, 12;,
Iron,ton, 5
Ivory,ton, 50
Lard, keg,
Laths, 1000, 2M
Lead, sheet or pig, I on, 15 1
Leather, 100 side*, 151 1
Lime, cask, oM
; Liquids, brl.
The foregoing is extracted from an amended Ordi
nance, passed, mid approved March 28, 1845.
The duties on imported articles required by law to
be paid on entering thcin at the Custom House, will
be found specified at the head of such articles, in ou
page of quotations. The following are other regular
lions: ...
Memorandum. —'That in all cases in which the in
voice or entry shall not contain the weight, or quail
tity,or measure of goods, wares, or merchandise now
weighed, or measured, or guaged, the same shall he
weighed, guaged,or nieaMired, at the expense ol the •
owner, agent, or consignee.
Drawhacks. —That, Irom and after the first day of
December, !*4b, >■> lieu of the bounty heretofore au
thorized by law to he paid o.i the exportation of
pickled fidi of the fisheries of the United States,
there shall lie allowed, on the exportation thereof,
if cured with foreign suit, a drawback equal in amount
to the duty paid on the salt, and no more: to be as
certained under Mich regulations us may be prescribed
bv the Secretary of the Treasury.
Credits.— All duties are payable in cash—or, ,
Goods Wares and Merchandise, on their importa- •
tiou, may be placed in Public Store* under the Ware
housing huv, and duties paid when such Goods,
Wares, &c., are withdrawn therefrom (except for
re-exportation.) but if not claimed at the expiration
[ of a year, or duties and charges paid, are then to be
! appraised and sold under the direction of the Collec
tor of the Port.
Tares allowed.— On sugar in boxes 15 per cent.; in
casks 12; in bags and mats 5. Coffee in casks 12; in
bags 2; and bales 3; Cotton in bales 2; and in ceroons
6. ~Cocoa in casks 10; and in bags 1. Cheese in boxes
20. Indigo in ceroons 11; and incases 15. Pepper
in bags 2. Pimento in bags 3. And Figs in drums
10 per cent.
Leakage and breakage.— On spirits 2 ncr cent.—
Ale, Beer and Porter in bottles 10. All other Liquors
in bottles 5 per cent.
Restrictions. —No goods to be imported in vessels
less than 30 tons burthen. No Reer, Ale and Porter
in cask? of less capacity than forty gallons beer mea
sure; or if in bottles, of packages less than six dozen.
No distilled spirits in casks of lesscapacity than nine
ty gallons, wine measure, except Brandy, which may
be imported in casks in any capacity not less than 15
Tannage duty. —On American vessels and the ves
selsof Denmark, Central America, Netherlands Ham
burg, Bremen, Lubec, Prussia, Sweden, Norway, Old
enburg, Russia. Austria, Brazil, Hanover, Papal Do
minions, Portugal, Sardinia, English, Mexican and
Texian.from whatever port or place, free; and on
French vessels coming from Martinique and Guada
roiipc five cent* per ton —whrn laden with other
than colonial produce. On French vessel* from
other ports, and on all olhcr foreign vessels (except
us above enumerated) comingfrom ports where Ame
ricans are permitted to trade, ninety-four els. per ion.
On Spanish vessels cominjr direct from Spain 5 cts.
per ton; from Cuba $1.67 cts. per ton; other ports $1
per ton.
S T A T K O V M A K V I. A N D.
Tariff of Duties imposed by the
On Promissory .Xntrs, Hills of JCrchange, Special
ties, and other Instruments of Wrtling, on and
after May 10, 1845.
On Notes or Instruments nf and under One Hundred
Dollars no Stamp is required.
Over $ 100 to S 10
•201 '• 300, 16
•• 300 •' 600 25
• • 50il •< 60
•* 1,000 •' 1,500, 75
• ' |,500 •• 2,000, l-ll"
•• 2,000 •' 1-50
" 3,000 " 4,000, 2.
• • 4,000 6,001), 250
" 5,000 " 7,000 3.50
.< 7,000 •• *.OOO
•' 8,000 " 10,000, 650
" 10.000
ISills, Notes, kc., unstamped, are no evidences or
i Supplement to the Jet imposing holies on I row is
snry Notes, fyc., from and after the Ist duy vj
jl/'lt/. IS lb.
AIT Deed# and Lease* are required to he stamp
ed One Dollar. Hill* of Sale, where the amount
conveyed exceed# *'2oo and release of mortgage,
j One Dollar.
Mortgage*, with or without a covenant for t tie
I payment of the Mini intended to be secured, are re
quired to be stamped according to the above c le.
Where a bond or note i* given for the debt secured
I by the mortgage, it i- not necessary that such mort
! gage, and the bond or note thereby secured, should
i both he written on •tamped paper.
' ■■
Kates allowed in the Custom House for Gobi Coin*,
as per Act of Congress of 1334, fixing the value
I thereof.
I United states Eagle, old emission $1" 66
I • *• •• new 44 10.til)
! England, Guinea oMI
1 44 Sovereign
44 Seven Shilling piece 1.69
! France, Double Louis (before 1756)... 9.69
* 4 Louis 9.54
" Double Louis (since 1786) 915
Louis •• 9-2 7
Double Napoleon or 40 francs i.i'J
I " Napoleon or '2" francs 3.83
•• Same as the new Louis Guinea 4.65
Frankfort ou the Main, Ducat 2.27
Hamburg "
Malta, Double Louis 9.27
'• Louis 4.50
• Demi Louis 2.30
Mexico Doubloon .. .. 15.54
Holland, Double Rix Dollar 12-27
44 Rix Dollar 6."0
Ducat 2.20
•• Ten Guilder piece 4.00
Portugal, Dobraon 32.76
i 44 Dobra 17.12
i 11 Johannes 17.00
j Spain, Doubloon 1772 16 "0
• 4 ** since 1772 16.35
'* Pistole 3.68
Columbia, Doubloon 15.35
As established by Congress, May 23, 1546:
Sweden and Norway, Specie Dollar $ I -03
Denmark Specie Dollar -I *O3
Prussia and N. States of Germany, Thaler 69
Southern States of Germany, Florin 40
Augsburg and Austrian empire, Florin ....48;
Venn ian kingdom of Lombards ami I u-cany, Li vre I b
France aud Belgium, Franc ... .18 ct*. & 6 mill*
Sirdiuia, Livre 18 cH. b mills
Naples, Ducat • • •
Sicily, ounce • • $2.40
British Province* of Nova Scotia, Canada, &c $4 00
There are denomination. frequently met with i"
report, of foreign markets, but tbeir riugli.li value
not always reailily recollected. The following table
will be louml, we believe,correct:
Ahm, in Rotterdam, nearly gals. 4o
Almude,in Portugal, contains, gals. 4.3i
Aluiude, in Madeira, do. 4.08
Alquiere, in .Madeira uwrpeck li
Alquiere.in Portugal, peck*, I; to nearly 2
Alquiere, in Bahia, bush.l
Alquiere, in Maranhaiu, -do. I]
Aiquiere,iu Rio Janeiro aud Peruaiubuco,. .do. lal^
.luna, of rice, in Ceylon 1k5. 260 2-5
Arroba, in Portugal, lbs.li'2
Arroba, in Spain, .. .do 2
Arroba, in Spain, (large) ga15.4.246
Arroba, in Spain, (small) do. 3.33 i
Arroba, in Malaga, of Wine about do. 4;
Ar#been, in Russia, inches 2$
K.thur. HI Batavia,. . pcculs 3a4^
Bale, of cinnamon, in Ceylon, net lb*. 104;
Barili, in Naples. equals about gals. l l
Cautar.the Levant,contains 14 okes, lb*. 118.8
Cantar, in Leghorn, ol Oil, lb*.&3
Cantar, in Malta, ...do,lit,
Cantar, in Naples, Ibs.XOMdh^
Cantar, in Sicily, • do. 115u 192j
Carro, in Naples equal to about 6ua/.5u
Cairo, in Naples, of Wine, ga115. 204
Catty, of Tea, in China, about lbs. l j
Cayaug, in Batavia, Z65.356l
Chetwert in Russia, nearly bush.b
Fauega, in Spain, bush. 1.599
Hectolitre, in France •- do .2.* I
Killogramme, in France and Netherlands, ..1b5. 2.21
Last, in Amsterdam,of Grain, bush. 65J
Last, hi Bremen, of Grain, over do. 8()j
Last, in Cadiz, of Salt, do. Ib 4-5
Last, in Dantzic, of Grain, nearly do. 93
Last, in Flushing, of Gram, **o 921
Last, in Hamburg, of Grain, do.. 69.t0
Last, in Lubec, of Grain, over do. 91
Last, iu Portugal, of salt,. do. 70
Lust, in Rotterdam, ol Grain* d0. 65.13b
Lat, ill Sweden, do. 75 j
Last, in Utrecht, of Grain, over do. 59 j
Lispotuid, in Hamburg, /bs.lb 5 oz. j
Lispouml, in Holland,... d 0.16 4ox. j
Mark, in Holland, 0z. 9 |
Maud, in Calcutta /bi.7tat4 \
Mina, iu Genoa, of Grain, (man.3.43 i
Moy, in Lisbon, do. 24
Moy, iu Oporto, do. 30
Moyo, ol Portugal, contains overbu*/. 23
Oke, in Smyrna, //#.2.83
| Orna.in Trieste,of Wine ga/s. 14.94
I Orna of oil do. 17
Palnio, in Naples, isa littleover incAeslO
Pecultin Batavia and Madras, lbs. 133J
Pecul, in China and Japan do. 133}
Pipe,in Spain,of Wine, galls. I bOI M
Pood,in Russia is equal to 3blbt. 2 oz.nearly
Quintal, in Portugal, -Zb.89.03
Quintal, in Smyrna, do. 129 4*
Quintal in Spain do. 9(1
Quintal, in Turkey, rZ0.167 3 oz.
Rottoli, in Portugal, do. 12 4 oz.
Rottolo. ir. Genoa, ... do. 24
Rottolo, in Leghorn
Salmx.in Sicily from 1u5h. 7.85 t09.77
Scheffel.inGermanv, varicsfrom 11 toncarly bush. 3
Ship-pound ,in Hamburg and Denmark,... M 5.331
Shr|>- pound , in Holland, /6.3fi8 4 oz.
Staro, ill Trieste .bush.2%
Tale, in China oz.l)
Vara, in Rio Janeiro, IJ yd. nearly.
Vara in Spain, 100 are equal to yds. 920 .
Werst.in Russia, %feet 3os J
[ Whole Number 505-
Subject to some little modification where a whole
cur is engugedfor u specific article.
per 100 lbs.
Hides, dry cents, 4o
Hides, green.........30
Hard ware. 36
Hollow ware... '25
Hoop poles 26
Hops 50
Horns 60
Iron, blooms 25
Iron iiiauiifuctured ....30
Iron, pigs 26
Iron ore 25
Iron, srrap 25
Lard, kegs or casks.. .30
Lend, bars or pig 5....25
Leather .40
Lemons 50
Liquors, foreign 50
Live stock 35
Lumber, generally ...26
.Mahogany 40
Manure 25
Marble, undressed .. 25
Mill Stones 60
Molasses 40
Nail* and Spikes 30
Gil, in bottk-sor cases, 60
Gil, in csks 40
Oranges 60
()) slers 50
Paints 36
Paper 60
Pipe Clay 26
Pitch .25
Plaster—see specific.
Pork, fresh 60
Pork, salted 30
Potatoes, Turnips,&c. 25
Queens ware 36
Rags 40
Rails & Posts, fencing 25
Raisins 60
[Rcc 40
R"sin 25
| Salt 30
| Shingles .26
1 Ship stuff's 25*30
. Shot 50
j Skins, deer, &c 40
SI ale... .40
Snake root s(t
! Steel 40
i Tallow 65
Tar 22
Tea 60
Tin, in pig* 60
Tin plate, bx5........25
Tin ware 50
Tobacco, Amer., in
hhds. or bxs 26
Tobacco, foreign, bales 60
W biskiy,brlsu>r hhds. 25
! Wuses * 60
Wool, bales .40
per 180 lbs.
Ale in bottles ceut*,sU
Ale brls. or hhds 40
Apples, in brls. ... 40
Ashes, Pot or Pearl.. .25
Bacon. in hlids 30
liai k, tiiiground 25
Hark, ground .... 25030
Beef, fresh 60
Heel in brls .26
Beeror Porter, bottles 50
Beer in bi Is 40 I
Beeswax 60 I
Bonnets in cases 60
Boot* und Shoes 60
Bread 50
Bricks .30
Bulir blocks 40
Butter, fresh 50
Butter, firkins or casks 30
Cabbages 25
Candles 40
Castings ..... 26
Cedar ware 60
Charcoal 60
Cheese 30
China ware 60
Chrome on* 25
Cider, bottles 50
Cider in brls 40
Cigar* 50
Clover Seed 40
Coal, see specifn .
Cofl'ee— (car load,) . . .30
('opper in pig - "♦(
Copper manufactured. .50
Copper ore 25
Cordage 50
Corn brooms 50
Corn .Meal 25
Colfon, in bales 40
[)rug and Dyes 50
Dry Goods 35
Earl lieu & Stoneware 40 i
Feathers 50
Fish, fresh 60
Fish in brls 30 !
Flax 60
Flax Seed .40
Flour, see specific.
Fruit, dried 40 j
Furs and Peltry 5" j
Ginseng .... 60
Glass, window 25 I
Glue 50 |
Grain,*every kind... .30
Granite 25
Grapes .50 1
Grindstones 30
Groceries generally.. .35
Hats 60 j
Hay in bales 40 j
Heading and Staves.. .25 |
Hemp & Flax.iu bales 30 i
/Ave Stock —Horned catilc, horses and hogs, in en
tire car loads, (at owner's rik from suffocation or
escape) at the rate of 35 ct*. per lt)0 lbs. through.
Cumberland Coal —per ton, per mile 2 cts
•• 44 from Cumberland to Halt.,pr.tn. $3
•• 44 fioiu C'umb'd to Wash.City, $3.56
4 4 44 from Cunih'd to Dam No. 6, $0.75
Plaster Paris, per ton, per wile 2 etc
from Cumberland to Baltimore, GOeentaperbrl.
Patterson'sCrk. 44 •* HI 44 "
Green Sp'g Run 44 44 b(> 4 4 4 4
Little Cac.ipon 4 4 4 4 60 44 44
Great Cacapon 4 4 4 4 tO 4 4 4 4
Hancock " 44 4b 4 4 4 4
Licking Creek 4 4 4 4 46 4 4 4 4
North Mountain 4 4 4 4 4 6 44 44
Hedgesville 44 44 46 44 44
Martintburg 44 4 4 37 44 44
Flagg's Mill 44 4 4 36 44 44
Jveriicysrille 44 44 34 44 44
Duilicld's 4 4 4 4 32 44 44
Harpers* Ferry 44 44 30 44 44
Weverton 4 4 4 4 '29 44 44
Knoxvillc 4 4 4 4 *29 44 44
Berlin 44 4 4 23 44 44
Catoctin 44 44 26 44 44
Point of Rocks 44 4 4 2b 44 ••
Fred trick 4 4 4 4 \
Doup'sSwitch 4 4 4 4
l>av is' Switch 4 4 4 4 |
Buckeystoww 4 4 4 4 ! nj #l tl
Monocacv 4 4 4 4 ,
Reel's MiW 4 4 4 4 I
ljamsville 4 4 4 4 J
Monrovia 4 4 4 4 J
—. Mount Airy 4 4 4 4 1 9 44 44
Woodbine 4 4 4 4 1 4 44 44
Hood's Mi 1 1 44 4 4 1 7 44 44
Svkesville 4 4 4 4 1 5 44 44
Marriotts ville 4 4 4 4 1 5 4 4 44
Woodstock 4 4 4 1 1 5 4 4 4 4
Elvsville 4 1 4 4 1 5 4 4 4 4
Ellicott's Mill* 44 •• II 44 "
llcheater 4 4 4 4 9} 4 4 44
* IVhe tt is 23.15 ct*. per 100 lbs., and in the santfl pro
portion for intermediate distances as Flour.
Great Britain —J. M'Tavish, 311 Second street.
France—G. €. Morion, '23 basement of Exchange.
Spain —J. A. Pizairo.cor Liberty & Lcxington-sts.
Portugal—Jose B. D* Cuutara, 12 Frederick street.
Netherlands—F. B. Graf, 62 Gay street.
Vice Consul of Pontifical States—T. P. Scott, 16 St.
Paul Atlftt.
Wurtembmg—F. L. Bruuus, Consul Gen., 20 Ger
man si ret* I.
Denmark —II G Jacobsen, 72 Sooth street.
Sweetlen ami Norway- F. 11. Graf, 52 Gay street.
I*l ii-"ia—F. b. Bruiuis, 20 German street.
Venezuela—J F Strohni, 4* Lombard street.
Hamburg—F. Rodftvidd, Buchanan's wharf.
Hamburg— A Sehumacker. Con.Gen.,9 S.Charles-st.
Hremem— A Scliuiiiaeh* r.Cons.Gen ,9S Charles.st.
Saxony— F. h. Brainis, 20 German street.
Hra7.il—C. Oliver O'Doi.nell, hi Exchange Place.
Montevideo— F B. Graf, 62 Gay street.
Russia -Charles L Kusfer, 12 S. Charles street,
Hanover—Edward L'lulanb, I Hanover street.
Austria—F. Rodcwald.b* Buchanan's n harf.
Oldenburg Henry Oelricha, 31 S. Charles street.
Sardinia— C. A . VVi lliamsnn, V.Cou*.,TOS.Charles-st.
Belgium. S. D. Walker, b7 Sooth Gay street.
Bavaria, F. L. Hratins, 20 German street.
A CARD.—The undersigned, Owners or Amenta
of vessels engaging Freights from this port to Liver
pool or London, agree that, on and after this date, all
freights to either port, engaged by either of them,
shall be on condit.on, that the freight shall be paid
immediately oil the landing of the Goods, and the
same shall be particularly noted on the Bills of Lad
ing before signing, to wit: "Freights to be paid im
mediately on the landing of the Goods, without anr
allowance of credit, or discount, to the consignee.
They also further agree, that Freights on Cotton
shall be charged on the invoice weight which must
be furnished by the shippers before the Bills of Lad
ing are signed, and the amount of Freight to be paid,
specified on the Bill of Lading.—Baltimore, August
Ist. 1847.
Alex. Brown & Sons, Schaer & Kuster,
Clark & Kellogg, Oelrichs & Lurraan,
Wra. Graham & Son, Wm. Howell & Son,
Jas. Corner & Son, Kirkland, Chase & Co.
B. Buck & Son, F. W. Brune & Sons,
Wm. Wilson & Sons, Thos. Wilson & Co.
F. &W. Rodewald, Edw. Kurtz,
Robert Leslie & Son, Cohen St Kail,
Deeckc & Gerdes, Jno. K. Randall.

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