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it A I,T ■ M <> B Iv:
LIVERPOOL, Jail. 22. | HAVRE, Jan. 19
Letter Sheet Price* Current.
A Review of the Baltimore Market, for the wecli
ending last evening, printed on fine paper and adaptei
to correspondence, can be had at the Printing office
of this paper, N. W. corner of Baltimore and llolli
day streets, (up stairs,) to-day by H o'clock, at
cts. single, or 5 cts. each, for 5 or more copies.
Mails and Travelling Facilities.
On the first page of this paper will be found the
time of the Arrivals and Closing the -Mails in different
cities—Steamboat and Car regulations- Departure*
of Foreign Steamers, Packets, &c.
For the J Feck ending last evening.
REM AUKS.—The business of the week just leav
ing us has been inactive rather than otherwise; and
with the exception of a little excitement on Thurs
day afternoon, on receipt of the intelligence by tele
legraph of the arrival at New York, of the auxiliary
steamer Sarah Sands, from Liverpool, advising of a
further decline in the price of Breadstufis, the week
would have passed away without being scarcely re
membered—except by those whose paper was ma
tured, and who found difficulty, (as many still do,)
to relieve themselves by bank facilities, so stringent
does the money market yet continue. -The following
comparative statement will show the prices of Bread
stufis and Cotton in Liverpool, at the dates mention
Jan. 14. Jan. 21.
Flour. Ame. per br1.,275.6d.a295.0d. 275.0d.u295.0d.
Corn Meal 145.0d.a145.6d. (45.6d.a155.0d.
Indian Corn, ISO lbs.. 295.0d.a325.0d. 31f.0d.a34s 0.1.
Cotton, fair Upland.. 4 4 l d. 4 d.
Do do Mobile . 4 4 d. 4d.
Do do N. Oil. . 4d. 4;d.
mains relatively quiet; and the only sales we have
to note are a few pkgs. of Drills, taken recently for
the Brazil market, at late previous prices.
BEESWAX. -The market is still without activi
ty, and consequently no improvement in price.
BREAD.—The demand for Crackers and Biscuit,
particularly Pilot and Navy, is active; of the latter
considerable shipments, both foreign and coastwise,
are making. H ithiu the last three days Bakers
have reduced their rates ' ct. per lb., all round—and
we now quote Crackers 5., Pilot Biscuit 1 , and
Navy do. 3els. per lb.
CANDLES.—.Sperm remain about as for some lint •
past, nominally 32a33 cts., probably the latter not
as readily obtained. Adamantine and Mould Tal
low, as quoted—the latter, for city-manufactured,
COCOA. —An invoice of 2*20 bags Guayaquil has
sold this week at 0 4 cts. per ll>., 1-mg price, 4 mos.
COFFEE.—The stock in fii>t hands is too limited
to admit of transactions to even a very moderate ex
tent. The sales of the week comprise about 500
bags Rio at 7;a7and a small l"t of Laguavra at 7
cts. per lb., 0 lies. An import of 2710 bags Rio ar
rived via New 1 oik on Thursday .
COTTER.—We note sales of 3000 lbs. Old at 17 4 ?
cts. per lb., cash.
COTTON.—The receipts at all Southern points
since Sept. Ist to latest dale, have been as follow:
Of the crop of .. I*47— I*4o
Guiph, . .. .ba1e5,701,43*.. 035,*57.. Inc. 125,5*1
Upl. and S.I. .. 1*7,230 ..3*0,953.. Dec. 193,723
Total., .bales 94*,60S 1,010, *10 Dec. (>*,142 ,
The only transactions reported comprise about 100
bales Cpland at * 4 cts. per lb., 0 and * mos.
DYE WOODS.— An import of 03 toils St. Domingo
Logwood has sold since ourlat at .*>'l4 per ton, cash.
FEATHERS. —Th 'transactions of the week have
again been heavy in the aggregate, the lots picked
up reaching nearly 20,000 lbs. of Western Live
Geese, mostly at 30//31 cts. per lb., cash. 'The stock
is now much reduced, nearly 10,000 lbs. having been
taken out of market within two weeks.
FISH. —'There is no change in prices,and the trans
actions in Dry Codfish have been quite moderate.
Mackerel have been in more active request, but pri- !
ces remain steady, which we quote as follow: No. 3,
5a #5.25, for Halifax and Massachusetts inspection;
No. 2, On $0.25; and No. 1, 8.25a > *.50.
FLOUR AND MEAL.—We remarked in our
last week's report, that Howard street Flour had
come down from $5.75 to $5.50, in consequence of
the Acadia's advices; subsequently, City Mills,which ,
was apparently firmly held at $6, gave way, and
iff! 5.75 was accepted fur a few hundred brls. On
Wednesday, holders of Howard street rallied, and on
that and the day following were enabled for some 800
a 1000 brls. to obtain #'5.62] per brl. In the after
noon, however, of Thursday, the Sarah Sands' ac
counts were received by telegraph, advising of a
further decline of Is. per brl. in Liverpool previous
to her leaving on 2'id ult., and consequently no furth
er operations took place on that clay. Yesterday
there were no sales that we could learn; buyers of
fered #5.50 for Howard street, and some sellers
were willing to accept #5.62], the previous price,
while others refused to sell at either. No sales of
City Mills have been reported since early in the
week as above referred to; and as the stock of all
denominations is light, and inspections again lower
than last week, there appears to be much firmness in
the market on the part <->1 holders. About 750 brls.
City Mills Corn Meal have sold at #2.87] per brl.,
and 75 puns, at #14.50. Penna. is offered at #2.75
per brl., but we have heard of no sales. Inspected
this week:
Corn Meal, 76 hhds. 1,407 brls.—
Rye Flour, 150 brls.—
Howard street Flour, . .6,409 brls., 52 hf. bids.
City Mills ditto, ...2,229 44 280 44
Family ditto, 3bo 44 • 44
8,998 brls. 332 hf. brls.
Forming a total of 9,164 brls. Wheat Flour. Ex
ported within the same time to foreign ports, 4,03(j
bids, of Flour, and 75 hhds. and 323 bids. Corn Meal.
FRUIT.—Very choice Dried Apples have sold
since our last, in lots of 30 to 40 bushels, at #' I per
bushel, cash. Dried Peaches are offered at 2a #2.25
for unpeeied quarters and halves, but are dull of sale.
GRAIN.—The receipts of Wheat still continue
light, although there have arrived within the last 3
or 4 days two or three cargoes from Virginia—which
remained unsold at the time of writing out this re
port at the close of the market. One of the cargoes
was white, but both held above the views of pur
chasers, as good to prime lots of red will not command
over 1.20a# 1.22 per bushel. Corn has also been in
limited supply, although there have a few cargoes
arrived, but prices remain pretty steady, at 50u5l
cts. for white and 51a52 for yellow, and we cannot
perceive that the Sarah Sands' advices have exerted |
any influence whatever on the Grain market. The ;
stock of Oats is at present ample of various qualities, 1
and prices range from 37 to 43 cts. per bushel, but !
dull of sale. White Beans may be quoted la #' 1.061, !
and Black-eyed Peas 87]a90 cts.
HEMP.— We have not heard of any transactions'
during the week. The supply of any description is
very light.
HIDES.—The market is at present quite bare, ex- ,
cept the stock which is in second hands.
IRON.—Pig remains devoid of animation, and
quotations are little more than nominal, generally
above the prices, probably, for which holders would
contend. We note the sale of 20 tons old Hoop Iron,
from vessel, at #2O per ton, cash.
LATHS.—Two cargoes, about 1)00,000, of Eastern ;
Sawed 1] inch, have sold this week at 1.37]a#1.50
per M.
MOLASSES.—The sales of the week have been
quite moderate, not exceeding 200a300 brls. New
Orleans at 27 cts. per gallon, 4 mos. On Tuesday,
314 hhds. new crop Cardenas, sold by auction, at
21i}a23, and 41 trcs. do. at 23] cts. per gallon, 4 mos.
NAILS.—The prices remain unchanged, and the
demand, though not brisk, continues fair.
NAVAL STORES.—We have no material varia
tion to note in any article, prices generally remain
ns for some time past except that Spirits Turpentine
may he considered a little firmer.
OlLS.—Linseed has further improved, and sold at
6H70 cts. per gallon. Winter Sperm is rather dull
of sale, hut prices are still quoted at 1.25a# 1.30 for
unbleached and blenched.
PLASTER PARIS.—The sales of the week have
been at #3 per ton.
PROVISIONS. —The market is a good deal un
settled, as regards prices, and most descriptions so
far from a uniform rate, that we find it difficult to
come nt a quotation that docs not conflict with one or
more sellers. There is a wide margin between the
extremes, and at our outside figures the market is
Beef. —Transactions continue in a limited way for
brls., as the article is taken chiefly for ships' stores,
at #l2 for Mess, and #lO for No. 1.
Pork. —The market is not active, but the week's •
I sales comprise 160a200 brls., taken for export at
j $ 11, $ 1 1.50 and sl2 for Mess, and $9, $9.50 and
I $lO for Prime.
Bacon. —Transactions in the aggregate for the
week will exhibit a fair amount of business, but we
are without a settled price to quote, and therefore
can only name the extremes, as reported to us, at
which sales have been effected: Shoulders, cts.;
Sides, 6-a7; Hams, Siall.the latter for extra cured;
and for hog round, 6£a7.
j Lard. —The transactions have been probably 100
i. I brls., in lots, at 7 cts., cash, and for some small parcels
j ; 7 } has been obtained; and about 1000 kegs at 7]a7o,
j the latter on time, adding interest, or less 2 per cent.
for cash. For a parcel of 1000 kegs very prime, (qua!-
I ity known to parties,) 7g cts., cash, has been offered,
[ time of delivery optional with seller, but not after
20th March.
Butter —Is in fair demand, and some 400a500 kegs 1
have been sold, including Western at 13a15.; cts., I
and Glades in choice dairies at 17 cts. per lb., ~cash.
. Roll is selling in brls. at 15a 10 cts.
Cheese. —Western continues in fair supply with a
very moderate demand at 7!,w7 4 > cts. The stock of
Eastern is more limited, but prices are steady at ha
i 10 cts., for good shipping qualities.
RICE-—ls in moderate demand, and has been scll
, ing at 3.60a s3.*7£ per 100 lbs., 4 mos.
.SEEDS. —Clover has been selling at 4a $4.50 per
bushel for common to strictly prime quality. A par-
I eel of 20a30 bushels Timothy, not over good, has sold !
;at $3. Flax is a little better, and will command 1
| 1.33a $ 1.35 per bushel.
SPIRITS.—N. E. Rum will not command over 30 j
cts. per gallon. Whiskey, in fair demand, remains
steady at 25 cts. in lihds., and 20 in brls., the last
| week's rates.
SUGARS.—The market continues much as last
reported, the demand being only moderate and prices
steady. Smalt lots, probably 150 hhds. New Orleans,
have sold at 4ash cts. per lb., 4 mos. By auction on
I Tuesday, 07 hhds. Porto Rico sold at 5.30a55.40 j
per 100 lbs., 4 mos. The stock in first hands in this <
market at present does not probably exceed 300hdds. 1
TOBACCO.—'The market continues quiet, but not
| more than ordinarily so for the season. Sales during .
( the week have been rather more active than we have
been enabled to report since the advent of the new
, year, having amounted to 200a300 hhds. Maryland,
which comprised common at $2.50, to good middling J
1 at SO, included in which were a few hhds. of Ground j
, Leaf. 'The transactions in Ohio have been very lim
ited at 3a $7 per 100 lbs.; but the stock is too light
1 and quality too inferior for operations, neither will
they improve until the canal navigation opens in
the spring. —The inspections this wet k amount to
2* hhds. .Maryland, lb do. Ohio, and 4 Virginia—
total, 4* hhds. Exported within the same lime to
foreign ports, 1,059 hhds.; and of Maryland and Ohio
since Jan. Ist to dale, as follow:
'l'llis week This year.
To Bremen, hhds. 557 1,239
44 Havre, •• 1,102 .. .. 2,372
Stock on hand, 3d inst., 25,111 hhds., against 31,773
sain time la-t year.
WOOL.—-'The stock on sale is light, but the de
mand is quite mode rati-. We have to report small
sties only, and those confined to tub-washed, at 30a
32 cts. per lb., on lime.
FREIGH TS -'There is very little Tobacco offer
ing, hut rates will pronahly open lower in the spring, i
to Bremen and Holland, than those at which the year
closid. There is not much Produce going forward
: . England, but rates may be quoted as foliow: For
England or Ireland—Flour 3s. per brl., Grain 9d. ■
pr bu.-li lof 50 lbs., and Provisions at 355. per ton.
('oastw ise rates are 3a $3.25 per ton for Pig Iron to
Motion; 25 cts. per brl. for Flour; ami 7a* cts. per
bu-liel for Grain.
BEEF CATTLE.—There were 050 head offered
at the drove yards last Monday, of which 433 sold,
and 217 were driven Easlwaidly. 'The prices ob
tained ranged from 2 to $3.59, gross, equivalent to
4.a50.75 per 100 lbs.,net. Live Dogs have de
■ clined and sold at 0.50a50.
EXCHANGE.—There has been a fair amount of,
business done in Sterling for the Steamer of to-day,
but rates remain about as previously quoted; which,
with other Foreign and Domestic, we subjoin:
Bills on London JEsterl'gOO days, 9al() perct. prom.
Paris 5f.20 a 6f.22J ;
Hamburg 35 ya 36
Bremen 7* 4 'a 79
Holland .40 a 40j j
Sight Bills on Boston . . . /, a— per ct. prem. !
New York City a— do. do. | 1
Philadelphia . a— do. do. ]
Richmond, Va. .. —aldo. (lis. j
Charleston, S. C.. 1 a\\ do. do.
Mobile —al; do. do. j
. —a I.; do. do. , 1
Louisville ....... Ha 2 do. do.
St. Louis 1 ',2 do. do. 1
Cincinnati L.a 2 do. do.
Treasury Notes, 6 per cents aIOO , '
Mexican Dollars para do. prem. j ]
Spanish do la do. do.
American Gold para— do. do. i '
Doubloons, Royal 10 80 a 1
Do. Patriot 15 55 a 15 CO t
j For abstracts of the Markets generally, see next > I
page: the following presents the only new features
during three days subsequent to those dates:—
At Boston: Small sales of St. Domingo CofTec had
been made at 6]a6£ cts., 6 mos. Corn was tending
downward in price, yellow flat selling at 62, and c
| white at CO cts. Flour was depressed and limited c
sales of Genesee making at 6.31 a #6.37, and other j
Western 6a#6 37], cash. Cuba new crop Molassjs
had sold at 22 cts. for sweet, and 20 for sour. There *
had been further sales of Montevideo Hides at 10.',
cts., 6 mos. Western Tallow, to the extent of 40,000
lbs., had sold at S cts. per 1!)., cash, for rendered.
At A'no York: the market for Brcadstuffs was not
materially altered by the steamer's news. The Pa
triot's correspondent under date of Thursday P. M.,
says: The market for Flour here is somewhat firmer
to-day, the news being considered favorable by most
dealers.—About 400 brls., this State and Moslem
| in xed brands, have been taken nt #5.87]a5.93};
■ small lots straight brands at #6; pure Genesee at
#6.18}a6.25. No sales of Southern brands. Rye
Flour and Corn Meal are dull at previous quotations.
The stock of Flour now in this c.ty is estimated at
about 160,000 barrels. Nothing doing in Wheat.
There is more firmness in the market for Com, and
no sales of good can he effected at less than 60 cents
per bushel; 20,000 bushels were taken yesterday at
60a(>3 cts., as to quality. Rye is held atßßa9o cents.
Oats sell at previous prices. No inquiry for Clover- ,
seed Small sales of new Mess Pork at #9.75, and
Prime at #B. Beef and Bacon are inactive. Sales
of Lard at 7,8] cents. Sales of Whiskey at 24a25 ,
cents per gallon. No material change in Groceries.
—At auction this morning, a large assortment of
Brandy, of various brands, at # 1.37.; per gallon, 6
mos. Our money market is decidedly easier. It is
estimated that our hanks have now in their vaults at
least #6,500,000 in specie, and very little is being
shipped to Europe.
At Philadelphia: The Daily News of yesterday,
from which we copy, remarks as follows: The money
market has improved a shade, and good paper is
easily ncgociublc; while the general appearance of
affairs is much more gratifying than at the close of
last week. There is a full supply of vessels in port,
and freights are dull, West India rates ruling very
low, while Flour to Liverpool is but 2a2s. 6d. per
brl., and Grain Bd. per bushel, with but little offer
ing. The market for Flour and Meal, since our last
report, has been more active, a fair demand having
resulted from a considerable concession on the part of
holders, and we notice sales of about 6,000 brls. I
Flour, chiefly at #5.75 per brl. for standard brands; t
some better lots at 5.81 ]a#s.B7J. Rye Flour is I
lower, being freely offered at #3.75 per brl. Corn 1
Meal has declined, with sales of about 4,000 brls., I
Penna. at #2.50 and some lots of Brandywine at I
2.62]a#2.68. The market closes to-day, how- , >
ever, with more buyers at #2.50 than sellers, and I
holders seem inclined to advance their rates 12] cts. |
per brl. There is but little demand for Wheat and n
prices have with Flour receded. Wc notice sales of p
good and prime red at from 130 to 135 cts. per bushel, a
closing to-day with a sale of Penna. red at the last |
figures. There has been considerable inquiry for \
Corn, with sales of yellow at 55 cts. per 56 lbs. Oats c
are dull at 41a43 cts. Hemp is in demand with the i
sales of 170 hales American Dew-rotcd at 130a#140 , s
per ton. Whiskey, increasing in stock and prices, r
** lower, hhds. 23]24, and brls. 25. Good Sugar in n
fair demand, hut common quality dull. j r
At New Orleans: The demand for Cotton, says the 1
Delta,wasquite animated on the Ist inst.,and the sales, [
which were chiefly for England, the Continent, and c
the North, summed up 8000 bales. Prices ranged from t
6to 8 cts. for ord. so fair. Sugar still brisk, and 800 1
hhds. sold—Fair 4to 4} c. 1000 brls. Molasses taken 1
at 18] to 18} cts. for Prime. Flour in demand, and I
prices rather better. About 4000 brls. were sold, -
Ohio at 4.80a #4.87A, and Illinois at #5.00 per brl. f
Corn in request, with sales of Yellow at 61], 53, and 1
White at 55 cts. per bushel. Vcrv little done in 1
Provisions, excepting Lard, of which 1200 brls. and <
tierces sold, in various lots, at 53 to 6] cts. per lb. , f
The largest sale of Pork was 150 brls. Mess nt #9.50 (
per brl. A sale of 20 bales dew-rotted Hemp at
#l2O per ton. About 950 bags Rio Coffee taken at i
65 to 7 cts. per lb., and a cargo of 5000 bags sold to t
arrive at 6} cts. A sale of 100 brls. Citv-rcndcred <
Tallow at7j cts. per lb. Among the Weight en-
t gagements were one ship for Liverpool at id., and
1 one for Havre at 1 cent, both for Cotton; a bark for
j Huston at A ct. for Cotton and 00 cts. for Pork, and a
-• bark lor New York, to load up the coast with
• ; Sugar, at $4 per hhd.
I I The value of Exports from the port of Baltimore
to Foreign ports, for the month of January, have been
1 as follow:
1 Domestics, ... . $706,0S 1
' Dutiable, 15,554
j Total, $721,635
j Large Cargo.—The new ship JAMES CORNER, of
; , G7r>.sl tons, Capt. WALICEH, was cleared at this port
on Friday of last week, by J. CORNER SONS,
' owners, for Havre, with the following cargo, viz:
1102 hlids. and 11 bxs. Tobacco, 001 bags Quercitron
Bark, 4000 W. (_). 11 lid. Staves, and b cords Wood.
We are indebted to a commercial house for letters
from which we derive the following information, in
! relation to the stocks of the various descriptions of
American Tobacco, in European markets, December
| 31st, 1847.
Jihds. Md.Ohio Va.—Ken.- Total.
Antwerp 1,50d..1,350..1,250..4,100
Amsterdam, 9,582 1,270 .1,312.12,173
Rotterdam, 3,868.3,323 .403 .7,504
Bremen, 9,981.. ..017. .1,072 11,970
On the Continent, Md 5.21,931 ...6,869 .4,037.35,837
London, chiefly Virginia and Kentucky, ....20,578
Liverpool, ditto ditto 18,453
i Scotland, ditto ditto 2,590
Ireland, ditto ditto 1,800 I
Bristol, Hull, &c 2,071 j
N. B. The total stock in the above Continental mar- .
kets, 31st Dec., 1846, was 36,527 hlids.
The auxiliary steamer Sarah Sands arrived at New
York on Thursday morning, having left Liverpool
22d ult., to which date she brings letters and papers.
The following is a telegraphic abstract of her ac
Flour had further declined Is. per barrel. The
best American Western Canal Flour was selling at
28s. bd. to 295. Tne quotations by the Acadia were
295. Cd. to 30s. Corn .M a! also slightly declined.
Grain. lndian Corn had uLo receded about Is.
per quarter of lbs. The quotations were noted
at 29 to 35 shillings as to quality. Wheat had also i
declined a shade, but uo figures given.
Cotton. —The market closed steady and the quota- i
tions brought out by the Acadia had b.-en sustained. j
The Money market had improved, and was stiil
improving. The general aspect was more favorable, j
Provisions dull and demand moderate—prices rath- ,
er drooping.
No general or political news of moment.
Another account also by telegraph:
Liverpool Cotton Market , Jan. 21.—Sales of 150
bales Sea Island (J orgia, at 'd.ulbd.; 3,80!) Upland 1
bowed, at 4 Jd.a l/d.; 12,200 New Orleans, at 3-b ,d.; \
3,150 Mobile, at 3 1 , d.5d.; stock of bales on hand on j
the 1 llli of January, 325,210.
! London Corn Jan. 19.—Transactions
i were limited at former prices. No change in bar- t <
ruled Flour, but more inquiry for Indian Corn. <
Liverpool Corn ..Market , Jan. 18.—Indian Corn,
per 4*o lbs., at 335. Indian Meal, per 196 lbs., 14a
14s. bd. Flour, United States sweet, 27a295.; do. j j
sour 22a245. Arrivals fur the week were as follows: 1 j
510 barrels Indian Meal, 10,137 sacks Flour, and j j
1,224 barrels do. j
The following sensible and well-timed article we j
copy from the "Baltimore Enterprise," a weekly J
paper recently gotten up, and now in the course of (
publication, by Messrs. W. TAYLOR & Co., and edit- J
ed by JOHN 11. HEWITT, Esq. As regards its being J
sensible, the subject speaks for itself; and its being ]
well-timed, is, wc consider, because of the legisla- '
turc of the state being now in session, can take ac- <
tion, if petitioned so to do, upon the subject of the i {
Pilot-laws; which, if the coasting feature be dis- ; {
pensed with, would not only facilitate to a great ex- <
tent the measures or similar measures, suggested in J
the article before us, but would advance also the j
grain-growing and iron and coal interests, by offer-
ing just so much more in the aggregate each year as j J
masters of coasting vessels arc compelled by the i *
present law to pay for constructive or other pilotage ' ]
rates, which they could easily dispense with by be- j J
ing permitted to become their own pilots, as is the |
case in our neighboring city of Philadelphia. Wc j
commend the whole subject to the good understand- J
ing of the citizens of Maryland, and particularly the
Farmers and those in the farming interest.
From the Baltimore Kntorprizc.
When we commenced our journal, we determined i
to devote a portion of our time and columns to the i
commercial interests of a city, which, with the ex- i
ercise of proper energy on the part of its capitalists
and business men, will, one day, rejoice in the title j
of the emporium of our land.
Conversing with an intelligent gentleman who has j
made these matters his peculiar study, we were con- j
vinccd of the availability of the forests in the vici- |
nity of the Chesapeake bay, and hence their value j .
to the trade of Baltimore. To this fact we would j
call the attention of capitalists.
These forests are larger and the wood of better fibre .
than those of any other section of the country, north .
or south. The communication to and from tlieni is .
easy —and their location such as to make their appli- .
cation to commercial purposes, equal, if not superior
to any other. The entire extent of our bay, on both .
sides, with the rivers and streams tributary to it, !
gives us connection with the best woods for timber, J
whether for ship building, fortifications, houses or [
machinery—cooper-stuffs, fuel, or whatever uses
wood is applied to. Our market enters into the ,
heart of the woodlands of Pennsylvania and New |
York, by means of the Susquehanna, and into our ' J
own State and Virginia, by the Rappahannock, the |
Potomac, and Janus river; while North Carolina j j
and Delaware arc equally tributary to us. Forests j
in which the axe has never been heard, enriched ; J
with the most valuable timbers, and accessible in so *
easy and so many ways, should be turned to some
use. '
Our agricultural interest lias of late engrossed so 1
much of our attention, that our vast forests have, as ■
it were, grown out of our recollection. Coal is now '
rapidly supplying the place of wood for fuel, and it J
is time that we should turn our attention to other J
uses for our woods. Timber lands are cheaper here
than they are in the northern and eastern states, or j
even in the southern. On the St. John's, St. Croix, j I
Penobscot and Kennebeck rivers, and their tributaries, ,
the timber for one hundred miles from their mouths, i
has been destroyed, and now the lumber speculators j
have to pierce* fifteen and twenty miles from their :
hanks iu order to supply the trade. Large profits I c
have been the result ol this trade, which has for b
years sustained a large population. If such things v
have succeeded elsewhere, why should not toe im- v
prove the advantages nature has given us, and in con- 1 e
ncction with all our other resources, apply our oner- o
gies to this trade, and give, at least one million per
annum of extra circulation to our city, and in that 1<
proportion advance its interests? This one million a 1 a
year can he realized by the exportation of one arti- t'i
cle alone; we mean cooper stuff, and instance only
its consumption in the Island of Cuba. The great S
staples of all the West India Islands arc sugar and k
molasses, both of which, previous to being exported , c
are encased in wood, nine-tenths of which encase
ments, go from the United States; this trade has !
been monopolised by the eastern states, and a large j
profit is annually realized. The annual consumption ,
of wood for boxes, hogsheads, &c. in the Island of I
Cuba, amounts in value to four or five millions dol
lars. Presuming 1,000,000 of sugar boxes to cost
$10,000,000; 1,600,000 molasses and sugar hogs- j|i
heads, including hoops, cost, say $250 or $3,750,000 n
—nine-tenths of this amount goes from the United t
States, and yields to the owner of wood lands—the t
box and hogshead maker, the merchant or trader, and
the carrier. Presume that this Island of Cuba takes f
one-half of the quantity shipped from the United
States, and it gives to the whole export a trade of
over $8,600,000 a year—will any one tell us that, t
with all the local advantages of Baltimore, she can
not secure at least one-eighth of this trade? This,
then, alone gives the $ 1 ,000,000 extra circulation to
our *rade, and certainly for all other purposes for S
which wood is used $1,000,000 should he added I <
It is said that in the trade with the West Indies,
Baltimore cannot, with all her advantages, combat
with the northern cities, because she has no market
for the produce of the Islands; and hence, if she en
tered into it, she would be compelled to ship her re
turns, sugar and molasses, to the northern ports. In
order to remedy this, let there he refineries for sugar
and molasses built—one at the cost of SIOO,OOO
would soon pay for itself. In the New England states
there are about $5,000,000 invested in refineries, —
cannot one be sustained in Baltimore? or must she
lose a trade worth $ 1,000,000 a year, because
SIOO,OOO cannot be raised for a refinery?
We have thus, crudely to be sure, put our reflec
tions together, humbly hoping that they may arrest
the attention of our capitalists. We shall'pursue
the subject on another tuck at some future period.
For the years of 1847. 1846. 1845.
Brandy, half pines 9,470 1,824 8,622
Brandy, qr. casks & brls.. 1,163 4,047 . 7,2*6
Coal, tons 51,094 35,1 1b... .53,250
Cocoa, bags 6,707 5,969 7,269
Cochineal, ceroons 64 430. 741
j Coffee, bags 427,470.. 382,846 ..312,486
Cotton, bales 289,252.. .322,456.. .356,749
Duck, 1,098 1,659 1,193
Duck, pes ... . ...5,627 3,471 7,970
Earthen Ware, crates
and casks 27,762 .. 29,417... .32,537
Figs, drums, &.c 14 1,776 35,893... 140,747
j Gin, pipes 2,974 2,356 ... 2,502
Hemp, bales 57,186 43,623 51,009
Hemp, tons 779 . . .145 .730
Hides, bales 967 .694 768
Hides, No 990,454.. 566,116.. 703,282
Iron, bar, tons 31,236 15,390 19,597 i
Iron, pig, tons 32,175 17,371 .. 28,937
Iron, sheet, bd Is 185,011 49,861 .. 55,484 |
Indigo, cases 1,083 .997 2,069
Indigo, ceroons 764 1,104 .. .1,68 7 '
Lead, pigs 398,865. ..293,796 ..385,214
I Molasses, hhds 76,971 73,852 72,506 |
i Molasses, trcs 5,931 5,168 5,780
Molasses, brls 21,473 23,551 . 33,127 j
j Olive Oil, casks 733 231 1,102
j Olive Oil, boxes & b5kt5.23,807... 11,807... 32,9.6
! Pimento, bags 13,730 .. 7,066 .. 20,782 1
' Pepper 12.310 .. 21,245 .. 16,579
Bags, bales 15,403 11,730 . 14,133 :
( Raisins, casks 7,896 .. .7,062... .11,729 i
Raisins, bxs 260,457 . 354,732 ..304,642
Raisins, drums 1,384 3,305... .2,120
Rice, trcs .39,422 ...38,343 .. 34.631
Ruin, puns 1,725 1,300 . 1,978
Sail, bushels 1,949,913 1,303,663 1.055,502 1
i Saltpetre, bugs . ...21,395.,.. 3,295.... 18,599
Sugars, hhds 8",861 ... 67,238... .88,269 |
I Sugars, trcs .. .. .. .779 .577 ... 1,628
Sugars, brls 17,765 7,242. .. 17,035 \
Sugars, bxs 144,898 85,74 4... 22,959
Sugars, bags 24 215 . . 37,652 38,779 •
Tin, Banca, &c. .-labs .26,750 21,891... 10,071
Tin Plates, bxs 125,442.. 231,830 ..162.231 j
Tobacco, hhds . 11,946 .. 17.614 ... 8,991
Tobacco, bulcs& cer00n5.21,055 .. 11,916 ...17,193
Wines, butts &. pipes 725 ... 1,289 885 '
ines, hhds & lit. do. . 6,"42... .12,413 ....8,151
Wines, qr. casks ... 22,222 .. 41,691... 27,361
Wines, Indian brls 3,251... .11,293 ... 6,812
Wine*, bxs 19,369 .. 19,711 10,697
. W001,b.11 s 10,008 19,514 22,272
! —[.V. Y. Shipping f.ist.
IMPORTS. 1847. 1846. 1845. J*44.
Bacon casks.l 2472 12631 8620 11208-
Beef brls. 10254 12346 7029 4172
Bagging pes 1432 3299 6036 4594
Bale Rope. . .coils. 10798 5802 9229 14310
Barley sacks 35527 13212 15128 7005!
Bufl'.Robjs. bales. 7782 5976 3567 3598
Beeswax brls. 759 532 531 577
Beeswax .. .sacks. 79-8 827 599 928
Corn 478449 352381 44341 25270
Coll'ee bag 5.77767 60450 46802 43476
Flour br15.435019 223670 132196 96203
Fish 3484 1572 4006 1970
Fish kits. 273 4 2620 1492 1642
Hemp..... bales.-81525 34738 30985 62732
Hides 71877 84980 72.918 42802
Iron bdls. 15695 22651 13238 11047
Iron bar 5.91513 03712 59097 57310 j
Iron t0n5.17016 1716 904 880
Lead pig 5.767056 763489 757908 621900
Cotton Yarn,
bxs., bg5.15147 17726 15322 13716 j
Lard br15.31005 24542 8502 15792
Lard ... . keg 5.12247 19351 5302 19709
Liquors.... casks. 3192 3122 2638 1752 1
Molasses ... br15.21554 16774 11876 12068
Nails keg 5.22589 33303 14831 23183
Oats sacks. 101203 59620 21969 21916
Oil, Lard... .brls.. .478 274 292 688
Oil, Linseed 485 866 810 449 .
Oil, Castor ..332 230 48 97:
Oil, Sperm.. csks...lSO 169 169 81 '
Pork br15.45922 15013 16199 46836
Pig, Metal... tons 2263 2504 1303 1110
Rice tcs. ..762 8666 708 518
Sugar .. .. hhd5.12661 13898 10237 10738
Sugar br15.4083 4217 3193 2679!
Sugar ... .bx5.15028 1090 1053 1007
Salt, T. I. .sacks.229B3 1 5823 20278 49683
Salt, G. A. . .92809 107581 82520 80001
Salt, Ken., br15.44380 62189 21084 14277 |
Salt, L. 8.. sacks. 17632 2*478 203*7 17454
Seed, Flux.. ..br15.4992 4041 2045 4273 j
Spts. Turpentine . 619 740 317 419
Skins, Deer,bales..2697 100.) 1802 1283
Tobacco.... hhds. 10935 8707 12856 109)3
Tobacco .... bxs. 9592 6076 7372 4-523 ,
Tallow br15.2217 17.>1 1705 5331
Tar, brls. & kegs.. 5656 5235 4942 5141
Wool bales.2lo7 1903 1899 1377
Whiskey .. br15.30247 29832 29445 24147
Wheat 97(23 81350 77150 54877 :
Wheat . . 5ack5.2222433 743491 382323 257632 (
Bacon, uas'd csk*. 14085 13641 7628 14963
H .con . ..brls. 4092 4916 788 0207
BHCIMI, bulk., tons 675 509 148 292
Beef br!>. 12798 20113 5321 5094
Bagging pes. 3303 4784 84*2 424* .
Bale Rope,.coils. 11032 10016 12*96 22431 !
Beeswax brls 021 913 1219 1570
Beans 4490 4408 217 14 4*
Bull". Robes, hales.3B7B 3030 2716 74"4
Corn... .5ack5.395083 243026 2347* 25191 ,
Fhmr brls. 148014 359858 2027.90 130274
Hides 73586 41802 50*28 57220 j j
Hemp bales 65752 31352 29601 62054
Lead pig 5.591791 6635115 637033 553719 [
Lead, Bar bx5.3136 2032 1850 4412
Laid. br15.39543 20412 13318 2-5127 | 1
Lard keg 5.2 1344 32729 15691 36*10 ■
Oats fucks. 16857 4 1176 8434 78*9 j
Oil, Linseed, .brls. 1067 522 30
Oil, Castor 933 12( 9 1231 145* \
0.1, Lard 619 733 3337 P
Pork 50467 62*20 .22330 60225 I ,
Hoik, bulk ton* 061 806 203 498
Rye sacks.22 *0 Uo7 1750 41** I
Shot, kegs.2so6 1122 4216 378
Skins, Deer.. .pks 3700 2102 20*7 2726 <
Seed, Flax... tcs.66o 1118 1306 2103
Tobacet hhds.9Bßl 8450 11284 9500 I
Do. Manuf... bxs. lß4l 6183 7832 8*44 ■
Tallow br15,2092 5955 1316 2313 j
Wheat 10318 16231 29796 16864;.
Wheat... .sacks. 640239 217319 68634 60*91
Wool bales.l4l4 1335 1326 1084 | ]
In 1543 hhds ' j
1841 *447 |
1845 3290 i
— j
Cincinnati Pork Trade. — The pork fatted atCin- j ,
cinnati. conies exclusively from Ohio, Indiana ami 5
Kentucky. The supplies from all these quarters, -
wore immense. Take this fact, on one road leading i
to Cincinnati from Indiana, 70,000 hogs (about) cross ! i
cd the Miamitown Bridge! There are other bridges £
over the Miami, on roads leading from Indiana.
For about two months, the passage of hogs up the | -
leading street from the Ohio river, seemed to he I
almost constant. So, also, the turnpikes coming in .i
from Ohio, indicate the same state of facts. S
That wc may have an idea of the capacity of these ;
States to increase the number of hogs brought to mar- i
ket, take the following statement. The first table I
contains the amount for 1848: i .
Hogs Corn, bush. 1 j
Ohio 2,099,746 33,668.144 I f
Kentucky 2,310,533 38,847,120 j
Indiana.. 1,623,608 28,155,887 j i
Total .6,033,837 101,677,131
In 1840, then, the farmers of these three .States, i
had six millions of hogs, and more than an hundred
millions bushels of Corn!! They could have fatted
two millions of these hogs, and sent them to market,
on forty millions of bushels of Corn!
In 1847, wc suppose this to be about the state of !
facts. Hogs. \ Corn, bush.
Ohio 2,500,000 50,000,000
Kentucky 2,500,000 45,000.000
Indiana 2,000,000 40,000,000
Total 7,000.000 125,000,000
There is no doubt that, in this year, these three
States might (if it were necessary) have fatted and
carried to market, three millions of hogs!! We sup- I
, pose that the hogs packed in these States, in the
t season of 1847-8 really amount to little over One
t million; but even this amount strikes the reader with
its magnitude.— Cin. Chron.
j ! In giving the statistics of Lexington, (Mo.) the
j Express , published in that town, states that 6700
! Hogs have been packed there since Nov. Ist.
| Lexington is located on the Missouri river, 330
miles above its mouth—commenced its growth iu
1839, and now has a population exceeding 2000 per
sons. Its exports the last year amounted to about
$250,000, embracing hemp, wheat, flour, dry hides,
bacon, pork, lard, Sic. Its imports amounted to
$200,000. Horses to the value of $20,000, and
oxen to the value $25,000 were purchased aud sent
from that point.
A detailed list of the vocations of its citizens shows
that almost every trade and profession, is there re
' presented.
i The. Pawn-Broker's Sign.— h is not probably,
' generally known how the sign of the three golden
balls, now used by that class ol' exchangers termed
i pawn-brokers, came to be so universally used by
j them. Its history is interesting: From the begin
: niiig ot the fourteenth century, the Italians engross
-1 ! ed a large portion of the commerce of Europe and 1
almost the entire trade of the Levant. Their mcr- j
i chants, commonly calk d Lombards, were enable J to
j carry their goods, consisting of silks, spic.-s, and j
Asiatic produce, into the Northern and Western '
kingdoms, by the privileges and exemptions granted J
them by sovereigns, and to b.-cme the chief bankers i
and money-dealers in the different Slates. The '
three balls, exhibited over pawn-brokers' shops, are
- the arms of Lombard)*, and have been retained as a
j sign ever since the Lombards were the principal
. money-dealers of Europe. The street in London in
: which the foreign: rs were settled, still retains the
name of Lombard street, and continues to be the
chief seat of banking establishments.

Havana—Sch. Brace.
Molasses 147 hhda 36 trcs 13 brls, Johnson Si
i Travers; cigars 501), pine apples a lot, master.
Boston—Bark Lawrence.
Senna 7 bales, J Sterett; dates 150 frails, cloves 2
brls, plaster 25 tons, Order; boots and shoes 1800
cases, mdze 1200 pkgs, sundry persons.
Boston—Brig Boston.
Cordage 92 cdis, T K Matthews & Co; dates 100 '
| frails, uidzc 10 >0 pkgs, sundry persons.
-Yfc w 1 ork— Bark Kirklund.
Coffee 2710 bags, sweetmeats 10 kegs, B Buck Si
i Sons.
Xew York—Sch. S. A. Rot.
Mdze 2 brL, Thomas Co; 2 bxs springs •>*, T
Mackenzie Co; tea 20 hfchis, Elder. Gei>ton
Co: wine 20 l>kis LThoiusen Co; soda asi 21 eks,
Mcllvain W illsaius; ludzc 000 pkgs, Rose, Merrill
5: Co.
Xew York—Sch. J. B. Chandler.
Cheese 3D bxs, Birckhead iVarce; mdze 9 bales, i
Elder. Gelston fic Co; coffee 310 bags, molasses 13 '
csks, mdze 200 pkgs, order.
.Vciv York - Sch. Emily Johnson.
Leather 150 -ides, Elder, Gel-ton ck. Co; barl.-y IU
kegs, C F Pitt; wine oO bskts. Birckhead & Pearce;
ind/.e D' cas.-s, Wyiuan, Appleton Co; II do,
King 5: Carey; gin 3 pipes, E Thomsen Jc Co; oil
16 csks, T Whiiridge Co: indze 525 pkgs, order.
Xt\u York —Sch. E. A. Stevens.
Leather 300 sides, B Del'ord & Co; mdze 300 pkgs,
J W Brown; tobacco 9 cases 10 bales, apples 300
brls, mdze 20 cases, order.
Philadelphia Sch. Eugenia.
Scythe stones 17 bxs. E Pratt Bro; domestics
91 pkgs, J W Brown: hides 500, shovels ami spades
2?0 bdls, seed leaf tobacco 14 cases, soap 100 bxs,
mdze 179 pkgs, order.
Xew Orleans—Brig Midas.
Lard 128 brK, J M'Cullogh Co; 136 do 120 j
kegs, bacon 70 csks 6 hf do, pork 330 brls 11 hhds,
( order.
BALTIMORE ; Arrived j
Feb. 5, 6. Sell. Brace, Cole, Havanua
Sch. Eugenia, Smith, Philadelphia
Feb. 7. Bark Lawrence, Nickcrson,. Boston j
Sch. Julia Ann, Spates, Eastport
i Emily, Booze, Richmond 1
Gen. Taylor, Brown, Norfolk
j Feb. Brig Midas, Gait, New Orleans
j Brig Falmouth, Hopkins .... New York
Feb. 10. Bark Pioneer, Eldridge, Boston
Bark Kirkland, Phillips,.... New York •
Brig Boston, Harding, Boston '
Napoleon, Chcscbrough, New Orleans
I Sell. Ellen. Baker, Providence
—— E A. Stevens, Briggs, New York !
Emily Johnson, Johnson, ditto j
Josephine, Latourettc, ditto |
S. A. Roe, Sitedicor ditto
Sea Flower, Dukes, Philadelphia
Risk, Ellis, ... Charleston j
Maria, Phillips Washington, X.C
Repeater. Travers, Alexandria
Feb. 11. Sch. J. R. Chandler, Smith, . . New York
Feb. 4. Ship James Corn r, (new) Walker. Havre
Sch. Spray, Hooper. Richmond
Feb. 5. Brig David Pratt, Wilson West Indies
Seh. Sabine, Davis, Newh.-rn, N. C.
Feb. 7. Brig Fashion. Kirwan, West Indies
Sch. Gen. Irvin, Wilson Richmond
Feb. 8. Sch. John, Wheeler, Norfolk and Riehmond
Feb. 9. Brm. ship Marianne, Warknieister, Bremen
Bark Regatta, Pratt Vera Cruz
Brig Moselle. Hall, West Indies i
Susan, Boyce, ditto
Sch. Enterprize, Adams, Guayama, P. H. ' 1
Priscilla, Etheridge, ... Washington, N. C. ! <
Sharon. Thatcher, Elizabeth City, N. C. |
Feb. 10. Brig Gen. Scott, Travers, Falmouth, Jam.
Brig Flora, Watts, Hnhia, &c. I
Sch. Emma, Mitchell Norfolk, &c. 1
Feb. 11. Sch. Henry, Lowry, Halifax, N. S. j
BUCKSPORT, Me. Arrived
Jan. 27. Sell. Floreo, Bridges, Norfolk ,
SALEM. Mass. - — Arrived
Jan. 29. Braz. sch Au-loricnka, Ared da, .. . .Para '
Feb. 4. Bark Emily Wilder. Mansfield, Zanzibar '
BOSTON, Mass. Arrived |
Jan. 31. Bark Elvira. Nickcrson, Baltimore j '
Sch. Hannah Grant, Smith, ditto |
Fremont, Jacques, Norfolk 1
Feb. 1. Sch. Wyoming, Willard, ditto I
Feb. 2. Ship Concordia, Stephenson, Manila
Sch. T. H. Thompson. Brown, .... Norfolk
Feb. 4. Brig Caroline E. Piatt, Pittman, Montevideo
Sch. Flavilla, Gorham, Norfolk
Chariot, Paine, ditto
Watchman, Ilawcs, ditto '
Feb. 9. Bark Wyman. Howes, .Baltimore
Brig Metamora, Flinn, ditto '
Mary Stanton, Ryder, ditto 1
I Cleared 1
Feb. 2. Bark Helen Maria, Crosby, Baltimore ■
Feb. 5. Bark Susan, Rearse Norfolk
Feb. 9. Bark Sylph, Eldridge, Baltimore |
PLYMOUTH, Mass. Sailed
Feb 2. Sch. Herald, Griffin,.. Norfolk
HOLMES HOLE, Mass. Arrived
Feb. 2. Sch. Romeo, Blanchard Baltimore
Sch. Baltic, Sparks, Norfolk
Prudence, Pendleton, .. ditto j
Frh. 3. Seh. Eugene. Bush, .... ditto j
Feb. 4. Brig Ocean, Ryder, Baltimore ,
Sch. Sea Shell, Rich, Norfolk 1
Emily Franklin, Hadin ditto 1
Telegraph, Smith, ditto
FALL RIVER, Mats. Arrived
Jan. 29. Sch. Trvall, Gibbs, Baltimore !
Seh. Chesapeake, Stewart ditto
Jan. 30. Seh. R. Borden, Bearsc, ditto
Feb. 2. Seh. Minerva, Abbott, ditto
Jan. 30. Seh. Queen. Gardner ... Baltimore i
Feb. 4. Sell. Splendid, Marble, Norfolk
Seh. Forest, Holmes, ditto .
Feb. 6. Seh. Thomas Corner, Parker,... . ditto |
Seh. Marv. Rowland, Baltimore | f
NEWPORT. R I. Arrived j
Jan. 31. Seh. Cinderella, Baker, Baltimore
Feb. 3. Seh. Chanticleer, Chapman, Norfolk | I
NEW HAVEN, Con. Arrived |
Feb. 2. Seh. Grace C.arolinc, Dorman, Norfolk > I
NEW YORK Arrived
Feb. 2. Ship Fidelia, Yeaton Liverpool
Sch. Amelia, Terry Baltimore
S. E. Merrill, Strong, ditto
Feb. 3. Ham. brig Frederick Ernst, Amondson, Mon
tevideo 1
Sch. St. Marv, Lake, Norfolk
Peter Ritter, Dcrrickson, ditto
■■■ William, Weeks, ditto
—— Mary. Silsbec, ditto 1
i Feb. 4. Ship Hendrik Hudson, Pratt, London <
■* j Ship John R. Sktddy, Race, Liverpool
' ! Oxford, Goodmaiison, .. ditto via Cork
1 Burgundy, Baxter, Havre
! Sch. Suffolk, Perry, Norfolk
Feb. 5, 6. Sch. Scguine, Swzvti Baltimore
beb. 7. Sch. Ann E. Carroll, Davis, .ditto
. ; Feb. 8. Brig Jane Howes, Dyer- ditto
> 7T7 ~ Cleared
Feb. 2. Sch. Greek, GriiHtl Baltimore
I 1 beb. 3. Seh. S. A. Roe, Snedicor, ditto
, *'*>>■ 4. Ship St. Nicolas, Evelcigb, Havre
Sch. Josephine, l.atourette, ....Baltimore
J ell. ii. Ft*. steamer Missouri, Morin, Havre
Ship Independence, llradish London
Feb. 7. Ship Courier, Wolfe, Richmond
Sch. Frank, Lewis, Norfolk
Feb. 8. Slop lleury Clay, Nve, Liverpool
Bark Missouri, Sylvester, Richmond
Feb. 1. Hark A esta, Carlise, Bremen
I'rig Lewis, North, Rio Janeiro
- h airy, houlkcr .Turks Island
Elizabeth, Barclay, Cardenas
Martha Kinsman, Bucknam, .. .. Matanza.
beb. o, (i. Ship \\ to. Penn, Miclia"ls,... .Liverpool
Hark Siberia, ilartlell, Leghorn
Brig Llani, Lofland, ... . Matanzas
Emma Preston, Hopper, Cardenas
Jan. .11. Sch. C. C. Stratlon, Vance,. .. West Indies
Feb. 2. Brig Wave, (new) Joline, Mayaguez
beb. .1. Brig Alb *rt Fearing, Leighton,... .Gibraltar
Brig Elizabeth, Barclay, Matanzas
Sch. Yucatan, Davidson, West Indies
! Il.irtnonia, Malony Cienfuegat
i John Castner, Sowers, ditto
SOMO.LK.Va. — Arrived
bib. ii. Sch. Vulture. Jaekman, Newburyport
F- !'■ 6. Seh. ludep ■ndi ne". Kirivan, Baltimore
Feb. 7. Sch. \\ cllington, Lawry, Portsmouth, N. 11.
Soli. Latly Lake, Larkin, New York
beb. 8. Brig Robert Pcnnwell, Bcrryman, ditto
•Sch. h ortuii", Etvell, ditto
I * ll* L. h., Parker, Baltimore
Feb. 9. Seh. Entcrprizc, Bibber, Portland
i S. h. Volant, Simmons Plymouth
>Star, Harney, ..Philadelphia
I Cleared
| Feb. 3. Ilark Gen. Harrison, Poythress,. .Barhadocs
beb. 1. Ship John Marsha), Murphy,. Alexandria
Sell. Ganges, Handy, Jamaica
beb. 7. Brig Delaware, Blithcns, West Indies
Brig Four Brothers, Slater. . . Jamaica
beb. 8. Bark \\ .11.D.C.Wright,Jackson, Rio Janeiro
Br. brig Bermuda, Carson Barhadocs
Sch. Providence, Shanks, Turks Island
F b. 9. lirig Lucv Spears, Bobbins,. St. Croix
beb. 3. Bark E. Churchill, Dickey Baltimore
Feb. 1. Br. brig Eliza Helen, Clements Norfolk
i CHARLES TON, S.C. Cleared
Feb. ... Sell. Marv Ann, Ridgeway, .... Baltimore
MOBILE, Ala. Cleared
Jail. 2*5. Brig Huntress, Rue Baltimore
NEW ORLEANS, La.- Arrived
Jan. 30. Brig Ruth, Llufrio, Rio Janeiro
Jan. 2.. Ship Rochester, Otis Baltimore
Bark St. Joseph, Bryan ditto
Jan. 28. Ship Elsinorc, Riley, ditto
Bark \\ . Kennedy, Martin ... Rio Janeiro
Jan. 29. Brig f riiuew Amy, Guuby, ... Baltimore
Feb. 1. Brig Gen. Worth, Ilewes ditto
.Vo. lIH Frail streit, near Sooth,
For t he sale of LEAF TOBACCO,
■Vo. 7. Fightslreit Wharf,
jit'" l J Iy B A LT 1 M ORE
W 11.1.L.\ M B T) SON A TO.
L E A F T O 15 A CC O
•V 0.47 Fight. st, near Frail,
•Ye. IS So alb sheet,
j tine all B A I. IT MORE.
And Agent for tin* vale of I,enf Tobacco,
No. 75 Light str et Wharf,
juncoly BA /. 77.1/ ORE.
Office, X o. 83 Bowly's Wharf, South Street,
It A I.TI M O R E.
Manufacturers of WHISKEY, GIN, BRANDS',
Xo-s. 8 ,5* 9 Fight street,
tc 30 tf BALTIMORE.
For the .ale of LEAF TOBACCO.
.Vo.RG Fight street H'harf,
WESLEY STABR, 1 No. 4 Light street Wharf,
WM. at. STARR, ) jtme o ly
Agents for the .ale of LEAF TOBA< CO,
G. r. W. ALNUTT, 7 Xo. 131 Fonibard street,
WM. T. DICKINSON.) Oct 23 if.
And Brarer in Frnduce and Groceries,
No. 106 Wall street, corner of Front,
N E W Y O R K .
Every description of Domestic and Foreign Pro
duce bought and sold on Commission.
Orders and consignments solicited. je 5
'IRIE subscribers are now manufacturing COT
-8 TON SAIL DUCK, of all numbers, of a supe
rior quality, which they offer to the public on as
pleasing terms as any other manufacturers in the
United States.
jan 8 tf 88 Spear's Wharf, Baltimore.
rfIHE subscribers, agents for the sale of PILOT
M. SAIL DUCK. Itavtt now on hand and will be
constantly supplied with an assortment of numbers
from 2 to 10, of that SUPERIOR ARTICLE, which
they offer to the trade on PLEASING TERMS
Apply to S. PHILLIPS & CO.
jtme 5 ly 91 Buwly's Wharf.
wharf, have received and offer for sale—
-3000 lb. Chain Yarn, from 2 to 11
3000 ih. Seine Twine: 45 gross Blacking
-16 hhds. P. R. SUGAR
6 hhds Prime P. R. MOLASSES
40 hags Rio COFFEE. ja 15
Sales Rooms. Xo 40J Fratt street, near Frederirk-st.
Manufactures for exportation and consumption:
Bv giving early orders. Bread will bo prepared
anil packed to stHiid tlic longest voyages.
jy W. H. BEATTY.
And Western Produce Dealers
Between Fight and Charles-sts. '
CHARLES V. M ABTIN, of the shove firm, will still
at he Old stand, No. 88 Baltimore street, in connec
tion with VICTOR VA LLETTE, under the firm of
where they will be constantly supplied with their
QUORT'ac"' cho,ce TEAS. WINES. LI.

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