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LIVERPOOL, June 17. | HAVRE, June 14.
Letter .Sheet. Prices Current.
A Review of the Baltimore Market, for the week
ending last evening, printed on line paper and adapted
to correspondence, can be had at the Printing office
of this paper, N. W. corner of Baltimore and Holli
day streets, (up stairs,) to-day by 8 o'clock, at GJ
cts. single, or 5 cts. each, for 5 or more copies.
.Hails and Travelling Piieititles.
On the first page of this paper will he found the
time of the Arrivals and Closing the Mails in different
cities —Steamboat and Car regulations—Departures
of Foreign Steamers, Packets, &c.
For the IVeek ending lust evening.
REMARKS. — We have advices by the steamer
Cambria f rom Liverpool to 17th ult., hut their com
mercial character does not vary much from that of
the preceding week. The weather continued favor
able for the lorlh-coming harvest.
Our market has not been active, generally owing
to the intervention of the anniversary of our National
Independence, and much rainy weather since.
AMERICAN DRY GOODS.—We have no new
feature to note in this branch ol trade: the market
continues quiet as usual at this season of the year.
BEESWAX.—The market is without a supply,
and there are few or no enquiries making for the ar
BREAD—Is in fair demand, chiefly Pilot and Navy
Biscuit, fur export, and prices for those as well as
all other descriptions, remain steady.
CANDLES. The transactions in Sperm and Ada
mantine continue moderate; while Mould fallow
sell freely, particularly City-manufactured and pack
ed in fancy boxes, for exportation.
COFFEE.—The private transactions fur the week
comprise about -1000 bags ol Rio, at (ijufij cts. per
lb.; and by public auction on Tuesday, of 2801) do.
Rio offered, 2200 sold at (>6J— another lot of 111 bags
was knocked down at —when the residue was
withdrawn, less than ti cts. being refused. Yester
day, 4200 bags green Laguayra were put up, and all
sold, the extremes .'I fur very ordinary and Gj cts. fur
prime, hut the larger portion of the sales were at o'.
cts., and the average of the sale was s.">.3j per It'll
lbs., all b tiios. These transactions, (as from 8000
to 10,000 bags have been taken out of the market,
to go to New Orleans and the West,) have reduced
stocks in first bauds to a limited amount, to, proba
bly, not over s(io 0 bags. Ariivcd this week, G775
COPPER.—There have been sales ol Old at prices
within our range of quotations.—Taunton Yellow
Metal for Sheathing has sold at 10 cts. per lb., G tuos.,
the former price.
COTTON.—The market is very dull, and we
know of no sales—for, although prices rule low, the
views of holders are above those ol buyers.
FEATHERS —There have no transact ions eome
to our knowledge; the market is amply supplied, hut
nothing be yoiul a small n tail bits a. sscharacterises it.
FlSll.—There is nut much activity in the market.
Of the small remaining lots of North Carolina trim
med No. 1 Shad, sales have been made at sb.2") per
l,i-|. Herrings are taken in limited parcels at 3.75
#4 for N. Carolina, and sT'2."> for Susquehanna and
Potomac. Mackerel are lower, and Irs- brisk, No. 3
selling at $4.75, No. 2, s<>; and No. 1, $8.5(1
per hrl.
FLOUR AND MEAL.—The transactions in Flour
have been quite moderate, without any change In
price and the stock is too light, even ol Howard
street, to fill an order to any considerable extent.
The sales of the week for export have probably not
exceeded IUIIO brls., in small lots, at $5.2'.. Tlo re
have been further engagements of some 300l)<t4IMM>
brls. City .Mills, Wheat, to be delivered
in all next week, at $.">.75 per bid., the former price.
Susquehanna is in moderate supply, and sold at
$5.0;!',. Rye Flour may lie quoted $3.75, About
1(11) lit is. City Mills Corn Mi al have sold at $2.37j
per bri. Inspected this week:
Corn Meal, 137 bids.—
Rye Flour, Pit bids.—
Howard street Flour, .. 1,837 brls., bf. brls.
City Mills ditto, .. 1,652 " 125 "
Family ditto, li 4 " "
Susquehanna ditto,.... Had " "
4,652 brls. 125 Itf. brls.
Forming a total of 4.7 I I', brls. \\ beat I' lour. Ex
ported within the sum - time to foreign ports 1.12-
brls. of Flour and 1" Itlols. and SH7 brls. Corn Meal.
GRAIN. —There is no old Wheat coming forward,
but the receipts of new have been to a fair extent
and are increasing. Some lO.OIHI to 15,01)0 bushels
have arrived since the close of last week's report,
including a cargo of 1000 bushels red from North
Carolina which sold on Monday at I. lon .$ 1.13, and
another of 2000 on Thursday of similar fair to good
quulil v, at 1.03(1$ 1 .0 t. The arrivals from Virginia
and Eastern Shore have all b ti taken within the
raa-re of tli -se prices; and at close 1 ,05a $ I .Of may
be consider, d the fair market rales for good to strict
ly prime dry lots, of which the cargoes have gene- |
rilly b en composed. Some very handsome parcels
o white, suitable for Family Flour, have come to
hand, which were taken at l."rto.s 1.15. We li ne
no sales of ltye to r port. Cora lias been in more
limited supply towards the close, and prices improv
ed, I bos ■ paid yesterday w. re 4ln 13 cts. (or white,
ami 4.m47 for > ellow. Oats may h quoti d 3133 els.
HEMP-Is "dull of sale, and late prices are not
sustain d.
HIDES.—The market continues inactive; and al
though there is a fair supply in market, we have not !
a transaction to report. , !
INDIGO.—By auction yesterday, 21 STOOUP Ca
raccas sold at 45 to 77 cts. per ll>., 6 mos.
IRON.—Eastern manufacturers have been in the
market within the last ten days and taken some 25110 j
tuns of the hist Baltimore Puddling Pig on terms not j
public, but considerably lower than the rates at the
last corresponding season. _
MOLASSES. —The market is without a supply of
sweet retailing qualities, and for other descriptions
there is little or no demand.
NAVAL STORES.—There is only a limited de
manil at this season of the year, and prices for most
descriptions remain unchanged.
OILS.—The market is without any material change
in prices. Linseed is selling to a moderate extent at
65 cts. in csks., and 00 in brls. Lard Oil continues
to be in fair request, and is taken in lots of 25<t30
brls., at 6065 els., the latter for prime white.
PLASTER PARIS.—The sales have been moder
ate at $2.50 per ton.
PROVISIONS.—The market has not been active,
but ftriccs very firm for all denominations with a
slight improvement in some. '1 lie stock is light, and
the assortment broken, but the viaduct at Frccport j
being again in operation, an additional supply will
probably reach here in all next week, as consider- ,
able quantities have been detained at Pittsburgh, the |
rates of Freight charged for transportation during
the process of repairs to the canal not justifying pre
vious shipment. „ , r .
Beef. —There have been small sales of No. 1 at
10.50u51l per brl., cash and time —otherwise only
for ships'stores, at quotations.
Pork —ls without any alteration in price, lO.jUrt
sll for Mess., and $9 lor Prime, and but lew sales
making. , . .
Bacon —Has been ill fair request, anil prices fur
ther improved, fair to good Shoulders readily com
manding 4(o41 cts., and strictly prime I}. Sides are
held firmly at 4,'5 els., and very few transactions
have taken place for a good article at a less price
than the latter. Hams for shipment are relatively
more plenty and prices have been less affected, but
the selected for home use and for family purposes,
including extra cured, are scarce, and bejel with
firmness: the first description referred to, which are
partly large and roughly cut, arc selling at 5Ja6 cts.;
and the latter, of handsome sixes, 79, for which
there is a good demand.
Lord.—We note the sale of 4500 kegs at 8 cts.,
and some holders refuse to sell under 8.1, Brls. have
been offered at 7 cts. cash, without meeting buyers,
but that price for 250 brls,, 90 days, was refused.
Butter.— Western soils moderately, in lots ol 25
to 30 kegs at lUI2 cts., us in quality, but the de*
mniul is limited.
Cheese—U without any alteration, and without
much export demand.
RlCE.—There have been further limited sales at
3.50a #3.62) per 100 lbs.
SALT.—A small invoice of lurks Island has sold
at 20 cts. per bushel, 6 mos.
SPIRITS. —Pure N. E. Rum sells at 27 cts.; other
brands at something less. Whiskey has become
firmer and recovered the £ cent lost in our last
the closing rates are 21 ) cts. for hluls., and 22 „ for
brls., with sales on Thursday and yesterday to a con
siderable extent.
SUGARS. —We have no sales to report, and tne
market i nearly bare of foreign; 240 hhds. Porto
Rico, all in first hands, were to have been offered
yesterday by auction, hut the sale was postponed on
account of a rain. Arrived this week, 240 hhds. and
1 1 1 brls.
TOBACCO.—The market remains in the same in
active state as noticed for some weeks past, scarcely
20 hluls. probably having been taken for shipment
within the week; and as long as the unsettled state
of affairs on the continent of Europe interpose such
obstacles to the safety of what has hitherto been an
important trade with ibis port, so long will our mar
ket continue without animation. The receipts have
also become very small, as shown by the inspections,
as planters have no inducement to send their crops
forward even were they not otherwise employed at
this season of the year in harvesting their Wheat.
The inspections for the week ending with last Thurs
day comprised HG hhds. Maryland, 51 do. Ohio, and
1 Virginia—total, 141 hhds. The following shows
the number of hhds. of Maryland and Ohio denomi
nations inspected during the first week in July, in
each year from IS.3S to 18-H, inclusive, viz:
Md. Ohio. Md. Ohio.
1545... .hhds. HG.. 54 I 1842..... hhds.49G 525
1547 " 540 .367 | 1841 " 446 .305
1546 " 374. .95S | 1840 " 551. 340
1845 .. " 623 527 j 1839 " 577...G0
1814 " 671. .966 j 1838 " 481.. 69
1843.... " 1007..587 |
There is only one ship, (an American,) in port
loading, and she is taking in for Holland at 255. Pr
lilid.; and the quantity exported for this week i*
on I y one hhd. The exports of Mary land and Ohio
to European ports since Jan. 1 to Gtli inst., stand as
they did in our last, viz:
This week This year.
j To Bremen, hhds. 5,709
j " Rotterdam, " 2,6*>3
" Amsterdam, " *9B
j " Bordeaux, " 669
1 " Marseille^.'." . '. E255
" England, ... " 45
Slock on hand, 6th inst., 23,508 hhds.
WOOL. We have not heard of any transactions
of importance. Several small lots of unwashed and
tub-washed have been picked up at former prices,
h sides which was one of 3000 lbs. ] to $ blood Me
rino, fleece-washed, at the average of 28 cts. per lb., ]
FREIGHTS—The demand for vessels continues
extremely dull, and there is only one at present on j
the berth for an European port —and rates for the i
West Indies and Coastwise arc little more than
nominal. The folluwing were our last quotations i
j Coastwise:
j To Boston—Coal, 1.75a52; Flour IScts.; Corn,acts, j
j " Ports in Maine, do.7aS " i
j " New York, Iron and Coal $1.50 do. 4r," |
I " Providence, Flour IScts d 0...6 "
" Eastern ports, Timber #ll per M.
through on the Baltimore and Susquehanna Railroad I
' from Baltimore to Pittsburgh have receded to their j
former point; the viaduct at Freeport having been re- |
paired, the charges are now as follow, viz:
Dry (ioods, &:e. in bxs. per 100 lbs., 90 cts.
ditto, .... in bales, SO "
Hardware, Drugs and Groceries, 75 "
Queens ware, 70 "
Coffee, 45 "
Herrings, $ 1.12|
Shad and Mackerel 1.25
BEEF CATTLE.—There was an increased sup
ply at tin- drove yards last Monday, and considerably
| lower prices were accepted. The offerings reached i
| sOO head, of which 570 were taken by city butchers, j
355 driven Kastwardly, and 75 remained on drovers' j
hands. The prices paid ranged from2.lß? to #3.25,
j gross, equivalent to 4.37 \a #6.25 per 100 lbs., net. :
Hogs are commanding higher prices, #5 having been ■
paid for the best, and 4.50a # 4.75 for inferior to good.
! EXCHANGE.—There is not much doing in any ;
descriptions, but prices are less firm: Sterling has ,
I sold at 9a 10 percent, prem., the latter, however, for
small specific sums. Bills on Bremen are selling at
79',a80cts. Other Foreign, nominal.
Bills on London d£stcrl'g GO days, 9a 10 per ct. prem.
i Hamburg a
! Bremen 79U SO
Holland . a
Sight Bills on Boston parol lOpcrct. prem.
New York Cityparal 10 do. do.
Philadelphia parol-10 do. do.
Richmond, Va. . ?al do. dis.
Charleston, S. C. l.'a— do. do.
Mobile 1 ',2 do. do.
New Orleans, ... 11,a2 do. do.
Louisville I i,a2 do. do.
St. Louis Mu'l do. do.
Cincinnati, 1 \a'2 do. do.
Treasury Notes, G per cents a 104',
Mexican Dollars — a * per ct. prem. |
i Spanish do la 2 do. do.
American Gold para— do. do.
Doubloons, Royal 15 90 al6 j
Do. Patriot .. 15 55 a156" j
1 The following is the value of Exports from the port
of Baltimoie to foreign ports for the mouth of June:
Domestic, #377,38-2
Free, 390 j
Dutiable, 488 |
Specie, 2,900 ,
Total $381,060 j
The ship HIDEOUT, BROWN, was cleared at this ,
port last Saturday, by CLARK & KELLOOU, for Liv
erpool, with the following cargo, viz: Pork 66,429
I lis.; Bacon 36,661 do.; Lard 6 csks. 50 trcs. and 1 480
brls.; Offal 19,107 lbs.; Corn 10,878 i bushels; Peas
610 do.; Corn Meal 583 brls.; Shoe Pegs 12 brls.;
Shooks 20 bills.; Salt Sacks 302—total value cargo,
The following table exhibits the quantity of Flour
and Indian Meal inspected in the city of Baltimore !
for the quarter ending June 30,
Wheat Flour brls. 125,397 . .217,865... 180,320 !
Wheat F10ur,../(/*. brls. 5,944 .. 4,927 6,067 1
Rye Flour, .... brls. 1,620 ... 2,412... . 1.682 i
Indian Meal, ....hhds. ...105 . 1,285 395
Indian Meal, brls. . .6,458... .41,654.... 11,734
We have advices from Liverpool to the ITtli June
by the arrival of the steamer Cambria, on Friday ol
last week, at Boston, having made the passage in 12£
days. The commercial news by her is not of much
interest, but it still goes to show the prospects of a
good harvest as well all over the continent of Europe
as in the United Kingdom—and a further slight de- j
cline in the rates of Cotton. Breadstuff's, however,
were a shade better, Canal and Virginia Flour and |
Indian Meal having advanced Gd. per brl., and Corn
Is. per 480 lbs. [See quotations in the Liverpool j
Prices Current on preceding page.] The political
advices from the continent are excitingly important, |
an idea of which may be found in an extract below j
taken from a portion of the proceedings in the Assem- I
bly of Bepublicun France.
The political barometer in England bad become
less fluctuating, the insurrectionary spirit having set
tled down to a momentary quiet at least, as shown
by the following article:
Money Matters. —The Bank of England on Thurs- |
day, Btl June, announced that the rate of discount ]
was reduced to percent. Gold continues to arrive 1
from all parts of the world. It is 10 per cent, dearer I
in Paris than in London, and 34 percent, dearer in .
Hamburgh than in London.
The loreign exchanges lor three months' bills are J
—Amsterdam, 12:3.) ;: Hamburgh, 13:12) to 13, and j
Frankfort, 122] to 122). Paper at short on Paris, j
25;50 to p3,
The amount of notes of the Bank of England in ac
tual circulation in the week ending Saturday, June 3,
including seven days and other bills,was £, 18,817,581,
a decrease during the week of £26,606; the amount
of gold and silver coin and bullion in the hands of
the bank, £ 13,597,206. an increase of £82,467. .
The English Stocks are very buoyant still, and
with u fair business doing. Consols for Account have
now attnined a price higher than at any period since l
February last, being 83) J ex-dividend, or 85 to ],
with the interest attached. There would he no rea- i
son, however,why a farther rise should not take place, j
taking the value of money alone into account, but
that the revenue and the state of Europe will "go for j
something" with the speculators. The New Three- ,
and-a-Quartvr per Cents have been 84j| and the
Three per Cents Reduced 83) to J. Bunk Stock is
worth 192 J. Exchequer bills are at 38s. to 40s. pre
mium. The Foreign Bonds keep up well. Spanish
Three per Cents have been 22} to 23), and the Five
per Cents 12), the dividend being advertised. Mcx-
W E E K E Y C O II ,11 EKCI A L .1 II U RN A L.
1 ican have risen to 16] ( -J. Brazilian New arc at 05a
i 00 j; Granada, 12'.; Peruvian, 30', and 30; Portu-
I guest*, 10 , and 17; Dutch Two-und-a-llalf per Cents
bring 42); and Russians have advanced t > 90).
t : In the French Assembly, June 13.
• I [Extract.] On the 13th the subject of M. L. Bona
1 narte's exclusion from the Assembly was resumed.
1 | M. Louis Blanc opposed the measure on the ground
' that the decree was essentially and anti-republican.
; j M. Fresnon contradicted the report that shots bad
• been tired on Monday, explaining that ill • captain of
; the National Guard had been wounded by accident.
• Several members bore testimony to the patriotism
and disinterestedness of M. Louis Napoh-on; and M.
Viellard, formerly his private tutor, read a letter
from liiiu, in which M. Louis declared that he had
; no desire to take a seat in the Assembly, or even to
cnt< r France, unless the country wanted hint.
M. Fuvre, after having contended against the re
jection of the prince as an exceedingly impolitic step,
was succeeded by M. Burin z. r< porter to the Phli
; committee, who said that his opinion respecting the
j admission ol Louis Napoleon h id been the very re-
I verse to that developed by M. Fuvre. Since the 2d
t June, events had changed. Loin* Napoleon was no
| longer a citizen—he was a pretender. The coimnit
. tee thought that the election hud introduced into the
i Assembly a pretender, and proposi ti lo annul his elec
; tion. The committee judged that he was a pretender
by the events of the last two days The cry uttered '
by the rioters was not "Vive Napoleon!" it was j
j "Vive PEmpereiir!" M. Buclicz then undertook to
prove that the prince was a real pretender, and cited
the proclamation in which he claimed the throne in
virtue of a Senatus-Consulte, arid as heir of the Im
perial Throne.
After several other members had spoken, for and
against the measure, JNI Ledru Rolliu addressed the
Asseinbl y.
M. Ledru Rollin said—This question is too impor
tant for the Government to allow the discussion to i
pass over without declaring its opinion. Yesterday,
it is said, "A law exists, and the Executive Commit
tee will acton it until the National Assembly shall
declare its opinion on it." Wo are now told that the
law does not exist. Why, then, has any proposition
jon the subject been sent to a committee." The law
! exists by the sole fact that it has been a question
! whether it shall be acted on or not. We have been ,
I told that we have violated the sovereignty of the peo- |
| pie. Can such a charge be brought against those who .
I founded that sovereignty On the 24th of February, and
i again, can the opinions of three departments be call- j
jed the sovereignty of the whole people? Certainly
not. {Murmurs.) Allow me to tell you that you j
| are not better revolutionists than the authors of the !
I constitution of 1793. The authors ofthat constitution j
I tell you that insurrection is legitimate wh. nthe whole ,
|of the principle is violated. Hut has this been done."
i The sovereignty of the people only exists in its cn
| seuible, and in an absolute manner. (Laughter and
• murmurs.) If one department were t<> think proper j
1 to elect the count de Paris or Henry V., would you !
not say thai department had made a idmider."
It lias also been said that the Executive Committee
had allowed it to be supposed that the law against the '
Bonaparte family was abrogated by permitting other ,
members of it to take their seats in the Assembly; ,
but to that I will reply by saying that our colleagues j
ofthat family have never suffered any political con- j
demnntion. Besides, was the Chamber ignorant of
what had taken place in the last few days? A judi
cial investigation has just commenced, and it has h.-en
; discovered that money has b -en di>tributd, ami the
house from which that nion -y has come is known; 1
i wine has also be. ii distrib it d; cries ol "Vive Napo
leon" have resounded in our a urs,audtii walls have
I been covered with seditious placards. Within four
j day s three Napoleonist j niriials were established,
I preparing the way for ihccandidatcsliip of Louis Na- I
j poh on as President. If the National Assembly
thinks that no measures should betaken in the face of
such facts, let it declare its opinion—the Executive
Committee docs its duty, let the National Assembly j
do theirs. (Approbation.) Proscription and the so
vereignty of the people have been spoken of, and j
these words had no douht their clfict onus. But we j
are now statesmen, and reason must take the part ol i
sentiment. (Approbation.) It lias been said that ;
Louis Bonaparte is a stranger to what is goii.gon. |
That has been the expression of every one but him- I
self. Has he conic and given his adherence to the
K-public? 1 wish that those Republicans who arc
assembled round the walls of this building, and who j
allow themselves to be led away by generous senti- j
incnts, could hear my voice, for 1 would say to them,
•'it is a law of necessity, hut which will he only tem
porary." As for tlo>e who have only placed them
selves under this standard to work on the old souve
nirs of glory again-t the Republic, there is no pity j
for them. (Approbation.)
After much lurther discussion, and amidst great ex
] eileinent, propositions for the adjournment ol the dis- j
j cussion, &e., the question was put, whither M. Louis
Napoleon should be admitted to take his seat in the
National Assembly, and voted in the affirmative by
' a large majority. In consequence of this vote, Louis
j Napoleon is udmitted to take his seat, subject, how
; ever, to prove that he is a French citizen.
The government was quite taken by surprise by
the vote of the Assembly, in favor ol Print;-- L-.111.S
j Napoleon. So sure were tlicy that his el. ction would
be umiulhd, that warrants were issued for his arrest
I if found in any part of France, and the police were
promisi d n reward for his apprch nsion. On Tues
day evening, after the vote of the Assembly, tin
warrants were withdrawn. Besides this, a great
number of the adherents of the Prince, have been
, arrested. The Message rof last night says, that, by
, order of the Executive Government, the venders in
! the streets, of portraits and biographies of Louis Na
' pol'-on, were all arrested.
i The draught of the constitution for France was
said lo be ready for presentation, and was r, fcrred
tog nerallv yesterday. Rumor stated that it would
recommend a Presid -nt who should h Id ofiicc for
four years, and that JVI. Arago would probably fie so
-1 lecte'd for the post. Prince Louis Napoleon was also
: spoken of, hut only, it was belcived, to bring bun •
into discredit. A very strong petition to the Assem-
I lily was in course of signature, recommending M.
J Cniissidicrcfor the office. "Strange to say," obs. rves
our correspondent, "neither JVI. Lamartiiie or M.
I Ledru Rollin are mentioned as candidates. The lMr
-1 mer is said to have suffered a good deal in his health
i by the labor and anxiety he has undergone since the
revolution. He appears fatigued certainly, but not
j ill; and as a proof that he is not always occupied by
i business, I may mention that he lias given several (
I sittings to an English artist, Mr. Phillips. He is (
stated, however, to be desirous of retirement, and
| unlikely to enter the lists as candidate for the Dicta
torship " ! ,
i The following circular lias been addressed by
Prince Louis Napoleon to the electors of Paris, and '
the other departments, who have selected him as t
one of their representatives to the National Assem
bly: ,
"LONDON. June 11.
"Fellow-Citizens: Your suffrages till me with
gratitude. This mark of sympathy is the more llat
lering to rac as it was unsolicited on my part, and
j reached me at a moment when 1 regretted being in
! active, when the country had need ol uli her children
to extricate her from the difficulties in w liich she was '
1 placed.
! "Your confidence imposes on me duties which I
i shall know how to fulfil; our interests and our senti
j incnts are the same. A child ol Paris, now a repre-
I tentative of the people, I shall unite my efforts to
I those of my colleagues tore-establish order, credit,
I and labor, to secure peace abroad, to consolidate de-
I mocratic institutions, and reconcile interests which
I now appear hostile, because parties are struggling
against each other, instead of working to one common
end, the grandeur and prosperity of the country.
I "The people have been tree since Feb. 24. They
can obtain all they want without having recourse to j
brute force. Let us, then, rally round the altar of |
our country under the tlag ot the Republic, and give
to the world the grand spectacle ot a people who
have regenerated themselves without violence, civil
war, or anarchy. , 1
"Receive, fellow-citizens, the assurance ot my de- i
I votedness and sympathy.
' Latest News.—By Electric Telegraph from London
to Liverpool.
LONDON, June 17, 1848, 9 o'clock, A.M. i
The following summary embraces all the news ol
' any interest that bus transpired since last night's ,
] mail:
PARIS. —A most serious demonstration was appro
bended yesterday in favor of Louis Napoleon; nil the
troops were confined to barracks, and held ready to
act at a moment's notice. The National Guards were
privately summoned to hold themselves in readiness.
This intense feeling arose out of the letter the Prince
I hail addressed to the President of the National As
sembly, which was read late on Thursday evening
in the"Assembly, and which you will receive; it sta
ted that if the people imposed duties upon him he
j would know how to perform them. This expression
being interpreted to mean readiness to put himself at
the head ol the State, provoked the utmost indigna
tion. The letter was referred to the Committee and
the report would be brought up yesterday. It was
expected that the banishment of the Prince would be
pronounced and it was feared that an insurrection in i
I his favor would follow.
From the Third Edition q/' the Morning Chronicle.
Paris, Friday evening.—Prince Louis Napoleon j
has written the President resigning his seat in the
Nutionul Assembly. The announcement was receiv
ed with loud acclamations. Pans is calm.
VIENNA, June 11. All quiet. The Funds have
advanced ) percent. Fives 00. Exchange unalter
Barings' Circular of June 16, says---Prices arc
generally firmer, with a growing disposition to invest
in these securities. I*. S. s's have gradually risen
to 96 per ct. with div. from Ist July next, and there
appears to be hut little on the market; Massachusetts
96 per cent, buyers; .Maryland 67a?0; Pennsylvania
67a6 5 ; New York 89n90. with div. on; Ohio 87a89;
Alabama 54u5G ex div.; Illinois 3Ju3G; Indiana 41a
46; Mississippi Planters' 60, buyers; I nion 15al8;
Michigan 2Gu33.
This \'ear % s Harvest. —Perhaps in the memory ol
the present generation there nevt-r seemed such bright
pro.-peels for the farmer—so far as abundant crops can
testily—as the present. The earth, i: common
phra-e, groans under i 1 s precious burdens id wheat and
other grains. The dearly loved potato of tlie Irish
peasant i> springing up with seeming health, and
greater luxuriance, and in greater abundance, at this
early period of the year, than we recollect on I >nu-r
occasions. 'I his we have just had opportunity of
witnessing through various parts of G.iiway, King's
and Queen's counties, JMeutli, Ksldaiv. Dublin,
Wick low, Kilkenny and Tipp rary.— Jiulliiiusloe j
(Irdund) 11 'estern Star.
The Post Master General has address -d a Circular,
with the Washington City Post Olli :e stamp of June
30, accompanying a law of Congress passi d June 28,
of which the following are copies, and vv liich ar • ol i
much interest to those engaged in foreign correspoti- i
deuce. Since the distribution of the Circular, how- j
ever, we have seen another of subsequent is>u , 1- j
though neither have other date than the Wash ngtoii
City Post Office stump, which instructs Post Ma-tor- j
to add to the sea-postage, of 21 els., &.c., named in
the first (following) Circular, 5 to 10 or more oth'-r
cents, or whateverthe inland postage may h.-, thus in
creasing the 24,t0 29 or3l cts.,according to the weight
of tiie letter or distance to be conveyed to the port 1
departure of such foreign steam r or oilier foreign
To Postmasters and other Agents of the Department. ;
You will receive with this, so much of the Act of
Congress of .the 2Mb June, I >lB, as relates to your
duties under it. You will see that it is faithfully
All letters or other majlable matter oning into
the United State s from For igu couniri •*, or going
out of the United States to other countri-s, are ro-
I quired to he sent through the Post-c hiee at the place
lof departure or arrival. The p jstug sto be cn.o g d
j on all letters going out of the United Siaten lo or
j through the Kingdom ol Great Britain or its Colonies
into the United Stales, by any foreign packet ship or
I other vessel, will be as follows - lb • p -tug > on the
i out-going letters or other mailable matter to be pre
| P a, ':
On each letter, not exceeding half an ounce in
weight, conveyed between the two c <untri s by ;i
foreign packet, 24 e -nts; and fr each additional h ill
ounce or fraction under, an additional postage ot 24 '
c -nts: and if conveyed between the two countries by j
any foreign priv.it • ship or v. >s< I, wh. n weighing i
half an ounce or under, the p >*tag • will b • 16 c nts; ,
and lor each additional half ounce, or fraction under,
an additional postag • of 16 cents.
Newspapers wili lie chargeable with a postage of 4 :
cents each.
Each sheet of oilier printed matter will be rated as ;
a newspaper. I
Any violations of the law will be r-ported, with j
the evidence, to the District Attorney, for prosecu- .
C. JOHNSON, Postmaster General.
As ACT to amend tlie Act to provide for tin- transpor-
I tutioii of the mail between the United States and
Foreign countries, and for other purposes.
' Be it enacted by the Senate and Nonse of Bepresen
' tatives of the United States of America in Congress
; assembled, That the Postmaster General, under the
' direction of the President el the United States, he,
I and he is hereby, authorized and empowered to
charge upon, and collect from, all letters and other
! mailable matter carried to or from any port of the
United Stales, in any foreign packet ship or other
vessel, the same rale' or rates of charge for American
i postage which the government to which such foreign
I packet or other vessel belongs, imposes upon letters
I and other mailable matter conveyed to or from such
' foreign country in American packets or other vessels,
as the postage of such government, and at anytime
to revoke the same. And it shall be the duty of all
' custom-house officers and other United Stales agents,
designated or appointed for that purpose, to eaf rceor
i carry into effect the foregoing provision, and to aid
or assist in the collection of such postage. And to
that end it shall he lawful for such officers and agents,
on suspicion of fraud, to op n and examine, in the
presence of two ir more r. sp ctable p rs us, being
citizens of the United Slat s. any package or paok
g's supposed to cvillain maihnd.- mitt r. 1 aund on
board such packets or oiler v.-s. Is, or els where,
and to prevent, if necessary, such packets or other
vessels from entering, breaking bulk, or making
cl uranc ', until all such I, Iters or eh -r mailable ruat
t r are duly delivered into the Unit d Slates post
SEC. *2. And he it farther enacted. That all letters
or other mailable matter convey , d In or from any port
ol the United States, by any fir.-gin packet or-hip,
except such unsealed I tiers r, luting to said ship or
vessel, or unv part of the cargo thereof, as may be
dirictcd to tile owner or owners, consignee or con
signees, of said ship or nth r vessel, shall be so sub
ject to postage charge as nf res t:d, vt Iteiher ad.lr, sseil
111 any person in the United States or elsewhere:
Prov abed, it is done by the packet or otlt -r ship of a
for.-iga can itry imp ising (ristag ■ en I iters or tnailn
bl matter co iv jedto or from such • untry, by a i...
pdeh, I or oilier ship of the lull il Stats; ana such
Iv tiers or other mailable matter carried in foreign
pneket ships or other vessels, except such unseal, d
I, Iters relating to lite ship or vessel, or any part of
the cargo tli reof, as may be directed to the owner or
owners, consignee or consignees, as are It -reby re
quired to be delivered into the United States po-t
--ollice by the masters or cummandersof all such pack
ets or otlt, r vessels wlin arriving, and to h ■ taken
from a United States post-offire vv hen departing, and
the postage paid thereon justly cltargeahle by ibis Act;
and for refusing or failing to do so, or for conveying
said letters, or any letters intended to be conveyed
in any ship or vess: I of such foreign r juutry, over or
across tlto United States, or any portion thereof, the
party offending shall, oil conviction, forfeit and pay
not exceeding live thousand dollars for each offence.
WASHINGTON, June 2 ', Is-fL
The following extract of a letter, dated April 21),
IS IS, from Thomas M'Guirc, Esq., United States
Consul at Rio Grande do Sal, Brazil, is published lor
the information of our merchants, interested in the
trade, particularly those who freight vessels with lum
ber to that port: . ,
"According to the regulations of the Custom-house,
vessels having on hoard a greater quantity of merchan
dise than is specified in the manifest, the excess is
forfeited, and they are moreover subject to a fine
equal in amount to half the value ol the excess, and
the pat meat of the duty. If the quantity ot merchan
dise on board is less than is specified in the manifest,
and the declarations which may he ami x d to it by
the master before entering the vessel at the Custom
house, the deficiency will be considered its having
been sniu-gled, anil the master forfeits one and a halt
times the value of the missing goods, with the excep
tion of articles which are despatched by weight or
measure, on which live per cent, is allowed tor de
crease or increase, according to their nature. Sever
al American vessel- have recently been fined, u uler
the first mentioned regulation, in consequence-el liav
in-oii hoard a greater number of feet ol lumber t un was
specified in th e manifest; and it has happened so fre
quently, that I am induced to believe that there is a
radical difference in the measurement in the I nited
States and this port. I therefore recommend those
who mav freight vessels with lumber destined for
this market to specify in the manifest the number of
boards, spars, &c. without regard to the number of
feet, in order to avoid being fined; and in every case
where a part of the cargo is thrown overboard or lost
during the voyage, the master ol the vessel should
make it known to the visiting officer inside orthc bar,
and state the particulars on the manifest."
Chesapeake and Ohio Canal.- The Georgetown
Advocate says that the water will be let off in July
for the purpose of cleaning out liars and making some
slight repairs. The navigation will in consequence
be suspended from the 3th till the 2blh of July inclu
Proposed Growth of Indian Corn in England—
Mr II Cunsdell, n scientific American agriculturist,
has arrived here from Wisconsin, where lie has been
making many experiments with numerous varieties
of Indian Corn, in a climate the mean temperature of
which, during the Summer months, varies very little
from that of England. In the hope ol being able to
• raise a crop her. , he has brought over one hundred
i ,ri ties, and Prince Albert ha*given p rmisMon lor
tie- various experim tils tob • made on his domain at
Windsor. Mr. Cansdell states, that admitting the
grain should become acclimated, it will be |o*ihle
for a poor man to raise, on one rood ol land, Irom lil
teen to lwent v bushels of corn, in addition to, and
without in aiiy way interfering with, his ordinary
grow Ih ol potatoes,'cabbages, or beans, In side finding
nearly enough fodder tokcrpucow in Winter. Mr.
Cansdell also says the usual plan with the tanners in
America is to plant an under crop of saccharin •
|iumpkiii. of which twenty ions an acre is frequently
raised, (in addition to the usual crop of maize,) and
which is considered to contain a larger amou.it ot l.il
! teniiig properties than either Swedes or mangold
wor/.el. Should the issue of the experiments he suc
cessful, it will lie ofiricaleulal lc benefit to tarmers and
the laboring olav.es in England, and particularly of
Ireland, and will be the greatest agricultural achieve
ment since the introduction of the potato. — European
i Mail, MHh June.
Xin gar a Snsfic anion Bridge. —Mr. Ihtchanan, as
sistant engineer, in th • corps engaged upon the iron
bridge, g.v es us the following item, in regard to that
..tniclure, which may he of interest to our renters.
Nunib.-r of cabl •> for bridge, lb; No. of strands in
h cable, Odd; ultimate tension, 6,500 tons: capacity
of the bridge, 500 tons; No. of strands in the ferry
i cable, 37; diameter of the cable, I of an inch; height h
! of stone tower, 69 feet 1 inch; hcighlli of wood tower
for ferry, 30 feet; base of the tower, *2O square feet;
size at the top, I I square feet; span of the bridge.
j let; whole weight of the bridge, 659 tons; hcighth
i fr 111 the water, 230 feet; depth of water under the
I bridge, 200 leet.
1 The cables fur the foot bridge will be taken across
j on Monday next, and it !s intended to he ready for
] crossing on the Fourth of July.— Roc/i. JJern.
Exports from Ponce, P. li. from Ist January to 31st
May, 1-4-.
Sugars, Molasses,
To lbs. gallons.
Croat Hritaiu 428.3H 49, Hit
I'riited States 7,722,395 451,759
llriti.lt Proving: s 763,995 24,090
i Diil'erent parts. 1,540,047 ■••• j
10,455,020 525,719
Exported to same period 1517.
Great Britain 2,3*1,305 292,439
United States 9,533,367 317,885
llritish Provinces 9.1,510 39,613
Dsllercht parts .17,554 0,572
12,856,735 555,509
Belfast, (Ire.)— Bark Stella.
Salt 700 sack*. F \V lirutie & Sons.
Bio Janeiro—Bark Oriole.
Coffee 9-10 bags, Johnson & Travers; 1900 do,
Rio Janeiro— Bark St. Joseph.
Coffee 3iol bag.-. Hirckhehd Pearre; f>o do, W
A Rovd: 27, S Eiting; 7, J G Chupp. 11; sugar 1 bx,
I nit)/. 1 do. A fv)|> 7
Falmouth. (('. .I.) —Srh. Curlew.
Cocoa nuts 37750, dry hides 5, mahogany 17 logs,
W Ma.on & Sun; turtle shell 3b lb*. II Knap; arrow
root 520 do, lime juice 30 gal*, J A Ridguwny.
Bonce, (B. B )—Sch. Scotia.
Sugar S3 hlids m lasses 2> e.k*. mdze 12 |kgs,
1 W \V Spence & Co; sugar 157 bh is 144 brls, With
! iii'ton i; Eastman.
Abuco —Br. nch. Victo i".
' Mahogany 6000 ft, salt 250 bushels, old c >pper46J !>
lbs, old composition 3772 do, old wrought iron 10
tons, old cast do 2600 wt. old rags 200 lbs. turtle a
lot, pine appl *s 750 doz, bananas 45 bunches, specie
2000 dollars, F T Montell.
Boston —Bark Justice Start;.
Copper ore \il tens, nuts 50 bags, mdze 500 pkgs,
Boston Bark Maryland
Hemp 50 bales, Clark & Kellogg; 250 do. lemons
50 bxs, saltpetre 25 bags, md/.e 105 pkgs, Older.
Boston—Brig Murgaret.
Ice 170 tons, order.
New York—Sch. S E. Merrill.
Rivets 25 kegs, tin 50 bxs. E Pratt & I3ro; brandy
1 brls, Hryan Co; hen yls trcs, Harvey, Carson ;
& Co; mdze 2 bales, E Larrabce; cassia 4 crates,
, mdze 4? pkgs, order; 400 do, Rose, Merrill & Co.
New York—Sch. Bee.
i Steel 1 case, Thomas & Co; wine 5 bskts, J F
! Strohm & Co; ll pkgs do,corkwood 29 bdl*. shelled
i almonds 40 bxs, stcarinc 34 brls, mdze 1.3 pkgs,
| order.
Mobile — J. A. Lancaster.
Cotton 102 bags, A Fisher; 1 90 do, J\\ Alnutt;
17, ord r: cotton seed 2 sacks, W \\ Spence & Co.
■ :~— • f
June :i Brig Are I, Atkins, P rtl.i ij
. Flight. Patterson. Norfolk
Csiial bod Eel .p-e, and tivvlrc oilers, Susqtie. i alley
July I, 2. Hark Justice Nbirv, Rider, 110-iou
I{ri,|, Nickerson, -Nickel'suil -. (Into
Soli. .Seullu, Hubbard, ... Ponce, I'. I*.
ll. ru, L virion Philadelphia
Jlth/ :i. Hark St Hi, Oliver, Belfast, Ire.
i r ' Mar'ir t. II I'. Boston |
Br. neb. Victoria, Fisher Abaci
m li. v url. iv, KnJgeway, Falniaiiili, C. A |
Kicliitiouil, liarfurtl, • ■ 80-Un
Corinthian, Duahield, N iv A ork l
Canal boat Zephyr ami Pen oth -rs, Sus pi di. valley
.lull/ii. Ilark .Maryland, Davis. . . ...Hosion
Canal boat Lewis G (■ -e aid rig/ t others,Sus. valley
Ju'y (i. Brtu. ship Pallas, Ahlliorn, . .Bremen
Hark St. Joseph, Hrvan, Rio Janeiro
Chenango, Sn. iv, N> w Vork
BrigJunu, Hates Charleston
- John A. I, iveland, Lancaster Mobile
Sch. Palestine, Travel's, Dover, N. II
Gen. Warren, Portsmouth, N. 11.
—— Union, Bangs, .. Providence j
Chesapeake, Smart ditto j
Btteiia Vista, M'lutyre New Haven :
S. E. Merrill, Strong New Vork
Hoe, Seaman, ditto i
\V,n. Burke, Lawrence, ditto
Gazelle, Paul, Alexandria
Julyl. Ship Seotia. MisUelly, Liverpool
ship Ellerslic, White, ' New York
Br. brig Native, Doyle, V\ extuid. Ire.
Brig John Marshall', Kearney, Pulsion, Me.
Benjamin Franklin, Flinn, ..Boston
Sch. John Snow, Gordon, Sullivan, Ale.
John Ally no. Perry, Gardner
Richard and Borden, Hearse, Fall River
Doct Franklin, Lewis .Hartford
II. Gerard, Price, ork
Jul 1/ 1. Ship Hideout, Brown Liverpool
Hark Louisa, Gunby, New Orleans
Hrig Good Hope, Boruin, ...Ponce, P. H.
Br. sell. Adventure, Roberts Green Turtle Key
Sell. Abigail, Jones, Kingston, Jam.
July 3. Hrig Osceola, Baker Dighton, Mass.
Sch. Maria, Dissoswav, New York
Mary Ann, Boose Norfolk, &e.
July 5. Br. hrig Jabez, Smith, •• Antigua
Sell. E. A. Thompson, Keene, Nassau :
Monterey, Appleby, Dighton, Mass j
July (i. Hrig Amesbury, Rodbird, Bath
Sell. Quail." Weatcott, New A ork
June Jo. Br. hrig Ranger, Painter, Baltimore
EASTPORT, Me. — Sailed
June 23. Brig Financier, Sawyer Baltimore
ELLSWORTH, Me ' Arrived
June 23. Sch. Madagascar, M'Farland, ..Baltimore
BANGOR, Me. Cleared
June 28. Sch. Cadet, Carle Baltimore
June 11. Hrig Josephine, Tilden, .... Rio Janeiro
PORTLAND, Me. Cleared
June J'). Bark Muskingum,Crockett,Rio Janeiro,ice.
S.ACO. Me. Arrived
June PL Sch. Veso, Rvnrson, Baltimore
NEYVIII HA'PORT, Mass. Arrived
June '26. Sch. Hannah Grant, Smith,. .. Baltimore
SALEM, Mass. Arrived
June 23. Hrig Zainc, Iladley, Para
BOSTON, Mass. -Arrived
June 27. Bark Zion, Reynold Baltimore
June'l S. Sch. Alert, Collins, ditto
June 29. Brig Samuel French, Brown ...ditto
June 30. Br. steamer Cambria, Harrison, Liverpool
Shin Santiago, Redman Balavia
Jllu 1. Bark J. AV. Paige, Taylor Baltimore
Brig Wm. Pitt, Hall, ! . ....ditto
July 2. Ship Pontiac, , Calcutta
June 27. Br. steamer America, Judkins,. .Liverpool
Ship Htirinah, Sears, Last Indies
June 28. Bark Mindoro, Austin Itio Janeiro
Bark Helen Maria, Taylor, Baltimore
June 29. Bark Gipsey, Law son, ditto
July I. B.trk 1 iiiou, Kind rick, ditto
Brig R odolph, K nt, .ditto
Srli. Susnii, K*l 1 ditto
PLYMOI Til, Mass. Arrived.
June I K Srh. R. W. Brown, Francis, Baltimore
NA N TU< KKT, Mass. Arrived
June 24. S -li K. 11. Adams, Adams,.... Baltimore
June *27. Sell. William, Wixon, .... . •. Norfolk
June 2S. Sell, Latuurliue, Green, Bultunor.r
Sell. Lewis, J nlcins, ditto
June 2D. Sch. Delaware Farmer, Stokely, ... ditto
NEWPORT, R I. Arrived
June 26. Sch. Exact, Brown, . . ... .Baltimore
NOR WITH, Con. Arrived
June 26. Seh. Maria, Lowry, Baltimore
NKW YORK - Arrived
June 27. Ship Severn, Choever, .Havre
June *>S. Ship Argo, Dai is, ditto
Ship Madonna, Lawlin, Monrovia, Africa
Bark Gall-go, Johnson, Rio Janeiro
June 29. Ship Switzerland, Fletcher, Loudon
June 3D. Ship Cygnet, Derby, Canton
Ship Joshua Bates, Stoddard ditto
A'ju net, Jordan, Calcutta
Bark Lucy Penniinan, Riddell, Rio Janeiro
Sch. Joseph Brown, Briggs, Baltimore
Victory, Osborn, Norfolk
July I, 2. Ship West Point, Alien, Liverpool
H.iio. haik Magilalene, Arnesue, Rio Janeiro
Sell. C. A. Crook, Grant, Baltimore
June 2d. Sch. Rainbow, Emerson, Baltimore
Jme 2D. Shi}> Floridiau. Whitinore, ... City Point
Sch. Kllieott, Cole, Baltimore
June 3D. Ship Oxford, Goodinauson, Liverpool
Ship Baltimore, Conn, Havre
J"hj I. Prig Vo|uia, Etchbergcr, Baltimore
Sch. Adrian, Walnole, Norfolk
July Sch. Col. Blum, Tate, Brazil
July 1,2.8 rig Henry Woodis,Chamberlain,Mayngtiez
Br. sch. Arethusa, Ennis Eleuthera
July 3. Bark Elizabeth J., Gallagher, Havana
Bark James Bay ley, Bislit p,.... Matanzas
June 2D. Brig Rowena, Howard,. Demarara
Brig Wave, Joline,. Trinidad, Cuba
June 3D. Brig Caroline Clark, Hofiner, West Indies
July 3. Brig Brandy wine, CVsin, Pcrnatnbuco
Sch. Trio, ~... Harbour Island
NORFOLK, Va. Arrived
June 29. Sch. Sarah Frances, Fuller,... .Thomaaton
Sch. Brilliant, Hall New York
June 30. Seh. Bounty, Hallock, ditto
July i. Sch. Franklin, Gurn.-y, .. Ware ham, Mass.
Sch. Marv Jane, Oshorn,... New York
NEW ORLEANS, La. Cleared
June. 24. Bark Mary & Jane, Flitner,... .Baltimore
162 Bultimore-st., JJtowns' Building.
12 do do NEW YORK!!
rgniiE Philadelphia, WILMINGTON
exp dili d their Mail i raiiM, we -hull hereafter be
at)lt- id deiiv. i God- in I'hiladelpliiu in 5 hours, and
Iroiu 12 1. 21 li >u in advance of ail other convey-
We are prepared to receive and forward Specie,
B.u.k N >te-, Pare- I- and Packages, ofevery descrip
ti n. to the above Cities in lr-s tune and ut less ex
peu-f, than by any > tl er Line.
Small Packages lor Phil idclpltia and New York
lull at our office previous tn 8} o'clock. A. M.. will
be deliv re.l in Piiil.ideiphiii the aauie evening, and
.u New York next morning.
I he Public will bear m iiiiud that our Great East
ern Expr-- accompanied by a Special Messenger,
i uve- d.nly at 7r, o'clock, P. M. Heavy Packages,
Co , by (his Line wili be delivered in Phila
delphia in a xt morning at an early h nr.
W I L.MING TON, (Dl-.L).-We have establish
( J a H'aiicb OlHc - at Wilmington, Del., and forward
Packages or Parcel* by < ver> Railroad Train run
ning In or through that oit v.
w a S 111 N G 1 O N , GEORGETOWN AND
ALEXA N DRIA . We !• rward all descriptions of
Packages to the above Cities by the Mail Trains.
Small Pare L will he forwarded by the 9 o'clock
ouiing Line. It. av) Parcels, kc., left at our Of
fice before 4.3 o'clock, P. M will be delivered in
Washington the *uin* evening, il required, or at an
early hour next morning.
the only Express to these Cities, and will deliver
Goods on tiie tin st rem liable terms. Express
leaves daily at 3., o'clock, P. M .
CUSTOM llol'SE BUSINESS. —We are pre
pared to enter and pay duties 011 Goods arriving in
Philadelphia, N iv York r 80-ton, and will forward
them to any part of the United State s, via Express
or Heiv Lne as d -ired.
IELLS, NOI ES, DRAFTS, &c., will be col-
I- eted in 1 v l y City in the U. iuii vv lu re there is an
Expr s coiinecioti.
jry-Paiticnlae aiienlion will he given to Shipping
Spo-|. , hi tile Packets and Nivalin 1-.
Packages addressed In Points where we do not
rtlii an Express, will I).- htvv a I'd • d by the best COtt
%evam' >. Our responsibility ce.iso when we have
obtained their receipts
tlur Wagons will call m anv part of the City for
Good- int( tided for our Expresses, five of additional
cll.ll" J •
\l VIN Nf) \ VS. } Proprietors of the Line
W l. 2>l NS VIOR E, 3 from Phi lad. to Boston.
E S. S\NFOIID, / Pro'iora of Line from
S. M. .>HOE.MAKER, 5 PbilaJ. to Petersburg,
net 16— if
ipxaD'llK Susquehanna Steam Tow Root
f *7~i_C''iiip.'"iy , s new boat JUNIATA, Capt.
J as, Mitchell, will commence her re
gular trips, leaving the lower end of Smith's wharf
t-verv rucsday, Thursday and Saturday evenings,
.t 7 o'clock, tor Havre de Grace and Port Deposite.
R. tinning, will leave Port Deposite at 5 o'clock, and
Havre de Grace at 7 o'clock, every Wednesday,
Friday a d Monday evening. For freight or pas
sage, apply to
j• 17 4t Office lower end Smith's whf.
MGSN, NO. I, and Prime BEEF
Smoked and Pickled TONGUES—
Smoked BEEF, &c. &c.
Spi :ed TRIPE, in ijr. bid*.
Kept constantly on hand, and
for sale —by
june 5 tf Stall No. 17, Centre Market.
rgmi E subscribers, agents for the sale of PILOT
2l SAIL DUCK, have now on hand and will be
constantly supplied with an assortment nf numbers
from 2 to 10, <>f that SUPERIOR ARTICLE, which
they oiler to the trade on PLEASING TERMS.
Apply to S. PHILLIPS & CO.
June o ly Bovvly's Wharf.
No. 9(1, Spear's Wharf.
Vessel* of first class generally at
com tit all d, or provided on accommodating terms,
nov 6 if
81 Smith's Wharf,
may 20 B A L T I M O R E .
Corner o I Lombard and Gay Jtreets,
opposite the Cutoni House,
All the varietiesofSHlP BISCUIT and CRACK
| ERSconstantly on hand and for sale wholesale and
retail. June oif
Office, No. 83 Bowl if s Wharf, South Street,
Manufacturers of WHISKEY, GIN, BRANDY,
For the sale of LEAF TOBACCO,
No. 75 Lightstreei Wharf,
I) R A K EL E Y & F E NTO N ,
374 (S" 376 Baltimore street.
142I 4 2 ly BALTIMORE.

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