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Oxford Democrat. [volume] (Paris, Me.) 1833-1933, April 23, 1850, Image 2

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$nc (prforD Democrat.
•MtlH. t Pit 11. 33, !*.<>.
<f~ tulwiil, r« ►> TW t^mnrrul n J*« I'irit
' iKimh, w41 Wrmlfr tml iVii iwrfi 41 the
4 ¥*.«■ Rl !*T 1 YOL'ML
I N.»w»» V>lfcaf* uh! »«r I«|I> .*1 ihr >at
:> mi \ii imwr.
. • i II* fclirll \ 31 I »Kli»tlT. at iNr l|. trl of
' 'HN TAILOR. F.»4 Aim! afalkirfc
sill hr iVIirrmt /Vw tfp—tmgi..
SLr. Kuig'a Export oa CalifoniiA.
TTf. Th»nni» Bullvr King'* R.-port «»n
• IHrrtna ha» hern prrvnt.M » Cmctm.—
t * im IratfUii. Ttxi flNlmin; is a brief
ot MH1M- ■>( tSk! ptllH'Ipjl topif# of
•eh it treat*t
The population ot the <*• . in apri
•unl rr*mrrr» , rvteal -*n«l prmliietion of
tmwcral tr«;i«n , tne ownmerre ami n**i
u«<n nffiliAnil, the lf»»*lali«*i mmyim
' •i Territory ul r*|> < jIIi in h'f itJ <"
iti»|i>iniiliin ot the ip»M l«etrine taml« he
.•1 •<» 'Jh- l'riitetl Stal« »
• >>. ,w«j •t'kiloii 011V iNHintrv i» now ilmul
; '"l1" An aCte*uoa to the popul.it on in
mL'ration tlurinc the vr.ir hruinninc at the
■ m ilr* *oa»«»a on ihe fir»t of Mat « <•».
i.-J at SHO.OOO
!*>..■ *4jr oultunl rt|>int:<-i of Sfite *r»
•* »l\ siMlrr tl.ao han been heretofore reprr
••I »l There i« a t»m utri'i rf p.i»tun
itn»urpa«*<*| ant^br''* t». th«- worH, ii
'urv mm] nrhi Th»* Mill <«jt» prow
ituri'talt all n»er the pNin». ateMmp ar
il nif it the ratt of • rt^ hu»lt« l« j<oi
\i»t number of citt' an>! «h'X>p uu\
ri vl T*« hnn<lr«*l t':»t«am1 hevl o
mu*t Sr brni i'ht into the c« untry <Hr
'he n>*\t t«v jeur«.
ik rani* were former!» killed thru
». which wa« the eluef mvl' of npdi
tl.ev mi ••• * irth S it ? I a v* ' '• I now
\ arc north tiO <»r |S'» j h'a-l
I'aliMrtua •• i^jwillt v!sjt. I to mml
>winj»; a |ntlmu »ju> sbo»,t to unpor
ili>unr I «hr.-j» from M \ •«<> »,th » » < *
• J into that hu«irw**e The future » ilu<
>ht vtnevarJ* i« represent .1 \» «enr c""^'
\« to the commerce of the <\>«.ntr\, he e*ti
« ihe *a!u>* of import* need«-H in Caltfor
'• m the AtJi'ilir Stat'-*, for tii» nett vri
•ur million* .if Jo!hr» in four. ».\ mi!
>* in lumber, am! t«« miilioi .a t.i mber ar
• !•■*.
\» t« ihr artidr "I Mimnri, iu i»m.»
**. per M **l cinnot Sr 'onrr. hrriuv H i
' »h thr <"<>*t of bb*r tirrc<*ary (■>' cuttm;
lowing lumhrr in t' ilifortiis It c*» hi
J to •'aliform* t«" *v,'l p« • M . it «l - p
ne it t > e**> Iw-rv, it «• ill ronluut* t.
I hr coM wfiw •* ikvfikf<l a* ntmdinj
. • or kii humlrrd tiulc* fn'tn thr South t<
North. and fn>m forty to Mlty nuU* i
'th. from the Ka*tto Wri It ri* * grid
• !ltr in an inclinr plain. from thr Svr»nwt»
• V»llr\. to thi* flftilion of 1000 fi-rt a
at arr nIM iIh" F«'t 11 ill* Hriw»ri
. *m hill* ami the Sirrra N-»a«l*. a numhr
-trrarn* havr thrir »««irr*, and takr tK<*i
•^r through thr Fool Hill*. «e*t»ard.
Mr K n/ rxini'i.iil twr)»r of thmo r »«r«
' tl.rm alt *rry rtrh in j»«.|d. Th<
fit»«rr m tic North i» *rry rtrh in r»ld
>1 thr eoorlu»ion is i»rir:f»Slr. from all tin
«-t«. that thr *holi* quarts plain ri.itainin;
' it thousand Kjuarr iinU *. is full «>f c»!»
!<li 1! in thr quart j, an<l M>ni>* of «hi>*h di*
• _'nioi mr quart* by the turrrut*
v hr found in duat and lump* in thr hn!'
• 'he atrram*.
i'hr «ht»lr nstnhtr of fofrtjtirw in tlw rt
n. »Ho arr (j»>|«l huntrr*. i« fiftrrn thou*
**• ' Thci* hate hrcn but vwa thoa—im
' Krrirwi pold hunter*. Tbe Chilian* an<
Snnun jw«p|. cvinr .ti ami ha*.
•ritxl offtw rMy-fh«*milium. Thr \mrn<
•» h.»*r pr»«-urr*i fifioen million*. Th*
• .tliana arr expert d
Phr amount of (old alrra.lv pMCurr I. i«
•" •» million*. Hut (nrtv million* mor.» will
-orurrd during thr owning «lr> Bra*..!!—
lr»»m Ma* till Viwmihrr.
Thr rr?uLr mining ojx-nt on* in tlir *.«li.l
irt« Mek *ill *>on hc^in. and ran ho ron
•ird durinc thr wrt aa v»r|l a* the dry * »
\|r. Kin; e»timat« the »mount of gold
. h will U pmrurai frout ih«* firM of M n .
• >1, till th«* fir»t of NuttmhiT, 31 •
' -wired millioo*'
lie recMMMMlft that the bruin hi- retain*-1
• public property forrter—ai*l » a p»rj* t
• 1 r*-*ouree f«>r the puMie • \eheijuer.
To the worker* and diccm of »'••!*! he pfi»
to ffnuit |*nint» at lb** rale of unouihv
• ;«>1«1 fir each pound.
K.»r the rnouura^'mrnt of regular ntimn;
rstMMi», ho proptMM * to tfrant IroM « of a
tited number of acre*, to a ponton or com*
i iittn, at a truall per cwiUwc on the amount
• • iruld procured
Counterfeit Gold Coin
We find in the N. V Jnurml of ommcrc*
•\ fidlowtng article in relation u> *«»nie •Ian
- mu* e>wintcrffit» which are in circulation,
t. f»cts are derived from the AaMttfuf tlw
S mint
• Th" iimmI important r!i»« t»f fwntrrlrii«
I 1m mtuiwM <•( >m* a <sjmi, si«J ww
I »» lately been brought to light worthy of
,<eeial notice. The nrii'iiM th-*
:1-, half eagle, ami ijuarter ngk The
• i* »err jierfret, f«»r although a coiner m.;*ht
•j*o»er that the ini; r«—i^n is n«>t quite m
rp ami decided u the penuine coin, >• t
but a practised eye cm detect any dill' r
r •*". Even when clammed under a wicro
•l« . the* ar»» found to ci>rr»-»j»>o<l m the
si tii.nut* psrtieulir to the genumr n«m —
' >is shows that the die* Itiuit ha»<* h>-en
•sl'i'rreJ from our emu l»» mm' mechanical
">■*» Dot yet known to h«<ftcM workmen, as
most accomplished artist in the world
ild not t;ik« up the enter and make such a
• simile.
The coins ba*w rather a dull sound in ring
> •, but not ia if flawed, although they an
tualiy compo* .1 of three distinct p teres of
• tol. Where they »re full weight they are
■unlv thicker than the genuine, hut
illtr the half eaijle run, as in the good piece,
•<u 31 to flOtbo'isandth* ©f an inch w itliin
i • ni«e>l nm They afpeir a» follows A
. i» piinrWt of ailrcr [of Spanish suutUrd]
prepared so nearly of the right diameter.
♦ l it the subvqucnt oterlay uf the gold plate
; the eiljfe. will nuke it exact Two plan
ets of gold are then preparnJ one of them
; .-orrespond with the true diameter of tin
- mo. the oU*r about •ne-quarter »f an melt
• rger Tbeoc two plate* soldered upon tlx
. >Ter. ihe j>r>j"e»inc r»m of »t>e la»jj« r is Lent
up to meet the Miullor—«o aa to ro*er tli«
; edce <'C (he ruin, and the |>icc*e n finished h\ |
1 a blow in the roiner preaa. Tlir half «apl<v
which arc, |«*rha|<«l the nx»t nutneroua, brat
vtkhoiM date*, au.-b aa IH44, 1N5 ami IH|?
l)| ihe quarter rvlra only one d-.lr, 1*43, an.I
hearinf O, for the New Orle*na mint mark.
, ha* aa yet been drtretrd, bul duubtleas there
! arr oth« ra in eireulation. The *aluc of the
half eajjlea imiiiI waa from f 3 to $3 10,
and the 'joirtrr «1» $1 95. They are *o well
calculated to deceive that ihfT hair paaaed
uuiet'-cted through the handa of good judge*,
into the mint, in our inataoce aa nuny aa fne
in a hiii^lt- dr|««it.
The unit relnlilr method of detection la by
thriM*ri|bl. If tbey route up to the true
•undanl. tiinr iarrraaed thivkmna will he at
once apparent to a capful etamwer. There
i* a little machine intcilrd by Mr \\ m. M
"'•uder, ol the Philadelphia mint, which tr«t»
lit a aiugle uioteinent, the weight, diameter
u.d thickiua* of any coia in tfn* aeries, and it
would Si- a taloaMe addition to the furniture
«>f ant oilier, where fold coina are reeeitred."
Thr Oalphtn Krand
TV Waahinplon corrrtjH>ndrnt of thr |l>m
Ion Ihilt Timr«, in alluding to thi« affair, rr
nut Ik*
" ll K»» Im-ii nmfr thr «ubjrrt of ■prrul in
t ^ligation hrfim- a ('ooimiltif of lh«* llou*r,
which t»il1 rihib:t a «nmi» »tatr of thine*
Pbr Krp»d.hr, b* »tt of rxetilpatim; Mr
t'raw ford, who h»!<hol a hundred ami t*»
tlio viu.l d»l|4r» o ,t ct ihr ♦ll'V.tHHI, »tatr«l
it Mr Walkrr, thr lair Sorrrtart of ihr
Trra»ur», hail hot ihndrd siTJinM it, hut aim
pit pot it otrr | am informrd that thr atatr
iii nt • ri.rrrct. Mr. Walkrr |ite hia rra
aon t>r diaallow mc thr hark intrroat on tin
rlaim am! tin *c, it mvnu, ha»r Iwtn otrr
rulrd k* thr pftMni Attornrt (it nrral Thr
prearti Attorney Urtirral i», indrttl. the
Crr»lr-« »|» ndihrift (of I ho public iwrnry)
11. »» in Washington. WhorTrr want* an old
rltini Muted ami paid, £«■•« to Rmrrdji John
aoo, ofMmUml. for an opinion, ami ta sure
to get il S»n»r an hundred thousand dollar*
h«t» in tii« matin* r, l«vn lat'I* auhatrartrd
, Iroin the I mtrd Statra Trra»ury,—and (lod
o*l\ kn»a« whrrr thr prtm an of blrvdint; thr
Trrwurr i» to rnd. Kwrjr bud* hrrr tn
\\ vvSiiicvii ia beginning to prtMeeute claim*,
and all art nuknif utuory bv it—" turn a«l
miii.atratiiii tin*
I n<>trriaw an administration help itarll m>
, pl''nt]fki!l\and »o li»t as thr prfwnt. tl«\
tiui lii> jinn all ied thr t'rancia rlaim, winch
Mr. Ilot'ltaian had diaalliiwcd. lowing li.u>
jjotir into lt«- t 'hwkaaaw», < 'rawlord into the
, (ialphin, ot " (tulp-ia," aa it ts now rillrd.
( *ud llttcnir Juhiuiia aria aa hrlpt-r-grfteral
| to thftf i and now r«».»td rlann* oo
thr Trea%ut%. Mrrrdtth, in tli» m< anwhilr,
ia nuking h» arli lo catch the* a lien hr ahall
ha«r to fincu i new loan, ri i«!.*rii| nv*v«an
ii» tb»> i tlnnganfr ami | roll i„',irt of ih.»
, mm rablr a4iuuitaliatioa."
Fcaks of Frdrralum
It had a tur *t.ut in the I'mlrd Sl.it- *—had
«.|<( frr*i»r*lwn— for it »u» •hiltrn-d under
th< <.|inin ««r>li«<n of John Vdamv Hut al
ter th* 1 of t"."ir ye*w. it *a» beyond *a'.
x at»«»n c*cn bt Aim ' ami the {WopV t hru»t It
out nf pumyr u i lhin{ M fit to potent.—
Tki-prrMd of it, weodencT it ehirfly re
I • • ilnijl A>1» 9lVIIIU«
Liwi, b]i wkirh it numiilr nutoriona, ami
which ire r«iu now thr foundation ofa claim
U-f irr t'tMifrr** Sv th** rrprr»r«itati*r« of one
hIm •utpT'tl umicr lh«*ir ojij>r«-*«i.<n.
Then, the Kdiml |*rtv t*vmi- a psrtr ol
•>|>p<w.itioa It opj»i«wJ Jeff". r*>n an.) Lou>«
ana . it oj>;««-«1 and the war; and
it »i< only a little «;ui»-t under Mottrnr, in or
.l< r t.« »ni i^cl" it* 'If into power a train with
the iiwicfi Allan- Then rxiir iu>mr
iri«'iticn ol* tin- Ijuincv c'niu* . then cam«
tlx rru»hing urirt"of; and <*amo tin* ril
ing tide of popular cnthuma»in which re%u»ml
the |>riti<*ip]« •> of 11. tin "Tracy u»d«r the au»j>i
IV» of Amtrt tv Jjckv.il
After vww nf rrpuhlmn admini*
tr.ii »Mi. th. alliance «u formed »>l
•• Tif> nh'f 7V." aixl floated into *urrrv» w iih
in iIip ibclh-r «»f a |o£ cabin. ami u|H»n the
b>.>vant billow* ut" 1/ tvi»r. Who dm »
not rentrmher the riotou* rampaiffn of 1*10'
Who d«"•* n<>| irtn< mher the (ilrntworth
truhla' Who doe* not rrmember how h<rr<'
1 ci<*rr «ru iken mailt Knr«A-r by hmnJv—and
\">w tctn|«cranee wm forgotten amtdM the
tiareUanalun reaelne* of the ruthn«ia*ti<* xi
vi.-atr* of I 11» wkI I'y ' Who d-»» mil n -
nrnlvr the cIcdHia of that notnou* firm—
the rrjuinnr* °*er ita triumph—the early
£ loot a hv which tho»e rejoicing* wcr« follow
n| in tin1 whig party—ami the later gloom hy
which th»T were succeeded unon.»the |«Oplr!
\\ h»-n the four yean of the Tip and 'I'y ad
min'M ration were finished, there wa» no |>atri
ot—lh- -re w:»» not r*en a whiff—in the coun
trv. who w.4» not heirtiltglad of it.
Timlin vtlnu party railed upon Hrnrv
<*hi\ In r<-*ua>cit:ttc it. Kill e»rn he w.\* une
qual ihei.i»k. Tin people wen* «Ji»gi»alc<lwith
1 it«—aahamed of it—*ufT<-ring from it ami lltf}
1 rvtnrneil r* un to tin* mpportofthe TVotncntcy,
I . i i*. • ib" \1.• *war with n« nlnrtM
.iml it* (ulilrn ao|ttlaititnk—ami grow wg «>u'
••f the w.«r—the olftpring alike of IVro.>eratic
'•rnnwiK, and of pilar regard for gallant
>■ ur*;t - e.inie,al«o.Cieneral Taylor, tnchcat
iIh p»«.ple \% till fair |>rt«ni<ir« of no p*rlt/tint,
an t tod^jruM them afterward* with corrupt
cabinet ami rank whiggery.
Of if"- National triumph* which whigpcry
has ai'hirv <i in inodrm time*, John TyUr't
idmint*tration will long he prominent, unlet*
it «hall • •*!i[.*••«!. a* it fairly proun«>* to be,
by th» later adminiKtrati<mofZachary Taylor.
In Tyler'* time, then-were any number of
'iwulatin? contractor* gratified—but it *i»
r yftnl fur Taylor's tiinr, to fiiminh an hi
iniple to tin* r<Mintr\. of •peculating cabinet
ultn ri \ « L4IM U.INT 1% Till C.4BIMKT Ik
** i>vrNT'os ntrioKPLT wonTiiv oi urine
raiM ri.CM, «m> nrt'LUR to tiii w iiiu r*i
rr ' If whiggery ha* done nothing else for
tlic country. it li.u at le tat ilcnivil i new way
of patiuc old claim*— w hi«*h although rather
in «l|CMin alia i r 10 I lie people, i* none the
lxi a tcry brilliant intention of whig geiuu*.'
ui*l a *ery oKm-iik-nt our for whig apceuUtor*
Hereafter, wIm-«» anr whig cabinet officer de
urea to make a fortune, he will only have to
CratrffJu* in order to KCMBptiah hiaobjret. '
The era of lialphin claim* aeteral year* to
run Hut it will eipire with the Taylor ad
iiiiui«tratioii—ami let ua hope that it will nev
er he renew* <f during the life-time of the .\n>
ervaa I'lMna.—d'fi
|Fw lK« ISi»<iat.J
Conatructin*; and Repairing Honda
Mmdi Kdito** — Tin- great tnrrea*- of
road* hi the low n of Purl*, without the mr
responding mcreaw in the amount of money
mi»od for repair*, ha« l» < n alluded to a* tlx
ctiw nrdt-iiririil lu|[lin m Tbiimtjf oiti
it'll nm»t admit; and what i* tin- reinedv '
There I* hut one, and that i* |wtl<vllv ohvi
ou». Thrn? mti*t Ik* a greater amount of im*
ney mwit. Then' i» no e»capine thi» eonclu
•ion. Tlx* manner of appropriating money
and laying >1 out on th- htghw ay* tn tin* low n,
la prrciwly the MltM a* th it adopted hy muM
town* around ua. In one of iIm' town* nor fiir
di»unt, $3iMM u> the uoiial i*iiiii appropriated
annually fur repair* of lughwa)*, while it
contain* only al»out half the area and half tin
Imputation of I'ari*. Tlie Mine town allow*
•ilty-Mtrn cent* tnt-aali for a dollar of high
way la* . and w hen the citizen* are railed
upon the highway* to repair, then, tlie) do it
with atnil. The town of Pari* lua rained
thi* pnwul year the *um of $.1000 for repair*
of highway*— $1000 of which il ia *uppw*ed
i* to be di'dueted on account of due* to *anou*
eitiaenafor breakingr<»ad» Ac —bating to !*•
• apended the *um of$liHH». Tins mm i» only
one quarter more then i» appropriated in tow n*
of half the population and half the extent.—
The citizen* of Pari* are taxed leaa, much
Icm, than iIuum- in other town* lor tin* pur
It m a ketth'd concluaion, ami we muM
all U'li»»« it Mo iter or later—the «x«oner the
Ik-Hit—thai Pan* muM make larger appro
prution* lor the r> , tir* of highway*. That
we mu*t hare better road* and more mean*
fj.-W ia none too much, if laid out in the
!***t manner, under the pre*cnt *)'»lciii, to put
the road* in good repair. Thi* *unt appro
priated annually and laid out with good econ
omy for a number of year*, would put tin
road* in K">m| condition Nothing idiort ot
thi* *um will dill 1 would ap|>eal to the
, larnnng aud tax-paytnc eitiacn* of Pan* to
IT. whether It would not he good economy
. —G°°d policy, in the long run, to put the
r»ad» in a through *• ite of repair—in auch a
•Lite a* w !l mill them permanent ami not
*ubjnt to ltcde*ln<\<<d and wa*lu d awat hi
irxerv *liowcr and Murtn.
Th«* disparity Ik'lwn labor and tnuney lis*
hid an injurious in ' i>*mv i« tli« highway.—
Oil thi» qii<*stli'n, it i* lint rtptrlmi that all
jtOTMMw «ill »;«* <*ur dilTrrrurt* of op in
i«tii arn>'* form dlffcrriKV nf»i«'«»s and from
ran*, and ihormichnrsn of rxmiinalion. It
it wrrc right and 'uM that fitjr ivnl* in inotwt
»hi>utd j«ay a dollar in la'sir it would In- «>jual
|v nrlit "*"'1 iu*t tint the prior of labor »hould
Iw established at pn oirrly ilwMc its real ea*h
va|>h«. Nm Um <;i;«-M!«iii i». "was the prire
• »l*till iln» town. In in>» I'.' 1-8 rr«u |* r
hour in June, established .it double it* ra»h
*^lu«* '** If it was n>i'<uMi*M intentionally,
thru fill* jx-r >> nt in nu«i «M i* all that should
In* asked or p-ntl for a doll ir in labor. Hut
'Hi the contrary, il the priee of la'N.r *« not
<..1 established intentionally ami %* tlh n lrti mv
to the payment «f money at fifty per rent in
oj pawitton to labor at a dollar, grvat injuslnc
i* likely to <rrur liv redwing the cash value
t» flrtv |-er •■••n! Wkn ihr pner ««f labor
mi* established at I".' eents per hour or
51 ,»j per d.i* of irii hours, it not
•u|>|»»»-d to In* precisely equivalent to cash
lleeause a thrifty farmer or mechanic hating
Ihhiiim of ini|»nliw • • lumw, U*
Milling to work out his highway tat at this
price rather than pay innncv. This was done
in order to wurc tin- %> r»ire« and ad* ice of
«nch mi'u on th<* road. Hut if In- u« ir an in
lell'.gctil, able Uslted mm—with btUMliens
enough to do and rare for at Iioiim', he rould
not jlloni Iv Iratr his bu«u>< s. and Umrd lino
srlffor niueh lesa than >1.per day. Il
his semee* urn pio|irrly and judiciously
employed tin \ would In worth n< arly this
sum in cash, at hciin* opccially m Jur.ot
* hen so much rmi-t In' dour by both far
tut'r ami nxehaiiic. Hut »uj>|h»c his lalmr is
not wortii vi uiiK'h at Immih—that it is not
worm our a u<>iur a na\—or lo ni.tk** tt
more amou;j all Unuimand mechanic*,
an«i pul only a lair awrafe cj»Ii »aloc on the
i*rrat U*lv of latx'rrrs, and pint it *•> low
that no Mir can Jim ul—wecalllhr
price ii|* Ulwir N) o ni« hoard included I
should like to a»k any candid working nan if
tin* i» not a* ill a kuiii an any intelligent
tailoring nun ran adonl to work lor |«*r day,
and board turn* If Now at .'Ml |«rcrut, high*
way tax, men may be lured, who ran earn
i>« I -J i'ciiU ]« r Jjv and hoard ihtmwUr*—
winch i» ibi>ul one t.i'il, )c*» than I hate »iij»
|i"*cd an in rttT laliurrr ought to rrrri**.—
We may all judge wli.it kind of labor *ueh
wagt* would !«■ likely lo purchase. I» n
ftuch labor a» f.-el* a d 'cji int« rr»t hi the |*r
manrnrr uf the n>td»-~the welfare of thr
town, and the careful t\|.en.liture of money '
Judge yr.
Iititi.ul, ihonYurc, of hit*hwa\ lal*»r being
oUblmhed at dot.b|e it> rwh value, it due*
tint < ICecd that Vall.e, ItiAT'' ill.ill twenty |«T
(•••at—or thirty |« r rail tn i {iralrr < llrnt.
It therefore fullow*, that to rail labor at $1,
jxt day double itk caah «alur, it doing
ureal injuatici* t« rtriy laborer, ami haa a
con»tant tendency to drjihtiitr tin- value of
laln>» ami r*rtir rompl uninc, ami discontent.
TV r««uli of thi» uln, that 40 contain mo
ney i* equivalent to a dollar in labor, ha» al
ready ojH-rati-d iim»I mjurioiiklv on ilir di»|>o
•ition and will of tho*.- who labor. The la
borer My*, in hi* own mind, "if mv lalior n>
worth only filty per cent,I will make that my
standard. Half />• «<• lai-ir la what I will gi»c
on the highway became, thin In all iIm' town
want*. Such a Mate of thing* would event
ually completely par ilizr highway lalmr, and
it would not be worth the hating. The more
of it wc have the worse we are oil*. The
road* would prow worv ami won**, under
any amount of appropriation*. Some *av no
money will be |>ai«l on highway tax, if it i*
rauxtl above fifty per e«it. Till* may lie
true, ami what matter m it if there i* none'
Only about fl.V), ha* rver been |mid under
thi* Aprtaatory yrt«>».<t and it i» not too
much to >»ay that it ha* injured and leaoened
the value of the re»t of the labor three tune*
that amount. If the town need* money, let
it be iaiM-d disconnected from lalxir and every
thing elae, ami lay it out lo the be»t advan
Hut thi* atato of thing* baa comc to an end.
The town of Pan*, at tin? laat town-meeting,
ipproaehcd aeventeen cent* nearer the *Uu
lard of truth and jimtice. Inateail, a» lierrto
lore, of requiring fifty |*r cent, to be paid in '
noney for highw ay tai, a vote waa pni»-*l
requiring aixty-aevcii j>er cent. If it had been
75 <>r Ml jwr erm, it wnold have ippmnched
■till nrarvr. Hy thm »trp ihr town » ill «lr
rive no money prohahlj. hul it will «lon»r
what hiII b<< of infinitely more iin|>o»1ancr—
the »ali»farti«n that uo citiwii ha* a m%on or
nght in complain of injuatice in the payment
flfhiataica. Therefore, a man Romf on the
highway to lsli.tr, mi.tr.iJ of orvupjrlni; linn
aclf with Iranmg o»er hi* ht>r arxt trllinp
limp-yarn* ahout injustice in payinp ta*r»—
the rich all (rrltiii^ rnl of theiraat half-price
—the poor hatinjr to «lo all the labor antl get
half pa* Ac., u i» h«|«"«l lie will KiMcnn
plaininc, now thr raw i* NMorfd, ami i^» lo
work ahni called u|«ni, l*k<> a Hue ritnrn,
who u (Irlcriinnrtl that ihr highway* *hall In
better ami tin* turn lea*. A Cituks.
\ropi ami /nri</<nts rr*/«rrti»i< M* CMtrw in
.\>w Or l<a us, thr Ortrjhw, ifc., $n IHIW.
//yi» TTwtcni atrirm.
Fitrrtiio. Mc., April, IR.W
Fmtom «>r Tut Oirom> DmocMT
To the Memory of the Departed.
•• \Vhr«»- ii iKr mil, thr iiiiimI,
l'nlan(hl rrlrduif l>itr tn Um,
W lnrh mlii if *f*|ta in IJlM roniliinril
Ntill |am| malial llwj k>«cat hrln« f
Oli t)»m lIf.I /**«' «h««r (rntlr • harm*
Mi II oVr thia hrarl unmallr.1 ,
(la Hipin \ «■«** lh« if inflwwr ralro,
Tli-xijli I if «*•»» ill) »»i»rj •
I'mu^hl «ilh a l>lr.awf Inm ihr ahira,
ll<>M i.ft I Kail ill) •pint mat'
Tlir omthiiif mrm'ry thr laalm a|>|<lira,
AivI j Hilt rh«<Vi tin fii'Hing lra«'
Th» (mil I amiil tlir lhtnn£,
Plfal 'nvnt th«* l«ijht mariiiblj ahinr—
Onr luKf ii i»"lr»l in thr mhi(;
Tlut Vimoc, tliil lo«alir*l l .fin ia thin#
ftill Irt inr n*« lh> Meat rontrvl,
Htill o'rf ni\ K»wt th»ir rmpirr h«'M,
Till Iwijhlrt amira mfigr mi antil,
Alkl III Jtlll ila fw'tirt f,< t nnlnlll'
Thin, with Ihrr, awl <«ir Mraw.l rhitl,
t\ h<wii liinl ao r ill* nllr I i»ai |
I'll ajwn.1 rtmtitt—fiml fimn faff,
I «<*iLI !► I lunci-t fi»ni |Ik» at»),M
1 wji marred in Kryrliuru, Mr., on Sun
day. the dav of July, I•«ri.'»t by tli.it inm
ltd rtirllml min, «li«ar prai*r i« miD «»t
rtrry ow'i ltp»—Cunilurljr known »* " /V
cryh'r Ctfi." to whom mv *lff in Im*t «*hil«1
IhmkI mchI tn M'hiad. She diod of yellow ft'
rrr at V <ftlr, Alt , on tl»«- 10th <V-t. 1 . —
(Hir child died the nc»t rear, in Srjtt 1 *»3!i
.il»o hv yellow lr*rr, «j»i*l 3 year*, It mouth*
ami U day*.
Thr Daughter"! Grave.
, |»»n Mb ,
Ut Ke» •<> rr»l;
t'Larr iSr lin I tichlK
On h<r imhi< Imail;
iMlt , t»V IlltU ,
U hefr or lia»r |>illaw'd,
Th* r M K , lief IlitJ.
l.n thr mmI lightly
0»«r hr» lartil;
Calm U h<( ilmnlrii,
IVarrful hrr lr»4.
IW jxIiIkI, l»irli,
NS» *u but turn,
A I in Ui I lo railh,
To Mimxw in hrarra "
On mv marriage the good " Prr>rrpti»r '
handed me a " rcrtitetle," and in return I
j»:«\e lain a " V." On opening the paper, I
w i« gratified ant) jJcjm-iI In Imd tW follow
jpg ; and I hi'lt copy it, thai other gi««l mm
iiktrr* may know huw mm li I pnie it; now
that A- un'l a!i-i my wile'* mother, Mk* M*
rv Kt>TM(S,irr«ilh thr angel* an<! tin
•pint* of tin- Ju*t, made jierfeet—in Kmrtn
with my wifo ami child.
Here i* the preciou* Irgiey , inore dear tr
uh- th in honor, land*, gold, richw or fame, in
tin-** word* —
" Mv CiiiLomN'
Never forget that you arc mortal ami ac
countable hcmg»— ami that the present lift* i>
onh the threshold of your euMcnce. Il«
companion* in faith ami godline** ; walk to
gcther a* heir* of the grace of life. Take
mock counsel together, ami go to the house
of <>otl in oompany. Alluro each other «nrer
the promiooit of Revelation, hi the length ami
breadth thereof Mutually »urvev it* pro*
l^oia , admire it* beauties, and gather of itf>
lluwcr* ami fruit*. Kneourajje one another
with these won)*, and lot your heart*becom
lortrj ami knit together in love, unto all
tho nelie* of the full wurancc of understand
ing, to the acknowlodgement of the registry
ol God, the Father, ami of Christ,—in whom
are hid all the treasure* of w i«dom ami kitow !•
edge. Then you will bo lowlv,—and in
dfath nut ihnJrd ' Then your no juration (by
death) will he only t>'in|M>nry. A Him- of
rc-union will coote, ami the bli*»ful inter*
eiiurv of pure and jrrfrrtrd fri'mUhip,— I
have now under Rod, through tho grace of
Christ cemented you, >S. and II. hi, will lie
insured Ibre^cr. Myrhifilrrn—Rt mnntfr mt'
A*o« J. C-eoi."
With the lady J'athrl UulmII, I can truly
'• li wan thu* surely that mtrlUctuiil /»ingt
i>f different »cxc* wen intended by their jjreat
Creator, 10 j;o through the world together ;
lliuit united—li*it only in hand and heart—bill
in principle*. hi intellect and Tirun, and in
di«|M»itifiiiM; each purKuiug one noble ami
common end—their uwb iin|>roTemi:nt, and
the peace and h ippincsa of those around them,
by the different m<*an« appropriate to their
situation , mutiiallv connecting and utrrngtli
enmg raeh, undegraded by all practice* of,
tyranny on the one hand, and of deceit on the ,
iitbcr ; each finding a candid but »cvcre judge
in I he iindcr»tandmg. and a warm and partial
ultorate in the heart of ituir companion ; »c
rttre of a rtfuge frmn the vexation* the fol
lies, the mi»undcr*Unding*, and the e*iN of
ihe world, in the arm* of cach other ; and in
[he iiicKtiniablr enjoyment* of vnduturM
vnfidmce, and unrestrained intimacy."
Header' doc* thi* picture *uit you ' If it
toe*, tttHaU it. More an<m.
Your* truly, CoiNCLtra.
IV" Tbc Norrtdgcwock Ilridge, which wra*
completed on the 97th of January la*t, and
down down the ncil day, ha* been rebuilt.—
I'hc Inn tree tor rebuilding it wan cut on the
lOili of February, and the bridge finmhed for j
rafcl on the .7th li of March. It wa* built by j
Mr. Myrick F.m<-r*oii, of fhtioo, at a eo»t "f
Something about the Granite State.
Pogrom, N. II., April, 16. I9t0.
Mi sun* Koirotta. I hare hern a food deal
niiciiniiti in the pragma of Tewpenuier, in
thia my native Slate; and when i» /V/»
moutk — wherw my eye* liral anw llw li^ht -f
tlii* world,—I made aome particular inquir**
■vnorniinjj the aale of liquor in that town ,
and I Irani*-*] that thero were o*er fifty plarea
kept o|wn aa drain ahopa, and near > worn ot
them were kept open every Nahluth. And it
ia the fashion lo aell liquor at I Ik" I Intel*, in
that town, jual aa murh a* rt»f ! Tin* re
veal* a very low »tato of moral prtneipU ;
1 and rcfleet* badly for the *a»injf influence* of
what la railed <Io*|>e| preaching. To Ii4»<
two ffwjf ahnjia open evrry Sunday lo one
! churelt, for the u«e iif Ike " thinly aoula"
who drink on tkealy'
(hi inquiri'n made at the Railroad Depot*,
I l< irnrd tIn* liquor trade waa llouriahtng be
yond all precedent in lliia St.ite , ami, indeed.
' aa I pam about from town to town, in the in
terior, I are m *cveral plan-* new *1orra are
<>peiml( well »tockcd with brandy, rum. gw,
* Are. \r., to produce (Mirerty, want, Sabbath
breaking, nlleneim, irrcligmn and prematnrr
! death—to (ill poor-houvea, jaiU, awl priawn* .
anil lo help douMr uih! trelde the ptioplc'a
tnxe*, for the support of pau|irr«, rowdies,
and tin* whole train of rurne* which follow
the habitual u*e of theac |>o|*oniwi« drilika.
I should think by what I aee in anme towm
ill till* Stale, there la a devotion to the ahnne
of Hacchu*, which ha* given the m.irk tn
wiine people of the god tliey worship, not on*
It on their forelie^la, twit in the bloated face*,
palsied lunba, pnnph-d n«*ra, and othet
" aiffiia," no« In he mistaken—acen ami M ail
of all men and women, too.
Here, in ("onotril, the \«*at of government
for thia State, liquor i* sold in anv quantity
, to be aure the Hotel* do not parade the iteean
lera aa in 1'ortsmouth, hut the •' public gt*>d'
require* morr Umllonla, i *eu ktf, u» I* »e
eomrmalatinp ; fur the fbiraty aools of auel
| aa late one drink before meal*, and two al'
^ a
Tlt«* InriNl® I • tnprraur^ n.i*r u*m»
*mne nnpre««ion to fx- wire, but it ha» «!• »n«
*ery lull** or no good, «»far as aupprraain|
the *ale uf lii|uor i* eotirenied . and at liii
nfarming the habitual dnnkera, I «1«» n<>
le.irn that anything ran l» aiaicj woiihr «»
*j«erial notice, not*ilhMandinjf tlir twl ex
|m nditure ot money hi feeing Temperann
leeturra, publishing tract*, pa|«r*. Ac. Ar
r\posing ihf rnllrr. Here i» matter foi
thought. Ibit« I" ultrr ww't thmiirhta II
MM*h an extraordinary ami fff j religious plac*
a« ('oneord, if in opposition to ihr |»>pula
rhurrh, i* fiihtl A»r»*y ' Ami wo to hint win
^ uv* a wnM ikml drunken pteacher*, «t»-a
••on* and church mfmU-n, particularly if pil
lar* hi tin* orthodox rhurrh* Wo to hm
, who axya, it i* •• aiiiful" for deacon* am
rhurrh mcmlwr* to u*e rum, and make hn
neighbor* drunken ' Wo to him w ho dam
•ay It I* wicked for mini»t« r* tl-ilt. r,
respect, and nearly break thrir lr(i, in run
ning afl«-r the families of ttir wholesale liquoi
dealers, es|>ecially il thought to be nrh
while thr rrtnihr of the gla»* i» worried, am
' hi« finuly nrjflerti d. ami treated a* the oil
wsMiring of thr earth' I are a great ileal o
thi* kind of religion ' And I iiiuM MV, I
think this r.tp»il for trkolrlolt dtaUrt hi tin
church, ha* h(rn, ami I*. ihe iinhI fwilrul
" *lumlding-bluck" in th* wav ol" thi* reform,
m thi* State and clarwhere , ami I hate m
hojie of «»ring a la tter •talc of ibinfl while
tin* *t.ite of religion* (.«••!• tv la eisitinutd.
While hi Maine iIm pa*t winter, I notatil
in Mortal pa|x r», that ««rne |«'»>p|e tjirre werr
urging and forcing matlera under a full head
of «tciiu . thinking to put an end to the aale
of ln|uora by prottr%hng /A» ulUr ' Then I
■ notired appeal* were made for fumla to Iwlji
in this rwrrm: work ' I hi* *tru<-k me su
♦ cry strange. I wumlrr inch people <li> not
draw up a |M*titioii ami get a law ps»*»eil tu
fine ami impn*on the 'iiiyrr of ln/tiort
Tin* *triki*« mi' 11 <|uitc a* natural, ju*t and
fair . ami I ain *nre audi a law n ill pr»ve ten
fold more effectual in *uppre*»»ing tin* liquor
trade, than in lining tin' ■••IUt. Hwjmm' it
there were iw huvcra there wouldl«enoteller*.
1 move lor mich a la*, in fin*1 tin* hoycri,
half of all line* In he given In the infnr nrr .
awl il tin' fine la high •noinjli to make it an
object, then* will !»' plenty of " infer*"
ready lo inform against thnmrlnii, a* well
i* again*! ill*' M'llcr. If auch a law could
(*• pa*->d in Ni'w Hampshire, ||k*»' living on
the " lino" of the Stale of Miiik', would In'
greatly brni'litled ; for I noticed some people
were so watchful when they wanted liquor,
they had to w iul " over the line" into New
IIaui|Mihire, for a supply. It iscuriooa how
|>eople, who " love ||h* eritler," w ill manage
to procure u ; and, until a higher moralunst
prevail* in the chureh, such a *tate of thing*
miut lie omlured. Yours truly.
t 'oNNkt.ll a.
Tim citizen* of Smi and liiddeford have
1 been throHii into a high ttair of escitrtnent
■ liv the diacovery of a d«-a<1 Ixidy of a frmali*.
It Han found hi a brook on Storer street, Sa
Co, leading into tlu> river. It i» aupp«»vd that
the body b it laid there koine two month*, and
the atcnch artMiig from it led to the discove
ry. The hand* and leg* were ti**«l together,
and a rope aliout | feet long, w an tied round
her nrck. She hud on an under garment. a
l»air of Mocking*, and a handkerchief tied
over hrr face and a pii-ec of cantata round
her Im*Iv. The uimer*al opinion it, thalthe
murdered. There baa been a jury of in
<|ue*t held on her body.
The body ban ln-eii identified a* that of a
girl belonging in the ea»t rn part of thi*
•stair, formerly at work in tbc Mill* at Saro.
IT" Kdwin Forroat, the Tragedian, it in
bia 45th year, lit; married Mi«« Sinclair
from whom ho now neck* a dnorre, about I'I
year* ago. They have no children living
The application for divorce \»a» before tlie
Pennsylvania l<'i»i>lature, llut it proves to
br a failure—the bill being rejected by the t
Senate. It wan an entirely rxjuirtr eaac ; the
testimony being all on the side of .Mr. Fur-1
rent, without crtws examination or any rebut
ting evidence, and it at preemua a piece of,
scandal a* one can with. It however fall*
nut among the nght Has* of jieople—the I
" Upper Ten" of New York, wboarwabund-1
antly able to liear it. llut oh, what a flutter
ing it make* among them.
Moktmal IUilkoad. Tin* receipt* for I
the month of February, for passenger*. were
f*>,W7,75 ; for freight about f.VWXl.
Detroit, Aran 6, IH50.
Dear Sin Since the rlu*iri|f «»f the trial,
and condemnation of Dr. Webttor for murder,
thing* aim lu move ou in about their usual
routine. A great many mom caw* before
the polien Court, tkan while the gTral and ab
wrrtnng irul wu prog rawing.
Tra«le is in a flourishing way tUBlHW,
land-war I ami toa-ward, increasing. The ar
nvala ai d departure*, at this |Mirt an* daily
frvim twenty-five to thirty of all aorta of craft.
The English Strainer Kuropa arrived to
day. Trade was g««*l in Ijondon. Money
plenty but firin. Trade in lite Knglish nun
ufarturing districts, i«j| mi I 'ortiw haa
considerably fallen—<'otton haa declined.
All aorta of huain>'«a it go«id in th««e re
gions. I'lte moat ikanmbg of our mercantile
aixl bustncM men, lute ascertained that the
main mo ring aprinc of all bu»u»*«» haa lieen
advertising in the N«-» »[>a|icrs throughout the
country. An citeuvve ami general ayatcm
of advertising w»a same two nr three year*
ago, introduced into thiaciiy and New Kng
land by that enlerpnting agrnt V II. Pal
mer which haa o|ieralcd undar Ina
management like a ehanii. lie haa merited
the confidence ami patronage of Uie whole
country tor lua esertion, ami will ONitinue to
mri»« it.
At all M-aavna our va*| population of IM,
(MM), and ia iiMiiy more visitor* each week,
in*»i have arnuaenient. We have numerous
places w.Vrn it may he found, and of all kinds,
IT«mh| ami owl'iUrt nt.
Those who visit tlie Hoaton Muaeuin, are
never disappointed in finding a rich treat.—
The superior band of Music give you ita
thrilling Melody, and the unsurpaMwd and
brilliant performance of the Dramatic Com
pany, perfectly enchant you.
I never knew it otherwise than delightful,
nor otheiwise than densely filled houses, fair
or atormv.
Tin* 11 huh* »f llcprciwntalifc* Imr by a
eotnoderiblr majority paMcd the new " Tem
perance law." It provides thai no per*o«i
-lull, *el1 any inloiicating drink in any ijuan
tity lem than gallon*, «•*«•*• j»t for
tin- art*, or medicines use. Thf penality «•*
lends to improvement for month* or even
year*, it will probably p<u<» the Senate.
Tin- Medical < "ollcge win freely thrown
, npm ye*tcnlay to thn inspection of visitors,
I and twe|»e or (ilWn hundred |>er*oiis of both
seics visited it lor ilia purpose of gratifying
til* ir cur.osity in seeing tin- place w here it i*
■up|M«ed the murder of l>r I'arkman «a«
|«r|M lrat*il.
The ease of IVar<u>n who a few week*
ago sentenced to (■: hung for the murder of
hi* wife and two twin daughter*, at Wilming
ton, i« In eotiH' before the governor and coun
cil tomorrow for consideration, whether to
commute the putii*liineni to State Prison for
life. Your* Ac.,
L. It. W.
M««t «r l'«i>rr**oii WtMTU. The
< 'amtmdgo c»n<•»;>«><lence «»f the Springfield
Republican, *a\* of Dr. Wchster —
"Toill, I lejrn, he *toutly assert* In* in*
noeenec. Previous to hi* arrest, lie ha<l al
*i\' had the imputation of l^ing in a ureal
decree, a materialiM , but he had till within
a khort tune uti nteil itie sen ice in the Col
lege chapel—more lately, however, he had
attended Hie Catholic church, bnl only for the
purport of hearing the muaic, for which In
had great loudness. Indeed, <hi I lie very wi* 1
of hi* arre»t lie placed In* name at the head of
a *iib*criptioii lt*t for a aerie* of concert*, to
be fiicn til ( amlirid^e.
('tureitMA The Washington Re
publican »i>« —
'• 1'rivaw: |rtlrr» Irfurr u» of tin* highest
antliortly confirm itw vww» presented in Mr
King* rejiort with r»»|*ct to the eitent of
mineral wealth. A lump of ninety-three
pounds, of which about sixty arc gold, and
the residue qnartx, in which ihr metal i* un
U-.lil' il, had been found, ami wa» at that time
.it SiorLtoii. Thi» in the largest lump yet
found of which wehavi any aiitlwnlic account,
hut the dixeuveries daily making atte»t the
Uliexalnpli || extent of lh« deposit."
fjftien. Shields, ot Illinois, in a speech
delivered by him in the lT. tS. Senate, last
Friday, *.ud that the people of California
were cmlcavoring to dignify lJl*" an«' uiake
' it honorable, and would never consent to its
degradation by the introduction of slavery
The very son* of the southern planter*, now
occupying place* among the pioneers on the
Pacific, would resist such an attempt to the
last. lie eiprcftvd III* belief that Tela*
had no claun to any portion of Xewr Mexico,
hut was willing to give her, in return tor a
relinquishment of her claim, a *«ii» sulficient
to pay her debt, lie repudiated the idea of
an equilibrium of the slate*—the south might
rely u|mxi it a* an inevitable fact, that lite free
states would always be more numerous than
the »lave, and that with them the power
would ever preponderate. The north would
never submit that one limt of free American
soil shall lie made slave territory, if they can
prevent it constitutionally. If a slave terri
tory shsnld be annexed, Cuba fur instance, it
would remain so until the people ut Cuba
should decide otherwise.
W' T 'ho Bpeeeh of Mr. Brtiton, recently
delttiTrd tn IhcSfDitc, prcKont* very strongly
ami clearly tlx' jii»I claims of California to !»•
admitted, by herself, without bring connected
Willi any subject that may claim the attention
of Congrra*, either in relation to the organi
zation of the territory, or the quirtinj of, <
agitation on the subject of slavery. Ills ar-1
gutiM-nt it, in our judgment, rooeluaife ami <
unanswerable aa a matter of right ami justice J
to California, ami experience will doubtless :
protr that the course advocated hy him ia al- t
mi the beat u a matter of expediency. t
Bui/"* Pott
• ' t
W 'Hie Republic, Gen. Taylor'a organ,
ia puzzled by tin; • -'onhectifut election. It is
aa plain aa thr MM on your fare. Taylor <(
w higgcry is lickcd. .
A beautiful hermaphrodite brig waa launch- ^
rd in Augurta the other day, the fitat vessel %
pver launched in that city. She ia called tlx* (
• T. W. Sjiith," for the veteran President (i
if the Augusta Hank. j ^
W Henjanun II. I'unchard, of Andover, b
las left hy will $4*0,000, to found a high 1
ichool for boya and girls in Andover, South n
I'ansh. Mr. Punchanl waa himself attached | pi
o the Episcopal form of worship ; but lita, u
will pro* ules that the school shall hate no | w
♦etarian character n
Letter from Prof. Webster i Daughter.
(From the Mine beater .Meaarn|jer.}—'The
following communication from • daughter of
Prof W.-Ut. r, m reply t«. • letter .i<l«irew|
to her, haa been handed ua by tho ^rntlrmao
to whom it *u directed with a request for ita
publication. Without romuM-ut we lay it be -
for»' our reader*
( ^am/iri^K*, April H/A, IH50 — I)au icI M arah,
Km)., Sir. I tin* moraing received the very
kind letlcr you addrc*ved to mo, and which I
haatcn to imwcr to think )imi in the name ol
my mother, my aiMcra, and tnyaelf, for the
Irur aeutiinenta you entertain reaper-ting my
beloved father. You believe him innocent,
ami you believe \cK*t n Iru*, h« ia the victim
of circuuiatancra, a deeply injured in in—that
he ia innocent, we hia family kmnr, andnoih
iim 011 earth will e*er take from ua thia eon<
riction. We have nc»er, from the moment
he waa anatchcd from hia home, had a ahad
ow of doubt on our ininda, ami whatever tho
world may aay or do, we ahull ever have that
feeling to Millport ua The knowledgeof hi«
innocence aupported my futhrr during the
hour* of au(Tering tn the court room , that it
ia that givc-a him ami ua ealmne** now, am >< J at
the many aourcea of wrrow that have over
W helloed ua.
Far ditTerent from what we anticipated, waa
the reault of the trial, for we had Urn uaaur
ed throughout the w inter that our father could
not but lie restored to ua, and at the trial, U*
muat receive juatiee for the mail) wrongathat
bad lieen hea|>ed upon him Hilt juattce (led
from the court room, and prejudice took her
Yet hope atill with u», lor wt tru»i
thr publir »oicc will be rai»rd againtt the
grow injustice that ha* hern committed, and
will n»i allow our country to br»r attrh • M»(f
tna <>n her name, *uch an etrrla»ting •lam, a*
will lie that of thr Miiiliiv of otic mi truly in
nocrnt ax my father. \nd if one word from
im, >k ran add a fealhrr'* weight to thr < ffirt«
that are being made, I Hi, may we ^i»r yon
thr deep a»»uraiiee of our heart*, that «r feel
grateful for the deep intrre*t that yuue»|>re*«
ami fir I, and for what you an* doing in oui
behalf. May <•<■! in hi* infinite merry, look
down upon you, and blem the effort* thai irr
liring made, and tf it i* not hi* will to bring
thr truth to light, and to allow thi* awful
my*trrv to he riplained, may hr rnlightrt
tin mind* of iImhw' into wh<>*>- hand* tlie fix
will pMR.
I mimt :• catn thank you, *ir, for thr kin<:
feeling* you c*jir»»* toward* my dear father
Nothing that thr world can do now, fivca ui
grratrr citnwdation, than thr Inowh-dge thai
other* U'lietre him innocent Sympathy haj
flowed abundantly from many heart* toward*
ua, hi* family, hut how much morr prised In
ti* i* that aympathy whrn eipre*«r«| for him
That our lielovetl lather may I*' p-Mored tout
i* thr fetvent prayer of our heart*, and w«
wail tremblingly lu the hope, that thow wh<
are now to decide in thi* cax- may *re the ter
rible injustice that has b< en committed, an>'
Im* inflicted mi much *uffermg on Mtmany
llelietc inc, air, grawfully your*,
Harriet \V. WanTM.
IUiohm IK I'tvtnt —A Itrform inert ir>|
waa lairlr held in Ilmuklyn, Whitby, ('ana
da, al which fi*e hundred pcrwm* werr pnr«
ml Srvcntruii rt'xilulKNw werr -I in
fa»or of ihr rivlurtioii of all Mkirn-v h<mr« el
public 1»umiu'm in ottirr», rodifWtiuii of the
law*, abolition of tlx' Court* of ( uiiunon
I'lran, Chancery an<i Hitiaion, »iii>pli4ration
of law form*, ihr right of r»erv man to ci.ii
duet hia own raw, uni*erxal aull'raifr, tote tiv
Itallol, triennial Parliament*, r<|ujiity of rep
resentation, applirallon of thr elwtlte Iran
i'Iiim' to public funrtionarie* of rvrry jrade,
abolition of tin; clergy rrwr»c and rertorie*,
fm trailr, direct taxation, election of juroiv
repeal of tb« imury laws, the tnrdtcal law
the licrnac lawr, tin* law of primogeniture,
and thr lawr of copyright.
I'lru'ky a*D THt Jtu — Mayor
Mill*, of Danger, in Ink lair Inaugural Ad
iltrM, thua comments upon errtaiu " milter*
and thing*" in that goodly city. Ilia honor
draw* a gloomy picture —
" Indeed, the exhibition* in thv wiliii'wlmi.
have become trvily revolting. Perjury there,
it aln»>M an every day affair. Would that
truth would suffer mr to rn<l the pieturr here
—without affirming aa I do, that in my judg
ment, th«> perjury in thr witoewi box, had i>
il ia, » not cnmjare, either in amount or
enormity, with that of the jury hoi The
m risibilities of thia community have recently
U-. il shocked to an extent almost unendurable.
Ami m some instances, under circumstances
that lead to the belief, that jurymen hail been
tampered with, if not bribed. I but two
way* to cure thin monstrous wirkedncw—
I Hie iv for public opinion to vt her faew aa a
Mint against it. The other, |i>r tlte Aldermen
iif (titles, and tlf> selectmen of towns, to re
vise often, lis box fruin whence tin1 name* of
juror* are drawn, aud allow no names there,
but the name* of men of probity; men who
truly appreciate both the solemnity of the oath
i)f Co.), and its hin«liri(j r licet upon them to
it* fullrst client. Jurora ahouM he men of
rharaet'r— men of a higher grade, much, than
we hare witnessed. withsome few exceptions,
for the I oat several year*. And to gain thia
rml, the correction mu*t hr made at the foun
Am head."
At ma old Piu*Kir—That personage of
p»Iii>iii our laicoforo frienda Mere wont to write
iml ipcak in pa»t times, (V«/ W'httry, yr»lf r<
Iif had Ilia war apirit considerably revived.
iVe arr informal, that aa the A rented'a pro.
(-anion p.tvrxl with hia martial muaic, hia re
Hiring knew no mtniM, and that with mane
ml Uil erect, he plunged into the midat of
hem, and spread diamav and oonfuaion along
he whole line.—[Kepublic.
He haa more a|>unk titan hia inaatrr; for
fie latter quietly krepa hia mm m the public
rib, without being in the alightrat decree
laturhed by the " diairav and confuaion pn»
need '• along the whole line" of the State*
y liia cabinet.
W The mint at New Orleana la closed l«»r
,aut of a trraaurvr, the tncutnlnut having no
Aed tlie department aeveral month* ago that
e resigned from April I, ami aeveral pcraona
avmg declined tlie appointment, brcauae the
>nda are (50,000 and theaalary only flttOO.
here ta a good deal of California gold in the
lint, which wanta mining, and the eertifi
ilea for which are in the market. The
eaaurer of the mint ta llao the officer with
hom th« collector ahould deposit public

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