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CiWllW.—Friday esentng — .<»ha/»—Mr
lhckinm movni that thr deficiency bill be
taken up.
Mr. Wfktri wanted the *ote taken on the
commute* proposed b* Mr. KouW, but wai»
ol to allow the lVrbciciic* bill to be cousid
Mr )'l»j ipukv briertr ll« •*•<! good
would mult from a coaunittM
Mr Ik'Dton would consent to wfrl the f al
ilorni* bill, with instruction* to roMidcr it
srparalrlv and indeprtidently.
\ iVr wmr funkrr diouMinn Uir subject
was laid oter.
TV deficiency bill was ukra up, and Pa
unt • >fTi<n Appropriation discussed for thw
hour*, pending wh«h the Senate adjournal.
thus*.—Mr Jones proceeded to nuke hhik
remark* on the bill for the relief of ihr wid
*»w of (Ien. Worth, *hi«-h were ruled oui of
•»rdcr. lie appealed from ibe decision, and
*he l"l»ir was sustained.
The House went into Comraitte* of the
XVfcole and twk up the private calendar —
Much dnnvuion ensued, but nothing * as
The chairman «>l tlie (ialphin Committee
isked for instructions. Mr. Moorr introduc
ed a resolution to inqmrv into ihccircumntan
«t-».f pat me nt Mr. Sweetaer commented
srterely on the allowance of the claim, allud
ing to the rumors of a rupture in the cabinet
growing 'ul of it Mr. r^se* callrd him to
order Much c«»nf»si«^i followed Alter var
ious motions and calls of the House, the y«a*
and iui« were ordered on an amendment of
leml b\ Mr Hartia. of Illinois, directing an
inquiry mm the history and origin of the
whole affur, calling for pernios and pap»r*
Adopted Adtourned to Monday.
i _ •« lu tli«* N ,<?/», on Monday, thr
drbornr* bill »u diaruawd three hours.—
The anirndrarnt nflrml by Mr lhckin«oo l«
appropriate ♦ In Cvmplclr lln* patent
nlfcr *u rejrrtrd. im) lb** iw olft-red by Mr.
< 'lark t»» i|<pr>>priau- $Mt,OflO * iJoplnl.—
The iiw inlniriil lu appropriate lor ihr
riMlii* 1/ a n<» jnTii Hon*** w» ilw ad«>p
Inl after a hunxiou* drbate AturndmrnU
»etr offered by Mr. ltu«W for the rmp)oymrnt
<■('twrntr-lwo additional elrrks in the p>»t of
fice—b» Mr Mjmmi, appropriate g
for thr ini;<r<>«niM it! of thr ground M>ulh of'
thr IV^i(ieiir« hou»e—b\ M«-*«r» and
Mm«, K»r further improvement* of the pub
lie cn»oml»—br Mr. |tnd|*e, appropriating
$'.*100 lor paying the forci^r ami jwd^r* of
M.im*«i,I.i Virral other amcmiinrnU »rr*
offered, pending their rorwidtratioo the«enatc
mJm Hinted
In lb* Smite. on Wednesday. aftrr an r\
rentitr m-*»ioo, thr *»cr prvnident otalcd that
be * u author ard to appoint a n imn ti'f <>n
the liinicitiiHi of ihr M'wtwpjii, ami flu*
iix'Minijf thr Cuni;ntltre *x% announced a* f •'
|o«< — M<*««r* Corvin. I'Uy. Bright,
law, Ihtia and Ihmnv
Mr. Hntlrr prwrnlfj thr rmlmliiU o|
.Mr Flrnurr, of S I' , «unt«Mr «f Mr 1 il
Mr Kin£ otTi-rrd 4 in n f4»n:
crrrtint; a c«i*u.ni Imium- ol Mohilr
Mr I H>\» n« orfrmi 1 moluMi*! mllinj; t-i
Ililo.'IIUllotl r»*»|nviiin» iImt fulfilment ol thr
conirvt with lh« V-» Orlran* »inM h -
ID li 1 »uviwm, jihI will tliei IU1 artii'll liy nw
fm» it n^ulmi in ihf m titer
Wr l>i«*tni»«»n «bj>x'tnl to tin !«.»• luti^n
Mr nminm lor a r»minitlrr uf thir
irrn «j» ltlr« up at half jaM I.. hcinj; th«
butiiw* fur thai hour. Th* ijur«
i.<>a bfinj* upon Mr lli*lrnctKW i>
ihr |>n>p»M(l iMflimillrr, \|r I'l it s^in <1
l>mJ hi* aniriMiiiM ut |imhibilm; inotru<*tion».
Mrrrupun followed a vtarm d< b.»te uf four
h«n,r», during which Mr Itrftton n»<>« t-il tol>\
the llAjttt ol' the CuilUUillrr uu t)»e Ublr —
Thr* owiioo »!.»i—m> 'JI, na*» •>
Mr '*lav'a amcudiU'nt «w o|>|iiM-d hv
Mrwi llenum, Miller ami UiWr, « un
parliamentary ami out of order. ami it wan
miUiMil by Mr flat and carrn.l, '.H< to
Mr. Hamlin .iTrritl an amendment »trn:lar
tw Mr llildkm'i.
Mr llrntun rriwucd hi» fuurtrru point*,
and for the uw and nay* on rarh,
when a furMMi* debate » n»ord.
Mr. K-wlr iu«ilr aoav- |n rMMl r< flt-rtiou*
<n Mr tlrni'41 Mr llruuw ijipruarlirti Mr
f urtr, who apparently alarmed. ru«tml into
U»- arrna, and drew a pi»it>l Mr. lienton
*tel»imed, •• I am unarttod—let the ***a.win
1 hrrr »i< an iuiiim-iim- rtritrinrnt and fsill
fuMua. TIm- nvmtirr* inwrf«rrd. and held
Fuulr iinj lUuton in thrir aral* mhmt mmutr*.
Mr llrnloa rail<d lor an investigation into
thr jrfair Mr. Halt' »ui»p'*lnl thr ippmnt
mrnl »f a rwrnmittae lor tlir purp< »«• Mr
Kk*!1 <).«ir<-d »urh a conrw Mr. I'|j«
• Mini ihr i«n *r tutor* BWurn to krrp the
]<+■*■• Mr Manhunt inoted iImI liw J<M>rn
of thr xrnatr rtumhrr br rbwrd. but w ithdr* w
iJm Hiot.im K\|'U«>| on* (0II<1M<<<I, and a
raOMUttre of«r*rn wa» appointed to r\atmn«
111I0 thr altair. Adjmirnrd.
In th*a llo«i«r. Kirhard M \ 'Hin^ of IHi
mm, dnenrrat, wu rWrf-d rlrrk on thr ninth
bnlk4, U)IU( twtunl 'Jt wlr» »» *3 #M
Pnnglr, i for Straaixjrjr. »i*d I for Matthew
St I 'lur Hark. Adjunrwil
nr Mr Prrntixr. ot New Orlraiw, Mron<»
Iv rrnMirr» thr prirttrr of ittororv* taking a
h-r to wm thr Suu- hi a criminal pnwrru
tiofi llr add» that he ha* not (>r jwr* ta
ken «urh a Wr. ami that hr nr«rr will take
nw Thr editor* of thr I 'rtvu-nl MIT thr*
ha»r known hint rrliaar a ire of $*>,000 to
T«i A»r*i* »r Siro. Thr C'orvoer'a
jwrr (hiwI iIui \I\ri IWm riiw to hfr death
h* thi1 hind* of l)r. Jamr* H Smith, n an
attrmpt to procurr an al»>rtton. Thr «>(T« orr
i» murder in the d*ttrtr, and punmha
blr by iin^iwiitDrnt fur lift*.
W" The ab-amrr Ohm from ■ 'lu^rr* on thr
uth btwiki a uiilliou of dollar* worth n|' gold
to New Ortauis. Thu»e*erluur million* ar
mod to thr rwantry within thr fire day* from
thr Ith t* thr (Hk mat.
jy A *"aIiforma adrrnturrr drp«»itrd «>n
Fr.4»r lut, at PhileJrlphla, StO.WOm gold,
in the mini, tiir wlml« brni| thr fruit ol' onr
rrar't mtrrpriar and industry in the fold re
€•9" Portland will wwxi he lightrd with u*».
•**on»r two or ihrrr milr» of pipr* for street
nutna hare already been caal by the Portland
e^wpany Thr UTtne will cointnrnre nhoni
?he (IrM of J«|jr,
Cam of Reform.
The Nc*» York t>ay Book ban the follow
ing wonderful, cue of reform
A well kimwn and dulling Cy prion of the
Setter (that i», the richer and ahtewder) anrt,
for aevcral ream an inmate of one of thoae r»
tabliahmcnta which we have rlaew here eharec
tensed aa the ' tiolden Gate of Hell,' audden
IjT numerated thr krrnftl *rnar of retimrae arxl
«rlf Jr(TT»<htH>« ai»d determined to reform —
In «pite of the ridienle, the jeer* and finally
the remonatrancea and wlreatin of her com
parmma, ahc permuted atradily in her purpose
U<-«t<>rmg In r aplendid and cuatly wardrobe
u» the iniaetrraa of the houae, even to her
aumptuoua aupply of fine linen, the reaenred
to heravlf hut a mingle change aud a poor old
gown. Then, dividing Iwr money and jewel*
.iu»>mic her companions, and bidding them an
atfeetionatc farewell, ahe left the house alone,
and took her way u> a M agile len asylum in a
neighboring city, where ab« remains in the
iivwl ngoroua aeculaion. The scene between
her and her uuln, when kite bid them adieu,
and briefly but unpremivelv urged them to fol
low her eiample, la represented to u* by a
gentleman connected with the police depart
ment, from »h<wn we gather these facta, to
have been pathctie and touching in no ordina
ry degree.
It «« |nii.!iieiy certain thst thi» reform «
entirely voluntary, and not the eflect of ex
traneous influence of inv kind. W e are al
most certain that this is the first instance on
MMlJnf tk<.M»l^l||t WOm»l« VnlUU
tanlv reforming May her w4de example
make il nut the tart.
Co\iiu*l lltavtm —A minin(•rrnun>
ad«< rtivtl that In* had ait organ that wituld
play any tunc out of ait enumerated act al the
command of M)«t» of the audience ; thi»
made a ffrral n<i;«r at tlx! time, and puulcd
all the o>iiju*i r* and philt*ophci«nt lite place.
ITx »rcan ww placed ott a Uhle wilh it* hack
against the wall, the company were united to
examine it then for a turn-, w Inch « a« nn
latdiatrK plated, and if any ono desired it to
atop it km instant It »ikiit. *l*)its «mt on
for a Ions tin**, and tlx* ingenious inventor
»a* making a rapid lortune, and the secret
would have, hern buried with him, had he not
behattid ni.x.1 luharmunioualy toman! lu» lin
ing wile mm da*. just before performance was
about Ut commence Thr loom was crowded
a* usual, and tune «u railed for, but not a
But'* wi» hean!. the owner U-came uneaav,
iihJ «aid, in a s.<othing, coaxing lone. "do
blav. ray root organ *1111 not a vtund wv
U'lnl, lie cot out of pjtia tiff, and thn itened
to aniaah the iantrument to pieces when a
hoarse female voice wa* heard to ({Tow I out —
•• Ay, do, \>»u tyvcl, pr«-ak de organ, a* von
pr<ilk« my head di* morning." Tin* wa* loo
uiueh for the choleric (ntiiuii , Ik- took a chair
and gave tlie lusfulie lit such a w h.iek, that it
drove it through a pa|*r partition in thr wall,
carrying with it another utfan, whirh had
l» ' ti placed cl"se al the hick of the *hnn one.
.it whieh vil the «'««tiirile grinder — his wile '
"•trial at Tin Haa.—\ certain Knglish
judge hiuhi; ao!ii«*what hastily A'lnrml,
judgement in a (urii-ulu ranr.a Kiktf'* coun
sel oIm -m d in a tone |uud enough to reach
tlie la ncii, •• ImmmI II- a ten*' ever* judgement
of thm court i» a mere tuwup "
•• Uut In wis seldom w ut," «»J»nertts| a learn
ed luntirr, wliiin' behind him
I'll another occasion, thi* Wit propow-d the
luUttw ing rtddh* for solution "Why d<>« •»
■ --(the judge m qu *«ti«tn commit an act
.»f !u i»rnpt<** e% -rvditV T;r* answer wit
•*]ller»u«« he daily git« s a judgement without
Mtwitiniiitm hi* Muiiti i l.kw —
I "hi* law approved Mirrh ,.h*. dnprnm <»nh
th« iuvrtmi da>* notice and publication of in
UmlMNta hltlicrto r« .(Uirnl m i(h itttr of Mx«»
ihiiKlh, and rn.v t* th.it Mich notice iliallhi'
Civen In tkr trfiMrr, cU rk. or other officer
t|>|*>nitcd for thai |>iir|»iM- 1'irtir* married
••ut nftlw italr mu»t fi»r notice of the fart
u» itw nflirrr wiihm Mien iU«> ilirr their rr
K\PLom«>s or Sti »*-itnLr*« — IV(W
imtlee in Manufacture*. in the liouwe of Itcp
trm nuti\m of NUwirhuM'tl1, lute rrjmrlrd a
btll forbidding any person or corporation to u«m
any ob ani boiler w tliout a fu*ihle %*l<ty pluj;
and authoring for this purjiow, .Wx-roft'*
" Protected Safot\ Fu*iblc Plug." Tlic
peneality for removing the plug, or *ub*titu
tine lor it anv material low fu*ib|e, or for us
ing a lioilrr without it, is a thousand dollar*.
lltUNt ('h.u*.—TIk oAm-mI e*timale* of
the manufacture of thc*e article* i» than Mated
bv a I lav anna cvitTe»|»ndenl of tin- Picav uric
The report »Utra that carh cigar maker Mill
roll dailv '(INI cigar*. at an average of 30 ernU
a hundred. Supi*j*ing them to work twentv
day a in each month, thia will gne ?',!,IW0 ei
.ur* annually per tuuul. The consumption in
the island they estimate at 110 million*, ami
•oj>7««Mng the et|<ort» to be 100 mtlliona, thi*
w ill give WW mill.on* aa the annual cigar man
ufacture, g.ving emplovment hi it* various
hronche* to fully lO.OtW |»-oplc. the value of
whone laUir i* not It** thaji >l.iHH»,mMi The
consumption of etg*r* hcrr *cctr» di*propor
donate bot wha n we uke into o>n*ideration
that fr«Hn child b«»*l alnxnt avert one smoki»,
we do not doubt it un«l«'M^iiu.il<<il
A Flaw in thi Wlbstkk Thai. Tba
llw1 nay*—" W« understand that an
able M.unai'hiiM-tt* lawyer i* about tn publiah
iii argument to »how that Dr. Wefcrter was*
not allowed hi* 1« /zl right* iii regard to the
ronMitution ol the jury which tried him ; that
the Court pro«v*-ded illceallv in rejecting
three jumr» from the pawl on a<vount of their
«• nhux nta on capital puniahntcnt; ami that
any prisoner ha* a rijrht to a choice by lot ol
impartial mrn, irrespective of their opinion*
«m capital pum*hm< nt. From the argument*
that ha*e heretofore pr<«eedcd lr«>tn thia gen
tIfuian a pcu, we arc quite »urr he will make
a shaking amoag the dry bone* ol" tlie law ."
Corrtt Drimem. Looe ovt' A corres
pondent understand*. from good authority, that
a merchant on one of the whar»e» in lloatoti
baa sold eight thoutaiid casks of jwa*. this
season, for the pur|«*«e of bciog burnt ami
ground w ith cotfe« ; ami they are probably
now selling aa pure Java, Sumatra, Ac.
In the market report of a New York paper,
we find the following significant paragraph:
" ('anadian pea* are dull, in eottsequcnco of
the decline in rotTer.—{Salem Register.
PtxMUfiDli. The hou*r. M to V7 ha*e
paitsed the bill to prohibit tha bank* from i»
•uiug notes of a low. denomination than 95,
and *11 further circulation of relief n«»e*
Briikh.—Thia bridge, which la to connect N.
York with Canada at Lewiaton and Queen*ton,
Will hp the longeat bridge ««f one upan in the
world—one thouaand and forty-two feet be
tween tT»c point* of aupport—nineteen feet
wide at the roadway, and i* calculated to "»u»
Uin a load of eight hundred tona. The eati
mated c«wt of the atriieturo i* thirty thousand
dollar* The engineer |>ro|«nc» to ha*e it
open for public tra*el on the tat September
Rrrvftx or * California Million aim.—
TTw» Pmidtaw Journal of thia morning aaya
that Mr. Stephen A. Wright, who left South
King»lon M*»eral team ago for the \V«a(, and
finally reached California, where hewaa aet
Iled when the diaeovery of gold waa made,
h.ta ju»t returned with a fortune of about half
a million, with which, like a aenaible man,
■he ha* come to litre in the land of lua birth.
UT The Washington correspondent of the
X. V. Journal of Commerce may* that the
Committee on the Poat Office and Poat Honda
ot the 1 (ouae, lute taken a vote in Commit
tee on a cheap p«»Uge plan, and hate agreed
u|>on one |<oint, Tit to re|>ort in fa*or of a
uniform rate of fi»e cent* f«»r all di*tanr«-*, on
letter* not'exceeding hall 4iiounc«* in w eight
|y At a recent trial in Wiaconatn, the *ub
<tt ol cinttro»cr»> a demijohn of Win*
key, which waa onJerw! to lie brought into
Court. The defendant *w tried ami m> wa«
tlie wbi«ke*—in other word* the whiskey
waa druuk and *» waa the |ury
rr>« is Mid that a lighting match i» lo
come off in New Orleans, in Juno next, for
*."«00 a «i»V. between a two year* old gnzils
(war, and a New Jrrsrt ■nipping turtle,
unfiling «10 jx'uiiiU
17 Mi. Clayton talks *ery oj.riih about
resigning and retiring to tn» larm; inasmuch
as official life does not suit hit h« j|th Hut
this in an uld star) . Thru' is mi good reason
to think that a dissolution of thr Cabinet is
»ory nrar at hand - [t 'orrr•apundcuce Journal
of I 'omincrre
Mohimim to .Mr. ('*lmiii> Meetings
arc Is ing In Id ill tin aetrril districts and
p.in*hi s of South Carolina, to take measures
lot the erection o|" a luonuinrnt to the lueuio
ry ol' Mr. Calhoun, at Columbia hy popular
< ontnbutiiHis.
" SmraTHtr is an r^>cttiial ot thr human
heart Tin rr is many a soul of noble rapac
ities lying in sluggish darkness, |or want ot
snw word out of itselt, s»nv* human tune,
• -me littfi- cncouragcinent, and that, perhaps,
s.i slight, that r«en a child might utter it "
C-iF T Wtr i* not no* a wing city «>« the
I Ac*. \ll the rwrtil rlrctiuti* »|«c.»k dead
edlv ipimt Tigrlwum
\ lliBiiM%> Hint.—A lind-hcartrd na
tive of the Kmrrald l*le lately went to e«»n»ult
the |irinti r nf a ih »>|a|wr m a nrijfbUtnntf
county, n-»|*vt hi* runawat apprentice. 'Im
printer pn>|M«e«| t» atltfttw him in the u«usl
(ortn. with • MiilaMc rrwanl Tin* tlitl not
nw-et Patrick'* idra; "he di<| not wi»h to ad»rr*
tiv hlin milt )iit ji«r hint a hint." AlU-r
tariou* attempt* at traming a »u I table not we,
tlir lollow mi; «j> *uk'k»< »!«sl hy him* If a»
*II-Mitfirient, namely
*• l*»tri**W Klalirrlt »miw iniorm hi* apprrn*
tir», Timothy l><w(lnrt«, Out Ic <!<»■* not
« *h to i him. )>ut to ;|ir I mi the hint
to return to hi* maatt r and wpr out hi* in
denture liki a Uiy, on hi mill hi »i>
THTniD is tin \r«inrtt."
'Jjf ll I* Mltrd tti.it the !{••» Mr llitlin^,**
ol llmtou ha* In . ii A|>|Miinb il hy N|r < a-»
chaplain to tlie I tilled Stain legation at
It mr. and thr jjo\ rrutin m nanrUon* In*
prcaetunir r»er\ Sunday a^ the einltt**)—a
r>mcf»i"iii which the Kii^lt«h ha*c U< ii en
d< atoiinu to olitain lor the la«t «i\ty Tear*.
Kxkvtio* Okikiiu Iii th»- rnuitcil >«•*•
li-rdajr it «%.i» uiutuitHHialy ><>tni that tin wr>
Ii-ihv of Manifl II. I'l'imoa, who kill«tl lu»
hiO an«l tv»o rhildnn, »lu>ultl U- auric*! into
flliot, mil Friday, Jul* '.tlili, \»i» lixrd for
lh>' day of riNiitlim whi«*h will uk<- plarc
iii tho jnl yard at Ka*l Cauibritigr. I'vit
7JT Tfcnmaa J (Iril uf thr I f*.
II «ih u( II" («»« •« u'alm ill..I tn \\ j>hin(l « >al
W1U1 »nain( lk» irhh mat, 11 imuiiu wrrr
I mlrinl lu hla ir«nlrmr II TrnwiifT, hi |||r I.VIi.
(iulilt'l l.aUl'a ItiMik U Ma) lui lawii rr
rrilrd. It a ra|nlal iinml«-t ami lull* auatam*
llf n |»uuti<>n ><( lb# •• |t.. \ " f> far aa »» arr >14
I • In-ill • ha«t» rtaminaliua. TIk April No,
II I- ih*I farlir.l »• U'iMiIh llalilut f»(«anl II ami
iJilljr ■ ft i« iid '
>iltl|i'« I »l<i« Ma«t»l|\| lut t|« i« jihI
rrr«i«rtl. Wi hn» -i Ha l lino torxaiaiar il.lail
taki f>f jraiili I llial It i* lahiml aim Ma<alinr
in tlu-country in it* lllrraM mrntaaiMl rmla II■ • li
■Nil. Will llw ll>lil< i forward ih' Marili ami
,\|«il nmuiwia, an I «»I4i^« '
'• Tni Iti »i ti«ni»« »t »m» l.uwt«r I'mt i%"
arr |.i la- ultfaiiinl al J>snU 4' /'m n't, .V 2 V/l
Sturt, ftuln. In fart, llirv frnllrrurit arr nr,rf
" mill » ith »«II iloinf " m llirir Uanrh 4 tKr iln
|i«U Uiaim aa, an I |>nrrli imi» arr i»>l •!•>«» In aj>
l^n Ml! llirir la-auliful •Itb a 4 Mi,i»l. ami >ilk».
I.<u. \V. (MaMnima, uf Ou llti l, JLim, hII>
illhm«; al ki» |>(«■». 11« ••fl{iiutr«i thr r»crllrnl
ijMM-k aalra ami »«wll (ifliU, »hirli liaa
rrinlrird hi* eaUMiahini n| r«rmlin(li |a>fniUr thru'
•Mil tlir known »ulM, Strange-la K .in< In Halmi
will bill] il llirir ail«ariug< tn makr thrir |airih
aara al 33 nwl 31 .\nn Sirrrt.
Iii ihi» liiva. iNh iii*i.11*^ Kit. C*. It !*•?»•,
Mi M J. Ilnriirliir, <»f llrooktM U)( (u .Mim
>4i*h II. Kinc* nt'thi*
In LiviPi»orr, \lr. W 4ihUim t«» Mim
J411r ^tvickUmi.
In l.4»i Livmu>»rrt Mr. ThiMius It. \orrU»of.\*
Mrnl^Kitrf, in Mill Mary H Welling!***.
In W atrrlorit, Mr Iz-uulfi <i I'Iihuum-i, .ij.-.IK
In Mi«. «>l Win. I'roal,ag"!
.l.'iii M,
In South l*ari«, l"*lh in«t., Julia Willi., infant
«hiUI "I f>. W. Hiamona.
Sml Wheat and (imss Sml.
'I'HIKTY Itl/MIIKI* ..f (ml nr.F.ll WIIKAT.
1 I lit. . II him.lrr.1 II.. I I.I »\ Kit MKK1»,
Turntt bw»lwU II I). NKI'.I»
Ai..—h»m. mkaihiw ^1 ki:i>mi*
I'm., I,*,I 2.1. 1*SO |«11
(.hi Whffl*.
KK \DY humW- t'wl WhtvU, with ("an I rim HuU
1 in mi UxIihI ami warrants.I r.««|.
Al#*i, I Mm, and I'tlU. n Mrilrh.
lirfMlrt* HllllWN l 111.
N'lmi, April 23. I*»_ if 11
Irou Morr.
'I'llE mlariiWfi ir» mahine larrr aiMiiiou. to
I th*lf ilutk of b»n a*</ STKUL, *hif h will hr
aolil at nrirrt la «ith th» innnrril Cm-ill
tt»» nf trmnapoctott'Mi- BROW M \ CO.
N»»wa», April JJ, MM if It
1IIo4m! Klnrk, FaraltNi* nii4 Pnrming
rirn«il« nl Aaclion ati
Til I* ...1.1.1. It.'tmil.II I \|:\|
1 *11 lh«- S|.«k, I'MIMtHl IWll. and fr'tlfllMHir
•Ml Mid llltll'.
I.Ykr Klnrk rcn»lH« i>( iw V»r«liir» Hull, !»«>
lhiiK.im Hull. nU-i l>«ih»iii ami Atmhur I n»>
A tilwlilr lirred ><( HIh*|i, nimiiliiif »| lutr Haimi,
South Itimii, l^'imlrr F.«r>i he. kr.
Twn vkr «if Ihn—fcwlxl • »m( I'altrt—
thrrr aUxit tull "k<T|i—itllrr llifi-HW
llunr, ir. YafMm" wfcft hifr»U ■ >< I'niiltr). Thr
Stork ic (mm lk' t»rw>» of tlx- Hon, (>an
»rl \\ I •»(. r * nl Jullll \A « ll« i.l \lll. i. IhumU
Tkf Fanning l'lrn«ila n>ml«l ««f I l'U|h«, 2
Harrow*, I Cnltiralof, I II"'* llakr, 0 Ililnd do.,
I Sitlhr*, 2 M^iHHf l'i>ik*, I Pilih ik> . I V"k»«,
• (>* Chain*, i llnr*r Ili»* ami Nhutrlt,
Wliftllarriw, firiwl'i""'. kf' A Lk ..f I'4r|ml
rf't Tool*, hi .
Ak*n, rntr Carryall, our Slrifh.m* I'ungi I
kH U'a|2<«, mw li|hl ik>., 1-ttr llii(c« llatnr».,
thrw iin^l< ilii., imr ilmiliW ilo., nnr Unix rait i|.>.
awl taiima nlhrr arliflf.
\I««h—ih» nilirr I'noiiUfl in thr II.him-, rnn*i*t
m< of I'aik* I hiin, I*" Maliofant
MnWItaril, iw I'iaan I'ortr, Mix kmc Chain, Ma
hif«n« hrrrrlary, nw Tim* l«ukiii| <ila>
H-I, \ii-light HliiW, TalJe*, kniiM and Fork*,
Manllr l..nn|M. Tiilik Cl'th*. ki., Pinmr intl Tfl
Warr, a Ui|r la) of A'hamla-r f'utnitiiri', fair IVath -
rr |l' «l», ei<lil I'alin la-af M <tnt**r«, •ivlirn I'll*
limi anil llnklniiQilll< anil ComliHlrit, ShrrO,
I'llkiw ( i n, Hi il>lra.'». \\ .i»h-*taud*. l..~.linj
<ila»1«. II mm, Tullrl Tahiti, Chaudrt Wan,
llurr iiK, Ch.iira, Call»t*« l.ifht -•land*. ltl(r k>l of
Kilrhi-ii AVair.—Cookinf Hmn. hr. hr.
ciiAs N'l.vrmc.
April 16. IN.V) II
To the Public.
TIIB nit* iil*( will il->»r |ii< Tairtn
tn l^llrt |l on thr tnilh iUt >4 M •> wtt
—ami u It it urn-Maii thai ■
ti<*i«r iki«1l tip in thai |>tarr. hr
■Hill wtl In* Tairfn !<Unl aiul a |*lt h
Ih< • noli »l hi« I aim. hmi auit « |*urtia-if
Thw »itnali ■■ |mwnl» a i «r* ialin • mrnl in m\
kiw nh« »i«hr» In hi u|i a hmMr fi»r lh«- h«*l «f|
[n-rtitiia in lltr fimiwi mhi<mi « h • air III llir |mi
•Ull ul iilrwuir iK ln .llli.
Thr ilidanrr lima I' KlUixl In llu* |>U(> |« aUmt
ti|lil»-fi»r milra, ami ihf fai ililif• of tiatrl will !«•
iri) law h inrirawil ihr prrarnt inn In ihr run
•IliHlmti i>f |br Itailn .ul In llfllirl, ami ih' r%Ul>
lubmrnt nl a liiw uf M»jrt fri»n lliat pl.nr to 1^1
ui it. juiiN i in; \>.i.
Apfil llilk, Ih.Vj II
Flour, Corn, &c.
I "".I | It HI Itir h»V'l».l, mmm
I IWw IWliMI IImhI >lrrrt,
Bmw iW PibIwIiMiw, ! r*
• )| || I HHI> " IUhv.nl " l.tlra, ^'
•*' " ' "I uaiUlll" l.*tia, ami ^1.
" Km>% " I' \ua,
50*VI F
• - j | llltLft Kila drwJ CUIl.N MV.XL .
2500ti llm auil while ( U|(N .
200 4 m
I litl\»'_S •• l^lrt." TOIIU I O
I 60 Pm .aU In
l^'iif U liatf,
A|«.l 23 —S...1I /WW.
K I:\I AIMXJ in lh<- I'-l OflM-i- *1 P*«l», Mr .
tirtil I. !->•
\imIrra• John N
Atlrr l^wu,
II'.m r I'iiw,
ILtf >1 \lmei 2
Hr\ < it Miaa EUm I
Dm ■ W W
llutli I'atlnrnw
llcrrj r.lgah
lli lit (Hii
llnil I Jitlii-i I*
I 'Uik \ iitn.nl
Carlrf Mrt T. J
I 'hjif I'rlri
cuv \ «; r..«t 3
CUt Nilhi'i
('•■•liitim l lm 2
< .. i k J w
• V'hm I 'inn
('Rrlii J.»in
('■rtliirr MkH'1
I' IU 11.1.1,
• Ink Mm Kfl
l»*i r B*q
Itiin i Mu M«r;4irl
I't.ik. On»"i»
IV iiioxi |mm
!>.»•>*• J.IIIN •
|ltMjlirr(4n J hi" «
|\.l« • Mi» Julia
I'll III Mj-mi li
II j I. W. I
t'sunrr I• h i(- I
I'Uhriti Ti»KHh»
IVIIiin I'm ii k
I'biinM IMnjiil
(•rut l.llwl l.'r
iimM " Mn lints l'
11 J III III- II mI |{u«4lU
ll.i«ki II Tli..nis« 2
link* llriijainiii
11. •!>k i-i- J mn
lunii.u n riijiii 3
II In* » Mn. > i oyrl
11 *-iiiii il l I'.II
IIi!t.mi mtort
htinlwll I'htrlr* \ K«^
kr«n Mr*. Itulh A
Kr>rl« k lliiharil
I U 11
lau.itil llu;h
I.JJn 11.1 <4r
\|ill»ll (ififfr
M KffMHj wl 5
Mi K> mm > Ratal
M Hill Win. T
M Mmm i KJwwi
*1 ir»hall N ith m
Mi >uli» Tinm'l
Mulkrirrn Th"i«i«
Ni«ki Mil. I Hit*
l'»ir> ^11•« J.amllr A.
I'rn* I'jUi
Mr» llrbrfTI
II... Mr. X.-ry
II >ur Mr* < 'hartea
IIm lim tnl I»rI
|tw t«.ll >JIIH«'I
Kukri Mi.. » Ura II.
It >«r lifiHf
S|Wr Mi. Hannah
Smith Hum IV
S»lfl Mr* Maltha
M«ftl » Jill 1^ M •• l>
>hilHlr(l Mf*. X MM | H
Sat. I Mm I'.hii •
Stwlri nit Mm Man I.
Si.« I John
.*liaw • K I «|
Nit aiiu Mi. W m.
I Ian Ji|m I'.
TuIJa hallux I
Tatl*-\ I too
Th«)rt I'Jcn
Ttia^rr \inrrira, r.»|
W Inir l^ramlrr
\\ am i Jaka ('
W ..I John M
VlUl J ■!•••
\ MNg l»i. \ um
\ .my Jan •! I.
Thrice Weekly Age.
'PIIK MMtftft «ill |«ltli«h a Thmii t-W• 11
1 I t Ala I i!umt( ill* petal*all I.I tlir
ll mil l» iKr unit lr(i<Lti«r |u|» r |mi>li»br<l at
ilia a 4|utll during thr aal.
lit rh.ir»n*r ii a faithful rhn-mrlr IrjiiUlitr
|«ia'mlui|i ixl ilriuti-* la mi Ma II nliUialHil *• In
tflllff ill mil. Ilk I all ll( |«llKI|aal la-.llUlr IllllMl'a ••
•ill. III aiUlilfii tu lit U(uUti«r rrr.afil, it mill
contain lh> ni.iiii r lint apfrar* m tbr tt " kit Ajr
TKr (Hirr w ill Ir ON K |M l|.|. Ill t I '
ll will I* |w<.l..Sr,| m TVCDPAY0. Till R8
DAI S mm 8\n it I * \> 0
nr tk. pm r >( all ••/»<-n;tf> ■ml t# <1 i«
a4r*%<t, S* Inil h '-mplit-t mlK mini
ttmmmU$ptk$ mm \VN. T JOIIJWOJIi
Vh.iiim, Matrh 2S. 1*4"
For Sale,
Thr mrII knoun ll*r»«' Hnllrrt
Till* Mtlaffilvr fhn^'l h»» V»*
ralHMi, ftirft f<»r mIt thi* »|4rn«li«l ttning
||ufM>. A bail) l» »'* will '^'n
in r\rn<ngr I r |>.ir1 |M)Bi nl II il"i • ■ in, nit
iu«i<ui»-(< an*J uthrfv, will *rt him al ihr nfcl iltml
l'*n«, April 10, IMM. 10
mtio.xal low itmi i.ifi:
or I.OMMIN fc \i:\V YORK.
(immiL Uinn'UrriK 71 Wall Hi.
Iloiton Orrirr II l>»tn( Hi.
Aaron Young, Jun'r.,
AfitIT thr Nwirl) (•< I'III IS ami i*init>.
I Klirr at III IT k YofHo'sHwHh I'jik, %ihrii>
mil br hail jr ili« |ui»|>hl<la !»• . irLitin; !■> llir
—Iijrf I
< tililornm Ul*l>* lnl>cn on mtutiiiilili*
l< fin* 9
Kashionalilr Tailor,
south P»ri«,
(•armriil* of *11 IimIi »»fnutln| |» fit.
I'arlirular allrnlion |anl l<> "Illinf (* nthria to
make irli. M, |KJO. if
I>l»l.r* I"
Wiiirv Liquor* ami Cigars
.Mo. 43 Kirkiin(r Ktrrrl,
N II on haml a lai(r n»*>itn>rnt n(
IMPORTED LIQUOW»«r ikt km* qmBtj.
All vnlrr* lit K»|>rra> |iri<«i|>tl» •Itpmirj la.
0. W. L S. u. HAWKS,
Painter*, (.'ralnrrs Paprrhaugrr*
And (ilaizcrs,
All malarial* lur Taintinc. OUiiing, kr furni»hn<l.
rjTi'aint Halltaoa It C«.'i hnildinf.
March 3*. 11*0 U9
Shawls and Silk Goods!
Jewett & Prescott's
No. 2 Milk Slrwl, Boston,
IflMUlllMSSfKULY KICII »i»t F.«tMai*», and
1 • I lint* tbr early attention "I ALL l't'M<.'IIAN- '
I'l!S *1 II U<m(< or Rttmii Thi( AhmIwdi |
cmnliiiKi all ktixU of
In III** k ai*l I li>« * I'nln), i«r (Jualiliea, »ik'
Sljlr* fitch ami new.
I If known V <iDi« ami UmIiIj, from lb» hi|U- .
rd lo thr kxtrtl riMl.
French Sacks, Viaites, Mantillas.
A•.( all ultrlr* thai mrr a«ni a* tuLxtiiuir* (■■>
j£3IT f rta63
la thr «iilth«, (n iln.«r who p»»t»r ta nitki
llim (umnU ("I Ihrmrltn.
|| i KINDS "I
( union nml I mini Shuul* nml Hilk» ;
In j»rtiruUr, mi inuuMiac laiwli of <"ra|ic Sliaola,
EinljroitlrmI, I'liiin, ami Ihmaili 1'ijurnl, in a
full aiauliaral uf ('•tlaira.
Illwl liwlia Salina anal Silk», all i|«alilm I'aih
lit- mm! liink Bilk iM lil'k
Milk Shaw la; Hit Sut« |«m( and !*<|iiaia
Kkiali; Cjnrl' ni Satin* ami Sana
ilrfhiwa, Inm h Malina, all
ri>k>ra; Ikiinlnnnri ami
\l|«aa • »•, fin#«l
i|Hjlitlra ;
Will# Milk \rl»»l», f"H Mantillas *ka»la
In Iwtrf. w« *. ||1.I Ml |mtrhiirii <•( lh» al>ii«
(iomla, la i««M a» If ft, llial «r ran
ant mill nniiili thcil » mu al the / mil /»••«■'/» pti- '
rtf, ami with mrh i|iulilin ami «l»k« • ( (inwli «•
raniw* la- liawwl al 14U1 ilmri
!<•. t Milk Mlirfl, lloatnn.
Man b 12. I<W Xn»
Wholesale Grocers,
l«A I'orr *lrrei, I'ortlnhil,
Kl >IT.»Tl I I IA Inillf ll»' alti|il|..« ••J,|nlf
I rhaarrt U ihr nmnlrj lr»i!r l» ihnr
luj. Mi ~k.f \Vt>T I Mil A «ii »mi lino
rcitiM. m r..u..«.
uu iih i». iMm Nm m«»i. immis
•ill It >\i • Hat Hi..wn iml Wll'<* Hi (.OLS
&<) IlliU ( i t.KM ami I'nw'a ib
2.% " ur, 3.% a.. I'uctUmi a..
W |ti>l« W inter lltiu h'<l M «n l OIL
Iix> p. v i' iir«ni{ 1'iHUCCOiftiMiltlnirii
llMMVl. " \V I MiHrtlth " .NAILS, al miufir
tnrrrrt '• )>• ii rt
175 IIMa NrM M .. an j Ml d». Oar PORK.
(M) •• I. %Kl» -|0<W KrC.
SO lllili Mr«< awl Nan M> •• II111'I
71 Hi x.. Nr. \ ..IL I III I -I
MMHJtl. IVIUk 1*1911 —W « aik» RICE.
(A .1. " IllMitl "-I.VII half l lirHa
•• MV.XlMi " TI'.A
75 IkiXri alt I I'ill I'illl It vr« " OIUMil,
iT.Knr. •• rl: \
91 Ml It i\r« Itum ll .mil I 'luatrr It \ l"*l N M .
JOCaiki ilii. .V) )».«*• \Viwlir«trr'> J"H|'
ftO II I*.1 |Nirr fi• Km.I liinft IK) it ) 1'imrntn.
jll tin tUi tin I>1 .1. I'.pja-r
2.% Ili(i nilTKi:. 13 Itl'l* (knuhI ilu.
10 da CIIOCOI \ I I
lm> ili lll'l> 50 do <"i»«mTartar.imr»
?■> III.;. 2.t lull IJ.I«. aji*I 25 Ultra |Mir S ll.
.Ml IT I *
Alan, I'aiU, Iti'.Kiii, W i .i| |>IMC I'ajwr, Twiim, \u|.
turf«, I liiri, lihi, >all r« H», • '• j iwraa,
Akmi, \ iiixl, IimIij.i, OMWMfa
Mj-i.ii I. MpkWiMl)
k>. kr. ll
»tii'K lliri air 1 t ■ |Jht it ill. LOU 1ST
I'ltll l> li.r I l.^ll «r »-iti.U» Imj imdi
IV11 3,1, 1^0. it b«3
\\'V, iii*I infi»rj « lu^f ixnfimfnl • f TAI
lifHHW®. in |ud tit
(•# MflJII T«* lUM <IIh) PUlll IlUk
lliilf Itnl |lr<»4.1 Cl^Wa
HUi k 1(1 llffi'l h ' 'I tlllfrfldl
PImMMil R * » I |Vn
I 1 MflM I", I JWJi l*»«r*k •,
> lllliirtl* f«*r |'a*u,
III <>f ^ hi« h w ill \r •.■'>«! litd cii'r ii|t in a« c«~hJ •
minixr a* nn I* H -iir ihU •>( |lo«(«>n
Mruii |l \ i *«*iU| m« I > *h» ir ru*ioinrri
iml thr j«>Uw\thlt lhr% Hjff IN r. -fl.irt1 M »i(tl
fhrif Imsinrv*
A Tmlorini; rMiililhlimnil,
tthrf* llirt Mill lr |«e|mtnJ In i«i«kr «n«i Ifim
iiw.it* •« i hi i|i 4« «.in U tl'Mir ilMwhrif "I ihr
•aiiir i|imIiI% 4ii«I *«»• kn«Aii«Ht|i.
Th* v l»\ tmrrnulling illrnli'Mi to th^ir Inni
urn ami a »(ih I rrgar«1 I * the Hauls <>l thnr ru*> <
t'*»rr>« to Mit-iH a 1(1411* ul |Hit«li< i<r
ry AH nw! in.*'i# is 'i<i< 1 MffwMnl • • •••it
\ It Cuttm; iliHir al «hxl — Ur» m,| »unal>
nl lil if m*Jr.
S.««h I'aria, »VI. l*h. 1«.V» if]
Spring and Summer
— » T -
John Simmons & Co's
Ow |*» \rr l.«uMi>hniinl,
'I'llH r» in Kr » l>» Mil'i l'i»
1 I III »» I • ■ 11 • ^ II .11. I, l.f I '«•
• •I imkiif thru >|ilinj |*iii lu««, i* •..li> itr.l lulhf
>l>«r |Iit*Mt>hmr»t
W« h4«« »( ihr URanNT STOCKS
Ready Made Clothing,
uf r»rr» pra.l* an<l i|iiallt», •»« nlfrrnl in IUjiIxi,
w|ii< h or air |>l*|Mir<l »»ll to
Country Dcalorw!
it U knlPt ilr n ihr I.ilxial Term*, <u<l
at ihr I.i»ril niirkrl |nirr».
I'iMH "III VI. till .n hai la-rn |.4nl lu ibc grlting
ll|l l«( 1411
Spring anil Sunimrr Slork !
•»<l ixir I'llhinj i* 11».J1.1J Ivitrr rut, l»ttrr «»«.lr
and tatlrr a.Ufir.1 tu ihr ~»i.t. <>l ih* rmiunuiulj,
kin tlui <>l ant othrr (Iwihnif lluva* in lh» cit,.
f«r KtlUlV M ADI* CLOTIIINII, will mr»l with
(.i'.iii|>t Jllrntiun. (iomU ami prirri aaitanlrd lu
w Mtlifwluil, or ihr ll.mU ran l» iriuriirj.
Marrh 27th. IMO. S.n7
Carpot Hall,
Otcr Ihr Maine Itnil llmul l>rp«i,
• HtTliUll mtll,
\RP ihiot rrrrmng fitm all lh< principal Kiyrlnh
itinl Aim-nran inaniifarliitrr*, ('aiiicltiw* nln.
HjMfi \»lvkt,rAPKrrm hki ■.
Sf.l.H, rilltr.K I'I.V, Menu ami Limt Fur
Mnliimi ami I imiihh»a
Ingrain Carpeting
Uriel* iif atjlr awl fabric, r»mprUinf rr* an) t«Mi
nful ilrtifn>.
\V I' T. k Co. arc A(niii f.if ik' TAI'I.KV
vim.i: <'Aiirr.Ts, »hich ».n i. «*..•<>>> < f
hr allmtiun of lh» Iratlr.
I'ainlrd Floor Cloths,
finm Iwu to im nt* *r<Hir <>*• wile, a Urge iMurtmmt.
Himw Uniting*. Wool and Coilon llork«
inga, Hug*. Mnta, Ac( .
jy lUrl-kmiiri, axl Pamilw# art rriptfl/ullt
in»ile<) to rail ami nuke their »#lreti»n«.
M »r*h IJ, I-.VI S«»
KlntioM 14X11 of Indln *lwl CorllnU,
Cmnirtriiif Murk 14, IxiO
TIIWVH milt... Xun.1.,
J rxirplnl, I ill ftlllK.r Iflrrr, aa fc.ll>.»« ; —
l/i»» r^il.ml U* S.ruth l'ar»», id (OA M.
an-Hlftf. M.
iMir V iili.. t f..» VmiWhhH it A I ft I1, M
l/itr YatiiKHiih U Pmllwhl at 6 Ift I'. M
l^avrHxith IVi« M IVriUn.1, ■■ ? JO A. M.|
.>,.1 I 4"i I M
l<ra»r |' >rlUn<l (>* lit* Aldnciiia K K«»r«l>rr !
IU.I It..i.l .i 7 00 * M an.1 2 IS I' M
la-a»r 1'ortUti.l f..r th* tin. kitrkl llranrh Kail
It...,I .i 7 00 A. M ami J 13 I* M.
A ftful.t train mil Wa»» Pt«lU«l for .*■ !■
Carta, at 7 00 \ M luir H.nitli Carta fur P«tl> .
M«l. II 13 A M
Nil (.•■!« irrritril aArt MlliKl,
TK» ('.Mlfailt will not l» trajamail.U i t U^.ir
to an amount > ffiO in tilir, unlrai rv lira
la (ttrn, 4I..I |M|.| for at th» tal# of ..or |«nrii^fi
for rtm PVtO a'lilitHnial »alnr
Tlw t 00 M , tram fimn I'-wtUml mil rritinrrl
at Smith 1'iiit, l.icla»«, Tli>ir».lat» anal .Hatur
■lata, «lth rti(n f..r (irma'inl an.1 llHbrl, Rum
lot 11 mm I Amlutrf.
I"t futtliar |<arlirulaia «" I'atlilirvWi Railway
liui.lc t*. T. f.llllMlin, *ii|»t rni«n.l»ti
I'urtUnJ. Mar. h 14, 1*40 111
TO imjiiciiaskus of
at WHO Xi.B.S a i e .
Nos. 40 & 42 Ann Street,
M( 1 Iifrrnl U »*tr III
Ill* Hi* H lllM|ilnlu .1 ihf 'fl iW tl »'H ll It/ «MT Um|
nritt imr all» i»l»<«f* i« «U »i»lr-i r\rlu«drl» In ihf oinli
ol TiaaicXf Mbl MrrrHanl* u»a» .lr|» i».l i^».n biking
Milh ua a U lltr "f
■ ban >1 uihn IIuiimi
Owl Mtwl MM lifrtr* «|||< k • lo Ibr • «nti
uf lh»
anror saroTjcmi
moitiiI'Rn ami \v»j«tk.r> TicAi>t:
Th» r*lrm nl iir luiaiiw •• ».i iM. , u< In .illrr all
IiohI, »l (ImIMNM mwiW«I —jml In • *l»n<'
lh" utiul Itt M <•( < irilil \\< lia* • I"
3<N>o <i.oTH nt«M K i niiixs roAT»
rwr.ru ••
in.ooo l\ii:« KAMA IUVK"KIN pants
lO.lNMI " " MM'.*
ll.OOO I.IMA - U K«
I* ORCAT tllllff
Tailori Trimming*, and Piece Good».
an I 1 full 1<*iitmrnl «(
RMJI.IHII. KltKM'll k liK.RMt.>
Fancy Silk Ilamlkrrcliirfs,
Hl'k Italian lldkfx.. Su>|*ndrrs. filoves.
w:\iv n knmiim; vooik.
viiisn ruR
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J. J. MfflllHu. *. II Not, JR. c •%. OAHOtfl.
ILmIihi, March IN. X»»*>
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Whooping Cough.
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lh«iN;h'«il ihr rnwilri. M*i'h 1.-4*4
'KltTAIN ruin lot thai (Vu<li, Umi • thai
amlliuif—mm* I* bail rt
rust * Vnuinfli
S<«ilh 1'arn, A|itil !hIi. '■*
'I'll \ I iti HT .v i 01 !V0 i,..*
1 th* liifnl «n.| Inl •. In i> .1 Sink "( Oiugi,
Mnlirniri, Itxik* ami Slalioiirn In If f~ in«l in 1
0\fml l'iiml»
H.uth Parit, A|wil fhli, I'M. 9
Thrrr U nut a Mrdirlnr
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.1 Nr» |'..i( an<l, tail wlii' i i 11 n
Smith I'aii*, Ajwil Hill, l*.V)
l)rui;v Mrdirim-., Hook* anilf
sol* Til PARIS,
All kind* of Mill*
I (YD OONPKI rtOXARV rnotunlli) fM k —1
• I an.l I r • I r, l>» lit XT L VOl'NU,
fiMiih I'ain, Mairli 12. I'M.
Pure Liquors,
I)II Mnlkiial ua*a, •»!»• l'»
r III HT k VOl'.Na.
So«ilh I'aria. March 12, l*.M).
1^Vl'.ll n»r<l .i n.'i • ht i* nr m• i>t (« <
I J C«lJi ■«] C,.mpU,*f, (hail
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It( I he BVHl ili*tliifni>h<<l l'H«ifi»» in ihr I'mini
Sl ili" I' i • il. BJ IN 81 k VOI NO.
Smith I'wii, Man h 12, l"W
MOl'TII PA Kit*, Mr.
iumims ovkr tiii: post office.
t Im. II J. llo»<Tn», I'xtUixt,
RrUtriw» < lit. W'« At Ill'tT, S<Nilh P»n«,
( On. A. Vtllll, ••
Nmi; iwi mii \ -mii\i, 11m>i - i x\
I V *<>APS, fcr , (.„ ...i, »„
Rt'flf k VOUNO.
Snath Pari*, April fNh. ft
man/] LETTER ENVElA)t,ES, of Tarl
II II I inm iNitirriM, iii»« rwirfil *1
South Pari*, April ftth. 9
Irnitli P«ri», April
las \
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a *s
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ji« !1?7 a
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Nil, I I'J W Mrrrl, llMlnt,
Miilf >tt Ctidiin, I Ut,
Silk, I'lail'il Sitk. lj<n*
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(or lit in,) ami llair
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kinil.TmAlhi Mum»» ii
ill' ""hulk. 4'i»l, M«ik
rijl. Tmli<c, IVntl, Hal
m mi, Ti ill, ami Pnk«»l
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Itliir (nk Sijnrli,—
M •• k«t»l Ji^».
Il»«»k* Iiim|r4
I In l.l'M-h, l .f *11 klmll • f
•all watrr Kiakinf
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• •■fin I ml, I'.n'u* !•!•!
nl II in,liiaifM ami W iff,
(•il I ir»h U iln I i»K
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I'i* SaliiKin, Tiuut, I'irk"
rfel, II . IVn h, Slfcrlu,
kr , k< W llkinf I'*11*
l'i»hi»< k'il*
I'alnitla IUihI"**,—
MiiWlHl IA <'«i*
Trout nu J Salmon
Sli|«tK-f I If
I5.-U, 1'ilrnt Mtl.MM,
I■ 14• t lt« l«, |>Lin, • Ktk
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of Mmflr ».»»> lint
I'lHinf l.iiirt; HitiO'ini
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of all tiira.
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to eclift uf any >Uairr4
■allnn Minnow (,<iraaa
h'iw»i«i ia<l ..ikr* artii
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nifk, k I'arlitlW ll.kt,
(ml IiiImI 5*il% «• irni 'ii«.
IN ll- k», Ilail |U\a(
<i»l Krlllri, l'iakin( Hal*
k» 11, l.tiwlMif ami Ilail
Via, K->l.|in< Nrt Kirfa,
l-jixln.f llnokt, IUy N •»
«!V«, 1'Warint
llr.ji, |l>*at and SM
St ivrIt itf all nm.
Patent Yankee Spring Hookt
C\>fV all til'1 i l-»»J Sinkrn, K»»l«;
Liaat •». 'i i ..mjiUt# fui HmV« PMiaci '»'•
l»i* iliS hk'PltikiiiJ (,Wrr4 , Tr*mk
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S|»a.K, V ». »uJ A «.,|irrt<lf
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M" T« »3b H'l'JlMiT,
llarih. 1*00 !••
Cniamittlsitn' ^ntkri
'I'lll mlnrril'ii '«» (MilltH Iij ill"
1 I lull J b I * r ■ I>rr, Jwl|r «f (* lh»
I (<Kloi.]\ i i rtf»n» •" I tb« diiw
itf ill. mailt.** Ui tl* nut*
NATHAN Oil, laic f «Hfcw«l
in Mill I uliUt, ilfrwwil, If »M»ni»J MHltMl,
hrr>4 > (i*r ixlnr thai %n i*< n|li> irf llbttd I*
v,,.i . i..lil i» |i< lxii< in a.xl pruir th'ir rUinw;
• ihI lli .1 •• 'halt lll'i I In tkal IMIirf at ihr Oflv*
■ •I J >11 J IVcrjr, I -1 , la tnl 1 Ilk fit»l
Nairn .Ijj uf Mi) ai«l Janr, A. I' l*.V»,fr.««i i»a
n't lt« k III lh. fi.irini.in lit IwrUr y'rU k, iVaMl, Sim)
It' in Ion o'rlmk In l»» m ikr afi.1tv»'n, «a »aik
•I • «M •
\III \I. VI. i
0\U.|. V|,r,h 5. I-OO S
'I'lll* "J. r»ii.f» that I fcltr <h'» .!«» fir»a \L
1 *><■• » »>» t, lm In" M tr«d» i«4
Art fi»r him« If. I rUiiu ui>iia <1 hu runingi ami
• hall |>n mi •!»♦•«- h< nut mntmrt artrr ihii >lal».
W Kuril—Jolt 1 III llllf
Canton, IV. I. !-»!» *3»*
_£_£ sailix
i MM: /UHOIfMtkTtinyi^ »u ih« m
\ , • ■ < >' i . » * f • •'■>
III *1 4 Vol Ml
rto«th Pan*, A|wil 9 9
6 H*»i |»**V
0V.IOA V XM.IH «i a
*«nj UW '4|t) J-"lU'J *qi \(|
Nullrr tW I'rtiri IcMurr.
0\ lh« ihirl»-fii»i •!,*» >4 \ l>. !•»»«. I• a
»m lltm>(,iOnrlw| in thr Cmmiv nfO»
I" J okh mt, ft fcaton i»
thr l'<xinl> tif ('miJl aifcl Nuiruf N»» II imiMhir*.
Ii« >lml •'( ■! (hat lUlr, frftrim litrti it
|arr»'« of tainl •iliutr.l in Mid f'nrl«r(, »h ■<" h
lr»rl« irr |'»H|C uUiU ilrKn'ipd in mi I ■l»*«l,*hK,ll
nui !«• l.ximl >«•< "filed in Iht Oik>nl tt i •trrii I
itiri Rrfictry, ll««k M, |«p Sl<. An.I ih« r<«li>
|i»n of *4ill R'»rtfagv l» in< If krn, I • Una • for*
rbxurr l« mxi) ih« i«<»f
IU hl« Alt'*. K. I.. <>10 OOP.
I r»«lwf|, IK (•>♦»( !lfl, l*M>. 3-> *•< j>fcc
Look Here!
Vjitlrk null omiill l*roAutf
VI.! |irr*nn« »lci tnlrifci UnUmf lh» t .nunj •««
*n, mill do ««-11 In rail <>n thr «ul*oib*r, u bo
mil (i»ni«K •! the ilxntoil (■■••hW nuiir*. allkiml*
•>l tndltlimlt \Viml«i» r*.i«h, jU»».l »-vl uii
(Utr<1, lli*t»c Trnuinnif* u( nnj lirM-niition, l«»
i[<ihn with "«t 4ml iiMklr Ciniili; whtrn h» nil!
•'II il |imr% v»hirh ranmil fill In will rii«l,.n>»i»
'ill,rt()rt frfl of N ii.^nnl |*lm> litimbrr.
t: it ill ItfHRSI I
N.nlh PifWt March &l, IHSO. if t
j* jo.»r \i?v hhkhii'i»,
fcouth I'iiii*. fiiitin
All prr*»p<a lij M41I ui nikmw |>n>m|4W at
Ufnl«ti !»■ marrhtB 3ni
vj S J
\1.1. peraulU iikUUiil In ihr ^mlh I'aria Min
fariiiinij (*i>m|tan\, In Ammnl i»f l>* .%•*»,
mm jvi.i ilur, air n »(<•< (full* rNpmtrii to pi* lb*
• inx.ai >ant I '<hii|miii Hair lU-lrrWinKl l'» c#llrrt
lit. II miuiaiNliiig dura linnir.liai.il, ami to l'U ikcu
I'lulhi in fuiurr U rraiK |«a» omf*.
Wll.l.l AM M.llltlNr;, Mm,
Smith I'aiU, Manh 21. iMO. lilVt
&. T. BOOTHBt?,
I fif.M" fc>r thr Thom*«ti>«. t.inrnlr,
A Mii.int.xh ami Ml. I*»rr»<-* Mututl Kirt la
•uranrr t',«|nni«
S<>uih rm*i 4, IW). H 1
rPIIE h»*r iaat rw»i»M a <
1 ply •( U» rrlrtnlrd 1H. To«M-.«»d*.
•rilU—« irniuw attkl*.
£1,00 p»r nt tn t,,8J

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