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Oxford Democrat. [volume] (Paris, Me.) 1833-1933, May 14, 1850, Image 1

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£'ic CMcri) Ocmorrut,
rttiMNtr «»»•» liiirtf ioioiu i
Tr w ■« —(W Ji'llt) mkI Mi f*n'« it tjinu;
ud t'w'Ui l* i «> ntl-h nMllllir i\ n
K» iUUn al lk* Mai *f tfct »"•» I
.mi Will I* liiinl l'l %>«* MOIl tl |x)UMrU•
m Ji kifil.
iiwrrtrd n* tr«>"uMr t»nn«
>S< pnt»irtu«* wl bring wii<mililr U •»( mi l
Ui 'xl Ikr Mtxiinl ch<ir|rO (« ill* •Jtrtii^wnml
P I\t«rn1 t>r ad a*tinti«m «!• m b*M to U
dM km* iW ililr ul lK<" kr»l hhtiIiu*.
tar v. k i*ii«iii,\*. c««(tni ii., (•>»«
<'] Piili \4*wli»*» OSw.) IW»|..«, n <4ii
f i«ni«in( »id*riu4h » «»< »-S»flr»«iim»l» U
' •..■lit' n.Nr* V-iV, l*t»• Mbi)iiiM, • iJ
Iliiolk nnil Job l*Tinii*c
movniv im» \r.\n.v »:x fitted
(Ti* ibr IWrtU]
I 1>4»1 into tkr AWitaM im»,
A*Im« iu irt u.iif»lW(r
\ I. » !S ml .U
ClIlM Mill U \»f- «»!».
Mk*ru*i «.it>k*j
.%• I U* M ImV
I <r I IS *;kl H «a raim u|kl rkwt «a«'h Urn
It* all ;
|Lk iku IHM m lnntlfcl,
TS» .\ng»l UijhiU »«'
\ r>4» t> (mt« u ibr UK*« k*
\VH> S .S»*alUla M. im*'« Lo* r ;
rsn >kr [.lanw.l W« <ata(*,
,|wl •.iwtil tji. tw fiM* an *»»Sl —
\HwrUtli I Uw tfcat »ilk • »l» k*«l '•»,
"»b» »»■ ikrnwil wad(k«liKl k|kt—
F I i<A«l faiftl «a lki< |*«In» Ihii
AtliMknl m it* kradt aiUl,
I (ami iWrubikonfk |m mJ nnaf,
T>w It all lo'kllll ikri'klU.
I .hi; .1 <—r r»f in a ilman inurr,
I wiirj to |H» *|N«il hnl;
Tkm I a brin( |«r* *a>l httfkl—
VhiuWNlluf'lCMiOIII • a »l>
Ilia U .<• naiin* H-J ■itkl»ir*tkul Uif—
\*J ia l*Mi) iiarnl I tturt
Tk* f<r tl> •• (ii <• I Had kituaa mi rank
il tk> An.-*!* "«•'» nr»,
Tlwii • 4'i « >t U iki<i^k ilk* IjmI
\ K" >. rvl""1** • I rain—
V i' f I I' ir I lh* » tJa, "Ok ■*.«» i* frfrj
IV.» lank't «i<a.l r«/» a»l gaia."
\ rwa« Vilkj(>. Vat J. IvVi
To Sly Mother
M> M i'i i ' i K • nunh I Vn#
tK»l i hi. • Ik J MKr—
M. ,M •< h'» ' lk « n«i M t» *i,
lu BMBK- I* iHr WW ;
I[41 Cnb iSw bhl aw CkMi,
>rt, I bl<r U.I l» ik tk« uOf
A i I. «r* » "' • > k w"
a/% y >W' * t« •• ik* wii—i mm)
Aikl r»ri ••Ik t ll I I
TVt yi'iwi k"*w • itlMi.
W V I t I* I* 4 » 'Jf lUk> I
,\ |<rattlrt N it<\ bat*.
A 11 «> V l I th «;V I . » wl.l «u ultrrt
.V* .IMW ' ikiwri If U.
,Vt ,V<W ' *«• • 4i T*r% »uh|
I'm u>«k<- km* |niit I if i,
Tk» uhmh it** h>*il hu (lit
Cmrr U-l th* wuk •!»» vt.
Vv V<W ' «lm at km! t« *»J
\n>l «lr«l tMK (kr Ittf,
I'M fr*lV\ thl f**tlr lunr,
Aid tkr« tkil IU*ha «rt ik»i,
^^fiHan'H •> 'OA f,Hi
imrtti i.
f*:il UiimA.
I»r (1r»^or* Kn' it r-tunx*] from id pari*
prntniiinil rail, cat txluf morning m NV
irrnhrr. On alik'ht;nf fnin hi* rhai«4». h»*
-Might il><* f\i» of ht« ilaufWr as »hf Mn«l
ii 4 itixit •imiftw, ri>»it'i] iija.n nb.Mi
it h»% «.; i .p*c*. m><h »n ftpi** i»n of conn
t> r .n *hi<-h | ;un! umrti wrm'd tohr
»tfiii.vlmg («>r th»" aat'-rHhw*. Turning
■r i*l i rta;i w hat tSu-> 11 rMf< «1 h»r at
tr? turn, th«- Uriur (In1 iu in kwir fc«r bi*
krraLfvl) n>>i» fir tlir fii»t tun • pcrtvitrd a
ttle n.'joi * .<1 bar**-t>«■:•«! bay. who wa»
tunpMf at tl.v Hitta .<f In* l.«.rv, with >n air
• f k - »!ute >1' :• riiiiii4ii<>n to ti->!<1 on, u if
1 r Ui — '•«! Ilittephalua b» thf h»ad««tall.
I»r. (irrfory ma* i»4h human*- and a hutnnr
*t, ami »iiin particularly «•»«! spirit* juai
n »», ha»n's relntrd • Mlowr creature trura
.i.t< *«• v„fliring, and r»rei«e.l theroJore a
reu.- »t>!e h-*-— two • \« w« which.
c»u«tiut«-d a phtMCiaaVi hippineaa; and
ti. j;h th« good phvk.inau. like l>r. Gregory,
«• ul<i infinitely rather nu»» tt.r last than the
f.;«t. it cannot lie d«*uied 'Mr, tl.ry arc pica*
ji.t a»Miriate r;rrum»tanrr*
" Hullo*' yi'u little cvutaur re»rr»ed he
<r fd, " m ho pay* you for Striding a horse thai
wouldn't run if ywu wlii| j«h1 K.m'"
•• U it w TfHi mean' !t'» the 5e«» trouble
to tx'M ft*tu then, tf he won't rim." Mid the
lioy, " and if your honor «'«••-'</ h»rfrt to gi*«s
me the »up<*oce, l'n» no jnmrrr than I vru
•* Ah* ha'** said the Ifcxtur, irnittting hi*
" u'» a wit you aw ' llrtf, John."
te »..»! to tit groom, who had now cwov
round. •• turn the hoix* irrto tbe (table. iu>d
th» little «a«age into the kitchen, and adimn
i>t< r » nf tun r<>ti •< »uli njl*. and hah' a
I oenJ of cbopw."
" Swrr that will »< W had to take." w*l
» •-( ihcgrunm. "Your hon
or tut- iuui«: ol u* if *i Lturlur iu U»«
1 Jr. Gregory. at ha fuml«rtab!« iireuki iw
w.th hit Uui.iy, m«ni loryot Uul such a bc.atf
*» iittle Patrick ciuud. Tb.» »« *»y wan
it » u :al to hia bruetuleorc. tor w fflmy
calU wtrv made up*u huu lor j>r««h*»»o»ai o-*a
oi >«»r aid. tbai hv lei I into Ibn naon ©I pro
| *tir U'»pomy rel'. l, anJ thinking ro
| more about Uw applicant*. Bal hi* dauph
, !»• in, vkt) ImI jmAifllMkjfi an'' '*•"
. o»xl »• i.i • . ■
»lo»1d rn i.-! of i tri
al ii|«n, mi far a. m« c ,i|<J prvtrnl it;
nor dul whe |k rmit it in alum^er, uhm anv
obieet ««if undvi her noiuv whieh dfMTtcJ
more linn ikf r»ui| not, if which art*
• •I lor inuncdutt Mr*. l«rr
mm pleaaod at I be inrtttrtMV whiih Helen »**•
rrtrj «« her lather, ami »n under
outtdin; kmi Manlier the inmate* of the >i ij»
py household. The Doctor. though he hail
fwo or tlir*** youn^ *nua, wan himarlf th«"
yo»iru»eM peraun in hi* lam.lt. A muni con
Kiutf nf rectitude, jjoud bodily health, and a
moat cht-erful temper, kepi up in hi* ppmt*
ihr continual flow 1/ H<* wur |*r
untied himself to be nartW mil of hia equa
nimity, ur made angry by ant tnfle. and thua.
in priMperilt never unduly elated, and tr. ad
teraittr never unrcaaoruhlt caal down, he ke|4
tfi1:inUid «unu) anU<»l"liie Tuauehaman.
no dar »a» a blank, and no niK*bt eame w iih-'
out plranant rrll^r*Thr Imle beffsrar
hoe, whose wita had been ahirpened bv pot*
ertv. dnioed *0 much of hn chaneter from '
hia manner. and from what wan aern ar t
hrtrd ,n the kttrhen, that he reaolted not tn
U«*e hia acquaintance Helen, trho waa dia
;«>v1 to aee how th*- nhiterinc bov tooled af
ter a warm twakiaM. Mtcm»d from the kit* It
mi, teportinj: •
•• Wfll, f.aWr, tmii IiIi'm' lri»h |>itient
he m I ) f« m.w "
" ln»h patu*nt—«*h. the little rngue I wnl
into the kilrtun atW h « hreaifaM' U • II,
*hv don't he po thru
" llmuw, he mm, «(Mi woulil wm for*
fit* him. il* he*|4ft without paving h»» rr
llctty *a* i he i» " a «lr» little »tn:k,"
an J m v own ear* I a*e heml that he keep*
tit- liiehen in an uproar of Ijujht.-r "
" So, well we might *» well laugh t»»o —
!la*r him |<aM>-«! up. Ilflffl."
*• *ii*', U>» 'i»aid the »r, affecting a
»»n »irrn l«>li, a« Cat awkwartllt lw«nl in
to the ro tn , •' i >w , then * ynung man, wlul
do \«ki w'«h t» * «• iiw fur'"
" I'm Mrtin l v t>» m»«rh Jike Tour»rlf to for*
pet /W, v. i * h<" <»r Sure \ u 1 «n*t gi»e u, '
a 'it ra»r till vtNi'n regularly «'i»eharged.
•• IndeedmnI the | Kir tor, laughing heart*
lit. "Iho-a m<»t pr»e><yoc* mlifrl in
vpu, at anv rate I'rat whit have you hceu
doing in all your little life'"
"Oh, •»i«-t»,n<w one tinn», mrvl Mtmrtiine*
•• Hut what *'f ton <• *■* ' •*
•• I'.irnr my tir-*' f<» • e<
>. -ftcr I t -t
H 1
er, h.;t t •
fit w.
I ll " l*i
; Imv him.
• H |1
Had fwet i
• iret<ijfe»t.
it a ptir«/«:> •
'*<»♦», *ii!> i« #•,•/ 'tKfr ' "ah'» r«l Pat, ||im* ■
1'ij up Si»th htni'» with well te<fiwd l;« rror
*' Surr n\ ru t mv moth-r'* n«o u»ui<l i!»» i.'.
like* nf tSat'"
•' ll'W '** ninl (hf IK^t^r. ^tinnwlifd t
* hat he »u; IHM.V *A% !ll9 Hi de«t pflilc o!
the little h« !»;;ir !*•* " Whii>il)jii» • it
not da. pray '**
" There'* man* thinr* I * wild n't «h> mur
h.. .>rPatriek, h«»kinj? r>^ui»hl) around
th* riw1* <*).•»# etr* wrr* r « rutiowjy Oi- ,
r.| upnn hitn " Beautiful Iwth *our lady
ship ha* "* he said t« H'leii, who pI<"mh1 h< r
I-; * with half a pout at hi* imi<ertn»enee but
I «U all rommaml of limn in a rlear ln-lle-|il»e
b'l^h. as Pat addej—" Man* ihlDf* I »"iiM
n<»t »!<►— and one of tlifi® i* to «1r«irr*re thr
»Iiom of a *»»n «f tour honor's. htr putting my
nJkrd f.-t into thrm Surr tliev nercr vim
the iike !**
•* (»i*e the vmincseump a pair of «ilk hose!"
«>ifHitrtl tl> • Ihirtor. a* soon as hi* rarhinna
Urv |«ar»»xv«Ti» permuted
" l.unK'i wool will answer if *ou please,
Ia«lir»,"* said the little adventurer, nothiuj:
i*» l* I *«f at the Monti of laughter he had rai*
< (1
*' Wbffr (In too In*' II in* ron n I iiltcr'
*»i»tcr*' A place' lfc>\«'l w lilt one'"
tie Iklor, liurrinlly. rattline one quotim
allrr th* other, in order. if |»«»Mble, to eon
fuM Hi* young liepet'wV
'• Blind \IIct," aro»w«-red Patrick, putliiip
h:a hand* behiud bun. and standing «reel—
" No, »ir. Yen. vour honor Fiif uf tbetn.
I wish I had. Try mo once."
•• Are you really in distress, or only shiin
" May ho 1 'hammed hunirry' A»k It< t
ly if I up any hreaklMt—then po and a*k mv
mother and 6*e si*ter* when tK'i took iwat
enough nil ihe table to feed mi, after ibejf had
done !'*
•* An««ther hint. Mm. llre^orT," mm! tin
IVictor, Minliuf " Jusl load a basket h«r this
little v«i)iHul "
Pat was won tilted out with shoes, warm
a'i>i i h.i.-ki • I t<>.ikm tiMid. "Now."
u:>2 the IKjeinr, •• W.llyuu bo aur# andconic
hack to-aMVTVW ii.ortm..'
" U ill a duck •« mi, \iHir honor' ^ ill a
fj come hack to the treacle I"
" He sure the'I and bflPJ ko.'B • ill" h •*'
aaid Mrs. l«.
" I'll d<» that Ui.iif. rrv< t
►i d Pat, making tl>
hacked out of *• ■ i n. wi- 14; the 1
" tk«* lop «»f " : <it 1
Fu kardly roeehod tl > aired. I> u«w kout
down 0.1 ■ ui or f to r ut < -h
•d l*." :, .1

i . •! r cat* k •) *.*! i*-c !.nn.
" . ow, CoMiuued tit fjth< r, " mo Iiow
ut*. ho«r ea-iiy 4 4«raji joiv
X* vU.saed, entb how l.tlic wo ought \»
be content A toilet table. and bureau.
:">r aotMtody'a chamber, wh«n aho rr:veli"«i
her twentieth birlh-day, a ahort lime ainec,
00(1 me three raaob ol' whooping coui;h, twi
lf*rn» and a compound fradurc—« whole
vrar » pnetice of cairaordinaiy amount, in
in v cabinet maker'a l.mnlv . ami yet thai lit
1 tie fellow horiow* mjr pairnwnt, and make*
t anoMvr in tho place of all tl.«wc »u|«rt!ui
" \ e«, moat magnatmnou*, Papa—-but who
naked you lor all ' Ihoae •uperfltiitiea'' WIki
contrived inal hi* il»iip!it« r khoiitd be p u ki d
olT on her birth dir. directly after hrcakfjat,
that when *ho came into dinner, the furniture
•it a pnn<v*a' ehainU't mi(*ht *mpri«e her'
Von am <|uiir a g«n»d preacher, I will admit,
rven to finding roar own text, .1* yon did in
llii* can. F«r my part," »hc eontinued,
hluahing acarltt, and turning half aaidoaa the
old gentleman looked at her keenly, and aome
what quisaically in the face—"for my pari
I WeniM N- nati«tud with a boitae furnished
at no more r«*i than luv *mple room i». I
am willing to pite up mprWtuitir*, rf—if—"
•« Si >-0-0— here we come acam I-orr in
a cottage—the romance 1*1 a»dent artcctioo—
proof agatnal adicmitv like a aalamander aal'e
—poetr* and hoi led cabbage—children with
out clothe*, and potaioc* with their jacket*
on. Vert tine and pli ivoil to talk about In
moonlight, in mtdaunmer—»ery cool and un
comfortable with the thermometer at icro, and
no coal ill tlir £rat<
" I nb]i|xMe you were rich when you were
" lie* '—ah, there'* John w ith the hor*e'"
-ml the old gentleman, burning suit Irotn
a conversation which he *uaprcted int^'hl be
al <ut to take a wron? lorn IVre wa* a
e»ri.vin vmjnjf gentleman wHnac preference
Cf Helen It.nl become too marked to be over
liMtVrii ; an<l a* the mi I lor uu really an unes
eeptionahle permm, hi* addrraMa hail been
taritlr allowed, fthlle the careful lather tr
definitely pnnlpomd, and detteroindv evaded
Itatening to any fonnal communication, tnaa
miicli a* that would imply a |«riodtothe aua
prn*e in which the old .llnculapiua «» de
termined to Le«'|> the limn; |<e«>j4«.
The nw«t unfortunate prattx* in wb»eh a
poor amlor lor a neh young lady'* hand can
he placed, i» when her title r hapjwn* to lie a
«uoernfu| mombar of the young man'* own,
profnwu.n The wealth* lawver, phvmcian,
merchant or tradewaia, know* to well the
difficulties and di>«ourafementa i f thoau who
are >uat entering u|<«hi the purauit by which
he ha* made hi* wealth, that he acans their
prvtinvoo* and eharactera with a moat eare
t I eie. No in' re fmf# m entered by »uch a
fjthi r u toaS in Uie account, and no " ex
•ati ia" arc en dued a* actual capital —
. • yi'un^ uierelunt inu\ pa** for mure than
t« wurtli, * itli aiiyHt«Jy b..t Uie tntrch-Jit .
1 in • ti)4a,' lawter or Joe* »r nnv lie rated
«e in» | rof<(M.tMul value by anybody but
' .»e %< .c:aii ,i> hia own line of lite.
Si.ch wire the disadvantaged under which
voting I •». J Inn \ in|indti>N illiinoc w.tii
ike fuulr of «nl l>r. Gregory. IV'!i*bh lie
oier ml mated I » difi cult . am!, piobiLU
too, tii,* uld IK vt >r lUtenriid lie rl.onld. It l*
i tr 'k ot' th experienced to pile all a->rt« cl
.nj^liov nt» in th> w av i f the U'Lhc, in or
cri ii »t Uicir cijnciUea, pro** tl.eir quali*
tt, »i. 1 th* .r .unli t,on. Mai.* a young
uun, who ft tenia a certain old tutor to lie a
terrible eerl>eru». would, if lie really could
diMiner the thought* ol the ancient gentle*
man, find htm ta.vmi; hi hi* heart, " Had I
thru ear*, (tine. |«air», to kupup the canine
parellel,) I d hear thee !"
riuriiR it.
Pal VI lloinr.
The littl* Irish li ii.cn tlw whole, a
„'i>od imprt »- t)ii mi the minds uflhr Doctor's
tuinly lltuu^'b lbr<) * ft,- tadly nrtn-jduaM-d by
hi* trre and e«sv demeanor. The Doctor
captivated by Ins ready »ii—ilw wile
ami daughter pitied br* evidence though un
romplxihi>l' destitution. The key t«> the lit
tle living cinema consisted Hi a MopJ
vk>ich no city f> iilrr will uccd any ri|>lana
Immi. Pat was, or rather In.I been. a "new s
boy " w such he had acquired <1< \i lojuueiit
lt>r tl»«- natural aptitude of his limine-— as such
hv had learnt*! tlx- readinc** ol reply, ami
keenness of repartee, which astoimktd the
Itocior's household.
A» a* Pair k had (a* street
toilet—for, »itli stocking* ami shoes in his
pawM aaiuti, he instantly discovered what In*
had ml hr'iire, 'hat it was »<«i Culd
in run barefooted.—he »tart< d fur home at a
good |>aee. A» he knew tint hi* mother ami
Mktrr* were half famishing, he was delighted
to have it in Ins power to render them sub
stantial aid and comfort. The *u[ ply in
deed most opportune. Tlie father of the lit
tle family liad died but a ahort tune previous
ly after a long illness, which had eaten up
their little earnings, and aent their movable*,
owe hy eue, to tin pawnbrokers am! the aeeood
hand auction a tore*. < outcmptible in value
.• tUi me |mur chattela secnied. every »is|*-nce
tsalreuiurc to lite sniffling |MH>r, and the
widow Murphy was looking hi Tain lor some
article convertible to cash, though ever to
trilling, when I'atriek arrived with his basket
of proviaion. It Dr. Gregory had seen how
like famished bear* the little Dock fell upon
thi broken I'inkI, he would have owned that
h*re was, inJerd, no "shamming
'• Oh, Paddy, dear," said his mother, sup
• liereyea thu bad filled, while hef elnl*
ic so greedily, "how hard you muat
r heeged to get all tins'"
- rr«»w the bit, then, did 1 pel hy beg
answ er««l the boy. "1 tould them my
• i r and five sister* w ere s«art tng w itii cold
• I finishing with hunger, and begged I'oc a
iiny ortwii to buy theiubnad, but the j>eo
I it either pushed me ar-.de, .vrd looked 'you
ilte,'or touid mo an and done wtlii a. At
.31," *itd here the Itdlo feliow tip
pruttdy, "1 tried another way lor tl!"
"You did not a/oic, 1'addy!" cried hi*
mother, lnokm< frightened " Ard.Cod aave
and keep ua! Tlio boy Km »f»ocs and atock
, pa In hi» feet, too'—That crar il vliwuld
; ciiiue to thia!"
" Is it my ovii toother tlukt aaka n>r that'"
»ud Pat, 1>.» eye a tliitcninff with lr ua of
pride and aorrow. "Did aha lacho tne thou
tlianl at tie, l»y iniMakr' No, I did not Blair,
mother' 1 ahaiucd a neh and good minted
iiuii out of what bo will nrvcr mita— and look
how it help* the childcr' Take hold youraclf,
mother. Pre had mr hreakfjat, and by the
miuc token, the aamo imp i» good fur to
A rude Limit I* at the drwr interrupt*! Pat,
ind »uinu»o»iol an antiotn cloud upon the lace
i»l' hi* mother. The immediate and abrupt
• niratico of lh« klraiiKT—we ucrc about to
**y—followed. Hut, aUa! he waa «mo "f
ibuw who are no airanjiei* In the poor1
•M 'tmii'! Mia Murphyhe Mid, "if you
can't pay your rant, it la ugh tunc you gate
way, to make r-oin f ir tho*. «*hrran1 Three
Mo*k* b< hind, trrma wceki>,"m adttnee, u a
hard i«*n l<<r ua—but," and bo p*\e a amiti
nixintt look ai*»iji Inn aparliacnl, "we
•thall hate lo pin up with fc, and In you go,
aoott frw."
" l<et u« go ' l<otd aate us, wbrn. are « e
III ({ll to
" Well, thai'a tuit our look-out, rev. know
We c.m't harbor yoo rent fre« any loiter, at
anv rate. What, Pal' comfortable aW» and
Mwckmc*. hey ' You'te improved oo y<.<terday
You mm! Ic fit lad out, I •ii|>|hmu<, whether
your tunher'a hoomt d< btaarc paid ot not'"
" Tf*th« »ir." aaid I'at, a little lugry.
"they were not Uiufiht, but a free ^ it. and
made by a tuan who dor* not begrud,^ youi
*h»<-«, nor tbe heart ol' I lie tuan who auunU
in 'em!"
'• 11 oily ' to;ty * little r'aAiy UjMiii ' I
meant u > harm, I am nurr," aaid the nun,
provoked, but aahamed to butiay it. * You
might a« well ha*p brjged money to ktep a
houw o*» r your heat!*, a* »hoe« lor your ret,
while your hand Man m.M
" B« v'gar* ean't bo chooser*," aaid Pat,
with prorokiiiii c.ilmne»> " II' Ucjr
•houhlfi't H» your teniuU
" I'll lor you then »aid the iran,
n nw thoroughly enraged. "iKm't let tut' -nd
rou here to-norrtw. It I do, the wttolo tr«*»j»
t>h.iil lie ti'imllei) oil to the situation**, eirtpt
yoo, vr. and vou »lull l»c - i»t to the llo*v
'• M«v h.- he think* he ctrrift the key* of
all them pLer* in hlftpocki-t, ' Mid l'it,uhf
chardill# A*ir which the unfei-luiir tellow
had ditdiintd to clo»e afici li.if.
" llrigho!" ftielatl the old won an, a» »he
fthlttred u»er ill# aaliea, which »he w .u» rak
injr al«out with » btt of lath, iu the !ki|* to
eoaa Iti'jtuui i<t iliv limlt'r-iiki'rrnlMr* ^ pu r
»hs» injf»—" ll<*i<h"' h.' ,ir» i ll Uirn, but wc
ar* iitM all buried vet t Thi •» »« la ai tb« Mf
now, may liml them«*i»i> at;lie i>jrt«ui l#**
l«rt thy die I"
" Tru® lor you, nivther-»hut rr»er »av
dir. vol. M *yU iLerc'n ri»>m for u» at the
top, too, wjthout puaiiu £ any *<m
J<iwn," »u«l I.ill'- Pat.
" lle.«». n M^ne in-, ami »o there may be
Paddy, tie *r, liui on* can I In iji thinking.—
W« 11. the »un lu» r.vn toiLv, but it i*n't
" N<>—nor it won't, neither, till u **tw on
brighter lacea, for hers I.a eon»e» that ne\cr
emu without a welcome, nor hit without
your Mrnmntfmid Patrick, going from the
window to th* door.
A nun of ion* fite and turrntv wtirdl,
rh<-<rtul anJ buinain in countenance, kind,
yet not tniucm** iu In* manner. " Hey day,
good folk* he said, "all in the dump*'—
Who i». oick I"
'• No one, air," *aid Pal
'•Nil' \ou all will be, if you don't keep
warmer, tiut that'* pour comfort, y»m aay, to
thi»e w ho canH Cotar. Mr Murj»hy, toll
u* all alMiut it !"
Patrick, in a clear and utright-forward uun
ner, told trie now-cumer what the reader al
ready know* Wl>eu ho had done, the »lran
tier nani.
"One, two, three, four dollar*— i* it'—
Well, I can't a (lord lofitr you that—but Mr.
Murphv, I'll toll you what. I'll lend ynu
(S»e, lour for the rent, and one for capital, lor
you to Mart afreah o®."
I'll ar*4 hr mother <nrrrw he Im*! hint *«ith
think*. which In- (Jul not atop m hfir, but H41
off U forr the widow could reach him, or the
ecrtainly would have liit own hen«clf at lit*
lift aut! <H;i»|»e^ In in by t lie Lim
•' There, ino hct ' I told you the nun
n«-l wt vet " Mid I'at, exrruting a m»»t till
lirult atage negro poa, in In* new ahor* —
New» boya are familiar with "thentrirsU"—
that 10 kuch aa they prefer, and the j o« t
ol'going hark ujm.ii tit? jfimy pjjier tcudiui*
Kuito, ii<« longeT a 'haute duck,' hul as In
ctpremed It, "in town again, with a |M>ck«'t
lull of rix L«," clat'tl littl" i' • l»!y quite aa
much »» a recovery from ho|>eltvt bankruptcy
could have pirated any one <>l hi* »o«ior.—
Ilia head «u already aa lull of plana tor the*
future as hi* bee la were of activity. Ilrrount
ed the proviaiwi lo k«" drawn from the T><x*t(>r'«
kitchcn ua good for a couple of daya »t leaat;
and bring now comfortable in cirrwnM uire*.
he bcgiui tu thiiiL of enabling hi* iialare in
aome w ay to contribute their ahare tolhc main
lenainT «»f ihc Itouachold. How very little
wilUulbce to make the p">r happy. Aid
how read.I; might the fact l>e experimentally
IcaU'd by thouKitu!* who know nothing of it,
but reaping uiti.d competence, 1 lew* their
hrartlc«* indolence, and indiffen nee to the rt al
»ullenoga of ether*, with the d»m-|4ive plea,
that "they »hould I* glad to do pood if it
were only 111 liu-ir powci."
Pal Ihc Laud lord,
"Come, latherrritJ Helen, the next
iiKinntv, '• do lay down that proay pamphlet,
| and roiu to break faat! \ou are too old a
man to be ho completely awallowud up by
th* »hop. You cure more fur a gallipot than
(for jrwir breakfuit, an' would ntli»x ruJ a
tediuu* hi -Hum] |>"rio«liral than »>ic your fain
I ilv' I decUro, you are *n pvlnlent ».f pul
terited liquonec ami rhuVi'V that 1 am al
most o.i'k of llto aijht and ««!i»r c»f you!"
" Why, Helen," an t h;-r mother, " how
you run on! I declare, I am qmta aalumoi
of vnu!"
The good old Doctor umiled with arch
meaning, ;<* he submitted to hta daughter'*
railb rv. " Nner mind, wife," he aaul, as
ho took hi* teal at the table. " Phwieians
iirr fueh nmanneea, that 1 ran never think of
admitting another into the fmuly and a* to
that nutnlier of the M<-dieal Kiaminer, it 1a a
■tupid affair, aura enough. It i» nearly half
filial w ilh a pajwr contributed by some young
•juark, named Harry, Henry, or *01111' aurh
j namo!"
Helen blu*hed and laughed, and laughed
and hluihcd a^jin Her weapon* were now
fairly turned agatnM her, and ahr had m>ih
iti|; to do but lo look out tfltt »..c did not
arald h<-r hug. r* 111 doing the honor* of tlie
break fist table, while her father, making U»"
most uf hi* advantage, |n»vsl her tnoM un
mercifully. The re.il truth waa, that the re
port r* lit lieiiry'a ease, 111 Mhn'h I>r. Crrg
ory bad l»"*n so in>»<*h ihwrhed, wn a tno*t
interesting one, skilfully tre u»d, and report
ed 111 aurli a winner which «ho»cd the
young man to be a nutter of hit profewion,
and a most eaeellent practitioner. Helen
had ahrewdiMi*enough to |«!rrei»i« th»t her
father wa* 111 a most excellent mi»«l a* re
garded her <»i»hc* and hope*, and therefore
courted ratlier than depreciated In* mirth —
?Shc u as therefore, more dm ippouitcd than
pleased .when her ftther changod the tubbed,
by to In* w nc
" W- II. my cc,»i, 4id jrnu an) tpoon*.
Thi« ijk *t;on antwrrrj in tho iwptite,
the I)'«rtor continurH;
" Then, unl«*v« |;ttl Pit eorw:.|«N rmir
ln«kii worth more than any tlmifc he would
be likfly u> pot h«ro lo-«iay, lie will come
l»a<*k thi« iitorniniv"
•• To 1m* •nr<* he will r<>tne," Mid Mr* Pr
•• To Ik- Mite f e will, father," aaid
" Well—jwrhaj*—" n;d the Pvtor, pre
tending t>» ha*** hi* doubu. Knowing that
all womankind are wore or !• tnehned to
r»>ntrolirti«.n, lh» I»r«*f>r cumaiiij;!v took rare
tint tli' ir n«vitivr% OiouH sjp;<»rt the aflirm
Itv.i lie withal tr tc.ich B-ttjr here in
n«Hiiievtl that 11, young gentleman w a* al
irady Mow Mairv
li i • n trr.'lkliM, li»!t». nuij
tic OtMar« " oini then mhJ hita up. Now.
*< i sil.1'J the Doctor, turning lo hj
i!mcht'-r, " that ltttl> J'it t« <Wj> 1!#
• •II W< *i ihi i.II li- jfui» f-r rMu^li mi' ;v4i
<• t» nt.-al •oinfilung wnrth while "
" V >u h.ird iif.irtril old g»Df!tin*i«," Mid
Helen," h«w r « \»m W «> uncharitiblo
llr ihn hftii"*** w the t -'i policy."
•' lie will rf.ui. lo the jilia*-** in ihffend,"
■Aid the Doctor, w;nkm£ lo In* wfc to ob
vrrte how ila:r dauk'ht< r'» fine fjee lighted
fp with the eicltcmcnt of contradiction
" H< Hill r»mr to a fortune, and own a
whole *|uare'" retorted 11.. 11• d.
*• vnd the Doctor " flood, *o.—
\nd I II tell you what, my pretty prophetcM,
I know you bcliete what you pr"diet, and I II
in ike you a prom »•' on the eedrit of your
uwn (ailh Vou »Vdl mirry tin* \oun^ !).■•
tor Henry, or H irry, or wlntevei hi* name
in, whenever I'.it hi* » hunt" to let you'"
And the happy father laughed immoderate
Iv at lit* own wit. H o wife join !—and
Helen, though »he r«n- ftorr tfce ukl*. and
pretended to h» U(rT, could not help (oiiiiui;
too M> |.,r ■ xlif could reply, Itetiy announced
a caller It w .ia one »l tin- Doctor'* tenant*,
and he directed that he *heuld be »hown up
lie wa« the le*«*e of »e»cra! larac old hwua
en, hi a !>• Mir part of the city, w hich the Ihic
tor hardlv viw once in a y» ar, wrd rcukl not
|«)i»it "»n without a glide. Hi* len«e wa*
about expiring, and he called to vbl.tiu a re
newal, hut wished it on diimni»hcd trrnw, a»
he > nd there wan a pr>»;«ct that certain con
templated city w|immrnUi Mould turn Uie
" So-«<v, ' mi«1 the Doctor, " a hard im<
yrovrin'nt «htt Tlisy pir m« little mote
than the lav*. now. ami if lh"y are improv
ed at that rate. I shrill be »»►.>,• a b<*£i.»ar with
them I mnit loek into thuia little, *ir."
At ihi* moment l'at made bin appearance
at lli** door. II' lt*n went to hint, led him to
a farther window, and entered tn*o rraicna
Hon with htm 11' looked like another hov
thi* inorttinir—hoj>e arid pleasure »hone in
hi" f»*'\ umi his whole nppe.trance wa« tidv
and eh»< rfnl. The Doctor's U»*»•• soon took
hm leave, having lir"t conversed in an under
tone a moment or two, with a frojucnt look
inward poor Pat. The D<>etnr'a countenance
showed that \he lad had gained Imle in this
" Now," said the Doctor, a* Helen led
the lad to htm. " Your name m Patrick, I
liellcve*" Patrick bowed. 1 am verv
oorrv," the Doctor continued, to learn that
\<>u are a very bad and a very impudent boy—
ihoiiL'h I mipht have pui'««ed the last."
Helen and Mr». Gregory h«>kcd astonish
•si, and poor Pat, gathering a hop* of sym
pathy flora their ftoe<s said, as he hung hia
head, and burst into tear*—
" Snt? that will be new* to my mnthcr,
w he rover you heard it'"
•* Coioe, come, sirMid the Doctor, " «0
more play with us—we've haJ «uoa»h. I
don't want to condemn jou unheard—and if
)fou in dntnin|, 1 weuli da you pood —
Vour slurp aiiswers «ill serve for an hour'*
amusement; hut if you are, as I am told, a
very had hoy, you arc a danperous plaything;
and if you can cstabliali your rh inctor. I
would do Miiicthirg more than amuse mys»'lf
with you, for, to tell the truth, you have in
terc»i«M n>e verv much Now sn*wer me,
without ev:i«:<rn — Wiui Uava >oa our <!u«m
10 iumoUin vour> ilf I"
" I tbu paper*, til."
"So. Yi»— UiAt cipltini •oouth.ag.—
Why <I«m't you atil them now I"
"My ftiLer took »ick,air, and »tt> J
bad—and one day with another. Mr, I apaot
my Imla money, and luat my aland, air, and
irth'-r boyg my ciutocnera, Mr, and mv
heart *n gone, and my mother and inirn
were «t.»rfinj», and tho rtnt w»*..'t pi*l, »ir,
and thr Lord »j»c you and your* from taatmp J
lh<* bitter cup !'*
Mullen turned her h«-ad to bruah away a
tear, and Dr. (Jregory continui d hi* ijuca
iioiia, but in a t»i>e mora kind.
" lljt hovr could a buy aiilfcring all ihia bt
*o full of fun and non*eu*e aa you war* ye»
tcrday, atxl m jou w<M«Id lute l»-.n to-dty,
if on ry tiling had gon* a» you expected ,,f
"Oh, »:r, thero'a a mm* way» in tho
wide world, and t!i -in a* travel* n onr don't
taow thj awn** in aruitHjr1 Tw.> or three
day*. «>r, I d a!u»»-rol barefooted in the cold,
•Hid tould the peopla what I lotild )>>u Junt
now, Mr, and ! could not g»-t » niprner!—
Hie btra*: I angel put m» <<n anotb>-t track,
arid Tour kind face, air, liudd luc try it on
you— and that 'a the whole truth, Mr. I'm
no blackguard, if I look Itku one."
" Very *cll pat in ! Very well told, Pat
rick—but I'*e *»n»rthing more to yet —
Tha bouv! you Ii»e in it nunc, and j^ur land
lord i» iu) tenant-—
" Then, 1 hope," »aid I'at, " he'» a better
tenant th^ landlord!"
"WcJI.be tell* ino tlcvt ye*trruy you
lie! him down that you had'ut a dollar in the
" Lied hi 111 down' Sure, it « m tho blc-*
ed truth, *ir i"
" Hut hr aira lie threaten^ d joi: wtih tin
llouw nf Itefugn, and t!. »t tin* morriiii^
your Dioth'-r found money la (my tl.e tent *u
full. Now you inu«t cither have had thi•»
money, or—I aia unwilling to nay it—you
inuit htvj stolen it im<y, for he aiya ym are
♦cry poor."
" All, look at him, your honor' Tbuik
of lliia backbiter once ' !!»• know* I atii
poor, he aaya—and he threatens tne with the
ilroae of Refuge for not paying my mother »
rent, auJ pfrhap* lie didii I tell you of tKat,
but he tould me I mitftit aa well hl»e
money a* ati»c», and abuvd m* f"r the very
klodoMa winch your lady had fur mt'' And
then be aay* I atole the money, and Mill U
put it in hit owu pocket without a taar
" Patrick, you hivo made the ca»c tud
for your accuyrr, but you ha»'nt helped your
wilf yet. Tell me honestly—where did thi*
money comu frc.it'"
" It 'vaa loaacd to mc, atr "
d'" And the D-»ctor willed h.»
»V."'iuUuo:it at what Mciacd « rt» «»
" Yfi, nr," Mid Pat, proudly, "
M n-' e jn>u tlnnV the ircpodcrrt linle black*
guarp liaa no friend*, 'but ih-re'n a <>ud
Above, air, who ruinamber* the widow and
tin kliictlc«v'an l he »e»t *n aak'cl <o ua
wh-n wo wrro all in the aorTuw The man
that loaned Pal Murphy fi*e dollar*—lour fir
lbe rent, a:id one to buy paper*— aad here
it i»," raid Pal, aa lie ahowed it—" that mao
knows Pat Mirphy will pay, if he leave* hia
b. dv to ib«- *jr^.<on% tn do it with And it
uti't the lirat p«od tiling he'a done, air.—
Ilrt'a come out ut' bi» bed in the bitter night,
time aud again, to aoolbd the pain of the (xiur
wfco could rot f*,*r him (co nor rrwwd, ai»d
lie'a put bin lund in hiv pocket, over and of
leu, to pay lor the medicine ar.d tin; foi«l for
the dying nun, when Jje knew he couldn't
li»e a» much a* to thank huu—the b|i v»inp»
<>f H« a>en (all on iiMn <ur it' And now my
(HAir fath'-a i% in Iltaieu, and Dr II.nry may ;
one day meet htm there—may K b* a long
day off, for the jjood of the poor on earth
morning, ladie*, and y»u, mr. too, at;ii
when nest jou would play with the poor,!
don't put tiic I'irce before the IrJjeily, »ir. il
ye plra.%3, air, f«r that'# not the »iv at the
Helen wa* in tear*, and her mother in »i«
lent amizemeat at the little l«llow'» elo*
*• llrte, Pat, Hop"' MioutrJ th« Doctor,
aa the hoy moved away.
" la it mote p/iiy yoa w^nt, »ir'" *»ked
the boy turning; h ilf rounJ
" Vour name in Murphy' And tke Doe- (
tor'» i* ll<'arv—eh
•• lei, air.
" U'HI, here," continued «he D'vW, tak
up tli • M Itcil Stammer, '• i» yoar lath
cr'a civ; all piinicii."
" 1 can reid, »ir," i*W P*t, proudly.—
•• Di>n'< yhry *ith the bon*» of the tkad. it
you plcaie, air !*'
" Nt>—ik>—-Patrick," nni Dr. ftrepory,
taking h.m by the hand, and dialing him to
linn. " I know Dr. Henry, an ! there an*
tboac in ilu« houvt who know him better
than I." Pal abrcvtdly l«*»ked toward Mel
lon, and ahe blinbed enmaon, M We thill
inquire about you. What rent do you pay'"
" A dollar a week."
" FiAy-lvrn dolla ■ a yew. And ko*
many rooma ha»e you'"
•• One, air."
" And how many ten»nia ar«, la the whole
•• Ten, air, besides the eorucr grocery."
" So-«-o!" hummed the Doctor •• Why,
the fellow gen more for that one houie than
he pays me for three ' And ho want* me to
rcdiicv hia rent at that' Miserably mutt the
poor bo oppreiaed by aueh harpie« !"
" True for you, air," aaid Pal—'• if your
honor would only tako tho htuic into your
own hamia."
•• 1 can't do that, my boy," «atd the Doc
tor, inuauig—'• Tit1" and he, at lunj-th, af
ter a pauwc, " how o!d are you!"
" -S^eatwn, come Halter."
" So. Well, I'll uk Dr. Henry about
you, and if he givca you half aa good a char
acter w *ou do him. I'll gi*e iov rharjf* of
ll.e Iiwum you h*» m, \ ou aball hare it it
the mno price bo paya—u. condition tbil
jm don't eh itga the oih*r> more thin enough
t j yet jrour own fru\ sud ■ fair plico fcj the
trouble in collecting. Ami 1*11 &ol renrw
hi* Icaae for any of them, neither, If yoo
allow younwlf honeat and capable, hero'* ao
opomr.g for a liiing fur *ou."
J'at'a h< '-•!» flew involuntarily iuU> the firvt
pucitiou of another negTo pnt—but be bluabt d.
hung his licad, aloud at ill and wept hia tbanka,
while oven Dr. («r«*gr<»r> "• eyea mciatuiM-d.
" (.'all here to-morrow !" said the Doctor
willing i>« relieve hi*gratefuleiulmra*.»mw.t
" Patrick !" said llflco, calling luin (<• k,
" Have tod a rouble of plaaaant rwuw in
your hiwM t«« let mot"
" Anan!" said lite Soy aetonubed
•• WbitI" asked Dr. Gregory.
•• Why, father !" and Helen, yon certain
ly have not lor^ottcu your promt*- made Una
morning, that when I'll ban a house to let, I
may bv uarrifd'"
H(lb, trni Wifijage'" said lUe Doctor.—
Wall, wbm ikm hi» a pill i<> take. the sootier
it i* i'tr hi» mind ili<« U tier. Marry, a»'ko«.n
a* yo»ir mother nn get you ready—lor I
you an both of a mind. But don't you go
now and i'-ll Dr. ll.-iiry «hat d>*pt'ixl» tn hi*
endorsement of Pad«ly here."
" Sure Dr. Ilrury would never tell a lu to
»ave a kingdom," said Pat, earnestly.
" (Jet out of the house, you Utile rogue,"
•.ltd the Dm tor, " you've douc in Iwo hours
wbU my wife and daughter ban bocu trying
iu vain to do lor two yean!"
la anyl> »ly ao dull a» not t<> gu«s» t.V eml'
(t'luin the l.« 1}'• IV. k it V|«).J
Thn ladias At the Burial Place of hu
Fa then.
KIm• r,( nuar anrirnl, wiibrrr I Id' r,
W'hn* »kr|) juur Ixim, y ui cliu 'um« ft- » '
It'n i Kith fxtMi'l jour <l»' llw(-| Ufr,
\«.l aluluprU rark n-ililr, m>mk;trU( Uuw
I r >11 * lo mtrp ti|*m jrouf
T'< |»r»y U-ai <• ymr »Lri m .*»*« m«f» ;
1 k- m»ii ula are lr»«IW<l, an t th< »j>i»
Of Turn hi«« <•*!>( jwur a)un t'*t
Y'l-ir f<Hta« i'C in tke »r»t»rn •*»,
tt'k»« m*l'l hrr« al r»rn tall* ;
An l rum! im fwlaUp* Iw.
An2 »amljr call "iUurn, rtur*"*
T»' tu<ri« oi ik* (Uiaairr »■ ."ia,
Im bo ki«I, ■»..<! lU* a*Vuui glaJa
Air i»>t i iuJ (ha a<jliUi)#a.
Tit# taw Ik a (aauJ a«j y un| )r<n ^>a)«4
B'l to Ik. bit»l« Ulrfr u a luW
J «..« nut •..at <4 vU to ktar .
The rata/act 'a »'iKl ta nut ila
That (< II tn n»o»k «n m> »»r
TUat Uc-»U»J It' ul, in «i .1^4 o—m
1'|>i« my li ill ikni a. »u4a laim,
ill M ihc • hl.ffi". rt .it,
U'tnW »till tH»J U.l iw In "rrtui* '
AU. ail (jUi>Ht «>a|
I'lilu i jion 4n| tlunri) laii
Ol,. ilull, rnjnl I anna aha)l >lia«
To jon Kru on. rr\ kimlrr. lonJ
Tk.f • ► t I lk« n«lr tl. «t hi» : rtl ,
Thfff plrwai ' aalnt« »« f »
.Ul full ik> »nn ini' to fit
U ah ott i> a luttmut i.t't ail '
ho w«u!<! ni.t 1tk<" t« t»e ch< •rfnl' to*
how mvi* tlice are, who hardly Item whji
llie word mean*. Sow* pe«p!r Mill pr^
through »hn life, with Kimlf a Mnile ; • i !
if they do happen to !i*»k ebcerful, it i» h«
none of their own etrrtjon*; it i» thr fVi
r?r>rt of i «pirh whirtt ih»* ha*r not yet ful
ly tubdued. A kind word due* t ff it d^al,
ind »o doc« * rh'-rful «uitle. What i* ■»>!«.•
'1i»i/rcfiblf, than love a perwrn who is »eM?r
cheerful h;m*>!f, at.J who appear* m i/he
thought it a »w tor oth<*r* t»» be «o* M«si
him in the »trecl, a.xt perhaj* he will «<y
••pood in»min» " which would wouaJ *er»
woll tf you hi*e th» impnlitrnen ne« to l»"k
up; hut whrn you do look u;>, thrrr he in
with hi* fae<: a< Ioii# x« a »a?4-~iick: *o<J
Vou ean hirllr h*lie*c a human counten
ance could look »» w«ie.h»»?«ne. N*w whv
C1»'t Ih-nplr l<*nk cheerful, wlt-'n it I* -"t V
city ' I do tint wi»h «hrrn to ijo to the op;<>
•ite citrine, .in! ** fhin»» .it c*ery th r .
that •oeur* that i* im| whit I eill lookiu*
chcerful; h'tt let * pe*xm look pleiunt, and
** if he might la'i"li If the i*va»iort rr«juired
tlu» i* whs' I ••all hwkmp chrerful
Sun»hui<' r«t>il »>u the *'i*e before m«? it
v»a» * fcridai accnr. and a joyxoa happy #Mup
were there . fr:cod» wIikIi lud l«>nif t*-« u •cp
■traled, had in •! ajiJin, ami tha «uu»hine o<
health, In) i»n»c»» and wa* »nia
tog uu them all.
I turned (rota tkii verm- to look «wi another,
*» I thou gin n<< lay of auitahiMo |»en
etraUfck Hut I mmaken ; the »ui
ol'hoj»- and trust there. It kci-nu
when* friend* wer ' about to pirt, nc»or to
mrM au'ain in tin* world death »t«>od ready
to claim its *iclun ; »h.* * tit»*<l only to bid
adie* to hrr children , tJ»«*y were brought t >
her aide ; with a !•«>» of love, aueh only m a
mother rould gift, alio committed them to the
care of their remaining parent, aod above all
the (wouvtiou and guidance ot II mi who had
permitted thr sunshine of hi* pretence to be
with Iter m tlun trying h<*ir; al* ur^'-d ua
all to meet her tu that world where nocloud*
or storiu* are seen theii with the sunshine of
(kith on her couuieu»nv, she clomd h«7 eye*
in death. .
I lol\ tkat tttlie with no l—« sunshine m
my h«art, than wheu I turned fiom the other
A ItcpaRTrc —" Sir," »aid a member from
Assumption, in the Louisiana l^epialature,
*• I am Ik*re. the proud representative of my
conMituenta; I ain lien* frvm the parish of
Assumption, and while I aland on tin* floor,
I and Assumption are of a pieer." " Y«"
■aid an honorable opponent, " and you are
the boldest piece of assumption that wa*
••r heard tf."

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