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Oxford Democrat. [volume] (Paris, Me.) 1833-1933, May 14, 1850, Image 2

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ii)t Offori Dciiocrnt.
rARw, Trr«OAY, may ii. i*ao.
|y »*»'• «»TV IWnioil •« S*(l» ISi it
mkI *>3 *»«• "* W K»t lK< i» pa^rn <1 iIk
*,«. Ml <T h V»»i >«;.
h N.ntf VifWp* *aJ -u. Si it »■
In »- klw'-i V ••«."» •w twnin, m iN» II »l iJ
John r ui.hr. ► »*. \» .■»* .4 v.k«i,
ikl »»ll U J '••» — 1* •!»£*.
Tb« Ew*r.:* InT^th.'fctiCn
A A>rmfMhlrpi 0/ ihc* N« ■ V»Mk IF -t liJ,
id a totter <iatr%i April VI, ankt 1. .«, rr
tjwrtmr th* fnTC* r»tio»» hr Mr.
RiehVfWm nf IHiio-t, v*i rtt of
the RftrAV w }f
Th RipnKTte »« 'men flirh
Ifi'mn, tf tfr Hittw, wiik »r~h a*
it f*n cmnmajn?. i.o ha» ••kr*l f«>r a
•vrnmiTti"? to :mi«vh» tRr riUftrr* aftinrt
the cooilert of MV. tart Twtrc
It Vt."«liV# a file Ri«*hini»>ii it a hoKJ. aHk>,
p«p«l.tr mu, r>«re*w>y oauikrsi tr any iking
he eMWmltre. He will nft eertain cm M
tHo Hbtorruf the !.-»•»? ixti 'h# of
th-T wiU is rt *nn«»wr which w Jl
make their aut% r miW> h^.| *e*cr U~*
H*j-fcr\J, «»r I sru no (.».. ««er.
TV Rrpi,!».ie eHrreatliat <"ol«»»»el Mich
J,**a rut * J11 ecf»»iiit!»«r to he ap
j.iir.tro TV« '• il>i:k( kin I «Tn*{. llr
di*a * >n it, ai • iu' '« t tl.tll • » •>•
ictl T I" Rrpi-b' J I'nrljiiM lfut Mf V*«
itg h*a T«rprp«l 4 ; ' i«) f!j n» rxnj,i
aueh m t'.»pgrw»» «rJ« rrj to h* tv;i' «J aw?
Hi.a i r*i > II«" rc itxi j i a tnr
Chiekatae elairr. <f il'1** wh.eh Mr
faatDiMinvr Mrdil! a r >Tar«-*
Had refused to all^w • pr«->* d>d not or
der it to be .'owe b* Mr Fwtrf
Mr, Ewinf ai*i |» I It" eUttn Ii
Ii W and W 11 Fwiny. of >7? «**' which
C..i«nel Mr«liH and l.oternor M»m"T }.»•'te
«e\-:ed Cvnpma dwi b>4 onirr Mr. Fwutf
to |Kf -t
Mr Fwinf ptul the nt^*«%» «i the uiJ
pention of Comm»!»re Harron, »n.Hintm^ ti>
$31,006. <!. ! r»«H ordrr h in t.« do
It Nor d:d f > jr^im o' ' *r K m to pat free
for eaira i»niM, amoi.nt-nf t«* SH.'W, t <
the Hon Bake Teuton, charged :n Tiler
liiitn, «km ("«>1 l*e»ton »»• I'biI»J Nuif«
PittrMt Att* n e\ f. t 1m. i im
Cnagreea mu«i and w:I| t «L :n!o thta mai
ler, am) Mr TfwtftM F win if Mill ha»e t«»
•uimI ihe rvVet S» will Mr M'ndiih 3i»l
Mr Ueterdv Jotineo*
When «*!U t'uhn WUiUletet .'»•».Je« t| »:
• rlaitn for wirmt it iin ii, ami . < phi int
to V paid. and Mr Kwnlt Johntnn dr\- (* »
that it it juat. and oupht to be paid, whit'h
mdjmvnt kiHikl Ik- apl to he ti.e *oui»>U-*t
end n. »: rorntl. ;>ru«ided Ftiher Whittle
er*'a ruineided w.th the ie t et»ahltthe«l
*aape «.f the aiwl Mr J»d»:.»»e'»
*ni clear innovati «n upon th *t t.t*£e
A (ii axr or fh.ru Tim* A humor
»iiV: i of anuaual a:t<\ w x.% diwo*«*red tl»e
other dav. a: Hartmu*. in New Jrrtrr. b* a
Mr Bh«ert. who »u gr*ln g near thr h- «»r
of Judge (»arret%r<n Tbt J* :aey City Tele
graph nava
• It waa found ahmit nine fret under gT»oiwl
imbedded in »e»eral bu»!,eW of rt<v>dmglv
lar »e ovtit r aheile. tmu-U Urjer Uun a.-v to
be found in our walert at the pre»et>t da v.—
TV» »i» 4>«mna, llw Tin!'»• nf n ! ,«^a »»>
of i<nmen%* atvure. u frum lh« a; praran<* of
th«- alrl'ton he tn..at, when li*m^. hate Us-u
ever e ;l>l W-rt l ite k'iuil nraaunr*
inrtM"* <e*—it the rv*>« ««* th«» n.*e. o»er
the top, to the haao of the nccipiul b».>e, and
ia two feet i.i eirrumf rrvo. it eonUn.o *
full act of eacellent treth, ear^jit *». »rrt
e«en. »*'und and wtiito Mr ll:.«en iuh>riu»
ua that he haa f»«n.l a g' A nnml<er of okete*
Imm m tliat ttci.rty, atoula.-ir buned. ih a
aiii.T p but tMme a« Urg* u thia.
Tn • iikkIc of burial ia eonelu»i«e e«idrnee
thai they irr the re.iaina i f liMl4ana.*but uk>n
they were interred it aqb<*»ti«ni for aiit^ujrc
ant t«* aaawer. Tint t>vtn>n of New Jerv>»
w at art tied by tne whitrt iu I t>2l, aad l)r
'red Ma,' it t not protnhle, remained h« rt
»er> U>og after that «»er»t '
Tns S»to Miai>an We iM&iionhj lul
• e*k, that a » atrr i>( the m."Vrr.1 M wC«r
• •11, »m to *.ait Mr lane'*, («t
the pur;*>*- of mak:c£ in^uirin >oto ih»- iuel
anc&oljr fat" of tt»e df»uf<!. M:m Tha » I.
l.*a!»*th C«4«>'tl, a * >wi£ Uiv «f
t* year*. cam-* from Muk'kturr t« t a to*n
tax M toia v n. l rrioa.n«-<i at th» hv>ua»: ol
Mr I-iff dhr'.nf th* *r*k. >hr visited
Miuith'a kvi.ar. ai.d foicd lh*r» vtul arti
el«a »h*h the rvcofnia^i *» lhu»- which be
lonp^d to her S t dr«x»c* ami other
ar:.< .r« cf clothing fo :rul in pna*»:ou ol tin ^
who hail boarded at the houae at wh.ch thr
decraard had *top;-etl in IltdUeiord, pre*i<>u»
\m ffoibf to Shi th'a, »rr» a'«o idcntif.ctl a*
hcloti^iuf t«> llrj»n^rra • a»*« II
Xtm < Malt that •lir u»l h«T t.ilrr
tiw fwra iS» tu«m oi klwt Cana
da, ai.t I.a*e rrwJt-J in MjihHh-*i»t aSmt t«<>
wr» II r part-nu, thr**- ».»»• r»and a bro
ther n«»w rrt iV ui lie hi^-u-o Siir ha I a
fr.?»t Jrura to carry th« r-nnin# of hrr ai»ter
»hff« for laUratM, au.1 tbr>«ch the ruinrtteii
4aS!« 1.1I human** effort* of •nva'rU Iain*
an*1 th» lityirahtv of our eitiariM, her *i»he%
in thia fwpwl will b>* gratified \\ h;le »h
on it ht« h uf. Mr rulIrrlrJ h» njl>
►•.-ipt.oa from jx>o;>1j iu Sao>, « turn «u»Ti
dtut l« f»f the rijrii»r «>f lr»; •;•r'.ii'f lh«*
hiMiu to ('uudi He h*J tl.em «relv»>i
in 1 Ira J oortir. eucaaril is another «(
wilnut, and after |mvii>£ the rout of tliear, tta-i
about MMMy fi»e dollar* If it. whim »i»
M to Miat Mif|| u juy n^vi on thr
jnyrne* She I. ft for Mirx-hr«ter last Situr
Jar. and w>» iHrO 4 (m- paaaage o»er tin*
rail r«»aJ t» New l!uv;«hir<*, ami with a r« •
^uc«t to otl^r r>ai!a to grant her Ilk*- ta*or
We underaiand that fV) <.f this auharnp
t.on »aa |>a»J b* the Agent ai d » m th»
employ «ftha V>»r« M mularturn^ t'muj.t.iv
Wc look upon th* * iff rta »»•* Mr. Li*, and
the l iteral tjr u/our»itjjeia in thu nutter, *»
iaa. *<aain»<klaU"n Saco n> n
CoivrHTio* is M«aTL«to.—Thr 'xWr*
"( Mar > Uiwi are la d*«id« I.mUV wl*-U»er a
■rale Co iimi uu »haU be railed 10 f''">i a
nrw I onatitutKMi. Th«re api*«ar» tu hi' a lit
lie interest in tlie •uh^vt, ;w4«jiui| from lite
Maryland ik-w";*!" rv T> ltiUun>n Pat
noi iur;Wm the *h«j«oof cxciimmmu tu a
f»nrnl h'lwf that the Cwoteotiwi will l>e
«!lei — *£*• **V
\ (t>u/ htiJmt* rttjoyltnf ikt Ckolrra in
«V. .• 07<«ii, thr Or+rjt**, «|c., *n hill
1W » m-nJtnl n/irm.
Fiiiii mi, Ms., M»*. tK'-O.
Fniroa* or Titr Dih>id DrworatTI
'• Wk»n (ift ikCikI 'lUilt uf» n r.mS,
T!rf • i»« »•*( JiT«t< IV*» rm.llt.! Ne« I »h,
*» Mint >W »»»| «4l«f • • iU,
mhhm««m uli >«• • l«»i l» ! lb» rltilJ
llir M.isl kt> !*»»••»• Jut ■< ih» r<(St,
Met 1am vm >m ', kuhIu'iI r<kij iu ii.'M,
SN» ■» Sat* Mil «* rmlj mat l.maj"*
** A r*<rnt tmrlVf pir»>* »«i VTcnt
* Nrn wallmp «•« tho b*y S rf
flrjti', a c«l<>red wvitisn with a
imt oa hrr hml. IW'fi? -J wl.ai «ho had
to »*H, the lowrm? thr trot, «t»<i with rwr
• ml totxlrm «•> urwwiwl it. It th^lJV
I<a* f«»nn of h*r ba'<. wtirJ w ith * n< at
whilr ruhr. « ith a ^triatKl r»iiinl ll»«? h«aJ,
tnd fawm within tha liult Lan.la that lijr
'clsapH Df«« its bi^ w.
that vur rh Me'.M tS*m»<v!rr.
•• It waatuio# a fr* <*»?» r«
!.rJ, " Kli the Si\ur hia it fot Km anjfl
The fn*r.'« cf .r,rn-t un
derstand »o will how to arautue th« niroc
" Ammh," t»r th«« of deception
and aggrandisement, in tb<* com; l..-ated in«-*»
ure* the manager* are p! n. ' tm»«* t
tin>e to adopt, to e*r?y out ih - r a li*
'if» *«f l jtaeer! of ,t!V, luv i>afet», id kid
fl^vea and broadclo.uh, .!• vgnjt. d a* re\ tr
end c'»vtor»' or momr k'Ini foolish. tnmiate
rial title; among other *ild achenxi, at.tt
nih'ury ^.c.n fc>r cnntcrting tin world, hare
2;it OQ i» I'NlDif Ajrt a Wlttl our Vi./^rm
•V.«nrf Tl .* i* a!<wot a* ridiculous a* to
mix! «i)J plgeoMl to the moon. tliii>L1 n(_• them
to return full frath-red, •creeehing j-eariek*
To *h«>» the perfect fuolitln eta 1 f this
polo :».rg tl»e >'outl. rt» Mmm in Africa, I
here copy an article originally published in
lit Vmlfij Stttn Cuttir, |irtnu<l in Phila
delphia, a few years a^o at the fa<-ta arv
•till thf t«iur, ami i.fJ but bo >aaa to be te
rtvniVrrJ Here ai« for you to thiiil
•• Intimate if Uie title a'-d et;>er»'« of
t ran* poring. maintaining aid ett .bliahipf.
caclu»i«« tf the chat^t* of governing aul
protecting thr ro!< ni of itif free pfoplf of
o-Jor, in .t/Vic«, u* proposed by U;e fanatical
friend* of American Colonization —
In tne I'nited Stall*. at thr time of this
••Minute, Uiere were arcordtng to the cct «ua,
1,JOO 000 people of color , of wl.om I ..00,
000 wero aiatca
It it it eootemplatcd t>» re- i"»* but rttr
third of tl.i* number to .1 * 1. <*. v. Jo at Unrtv*
f<H4f ireara will be required for thai purjx sr.
«» n> t more Uian 15,000 can be traraported
in any nn« year.
To nmnve thit 15,000 in one teu «ill rc
«;uir»- at k-aat uity large ela»* il.i|«, at it
would lie dangvrous an*I npprew»ive to s.-nd
on board of anv ooe *ev»e| n»or» than $50 j*r
»on* Now Ut ua ti^ure it upard tec Uic re
, ault.
The transportation of 15.000 person* in
sixty sbipa, in each \-ae. %* ill coot J?5 at
leatt, for each person, b-irg f r t! e 15,000
peraens, (at ST4 each) J 1,1 ."00.
The e*pen»e* of eUrthm^ a-nl fitting «tch
1 | ft*t «K« •* «% •« Wa««H •'•nvit
e*er» one it ill hr gnjinndol for u.'h an e*
(■rdition, Mill be at lea»t $-.'3 n».re for each
nukiug for the 15,000, JT.*»,0"0.
It 1* contrilrj'fst* I br the plar.* of the .1 rrur
iran CWjtitafM* to tiid earti
mti «ah f«<od for oi»- year, <:'!•* Kit «»rrr«
in Afr;ca, (not a bad idea to indue*- rwn«
ireyi to eit.igrate,) the charge* f>r nhirh, at
irv»-*t of the provisions an.»t b<- tent thi-iu
frv»ra Ameriea, will i>t>t lc** tlun another
$75 tor Mch one, ti.akmj for the lo,000, I.
It it *!*► e©nttm|latrj am! admitted to N
veremarr, by the advocate* of th!• plin,
t»n<> know how to rat*.' fundi.) hi • ' ro \
Cv!*ni*t far Ikv y«ri i.V An arrira/ 11 ,\f.
net, (another eirrlU'nt de« iw to rncMngr
•• rttfuurayt." to emigrate,) the fapet •*» vf
which, ma* hr *.ilel> eomjutcl for each \>
»i f :s. bt'IUJ Ski ITV'.i*, f • t i»*'i foli'i «t Hi
the two uin, a;.d miking fjr ti.r 13,WO, in
ri'unJ ni.inU*r»,— $?.'>0,0«-0
The pwrrtu*- «»f land. *uj>p<««irtg far f*rrv
family of trn l«»0 ht>« are j<n«»iff« 1.
wiU re^cir* e*ery year for cvloaiata,
110,000 aorea. which will rv«t not )<**• tlitu
*.'0 <i mi «i octr, ami at lli'» low ntinulc, the
land e»rry year for the 1 i.iH.'O to U- M'nt out,
will »urely amount to S3tM»»0
Tli* <*<>»t of agricultural imj>lrinrtit», arti-!
rki Ivr tanwi Joamlir purpak <, the nec
tiou ol building* for each UmiU, and of mill*
I'^r the preparation of the | n«luct* of the,r
induatri, for ft<od or market, will not, prwk>a
bly, b. le*« for each family, than $7S a ytar. |
•ml tins t»r the I5,0t<0 lain.In » to he trar.*
[■ortrd f.wh *«-ar, will hr am»th< r 1(MM
'I lie w Inile cipcnar a» abote gitvn, amount
in* lo an CiHval of SI .7V.',5t*t
And for ll*- aggregate expenditure for tlx
i•fci."** »»l M*l» www Ut oil. It
will ei*t luj.ll S,i>00.
Ilj the prniat the 500,000 irf complete!*
thr »» »uinti>i£ rulorrii population
•if tin- I ti.vO Sniw, Hill ha»e incrraat-d to
3,0<*m»00, (tS** prc«rnt population.) ami to
colonic* thrni at the rah' of !K),<H«0 eirli
)<ar, will rvjuirr l\triy-f\>ur yrt, and /Ari»
huhJr.d and UJty iktft, racfi transport
in* HjO p*r*>'ia . Eii-i thr annual eape.iol
tfkrae coUu>t», aiTordiMjr lu »l.e fongmig r»
litnatra. «ill n«i thr p«*oplr who purjxwr to
arnd throi away, the pretty little au:u of Sl*V
And th»- aggregate eo»l of coloniainp tlic
whol • of tlx-ae 3,000,000 j*r»<>n*, (werr mich
a thing j^MibUr,) irvlud.ni; the rij* nara of
tlrfc Am colony of 50.0OM, will tuat nine
bniuin-d and wtenlv-ninc mtlltei.a r J thirty
thocainti, thus — ('.Cy,030,1* <*.
1 twj# *1X1)0 t}«-ar Urrri of the cnlorcd pen;>I<*
who arc a., irrjf ieal«u* in their j»ra>t» arid
I lalwr* to miuJ the /rc negroes olf to Africa
—mil i A*v iKit cvti'
I may a» w<-ll j;i»« a few n*uc facta in th.n
letter, aa I »r tlie N>ui\ arc "deaJaet"
j/ii .ai the frrt nsgr&t, and w hat la to br
roOM of itrm, («al only kunwi; or where
ill liutncy t» io ron.e from lo a nd than oil
to Afrwa, ii uoilwr iwfuiwMr ywi/ien, too
b*»«l l*»r u* t > aiiawcr I >• e a noticc in tiie
ne»»j>*p«r-» to th;a effcct:
•* A Bill baa the tower Ilouae of
i'vi Vii|<nia leftilaliiN, appropriating *30..
Itw annually f»r llw rvmmal of lrr« nrcn» >
Aim thr* Slat* and %'iirlinf* thcni t« Africa."
Iirjim Hill find her " munuiil
')f," *ill ricml WfH'.OH) anntulU ; ami 1
know lu*r ixhi|'1o will i»pvrr aul»ttut to mjiIi
cxen>i«o taiaiwn.
Another f»ct to U* »i,n»-tnHcr*Nl, the .Vm/A
In* l.i Statu IwlrMin? alattrjr. Thcjrhnvc
il» > .1 mrwrUv of all the ln_» ati'l fit ■
unrU-r tin* liotrriun ft, from th«* I'rra.dcnt
Uown t<« tin* l'olIttit>r at N« w Olloai », ami
the |«Ujr (rt)*<«rnmrnt ufCcca are tuA t»U? an
mhtlati I with .1 breath !
" TIn N. Y. Triton ptUhhn a iikh
•howinp that tb« alate Stat.** ha*«» #»c « • -
nrt nfiw«. £»p wpranr court Juaticca, C*c
furriirn miniatm, «"tcn ehr.n^s *.»tcn r>vi
*ii'i who** tif* ate in'.to il'iu filffl, v rht
I iv*!«i <tt hurvat.a, I'j chief rlcrVa, I" Indian
■jrmta, 0 c*"*»«-rsi tn.itl i,r< nt», niul 7 other
• r* w.ili k.tlatica frmn $lmH> to
The annivil |mv of thi-w i»tl!eeta imnunlt t<«
$34.1.150. Neither arm* tor na«y otllecm
are im lutl. I. not aubortluuU' clerk* "
Put th.a fact a!ao tit your i< a.iJ aavok <
I * *\ t"<\ the Southern meni&rn »rc ret
ting" wnthv," s»l their Xortliern brethren,
and noi willrfSit £*.**1 cau*e , lor
Mr. lbiwm* of fotmiana, in h;* recent
•prarh in llii I nitcd Suti* S. ii.tlo, ch.illfii£
cd Mi S« « ,rt!. «>l* New York, to alio* tl.it
the laiioniur rlavw a of New \oik, «iti' a*
happy and fortunate m 11m 5»!»u> ol Louia
Mr Dowiin i* ri/ht aa I will »hcw in
iny next Jen r, the mecia ami jilx-a of ijjno
raitt «!io kn"»* n..ihing of aJitery
—to »!ie f.Hnry nvlw itliatardmc. l«ct the
i!>o*e fa<ti bo tfinp:t'heri«d '
I l.ke the <*rito! Kit ao " well done" in the
following article, which I copy from //.t**
(t'rrUy't " Tribune." Hire i« *>methui|r
yuud come oct of N^tarrih ' Aim) it la too
good to bo |i>«t, and I hi,I do all I ran to
I'm it round.
Miuitsippi on her Hi-^h IIor<c
An eii.ltinf corrca(ondont of th«* t'harfe*
ton (S C.) Courier, write* from the capital
of Miatiuifpi. a* lollow*
"Jack a.>*. Jan. *.**•,
The rej<ort of tlic i'oMiiiiiltec on Si lit and
Knlrral rdatiiiM i« ihiw before tlio S>-mtp,
ill which it i» rvcomniendcd t.i place Tuv
Jiktiifi 'J anil Fi'ty 7 VmiMMnI DwMfttt tK«*
d »;»•«.,1 of the (•••\rruor, to l«o u«*i in cifc
Mi»*i**ippi " thrown mi her r« "*» r»«-«l rights
[|tk||nttMHM kdWM the Nmtli and
iho S«.k.th, ou the c" it S|a*ery <|ue*tHm A
tcry animated iliwi v»ion i» now fvinf on III
the Senate «r» the adoption of the n |>oft, and
I am |dea»rd to »CO that It doc* llol aftaumo a
l>any cart. Jud^e Uuion, one t.l the luml
protnincnt whig* in the State, i» the author
of the rtj«irt. MiMiwifipi nan the lint
Stat" In mute ei oi»!■«»» oil thia i»r« .it quovtioii,
and alihot;h I vmeeieU hope, a» a low r >1
tl; a gioriot,* 1'won, it mat not Ik' Decenary
fur ilk- (ioirnwr to i «e th-' amount prujovd
to >»• placed at h * d'*j«»il, yet I nn of i>j>iii
lon lint wo »lio«tlit, a» an i irunt o| uh.it «c
haie botrtolore declared, hold ouraeltea hi
readme** to tu'-ct • any cmergeney * "
Wi v»oui,! n-»i**itu||\ remind the Mirr
eijn Sute of Mi«*.**4|'| I. («)» (•»•«>»• »
Tribune,) that there *• a amall balance of
•etcral million* of dollar* due troiu her to
o. rtaiu creditor*, a j«art ot nhich b» r I/'fi*
latjre ha* rrpudiati-d, hut another |4>rt!oa
a.mply atarvU i>»rr lrt»m *ear l<* V ir unpaid
—^nncijml ain) tntcrrat. If aW ha* any
to d.shillw ill ant Wav. He alliV
tionatoJy a>l* i* h« t to apply it on account
CimmI ' Three cherni for the nan irA<»/
f'ttK'J Coi grr*»iiKii how to rhaigc luiloa^*
Yw»» lt«K| C«*i««kir«
TmCuoLi** i* Ha**"* Eltmct ofa
letttr fw«iii I'liniciM, datcj llmi>» May
Th" cholera ia quictlf on tJir incrrav. and
V'llow (e'er »« ry pn» »lmt Thf death* by
I 'hoWra xtr aU-ut ■*<"> i* r «L»v in a |«<paUlion
nf l*0,(HX>, to «i» Mtliiiif nf |A<># akiidhiii
<) tonlm whii'b p««u|*1c can get auv v* li re —
The authentic* ha»e made a jj«»>d pio*i»ion
hi the war vf r(trah<«pitala, but I have heard
of lew recoveries. Tl»e dimM' it at prtNriit
chtrfly aiitons the nejrroc* anddrinkem .
erthele*. a few of th<* better cU»» of white*
lu*c b»-« i earrf.l oil' A v.iiuin Mined
Fred White, beli*(inc to the John li. i.aoti,
died atirr twin^ tick ntljtwi liuur*.
N. Y. r*ourier.
ll*nf.>r Muicurv com > t.i ut en
larged and twa.jtii.ili* print*! mi a new brr
». rtv|e W • are ple.ivd at thr»} ujnii i'f
enterprise and |>tinpeniy on the p«rt of our
MfllnnjKinrr, and w:*h hiiu all manner of
um w,—w»e in the promulgation of whig
principle*, t>> which «■»*) lif h»» applied him
«elf * uh teal which we %h<»uM admire in
another cau*e.
Cif 'I*he Hovton l\»»t lu» published a let
ter ughed hy our J. A Atw.iod. written at
Terre Haute, Ind , in winch il m ttatrd that
l>r I'arknuu hid been at thai place within
a f> w day*. ami taken parage for St.
under a fictitiout name.
ey Should tin* jn'o, lc of Virginia decide
in favor of a Convention to or i a new t on»ti
tution, a* »»-riir* nuw probably, there mar be
ai.tieipai<*d a Munuy tune between I' ^U rn
and Wmteru Virginia, oil the »ubi««rt of aj>
}*untiuetil«, e»j<ecially upon the i[uc»ti»n of
v*h>lU:r Um# »l..Lr p.ipuU»«M. al.me alt-all U«
the baait of a new apportionment, or whether
the *!jvea of the Ltirrn part Miall entitle
their matter* to an undue Mure of the rcprc
*. nation.
AkkMT* mi THE !W »"»< llI ht kH Mrrnm
Within a frw da**, llcnrv J. Went worth and
Au Wentwocth, of *aeo, Me., ami llvrar*'
Wrnlworth, of lsiwrll, and a man naiii'd
I Ink, bookaellcr in Xiahua, N II. hute
h«rn arrested and crxiuniit' il to pu*m u|miii
«u*pici«'n of being concerned in the murder of
Jorua S. 1'arkrr, at Miiwheclrr, N !! mhih
ihrce year* anicr. The elimination of lltf
actttted will take place in the early part of
next week.
W Another attnnpt wan made in \V.irrr«
!>•» to Wow up th« re»ulcnee of Drjiutjr M*r
•dull Warren, on Warren atrect by a ahell,
at about I'.' o'clock, M mdav ui('ht. No |>or
hoii was .ajured. I'ireea of the ahell were
anu»-rcd in all direction*, one of winch w.i.
1 throvtn with trr.at force tcrc»* the airect,
I tjging in a f.-nce, in iu pa»M^e cutting oil
a tolerably lin*^> of a tree.
Ku>on ii the Minwipri.—Account* ai
Nc w Orlcan* up to the '."7th ull. were raihn
alarming, indicating a great "°"<J "> low
er Miuiuippi. All the upper mere were
♦ cry high, and ruing rap.dl*. The Comber
land nmc thirty feet >n three daya. liumeiiK
de«trwetio« of r«4ti»n limli were anticipated
(I'm ihr Ih iiK<ral.|
A Return to Maiuc
FatkimmUr StrfnV'ii.'—/if /<nr of mnr
a.' i * iponuhliiy—I Wrtf/w ««</ ImfH
to ro!> on J Hml <u> <*rJ
tng In /(?)/•—mum
mtmhd at in
• pi hanomNr
ii lir fhuri A
jstrl to fa*kw>«>' < wi' 'jf '
Tho aitun artinM hunwBlljr, awl ihr mmt
MHniiMM) prine■ <«f J I'lior, IhmipV v ami Utr,
now lirmp otmiu-.Knl in *arii>u« pari* of il.r
<*o«tiiry, km h as I ba*o wiIik wd hi ttalon.
ami CnnrttrH, N. II . a» «(ll aa in Nru
York cit», tli* |m«t year, make an Jjrzrrjnte
large <-noi.ph, if jr puniahcd, lu bring
ihe whole nation 10 the rail"**; lhat «. if
the amount* »t«lrn ami cheated uerv ilnnl.il
J ir.to hatitrin;* proportion*; l»V llua t mran !>•
<tr. aorh m the low moral atamhnl lor what
pi«r» fur the churvh ; aorh the*ile principle
• >f thine* almutt rrriywhcTr, that i« «ln*
of tbe villainy. («r the villain)
' which criianrr* farape from ptimahtnrnl.—
W|nl but tin* ha* rrMlrtl «t much ayin|Mihv
fcr Welntei' The little tcourdrr I whaatealaa
pur« f hoot* or a hlanki'l, to kre|i ninwii
wann, will U* £>rh»iih srnn<tl, e-'mmun <1
to jail, «li»£rwv-f ami aenlrnml in the State'a
Prison! IJutilie " bijf bug," who pluiwter*
by tli- wlmlcvj!^ —«h<> ro'r» ilio wolow ami
th* or|4t in . ami *uh* the hon^at laborer of
' humlrnl* ®f thuunm!*; and fail* ' ami then
kr«*p% hi* f.»»ch ; la>» in a »toek of •• firnt
rtie wme*," Doftn-a fiia wife ml daughter*
in ikAOO *f HAW ilwili; (ft* a fir*t pen
in the cSurrh. ami |kiya tii<* miniMcr *Hiie.
Uiintf. fbonjh Iyt may chmt hi* buti'hrr—1» a
>n ' And how i a»v tlua whitewash
inj* a r^uc into an h<«ie*t man, ami jjmiif
»urh * high "'H in the rhurrh, i» «l«.oe . Ik
haa tT.1v to fo before the |»r*»|*rr ofllccr* ap>
I*.ml <1 to trirr linn the l« if fit of th# "maul*
I tent iaw»"—awear olf—and then lite in fu
ture affluence, u|M>n property utll'J on wili
vij (Itildrtt)—r< *. on property ehi-^fc*! out ol
rmllora, ami who think* anv the wor*<* of
*urf a man or ht* ftinily ' What rhurrh in
all (feriatemloai ha* cm been known to r\
nun nuniratr aurh a mm tor ji.m «urli knave
ry ' I ahtll hi platl to learn one aurh ca»e '
Tlr rolil-ftiK-ulaluig diahonraty ol many
men i* various part* of the rom.trv I ha«r
vittlt*!, t*S<> Uta'ly their head* »rry high,
and a*»im"d to take the " fir»t-raiik ' in »■*!•
et». i» i)i»;nirful to our country—«r»«l »h»-ir
prodigality lo chnrrh contribution*. ha* U-rn
.k unl*>un.lcd a* their mean* of "ij |H>rtun{ u
wrrc mean ami unpnnriplrtl. I ha*e mv rye
a bankrupt, who •• y/ur^rt" at the pre*
e|t time in Cairo rtl, N. II .— and there arc
•»*rra> more urh in U'«»en— I w-»* told <•!
of »Ko «w milling ,BaB *•
j bankrupt merchant, who Imp* in a fn»«*
kunv*. rl« jjantlv furnished, and «alu I at
$100,000, nw «'i< 'i •/ l>i ht v ift' Another
bankrupt had a " j.ri*»t*» »t.rk" of wines,
sorth $TO,(mh> ,\>.d it i* well known that
others ha»e purrfcasod land in ili«* neighbor
In*-) of our cities, Urti improved it. s« a* t<>
fijTc cost them from $IO»*,oOO to |3W».otN»
api^e. \ H thrv arr bankrupt*' and remain
in the trur rUnA ; whtl# others, not worth
a i'air of wwlwli1 l»«>ts, hate ac
tually built pslvees mi our Cities, and insulted
the pr»j(l»» hv throwing open their doora, that
'l» f^Wi- jM mnv «•< >tu| atarr al their
fine r<«fm, and go away «*t» niviicd at Umi
ta*t" ami *(>l«Ml->r with winch titer were fur
nub.'d And so it is, that the »ery troun
drr!», who hare reduced trie mournin/ widow
nml llw destitute orphan lo w ant ai d w retch
rdnrsi*—who ha«r glutted their bellies out of
the linl anil sweat <■) hone«| induatry, whi!<'
amenta of corporation •, or eotnioiaaiio ii»»*r
rtants, who «ft jwrmittrd to throw the di.st
from tiicr rarrufit' whe-l* to Mind those they
hate ruit>-* I, This i* fashionable religion
now-vdsts 1 It w*» not «> <»h«n men had to
work hard lor a li»in<», and hank* were few
Thru, if a man " failed" in business, eircpt
from «iw well known rauae,—»uch aa a
r«miflagration, robbery, or lo**en b\ %> a .—he
wa* rega-ded a* lie *hould mur l»—he waa
I eacludwl from all decent society ; hut now .
thinks to the priori *» of nui 'f/iiu/ senti
ments, if a man ran only wcn-a! to plunder
'n a sufficient extent, he i», ||" not carewd,
at lea«t tolerated, and that, too, in many in
»tanci a, hv the very person* that he roblird
I ran trll of an bonrat, hard working me
: rhanir, a blarkaimth by trade, who humbly
ixdicit" an <«va«ional loan of two or Ihrre
liuthlmf dollar* fur a few dav* of a merchant
who owed o«rr »ir rV>u><in</ dollar* . but the
*neaking raacal paid tin* honest blarkainith
with a paper beyinninir with a " whereaa"
1 A r . by apfmiiitrd t > administer
tfie jrnor HrNof*oath. SiirliriMidiict t* drapi
cable, •••[•erially m church mrmUera '
T! ii ' ral *•*il i* just as great, if I lose a
thousand !»!lar* by a man thai 1 ha*e confi
dently trist •• I, and who gambled it awav, or
»|wiit it hi my kind of niratapance, a»if he
hail m iii<* of it on the highway. Nay,
1 eons.der it a ."re iter eril—b:vauM it sourj
my temper, an.I cause* ine to adopt more or
I Um' «J*i)y rak itf w iiii every
one a* if lie were a rogue " 'Hie fart i»—
an.l it i» known to cterybndy,—that in ordi
nary time*, where one honest ami industrious
man tiki** the " benefit" of our insoltfiit
law*, there at least twenty prodigal loots, or
infi 'iouh rascals,—to speak the plain truth—
w ho •• pn*. tliiou/h the mill " Who «liw«
Lot know ih.it petjury ami deceit arc held fair
if Microsful' Wlio does not know tlut
false oaths are tuailo e»ery Jay, ami accepted
hy tlmac who administer them, because it has
become customary' W# fOf»r is now a
matter of regular puMiC traffic. m the shape
of factory, ntilnuJ, final or lunk stock a»
J regularly a» bah-* of cotton or tobacco
Hence tlie tribe of nolo shawrs; who arc
bank pets at V, 3, ami 5 per cent a month 1
I hear much said about Prvgrt«.«, ami some
among i;s ure atyled the " progressive De
mocracy !" Well, all honest men must ad
mit. we, a* a moral and my religious people,
hate advaiced trrv rapidly in iimtating am]
acquiring the foolish ornament* and luxuries
of life—and our country was nricr more ex
' tensnely unproved, cultivated and embellish*
| id through th« aid of broken tank*ami swind
ling cor|>orationa—which trade has created—
hut at an incalculable expense of moral rec.
titudc and stern republican virtue. I S t ry
man of forty yean of age, will acknowledge
the truth of these remark*, and it is net worth
while to enlarge upon them, liut, unlesi
th»s# evils in rtfrorf'K who esn exp»«et sny
ihinp better1 Ii»w nigral h<"i« If the
rimtfli and the world '
ll in well kit iwn that mufti af the hanking
"capital" uf our ctmntry is loaned out to *
her J of blood nockcra, ivumaiulv ktwwtt aa
htokera or nolo ahavrra; the ntoam at of all
ttwinkiml ' Whndo<» n>t lih»* »h»l l*»n!>*
•rit« m rmnniMi a«l.lera for I lie h» nefit ot
tho«e ro„'in-» withm the church, and the Mill
i»rrater nnruea without; the rwmnioo uiir*e*
rv of awindltnp broker* atul mhrra, who pro*
frr any tin-ana «>f mooex gettiritf to amid the
iMiicral lot i>f fi*«i>kirt«l when it «.»» decreed,
" h> the MMtni of thy br>iM ahall thou rat
Another treat nil i« th«? curv to our rnuii
try mm of encoura^'ni; and employ intf tic-ail,
thteavmp, ipiiornnt, Horihh-«a foreign |*a«»
pera' Soteral larjfe faetoriea in l<o»e||, an*
now 00 th<- »trjfe of liankruptcy, owing totbi»
•1111*1; ayatem; tbishmnr |«*iraud cb«-»p
lalmr' The it la $MO,OtMI wotlh of usrb-«
I and unaalcable i.'i« «l» now 111 I<owcll,on band,
tS«» product of 1 iIbo laborerof hi* bier '
Una com*** from cutting down ptif, and ta
the ml oral fruit of c»»»etouancao. And »o«
the 1111 lis inuat aiop to get rid of thiaold atick.
Tina projjreaane atate of " mural refui«»
mtiil" ia alao acen afal aercrely h it, 1a Uo
a*t«n»hiB(? ruah of our yooatl nru to Call*
form a 1 (*.M ' gold ' fold ! 1a the cry fi«uu
all aioutha. To pet gold ta everything.—
Yra ' Ihtiifn la honght with fold ' The for
g1 * mew of aiua rrccncd f*»r fold. Hell an
nihifotr-1 wuli k'o|.l Hum ' t^oltl cm cm
cify a world's Savior, sad cairn- u<> murder
i ts m the churrh Hurts ' f«>r insn nm U.th
wnf (».«l and Mammon At leant su< li s|>
|x sre to In- the prevailing artitiiwnt, judging
by the act tons of mart iim-ii, whatever tiicir
opinions stMNtl religion nw\r be.
An ari|itaiiiUr><u of nunc ui < >xl*>ni ruutily,
not a thousand Utile* fr<-m Paris, mi* lately
•■'Hi d With S violent stl.tek of tlx) ) 'sllUmiia
flrvrr . and though hirst with a pntty, Ilitellf
Unit wife and kwr little ebiUreti, In- thought
the l^ird haJ ealUd hint to <|uit his family,
for tbr gidil re-;ions«*f • sIiIwcims So friend*
tsrrr® liesought on all aidra to help htm ss the
l«ord satd, by lewim; Inn* money, all kopinp
he might pel his we if hi in gulj. Frytbur '
friends c h:in a ^'uod lift, and Ik- Wjs
nil? on his way rejotcwg , when, his mlt-ml
ed, or pnHjw^Mtsr sWmv, cant" to the ran
I of a nun to whmn lie owc<l ai»>ut $10, and
this iriv honi <t, l.'» ral, ami Kriicimis uun,
in »how his trust in 4imI love for a |»air,
•mltttisus nri(hb>r, Is'i/ iitf a trrtf again*!
him, and In.? it s«r»ed on him, while hi Port
! lat'il, to stop his pr,t/(rfturr Mtottmrnli to
. wards lloston.
Mere were men, Ins ft-llow citiirr<s, givn ;»
tlteir '.'O's and .'»«>'<» to l».»ep Inrii away while
i another a professed friend, too,—«>uld find tl
, in Ins heart to try to I »rrc i other ( •r«>ns
to pay Unit (!•*, by surt iK' lite ' i, lomia vl
i venturer' Such is humau nature. hnwrr«r,
ind thus miserly, mean souls, w.ll j ro'nbU
worrv and fret the very wnrtna, whirh shall
• st tl* flesh fiiMU o,r their hones, and vomit
thetn up. Yours truly,
:r, >i<>'csr,<vi'< v:h.
W.«d*i»dj»t» May I*'""
' Tbe member* •l'vt of th«- Senate nwl in
mn««nti4Hi n tO aVI-ck, •»« nIM •»
order by Mr Rea of Haneuek, and lion I>»*
ill 1>am of York waa chosen Chairman of the
<>n motion of Mr. f'lekinl ef IVno'vot. a
inr*».Hjr w i* tni.viutU'd f'> the Goirmar, in
lurtmnft turn that a <iuoruin of Iff S tutor*
elert are no* aMemblrd and ready to take mil
»ut»«<-iil»^ the with* of offwe Mr I'. «u*
charged with the nirwajr, and reported that
the (•ufcttior would attend forth* ith fur that
The Governor came in, attended h* tl>*>
't'ounal and S«-cieiary of State, and th>- S.*n
•tors elect too* and subscribe! the oilha of
Mmui Ifobha of York, Reed nf Linmln,
tnd llartlrtt of I'roobecot, w.re sj>|i«iiited a
■ rirtiunttteo to recene, *«irt and count the totr-.
for Seeretsry vf the Senate , and r«'|>orte«l aa
follows —
Whole number of *r>te» 21
Nccc*«ary to a choice 11
Alucrt II SiiaLL haa 13
William D •
Ttie oath* of office were administered to
Mr. Small by A R Nichols, Ksq., of Au
Me»i<r* Rca of llaneoek, Neal of Knine
bee and Titcomb of York were a|>jMiinted a
< 'omimttee In teeene, *oit and count the Tut:-*
for a President of the Senate, and rejxuted .«*
follow «
Whole number of sotes 23
Neee*»ary to a choice IS
Thomas M. Mosrow hit 13
J I viae Heed U
John Neal I
Mr Mobdow was conducted to the «*hair
by Mr. Heed of Lincoln. and addrea%ej the
' Senate aa follow a —
Knatort —I thank you for tin* ev;>rr«*ion
• »f your confidence. in accepting tin- place
your partiality ln» at»i|>ned me, I l ike the oc
ration to remark that it in my purp<*e, when
j the vancaoeiea arc tilled, to afford the Jul!
Seriate itn o|i|Hirtnnily to participate in the
j elction ol' a |tr< M.iiiij: officer. To Ihia end, I
| shall then *11111' tlic chair.
Mr l(c a ol' Iljiicack w.ucharged with a
, ineaaigc t.» tin* llouac, iiil ^ ninj that branch
lot tin* organisation ot iIm' S ute , and Mr
Prince of Oxford waa charged >v ih a aimilar
I ine»*age to the Governor and Council.
M> »«r». I)ain of York, Ilarrou of Lincoln,
and Linraater of Waldo were appointed a
I'committee) to receivc, aort and count the to tea
for McMcnper, and reported the whole iiuni
i her of vote* to be SI, all of winch were for
llenj. F. Cutter.
Mcaar*. llcrwy of Penobscot, Freeman of
• Kennebec ann Titcombof Vork w ere appoint*
ed a committee tu receive, aorl and count the
Totes for Aaaiatant Secretary, aid icported
that the whole number of vote* waa ID, all of
wbieh wero for Frederic It K. Shaw of Wia
The Secretary of State came m and laid on
the table of the Senate the liata of Senatorial
voUa Riven at the lavt election; and they
were referred to a c»immitlco conatating ol
Meaara. Princc of Oxfonl, Kea of llancoek,
[ Uarroo of Lincoln, Jlobha of York, Cary of
I Ar x»look, Fr«-eravn of Kennebec. Piekard of
«l Krankliu, jukI I^raMi r
of VY:ik|n.
Mimra, I'ririf nl Oifon), Tltonidik* ot
I<:iir«<lu, and Millth<n»f WiUo
rtl a rmnmittre u< rwmt, »ort and r«»ui»l tlx*
mir* for A Mutant Mnmpr; aiol rr|*»rtrd
tlir wtiolr lit ii>b<*r uf voir* to In* i.M, .ill ol
wllirli hi tr fair Jnlitl \V. WtUlM.
On iiioIiiki of Mr. P'rknnl uf IV-imiIxxnh, tli*
ruli-» aiul order* of tin* |aM Scuatr *• tr adv|>t
c«l until i4lM*rwi»- urdrml.
Tbo Sf-rrt.it* ni Stair ran** in mnI Union
ibc tahl* tin irttin.* uf *ot.-« for linr-rimr.
iihI If.of »i I''fi rrrd m M. «r* II Mil rl
Oxi'.ril, i l Uorvh Mil!iki:i nf Wnliln,
llcrn'jr i l l'< n.i->»'>i». Titrombof York, I'ram
nt t 'uniU-tUt.il -nil l)4iu i.f York.
On motion of Mr of I.if.roln, the S«t
rrtary of Suit* mo iliri-rtiil to furnith tlif
('imittiittcr on *uti< for Senators with a co;ijr
••I the rvmni tro»» Kilimniork, rwned mw
the »oU-* Mrrv eoiinlrd by tin? Itotrrnoi ami
On nwitiun of Mr IVk.inl of Pcnohafol, or
ilrriiJ, that lb* Sriutr U4«l ikm* m wui » J.iy
••oti,iinTirinj{ at trn o'clock, until other* im 1
ordered. Adjourned.
Winnciptr, Mi* H. |*.'>0
Is tiii llvi tt—Ai leuo'eloek, Mr T*»r
to* of L»»iier I) calhd tho convention to or
der. (iii hit nomination, Mr. Skwall of
<>ldto*n mi ehoaen Chairman
On motion of Mr Merlin of Poland, a com
mittee waa raited to reecne the credmlialt
ami report if a quorum hr preaent Th* fol
l«v«iii(f iiw-tnhcra »<rr ap|ioiiitcd Meaart.
Martin of l'olami, tiilman of IIjIIowi-II, l*-e
of llutflaiMt, Tni4ri "I Kuro, Suitlf of Au
i»n»ia TUe committer auh<w<|u<iitlv report
ed Out there were III member* present
Mr. Talbot of Lutwc »aa charfed *ith a
me»*ajje to ilw rn»«*ni«»r, informing him that
a quorum w*» pn «.-iii an<t r«i]u»Miiiu hi* »l
t.-mlinpr to adnnniater the prrarrihed oath* of
o flier Mr T nuhaequcntly reported that the
(•ov.-mor It.xl replied that If would attend
lortbwiiii Whereupon the Governor, atten
ded h» llic Couiieiland 11 rail* of I>cp«rtment*,
pirned.-d hy |li«- Slirnir of Kennehre, cam*'
in, and thi* irr nV-r* eleet took and auharrih
rd t • vMlli* rr jmrrd by On? Constitution lo
qu.ilil ihnn to t iller ii|>»ulhc proj«r di*rlurtfi
af llirir otr.--.il dutii**.
Tin i • »fn i-r and *«itc Ihen retired
\ »inii. 1 "-loit* «• itigf*k.l M«-»rs \V>-»ion
• ■I O. >•.' , !! i' 'ii of Nor;h \ jriik>>:tti, l>ud
ley 11 VV title, < luae of I'eru and iK-uneH of
York »* <» appoint*! lo rmm tin- vote* lor
Clerk, *ho reported tiut tlu
\\ hele number of »oi.-» v* a* III
Nn r*«ary lor a dunce * I
r.-i.»iLtnJ \V. Kla(;g I.ad KJ
Jaium \V. Ni riti |i
Henry K Maker V
S«*»lterinp 'J
Mr h'laf^ * it therefore declared elected,
ii.d t N>k t .' qualifying oallit before Aaapli
I( .*» icl.i.U, t>p, awlhoritt'd hy dtfdiuiut p«»
The clerk pri**tded until t speaker «aaclu>
M «-r» Mjiid uf (•••rhain. I)a«t»of lira.I
r>rJ, Thurlough of Monroe, I«"ii£ of Surry,
Mar*lon n| I'artaM itkld, were ap|.omted t') ir
• ••ne il.« » for S}ieik«r—nlwlularqurnt
II* rc|-ortrd tlut tl.o
Wlmle number of i»ln lli
NcrfMtrjf fur 4 rlMi.cn <0
I {ijnmrl lleh'her NaJ
I Mom »I.. Apj l ton 5o
(. >ru» G. Murrul *
S'.r.urutf I
Mr lielcl.rr *« declared rle-tcl and w.i%
cundii>1iil to the chair b» Mr Aj j»l :• ••
I .n r lin n addreaaed (t.« II" w is
lollnw* ;
(»'« of tKr !!,•»»• ff li'prtunlii/iift —
F or the tote which h»« juat brrn announc
•-d, |>rriiiit me to n turn yoa iii> amcrre if
knowlcdgmenta. I am deeply acntible of th>*
honor conferred thereby, ami grateful for lhi»
eipreaaton of your confidence. Fully mi
prc^M^i with the mftonaibililm ami d.fhcul
tic* of the «titiu<i i*» me, in accepting it
I br«i*-ak jrwr torl>cjrancc ao«l indulgence in
all cmharraatineiii* ami error* which may oc
cur. It ahall be toy eonalant endeavor faith*
tut!v to discharge ita dutiea ami impartially to
enforce auch rub« a* \ou may adopt lor your
Mr Mann of Gurhani wa* charged wuh a
MMfC to the idtflM1
lion of the organisation oi the Houae.
Mr. Cochran ol" W.ldoborough waa charg
ed with a •unilar meaaage to the Senate
Mf»»r« Simon ton ol Sear»|*irt, Danforlh
of (iardiner, Adama of South Thomaaton,
West on of Mailiv>n and Amea of North lla
»en wore appointed to receive votea for A*aia
tant Clerk, who reported that the
Whole number of votea waa 101
Neceaaary for a choice 53
Alanaon U. Kartell had 01
Otliem I"
Blank* 3
Mr larwcll \*aa accordingly declared elect
The S - <V-r announce*! the Monitor# of the
llouae, a* f.'llowa
1*1 !>.tw> jit, ii1 n i'I tntiliain,
Vd " f'oehra* of \Vahloborouf;h,
3d " Chadhourne of Sundi»h,
I ill " firmer ul Brthrl,
Sill " \Vr»|iw of Ormio,
fiih " Junkm» of Berwick.
Mt'uti. Martin <•) I'otand, Carter o| I*«irt
lanJ, II unuvmb of Albion, hrn of I'aik
roin, an<] II ill of Buck»|ort, were :i|»|mhiiUnI
to reeene llw «otr» lor Mi^arnjjer, who re
(oft.-d (hat the
W hole number of tote» *a» 1.0
NfivMir* lor a choice, 61
lliNiAMiN Tno*aa had W
| Charlo»l'«*rn " 37
Philip Phillip* M I
Mr. Thomas *» a* accordingly declared fleet
M>»*m Randill of I(ar|>awrll, IXeane of
Portland, Junk ins of Berwick, Appleton of
Bangor, and Fogg of \Vc|«l, were appointed
» committee to recede iImj iote» for Chap
lain, who rcport«-d that tin*
Whole number of vote* wa* 1J3
Xn-mirt for a choice, H;>
Hkv. C«AriM F Allen had «J
Iter. Z.\u» Thompson " AO
Re*. Mr. Alton accordingly declared
On motion of Mr .Simomon of Srar»pnrt,
thfl Journal* of jTecccding yeara were dirvct
rd to he deposited wilb the Clerk for the u»e
of the Houau.
On motion of Mr Appleton of Bangor, the
Kulra ami Order a til' laal »<nr were toi<>|te-f
li»r lh« (uirremrul of ihv |irrarnt ||iMia>'<ui' |
oilier»in- <>; tUml
On motion of Mr. Sew *11 of OUlown, iIm
hour of 10 o'cUrk, A. M. wai liini f r t >
meeting of the Hiium*. rarejit thai 11 o'rloc*
waa smii^imx) for MoiMSavn. Ai|j*»urii«-«1
In liw Scniiit, im fiuL'^, ii>« I'ihriiiiIIm
on Senatorial <i»t«a njHirtr,!. >»< wkieli ,t .
llierc *• rrai* »acjncii-» to CIJ. joi'iu.
plete tlic Srn»«' oryamaation.
Mr. Iloliba of Oxforl, * • n ih • nun .
on %ot. * lor (imi'riHir, report* <1 ili.it th w
numSrr of »otm « na 73."tM , John H ibhaiJ
In* JT.e'JG. Elijah L. ILiiniin iM.uyi,(; ..-i
F Ta'but 7,flw7, Scattering I0»—and JOHN
Hl'HUARD lua IMl *oU** mor«? U*an *U
other*. Aiwpttil
The two houara afterward went into ( ,n.
tendon fm the pur^ioM of filling Senatorial
Ill thr '.'J Senatorial Dial net there were .»
raeaneira—and Meaarv Sturdnant. Shepley,
I>a«ia an.) M< gquier, win the C»ni»ttluli«wn|
Kphraiin Sturditant liaJ IW *«M*a.
Geo. F. Sheplejr 97
( Iiarle* Me^uier 7*
John IV Da»ia 7 IManlta 3
And Mi aara SturdnantA Shrplcjr wereeletl
flth Dial net, CJro M f'haa* ha» IM, > J
Aaron llavdm AO; and f'hi»* <•« rl«vi«>d
I'.'ih Diatnrt, Klrairr <'rock»-r hui 104,
I'.iuliriii* Kinlrr 10.1, l.lij.ih \Vi»«J and ( t,u
II F<>«trr mi , a&d < 'rocker and Ku*i«*r were
r I tried,
II ih Diatriat, It'-'art \ ( hafman hid 101,
inj J.-vph I'rMTutt (X , f hapman »i» elm
r«i "I'U*" *acanon-« Here all filled by .l«» ...
A jowl committer win jir>n«>»rd to »nt u,
mi Ji>lis III »ft*ar>, and inform hiin of h ■
elininn ae Goii-iimi 'Hit following fr title
n»m were appointed on the part of the Hon*
M'-hii S.-mall, of iHdtown; (iilman.oi 11 > •
lowell . Jordan, of V«Y*tbrooli . Mradtxm, . f
Kaatporl, <'arter of Portland, Munnfilon, >,(
N« .irx|»iri, and I hipman. of Iliddefonl
In the Senate, on Saturday, ll»e Vchm
electrd in fill vanufira, *rr» qualified and
took their arata
Meaara Ifea, HmvI and lloMn were jnn,nj
to • "omniittee to not if* Co?. Hubbard of h,«
The I'ri-aulrnl of the Senate, in tceordai<< »
with Ilia intention ri|irra*^U al Ihr time of li »
rlt-rtion, reaiffned hi* arai.and tin* S«uil« •
•o«rti"d to Monday.
In the llouar—The Committer »»n I'^t It
waa announced, aa follow* Mi wn MitrV
of Ri'tinebunkport, Ko^ertof Windham, W
kjui ofSteiaon, WikWr Jlrewer, Al!
l|o| f, I Bunnell of llarriaon, and Ui<ml.iRi !
The 1 ommiltee on Klectin<v» waa al»<> »
nouneed, aa follow* M>a»r« I'alhot of I. cr
Cochran of Wt'iloburou^h, Sew»|| ol l».
town, Martin of Poland, Putnam of it'll »t,
Judkiiia of ll«-(MK-k, and Hancock of ILni
Arrival of the Niagara.
The Niagara arrived at ll-ilitai on XI
day, with »c«en day* later new* Irom I •
r»ipf—an I brine* "I through psM« n^n
K««.LaND —Thewrgan tation < I tlx* paii.i
utenUry m-I«c! ru(nnii<ir>' for the r-duct ■< •!
official salaries iim'I with tfce warm appii*
■)l ihf rtfcnnnt. Tbr nwnr« i»f t "o><' t ai
Hn<:ht a|«[« ax in tlie |i»t 'Hie *uh ect <>|
rirullurjl il.tlnw It.t* tie *n i;aiii li'lurf ll *
Itouae of lo'ifo, but wi'.hinil U'^liitC U'j*-» m »
r»»ull. I he | rt-vnl fthust*uf tit* mi."''
->•*•*»»» ar« aluut to be n»piir>-1 tit *
royal coiuiniMioii. I«»rd John Ki.w || re
Ium-*I ,o eatend ll<«* commission t<> Irt-Ui it —
Mr. Labuuchrrc haa bceu iikJ . «d to w tt
draw hit hill relative to tin- management • t
merchant marine, in e>Mi«idcralion idllr
lent op|Mi«itioii ;t met with from ship 0*0
I'he rhanrrllor ha* twice |*>stp«ifle«1 thr rr
duction before parliament of tlw uamp dM.n
bill, 111 which, on it* first introduction. tinin*
lets »r« so signally del>4te«J Thr weakin »«
of tlie |iKMil(iHfnuiiriil a| |"-an» to be ,*rv»
inir daily more aparenl Sir Hubert •
Mid to ha»e waite«l uj»>n tb« J»uke of
ington The Times attartiea no particular
importance to tbr event—i.ot mi the iliralJ
and other l<oiidon paj>er» ||owc»er, it «
rumored that Sir John KumcII will go 11 ••>
the upper house, and thn* make »ay for >.r
James (iraham in the cabinet. Alto, that
l<ord I'almerston will be mwee<led 111 tlw for
eign srcretaisship by I*jrd t'larendon, and
that Sir Charles Wuod will shortly vacate
hi* i»flice of rhaneellor.
^ Kecetit advices firm Australia, suie that
the government «>(Tv>*ialw |>ut Smith •• Ilri* •
to all manner of petty cruelty, for, hi* refusal
to acrept a ticket of lea*e The matter h»»
torn bronght U'fore parliament, and an in
quiry I* lo lie iu*tituU\l
Wordsworth, the .* dead
The new steamer A»ia, of the Cunard lin«*
arrived at Lmr|>oo|, from the('|>de, on Frt
day. She t* Mid to have made at time* four
teen miU-aper hour. She will mi! for lh*
tun on the I**»h mat.
The court of queen's bench unanimously rr
fua^l to prant the hiahop of Kietrr the rul**
prayed f«»r affninat the of thr iwli'« •
isticjl court in the Gotham enw Th» fi« ry
J prelate has not indicati <1 In* nut movement
It tnnn —-We loam that thr rrcrnt a;|wsl
; >f OTorinell in hrhalfof thr n [< al m»»r
unit lad the rift ct to raiseI herent la»i week,
o XU3. Tlw lair »< trp* storm i» Mid to
r»»r caused thr destruction of por|>rrty in
Dublin to thr amount ofX'30,000, |trutci(<il
ly in glass and slate. Scarcely * building
raca|**d injury. Iiiui»-diet«-ly after thr Monti
glaiu-rs' wjp'i rime to I'm |>or dav, ami gla»a
•-oinmandcd ten time* |ta original »alue.—
('.migration i» lent general than heretofore.—
Thr eroja throughout the I'mied Kingdom
1 promise well.
Fimn.—Th* Konrmwii hill for jjmnr
the tnn»|HirtJtion law a retrospective •■dm,
. lit* been defatted in tlw wsemMy by a larjj
majority. Thr presumed nluect of the gu»
I eminent »u to obtain anthoritv wlwprby
Harder Itlanqui, (Jaopail, and to oihrr danger
1 oua character, inifht lir m nt out > I thr count*
ry. Thr defeat of ihr measure caused thr
■ miniatrr of the interior to throw up hi* port
folio, with reproaches upon thr uwntblj, for
refusing to support him in what he called lit*
arduous and thsnklrss attempts to maintain
publio order, lie was subsequently prevail
ed on t4 r*Uio ofics

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