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Oxford Democrat. [volume] (Paris, Me.) 1833-1933, September 03, 1850, Image 1

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tllif lf*rforb Ocmofrat,
Tim. —(h* li >)k»r >ihI kilt t«xi iu ajiaorr;
•• '-IUI »»l iri«N<'tn mil wthm ii« m-olK.
t«» .t.llll* <1 tkr Nil at tit* ittr. T« wkkk M«
» 'IK- tiUrl l» rmt tut II «kick IHIMI
kin I ItUIIIUI imwiIhI M rr«» n«M- Irrii
' Wr |« I* * l« • MM briitf »i i ■—l«>it U •« mw
Wiwlj iHr lawnl cMrrvJ I* kIhiIih mrai.
jy r«fi wl *11 Jmumwili M Mil l» Kr
Jar iW iUl« mi ihr bit iniliw.
fjr v. n r»i«ik.\ • i, ('<ni<it« »t.. («i«
• V- |l4ili iJ»r»li«of IMS»».) K •!.»!, i> nar kjtil
\m Mrrini<| ihIwi i; •!«.•»• |»I a.t»wtm mm (*
•Sc rum • I BmIw, Nf» \ wk, I'klWlrl^ilM, uj
llo»k anil Job Puntinc
projii ri.v am» m.atl> r.xr.i i tk.d
eoM'im v.
V \ RI A N V ,
II *11 ||» TIHIIM.
W >ik Urinl a»-a lk» (•■»« (••«(
H err ikickN rtaaird, ««r <tJ all,
TW rarti Mil* irll (• <«■ lk- Itmla
TWl krM tkr |» (k lu Ike piik • wall'
TW !«■ kt i iknli !■•. kr«! m>I ai»l anaiafa
I a!iAr.| ••• ill' rlinkiag Ulrli,
Wnslnl inj *un ikr tRriml llktlrk
I P" tkr L «»h a»>alr.l fn»C».
*hr anal* ««(-•• <(> I|I» i» Jrrat <,
Mr nawlll M, ' akr Ml.I ,
>la. .41.1—•• I i<K I a ran. aaarat>,
I a~iU lh.il I mrir d*ul
llat fc stilt ll>. W»> il km.
Ilri li iii M r»r the >V<aa »fif di»J
*.i> natil «•>« k»ak a < ikr «»r»l krom,
I ilka* at IMa '1 c»r»|i,W.
Am. i ilie liiiin| ■ I ik' Ktit.
\t laaa lh.. kr*l u.ik all.! If", a tk« ati,
»kt ikt a •»"« mlii* r*>*ni '■< l».
.% I (U«tJ tlUill lk« (laaMianl Mao
SS» I anil ratal—" Tkr ai*kl la tltraia,
11«* Mtlk aal,' •Kauai:
V»a iia] — • I at «W»|,
I » -akl I Lai I »«• iWI'**
I |. »a| ika If - 'a|lr a«f tkt ni^kl.
\\ |V • »hr k-Wil Ikr »ajkl (•»! riM ;
Tkr k .«ai| .*al »« H .aa W In.'it :
Ki.aaa Ikr 4m k in Ikr "W«'|
I a a- la a krt J » llk«aa»l k j < a hang"
laa iln|i mhr irWlil la lilk laklli,
Tlllt.aU a naia a kr Ik* |ltwlfi' Maui
Aim! <b V'larla i a>aU. (I I'l^a
Skr im'% »ahl —" Tkr <U« H Jinn,
llr raaaarlk at),'* »lir Mkl;
• II ' "I at* |«a'tf< ta II),
I aaatal.J IK .I I «at ak a»*'"
Al I • *t •>>» |M laaMM lk> a (U,
I 'a. ■ hiiS laii krur l attnt •k|<«,
* I a'ri it ■■»»», i HuaJ -ata.1 a .*afl,
TV a ta»l tal mat «k«.aaa rt»| t.
II a . I« a (at) Ur tlt.aak <la.ll,
III ai irf (laa*. auk ( tatk.1 laaik,
r i ka(<a • mt "t'wt l"l ■ al jaik
Tkakifl *iMk,ll> laamJm^ % ri.
J>k(i«li Ml !—" Mi Ilk la . iaal»,
tlr I aauat ik Ma*," *kr «alal
' a ,1—" I 4.1' ■ I, aa ill,
I •.will >kll I a t» t|a Jal*
AaJxn «• «uL*.
Ami lh» »fc<- »l%i< »» «» *»' «"•»> ■ 1
1» iSr «■ htir mtaM, l • uJ (••>.
SIh m* lb* {'nil »Im ' m •*«
llil • k'llh* r* »m %rr\ l>»,
%,i«| «it vtfl4!* I-kimJ Htlki i 'Sri# rrll.
Taar tk< , Ul l«l|
I |nhi )tri Inl, MW br"*».
"K' mi i—' In >'(Hi •• Aw«i
II* man II »•«, * thr Mkl;
••Sc Milt—" I MI mmrmty. Wnui,
I »• «M tluri I »»«■ W"
A I >4i •ii'iin tW* 4.t%a v U«M>ra
t'kr «!-* «« M|.*» iltr., n»«ifd;
Tii Uw lli muj i' itt* |j*. th<* «•* •«
ItrKidi lk» » «■!*• ■ ii*m -jI .kiwi J'
«V fio« tfc» ;«"»ir.t «k«l.
(Hi Uv< (liiM.-ml itu« iiS»«Um»,
• »U kabh |« Uv«l «|U| lltr
t 'i.1 »■ i. «•• • • k-1 hr« if ■ «il|i ».
»»l» Uiil—" Hi lifc •• • t« J.
Mf rmrlk M," «kc itiil:
J*S' • ikI—** I in smru.j . •■mi.
I a uM thai I »*
Tlw ^ r«*'i tkiiny m >k<
Thf till* rlmk Urklilg, Mm. lltr Wdlil
W ' irk |n l!ir «wmi( mwl l
l||<* f»fU* iiuUr, Jul »t! i ih&mmI
||> r i »•* tut in «fl ih» '► ihf k
im" i lb* thi k mwlrj Mnbri-n U»
tk' rkwIvK, ami ikf J41
|> » , • m w-lr-fi-i( m Im lamn
T .«• I ■>. ' >S»—•• I «M *rf \ itmii,
llr «ill » l f •«•».** wili
!»k<- •' I'm ««wi,
«»k. <••*!? ikal I w».» iiraJ'°*
m; r.KD'i'H'o *0 *V r. >i.
• I HO||▼ !«* (M6
Is Uie mouth uf S-j umbi r, 1?—, my health
hating be«»*iir cimtiderably impaired. 1 *■»»
b\ in* friend* and lb** phyueiM ol Un*'
*illaje, to journey x* a mnw of improtmc
it. P>«ne*Mng naturally a di»po»iti«i to be
ruut-* MN^uinbil with th«* »i tuition of lh<
country, e»ptcially in n»y own *utc and neigh
boring. I readily accedod lo lin* ad* it*. Hut
• h«» !»••** qur*t»« ii which ari<* waa, whcrr
thouM 1 tra*rl—how (ar and in what part*'
it »4* agreed finally that I »houl«i to the
H'hitr Mountain* I a«"ordmfly prepared
lur uiy tu-.ruey , a®J on tiie mommy of the
♦Mh of Se] timber, altrr wc*i»ing l'r<>tw my
friend* their united witbri that 1 in.giti )•*««
a plrimtnl «•■»*. >u. and return in uuprwted
health, I took ray departure from the beautiful
village of , *itu»ted or» the bank* of the
Kern* bee, in the tute of Mjitmi The dm
tar.oc Irotn my own rt-*tdet*e to the mountain*
wm mu*tly performed in a carriage, with an
txvaetonal ride oo heraeback. On arriving at
the hospitable mansion of Mr. , ihe dwell
ing nearcwl the mountain#, I had.mwh to my
*ai.»fiftioo, become recruited, and *o muefc
improved to atrengtb, aa to feci almoM likt
elnnKmg the mountain at a breath. Singular
ly enough, aa 1 thought, I luppr n#d there at
•J* UH»e wt«jn n- nth*? Granger was preaevit
| —hot a solitary bring could l«e found u> ac
cimpan* iin u> the height* uf Mount Wiik*
inf ton, e*c« to much a* a bumble guide.—
Hoi 1 «u now determined no! to return with
out th»> original purpose *»f in\ joutn
«?. To «.*al* the beighta brfu!T me, aatran
ger and aU«. «M. to be »ur«, no devrabU
taak . but my ambition led me to attempt it,
•*»n at the hasard of »* * *>'. and br»
coating cthaualrd I alartcd Irout tnv ftieitd'*
at mght o'clock to lite morning ol' a delight
fully pieaaeut day, and before the aun hail
reached the middle of hia daily nxirw, I «aa
wall uigb at the aurnuut of the mountain ; jet
}<».>l without feeling that 1 could nut endure
•oeh eacrtiod with the frvrJom of one who
had neier been broken down by diara*r. !t
i» ik-« . I ic«* to n.ij that I aiuuaed in vac If with
the grand |<r\*;>eet befurr alSirdrd ami th<
«iM ace miry wound. until it became nrtnaa
it k> reluro. I made im Diy urriNiwn, by (
I be h, «wcli mark* and »baer*atiun* a* I
tHoui'i't would enable me to find nn «at back
without difficult). Hut ! waa miataken.—
Tlif entire al^eiiM«'ii Hjtfiiiituuinl in fruit
|> %« ctivMiJtoi* to tnid the juiii which I lu<l
1'illottcd on going i.(> I va now weary ai>d
(ilut, aud a* the >uii Mink beneath the wc»tern
hunaoit, he treated to tell me, in hatful lan
guage, that I *hould never liiok uj>on hi*
i 'ci Ir- urxv, Mit leel hi* •illi«e«iiiig inlluencc
jgam ' Hill tl.cn w j* no time to he Iimi—
lot litir was in danger ' I t*rw firat Iomc el*
Irv-mtt ol Ui'? height wh.cli I had antviiiled,
iiul then to tlie oilier, little mu*rd Iroin ilc
rjtmnin-.it in \ if w iw2 ihe awful liotror* of
mi filiation Alas' night had come orrr
iup— i, Unit, UligueJ and »iek being, ai d al
• t i.inn mi ! \ l- ar Hut whst wan nn
> rpri',-. mulled w«th vv, at tin* eri«i», on
wvinj a tall but well |>ro|«irt!>*v-d, inan with
t in ** i in h.* bind, whom 1 w«>k to le an
" AS, uon," n.d hf, <«n nMuiiii;
Hp, "»lul lia« llMU^'Iit (Mil l<( till* l.ilM'l)
.*» • il ibn kwt til tlf m^ht' IL>c ViMi
mi |* utile. no pH'Uvl. r, ito liM-aim u|* xvunny
i'i irM'll Irum tin* r« Id damp air' '
•' .\onr,' vtul I; ji«! | mini.-tJwifl) iii
• ■luirii hun of ui\ ijftiium, and ihr rcaauii
I mi !»'•■>£ lLu> rijiodJ.
" lta»ii au<l tnfi itunatr youth," said tlir
■ '.la. \ r. •• wi. <!< » r\c »<i:ar ; .tu«lim»i,| lor
hu* toluutanh • \pwinj; \utir* it to danj. r
Hid «l< Jill— ill V"U tM< li»«l with ton1''
" N t ui |i jrv i' ' I iiiini'idl. " In
m hurt* and a< \ • lv in mu ll ihr tiuuiilain
K « in i.»#g, S Oi.tm l* tiirpnt lo bring any
mtU inr '
!*• i if I" t. in.I iiii«i bi* t lu' ilirw
••rth a *tnall (.iiw ui bruit«<l m-ii^i.d a alirc
•I bread M llrtr," unl |n\ •• *jt till* , it
m» . • * i it] - »4iti'^tli. u.mJ | iriwiii
, «1 h < • utr»ff MMUt'W rtbaiwtrd. A
ijjrtl ii i i& l.i • fc»r 4 hiK* I.m* lik? vim
ij>l*d, J I Ih'i .clil lit' u ik ahut.1 lo Ua«f
r.* !••«•»*< II'• *ik«. ID) li«MI a,| 1 I »■
i.iin»*d, " disil leatr in.* h r«* Ill lliia i-h»i|llig
>iii tli v* rold ami !mrt imnnta.ii*.
•i |n*r<«h, •iltK>ut a If;»*inI. «ml aliw*'"
II* bl »«-k «yc» win1 I',tiii lull aad
t'-adllv i.|«u Mir, M It to r> III tin' IIIIIh*! m'
ti't if in\ In-art, *»h«i In- 3[|iro.H'lird, atul
ilinp tiM by Hit Innd —
" ll' tr in mm! hr, tlrrnk. " will tmi
" Whai—bv m Si hi'" I r | . i-d tarwalK
• R, »h>i lialh iM-iit iim IiiiIi -i in •.•«« you*
>n«iir that *oii will imi. in my 11»*•. m«al to
inv living bring, thr »|«>t or dwelling
tlitcb I dui !•'%•! \ou,«ndall ml«ail U- w*||."
I «worr Hp tlirii jcqti •»Uil tlir in loliot*
ntn In »:ii-ucp, ted with «hm difficult*,
n i fid mi- tilirhr|lui.i>lrd, I obrj. 1.
I|i l.i] tin' to a ii'i ».«b'n!i!<- diManrr, to a
•it i I ihr m. uiilun, uln ri- tin- k«Mt|*«if
w, it ist. bat hi* mii «< rc ner nuknl.
nid on guiding nx* into a wrrt and ruriou*
"ivi-. n.r old nun (I'had aln ady ulwrtrd lliat
[(an h:> .ij»j>caraiicr hr luii numUrtil at K'o>i
hrvr arore and trn«) li'oa.ng at iim* with a
'inriine romitpnanrr. Mid
'• 111'\ ».«unp »liaag»r, »• itif pU"C that i
«|| p,, Kon.r. Sit dwwu. aaid b«'. ** on lhat
. -ii«ith atiHir. aiid I **iU »onn kindU' a bijai .
I lia«r aiau MOir gaiiK' iu Ui« |«* lu la, wliirh
I liavv ji.»| liad tin' loitniir lo m'IIi*, and thai •
»ith a I ill'1 naMing h.II |>ira»« I In' |ul.ite,
r.d rrpair ll •• *>airn» Vuiiha«« l«*n a ra»li
' "uth," «*,mnm''d hr, " but )ou art lift now:'
ind a» ■no« •• low retrain your »tr> n^th, I
• ill put wiu in a way, ktmuld you «i»li it, to
&nd th« lix.t i.| ila- uiouiita.u."
W •• hat) lourj it Ufr*»ar» before reaching
ihe rave. to pritf-ur* a torrh, by which ] mm ,
»' *hl«d w> mr *r*y well along tb»» narrnw,
m l in maiiv }>laet* frr lnua |>ath that v»c
"ff oUiH U» ln<r|. The olJ man mmhi
'♦••ill a p#«Nj Are, ami bo|i»fc an huur had
rla;*n], h< Itfd prepared a auppcr, which ap
["■•red t<> me, under the circumstance*. m«>rr
inviting even than th» aumptuouv viatida of
I In* rich: I never atr with a brlter rvliah.
In tbo mean time t cwuld not bumah the
wnnler and aurpriae eaeited by the fart, that
an individual |«)*ft«*Mng th« facbltiea, both
mental and phyairal, of my kind pruteetor,'
thoi.lJ take up hia abode in a place ao ruld
and barrrn. ami aifordmi; m lew opportunities
lor a life «•:" caw and kappineaa. I waa ei
eredingly anaioua, a* waa natural, to learn
the hirtory of «ie wtwwc whole character ap
peared ao amguiar and atnuige. < «miI«1 1 dan
aolicit of hira the dratred inlorrnatien ' I al
most framl tr> aak It, but the hoapitable board
having bet-n removed, and Um old man — ein
tng in a cheerlul u><>ud, J ventured to offer an
intimation that a little eonveraatiou relative k*
hia own hiatnry would to roe be peculiarly in
tereating, and it had iu eilrct. Hia eyea
flaahed and lie aat mme tuna in ad ewe. At
length drawing hit teat nearei to me, and w ith
a look that aeemed to «ay that none but him
tell' abuuM ever know hia hwtory 1m obaarv
" 1 am old, younf atranger, aa you »e«—
r»*dy to lie down m my grave There are,
rt » traa, nut ineidcota CMMCted with my
Ill*, which, if related, might pcrhaj<s amuse
one of your sge and ca|>scity ; but it grieves
me to think of them I will, however, if you
anr not loo much fatigued, he continued, "tell
you a abort atory.
I wm of course atinooa to hear what l>c
might have to relate, know ing that if I could
learn nothing of hit own life, his knowledge
of early events enabled him to give a narration
of many raw and interesting occurrence*, and
I begged that he would proceed.
" About siaty year* ago," th« old man
eomnienced, " there lived on the hanka of the
\ndrosroggtn, in what i* now railed the town
ol Bethel, a man who wm married and had
t*n children, a •on and daughter, and who
chtaroed a livclih<M<d by limitim: and fiahiug
\t that time there werw several tribes of ln-(
dun* in the neighborhisid. * d this friendly.
• ihI |a amhle family were Hot (infrequently
diatnilird by their wc.t approach and nightly j
yells. They, however, matured by pt»idence|
and caution, to live *afely there for several
ir». until at length one Evening of a beautl- (
h I .Limner's day, just s* lltv aim wat going
down behind the trrcs, a hoatile and wander
ing tribe of Indian* approached the humble,
and hitherto comparatively i;utet dwelling ol
ih« »< lonely settlers The motlicr and lier
little daughter of ».*t;n year* were employrd
in the k»u*r, while the m>ii and father, who
a-* lb. ii about lm year* of ace, were gather
ing w<a>d at a abort distance from In* dwell
ing. The father, leaving hi* little boy en
»vge<l in picking *tieks, went with hi* anna
!tl|| n| wimmI |o the li''ii«e, ud had no sooner
• vrhed it. than he »aw hi* hostile loes com
ng up ami »landing almost directly hetwrrn
urn and hi* wn. lie called to him, and
ought at Ar»t to run to In* protection, but
.iw mi a moment's reflection, that by endeav
trine to Save hi* lile, he would endanger Ilia
iwii, (lor already *» veral arrow* were |miii>1-'
*1 at him.) ..nd put it out of In* | ower lo pro
«*t his w ilir ai d daughter, who were alarm
■d almost to fainting in the house. The mill
ilternative hit liim to fee in his house.
ii. d j rep a re to d.f • dtkem and himself there
l b Indians in w gavi » hoirible yell md at
• mj>tei| by 1 i«r\ means in their powrer to en*
t-r . hilt the l.ither w a» • nahh d to brat them
•a •'» until hi* wifi I1J1I Ii >de I one it two
ii *krt*. which «i immediately discharged
ihi t -n w th k'lMhl effect Tl contest was
>■ titim-d Kir almiil a li »!f hour, the w .If load
i :* ilir r..i » . w! .-n ih«' Indun finding th«>ir
i i fuli'i the houw fruiil-«•. .»nJ that
»iw.'er »nif Kill* m««rr fatal in their
hi.i ihfir own h**!**!*, iIm-\ ti«>k their dr
artnre, aueh of them a* »«rr sMe, yelling
Iti'tl hillniuilt. I'lir I jmxi) ; hut tin*
•trvflbr Indian* ami t!.«• thought that their
hild \x Kulii rnij; the tu"»i rruel lur
i rr*. fifff ltr4 (Ik* p»r> its *• nnjl w.*l| he
>ip|>t ml, Ifi.tti r<Y*lfing «»!»•• rt-l.
I 11^ ...w 1 I It J i • wrre
' a Ivin^r 1 *'• "" tli** groi.iid t.»*ar thr Iioum*
riic luate I uiii>-r hi ! i.ct f« fc*|.t without t**r
\ ng virrnw to th« ho*,.ma of rnrmir*.
!»• ^i» he »uJli"r«*.| the !•«•», a* h«* br1|e*r»l lof
id, of In* liiih Chail<>, whom the Indiana
»«' II kr» w wt>ull j I'vur only to torment
|r »f ilur">l »ut, .»i I tin ti *Ji il*ly taw at
i alioft f imh tli'" houir, another In
<n, who In in I » v| | rarar.cr. Ir judged
im] '••en kimiihIiiI lu lit* wrath In' a|f
r-'vln-d ami would ha»t d «|>alPhrJ hint at
>imt, lud not ihr Indian, in a iuo»i heart-lout h
njf nunnrr, •' ti he apart I, offering, m
hr Nlll( torn*, <• an lllduee :,ient to |h» liulit
r to let him li»r, | re»rut thr life of hn«
«*i heni£ dettrmrd, jikI return litui *afe l><
n* pareit*. On In* piomtar to tUi tliia, hr
t.ia taken into tlie k<»u»e ai.J a huh alien-'
Iftll to In* W*M 1.1|» n.aHled In Ml to lolliiw III*
avagc rojiira-W.
'• \i ar» |u*^i| -w <\ li-1 iiu M>n came.—
n.p hui ti r n-iw I It llut In hul Ix-rn ilmn
■d. iitd irtfrcllrd th it Ik* had not diapatchrd
!».* Mfjje at one blow. I on yeara had now
Ireiulv rla|«*»*d, and all Iiojuti of ever teeing
ir!• « h id Ion.* » 'in- been abandoned. Tin*
h;«< fia-li herwlf, in aj»|n aramr and
•-"ling, old and tlinoti helple** by gruf and '
lion nunc, a!"' her daugMer, waa in
h>* laat aUj;c uf nw* in} lion, (urtlv limn tin'
ani* cauat*, and from Ki'iuj an allcctiunate
nothtr »inl»itij» v» r«|udly. Sin* could rv
iiPinlur hi r httii brother, and how looked
it !•>. ■ tilt- *. lap « e.Mie and look him away.
Ic; «kou(;hU worr r»tf u|»on him; aud the
i,Hi win^ linr«, cnnpiadi ami pruwutcd hy a
rirnd, ahe wa« ofu*n h«*ard to mug with a
irnsuc air, a* ahv *.it at her window in thr
'«t*niiig twiliirht;
O, I4r>« «<ir tb'»« kotiri, whm (at urn th* hanki
(If lb* rl«ar \n>lru*<"ajia I (>U)rd
With m* u»« h'w»» I birln-iikl wbru bj ib<
Of m« mnther I kiwrU il a* ill* pra>t<i1
Then lifliivH »rvl «.trr<><* and n»U| diMMtMt,
WVif unknown t« a chiidbwal to fir* ;
A*! dr.iib, •ilk k» arr»»» »•' awful and »urr( 1
l'<w»r»rd IX■ dread IWn il (uf mr '
Hut tlaa' ik'w# Mrrlibji •««» (««« n<> ilfrie,
Aad iii-Hiruiiif i»I •<>((■« now nign;
Thr MU(r, in wialh, ha« invaded our home,
\nd ('tuilea Kh< t»#ii «-a|>Uif#d and (Uin'
No moie >hall wr apoitM the lunk* oflh» ((rearo,
Or *4)1, kand in Kami, in the grute,
II' hit {•■!» In real in lh>>H regtona afar,
Whet* dwell* naught aa»r t|uirl alt I l"*» '
" KlIeiHir rfi'-d whil«- ye* in her arventrenth '
year, and »u bunt-d 111 a aelorted by
brraelf war a large "»k tr»v by the houae—
under who**' ali.nlf.* olte u*-»l often to »|*irt
with her dear brother, and where, in the iuin
iner hour* when deprived of hi* |ir»»enop,
■he had fluently reported for contemplabon
and atudy.
•' The parent* were not* entirely left alonf
and few indueemanta to make even life itself
dt-airahle. Their only daughter had died in
autumn, and a freeing and dreary winter
wu at hand.
" It waa a M>rer« oold night in the month
of December, and the moon ahone upon the,
*no» Kripht and full altnoat a* the »nn jta*|f,'
when two wen *ew aeen approaching the
•I«* rllmg of ihia lonelr artier. They walked
up to the houae lud kindly aaked admittance.
Supposing Ihcm to be Indiana belonging («•
amne friendly tribe near by, who wiahed lo
warm and rr»t themarlvea, they were, With
out heaitanev, pnnniUnd It enter.
"' CoM weather thta, old man,'aaid ihe
eldest of Ihe two atrangvra, who waa at once
obaerved lo he an Indian, addressing the hunt
er u ihey araled ihemaelvra by the fire.
Yea,' waa the n>ply, 'and hue you lar
to walk ihia cold nightt"
••• I ha*e rome,' aaid the Indian, *to fulfil
my prutniar, made to you a long, long time
autre. You will rerullMi *'
I" What, my ton ! and dw lie ltv*r ask
rd the old man, with much entoion.
•• * ll«i lues'—beliold km lltere, Itefuri
y.w "
" Without wailing lor t^juwwcr ihr aged
parent, recognising in ihe.^till tiien au|»|s>aed
Indian, Ait «»«m mm, had embraced him, nei
ther leiiii able, mi overwhelmed with joy
were they, to utter a *t liable ; and the moth
er, ('• •»!>< .it witm-aong »•» uneijwetod an
event, had United and fallen <»n the floor. She
auon, however, revived, and «i< permitted
ni.ee more to elaap in her ami* Iaun, whom
•lie hail long believed dead, aud won cipect*
r<l to in'-"-! in heaven It was a *rene indeed,
which ran inueh better In- imagiard than d« -
" Vou will judge what were lite h-elinga
i>f Char lea on learning the death of hia mater
" Hut the cau*e of hia long delay in the re
turn of the Indian was now It In' explained.
It iiuv br d<*ne hi a |V« worda.
" He overtook hia party in a abort lime,
tfler m-overmg from h>* wo«nd*. and found
I he in mourning ami almost distracted with
ffiel", for in their contest with lite hunter iIm-v
ft ul lost tlieir ehief and «e*rral other* ol tlinr
n«»t daring warrior*, and they were just
;>T<'|«ariiig lo leed il»e»r rt*eu|t> by torturing
in death with every eruel twins which their
lavage and bluod lhir*>i\ heart* eonld invent,
their eaplive boy ilut happily he had arriv*
rd in lime to sate him, though it had been
utterly out of hi* power lo rriurn hnn tit hi*
a renta before. The* continued their march
into the western wilderneaa. where ihe* were '
finally lonvd to remain , ««n account of a war
nhirli aoon broke out lwtw, .'n th«*ir own and
■evcral other Inwtile tnU". ul Indiana, and
a*led for nearly the whole tune thvt had
*la|*>rd ainee lliev had left the hanlta of Ihr
" • 'harlt* had not forgotten hi* parent*,
though |tr had ImvoIiiq Ii.»U>Iiiat* >i In thr
ii->aj»r», rn«tom*, aixl lurdihlp* of hi*
roinradr*, md wore. indeed, the rcaruiblanr*
of an Indian. He with In* prmnrr,
• Will* would JH»I Wlinii «•! Iri|(i> I'UH.,
Ii»t>d with hi* parent* and *iipport*d them
until, worn out with age and aorrow, ih»-v
lti>th in the rourM of tw war* were laid m
thr gnrr nearltr at the aame time.
" I'harlea Katon,(for that wa« ht» name.)
had now hut one friend in the world—tin lie'
dian jirotrrtnr ami prevrter. Ttiev li«ed
and wandered ii>e'*th«-r man* *rir«, obtaining
their a* ttiev »>-r- tanffht to do. in thr
wilderne», until at Irngth the pour Indian
waatalrn ill and died. Inating Charlea en
titrltr trtcndle** and without a home.
"•'harlr* li»r«| now, not brrau*e it wa*
hi* own plra*nre, hut beeatiae It wa* thr Mill
of beaten that h» *h»uld li*e. Ilr for a
time nought to make hunwlf happy hi wieic.
ty : hut thr noia* and rold hearted world piw
no rharrn* for him. lie »ought thr
mountain, wiirre hr di»»*o«rr<4d a rate, in
wliirh hr entered, and at onrr dec I a tin I it hi*
h»m« while lifr rrmimrd. lie h.i> thut far
krpt hi* word, "and," uid thr old man *pring
i ig from hi* »rat with thr activity of a ho*.
" L'Wfi'ii f'jUnt i* the man who ha* jn»t
uvrtl \ u. inv young fnrnd, from thr awful
pang* of draih
1 eunnot daeribe inv *urpri*«' on hearing
tin* aniiounrmnit, mining upon inc. a* it did,
*o auddrnly. I had in fart b«romc *• iiih-r
estod in the oM win'* utory that I had even (
forgotten the •ituation in which I wa* placed
We now Mnight ri *t fiom alrrp, but little
did I obtain. I however, by the morning,
found mjrarlf aiiflkwnlljr nvruit d to venture
to n turn to the dwelling at thr foot of the
mo mUin and from thence bouir. which I did
allrr fir*t having he*n diiccted to thr right
path by my own Jim/ prri'rrrr—the Indian
Texai Boundary.
The T<*xa* R<iun<la/71Tili, rabmittrd to the
L\ S. falli, fcy Mr. Wktee, of Maryland, |
u*»cJ thai l»u«ly on Friday last, by a majority
>f ten vol*-* This n»T1 ftxed the nvmlirrn
Miiiiidar) of frnm 100 to 103 degree* of
*<st l*>n|{itu«l«*. at 3* degree* 20 minute*
jcrth latitude. At 103 degree* norih longi
;ude it will run due south to the 3'Jd degree ;
«fnorth latitude, thene* on the said parallel
if 3.Jd< grec* \»f north latitude to tin* Rio Bra
ro del Norte, and therwv with the channel of
>aid rucr to lbs Gulf of .Mexico. Texas re
liiH|unh<>» all claims on the United Stair* for
liability of her debt*, aad ail cunjK'uaalian '
for the surrender to the general gnvemmiwi
i>l her ships, fort*, arsenals, customhouse re
venue, arm* and munitions, public buildings,
Kc. at the time of annexation.
On consideration of- all this, thr United
State* are to pay Texas $10,000,000, in a
»lorlt bearing fivo per cent, interest, and re-i
d«-< mable at the end of fourteen year*, the in
terest payable half yearly at the trraaury of
ttic United State*.
Jxnu*s! Inpiams ' ■ I*dia.h»!!!—We are
told by a gentleman lately connected w ith the
army at Indian River. that flen. Twiggs haa
formally announced to Ute officers of hia com
mand, that the determination of the govern
ment (as officially communicated to him) la
that unlff* the Indiana can be peaceably re
moved, ihey will n<* be removed at all.—St.
Augvttmr Annmt CWjr, Aug. JO
It U • |Immw in—tba atrram
Withm* a inuimnf namlni b»,
A".I on iu I«»■»•« Willi anArna-d baam,
Tba alarping aiara an iwumI) It*.
*T»<nll iwm a* if lb* tampaata ploina
Mail mrj.i through vmuli of irnpK Mom*,
And irallrrnl down tbnr bloaaoma bright
To alaap ap»* tba »a»n t<> ni|ht
j And »<*—na k<n|i lk» iwon al ill.
llrt I'int ri>m» j-uhu.j through tba air
Ko mild— ati Krautifulljr »oA,
Thai «.»»l ami •liran arr mat! alii r*<l *ilU | ia«rr,
And lb* |nmv apirt, a* it knaala
Al HliHt'i b<>li altar, U*l«
' IMtfioo'a aalf r..m» floating It*
In Mfn hn* thai flraiw lb* al>».
TVtf'i (Wt in rarb 'loaJ and alar,
Tb'ra'a knai- In »•. b • > »a awl l»aa.
Ami r«>«iV i«km fro* ifif
\ra tmrna lib* nnfal minatrala* ;
la aurb a <|»'t, at a«rh an bmr,
Mjr apmt (a. la a aprll of |W»fl,
Ami all l*.**ih, arwuid, abair,
Hum« raitbli l>liaa ami li»a>«aU l.»».
Ob. Mar*. idol of m« lita,
Mt brarl'a vhtog mala, m» a.«l'a a»a»l Inula,
IVir aoatthar of my a|*nil'a ililfr.
I a»nuld tb«t thou atlt h lot at la,
And I ntmld kiwi on tbia graft! a -.!
In b»»a to th<*. and |»n»» to Mod,
And, rn>"( it" fantla ajaa,
(Warn tail of lhar ami t'arjdia*
I aaa tb» nanaa in von Mna am.
In aaain a-und th» nam* I brar.
All natwr painta it |u ni) rja
And hrralhn il in m> liataning *»t;
I rr<*d il in tba m -on'a anact b»a>«,
Th* aUilight printa it on tba atr»ain,
Iivl taaaa, ami braaf a, ami ainging b.rd,
S|trab t.» m\ a-ntl tb* Itlaaaad taitid
Tli» fjiiwi a*l in hia **a» rhair,
.Si*..kin( Iik |HfM of tit},
IVhll* Ilia lilla »M »lf» mill l«la( 'll»,
W la rUiim{ ihf ilinnri »»»i ;
1 t»**l lull* carl. »iili fine Wn* *<•*,
lln hai |iawl'.iili i'a kurr » «a ralrhi i< Aim
Th» <ail iiuii laid hit Haul '.n k-1 ll< nt,
With • l*at nn hit «annkl*' fur ,
II* lli'x>(St ho«a r-flrn k*r tta thrr.
Had a«l in lb* a*lf-aaiii* |la*»,
U ih» l*ai at .1* <l>i«an fruni io* half thnt *»#,
H Ha*1! amokr," (Ml lb* rkiW, " K'•» II iiukat
I !»<• || <II> I t Ul atrru k*,l mil »n lh* l|.. r,
U hnr lh' ahail* afl*f ItuaHi «•*•! In tt*al;
Th* !»••) «M «if* lb* <h««ii ilw»,
U a* mini** til* i iuii^ »h**l,
\nit lh' al«l I* • •* rUl . n th* wantU-li#*
II i.l |>lni|<l* I aknij la alia- al tbrr*
SiiM lb* faroa*r »4l m In* aaaj ibair,
\\ llilt ii.it* tu bit liNtini larill,
Tb» ni.iia«*n»i| >»«» awl t hawk ft (air
Of hit • »**! | *ai*|.rhil»l *»!» f«****<l.
Ilia bra.I, hrnl J< »n, on h*f hair lj».
I'atl aal**|i <a*tr llift Uith i n that *11111111** 4av

On the morning during which the in)-n<nnl
bnlilT•<» mthlekaly kept me from f^>mg into
the (tram) Jury room, thai he nucht twnt nf[
tin ganiingr I %»j« i«
pan! fur tin e*c|m:nn, ami Ihi- wound inflict
t-d i«n " the peace and dignit)," hy witncaaing
an amtiaini; «• ur on the public S.juare, Tli**
court houM- town of Randolph, like other *il«J
lac**, had '•* doi-Nia of wilil youngatfra—- I
clerk*, otrrgrown Mliool-liujri, a:id 'other
lark*, wIhi were klwava reaiif lor any deiil
try lliat might turn up. Of courv, Thcv tri
ed in concert—I tirrrr knew a u l that did
not. Thf thine i« a «ort of Frre Miwonry
»f Miachief, an<l the indiilrri .ne usually all
• bright." I^t one imkf a demonstration
ajfiuiat anv lurklfw inili* I'lual M-lri'tfil a* i
iirtnn, and up* u the u.tljnt, tbe whole clan
takf the rue, and Iwgin the work of torment
ing. Generally aonv inebriate i« cho««n, 4iid !
while Mill Swiney ho|.|« him in eon*er»alion,
Tom Al>"la ali|« up, am) lets fly info hia faee
a fold Mr»*am fn>m i o^uirt—or Tom Ow^n
prelendtnir to hru*h an in»ert fiom hia hair,
"embraeen the opportunit*" to amrar the un-1
fortunatr'a faee with a "good article" of hoot i
blacking. Still another variety of the fun
making ta to catch two poor detiladrunk, and
get tii«m togetlicr "by ear" hy earrnotf <a^»-1
rivaled m-wapea from the one to the other.1
It was a apeeunen of tht% la»t mention«l kind ol
amuacmeiit that I » iinri«*«l on the roorn'ng in
Jim Dell, who li*«d, (as I learnrd after
Mania,) in the northern end of the rounty,.
had tiaited town for the pur|»»ac of buying!
two buiH'hea " of No. 8, apun truck but (
though he had found the thread of number* T
and 0, Jim would not purchase, for he aaul
he "would either suit the old oman'to a ha<
—or else, he'd be ru*wd ef he'd git any apun
.truck at all." So he »|wnt the money intend
ed for "truck" in treating to "old rye," rath
er itun buy any other than the precise num
ber that she wanted to till her counterpane
with. And the morning »ua not nn>r« than
half gone before Jim waa in that beatific
frame in w hich wires " apun truck" of what
ever uuinber, and in fact, rtt domritm', gen
erally, are welcome to go to the devil.
Kphraim Middle waa also in town. Ho re
aided at the other extremny of the county,
and had come to the court house to consult
S<juiro U"ie4,"to know for eertam, how
high a feneo a man ud have to ha*e, beloio
he could ahoot cnnvbndy'• miaehee»oua ateer
for jumpin o*er It." Unfortunately Squire
Wind waa cejapp«J in the court room, and
Eph waa compelled to fight off ranw with
" rectified." So while Jim Bell was lmbib
ing hia liquor at ' Our Houae," Kphraim
waa swallowing hia on the other aide of ths
square, at the "Randolph 'F«lMMr]r,".
Neither of our -«orthiaa kaew iIm nth«r; but
the town boys (constituting the '• Devil's
Town Club,") determine*! in solemn conclave,
thai they should Iwcome well enouf h acquaint
ed, at least, to have a "chunk of a light.
And the town boys knew the weak poinla
developed in the personal history of both Jim
and Eph, and with Ihta advantage they art to
| work.
Jim (who was almost aa deaf aa a poet.)
stood in tli« doorway of "Our Houm," bold
, inn on with one hand to keep hiinaelf atesdy.
Ilia ejre «a« watery, and his fare red aa a
gobfcr'a a'tout. Suddenly a voice waa heard
proceeding front a house ac»oe» the aquare,
, in which the querist was concealed—
" Who atole John Stxahan'a t|<oke shave'"
ABother voice (from a masked battery in
lite neighborhood of The Tbetmary,) re
sponded— «
" J ins 1K. I1 atole the •^ukt /avv !"
" What'a that'" asked Jim, who thought
he heard his own name but w^an't certain
" It's only Kph Middle," replied a member
| of the town gang » bo made it convenient to
I be by " It's only Kph Diddle, and hiacrowd
[orejatthe Terttotiary, makin' game, and
ssyin* you stole Stratum's spoke-sham."
" Who stole the spoke-shave," resounded
4gain, before Jim bad collreted hu ficultica
for reply.
" Jitn lh IIanawercd a voice of thunder.
" I'll go over, by Jupiter," roared llell,
wh« w<is somewhat of a bully ; "and whip
the whole d—<1 crowd I will, by —
" Hold on, Jim, hold on, old fellow," ssid
tha amiakle youih at hia aide—" don't go
over, they'll double team* on you thar! Jist
st.u.d. bete and give lam luit back Holler
out w ho nurked tK* tthilt ft*bull' Tkat'U
tske him foul; I know him "
Jim did as he was told, and echo pave b.irk
the roar, a» he yelled—
" Who nurked the white faced bull'"
In an tnsUrit a powerful pair of lungs,
from behind a corner of the eourt house, re
" I4.I1 Middle Mule thai ^n|| "
" Wske up Kph," Mul one of the gang,
jl» h«* sliiHik Kph who waa 'luting in a chair
in il»* "Hectionary—•• wake up, ihar'a old ;
J m Ik'll a loirin' and anortin' lik- > strain* 1
boat, and •*»earing that yui *l»l« Hinbv*
whitc-la«!ed bull!"
" llr an'/ prviv if, tnyhow replied Kph
with a christian meekness, hut wincing 'iiiiirr
sn a*.vu»aiion winch was not now nndr fur
the first time
" I wouldn't stand it, any-ho*," rejoined
the friend of Kph . for H's a disgrsce to your
children, and people will believe the thing, if
you dnw't »av nothin to it. Holler nut trA«>
1 t»lf Me 1 poL'-i\att
" I'll t«C darnfd if I doo\" aatd K|>h whd
preferred that mod'- of retaliating to a mor<*
derisive one , and *taj;geriui; 'I1* , he
bawled out—
'• Who alolr the spoke-shave
And then, at the in»tancr of hia amiable
town friend, he replied to hi* own question i
ao that he mlurtlmn hrard half-a nnlr
" Jim Hell atole the apokr-shave !"
" S|»;id up to him. Kph '—that'a right
e»cn one of the /<iten fr/lvui is with ywu
Uivt it 10 him «aid the town hoy.
" What'a that, that fellow hollered about
roe'" aaked Jim IM, puttuij* his hand to hia
ear, aftrr the manner uf deaf people.
" Ni<kin'," responded «n« of the virtuous
youth, who by this time surrounded h.ns
" liothin', oulv that you stele Strahan's spoke
shave ' Uiu htm Je«e, now, about the hull
—tell hiiu" here the youiy»trr whispered
eaiueatj) to Jim.
" Look here thundered Dell, " mi bull
stralin', triflia' rogue of creation—do you
want to hear what you said, when they whip
j«ed *011 about that bull-beef
" Let's havo it! l«et's ha»o it!" shouted
the town bovs
" Why, he said, (a* he wn putting on hia
►hirt.) that if he could always pj* for good,
fat beef, that em, hi* taiuilv should never
The town Uira were iu perfect ecataciee,
and yelled taudly. Jim him»#ll'. felt * litile
triumphant, and •lapping hi* hand* agamM
hi* »ulre, in imitaUon of a r»«»ier, he very
gallinaceouely emitted a Ci« < )d!*-4oo '
" Kl° 1 ».h in ad nut tnv Imnun tVelina," |
lung out Eph, who ju*l then ritnenibcred
thai In' njk 4 iiitmhcr of the phurch, " ef I
wan to act out my human fcrlii'*, I'd fi/inf
oter thar and wear you out, a fare a ml could
lick her Utt "
" What * that he aaid '' 3»ked Jim, with
hi* hard to hi* car; and upon being infmmcd
immdutelv re>oin*<l—" r( you can't act out
your human leeltna, act mrtynur brute fcrline'
—your hull feelira."
Sho.ita of loud<*t merriment from the crowd '
interrupted Eph'e replv, and the town boy*
began In "hu*tle" their tictinta cloeer to»
ge<be? •• Ante tip, Ji»! " »honted the ar
dent fuerd* uf that individual—"ante up to
him old fellow— we arc with you Don't
ho afraid Eph !—talk to him !—you can't be
hurt in thi» crowds uch were the cicla
mationa of encouragement with which the
hoy* thoted Jim and Eph toward* each other;
and really the ctpected combatant* had made
up their mindi, each that he would pitch into
the other—certain, reapectitely, that *uch '
warm and dmntereetcd friend* would prevent
their being terioutly damaged*
Ju*t at thia juncture, the aherifT, who had
been »ent by the court to quell the tumult, ap
proached with rapid at ride* Eph in a panic
started off at full tpeed.
" Thar got* th« buH," touted one
" Don't ho run like a cow," *ugtre«ied an- J
And with that, Jim and hi* friend* atarted
aAer Eph, The ahenlT, tati*/ied with ha*- I
injf drircn the crowd to a greater distance
from the Court houae, rwiumod to dutiee in
The nuachievoua raecala who had fot op
the fun between Ephand Jim w«re determined
that th*> affair ahould not go off without a
fight; an the friend* of each plied him with
i whiakey, inaiating that honor imperititely
i demanded that h« ahould light, and declaring
, that h« would find hia antagoniat a mera noth
ing to whip. Elhilerated by the liquor,
wanned by the worda of their fnenda, Jur
and Kph derided that a pitched battle ahould
decide the matter. Hut where to fightf—
( Court waa in aeaaioo—it would not do to btara
town—frienda ought to he at hand. Here
waa a difficulty ; but at length Tom Culhreth
i »uggeated that iludginahad a prime collcr un
j der hia grocer*. and that they bould take poo
wMton of it, and hav their fight aa private aa
they pleaaed. Accordingly, to the cellar all
lianda repaired, and Jim and Kph were hurri
ed down the atepa, and in a trie# the donra
*ere closed over them Aa anon aa thw waa
done, one of th<- bnva roared out to tbrm, that
I they •' ahould ne*er euaw outen thar, 'till 0M
| or 'tother hollered, etcn ef tU» day of judg
ment com fuat."
The crowd auid at tb« celler door long
enough to aacertain that the incarcerated had
gone to work to earn their emancipation.
It wan urnio tuna after noon when I neat
u» Jim. !(« came to my mom, hia left
hand wraped ta a red cotton handkerchief and
r«wting in the palm of hia right
" Are you the aliaeiter a*k»d Jim.
" Vca."
" Wall, I wml you to prevent m»- and Epb
Middle for a fray."
" F<>r an affray ' May be you only want
him indicted for awault and battery."
M Ne»cr mind. I know what I'm after —
wc fou't willinly by agreement, in town t<*
day—I know all about in. Aint been indict
ed ee»cn tunc* in Oeorgr, without larnin'
what a fray it. We foul thia mornin, and I
want the grand jury to iro ngkt to work on
ua, «o'» I can git the «a*« tried thia aettiti of
thcrouM "
•• llad'nt you better wait'" I suggeated•
" perbapa no one will take trouble to briny
the matter to the attention of the grand jury,
and %o you may eaca|>e."
" That'a ju»t what ! Hunt want to happen,"
replied Jitn an he took olT the handkerchief,
•nil rwiiiiMnrnl blowing )n« hand " He.a
tuk advantage on me, and chawed up my
thumb, and half iny hand, and he ahall Buffer
for tt, ef I hav to jay »oii»e my»clf."
\» Mr. Hell'* made it very ua
plejnnt to ke.-p up a cvm venation with him,
I told linn to go ahead and tell hi* whole *to
ry at one*, wbieh lie did nearN a* follow* —
" I come to town, '*quire, to git urnie No.
h apun truck fot itiy wife, but I couldn't find
nothin' but 7'a and tf'a; ami I'd jrat a-di«d
afore »M a got runy W jt pA nb«t t\» w<v»aj>
tent for So 1 turned in to have a little apree
and hadn't go* inor'n three or four drtnka at
the outaide, when thia nval, Eph
Diddle, begnia to hollct it roj that I'd atole
Strahan'* *|>oki»-aha*e—of which, twelve
wen in the atat" of Georg) aaid I warti't
guilty. Well, 1 w a* am art I y fore up in my
mind about it, w hen a youngster, that a*emrd
inighlv friendly to m*— 1 will *av it for thia
town, tlwre'» m manr friendly jieople aa I
ever aeed, for they all took aidea, either for
me or Eph Diddle- -he *«eiiied quite friendle
to me, the ynimgater did. and told me that
Kph Middle hid »to|e a white-fared bull him
ae|f. I heartened up th»*. and gin hun \»
giM«d ia he aeiit, mutd I tell ymt Ho on*
word brought on another and at bat our
friend* agreed wc ahould fight it out in lludg
ina' eellar—-1 tell you thia i* a friendly town,
for I never had more frierola ia a light a»
whar, and 'twaa the tame way with Eph —
And »o we did , we both went down into tb*
eellar, pretty groggy, and a« the crowd, and
my friend* le particular, wanted the fight
o*er, I fey.Jiercd in on luui aa won aa I found
whar he waa We hoth come to the ground
—me on top, hut nomohow he had contmcd
to git thi* poor thumb in hi* mouth, and I
tell you I thought heaven and rearth waa a
romin •egethcr wvery time he mended hi*
hult. It hurt awful, but 1 begun wi aarch for
a aoft place in hn head with my other thutn\
and, *ure enough, it slipped into hra right
eve, and ao I cive it tu tin' (»«-orgy *at, and
brought a rauneli, and • nmmenced feelm' lor
the *trini?%' Hut thsr *arn'» ae atrings, nor
no eye tkiir. so I run my thumb in sgin, and
«» I. better lurk n«<it time , and with that I
fetched an»tl>rr rauneh, and begun to feel for
(In* string* agin No eye agin ' Than, a«
I. ef thar's eye tn that socket, 111 fetch it
'lna time— *o I ft*ed everything patiekW,
by the old Gcorg\ rule, and fetched another
rauneh—but it didn't come, nor never did '
Thar «m no charce to jet at hu t'other eye,
the way we waa layin', and thar I had to
fool at that aame one better'n an hour, and he
a chawin' my hand to a mumrnv all the tun^
And laat of all, 'squire, I had to \slUr"—
*• Ym bleated—did you
•• I tell you it W to comr ' I new ahould
a hollered—leavtways,he'd 'a told the newt
fust, ef he ha«ln t played it riuacd foul on se.
You »ec what I waa a P'xigin', thar w*m't
no eye, nor hadn't been for many a day—it
wit gouged out ten years ago in Georgy !—
So, 'squire, 1 want the law run agin na hoA
and I'll aee ef the one eyed rascal can plar
any advaiMafrea in tha* game."
Of eoume, I complied with the reasonable
request of Mr. Bell, and ha and Eph were
bound over for trial to the neit term
A Oeod Story.
We have seldom been more amuaed than
we wnre on Thuraday—says the Syraeuae
Star—by a aloiy related by one of our police
officers- A n»an btr the name of \Vm. H.
Sjjarka haa for a long time been under arrest
frr a high crime. The case—after lingering
along many terms— was finally disposed of at
the late aession, by an order from the court to
enter a nolle prosequi. Officer Hcuee, whe
is a ahrewd fellow, told the )t»dg« tkat it

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