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MtM to tower not to tell Spark* to wa»
kaetorfcd, tot ft* mi oThm eautely. The
s«iini ton* •troeud to turn; llownhi*.
j*ml to Oflcer Keoywi, who at onre took ito
Mm. Spaika cum into court Jrrwml s(T in *
*ne mu( itf clothes, tad looked »ery uiwch
like a feotloman Rcnyun look bun by ito
•wnd and utd — ' you cin't to tried vet, m>
-w **U go h*ek to jail "
tvoiof down *141?, 5*p«rke e*td—" Wh«l
*»> ?o« rtnnk ther will do with me'" -
" Why," aotl K , •• itojr will fi»c yoe
».-b ycara.**
••Tbai i» what I etpeet," Mid to
••Ceo rou run. H.lf*" aaked K.
" Eui," Mid to, "only h »t fi«e n»% a
-tooee, and ae» "
'* Well, now Hill, V"1 *UM and I*" run
•tier you, tot wont oaerttke «<m, and ttan
I II tell ttom you eecaprd."
No aooocr aaiO than d«<ne. «-tf »(Dt Sperka
fleet a* a d«ct K. juuiprd mi tto Mrpe
ltd lauftod heartily, rirlaunui<( "liood
• metope, ace bun run' are him ran'" and
*• atuld laagb o if hi* ■>.«!.•* wu«>d crack
la tto ratwji«Uile i»i« tacnl >park», and
10 hnally out i«f aijjht. i'nweeily tto offi
f| arralohcd hia head and aiyprd hi» thigh
" Tto re," Mid to, " »unt I a foul u> let
•>*1 go ' Ilea jjonr oft with Adam
' •ondtrlkiw'a nr« ami ul ri«itva oa, k> thun
Th. »\aini> had borrowed Adam a »uit to
(•peer is at trial
Oifjii Ofmoirat.
rtRisTiK*i>^.«Ki,r 1, ihm.
iy Tto i» N^ii rati*
• «j iKiaMt, Mill km* iti M )>»>' al kit*
<'«« o Kill' * l"l S(!
la \<«*a< tSf * «» mi
la tWkWLl \ ilUr* aaJ «ki*W«, ai ik* II irl »l
J'HIN T tVUMt. I t<4 *l ear* uJ.hKt
tri will W tf
Dtw.x raUr Kt puhtii .it >oihimmIium*.
ft* Rrprmtntattrm to
Pirn Pimmi.
MOSES M. IH>N \|.|)
SmimmI Dutrwt
Th.ru IhMnrt
fourth Ih»»nrt
Kirth Di»lrw-1.
S,»»h Di*tr»n.
^»cnli» Di»irirt.
F.tr V •.•/*>»».
FirU Duurtrt
Sutl^iN Hcim.
Jo^trn Tittobi,
M«*u G<n e* i*. Jr
Srroiuj Difttnct.
JtMU Mto«,
W*. R Peiru.
Tc ho LirruriiLD.
JoH* E. PtSHU.
Third Umr»ii.
RhIcit Sri<«»itT,
w* r fiittix,
EutltWC l.H*> \1,
Jk«D Dootll.
Founli Dt«nct.
Jons Mu«,
!•« «c S. Small
p4(i L. CitxDui.
Fifih District.
Wm. Miuiil^.
Jkm» Li>ri<m,
Wauw r Vnu.
Sixth 1» «tuel.
Joai Uiimu
S***nlh l>i«tricl.
C«o. W. Iltowi.
T<filh Diatrirt
Cffiita L.
CmitM W I'irci.
It A Fltt.
T«w!ltl» lh«tn«*t
Jll T. I.A »*!TT.
Hdiv s. Tiwt
K»urVrnih Ihutirt
R«ivff A Cmrx»v
N Ml P*l«< I,
For C *ti/> rrr+3urm,
Ctl-hrrlm'id— ll»N«* Dm.
)Vi—Altmivb A.
ii*«^-W»nn Rk i.
AY*«rl*-—f! K. Uitiii.
b.~K,'+t—T C. JuMI
E: » «tD II. lJr««
"/'></—Nat«4* M Muiul
/fcvwi—N W M i t v
A M.««i
fiif Count} CVniriJlwMri,
-8am. Anuwi, 'Al.
)WA—Gio Can
(Atf'orU—S BAA:«A»tv
LdUioln—J. C Sxkmako
A't>W»rr—J©*.\*u> WlLU«M«
Somrrxrt— MmLi W IIiimum
/fiiwwi—Tnivmii Uu>
11'm.J*—A. Pinos.Jr
..»—H. R«ur.
Ncai Maafey i:*- *i (-••iitiral batik la
Ui4» Sut« .»lu :■» lougm. Without a thvroujti
»4k1 complrU: ur^iiuui'vn, it,e whole of th> ,
ifoinocratM* fvnca CtbMl i« bt» i;kl li» u.^1
upon ika ,».iuu»< > enemy. A rathe Stair, the
rnuoun. Ti'»n« *jui !y|)wi| Dittr.i u, N< iglt
b»rhoo«ia jimJ Uimliea vrfc-xi..i.*l * '| i„ riuur
of etrn dvuuicrat iu th> >u*!«' vixulJ be
iMcrcd, and * •< ry tkutucrai be *rm«0 htu
equipped for duly ai »!••• Ballot lUnrm »h«*.
the ^rral day of tank- «t#r on.
An the IVnu«-ratic lorrr» all ready' If *>,
slT$ m*U. If ixit, then the tune i» ahort f«»
prepanina. 4ml every tuoinrnt of it thould U
uapnmd Hw protyrcu uf the iliinwnitH
party *Wum U>uk«d inorv favorable iliau tho
do« do, and now » the time In «nko a de
oded blow tor Duiocaaiv tit Kuwui
E*cry Democrat ahould be at hw post and J<
hi* whole duty.
poowcracy dotw not tutfer an much for .
#int ol'lhc discrimination <>f il. truth*. a* for
the »auI of i I'utl orysuiution of' its Jrf«n«l
•;*. Wo «ill mk now cnla rjjc upon ihia mI>
jkx, for wis will Dew effect the drairrxl
object. Won, HARD WORK alone can
Mwtnphah it.
Wu can te-rkxt Co*. I!v»*aii>— nofe>ljr
dwiku h. but roc* Wmo lUpRtatvTi
mn in Cutgira Itom th:« State. What
«n mnl end iti/ptoe *0 IW Slatr tnd tht Wi
ttm ' Lh ua'all take hH<1, then, of the mat
ter tn nrnest, tin op rbt work thooroughly
aaJ &iihf«U? » <1 fteunt the dire calamity.
Lf 4 <•%/ fvr tkf iWi*; ItUi; t*r that rrery
Mm« ti fmlmrJ, to Mrrr fiw am/
'ifww <« r4« f*»r HWrA furrfW
ly tkf jrfolt of Ilk* ojywfton—A>o< n/ _/»r (V
■ h.Mt Tlilir.
ftwy VrMurraftr vort •"//1» uintni, atxi,
•I' »-»rry democrat «iifi on the ninth in«t . ■
I'vvncuTtr Tin vrn u caarn*' A re
•uh that cannot tail to he rhrering and glori
ous to ewrt lo»er of trrodom •
Rvtav *»s to ni* Mf—Some beautiful
writer utt, it i* too nftrn the that we
heir the tmwt firm arxt decided derrvwralt, the
real " bone and atnew" of the party, e»ro«r
iHrmaelve* from aeli»e interference m politi
c*l campaign* wl'irr thw fr*hion—•* I ha*e no
influence—>1 ran throw no weight into r»mi
nwn acalc— I will no! mingle in politic*, any
further than »imply to ft*o my *nte." Thia
i« wrong, mrituii' »>'>r.g Etrery manha»
infiMMMw, m4 Mr *o WiM'h a» ihiM who la
t»«r lor i>e:r Kti> breod It i« upon their
ahooMera . the**rhjnie, farmer and laborer,
'that the pri«p*»tt* and tndeprmlenre of mir
country rhwll* re»ia. I*-' then no man rc
luar to bcir hia portion of the burd< n. Let
no man tn the ronr.ng conflict n?, " I ha»e
no influence." l^t rach and «•*« ry one put
hia ahouldrr l«> tin- w heel, and labor a* thunfh
»«otw were «ole|* upon hi* individual eflWta.
To th<»e entertaining the i«lea that their ef
I'oita in the ca«e >4 I*emorraey ran be no r»
■ential coruw^juenre, we would ftWMlieaJ the
fallowing aimple but appropriate line*
" U S»i if the laltlr tain wnwld mi,
•• Ho (mail a drop a* I
Can arVr rifrrtk lk«w iSir»»» IvUi
IU lam in ik» 4i 11
H Kit —il a iHnin( turn f im4i
IkxiU in hiantaiu Mr at,
B« aii~ it* frvlJr IijSi al»uf
t an».| rnair a ilai •
D"'H iwt »«• K tain ilmp S»l|> In l<ti«
The rml irtreahing «h- • »>.
4»driri) i »\ *fli|hl Im »»■
tad Ivwutil) tbe tV>»r» *"
Frdcraliam and Reform
Fellow eitiarf.* the federal »l» talked III
ton a great deal about reform, during 'I**1 l»tr
Prea.ifentttl r»'<ite«t S.> h* h| tmi thought
lh«*tn to be homut in th«'.r aaaeftiiioa Tin
Kreeaml party belie ted tlf.ii in part, and aup
if hi a "rpatate organisation, the* aid
ed tn electing th- Whig randidttr, they
ahould gain m<>re tbnn to rleet a IMn-Tai
liut hnw haa it turned out' " The National
Adminialrttnm." uri Mr WUioYa " hi*
jrv».d lala-- to it» prole*.* un, hi» apostatized,
atol i* unworthv ot omfhWuee." And who
d •• « r- » ktv.w that «tnee the Whig* ha»e been
in J*iwef, broken pledfea, the rewarding of
fitoriiwa S» gnntiag fake claim*. and other
» *e t<ia bit-n tli* vtder </ th<- day Will
librral Kree«oi lerw, then, support men of the
Mine ttamp for feoff***, knowing. a* the*
do, that Whig procni«^« are not rrhaMe*—
Will th» * e«»n»ent to bi' awav to
i-Wh:gv l>» a K>*lerili»t under a Kn < xul
ci>rtk' No' \» would thetr v V their
ritfhl todrM Libert* ami np|»n« Sla*ert *
Kilt a reart:««n is going <»n ; matter* arr as
suming a mon natural rourv, am) Federal
ism i* fas: sinking h> it* ordinary le*»-|. ami
P «r|H ■>*»« r^«unir it* lonnrr |«na
er F.ttreme* folio* • ttreu*'*. but w.
er hope to see tlw l>eruoeratie part* follow
ing ir. tlx* f<w»t»tep* of t.V- Knlril part*. and
«r« think there is ho danger of it. but that
there n iUn(rr, front ttwir plirin; t«w great
reliance «hi tl»r |«»fr of truth, U» work out a
triuin h without aiir • xtrjonhmirv rt}..ru b>
mg made on their part It is Uuf thai th«*
*ojre tf truth i» not alwa** heard in the trui
,»»t ami Uh* whirlwind, or the lire, hut utter*
it» still leachtiif* in the p»-ntie bre. u , but it
tWrv to as hnsv.it will n«*»rr be waiu-u
•'or tin- country, or heard along the M-a shore
f i In* ■! jinot g the mountains, or mrr the
(aMpnimt; tlieie musl be, ath r all that
j«M\ U Mid. " a Considerable of a f»retn»"
ra.» "J by tlxMtr who would advance a great
truth, or MCMtpiiab ant grand r«suit.
e lullv belie*e that the l>>'m«-;jey ol
tin- Fourth I).strict will triumph o»er all the
cuuihmnl lorcra ra.*e«l against it; hut it can
he iW only by work—<*«ry iMuocrat to
th. |».( «. We ar>' lull) coalidrni that the
I^ iu • ra> ) oi Old Lincoln will peiforin Im r
|urt iwanlulU. Hut tl.e Oxford |>orlion »<i
the Itwiict must also put lortb her utrrvst
strength. aim come out of the contest w.ih
osa rmiiux# naJoaiTV, at least. She m*
do it, and she iei/.' do it—muk that
Uuion acrl Democracy—Governor
It i» jiratil* .'ni (o IhHk-v iIk •pint ul union
and rv ci'wi'Hi, 'h »• r*rr» »tctf r
n lki» fttitt, talh| ibc IViuocra»-y, on th*
>ubject til lltr apy<vi<-hing rkct;>n. Kitr%
ri**f J*r tl* i«Wf, «tii »i*kt*f J *r mm, i»
Ute iu»iui ub 11 it- tij» ul kU Iru«* l'« \nucraU
throughout liu Suit. Wc c*nuot think
Uwrw »» a ■»..!«;> uas »ho »ill nak hia rtpu
utiu.i «» i Democrat, in g«>ing in
i<ir *rn a y, xiiu Uiui> aiding i 1m W l»H!»
•uil •- iJiun$ uutuurtt, Ui (irilili |*r»niul
>uiu.u*.;t. Tl* Detuocrala arc contending
toe tin- • »t.i!»J.*hiiu ut ul great principle*. 4ml
.u p« r*> vil m,. o.tk-r^liun, or prrwMttl prefer
iw« will irAluCf them U» kwc aiglit ul' thuae
>ur a moment.
Up, than, yo lurii ul librial principle*. in
•»« r> town unI u.strict iwl cfeuuM your Hep
mrbUinr*—4o the pull* imi Monday Mil.
and Msturc Um glorious priir within yuur
Spare m» pains or eiertiooa to nil)
:»ery «ue, .tod muo-iiiraic it un iKt rtgu**i
I kin* riitH in in Never *11 ibrra I Iiiik
when y««ur «Huru could du mote fl»r the cauac
~>l Uborty and equality, than now. The
ahoie character of Uw government ol tbi*
Suta lor tho coating jmu, perhaps lor nun)
. .'an, aud the Complexion of ('ongrras, dc
.«i upon your ncrtiooa. Will you, cat.
,uu. bold back lor • ii*>iu«*nt «itb ao much
Jeprnding on vo®f xtiuu u thia.
•«>« HuMiinS ti4» pnnrd hiinx-lf true, i«
the IVmorrary kn< w he Mould, lo th«- Drtn
•vtiiic priDcipli a—ant) Um bull (Wnitf of
the Fi«deral prima, la pretty food ©» i.Umv on
thra i«>lnt I«*t th«m tome out ami oppt»r
ih« holy .IdCtnooK ho h »a advocated, iml itwikr
up an M>u« before tin* people if tliay dire.—
The principle* avowed, and the ruum pui*u
od, find favor j» ith the peopU; and we now
< predict that Joh« Hvaaon will be re-elect
i-d Governor, by a majority of fmn> nrx to
«rt* Tlioca*ftr> totc*. The people can do
it, and they will.
To the polle, ihcn, iVmncrata! Co early,
and in full force, maintain your gtotind until
ihe rloaing of the poll*, and remember your
motto, that victim^ Democratic «e«itnoei<t, all
ready rrjirihil—
" thrrylKing for iKi iiun, no/Am? for /V
1 wn r*
Federal Warfurr
We ha»e n<trr known an inManec where
1 »h«* /fnnfipUs of pnrtir*] democracy h»»e
er h<*en availed by the federal print*, wlicr*
any tenet in our |Mtliiical creed, has lurn fair*
!y dimwnii ami presented i<> the people for
their judgment by our opponent*, augment
ing epithet* they *«*aticr ii|>oii us broadcast ;
ami our motive* misrepresented ; lmt never
4« yet have they lUriil to altai'k our princi
ple* Their n*«-lo uf op|HJ»ition i* cheap,
well adapted to the *»urre from which it orig
inate- It n jMirr* no rc*»on or thought;
the whole rijirMi' conat»t* in ink ami paper,
land *<-11 rut th<) afford thu* la *i>aiil tin
Ok.im-\ from ihn hard earning* uf th«< pwjlc,
to ilinirny the |> ople a mwaiid advocat**
Thoir whole warUre i* apainM mrn not prin
ciple* . an«l knowing that their cau*e depend*
*o|ely upon the popularity, or rather availi
bilii* of their (litTi-rent men, tlicy judge the
«4HK' of im, and think m destroy democracy
bv exposing some ot the glaring inconsisten
cies, x* thev call them, uf some of ita profes
sed adherents. They lorget that denmeraet
la a principle of human natun . spiritual, far
above the taint of human avincv or amhition ;
while h» thm rierr action tin y «-,.nli »« fed
eralism tu In* nothing ntore than a ne*cr-eca»
ing op|M»iiMNi t«i thr truth* of democracy, for
the eiclusivc benefit of a selfish few, who de
f aire to '• level down " the great hulk of »oci
[ rty, that their own ariatocratie j r»•!•• may he
i giatificd Fcdrralittu ia inatrrial, a mere
' iiMiter of dollar* and crnta, prosperous, or llie
i-ontrary, a* ini*rule or speculation (luuri*h.
Tin* t> maik* are c*|>ccially applicable to
ihe l<- leral editor of the I'oriland ln>juirer,
more antioir* It the »uee« v»t>l whiggi*m,
t'un of Fw-*mltam. IU«ing di*wi|«eil hi*
1 own partv.he gars in for Whig inti-lne soil
i ami id ate*, endeavor* to conrv *1 their rial
principles, if any they hate, and liil*repre
». ni« the principles of ihe democratic candi
dite*, md what i* wotte.se k* to dcatruy. it
[»>*»iti!.\ their well earned repi ution. Well,
tin* i% what we ntav e*j*ri , for wheie an
individual lorsakrs hi* own cau«e( be i» gen
eralli more reckless ,n hi* statement*, and
more enthusiastic in lua abuse, than an old
"O ■ >.! »>IM [•■»•», »S» <lttK (NT M,
T« m 'Mltll, •• ilk'lt tw *.M
Hca »•
Th* Port I ami Inquirer ofth* '.Thh «lt . in*
*<-urril<Hia artiel* hewbv "Olmr >'!••) n (T
of tlw I murrain* tuxniiw for I 'ontfie**,
*• Mr \n<lrr*«» i» wiilict « trm|irranf« imi 3
temperate man" »o H«*« * »t-itrmenl will be
;« r|y i('jTr<"ut«.l by thr irr.. !llgi iil totrra
■ •l' Una «trinity, and all we a»k of tin- Krre
SmI inKri who an- prtirularly acquaint!*!
%»itta iMf raifcj.ilalr, la, Uul thr ataWiiieiila of
that [vijwr in othrr m|4tu, may nwnr Ihc
•aiuc «i« „*rrr of rndil, thai Ib«) ar»ro«ii|wllrvl
lu (i*( in tku ll thu Mil 1 tnr 1 >1 that |>a|« r
«<>ulil take the trui.SIr to iiiruiri into the aq
uation i I a certain inilmdual, a» In hia ebnrty
at the llalluwi II II nuw*, titer the deriaion ol
the Whig Suir ( »mnulMi in famr >•( Mr.
lUrd il l again*! Mr Gootlrnow, wr think
hllll |mi»^*i| of ll)ikli'*l\ enough, in rry quit.
\t r. < hairmm «»f the FrwSoil Cuotfitini at
S..oth I'ari*' )miin intimately anjuaintril
v» uii our < 'andiJalr, la the atatemrut ot thr
lnjuirrr in tin* rr»jcct true or tal»» '
Ami CiuiracM.
7y"Mr lln>l i» a aouml .mil reliablr
W hl(, (i.oSml\ dnulita that, un!r*» anmr i f
lr.» own I'Srtyr <!<*, cm arrount of hi* bolting
j n>|H'iwitt> n.) 4iiJ on the (juration of lh>e aoil
I •' 1* entirely a ' ••j't^hlc to tin* friend* of tint
|arty, who bur j.I.ij 1..! him aa their camli*
fall .it their omventmn '•—(HalS 'I'rttmnr.
h art* alio* to tin* contrary—the wrariiy
• I tlw* l'ribune to the eontury notwithatami
ihd• He au cut.rely tama<tv|>U>i)e to a
lar|r pwlMW of tlwat. Mr Willajr, of tlx'
Portland Inquirer, arkuovaledge* tint F. II.
Mutm aliould hate U tm uomiuatrd llialead of
Mr. Iteed. II kimw* that Mr. Hllll liaa
ui'iru lhau onre •{»; i tin- clfctivn ol Mr.
MurM' on aiiMitnt ol hia I'reeaoil pnnriplra.
Hi know* that Mr. Iti rd opposed thr eloc
Unu of Mt. Hainlitt. Mr. Wtllcy know*.
1 «», liut Mr. Mm** wu the only nan tint tin
Whig* could ha\r nominate!, for u U411 thr
AbohtioouU could »ote rt>n»i»iently with
Km Mill principle* V* t ho jjoe» ot«| lo the
Whig*, regard le»» of fr«*r*oil j»rui«*ij»l«». ami
would, tf pmwibte, t.iae lun part* Willi him.
WN« one who it a caMul obaercr of
lite origin of tlie iiiih-*, can doubt lor a mo
ntenl, that a portion of the Iun-miiI |«arty in
thia Stale, whatever may ha*o been the orig
inal object* of it* formation, new id the
Drill ol political warfare, aecretly or openly,
u will l* »t antwer ita purpose*, lending all
it* energie*, to the aurrt-a* of the Federal par
ty in tlie coming election.
I'rue the Editor of the Portland Inquirer,
.uinouncea U> hi* idL.'.t r», tint he it ju»t at
willing to support a !>< n»<« rat i> a Whig, il
he it only right on the frtt-toil quctliou—
pioftuw n.
Tint sarin-editor it warm in hit recom
inendation of ltaae Reed and \V. 1'. Pcmh-ii
den, whig candidates for I ongrrt*; but tayt
nothing by way ol rmxnim'nding K. K.
Smart, a well known frertoil man, and the
Democratic candidate for CoogreM in tlie
Waldo Dittrtct—prwctnt.
A. C. Morton, Kaq., Chief Engineer upon
the A. K Si. L. Hail road, haa been appoint
ed to superintend the preliminary survey ol
the Kuropean and North American Railway,
(or which tiie legislature has made an appro
priation of $5ono
( "fnafiwIaMof TW Ih-miriat.
PartTtM V*ur, Pa., t
Aug. II, IMO. S
Mimm. KuiTtMn —In my I"*, I pn>m
taed yuu ~mii. thing icUi te to the r-„'ion «»»
country, and lo lie iu.uk lull]T understood by
your num >rou» rca<Ura, I will girt ita l>*-a«
IMIII It ta aituated in northern Peniiajrlrania,
about K» miles fn»m Lake Erie, in Mi-Kane
Co , Townahip of Kldred, and ia within IG
milr« of the pre«t N Y. A: F! R R , which
' w ill be completed in Apnl neat. The dia
lancr from New Yoifc, la about •100 tnilee,
and ran hr reached trvm that city in two data,
whirh now affords the cheapest and moat ev
prditioua mule from the raat to tlna place.—
The cost from New York will not *ary niorh
fr»m 910.
The fac of the cnuntry i» aouiewhal bro
ken, »i«l m placm mountainous. The ami m
^literally rvellrnt, boom basing taken tlw
neat crop of mm from thv Mine fand w uhoui
d renai ng. All of the cro|* that «-an e*er l<e
raianl in Maine ean he raisrd here in the
gn-atiat pvrfo-tion. lorn ia eonsidrrt-d a
•ure eroji. although it ■* imn, fre>]u«utly,
planted until the l.'nh of Jvmr, and if we An
lali planting potati*** l»* ihr 4th of July we
think it ia ,\irlv inough. Wheat, rye, oats,
barlcv, and burk-wheat are lookiil upon aa
certain crops. While root* and *iims rrarh
thr hi|rh«-st prrfe<iion. The winters are
| mild. Snow falls from a few inches in depth,
to a foot. From the first of December to thr
first ut Maori*, ill* hui' cwnsulrrs
I hie threahiajr. »H#i thr anew entirely dmap>
pears, gisiog tlm ftrm-'r* *dt)nli;>o of Ihi
rnlire aprter to do their work in. Plough
ing should he done in the fall, arsl rye and
whrat shooM he M<rtired dufinp that sr»»in
Thr spring and autumn arr always ralhrr
x»et, hut mil lo pr«*vent all ol thr out-door la
lair that aniov may liavcia-caaionlo |* -rform
\« a growing country it ran acartTly sur
| p—ed. *1
Wr ilo iivt our jnwHif Mori nn
til anow r<ur* . and \« h< n it ia . »i*
turn tin m out apiin, int-» lh«* toad* *1 In"
limr of fr>tlinf will n«>l r*rr«r*|, on in a»rr
H'«\ niorr than fr»*i» thrrr ami a half to four
. month* ami roi.«fl< nl»l«* of th«* timr |i„»htl*
Ami atork ran ha ral»«-d for irfv half what It
ri*t* in Maiftr. a#d will u»«iall\ *«-|l f«»r titor
M»nv of th< da»»y ftrma in I ataragva an.I
Mleghan* I'-iMiiitir*, Nrw York, an- vi«*|.fine
a much irfolff inrnww than an* i>t tlic
firnm. upon lf«< than ihinl nf thr capital,
awl tltrv air m* fawmtl with llir hrHgr in
thr ton al* that abnuad in lh<' rrpton whrrr I
rmHW, wlnrh affonla amplr pa*tiiraj»r ol thr
hwii quality lor all that wr vtmar to | a»turr
Urn*. a»i thii wr anltr find jvaMarr* iwr
raaar* onl» |.»r alwrp ami horar* ami r»»n«m
HMWr t»'f ro»* i« prctt-nl Ihrra from rtrajrwg
awa*. And II ia thr opinion nf thoar who
ha*r rntw hrrr, that a p«*wl dairy ran ob
tained with Iwo think of ihr latoir ami ra
jwn*. than il ran in thr moat fatorrd acrirnl
tural portion* of N«*w Knjjland. \«l«1«-«l to
thia, il ia o»>r of thr hralthiral rrK* "n* that
I havr rtft aawn. Tfcr rntirr rounty I* wi
trn-d h» the moat bauliful apnni^i of purr
i hrtatal wait r, ajul I do not know a* I hi»r
found an* hanl watrr awrr 1 ha»r l«r< •• hrrr
I ha»f m>l room in fhi*r<4nmtiniration for a
. i-otnpariaon of thia rrftoo with the wr*t, hut
will atlrmt to that in aomr future nnmh'f. I
will onlv »«l-1 a fiw» «ord* nlatMt to thr
rharartrr of «»ur |"n«rtlt rolon*. for I ma*
wr>l| rail it a rolon*, wr arr a prrulur pro
plr aimtof the inhabitant* of lhi« *»rtion ol
thr i-o :itr*. Iirim; alltruw Mainr Wr ha*'
mnr fainilir*, 57. all told, with * lot* inorr
M-Jrrti*!, u|mhi whn*h imptnvrmrnt will h*
i*ominrncrd ihia aoaaon. Thr *allr» rontain*
about arr.-« of rarrllrnt ■rttlinj land
A* »d. w ha«r not b. rn pur».i-d hv the
acrurard wal< r* of thr »hll, wo *•<• no bloat*
'■il cbeeka, no atmkrn ryra, no palaml limb* .
wr lint no hiltrr curaintr*. m> wranulinj, t>o
aiVuth brraVmif wc luvr no idlrr*. no
loaft fa, no hti*y bnilira . ami what to m< t* o|
•oinr imporianrr, I hate thr pri* il«■$*, a« yrt,
of drii-nnmink; who miv rornr amonifal ui —
With «f»-n ariu* at •! rrilart'«*d h- ait, I wrl
iho thr t» in|wr it«*. thr virinouH,
tin- imln»triou*, llir raW| i.» np. that
lo»i |«,arr, |o«r pri'*|-nH, |«*fr Hull., U>*»*
rrputatlon ; Ihuar that lo«n th'* grniou* ■./ mir
inatilnltn«i«. atid lo*r to Ithor to prt^ttotr th«
Crnrral 2<*«l, h* priwnotinj; thr rauar of rdu
ration and ih«- panrral ^i*«| of M^irty—tc
thov | rtiotid a lirartv wrlromr.
Vouia truly,
J W p
"The Federal I'artt in ^nuc are »rti*rlv
»i work i<> twcure the LfahtHm, and cleat
|i»ur rneinhrri *4 < '.i*^rrv«. They wint to
(rrrynundfr ll c State in the new Apportion
iiv ni. 'IVt want the »iH# of Mtine in ('on*
jjre»< lor Frdftil principle*, and if need be.
r.ir i Federal I'lmdrnl. Shall they h*»c :(1
Ik-muerata of Maine, »hall they hate it'' —
Tin Km■«%».—I'miiiiaai# ii and Town
( IcrLa hi tin* County will confer a I n or on
u», u well a»*ui umkra, liv£irwjrdii'jj lit*
remit of the biUMyttt' in each of their town*
a» hkki aa prarticaLk after it la declared.—
We hud it e\l:api'lf JiiJVult rvery year to
obtain the irturna of awne «»f th« tow n», w hen
by a little thmiyhtfuliu-M on the part of tho»e
who can forward lle'Ut without much trouble,
we khoubl U- able at an early day, to give the
rrault, winch all want to ace.
A lli«. Claim.—The li<»«i«»n* Atlaa claim*
that the «hiL'*i'.ui nrrv four Coni;re*a4oaal
l)ii>lii<-U in Maine. It irliri ctiili'ntlr ujhmi
Fit*-»«il airenpth ami u|"«i lVtnocralic d>
• iiioni to ibi'M* rcaulta. Hut
U< iniM'niir Krii»-a<»ilrr* Mill not vote for
K«il'Til candidate* ; and what man la there
railing himaelf a who will put at
risk In* principle* and lua parly <hi ao.mnt
of any per»ona| «»a»peration»' The Alia*
ia mialalten. It will find Maine right aide up
in September.—,4rpms.
i«TTho Ketinebw and Portland Nailroad.
which heretofore < urmird only from the At
lantic and St Ijawnrnrr road at North Yar
mouth to Path, la now eompletcd from Port
land to North Yarmouth, *o that it ia an en
tire and diatinct linn from Portland to Ilath.
The eara commenced their regular tnpa yes
W Suppose the choice of the ncit Pieai
Jrnt, ahould devolve oo the Huuae of Kepre
M-ntativea, for whom would Uaac Rwd \ote ' f
For Ihniel Wehater. Who dotiht* '
Execution of Prof. John W. Web»t«r
Tltf laat in ihr ■» »mjf*•*!r i» o*'r!
John \V. Wrh.tr r, recently a Prolemor in
Harvard I'nitcraily, anllrrrd tin' rtlnn*'
j« n.illy »MIh law, lor the ruwftfrwxlinurilcf ol
Umrge I'arknun. Sad and innai trrribl* wa«
thia laat eloainj; arrne m th<* criminal'* life—
one n**er lo he forgAticn by th»»r who "it"
nraard it. Rui the blark curiam of death ha«
fallrn on (he rtaicf rbanctcr in the nvlaneho
ly drama, and In* n him'ami hiacriuwa hrloni:
no roorr to lk«- rrttiriung Umpur* of men ot
ti>e atcro judgmenta of human law.
rrnfroor Wrbatrr, ■ fp» daya airier, inadr
• requrat that hia hndy alioulil be diapoacd in
the following manner. When hi* body «>■
cut down from tin* callow*, he desired that il
almuld Iftinwdialelyjbr earned lo the cell late
ly orcu|»ird hy htm. Hut it ahoufd there re
main, imaren by any tiaitota, until night,
• hen lie u i»|i#d thai (he e»r|*e mi|(ht U
taken quietly and no-n-lfy, an,I rvmteyrd in
, tin- raaidenee of lua family in Cambridge,—
Furthermore, h<" vn.ln'd hi»h>kfy lo bit plart il
»w a nuliojaiiy coffin which In* auppoanl
would he funu»li< •! hy In* friend*, and not in
mic ofrhrup pine, auch a* ta uaualfy furtuah
rfd tin- authofi'i.■«.
On Thursday the family of l*rof Web
ate r remained in hi* rrll until nearly halfpaat
•i* oVIoefc, |*. M. Aa ihcy left lie priaon, n
gn-at nuiiilxr of |NT*o<ia v»nr grouped to
gether on the aide walk, In aatiafy a morbid
<:urio*ity by gating on the wrctrlu-d n iA- ami
J»n(jhlrr» of iba'cnftdeiuuod nun.
At a little Iwfor* K'»»*n o'clock, Kdward
IV Sihirr, Kj«j , on* of llir cwunwl nailed
him in In* o*ll, it In* tinn fn|uf«t
Al tftfii o'clock, r«>iiatahl«> Kdwaid J
Jitih • ami J.ilin fz-igfiti-n, the lalt< r clerk ol
the Jail, entered tF><- cefl, for the j>arpo«c ol
watching In in during the night,
At du*k, th» fir*t wagon entered the lw»l
gale of the jail yard, with the atakra and
oilier future* nrrtTMirjf In mark n(T tin
ground that to cnclo^r thr ncafMJ
Prof Wilntrr, iluniil, paufil the nighi
in praying, reading »h* arrtpturea, awl in dc
totional meditation.
Friday morning on mining the jail yard j
Itttlr liefore M o'clock, *r found a collertioc
of sin.nt |(HI |KT*on*, of whom one third urn
ninilaMfi and police offeeta.
Wr found tin- M-affohf rrrclnf in the renin
of the bwk jail yard, in a different position
from that oceupinl h» CJoode'a hut wr think,
nvr* run*pieuou«ly aituatcd.
A clear *irw of ihr r«irufton could !■
w itr.'« • d from a i!i4<h ho»»*« * <«n I*i«ell St.
ami on* building at thr md of Wall »treet
Tit* w indow « of thrw houaea were filled « ill
l»-rM>im of tmth and on tin baek tlxil'
were crowded *ilh hoy* and girl* and nm
md *nmrn of all agi-* » vanned up
on ih* top# of building*, and oul»ide the jail
all-in1 n» po*aibl* *i«w could hi' obtained,
' waa gathered ft motley crowd, eager to heat
thr fir»t tiding* of the f.ilr of Wcl»trr
\l»"ul a quarter In-f. ire • ghl, lh* earjien
ter* aaernded the tralfiild, and finished theti
l.»M dutiea
Tlic ropr adju*tr,| <»n thr l»ram, thr nooar
iiril, ami all thin?* mvlr rrad).
\l eight oVIirli, m-ailv two hundred j»t
ana* had rongn ?ated in the jail yard, an
gradually in<*rr.i»ih£ >ti nuinl«rn«
The M-allotd wa» inadr of unplancd pin*
f >1, ami « u tl* ouftr wo w hirit »j,tnkM..n
(ioude *a« hutig, although an jltrration
made in the trip-loor.hy whi<*h il would fall
by ll>«* tourh of a »^nn>», inatrad of thr rat
ing of a roj*>
\t a quarter hrforf nine, Shet IT F*rl«ih
and ihr j»il uffiivri* *ttrd th<- eondrrnned man
in hi* ct-ll Prof \Wntrr think •! th*tn foi
th<» kimlnra* ami attention hr rrrrnrd
Imin ihrm. ami after ahout fi<r minute* in
lenif« hid thrtn an ailrefiomle fjrrwell
At a ft <|iurtrr pa»t nine, thr Shrr:ir, |WtKn
witnewe*, tnrtnhera of thr | rraa ami a number
of public officer* entered llw lower romderol
llw fiiat j>r »«»n, ami gathered around tin* in II
Dr I'utnam *tiw>d at thr foot of the cell,
ami oflifiwl up a ni"»t rfTirtu.il pra\rr \f«
trr tin* tli<> a*armhla^<' retired into thr jard,
lea* ing the Sheriff and hi* officer* ami l)r
I'utnam, with the prtaooer
At twenty fit* minute, before trn o'clock,
ltw »hrnir. With hia drputir*. thr pritOMT,
vk! I lie officiating rkruyimn, adtaneed from
ih" prt*on «l.»'ir« to thr RratTdd. I*rof«v*or
Wehaler walked with a firm atrp to thr gal
Iowa ||r drr*v<| in deep black, but
wore no urck<-loth llr looked in food heilth,
hut he appeared rrr. uctlcd to hi* iKtr, altho*
h:» luflrf «)< bowed.
The »hrritT read in alow ami mraanrrd tone*
thr warrant for thr ricMitioo of tiir rtiminal,
amid't thr mo»l profound atlenrr of thr wit
i"*" in thr jailvard. Hut from out aidr
thr wall* wrrr hrard thr ahouta am! hooting*
of th« moh.
Prof. \VcUi<»r behaved in a Trrr firm man
ner—took hi* phrr upon tin' dnvp, and Mood
perfretly quiri. lie had a frw minuti1* rarn
rat conversation with ShrnfT Kvrlrth ami
lie*. |)r. Putnam. whirh could not hr hrard
by other*. The aufwtaiice of it, hoarrvrr,
Mia tin ipn-M hia thank* to all. for tlie kind
nr*» ahown him, ami the avowal that Ilia
dm«ii wa* ju*t. I(♦* alto r*|ir>'**rd hiraM-ll
nwJr to mrrt hi* (*u*f, and Iruattnl that hr
ditil a chriatian.
iVputr ShrrtfT Ftugjj thrn put thr fatal
now o»cr thr brad of llw unforliinatr man,
and adjuatrd it raaily around bia nrrk. Thr
hlark rap was thrn drawn n*ot hia fare by an
attri^int. .
One momrnt of drrailftil ailrner—thr Hiyh
Shcriir placed hia foot up«m a apring—the
drop fell—one •paamodie rontrartion of the
limlw, ami the rorjwr awuiiff to and fro. In a
frw ininutw aftrr, boWeTer, tlie Irga wrrr
arm to moveauddrnly, ami the kners quickly
dinw up. lu a moment they fell, and no
other motion waa pcrreptiblo.
About ten ininut' a after ten o'rlork, the
body waa lakin down, and removed to the
cell lately occupird by the tirtim of the law.
Ilia body will lie di»p<Mrd kof piobablv ar
cording to thr direetmna of Prof. NVrbatrr.
W I>Hik out for til aorta of miartpreMnW I
ationa in the Federal printa, ami oppi»itio«'
paper*, the laat ju»t before election, when il I
will be km late lu con trail id them and ahow
up their enormity till after election.
IX" A brute bjr the name of (Jeorjje Mir
tin, of Greene Countjr, N. Y., haa been aent
to the Catakill jail, charged with committing
a rape upon hi* own aiater.
The Conj?reuional Election!.
I Some of the whig p«|*ra talk of earrying
the York an<l Oxford Confteaaional District,
by ihe now »t«roty|ied coalition'of federalism
ami iIk iIm>1 it ion >MtM. THcy talk ignnrantly
or else cheat wilfolly^ The Democrat* in thr
K.rat IM»trici *illiUct ill ir able and faithful
candiJate—Moan McDomld, by a
large majority. Mr. McDonald aa oar read
cm know, hu recently rrtired fnm, i(,r office
of State Treasurer, and »n formerly Speak -
rl of the House ot llepri -acnUtivr* in .Maine ,!
ami be has occupied »o politics! atation whoae
' duties I<r has not hoerrably and faithfully dis
charged. The people will now require hia
■enters in another and more important Arid
Tim Fourth District haa tn*n il»<> rlaimeil
in advance hy the federal coalition ; hut we
hop* tint our Itemoeratic friend* will not fail
to rejuidiate the eliim on the day of election.
Their regular candidate, f«|. CnaiiLrs An
dskws, ha* «een moch |*ilitinl service, ami
mm atoiie lime aclectrd hy ihe House of Rep
resentatives aa its prroidin/ orfieer Weean
not believe that the Republicans of Lincoln
and Oiford will allow lam tobe now i»vertmrne
by the combination which ha* Iwen formed a
gainat hnn. We look, on the contrary, to
•ee him triumphantly sustained, to render
valuable service to the Democratic cause in
the neat Congrcas.
In th* Fifth District, Hon K. K. S**«t
l* the democratic candidate. He ha* been
already prvvot during one term of Congrcv
' afonaf 11 '«•, and hs* at»iwn hinteelf eminrntlv
worthy of that triumphant re-election which,
he IS destined to rreeite. Nothing more
•troiigly marks the Federal tendencies of the
Frecsoil leader*, than tlicir course in thiedis
Irirf Mr Smart is well known to b*vr
ttrrmgU swnpathixe<I with manv of their le»
ding doctrines, and to have given th»«e Hoc
' trine* powerful a«»i»tancr l*>th hy his **>te*
and hi* »pceche» Yet ll»e fier aoilers in
Somerset and Waldo fmil it tmpiMeible to u
nite i»j»mi him, though they m- imi difficulty
in a union aped Wn I*. Fcseetiden, in CtM*
berland ili*triet, notwithstanding hi« "»%
qi aurttn w«sr «>» co*riDr*rr" m addi
tion animations
T) rVi:;'«Ttt» ••( <h«- Kenrlw v ■! «tr i !n»«
put hi nomination an iHr and p«n»lar csndi*
date, 1/4 M Morrrll, K*j and Wilt incikr i
gont lijUt for hi* election. The whole ""'tale
would rcoiir at hi**ucer»*.
The I'enohacot dNlrict hu long »tm*l up
munfully again*! a j.iw.rful nppuMtHMt, and
ip i">* aMjf and faithl'ulljr rrprraentrd by a
tried and »lrrlin(j f>. np»»r *t NVr hope l!iat
it w ill utill ii»tifii»w«* tiradlait m» iu principle*,
•'•I not allow itwlf under an* eirrum«laite«»
lu hr imwjdwnlril b» a fedrral ramliiUlr
In »hr 7tli di*net, Mr Kuller, !>»•• prvvnt
ihlf rrprr*cHfl»l*e, will St* rwlfftrd, wr
truat, by idtr ttil »ote. Tin* di«lriet Ita*
nAni niUmiil itulf hi th<* rnnUl of political
iftfTinillic*, th »t we art* amMomed t<» r»l»
• ilh grot confidence n|Mm it* detnuenttic
In ilir »rr,n,i| district, we h.»*r thr mean* of
victory within our rearh, and the old R^pub
liran* of I •KTit*,rhnil County will not fail to
pmtit bv them Tl.ry unly licrd a little har>l
work. in ord> r to ait* lb»ir di*tr»rt
llemocrat* rf M une, |rt ut unite upon »>ur
• 'nngrrwnonal tirLrUinl Mir thr Slatr. b t
IW» |fc ir»»-r»t lirvHJrtr, at ihia Cll»i», to Ci >IM«
l«nr hn» WBirtn ■ » H-half of hi* principle*
To l»'M hnck now, wlini «*• nwny iiiiportant
qucMion* .«*• at *uke, Won 14 l»r a grit-vow*
wrong la ihr lleinorraiu* put) l.'xins an I
VirToar »hotild hr nut inotto Arg.»
The Xctr Apportionment
It *hould not be forgotten that an appnriint,.
inrnt ia to l»e made thr newt legialaturc The
*(m;« ar» alrri.lv o»»ih»ino»c, nailttuir ralra
ordinary etert'mi* to »cei.re thr nrat Irgmla
turr .\'*wil nttr vi> ti»e or ten far*, whrn
an opportunity or chance to arvompfiah an tm
|>ortant ohjecl prr*ent* itaelf, wr find thr wing
I irty gathering up it« divordant elrmniu,
Mil N — i— of nmnry and any amount «l
pr<'itl|H<*, rtwfc-avwinf If r«t Mito powt r —
Such an effort i* to he attr.uptrd tin- prr*rnt
till, thr plo*pert of prrivnundering the Slate
x* thcv did in Mil. a *utfn icnt indue
turn! fc* i)** trial Thr following paragraph
frill) thr Kciuirhrr Jiii.rtul, I* indl(*4tt«r of
thi* —
'• It »h tuld I* rriiiftn'^rnl that a nrw ap
portionmrnt t* to b<* nuiir hy thr Ir^svhturr
rh ~rn nr\t month* ami *»»• iriy look out for
tlw tn<>«t mi'r.ifr»» imjrwtrr-» unlr*. wr
rlrrt whip* rnoujjh to eat rrr a fair drtiurka
tlon of diatrirta."
Thr drm«<riry will to it that th« whig
partv hi* rrlir*rd •( ao rr*[*Mi*iNr a duty,
and tlwd tin* b tiifit-iVion to rotnitiil Mirhanuth
rr iHitnfr, I* not plat'ril hrf.irr th- ui An
honrat ami j i»t apportionmmt, in armrdanrr
with thr t'onrriuciice ail,| want* of the pmple
our whig frittid* may r> Iv u|«*i U will I*
in.idr, without thru r*|>rrial aid.
Ilitn Tune*.
Democratic Chucoi.
Thr l>iiM4*r^lir Itrpuhlirana of thr town
ol Woodwork, net in r«o»eotion at thr 1'own
llniiMf, on S.iturdar, fh^Slat Jay ol Angiiat,
lor thr pur|MM««if M'|«i'tin(( a candidate
for Krpp<M*nUtive > rwii N'^idaturr, to
hr aupporti-d hy the Drawnvy of thr r«pr«v
»rntalive diatricl compow-d of I'aria and
Thr nieftit waa called lo order bjr Or»a
iiiui NuU\ Chairman of the Town Commit
tar, and RaMOtn Duahani choaen chairman,
ami Herrick C. I)a» ^Secretary.
Oruinua Nute, Kit liryant, lVnjainiii Da
vit and Adoniram Curtw, werechoaen a com
mittee to receive, tort, and count tbo *uU»
for a candidal* for llepreeenUtive.
Silat Hilling*. Stephen 1'aek.trd, Jr., Iicu
jjimn llarii, and 1 »a*id Kicker, Jr., to re
port the legality of »oter».
The committee to r««ei*e, *>rt and count
the Totea for a candidate fur KeprcacnUUve,
reported aa follow a.
The whole number of toU» thrown, waa
one hundred an<l ninety au.
Keceaury to a chotoe, ninety-nine.
Alden Chaac had • hundred and liHwn.
Sidney I'erbam (.ad eighty-one.
Thereupon A Idea Chiae »aa declared to
be duly nominated.
On motion of C. C. Whitman, Sidney
I'erbam, Oraamua Nute, and T. C. Cuah
man, were ch««en a eommittM to preaent re#
ulutmna, who reported the following which
wraa unanimoualy adopted.
R'tofrrd, That we have confidence in the i
ability and Democracy of Alden ('hate, Eeq., j
the nominee of tin* meeting, ami tlut w« «ill
um our influence to aocure III* rlwtmn.
Voted that llio prnrrcdin||i of tin* meeting
b« publiahed ill the Oiford Democrat.
lliaairi C. Dana, .Vr'jr
Mr Reed
Mr. F<ced haa never a rowed, that we know
of, tlie following arptiment uttered by Mr
Feaaenden, but he ha* uniformity practiced it
through lila political life.
" I am not, and never have been, a mem
her of an abolition aoeiety, and have made mi
i my I SQlAUFIKD W \M "t
f.'ONFtDENC'E in the eipediency ami beoe
fieial effecta of auch aaaoeialiona."
Mr Heed now hoaat* that he ha* auccr^.lr.1
i in driving that " OUfudg* of a (}ooJm<ne"
aa he ealla hun. off of the traek—that he i»
eot llie man for f'lmgre**, and *hall not have
that plrcc.
Tina ahnwa how much aympaihy and re.
•pect he baa for men acknowledged to he fa
v or able to Free Soil aentinwriia.
C? It la rhargtf'l by the opponents of Mr,
II, and I preaume )i »tly, that H«n t'harlra
\iidr,-wa on the contrary,the deim>eratie can
didate for ConfTCM, threw the whole weight
of lua influence in favor of Mr llimlm'a
election That la aomethinff tangible—It
alio** tin* iiMn'a actual pnition. Tliat hi*
viewa and ferlmga on thr •«4>jrei of slavery
harmaniar with Uk-m of IIr. Ilamlui, and it. it
he ean in no Mi nt, nor f<»* any j.urj« »•. U
enliMcd on the aide of llie enemy—and aa
either lie or Mr Kend muat, un<|er the law,
fie iMir neat repr. «etiuti%e liil'iMifirn, I hate
no h'-ailatiiNi in giving my pnfereno- to the
(•rmer. A Fait Soilib.
— /ill/ f H TtUtl
Fatal Accident
Aa llie train of cara wa* pawing through
Yarmouth, ye»i,-rih»v afWnooti, on their re*
turn »nh the pte>nie |«artv of tfw *».<«« f
IemiM-ranee, we it »ret to I,-trn fli.it Mr •.
II. f'ntarr, *«m of owr • •lim.iMe towiiMiian,
Mr S. I Corarr, a|fui at*>«i'JO, waa kic k
ed from llie top of one t>| the cara whil>
ing under one of the fwidge», .md in*tintl\
killed >V, heard "f lh> «ecid< nt IjI< .«t
evening, and ws* ur.aMv to obtain any forllur
putieulao —.Wur/M' r
Vim Mkiito I'birtaiv. t" IU*i«t Irx•
0 —Tin' Si. I iii«hi nf the IUtlt toai ,
" \it • »|ifr*», Mine da\* ihiI frmn Santa Fwk
wlinl K«f1 l«-a*rnMi>rtli oa W i il(n «l »y
liil, liiin^'iiitl il i* •!i" 1. a n-<|ui*iti>Hi l«r a
Urjji' < j i in 111 y ami*, t<> lie u«il ok'iiiim tin
Trian authoriticn tn li.miile u»Mur •
in' rfmrlm) lo. 'I Ih S| I'aul iim I the Vn«
aii'l Si. \njf#* with the ?th re|>trtient of .•
fantiy ihi binnl, ami all thr nlRei r« brlungtnf
t«i tli.il regiiiiint, 1W1 y Mill U fiuji ilol im
1 nniiaU'ly in return. < . Ilji«r.«-V, ft.m
Jrll rwill lart»'k», li lH I 1 >t il< «j .it ln « tn
Fort la'ateiiMiirth, »!«> return* <1 l«< M. I'ml
\ Ni» Wri< u or Kiriti —\ fr 'mI
tnlortiM ii« th.it a uun in V-Mti.itv^fi i» I iy
litif u|» all tin' liuckli 'ImrriM In Im- luil in lli it
1 n'lii 11, I r t!i (iiirj>uM- < I ••-intuit* tlfm mil
tn t uliloruia. Il<* %i« pttirhunl .in ineriili*
ble number »( km fur lht» lie
•rul tiiil a frw laal \ I'.if by »II uf ej;«rv»
uvnt, ami tlwv arnieil mfe ;»>! wiuiJ Thu»
rnoinra^nl, he |>|uji<>«< • in j».i mtn i|m- liimi
ni»« mi \ 1 ir^«T ih'aU'. 'IV bi-rrn^ an- Am*
up tn tin !■»*• » aref p- iN aif V'lUnijf
r.Hihl j« «ii>ihiv hate Kt itrr fS*nr nf h<4V
• Si>i.t it i ■ a M .»-, -'ii. - tin luinogrjiit iii * .
ifnrnu III m Ii«j«*W!« '*»tiami milk, or *
prntiiiiij ii»Mfc <4 t>i in Tlw fruit iMii ilo-fH
MI Hill! (»• ,ll.lH.»! »|-*U| It* lit If'.UI —
|/<i>i'«// (\»ur»rr
7T Th<* headquarters of the artny, from
anil alter lh( end ul* I K'tntier ni'*t, »ill Ik* rv
tiblulinl hi tin* llmtrirt of Columbia
[ f |«.ila 'if jwirlh * in miI<I iii y■ It
at m* mtli a lutln't, aUmt ihr»*e |»«-*-l»» In
It Mmi you r.in prt a j-rrMv f.ti r [waeh l<• r
turn (Villa.
cy- The „*reat m. tti rn railri. ..I from Vn»5
•ira Fill* t<» IVIMII it put gmler r<4itnrt, ainl
Mill Ii-* c.MiHiB n«tl nniinili.ili \ mi flii- f ••
lliiil lyr c bet* em 1 [ hiiiIIimi ami 1<hh!<h
If 'Pinv rhililrrn nf Mr. '"lut'1 dml ul
C inlr, N V , In'tn nting nruatimoma (»r
»up|K>r. The rnotlirr aiul lw«i nttn-r rlnMrin
r^iiti-rril Of rourv tlirv ^tlhTnl ai^il
tnadntoiils, ir»teiwi of thi* eliimpi^nmr
12T The rtiflaMt tiliinr of ilw PnrtLirni
Innuirrr, ( \lt>»litnui,) in Ii » la*t M'tr, a'^i •
thr l>'-morr ilir immin?''' for Ci ni;rr»a from
tin* l>iatri<*t, of Mittinj letter* lor tin- [Mirpix#
of acquiring the tulert of the Frrr Suil jur
t\ Tin* Me are authorm <1 lo »ay m /«/•'.
nv(l<l<*il I niinwlnl W«*itlKi »ill h"U
in umal mrr(iii( 4i ttnnn *. n W' '"^Uj
am) Tht'i l'i, ib» 4lh an«l Jlh tA S|ilnnWi
Augntl », 1 *'«).
rr I hn «»i«(vniilf nt " »|!I
altr«! Ilir I 'tinji Mrrtiii] at U'ltrrfiril, till" »"k,
JM.I n jxnt anttninf >>( I|inul mirirtl, wbifll lamf
Knif. I. i lbr •*iitlartn>a of llv ni 'm »t th«
ItriMii rat.
In llurkhrM, Au(. It, tnji •I»t<l<nli •■( |||M-««C
nf lh> brail, Mtr|ibrn llmrliiiiMa, i|nl (3 _*»ar».
Piirauant to • licrna# frr m (Si- l| .o J.4i I'linff,
Jmlgr of Probata G.r ikr r<«nt« <>*fc*il, all of
ilw raal fDiir i.f *K« h AL>Mii T»M», Ulr Mr
kaun, in *4i<i <<>unl« i>t Oifwd, «lr«»naed, titr.l
•'Hftl, wilt hr aohl II irnlar, t.f th* |««mrnl of
tka joal ilrhi of aaid iWrvnl,r'",l*• admima»
trattun, and inri«irirt«l rlMi|r> I wrlintlMf lha if.
"HKHKif lit# tiAn') ihimri, on Hatarilav, |K»
fifth <la> of (VliVf nrii, at <vnf n'rlnrk in tk# af
Irrnuon, at tk# dvllnay H<*—r of th» aaUrrihrr Mt
•ai<l llrUini >*i<i i**l ratal* i omiiIi ottkal pari
of lot miml»f ninr, in th< Aral Kan;# ami ft fat l»i
*m«n of lota, la Hftarn aferraaxl. that liaa en Ike
aotithwratrrU «i<W of lb* mail Iradinf In 'h»
tiat Mcrtinf llixiar, ami huumlrtl a*Ml»"», til —
(oMMMtnring at the moat »rt Inly tmrmm of lot
numkrrad fifkt in tb» aorond ranf# ami Ural tioia.
ion of lota in aaid t»«n of iHanra m*ih>
■ rat in th» linr of gmonn W |la»k», tu lh» rnnd
a/orraaid, about araaiMara rotlaj tkanra> bjr aai.f
road aonth, mnataan dafraa* neat to tkv nottfciaaat
"K line of lot numbered aifkt in Ik* Aril ranf*,
aUiwt loft> rada, tkrnra nartkaatt in th« lina of aai j
lot nnmlwrtd rifht •» tk« ftrat langa, to thr ftiat
mentioned honnd. ronutlnin* ahmjt twi arrea
Trrtna of pnyawnt ma.W knonn at Ik* I mm and
plareof mI*.
MARY TI'BIW, Aihniitratiii.
Hebron, AapMt 27, 1*60 90

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