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Oxford Democrat. [volume] (Paris, Me.) 1833-1933, September 17, 1850, Image 3

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Jc**Y Umo nil maaioa at the Irvmg
llouae, »here ahe wm called upon by Robert
J Walker, E»q late aecretaiy of the tmiu
rt. C. W. Lawrence, Eaq., and a lumber of
mh«*r jvraoaa, including aomo hunJmN of
Ultee. She Had another private rehcaraal at
h- r r«w« in the morning, and in the after
noon *he visited Greenwood Ceaaeterv, in
vo'npany with Capt. Wert and wile, Mr
Ik ...diet and Mr. Barnum
The IIrraid aay»—'"We learned that Mr.
Minium Kaa voluntarily proposed le Jeanv
I. ikI that the fortner eou tract be act aaidc,
and a new one made, and ahe ag rei-d to that
art ingewent. The new arrangement is, that
in iddilinn to the $1000 per concert for one
hundred and firt* niglit*. ahe receive half of
the i «M pr«i»it» of Mr (limnm. ihi omnIiIh n
that »hc »mc for him, onlv in th<' I n te.1
Stan-*, tat in any other pail of il« wot Id.
» <1 mure particularly at the lorn km fair.—
R*h parties mtm plena**! wait the changr,
and it appear* to be about the faiie*! arianjp
umit Uiat can be inaJr."
W>i«.*oa La Flo aw. the Magician la*
> itoMay evening gave an «ntrrt.imtiiriil at
the Court llouar ti' a aery n«prctable audi
«**. Signor la Flora i« truly one of the
eery bemt in hia line wc ever had tie* plcaaitr*
•>t mlmu iig, and nit.u »a> he raoelU in
V i :itrtl<»iui« n any ooc wr ever beard. 'IV1
u.i.«io (by llowaril,i m ctmnretion w*» en
<-)ia*ttng to ail who listened t» it. lie |>er
forms this, Tkmli)' euiiini; at the I'ourt
House with additions to hia former cnt-rtaio*
\xoinbi M Ltu x im' » lltuti Sri« ii
--St. smri I'heroin*. fr> iu I'hsgrr*. armed
New York on Friday morning, with war
» *1 ,*OO.n»u» in pold d< M. consigned ti>
..UhiI l.*U> |« r*o>» iimI lirtus.
lUrtt TV »otc on th«' loan question in
II it It, on \\ i^iiK'silay, wj«, yean, t»l*>. MX a.
In I ..
\lilltM IT M« * T Ml — A*
Mi. Iarar! aim! Wife, of IU>»t««n. wr
m lb- .r r^i'.rn Irum the mountain, un Wi-' ••••*
«liv ImI, l!« 'tr l»<v»* h»vm • innuMf^HIc in
«•• tSr l< •»!.»•• nrir ihc hilf «ir Mati.Hi
uji the maintain. pr«r:}>iut nj; h in*-. wajon.
Mr ir»i Mfp N*»h. <§■■ a prmj»n-» M
■f t «!.vjv TV- Jmor mail • joud hi» nn|»<
Nt I-- mii U> tlx brn.tr Mr. Na*h rv
o. i*»*tl •oinr »I ffht brut--* att«l hs« wif- Iml
r rijjht ankle H'Minnl — Irfi • rtu>t
CV <•«•« Wiixa t' »./ii««l li;* wal >11 (V
f «« ihi M"ImHv la«t. >i J l« *•» ffirfiil t»
I i iS r.i i II i» *aul h«* i» tie I ulterior «l
x « Knnrnm or Stmt v <r Ckih ul
F«t«i \mti|vr MM| in in n-.t n-!
\\ llofjr, win kilii^ at Nn « ■ KalU,
Iter liii'* wl tin* Xtlin'c ai »i >1 Iuhi< u '
H .limit, mi 1*1 kU) li«t, iiki1' i ii)!i|!nl In
- • • r.» k« II hvl rkll|r<l i "•Jin, an«!
waited a j r"|* f 1'nii*. i« in- •».j'j < for .1'
i" C" <•<!. hut ta.li-i^ to >tj *t, It. wt*bi ti|> a»
' I in lit if, vthm lli- «•! ••'••• >*i*i.i i.|T.
lii»..»MHT hnn iSihiI lorlv li .1 .|.wn <
hi., \\ h.M he W '■ J..' tij ill' |ai| ilf hia
I* .1 *j« -<l| Mn*# .'tr il»«u ■> !«.w t« In* ..it.
<Wr iaw, :ii«J !»• m« >>th»r\» luitlv ?*t ui-***l.
T • thuja n<»:<iliil i.l iIkiiiI !"«'»..• •!.•»
sA a krj »l* y»»»ila'i.
Tkk(iu«r I'lMii t. 'flte »*i. r« liatinj
». • ••!»! *i Pa., ilw extern .f li
t! i tiigi- i» li: t«K* aliw*^ 8tiptr«n li pr «<>
a •ir'.i'ftinir M|hi, * iffji ilrwt NnIh^ liiir
U'lt nfwwrcj. I fllM It Will till*
tu. a.r tlirrr UH>nt1»* tu rrj m th<~ iuiiu^.
a' ■ • iS>- *^hnv!liH ••! 1 1>> ■ H«*.-' 1 :!.•
ratlr aati will bu ir«!i l<> «ti»l ntal .lowit m
Hh "hirv1 ul a L m t. u iUik at il»e tu
tk<<»i It i» al.t. t iiu|» »- M Io -** *»li..i
IV I.m » ill In* llnwea rr. in ill • j'l «ev it 1
Iwrt.l* m:lr* ari'tttMl. it i» tit ira r«l al tfieit
a lull l» imr hiiIImmi »( ...•!! u»
IUs*» In'I INiii* : in M*t<» —Ti"
I* t"«Llur. . at il*« nw*"! ►»*»••«••. inr..r|xif iu*.| I
v' i * •<* n v v t»-f\i!i iiiu'k, r»
H i.. H*.i;pi.: M rt-liaiits I'.
•: I r .»i limli, H"in*w .«*k . WW
k<^' llank Itfltimi i* *"
\ i||H"lil.f .»! *•' <Ti. llif rt 'ImlrJ
• n!»f i» mh| lii tiwriivl h< r iillirt *
«'! -i v i... ul v.'l Ktii*. >'i* kw> »
" .ii'V'ahhl0< u'fnHn Uk* in initial fn'l
>(.'rlurr, |Jif . ICti f*00,
II » •. I«> i,t »n I .iltl'orni.i
• itu* lsr«»«PO* « r»l' — II jlU>*r||. 'Mel
b*i jmI t <iui« h.i»e h«ii twi't|*'wi«l «•
l<K'l OtT. \ i|lia<itltV oft uunlrf
r. t Tlicm "n tin M .itij ia lUiik jrf til «*ir>
rvhtiM. Tbn an* ;«»"t irttluii-'i, lh«Hi£h
• IittU* p«U*r and r tm Vt.U
•e\«-ciit'«*i than tlw* genuine
fJT" P<» |m|>ul.il|iin of *M. hiuia t» ^O.OOO
In l»i<) it v»;i»
tr« 'at«»f Flour l.s*e ••rm transport
ed lb- pr»<if. *«*jvin, fr»im'CU inland. Ohio
to M.witri-:*!. lor m«tlv li«r r#nt» 'It" Ml!
MT The «•>!•- r( llill«»rll un the l(ulrn)<l
Iaiii qu^4u« »uv«| 3ti3 tn«, nay* l>.—
Two uiorr than i»rrrmor; y to rj;nr ft.
\ grattaMB in N«-w Y»rk ■rnt a
«et <Mti> rv-ot land hy the St«-am« r
\tlmntir He te J««l the »trm« in »urh a
manner that they *i*r* eipinril to b« pre
•rMrti fn| III ilavi.
F.pim«* The lolloping rj.ijjrjtn upon
*Se «ale »f the flr»» ttek<t for imrw I.ind'•
ri-nrrrt tu Mr fienin the lullrt, i* Irvna the
Nr« York Kti-ir.iirf l'i»i
Fur Jenny r»me arrt»"* the m
Republicans Ui llllrr,
*t ii«( up the unites of T*v%h*
T« advertise a hitler'
Potato Tior. This disraae haa shown it*
vff in »»-*trrn Massrhusetts In Berkshire
rourfty, early and lair potatoes, wet and dry
lsnd, enltmted metiltiraW fn>|J» »Ji»re
the *ame fire
The (i ramie N H. Farmer, speaking of
the Potato* rot. mo-"In otte field, of wlncb
a friend spoke, the ro» of the luhers *n so
entire, that the stench arising fr°m 'he
the ground. alm<-«t forbid anr one erwaing
the ftrlrf
Tbi Milk toe Biu.. In 0>« Senate, on
Thumlijr, Mr Benton mored an amendment
profiding that tbe mileajoof the acnttort and
teprcMntati*M from California and the dele
gate from Oregon ahall be computed by tlie
route from Miwourt acrpaa the country.—
Mr. Gwhm opposed il, and appealed to Mr.
Prvmoot, who agram! (hat tbe route could
not be uaed in travelling to California. The
• mcn.lin.-n! (ailed, and oo motion uf Mr. !>iij»
la*, it waa voted that the California meabera
receive their pay from the day of tbe receipt
of the constitution.
nr\\ e bate icccived tbe firvt and acrond
number* ofthc firM Vol. of th«- New Kngland
School CHmi rver. It i« a targe lolio ahect.
published monthly f«>r ftft* cent* |*-r annum,
and d«*\«trd t«» finuly inmrtiction awl com
mon tehool i\lucation. It i« a valuable peri
odical, and we heartily cmnnwnJ it to the it
trillion of the public, fricndlv l» the came of
education. 1'uhlithc.l at l.t* Washington
!»l.. Ikwton.
We bate received the Ut and «nd nnm^ rt
<>l tbe'Jd vol. of HirxtNtM Joi'iiili dr
Mil, pnhlinhcd monthlv in Cincinnati at the
t^ffieo of Poat aii.l Co. for one dollar r an
Tbi« w«rk treat* wienti ficallf upon all the
power* and capacitu* of Man . and ifl MM
lie hut work* lor the "atudv of irun," that
»»• have ever read
Prof. Unolianan, the Alitor, i* on of the
nvwt pfwfiMtml am* ordinal li inker* of the
age. (!. K. J*.
lir I'u IIIM.I CoiMA ll.n VI , III 41' •.
V t« th*taiidin£ t':*• kHiarmm new c
date* for the t-ivor of tbe traveling puhlte
*pr up in all part* o| H'i«!nn. tbe old
■»!»•! k'«if ."♦•le'.r ilr l Ktrhjlifi t "».!!•••• Iloi « ■,
( uncivil S]iure. under tht manvineut «•!
Mi ««r» Moliill \ K< *r:iiir. *f il bolt's it* ow
and stand* a» ever at the be.'J of ltoU'1% I. r
the a.vomod ition ol the bu*mcvi mmui'inilv.
Tlit 1 euliiw, ti« ji tin* PuH Hfflcr, |lui>t,«,
Ci)atom li"i m\ and ln*<iranc< Officc-., it the
very (<e%i hi tli- aity for th»*e ulm travel t. r
Nt tiren* purj ••««*. wbt'e the rate* of charge,
one dollar per t!av for trarwicrt board, are to
moilcrate lhat ilie iih'«i pn»>i t >»ill be »nln>
tied w ith them.
Of S •nat"P> tlw nn «l»'l Fc nont.fr
California, have taken their H'lta in the
I nited State*' *v nale fnwn th at >t ite
\ Ji t i.v l.'rr—lnwfc, pW'flHy, HH
'cud a truly jovial lite. Tlo.ik »li.it it mt'M
Se bxlpe in a llllvr. ImffllW a pvlic. el
i«utv and peatU with pillar* of • ai..1c.»i
itak of ill • \ islin,' anHi a |<-ifi »m' »
nctrr ar.*e frvui a Ionian eeniwr.
Kiwt i'ii», tbe fun «.f tiickiii'* fnurwll
i j» for tb ■ ni^ht in th. fold* of a r><~ . rock
nl In ilo'ti l<t llu '.viillc » i;lm.f a kt.mua i
air, IH>llllll£ lo do Vt Im'II Vou il'* ill l ut !•>
«j>h tourm If mi a dr,«.lro|>. ami ihen tall to
• "I • I v ' a ! 1
Tbe Kb rtum ft** wliig Sen.itiir* in l.m
<*•«!•« 4 • mi til \ in l»\ it* i iim ,ui« r«
I • I 4ft*, J • - IHhKim, 4frt|
I \ !%*•%, I \\ r ratln tl»H I IM? . • II* I
1% » \|r I I «« k l#41 ••• a^fll tl»' *
State of Miiuc.
\ " ' tt 1 " • 1
I. ^ [• ' ' t t I. M
f > Mil I I N«.
u M i »\ \| i.nltii \\|. I .11
• >i.l iVaii, )k«u*, an. I if.o rr.|.|»4 ihr
• • 'l • >: tl . I . I'.. I I1 - • T».f.. Ib.4t.4,.,l
•I lUt* i hI •« i n- " iltr i 1 Wi . ■ I. h ■ i,, (,|
I.. nut I«- (mint hi !'«' Mfrwl.) ^ a|^mi lr
Ji.lirr »| inn llnl'tfl l'i«il i >, lf>. \\ . .
. UlMrtrl. nrxtl . I« ». II..I a* p4»{«, tillhin . I
I i . ti. I «a.«t .1 IMnl, m ll r • I |'«r».i»t
i J.. *■ \ |» i» t;», 11.. i ,
I', mil. MM J..|i > O • !i. I - . , I ,
intun, in I f«i» t. f Ik- f»» t> • iK ll ill* .ml 1*1
h n*U il 41 »a».l Till ki, .M' |1k tt.ti i.f |J." |»«iirh tir
U thl. Wilt, la I i inila lilr-l I • lh- Mi l I'ltH l|* | .
ik .u.Y r**-ri» hd i-lir.' ami hi»i.
It ildlw*, arr. *il i>f !'• !'■• ■ k
r.1 in f .Mi h^lmi ih-nanl •!>* r |«nm,>r
ilir I'lonltll I • |-4« him lh" wtim i ih m'kI
\ . I r iKi1 ih» ni'l IWi- • m ... | ...
• t, ■« *.n.| lit 4 Ifif | nr'li iw of lhi« Will, I- r<4
• I ' t '\' I'll! 'll'" i I i»' llt«l||*^ •nil, «I
!«••> lh tt.awl llolltll, li* •' IIM- S Ha M t Irliitr ltl.il
f , »i | ill 4 «l • im iiJmI lit ihi > titl rUin'it! I 4
| 11» f» i *l4i»t, » i1 r- . . ■»
Im* '• .Kna |L„ ' tkm Jlj lllir I'l-.'liMl] lh*
I'Uini'f i" ftat hiii ihr nw w>m •%. vti
lh* • t i I ikfrnhnl, lh i',h ■■ ftrn nip* .Ii ! ha* not
{Will lh' HI ■
l"n ihr tl i' .j 2+ .1 •ii* P * ,T ' j • lir in.)
• S» mm flh«f lh 41*4 i I I II ll • , •• .lull lh ll 4 I I
lllflf hf mailr In 4| tr.*i, Willi i.lhrr i|nr iuiu
• \ixi <*h»r»i* thr •ml |ti "i'I
I1' mnI |i-i-n.li»il hi* in I tii hi. * wii I.. mI«
l»l t» IHIIH, | » » I'M r.tali I ||,r tali ll
lift * lit. i»*4*mJ ilnlki* *(m#m I, ** Hi' I* 1 lr » "» ■
II t • In* 4II .• hll ; Imt *141 " hn-lnl k1, jnd ''I"* •
' * I in lit • . 1 !• ami |> iifMh'i 1 *1' • ' 1
I »l, If" Iiun,—TltlWlif t'l lliili t. 1
t ' *, ■ " Ml, (ml rrn'iN, In lh >41.1 lali« W r
*1 »•«, ih*r»frft* ih4i t 11 i>it 1 ili> *. .4
r 1 H*lr», (il b' Ml Iw ln»l III %i4ii j i*riiMl/> tl'
■|^*>l l> I ir .«l Jilll ir i.l Mil II I I .ml, I" la
Ii I en 4* il nui I, !■> »h 'i f4r«r, il 4» hi lui
»H* F%r.*ii|»..n III'*"- limn! H|» I . ir ll j ' l;1"HI I*
'If mhI I'Lii i'ifl mn irrwtri »^.n.i»l lii» mhI •!•*
Ir 1 !ml m ihi* arli (if au>) >h 11.1 n t ■••m
anal mmmi ul him, ike mhI Tnmrr ,—A hI l.n«
«i4il'rir ihl* Wlil, Wllh > Ul il ij» lh#«rMt*
Uir»*»». JUHKPII it. n»IX. -1
I'aii*. Ihi. Iwrnl« riahlh ila» 1 f l'i In wn hi lh<
>■41 'I.HII lnlJ IHM- ihilUMwl lliili I llu.ltll J» I
\VM K KI *11" \ 1.1 . ('11 m.
st*ti: or maim
OiruM! t«. Ili.lml • wttil, Ur.irr'i I'UllKl,
Juitr T«-»m, \. I*. 1*V).
\NJ» mm il i|i|. tiin( In |h'('i«rt. lhlllh»'ilif|
W ilium liuiiM ii in>i an inhaUuril %•( ihi*
^i4lr, aii'l hi. 1*1 agrnl, TV1141I "I I" iiiH't lh* ri •
ii», 1S4I hit (.k>U ..r I'.-nir, ha»^ l»m ailai Iml
•m lh' turf im( ttril, 4i»l tll4t in *'!**''' l*Krr*i|"
!»*• !■»» itM.lv ii|hiii him. It i« ihrtrliirr of '• ffd,
tll4t ihr *4ill I'UmliU (K'lit\ lh'' »4l I l*rfrn I ml,
•if tin |a n !i in 1 ul ihi* Mill lit I 4U.HH an alU >U •!
nifit nf lhi« ttni ami uiiirr nf emit iWfnm. tu
Kf |iiil«i*br<l lhl«*r tnki HirrM'itvIt iki 'H*
t..«l l*i imrul, a ii. n*ii.i|4r |iiinlr.l at l'4ii», in
•anl I'nuntt Ihr lit.l |ml.'i. »li..i In I* ihillt dil*
tl Ira.l hrliifr ih. i«r\i Trnn 1/miJ I utaI t« l»
Im.I irn at I'ari*, •« ihr »rr.mil TutwUv uf N"*
tri: Irf irf, t' • Ifl, that |||» Mill (Vffi'inlilil
mat ih^n ami thrir ap|irar ami *hrw raaar, if W)
hr ha*, ttht Judjirni .liouUI itnl Ir rrn.lriril
•jmn.i him twl I\m mum mimtiI Kwrilinik.
IlkWM h KIMB111 11 11 *
I'opt nf I'llTt*. mil ami ill • I41 .iti-.n 4ml ufilrr nf
Cinmi tWfi.ni tj
Mint, \YH K hi *111 Ul.. Ciraa.
fart Nhrrk
I)EADY ni.».lr <'ait VY'mrU, »ith C»al Iron Hula
" ,'*** M|l ••twiinl c ««!.
AU», 11ww, ukl | < ii*a w-paralrlt.
l ocale U r.li'lWN k t*>.
\..r»r», April 23, if It
One Cent Reward.
THIS la b» pf* «h*l S CltM, a
*«w»f nun iUkA Jflrt of mgr. tmiivl In
m» Hi hi* Ctlhrr S*»*U Cha»*. unlil h» »aa of mgr,
Haa Wh km> wiikoui my k»MlW|» or ruaarnt. I
r..,K..! ant par ami fmm h*»l»rinf «r lnw'i**
km <m m* Mcotim, aa I ahall!»»» m> drfcu of Kia
«*irvliM, JOHN M A Kill.T
HufaM, Uc Jl. IMA *-*»
Luf kin & Thayer,
Earthrrn. China and Glass Ware,
Nun. (A3 Mowtrrnl lllock, Middle «!.,
At rE ar» &m»»i»iiiI» m»i«in< (mm ih< numidw
» » Wrern in fa|M| llir M » »t»lr» of
mm' m bc
ami »h»ll br »Wr I • Imnnh ..or (•alomtta mi|Ii aa
loir (taltrtiM a» ran l»- ha I in Nr» York ur lliidu*,
ami at ■« lo» IVtroinmrnrinf IIimm*
Kxpiiif. mwim Hoarding h o.rt, or (urniahiiMl
II. trU, arr mprrtMl* in»iii<| lo rail on u« before
making their pwhiwi, aa »r ran fiirmah h«m
with nrarl) »>'n article >|fnlainin( to mir l»»«i
m«—nMW|ii>'iitlf u«W( tu llirm their lixir awl
Ihr ipiiMf n rvimininf ill*. rent Klofra make
ihnr |iriKi«. Our atMrtiaml la n>m marly
rtunpUr Mile l|>(r a-hliti n« thia S|irlii{
.<■ i>«tr Nl'x U.
—orn «t»ch ur
\>Ur iimtruins, Tin Sink
/M>i, < ►v*'"' 'Vtrtfi, lh*A < /'/«
/• •/ 'l'r>t nn<i Coflf I'm*,
7V«I ttnrf fdlfi r Sp i >im, I \llrry,
Entry hi ip«, I'm «, Tea
Truv*, /'•»' <•/. St,It
iinJ I Inn gintg
And nil kiitih i>f //<•«<• Krrpinn Artrlrn,
n .nr iflh» «t in llir^Litr, an.I »r arr |nr|«re<l
l> offer imliMi n» «»• In tt«»- |ni»i h >«• r aa jm»l if not
Irlln than run l» ""Vwl in larger ritir«.
We k*rr joa| rr-i Knl a »rr» ih-«if»lilr I'd of i*>»
Paper llanisinu^ :<nd Window Curtains.
«%hwh «r ofli-r »t low |-r
T.i iKr Tl »r Miah Ik •«» thai H( lu
••It al ai low |iiir< * at lU< t |»ti< 'i »•» I >r rl« mIi t,
ami i> >|« i ll'.il!* 111% ill ili' iii I" (iti u* a rail l»l <rr
Jim b»i\.
Mi.ahi.1i, 1*00 •» 7
mith i: or i ou.« r.o*rnr..
U* \r.ur*"< -i m j . . (f i. nui .n, .»
ih* rmmii <>l I.ho'Ih, ">n ih* d'h ilav •
M iieh, \ l» 1«M«. I . h . M .<ta.~ !►•♦•»« ( thai
ililr, ninoinl I !• I IVnl aboi», i» eeilain |*i
rrlnl Liml aillialeil Ml Ih* I " I I>f l»\|.-nl. Ml Ihe
(*44nt| of < • N• ■ I. mih ISc ilt'renn,
» hi^h teal eara!" la mine hilli ilnriiliril a.i I >fl
(mh in wj l» «-«l i f U"il(i(r, i«.<nl«l in tli»
o,t rd IU| M-«■ k 7\ I'ajo 9. i«,
mhi. I» rrfrt<~K* i« hi I f>r a i«iiliraUr ib ■
• nj.li'Mi «.f Ihr |ffriti«M. I*h i iin<1il<<-iia •( *4kl
\| .«!, limij U< ' broken, »i- lir •' » rii < lli
11, r«l «wr »f ih» M<M| !<•"• n il l» Ihr ihimi1' in
•u< h ra»r» ma > in I jnni i.!» I
^ ii Tr.wKxni'Rv.
it r. n:\vKsKruv.
Pi Jolt * J I'lNKt, ib'n Itl'l
o%fnil. s» 11 4. i«.w n«ni
Nulii't* «»f I'wiv liHNtr,
M Cbnn "I OilMl«MtWfli|Mivvlk ,,,% •!
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«! ilr, mnt■ \nl In inr i wltm j »m I . ! I • • |
"ilrt m •»|<| If an i.| Olb'lll, Milti thr UilUlPt'*
linn' , I inuf ih | .• in ' • ( * win Ii
irtl r>t4lr !• Mil InIIi i!#«'filr»' 4 m! "I firtlh m
.1 |W*.| •( M "I,*. , 1* 1 r.l 11 Ihf 0«f. i.|
I* In ■( I' II I 7V I* i«;r M<*i. Hhirh
11 f»rr*i i*kitf'i fwlbrt foti ultra. Th* foil
t uiil \l tkj," li.tit; 1 Iw'-irn, |
It'll l<» cl nit thr foirrli «iiir if llw •mrr, | ti tuaiil
I • tlir 4.«lulr in • |i Mara nu<U in Im i>U >1
11 m< 1 mm 1 r
ll» J|||I* ) I'l HUT, hri *U">
Otl 1 I. Hi jN I I- •» 1 • SI
xrv.ll.ui »rv
ih- 1 ,.ii 1 • . 'it * * ri 1 » M • •
|« ntlri « I, >* 4 • n Me k» tuiJrf It*
«*.u h i*.»««! iMfttit* iH«a f
\ K I1 -MMX. \ H.,
iNiiinik fHfli i nni Hiiil In < ?•, a# I h« i«fr««»l
f''i •'ii ! " « \ i .i« >| U*tuU Tt «« hi t
1 VJ t»K !(«■ Ut »«««i«rU. uit» mil I.<im a rU*« at
»!»*• , u\ "f ihr
1 t f t »♦ ' > Ii' t % • ' I ih»# I
»t.tmi» • ii i« - • tii im ill |'ici< til i!i4i<
I i« ni > I i % I j« t n«« k II - m- rmi U
*■!•( 11 fsl * h«4| t < ili..- »li4i mill in U^nl thrift
IVi mm . f II • • l», fJ.Hl.
IVI • U fat Inl line, ,?y
Mmi . Run.
j mintotvs
IIiIm.i. U;<m li lv .. |mtt
\*s|l N Ill's* MiTII I .
\ll1ll 1 ?i%cn, 11. «f • lh< I ♦»rir*ri«h
I \ \ II i* '«• 1 \ Ml H \ X
i»i t.^• »\ . JtJttRfll l*. l:« »i \ I v 1
• . i U m 1•'«»♦»• >*l l*» I' r •»il «ri ||» t», of ul! pf
• •» . . ili I |- . »l »f.. "i.rltri, -i . t «!,•
I \ k N Itl '
%% f i.fii .fit»»l» »• 1 • iq tiwl ftw tS* ••• fit ( » » Ii
• ».»• ? • 11 J 1 •• 1 I J • S t»,
IS 11. , . 4 • • • • I A.i 1 ^ l» «• ♦ - • •
• w ilhin tHf• > tl«* fii*ni .»*v.| ifin ili* j •»♦»!»•
• ♦' • f fHl« »» tl i U« 11^ i Mtrf I • Mltl
t. • . ' t|» ' !• ' i> in t llir >1 atiiti p • f
\ t *ji L \ ■ » 4
J«i#r|4i CI, K «hh!», i f t*> the I itr firm nf An Vtt«i |
.V ft ••.» !«, ati f*M.te««titl In «mV« 1 j\ inr • • iH
• Ik iIh i, «h • nr smili ittir.) I*» trltlr til
niAIH.r.S ^ t
\I.V (II HI.\t K J.\M,inra..
; •?, IViW.
I'l^ll (villi ' ■ W. I at TI- '+t | it**
u ii i.i \m ui MM.r.rr.
Twiirt, J..:» IC IVVI 3-IV3
I 'h *> '• ; Sfli I f'• mniit'i .if it|«
1 »!•, a • I Ih < ik. . I lh» rimuti. ti in 11\.
f.t.| l\ u ly.
V «r \NM VI. • |»V VIM |<>\ f A- rlr. .
ti i i i Unhn ilf Ilwi4 if EJmImi ••
ifj" I! 'r I I i « In ' I lln | ■ • •• it \>|r,«l 'll t nil •
II • m r<fi*im Wwlnmlwi tit* 3Mi Jaj <1
- I.., I. , t»A». at II i l «k. A >1
I tiifclrr ti» *i it m» i|m* tlijrk* fi-t th* rt n
•Itattim «f tr>| ti I .v-ilr- •iCImkp, hilhrrl> gttrn in
tn i 1 It- i« i \|i nilirr if Ih« ll inl, riff «I I *
il« Iii»l r»l4i|i.hinriil, ami i-«|«rtl ill» iir> litf | ((•
It«Ih.n. ST' PIID NCM .
M'n 1*1 1 f ill' 1' i.llU l'f I C tin*
f n Oxl .nl c . nil.
1*ari«, Aug 11.
Yrt th»* Tfilfbri" of Ihr I'ulilir SrhiiitU In
lltlitrd (utility.
Tht Tr.ii hn •" 11.»<■ 11it» I r ihr t iniH «f Ilk
(ml, »ili la h iMrti, thi pr»»"tl ^rar.iwt |*nr•• Hill,
fwwim-wi »m mi Mi>«kI.i», tin Itith nf Sr|>fi ml<r
n+\t. anil riMtiwui; ihr iitnal U njth «.f tlmr. |n
j.MiIi.m tu I lit ni.lniii.in i urx >1 in«lrnrit»n, al
ii t ihr imiul liinr lurlh' lii'tilulr ili-ill bare rla|w il
m wrrli m<ur Hill la Jr*nH>d rvlutltfl) In lr».
• wi at*! Irrlitrr* nn rka-ull m, an I all »»r r.itnr»tl»
It^iatlnl tu r»mr ptrjuiril lu rt tuaiii diiimn lh>
• link liuw.
Tkr pmnl «nr aill rl «» m» i >niw*iiMi with
ihr II -nil iT l.ilw iIhmi, ami ihr Imlilnti in |i|n
|»| f. *|ll la- th« la«t With which I »li.illla- nlli- utU
i-nnnrrlrd. I.* t il hr an irfiHiM au<|nri..n« in ihr
lull tr*l« nf riliM .ilinn. worlh\ »f »Knwllr« ami «.|
taxing inrmiUaiHt. fTEI'llKN DMI'.UY.
M>uiia-r of ihr IV-atil nf |.lu« alimi tot
I ► xI--r<I Cwiiili.
I'tti*. .tug. 12, IDJO 27
Annual Meeting.
.V.lirr i» gum (hat the Anmnl Mffimj
of th# >t'« khol.irt« of th»- IWkfirkl limn. H IUiK
r.-t.l , hiHU li'iMrti at ihr l<>« n ll..<i*r m
tlm khrkl, on Salmita*, lli< 3l»t<la« of Auglwl nut.,
.•I | ii'rtuali. I'. M., lu »< t un lh« I'llluMing arin L •,
1. To h»4f the Rrj»>it of thr lli(ftl"ti, ami
Tirwum 'h« pa»' year.
2. Tu M if lh» Stockholder* will ihanfr to J
imarh •( lh» .Vh llt L», »• irfanli the nuinlvr of
3. To niaha th»i<* of Thirteen DnertoO, or
•ih h numtirr »' niat h* drtrnnio«d on, Ihr thr en-,
»u«nc )t«.
•/'A* [
BikfitU P'wk Hvt H'aM >
D«ted »t BtirkMl.ihlt d*>ol A»i>nt, A P. I
Jewett & Prescott's
'I'll krrp par* with I He lii«a, >*« Havr y<n nn.l.
I miii.iblr Itfl'ltOVt'.MI NTS iikhh wtll kiiu»n,
rtlalJnlt.iH-.il, a«J lu»c arcim-d an i»f
Ih.aI «ill iliclanr* all rfmpilllut, w.ih.ti rmp.
li<>n, Wr a. rot<lix(l> a*k lb* »lirni»in < f
WIIOI.IIS VI.K A Itl'.TAII. »»l ||( ||\.
M|. Its
l.• toil limit »f ItUrk an<l f«4»fr.| |>i, • Hilka,
S*lin«, a» I .*• ilni» ilr n»mr . .,f *11 kt*l»,
i» In lin^ lltrrrl. I.ia'r.l IIIV ST \TI° Mil |\V|^,
I'lila l^'ili' ind K«l», l.«i- •• r^Mrtm ; TlnU-i
(lolhtai..! M"-tif»<», Silk and \V.«.l»ti Ukk-i
l'|.uL< ai*l llirtiri, Miw'inr Stlk« an«| iftrr
(iiwl> (* liinimi'ir tIt4k<: I'.iihinrrr Sfiift; —
\V.»tr>»i| Silk", jml »i<! Vtl*ilt; C^SM Slimlt.'
II unfaaiiitrw; ,U|iiik<, i»l a larfr laiirty uf aim* |
liar (•■ml*.
T» ikiM «h<t an«»rr i»» call, »«■ cuaranlr lli.tl
llir Hi Im, i|iialifi<» an.l |>rMr«, thall nwri iIimi
iivmI •anfi.inr r\pr<-ta|i->M.
OF 1860
Anp«l ». I*■•><»
jr.w i i t t* mi neon
1* ?. M.IV MlfMl
T » thr It I'r •liilr, (»f
ih*' <'"*i »tv # f INfar*t(
HUNKIIN CfMiritTi «* Tm. im Atii'l
H » ' i ..
I ni H" , |l Hiril M-iir I i»*|
}»••€«* 'I »f g **i$, • biti<'U, tfrJit» ii
•.♦J Cuu IJ , n fl Ifllt I * lr $ 'fttilitli r«l H •
t«> Um , V tri^anit? u,%i >».?»•• »*' i» I
I t t «k»* « t hi M-tt ill »•» f»f » iiil • •ttlr, V d«
\ • »ii | rtiti i, h |i»i i« j »«•« •»i l CunIi' »t nf »4itl
•l<» . i>i il( (hll HlKf h «*•* tll| M I I
#i H i ill* tie* ■ of ihr «lid I 'alrb * li'rc
I «ir h* |M iHil i«l .n»niali4li >n /»f • • »«| riuic hm%
lr* gr4iiU' I !•» hl4l «»r » »r « lli« . i • ■ »
ntANKLi.N t.ll.nCM
T . V , • ?0, 1 vVi
\I .« • «n• >f fi'l .•!«, heM .»! lid
• i ihr • u »i\ «Y ('xdud, • -M th** i* ' lit Ti«r#.
i'j\ • t In. ■»•», » • thr \% 41 • I uui LiJ i i|Ulrcu
In.i« lf« J iirs' Mi%:
• lit* fur* inf |^lifio»i—.
It hj* Ont* i*»l, iKil ihr »Bul rrtilMSff |iir
• li r I f i't |^f»«»f»« irttfif •lr»|, I»v raa*» c < r> f i
. it.| |«rfui »i m ti|| ||ii» of .irrtlKiriM t » | |al»]« 'i !
ki IH'i .%el% hi T*»c 0%; ,.l 1» » 31,
| f int* I «t |*4t i*. ill it ♦(» \ 1* 4) •!)«•' «t A I*iiIm|.
I* • i t I 1 !♦•! I 4l T • <k , i <4ii (' «'••) , ii iSr
•«'w*if^ *lh i!»\ • f ,r»tt.. at lew f th
rl"* k 11 th • f *i • i • •», an! ih"n i 4ii^, if Aii) thv)
ha*r, h.i » th. i y H uM i »t l» •• ml •'
nro. K Sit IW, It <i.|rf.
I Hut r | v, \ttr»t I• I fi K Ml A* , |tr|
K\ 4 I "Ml « l I'li^mlr lfr tl ii * 11hiii
l i tin- *'•■« l% nl, hi ihf
»i m lb* %• «i •« .t«if Ltfri «i<I-1«* n t» . -
<!f«»l 4fn! fi'Xs
M»iik» »*••" .1 f III I.UAII IIAKKI II. hiJ .•%
I J •• ; » II • l»f i4t ( W »'r»f f, . • - * f •« i
li, ilf,»,.iif<l(|'i.hii(» fi alU« ifitr i<i't «<| ihf f#f•
• ml pi | .1% ff Hrr f«ir liiwl iml*
I* *% * I •» 1 t.f, t1*it tK . ii I H'i ' * ; ii i"
th • • » |l| |ff««Mi« mtrfv*#l#*f|, t-\ nmiif i f*Wf% • (
lli • i i«lri i* lr | wtiti«H<-«l th f f i •••frit
• #' IK* 0%|tM K .'t i «| in • vi .il ('» i«a IN.lit thf %
• •14% || |» *1 II 4 I*• 4^>tr I Hi II I* St ill |V«t|*
i|i *«i«I C% ••« l\, t«« (l)' lli'nl l « r«m .if Ovlf brr
•h *', at lr • fY !!»•• il < k m iKr f«-it rv . m. 4nl »!•»*»
t .ii *r il .i* \ llir* li^U, m li| th i4im ii* I I
(i» ilr.f.
•JU (il.o, K Ml t\\ It : ''ri
tiur f t,j»\ , \tt *| Ii t o, K SlIAH, lt«i
f r.Hlil t.( ri^", Hri.| 41 1*4114, wkMl |» |
(ihc i*.«wnl\ of <>%foitl, «»*i thr f.iMtl» Tup*
flf} f '*i, hi iIm H ll • I f ui l«fiit rt^|i|t« •
liiwvlfr 1 4^ fift% '
>1 MSN Ml I I Aium\ . \ (
iHr • »uip of !'• <!% ( Lilf ( l * i n, i«
mhI r. infi%, dfc««»il, la % i i ifil lirf (flut I
4<tuiit.f htt nUinnlditiiiii of llf nitilf 11 Mid
I' M4f I Iti*. 4)||(I lU I tl'l V«l>iN>lltt|||f|\t[|«l
• Ii til |*|» * I •» «»l««lv I •% A -1%» « , 4 lf>| V
i Ihu . ilrr I * '« I '/iiliril «< •i*
iwiltK it |W Ott I1- • |4i I ni |\iii»9!
iH »l ihf » f n 4j |» ii H 4 IV ' it< 4 • I I U hrlfl
I* P.I* • f I ill* f Ml th « * I 1 ' I • » IM %lt
..I tru 11| (Si rid I>I 1^1 ( it 1,1 »Im m i4H* .
il 4lt lli' \ Ii41i,m!i% llir Mill.# »U• mU| 'ifl la al* 1
I iMwt.
f.T.o. K sll W\\ l;. r ^tri
\ tf*i* f | », ^lit «i (it K >if i» lt» *
Tin «ii^iilrr |iir« • t»«* l-» ill
« I'-n rnrtl, fh«»t h' !».«• U « i'U .i| ^Tlr.l 4
U - »'|» t» «l»r ttif.i . | |l\i. ul •• «.f (hr LmI
\\ i'l 4 ■ ! I*# • !.»».»• »»t f
J I f • % II Kl I V lair rf irr
1 lh« i f 0\f.|«l, || fmft I, I * . tirtf I* •• I
4» ihr lat» 1ur*|»- V lhr)r(iit ir| H iti
wil l IIP I'<k'4rl In tltr laid lr m !'< ft'.tfc , 11
uiaVr 1 nnr *iatr latntrnt. «u-| tli m »H > iW ■ n
.Irmaada lhrir> ii. In f»tiil,il I'k ■> •.
\X» t. sl'U.lU.V'i
-i tf. IIM
It > Cfawt tf fwfcMWj hH M ftoh 1 kliin mil I»
ih» GUaatf af OtMil, mi ihr f mih Twxbt
<1 \ 1 iH \t « ■ 1 < 1. |i
died ami firtt:
riti \v\«nurij\. r*«-< Mh-ii.i \v,i
• I ■ • < •( JhIm t 1 . ' f Ml
1 C um. .I r'nrl, hating |'i»«« irj lm
I ' 4 I i I t. ' « II III- 4.. I ill! I
.1 t..;,u-.~j,
Ii vii Oljrit I, iIm! the I «frii»* Ji»r
•4Kf l'< II p»'»'.»» 1 lien «lod, Ii* ■ .1 i«iij ar«|t f
lkii'4'lir Ink 1 ulill-h ihir H~k- >u
11 11 .OiIjkI lli 1 ' 1 it, inini' iUl I'.uit, ihat lh» j ,
4) 1| .It 4l 4 I'l I ..If I It In l« htlli IllLlin'
I. " 11 lull', nil 1 . I . Ih n Vr- rill .'.at Si I'
ir nhrr next, at • i f ih< •' 1* ill' I i .1,
,'l ' .h'-*» fjnil. if J t ihrt luir, *h» 1!.. fJl
ih^ulj 1 1 k- ail mt t.
u» or.o. k siuu , Kr, .i«.
V tin* | i, Allnl; It • !i. mi * « . li .
\t 4 I Ht I I'l hal< , hi*it ill 1'J.II. within a I luf
th* f • »*f .1 ..n Ik » niil. I • «t al
Anf"*', ll» lfc» y*IU I fi/ui I. I I «ljhlr»l f.i>lird
ami (III :
M<Ml "» .V KIMIl.W.I., A.tiaiiiMiiUr «f ll»e
riui' nl I '.Ii Ittiet, lair •>( lklh-1, ia taid i>u>ij,
iWf rf I htlll'g |«r i llrl hi I fl .1 «nl I
i lMiaial*tali<m of (kctiUici.l tai 1 • a«rd,
It wat I Inlrrt J, that l!ir >4i.| A limni-lut >1 |i«'
noli** tu 4ll|*i»*irtt ini'mi-J, I > MHiif i ' I)
i.f ihil unlii til In ■ til ll'hn! ihir arrltt tu •••III'
Ii ii TU- Oxii.l l>.'in tat, |*int-l it l'aii»»,
ih ii ih ; inii a; i • it at .1 IV' Isi < ■ mi iu Ii li»'J
tl IWtli I, i n (i • •iitn ih flu of 11 ii •• •
w\t, Jl i'in 'A llii il < k in till ulkiauml, <ml •lit'»
-.lO'i , if lilt llirt l|4lr, nkl Al » nw »h ilW It'll
Illnwrd. »l «KO. K MllAW, l(r;"ti-r
A ini* rii|iy, Altr«t: (llii K. Mil ih , |[f(
VI a I'owrt i I I'r lwl»* hrM at I'-n••, williiii «i»l I r
lh» Caunljr of Oxford, in Ih* f'Uiih Tim.'m 1
of Augiwl, in tlir\r«r ofi'Ut I -'H n;hlrrn htm
ilinl ami litl*
CALVIN Hl'CK.NAM, Oaardian nf John Uiiil
iwr, an inaaar jnnni, l^l» i l Oltnd, in >anl i un
ly, al Ihr liiw >A hi* dtrra»r,, baiia^ |>i« »riitnl
hi» »rrni*l ami final ar«"Unl • I lm liuaid>an*lii|i
u( Ilia mi l mid,
Il waa Oiitrtcd, that ihr ' lid liiMrdian |l»l'
ii- lirr to II |wr»- ni inlrfralnl, r* '»nH5 a Ci^i) nf,
Ihia uf Vi I i U |Hil>l|«hr-l lhi»« *«rka »m-rr»#inlj ,
in Thcl»vf.,,.| 11. mu ral,|Mi"ir«l »i I'atis ihallbr)
iii.it ap|ir.ir al m I'n'laiii t'miit to I*1 hi*lil at I'am,
■•n ihr lliud Tia*<l4) oflM.il*r n*'Xl, at !• n nl
ihr rlnrk In <hr f.,iiikwio, and th»» ran.r, if an)
lliri Hat< , ahl till- tanir thnald iml In* alluwrd.
:*I QUO. K. .-IIAU. Ilrgitirr.
\ Irm up* . Allut li !••> K. I'll I*, llig.
Al a I'i.um nf I'ri l«ir hrld a' lsir«, ailhinand f,r
lb* (VmhiIj nf Oxford, on ihi" Ti'Uilh Tm-»ilav nl
A 11(11(1. in Ihr yr-ir «if mil l^rd ti(hl«-rn humlinl
and tilh :
*1 \II% TI'llllS, Adffiaitlralm nf (kr rttair
if Alnni" Tuliha, lall llrlirim, lit raid ruanl),
Irrraard, hating t>t<M-nlnl hif ««-<"iiud and final ar
nwi.it nf h*r Ailiniolatrialinn of raid ilm a»< il,
Il Ma* (Irilrird, ibal lh« and Adinimalraliix
;i»r in»tirc |u all jaifiMia ialrr**l»d, b| canainf a
r«p) of (lilt ord#r In I* puWuhisI Ihirr nrrUt
• ncrr»i>, Ij in The Oatird I'crmi tal, prinlnl al
I'll it, thai ihr* mat appear al a.I'lnUaii- Oairi to l«r
l»»UI at Cat la, un ihr third I neaday of Orlnhtl
ih xi, at l#n • if the rlurk in the Inirmxin, ami
»h<-» C if any lhi-> hair, »h> thr a., in. »h -utl |
wlhr |i tnKd. GEO. K- SHAW, Kr(iitrr
A lnt» Cnp*_Alt*al
ltf<» K Ml*, Rtfaitr
At a Court of I'rnbatr, lirld at I'aria, within and
for thr fount) of Oxford. on die fourth Tu*»
day of August, in theyaarof our Lord Mfhtr*n
KuixtmJ ami filly:
< II \lll.E8 TURREY, E***tttnr of th« U.t
Will and Taaumrnt of Au(imiii« Turrty, lata i.f
Turner in Mid cntinty, ilnrra**d, h«»in* nrearnttd
hit fir«t arc mat of hi* adinini*trati«n of th* f*tat#
of aaid drrra»ol,
It Onlrrrd that ihr *ald Exrrulor ji»e
ikitiir to all |0Mxma ifilrrratrd, In rtoiliH) a copy of
tin• <>rd«r III br miblirhrd ihrt* »» h* -ufrMliflj
in Thr Oaford iWmnrr&l, printed »t I'aria, that thry
mm) ■U"*' *( a Probate CoUl I |o li> held at Lit*
nmfti in *aid County, i n tin rijlitrnlli dav nfHrp
lrml*r Mlt, at Irn of ill* rlurli in the forenoon,
and tlirw rau*t, if any the* lu*r, why th# *amr
•lloulJ ii'>t U' allnwrd.
<1K(). K. Mil AW, Ratntrr.
A triM' r> |i) , Altrtl, (Si«. K. Hit a W, Itrj.
ll > I'.HII nfPinl.il.. tirl.| at I'ari*, within ami
t «f |Hr f'ownty nf IM.nl, on llir Imilli
• liy vf InfUit, in ihr y ar ol oar Ia>hI riflii«-»n
hn.i lii*<l and kit*
nitidis Tt'llNKR, Kxi-uii.r of Ihr la«t
Will ami TrMaim ill of Jrtar Tiikki , late nf Rifk
lielil In *.»id fiwHv, ilfrmifH,, h«»in< pfHntinl
ln« tii*l n •' mill nf hi* admini*tralHMi «.f ihr I'*
i.iir nf aatil dnrwil,
It m i* Oidrird, tli.it tlir *nid Evrtflor {i*r
notice to all I ri *..<•• I lit Mi• I,b) r.iuaii*» a ivp) of
thia nfdrr I • U |ul Iftnil thiee »tt«k* urn mwIj
hi Tli»l»*f.'nl IK iii.Kint, piiMti •! it P.uia. that they
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in tai l I''nmtt, ..n iHr ninth 'n nf January n>\t,
at lot nf I'll- rL k in lh' I'nrnv.i, .ail thi«
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ji(l f-.f Kill itWI lllill' I.
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Loo'.c Here!
Qnii'l. Vtlr* mul > in • 11 I'lulilM?
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« . : I hi . r, i: It II' MPIIKEV
\ IN Ik IS I. M* ill . l».v) 7-1
Dr. Marshall's
\ rtt» m vtm r vr \ it it it \m»
XX* IT.3.1 H.TI MV
I !ii» II Ii i* |'i ill* li at • I'rviiul irnit11iA
•{"lit i> I ,M l |a I.H Ml DM a I 4IILTI
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lull .« f>i • ».•/!• a/iti't ill thai lit i«| tnub
'lilt: CAT A It l:ll
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llir li'li IfSiiJ a tl ll jJIimi l»1* iht' f>l-( j ».i| I nl' i til*
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■« ■»! ( M'—t i .!••■»» W Cat.!"*, Il ui :»!'» r*n« in .1
I it in..nth*
It it al»j J*- u il'iilmg r*iir f>r Utt hnf *t |Ar VII,
if NIM«(in| 11 Inl I th I li'i
"■ill at «h»l«**lc awl trtiil l*y llfug'itt* Kriwr
ill% —|i> r int t;rmt thvu.h m *'ii < •t.iri\, an.l
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' I"»», 4. IRM 33« 1
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l'iirt*M*il In a limit) frmn ihr II n Jnb I'riitr*,
Jihlfi- of Prulalt* f*>r Ihi rtaititl "I (hf'irdi ill nf
thi ml ritltr "f tthirh Aliiif'i Tut t*», Ul»* i'f tlr*
'mm, in t ml ('utility nf (l\f.ini, dntl'lli ill* J
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tialiun, an I im iilrntal ihaijit, im lu.li.-g tin it.
t *itioi« "( lhr ttiilntt'i ilottcr, im i^itMiilai, ihr
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>u.l llil'ii-ii. > ml ir-tl i tljli* r.mitlt nl I Inl pail
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li.t Mrriinf IIihim'. ami l> ii i v. I .«» Mlntt*, »u —
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unni)»tr«l rijlil in lh* •♦rnwl i»iii*r ami fif»t illtn
iiwi uf l-ila in itiil town uf llelwuft, Ihr^rf nfiilh*
*r»l in ihi liii»* nf Simriki W, ll i«kr. In ihr mail
tl'iirtiiil, jI*iiit »«-»rii»i*ii n*'U; ihrttcr lit taiii
IIM'I ••mill, uiiwtirn ilrgir^v ttr»l In ihr mwlfcttnl.
rill linr of Int mimlwrnl ii(|hl in lh' *»»•! ranjr,
■InHit fiittr n»'», ihritf* northrail in ihr linr of »at4
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'Jyl jnil rrrritril f.ir -air rhnp ht
DI.MMfiNfS- THi r k Kt.VfULI. '
1««a> Mat 7*th. ISart |«,<
Celebrated Modicinos.
Pulmonary fhltam,
P«rli.tal Lien .rant, llrail I IN I •/.
Pulu><><iar> Linimrnt, llumor ContMur,
Pure mid .Mrdlrlual Cod Lltrr (Ml.
Anti IHtp*rtic Miator* Coojh aivl Cat ban* Pill*
Nrffjw, I'muI>' PilU,
V«naifu{*, PmmW Hjwwifc-, ki , kr,
t'»rj by him ronaiantly, and with unpifftiltiitrJ
«««• in lh« Irralaxnt of
I 0L08, • «>I '.II- 00Mil Ml nos i II
MA. IIBAKT I>I8I'.A8E8, DV»pr.P8H,
Mill. COMPLAINT#. Kill I
MATlK.ll, PILLS, kr„ k>
fh Filth'i u>if /uallrd Patent \v»/»c PUte4
l)r. 1'itfh'i Improved Platnl Xterf-ipttng
Dr. Fitch't Stlftr
lut fitch scn.riuiATr.nHix i.r.cn'urn
«n the Prcrrnti'Mt *n I Cuir ■ f
Conwtnption, Atthma, Diimmj of th> Hart,
•1 and on tkr nethotl •( MiItitnt
II n th and IluUy I* ok old a^'>
I lit* l»» k . IriuU l«r in imj Limlj |" . |K»
< -immpiitr i| |»mil out the unly iruumUr hoc*
.1 irliel To in .ihrr., |Ik .liircli i.» ii |.«.» |
the rtri «rv| rju , f Clnl-ltc, tir iataliubl
i i* • i it..» I... L lii> | t ; i!ii.npi|
lln1 ptftt, and Ihf mIt conlmut* uwlvilnl
1' i • 11* i i Pau« l.>
III llfiutl* U STTVF.N*
IT" Hf I ilrb't liiiiiW ||> lm li l». .r ti..««
1 ' I""'" u«i»< Pf Pili h'< n. nr. i. •
' l • 4 all ln« A|• l«*r>
I'.. thtll.M limit) (JuiwiiiMNinro i.i thi t «...
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\Vr, tin iimjrm^mil nn.uM n .)< ■ fn • IC|irr<ix
Ih i> ill' (Killic (' oirnimr mi'iiirt 1I4 IhiIkhi nl
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\\ I I I I \\ ' 11 K Hill -f«f .1. i1 II ilt|r
'mhii lh"in in i Kuthi 11> ilimiiiiii Itiiitil-•>it,
I imii |m.», n tn'rtrrrl wuli >1 lit■ Ml Plantain* H mi
• ill'} I > J 111»i«" jwl I link. M ., III
• III | I 'Id il, 4 i'l l'if ill' ktdlloM "1° tin almlf
■ ii^iiU 'I f'«n>Jv «iiurilii|{ In li« , i< hi I1' titn.ii. ti
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CIIAKLM MOUM:. aa 11 uthrr.
Ou »l II 1*. it 4 4 >ml* "4 I i nil Co i'l iiith'i
m t nl h. M- n ji I .I,., h ilhni an I f -r tin
4 -»>» «i\ '.flKdml i M'Xv'.it. lli IPI'h i.f Jul
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U«m: I*»-i ifnxil ih-ii ihr |t|iIi,hi. an i<
hM- .1*1 "I'flll III* ll»4ll! I IK lllil^ ill! Ill.'ll I
•rt I.hIIi i» ifc»'» petition, it i« Iii'litnl, that tin
I 'lfuniMi iiwr. nrnrI .it Ih l-illn V"- Jn
nn.ih II til iti II i nf.,! , i. I . , r. |*»-*. i
"»t I. nlcr, I'M, -i IOu'i - k. \ v|„ . dH
| tm r l'i % ii*vt thr I mil il" i 'i iir>l an ■ ii I IWliliuM ,
>ii. n. .Jul' 1\ afm « !i i h »i, «, , hi .,,i if I l||r | .11
, In . ami «ilim»f« « ill li' Ii el 4| ...tit" rmilrmrnl
I i in tjir ih i uli, .ih! »u< Ii luiihrr imtMii
til' I It ill* |ifrffl|lf| .. |||« I '.iinwiri |. iirr. .Illl
J'*lf» IH"prr Altai II it f.llll I I >r lt |i il. lh ll In.
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•in»n' n»--tiitj af >• mill, !»• ;iTeu 11 «|| u.
4ml r I put uli' in in|rir»lrtl, I ) j. I !|l|)|r . i|i» I'rli
liM with «h> Onl»r iff. mi ill.: i ilii, c mil
IWffMllfll ill I fi' l|*l III I'r Kill „ | |
' '• | rial* I «i hfi., m th.i' • 'i ■ i i »\f nl, Ml
• In M'Minc in jiir.t. J il Ihr I'rtili ti with
lS - n t ih- "• ii|i*), ili» I iik • f th» lnwf
if It.'llflll lull!,. 'Il- I'll '4ll 'I H'lk til Mil
I-..I I'tinl Hi in.| | , tit- I in ihit( , , l,fr, |,
mM lm, Ma i.i Ihtcr I I :K I l.ni. I mM I Mill.,!
I *111.1411 n. ih-lint I'l i • ill | III, It . II. 4i.ll r.rli
i'l ihr i ihrr nt.iirrt, in l» , , -mid, .ml
l"itinl, 41 Ira.l tl.ui) In. Mil ».i»i| limr i.i
irrlin^, In lh»- i .11h il .11 |<T». I.4n.l i tf|ku.(i ni
nut ihrn and thn- .»| |r»i ml tin » i.i i.r if an\
ihr» h.-»i,»tn ihr 14ii i ill i4i,l |. mini < iliinilj
n i !«• ;i anieil. Tr it!
»««* n\i K. KIMIiAl.l., fkrik.
^ Il * ' I'l "( I ' I I'tlltl' .1 41111 III II I'l I*.Kill.
\i».t \VM K. M Mini.I . ( I. k
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limit, trn: \\'r ihl- I |.III) .1, |. ImIjiI.M.
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I\ irpint iil III J nt h.,:. U ,|», ||, il l||i |«l.i|«
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1 111' II I.f thr 4' iiMj r.M.1,1 \lr.i J. . f • ii l.n. i n« ii
I .ill. I'l IM I •' f jl'i, kI K ^ til*- .(n,l| ,. k»J|i
lti»n , |'4t(ini lhr<«cS ihr Inwn. ..f I.li, mi.
1'tniwf, .nj tnlmin, In »lr«i|li|i ^ i.ii I |,..,,|, v
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ii iu i I tint i|na'th, |i ,| |i 11 i\rl U i « HlkJ tbrri.
Ii'.r|'l.l» »iK|l |, ||U| 1. K |,.»|. »»t-t M.H| 4|
rutnrn nit, Ihr aKifr Mrli »»ii i."it,, u.il if ion
• h ni I urni it . f | i.i '|r ni,lii\, t 4t ,, g H,ll k r'ntr
ihr .4114 v* i i il.iti I..ii i J *, «||| ttrr iifst
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ht.\ ri: ni maim..
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»•. I»tii .ml h**'Wn al ftrif, « it fi i ii . ii.1 (ut ihr
' " I) ■ •'»' ' m Mmlajr, iht J*)'!, 41 .1
In'*. A I*. I"30, l>\ iifj itnnmvi'1 fiuot tbr Mm,
lot 11 i D 1 • vi,
' I' • '!.* f 1 . i< 14 HI 1 11, »..'itl.i Imi in <>.. «
' 41 1 k' l« I- 1 (f . 11 libit lt.« (.ill in 4 in ii
•I • • ' ' •' i M^lil In Up lir.id | m limn ili« ni.it.
I.'I »rt ' Ilh III tin 11 |«|||| ,.1, It |t I li.tt .nl (|,a| |J|t
• ' •1 • 11 I. " • 11 ihf I I ' I U I1H.1P1 v line
• ' IiIm ■ iWini 1 iii..iiv ..1 Omktt1 1 h
Ii99| .'l'i 11 .1, \ Mi.m iii.i. • 1
» ii >» 'Il 11, ;lr Inn tl ,I,I'll I 11.,,J I» |I' I .11; iniuinlMI"
K ifti'1 will, h Ml M .4 II -41 III. • I thr inilir.iiml.il
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li i ni*,4 itl.m Ii luithri n. 4»Ni9» i4k"u 1.1 ihr prfiti
i -• • • U* • 1 n« ift 1!! | . .|ttt Imlif
u I'irltr t Oitlrn (I )m( i»< •<!«** • I |f»e I line, |>lar«^
; 'ti|► •« f ih* i 4nrai «i u?ia' m«h« » • il«*rvuii|,
fivcu I > alt |K-r*«« i« 4ii*l iuiuiHJti«MM
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♦ !n •'•#«»il lh(ir*Hitt*• hr »'iinin|i>»tillif • ban*
■I iii ! h' I «Miuiv { iniiuiiiitMi' if, l<ir • «iiJ 1« ii»il% •»!
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'•*'!» Ml I in .\^f, lit l|»£ 1»|Mp« « frtlh
IMmnI 1 fi 1 'mill 1 11 IIIr Cl4lr, » hI in ihi Kl»l
I in Ali;.!.. (u' li-hi .1 41 ill. rill ..f I'mlltn!, in
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I'•■ni.-cat, 1 n**.pu|i»i | 'I inli ,1 4I 1*411., 111 Ihr
I' mitj if I >\f id, a. 11 li| rut mi;.m ■tliil'-.l r»j'i
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I thr T »iii uf I.iirr. Tin hit, 4ml V i'mrii, an.I
| ittl'H 411 allr.lril Ciifii III ||m .4I.IT in lhr>r )nlJir
I li'. i in r.rli .f ,4|.| limnt. t|,< tti>|..f .41.1 |ki?.I..
rallun* an I <4ch uf lh« >.il.. i muIki'., U> I* ir..!i
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llim'iil Uh rliuj, lb tlir 1 ml I Iim I all p*Pt 'lis 4ivl
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1 4«.i, if .111) thr) hair, ah) l^r |n.itr i.f hi.| |t
litiiim. «li .iiki imi It KianU
Atu.i-U \| K KIMIIALL, CVtk.
I Hut • vi|'i t.f .4, i r.HI...II . iil'iibi nl I ml
Vltr.l^WM. K kl Mil VI.I, fk ik
ruii'i Oi #irr, P<m«,)
Ai|M ?. i*.v» s
In r. nf. imlu w iih 1,1 order I the I'.unt) (.Ym
mia* inner*. [*»«•<• «i 1I'..mi h il *'.! *| PaiI*,*lib
in anti l"r ihi < •'%•••!> if <•»! id, oil lb' t■*fiii*
ninth da\ I J'llj, \ l» I'.'iO, I hertlij iu«n<
Kali J |n •(■'» i'», l>n f.Mniihiiig mulrtial* and f«oil«J•
in* a I'HISOM YAUH ai.iin.ilh. Jail, in Pan*,
■imilar in riMMlinctiun lh» > nil nuw tmlinf,
•ml l -lli fret higher, 411,1 »•> I* c,.in| i.»»J <>l ihr fiil.
kitting materia/*:
Ml.l.S »f »•«»«! Itl.nl> or fttfwn \«h, H by 10
I'l IXT!'. »<«uid I'm* or Crthli fc inrhr< »(Mrf
I \\ O TIERS OF QIRTN I fin* or
I r<!ir,6 iitchr* li 7, »ilh milal'le IIKAt t-fc. and
Wrought Iron \.ul», mJ I'll KS for tl»« t«-f» ol the
For Anther pdrtifuntit Imjitiir al tbi* office. |
All I'i<'|kimI* lo I* wilfil. iid liled la ihii ollrr
un nr hrfor* ih» At at To*« la> >■( Srptenrt*r ne*t,;
and ihr woik In hr lUiufbtrd l*l««* tha latt
Wi iIwhIji i f Dwrmli t n**t.
C omnii«aiuiM'i<> >ollrc lo Creditor*.
\\*K haring •*«« apjminlfd by ihe Judge of Pro- 1
» » Imli Ivt lite C'uual) of Ovfoid, to >i«m and
amine ihr claim* ■>( ihr rreditoci of NATHAN
^JLVKR. late of lliimf .rd in Mid County Hrrri»rd, •
akoM ntalt u irptrtrnled inwUnl, 1111 notice
that -i* in inlht rnmmeneing ihr ninth day of July,
A. II. I*** h«*e been alloMrd to aald Credit"!* in
firing in lliair claim ami that wa will aitrrxl ihr •oi
lier aiiigned u» al the huute of Jauie* II Fariiuai,
in Knin'ml on Saiuiday the •rirnih day
»r ile*|, .Iifl oil Monday lhaMcond ilay »f I*"*"*
^r ikxI al ihr hmiir ufih«iWru»l Nathan Sil»er,
in Mid l!iiinf->rd from out lo £»ur o'clock on each
if taid ilait
HEVf.y r ro^f >
I II*, la* m v» *
go*!ret®®®* *
H ah lh» It, aanuMtt* to lb* M
Midway iml (ha adjacani k>u, (h»( ha bit
l»aw«l ht a irini of )*•••,• lci»n«nt ia N«»»y
VilL(«- <« < ini rnf», (>f ilir inirtirt mf
[Vntisiry in all lis \ urious Hraocbm.
N« (i 11 Ktlraciinf. FtHh*. CImmiu, aiwl rag
jliiinj; iiu|ici(r<*i utth—mniiinj Aiulkial taaih
in r.».il, awl fioM I'Ulc, kc. Di. J. reanuta*.
I hi*#
WHOLE sets of tests
■ill afifiltaa tbrm in llw mu*i pciircl mannar.
Ila a!»o 1 nnuf.«cltii»# anil atiafil* lu iba uwatb
which rtiabW iba paltanl tu arttculaia «ilb iliatiau
mm, rata ami fluency.
Dr. J, h ■ • l»» i tan »»ai» in ilia practica
uf llmiii it. an4 can |i*a tha mod al«a<iaul i«ili
umiiia!* of hi* ikill in iba profrniua.
17T I1'*" * nx»Jtrala, anJ «rorb »artaa«a<l.
y.ma) Yillaga, Jalj 90. IfW J~ 25
l7 bqotSbtI
nortxc i*ahi8. arn
July 30, lew tfcf
411 I nn,,. lr Mail i f iiiiatwiaa | f«-oif>ll* »l
i»lhlr.| In I
mi ri'AL i\*nt.wr i:ui'au7f.d.
Insurance Company.
pONfMID of An ifMif Hi IM i "•
' i* i/l mil, of in ti«1
'I'llIff III* Hlulicr I tulip.illirt M Mb lb*
l . til but Onf.
j* il.*» -II iiunajr.1 l.\ < rm I. »f.l , I Ofcrti,
it in a l'.uii»li>m i ..mill!•••*, ik.in^ « Uif I^HMrii,
• ml • ■ uliiuv' In n.tuir ililU n i I kiwli
.to uwil im.I l.o luf aiiSiut, a.ntnil !••»• g| i)am*{t
I • Imi', imi fatiial.k ItiuM) ti nn l>i.(lli •( iiu*
•■••I i \rrr»!ii't{ (<m wart
Kir I IK.-I I l.l>.* til rnki mnnait n> lwi<»
It I.l I 41 III lluiLllllfa, a It. I I |i.|» II) thflllO, ' I
mil iin at nihil*
I'll* >I.MI\|» I 'Hs.l iitkt Iff llnrUmf
III ut. t, lUriw, Aic., J.I.I J.|.||» |I» ihtitirt, In til
It, « an I«iiirt.
I ill I HUM' I I. r. . -ittlt I.l *M..|.., Mil
i tu i i/r, I litltrli. t. Mi h< l-tn mr*, ItniMinf-fiahf,
ami in) Mli'r fn |» ly iht (In(Hurt iicfin pru|>«i
lu i tuiv in lhn i Ltt
\ i «I itt in any ratr liable |.« I .«• in vilbar t»f
llir i.l Writ.
I'lKl." TOKJ4. I haiUt llatrnp-ift, IV*/
W I MMlk) Wt V M.i.rt, I'litiian II. Muitv,
J. II. !*naiit >ii, Jr., 1'irrwaii I bik, J<>bn llatilri',
ami tl.VI Ati rt .
A,,.!* all' ut I..I liituranrr mat la imiIi l.> iba
>.. ii I if* al Ihi • llii-r in llalh, •>» (ht «(b an) uf
wif A(«nla m cihrr lutttit,
' iiiKi.it Ditmroir, 1'im'i.
VV V. Main, Trm
I'ri.io WaiMWomrn,
Hiittih I'afia, Jul) 90, I'M Tiff
I'll' Jvibtrt'la i hnrbt |ilM puli.i n>rtnr to aM
ttmrwitr-1, that hr htalwn ilnh anal
ukr i opi ii hinif II ib« iiual ut A 1 mmitiralnr '4
ihi I tlata '4
MAAl' I IIKA1), late of lltrifaih,
. , •
iii fn» • ..niii) .»l Oxl itl, dff»a«»'l, b) (Itii.< Imwl
•I llir law ttin . It—lit tin it (..n- riv|urtlt, all (irrwtttt
• b i M« inlrUnl I . llir tai l ilmaitil'i ratal*, ♦■»
•riakr I 'tilt.. I lair |utmi'i|; ami llf-aawb'i hatr arj
• Ii i ..tu.'.t lltt ir .ii, |.i ixltil i| tl.r .an— it.
Ml lit Mil. Ill All
M.t 2mIi. IHiO 3«25
1*111! MhiR r |tr«a • !i S» <■*• j*r>
1 Hi) fi||N ! • makr m4 aril in
C mbu , Hi utit » I'ii- it \i.ir<tb«rK
cm u\ i)vsincrt
I hu Chum pie lurri liullrr i f l)li hrll q'
If in ,\i > k, hi lixin luwi lu (#11 iiimnirt ir win
Ul, aa I tl. il la > til live u.nnrtri in »imi t
It 11 V »« i» Ijullrt m lH< -ju« »i "*
tin k i r ■ i» ip.. tSaii tn» **| m, t»i"> •• il
•I *• it* t» h km* 'h ' vh in-1 m wutift1 intu
II I* th* cSi »|r«f »!*I riiii . nt shut, '<
rr int»i # , ii> itii '•( w* hi' • .* lh'- trv»
' I hi In tur pn< i| W "f llu'l'r if t» ; K1 h»
■ *i e* III ■. \»» Mnk afirr Uinf rbi*o».t, n iwwl
4I«1 •IllUt I- I'll UlllU >!•»•.
> i j »j .• »• r »*■ n ■ •
. t»m( iimJ« ii».»lly i.f tin, lh« laU>' ol k-rpiif a
. I «|«) rlrwii II mrtrW iKilhlllf u»rti|>*r*t! »|t|»
itiji i»l tW ur.nwi k mi!
> I 4k.ik* ml i rniUi-W-falioo, I^* > biwil i»*ilil»
m.l •■!«) |. ut • ( itii* rhn , |li» »uh»<'iil»r
, n ntilriil il 11111*1 in*ui<* II* • il- I • iirilll run In
. u» > hi lh>' r<4Mil\.
nil. |I*»U"-| I 1% lm> It*' ' |' 1 T.Ji I't.jll •
. Ill (rixitl M< . I^tlkt %* Hi ' '.I'l.l I l.'«
ilimm .\* Ihr > '•.nl»r ii.i i«it TMili i, inii
| J |.'»1 Hi lK«-1 It'll}, 11' *r.|i<||||i(li.|ui(UM Stti:.*
| Mill Hii*t il (II* ihfll ailluill^t 1.1 ilrlay MM' I iN f
hni i■ ^fiitiiuilt iu mnum' ihr ittiii
i. t uooriirn
«..uih I'jfi.. July, l«V> Ti:
Till. CirUii.m ol I»A MIX HUIK*. .f !•*»
Ilj OT S<-i»l>« n<i.n«iri1 |.. I««*r I ih«ir clans* !•>
I M i \\ Ii11in in, ):*.( . Km» i> , lMCm th* flf»l '*»»
of S|| ipinU-r »•*!, ill it ihrir arr >M inai l» *•
rnuiiml, ami *u< h iiK**uir« ailojilr I l< i thrir ad
jwdnwnl a* mil I* f'wn.l tmriuii
nvKii 8 rOBB
llnaiM. Jul) 23, J-y 35
\l.l. | iwm 11H<<I4<1I In th«-1tir firm of Rt «r h
^ '>■ lu, *rr F<-i>''k ir-|iH-*ii.1 inmjk» iiumn!!
air pit 11 <ut( *u lb* t^ul... 1 ihrr, nh<> i« a1 x* aulb<»
i/».il. r JUrt ihr KW W' M t 111 >1
.v«»nili I'arit, June 3, MAO Ifl
CUIfORTCII m4 I m IfitM, »i Ik*
•n .1 apfiinVpil paitrin* air A i *aW rhrapal »h«
v uih r*ni i>iuii 31 *1, hi iti nt k ro
South P >ii>, July 2, IUO 7111
VII kiffla for aala b* RI'ST k CV>
Stuih Can*. Jum-II, IHftO. IN
L£j lu
Tf« ^nb*<ril»f* h>»in{ h*<J » long 1a
thia lioainca* ih»* flattrr l*rw*»l*»* ih^l iha* rat
*ati*f* all th<>*« who anil |i*« ihcm a i-all
maniilartuml ao J rulrd In ku> ptixtn
LAW li(H)KM, MAGAZ1.M>, jil »IC.
m:\vspapcrm, K rr.
tviund m aiilai, frt-m lh* <hrap»#l 10 ih# ■»««<
ilrcanl, an>! on ai m^watl* itrnw aa any 'lb**
bttvl-ry in \e» Cn|ltn«i.
,\<»rw«y, July 16, 1*50 23»f
(Om ioof Cut of th<- r.liu IIo.ih.I
•*<»»* i-»" '«4 »»i s"**4a^ »«

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