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ftp <T*rforl> Drniorrat,
Tr • Om 4alW aad thy crntt m i^nan.
MW tad •»»*•«»-£»« teste wtkia ill avail* :
'»• AwUr* at ik «*J at the year. T« «k» h Mi
*■«■»»« ~i" U >iiM fee #Ttr> MKMakxIfe pataaai
«• ilrkmd.
AlVIITMIMim i—irtaii aa rfMuMUt trrm
»br pra^rwtora mx hr.«< »m—tabkt fat »>n tnw
the >11 Ml (ktrml far «b» »l)w(Hr«r»l
or i*»VW»4 far all advrrlitrawfiU M WeU to br
via* tr»a tW tUto at iIk fcM imnlwa.
ff v, b pti«u,>* a,H , (■»»•»
•h* l*»iH A<h«rlutf Uftni.) llualoa, m ■« Af«al
NfwutM MbaciiptM Mai klwlarnaMi far
'Ik otisa JBaatoa. Ntw York. rhita«k^hia. and
llanV Itnd Job Ptlllil|
itoNrnr ami neatly executed.
tfuW lb**. f»Tt S*aM»J • »bal ItWMt
Tkat ibc* { *H aut folk »»ih iS* J**,
Pot anting all !.'»fW»aK. hnmi
tb* kir«fttn'a W» t
TW mm m far af »'« lk* hilt-t,>p,
Tba ar» wl m lb* pint,
tkl lk* IITMf >nl htm lmilMl llf Ult1|
TW« juwi *iU r>r» *«Uu* (i tin
Th» 4"* Vaa f >"* fp fruaa lb* 'later,
TW aH*M| m waaiaf iftrt,
TW linn *4 lk# ■■■!«» in o»*r,
Akl auMr »i!1 aataaaa diaplao* •
TWn »kt art M ««• ia lb* »atl*je,
Aivl • atbing a ilk brarti (<>»! aiO,
Ta fatk*r ib« ikor *t Ik* ba»»»al,
Tb» (ararr a ilk pWnl» la IU t
I ait ia an pUcr alt iW awmrj,
!W»iw a bra I arm la lk* (tain,
la lk* fait eaiU (»•» uf lk* ifaaaiaf,
Aa-1 favk*J um lk* fair «a«ia{ (rain,
I u« w iu mi lat at»>S r*aprra,
Wilb vat tkal aerr alrath ami Ira*.
U'lkxr »>akW« «<m i«ahi.<( M«f tkmi,
Lit wnhraau eaamebrsi ailk .tea
AaJ atrnaf u lk* arartt- t af "lien.
TVi •« «*1 ia Ik* md»l >4 iknr »k'i>«,
W Sib hr(*r |b>at lk* ban rat , I ( Mea
huryi il mi Ukr lk* wiial-abak*a Iratea.
4aJ I burn '!«•• a aa*'i* a* etairaear
Km* •* la |a k itb la the plain—
Ttir »f jI Im>' ij pW* <1 Ik* huiiri,
No ifair ia lit* liiiMiri ul ftaia.
Tbr* ».«U laaf b ma Iu •*»•**. ikrt auat )■«< ■
Tfcoa* ata ia lb* »i{V i»f thru pialr
I km m .ill my a»iki*n and fair at*
T« wrk fa* • (Uirr b) lb*if i*lr.
( i4ai I b»»* itikl ia ms J»*l' g.
W hit* |S* 'tea b»« J--a* U|i |'n. n (h. |Ui .
I « I lu<l w pkar* at tk- lUllMt—
N.i <kai* ia lb* firarui*. . ( jiaia.
Hw taihJf iHaa* Ik « »Hl awl ' —* kramil.
Tkal |>*« M failb to lb- faW
► ••r, h*b>.U a km ibr .in* i« ikf«it*il.
H bat frail w ,11 lb« b aitulnraa i»U'
In I wb»l if lb* »iw h* ai t altonfe-i'
WiH ib'iffair ail n1I> lai fi'»,
N. ,*rii»| la n«r a»iat » |'»rn,
I ul » iatni< '*"• tbal abwk Ibiarl
till (till Hlkl • *k. >'tw dr< 4MM I '
TVtr ia ru« ia tk* kar**ai far all,
laU if ibiv h* lb* a...V i.f lb* (Waarr.
tiatk*r ntrfialli ibai abi< b na; fitt—
Mo abab ib>aa ba«* pUr* al lb* b*M*»l,
% >ban U to liraMMii kr thin*.
/Ul * *a if lb« abar* la lb* amallrat.
>iiU kl m ih« af.iiit r*|*a*
I'er Ibr Ul*o i4 ra^b ww •• «mW.
T*i* a«ak**t aa a*M tb* Mrwi<,
Ul lb* b»M af ana* unbr* *J,
la Ik* am*U of tb* bar**•!*! a a. «<
Kn«i Ik* 1IMIMIU Cawnirfcwl.
aiArrcR i.
It iH*tr n>ne o'clock, one *»rtn sultry
r ght in the month «>f SrptcmSrr, 1TT»,that*
party consisting of one kuadrtd hor*e
men drr*ord m the uml< rin ot llnt.sh light
I i>nt, ivji.V rapidlv *U<A«r the rode traversing
ih«* right bank <J the Smu* river, South I'll
»l>na.and twk Ibt ir *i« toward th« dwelliug
(k>_*t of Walter Sirel. They wet* eum
naixioi by llu£h Langs£>rd. a bloody and
cruel officer .n the hnghsh servict—-one who
h*d brrn selected and placed in the position
h* oeeupwd on account of his adamantine
heart Itranical di»| •• t!i>n. tor the rjprr**
|Hir)wM of ttjrkini the surrounding inhabi
tant* due obedience to bis law*.
On naaav occaaiona be bad eiercised hit au
thority in Ute ui<«« barbarous manner, wan
tonly burning tbe funine of known Whig*. ami
ruthle**ly hanging the owner* without prov
•canon, save their liberal opinion*. Hi*
lame had become a terror to all tbe patriotic
inhabitants of lite Santre; tbe more ao, a*
ilen. Franei* Marion, the only rebel parti«an
who offered any resistance to the British
tr -ope, had brew for some time absent in North
i *.*Jiii>a, leaving I^aagsfocd undisputed away
o«er the region.
W»|urr Steel, toward* whooe houae Langs
ford W4 now nuking hi* way, wa» a wt-ll
known sterling Whig, ami baa been heard to
advance opooona boldly in favor of tbe Revo
lutionist*. and dirsrtly in opposition to King
l*«rge. Many wondered bow be bad escap
ed the t«ng«uee of Langaford, but there bad
bren a rltariu, powerful in its nature, banging
around tbe dwelling of the aged rebel, which
ao far preserved his bom* scathlesa.
Mary Steel had won the adintraUjc of tbe
Captain, and this had ripened .nu> love oo hit
part, and, aa usual on >vK*h occasions, be wish
ed, and strove to appear in a favorable light
to her, and of course mated her father and
his family with all the lenity in hia power.
Krom the bottom of her heart Mary deepised
the bloody oAcer, but aware that hia t'aiher a
life depended upon her action*, she mquetvd
with Langaford in Mich ■ manner aa induced
him to belie** that he waa the idol of her
he*rt But he waa vmn tn he undeeetved.
He had hewn called to Chfttleatnn, and had
been aUenl front the Santre fthouttwo weeka, i
ami at the time he la here introduced, he was
returning with font) expeetatione to Sterl'a
bating reaoWed to become at <mce united to
the object of hia alfcrtiom
Aa be wu riding leiaurelt along the road,
the diatance to the firm houae being about
three mi Ira. be waa auddcnly arretted by a
man. who apninf from the traahr* by the way
and pieced hiiweelf in fruot of hia horee.
" Your miaaioo la boolleea," eielaimcd the
new comer. " Return to Charleston."
" Who arn yon," demanded Langaford, in '
vain endeavoring to traca the man'a feature*
m the gloom of night.
**<W who know a why Captain I-anpuford
aeris the hvuae of Urmer Steel," replied the
the man. " Bui I Mil yoi Mary nurnea an
other and ft more fawrvd io»er, wh» t* even
at the houae now.**
** Then hia audacity ahatlcmrt him hia life,"
retorted the Captain fiercely, aa he put apura
to hia borae and galloped an, followed by hi*
" And I rather guea* youra will coat you
iVut the aame," eaclaimed the nun at lie
llaappeared in the buahes.
A half h«»ur aulficed for L*ng«f.>rd to reach
he houac of Steel. * f.ich waa inatantly aur
waded in ailenoe, he hating ordcnsl Ins mm
0 diamount when aome dialanee from the
Iwuliing, and leaving a part 10 charge of the
mr**, approached with the wthera on f<«>t
Hating >uilotted hia tn*>pen» ao that no one
*>uld leave th« houae, he approached the par-'
or window, from which a light ah.me, and
arefully peep**! in. Silting hut a few feet
mm him h» diarovcrrd Ma»y in convaraalion
vtih a voung man of ionic three and twent*
ea-a of agc.dreaacd in the light hlue uniform
if the rvbel army. The firat word he heard
irononnred wa* hia own name, ard aWni
ireathlea* he listened.
" I have '.ecn ennat rained," he heard Mart
ay, •• for the purpnv of M«in| tnv father •
ife, and present our bona- from being pillag
d. to treat l«angaford in a manner which I
iould w*o*n to do were I plvrd m other cir-! |
iim*lar>oe* If r<»n knew how I rf<-te*t him. i'
1 v«»u feel how I loathed hi* advance*, you I
muld ta» at "met- that policy alone dictated <
iv e».i(!uct No. IImv I never lov«d ant
nr '<1,1 im, and I would die wmncr than be- '
erne the «if' of that btnud thirwt\ l)nii*h de
And >rd »t'»<J there ^ ihr window i
iid bcird it all.
\ ou should have seen hi* brie ennt»ve»
J i » lam ti;rn led and pale in rotation, ami J
•held h « teeth sinking into Ilia tinier lip un
1 «t# warm M~-. I "Mhbf ii<*« ,Si* «
un. anJ fell dry l»> drep upon lite heaving '
— vet h«* stirred not, hut with every '
inat'le quivering Ilk** an awaited the
mt I1
M I lw!ie* e v <u, Marv , and never yet doubt- '
d the real etuac of your actiora , but I truat
(icre will I* no more Uieaembl:ng. Marion 3
as returned again to U>e Santce—hi* bloud '
oiling to avenge In* country toe« upon ihia I
line Langsl'ord, and woe to the puppet of '
*ogliah power if he leavea the atrevta ol |
liarleston lor the open countrv at present "
'• Hut be la coming. I got a letur from linn '
|i« other day. cou«hed in ihe moat loving
erirs. in which hwaaid he ahould be out in a
rw dava to elans hia bride. I threw the ab
•rrad in t!te fire and wiahed that lie might
ireak h;a neck 6r»t."
Langaford could atand it no longer The
ilood had ruahed into hia face until it waa red
La ararlet, and drawing back hia right hand.
ie dashed the window in by a vigorous blow,
ind eaclaimed in a voice of thunder —
" XnJ he la here to claim hia bride, ami
tang the traitor who would «educeher love.
Saving which, he called for hia men K» ad
> a nee and sprang into ihe room.
Mary Sieel uttered one co»«vu!»;*e acream
?f horror, and aank lifclea* to ihe f«»r. while
llie parttaan. auri'tiard at the ur.evfected 10
icrruption, retreated to the aide ot tlie nmni,
placed hit hack againat the wall, and drawing
III* aabre aa he did ao.
" Ah, it. m* fine MIow, caught in a trap
,.f vour own a»iung," eaclaimed Langstord
tierriitg ait h«» iflari«<Hl ai ihc rebel. " Setae
him, nv»n, anJ guard hire well'" he a<idcd to
M-««-ral aoldiera who had by thia time crowd
ed into the apartment.
The men ad»an«*ed b> obey, hut eaiicluding
that reaiatance would be useless against auch
odda, the patriot bent hia knee, arr<>»» which
he aiupped hia sabre and threw the piece*
acri-os the floor. He wm then quietly led
l'r*>m the apartment.
Landlord being left alnne in the room with
Mary, advanced and bent o»er her aenecle**
t'ortn wh'ch he waa about rawing in hia arm*
when Walter Steel entered. Striding up to
the Captain he placed hia Irrt hand afainat hia
shoulder ami pushed I.vu*sl<«rd aomewhat
rudely from Iter, at the aame time raising hia
daughter with hia right.
•* A falher'a attention ia hc«t gi*en hia
daughter at the present time," he naid staro
ly, noticing the acowl that gathered u|«on the
oflicer'a brow.
' Hut remember, Mr. Steel, that I am net
to be insulted with impunity," f row led Ijuigs
furd angrily.
" And you wtll recollect, Captain Ijtnga
ford, that I am master of mv own household,"
replied Steel calmly, though a little touched
by the oflicer'a taunt. " If y«u bate anything
te say to my daughter, you muat wait till ehc
" Well, I have a good deal to aay, and will
gi«e you two houra to prepare her for what ia
to take place," said Langaford alowly.
" Much obliged for your condeecenaioo,"
muttered Stool audibly, as he bore hia child
from the room
mi avail PIPLKft.
A boat an hour after th« occurrence related
in the preceding chapter, a figure *a» obaenr
ed by the vntry, who was iMationeH In the
road front of the houae, coming quietly to
»an!a him, ami aa it waa a bright moonlight
night, he aaw that the per«tu earned two pan
niera of tin auapamfed from a yoke over hia
ahouldera The aeutinel inatantly aunmard
the individual to he a pedler, aa there wait
good many traveraing the country at thai time,
but it being hia duty to hill every thing ap
proving, he inatantly ahoutcd —
" Who goea there'"
" Nothin' hot a pedler," »u tho reply in
the drawl of a down eaaier
•• Advance and givt the countcraiga," cum-;
linood the aentry.
" I'll advance tf yeou want ma tew, hut I'll
to darned if I gi* anything away."
So «avm. the pedler approached the acntry,
whet* he waa m-t by the corparti of the guard,,
«rhn had b"cn attracted i« tbe apot by th«
" What have you got to aellt" demanded
lie corporal.
M Better ask what I havn't got tew *11,"
replied the poller.
" Well, what haven't you pot to sell'" re
pealed the corporal
" Nothin' that reou wart unlc«» it be thta
pint buttle," \*aa the reply a* the pedlar held
up a Kittle of rum.
" What do you «tk for it*" demanded the
"Ifynull let me intew the yard 'nvug the
sojiers, I'll gite it tew yeou."
" It • a bargain," answered the corporal
quickly, whose orders had l>een pc*.li«e to let
no one out, but nothing had been s*id about
letting people in
G.«ing the officer on gi.ard the nim, the
f-edler passed mtotlie yard among the soldiers,
wlo immediately congregated around him.
•• What bate you got to aril, old fellow
yelled one.
••Got any rum'" cried a second.
"Get uie out a pack id cards," and a
•' (Jo tew thunder every one of yeou," re
plies! the pedler a« he put down hi* pannier*
" l>ant it dew yeou think !'*»• got forty tongues
to an«wer yeou all to owe ' Who's that that
wanted rum'"
" Mo," an«w rrrd the a^ldier stepping for
" Well, I haini got none," retorted the
Yankee to the erett fillen tr<«>|et. " Who'*
that wanted cards'"
•• Me," aaid another advanrtng.
"Well, here they be. They're fifty e»»it«
i pack.**
" |yt me >w<e theim." A ltd ibe trooper held
•>.t hi* hand
'• Piill II i oe«» •>•< f »«
nonet to pay for 'em "
The man paid the half dollar, and the prd
er was soon boay selling off hta thi'ig* to tlu
loop rs, moat of whom wauled something
When all had been supplied the Yankee
approached lite (ire where two men were
»unking and displayed his merchandize
These men were unfortunately without
money, and after endeavoring in tain to dis
|»Me of something. he |>etli»hly etclaimed
'• Well* if yeou won't buy any tlimg. tell
mt' of somebody who will.
" You see that fellow tied ti» that, don t
vou'" said oue of the men. pointing In the
rebel loter of Mary who had been bound to a
vipling near the fire
•• I rather guest I dew."
•' He's !»» huutf in the morning, and
would doubtless like to bay the black cap for
the occasion.
•' Thank yeou, mister; there's a pocket
comb for y«*ni. I'tj gui one of the blackest
cape eter yeou seed.
While speaking the pedler threw the cuotb
on the ground, and ho instantly made oil" for
the prisoner As he drew near, the rebel
raised his he id and gat. d upon him, but hi*
slouched hat completely hid h.s lealures.
'• The* said yeou was U> tic hung in the
morning, and thought you d like lo have a
black Cap lew put nu," eielauned the pedler,
first breaking tlR silence.
•• Did you ei-ine to taunt me '" demanded
the prisoner quickly.
•• No. but this csp of mine lets {«ople off
hanging so easy.'
The pedler placed a strong emphaa;a oa
the word off, which caused the prisoner to
again attempt a scrutiny ol las features. I he
tune the mailer was not so difficult. 1 lie
hst tit slipped lo one aide and the counten
ance fully revealed.
••Heatcna' can it be possible'" murmur
ed the rebel in a guarded tone.
•• Hist, or all may bo lost. IJuy the cap,
and tu its top you will find a knife. My men
i are near by, but we number only thirty.—
Stratagem must be us*xl. (. ut your curds
when sll are asleep, and then be off.
•• Hut Mary," said the young man in a hoi
I low whisper.
•• Shall be sated."
•• Thsnk you. General, and may God bleai
you for this."
•• Wall, 1 guess yeou can hate it for lhat
though it's a little price,"eiclaimed the ped
ler aloud, obsemng lhat one of the youn|
men was ippoutchuig the sjnit, at the sarin
handing the prisoner the cap. " Take I hi
knil.- out an«t put it in your mouth, tht-y an
gomg to search you," he whispered tu him
•• Darn yer pictur, gite me the money,
•ay !" shouted the pedler m an eicited ton
u the troo|«er came up.
•• What did you sell him'" aaked the sol
•' That black cap to be hung in."
I "Good! He'll need it in the morning.
i Come with roe, and I'll uke you to the cay
tain, who'll settle the bill.
••Will he!" He's » eleater feller thei
I sure ss tbooun " Dew yeou think I csn se
him any thing!"
•' More than likely. going to W mar
I rled to-light.
" li Im 1 !'»• got »°me the •HfirrJcm
hanaotn glove* e»»r jroo ■••d—-white u thus- j
der all o?rr."
" Then I think he'll hoy • p*ir.M
•• Dew veoo? Wall, wi're a clem Cil
ler ami hrrv'a a pueket eomk for jreou."
They had by thia time reached the door of
the raptair'a room am) the pedler waa in the
pretence of I^angaforJ.
cnAPTtn nr.
langnford waa muted hetide a table on
which a lamp waa burning. fast a dim light
o«rr the room, and hia head waa reatnif u|wn
hia hand, while he appeared eodeeply ahtoib
ed in a wry, aa not to noUM the entrance of i
the tr«>np«(.
'l'he man pauaed intide ».«e dnnr, wnprl
hia foot oiiee or twice, am? Inally aucceodml ,
in arouaing the captain, eh, rk.«*i hia hwad,
•tared at tl em a :rwii>et.t, and then muttered
in an audible «mc*—
•• Well."
Thu la the j*.}|«r you wanted 10 m," re
plied the trj^jier touching hit op.
"Oh, it it' Well, you may retire."
The trooper did uhenii directed, a:.u aa
the door cl< vd upou h.a retiring form, Lauga
I ford resiuintl—
"Come a little nearer Mr. Pedler, I want
lu ciainine y«H»r stock. '
The k i»*» attracted ll,e caj tain's eye
" | (ton t know -• 1 waiit aiittlunf you'te
jot hut thrie it a lady iiitiie tiouavtolai Mould
doubilcaa lue to rurchaae a pair of iliw *a
• he it « g< >g 'o k > married twilight."
" T: ey'r • l.nc glotea
" No do-St of that I w ill aend ynj to h«r
<«hen 1 get through miiIi you. liut 1 want to
aak you a «j .ration which aide do you take
in the prrtcril alnfe between England ai.dihc
colonics ?"
" .Me' why, to trll the truth, I rather fa»or
the mother I'ouutry, though hein oothin but a
poor prdler, and ha«m to trad*1 »nh both
aides, I ha«f to he pitty much neutral.
" Dut do *our feeling* c»er prompt yon,
when oj |»ntuuity occuis, to be »l acmce to ,
your king1"
" Don't know but they might—ne\er had a
chance tr* dew anything lor the king yet.
" Well, 1 will gi»e you a chance I ha»e (
e»ery reason to beliate that the arch rebel,
Marion, i* hotrnnp not far from thia |>lace ■ ,
at the preset t tune."
" I kaow he t», fit aeen hun this verv
" When—where?" demanded Langtford,;,
" Bout flve inilea from here, on the upj>er '
Slaniee road. I aeen him cuilm *cr.»» Hon
Hredy » farm, with ab.ut Uunv men follerm
k»Ybe n mr |>Un it un. lit i»t« n» i<~» r
where Mitt Sut-I m, and pretend *ympathy
lor her and offer to help her M»e will send n
you to thi« Marion for aid. Return and tfuide u
me in lh« apot and your fortune i» made." 11
** I'll dew it I'll make her believe I'm f
her lieat friend. j»et her tew tell me where
Ihia illfircd -ebel iv a campin, and lead »ou
lew iIm ipnt." 1
Taking up hi* thinf*. tl»e pedler tell the ,
vjmi tuu-nt ol I-milord, and tn«« reached the ,
door <•! the room where Mary btcel and her ,
father *»ereaitltn,j. Knockiag ujvoii the door,
he axon heard the voice of Steel demanding (
1 who waa there. ,
" A pcdlcr who wantt to ikII Mite -Sled f
tome pood*,'' he answered. 1|
A ahort ciuiaulution waa heard between (
Mary and her lather, and then the dour »u
i unlocked, ai d the pedler admitted. I
.\d»ancin„' directly term* Uicapartmeiil to (
where Mary wa* »<*icd bv iho table, he iiu- |
mediately mule a dnplay t»f hi* t^**!* before ,
her, but »he inatantly exclaimed, ,
" I liau i.u wiah to purcliaae anything;,but (
if you would do me a am ice, I will jay you (
well fur it."
" Whit :t it, mi'atn," atked the pedler, ,
pulling hit slouched hat it.II I"uiliter o»er let
" I »m «S)ut to be forced into a marriage ,
wah the ca| uin who coinmtnd* the men now
around the liouae. I bate and di»pia« him.—
< If >ou will content to con«ey t metta^e Irom
me to General Marion, he will come tl once
to my iivttince and prevent it."
" Mary Steel'" fell from the tip* ol* the
pedlor,in a toft, mutical voice, which riviiod
the eyea ol the maiden fitedly on him. Tbe
| touched hat fell alowly off, repealing to the
eye* of the aauwithtfd girl, the feature* ul
Gen. Marion.
"Oh, Muion, this it too moth. Why
run tint riak—why jeopardize your life in this
rwklcM manner," murmured the maiden, re
' j proachfully.
' " Nay, Mary, methinka if your aharp eyea
could not pierce tlna di*jjui*e, thote who nev
I er taw me would not bo likely to make the
discovery. I will prevent thtt nurture, tod
teach Langnford a leatou in letter* of blood !'
(•uud by for the present." And the general,
s who hid resumed ibe alouched hit and pan
nier*. glided from the room.
He nude hia way it oOCO to Ltngaford'a
•pirtinenl and found tbe officer impatiently i
_ awaiting hia return.
•' Whit !*>»'»•" exclaimed me captain. i
"Good. We're got the 1*1*1 iure aa
•Imutiii—He'a jutt three mile* from here on >
the up r»»er road."
" I)o you know the apot exactly ?'•
" I gueae I dew. 1 ran lead yeou rite tew
M Well, i lien, let'a be off at once.**
And they left the room.
A quarter of an hour afterward the party
, left the houae with the exception of three
trooper* left to guard the rebel lover.
For aonie time the Bntwh eapUin rode on
in ailence, while the guide strode on before,
taking th« up nrer route. About two mile*
from Ihe houan of Stael, the road ran beiw*rn
a high bluffand the Santee, akirting the foot
of the hill and leaving but • frw f*et between
it and the •irnant. Thie paaa extended fur
nearly a mil*, when the bluff abruptly reaaed
and a lately valley, nearly half a tail* wide,
apread out from the ri*#r.
It waa a blight moonlight night, and the
aabre hilt* irlitterrd in the aiWery rava, and
the m<* wired tread of the horaee'a hnofr aound
nd nut plainly on the midnight air, aa the
band i»rpt down the hill and entered thol
black piaa Here all became dark, the tall
lr»e» which grew on the aide of the bluff
fertually aereemng the ruad ami abutting nwt
Ihe in<x»u1lght, aire where here and there a ,
•trailing ray tell athwart the path and litj
for an it.atant the dreary way.
Juat half war through the paaa there ia a
narrower aj »t than al any other, wliere a ra- (
une route* down from th> high landa and
into the SanU*. A:wm tht a rude way ha*
>een dug Uy rn-a»anr>g the bank*, tad the
road, after gairwr the bfttun, turned down
i* though g<iin^ directly into the river, but,
* hen near the »tieain •« Mcnl\ mounted the
unk and again wound on between the b!utT
in.I the river. Tl*> bottom of th;a ranna
*aa dark aa pitch, and u Lingtford and hit
nen lolloped the («d!er down into ti e depth
be* l»ti tight of bim Altogether.
Of tiering a halt. U>« Captain hailed in a
<»'* *>'iC0. calling for the guide, but no an
iwercairie. Again and again did he eutn
>"»»» Ui- (x-'iler, each lime in a lou ler key,
>ut in taiu. and with a muttered caree upon
ne aiMpidity of the guide, the captain order- <
10 hia men to ad* ai.ee.
Scarcely had tno body once mere began to
nu»e than a locd t'raah Mia heard in tbe r»- i
me t «ic theiu , aoiuething came tearing ita
»aa thiuugli Um hruah which lined the atecp
uli-a.iie, and a Urg none t-ouiuled into the i
anka. cruahing a hor»e a«d ita rider beueatii
t aa it fell. ; i
A moment of m luii.i.i enai, -J, amid which
tie gtoaiit of I he wounded Iti4>p«r Could be 1
«aiJ, when a uu1 »j.ce thrilioj ,..e uijteii (
pon the nenca of the BriUah, *aa heatd ea
laiming— i
" Right lad* - gi»e them the otheta'M , I
And like the ruth ol a dc»Uucii»e tornado, i
large quantity ol roeka came thunderuig i
>wn tSu hill luiding with tearful accuracy !<
motig the aimed troopa, and creating aad
atnc among the horsemen
" S ..| shouted Ltitfaf»rJ, in a >oi e ' '
Inch rvm: far above the dm and U:n.It
round them " Sold by a |«dler' Retreat I
i the rear them, ami let all ti>|]ow aa fiat aa f
i«e».ble.M ' |
" Aye, anld!" thundered a *oice in reply,
• tb» ca;tain ceaaed, "and tiie blood of thoae i
mi hate foully murdered during our aNaence
tfc'en', aiAJ I 'rw»»i IK«m m'fi> ' V
" Darned if 1 give quarter lew a daiued (
neequeaked out the well known tonca f
f the pedler. " Hurrah for Yankee Doodle i
(andy, and won't we do 'ein up •" handy'
ihutc, boya, ai.d be darned to 'cm'" c
A Tolley of riflea followed the latt order, t
nd a bla*« ran along the hill-aide, while the
ie»M>ng«'r« .»f death ap<vl without inerey into t
ie troopf**' ranka, killing many and creating !
ternble tumult ar>d diamay. Some few of
Immc fart heat in the roar mvlo an early retreat t
mong whom waa l.mgtl >td, he having puah
■I hi* way back whan the firat volley ot I
tonca w.ia rolled down i pon hia men, and I
ed aa faat aa Imrae apced could carry him 1
ark to Sirei'%, accompanied by about a doacn I
ncn. '(
1'p.vi reaching the h<> :ae, h.: diamounted , <
ram hia altcd and ruahed to the door, which I
ie found w aa fattened ; but a few knock*
rmighl a per»m to it wlw threw it open, die- |
daymg one of hie own trooj«ia I he cap- I
am entered, followed by the men who had I
•caped with hiiu, and the dour waa again :
!<>»ed. .
Thi* <ion . the r«puin hi«ten*d up naira
kiM«clii'd ujt> i the (Jmir of Mary S'e«il»
ix.tn No aiawer came, and he knocked
nor® rudely thin before, hut in vain ; all waa
lilcnt aa tho Ms ahook tho door, b it
t waa firmly fi»tened on the inaide, and he
irdercd a nun in brinjf linu an aie which
>t•■•<d at t.lo I ■ t i f the ataira. With ihia he
» xin forced .in eutrance by aplittinff lli* panel*
in j ecc e, a 1 »(rang li ,c a faiuiahed tiffr
into the room. lJ'it it waa empty—the prey
livl evr.-d, ani 1,'ko a fend, Lin^aford
»l ranu to the f 'n w idow, <jtit f which he
lliruat hw la'iJ. An he did *o, the ahtrp
(•rack of a rifle >«aa h.-ird, and aia^germg
lack, the captain fell upon the fWr with the
bliNtd inning fro in a bullet hole in the ccntre
ni* hia forei • id.
ciuprr.it v.
We muat now return to tho rebel lorer of
Mary, whom we left hound to the aapling,
w ith the pen-knife given to hun by the pedler
accural in hia mouth.
After the departure of Lanpafnrd. the three
men left to guard bun took their atatioua not
inauv feet from him, and for a few momenta
attentively watched every movement ho made.
But the Uoopera ha>l ridden hard and far thai
day, and it waa anon prnpoacd that two of the
parly lav down and rest, while the thud kept
watch for an honr, w hen he ahould route one
of the aleepera to lake hia place. Lou were
drawn, and the lirat guard fell upon one of
the thr«*, called Laay John, from a well
known propenaity be had of going to alrep
without being aware of ao doing.
" Take care John, or you will be aaleep be
fore we are," aaid ooe of the men, aa he
atretched himaelf upon the hearth.
" Keep your eyee wide open, John," cried
the other, aa he followed hia companion'a ex
" Don't aee the oae of watching a man
who'* tied (aat to a tree, at any rate," mut
tered John, aa he aank upon a log near the
Twenty minutae waal by, sod the two man
who had stretched ihetneeNee upon tha ground
Ctra unlouhted »if na ol bainf fiat aalaap.—
John, kuwe«»r, Mill renwioed eeatad on the
log, with hia bead 'aid, md, noddia,' aod hia
h-djr ocraaioaally lurching to and fro, in a
atate of drowaincM naxl thing to alaep, but
which a slight notaa wauld hate thrown off
and awakened him fully.
It wu at this atage of tAira, thai Harry
Bodmin, the priaoo«r, began preparation* to
cacapo. The knife waa taken from hia mouth
and tba kooa blade entered the rorda which
hound him to tha tree. He than at no pod
down, miid drawing off bit booia took one in
each hand, and nniaeJeaely made hia way %o
the doot ol the houea} II waa partly ajar,
and entering it ha quietly aareoded, where
lie pawaai and draw on hia boota, than ad
vincad Ui tbe entrance of Mary'a apartment
and knoaked upoa ttie door.
*' Wbi'i there' demanded the wall known
voioa of 3tael.
•• Walter, )H ma la." he tnawa^d.
The key tarnad inatantly in tke lock, the
Joor opened and ha glided into lb? ronm.
•' llnw did hececapet" muimured Mary, 1
ta ha hutcned to her aide.
" You aaw the padlert"
" General Manoo—-ha waa in thia room," ;
>he aniwered. I'
" He furnished me with a knife in rut th«*
»rds that bound m«, and a* all ihe m<*n left
o waieh me »Iep«. I took advantageo of the
ippurtunity to come into the houae. Hut
!<mla •"
They listened in breathlesa silence, and
■ould hear the sound of hea*y firing up the
Sjiitr*, w hich told the fuenim were engaged.
" May Coo defend the right!" fervently
i;*eulatec Mary.
" Amea !" responded a eotee ontaide the
»indow, and three diatmct rape were heard:
i[>on the pane.
'• Who a there'" demanded Harry Bod
nan, aa he strode to the epot.
" Uradr," responded the eainc voice,
• Hoist the window, Bod man, you ha«e no
line to lute."
Harry threw up the eaah, and the man out
:de sprang into the room. He Mat an feet
ugh, dreea*J ;n a hunting ahirt of dirk blue,
nd catrted a long rifle tn his hand For tn
nst«nt he gated around hint, and then el
" Y..u inuai all leave the houae at once." ,
" Haa Marian been defeated il«en '" aaked
It^y in breithlesa alarm,
" No, M u, but a pott.oii of the flogged
Irttiah will make thia hnute a plae* of de
snee, n J in a cata of that kind, yuj were
eiior out of it."
" But we car. faatm thaiu out," aa.d Sieei,'
" Nty. better let them trap themaclvea in
i." r*n|.«ri Rrwlr ralmlf. " There is •
o down, and in my opinion, the sooner you
o the better. 1 hear the British coining,
Aa he f.mahed apeaking, the diatant fra.1
f horaee' feet wu heard galloping towarda
lie house.
" lie it ee," aaid Steel, passing through
lie window and down upon the ladder. "Let
iltry rome neit."
The maiden followed her father, and the
wn sihm reached the ground.
" Stand cloee to the house, in the shade
here," aatd Ikadtr, speaking to ih<*e below,
nd as they obeyed him the sound of the ad
ancmg horsemen grew fearfully netr.
" Down with you, Harry, be quick!" ea
laimed ti e sroul; and hurried thua by his
wnpanien, Bod in an stood behind Mary and
ler father.
Brady followed, anil upon reaching the
[round hi rned forward to a large log lying
n the yard directly in front of the window,
tehind which he enaeonced luinaelf, the inut
ile of his rifle toward the house.
The had scarcely been done before the
rmip« is reached ihe house, sprang from their
mrs^t, and in a few momenta the scout saw
he head of Langafurd thruat from the win
low. To level and firo w ith the effect st
eady noted, waa but iho wftrk of au inttant. i
md aa the captain fell back heavily upon the
'.nor, ihe tramp of more horses was heard,'
md the band ol Marion galloped to the apoi.
The no'ae of birring door* and securing I
the first atory windows of the dwelling wax
heard for a few momenta after the arrival of
ihe American* in front of the hot »e, and
ihen all rtUp^il into tfleoee. The men of
M irion had diainouuted and *urrnund«d the
honae but the ahade of night waa ao gloom)
where Hodman, Stool, and Mary stood, aided1
by the ahaduw of ilie building, thai they an
yet remained undiscovered by friend or foe. (
Ren Urady, the scout, still couched behind
the log, with tho muxzle of the gun directed
toward the window out of which he eacaped,
wh«*re a light atill burned in the room.
Suddenly the moon waa covered by aeloud
and darkneaa rested like a pall upon everything
around. Then the voice of IJrady waa heard
aa h>- eaelaimed—
" Hut. Hodman, come thia way and bring
the girl aid her father with you. Quick, aa
ihe moon will aoon be out again.
Dodman grasped Mary by the arm, and
glided from the ahade of ihe houae, but had
■eareely proceeded twenty atepe when the
mtiulea nf the two carbines were thruat out
of the windove and pointed toward them in
the gloom, while the dusky figures of the 1
troopers who held them were plainly perceiv
able within the apartment.
The rifle of Brady was raiacd in a
twinkle to hia eye, and the three pieces belch
ed forth their contcnta together. A wild
shriek instantly rang upon the air, and that
voice of agony waa recognised by every reb
el aoldier, aa the voice of Mary Steel.
There was an inaUnt ef death-like silence,
1 again broken by the waila of tit* woundtd
firl, but thta lime they w«ra drowned by the
yella of vangeaoe* which bum from the lip*
of Marion'a meo, u, Ilka to many blood*
hound* they ruahod to the aaaault.
" Spare not a man ?*' ahouted a waJI know*
moairal voice, riaing high above tha dio aod
tumult of th« conflict. " Deuh to our op
preaenra I"
" Down with the Bntiab—«o !*
And the aouod of heavy blowa falling upoo
every door waa mingled with the aharp crack
of riflea and the curie* of tha cotabataau, aa
the aaaault progretted
In the raidat of tha cuoflict, aad are aa an
irar.ce had beeo gained lit try Bodmin, fol
lowed by lien Brady auddenly appeared bo*
fore Mario*.
" A down men," aatd the youth hoaraclj.
•' For what'
"There ta an tM-guarrtod «r»y kol* Um
collar by the apring houee
A about brought lite requiem aumVw af
men around him, and tboy followed Ikulava
and Brady to the place of aatraacr A nar
row paaaage led from the epring houae to tha
cellar, and in a few nimutee the party etood
within the building, It waa the work of but
an tnalial for BoJoian to lad the oti:ra.
which they earefully aaeend«»l to the eellar
door which waa nut faatened, and paaemg
through it they aloud in the hall which led to
the outer door of the building It waa datk
aa pitch, they eould hear the atepo of erveral
l*aiJea themaelvea near the end of'the hall
where craah after craah came againat the door
fairly making everything creak aa the heavy
blow* dcacended upon the par.ele.
"Follow me up ataira," muttered Hodman,
m a low tone , and eilently they groped their
way to tha acrond atory.
Aa they reached the top of the «Uira, the
light ahone out from the room where the ear
lnnre had been ditcharged, and they hurried
to the door. Five troopera atood ready for
conflict within thn apartment, while two dead
bodira lay atiir upon the floor.
To diwharge a volley into the room, which
killed evrry trooj>er, waa the work of a mo
ment, and th#n ruahing forward, Drady thruat
a candle into the window and uttered a loud,
well known about. It waa anawered by
>wenty men, and in a tew momenta aeveral of
Marion'a men had mounted tl»e ladder into
the room.
The^ remainder of the combat wu of abort
luration. The Hr imli frit to a man, while
scarcely in American auffered in the (Mint
The wound ree»i»»»d by Miry Steel turned
»ut not to be mortal; and ahoriljr after het
recovery, irh:eh happened abou ten week*
m ' ..vjuont to the attack, ahe beome lb* wile
>f Harry Bo J man . and for many ycara after
warda, two old tin panmara. »urmounted by •
ilaclc cap, could be aeen upon lb* mantlA
l*ne nt»iL ttnin: —rtmui by
A HoOanca in lk>tio<«—The Editor of
iha Cincinnati Enquirer, writing ftom Bos
ton, tella the following aiory . " Weetera
folka feel in thra city u though in a airtight
wuatcoat, for their personal beauty la ao
hedged in, that freedom of action la gwia.—
Thoae addicted to amoking eaprially feel
lw.ee the <Wiro to pp'rnenaie the aireeta,
cigar in mouth, from the bare fact that the
pnem <•* uf the fragrant weed have forbid iia
uae m the atreeta of Boaton I heard an ex
rellent »nec«loie of the ad«enturea of a live
Hooaier in ihia city, which illuatratea the
municpai regulaliona of ihta mummy diaaect
ing city, better than a book. Aftar a few
itepa a policeman tapped him on the ahouldar
ind informed him that the penalty waa two
dollar* for the o(T«nce of amoking. Ha
promptly pulled out a fi»» dollar hill and re
reived a three in change, i'roceading on hi*
walk, hr next met a beggar girl who aaked
for aomrtliing to e*t Krcolleeting that he
had the reinaina of a hunk of ginger-bread,
lho peculiar diet of HooeierUod, in hia pock
rt, he gtinaroualy protfrred it Ua the metxii
cant. Again ha wu tapped on the ahoulder
by the policeman, and it waa againat the lawa
of lioaton to give away oflal, aa it belonged
to the city, and requcated two dollara for hia
grata otlrnce The thrv« dollar bill waa
drawn out, ami when the policeman tender
ed one in change, it waa refuaed by the
Hooeier with the cool remark, 'No, keep it,
1 tkaU want to tehtuU in a fne nunutti.'
It it a lingular fact that wh*n an ladiaa
iwrira he sweara in Fngliah There la bo
uth* in the Indian* vernacular.
What i* tho geological character of ib*
ruck on which drunkard* split f
Mo*t commonly Qcaarz.
•'! remember," »»ya Wealey, hearing my
father Mjr to my mother, "how could yo%
lia»c the patience to tell that blockhead the
nmc thing twenty times of*r'" "Why,"
»aid *he, "if I had told hun but nineteen
lime*, I »hould h**e luet all my labor."
Dean Swift aaid the reason of so many un
happy marriage* waa, "becauae young ladies
iprnt more time in making ncaUthan cage*."
A* beet can breed no poiaon, though they
auck the doadheal juice*, *> the noble mind
though forced to drain the cup of mitery,
can yield but generoua thought* axid high
and noble deeda.
The aocial feelings ha«s not been unaptly
compared to a dark heap of embera, which,
when aeparated, soon languiah, darken, ami
eapirej but, placed together, they grow with
a ruddy and intenae heat.
A friend to the project of aonae ladies for
an eatenaion of their rights, suggests that the
Militia Law* be so amended, aa to sake
ladiea over eighteen years of age, liable to
military duty.
Liberty. The freedom of poverty.

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