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l«ortavilli, Not. 30.
Om of tha moat appalling *"d deatructue
tornado** which haa been eipeneaced in the
Mississippi ValUy for aevervl yearn, occurrrJ
a Sou I H o'clock 18 tha aftrnouii. It swept
over the town of Cap* Girardeau, Miss., ail
uaiedon the Miaanatppi rivar, just below St
Loot*, and demolished a>mr 70 or NO baild
m|T*, many of I hem The finest and prioeij*!
busineaa hwuaen in the place. The Baptist
and Catholic churches, and Catholic cumcul
were destroyed.
In order that y«o n«y judge of the tremen
dous violence of the storm, I will state that a
rttw vraa unceremoniously lifted off* her feet,
on irrrti fir ma, and dcpaaited on the top of a
tree, wMT Iret fnun the ground The l««*
of life by thia awful visitation cannot a* yrt
he ascertained ; but it la certainly v«ry preat,
aa number* are burinl beneath the rum* of
fallen building*. There are also man* per
sons seriously wounded and some of tlirm *o
crippled and maimed that they will never re
cover fiom their tajuries. The town is liter
ally torn to piceca, and looka truly wue-be
Ntwa it Tuwi»r« — A waa
srnt tu [kaioA wffnll* from Auguata. respect
ing the burning of ibe hoapittl, which read aa
follow* :
"The entire nortn *»» »u sa*ed, and
—ten aighlha of th* tna»onry of the remain
der ii in aonnd
The despatch «u publiahed i« a
paj»-r thua *
•• The entire i*»»J *e«en-eigUh«
of the nitniin >i* in "Hind condition.
The dr»{v»u h mm* m»« Hw T«k» »« '•
we hnJ it IB the llerald thus :
"The entire building anJ «**"> other*
were destroyed.
At N*op!u"(i«, Trxw. recently, I young
man «hu«M engaged to be married to i C •: 1 •
dmchwd the engageiwent to hia cwna.n, *b«
fa* ore. 1 the «W lad*. and wh.» 'tnit"*> »>•1 ■
had an interne* with h*T. and threatened to
khout ber if al»e did not e*n aent marry li;'«
She retimed, and i few Java afterwania he
ahot her down, aa ah* waa entering church
In Anderson a young girl of eighteen *»aa
beiteii U> death by her fither and moihtr.
All the murder* ra ha*e been arrested.
Soi tu CatoLiHA —The n.-w (Jo*ernor«j
ibe Palmetto State whose name la John II.
M>*ana, «»»• elected b* tlie Lewalature ..n tlx
I3ih inat. Muu had w *>'t » . Francia W .
P„-k<f a67 . K- dc Treaille . and John Ilr
chanan I.
Joshua J. Ward waa ehoaen Lieut. Go*
ern»r by a *ote of 81 to 6? t»r J II. If^y.
II Kh«TT haaUenelectcd I lil
ted Siatea Senalor for South' arohtva in )■ tc<
of Barnwell, who now h'ld* a aeathy F.iecu
ti»e appointment.
In the Legislature |Oih inst., Mr M<"in
m n("*rf pi<<i«w>l regulations, that the reevm
mendjiione of the .\*ah*:lle < on\n»l..>.» I r a
Southern Cunfr.-ss he arrepwd. and ihjl the
Legislature forthwith profidefor the appoint
mrnt of IVlegate*; that a aum of 80.000 b
appropriated tor anning and defending the
Sute, and that a Police a* stem be c*tab!tsh<d
f.>r |"t»teetin* our propW. >*"•• and frve, f«w<w
e* ;l deaignaul Northern AUiliiioniata.
Si« Outtxa, l>ec. 13.
V*T»L STt**»oIT E*ru»l«* —While
ihe t«w boat Angio Norman *i« on a plea
aure e*cur*io« Hp the met. her boiler hurst,
and a fearful lose of life occurred »>*er one
hundred of o«r MM respectable Citiirn*. and
wteral ladie*. were on hoard. Juniua B«-e
bre. late President of the Tow Boat Compa
ny i* ntMing. Mr. I'eiry, reporter of the
Bulletin, Mr. A. St.lhaao, of tl* No*c!ty
Wntka, New York, and lh« first e gincr.
were killed, wih fifteen other*, i.am » un
known. Mail* wer*ar»er*ly acalJed—nth' r*
alightly injured, including the reporter* ol ihc
CreMt-nt City ami IMta.
Reuben J. Wiley, w1h» anpiireJ aonH> iK'to
riety aa a w;tne«a in the trul ot the W ml
wjrth*. ('iitril Sacn la»t week, and on enter
ing the Saco Houte, wia gteet'-l with a cow
hide, well laid on by Mra. Aaa Wentwonh.
The aSair made ijuite a »tir in town.
W»»'i » to> Mu* mi xt —The NatMn.al
M .nunient at Waakiwgtcn h^a now been ele
*atrd eighty feet from the aurface of the
gronnd ; *«•». pro*id"d the weather r^miinuiw
Ctiorahle fcir a day or two more, will be raiaed
twi• t.et higher U torethe clo-« of ?he ae\»o«
Tht e»illretiona mad» ha*e thua far auSced to
carry on the atrueture.
\ Mouia\ l»u>T.—Among the pawn
ger* wlio arrived at IWton lant w»^k, b* the
•tranH*r Admiral, wm a you>»c Scotchman,
nineteen year* of age. who aland* ac«en feet
and f.Hir ineh.K in height, in hia Moekinga.—
lie weigh* 33'» Itw., and mt aaorea (our feet
ami lea inehe* around the breast. Ilia name
la Angua Mr4*a«kill.
rr\ m.tn by th*' name of King, having
be«n uiijustlf confined in the Ohio Stale l*r»»
04i ».» inn, ha* bf*n released—tlx r»al
criminal confessing the crime on bis death
\V»»M!m«to*, IVr 21.
The Secretary of the Tnuury aixl other
gentlemen mtere«te.| m tb» Dialler, have n»< t
at the nouns of Henry i'lay, thi* morning, to
cooler l»«grther oo the subwet of the tariff.
UtiTivuii, Dee. 23.
Since Friday evening Ust, there hate arri
ved at thi» port 1(1,000 hags of Ru» eofft-e —
The produce market is firm under the new*
by «tcaiush:p Africa.
EwntMssT.—The ciammation of theal
edged " fugitive," Henry Lung, u we go to
prese, is proceeding amidst amidst a c»»l deal
of eiritement. and a great crowd at the City
Hall, before the 1 nitcd States Commissioner.
The result will soon be known.—.\r%c Yi/rk
Hrpr*u, 7V*Ary fi».
Neither branch ot Congress *u in session
on Saturday, having adjourned over till Moo
day. There are minors of a oil •understand
ing between Mr. Webster and Mr. llulsr
mana, Austrian charge, about the kind treat
ment the Hungarian refugees have received
in thiscouatry. Mr McCurdy, t\ S. I'harge
to Austria, is in Washington, but will not be
sent out till the chivalier Hulscuian retracts
■otne hard word*
New Yo«, I>ee. 84.
Ameed. barque Druthers, fium Guayamlla
—by «Inch wr hive dam to ibe 13th. Abun
ili*l rain* had prevailed throughout Porto Hi*
r*>, ami the proepect fa coming crops were
(Littering. Small parc-ls of new augar sold
<wi the north »ide at A 1-4 centa for St. Thom
It waa generally auppnftrd that augara would
open at ihreu to four dollara aa quality.—
Molaaaea, ten a twelve cent* |»r gallon —
Nothing doing in eoflea—picking bang re
urded by heavy ratna. Tlie cirili^tll rtl
ati*r to Lopes. Mill continues.
The weather to-day la delightful.
The Niagara, from Liverpool, tscomtng up
in tow of a steamer, dismasted. (T*l. la Port'
land .VnM.
Tlrre ik a dog in Ro&hury. Massachusetts,
who haa acquired the habit of ehewtng to.
liareo lie is shunned by all ibe dceeut dog*
of the netghSorho«d.
" Illustrated with cutv," ami a toung ur
chin, a* Imi drew hia jack-knife scruas the
leavea of lita grammer.
The man that waa knorked down in th:a
citv last wrek by Cm Sling n likely to re
co*« r, hi» n«r having been treati^l at • cold
water ewtshlishtm-nt. Sling waa taken at
eleven o'chick the day following, by two eon
staMr*. having been fouwf sweretrd in a bar
A hen-|<eckrd husband aaya that instead of
he and his wife being one, they arc ten ; fur
ah« la I, and he is 0.
A waggish candidate, coming in the eourv
■>f In* eanviM, to a tailor a shop, "what *'
look for here," said he, "ara measures, not
Fits —"I'll go tf 1 are fit," waa the e«•
clamation of Mrs. Tweeters, aa Ik r husband
demurred against her atterxlirig a hall. " I'll
go if I see fit" V ery well then, you'll »■
fits if you go," waa tlie ahort and crusty an
Klihu Uurrilt aa\» the best ntu^k Jnf>s
for lad:e* are t» drop the practice of dreaainj;
thin wlien lltcv |fu out in the night air.
|W»" IV trains «m the Atlinth* .V St. I .aw
rvnee Kail RmJ, lute cootmued to perform
tiieir n .-ular tri| *. notwithstanding tha aever
ity of the tnow storm an 1 the mas.s of consol
idated snow now on the rruund. In imi one
rise ha*e the* been ni«rc thin fifteen mmuto
behind their uine.
In enn*ijuene<' of the *er* heat* and Mock
in^ snow which we have bad, and th<- blow me
of it to-d.iv, no train left tr*terday afternoon
tor the west. We also understand that the
llalh train in eoniinjup intlie forenoon, keel
ed o*er in a uiuw dn(\. The train* also on
the Water*ilk Koad, have a good deal re
(brhtma* Frttival.
TS» l.triM and funs'* nf lb# |tj^>li«l "*•*»!»
• f \ '»«», will h-l.l a (wIJk I'rstiial uaTutsdat
r«< nuif, I*rr. SI. at the
\ imi \ ,]r. lK« r*"*! t" l» HMM (■
I ii> wr \|mk I i ijiUir f*ir» Kr'ifi <.» U nhip
m s«m! llall.
Tfca M^K.II'IIINF. wknh th<» I • p«"
ihiw sill I* is Ihr ^ l> t»ii)iu{, a«l
pU\«i !•% a fsllnsm limn |'«nu
Our ui th» •lliiftina U lb# will Lr a
oecamuvuvss tush:
• h cH, tsilh lb' bl iri siJ Is- U.Wti oilS »itnW»
luital «• I* II alxi.lt |*f»rnt». A li •*»» i4
»,!' ii( nU, i«rk as OTalktf■ I III 11*.
I \M>. s.J MiMCCritiNAKt
J-± sUJ'i'i.M*
s ill ak-> h> oppiird. (•* th* ari. in-n »l»'li<.« of iw h
shall siill t» l<ali"»ii« II; anl |#iluv« nant
|. ' . a h . Ii.itr 1.1^ Ism waiting U Until, uui
at lul lis! »■ mr iHrir.
\\ hit* it ta ih* I' i'IijtI to n.x 1u i tSr\ Infi
ll* make lh» «**aiK«w i* nf kifli ►i-ial miiinril.
'|*V i ill n»l tdjiru ik'swliri »*• wiiir . I<i tit
irl tViw xti ins loan vr jaili—Ui Ui ih* ritiama
gennatlt. sn.1 In the k>«<** of aiiMK in (lartxuU/,
in th.» simI lllf nri^hU*n«C I' Wm
\ilS»ir i4.^ri ii lu inrrrtir i Lis »( SjfifJ
Mmir, al al lh» lanir tunc iwf <»*r thr fa< ilum,
>■•1 m I'l, f.r lit rn^ tU«r it, ll»»-| l(U«l ill- II lliutltri
mil Is- afi^uinl and thrir rA.iti Hrimfil.
I> -.fthr ||all «f*« al S o'ck«rk .\ Jaaittanr*
ISISciuti. " I hiiJita half^xirr."
Till*. I l> 1 I\ %L. skr H WII lu I mr off at lS<
trj Irmi llal. Ofiit'iui I'.tr. n a'oiml of th»
sislkrr |>st|W<l Iv WVJwiJji ntn (, Janua
ry I. 1*31
N«na;,Dir t7. I«S0.
\\ a.*> itrnrd &• %•**> of lh» Cum»» I'..ninn«»i- n.
nti Ciwl wilt I* b'<l'lrii at lk» Tmnwrf'i
Ottwr ji Palis, mlhin awl fx tlir I inn $>( Oi
fc»il. urn Tlwirsilat, the »• v<nj«I Ja% "I J.nuir\. \. I»
l«j| IV. anW.
luiiJ WM. K. KINBH.L, CVtk.
I.i \- v« lli' IS*h inal.. Aimer !» I«*e
yu\ and Vmi M P. lira;;, U*h »f
II' iiiand, 21 •( mil., Vn Kb.. U Wwdhw*,
m ' i» >.l IS* hi* lUiijiiM l«y, o( ibi«
l •»a, ajrd *3
In S«ik I'mii, A«( ]•). I'JO, ifl'f a Hiilmi
i 4 i.f 7 wrrk*, Harriet K Ctim>-nii(t,
ac»d 7 tnii iwl 13 iU«.
TV* WhI m ithin an e»rl* (rate
Thai t*•'ui ami (air;
l>b. Im |ainn'i brail* »«f lorn tailb |ii«f
\Vhf<l ibrt MM tbr«l U« hrr Ihifr.
lint the (haft «t IValb bad piererd h»r h'art.
Ami •lillml ill hraliaf* loo
Mr* (Mirr vmnf fired (lorn dllat,
lla* Hi ibr rrahna brio*.
T ••• )«l » fr» *h»rt iU*a l*<*»
That brf Kraft l»al li{ht ami fire—
Ami thr «»r»l ».>«r* of brr tok* were heird
.*iM<inf M toothful (W.
hha »w brr parent* joy and prnle—■
Thru U*l linn, laurel child.
With Imai lhal »«« rarr litter,
A ad lewfirr »»f»l ami miU1
Ob, b<>« »' uU brr luifbi nri Jiintailblear»,
Ami brr bwl »itb ftirf oVrdna,
Whrn abr M* thr »i^til uf milriu^
(H branl ihr toaad uf tot.
t'b' «aa a fatutilc ailb ail
^ bo Iwt ;.er |nnrli» worth ;
ller m ho.l-in.t r* ^tinnl In trr brr die,
Ami hashed ittrir tuttibl'ol uttrlb.
Oh. aho ran 1*11 tba depth of a«e
lhal lille-llhr a. thai', b»art,
Whrn *br .a* I ha light U.W from brr eye,
Ami lur ruee fma her rherk depart.
llrr lather Urn, ami olbrr ftieada.
With hrarla all ervahrd ami turn,
!*ta the Inted imw cltuif ami (adr aa«i
L'We a flower M the rail) uiura.
Bui I»| the n»Miner• reaar in wrrp,
Knr Harriet hl>nna im high;
llrr h I* With thr aagel* now
In realise tw«oad Ibr ak«.
llrr taiea <mrm I Hard an twartlr here,
la heard in traliua motr tait
H.i iikMirn no mire, \r tinken ooet, .
Il»t •Ifirr tumrrt hff Uklt. Qiffi
a HtriM'x.naiiisrT
'I'lir. hifla pnailioo nhirh Sartain'a Magaiinr hut
1 ...kith .I in irtanl In il* liieiarjr rluiirm, haa
I ate Iwln *e, wW l*ea» iptltMinl, ,\u Anxiuaii,
ami no l.«u»|*«n ■Mfatiar haa erer airateil in ila
rnfyx( a nmar aeroattiiliabetl roi|ia of ruttliilMlota.
MiihU of ibr hifheal hair, fiom ihr Aral,
Sen rm|X.«rtl In wnte far il With a lira, bo«>
efet, In Jraw (nth, (■* the tier of oik rtailfii, ar
Ik-Ira uf alill greater liW, ihr | ropa irtore h-iar ite
trrmineil, in ail.litow In the |<trarul ootU) lof lilrt*
ar\ tirtilr iUiu n», la offer th.- turn of
mil ten rnizr. aiitici.i-s;
To be ptal4itbe<l nxmthl* I ill ihr teraee i* rnr»i|ilelea|.
Tbia offer 1a rnlittl) different frmo lh» aaaunl
n K'inei laeannf the aame name. Th oar at hemea
^er« raltr an a| parent)} hifh flitr fur a
w «• *tMK'l, m ilH<'ii| |H)tting anj limit MpWI the
I leti^lb, an! rlaimmf aa (nHnilnw all Ibal «l • not
(Maniif. Tbiaa ih« \ tifti-n, under ihr a|H*ar
a»re of lilieeality , air ot.l» toiler ie« lawrwi a Uije
ill got of nuttrr at • amall erne. Tbiaa, alao.
1 <beir phfnel.ui fill mil their |»ra« Jaeala fintia naoatlli
lu month with alnura of inlrrminatiic len;lh, Ihr
autb f all > ttill wiile ibe Unseat atora, tring ptel
'» aine of raining the prlie. In our |iUq, .>n ihe
witrari, ihe wntrra nre limited, aa In »| -in . no
article leia| ai-rr|iti'il »lnrb r*< mli a »ei) moder
alt leaaglh. We aaanl Ihe lll'ST ailitk-a, aal I be ,
•■••Heat. M '«r«>*ef, all ihe |iierr« ahirh d» MOT
(*,n * |»lt« are la l»e irtutnr.l l-i lb* authnaa, link a*
■>lber«iM ariJtialnl f »r. In olh-f laurila, ihe '
|nNnhera offer In |'4« (>r rarh of thear tprriat at I•
cte. lb'aunt of O.M*. III NPKCT) |Mt|.LAH*.
Their iJ^rl la |o aeame, laaidra iheir uaual »B- ,
riet* anil r««rltrnre of matter, a aenea of monthly
arlielra enliitl) »ia|»ra<if In an* Ihinf heretofore
|*l>'liKeil in lh<' mtj irine. Their hat* drtrttnanrd ,
In plarr iheir maratine^ia teape«iy» iU hteaat)^
cha'arlef. le-taod the narli of onaaprtilo*
The |>ie,ea olnnl in e»m|irlatNiO n.o.i la- pre
•» itf-l Laf.te |b>- fir at of April, IHJI. Tilt) iitay
t alee, raaata, or ailit lea of a ruierellannnaa r hat •
»ftit, arcording In Ibe latle or judgment of the
• I Ufa, I Ml muat le I>n wl^rrll of frteral irlerral,
inual hr of a eh.ll after auilr<l lo iialrieat ibe final
ma«a of readett, tmaal contain aonHthin( tlilkin^,
anJ libelt In aiteal attention, ami mual, mote«iter,
hr of i»H|<rale lenfth,—aaj almul ii> or ti|hl mag
aline pafer.
In aeleeling from ihe arlicU a <>ffei>i|,lhe |irofMte
|.ia ail le fitnnnlli* I ha denaianif a rotiimillrr
of eom{vlenl andijiai 'letralfil jO'ljea, aih- ae namea
• ill hr anamanml in ihe Man li mIm th" Mflf1
aiinr The |mlilieali>'n of the aetiea mill be i 'in
mrnrril laamrdialrlt after the Jreiainn of Iherwo
iBitter, an I nxh arti< k* atill I* | jiJ ftr the nv -.lh
n|».i ahuK il 1a |*bli<hnl.
Ml <vntrila>ti 'ia rilenJeil at pill" ailii lea. an oat
lie maikeil ai*«' rJinjU, with ihe name of ihe antli i
in a aealed tllelft, (ablth taill n .| lie o|«ne<| till
tha an irat ia tirlari tin'i.l,) ami m.i.i le> alilitaaeil,
l« .i |.ai.l, i» JOHN MAKTAI.N It CO.,
lit I'hiLailt I) haa. I
Farm for Sale.
THE FARM now neeupird br
OnrU. II>11 • '*C*• ( I- ailualni in
t!ir I m ii | Vt alri(«il, ila«| im> miW
___ \\ «|. . I. t.l I i \
I mwli ll'-aj lra.!m( 11 \..i»a% \ iMajr >a*l
farm n.ntaina nnr humlrisl ami rijhl M ir». f Uiitl
a{ |fc>t I*>"*«! t.» W <«»!, I'attut t''£,
at-lfilUfr. \ f-kI iik-iI « I. hiw, c«m»«nwnt
lulu lllil >KI<4MlUin(«.
Tnmt fan, and in. tw^l.atr |c«»« «i..n fi»*n.
I'b* MitmUu, imjum- f
< IMI II. It. t A HI I 11, I'aii* II.I!. ,
Dm, rr, kw. u.if
Sheriff's Sale.
IMKI'.N IlitfidMni, nmj mil I# Mill »• I'mIw
1 \ Anitf film
ii%% . II l*j|,.il ifif Mi-"' «»l ll*»*»% •«
I'mm, til tK* VigHt •»» «»f rrt»>'j ii«»n ulnih
K 1 •• »*«»»« I'.lf I|i| III |\m» Sol, when llir Mnr * ••
•ii •« He I mi ih# m mi i|t ii| hiWnni*f ft 11 un
ip.iI r*( ilf »iiH4tfi( m r«n« ; l»» J |wi»l iliHil-i*
Vi| irimlrrpil i«r it% nmj luri eight H lb*
Mill r«'ifr l»»t« in mi>I I'urii, Uii; the H<iHm°
Uim III mm! am! th- •«nir |»frnn»r« im-tl
l i^nl I \ the • n«l |ftmtii« si|ii'«h» I iiinn In
In .1 iIiIhI MiH 2*1, IMti, *n.l WMfM Hilh (K
U l Itn.mU |Uik ?.%, I'ar 4l». Mhxr ietefn.«r
ntn U h ul lor IttrlHrt pAiliiuUfl.
jG^R DREW, Ih*k* MK»itT.
r«rii iKc 23. IVV>. 3* H»
\ CiHi: XT \ \TION U« I'M Tl IKI*.
I mm Muart'% • rlobrntnl I'mntiui;.
•Pill* I.IRfil' \Mi M\«.MI HTNT POR
I nurrop \\ uiiixotox, t*m im m
■ I \ • i. i i MfitC| •• (MMWM Ml HM
Itilr »rri |t, | i \mr nnr of (Sf m »»t l«-4-itiful tpfC!
W'i «•( art #%ec | uliSuliril, i" I a t >ftRI( I |.|ft ?•
M»« of \\ %%|f|ni.f n% T||i ii|f ( lb# |Ute !•
r hlrefl t«rhe* t«rnl> e«»lit, %%h.«h mill it*Ar n
K i '• UK |*»rfn»r f*-i I \%r I'ufUf, «n<t »h uM I* in
I Kciili «<( nrfi \m«iM ii rilif^i
It )• .i • • fi ' I r- | * fi«-in .^Imrl'a i t»»«leil i*i ij*
mil Pni'itH ,, AnW l( the Milt II Haiti»»J»
It i« fltrK r"(r»*».|, ami pint*) on •m|«i»mv
pUte l^aprf. That it nui n* within lli* una •• • f
• , th* i*«Mi*h r hi tciiiMr%i the pike U> DM'.
AH Ntfcuiii frmiltinf ih# •• Mini mat rel% uf*-n
rrrn%nif J |#lir I I |>> h |r||irt| of n%ail In *«n%
[sirl of tbf I mtnJ St !•••«, r4»rtull» | ul up on rtllrn
in j !# f r th* f fur • f |» •1*^'.
AJ Irrii all of Jrrs, |--*l-|*.«t«1, tu tli** | ul !i%Srf.
join - I \NLOR,
lli H<«ok«'-!Vr *t*\ rdblUNTi N« • Vtnk.
Saie ihr Drunkards.
mi:* u \>n:i»
'I'O >rl| a N- • I'll Ixul WmI, folillril Till.
1 lu' > I'UN HMD nil. DOTTLX, r iir|irlr
irif titm/Jti »/ iKt uppm—U >'< li ►/ l"*prr
«a i ami i*f« v'""t IvaiMilull) ilUi.iralt<1 «ilh
HIIMTI |'.«i.na» >'.11 I'liMn |I|I«'II|I'
I. ii. lArluaitr "(!>'* "f CumlKi (i«rn in all
cam llu«iiir»j hh n i an uuWr u«r liumlrrtl dol
lar* i#r
Th.w wi»hip( an .i(rKt i.f iHf «i>rk will 1
.!rr*a lb' »ul«»riil"-r, Fv«T r»lli, a rirrwLar
• ill I* mil, (ili.>( a <!••«IH'Immi . I lh» Muik, lb*
ruannrr in nlnrh i< i« l« i|i»("'*"l l»r. ii.
IIORAI l' w I VTWORTII. Mlliliir.
3,ti Hi Mi \\ 4ihm|li'n filrttl, llwlun.
ISmw <VCC r.r.C'VMiW.
MRS. H. W. G00DN0W
HiS ;u»t rrrrittd a ij*» and
pi beautiful iiMitmnii «f Mil
LI* I * I OooU», and » i|ll» >ia|>
l>» In wail h'f fuciula and
ai ummI.
'TT V n1' HWJhj
ft 4- <•• nifnily m kind;
ami aII i*4f tr»mr a dt*tamrr
j» «i/v'y ttfudtd («. #1
j Nuraai, l>K. 10, 1*00. 41
U'lir.KF.AS M...« Ratlrr nf IWihrl, in ibr
r,«a(i 4if I KUil, un Ihf l*miv(iwth ilai
nf Ni<ltmlrr, A. II. I**i»ilf»inlni*tiln) to mr
a n»Mi Jafr iM »l ih it tUl', rrr<iriir<| «.th M\l»t.|
\ *'I. I'ajr 1W; rrlt-n-iirr In aa. il
m l» hot f.r a <U mii|.li<>n of tbr |«rtm~« ihrrrK
ni xtfafnl And »lirrr«, thr ( vxlili .nt of Ull|
<ir ■ I luir lirrn hmlira, I ilaim a (iufftnaif of ihr
liiw arr<mlin( lu ihr »Utnlr in >wh i iwi n.a.lr
aiwl p»u»i.M. E. L. ri'MMINCS.
IW. !», I«00. 3» 41
ymialtlrnliii'a XrIo.
N OTICE II h'-rrln jiirn that l>» fiitar of a li
rmw from ihr linn. Judgr of |'iol«lr in anil
f.rf ihr I'.rnnt) of Otford, iherr will hr r\|B>*r.| f,,r
Mlf at tbr h-aiM- of i in*C«M>, in 11< Uun in mhI |
< on lh' fithln »lh <Liy of Jimuty iirfl, m
In n"« li'lt in the Um««, Ihr Krai llalalr uf .Vim
arl \V. |n(aH«, Utr of llrl* • >n in thr C«Wil« of Oi. ,
(•ril, dm awd, OH liklinf lt»r of ihr Wid
.»*'• IVim-r llnrin, f < ih< |oni i< of Ihr j.i.i
i drtas nf raid ilrfra^nl, tlurtn of a.lniimitration,
inl Inrotrn'al rUarj^* f»aid Rr-.il lUtatr ailui
trd in ihr ti>»n of Hrtiroi, in County, r.,n
•Klinf of rifhlt KIM of ( »„| UihI mhIi a linr thnf
' It orchard and lanldmr* thrrron.
A>V\ l\tiAI.I>. A.tminutratri*.
I>atr.l ihil 13th daj of IW. IH30. 43
*hriill"» *»nli-.
| litrnaii, us
qi.4KF.JI E*wiiIioii an.) mill la- told al puldir
| 1 Aarl>n al Ihr Inn of Pry* II. Ilutrhina, in,
, llrihrl. »n Salartlar Ihr twrnM-hfth da< of Janu- 1
Ian, l«51, at onr oVlnrk I'. M , all thr richl, titlr
ar».i inlr*»*1 tthxh CLEMANT 8EA\ ^ ha* or
ha.) ai ihr tia* thr «anw »<n attachrd on Ihr mif.
I1W.I Writ, to ir.lrrm lh# farm «n »hwh hr lifr*
with Ihr laiihlmc* lhrrn«i. I'urthrr imrlH-tilar* a*
lo trrma, Itr., al ihr tin* ami fiUre uf aalr.
IMhrl. IW. It, IH*o 3.45
Plate of Maine.
Oirtinr, :
To ihr Sheriff* of our CootiIm nf rWlnlaml,
<vi* . Yolk, Olfurd, Ll«wll( Krawlrr, Pf».
I. H | nobori'l, llanrix k. Washington, WiliU,
»»V ' 1'ianklni, Hiwi'Ip'I, I'iwtlMiiii, i»l
Arnoalook, of rilhrf of tbrir lb|Mitiri; |
or to lh» ConateUt of i»» of ihr ln»ni
in Mid (<wiiiri. (Imitimi
\TfT. CoH«««n Voe to ni»rh tKr [>»«!■ i.| n.
V» M m M 11 i i ■ I ■■ and I'.m « J. |*iim i',
»f Klnriliin in ihr Count* of PKioixilh in.|
I'mniiH nwri'lti of ll», \ f • n.rn, forim tl«
|>aitnri> iimlrt ihr (inn of f. It I'.. J. I'ntd, to lh" I
lal-ir of oik- h'imlir.l il >IUli; •»J »uoini >a ihr til l ,
IVf. mlanta, (if lh«j tna* l» found m )• 01 |mrnwt,) |
In a|i»»r l»f> ir '*ii JimIm* of i«r hitlriti Cmil
r.T Ihr Wrilm |)i»tri< 1, orxl lul«' li •! Un al I'arit,
within ami (or ••tir »*id O'UilJ of on i(1>[
K-omd of Nnwmliri, A. D , IV/l, tlirn
■ml lhr»» in our raid C.«»• 1 lo amwrr unto Vithni i
irl 4*. |'..rd. of Siminrf in (In* ("ouni* of OiPtd,1
Vmmiti, in a |>k a rf ihr ra«r, f> r (hal Ihr «atd l>r
f< mlanl*, al Snmrrr, l» wit. al I'arta, i n th» d.i» • f
llir | ui< ha»r of (hit Will, l*-n»g i .'UU. 1 ta ihr
I'l-iiMliff in ihr turn of ihittj-onr il .llan,f>i lalanrr
i>f arruunl acrordinc !•» ihr a<raonl annrxnl, thro
• ivI ihrtr in rmaiilritliiiii llirnnf prnmiarii ihr
I'UinlilT In |M) In in lh« *a'<v iu* on i)»nu i.| Vrl
ih-ngh oflrn itiiiMlrd, ihr iaid IW iv'ant, kiir m-l
| .ii I Mlil auin, lull nrglrrt ami irfutr an In ilo. To
ihr iUma(r . f ihr »ai<l I'lainlilT (a« hr •»>«) tin
•urn of hm humlrrd iK IUi*. »hiih *hall llirn ami
lhr«r Iv mail* In iifirtr, wmH olhrr dur I'tmagra
Ami hafr jnu ihrtr ihi* Wiii, uith y.ur doing*
Wiram, JosLI'll O. Kitrim.n
I'irt*, llii* twrnl) (illh «la» «.f hr|ilrmlrr, in ]
thr >< at i f mir I. >id i.or ihoUMnd rijht hood- >
trd ami (ill«.
WM. K. KIMIJAI I,, Vital. j
OircllD, i« Miami Cmil, W'Minn DitltKt,
N'i<irn>l»i Tma, A. D. IHW
AMI iioaa II I||<«>tl>| III l|r I Vlf* ll»l lU* • n I (
Ikfrrnhnti mr i»il mUI iNII* nrAli ^lalr, ml
hitr imi A(rnl, Truant aif * It inr\ ihrrrin, that
I In If (•■*!« I If r«lal> Itaar larm •llarhtil i.n ihr Ur
(••in( Mill, and lliat no Kt«lr» ihftnif Ii.k lam
iiMilr D|>H| llirni It n ih'itlirr milftf J lhal ihr
• ml I'Uinllfl ii..lift ihr >Jl I l>rf< mljnu nf I lie prn
ilrivi of lb•• mtli rautinr an llltilnl of tint
Will an.t On!r» iJ Cnuil ih' f^ n, »«• Itr pililithr I
Ihfar arrli mrimiwh in Th* OftCaraJ |)nm< r«!, i
a (Hinlrl at 1'ant in Mill Ci nnl), tkr
Ua| |u(ilirat« n lii l» ihift) <U)> it Irtil laf.ir tli
n»*l Trim < I' tan) Ciad, to lir |> .Uirn at l*a*ais .11
ihr arr.m.l Tn> .<la\ til' June Mil, l i Ihr •ml llial ,
thf miJ l>a (• n.lanta imi thrn and llntr <11» ai tn.i
thraa caii.r, if an lhrt lilir, »ki JkljUW <1 all 41IJ
""t l« inailcirO agaitul thrm aiul IXrcutmn wc
Alt t. W M. K. KI M lllll., CltM.
Cm 1 I"•*!•'«all "» Wnt and IWcUiiti 'ii ami* 'iOv»
w Cotut ihetrmt. 45
Aitrai.WM. K. KIMftALL Citu.
WOOD \M) TI.Mlir.lt I.AM), Ar,
l oll HALF., I
ri! third | ail i.l all lh«- iral
il« ■ ' f"' •' ■•'a''1 of tlir1
' I llll li' I. | MAN.
.. UL IrCTM^I, t*( Pijrlwirj;
ilillag §4 a ikM r*rt «f a TAlwaUaRtlM^i lartMEfl
I v. . r.i* I, on whirh thrr* u a laif* hi «*f
h» .*»% (imlirr, fttxt in JuimUnif of hihm); ihr iim.
I**r *u>l m -•<•! mil ^ • M »■ i« imte» or ihf vhulr
Tlif i4 cntiiiii IIIlM I
Th# inlrtrM I half in ih- h >mrilt4il pltrf, (thr
•>14 liinn ifnni),) il KiuUmc, ot it n<n atanJi;
Inpibif htill wnn uf inn «f inlrtvalr nrir
if, in.1 in in jm»%r<l l< I •»! ikf iMHfhwr*! «» U of
>uik'» Hill. my n»»frr»t m «n original t *ni
l*t, r< riirlih| ' f kI^'hI fifiv irrri. Alio, tm intrr•
r«l in |K<* «<r igirftt Srhiaol ltd, iirir lUnmiun \\i
lr)*« in .N »ili t'i\rl«»r$, i»f IMM9VI) Mlllikl
! I | |1 »•. h | 11 lilMt ll lM • • 11 • r» !i- '
»Wr I.i'kU." tu llafbrMrc*# (rani, in Si «»# » I
Sl«»ri luiui, mL|\ s Slirrniin^iiiiiiniitiai't; f« nn*f*
r»f •»(" lotiir IWOiirrrt, I •> Vr tttrti an un*« l<| .»><l
«.?»*»!•! ihirl j irt «f r« rtam |>ierr« of larj »n
V rth • al'iim, V II , ihr profcm ul
Mr. PjmkI l.»KIM| J(., ruixiltinf I<| u > Lti u|
Ja>ul mm Jirrrt.
N. It. I I ball Im* in t*nrlnrr{ until the fo»t c»t
J * 041% . if an* |m»t 1 unbfa l » |u«<lt4>o i.,>
irtnrti ill an* i-art of tin* |n• J# 111«thr\ Mill | La**
t ill. Tor luillo r |.4rlirnl.tit, HM|intr « I
111 NR1 h DM UOT R
r»^l »rfa Not. !«v>. Snl2
Salt Pheum.
W II ll»* 11 irii i
l! I »t* •• «J W v 1!. I n
Of* I'ltrnf (f. f r «.f
N4l( v M.I Kill I ^1 4ikI ta}»#r h ia, « •
< * t• 1 \ 1 • '«! || 1 i »'! »,':!• !• •
«• ihr t» «t «iiirir (hi our opinion) ffff in«««n|r%l fur
hu'ii'»rt (•nr'illjfi lill n»* ir ci|«*« nil* ltli«*avn.
I II . . . ! . M I. U r *
r m 1 » 1 Mi tU D P
>1 i Cn L llitl . 1 J Hi
g, tKm Cbm 1 1 * Mm*
J«4in \ViMia»a# IWaln®, Mita ; Jrvar Ihutin, lljth.
Salt Hhrom~Trufu«t*a Contp4>iiud«
I r un ill* l* >rtWnd Chriftian Mirrvr.
\\ . Wi'ig |4I4^IJ|U I."in tip I.l'' •
• 'r» Trlr{m|»h, |H»Ui»hr<| in lUih. ihr rr»»Jrnf « f
Mr. Tiufinl Til*' «!i.ir «• fM «.f i*i* it » , i!( r»r*
1 uiii^tanrr* in * hi<*h In* ma ht« ill •« % n%, a* %%••II
4« ih<* inin\ • tT«» luul |r«U lu %«hi<l« irinr.U Iiai
l*rn »ul 1 r'iti, arr an a kqialf fijul to th*- I Mir
.«44in«t n»i| 4>«Mi*»o. Thf mr lib* a m* inl^'r of
«Hir larniU ua* «l*Mie innch lu •rruir r nfi«l« rK#- in it*
• :* . »♦» W\ lo*j< Mr.TiuU '■ i
urr m lhf |»rr|ui4lH»n l » ^Utr onr i -I i, in fon*r
ij'irnrr ol ll»* (run m( ilrau 11 i *r h • r-KT»(-MU^|.
I-r| it n< I (U|i <»rr4tr.
Iti n» nt i n S n i Km »i n - \\ . . 4U ati#n
tion In lS»* atliriiiifiiKit of ihi« uW'lf ninln inr
it. another rwltmc It hat l»rn •r ! that n«»
infallible innrsS f>K ihif l-»4th«* ilitr- itf ruulj
I■ (.«!■.! lint IfMitl MMMMfai I ill tM
•n«li«i<1uaU in a!in*»«l rtrn |*.nt of ihr f-uMn,
«%hi«h hatr irrn, an) from ihr j»^i» m i! tr»ti
nn»nj i»f man> "f tat tiirnth an«l arqwin!aiirf«, %ih<«
lu*f rrrrifnl |»rnnnrii| U im lit fn m hi* lurificinr,
»f are miMilraiiNHl l«» Irlirff ih«t Mr. I'm » nr
h.ia nrrrfdwl in ili»n \funj a mmpi'iip I mIim h, if
a|«f)l»e ! in a faiihfvl irnnn*r, Mill antirrlv <nr« 1 fro
th» m«4l ••iMtinatr rate*. || \$ |>ot a »h »it ||m
» nrr \|r. TruCnl hat ri n*t ntr«! I • »pr«a<l thi* n»* «l
i< hit Irfi.ir thr [ uUir, Kit atira ly n»«th<«*(*aiMt4
h4%r Imi inJii*-r«l to In it, am! fir a» cat U a»*
r» ilrfi u I, *% ilh ihr* in *1 rtattr rin:; nirrfii, I* lh«*
ii'iiwrimi rrrlil'ritri of |aiiniiit ami Irllrra Irom
4if- il». rvm in hu pinifMMi h ill lU'wiinlK «li h
N«»l only i» lhi« r^iifiJr I*r'<m»r4 rveedni i'> 1-1
ular ia thia cnaintiv, l*it l > wir arridrnt a l>>ill»bt
pjrkaj* aa aa ramnl lit i • ( i-ur iKip nuili.i to
vi ati|'i4in<*iH'r m llnir, I'lam ■ . Th» pi' j-a*itia-a
of thr mftlinw hating hrtn amplt and «on>L ilnllt
I r.itr.l 111 an atlonunitf mrr, ihf rlWl Im« Inn
that of.lrrt f r bl(» ijoantltiit hatrlxn diir<-lnl
It. ihf pr> | »wi»r. In l» I 'ttaaitlnl l i llatrr ami ila
ti< inilj. All wlm ait If" lilrd with the >all Khruin
at ill d'> attll 111 (itr H a fti'hl'al liial
Thr |riniinr it (,t >alr in I'ai ia lit lluWmiH aV
S'rtrn., Smlh I'aiit. I'hina.n Mortal Nnit.ii,
Wnt. C. Ow4mW| Ca I-. I'lanrtt, lla'ir .n. I ian-1
• it lllakt: lUkArlil, I!. Alwwl Ik Co.; 'IVrnrr, '
Ma Ufat k Ok.| Uhwa, Ma Harm k • Jat.
Jorl I'.ilta (lai h hit t(m|| ifayilla N. I'n£
Land. I'or foillarr piuof an i luf'aaiann* I'f thr ai
lirlr. |W. Jl Sm|\*
.Nolirr «f I'orrrloturr.
N lh» third »!jv i f FMmium in ih* irir nf mr
I. .11! nitr ih mi. <>>.( ri< ht hiindrrd »») fortt ninr,
JONATHAN KIMBAI l . i Ural hlkiOnh
• if <H(»rd and Stat* of Uainr, YHiiiiiii, rwitrtrii
I" mr, ihr uri.l. r.igrw-d, |>« <WJ nf mortjigr of f^i4|
■Uu ilult rrfnil.il in ihr lti|i>lli of lhrd«at Frit*
lairg hi • ii.I unit of Otfonl.Jrinr thr WniMi
ll'|i"lri i.l limli i<ir Mul County of Oxfi.nl, and
rm.nlnl 11-4 '21, I'arr XHi, a rrrlain Iron or par
rrl nf land •itiMtnl in I.'•*rll in uM Co«»ly of (>\
f.»»il, lirmg twi roinplrlr lr>l» Ml »»••! Iiwn. Alto,
u»>thrr Iran l< m( I ol N<t. 21 in ltv 4th Ditiaion
of Lol« in Mul liiMnnf |...trll, lmiUi ling otw hiind
rrd ifm toorr or Irn; whirh Irarla of land air
m-'fr partouUrlt ilnrnlml in aaid IVa-d ami llw
'id In wliii h rvlrrmrf itiut lw had! xthwh Mori*
fagr Mai rondilronrd for ihr pavmrtil of rrrtain
aoma of lltonri ihrrrin mrntioiird. Thr ronitili.i i
of »ai.| haalirrn brokrn.hy rra»on »hrtr
of I i Lim a I .rrt luiurr,
J \ Ml> HONRS, J *.
I'ioIwj, |Vrr. 13, InM. *Sw4ft
I Wlllllll»<llllll'l>< N'olilT.
U'li hating l»tn appoint* d lij ihr Hon. Jndjr if
I'nJuIr fur ihr (ounlt ol Otli id, to rrr. itr (
'nil r* minor Ihr rUima nf tfir rrrdltore of JOXA
TH AN ItOliKKTttOM, lair of Itrihrl m >aid
I ouiilt, <lr<< a«rd, tthoar eaUlr i» r*|*r»rt»l*d m
• dtrrtl, gur nolMr that aik Mionlha, rominrni io«
ihr Ittrnly-aixlh ilajr of Ntl rnilirr, I>, I ""SO, |
ti itr U-rn allotted lu Mid rredltora 1(1 tiring in and
protr ihrir rUirnr ; and thai •••ill alhrtd thr arr
ti re a«»ifit.il oa at thr huaw of Janna U ilkir, in
llcthrl, on thr thirteenth dat of January, thr laralt
• ixth ilay of Mart h, ami Ihr mmty-aiMh day of
May wii, from too tu ti«r o'rlurk in tlir aflrrnxun
i>f rath of aarj d.ita.
J WII.." \\ W Ml:.,
Oatrd thl* 26lh dat of .Nov. 1*30. I">
Iron Slorr.
Tllf. mlarnUri ar* making largr addition* to
thrir atnrk of Arn ati/ .S TV-J. L, » hit h will Ir
M>ld al prirra lu roin|virr with ih* ii«prn»rd farili*
lie* of Irtiwnorutioa. BROWN k CO.
Narva*. April M. I*V> lltf
Otrnao tt.
TAKEN on Earration.ind will !«• *rM •• Pablir
Awih«, *i thr Inn of Willi** Child*, in Li*
ptmon, on >aiuriliTi itir ti*ri»»»-Sllh d«y of Ji«'
»rr, Ittl, at > n» n'lUk, P. M., nil tl«r ii*ht. I Ida
•nl i*tri**t wbltb I'hiWiiM.n Hrwrtt ha* or had al
ihr tinir tlx" ufi* «aa attarhrd on Ibr "tigitml
*til, I* rrW* rnlilil tMl NHIr litHh <l in »nd
l.ivrriworr; remaining wtcMrm arrimr • ■
and Icing I III xmr |ii»mm a draci ilnl in aaid Phil*
nmrm llr*rtt'a dm! i f nHnlfii(r In William II.
Hiillwn ■ml Nrlntiinh Waahlmn, dairil A|itliO,,
IMOt and fM| idfd widlOlM K< i • n -. I'i • I 17
I'ajr 7f; tiring Ihr limotrad wbnr m>i| Hrwrtt
mitt liui, Irn arir* of llir ilmi» i!c*rnM lamPi*
atwi fnl jrrMiia HvMt{a«» fitti. W. i n • i.
datad iVfiu.Ui 10, INI, aad ricoidrd in uiJ Ra
cord*, ll<« k *J.I'*rr IM.
JOHN TURNER. Jr., Drput* »L«f.
Liwmora, Prr. 10, IK'iO. 3*44
To Ihr linn. Jnb I'rmrt, Judgr ol I'm lair fur th«
I'miiHi of Oifiitd—
N'Otll PRINCE, Adminitlialor na thr tatatr of |
JovtTIIAN III I K, kW of IliickfirU. in j
•aij Count), drrratrd, tfullv rrpr*«r i l» that
ihr pfIII nil Mlll> Iif raid ilnriiril, i# mil ii IFki'IiI
In ihr jual drill* of raid ilrrriwil, and tliii(n
of a fminiatration l>» ilia turn of l*n ih .uaand ami
fiui hnndml dollar*, ami that In a partial »alr of
ibr lr»l ralatr of aaid drrrawal thr rrtljur ihrrrof
would l» (iratly injured, whrrrfuir )nur prtilionrr
I'm)# aaid rmirl lu fianl him a lirrnre In irll and
inntr* ihr ahnlr n| ihr r.al ratalr of aaid ilrtra*
r.l, aim ihr rrvmionof thr Widow'* du»rr al | »l>
lir anrtimi or p*i*alr rat*.
Uu. Url.1, Na*. Mih, IM0
\i a Cnart of I'roliatr lirl.l al Paiit within a il f«»r
Ihr ( «Minl» of Ok&it J, on ill* l»riit)..i*l|i d <)
if NiiirmWr, in Ihr )*»r ol our Lord cifkUen
hundrrd ami fifty :
On ihr f.rrt'.ing Prtiti. n. ll mi Or.Irrnl, that |
ihr Admioi'tiatnr |i*a m.liir to all |w, i''i iatrrnt
nl, In ranting a cnp» rT aaid pr tiffin ami rf lltl« '
otdrr In lr |-»l.liali- f thrrr wrrk* wrffiiitrly In
thr ()«&>rd IVmorrat, | rmtrd al Pari*, thai lhr>
ma* a|ifrar at a Prol«a|# Ciml lo !»• hrld at aaid
Pan*, on ihr fint Tnr*.|a* r f Jannar* n«it( al Irn
•if thr rlnrk n thr f-ir-x- n, and *h*w rauar, if ant 1
ihri ha*r, a by thr n >r >hnuld mil I* frantrd.
43 010 K SIIAW, Rag
A trua(,'«py—Alt*al: (»»o. K. Mum, R*f.
Tn ihr ll>.n Job Pi Mire, Ja.'fr of Pi "lair fir lb'
Counlt of Otf ird :
OWIEL Ill TCHINSON, cfTunrr, in th
I'iiwIi of Oaf.nd, r.ir'ul.r of ibr la«t \S
a-i.i Tr- I .1 M'i:i'iii;\ III rrm\si»\.
I*lr of IIik kfi< Id, in told fount), dn mrif, rr*f^t.i
fall) rrpira> i ll, tbll ihr |»i*uiul pn |<rit| of raid |
drrraard i« M <00111*01 lu |*> lh* drlt* of **iJ '
.'rrciirl, l<r*irir» made bj hiri in hi< «i'I W II,
rhatfr* rf admiiiKtrati n .ind luci.'antal rbaiMi,
In Ihr *'>ui i f alx.il < no ih^oaand d .lla'*—and thai 1
a pa'tial *tl* rf tlir i»«I r«'.,t - nf *jid drrra^-d,
w uld firat'r iniurr thr talaa of ibe rta *«'ij*r,
jour (irtittnnrr Ibrirl » p*>>* thai )U«f llcn.l
Mould (>ant him lirrn'f I< writ and ruavrv thr
nhrle ol *aid iral rdalr at ritW |wl>lie r,r (iivitr
• il* fur thr | m'|« •*• »l*-»r umtd, and lb* l<ulUn<*r
dillM trd ol arrordinf to law.
lit Mil. I!CTCIII*S0\
Pari*, No*. 16. KA
A l * l i it of PiuUiir, Im Id at Pa'ia, wiilim and t>*
th» t'. ni'l* ' (Otloid.on Ih* t«rot*>*i\lh ill* <f
N »n -lrr, in ilic »rax < t tur Iaii I njli'rrn bun
dird and hl*l)!
On ihr fnrf 11 { Prtil. n. It <il O.dri^d, ll.Jt
thr (jut lltmilor |l*r noli * lo all j>ri». n« i "rr,!
fd, In raiiaing a r..|n of ihu nlrr to l» pnl litbrd
Ihirr wr*k* »ai-r**ai*rl* in 1 h* Otbnl l»rr-v rat,
punlrd at Pail*, that thr* nut apprir at a l'r< la!*
r.,uit to br h*td at a4> I Punt, on th- f •lT»<'»Ji*
of Jannan n*\t, at irn > f thr rl. < k in thr f «trncr>n,
andkhiw caaar, if an) ihr* hair, why thr ».isf
• I uld mil br (tan'c J
43 0CO k. IIIAW,Ihgbifr.
\ III* C >p)-*Atlrit lil". K. Ml*w. |(rg
lit' II i Jt»< ;* of l*i ('it' f>r t!i • '•.unt* |i
<l\f rd -
1 *II!|.V (Mrrifili A \ If 'N I' I lt>< »N S, if
I' i' Ufitl I, in i.ti I •RmMM " f Iht la»l
a. i m l tr.i.n • • ,.f I)tVIt) \V \KltfN,
II ii if ril 11 • 11 Viint* . iW«a»wl, th it tUt prn i' I
t*tali' i ii I I'rrr.nn! i« i lufl. I I • I ■». I1 •
1.1 t* i f ».ii i ilr.i ait I, l>) til? *< til of f .if I, n.ll« !
•I'-Pai•— that it ii Kir mm that a f mi11f ilir if i!
tl'jll i f I4lll l)tiul»il I* Mild fl| t'l' (UJ
lilt it I f Ml i l'rl.11— lliat 4 | »M if »«l I rr:il M'llr
i. uiitt > f a entai l f i"t ol ki n! i In. irj in Mul
II )• tf I J. I i>d »• I *14 l«» i-uui • xi
ri.ll* I.iimI M Lnp N4-'(i i nn ih» *»'»t 1%
I t>i Mil Itavh i f tht Irnitji mi'a i m r, »o nIImI,
it U >;• I ui(u'ir fwrf,i -him j irituriit r
«r ImhIm MM ZM* IImmI kWMtJ ) M
|« till Wl a I uflot f > Kill land, »u. lb# tun of unt
linn'r. ! ij l||li llnl IImI )W» |ft|tl im-i r'l'i'iJcil
in I iiffrt an adia i.lVr I r th# mj land—
U krtrl' rt tit | nil ihat li» m»\ ht rtn'v In nif» !
and nut' arrtd In »rll aihi rontry I • J land I > laid
II' wild |rco! dm; I* , in J ai in lint* l>u I a i'I tin
At a CVmt i f I'iiI it-- IkL! at Pain *ithi.i a I f,i
tht CvlMty Iif IlktMi), on tin tun ll-nllti dai i.f
\ rnnhri, in tkrjru uf .-Mir l^>ril »i jtiltrii hiui>
ilit.! and fifi):
On l|»t f..itf«. ( I'ti.ti n, It Mai Onlnrd, thai
iKc mi.I l.lrtulur |Ht dulirr In ill p|t(iini |ittf>
riti'd, ly i ai." g arop* of tai J I'rtili.m and of thi«
• !•>» I • I* |«ul inlicil thrt' a'fit uKrmiftll in
The DiUii I*t hi- rial, pri.it' i at I'ltu, that th»*
mat j;|tar at a I'mtulr Curt In I# h'ld at tmt 1
I'ain Hi tht tint Tufiilil of Janurv nt*t, n im
i f tli* il.ik hi lltt furt.Kiun. ai l iS'» riu»t,if an*
ili'» hair, alu llirmn t • In t Id r» t 11 r>«Mtd.
H GEO. K HUW, llrgitlrr.
A Iru- Cnj jr—Attnt «; r n. K. Sua «, H'<.
T" th' linn, tin- Jin!<' of pMlMl fir i'i- I >
■if Ot(jnl,i| tiic No*. Trim at I'mi, A. I*.
'Pill it. I, NATIIANin. n. (ROfK
1 I'.TT, 0(||4In if \«4 Si III Wll-lurll, and
Sarah I'.liialflh Wanlatll, minor htira of Jurph
11 W.inlarll, latr of llamivtrt dttra»rd, m< iin!
»i-.|a-rlfuil» Irpirirnt that irilain rtal talatr lim
fjSI* n intu hn hamii ai ;iiaii<i4ii afurttaid, of aim S
mM auMI art nurd in f.r, I . ail : Tan ninth
fir!* of »1l (lit rtal ratal'uf a Inrh tilt iai I J. •• j h
II Waidarll iIh-iI trill J, and 4i f.llnwa — tht I »L1
Htiiul at Kiinifjrd C" in*r, furninU irmj i*u hy ilt>
irivil. and r» nlaininj la ■ an I ■ half 4irr« of
Ii id—alxi.tkt Itait'i it itand, in ralVil, at l!nmf >rd
I'.tnrr, r ••ilaiume ont and nut Half ant <if land
anil ill* WUian thrrtw -aim, lot No. fli, in th'
third ili»i»i in of loll in KuiuforH, r..ni»innf m
K»rnl»-fi»' arrt»— al»i, out I'tur in th' fVitrr
\|i r11■ » h ii*t in Kuml ird—alio, not |Vw in tht
Huiufml l'i i'I Mtrlin * hiiiit. And* nr |wt ii i m'r
a mil I furtlitr rrprntnt th«t it ainildht for tht htn
r^t of all ptraoni I llrfntrd lo ili-[» »c of i ji I rral
fitatr al rriratr «alt ; ami thai ari a liTiljfr u«
• •'Trr hai litr i inathrrrf r l \ l.nlia WardatH,
William II. Wai.larll, and Janvi C Wirdntll, to
ait—tht mn < f one hundrtd an.I Ufiwuhi liullari,
haint !»•> m-th |ait« of lh» appianal < f th» ah It
rral r»l il'"I >a. i Jmawcl. And »i.<ir prliliontr
prali that ht mi) ht authmiltd to irll thr unw «•
aformid ai In U« oiniwlol—uml a* in dut* Unjnd
Itf. ' >. U. CROCKETT,tiMraiwi.
At i < < >iit i l Pra !''(• hr'al al Pana. within »■ <1 I f
th« r. •jritjr of Oil rd, ui the Iwrntwtnih day of
NnfmUr, inthr trar of rur Lord cif htrrn hun
«lr-d and lift;:
On tli'- kirfiing PtlilHMi, It *n« Oidrrrd, that
tbr taid (Suaidian (i«r n<i-r to *11 parta.ot inlrr.
wlnl, b; r amine a a p» of »aid prtitmn n»l of ihia
oralrr l» be |iuMi»hral thtrr anlii aua-rraairrly
in The l>*f.»rd l»rirvwral.pr intra) at I'aria, that that
iiui a|>pr*r at a Pud-alt C'oaut tu b* M al • aid
I'iria on tbr lira! Turn tat of Januatt nr*l, al trn
i if ibr a-lawk in the forrnonn, and aim riu»f, if injr
tbry hatr, wht lb* »a»nr thoold »•! l» grantrd.
43 t.| II K SHIW, Rrgiaitr.
A Irnr Cifi Altwti lit". K. 8Maw, Rrj.
# I
At a t 'nurt of I'rajaalr, brld at I'.ma, a»ilbm and (>r
the County of I M»rd, on tbr lata oty-aiilb day uf I
Miiirmlrr, in ibr tmr of our l.ntd rigblrrn butt
drrd inl fiftt:
DIVIO R. flASTINGH I t r in a '
rrftain ihtltiuna ut |*w|xiiliu( to I# tbr laat
Will ami TtMaincnt of ^lr|i!itn S. Ai»drrtt«, lair I
i f I^iirll, in Mid Comiti, alacra*d, batiaai; pir
wulrd ibr iiiw for |HoUata
ll an Oi da-tad ibat tbr >aid Flrrutor (ivr notii *
tu all prraon* inta rratral, by muting a rr>| t of tbia
>.raW to lar tmblitbt-t] ihrrr ttrrka aairrraaitrly in
Tbr Oiliiril IVmnrrat, prinlrd at Puia. tli.it ihry
nai a| |»ar al a Pradalr CimiiI In br brlal at Frya-.
I»ug. in »aid Count*, am ibr ninth alay ' f Januatt ,
nr«t,al Irai of tbr rkark in tbr fof iiauw, and ahrw
rauar, if ant ihrt hatr, why Ibr aama- inatruinrnl
ahould imiI br paofrd. a|i| iu«ail anal alkiwrdai tbr
Itat Will ami Trataiurnt of taid aWfJMali
O <.i <> K -ll \\\. Ilafittor.
A irur I'aapy—Allrti: tiiu. K. fwah, ltr(,
Tbr Sadwrt ibrr hrrrby (irta public Wild In all I
raanrrtnixl, that ha- baa liat-n duly a|if»'intrd ami i
lakm lapam himarlf ibr Irutt of Administrator of I
ibr Kalatr of
FRF.FMAN C. MORTON, lata ol I'an.,
In ibr I'oaanly of Otlord, alrrraard, by *i»in< U>ikl i
aa tbr law dirtrta—llr lhrT*f..r» raijiwatt all prraona I
m baa arr inalrlrfrd tn ibr aaid alrrraard'a ratals, tu t
inakr nninraliatr patatrnl; and thoar who hatr any I
datnanda ihrreon, to rkhibit I ha aamr to ' i
ynr m. l«v* in n
M a Cu«rl ol 1'ioUle, h»hl it Pan#, within and f. r
tb« Co«l]f of O*fotd. o" <b' day of
Ki«nW, In the y«u of out '-"'d »ijhtftn hun
dred ■ id fifty:
On th> I'etitiwnof IIANKAll H. HEARSEY,'
»idow of Warteii llenraev. lale «f I'ati», in nld I
I'otmty, ieaae.1, pi at if ( that < xmrnnii mi insv
!* i||»ii4ril lo irl otil l^r I*"*" "«l of iW Ileal
lUtatr ui ••><! dere«M-d, ami *>•<• f..r alk.«a«r« out
»f llm pr kiml propelty a»f la«r I tie liaiLaiiH,
It fhitrretl, that the »«»d Wiilnw |irr ntitire
lo all paiaona inifmtr<l, l»y rntwinj a rifj of thi>
i •! i . Ir |•«•(»)i*br I three weeka MNWI^h in
IV Oafiid |itlnlr«l at FWlti Am MM)
atay apf** ir al a I'roljat *' ' * wt to b# l.r I.J at • ki)
I'aiia, on the fir at Tirxli) of HTM. at
I en of iWdM •" dM hMMl ""J dM ran**, if
in* ikn Hare, wh) lh( tai"" thrtilil oc4 U ttant
pj; 4a oi:o. k. 8iu\v, Br{i.t
A tnf Opy—Attc»t Oto. !»• fin*, Itnj.
At a Con, t of I'rthnte kfU at I'aiia. within andf..i
th* ("f*ii«t» r.f (lifitd, in tllf l*fnl| •itth i^> r f
Notrm'rr, in the yeai of our f<»t .1 eighteen bun
ilit d ai d Mi) :
SCl'RY ROIIIMION, Owtdian ofWm. |». It...
woiih, m not rhild of fVoitant l>. H awiftb, lili
i f Sumner, in raid (Jouialjr, tlrfjin', h■ vi>c | r» ■
nnlfil |i « »t < nd act Mint of hia (iurilumhi|i «t
i.iid minor for IVUtr,
It w • OrdomJ, tli.it the »aiJ GtMi<lmn ji*r
itotiee lo nil (-rraona intnritrd, by raoainf a ropy of
I hi* unlet' to I* piUitlird thie" wrrka it. ruiulj
in Th- l>tf>id f)enx»iat, prli'tnl at |'aii«. tl.il
th»* may if| eir at a I'- hate C.'ourt lo U heUl at
•ail I'm th un the tint Tueaday of Jann*i* rol, at
leu t'f the rlueh in th" forenoon, and tkt w raoae, if
an* they lure, why the MWtt »h old tft I* allotted
13 OBO* K« VIIAW, |U|lfM
A Hut (.'if)—Alinti U»o. K. Hiii*, IU(.
At a (Wt of IV'latt hclJ »l I'aria, within an.! f«t
th* Cot.nty r.f OilnrJ, u i the twenty«*uth >Uv i(
Nuirilihrr, in th* ru of oul l.'ti 1 ti^lilnu h'Uf
lire.) and fifty,
(ir.TIH All kl'.I.N, widow of J< .u»L Kr.r^J,
lattuflf. rtf .nl, in mi.) Coant*, tl< crliM, batiac
p'e»eatrij her prtili .n pi a)In" for nttowaner MM of
the pciaoital piopett* tf hn file hu>lan<).
It «a< »Mifrre.J, ih it the tai l Widow gi<r t». • it•
tj all perton* Met erled, I y rau>in{ a eop* t,f iti •
i rdrr lo U* ttblnhed three werLi lutti-ntl) in
The *>*f>• d IVrtfietal, printed at Pvi», th.t tlx-*
may appear at a I'lUati Co»rt tab' hrldair.uJ
Paii«, on jhe fn it Tee'da) if J t ■ m i» *t, at ten
of tlierlurk in lh> f frncoe,ttnj thro tiu-\ ifo.iv
the* hare) tab* the itm» ah u <1 n« t l« fij' trd.
' 43 <il;t> K. BIUH . ! ■. « i
A live ti.pj —Alteit: (Ilu. K. Sli HI, |te^.
At a •'wul of l'r'.l«te hrldat I'aiia, ».'l, . j
th» f'« >.it* i f Oaf.id. on t!i' tw:ify-»t*th >!i» of
Noirmler. in the *etr tf oof Lin! eifhUeti huo
tlretl anil l it* '
rCRCMlAll HOW r, fiuaitiiai f M'r» A
tl ai, I Jifi'i li iKijUl, huh r flu i . C ^1 .
|WI«, Llr of l*»tit, in raid (near*, dMMMI,
hat ;prvr it* l hit I'uitli ai * i f kl< (< u •
ill tnilnp o*. • a'1 i in .<•, f r pri Ixti
It wai Oidered, that tin uid IttMnlimi (ite
notire t * all pei . >ni mtereateil, b* ra ninj > r<
of thia ori'er til be piblitlie!! iturr »"!>( <• •
»i»el) in The Otf r l l>err-i it, innir.l jt I'ti ,
that t • J t t* ai • "jr jt l |'i 'ut • IVi.it t. I« I., i.i
at f'ari«, n ».,i'l e.m it*, on lit* f'l I T i>t 1
Ja 4iy i \t, at tew of tht t • • W l i the f ,ir.. wt,
tii.| the* nun, if ai.y th»y lure, wh« tl.e •aiw
•houlj u*t le allowed.
43 GKO. K. KIlAW,lb) ■
A Hue C«|I)—AttMt (It'l, K. Hm»w, llrt
Tht tnt«erilieia hcrrl . f »e| ttl'i. it tier I.i all
. •nrrit.r 1 t.at the* ||.I«, •• • . 'r.llniMo
lt> .11 r r-ntt Hi $ tl. ■ tl'.t I I A - ■ 1 a:
the I itatr of
JAMES I Wtr.V. Lite of CiUa.1,
in the f* *•< • 0*f,,i J, oc-faii'd, I \ gituili i- J
M lillUfWHll th*t tKcief <te rrqurtt a" vri* "•
t»ho are ntlebtfl to raid deeeaie.l'a e«tate, to r jke
iiiintedutte paymenti and th' *# who haie a:iy i!e«
tcaitda thf.cor, I • e»!iil ii the >am<- to
JtWUI'll >W \N.
Nor. ?fl 1*50. 3-t 13
The *• '. rntT h^i*' > *!»■ • | ul !».• nnlicr t> a"
rmirr'itril, that »hr lita brr« «luU a||*.irtr<l an'
tal i nj» i Km* .. ihcUiUtof \ J o.ji'tiilr A < f
iha Eatatr I
CALEB Pl'DI.EY. laic «f IUU»a,
n ill* Aim1) iif (Mj 1, lrcra»i J, ly ijum. !• J
it |Ik U» iirrrta—ihtlkr.rf ir if', • ill all
• in# otto a«t in '»• tr J 11 ihr • i ' • i • •
l.i nukr in nr lijtr fOMnrnt, in ! iS «■ w h > kit '
n.t »!»• in-'i thtrtwo, 1j t*htUn tbr aaja* l»
I %!t VH DUn l \
N . tw4l
TIIF. StVul' r h»n' % fiara |iul4if rmtire I j!
nm rrn , Jhat ha ti • l<'» <l«l» iffi iiit'il :ii*l li*
f I t ' t ' f IV * I > l * t of llkl' ut f 4 lh» lj»'
Mill ai. l Injitnful i f
\\1\ \IH QAMMON, kit i f «'in'»n,
in iK# t • «• l» if 0*' ••!. ilma I \ »n mj l> oj
»a lit* la* liirrta—llr thmf i( M all | r
mni «hn iir ii.Jfl.tf.I in thr • lit] i'mtj>«<!'• r.ia'r.
In mak«* am nrdialr patmtnl, art I l'i <- *h» hit'
»»» lirtniiu't lli' 11 ii, lw «»tiit'ii lie ui> " I •
zi'.ni r.i.rck\
x«t. I'M. 3* u
ItlCwt f !*• ■ I M|| h ' 1 al rat,. * ilinn ami I.*
|h» lYlKfrl, i ihr I*i 1\- *th I
> tml#', 11 thr Jfar of «• if I. r I r .[Mrr i
hu*<lfr,| >nl fifty.
MITER ' vii:M\.mmmJ Em m i itint*
iim| tiling InLt the 'a»t Will and
|V.• ,i . • i I'- , i> i CiiMiai, Ulr if K«h'm>Ii in
•ji.l l\rut*, itrr»jf <1, hating (i'k.i. J thr aariir
i' i iv Imi» t
It aaa Otilrrral, tliat thr an I |"\r i • r ;.»•
'1 j« i • ' • inirrrali d, 4 a • \
thia nf lfi In l< |*il lithr I Ihrrr Mnl>a null
■ n Thr I >*f /J I Vim* rat, | mi trd at I'aria, thai iS»\
i n <| | r «i . t a I'r■ I. iir l°..uit In U- 'if 11 il I'jii", 11
aaiil ( ui-tv.r.ii tS« lift IHrnlay ■( J.i' 11 1 »t.
•t Ifn nf ihr r!ock in tlif fjlcif-m, ail 11, n r^ua*.
if a<i» ih<»» ^1a»«•t why Ihr aaiJ I iilmnc t ih-mM
rot I* pufd, tffri tr<l, aril nil. «fil a> llir la»l
Will aa«l IValamrnl i.f iai ! ilrrriifil.
43 0B0. K. IIIAW.
\ tiur CVm—Atti*«i. '»l«. K. ||• « , K»<.
AlaCmrl 1 Prulatr, h M ul I'j •», niilni anj
I 1 lh» Cuunta i f . i» Hi ixf.m-.iMH 1
dii uf No*i nil* r, in I hi icai «>l uui L 1J ngliitcu :
huitliisl a«l fill*
M - \N l;H KM | I., WiJ. « ..I « II *.
iirll, I it' . f Mrbi in, 11. laid l'iiiiiilt,ilr'iH .1. fx «»•
in/ that (tajoiia.. urn aut lie «p(»-.ir» ' u I" I ul
h*r l^arr fijt »f ihf Ileal I'.ulf uf »»iJ ' .«-<•* I.
and a!xj lo» ailunanrc tut of thr pria nial ]fij»m
if lirr lair huban ',
It nat Or.Vrr'l, that th' aid W1 In* |lv# in
t« all |m<m« intrr»atrj, liy nwinj a r ip) of thia
or«W to l» pul lithrd tkm *r«k« ntrriMuli in
'I hr (HfnrH.IVm >rrat,ptmUd at I'aiii.tlul iV*
ma* apprar H ^ Pn I air (.'ouit tu I* h''d al *.ud
I'a'ia, on the (iiat To< ».!a\ f January n\l, at trn
•>f ihr rlwL 11 thr fjtrnoon, ami ahr<« rauac, if any
thr* harr, »'f. lh« aamr ih ul I n 1 I* ; aatr>J.
■ 43 r.r.O. K. MIIAW, n-fi.trr.
A tiur C»fy—Allr»l IJio. K.Hn««,IU^
At > C urt (I PruKilf held at I'aiii, « rLra a>x| fvr
the County!of Oxf'id, on (Ik twrirt) »i*tt) day of
Nuvfrn1*!, in tKr jr»r i f aui l-ord • ithlem tun
dr« J and tin):
F k J. ADAMS, ft fa tnlilflwi W Tiuu
(,f lujr A«ia<nt, late of (Silead, in »ai.| Count*,.It.
ihkJ, l'«*i>'f |ir»cnted tkf ir MTi't l arci iwl nf
mninntratiui mi |it« ettatc of (aid >!<< taeed f.n
Probate, '
11 wit I»Til^r« A. ih it thr paid Administrator* gin
notice 11 til p.-raon* interested, ly rausinf a ri j\, (|
thi* order to l<r pal li«h«d thiee wt!.i HMYniiirK
in The Dtli ill l>rm« rat, ptmicd at Pari*, that
tbii may ap|<sar at a I'n lav C. nil lu !<■ lirM at
•aid Pari*, en thr tenth day <f Matrh »c*t, at leti
of th* rlixk ii, the f.ren<*»n, and *h'« raii*e, if urn
th'» hi»a, »l) the pa me fhould nnt I* allowed.
■43 t «;r:«> k. siiAW, lUgtaiir,
A tru* ropy'-rAtti *1 Oto. K. Sll»«, lleg
At a Com! of:Pr..»Bt« li«!d lit I'ai i', withm and (or
the Ceuntjr >f Oxf ril, on the laenly-aialh J«» of
.VaTCtr.hrr it the year of • ur eighteen hun
dred and lift*,
>1 r.ii 11° \nu: GRovni,*.•> .fPifir m,
late I.f \erwa», in aaid Cwmttr, de»r»aed, havii—
preientid her petition maymj for allowanee out of
Ihe [eriiinJ ptupetly u( hei late liml«nd,
It *a* Ordered,lhat th» mid tt'iJ.i» |ne n .1 1
10 all p*r*'»n« intrre»tid, by rauiirf a ropy of thi*
•rdrr to lie pt'ldithed three week* mwniwli in
I'he Otlord |)i ir.ix rat |>rintrd at Pari*, that tliM
»m appear at a Piotiali' Court I ■ U- heLI at and
I'aria on thr flr«l Tne*,la\ of January ik-M, at ten
■f the rluek intln forenoon, ami thr* rau*e if antr
hey ha«e, whtf thi" • line *h'*ild not I* (ranted,
43 UEO. K. HIIAW, Ibfiatrr.
A true C«.py—Atlcat; Oio. K. hlitn, IU(.
The Safcarril'er hereby ({ire. pit,lie notice t» all .
iinrernnl, thai he ha* tire a rialy appointed and If
len o|H>n hmi.f Jf (he truat of Adirinietiatne of the 1
Stale of
PCTP.R C. THOMAS, Utaof Dyraa,
n the (')Minty 01* Oaford, deeeaaed, by (ivingbonda
I* Ihe law 1!ilea t»— be lbere<>r* rcqi»*ta all peraona
iho are iii<!>laid lo ibe aaid deceased'* raute, 10 1
nabe immediate payment; ami tho*e who bare any 1
IciiunditbcmMi, to eahibit the aarna to
V,* ?* INA 1- n
IN ACT additional to an ai t taititWd " an aft ad«
ilitiottal l« ■■ »r1 in talafian In lb* ftbli* land*."
BU il rnarirH I » t),r Kmir ami llutw* af Rftv
arnlalivt», in l-rjwlat.nr men hM.ii Mb»a:
Hrrnna I. Tin hint aimi i> brnln rnfiiird
lo l> «alr ami <l«»i(twlr nrrlaia t..*Mbi|ai-f land U
.lining lo ibia tlal*, not • r> <|i(.( irn, annua 11), in
tnwlirr, >bwb ba*f l*cw b.rai*»l in*l,.ir .* in pail
t.i a*llb mrnl, ami of whii b »*lrr(H>n b* abaW fi»*
«>lirr l>) |nliti(hn<|r lb* »am* in tow* | »r«-r run tad
m raih omul) in lb' alalr, I. (rlbtr » .ih I tie | tw
in n.m o| ibia art.
fw. 2. Il >11811 11* I Ik i.'ult i.f ll.r laid •(«! in
null ol lb* li «(»lii| • at l«. In at «l*aipial* m wbi< b
WI roajt lu»» l»rn hrtrli f.,ir b rulrd, lo raua* lu
• lufiilnl ntli naila at U inavdtrni lb* f iblic in
l»rf»l ami ll.r aro i na Jaticn if fuluia at llWu>*i ta
lbrr*tn inat miuiir
Mir 3. la lb* aala uf b.la in an} if taid l<.wr
>bi| iw hkIi | «mi'H.Ii aliali I* l<<|itir*d, an.) fir
plkr of lit ihill l.f >1 lb* itlr if filly rtnla |rr
4 rr. f-<4 wbirb p*iM>n» a| | It in( lo |uirbaa« aball
ji»* ibr** m "a 11\nl'» in kl' r u|r.« lb* iimmU in
iSf t.>«n»hi|a in *bi«li ihr l 'i pmliainl (ball Ik,
i iiiU in wa, l»o mi l tb»»* t*ai» fit in lb* dal*
ll.rro.f, ami If Ik* (>|iininl uiH>r ilia ditlfliui of
a..ir* |»i»« n li.b »| |«.intr.l In I be Lird af*t I, nkii
rrtlifiralr ibill I* milfwf rf ib* | »if«.|m*i rr tbria*
<>f ail.! iki i.lb«r |atir.*nla aball lc ir^i.iir.l ihan
• lul it licit in 11> tio*d lui It* (lu'laicr • f lamia
u «l *r ll.i» «l <ha'l I* lu LI tlb| if tiranr* <f ll.u
»• lllmx diitira (itolid*d It llir laraly Hiriitb iril
lari.lt rif bib ftili..«ia of lb* iblld ■ I a| If! i f ll.r
i a im .1 a'.ali.lrt, «l a'-o I a r ■.(!i* <• t>ilb it •
l'ii tia ■ • a f.f ll.r •»<". • ' I inr at! t" » bi« t.
ibi* a.Id.in...aI ; ami mall rat a ubnr individual!
Intr i. I u«ad* ati) cwiliacl Willi lb< '.am' .{an, Wi t
hur f lrn (| I'll ant I.,I f >• •• Htir.nl ai.il »l all bat*
l^if iNiril Utn (ii.trmlii'f lo | uifhair M<tb lot)
of ii i .aiia in tb* I. Ki.>b'li Mbricm ikifli lol ira»
lir, ibr land a(tnl ia btl«li% iniliwlcil In i'lyr |o
at * b |*ia n it [rni in J iritifi itr ri.in'inf ibr
|ail) lo a ilrrd lluir. I 1.1* n ^•il. m.anc# of lb*
iwual atl'lmf .Ulita, »1 am.' ibr Ll« i jnf. n ^.l
u|».n tin* lhririff, ami if rtioufb b«t n».| barn
|«iUmiI lo |t) Ibr lilt) roiii |»i arrr, lb* I ami
• |fl (ball wk* llw |M4l)'< Bktf* 1*1 tic UltOC*
f afal'tr in labril
krr 4 Tltr lau.1 < m l. .11 »| | I'; a. nr
I.lr |ai% n i f |*i ' 1 lo Ibr tiria.it lo ir|>niilnd
ibr ligation I.f »rlllfil and lb* | atmrtil i".f ibr |r-ad
laUtr and lb* (rtfi m-anti i f rtnal iluli*a r><|niitd
of arlllan — aid ibr laid t|i I tbaU jitr a fr»'it
ral* lo afpliranla f r IimI i.ix'rt ||>» faiiiKua ■ I
tbit an, m lb* • Mix' nunnr at bat Iwriif <r br< u
dun* uihli r r titling !..««, 11 >i lb a| |.l 'aitt'a (iv.
in( In* iciat I. r Miad Irl-i ' an' I nt«. * Id ail
r*n r.|l'H( bu . '»r,| frrtl, »!. .11 I • lai.tnl lu
lb« Mlur 1*1.11. I'|i<tidid lb >1 llr? land >|fl.l
•bail i. aL • if) r ntrtai.. r of tnt Umi vitdrt iblaacl
r*rt 11 I-, a rinir-i i f ibt I .. d
hiH-. 5. Th» b»a 11 l*> ii it. I h.t | >.l4ir atra
in thiJ I. t»r.«tiip, ib.il t* I < il*il t v lb* .i »io «
I it u if lb* lanl af'.l, ttbiib l«.< tnlrird oM
tero d in ih* land iC'« il. .11 (iiut.lolr a (>«d
a > I .ail n t! ! -»:i-i» iii» 11 • I %f j i u . -t •;
30, l«.*fl
Afii-iLli 10 the ilir t ffinrf Jft
I l,»irl \ Ir.itfnfllf ib« l'i ». ( Tloi'iinflU llu
piitpiiw* r- i ten') I tin I I \ md w*. »if
I »ltrr D I!irf I.]
•• »: •• i.
•• ii •• ?.
Na. ll.llinpV
I. " ».
•• 13. " «.
" 15, " 3.
•• ft. •• f,
" rt, •• f>,
letter I' l!iu(r ?,
WH»\ P. MORRII.I.. I in.J VM
law I Ol."'. IUi >>1,0*1 21, l"JO. 13
W#»i li«m lh» !.«•' U*«
uf t'.im Hull
TVnill' '• <1 I L 'i-*» tlii» » i« r M»
■Ml W 'im. liiJavd,«(,«■ pw»or»— •.)>>'!#
ir nr »rirl» fi> n ibr •»!«# r»>>»» \V»
lu»r a i ff, »> ili 111 uPh , • b b ii • »nr* itu*4j
I >i fcU ili • • «!!<•» inc.
t ii n
American Vennifugo
Pfif*f'l Ii Cuiti* & IViliii i i •« imrau<
,.f • ..I WORMS focfciUn riMk
11 l a I ' III • ■ . • . '» >!-*•» |ri« •
> It ,...>. i . ■> :i -i iiftrui), <>r a** ctlhrf
r>>- <■ > >1 • il I. ) •■•inl to tlir laatr,
rtiit f»»ti *.ll l:>Lr il ra* '«,Hi| nillv'rllkr mwf
•• ; i !•>'I'V i.lbrr IkinU ■ f Vcimi
nr Tl n > "|i f 'i t( it \ t milder pi'«ui
f>J If i m* if it* ii> <1 nULfainl m
,\r» \ i,u . lAUniirlt (rxtJ l!n»u(k a U i.<
in.! ran ,ifa| ir trlirr. jihI «f rm i ur i. wi-rn •
main » •• !i»ir it tij. |> net1 l.uj« 11•<ujlAin
I W *> .ifi'f art Ih rl!^r VftMllrpi lltl bti
tlir.l wiih -Ml i>>» f '->1 Jfiift.
I!n >T'i'l<r, U i» « •»»» mm »»J »i nr.an.l
•oM( i 2^rrult a I ulr I . Ihufgiaw an. I lirabra
II in iItiw (riinillt, nl 11 III in) II «r, I'.km,
ll»»l L •«., .iwl A I i* <1. ^'xilli Pari. I.. \\ i>h>
lurn, \ Ilh I'lfli; II. tltna] ft llwllMj
j. r ii hi 1i: •'.! i i*1 i>>«, s « i
f invii ami hSirm fc Faiur. ** >i»n M. Rnl>
i n il t ■'••Hi.i ii M> in*, Mtcbaiii I «I!a 43
pile • I mitirfi t.a<• laat 1 ii.. , n«
1 i k i FALL am> MI.MCI GOODS,
• . •>' Ii i .. < i« ' > 1 111 kn.1', lirrrh.Ufl
liltll VIM I (I'l ll>, > I . ■ .. nij
I -.I l>n, 1'iU' k .will lam \
I)oi-ki\s. • \--i- nc.%vrns.
iuh.I'v >\11m i* wn iu.i>
IlLIMvl'TCO\TIN'« i U'r"i
i • i I; <■« . ( i v \ i ■» I
IXOSlK > •
T \ I I.OIIK' Til I M >1
I • Hi»i wi.b an a»M«tr. ..I uf
Ii ii IIW. lllvL.Diil , Hriian a/vl Hawaii)
OV|:i:«.'OATS, I5i>»«]<■ b»lb, Tm"")!, • annnrfr
I. i Ii, « • kliiii a i t ftim. \ I'"*Tr* >.( \ *. <m
kUda. l'lr<M> m rail »ivlrv»mii»/ • or H»fc Lrfvrw
[Hirrliatmf \iur »miff 1UI11.
Th'j hai'inr-. . ii. ■■ » nh ili .r t i»ipri», »
Tailoring INtnblis'imrnf.
utirn i!u-\ Air |>ri|>aini lo
("ill an»i make all kin-N of GarmenLs
n ; I »i» - •» I ai »fr* b'W p*i-r» A I.I. H'OKK
WUIItAM T.!) miii.li i< mliutlrj In ibeir rare.
Thr. «ill alt hair rontUnfli rn In i.l,
ll.il*. C'npa, l?«Nit« ii ml hhor«,
•. i i i JOf) i • 3 t •. ' • • • * •
\Ih..I I OI R.N UI.^.M.^S. IRON.sri l L.
hlltirr LEAU fc ZINC, DI'K.M\n
ri.lll) A.M» I I.L III LAMPS.
ami Wl!ILK OILS.
paints ami hvc sti r»>.
nihrr articlc* l»> •>«rncr M In mmtibfi, latli *•
»r* uualN h'| • it <'"«o»fy Mt'<»r«.
I'aiia, Xi» ?. hW.
Tlit: nt«r> hatinc mj«> 4 rh»i> fr in »h»ir
Uiiifii, il wnuirt them to »rtll» up
ihr UitiMM of lli' i'U linn, tin) all lki»»
1111W*. I irfuUHli iff Kitvrlfiilll rr«|W»tril li rail
mi -.Hi.- Umm III lilt W(l» HHTPAB.X8.
I'aris, Nat. 8, I"s^l J 'El
The On nip and I'ain hillrr.
I'lrfarvl I» Cuilo k Prilina, i» a u»»l rffnlu
ll irnirili for
HGAD4I UP. Tooniaoie. Illl.
(TTS, UPHNH, MCA 1.08, * Illl.
Rl \Ins, | R0ZE.N LIMBS, imi II I.
Tin- Ciamp ami Painkiller i* al»o an rarrltml
utirlr fur l)V>E.VPERt ami IIOWPI. COM
I LAIN'I'S. It ImmJMj rhwl« all Oiarth'ri,
irvlmra li nr and irguianly In iWr (IMaacli ami
«i\vrl>, anal Jti aw /•«•« l*» p*uni < afnr, at M
mitllt ihr rax* afirr iikIi an I'ldki
jy ll i> an rarrlWm HORSE .WDOA US
Solil liv Proffirti ami ilralrr» in mrilirinr |[*T|
>rtllr, in ihrrr ilifil Uilllfi, al 12 1-2, 23, ami 17
|.J rrnf» a bnlllc ; ami I'J ll»nr\ 11 • t* • . I'jii* Hill;
XimI li • »■, ami A. Pkld, Suuth I'aiMj I.. \\ »»h
urn, North Pari*: E. AUumI li Co., Ilwklifld;
I. P. Ilii*« ami Rnlaml Criirkar, Muaunr; C. I..
'nnfK ami Sharkln k Paror, Xarai); M. Roll
mini ami YaUntioc k Mrrlw .ir I'alU 43
ALI. n.UMONS ka«in( iiiim-iiIrH »rr. unit mlh
!ia tiiUrrilirii arc rt(|>rrihilKr tarall and
ettlt the urur oa or |> l .i* the |r»« of January
»*i, ai thn intmd lo puke Hifl«i»«t arranftawot*
ii their butioTM. PI NINON k CO.
«*«...«!» pari., Orr 7. »Vf

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