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Editorial tnul Selected Items.
—Our County jail has bee u tenautless
for some time.
—A correspondent of the Lewi«ton
Journal site that passing through Rum
ford the other da? he saw « two-acre field
of eoru that *as destroycd by froaL
—See card oi the L'uion House, Paris
Hill. The impression that has prevailed
in some sections, that this old and famil
iar house, which has been ©pen to the
public for thirty-four years, has been
closed, is a mistake. It is still kept by
Mr. Horace Cuuuuiugs, its accommodat
ing host,
—Messrs Huruhaui Λ Moi rill, at their
Cnuuiny f u tery, at South Paris, have put
up hundreds of Cans ot R*>pherrirt this
season, and are no*· petting ready for
sweet Com.
— If it is necessary to remind any of our
republican frit,nd^ that there will bo %
Caucus at three o'clock on Saturday after
η*χ>η ne\t, to nominate a candidate for
the legislature and elect delegates to the
County Convention, we will do it. If we
mistake not. the notice has been sufficient
ly given.
— — ·
train ou the G. T. 11., from Paris u> Port
land. The first cana arc taken on at Par-1
is. and the quantity increases as the train
near* Portland. One hundred gallons art
taken on at Panfille Junction, and a much j
larger quantity ai Km pire station. The
frieght is on* cent oa a gallon. says the
Portland Advertiser.
-We learn that those fields of corn
th.it had a good applicatieu of >U|>erphos
phate ol lime are likely to do well, while
those that did not will probably do but
little, savs the Lewiston Journaul.
—The Farmers of Huckfield and Ticini
ty r.nd others interested, η ill meet at
lin< klieid ν ill Age, on Saturday, the 2Kb
In*t., st 2 o'clock 1* M. for the purpose of
organizing a Farmer'* ( Inb. An address |
will be fir en by Siduey Ferham.
—A gentleman in Troy, Ν. Y., while
ridiug in a carriage a few days ago, was j
dangerously poisoned by acommon house
fly. which had been feeding on carriou
and had commuuicated the [>oison.
—Prominent republicans at Washing»
ton say that if rχ President Johnson is
elected to the Senate froiu Tennesee, that
th«-v will vigorously advocate the elec
tion of Geu. Butler to the Senate from
Massachusetts, to succeed Mr. Wilson.
It is certain that if Johuson gets into the
Senate, there η ill be a very stron g incre
ment iu Washiugtou among the extreme
Radicals to tmnsfer lieu. Hutler from the
lieuse to the Senate, in expectation that
he will be a mateh for Johnson in all his
—Blackberries bid fair to l>e abuudaut
in this section. They are last ri|>eniug.
—Mr Ο. II. IngalK of Bangor, informs
the Whig that he has bought 14,805 lb#,
of >trawlierrie> ami raspberries, forwhich
be ha> paid *1252.-7. l'an anybody beat
—We understand that theCuvier Cirover
Post, tï. A. K., at Bethel, propose takinga
cavalry eampmg-out ex-ursion about the
1st of Septeml»er. They would have a
capiial time, no doubt.
—Thousand»of persons are now visiting
Maine for recreation. A Louisianian on
a visit recently described the State as
made up of villages.
—Mr. J. W. Klliott of Rumford had
some eight or ten aere» of Buckwheat
killed by frost lx»t Saturday night. Mr.
Chi'.ds of Milton had a piece of ovrn
badlv damaged the same uight, «avs the
, 1
Alechanic Falls Herald.
—Λ correspondent of the Morning Star.
(Free λ\ ill Baptist, Dover, N. H.) writing
fr- ai Booth bay v*T9; ·*\ν· unexpectedly
met our much esteemed brother and mem
ber of i'oogress—S. 1*. Morrill of Karra
ington,—anil heard l"ro:n his lips an ex
cellent se: mon upon 'Christian Light,'
which light he walks in, love> and emits,
whether ai home, iu the pulpit, or in Con
gre» —where we all know, lûj/U is great
lv needed; and we are confident will not
be wanting in the suffrage and character
of brother M.n
—Tht following Officers of Rising Star
Lodge, of Bethel, were installed for the
present quarter:
G. 1\ Bean, W. C. T.; Mrs. C. M.
WorincU. \\. V. Γ. ; Mrs. M. J. Clark,
W. S. ; L. D. Bean, W F. S. ; Dr. J.
Morton. W Ύ. ; Muses l'attee. W. C. ; K.
C. Rt>wp, \V. M. ; Miss Anua Kimbull,
W. I. G.; A. A. Trull. W. O. G.; Mrs.
llaskell, \V. K. 11 S. ; Miv.·» KtnniaClough,
λ\*. L. H. S. ; Miss E. 1). Davis, W. A. S. ;
Miss Klla Godwin, W. 1). M.; J. A.
Twitchell, L. D. ; K. S. Mason. P. >V. C.
—A Dixtield correspondent tayt: "our
enterprising stage driver on the North '
Jar nnd IHxfleld line has put on a daily to
accommodate the increasing travel on his
route. Mr. Hathaway is an energetic
man worthy the patronage he is receiving.
He has put on the route go«»d horse* and ·
fine coache-», putting this line on a par j
with the l>est iu the State. Let the public '
te>t him.n
—It is said that there will be a moder
ate yield in the Oxford hop iields, under !
cultivation this year. Many have plowed |
v.p tht ir Gelds and put in other crops,
while in some instances lar£e fields are
left untouched. Old hops are being sent
off to some extent from Bethel, at eight
cents. The price for new it is thought
w ill l>e fifteen cents, which will about pay
th* co«t of cultivation. It is quite possi
ble. however, as the western hop crop ia
short, tiiat the price may be higher.
—A little boy ten yeaii old, the *on of
Jo>eph Scribner of Bethel, attempted to
wad* across the Androscoggin river about1
a mile below the depot, last Wednesday,
when he stepped off a rock and was
drowued. 11 is body was recovered the
next day. Boys should be careful not to
attempt extraordinary fe^ts when in the
water, says the correspondent of the {
Lewi*(on Journal.
. - . -t. JB
Yktkran Ok«;amzation\—The follow
ing officers were elected at the meeting
of the 1st, 10th and 21>th Ke^imenU on
Thursday last :
(ie·. Ce·. L. B«U, Norway, President.
(»en. George II. Sw,Cbk»|»«, Mass.,
Col. Chas. S. Euiereon, Auburn, Me.,
Maj. Wm. Γ. Jordan, Portland, Maj.
(.'has. Walker, Portland, ('apt. W. W.
Whitmarsh, Norway, Vice Presidents.
Capt. (.'has. King, Boston, Quart er
Private Wm. O. Fox, Portland, Com
Kev. C. II. Webtter, Hartford; Conn.,
('apt. Amos L. Pray, Auburn. Lient.
Ijorenxo P. Stacy, Porter, Lieut, lion.
C.re«ley, Portland, Kxecutive Committee.
—P. C Hurnham and S. Pbilbroek have
bought eleven acres of laud lying l>e
tweeu the Academy aud the Railroad ia
Bethel, ami laid it out into streets ami
Uuus« lotmaking oue street parallel with
the main street and three cross streets.
This will furnish fine luiilJixi«j lots, which
if furnished at a reasonable rate, cannot
tail to iucreasc the population of the
village, says the correspondent of the
Lew iston Journal.
—Mr. J. Κ. llearre ο I Hebron has some
of the largest corn we cr«r saw iu Maine.
Some of it stands over seven feet hijçrh.
snd yet it is harrilj spindled out, says the
Mechanic Kails Herald.
tireat harm and discomfort is caused 1»?
the use of purgative* which grij>e and
rack the system. "Parsons* Pu rétive
Pills" are free froiu all impure matter, and
are mild and health-yiviuj; iu their opera
At this season of the year, cramps and
|>aiu* in the stomach and bowels, dysen
tery, diarrhu-a, Ac., are quite common,
and should l»e checked at once. Jvhn
*ons Anotlytu LinirtutU is the best
article that can be used in all such cases,
aud khouid )'« kept in every family.
('«ttlr Markets.
Bkiomton, Aug. Wh. Jsû».
PriciH- Bwvf*- Kxtra quality | 12 7."> g 13 iV
Kir>i x ». ond ψ>.\1Μν, #11 ir>
|117% Third >jua »t> flui>41iu ΙΝκιη1·! ailes
r»w.. ι>\<·» hull». Α·* ·ιμ·»<5 In 0ι· ψ |<«) a (tbeto
■al weight of hide*. tallow. and «Ιγ*··*·»«μΙ beef
Working <>\en Thw ha- been hut Tr.y liUle
J in the Wurkiug »»\ trade. K>>r several vivkn
i»a«t there hive been but a few pair» in innrkel,
lor whieli h ·ΙΊ« τ« λ -k from &l~l* t«> $:t «>·' pair —
The trade will revive λ- «>·->η a- eattic t'oiniucucr
ro.utng m«»rv freely from the V-rth and Ka«t
#1» I·»#·*»: two n»*r old» fW
Iv iV*>. three year old- U> $>'<ô f head, or uiuch
irrorfilr.j to value f««r lwef.
Milch <".'W » Kxtra #Γ"> ι<» si lu: ordinary #'<·> 9
>7 re t .·>*»#'.' <i Ι'ιίκ « Ot S"P»· I »w»
Impends a great deal uj»«'n the fancy of the pur.
sheep an'l I .xiub- - In 1 >1» 2 25.4 u>. 3 M ,jt f I iX>
f h< 1.1 fo: >-. inn: ·ιι i ··- extra ami ~··1··«·|··«Ι 4 ΛΓ»
ι< Μ f brad ; Lamb» J ό>> u vu, or from I to
,'e ¥ %
Κ mark* — The demand ha« been better thie
»rrk fi>r tift'rt·» There «ere but a few uf the
Via...»· I .ittle uitabielo -lauxhlei There «ι·μ·
m>re( ftttle in market from Maine than ha·» been
u in any one week »ineela<l spring There were
•..ii*i.|.'ra'le many η m all » attle among them The
;ra«le fur More I attle an·! Working Oxen i» dull,
tad ha·» been tor M'Veral week» pa^t
"Tall oak- from little gr^w,
l.arve -tream- from liU.'e fountain- flow "
Seven J ear- ag-> the PLANT \Tli>x lUrTKKS were
l>ut little known T·· day there i« not a nook or
roruer of our land « here they are nut found and
Died. Th»· «ale ha? reached the enortuou* num
ber of Five Millions of B »Ules annually,and it îa
.on-la nil y increasing It «how· what ran l>e done
with a renllv good medicine. an I a *y «temalic
:our*e of making :t known. I'erbap^ no uiedi
iue in the world wa- ever »o deaervedly popular
i- the I'lantatioii Hitter*. (.·<* where you will,
iaou|( the rieli <»r |ηη»γ. and you w ill a!wny* tlnd
Jie^e Hitler» in u-e. Their merit ha - beootne an
ibUtbli»hed fact, and we conlially rveomuiend
ihem .n r.v-eλ of dy!>pep>ia, lus- of aj'petite, ehilU
iud fever, headaehe, Λ<· , A ·.
M W»\OI.IA WATKK — Λ deli^titlul to;lei artj.
•le—»u|>vriur to Cologne, and at half the price.
All W ItM Are SuflVrlug
Yom nervou* debiliU and i>ro.«!;raliu& of iho phys
,cal )H>w«rt, rau»*"·! b\ the cm»r* ofyouth. *hould
mmcdiately procure a cop) of the ne* nantirai
*ork Dr. Λ II lla\e*. Consulting l'htsician, to
.he "IV»'·'»!) Medical ln*titute." H >*1·>η. entitlinl
! Hh 84 IKV» h orLIRorSUJ-nUtSKU ν
ΓΙΟΝ," iu invaluable wrork, and the requit cf t!»c
wide»t re*earch and deepest thought* on which it
iret:·· The Institute hu* also ι>li*hed "THE
-LU Λ I. l'in SI»H.« Μ Λ oh WOMAN, AM) II KB
1>1>EASK*»."' frt'in the [>< u of the -.1 tit·.* Author
rht· title of tin· work in.hi ate* it« character. Ful
ler particular* may be found in tho advertisement
L>f the Institute in out columns
"FTUCSH λ* a Maiden'^ Hu hh" I·* the pure
peach* l'<)Di|>lfxi>'n which follow· the uae of
llr.gun'* Magu ·'. * Halm U ι* Iho 1 ;e Secret of
Beamy. Fashionable L»lie* iu Society under
stand thi*.
The Magnolia Balm change· the ru»tic Country
liirl into a * 1:y Itcile more rapidly than any
idhor one thin»:
K<· lne*i, sunburn, Tan Freckle·». Blotches aiul
all elect* οί the >uuim r >uu disappear where it
it u<cd. And a genial, cultivated, fresh expres
•i>>u is obtai:ii*d w h:<-h rival* the lll.wnu of ί outil.
Beauty i» possible U» all who will invert 75 rent*
1: any respectable "tore and insist on getting the
Magnolia Balm.
LroV» k atuaiuon is the Bc«l Hair Dressing.
Twenty-Five Irnrs' I'nutiff
lu the Treatment or l»i«c*si·. inetdent to Female*,
ha> placed DU IHJW at the head of all physicians
tuuk.Hu; such practice a ap<-<-laity, and enable· him
l.i guarantee a speedy aud permanent cure iu the
w.»r*t ca*cs of Siipprtau'n aud all other .l/ciu/m
ai from erArtierer causf All letters
for advice ma*l cuuUtu #1. Office No. S1 Lndi
ion istuket, Boston.
Ν Β — Boar! furnished to thoso desiring to 10
ma.u under treatment.
Boston. July, 1"W. ly
Peabod) 71 «dual luslitulf,
AO ·. I( LI'IX(H NT.,
(Opposite Revere House,) BO S Τ OS.
The Trustees» of this Institution take pleasure
in announcing that they have *ecured the services
of the eminent and well know tt 1>K. A II HAYE*,
Uu *urgeou (J β Army, \ ice President « 1 f
Columbia College of Fh> *ictaiis and Surgeons. Ac.
This institution now publish** the popular med
ical book entitled "TilΚ Scifc.NCt «>κ Ι.ΐκκ, ou
sel*· I'lCksKHVATioM," written bj Dr Hayes. It
treat* upon the A'rrorsof Youth. I'rrmuturt /teciiue
of \f'ink'»«l, Semimal ΙΓμ1;μι, and all lUsâmes
au I AO*t*r* of the iitneriittr* (>r<j<ins Thirty thou
Mini! copies sold the last year. It i* indeed a book
for «very man—young men in particular. Price
ouh #i.m>.
This Institute has ju*t published the most
l>*Tle<-t treat:se of the kind ever offered to the
public, eu titled "Mlt'Al Γιι»ιιΙ(»^η1ϊ Of Woman,
a.vu IlKK bttusLe," prolu*elv illustrated with
the very be«t engraving* This ΙμμΛ is also from
the peu of Or. Hayes. Among the various chapters
may b« mentioned, The M \ slery of Life,—Beautiful
offspring.—Beauty, it* value to Woman, Marriage,
• «encrai Mvgeiue "of Woman,—Puberty,—Change
of Lite,—livcesse* of the Married.—Prevention to
C onception. Ac. In beautiful French cloth.
Turkey Morocco, full jfilt, #.1 '*). Kither of these
books are scut by mail, securely sealed, postage
pawl, on receipt of price
Thoughtful clergymen recommend these books
for their high moral tone, and all eminent and
»k Ifui ph\siciau* earnestly recouimcud them to
tù. public a* the only scientific· ami reliable
treat:*e ofthe kiud published in America.
"Avoid all ijcack ok Advertising Ihktoks
AMD ijfcT THE"! Portrait ΒοοΚβ.''— ^«aericaa
JtmrfuU of λΜίι-al Science ]
Tm* "Peaboi»τ Jot itNAL or Health,*' Dr.
lla\es, Kditor. Term*, one dollar a year in
advauce . Address as above.
•«-Al.Ktitr H llaTEH, M. D-, Uesident aud
Consulting Phvsician
Ν It —Dr. li may beconsulteil iu strictest con
fldence on all diseases requiring skill, secresy and
Belief. ly. July 16, li*»
Job Priuting done at this Oflicf
Masonic Lodges— Time of Meeting·
OXFORD CHAPTER, Bethel, 3d Thurtdtv
of eu».Ii month.
« * ΠΙ +*€ Γ1/" » /S ,τ .-4 πφ #
Bleat·* Star, Ko. 3w, Mexico, Wedueedav, on
<»r the foil of the β»..»»»,
Pari· Lodge, No. W, So. l'aria, Tueaday, on or
ι before the full·
JeffVreon Lo4ft, No. 100, Bryant'* Pond, id
' Tuesday of every month.
OrlruUl Muir, So. 21, Livenuore, Tuesday,
j on or before foil moon.
Bethel, No W7. 2d Thnr*dav of each month.
Κτνιϋηκ Star Lodge, Bueklield, working
j under a Diepeututtioa,— Uie lit Monday of each
ι month.
l*tth««orUii. No. 11. Frveburg. Monday even
in# of <>r following the full of the moon.
Oxford, Norway, No. 18, Thursday, of the week
j MfeadiM Ml am.
Xoant Tlr*»»», No. 122, So. Watcrford, Toes
j «lav, on or before ih«· full moon.
Alt. lerUh, So. fcî, iHmmark, WedoMdlj on
j or before tin· full union.
Healnseot, No. 101, Turner, Saturday on or be
1 fore fell inoou.
Mt. Christopher Ledfc, No. 10, Bryant'·
lN>nd. evei j Monday evening.
Hi* I uk ft tar, Befliel. Friday evening*.
\(tluwu<. ItuckOeld, Saturday evening)*,
t r> *tal Wave, E. Burkfleld, every Thursday
Whitney Lodge, Canton, even* Wednesday.
Bear Momitalu Ijodye, So tVaterford, Wed
nesday evening.
lUrlMtr lVuUhman, North I'arie, Thursday
Waahlugtou, Oxford, Thursday evening,
ftllrer I tkr. Sweden. Saturday evening.
tVeet Nuiaurr, \Vei>t Sumner, Wedueada} ,
ev uning.
Forrct Lahe, (.'enter Ilartford.every Saturday
lu vincible, No. 2i'», Ea»t Sumner, every other !
Friday Eveuiuge.
I. O. O. F.
Pequawhet Lodge, No. 4<>. Brow η fie Id .meet
1st and Sd Wednesday ol each month.
Itfpublinin Caucus·
Tin' Republican* of WoodMoek are rrqnettwl
lu meet at the T<»\VS IHH'SK, in eaid town, on
SATI'KD.W, the 21 *t «lay of AiiKU»t iuitt., at 3
o'clock IV M , toch<»o»e four Ik-legate» to attend
the County Convention.
Al«o, tu nominate a candidate forth·· State Leg·
Mature. W. Β. Ι,ΛΓΗΛΜ,
Aug. la Chair'o Kep. Tuwu Coin.
In Bucktteld, t · the wife of <i. I>. Bi»bee,
a «on.
To the ηife of Chan. A Allen, a *on.
T·' the wife of H m (' >i>auldinir, a »on.
To the wife of Wallace Be*»ie, a daughter,
lit Hartford. Aug Nh, to the wife uf Amos U.
Perkins, a daughter.
In Laat Sumner, July, to the wife of Mr. ira
Palmer. Jr., a own
In Biddeford. July, to the wife of tîeorgr Aver·
i ill. a m>u.
At Milh Wimlhain, Aug. lllli, to the wife of
Andrew Κ Smith, a con
in (trmiKMNl.AuK >th, b\ 1» II Crockett, K»«j , I
Mi Nathan Beau and Ml»» Bow M Karwell, both
1 of I let bel.
In Pern, Aug 12th. at the realdenre of the bride- 1
groom. by liev. Κ li Andrew ». a**i«ted by Rev.
( Parker. Mr Jauic-t A Harrow*, of l'eru, and
Mi·* Marv Κ Robinson of Sumner
In Turner, An* 7th. by Rev F W. Dickinson,
at the γϊ»μΙ·'Β<·( ol the bride'» father, Mr. l»eorge
(•ifford, of Portland, and Mi*» Augusta Hale, of
Dit: i>.
In llehroo, Auk i'th, Mrs. Margaret, wife of
Kliax Ta>lor. aged 74 year".
In Ituckilel l, Aug lith, Vnvolette A , wile of
Samuel 1' Harlow , aged 31 year» Λ month· 3dayn. I
••he leave· mx children: the oldest, a daughter ol
1.1 year», at the time of the mother'» death, wai '
verw »iek. The youngeet tw in»' are one year old ι
Mr» 11 embraced religion »h«»rtlr before »he )
died, and her la»t MMMll wen· lull of h ·|η·, and
ttrong in the faith that »he wae going to meet bet
Je»u». "»l»e entreated her friend» to lu»c no time
m MDJMlIf t.· nvet her in ΠΜΤΜ.
In W oreeater, Jul}'Mil. I» Η Bernard, aged 40
*<»ar- A man of truth moral worth, and a duti
tul § »u; a Udoved butbaud ami lather, a worthy
friend and -iti/en A
In Sweden. True Ο . »on of 1ί. Ο. und Happy
Moultun, age<! JO month».
New Advertisements.
J'dlllS HILL, - - Maine.
■I. comma Proprl.lor.
Gould's Academy,
1 TlIK Κ \ I.I. T1 KM of thi» institution will com· j
iiki o on Tuf«<ln), AukuiI Ul»t, IHttV, and,
contiuue fcleveo Week».
U M ItolHdl, A It, Principal.
Language·., ♦.'· M
Higher Kngli»h, 3 00
Common Kngli»h, 4.UU
(•ood Board near by for # ' Of* to *1 •Vi per week.
Text B'M-k» at lowest Boston priée»
It i* desirable that all be iu attendance on the
flr»t day.
Bethel. Aug. 1*. 1*2>. -.'w
HIGH SûtiOUli.
FORD u.li COBOMMC <>n Monday, Aug. 3»»,
I sut», » ιι·I i-Miitmu·4 eight (and iyuger it
deemed advisable), under Uie instruction of
No pain* will be «itared to make the school both
interesting ami profitable to the student*.
Common English, Uetl. per week.
Higher Kuglish, 40 " "
Lau^uages, 45 " "
Wau»rford, Aug. 1«,
Instant Relief from Pain!
A Mur· Cure >■<! Iiutant Relief!
£ For ?
® Hunts, _
~ m
c Colic, Cramps,
£ Kites and Sting*, M
c- Sprains, Dysentery, 3
Sick & Nervous Hcad
ache, Rheumatism, Tooth- to
v ache, Pimples on the Skin, S
' ff Chilblains, Worms in Children.
Ask ιfour Druggist for it, and if he has
not got it, ht will order it for you.
Manufactured by the Franklin Medical Associa
; tiou, No. 2.*> Winter Street, Boston, Mass.
: This Association are also Proprietors and Man
ufacturers uf l>r. Foster's justly celebrated C'a
; tarrh Remedy. aujrio—Cm
Coiiuuissiourr's Notice.
[ \1TK, the underai^ued, having twn duly appolnt
, f f ed by the Judge of Probate for the County ol
I Oxford, to receive and examine the claims of the
: creditors of Joslah K. Hall, Ut« of Mexico in
said County. deceased, wbow estate is represented
insolvent, give uotice that six months, commencing
the twentieth day of July, A. D. 13<W, have been
> allowed to said creditors to bring in and prove
' their claim·, and that we will attend to the service
assigned at the Office of U II. Ludden, In Dlxfleld,
in said County, on the timt Saturday· of Septem·
. ber and November, A. D. In», and on the Ia«t Sat
I urday of January, A D- lS.'ti, lrom tea o'clock A.
M. to four o'clock P. M.
Dixrield, Aug. 18. 1N».
Farm for Sale.
SITUATED at Rumford Corner, within a anar
ter of a mile of a Schi>ol House, and a mue of
three Meetmx|House>-.
It contains thirty-lire arres of good intervale
Land, and has a îwo-«tory hoiu»e, well finished,
with Ell connecting the barn, and a Blacksmith's
shop upon it. There Is a young Orchard, a Sugur
Orchard and house, good pasture, plenty of wood
and timber.
There is a daily mail frotu Bryant's Pond.
For further particulars, iuuuire of the owner.
Rumford, Aug. 7, 1*®. tf
^•«•Reelécat Taxet.
lu t!ie Town of Greenwood, County of Oxford·
Me , for the year ΙΛβ.
Tin» fitllowiuff (let of Tax* β on Real EatiUe of
no-i readout oh lier» in the Ton η of Greenwood,
in «nid Suite, fur tUe year 1WA in bill* committed
to Chta. X.. Packard, Collector or Taxes for the
town of Greenwood, cm the Sid dur of June, 1HW,
h:iti lieen returned to me αβ remaining unpaid on
lMh day of June, 1*1», nit by hi* eerthleate of that
date,iilid now remain·unpaid; and notice inhere
by given that If raid taxes, Interest and char*»··
are not paid into ihe Treasury or η aid Town with
in lit mouths from the date of the commitment of
•aid bill», no mneh of real estate *o taxed an will
be sufficient to pay the ainuunt duo therefor, in
cluding interest aiid charge*, will without further
notice be hold at public auction at the >toi*> of
William Bennett, iu «aid Greenwood, on the limt
Monday iu January, 187o, at 1 o'clock in the after
Non-resident lands Ijing in the south part of the
town of Greenwood. known by tin* name of Mor
tar and Htskcll'a Grant :
o * « ► a 3
3 ? ! 2 OS ί" c
S e a i Fs * ε
' - : " fï. ΐ S
John French 3 10 «I*> || MI
Isa'o llnyes.W aide 4 2Λ « 40 2 40
do. Ra.-t " S 40 4.CO 4 n)
Non resident land in south nart of town, former'
Iv known by the uantc of Phillip* Academy Gr't,:
Tliomae Γrocker,
!.. Broke farm. 8 ti 100 H.(M .1 CO
do. E.pt. Young fr.li 'J W 7.20 7.20
S* lve*ter Cole,
Churchill farm, 80 10 80 9 49 19 *1
J I». Yates. W . pt 12 1 37 1.80 1Λ
A 8. Curtis, barn
thereon, 1Λ 12.00 12.00
S. W. Pierre, mea
dow land. 100 2.40 2 40
T. Brig*. W pt. II 4 75 2 OK 2 tft
Llbbylot, 1 3 loo l.xe |.t«i
«h». 4 2 km w; :> .vi
S. C. Yates, N. pt. f 4 »> .74 .72
do. 8 4 SS .(JO .00
Oliver Whitney,
Keaton land". 0 2 2Λ 120 1 20
Non-resident land In north part of town, former
ly known as Raymonds Grant:
f. Crocker, or «ink. \ 12 00 12 00
John York, Jr., 1 5 37 1.48 IW
J Wilder. 1 7 N> I hi) I SO
J.fc. Fill. Fill farm. IU) 14.40 II 40
S. II Houghton.pt.
T. Itm« η prop'y, 49 .10.00 30 «0
do Mount'n lot. 210 *i.00 .V, 00
do Itrvaut farm, ti.1 7.20 7 20
do. 1>. Cutnmi'g'*{V. 100 3.00 .$.·Λ
li 3.00 3 00
do. near S.Bryant'*
do. School house
tax for MCH, l01y 10 ^
Tutti··, flobbs and
Jackson, I.. Cole
farm, 12 β 80 1.» 1 HO
do. do. do. 13 C ϋ 4.30 4 80
.Stephen Howe. pt.
cf old farm loo 9(* $>«o
Μ. Κ Ethridge, 4 14 40 It 40
A. C. Swan, 6.00 Λ 00
Fnoch French, 2·® 2. tft
llarri>on Frcnch, S·'*' *■•w
Greenwood, Au*. lo, lisï».
l>oai-Kc«*id<*nt Taxes
tn tho Town of Denmark, Couuty of Oxford, Mo.,
for the rear 1Λ8.
Tl»e following )i-t «if Ta»e* on th·· real e«tale of
nou-reaidenl owner· in the i'own of Denmark for
lli«· year 1H«H, In blll«couimiUhl lo Wm FruMndrn,
Collector of *aid Town, on the 7th day ot Jul),
Λ D 1HLK, ha* been returned bv him to ine a« re
m lining unpaid ou the :td day oi Jul*. l*;y, by hit
ccrtith ate of that «late, uud now remain unpaid ;
and notice i* hereby given that if the »aid laxe«.
and Intt'ivtl ami «'haw* art* not paid into the
Trea*ur> of aaid Timn within eighteen mouth*
from the date of the commitment of the «aid lull·,
m> much of the real estate taxed a> w ill lie μιΓΓι
eieut to |>ay the ainouiit dne therefor, iiii'ludinic in
tcre-t and charges, will without further notice, he
nold at puhli· Aii'tiou at the selectmen's OHlce,
in *aid iK'umark, on the twcntv-#ixlh day of
February, A. 1» 1K70, at four o'cb»ek I*. M.
l»yer and Walker, or owner* unknown, part of
Boston 11.11 tract, fO a· re*. value·! at $|υθ, tA\ due
f I «·, deticient highway tax for l*o, returned Toe.
Isaac liver, or owner· unknown, part of Bo«ton
llill truct, I·;: acre*. valued at iltuo, t.i\ |£V2o;
deficient highwav tax for lw>7, returned #10 50.
Dcntnatk. Aug. II. !**&■.
\otirr of Forc«'lo*urr.
The uudernigued hereby aire* public notice that
(ίιιΐΓκν Jack "♦»»!» ο I Watcrlord, in the Count) of
Oxford, on the 2d dar of Marrh. Α I» l*tl, b) hi*
deed of Mui Ικακι* oi that date, dnlv recorded in
Oxford Registry, book lit·, page I lu, cou veyeil a
certain tract of land situated in said Waterford,
being a l»art of lot numbered eight in the thirteenth
ranee of luU, and fully deecrilied in -aid record,
to hliakiiu Max field . and on the 21 day of Ma). A.
D. Ι·»Γΐ, Hoi-are Μα xllehl. a» Adiuii>i*trator on the
estate of Kliakiiu, tran*ferrrd to me nil hi· right,
title and interest in and to the above ilencrilxtl
mortgage, which transfer ι» recorded in Oxford
Kccord*. book 114. page W; and wherea« the con
dition* of *aid mortgage have Iteen broken. I here
by claim to foreclose the Mme in accordance w ith
the etafutc· in aucb ci«e« made and provided
Waterfonl, Aug IL IAV.
ΪΛΠ,'Ρ Ι,οΙ of Cuir*. Collar*, llov
irry, <·Ιοτ«ή, Αγ.,
Now being opened nt the
Otiord Couuty Dry <·οοιΙ· i;«t*bllihutrnf.
('ommi^ionrr'H Kolirr,
rpilK underpinned. haraiv been «Itilx appointed
X by the Honorable Judge of 1'robate within
an.I for the County of Oxford, C«'iuiui**ioncr.· of
Insolvency on the eMate of Cvru* llavfnrd, late of
Hartford in »>aid County, deceased, hereby give
public notice that »lx month·, commencing the :bj
Tuefday of July, A. D. ΙπβΒ, hare been allowed
to »aid creditor* t > bring in and prove their claim·,
and that we will attend to the service η-signed to
π ι ..ι ttoe store of Jum fritb, m «ail Hartford "·ι
the lift >aturda> of November next and the Mh
day of January, 1870, at 10 o'clock \ M
I» \ MU 1' tRHOXft,
J A Mh> lltl>ll.
Augu*t 10th, 1819. Coninii**ioncr*.
Freedom Λοίιιτ.
Thif may certify that I have iriveil t<> tu> eon,
Uan'IKI. II Mc At.l.lSTKH, hi» time t<> a< t and trade
for hiiUM'lf during the reiualuler <>t' hi» miuority,
and that I will not claim any of hi-* wa^e», nor
pa\ anv debts of his contracting after thin date.
Attest: H. I?PTOM.
Norway, Aiitf 1", ls»5<
Freedom ,\oliee.
This is to certify that I have relinquished to my
e.»n, Jons L. I»ak»U*«îton, a minor, hi» time t<>
art and tiade for himself from and after the tiret
day of AtiKH't next, and I «hall claim none of his
milling* and |>a\ no debt» of lus contiacting after
that date.
Witness : Iff A AC Uvnkau..
l'eru, June 30, 1WD.
For Ladies' use, at the
Oxford Couuty l)r>- Good· KatnblUhmcnt.
(Formerly ATLANTIC llocaK.)
fÇZtgggg&jm* Houth I*ari«, .He.
This well known House has recently been refit
ted and is now open for the accommodation of the
the tni\ elling public. 4*-l'a«>ciigcrs conveyed
lo and from the Depot free of charge.
Λ. Β. &. Λ. Λ. ΛΧΟΚΚηΜ,
uug 12 Proprietor·.
" eagle hotel,
.Hfchanic Falls - - IWaine.
H. If PKAKKS, Proprietor.
The present I'roprietor having
leased this tine Hotel for a term of
years, would respectfully inform
the public that he is now feadv for
■ ι „ i,„ ,To travellers, boarders
or nartie*, considering the nice accommodation*
ami moderate charges, we would sav without cou
traduction, this Motel stands without η rival.
.Mechanic Kalis, Jan. 15, IHU'A
For Men's and Dots' Wear, are beiug closed onl
CHEAP, at the
Oxford County Dry CSood* Katabltshmeot.
Pratt's Tubnlar Wells
AVISO purchased of the patentee the right
a. a. to construct the above Wells in Oxford Co.,
1 ain prepared to receive orders from any wh<
1 ain
may desire my services.
In locations ft»vorable for boring them, these
Wells are now conceded to be the most
Economical and Best in I'm,
alwavs affording an abundant supply of PLTT
For reference as to the working and utility <
these Wells. I am permitted to name the followin
gentiemenjwho now are using them at their pre
mises, viz :
I>r. W. B. Lawiam, Bryant'· Pond.
Hon. Hikam KLUS, Canton.
Geo. Wkhiiek. K«kj., Rumford.
Mauk Ruhakuho.n, Esq. Milton Plantation.
Rumford. Aug. β. 1*W. 6w
Gents' l ine Fulled Cambric
Juet received at the
Oxford County Dry Good· KatablUhnaant
Bridgton Academy.
Τ UK PALL TKRM of thla Institution will «W
mo net; on TnMdmy, ÀBffMt Slat, 1»M,
nnd continue cloven week*.
JOHX U. nittHT, A, Mm Principal.
NAPOl.KOS GRAY. A It., AaeUtant.
IliM LAVINIA K. OIBB», Drawtn* * Palnthifr.
Mi»» ΛΝΜΚ TEWKSBURY, Teacher of Munie,
ltoanl and Tuition reasonable.
«f-Text Hooka flimiaiml by the Principal at
Portland price». TH<W. II. MEAD,
North Bridgton, July fc). 3w angIS Scc'y.
Fryeburg Academy.
THE PALL TKRM of thi» Institution will win·
menre on WedneaJay, »ept. 1st, Id··,
and continue Kleven Week».
VNIIKIt «. CXTTII, A. B., Principal.
MRS. Μ. Κ W KMT WORTH, Aaaiatant.
Board in good famille* at reasonable rate*
For further information, addre»» Uev. D. Β
Hew all. 8«rrrtary, or the Principal.
Pryehurg, Jul) if, laou. 4w
Paris Hill Academy!
THE FALL TERN of thi· institution will
comintuice On Tacadar, iugxil Slat*
J. LEWIS MERRILL, Principal.
MI8S ANNIE 0. YOITNG, AttisUtni.
Mien Hf.i kn Π. Parkin, Teacher of Mu»lc.
Drawing and Painting.
Common Fnifli*h, $i Μ
Higher Kngii»h, 5 00
Language», .1.50
Munie, extra, 10 00
Drawing und Painting, extrn, «Î.00
No deduction made for an ab«cnceof two week·,
il u le ah on account of «ickneaa.
A Teacher*' On»» will be formed for tlio benefit
of tliodc intending to teach the etuutuK winter.
There mil be lecture» during the tenu on Na·
tnral Phllo»ophv and Botany.
No pain* m ill be «pared to make the term an in
terest mjf nnd profitable one.
IIithetto there ha» been a great want of room»
for ftud.'iits de»iring to board theineelvc*. Ar
rangement» lia vu now been made to accommodate
all neb.
Addrej* the Principal, or
I'.tri", July Id. IW.
West Peru High School.
ΓΠΙΙΚ FALL TKKM of Kleveu Week» will com
1 nienee on Monday, Kept. fl, lMtttf, under
tin' charge of
WUh Competent As*i«tant*.
Common Kngliidi, 3.Î cent* per week.
Higher English, 40 " "
La 11*11 «κ»··. 4Λ " "
II »ar<i ran be obtained for Hi i>er week, οι
i ' 73, including washing, w«n>d nmt light*
Koom·, for litote winhuig to board themaclve*.
Hoard or room· can bo oblaiurd by addre*aiiig
th«* Principal
Writ Peru, Me., July 38,
71 ai tu* We*lryan Srminnrjr and
Ffitiiile College.
rpilK FALL TF.KM of Thirteen Weeks will
X commence tin· Second Monday in August,
Aufuil 1Mb.
H. IV TORSEY, I*resilient.
Kent'* Hill, July 16. lsx·. 3w
Hebron Academy.
TIIK FALL TKKM of Eleven Weeks will cum
mener on Tur»d*>, Kept. 7th, 1H··.
Uoanl, ft (*) per week. Tuition, $j.U0 mid 00.
For Circular*, apply to
A. B. Ill'M ITS, Sec y.
Hebron, Me., July 30, Ι·<Κ». 3w
( union l'oint II Ik h School.
rpilK V M.L TKKM of thi>« School will rota
1 meure on Turaday, Wept. 7th, ISttW, nhd
I'ouliiiuc Trn Weoks under the in»lm<*tion of
Λ. I.. IIAYXKN, Principal.
Munie, Drawing and Penmanship extra
Their will be a publie Lyeeum, and a Teacher'»
Cla"·». in eoiiue"tlon with the School.
Hoard in pri> jU- families at $-..>» per week.
Common Kngliah, $.3 AO
Higher Kuglidi, I'D
Language*, 4.Λ0
('anion Point, June I, is»'·»
Grocery Store for Sale.
r|^HK «iib^erilier wi-lun* to make a change in
1 Iiim bumueiu·. offer» tor Mile hi· entire «lock
• >l (»oode, roniitting of
Pntrut nedirine», Ac.
To anv one wl«hitig to engac<* in a lijrht an I
plea-ant burinée* thin offer* a rare chance.
stork now on hand about $:u· uo.
For further information, and terun, innnire of
or addivρ.» KKANkll imKFIS,
July 1*&. Bryant'· Pond, Me.
Agents Wanted,
11<>K the Nauhnttau Life Inauraurc Com·
paity, in l'ari< and vieinity. \ good man
ran do well for tlii* OLI> Α ΝI » PROnPKKOI'S
COMPANY, whi< h offers the greatest advantage»
to iiiMtrer*.
Applv, jfiving (innliflration* and reference, to
J. L. II M>K"i . Stv y,
Aug. li, l^tSU. 3t New York.
Jfoticr «l uissoiuuou.
ΓΓΜΙΕ Copartnership heretofore existing undej
J. the linn mime of l>carboru, ΙΙγοηίιιΊΙ A Co.,
nt Locke's Mill-, Μι· , wa« dissolved by mutual
consent on tin· necoixl iliy «I' So»fiul)i'r, Λ I)
I ■*'··*, Mr Kmcrson Γ Urow η»·11 retiring from the
firm All business pertaining to the late Arm Mill
be settled b> tin· »ub»ci ibers, who continue lo
earn on bn»in«a» at the old stand tit Locke'· Mill*
under the firm name and »tjleof In-arboru Λ Tib
bet», who are the only member» of the late flrna
dulv authorized to settle the name.
J· HI Ν F 1>K Alt HORN',
Locke's Mill*, July Itf, 1UBH. 3w
Chimese Yoke Pattern,
I u jtin, firm cloth, at the
Oxford Cnmitj Dry Uuoil* F^Ubllilimtnt.
NO!* ηι:μι»κλτ taxkh,
In the Town of Hartford, County of Ox·
ford, .tie., for the year A. D. Iftttft.
The following lint of tuxes on real e»tate of non
resident ownrrs, in theTmvnof Hartford. for the
year l*iH, in Util a committed to Miwn Alley,
Collector of taxes for said Town, on the l-.îth day
of June l«ft<, ha*· I see η retui nod to me as remaining
unpaid on the 11th day of June, Isa», by hiscertill
eate o| that date, and now remain unpaid; atnl
notice is hereby (riven that if Raid taxe* and in
terest, and charge», are not paid into the Treasury
of »aid Town within eighteen months from the date
of the commitment of «aid bill*, ho much of the
ri al estate so taxed as will be sufficient to pay the
amount due therefor, including interest and
charges, will, without further notice, be sold at
public auction at the Town Houno, in said Town,
on the 1st day of January, 1870, at 1 o'clock P. Ji.
" So r s
o s o c --
T. Kllgore's heirs,
part of i 11 30 $00 $1.12
Wm. Quimby, 3 11 125 1'·**
C.M linker, X prt 1 11 32 *»' 1*7
Κ . Libhy, Ν. prt 1 11 -V) W 198
Wm Francis·, S pt8 12 30 1*0 3.08
Α. X Mayo, prt. of
Gore, 1 10 15 M 1.88
James H tisser, S. „ M
West part of 4 4 38 «5 1.85
Ervin Robinson, 8.
East part of 9 2 58 150 3.30
J. Field, prt Gore 18 3 2u «>
Ivory 1'age, prt. a δ GO <00 1W
Tristram Ltbby, pt.
of Gore, 7 12 M 150 .830
John 11. Kimball 9 9 15 45 M
Hartford, Αηκ· 10, 1·*«9.
Best Quality Repellant,
Received at the
Oxford County Dry Good· Eitabllshauat.
THE subscriber hereby gives public notice that
he has been duly appointed by the Honorable
Judge of Probate, for the County of Oxford, and
assumed the trust of Administrator of the estate
FRANKLIN McKEEN, late of Stow,
in said County, deceased, by giving bond as the
law directs ; he therefore requests all persons who
are indebted to the estate of said deceased to
make immediate payment, and those who have
demands thereon to exhibit the same to
July «0, I#».
GEORGE II. RIPLEY, an adopted eon, aged
about 12 years, left me on Saturday, August
7th, 18ΘΗ. All persons are forbidden harboring or
trusting him on my account, as I provided nim
with a good home, and as he left witnout cause or
notice. CYBUS KIP LEY.
Paris, Aug. 10,18».
■ γ ι ■ r ■ ι ■ ~
Agents Wanted,
For the People,
Full Instructions and Practlrnl Form*. adapted to
Krerr Kind of Bustaer», and η nil the State* of
the I'nion.
CM" fciie Lulled f*tat·'* Uni
"Then· 1* no book of Ui«* kiu-i w Idch will la ko
rank with U for authenticity. iut»*ilî>r«>n<*« and
completeness Springfield ι Ma** ,] Heputliran
Tbic Is the ONLV SEW BOOK of the kind pub
lished fur many ν ear· It 1· prepared by nil nbb·
PBACTICAL LAW TER, of twenty-live year*'
experience, and la Just what everybody need· for
daily iim.
H it highly r*v>mmcndrtl by mnntf eminent Judge»,
including lie Chief Justice and other Judge* of
Sia**tichu*eU*, ami the Chief Justice and entire
flench af Connecticut.
Sold onlv hv *ubaerlptlon. AtiKSTS WASTED
EVKKYWIlF.KK Seiwl for Circular*.
Ο. I). CASK A Co . Publisher·, ll.irUbrd, Coon -
I So I spruce St., Sew York; Cincinnati, O.; and
{ Chicago, III.
An o|i| lawbook, published many rear· a go, ha·
ju«l 1μ·«·ιι h;t-ιil ν ι ·· -ivitied a* "a uew book " w ith
out even η Mutable re ν Mon of it* obaolete Mate
rnent*. I>o not confotmd that work with CllAM
Aug. β, 1*W.
100 Sun Umbrellas,
Fancy Handle·. Black or Câlit Staff and Tip·
(made laat week to order) at #1 each, at
Oxford County Dry Uoodi Eatabll«kawat
Sewing Machine Agency.
and nil «tandard Machine» constantly f»n hand.
Tbrvndi·, Oil, XetdiM, and nil kind· of Trim
luiDK'i for 8ewlug Machine», at
Heyw' Block, Norwajr, Ide.
Not. 27. 1*».
MCAI.EK.s !>
Crockery and Glass Ware,
Wiudow Shades, Carpeting»,
as υ
House Furnishing Goods
Preble Nt., Portland !*Ie.
ty-s«T«>DiMiHn'! Furniture bought nnd eold.
I BMJI M 3iu
Blacksmitli'·· shop and Ntaud,
at Mexico Corner, where » good bU<°k*inith
j understanding the buidne»·*, ran get all the work
, he and a Joiiruet uiao can po»*ibly d«
Uea»on for celling—inability to do the work.
Any ou·» dt^lruu» of locating in a place wberf
w ork' 1« j»lentv and pay certain, w ill do well to buj
out the «nbiwriber.
be *«.ld nt a bargain If called for noon
Term·, caali. Addreee, or call on the *ub*cri
lwr at Mt xico. C. it. KNAPP.
Mexico, July 27, IHC;i.
A Càood A «tortillent of
j Fashionable Millinery
! — AM> —
Fancy Goods!
Ματ be found Ht
Ε. & Ε. CURTIS'S, :
(Successor» to Mi*>e> lU4IKLi.it Ma*<»n),
Corner Church A .Haiti Street»,
May 20. tf
— Ko Κ —
S. H. c. represents only lli>t-clas* Companies,
and will Policies at λ* favorablerate* « > * uy
other As'cnt. Applications by ni.iil for Circnlars
or insurance, promptly answered, and any part of
the County visited il ret|iie»ted. Apl 1.
Druggist find Apothecary,
f?" Physician's prescript! an * c« efidly cobj
pounded. All orders promptly attended to.
Will attend to the Practice of
— I* a Lao —
EiamlBliig Nai'Ktou for Invalid Pensions,
Will Rive special atteution to the treatment ol
I Nervous Disewet.
Saturdays, when practicable, will l»e devoted to
the examination of invalid pensioners, an I gener·
Ml office busiuess. June Γ, '&».
Freedom Notice.
: ''Γ^ΗIS certitles that for a valuable consideration,
X I have this dav given to iny son, ECU KM;
, WESTWOKTH, hie time U> trade and transact bus
iness for himself aud I fhall claim none of his earn
inrs nor pay anr debts of his contracting after
Witness— Ν. B. Ht'BBABD.
lliraui, July il, 1*8.
! Sun Umbrellas!
At BARGAINS, at the
I Oxford County Dry Uoedt £«Ubllihm«nl.
Human Misery !
Jxut I*ublUked in Healed Envelope. ITiet 6 et».
ment and Radical Cure of Seminal Weakness,
or SruuiiATouuiitK.i, induced by self-abuse ; In
voluntary Emissions, ImiotexcT, Nervone De
bility, and lni|H*ditnenls to Marriage generally;
CONSLMiTlO.s, El'iLKl'8v, and Kits, Mental and
Physical Incapacitv, etc. Bv ROB. J. CULVER
WELL, M !>., author of the "tireen Book," Ac.
The worlti nenownc l author, in fhis admirubl·*
Lecture, clearly proves from hi-· own experieiu ·
that tlu* ttWtul f"ii»e<|U' e* ■ l -· If »ibu.;·.' may Ik?
effectually removed v.tti · :t medicine, and with
out dangerous surgical /|>eia:· >n», huugjes, in
struments, ring* or cordlnS, ρ nting out a mode
of cure at once certaiu an·i efftvti.al, by w hich
every sufferer, no matter what Lu couJitiou mi)
be, may cure himself cheaply, privately, and raa
icallff. ' This Lecture will prove a boon to thous
ands and thousands.
Sent, under seal, in a plain envelope, to any ad
dress, on receipt of six cents, or two postag·
stamps, by addressing the publishers.
Also, Dr. Culverwelrs "Marriage Guide," pricu
2ft cents. Address the Publishers,
1*T Bowery, Ifew York, P. Ο Box 4,W.
AU Khidê of
job iPiRiosrTiisra,
DON'S AT THM office.
Oxford Cmnmtf De·locratic Co··
The Democrats of the se τ era 1 Town· And Plan
tations of Oxford Comity, are requested to meet
by delegates in Convention, at the COl'MT JIOI'&E
on ΡΑΚΙΑ HILL* on ΤΙΙΓΗΜΟΑ V. Angn* »Uh,
κ 10 o'clock Α. Μ , for the following purple·
To nominate two candidates for the State Semite ;
one for Clerk of the Court*, one for Couuty Treas
urer, and one fbr Countv Commissioner. Also, to
choose η County Committee for the year 1879, and
to transact any other business that may properly
come before the Convention.
Each Town and Plantation will be eutitied to
one delegate, ami a se«tt>nd delegate for the first
twenty five vote* cast for the Democratic candi
date for Governor lu the election of 1%ί», and an
additional delegate lor every additional lifty fûtes
Pa*t as nfore»aid A majority fraction of fifty
rotes afler the first twentv-tive will entitle to a
. The County Committee wltl lie in sev ion at the
Loiirt House to receive credent als at half pant y
» Y lock AM,
HAM'L R. CARTER, rjiainnan.
l>emoeratlc Co. Committee
Month Parts, Nsiar,
Through July nud August we «lull close our
•tore at ο o'< lock Γ M
GEO. Ν. PLIHXKR, Proprietor.
Β Τ order of the Judge of Probate for Oxford
County, I will nay In the creditors of B. W.
Itnant, laie of Paris,'a dividend of eight ceinte
and four mills (M 4-10 et*.) on a dollar, a» Allow· d
by Cotuiais»iouers on Insolvency on said estate.
Pari·, July ti, It·». de boni ■> non.
Xotice of Ptrfrlovut < .
THK undersigned herebv gives pub.tc notice
th<a Albert H. GerrUb of llethei, in the Coun
ts of Oxford, \\ iilinui « erri-h, Jr , of Durban,
then in the County of Cumberland. ami Η ι 11 i uni
D Crooker and ΐΜΜΜί βίΤΜΙο·, M bothef Bath,
then ia the County of Liaeolu, on the fourteenth
day of l>«cember, A. D by their d*cd of that
date, duty recorded In the Oxt'ord ΓοοηΙν lb-gi
trv of Deed», book lot, pa^es lui aud ilfi, convey·
eu in Mortgage to Ueoivi* W Manl»< i n f («eorgN·
town iu the County of |λμ·χ, and l.ominonwi aUh
of Massachusetts, a certain pie e or parcel of
(and. situate in Bethel, i.i rhc Count) of Oxford
and of Maint·, des*'ι il»* 4 s* follow* .
beginning si a point six rod* nine feet tud three
1.1· Ik - west from tin· WC ·1 ··< BMMT (<<·( I.nr trro
standing on the north side of the County mad
leading fr« m Iteiiicl lliïl to We*t Bethel. thence
runiuug nt»rtliwe-terly to a stake and stones on
tiie bank of the An<ln>*roggin river, thence rttn
ttiug westerly uj> «aid liter lo laud owned by Ho·
bert t* Wiley; then·*»· souths·It on «aid Wiley's
land to said road , thence ea-teilj un -aid road to
the idace of beginning; reserving all that part of
«aid iaud lh..t has been deeded to the Atlantic Λ
>t Lawrence Company ; nud that ».wd i.i'»rre W.
>anl>oro, on Ibe tweut\-oignth «ta y of Noveinuer,
A D lt«d. for a valuatile o O'iileratlou. aligned
said mortgage to the under*igried ; and that rh#·
couiiiltoUB of sa»d inortg-ige nave been btokcu,
by reason whereof, the undersigned as assignee,
a aforesaid, hereby «daim» forer lo.-urv ot the -aid
mortgage. J«»I|V LYNcll
Portland, July »i, 1S!9
ΛΙΤΟΙ ΛΤΑ, July ΙΛ, |ι# y
PI'KSI* A XT to Chap «.See .14, of the Uev|»ed
statute*, I will, al th·· State Treasurer*» υίΒ< β
in An^u-ta, on lin· eighth day of ^·|·ι<.-ιι«Ι»*γ next,
.nt eleven o'clock In th·· forenoon. »ell and convey
by deed to the Injriie.-t ln.l l.tr, all the inUreet of
(lie Mate ίιι (lu· ira» t.- of land hereinafter de«.crlb
e<l. lying in uucorporated lownibip«, the naid
tiai'U having l»eeu forfaited to tin* Stale for 6t.ite
ta*e·» and comity taxe», certified to the Tiea»iin*r
of *tate, for the year ln»7.
The »a|c ami conveyance of each tract will l>e
made subject to a right iu th·· owner or part own
er. whow rigid* hate been forfeited, t<> redeem
th" «aine at anytime within one year after the
•ale, by pay i η g or tendering t · tin puichaMi hi*
proportion of w hat the pnirhacer paid therefor at
the »ale. milh interest nt the lute of twenty per
cent. |κ·ι· annum from tin· time of *alc, au·! on·
dollar for relea-e; or Mich owner oia\ redeem In*
interest by pa\ ing ft- aforefaid to the Treasurer of
State, a« provided in Chap. »>. sec .irt, of the llevU·
ed statute*.
No tract, however, will be «old at a priée le»*
than th»· full amount 'li:e fhereon for Mich unpnfd
v'tnle and county taxe», intern·! and cort, a» >le
nrflwd m Um fbBowfag Kbalnlf:
J No. 4. Κ. I, $A7 *j6
1.180 acre·. No. 4, Κ i, ^ i»l
V«77 Here*, Ν ο. ô, H *. 14 .»
I No. 4. Κ- -1, 17 Kl
iV2 acreu, S | No ft. It. β, 2 Μ
">iu tfpM, Ν I So ■"·. Κ a, i 7
WAf CALDWELL. TrenMirer.
TIIK nubfcnber I crvby ipve« | ub|. · η·>ΐι ν that
ne lus bwn duly apu· « ' by the Honorable
Judge of Probate, f<»i the bounty of Ο ν lord, aid
.»· uuiL'd the trust of Administrator of the e*t.ito
-»JMEO\ L H MILKS, late of Kryebnrjf,
> .ι i County, deceased. by Kit :ng bond aa the
Ι.λι ·ίο··. ;· lie tlierv'fore rctjueMi all pcrn»n» alio
,i ·· it,dcb!c I to the estate ot «aid deceased to make
iiuun*d.ute payment : and tho-e who have ivoy do
uuiod» thereou, to exit.hit th·· vim·· to
ji.iv ai, um
Ί HE -u i~ iiber hereby giv· - publie n< ti*e th.it
In· li t- been duly appointed b.· th·· ll< uoral lo
Jadfp· of p irtmiy Am tbte· tint] if Oxford, uul
ii; auk <1 tin- t/i.-t of Ad mini-Intl.·· of the estate of
t.Koltt.K l oi I», lute of Itethel,
in «aid < ouuty. de· e ihi 1. I* git uc boud at the
law dire-'t» : he therefore tc»ji»e-.i»· <i:l pei«on.· wliw
are indebted to the e*lnte ot »aid deceased (<· make
immediate pajraeut. ami th>»m· who hate any do·
Jiaud» thereon, to exhibit tin- >,nmn to
July ί». I*»
THE eubeeriber hereby g;ve> public notic.· that
he ha·» been duly nppoiuti'd by the Hon'iaMe
Judge of Probate, foi the County id Oxford, and
a-auincd the tru-l ·.·' hxccutor of the α.-t W til
and Testament of
LLCΚΕΤΙΛ t.l.oVK»:. Sal' of > ly,
iu-aid County, de<vi««d. b;. tfivinif ι id a« t*io
law direct.·»; lie therefor·request* ail ocr->ιιλ who
are tudebted t » th · c-t;.l«· t<l -aid \U eun'd to
make immediate pa* uient, and llio^e v ti · hate
auy demand» tliereon to e xhibit tiio »ani·· to
\>α κ. μ ·ι.-:·:
Jul? a», ι*;·.ι
THK iub Η·ΓΪ1κτ· lii'rebirivc«piiM 'v»iirc that
thev have been du** appointed by tip Ηο,.·>. «tbl*
Judge of Prd.-Ho, f >r tin· County of «;χ|··η1, and
assumed Ou* tm-t ul Executor υ! t.'ie lusi will ojhI
HENRY It. WEBHKR. l.»ti of Paria,
in said C-»untv, deceased. by giviu,: Ι» nd a» the
law direct- | !'«· therefore request. allpcr*«'n who
are iudeltte 1 to tee e t.'tlc of saul dceased to inaku
immediate payment ; and |ho«« who linve any de
Mind- ilnreon, to exhibit tin* «aine to
jui» so, m,
Oxruitlt, :—At a » ouït of ProliaU; hcM at Pa·
Π», w : t h lit .«ltd for thw lUUtili ul Oxford. uu thtf
third luttiUr oi'Jul;. Λ l>
JOHN C liKUKV. Adinini-I. ι l"f uu tli" esUta
of Elia* P:ke. l-t· of H'meriord, in -«id Coun
ty,. dtvi-4^d, haviug presented Jii- rtr-t snd final
licrouut of administration o| Uu· estate ol «.aid de·
«Cased lor allowance :
Ordered. Thit th·· said Administrator give no·
tk'v to all pereou» interested. by cau*iug α c<»p> »,<
thin order to In· |>uUi-hed three week» success!*#·
|v in the Oxi'ird l'eu» crat. printed mt l'art», that
they m i> a|ipv.ir at a Probate Court to I* held i>t
Paris, iu .-nul Count). on the third Tuesday of
August next, at ten o'clock iu the foreuoon.and
show cause, if any they have, why the -ante should
uol bo allow »*.l A VL WiliKBL Juto
a true copy mm; J 8 Hon·, Register.
D\roiiti, »■« - \t .ι I ourt ul Probate h«·I 1 at Pari·,
withiu and for the County of Oxlord on the third
Tuesday of Jul ν, Α. I> 18M0.
OS the petitiuu of PUIOKNCK AUSTIN, wid
ow ol Daniel Austin, late* of Burklleld, m
said County, deceased, prayln* for mn allowance
uut ol the personal estate til her late husband:
Ordered, That the said Petitioner gi\e notice to
nil person·» interested, by cau»mg η copy of tlila
order to be published three week· successively in
the Oxford I>eiuocrat. printed at Pari·, that they
may appear at a Probate Com t to beheld at Pari»,
in said C'ouutv, on the third Tuesday of Aug.
next, at ten of tbe clock In the forenoon, and shew
cause, if any they have, why the same hould not
be grauted.'
Α. II. W AI.KFK. Judge.
A truo copy—attest : J. s. Ilohits, Kegi-ter.
UllOU, m At a Court of Probate held at Pari·,
within and for the Count ν of Oxford, ou the
third Tuesday of July, A. f>. Its».
HENJAMIN Y. Tl'kLL, uauied Kxecutor in a
certain Instrument purporting to be the last
WHI and Testament of Joseph A Swift, late of
Paris, in said County, deceased, bavin# prcseuted
the same for Probate :
ordered, That tl»e said Executor jfive notice to
nil |»ersons interested, by catisinjr a copy oj this
oi«ler t·» be published three week- sucées·! \ ely in
the Oxford Democrat, printed at Paris, that tliey
may appear at a Probate Court to l>e beid at Pari·
in said County, on the thin! Tuesday of Ang uext,
at tea o'clock in the forenoon, au.·* shew c.;«se, il
any they have, why the same should i. <t be proved,
approved and allowed a- tin fast Will and Testa
ment of said deceased.
A II WALK! K. Judge.
A true copy—attest : J. S HoniM, Register.
Ο \ rout», ah At a C ourt of Pn>bate hebi at Paris ,
within an<t for the County of Oxford, on the third
Tne»dav of July, A D l?*y,
THE LEGATEES, named in a cer tain In.«ttii·
ment purporting to be the last WHI and Tes
Utment of Mercy 1 ta-sett, late of Lovell, in said
County, deceased, having presented the same for
Ordered.That the -aid Legatee* trivc notice to all
person-4 interested, by causing a copyol this order
b> be nublished three weeks nucecsmvcly iu the
Oxford Deinocrat printed at Paris, that tliey may
appear at a Prolate Court t4> be held at Pans, in
•aid County, on the third Tuesday of Aug. next,
nt IU of the clock in the forenoon, and show cause,
if any they have, why the said Instrument should
not be proved, approved, aud allowed as the last
Will aud Testament of said deceased.
A. H. WALKER, Judge.
▲ brut copy—attest : J. β. 11ο·κ·, Eefiator.

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