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Editorial and S*lt*'ttd Items.
—The school in this District will com
mence next Monday. Mr. Pwviïltl Partis
and M'ue Lizzie Marble will teach.
—Prof. Marts advertises to £ive 004
of bis popular variety shows of magie,
music aud mirth, at Aca»lemv Hall, i»i
our village, ou Satnnïay evening ui tlîis
week. Il i> said to be au iruttu&ive and
pleadnç exhihltioo.
— l'Iie tîraïkd Trunk tailed 10 comio0
llir*4"1 times last week, and once this.—
The public are growling because they
refuse to make up a train, wht-n late, at
South Taris.
—4hir.Iailis tenantless. Nut even a
poor debtor dei^n» to occupy a evil.
—Auy one who will invent :» substitute
for the jjos-iuiier chininey* to k«*ro
aine («il lamps, will be apnblicbenetactor.
—As the rear draw* to a close, people
naturalh desire to settle their outstanding
bills, to "po»t the Umks, '-ami see how
they stand. The printer should not Iκ·
fbr<jott^n on such occasions.
—We understand licit Γπ»Γ. Kix is
ha\in£ ( xcellent Sin^in^ Schools at
Norway ami S>uth Pari»». We ou^ht to
have his mtvuxs nearer home, and might
have hail if a little effort had been put
forth to secure them.
—A. L. Crocker, »>f this tillage, a
member of Hnwdoin College, it to teach
the S IkmI in the Tartridge District, thi>
—I. idies can get nice Furs at Bolster
and Haskell's, S tirh P.irU, KiifT.ilo and
othet Κ >·►«·> for sale cheap.
—The Farming-mi Chronicle, which
maintains its high character under it> new
editor, A II. S. Pa\ is. i*. adding t<> »t>
attractions an origiuj story entitled
New η in. th< Yankee Spy.*"
written hj the editor. founded on facts.
I ht story will U- commenced in the first
No in !s?.v, and afterwards be published
in H·».»!, lor m.
—The M. K. Church, in Woodstock,
ha* «> pun based and paiil for an Organ
for the Meeting House in that place.
—The MicMm Union <a\s S^lnav
Cobl», Jr., the novelist, ha» been s,»nt by
the Municipal Court in Bostou to the
Asylum f<»r drunkenness.
<>>-τκκν—We have received from
Jauie^ Freeman. No. ·.' I'nion Wharf·
Portland, a kegol nice Oysters, fresh and
good He kei'ps a constant supply lor
the nhoicsale and retail trade.
— I>r. Cordon of Forth tad, assisted bv
l>r. Tewksbury of Portland, Kmi-ail i>f
Bridgton, Chandlerof Lovell, and lien
nett « ! No Frvc■■ urj, removed :tη Ovarian
Tumor, Weighing a!»ont ·Λ>!' ». from Mr.v
Geurgi Hammona, of Sweden, on Satur
day , the '«i *th ?t:>t.
-The Bojrtaon Nsti »MlBnkofB «toi
u .κ r.· · ; ! l'hi.r. $ »·►»,'> *» c»:i Su; id i\
la>: ι·\ i» <»··'.Μ|»Λ! · «f .iii :i·Î lining room.
Hon. Joaa* Grft'nc, recently of Peru,
ha> bought λ fa* u in M irt*>vix, Vi.,
ne ir tli * Γι a »*is Β·ιϋ Κ \>ι battlefield. An
inlcre^in<; :« 11·-λ mua hiiu wa> received
t.ν» i:%t■ i'»r thi> w»-ek'- i*<ue. liu i* to >>u\
and >vil laml* in th.it *tate.
—A UurirUr who attempted to enter the
dwelling of Postmaster Be.iree at Norway,
on IVi-tint.·*! ν ai^hl of l ι-t week, was
ti ightened off In the dojj.
—Brown*·» Bionehiul i roi-lie» are ;*ood
for Hearing the throat.
B\ the explosion of a kero>in«· lamp in
Portland la>t wnk, a >tmk of £h><!> was
destroy <J.
— Κ tin ι Huvaiinthe atUuded services
ht ii in it y i hnrivi, Β «»ton. "mndav morn
iti^r. and *.v« th»· ·*«« ·ΜΤ\ «·«Ι «»Γ allobsen
c rs. ~
-Ihi' ne,rre>ses of Na>hville have
formed a coopei itive society to *!·» family
» v% «:»_;. I ii ν «Ιο the work au<l meet
ume a «αΛ to divide th»· pioceed* ]>r<>
rut a.
—Λ Natural History Society ha> been
or^aiwied at Bethel. Dr. True i» Presi
dent—Κ. Foster. Jr.. Vice President—
I'll. · M. Buxton, Secretary and Tre w>ur
It i* >uid that tii.ui} farmer* iu l»« thel
are de>irous <>l »ellin^their farm* in order
t· « £θ \\ t ->t.
Mr. J. Ii. kim!>ali of Beth I, *oI I his
. \« ι: ι iv » lytihwifaymtaof |2ûS.
Κ >. Κ rye. | . :»ki «old bis for $J4Ô.
— \Y K. <i >Ja in of I oton, ha» pur
chased oi Mr. (C. Barker the Barker
(ίπ»\»·Γ firm, .■»>· called, in Bethel, for
ί I > *».
l'he ilapti-t church at Avon laie l«»st
all it- mule RH>ml>er> but three l>y the ter
rible :uinc Jisa->li*r.
lion. S. Γ. Morrill, M. C. from this
district, left Fariuiugtun Tuesday for Cin
cinnati. 1ί» : Il reach Wellington
l>ec 1-v
— Brighton market not leceived.
A Great Υιβιι»oi Mr. William
Mood\ of KuiiiforJ, » ι » w »· d six and one
ltnlt bu>hel> ot oat-, and one half a bushrl
of rye, on three acre.·» of land, ami raised
on»· hundred and e»£ht\ two bushels of
oats and rye.
-A turkey was sold in th< Portland mar
ket, Wedni - Ια;, that Wv „'!i**d -Ί | >um!>
l<>r $*>.40.
—A gentleman the other day iu Port
land went to put hi» hand iu his \ e^t jun-k
et w hen he ran the jv»int of a <juiil u*»th
]>ick up under the nail. The wound
poison.-d the linger, aud the whole hand
• welled up, and the doctor say» he will be
lucks if lie - u es the bone ol his finder.
—Rev. Mr GuunUon.,pjttlor of the L ni
▼ er^alist church in Bath. ha» declined the
call tendered Iniuto ^o to Newark, X. J.,
belie\in;; that although his salary is much
1· sm in Bath than has l*»»n offered him,
duty compels hiiu to remain in his present
field of labor.
—A 1 île paper from SwitzoilaL . state»
that Madam Goldshmidt (Jenny Lind) is
verging on poverty. and infers that she is
induced to re-enter her professional voca
tion as a matter of necessity. Her hus
b.uid is spoken of a- a dissolute and pro
fligate spouse, who lias wasted the sav
ings of bis wife'» artistic life.
Λ Si/rcKi» Jot un νι. κοκ any Home.—
We do not believe there h any way in
which our readers could invest the small
sum of oho dollar and a half where »t
would bring them so largo returns, both
in profit and satisfaction, a» in a subscrip
tion for the elegant journal of which we
have ju>t now received tin· IK'tobor num
ber—th< . ? "ifnV.tr Ajr\''ull -ri*t. It wns
origlnalh st ;rted 2s year* ago, specially
:t>a rural journal, an J its moUo ever since
has been ♦•Bxeelsior." Its ^ixe is now in
creased to I4 pages, w itli a beautiful eo\ er
upon each mini tier, and it is literally cram
med v\ ith tno>l useful inform ttiou for all
classes, ujh»u matters pertaining to the
Farm, Garden. and hou*ahold, η ith pleas
ing and instructive department for Chil·
«Iten and Youth. The beautiful engrav
ings alone, in each numln-r, are worth the
cost of sub-icrijjtion. NOW is the time
to subscribe, for the publishers offer the
hst two mouths of this year free t«» all
new subscriber* received in October, for
I *>70. Four copies are >uj plied for$5.00
A valuable List of premium* is offered to
those securing club·; of subscribers. Ad·
dress Or*vi»k Jim» «V Co , 245 Broadway
New York.
— Λ lUmutsoQ<&('o. Mechanic Falls,
are manufacturing large quantities ol pa
per for the New YerL. Ledger.
—The late accident on the Sacramento
and Francisco It. K. by which ^i\t\
jH'ison*· were kil!«d, was occasioned by
the ignorance of the switch tender, who
was ui.aMe to read iii> lime table!
— Aui<>ng the bequests undei tlio will
of the late Col. Alfred W. John* η is one
ot $oi>iX' tor the >upport of three scholar
.«hips in Bowdoin College, to be called the
A tired Johnson Scholarship, in memory
of his lather and grandfather, who were
for many year* tr.i*tee«o**that institution.
II aUo let t a perpetual annuity of £000
in aid of t!ie suffering ρ > >r <>f Belfast.
—At tin· rev in L »:id Ml. Nov. 19th· at
Newcastle, on the Tyne, Walter Brown
of firtthrrtj M.iin··. beaû Sadler two
Eari ν Ros» IVu νroi_s.—This now varie
ty ot potatoes promise* to Ικ· a most valua
ble acquisiti. m in the agricultural products
of the country. Kcv. Mr. Viiompson of this
village, has a few bushels of his own
raidit ι g which he « «iTt-r» to fareicr- in the
\ iciiiit \ at a reasonable price for seed, if
called for soon.
—The li'-.trt* of the etnployVe»»in Mixer
vV W atom's tannery, at Norway, were
made plail on Thauk^ivin*; day b\ the
reei ption. by e.ieh. of :i nice frtt turkey,
flntaked by wûd firm Sock muifeslft
ti »ns «»f kindne»» -»erve to >tr« nglht η and
}.« rjM'tuut·4 tii it kmdl. feeling between
• :!\ ··♦··. .ittd ruiplovt'd. »o eon«|>k*uou*·
l v manifest in said Tiuwiy. Dick.
Norway. Nov. liHh, 1 ·*«·'.>.
Hut tor an! «·!ι t·^.» ;u e almxt in«li s -
jM-n-.-ihle article;. «»t f> »d. l'r >p»»rly u» -d
thev are nutritious an ! healthy ; ut an in
ordinate υ**; either, ea ι»<· in litest ion and
dy-|»op>ia. ••I'aiMin»' Purgative I*ill«."
judk'io.jxly u-»ed, will remove I>th of
the-M· tnnji»|··■·.
Have ymi ai^ue in the la«'e; and i* it
badU iwollen' lli\e you »rverii pain in
the oli '«I, ha-'k. or -id*.·'' Have you
eramp* or ρ lin·* in th«' <tomach »>r hnwch?
Η ive yon l»illiou> e<>ii<· or severe griping
i. linv" It" - ». U'C ".lolin^on'"» Anodyne
It i- tfi<· lu* iridic m »ri? ι π ·, if II ι!Γ>
Vi^'. ia!iît >ι· i'i.m II tir Ili'iiewtfr, that
h;i* ΐΓ-iiii· J l"«»r i; it ρ »p il irifv .
Λ ^ηκηΐΝ'. Ti:rni! I'hon- imU die
annutlU I'roiu neglertetl and cold*
\\ tiieli £<> >u rijH'u iut > consumption. or
ollu r eipi illv I it.il di-e ne* ol th·· lung* :
wh"n by th«· tim *lv u>·? of a ««ingle bottle
ol I>r. U'i <'<{/■'> il ih un </' ΙΓι 'Ί ''Λ< rri/
tln ir live·» o» ild have btvn pre>·* r\ ed to a
greeu old ag«\
%u-t h»- did iwiiir wuuilcrful *ork«. in<omii<«h
that In» ut m- w a* jin>n<Mi:ic*ti m many touque*.
\t. I ih > · iui< auto It..ii J <i in Ik. :'roui t'i « a xirt
u* V « 1".·· if«>rd. wtitfh ··! I*· ·*:ι ··»· k for maux » *r»
» . : .. · r -.III ! «y* h τ j> un» ν» r ;; > ι<· >1ι«· *lrj>t
*<<tindlr. 1.1 I did ; i -ilia* !ι>τ f«»od. And
Λ ·4. iroiu Ihiim which vr cathcd Quaker·, in the .
■f. r· at <riT> of I'hil ι i' lj>|)b, wr»l an > ji.stlc m^hij;:
o, r*Ofto!' .it!· . tî w» in.mvr, wt,!.-!i nttsMntl
. t'.« pi tiir· ' Abraham. thy
trifiiil. on υ;κ· · il 1. Κ r » « rdy I i* » · ik, l'xhi'j»·
t . .;t 'ii· it. I 'at liltU·. »ud kuflTert*!
ι ;· ; ι... .:;!îli. l't \ντ\τι··Ν lliire.·
:m ilth. Iîm in· util ν to th»* *i^or of ν uth VtiΊ
il,· ι »... . ai .«tM:. t ι wii'i livi r 'uiupUlDl.
• i» μμγ »l<>nik h, wit!i . inr«tl rfc'.'uty «al <ty»·
I ;■ ι i». .Il, 1 ti. 1λ:ι «iiti th. lt>tûr»
ι >·'^ ■»· χ toai»liiuv; «'ur -
M \«. Ni ·: .1 \ \\ \ i i-«i — Λ ·1ι· iUuI ! . ; ai ti
ll·· -·:;>«·π··ι ίο tolofrw. au<l at luiii tlrt* j»ric<·.
Iîm» M.iny l'rrtom
siv <'vi!»l.in!l> - ιrt".-r ; : : -r : il · tue t >i ni tm· inul.i<lic.->
t'. it η—nit Ιι-··ιιι tiic fi roteo! youth, mitl « lu· would
^·ι\«· t tin y It' In' rt'-tor···! U» a condition ;
·.( oouuil mi t vi^T'»rvut healtii l.«*t ail »u- li cou· :
- .Il hiv ■•herÛMriucut <»t tlu Ρι-αΐκχΙ) >lt-îi. al Ιιι
-ttluu·, H «-ΐοη. which pii'ii-iit - t ht* im-m ui«*itic;il
« t <i u ν ii Ha m rue m. i».\« κ οι
II1K Ν !>c LF PKItSïKHVATlON rboM «te
nn ..:î!<itl U\ Hit· con«4-queuo^4 of ytitithfiil f\
t - will tu· «Tintloi by till- admit:ιΙΊ·· Ιι « k 1«>
1iatii> ot j'Ic.n-niitu··-» and )ihv>ic«| \ i>for 1M'
law·' "SKXt .Vt niVslOLOUÏ «»1 WOMAN
ν M» MKH I »l "Κ VSKîs" is alM> ptbtwM bjr Um >
IVn k]\ M»«lit >1 lu-tilutr, whov ad ν titi-tiiifiit 1
v. tll l>t· ÎoiiikI ol«owln'rv in our coluiiim·
tiro m-It it or Throat l>i>«'U«»c.
KKMhin in
lit l'ou «lured by P<»«iti%«> Proof mid
Test it } our·» If,
/an»*» 1LLW, Ohio. tt i» ·.* , I»
"I. - - .1 V IUuKI" Λ i ·» .
(»« Wt'-HU
i inti· l>»-eu iflictt d
t . Ira Or :« ire >· an- *i.i B>oa>'lub% ta it- v*<»r-t
i-M uitl tttc trie·) fi ι ng t.'.iU I eoaM bnj :
«· m I. .I : ut ν jh ttttK.- or β» relief. until I
1 M LI.Ν » 1.1 \u II kL* tit, t\ li|'*it * ι t >
r· I in * »-li rt t m ° 1 bdicvv Κ ι· Itw bf*t |>rr·
, f i* ' "VI:' l'< all tit-riW* · I th<* I hit'-it A11<1
I tn Λ 1 ι«· i l αι;> lu it t · -αν thi- run- h lor
im ·..:ι λ.■·', ··· t'.Bl «aher* iB.tjr try it «tul £«-t re
Κ '»ι «vtfiillv.
\ί Mill \- I UKMAN
ο kit λ Mr rrvinm t*t II. ami hi- -taUruvut
kbuir ι» oumi'l.
« Λ «.ΚΛΙΙΑΜ Λ < Ο .
W h<ik*alr antl Retail I »r»t-r*r*-t«.
Νν·\ l · tu /auest ille.
Tltr Lorralnt V çttnlilr t Mllinrtit- 1*111 f
The l*-«l k:i '\tn rent·*·!% tV»r ail «»f the
lt|<>·· I. Stouu 'h. I.iter. Kiilncj >: f»r lleulsclif,
Rue i it: -ni. nul lu ALL cu-e- tthere :t chthartic
i- rt· |Uired IVioe bt mail. 1 Ικ»χ J1 et.*.—ô boxe*
#i.l>.—12 1·«·\«- #:«*>!
Sept. Jl »u» 1>' Trcmonl '•t., liotion, M.ts».
Tururr't >rumliclrt Pill The irreat reme
<iy f >. Ski kalgi ν an 1 ail Xei:voi> I>isu>t8.
51«rt than ΐυΟ,Ουυcured by it in the l.ttt tw o year-.
I'i > «· by mail, 1 ^u-k.tçe il ·*»,—»» package* f-'.iT.
100 Bbls. Flour,
Ju : received direct fr-m the \Vt>t, for sal»* at
110 î» ΤΟ Λ MEDllAL 1S.ST1TVTK.
; TV the Pul'lic t
We bave recently notice·! ug'»ing the rounds'1 in
the papers of Mftine, a c·»: tiil vit · from 1 ?»·. ftn
ch inai), of Philadelphia, the p'.fpovt of w hich i·
I *■' ■' '*ter up Dr. 1.. Λ ^hattivk. of Atign-ta.
4.ι -ii ■ · to ourselves nml llr·· public iv«piire« the
Ι"ί.··*\ l.i ; c.tplaualiuu of ibis allait-, which >peak
foi itself, lu « loiter date I
PUIbaUKLt'lllA, Sept. 18*51),
I>r. Vt^Uunan says;—Wo received l»r. Sbattuck,
Util treated him an η gentleman on account of l»r.
tin !κ,.> he in!' >nn>d us that ho had been w ith
l»r. li. for a Ion*; time; and from Ibis aOinnatiou
hi» received special attention froiu lis. After he
went home to Augusta, be wrote for the enclosed
Certiflcate, which we gave with ibe clear under
standing that it wax to lu* framed for hi* office,and
not for circulation. Hevera I parti»»·» in Maine hare
written me regarding thia, and I in variably kept
silent; but a·· it involve:· our respected friend, l»r.
Ureene. 1 am not dispo-ed to be so any longer. 1
w n»lt> to t». Shaltnek regarding i(. and h»· answer·
UK' t'int it will Ik* tu ken ont' «ml u*ed only a·· first
m»t«.··>■ t-··I I retfret thi* exceedingly, but the entire
mistake was In me appreciating Dr. 8. us l»r.
Greene'* confidential «Indent, and treating him aa
; #nch.H
Tie publie uill remember that we proved be
yond all ipie*to>n IS it the time Sbattuck apenl
wita l»r. (tieenc at the ln-litute in Boston, was a*
a laborer. and not a- a medical student. The
l>:il>2ic writl k«îc abn that the treatment of Dr.
Ureenc.who tut» become favorably know η through
f out the country during a practice of more than
twenty the year·· in 11 «Mou.
We would advi-e Invalid- and all interested to
«en I for l>r Greene'· medical book, (scut free,)
and (cam the true mean»· of cure, and not tru-t
th · r lires with ; oungand Inexperienced Doctor;».
Λddres Γ>Κ Κ liUKKNE,
SI Temple Place, Boston.
Twenfj-l'iTf l>ar*' Prartir·»
In tiu rreataient of Disen-es incident to Female*,
ha« placed l».t ImW at thebea I of,all physicians
in ikinc - ι h prvtf.-e a specially,nn I enable·* him
to gti iraou-e a cpeedy and permanent curc in the
worst caj*e ■ of Suyprtst^n and ali otbur λΐ· nWm
I '.I) rmj· ι it ·'. I >ill H'h'tttttr CUM*' . ViilcUfl
:■·. ι It : 06 most 00*1 ii #l. Ottoe No. 9EXOl·
I'nr r >> κι.» r, il«»r«»\.
\ Β — It >·%ηΐ furnished to tbo»e desiring to re
main nude, treatment.
llOotou, July, lAW. ly
1 ( nii'^b, ΓοΙιΙ or ^ore Throat,
es immediate attention, as
(neglect often results in an incurable
I.nng l)i*ea«e
Brow a'l Itioiirlilal Tnnhf«,
« ill ino-i invariably κ<*«" instant re
lief K'>r ItKOM lltTt»», A*TIIMI AT IKKJI. t «>>·
M MI'TIVK and Tiiuoit I»iai 1»K they bave a
-.«••thing elfe< t.
and ΡΓ11Ι.Κ >1*1.\KEU»» use them
to clear and -trvnethen the voice.
Oil ing to the great reputation and popularity of
the Troches, many worthlr** ami (ke.ip intentions
itrt ojfrre·/. r*>i- h art gooti fvr Mbuy lie «un·
t · out \l> the friic
ItKOW.VN It It ·» X It I Λ I. ΤΙΚΚΊΙΐ:»,
aou» ivttrivHi iii:
MiMIOOl) and WOMnilOOIi.
rrnuMuen ητ τιικ
I'rabnd) Mrdiral Iair,
\o ι. iti II ST..
ι )pp> ;'i> 11· » iv IIiiuim·. lM)>TOS.)
I li Κ > IK\« Κ OK I.I Kh. or SKLK I'KKSKH
\ \TlON. \ M ·!1 iljTr ill» >r\ 111·· C«u»<· «ml
C.ir of K\n μ'»γκι> Vir w irv , lVk..v νιΙΉβ Dh
ι uxms Mix. Nkhvuch 1'imini Ρκηιι.ι
rv, llir> · ιι·»*ι»μια, ami all oth· r <li-<-.i»ea tri»tnji
!r ... tv K::!: ■.;> >κ V /! r;t, rt!i ΙνΐΊ«·ίλ,ι ι··ν
• ·γ I M'f-.'.KH of luatur· year·, Tïiie ΐκ in'leed a
■•ai. for even in ω. l'rt·· only One I ». > 11 λ r.
ρ.ι^» ·. bouml m rloth UK. V. II. HA Y KS. Author.
\ It»oU for I'vcrj IVomiii.
K.itidtvi>κ\ι vi. rm>ioi.o«;^ okwomvn,
Oh II Κ Κ IH<K \SKS . <>r, W< «m \n TltKA r» I» or
P»l ν -*i« ·« «nil· km ν ami» Ι'αΤΗοι.ιμιμ mit, from
Immn* ι τ» > οι.ι» Αι.», with e.r^ant I i.i.i '.s r κ a
Thfiw ar . .til romparUon, tin- mont ex
tra >r«liu*ry work· ou fiijut »Io„-f ever publi-lnil.
Γ'ι«ϊ· I» «» »*l»lr.wbdltVi-r tllat the MvKHlKHiff
S ι Ν <. L κ of Κιιιΐκκ Sk.\ can either require or wl«h
to know, tf.it whit ι « lull» rx|iUliM<l, ami lam y
nntt -r* of th · mn»t tni]>orY.uit ami liilw»tln;· elur
* ti r arc îiitro lu · I, to which no tilln*U>n oven can
I»- fou μ Ί in auy other w »rka in our laii^uat*». V11
tli Ni* ΐΜ-'i'V» i.ii:- ·» tin· \nthor, who·* r\
I· ri ι».-·- Ν of 4U uniuterrupt·· 1 uio^uituilo— »uch i>
probably never beforo fell to the lot of any nun—
ar»· . ivra κι fuli. Ν > j» r on »houhI be without
111· »« valuable hook·· Th y ere utt· rly unflkv any
iitbcn cv*r ptibliihr I.
V ΜΙ'ΛΙΙΙ * |1<»>>K·*.— We hi* e r· the valu- '
able in^lleal κυΐί<ο| 1 »r. AU» rt II. II »ye·. Γ ti ■»·
\y·>·1 - an- of riuil merit. aii<l -h »ul.l tin 1 .» place
ill eirr> iutelll^ont laiiult l u y are not the cheap
οκΙ·*τ oi aUimiimblr tra»fi. puMlahe*! by hre*p >ti
•il>! |urth'i>, Mint purvh«nul to jjr.itity riMrw t i-ti«,
but an* written by a r< *pou»ibl· prob «-«io»al _·> η
tl ·ιιι..η o! · miiicuet*. a» η «ourrr ol' hi-trurtl·».! mi
vital in titer», eon ·. riiMi^' urlu.'h lament tble l„'U"
ivqce · χι-t». I'b important »iibj»vt« pie>»enteil are
lr> al<tl with Vlicicy, ability ami rare, ami, a> uti
4j«{»· it lix, in tny iin'ful |nv»crl|itl'>ii« for jir> r«ili ·„'
Mm|iUlnt> are »ΊΊ -<1 —' '>«·< A''/»uMiV<in,/,<M< ι*trr,
λ jι. w».
!»._ II \\ ta ι» ·>η 1 of the iuo*t b-arliol ami |>o]>n
l.tr phy«i un» <>l the «lay. rrl m «*utitIol to tbe
gratitude οt our r.u*·· lor tb«*M· i.ivaluable pro lue
ituii-. It «· · m to be bi· aim lo iuJue · imu -ιιιΊ
ν» ·· ;· ii III a» oi l I lie imu- of th·»- iIimmm·.» to which
fin y ai· uhj- !. au·! h< telm tlteiu ju-t bow ami ι
win ii t<> do i;.— ' hroni- ir. /'<.r>«irtyfioi,
M< , >c/> :siw
Tli*-·· ·.· truly - i-ntill·· a»i 1 |x>î»ular work· by '
I»r. Ilav· , ou·* o( th· moat Icarmii .uni |>opuiitr
plntiMUnoi the (lay.— The ,V/<«io.ai «<n i .>ur<juaJ
J< urmU, July,
I'ri.t·ol S< 1KNCK <>K LIFE, #1 00. I'HVllIOL· !
OG\ MK WOMAN \M» IIKK PISKA-iKS. #*.·.<*>.
Iti Turk· y inoro eo, lull ^ilt, |ύ ιΑ». l*w»t· pai·!.
Kitlirr l«ook «eut by mail on rreeipt of prier'.
\vblr«-» "TltK i'k.WODT MkDM AL Is-l ITL'TK."
or lut. II Fi-i. Xo. » iiullinch *twl, llo-ton.
\ It—l»r. II may Ιμ· ι1οη»ιι!κ··| in itrieteet eon
rt b neeon ill diM'a·..'» requiring «kill, (.eeri^-y and
« xp« rieaw. In vtot.ABi.K > ι kecy λν:> i'krtun
Utl.lKr. uuvli
no η χ.
la Κτ\ '-burg, V.v 3d, iu lite wife ·Ί Κ rank Bu/
/«ΊΙ. a *uu.
MA Util ED.
lu I'm i·». Nov. lsh. by lJfv A. IliU, <»eoig·· W.
\Valk<*r autl Mi·» Hannah II Tripp, b >th of Γ.
lu I'.ui-. No\ l"th, by J > Hobhs, K-î| , W Π
Ι: un ·» Mevenfol l'ajU.and M ι n* Bet-ey 11. Chai
lin «>f Minuter
At the Mtlli«di-r t>ar*onagcin South Tarif, Nov.
ιwtii. !»\ itrv <> ί « ..►»·>, Andrew J Jaekaoaand
Mi·» .û'ur? * B;.tdbiuy . al o, Lemuel » -lack- ■
'■ ι» and Mil-» Evelina V li tckett, all of l'ai. J
il (îmv'i IUU, Not. lKh, In George V\ Haut·
i I 1 -■[ llenu.iîi Mt><-and iiietf Misa.i Fletch
er, both i l Burlcât-M.
in Norway, Ν λ 17th. 1>\ licv I. II Tabor. Mr.
i •—lu» · ^ ···.:ι·^ <>f l'nn*. ntid Mi«« Evelyn U.
Dii'tltyot \\ ixi'l^liK'k.
!.. < h :. !j. No* Uu, by Κ II. fhoapio·.Eu^
V|ι W ill: «m Uni t Ilnm-on W'a-hlmrn and Mis
Kl»n.'i 1 I»ela»io, bot il i»!' C
lii \* « ~t Miuiiu r. V»r 17th. by II. 8. Coburn,
I «.j. Mr ο U-Ckaadhr of wwt Sunacr, ami
V - I.Us I W .i.tman, oi Burkfiei ι
In IWbirli No* I Mb, bj Kev Mr Wilcox, Mr. 1
Warrra Ν ici ol WabMdi Ma4» , and Mi-*,
k .Uo M KrtiM'ii of Albany
At Htdunii FlBli Xov I th. Mr. William W.
UaiMMM · I llartf·>r<t. an t KlM ► BMkil Ν UiMfl
ot ^uinner.
In Portland, Ni»r. 18th. by Κ··ν. A W. Pottle, !
MottUI liMlbtf Waatbrook, and Miss Olive Β
>in:tli ol l.ovell.
in HI).
In Knraford. Oct Gtli, MV- Gratia Elliott, aped
<· year», widow I.f th·· lute t i.lton Elliott. AltfO, )
Nov. 21»t, M.r. Jeremiah Karuam, aged iW yeai ι», !
ft· merly of Concord, N. 11. ftoncoid papeie
pka»e iu-ert.
In W'e-t Mironer. Nov. 3d. Mi- ^abrinia Ad die
Chadbourne, ajre.l .'4 year*.
>he ha* gone t·· her home in the -kics,
•She h.n- ended her labor f*iou ;
>he ha-· trained immortality's prize,
The glories of heaven to know.
Away from all borrow and eare,
Am ay trotu all MitTWinjr and pain;
O, when fball we follow her there,
Ο. *!ι·ιι shall we meet her a^din ?
The subscriber, having made a change in hit·
bu?iuei-, hereby notifie? ail indebted to him, by
note or account! Ih;it payment inu-t be made of
the - .me on or before the let day of January next.
Ml 1. *»t- remaining unpaid after that time, will
Ik· nit with an AUornev for immediate collection.
joll T. c κυυκΕΐι.
Norway, Nov. 1.*». l!» i).
New Advertisements.
ί A^ieiUi'iJV SiBLE,
FITCH, ami
Buffalo & Lap Robes.
— also, —
OK Til Κ Ι.ΛΤΚνΤ mtylk«* at
Nov. 2Λ, Ijv 1».
Tailor & Clothier
Oflfevn Ui* t-mlcos t'» the ptiblir at the nuM rea»
iitiAblP price*. Tailoring, in nil it* different
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wmmutrd to iflvr «ntlofnt (Ion. both lit
atylr mul « orkmnu«hip
(miiiiu «lour with Sprrinl Chit.
Particular attention jr<ven t·» flu* ruttinp nml
ninkitu of I.mlir»' ('«pre, H«rqtir» Λ Cloake.
M \I»K TooRDER AI*o, uoy in»LniC' oti tfivt-n
λ- t<> making the nam*.
tr >!w« lilnr NtllrhlnK of all kiwl· ·Ιοηι to
order Rootna
over A. SliurllrfTN, Store.
Nov J·». If·;:». |\i S'MTII ϊ*ΛIi 1S
rpilK unUemiuneil, a· per vol* of the Tow η of
1 Ρ in-. Nov 1 .ill, 1*5*. lii-H-.iy tfivo notio»· th it
ofalnl l'ini'o-al» uill Ικίτ<**Ι*«ιΙ for th·* erection
ο! η I Hi·»- It. n lir«· accoriliiiff to plan an I «pro id·
CAtiOBf. 111 > t : I I o'clock Satttl · I. ι χ , !>«··· 11th, I «"I',
at alnrh tun·· th··) will t»*· in -e«Mon at tlic Λ<m·»·
aor'a <Iflicf, Patia 11:11
S P. Μ Λ MM.
JnS\> P.IMtKK.
\ It Ε Ν Ν Κ IT.
."vleotmen of Paria.
Sltnrdljr, Nov 2<i, i>»7i
STu|,|',\ uti the nitfht · f tin· dth in«t , from th··
■•table of f ii Tower, in »«ι·<Ι«·η, η NOIlllKI<
>1 IKK. -e\ «·ιι \ ear* <·Ι«Ι, w«'iyliinjr a Ιι··ιιt Il»·,
.·» -1 ■ ι r in hor forvhe«i| au·! a w hit* »ρ··1 «>u her
η·>>·'. κ -mall apavtti on hr; nirh ΙιιηΊ Ι·*, ι lonjf
aw itch («II. «|MΫ*k rm>t»«»n·*! au·! a fa-i walker.
\Vlio4't«*r m ill return -ι«ι·Ι Mare,or jrivi· inforitn
lion wln'rv ahv inav Uc fouiitl, fhall l>«· -ti t.»li|\ r»··
w anted. BUKL TOWKll
' Sut··! u, Nov 12, ι-·»*.»
m*f κπκι.η \ ii.lane, me
IViriT 'î.»r attention j ai·! I ι Ill!in< :ιιι·Ι pro-crv
in^ th·* η «tural ti'Otli
An id· ·ηΐ Teeth i:·*· rt · ι IVon one tooth t·· η fall
art. ami all wotk warr.tnit ilociit· t! i t ι "ι
Kthri n<liiiinlntrrc>l w hrn t.*-irr 1 : . \. - » I · ! ··
.!i χ ι-'t < antoi the * M< nda κ
month at ·! rt ui.tijitliroucli Hi·4 week n \ 2··.
Spp»!y Cur*
A!»» AtL.
Its Effect» are
Λιι ΙΛΚΜ1.ΙΜ, III·.Ml·"I·Λ for M l Hih.it
t λι I it ι* Ι «·η ··fT· : ιι_· .1 |·«·rΓ*·»*t«*nr«' In :» -iiu'1··
«I t; Ν'» |'··ι in o| Nci ν I >.«ι·.ι»· fail* t" ) i« I l I"
if·· Woni|oif\il , .»«it Κν»·η in llu* Μ·»ιΤΓ*Ι ra*r«
<>t Chronic Nrarii|(le« ιβκΐΐηκ llw etitlit ij ikn·
:l * u-«· for a f«'w <1 »v· η(1>·ι·<1· lit»· mux!4i*toiiUliift»f
rrln ι :ιιι | ran·!) I.1ÎI- I » |«"oi|tire .1 «'«m·j·Ι«·Ι»· .m l
fwrtu ιΐΐ'ΊΐΙ <·»«rt· It eoiitatiH n«> imirrisl· ίιι tin·
«li^lit··»! <livret· injuriuii*. Il lia* tin· 111 ·|ΐιηϋΠ«·«!
;i|>l»tu\:il <>l tin- l>« -t |>l)>-κ ι in Tli"U -mtl iii
>·\ »·ι \ part of tlif t oiinti \ „*i :ιί«·ΛιΙ1> hi kii>t\ !«··Ik'·'
it η putt «"Γ to *0··11ΐ»' II- toilUU'·! Ι»1Ί">«·^, aii'i IV
-f>rv tli·'fnlliiijr -ti.Miirtli
-ont li» m ni «m rr tNpt .»f prier mul p«·· t;i|ÇO.
Oïl)pwhgi · #if*) PofliftI · ■ iû■<
Six MckutM · · 500 · · ·* "J" "
Il ι·· *>·| I l>> nil <Ι··;ιΙ·τ- m <Imh ami m· <Ικ·ιιι«·«.
Tt HM.lt Λ. < «»., Proprietor «,
l'Jl» Γκ*.Μ"Μ > » , lit >.V| 1 IN, Mmî>4.
n-iv i'. f>tr
t<lni*tii->Tr:ttor'<* Viir.
r|^iiK »nl» 1· ·. Ii r« ^ »«·■■ u· ' '■ .1
X ut pat tunee ι » I.*· u ··· from the Hon rt
!>1 · .1 U'Im'i' ι·Ι I'iuImUoIdi the l otiulv ί ϋιίιΊ i, lu·
Mill—il it Public Vnction ami «·οη*»·> « ιι·ι· ·
tlic Κ··αΙ l.-t.itf »Ί I>aiiiel St:i|»lt·-. Ut of liait·
fur-l, ·'«·<· ·;«»··Ί a* will |»γ>"Ιιι;·ι· t h·' · um · t" c ··*»,
for tin· pa> ui.'iit *·!" lui· délit*, • iin-v" Ί ailiiiuii»·
Ira: .on ami in**i«l«*itC.il chat ιΓ»···. at lin* <):U«··· ·>!' Κ
H. Tbmnp*on, in < .1 ni "U ν .ιι ι _·<■. m Mid · οι ne \,
<·ιι tin· Jl-l <Lt> of 1>ι·.···πιΙ>' ι iic\t. «t I o'clock Γ
M Said Reel Estate connut* of Uk Staple»' Farm
KM lUtlil lltUU I ut N··; lu II till'oi·!, 411· I bllb·
jct'l to \\ i<luu ijower
ι:«»><;«»κ 11 ι iiumi»>o\.
Xov.S, 1 * 0 AAnlirt»t*r.
I rrrdoiu Λοΐι<-«>.
Ti»i- mat certif> tli.it 1 Ιι:ιν· veil ; > m\ ·>·η,
ci» lit Li tu V nutr, ?»i - time t·· ι - i ι t4<
ft»i il mi» Il the mu.uudet <·! hj- minority,
kiuitii.it I will not cliiim am ·»Γ hi* wajfi·», i.<»r
|i:ts .»ιι\ debt* «·( lu- contia«'l n»i altci (li · date.
M \ lî<« Λ Kl I PRATT.
South Ι'.ΊΠ-. N«»v il 1*-.:· ·
TI!K ub-rriber hereby (rve# publie n >liee that
h·· i·.1 - been duly appointed bj the Honorable
lu !. Γ Γλ»1> it< ft r'ho comity o| Oxi<>r |, m l
i- ,.i «. 'in· t.u*t "f idvlnlBtratorbftk#oi
IW< KM.I.I.. late ..»* Un LtlfM,
in -aid County, di-cci*«·.!. liv divine 1»·μΙ :t- tlir
law itirri'ti! lii'tltt'ri'fmv ιηιΐΐι·>1· ail per ou» n tm
Λ. <· indebted tu tin· e-tafo.of -aid derca « It·· make
immediate |·»· meut : mut those «Ιι·ι hare any ne·
ii.ui't- thon on, t«> exhibit llu· -ante U>
mi rritt ι ucrak.
No». M, IH2I.
I III. - il 1j-« · r i 1 »«.■ ι - hereby give- public ii"t t· that
lu* lia·» iilul} rti'poÏiit· 1 hy ftie 11 ··»ι«·r.i 1 »I«·
JihIki' of l'MbatV, ΐ"Γ tliο < ouiit.i of Oxford, and
a--iimcd tlu· t : it~t of Iac "iitur of tin· last « ill and
tcstameut <>f
< HAUI.fc- K. GAMMOX, la:e of Canton,
in s aid Countv. dreca-ed, υ» giving ImmuI a- tlic
law direet»: lu» therefore request* all pentou-who
an· indebted t■> tin· e-tate ot *aul (1«·«···;ι ed to make
immediate pa\ mi nt : ami tho-e « ho have any de
uuuid- thereon, to exhibit the -arn· to
Nov. 1·!, l>'»lt.
()\t<»Ki>. κ- —At a ( ouit of rrohaU·, held at l'a·
ι iw it h i η ami for the * 'ouiitx ot ! Kford. <>n the
8*1 Ttiwd»} "i November, A I* IM,
υ Ν tlu· rêtitiou of SA «il EL DE \ΚΙί< IKK, Al
miiu-trnlrix ot th.- fi..te of ΑΙοη/·> Il v ι
vey, late of Mom , in -.vd < oiinty, «le» ea-ed, j»i :i\
mir for lint-UM» to -i ll nnU convey all of the real
e-tate <·Γ lii- inle-tate for tiu> pay ment of 11 chid
ami incidental charge-, as a partial ►ale ofuity
entire portion the iwdM WOtll I he great l.t l< pre
Oi'ileiiMl, That the said Petitioner give iu>tir«·
to all |>er-oii* ilitei e-te«l. by CaU-jUg all ah- : met <>f
his petition, with thi> order thereon, ι » l« · pub
li-hed three week» .«ueces-ively m the Oxford
Democrat, u new-patter pnuted at l'ait , in -nui
County, that they uiay ap|«*ar at a Probate ( ourt,
to be M M at Parle, < ■ the tϊι;r«t Tue-dav of !>··<·
next, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon, ami -hew cause,
if a»> they hr.vc, why the -ante »le<.iii not l.n
A II W \ I.Κ hit. Judge.
A true c.»py—atte-t ; .1 - Hobbs, Register.
Οχι out#, "»» At a < >urt of l'rohate lie M «t l'an-,
w it hi η an«l for the ( 'ount ν of < ixfopl.on the third
Ίue*<liy of Novenilter, V I» I■"»»:·.
ON the Petition ··! ANMELTOWN,lïMitlimi
υΙ Arthur Ν ,>wilt, minor heir of Newton
Swift, late ot Bethel, in «aid County, deceased,
praying for lieen-e to -ell nml convey aceitain
pi«·. e of Meadow land, containing forty «ere-,
tnoro or les-, an l .-ubject to the wiuow'it (BetfC;
It swift) ripht of dower:
Ordered, That the said Petitioner gire notice to
Hllpeix n-s liffen'-teil, by causing an abstract of
his petition, w ith this order thereon, to he pub
lished threo week- rmce-Mvely in theOxfonl l»eni·
lK tat. a new -paper printed at Pari», that they
may appear at a Probate Court to he held at I'ari *
in saidCounty, on the thiid Tuesday of December
ue\t, at ten o'clock in the forenoon, and i-hewr
cause, if any they have, why the same .«hotild mil
be granted ν il WALSEKiJudco
A true copy—attest : .I S llniiitH, Kepi.-ter.
Oxfouii, ss—Ala Court of Probate held at I'ari-,
within and for the Cfiunty of Oxford, on the third
Tuesday of November, \ Π 1 >*>·.« :
OS the petition of Joshl'H h BKMIS, play
ing that tbrnezer 1! Holmes, Kxeeutor of
the e.-tate of Freeland Holme-, late of Oxford in
► aid County, «lecca^eil, may be licensed and ^n
tborized to convey t<> Jarnee A. Holme-, A tigMut
of raiit petitioner, a certain parcel of Real K-tati
situated in said Slow , in *aid County, in accord
ance with a c«»ntract made in writing by <aid Free
land Holmes in his lifetime:
Ordered, That the said Petitioner give uotiee t·»
unpersons interested, by causing an abstract of
hi* petition, with this order thereon, to be publish
ed three weeks successively in the Oxford Dem
ocrat, a newspaper printed at Paris, that they
may appear ta 1 robate Court to be held at Pari-,
ou the third Tuesday of Dec. next, at ten o'clock
iu the forenoon, and shew can se, If any they hare
why the same should not be granted.
A. H. WAl.KKU, Judge.
A truecopy. Attest: J. S. lluiiua, Ucg. ter.
QxrOKO, as·—Al a Court of Probate held at Parie
within Mini for the County of Oxford, on the
thiid Tue· d&v of November, Λ. D. ItM.
LOKK'i'/O ι». HOURS, iinined Executor Inn
'■"'tiin In tnuiuMit pnrportinK to be tin·
li*t W ill and Te-t(roe:it <Y Jeremiah Ifobbi·, late
of Norway. iu ■*.»i«l 4' »unfy. ifecrn^x). having |ire
HOOted the fune f.»r Probate; »
Ordered. That the *nM Executor ί.Ί\«· notice fo
all porsou* interested, by ranting η ropy ol thi·.
order to be published tinee week.- fUrwunlvolv !n 1
Ihf Oxpnd ΙΜηικ·π»Ι, |iri»tffl at Paris. thai the*
may appear at a Probate Court to be hold al l'aria ,
in sabf County, on the tbir«l ΉΐΓ«Ι#ν of I>o«·. next,
at t) 0 o'clock in the forenoon, and rdietv cause, it ,
inn I hey have, why the aame should not be proved, I
approved and allowed a* the laet Will ami Tc-ta 1
ment of «aid defeated.
Α. II WAIiKKH, Jn»lge.
A true eopj ittwi : J. S llouue, ii« :-ι« ι.
OXfDID, U ; —At η < onrt ofProbjti bold at Pari·
w ifhin and for the Count) of · Κ ford, on the thiol j
Tuesday <»f November. V. l>. l^W,
ri"' II I, Commi—ioner# appointed to -el out dower
.JL In the real est.it·· of ΓΚΓΚΙΙ THA>K. late
o| Mexico, iu -aid County, deceased, to Betsey
Tro-k, hi* W idow, having returned the warrant to
them committed, into the Probate Office, together j
with their doing* thereon :
Ordered. That the -aid Betsey Tra-k five notice I
t ι «II per-ons interested by can-mga copy of thl«
order to be .»uhli-he«l three weeks -oiccos-ivelv in !
tue Oxford iHmoorat printeil at Pari-. that the;··
m») appear al a Probate « tnirt t<> he bel 1 at Pari·», ■
in -aid County. on tiie third Tue-d ay of I»?·,
next, at ten of "the clock in the forenoon, and shew
cause, if nn> the) have, why the -ante should not
be accepted nnd confirmed and ordered to i»e re·
Α. H V, VI.KKR. Judge.
Λ true cop) -attest:·! ΙΙ·>Β!Λ, Kegi '1er
OXKOKl·, -s:—Al u ( "int of ProiMte held at Pa
ri-. « ithin and for the County of Oxford on th.··
thirt* Tne-itay el" .Novcinlier. A I>. I*
ΓΠΙ1Ε Cominl nloners appointed to divide the
1 η il estate of PETER Tl<A>K, l it-of Xf·- ν - !
co, dcea-ed. among thy J»«- t -1>t aid dt cea^od,,
having returned the warrant to the· ι commltt'd
into tiie Probate Odice, together with then doing
Ordered, Th:il the fcaid hci'-s κί\ο noti e t
nil per*otn intere-tnd. by canalng a copy of thin
order to lie pnldishe I three w eek- nurccaeivel) in
the Oxford l>omoer*t, printed at Pari*. that they
may appear at a Probate < oiirt to beheld at l'art-,
m «aid County, on the third Tin—<1 »y of !>··«
next, at ten ol ihc clo.-k in the foreuoon, and -hew
j.iu-e, If niiv the*, have, why the «rime should ιιπ|
b·" acci j te,I ami contained and ordered Iu be re
\ II W U.KLK Judge.
A true eojiy—attest : J. S ΙΙοηιι*. KegMer.
ι ixrmtt», ss \t a Court of Probate he|<l at l'iu< ·,
wiliiin and for the Comity of Oxford, on the .'hi
Tuesda\ of November, \ l> Is !»,
ON the petition of CO 111 »E I.I A V Id KwlN.wi
don ol Jo*cpli M Utirviu. lite of Roxburv.
in -aid CoiiuU. deceased, prayitiff for an η Hoir*
nuoe out o| the per-'>nal e tale of her late hus
band :
ι inlered.Th.it the ».i.d Petitioner give notice fo.ilt
ρ Ί»οα inlerc'tcil, b\ c-.u-itirf a copy of this order (
f » he L'Ulllidl. <1 lb; · Wick» N||ei*es»ively in the
nWopt l>< in >· i :tt pniiU d ,.i Pari-, tliat the) may
apiieiir at a Probate » ourt : > be b 1 I at Ρ <ι la, In
s i.d Couut). ι·η the tliinl Tue-d.») o| Dee. next,
nt 1' «·1 th · ι |o« k in tiie foivuo.ut. and *how cause,
if nuv the) iiave. uliy (be -eme should not be
griinte· I
\ II WALKER, Jnd«e.
A true c >pv-atte-t ; .1 » ilor.ra, K< Kl-t· ι.
ι Ι>Μ··ΙΙ!> »» \f ι Γ..ιι-r ..j· Ι'ι.ιΙ.Μ.· liel»| :.( I'n
l i - , m .tu I lu la·' < · ·ηι.'; ·■( Otl'itu, oH (It·
tiitpl of Ν·>ν»·ι>ιΙ»«·τ \ I» |·ι3».
I 'ΙΛ Κι ) I X » Λ \ 1>, \·ιι·ι.ι t. .Irix »«n Ihr «·-·
Ci tat· of JoHn J DarU Iule of v>rw ι ν. in ιΗ
t iiuqI] . ·Ι«····· ι-· ι, hiving ui · firtc ( lu*. Sent *tc- j
< ; .ι I u ni ration n/ lit · etiic ··( ·; <i ■·«··
ee.i i· 5 for itll'iunnrp :
Onl.»ml, 1 i.it t!i· .ι ·! VImin'-trnt ίτ κίνι* n »
Uce l·» .·>!! ;··· -·»η- loterMtod, ·>■ oniin* λ v of
tlu^ order to lie ι nld hed tlirt u ••■k- ~n *
Ιτ in the Oxford Dcuj ; i.t · ;i! I1 · ». I'm
ihey may tr t r a I*r·►!·. '«· ' · t ·; to ' ·· held at
Ι'.ιι i-. lu 91m C 1 : .11" -ΊIJ of
Ιη·<· μ ··. .,f : n o'clock i:> <'»·· Ibfttioon, nd
«how r« ι ,il an; _ !; . . ·, » ' t!i·· ι : -lioui'i
Ιι· t bt :!l · T.-i Λ h \ V I.Κ Kit. dtldjC·?.
I Λ tin· ·,·\ itt ; ·' "4 lionne UugtoMr. '
I'XHii I , -> \I it « ui t · f I'r ut» liriil at I'nri·,
%· it h ·» ar»«* ( r th·· Count) oftixl h d, on th« third
I 'ί' ·'!·> of Nov« ιιιΙ»··Γ. \. I ». in v,
V >!'·'< A. (. t:< >\ Kit, h ν iiti-r ..f i1 ·» I:»<t Will i
m il-1 T· »f;»n;rnt of Λ lltl<un i!. H'uliiin, htf 01
.Nil, 4lt;,in ·*Ιι|Ι''Ν||||ν. lin.'· M •«•il. I. M V I II 4 pr t -rn III ,
t ι - tir-» *ι:·| final j'N'itnt ni .idninifttriitii.il I t.'n
« «talc il «aid ilt ri jM il 1 <>r allowanec :
Ordered, Ht.it the «ald KxTutor glv·· notice to
ill per» >n« inti η ►!■ tl, l>T cau«tnf a copv of (lit* or
j» r fo I»· » ι'ι ι «lu tl tlini ir«·· k« • in\v«M»e ly in lit·
Oxford Ι>··ηι«χ·Γ»Ι. printed al l'aria, that II»··» huit
»jip< nr «t a l'rnbat·· C mrl to lw lirhl «t l'art» In
laid County, on t lu t l ruwiUy ol Iht u«*xt. ut ten
O'clock lu tin foii uyn ut il «l.ow chum·, If any Hie)
bate, why tin «ami· ahouM nut t ·· al! need.
Λ. II W M.KKK. Jiidji·.
Λ true co;.) — Atti <t : J . > lluim*. Κ·-|(1*Μ Γ.
I »xr«>KI», s.i — \i m Cnurl ol I'robate, held at l'an·,
« ittiιii auil Γ >r tin· Cuili t v ot · txtord. ou til·· tliiril
lu··» Ixv til Novenilh-r, V Ι» !*'·ν,
VI.I>KN I II V*K. ti iardlunol M t— C. *Vliitnin;i
• t u:·.. uiitior heir* nf I. haiun Wliitin in. late
Ι υί iVaii tlortl. in «ai I t'ouut). ilicr»«rtl, having,
|>rr riili Ι M» fir » » account ot |(ditldlail»liip ol « it·!
vi art!· un nliou a;,ι ·
UHi'tttl, I'liat tlie «ai.I (iuardian liive noicr
!·> all ρ· ι» ·»« nit· r· «t· il by · .iu«in;; a c<<py «·ΐ ΙΜ·
or.i«-r lo or Y ut» ι - Ii. ii ilirei· #fik« »uo*r a«|veljr m
tu.· · ΐχΐ.Μ ΐΐ ΐΗ'ΐιι. ι r it. prime I ut l'arlit, in »ant |
Count' that t tri m». n( j> h :.t ι Γπ.|> lté Court, .
t·· I»»· Ιι· ΐ·Ι ai IVn», on t tie HtirO I u· «.Uy of |>·β
ΐι· .t 0 ··. k t . the foeVMHNi. MMl al··· r.tu^e,
II ui.v l'.e. Iiava-, tail) t II· >uiu·' rllftilil uol ιι«
\ li. W VI.KKK. Jud|te.
Λ tru·· c-i}/> —avi «t .1 *» II I· . 1!·>(ί·ι· r.
O.iioi . —At .« .it · ·ΐ ! "r · λ!·· iieM.it l'ain,
«it:.! tad 'or tlie ι ui.t) υΜ>xli<rJ, on t!te third
l in n ·■! Ν n u.t · ·. 1. I > Nil
DANlKl. « CMÛIXOS, Uua llân ot Kenr> I.
ni i ' :«rlt « tV. |5· all. edunt tieir* ·»! <i·
Λ . Ι'ι , l.l ι ·! I".. t it. ι Dl.lltj ·{·'· · il»· I,
hi·», inp j r· · i»t· ·i i * f1 r«t .»· .,i»it ·Ί' j; j ir<:; iu»!.ii
of '.il ! w ".r.l< itir a'I .»1C t* ;
<>rd· u ! I liât tht· ι dd liuardinn >;i'.e OOli ·· to .ill
pi-r-on» ii.tere»'' d, by CmukIiikν e«»p« of tliii ordri to
t··· j it. ι»!:· t ! :.i« ι w-k· H>C imIv in tlN < »X·
ford Ι» ·ιπ·> :at, print·d at i'ari. in «aid County.tiu*t
tiny mny .|<piai ι'ι i'rolut Court ti> l»·· iieiti at
l'an», on tin iluril I'u· ·<!:«·. of I). c. n» xt. at ten
o'clock in t ■ ι· foil iiooi., .in 1 «Ι.· λ utuae, II aii) t!.i)
bave, m'i tie >.ι tu· Ίι· > m Id it· >t f« ail mm-1
A. it WAl.KKit. Jud,re.
A tf.:« C'|\—itt'-t J. S 11 « ill its, Κ »·ι«'τ.
• »χ κ· ι ». ·*« ;— \ t α Court ol Pr< bate lu I I h» Pari·,
w ItliiTi and I >r the County ol ι >xfoid, on tin· lint<1
hiHdai "I V>v»-iiiber, Λ. D. lt>60,
VNSKI. I « »\V \. ir. irdrtn οι Γιιΐν ι >. and Arthur
Ν . Sivil t, u.hior lirir* ol \·. m tu» Mv ί;ι. late of
In tlx'l iti > nU < 'nut), tlt-cr **·>!, li«\ itig [ · * tut· Ί
lu-fir» I a« conut 1.1 uu4i iJi.kU» jiji ol -»id witid* loi
All >a uncc :
Ordtiel, I liai I'll! «aid litltrdiitl) gltr initio
tu ail i « r*«jils intf.'f *jrU, b> causing η copy t>| tin*
wi«i< " ι » ι··· bul'li·:.<·ι| thre·· m-rk* successively in
th*-<>Xt Γ ! l>«in·· Ι*. Ι'Γιιι'γΙ ut l'an», that tliry
nia. »· ir at Γ u « · · . ' to I» In Id m Part·, !
I.I ► »!·! I'dUlil·, nil I·' I I Ut -<U(V ni 1 >· «· III \t,
4' ll.i >i «·..·<·» iu II.ι ' «Γι ο, .4ΐι·1 shew I'au-e, il
auy ft.* h*.»e, κΐι) llitf iuifdioald nul be allowed
Λ. II tVAl.KKR, Judge.
A true <*· ;>:—attest : J. S. 11<·ι;|ι«, Register.
OxKmI>, lis At ft « 'ourt t»t I'robnU lit·'.! m Purl*,
u iiiiin ttnd for th> t'otifcfy of ι ixfnrd, ou the third
I'm κ Ι.ι, οΐ No»· nber. A. I>. ••■'J
OX pet hit m ot I.UCY \. IIOYT/wldowot IV.·
rick 11 < »yt, ol RutaforJ In ·. d Co ι
iIich-mI, praying lor an h Iowmtuv out «.>! tin j -r
»ona! · ilntr of in r late 1 «bin-l :
OrtVnil. Tnat tlii· «nid l*« t niou'r give nol i I ο all
persons nit· r« ftoil, bv causing copy ■ ι tlii* >r !· r to
•h· published three W· «-k* »uii · *»ιν«·|\ in tli·· » >r 1
Democrat, print· <1 at I'aris iri *unl Count.·, t. at
they ilia ν H|i|x'nr at a Proba e C< uri to I·*· h»M i.t
Ρ at ii·, on t lit- tmrd l'u'.·"!»» ot I >«·<·. next, a'MO«>'< lock
Iu tnt-lorenooii. und Miew cuum·, il ai.y ihry I.aie,
ν* Ιιν tin tatm iliould n.>t bv granted
α. ιι. η ALU KB. Ju l.··
A true c<>jiy—atteM : .1. j*. Ilouit*, Register.
Ox Η ·Κ 11, >■».— ,\t m Court of Prob t held at Piiin,
within an·! tor the '"ounly <il ιlilurd, on tli·· third
futaJay ol \'niπιΙκγ, V· I· l"*y.
ON tliu petition ··! l.it/.i· rt'l«*rll wi·'·»» f
J Ac »b Β. Λ ι·»ι·1Ι, l.tte of I r)fl»u.', m said
< oautv, dr-cram-d. pra.li.g |«»r au II·n· IUC <■ it ·■(
tin* i « i · ul < lUti <>t be* Isle kwbιι ι
Ordered. P;»t Hie »»!«l IVtiftoaer give η tic· taftJI
l-ei-on·· ii ter #trd, bv cauMiu a eopv o| t til « · 'J· r
I ο be publish* I tlnee week*-aivc».|Ttly la tht"χ
foul I>i ui'Krat. print· η at l'an», iu > ml· > unty, tint
t'iry may a; |λ·, r nt a Probate Court to Ικ· hr I it
l'ail*, on tii·· t'lird lu«-»tl*jr of lie»· :. xt, *t ten
0 clocfc in the Ivrmooti, ami «h···*τ rau»e, il a:iy tli»-y
ha*c. *h> tUc »arot thouM not »·«· itranind.
Λ. II. W Λ I.Κ I K. Juil/e.
Λ truc c »pv uMe»t J. S. Huh»·, It· Khlit.
ϋχκΐ'Μΐ. η.» : · At ft Court of Probnte ht Id at P.tri*.
ν» Itluu ami ( »r the County ot ι ixtord, ou the lliird
I u· ·■!».. ol .\o»rniber, A. iJ. IMW,
O.N the p· lUlou ol Κv|>l A It HATCH, widow of
John Uuleli. Lift· of Norway, ιιι »»id Countj, |
deceased, playing tor an allowance out ot the |<«r
«ouai estate ot her late liutband :
Ordered, Tint ttie «aid Petitioner g.ve notice to
all person* interrittd. by cau>iii|t a copy of tin*
ordtrtob·· publi-li'-d tliP·»· weeka auccesalvely in the
Oxford IH·iu<h.rat, printed at l'ail», iu sanl County,
that they ina> appear ul a Probate Court t» be bold
at Pane! in said Couut j, on tlie third Tuesday of
lH-c. uevt at ten o'clock iu the forenoon, aud allow
cause, if any they have,«by the taiue should not be
g ι tuned.
Α. II. WALKER, Judge.
A true COpy—«tlMt : J. 8. If « »hk-. RegUtCf.
OxroKU, »s:—At a Court of Probft»e held at Paris,
v. ii ii i u and tor the Countv ot Oxloid, on the tli lid
Tuesday ol November, Α. Ιλ lM»y.
υ Ν the {•etiiiou of HOKAt Κ IIOLMAN', widow
ii of Betsey B- lloiuim, Uie ot Kumtord, in
•aid County, cW»hmi|, praying tor un aliow^uee out
01 the |M-r«oiial ι -tale of tu* 1st·· wile:
Ordered, l'hat tiie said Pel it ion'r jjfte no· Ice fo nil
peteonn interested, by canning a copy ot tlii« ord« r
to In- publish! d thtee weeks successively in the ox
ford LH'inocral, piiuted at Pal i", in said Cinuity, that
tliey may appear at a Probate Court to Ix· held at
Parie on the third luesdav of Iht. next, at ten
o'clock in tiie tort noon, and shew cause, it ai>> they
bave, why the same s'ioulJ not b·* granted
Α. II. W ΛΙ.ΚΚΚ. Jutlge.
A true copy—attest : J. S. Ilottus, Ke^Un r.
Wood Wanted"
t OROSof tirr t-qualiiv ( LKFTHARI» WOOD,
not less than four inches in diameter ' ;fort Im-îu^
eplit, lor the um; of the County, .tud for dtliux hu'1
packing the «ame in the shede, will be received bv
Βμ ΓτΜβατβτ of Oxibnl Conotj, ami) tel "
Nov. JTtli, at one o'clock P. M , to be delivered at ,
inch place* an mar l>e deeirnated at that titne — !
Said wood to be Maple, Vellow Birch and Beech,
one half, at lea.·»!, to be maple, and to be fully four
feet long—said wood to be -awed twice, well fitted
and packed. HORATIO AUSTIN.
Nov. ltith, Ibù'J.
Ausii!·!.", Ν >\· », |
An «Mljotimofï mM«lon οΓ th* l:\«. «live Council
will 1)·' h«'M :.t Κ < "i ι·· ! < ι, ,n Aucus-ta,
on îlie i*.*îh Irr-*
Attc-t: FUAXKLi.x M 1>UK\V
N'vrcUrjr of £utte.
Will linΊ au
« timprl.-innr rr«"·· thlrç ηη·.!!Ι· found In λ
Dry Goods Store,
from which t<> fcHect In m.ik?n£ Hi·*.:* Jfunha*<·#.
by vioitniK the
Olf»r4 Coiiuty llry (inoila ICilnlilfilimrnt.
(»nwl· Bcffivod am' 0|M'i;r»l
NEARLY EVERY l»\V' :>.»<l m-· tut-i!« <
Find Something New!
Tho pin.'·· to hoy von» ilrv c·.·. * l - ;r ·|ν wfier*
>T«n) Is a it Λ l'- V\ Λ Λ I* fill " I ! :
Staple, Dotibl · .tnl /.»· Ίι · WOll-IKO, nil
HOSIERY . · ΙΛ>\ Ε-, A·- , Λ«*. ί*' pru't.
Repellants !
\\> h,«Vf η chu HI A" /·«< EIGHT Ο RADES
of lU'pcllanl In HU<k itn<I Hliir ami Whit··,
Broun mut H'ii c, ninl M'h !>·; ;itxl «oni
rtvl ι PL Ml» Ν \TERPKOOF \ 1 . ! ν
WATK.Hl'K'M >K, tl»·· in.'ivit·»! rv»-r
ina-U· in U«|K'llants.
«*-i untomer* fn»iu a aro invitcl ι
ν i-jt our ci4al»li»hm^nt.
UF.O. H. 1*l.l hmi;k.
Honlh Pari·, Nov. Il, l*u'.
Iron and Steel.
Π Λ VIM ι purctiiMfl the Mort. Γ Mr .1 <"
IH{«»i»h>, oixl Ic.i-ι·<1 lii- >t.<i will ιη«·\ι
thoir Mwk . · ··ιη v>.. :· .ι ι·1 II Motili n Street, ti
thi· new Ί«»ι ··,
ΙΐΙΛ ;uh1 Γ*27 < oinw«*r<oal Street.
«nil n ·πΐ|ΐν Uie Min'.' <ίι ami «fl« ι* NkvcihImt 1*1,
wlieie tht!
Iroit, Stcfl an] < (iiTia;ro Hard·
will l>r ro»t;:mt"l ill a. Il it· 1»: ii'h ·ι·.
Ρ iill.imi, .V>\. I, l.- l·.
Ή·<* ill»·- fin ■ Ιγ·\ ik' Ίί;><>-> ·| .Γ lii 4
Kt«H*k "I I"» >!··ι·Ι, iii; lui - ιιμ·—,.· i.c: >!." t » Κ
('i)UtY Α ι »».,w«»iihl ..•••onmicn l i-.ίΐ <*f hi* cu*
(■ιοτϋ an»l | «t;«»ιι■» :<> llirm.
.1 C RR<J4>K4.
Nor. 1, 1" Sus
D. Η. Υ Ο U In G,
o\roR!) roi vrv
Sawing Machine Agency,
i i .
a ukucis,
>vr(Kci.r>; λ iiaov
»η·1 nil »M-ni* ni ν«·'·.τι· i-t.iiifl- ·»η 1·λιι»1
Tîtr.· ·,! ΟΊ. Ν·.·· if ·«, :» I at· k ·. ι «»l i riiii
mίιτ.r- (· : Si»· inr M n'hitif·, r.f
\ jyrs' IMm'h, r»y. M»·.
Nor 27, IW.
r\s:Tji:r:s' a ^n.dïn» ν
Life Insurance Gomp'j
Th* Κ :»····- ' ···! M · ·*» ' I.' · ! . ·· >·: ■ ·
t ■ ·ιιΐ)» ιn\ u U .ι 1*·11 ·· : ! · t ' >« -
ill< |i!:iii .
orm\ ii:y nrr noi.:rn:s. r:tr n\ r n. -
Mit m m f. roi.ir/ns, rmx'W.mhs r
POLICIES. lit: M r<>i.il i: s, ·>'■ '
!t lin* al<o .* NI » π \f. l'iw, l'f'ulUr t ·
mnl of i-';rai nu, ortnrtr»· t.. ,-.li οΙι>· m ι-ίι to «ο. ui·
ρ 'lirit··. un t)·«· Di ■-[ π·.ι-«·ιι:ι!·Ι ■ Ιι'Πΐι ·
!.. W \ I.COTT, .4(ί«·ιιΙ,
iiov Ιί. Ururoui» IMM. Mi:
The place to buy your
Î'ssrnrfs. Extract».
Pllld, Piasters,
roots >f nr.nr.s,
Booh·. Pipff. and
Envelope·, ai
Drug Si or·
NoaiAT Villa·.E.
What is the News ?
L pothocary and Druggist,
II*!» Jllit Uj. Ν , II VlllAM VIS fiUjt k
Ml . I III ill ti> '
Neat 'ut Assortment of Goods,
to be fourni in :i:.\ >1 ■'. ·■ 1 · t!t«· Ui.i 1 i . the Count. .
If yon nrr i ι « -i:it of
thon· i* wher»· you will fln<l th<· ;·■ rt> r.·.··!·'
If you Ime n«· for PAINTS. o||> VAKN'Mf.
ES, LUBKII \ I is», i. \KD, SPKU.M »u4 ΝΚΛΤ·
H h >T Oil.*», lu» Ιι ι - μι t tii»· thiiijr } "·ΐ art' 1
f »r. Or If it i* -uuu'tltiug in tin
you «w ish, you cannot un-nti<>n :·.η<ΐ!ιϊηχ in th it
department whirlt lie Ici- uot **<»t.
He nl"»o k·· 'p- tin· Γγιιε*τ Siij k.n ιι, Ι Fi.avoi:·
ISO t XT it A1 rs In t!,: world, and lie SELJ S
ι II ΚΑ Ι* Γ»ι « V s 11.
Biinruibiv, \o. 5, Hatlin\va>'■» lllotk.
Oct. I, I*#.
Notice to Teachers.
rPHK uii<lci>i^u«··!. -»·Ίι · « ί : :ι<·<· < f t <
A town of Paiiy. w ill I..· ii-. .·.·-«!<>n .:t the Hri It
Nhool llou«e on Γ tri II 1. ·>» ** \ 1 ic·>A\ - Ν·■
ivmber 2otli, and >VIIUI»A\ Ν \ «in ' ·■·: £lh,
Lit l«'oV|tM-k \ M., I· ι examination of tearlu^·
( Join»· puiN'l.eii m nil it»tioii»*r\ ;»nd Τ··*λ n'.-> tin
fonder. Μ ΤΙI Γ.I \*<>N,
.·». κ m i t ii in -,
S. S. Committee of l'ari».
Pari*, N'ov. 1, !**■ 3w
Musical Notice.
λ rirsic π ι;\ι*ιικΐ) κοκ bai ls. social
ΙΆΚΤΙ!·."», Ac., un reasonable tenus. Any
number of piee*«. fr»ru two to live, on applira* ;
ti»)i by mail or uthevvviee, t >
Oct. t7,18 ■· Ν τ*.ι; . Mo
Λιι Extra Diriil^ntl
OF TWO AND A-HALF,(2|) percent. will be '
payable Nov 15th. to the stockholders of the j
Firet National Hunk of Portland.
W. E. GOULD, Caàhier i
Portland, Nov. 1, lsoj.
Bridgtoii Academy.
ΓΙ111Κ WINTER TERM nfllii- idKitiiClon will
1 «·<ιη»π»ίΠΓ6υ» Tneedny, \owinlwr
I atij corn time Ten Wwk».
JOHN (i. WIGHT, A. M.t Principal.
JJ'fml *n<l Tuition rea^nniibfi4.
04/*Text U>«v»a ftiniiifluil V>y tlu* Prin«-ij>fll at
Portland i>r|ce*.
ΤΙΙΟβ. If MEAD, 8ec>.
North Brulfrton, 0.*r SO, 1ΗΦ. Sw
Frycburg Academy.
rPHE WINTER TERM of tbi in tltnti..» «ill
I < <·πιπη·ιι(·ι· «m ΐν«*Ίη«·<Ι*>', I.
4'jil couliuu* U*n week·».
rslIEIt W. Ct'TTii, Λ. H., /'rinripal.
Ρ·ΐΓ fuithcr 1nft»rru.t(>"i, ηΊ 1 i'S" Kcv. I>. Π.
St ·· Vl.L. f>»h;reUry, <»r (hi· Principal.
Kryebnrjf. Nov. »i, iMiO.
( II IBLfiS l. IIEBflET,
EXQRA I Eli. - - South Paris*
U ill bo l'uniiJ rt b»« lt«i>i<icrcc.
1er 'β'68.
A IM of (ίwis for
Coats, Pants and Vests,
— ΛΤ —
It Ο I.ST F |{ Λ lltKKELL'fe
Routh Pari", Ν«·ν. 4, In'!».
VVK<>> n. U.DMK II Λ « Ο.
Whi>!o»j|e nn>l ( · mmi<-inn Ι»«·ηΙ#τ- in
Butler, Cheese. />'//</#
V». '2'2 Cvrliaiiu'·' SI., l*orllan«l,
•#*C'-in»i/nme ili. π'ΐΐμ • •tfiill; < li Ιι«·Ί
At ONE < Κ NT Ε \rn, at tN>
IhCoiil Ι'ααίιΙ) Πι ) l«ooil· ( Mtill*hnirnt.
>i. o ar.i ri . κο\ Λί « ο. s
(mi <·( ι ; » ι : io ιι»«·
MOWir. ::ml VIXilM lBLi:
(i A H1) J.X, for I S70.
Pnhlixhcil in J.innnr Ev«-rv lovrr >·( fl'-w·· <
m -III.IK tin- ut»m uii'l > iln.'il l"· \\ >rk. Ir<··· ·>{
rlmrgn, -ln i.M .*·!·!·-»·— Immediately Μ «» ί\Ι EFE,
-t»\ Λ ΙΟ, hl!*;il · ι Λ Ι'.ίιί · '» lil"< !». IC·· Ί.< -
Ι· r. ν. ΐ η <ν li.
:.H 1 111. H»>r V - Κ! Μ: Μ «ιΓ
Il i R Λ Ε S S fj S,
iiokm: Ki^Miiris
Ι.·»ϊ· ÎCo!m's, l i tiiif.·. i»i»d Vn'i-rs,
,\n«l <·..· · filing rπ it <· I ·<·, in · ncft-t >! Count}. urn!
|»rl. < » «ν « lov* .4- i M'l
in tin* -t 11 «·.
IIwmh irork *11 ι·.,· · ι y ;, ΐϋ·:, md wwl
« >1 tl> fci»« Mtti.fat-tiiiii.
C«-Or<fcr» I K.i. a ·.· !*. I < :I n ti .
< . S. 11 <-m:h.
V τ v. Ν ·- ! 1. 1-"' .'.h
Mean Ilea \v if lot lis
FOil OlT.-IiU: (.AR'iKNTS,
Ko Γ -il!. ΙΜΠ<Γ>! I;
BOLS S »:«* Λ !î ΙΜιίΜ,.
A\rA. XT KO,
1000 Round Hogs
: ·;■ w Ιιί lii \^lf i\!l Se »ml<l, hr
Oxford Go. Dry Goods
Π ""AVISO Eslufi ! .'."I Brfl · : m -·■ « to
, a* [·> ac Mirpi I»"· ! '.I \»l ·'!< ν
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j.. «· I »;: »♦ ■ 1 In wail Π!'< >11 all |»x. t ··-, ml ai' lu
Ttmu llTi r H«'foiy,
IS VI.I. |)ΐ:ΐ· \ΙΠ Ml NT-,
yon on:mxo,
\ι -II *· of
Oivll > '.I I'MJir ·| II rf. 'IIHif
/' jtul'ir '*i7>; ι, ' , ' l ir Γη<· ι,
at tin*
ΟιίοκΙ « imnlji i»r> l.oml* l.*U>lili>liuirui.
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til II 'i t It·· t Γ * I · » I ( o.ntv I
·· in λμ I r r th·' ι ·>μι»1) ofutl »rd
ill. ci·! · i.-ik I, Λ cent ot ιί«· town i»f Puni,
in j ■ ο Un· ι' wiiii ·ι \ '.·■ ··! tt ·■ inhabitant*
1 :.t .1 I· »ul t wi im« t.n/ίι··ί·Ι·-η on
ι «la.. urNoTctn t m !»■:·. ηooid
ifii!! 11*j·ι· -«-nt. tl. il .ι |M»rt · ιι··ι th#· Mnnjr
Ι!γ·»1 Κ ι! ····' ιΙ· · . m ι. · Ι l'an.-, Hearth··
>··?!·■ ι lï \> ι· t' :!|«· Ιαΐζ f ι ι'χΙιιΊ Π'Ιι
Ί··η·Ί imp<t»*ablt' aud un· ·!··, an·! tn.it tilt* ριιΜιπ
γ.ιιλ riiii·!»»··· ,ί nr<··· ·-ity ro'iuir*·." an alteration
m s.'tiil ru nl Hi· further represent*. Hint b> tlie
·:.nit· tV· -lict, tin· 1>π<1χ«* 'm·.· -:inl ^lotiv Itr· ι κ
above αιι·| mar li·· ill - Mill- in -ni·! l'ari.-. wii·*
ca. s ted au a\. an·! 1th·· imMie · οιιν· tiiem t* an·!
iifi i'-hitv i|o n<>: ι ...lire th·· rontimia.ire ·>Γ »ai«l
bridge a< a j· ut of th·· hmlmay ; In* there·
f«»rt· a-ks your honor* t<· discontinue ro iuii<ii of
» ti'l highway leading aiTOo- -.· I >tony It.fc
ati.-vc an·! h ι. Kny.il!' Mi.,'h a- In·* l>et*wi\t tin·
lil^hwas leading from ·» th '·> Hebron ami
the houa·* ou the iioit ι -«ι η > «.ii'l stoD\ Itrook,
known a IV Γι·.ι 1! ... li · fnrtli r ι· present*
that a |. .rtion <·ί t ·· .: ·. '.1.· n * · 1 · ·· I'll lily
U ·Α·Ι, in -aid !' ·> i», r tn>it>·■ : .' m ar tin: hoii-e
of Joiut · hi Aim; ·ν. .·» il' ·. and running
e ; dorly ό tin· Count} ι ι·1 l*;:<liu;r fioni South
l'ari.·» 10 Know'* Fall . ; 1 -t in.··· "f aboutom
h;indrc«l ;.«!y· ι ·· υ-: ■ I .m l jfiiilnil out,—
an*t thai ·!«<* pi!··. an·! n·· · -pity
«I ·.·.- not require it* im τ.:· r • ontmuarice a- a pub·
Is»· liiirhwa·. ; h·· th·. ·:·»ι«· n*»pfctlullj ;«hk- your
li >1. .r· to .(U -o/.tmm - »i ! ρ >rt ·>η ot aid I'tility
l'a'.cl at Parts flu- Ili «lav <.f Nov··Tiber,
1I1UAM ΙΙΠίΙ,ΑΚί», Affût of l'an·.
Oxt oi:l>, ss. — Heard < uiiuti ('un.iiiltiloerrii
Sept'-mber Λ·>ι!οιι, Ιν·9, held by «'jourutiuLt
Νυν. lrtth, 1
I'pon th·· f(>r« ifoJn^ |<tition. MtUfucloryevidei.co
hat m;; b· en received ihat tin'prtltlDRrr· irr rr*po··
*ibie, .m>J that Inuuiry into tli·· ni« rit» of their aj··
plication !» expeoieul, It 1» «rdrrfd th.it tin· C'-onty
Couinu»idoacr.i uuct at tin· Andrew· llo··*- at
•South l'ari», In *»ld county, on fuMili»·. tli«* -1 *t
•lay of December next, at t· 11 o'clock iu th·· fi»re·
DoOti, and thence proo-ed to »!«·* th·· route iu»n
tion«*d iu aald petition, luiimiliately alter which
vie», · heaiiugof the partit » and witm-»*e· will b«
hail at ooinc convenient plar«> in tho vlcialty, and
mcfi otb«*r muMttrrt tak- n in ttir ; κ :ui>>·-· a· th·
Coniiid-i·loner* ^h.ill jii-l^-r proper. Aud it U lur·
ill··r oriiirid, that none*· ut th*· tim· , plao·- and
Eurpo'· oj til·· ('οιηίηι«·ιυΐι« ru' im-rl.iif ator*«ahl
·· |ti\**ia to «I! penoo· and c«)i|>oritlon* 1 u ι·τ· - r» <t
b« atti ·>Ι··«Ι conir* ot «aid ptiltioo aud of
lil order thiTfiin to t>«· »pr*"«l up< η the Πι-rk of
ti«r to» 11 of i'tri», and also poi'«1 up In thr*· pub
!l'" plaof· in »ttld town ut.1 ;>'ijlMi»··! thrr*· «n-ki
«uccfolvi'ljr in the Uxlord iKinorrat, a ηι>»·ρ·;·Γ
printed at l'ari·, in "aid County ot nxtord the tir»l
of tai l publication* and eai ii ot th·* oth< r uoticei·. to
b·· madf,»er\rd and pooled, at lra*t thirty (Uv· be
for· taid tine of in· «tin/, to (he ei.d that all ρ·τ
•ou· aud corpora:Ion· may then and there appear*
ami ·hew oaa*e if an) the) have, »h> tha prater of
•aid petitlonrr» »l»oui·! no· lie granted
Attrat: WM h Kl M It ALL, Clerk.
A tme copy of »ald petition aud ordir of CoLrt
AUcat WM. K. KIMBALL, Clerk.

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