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éditorial ami Srievteti Items.
—The Oxford Baptist Quarterly meet
ing will be held at Bryant's Pond, com
mencing Tuesday, l)ec. 2î*ih,at 1 o'clock
—Hun. Κ. F. Weston, recently of the
Little Blue School. Farmington, is now
Principal of the Y<>ung Ladies' Seminary
at Lake Forest, 111., but a little way out
of Chicago. Ile w rites that his situation
is a very pleasant ami remunerative on·,
lie still regards the old Pine tree State as
his home.
—Mr Black. Colle< tor of taxes, wil be
at South Palis, Dec. -ôth. at North Paris.
Dec. 51st. and Paris Hill, Jnn'y 1st. to
give all an opportunity to pay their tax
es, and as the State tax must bo paid
about that time, it is desirable that λ»;
many pay up as can.
—I^ecture at the Cniversalist Church
next Sumlar evening. Subject—Origin
of Superstition. it« spread and prominent
characteristics ascompared with Revealed
—Mr. Pereival .T. Parri«, teaching the
I>istriot school on tl*> Hill, has adopted
au excellent practice of furnUhin^ the
parents of the scholars with a weeki\ re
jM)rt »»t recitatk ns and attendance of each
scholar, The effect will be salutary.
—See Can! of Dr. PeaSies, of Norway.
Dr. P. acquired a tine reputation in
Waterford, where he madi- ho^ts of friend*,
as we doubt not he will do in his new lo
—thir friend* in Oxford County who
intend purchasing Fnrs in Portland, are
refer red to the advertisement of Suaw.14?
Middle St..where we w ill guarantee them
a good bargain, if they will say they
came from Oxford County.
Rufus « hapinan of Liberty, Maine, had
a «.tit! leg bent at the knee, limbered and
straightened b\ the use of "Johnson's
Anodcm* Liniment."
—The little (WMnui dad a go«nl assort
ment of C'jristm is Το ν s at l>r. Sawyer's
South Paris,
—The sleiffhing was improved by :i
littl*· snow on Sunday ni^ht. It rained
during th«· day and threatened to carrv
off the sn.»w entirely.but clearing off cold,
it was saved. It has been excellent
sleighing since, and very pleasant winter
weather, ihie day last week, the ther
mometer Wits at summer heat, in the sun.
out of doOT».
— Mr. A. T. llall, Norway will s*l
hi- Farm Products. Tool*. Horse, Wagon,
and Harne**es. at auction, on his
premises, on Tuesday, Dej. 21 >t
—Mr < htifvKMl French has sold his farm
in Ν οι way to Mr. Chamberlain. of Wood
stock and has bought the widow Knight
stand, with more land. He has also re
paired the building.
— Atnos Γ II i!l hn sold ai- farm with
the expectations of trying his fortune in
the Aroosti*>k.
—Gen. GjO, F Shepley, »t Portland,
ha- been nominated bv the President, a»
Γ S Circuit Judge f<>r the First Circuit,
«mbracing the States of Maine, New
Hampshire. Massachusetts and Rhode Is
land. Gen. Shepley is an eminent advo
cate and sound lawyer, and will be an
ornament to the lw»neh of the new Court.
I —Jas. Γ. Chirk, Esq., h:is resigned the
'office ot inspector of Cu.-toms, at Danville
; Junction.
—There will bo a Xt;w Year's Uill at
the Andrews' House, South Paris, on
Friday evening, Dec. S 1st.
—Se\c*al Societies are m.nkfnp arrnng
I ment* to proline the splendid Polyglot
Bible, *i)l»l by Mr. Florian B. Maxim, for
1 a Christinas gift to the Paster. The work
j is meeting u ith a ready ?«ale. See a»lv cr
—The Norway Militia Company wan
imuUtreU into service ou Wednesday, af
} ter passing a surgical examination by Dr.
Sanger. The Company then partook of
I a collation at the Elm House, furnished
by the Commis-ioned officer». We were
unable to accept the invitation to Ih· pres
: eut.
Gov. Chamberlain's official majority
for Governor over Gen. Smith and Mr.
llichborn, as found by the Governor and
Council last week, i- 10,274, which i> a
gova! deal better than anybody expected.
—The following is a li*t of the officers of
• of Rising Star Lodge. Bethel Ilill, regular
Γ* ~ ' C
!y installed lor the present quarter:
J. A. Morton. W. C. T. ; Mary J. ("ark
\V. |V. T.; Mary .1. l'witchell, W. S. ;
Kmma dough, W. F. S. ; Abbic Cross.
NY. Γ. ; L. H. Miles. W. M. ; 1>. (iarland,
W. C. ; Mrs. Tnunar Crosby, \Y. I. G. ;
David Brown, \V. O. G. ; C. S. Mason,
\N . A. S. ; Laura llall, \V. P. M. ; Abbie
ν IVnley. W R. S . Abbic Yen ill, W.
L. S : G. P. Bean. Ρ W.C. T. L.
— Rev. George Wir.gate of the Maine
Conference died quite suddenly ·11 Great
Kail- Ν Η. He was about 31 years old,
a graduate of Middletown, and had been
Rationed at Kenuebunkport, Oxford,
Karuiiugton and Strong.
Portl.ini» λ· Oxford Ckvtral Rvti.·
κ<>ΑΓ».—A cargoefrailsarrivedat thisfiort
yesterday from N« w York, for the Pert Inn u
and ,Oxford Cuutral railroad, to be laid
in the extension of that road from Buck·
field to Canton, the road bed of which is
uow graded and the rails can be laid im
mediately. "Portland Preps of Tuesday.
Mrs. RvxrHU.rii K. Lvnn has declined
to accept the position in the School Coin·
uiitec in Springfield, M us. to which >he
w;is elected on Μ ο inlay. She says the
official duties "are not properly within her
—A gentleman once asked, "wnat β
woman?" when a married man replied,
"She i* an esur <«n grace, in one vulunie,
elegantly l>ound. Although it may Ik*'
dear, every man should have a copy ofit.'l
—Private sub>criplion<< t«· the· aim unt
0f $4«(00 have l»een offere I to encourage
tho erection of a factory a: Newport : the
town of Newport ha- voted to donate ·"?_'·
0»»0, provided shall be iuve>it*d in
the erection and furuishingofa factory in
that town ; al*o to exempt the property
from taxation for t a }ea;>. Γϊι« m- offers
are open and available until July, liCO.
The Q<*icî»tion 8ktti.*i>.—Those emi
nent men, Dr. ,JanR> Clark., l>hi>ycian to
Qbw Victoria, aid Dr. Hughes Hennet.
say that consumption can be cured. Dr. |
Wi-itarknew thi- when he discovered his I
now widely known HvLsvm of Win»
Chckky. and exjH'rien»*e has proved the
correctness ol hi> opinion.
In Congress, the death of Senator
' Fesseuden was announced, on Tuesday,
; by Senator Morrill, in a reeling and
eloquent addiess. He was followed, in
the Seuale,by Messrs. Trumbull, Anthony,
Williams, Morrill of Vermont, Patterson,
Mavis and Vieken·.
In I he House, Mr. Peter*, of Bangor,
pionounced a eulogy, and was followed
by Mr. Lynch ol Portland, Hale, of
Ellsworth, ami Messrs. Brooks of New
ι York, and l>awes of Massachusetts.
—F"T versus Hull is the latest sensa
tion Uile in Portland. It is all about the
i arm* house.
It you do not want gray hair, use Hall's
Vegetable Sicilian Hair Renewer, which
λ ill not statin the skin, or soil liueu.
The proprietors of "Johnson's Anodyne
Liniment" "Paisou's Putgxtive Pills*'and
Sheridan's Cavalry Condition Powders,"
have published a readible and instructive
pamphlet which mav be had/res at the
Ν \T FOU J VN't* VKY, ISTO, nppcar* In bright ar
ray A now form, new type*, numerous rich il·
lu>tratiou», wit·» Kniad rniil sensible reading
neiuer render· this the best ever i«*ued. This
ftnorite Joi knal ha.· now reached it* .VMh vol.,
and appear» in :i handsome magazine form. We
th:uk it w ill prove even ntorc popular than ever
before. Τ»·ιιη*. only vo η year, or 30 ccnt» a
number. Now in the time t.» nubien be for lS'o.
Addre»* > U WKI.LS.3S· Broadway, New York.
ΡΕΤΕ1ί>θΝ*ί» LADIES' MAG \ZINE for Janua
ry, is before u*. with J «plendid engraving and
•ome «nperb fa-hionp late* Thi* ma^ra* me would
be a very intvrctlinf an.I useful gift Tor the bow
year. Only $i on a year (' J. Petcrton Phila
ary, 19 received, aud i.« tilled with storie*. *kctrhca>
and -hort pier:·-, in prow an<l poetry, with various
illustrated aitklea, aud all for the low ptice of
ft tk) a year Elliott. Thome* and Tel bot. Ho «ton.
Ml UltY's ΜΓ*»ΕΓ.Μ i· a bright. lively, in«tn:c
i tivc tnagaaine f»r lite Juvenile* with whom it h a
jtn-at favorite $1.50 per y t ar >»pc inx-nnumVr*
went f e to any nh> wi«h t > examine it. II B.
1 Γ aller. Ko-ton.
Ρ Ε I EK> MI MICAL MONTHLY for December,
i* tilled with a choice variety of good rau-l" A
year > tub-cripuuu to tin* \ aluahlc journal would
be an acceptable pie*ent for a tmi«iral friend·
f ; <*> a year Ν V
TUE LITTLE ΙΌLK> >» an instructive m.t^a
*ine of * pajree. well illustrated. ami do-igned for
Sunday te«ching for the little one*. There iw a
pa«*aK*e of Scripture. a rea lms* le*»»n and a
*torv. for f.v h Mltb.ilh. Only St nut* η y»*ar
Published b* \daiu«. Blackmer aud Lvon.L'hlra
go. 111.
W illi I»y j»ti«-i> everything i· wrong Food
«|ο«·» not di^e-t ; «deep ·!.*«·■. not refresh; wiuedo«a
Dot cheer: «mi!r» do not irliililen : mn«ie doe· not
rhartn. nor can any oilier jo\ enter the brea»t of
the tniHTiMf dv«jif|i(|c. You mu«t K'*t ri>t of it.
or it will beoome M'slrJ ami «onOmied, aud lifo
w ill l»e ι bunlcn in I ι·\ι-1«·η r a mr-e IM.an ra·
Γ!>'N III ΓΤι U-* Will do in]T Vitl all (hi NVw
hi»·. strength anil energy \< ill take po«»e*»iou of
you The damask will ac*'» Idootn nj>on your
(Ml in' (Im ItUttt ii»*>.n! ι .· η ill again bf *«
bright a* in your healthiest and most Joyous da} r.
M \ \V VTKIt — V 'li'liKhlful toilet arti·
cle superior to Cologuc« anil at half (be pri'*e.
■ The microscope «hows the color of tho liaU
•lue to a deposition of pigru ·ι>( in its sub-unco.
\\ hen the hair fflamls !►<>·<.· in c eufcetded, thi» pitf·
ment Λ»Μ« Οίο after another the hair* heron»·
white, '>r fall out. pro luring baldnc.»* Kaldnes*
i»ca*v I·» prevent bu: hail t» cure \u;k'j*
H viIt V|t*»K*top* it eveo re-tore» the hair «oinr
tiiues; always re-lores it- eolor. Immediate
renovation is at oneo visible: -oftue.-·», fre-lme.s·»
an 1 th · ί(1'»·Η of vouth Thi- κ·«·ι( ornament
should Ih? ptv-erve I -iti~e it ι an bo by AVKK'h
M vi u \ |t)« >K whir h i- lu· «ut it it 11 ν «-lean ami free
Ironi anything injurious to the Vialr. [Tribune,
>pr:ii^i ill*, S Ϊ
That the place for the people ot' everv part of this County to buy their
■J "
Oxford County Dry Goods Establiskm't !
Wht-re th, proprietors intention is to enable them always to find a LARGK, VARIED au«l COMPLETE SELECTION
ot ail gwk iMk a^ uke u;> the Stock of a Fir*(-4ln*<» <it> Dry Cioods Ktorr.
VS ν are now engaged in opening FI LL LINK" of
h i i:xc ΐιί«ιοηΑι>
All of which will be offered at our USUAL LOW PRICES!
\\ r Opru Thl· !»»>. dirrct from Mauu·
fmr t urr rV >1111·. plfff*
New Style Woolens,
f..- Mm - and Bo\ » wt.ir. in> ludiii* li f ΥΛ h Ιί*
• \ . ·.-.··.· I r Ι·..λ^ ν - ι, t.
<*tk u- «hade
M I 1 Γ«> W
«h.ι i' -ι.* h trid "n>hliy" for taiim non» «ntt>.
\ - ' »· \ vr % Ι.ΟΟΛ «.OOl»*,
m. ι·'-μι -t tu Ui>t «tKi ,uiorin<-, in plain,
1 ν « m l ΡΙ·Μ t «brlr·.
(Il Woui TV» Fl-I»*». uarrautcd t>· w»;u
well *t «c
We«h*ll pfn «η I Ttlsr. !»r\erjil piece* ··!" ex
t tiι > U uolru fur Mri»'» ^ull». «t fl.^O
>>··γ * ard The m· are ju»t out <»f the U» > m ».
»rr made t·· -vil at t"- ··> t" #2 S."» per y a ni. bu:
ow riç t«> -lischt out- on edjce «»f /Γ"«κ|> could not l*.·
j>ut ut ·η the market a- tlr->t->rrade of a
rn.it :"i tarer. Iwttfv we have them at only $; 3o
pe^yard *
»Ι»Λ·«. «»||iHT·» «ad lUttVTKKM. an :m
iuen~ «to«k—Iwvlit £rudi» at tiaricaiu»—.VU-.hm·,
Km ii U. t'iiStim including French and Itri·
U»h *'«w>d». m hitf or colorvd—«t #I j·· «si'll.
> *·* ί.Ι,οη:«. Il *1! crade» of l |o»h. Itu-'k*
-kr Κ i· i - and I*»»»: SUm I·** A'· . band or un
tin*)- 7V. i <*>. 1 ίΛ. t jm. 1.ΤΛ,1 un. and fi M
η ι..ν·» «ι·λι*:μ¥,-!>, a*. ûc. mc. 374,·.
We Opru ThU Ihi) IO IUir«
W; i. Mîi.;»· an ! I ιη<·\ « Ί.·γ-, and Plain
-1 - η · ! 11 2 '■
\ k· ac- Val - \ >■ Ν 23 make- «.f Ilo»ic
V :ΐ:··ΐι-, ΟΙ \< - « ' 1·Ιι ··!.«* Hosiery 1< ι.νιιι
< ■ .ι - <. t· 1 n ινν. ■ - .1. »,·!·>, II 1- H<*art«
hai.il nia.If Ifood* and Jacket». Ac Ac.
(. hildren and >l».«*c» lloaienr, lu to 3(>ι*.
F. :>ρΊΐ»1ι »«iMhl-. .V» ti» TV.
\V * 1 ι new iuak< in Κ ΙΙθ*1ΚΚΥ.
\.-rv :in«· an<l met· for .'Wr : al*o. tlne«t gooda 5uc.
»;-J> TV. an l l«.w poo«l». 15c. Sftr, i'»e.
I ««lit·»' extra lark'·· i»ize Une Heeehed Ho«e; al*o
< h I'lren*' and >f»~-«»~" Fleeced Η·>«»\ 30c to 3n<\
Fue new -tvle of L.A.1MKN' lioooft, very
\\ »!! ·ϊ:«*ι.τ h τ·· ir »r .-fc 'f Voting Mi·*»··'
«.\1TKK» ΟΛΙΤΚΚ I.K(;«;I\h ail.) «.BITKK
I>lt \ W I· IJh. a- I in- u-; C t» ; for the ' Lit
tl«? !►»«·-" in thf. «tir « < 1<1 climate.
M ·'·■' .ι. 1 J. i . « lAIH.rt \ |>Ts nnd
MUWEBCi) all aiaea. Am and
heavy, bleached or nuMeached.
W> Opru Thl· I»ny.
New Repellants,
in Hla k aud White, Hromn and White, Orange
and White, and several r>tyh'.s of
< allinc ^^H*.·ial air. nt<on to our ΚΛίίΙ.ΙΚΙΙ
<·«»οι>η, a- Ικ-injr inu«'h the ehcapent <>f all the
Itlack and tin·* i.o.«l·, coming in excellent
«hade·! and Extra tirwT,
Prier, |l.3lt. nftrr Monday.
are made to order, and ladle- can llnd all *hni>e*
Old H M ._th-.- .Hkiil- 14 >ard- mund ulftOBfi
to W> ini-fic- lon^. and all intcrrncdiate «i/ef, from
|| t<> -Ί yard».and loug ruuuith for auy our.
\E1V l»lti:ss Ι.ΟΟΠΜ,
recci\ed KVKKY Wit K. and we call ·ί)»ο<·ί»1 ntten
tion t·· our line of BLA( Κ Λ1.!'\( ( Λ>, bought
durisg the fold panic iu New York.
Our lt«» 1 >· Flur Itroxen ( ottou. 12J Ct5. per
yard,—ηοκΕΛΤ bakgaiv '
\ full line of all sfvle- of JEWELRT, in
.hKTTh ( k<»J»HKS. C η\1NS, Ac., Ac.
Chain, Pin and (. ross for Λ0 cent.».
We shall Open on Friday, Dec. 3d, the Largest Stock of Kid Gloves,
ever br MtgHi iato th.· C miitj, bavkc take· lb ■ bth - of in IMPORTERS STOCK. We have bought and so M many thous·
a-i-l of Kid GU»vta·, and experience hi- t -ujht a- th it the BEST GLOVE is really the CHEAPEST ; which fact is
evident to λ ι wheu you remember that nine p.iir> iu ten of (x>«cà::cd) Kid Gloves, are not Kul at all,—uo matter what any
retailer may tell you to the contrary.
hi order to eommaoti th.· Kid Glen trad Γ Cou^r, ve wi!i sell for three mootha to come, our justly celebrated Dou
ble Stacked Snrtnj. Votent Knotted Sm h ιé Gh'9t* u irranted ι tear or rip. tor $1.02 1-2—regular price, $2.00.
Will send thee h_\ mai' to auy a<idrcs> on receipt ot' price. Λ full line of Opera colors and shades.
rT'KemeiuSer that >o Lady's Toiljît i» Complh· with a Cheap Kn> Glovk.^j
We shall have constantly on hand a good stock of
Λ - », - the Fan ν Styles, at uuu-ually low prices. Customers may be assured that our constantly increasing stock will ever
shew SOMETHING new to look at; and our effort will be to present
Popular City Goods, at Popular City Prices !
W. ..haii open on FRIDAV, several new pieces CLOAK FRINGE; all Scarlet NUBIAS; TIDIES, LAMP MATS, lUo
and 15c mm h ; mtm Hon, Amber, SMI an : Β a ^ l'ir m :»r ('< >MBS. for Children ; new SLIPPER PATTERNS, and Worst
ed ; :» Mi τ ilet Paper Pattern»; Java Canvas, Crochet, Poplin, Kept and Fancy Dress Buttons ; Plaid Dress But
tons and Tresse-Hercule : Elastic (tools, Trimmings, Plaid Velvet Scarfs, Silk Ties; Lace, Lacc Embroid'd, Lace
Edge. II I b| · ■ Γ ^ . h : HDKfS^ î.. .ι υ 1· ; 7·χ·; also, 10 do·· Oeotf Fine Linen, hemmed ready for use,
iioc u ÔO. ; L n» ii Β»»- m.—puffed, iin emb'd, wide, medium or narrow plait, very cheap; Cloak Buttons, frim'ed Aprons
at o-">e; Fine Ruffled Aprons, 51k* ; Charms, Ilosierv, Gloves, Jewelrv, Jtc. «fcc.
LHk' id. -bw
ChriMtm ut Feat i vat λ.
]( our friend* will send us notices ofthe
ChiMma* Festival* to be held in their
towns, wo will notice them in our next.
—The Christmas Festival at Xewry is
! to occur Wednesday evening, l>ec. 29lh,
and not on the 26th, as printed beforo.
Cattle Narktl·.
UKIUIITUN, Dee ]5th. IS«>
Priee.»—ne:>rcs— Extra ntinHtr, SIS ?»o g 14 00;
rtrst quality, SI*.'T.VgU&j; second <|Uaiilv, III Λ0
4 IJ .V): Thirdquality SHmw.jII M Poorest imtdea
cow·, oxeu, huila, Sc., $* ••Oit'·· W Ψ Ν® ··· (th· t'>
ta I weight of hides, tallow, ami dreaaed beef
; Workout Oxeu.— J'.xlra #!Û, oydinury #Γ>0
, t«> pair; hanily SUith (,Ο In f Î|0 ψ pair.
The trad»· for Working Oxen u n» very dull ·
Milch Cow»—Kxtrn fur· to #11'»; ordinary φ50 9
! S*»: store Cow» f:V> 6 S'O. Prit*s fur Mileh Cow*
depend» m great «leal ii|>«ii tlie fancy of the pur.
c tin ·*♦!·.
Sheep nn<l Lamh·—»»x lof·· .1 ΛΛ, Ι ΤΛ: 1 .%n^S-1 "0
f he id |<m- from *4 to lb ; I*aiub« from Ί -'· to
: 3 75 If ho.ul.
Remark*—The supply of Cattle In market wn
: not so large a- that of "b««t Week, l»ut there were
; more nice beef Cattle nm<>ng them There ttrnt
•ever*I lot·· ofChrlntin*· Cattle—one |of of aeven
j said to be as r.iet· u lot r* tier were brought into
! market- There were other- nearly a* tft od but
not qnite so heavy. The trade for Ik*c1 Cable haa
been very l'air.
What Krerjr l*cr«»u Heed» Is »ome reme
dy f<»r habitual Coçtlvene**. "1 wotfld advise all
( those win) are troubled with Djapoptia, Confire
ne««. riles Kilioustic-s, llendache,or auy foim of
lndlge*tlon to tier !»H HARRISON'S PEUIS
TON. M D Κ χ I.lent. Governor of Mfl*«aehii«Ptt!*
! For «ale at N'o. 1 Trcmont Temple, Bo»b>n, by K.
A li.VHRISOX ί I t·., Proprietor*, and bv all
Druggist*. Mailed for TO Cent*.
The I'ntold MUerlra
that re»ult from indiscretion in «-arlT life may be
alleviated and eured. Tho*e who douM thin a-·
•ertion should purchase I>r. Have»' ntw medlr tl
work, published by the Peabody Medical Inatitute,
, IU'»tou, entitled "TIIK ΜΊΚΝΓΚ (·Κ I.IKK. or
SELF-PRESERVATION * Vitality impaired by
1 the error» of youth or a too close application to
I burine»», ma> Ik·restored, and manhood regained.
The Institute alao publithei · SKTI'AI. ΡΙΠ *Ί·
ι the best work of Uie kind extant. One or Ixith
these work* should l»e in every household The
advertisement of the I'mIhmI) Medical lustituteln
another column, will give the reader a fuller ac·
count of these excellent publication*.
Special !\olirrv
Twn»l)-Fivf Years' Prartirf
In Ihr Trentment of Dieeaee* incident to Female*,
ha* placed I»U I»< »\V at the h<*n<l of all phyMcian»
making «m h |»r irti·e a M|MK.-ialty, and enables him
to KUHrwtrf a «pe<*dy ami permanent run· In the
wor-t of ?npi*rfM*inn ηη·| all other .Vm'fru·
ai l>*ri\ngtmmt*, from tchntcrrr .·«!«»<■ All letter*
for advice n»u*t contain #l. «»rti<-e V». » Fmm·
ΓΟΤΤ - ΙΚΚΓ.Τ, Bost«»
Ν II II ».xrd furnldiel t<> th').*e dedring to n
main under treatment
Bo «ton. Jnlr/IM. 1r
The Lorraine Vegetable Cathartic 1*111 ι
The Ιη·«Ί known remedy (>>r all I» r.i-e* «if the
Blood. stotnvdi, l.iver, Kidney·: fur llendache.
Rheumatism, an I in am. oa-e* when) a ι-ΙιΙΙιαγ^
ι·· repiÎrod l'ri e by m lil, I l*o\ ,ti cU —3 boxe*
#1 K-M boxe·» |J H|.
Se|>t -l · lut 1λ) TreinatU St., Ito-tou, Mûm.
Tnrtirr'» \« iirnli;ln 1*111 t The preat reim
•Ijr for Nm uai.cia an<l all Ni.uvor* Ιη*ι\·>*
More than liw.ntirured In it ia the la-t tv\o year
Pri«*e bv mail. I |i.irku(f #1 ρ».- ka<ei < · .'T
What the U»rt*ri Nayi
Λ MO·» WCHJÏ.KÏ M I» . of Ko*eiu»ko Coiintv.
India, »uy*: "For three y ear* |ia*t 1 luive u.*ed
Xt-Li'V·» l.t'M, It \t.* *\| r\t''n«lvelv, in iui prac
Ike, ami I am «at i* tied there i.* no hetlei medicine
for ImtiT di-ca-e« iu um."
Ι"»\Λ« Λ I>«»IIAN,M 1» . Logan Countv,Ohio
-a**: "\1.I.kn'h I.i.'Ni; 1(\i>aM not only »ell«
rapidly hut give* perfect «.iti-f tetion In eve ι rn-e
viiltiiiiiu) knowledge. Having cuulldearr in it
ami knowing that it |x»«·«·-»··- valuable ιη·*Ιι *ηΙ
pr<>|)Crtfe·, 1 fWvly u«e it in my daily praetleean·!
with unbounded »·.ι ·■·«■,« an expectorant it i
uio-t certaiuijr l'ai ahead of auj preparation I have
e* er > et know ιι "
X \ I » ι \ V11 ι I! VRRIS Ml» f Mhl llebury,
Vemoot, itri: ι hsvt no donbt it will mod be·
come a rla*«Val remedial agent for the eiire of all
ditea**.»* of the Throat, llronehial Tube» and the
Hiyklan* d>> not recommend s medicine which
ha* no merit*, what Ihey »a\ about
Can he taken a· a tart. Let all afflicted te-t it at
S« >1.1» :.γ α 1.1. Medk im l>i vu:i;3.
Α ('«ιικίι, < old or Son* Throat.
Require.* immediate attention. a«
nrftlcct often π·*«1ΐ- in ail ineuralJe
Lung Disease.
Hrown'a llruiithlal Troche·,
will mod Invariably (five in «tant re
lief Κ"Γ ΙΙΚΟΝΟΠΙΤΙ*. \ * ΠΙ M \, C ATA It It II. ('··>.
M Mt-rivr. and THROAT I>l*Ev*l«. they have a
1 *oothlng effert
•ilNCfUS and PCBL1C -I'KAKKRs n*e then»
; to clear and -irenirthcn the voice.
Owing to the (Treat reputation an.l popularity ol
I the Troche-, many m-rtkU** mid cheap nt
art oftrcd, which ore good for nothing. Be *ure
to oiuain the tme
ρΐ'Βΐ-ΐιηκη ην τιικ
P<*abo<l) Tlctlirul Institut#-,
.Oppoeite the Ki'Vitï II ou m, BOâTOX.)
100,000 IΌ PIUS SOLD Tilt l'A S Τ YEAR.
VATIOX. Λ Me«llcal_,TrcatJ*e on the Cause and
Cure of EXIlAt tfTKt» ΥίΓΑΙ.ΙΤΤ, l'MKil ΑΠΊ.Κ I »K
; ΓΥ, HVPOOH«>xi»KIA. and nil other disease* hi ι si η g
' from the Ebrou*·»»' Yorrit.orthe Ι\ι»ι*« κκnos.*
| or KX('KS.tiM of mature rear*. Tills is indeed a
bonk for every man. Pri e only On·· Dollar, ao
pages, bouud in cloth. DIC. Α. II. II KS. Author.
Λ lloitk for Every IVuiiuu.
AXI) 1IKU DISEASES. or. Wum in tulatki» «»k
PiirsnttootCAM.T α ν ι » PATHOf.ofjtCAt.l. Y, from
j I s fancy t«> < » ι. ι» A«,k, with elegaut Illlsiua
These ar»·, beyoud all comparison, the most ex
traordiuary works on Physiology ever published
There is nothing whatever that the Marhiki» or
StNtiLK of Kitiikk Sk\ can either require or wish
i to know, hut what it fully explained, and many
matter» of the moot important aud iutcrestlug char
act· r arc introduced, to which no atlwtion even, can
he found in any other work· in our language. All
the Xkw DihcoVKKIK.h of the Author, wlw»f i x
pericmv i* of au unintcrrupU'd magnitude—such at
probably never Ufore fell to the lot of any mau—
, arc given in full. No perron should be wuhoul
th«'sc valuable b-Kiks. Thcv are utterly unlike any
! other* ever published.
Vau ablk B«k>K*.—We have received the valu
able in>«Ileal works of Or. Albert II. Haves. The*·
book* are of actual merit, and should find a place
lu ev, ry intelligent faniilv. They arc not the cheap
! or<lcr of abominabh· trash, published by irrcspou
•ible partie*. and pun bawd to uratily coarse ft Ate*
but an written by a responsible professional geu
tlciuan of etniuence, a* « s«>urce of Instruction on
vital matter*, concerning which lamentable igno
I reure exist*. The important subject* piescuted arc
. treated with delicacy, ability and <*re, and, m an
' appendix, many u*cful prescriptions for prevailing
complaint* are a Ided.—too* Hepublican,Lancatter
1 -V. II, Sep. 7. lN>y.
Ok. llAYBS Is one of the most learhed and popu
lar physician* of the «lay, and i* «-titttle«i to ih«
J gratitude of our ra«*c for them- invaluable produc
ttous It aeemj to be hi* aim io iuduoe men and
j women to avoid the eauneof thoeediseaae· to which
th«y are subject, and he tell* them ju*t how and
when to do it.— Farmington Chronicle, Farminyton
; Me., Sep. 2,
The**· are truly scientific and popular works hj
■ I>r. liuycs, one of the most learned ami popular
f phy sician* of the day.— The Medical and Surgical
, Journal, July, I
Price of SCI EX CE OK I.IKE, $1 00. PHYSIOL
In Turk«-y morocco, full gilt, #5 00. 1'ostage paid.
Either book sent by mail on receipt of price.
Address "THE Ρ Κ ABO H Γ Mt.DlCAL Ixhtitutk, *
or Dr. ΠΑΥΕ?, Xo. 4 Rulfinch street, Boston.
X. H.—Dr. II. may bo donsulted in strictest con
fldeuoeon all disease· requiring skill, socreey and
experience. lNVIOLAM.K Skcbecy ΑΧ η CERTAIN
Kelibk. nov I·.»
We would riMjx'ctlully call the attention of the
Farmer* of Oxford County, generally, eapeolally
tho?e living in the town of Bethel and vicinity, U»
the fact, that « e have every reason to euppoae that
one of «tir Agent*, if not more, ha* yonf bnrk on
tu, and refused to liny dried Pumpkin on our
account, (according to arrangement*;} they having
been Influenced by an evil di«po»ed person, known
to η», ι cpre*entlng that we were not responsible
parties. We would nay to tho»«, if any. having
any dried Pumpkin on hnndthat tiiey were unable
to dispose of, if they will send us their address.we
will call on them personally and buy of them what
they hare, and assume the ex|>en*es of writing
South Waterford, Dec. lltli W?J.
no it y.
in Norway, ΓΚ»γ ?tli, to the wif»» of Mr Cyril s s
Tucker, « daughter. Also, Oct. 4th, to the wife of
Amos Hall, a son : Tth, to the «il·· of Joseph F.
derrick, a daughter; to the wile of Law»on Pin
gree, a daug!it»r.
In ^ton« bun, Nov. 7th. to the wifts of A «It ley
Allen, a daughter.
m until·:».
In Pari-. I»ec 11th. by Rev. A IfiM. Mr. Han
nibal II. Houghton and Mi»a Laura A Willi?, both
of Paris.
in BuekHeid, l»e« Ifth. I»v Noah Prior*·, Κ·ο ,
(•eorge Κ Hammond, of Paris, and Kinnia !..
Benrott 01 cnid Huckiield
At l.h trnori· Falls, Dee. 7th, by Ruv. (f. Allen,
A. Kit/my Chase, formerly of Paris, and Mi**
Louise F. Allen, daughter of the «·(tl·-ialiι»κ jier·
In Mexico, Dec .Mh, at the redduuv of the
bride's father, by Κ <». Harl«»w, Knq., 0«ar F
Trask, .mm I .lane Κ Kdinunds, lioth of M
In l.ynu. Man· . Nov.siUb. li\ U.\. S Β Sweet
sir, Mr Da ν ill Walker and Miss Morn P. Knee
land, both οι I.
In B< thel. Dec 7th, of consumption. William Κ ,
«on of James and "sally l.apham. aged 19 years
.! mouths ιιιυΐ -'· days.
In Sinniier, Dep. nth, wife of ( apt JatnïM Jor
dan, Mgrsi about ."·! yearn.
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A Good Time Coming.
Λ jr·»"! I i tu** is conn η jr. it will hood alon^,
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U t* »lt:i 11 hi'ilii'Jtc III·' 'Jitli 'lay.
Ye·, on l>·'■ miwrJIth, In
You that ι «ι»«· · η it vr. η yonrM-lrr* well,—
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ΛιιΊ ju-t Tlire·· l»ollar* j»a> the loll.
Your 1»·Ηΐη* w .11 Im* < an»<! f«p,- «lotit any one Γr**t.
Itut iri't μΙ·*ι·κ ·'"·* ·''»· i* '· "ii ran
Γ<· !ι^\«· tune t » ilv hi ! f*»i m oil at -ix.
Your <·ηρ|Η·Γ you <·λιι have il» nit trn
Our my per will eon-i-t »>f μ«\ιΙ·. ,·»♦·«- ιιι·| rak··».
Oy-tiT* in tliMulaiice Wi ti|>|»K.—
All J 'Mi ll li.it · I · Ί ' ι « ΐ||μ ι ix'lit in liio κΙ« Λ'.
And i·.ii Ii ««tu· l>i'C|i _\·· ir own t me l»\ lit·· i>M
. iiuiliiti tunc of "lioot ll>>g or 1 )«o ''
V > mat! r if th·· '·■: liio* Ma-t ·'? ι h i ■« Mvtie re
jtioti «lor » pieree lhn«ti^îi our ι·|υιΙι««, nul rati m*
«»ur (Vain··- !■> » hi ver. -\*ii it of thai.—we nut»! tr*
.ι ii· I pi. Wr «· ν J »··*-1 to tin· I tli·' cimffM Jrcp, ami
Hi·' nimt· «harp ami ooM, thi' way roimh. but wr
tnth'lpate a κ'""Ί time when we >r<'t tlu*ro, an<I In
λ IittI·· wliil·· tin· v\i»o«urc t·» ifu· weather, t>>ιγ·-(ti
ci witli the rule to \ewrj, will I··' »uuii ioi tfottfu
m the MxMil innumenU o| λ ΙιεικιΆΠον It %i.l.
< t. \KK
\ewrj De- llth. IH*>
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Hartford, ( onn.
A. III. PEA BLES, .π. Dm
Omci nnd Residence. tlrst dooren-dof A. O.
Xoye.»' Drug Store. «ira «lec H
Copartnership Dissolution.
r|^MK partnership heretofore exi-ting under the
X linn naiue o| Γ«>ι.κ Λ Ikish i» thin day «lis
iolved by mutual consent. Ail debt- due from
the llrm are to t»e a<*.*uraed aud paid by the ».ii 1
Cole, and all debt» «lue to said firm are to be paid
to him. S.iid Cide Im nlcn anthoriifd to u-e tho
firm name in settlement of the affair* of .«aid Ann.
Bucktlel.1, Dee. 13,1*K>.
All )>eri»ou8 indebted to said firm are rcpectiul*
Iv requested to call an»l settlo.
Dissolution of Copartnrrsliip.
Ί^ΗΚ llrm of .1. il. CLIAMiN Λ Co. will be die·
. solved bv mutual consent Jau 1st, 1.S70. All
pereons having unsettled account- with us, are
requested t>> make a settlement before that date.
.1 II. til.E \SON,
Mexico, Dec. 7, 1805).
The burines- will l>e continued at the old stand
by 2\v C. T. OLEASON.
1"MIIS is to forbid all person» harboriua or U«*t·
. in* ray wife, Maht ε Davis, on nay account,
she having left my be»i and board without any
provocation. " MOSES P. DAVIS.
Hiram, Dec. 13,1869. · ·
All kind* of JOB PKI.MI\U done n|
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Deo. 17, I#».
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Harper's Magazine.
HaKI'KV.'* M tOAZIXR. apart from the ilbtrtra
/toti* «w/eiM|/n-»t Aft* (·' one hundred per cent
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full* III page* "f re-iding-matler, appropriately
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Guide t<> American Literature, I.onJou
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Polyglot Family Bible.
Work contain- Hit· Ol.n *si· Nt « Tks
1 ΤΛΜΚΜ'. an<l nearly oue Hun in .I i'h i*
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tirucrnl ( km ■
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cyclopedia. containing ο» rr οι»·· butidrt I tlue
Scripture lllii-tratioin, accurately -how ik' \u
cicut Manuci» mid · ιι-ΐ·«ιη-, Anli<iu:i;··-. Ι'ιΙΊ ni
Sceoerv. Natural 1Ιί-ι··;> λ·· . Hi lorj of Reli·
triou·* Denomination* ttnourii-.tit tiie World; llar·
iiionv of (he < - ; lltbl Concordance and Ηι
ble Annly-i-; Table ·>·' Scciptu β W'el^tU lOd
MraMIIV ; < ·> t, o! the It! V '!; I.I f Jtlii!«* - ol
ι each roi η ; a De-ciiptioii "I .I1 ··.·, Γ.ιΙοΜΙΐιι: αιΐιΙ
Ίι·· Holy Land; Origin οΓ Ν. ν-; I::·: . liant
Kvmiti* in l'iofane 11 i -t.·ι \ duri. Life of
tini-t; Chr« :· ! »»* llie^av. mii'·
and Title* given I·· .lestie and the Η ·*· il f ■ Ta·
lilt·.·· ο! Ili uii u Time» and Kr-ti\ ai*. . Ill·
<·»*■« and (Όι ϋ ti*·ΐι- of Men. ·ιη 1 othe. . '·
table* and treatise?·, «lc->i>ru···I I > iir··ιιι«·Ιο ι.·.·1 .a·
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Πιι- woik will be found I » be an indi>pcn«il'lc
' aid t«> student · of the Hiidc and abb.ith >«·|ι··οΙ
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ι eewirv.
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r. 1$. MAXIM.
FllU| M·-» Dec. 1H0BI
Counsellor $· Allot ney ut Law,
as υ
Λυ..:ΐΟΙ l-'J fuu^rrn Ktrrrf,
Patent Ojjlrc Fern.
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! On issuing each original putent, ·,> «>
1 On til'nir a disclaimer, 1« <«»
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t>n every additional patent granted nn rei»»ue, to on
; On everv appli' Mliou for an extension. «*·»
ί On the grant of every extension, ^ W
re-All mu«t be paid in a.lvan··*'
The applicant for a patent must furuieh dnpli·
cate tirait in>;», and a model w here the nature of
ι the invention admits of them.
! All kind» of Drawing" and models furnished if
! required. oel 22
Custom Coat Makers
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South Paris, Dec. 10, 18Ί9.
Γ. S The above named good* «'an be found at
ι A- "»ill'RTLEt'F,8, in connection with a full line of
I IfOOUOtt, 4\V
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8. RICHARDS. JR., 80. Paris.
rVow Ορ«ϋΙ·κ Larfr Cawi of
S ΤΑ PI, Κ *A SI) PI y Ε
l'a ικ* ν Goods k Tors.
• ·
.1tuaient In»trument*p Jewelry,
Itotferw' Plated Ware,
an<l other .irli'-le* tin» nnmeron» to mention.
Jmrlrj" Nrla, tie, flOr, 7.V . ntxi $J.
Chain, Plu hikcl Cro·» for MK.
l»ee. K>, Sir
Tailor &. Clothier
Offer* bi» ►enlce» to tin: publn' at the ιη·>*1 rea»·
oiinM· |iriee« Tailoring, in .ill It* different
branche», proni|>tl> Attend·*·! h» All work
warranlrd In «I»·· ••lUfaetion, !»«>th In
*1) le Mild »vorkiiiuu«klp
4Uttiiiu «loue Willi Special Care.
I'.trtirulnr iittention *>ren to the cutting ,ιηΊ
m.-tkintcof l.a«lie«' I α pea, hneque» »v 4 loak*.
Μ Λ l»K TO Π|{|>ΚΗ \Νη, mdv instruction given
.!■> (ο ma k ι ι>κ tin' name.
If Marhlnc Mttiliiiiii «1 ni! kind* iloot to
order Room·
«vrr I. Mmrtli'ft *s. Nloro,
Nov. 9t, IMu. 4m <*Ol"TI* I'ARI®
Iron and Steel.
II WINi; 1x1 re ha M** I th.· ·-!.» L <»i Mr .1 r
1 HI((M)K4. «nil U-.i-f.l hi- v..re. «ill in··»··
th :r-i'H-k f;.»in No- !* 11 MouU mi Mnvl, l >
the new -t ire.
Γ2Λ :i>1 tl Γ27 Commercial Klreei,
and oernpy tb<· «ante on anil aftrr November l»t
whore the
Iron. Meel anil Carnage Hard
war·· Kuiiii<-v·.
will be continue·! in ail it·* branche·.
Kortlnml, Ν .. I, W>'J.
Tiu' in.-«en her navinjc di»i>o»i·»! of hi- oniire
-Ux'k of Iron, ηι<·1 liu»inf«« itcnrrallr tu Κ.
COIIKV Λ « ο., would re· oniiueiid .ill o. lut cue·
tittuer* *'»d pa'ion* to them.
J. < :it«h»K-ί.
Nov 1. Ifftt. .-in
Meriiii, Prince & Cj.,
Gloves, Hosiery, Corsets,
Τ It I M ν I > a s,
^ 111:111 Ware*·.
Vtinker Motion*. Αγ.,
«»ϋ<·Γ to tli· trade <»iu· >( thi· l.irjn·*! ami Ι>··»Ι M·
lertit! »1··<Λ · Γ
l"o be found In \cn hnxliiid, u l».« li « ill Ι»·· .«*·1
ut il! tm ·-.if l it· / "· ' l/i' <·«.
t)ti ·»Τ'/'·Γ< ht/ *U.it trill Γι -.t fjritMf· „* ntUfH.
MERRill, FRlretiE & CO.,
I Hi Middle St , | L no k Little,
ΙΌΙΜΊΛΜ), mi:.
S-'j't I > ·1πι
What is the News ?
j. 11. γ«κι·ι:\ϊγιι.
Apothecary and D *u g gist,
MHtuu, mum:,
lia» ju't df I u;i Ν · Λ. lUTIliu iV* IlL«»< κ
nml p»t 11· tli·'
Neatest Assortment of Gcods,
to In· fuiimt In nn> "tori· of the kind in t*rt? County.
If you .in· iu want of an;
tlii-re i· wh«*r»· v.m will flu.I tin· piiro articl»·.
If χ oil Ιι;«ν«· it μ'Ιοί* ΓΛI nTS « »!!-.··. V ll!Msll
f i.i iti:n \tim; ι.\ι:!» μί.κμ ..«.im \t
h ι κ > I « >II.S. In* li.*·- m»t tli·· it.ni.· voit :iro looking
: ; . 0. it α ι» Miimwtuii* »;i ti.i·
το ι lut lim:
\011 u Uli, you cannot in nt.0.1 an\tli;u^' ia that
«{•'li.irtment which he ha.·» not p«t
lie tl-o k· · |>« th·' I'l Kt » 1 M'l« I » ami I ! ο on
ι m, K\THA< I» ni Ihe uoiid, miii lie >1.1.1 >
« 111. \ I1 for Γ \-II
l.iiiniib·!*, ,\o. Λ, Hatha way"·■ BlorU.
« K't. I. I-ΜΗ.
Wholesale* hi.tail. it
Maniif.trliired of th·· ·>··-! of Oak tanned St>vk.
lud w auk \nti:l>
i'· at any other jduee m Oxford t owity, or euy
t«ij.'iini!< Count·.—tli.it !■>. ol tin.· •tiaejrrad·
ti '/m iJt.»*> to Λ li'i.m.
Wolf & Fancy Robes,
Trunks, Blankets,
WHIP*, Αγ., Av.
Trimming «ml lieμηΙΗιις, nf nil kiud.
fall a·· I examine in; work, for I can unit, both
ii ι ' *, 11. Jltj of meteruUi wvruuiuhlp iad prie·.
J. ». WILI.IAns.
Son*.h l'tri·, April .»·). L->'.·
Pay Up!
Tli·· mi' «Tiber, havir., ni:nle η rh.nif ir hi»
Ihimik'' , bei« >v hotitto* fit indeMeil to hits, by
noiv or iii'i uunt, Ih. I I tun ι f tnimt be fit: : I ■ of
thef.imc <>n or bt>: < pthe l-i<'iiv ofJanuar t· \t.
All debt KMiniHK <ft< Uuii Law, will
bo left wnhan A rorn» ν ! ν firm. in ••oil. tion.
Norwav. Nov 1'·. 1^ ''
100 Bbls. Flour,
Juct Jet ived dlivcl iroiu tbc West, tor aale at
Bronchitis or Throat Diifaec.
Br ( onvlurrd by Pouli Ive Proof and
Tent It }-uur,rlf,
Zanesville, Ohio. Feb. », lfr<0.
Meurt J. X. Hauki.* λ Co . *
Geitft -mrn ι
i have been afflicted
for ten or twelve year* w it h Hrom hitie iu ils wor»t
form, ninl have trieil everything that ! could bay
reeoiniin'iidcd, but with little or no relief, until I
u*eil your ALl.fc>'e Ll no It ai.·· im. which K«ve
relief in a sborttioie. 1 believe it it Uic bent pre
natation extant, for all di-ea*e& ol the threat and
lunjrr, and I feel it in ν uiity u> -aν tliin uiurh fur
my uwu ca»e, ««> that utber» inav try it and get re
We know Mr. Kreinau well, and hie statement
above is correct.
W. A. fîRA It A M A 00.,
Whokiale uud Kaail l*ruggi*t«,
Nov. 19. 4W Zkutiville.

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