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H'itUrr Curt of Poultry.
Many parsom. complain that limy μ··
no egg* from /A**ir fowls in the winter
Mem disappoûiu-d. and "w»»o«ln· «h.i
the matter i>." Tit» hue in a largi
number ot eases, even among faroiir
who look to profits of the poultry as ai
item ol considerable account. Ever
year, sot>n after two or three week·» ο
cold wwuher have transpired, e£jP* an
eearee. ami m»U readily at twice the priei
they brought in Septeui'iT an J (X'tober
I'recisely the same low U that laid one»
liberally, have ceased entire»!) , or tliei
product of 's exceedingly in<«derate
Why is this*the got*I housewife frequent
1\ i»ks wImu tht· ejçjj basket m the More
room i* empty, ami none eau be purchase*
οι U>r -wej in the neighborhood. As :
consdafion to the anxious htmsekec|>er
wh>»se pians are throwu completely ou
of joint, the ç«hh1 iuan of the house iu
forms her that "hens canm«t al%va\ ν lay,
—Jiey mu>t have time U» rest, and by
aud-by th- y wiu eoinuieucc again." AI
this may In· trm . !>ut lu· has not given tin
rea on why the hens do n<*t lay, e\en i
it is «.•«•Id weather.
When fow Is havt their libert*, th· > art
not contented with remaining quietly it
a limited space. Hit· ν Un e to roam con
sitKr.ibly: vjuife as t.a as tii* \ deem il
>1 ·) ; ν »î ._^χ. f«.\i > ;ttid h iw k -
are about. ΓΙν \ :n. not i Uer> in tiw ii
rambled, !»ul :^<klui>i)o|v -earch foi th·
mat* rials w hi h η··: ·»ηΙν ti>>urt«h t! ··
l'"d\, but Ui.i h £0 t «build tip the
lit worms, «j! i·"·1 ··!·{»« ! -, Λ . thev lii ;
tht i', in t!i«'\ ji· «··I. which goe*
tirst t·» >u-ta!:i I he > <·Ί\. aud in part. p« r
'•s. t«> ûnke the 1 ht èt tht V U< ed
:;.a\el. <>id ·»ΐι >. i:: ι -i;e3',s.
ohl mrlo. e >«"n· thii ^ « Ne. au I ;t
little sulphur, ill ·>Γ wHi· h :!ι> >1 i.i
th· ii rambiev Γ :ι· \ nr. it punitive. pr\
in i. jnH'pîe. often geiti»·; where are
n«»i λant* !. bulianU urn-re th· \ do not
îii. I <i»n»e. agreeable t·· tle-nis h -»».
Wlli'li 1 ·♦ »el"t \ . :4!^ ». the\ >1. t tlletU*
selves a< t«> h**at amic»id Ilth· wcn*h««r
i·* · mi and e.» tin \ e! «s > r l>»_r th .*
under the \. ,· side >*( l.'i·· 1* . >!rv./, leiiet.
« is :··>, :;;ι·| ba'he ί!ι« !*.»· » - ill th··
>.i - h"t la; ν (ii. it ih' A. ;»thei i-ht t.
th· \ vi th»· si rule, where they dr> ;»
t!i« a* wiui:··, s,» that their heated I m «dies
are «iN>led i- fni>h bree/· » if « » b\ th« m
Ail thi> :■· »* hat we ^ boo hi «!«> t· »r then»
- >r ^i\« th· m the »p|H»ilunit\ t>· ·!«· ! >r
theuis.*h es in e »l»l \\ .111»\·r. Vthi!«· iu
>ta'e »feoiifiuenient.
Ι·. Iht· liiM place. f ίγ;//'.ι i>.
I · » ,it Without thi*. ." îI. ·» »:·«·
that can be u<edinteedi::χ. u.d m - .
i::^ a : «>' l·»»»»! will !h* in xain.
I t \ f !... -t-i'i'/i U'liriithis i<
> j»j> ίβι!. ι h \ η»..«ι 1 ive M.nnlliin^ «>1
tin· ni , ο! Ι'κχΙ winch th» \ find a!
. ι-» Λ ii.inl η > 1 >u?i ■:
ιν :n ri their l·· um·. tin 'he? »*»!». or
» , ι\» : .il!*! . iviiijjj >. m j>!
5: j> t > i>«1 I »·>* to k« · ρ ι on «tant"v l-e
f them. <·<'·'», hat ry, oats, a l>o\ <»t
- .!. |ioiimli d o_\ -t» r or ohm -h< '!». old
«•r ·*«»·»»·. !!»in^ t! it tl.· ι jj«·· oith.it
κ :· ι.» when λ[ larje, w i.ich tiieV r« «in·.
Λ ·'· μ !ι -» η II e t' all tl: · · η ·- t' t
< ti 1 tr*'U» 'ί. · kitch«*n »>t t iMi . ·»ί
« '_'"î or ten i> ν during t .«· \« .
ί » lu iu i » ι ι ui «·;. ♦ ' » ·
■»; 'ί ·· ~χι t !»♦· ! .. n!i ·ιι>»·, aud / » Λ I : ι·*
1 - in! tinej > uj >·ι it. I iey nil'
- wgH: νith »»»·■· ·■ tgi tentbftoο
i " i ii rn »: niii;*. in «>·! I w *· ithf . iTM <·
t' ♦♦«;· Μ η ι-1ι ι if ' I · Hi· i .
Ip"\ι··ι li with *»·mi»· fatty matter.
l*i* « : ι r.iKt· .·? pr. >»ts| j >:k - ν l·»· !
s r:'|»> if'm t'·.;· hnîfhrr. h i:i«f l»»d«»re
th>*in. will fiiri Mi « is.·* animal t·**! tl:ey
ht · d :f «t» ιΊ < ■ · y : :u.» il ·. C· ix"
h * :> · ^ u I 'i tîialk»· j »tîi η - t tlnir
«H t.
i > ·''-·· ·♦! vigvt .I»'·» matter, >u.-h
a-i · : ni: · Ims·!-. »r mtlijx··'»?- · » t ik 1
j . .,· . ,,f whi<»h il:·'» « *t · -%tm
: ι Fifteen t·» iw« ·» ).· : twookiglMl
1 ν f tu ·»»' thr «-il· · μ ι·:ιΙ·Ι /••-ti'viML
a ' '.*«·: if thev cnu' I j»t t th* m.
Λί.<·ΐΙ *r ·· mii-t I-e r»!»< rv«*«l. t i » t
th > \π· ti'-r i . π» \i. ni if. Ν · u
V . r .V«■!: OMrtlcUW h»-a!t!> V. it* th···» !
a t* » *. 1111 u ■ yjireM'tl ιι|*»ιι'λ t » t* -«
a-it *.
Prev'-nti' i' ν 1 r« «'il·* ir.· 1 ·!ι > i-\.
S··; n}vtl..ti> mlii ,.s> t'· Γ»r-· Γ» ι\
: ' m· are tt«»t «»rit:r**!\ ι lk li .· .·'<·! \ »·
j· : t ike th·'I >m 1 iront th» r» -.tin
ι ; · \*·ηΐΐ:ΐΓ, a» 1 r ii» a lit! If iin-!tf«l ι »· .1.
ν Ai ·«*?«■■! «>f η \ ki:: i. About t is· t·»!» 1
l ie :i'':vK Minier th·· vvin^. :m«! t i:
ι ■ ■ ·lt · 1 ·»«lv . ι >♦*' « ··. ·μ·. ·.·<. !>»»;! -
υ m« .« π ..h. 1 .»· i w il! j»i .„! ·»\ · ·
t..· -urtae»·. j;*·! uy«<i! ti.·· \»ιι . ;t.·
l»r th:· j holes will!* -t«>nj»v«l. and ti»»·ν
w ill die.
An ol»vr» ance of th»'^«· »ίηψΝ· ru!···»
will I»»!- h»-»iin*. an»l *'na>»lo liiem
to jnodueo ad< ut 1 · · tor eai'h hen
in the course «»f'a v»*ar.
\N hen we siv that to\vl% mu>t l»t· k«-|»t
ιrirfi we do not expect that dl |Η··-·η
av i I ! tîn» I it convenient t» hait» λ r»».»m
nh. i'· vat. r would «ut ficez» .—· ut that
r *'■ ».ι!»1 ·· t'.^»h'thai w ind will not ent'T,
: :,ι >o >u[>pli<'d ivilii a> to admit
t . -»·»·ι'» rai - dui it._r a large ρ rtion i.f
t!. day. Λ το m !a'h d an ι j> »»i?. r»'d
wom!»I-h»· narthe «>»-t in an ii:ert-a»ed
product of eg«r*.
Hnrtl Times for Farmers,
Λ taimer, I say, m vU* j>îu> k. ι tj<"al
i·. wry desirable, but pluck is wiitli m··;»·
tο t:»rmcr ?!> in capital. Λ i'.·· rap:u»l
an«l i deal of pluck is vv :it i want
ed. "Time?.re hard," bnt what i»t tluti '
P*h»j»!o must eat and it Ν o«»r busiru^t»»
raise looj. We do ii »t r «is©any t«»«» iii'K m.
It i- not pleasant t<> tinJth.it wh;it wo »'x
)*cum! to get for, will brin:; only
# 1 .··*>. But ail business i* subject to Mich
ductujitiu.ui, n ul we are, on th*· whole,
η » «vjrse off than other people. Ϊ wa
at the West (»nce when corn was worth
only teu cents a bushel: ami many of the
wild-cat bank-bills in circulation were
rot worth over uf>y cent* on th** dollar.
Tiie bottom seemed to have dr »pped out
of everything. Ï expectcd to see the
t.muer* tbot ought j oMieatieued. Not ι
ι a of it. lbey kept ri<;ht on."working
harder ami faster, it'possible, than before
In le» than two year* inn 11 that time
« "i n. in th· same plaee, wm worth $1.1'
t perho«hel, and the farmers who won
. ahead t their r want It will l>e tin
' «une again. there will lie a shaip reac
ti«»n in prices, and 1 should not lie sur
; . I if it ounes l>«tor«· another harvest
ι] Mutal MV rate all the food we can rais<
ι w :!! !κ· M ·>! >t n> will l«
ι money thi» j .r. We have paid too higl
', wago, but if wise, we can correct thi
mistake next year.
In the meantime let us take j."»h1 car
' of our stœk. Instead of forcing graii
uj> ·μ .m over supplied market, let uh
to >1 it <uit. We shall gel our tnone;
hack with int«'ri"»t. Hay is selling >'
Ιί«κ·1ι···»ι»'Γ, Χ. V., at to $10 per ton
I Clov er hay is worth that for manure
» 1 )«» not sell a pound. Feed it out and le
our field» have ι dreeing·»!'£o«»d mauun
next spring. "It is all v«-ry well to tall
in tlii> way," you >av. "but what are w<
t«» *!·> tor niouev ?" That is a very ugh
question It i> what I have linked my sel
' m any times during the last month, am
' · tin· only answer I can get or give i'
"pluek." There is light ahead, (»·κχ
! h mini: vvi!l pav as w *·i 1 in thi- eountn
ι- ii my Ίlit·ι —and 1 think better. I.t ι
- Ii.IV·· t iithand keo|·working. — J. liar
>*. t A'u> ri >>i Agriculturist.
/>·»<»/.· Farming.
Γιι·ιγ » » ι t'.tihut ι»lut» who h<\«*itntct
î :·· !. . ; ill uns m : invtrtivv
U· «k tannin·;, an»! thos»· who con
Milletl books finr advice. By loue fxperi
ι ϋΐΌ a:nl ι! ο1<μίvallon, lu· 11 ni
.... ». - ■ ■·. «s! 1 !:; '-stltui· o|
ij» » ί'ΐ«! in·»'». lii"· lio !» is wort· olorui
Hit! »... an! !ii_; !\ jn «luclitr. 11
- w 'rt· ·. i^<»iou-, well :itlju>U*«l ami
la i 'miutat ion with :i frieiiil, iu* ιό
ν »-· \ρ· · î:: r»i- 黣£κ»ρ«"*;*π«Ι
Ircvs,cnl :i: int<> th« miuuto (Ictsils,
h ;:ιιη·- « ·· ·ιΐιi 11^ ·j·iii·· · '■> jin-nt w hen
11 i ι a £ hi-vi«toriis i.MT th< t arm rs
will u in!'»--t tin in.
• Μ ν kn o\ · ··_;··." It· - ii'1. "·ν■ :i< ^aiut'tl
ν «lii ' « ' *|·|· '· »ii«»ii. i>\ ι lu.ι! cx|MTi
. vi ·«· n«I hart! Iai«»r. It wa- none of
Vi'lll'i ·*ν '«igr.writll·!» Im lllt'll who
kn«»* noliiin^ alumt fanui ιι»."
"Wfll." — : » i « î hi- fiit'iul, *ifall litis ν al
is il·!·· inloriu iti<»n. «jainrtl !»v lir :i<si«!u·
oils laln»r tuul oliMfrvation ι·| -o tti mv
y Mit, ami vhlch YOU havr vi e!ntfiy
• 1. » · '.« tl, w.-rt iv itt«»n out iti<! published,
whl h w· u!«! \«mi haw a y«»unjj an«l in
• \ ;►· 11« rι ■ l m t.tki ; ai» as lu· timl
it nsHii » our [ηίι. «·· :r<> through tlu»-am··
ί · V j»r that \ou havo «jonc
ι ι jjl; « iili. ia-hitiiii^ iii t ht· \ « χ at ion s
ant! » "
Πι. .,ί» r i. ·τι pnz/lfd h i ι χι. aii'l ht· wis
vlmt l«n .» su 'innif, I.nt was nMi^« t! to
. ■ fr--. r t'î. t'i»M\· λ ι- iiui' h tli »!
w - · t i«· i: iiook-, 'ηίμιιηί 1 Γ : .ιι j
ι ι» ! .'it j tlit* i· - i!t» ai; 1 r\p«ii»n ο
•>r ι» lii .i. cultivator».
■ <•riiliri.il I >··* ft lining Y<>u
in\\ > ît ι- certain books ν#ητβ rtrolj,
! · rau-t vu'î a In ignorant iht'oivtical
bai Ί» ; 1 ut .i i- a!w iv> -j ».«<} \s h.-at «
'ν· Ί . · »*:t t ! il N > tl. τ o ai t iii.it:\
j .; ook- v«. w a> I of <»ïi* ». I ht·
•i-·! ii kv forne wii. > k ». i^l.· hint from
a ·· . *■ ρ jm r η ι\ -a\ « Miur faun or
<· 1 '*··.· α ,· ι i r h. Ι·\ ι « ΙΙμι,,γ
\ ku hou .«» ι. ι « v·».:. —, 1η»Κ·
I » κ λ « % «. 11 \ λ \m»i.h\i\ hy \minii\t
»\» - I !:«· v.v :. t\ .·[ Art-, Kn^latnl.
• ι» ^ n il .i | ij 'i ' " \ ;■ 'ira- an·! a
^ ίι| un lal to ti..· i!i-. »\ vil·! t»t a in μ!«' of
tlrvinjr Ι;.ι\ ami praiu ?>\ hor>»· ·>;· «t» am
jk>\\rr. An Kn^iisih pajK-r s«\» ot it:
·· 1 ΐ'ίι.ιΐιΪΗΐιι \ vr\ siuipl·· ami un
' > A rapidly rovul* iajj fan, «Irivfii
ν ,i .: - - l*v »t» ain |x»wer. i- alUu'ht!·!
• · ' · ■ \ : ι t-'iko lurunoi ami
'■ - · « :i iiilfi \ filing) witlnlr.iu -
w ! tii<· hfat tvliit. ii uo lîtl kî tarric·] uj> the
fliiniruy or shaft an 1 'i \Mi-tcd. ::nt! tlif
î- - ;î iîu·» ·ζ ti. n r ' <»rn sln-a\t -
t \j -i i !■· it- . (ît i>» nil :tti«i a!
. < ! oiiiiht t«» *îiv ;; «uthot' tin· !i«»t Mast
i- »1 >uv. 11 »1 ia ι i;i : ni ti ii mil au > into
·.·· ^tfvn hay ot tht· \fi > l«-t tjiiality,
:'·* !'■ r imukt il; itf - il·· tir (-«itiMimptioii.
ι i r. · »> K'Sitain- sovt nty-tiw j>t*r ivrit. of
Att-r, si\iy j . r t t iil. of tlii- i»a--t > »»tf
- -tShiw .· in^r th.· <li \ ha; with its
11 » si! fîÎttfn jnr cit. o! Watrr."
Will i ky a Aous.—·.'aptiin <*. F.
ii !. l α* Λ· :i·· · \j> ■.· . i· 1 " t m mak
- « ■ lu tie- : >i. ehanjjc
in < itu inr iti. For t · η \« ir<. -ill ■ tract
'·■_* t^·· -ρ«·η: :.t ii iiu·. In· l»a> been
; .■· « ι··«·1ι «»:' ν;.· Frank
lins ntn, and having wttled their fitte
.s i.· w iratly for fui ther work in the
Ar ίλ· iv«i«•η-, Γ··γ £couitt]»li><-al di*covct v
and thai al«»nc. From ιh«· eightieth de
gree t<» tin1 ninetieth Ν but six hundred
miles and that joum»y he proposes t«»
truke—"in-lore I die 1 will plant that fool
(-tamping hi.- left foot) on the pole. That
i» the goal *.»♦ my ambition. 1 am now
:ia limited, ami in my life with the natives
clothing m \ -ell ami eating ami drinking
a- til· » do. can bid defiance to king Cold.
1 Ii ι\ν lx en colder in < ineinnati than in
tl»·· A re tie region-, 1 ean liye on raw
>»·· it and tltiuk oil a- 1 >ng a- anybody,
ai: ! .♦·:■ i! plenty of these in that couu
try It is idle to alteu<pl to take there
with }" ι i.-ions t.» last you fur such
a:; e\eux>;on. The tuan who attempts
sti« h ι trip mu-t live with tue people and
i- tii ν live. I ι an show you notes that
1 nav .· written, ith naked hand, with a
t»-m;· rature seventy degrees below zero."
—.John <i. Saxe, at a Western hotel the
oil*. ,iv. for some minutes undertook
in v.k·. t > ir\e a piece of beef. The wit
Itid down ·; ■ and l'nk, gkuieetl around
an 7 -jH»k· : * » ; ,tlen■ -η,** said he, "that's
tu Ϊ!Μΐ»ι·»ν«·ηΐπ»ι.. ι (i.xxlyear's patent."
-"You never saw »uch a happy lot of
pe· pi·· as we had hero yesterday," said a
land ady in Indiana to a newly arrived
guest. "J\i .e were thirteen couples of
them." "What! thirtecu couples juwt
married?" "Oh, no, sir: thirteen couples
just divorced Γ
ι —Many persons arc liable to extreme
f suffering from trions on the finger, Those
. · afflictions are not only very painful, but
, ' not unfrequent occasion permanent crip·
), pling of the member affected. The foV
t lowing simple concoction is recommended
? as a sure cure for the distressing ailment :
• Take common rock salt, such as is used
for sailing do*vn pork ami beef, dry it in
. an oven, then pound it fine and mix with
î spirits of turpentine in equal parts. Put
? it on a rag and wrap it round the finger,
ι and as it gets dry put on some more, and
» in twenty four hours wo are assured the
felon will be dead.
—The lndiana|K>li< Mirror, says of one
1 of its sworn enemies : "l>uben<-|M>t-k wants
to take it out of our hide, Hide is his
best hold. He hid all the receipts of the
1 Soldier's Monumental Association."
—Australia seems possessed of the
nmgie of our West in the growth of its
cities. Melbourne, which a little over
thirty years ago was marked by a solitary
log hut, now lw>asts n| 150,000 inhabitants.
' · AM»
ι Michigan Southern
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1ι«·- ti!Ht|ti4llr«i l»> any lin»· to (ht· W p»t. It* rutile
lie- aloitf ttu· !><· ·I·*r «·ι I..·»k■* 1 ii· au<l l.ak* Mii'h
ijraii. ·* »i»ini'tn<l:iip sa i>nuilcrr.i|>te<l view of tlic»e
lui tint *·<··>- ,1 m I I' i»-e» Thr. r.:i » »uie fifth·· mo-t
lettUe n in ι h gbh citlilvMid ),··>* ι···. ~ « .< v> >rk.
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I In· :icm latlirc o| riiK'Ujch l'a«»i .ljrer C.ir·,
• ο 1 ( unit· nattoii l»ra» inir lt< i>iu Hint I'a lace .slcep
in ■ < it-, «ti «h ι it I) between HiilTiln .iti I < itiea·
•τ·· « Ihi'ut eli.mjre). of new i|e»iiru ami r«>n»trne·
tiou, |>. <-uli.tr to thi* line i- |>artioulaily a.|j»|>tci|
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Coats, Pants and Vests,
— AT —
South Parii, Nor. 4,liW.
(Formerly Atlantic Ilote»:,)
Month Pari·, X·.
Tine well know it Home h·* recentlv been rclU
ted and I· now ojH'ii for the accommodation of tin
the travelling public. â*-Pa!»*ouser· conveyed
lo aud from the Itopot free of ehanre
Α. η. * Α. A. AAIMIFAVN.
aug |i Proprietor·.
Fffierhanic Falls. · - Jlainr,
II. X, I'KAKKN, Proprietor.
The pre*ent Proprietor having
leaned t ni - flue Hotel for a tenu ol
ν ear·, wool·! re*pec|fti||y Inform
ihe public that he i* now re.idy foi
timon».* To traveller*, boarder»
or partie·. eomdderinjc the nice accommodation*
an·! moderatecharge·, we would *ay without con
traduction, thl· Hotel otand· withont a rival.
Mechanic Fall·, Jan. IS. iSfifl.
For Sale, or To Let,
THK NATE* STORE, on Pan· Hill—
favorably located lor trade .am! hnving
a convenient tenement above.
Λ I.So, the rtory and a half hoiue or
Treinont st., recently occupied by Sid
nej A Karrar—having a good Garder
For particular·, enquire of the tuborriher.
Part· Hill, April 12. 1**»
Tempi* Mrrct, - Portland, Sir.,
J Ο It S .SA IV YE 11, Proprietor.
Tlii* new Pirtt-Clas· Rniine»* Hot··! i* nowr ojM-ti
to the public. It- location t« rcntrnl and the |>ro·
privtor know·· how to mini-ter to the want· of hi*
truc«t* The room· are airy and well furnUhed ;
tiie l-iblc excellent, the servant» attentive *nd the
pri'-e* reasonable. The travelling? public will ilnd
η pleasant home at the Adam» Ilou*e.
Portland, Sept. lu, 1m»ju. :im
Farm for Sale.
their Farm, situated iti the town o( Hrrnu.,
on the fta»re road lending from Itrvant'» Poud Κ
U stutioii to Kiunford. and about four miles from
tbe depot at *aid «talion.
Said Farm contain* two hundred and forty ano»
ol' land. *i\ty or «fvrnty of which i« valuable In
tervale, and cut* from il Π y to nixty ton* of llav
The building» are in good repair, the barn Wing
new and well tlnbdied.
The abort* de*erilM»d pn»per1v will 1m* sold at a
bargain if applied for*oon. and term* of payment
made e«*y.
Koi further particular·. apph to
π rri.K λ il* >iîrs,
Providence, Ιί I , *>r to
Κ H >t κ\ KNs. «m II·.· premÎM··.
Itetlirl, I Vr i·, l.tjt,
Farm for Sale.
The subscriber l»eing desirous of leaving the
State, η ill *ell hi* Γ mm at » ltnr|(aOi, if ap
plied for mn<n
*».ud farm i* situated m the north patt of || »rt
fonl. two and one-half mile· from <'anion, and
three and one-hall mile* from the dej>ot. I: con
t atu* atniut Two Hundred Vcrc- if jpxnl land,
•u't.iblv divide·! Into tillage pa«tuie and wood -
land, with Apple and Supr Orchard»: all well
enclosed Tnc fann cuts al»out X· ton· ol go«#d
ba '·.
Îtir n«ii! linjf· ei»n«l*t of l|ou*e. 2.1 l>v .Ti. with
•lerllrnl ecllir under the w hole; Porch, Wood·
sh<*d, stable ;i»l by '!*'· and It »rn to b» H4, w. : h ι el·
lar under the *nme tiood water at thelmu'eand
Κ·>γ further particular*, Iminire of the *u!»«cTi·
ber oo Dm pnoiMM \t Γ> ϋΡΑΙΙΚΟΙΙ
11 art foi 1 .«.«-jit 1.1·*
IOI{ Sil l .
T1IK niibx'nbfr otf»»r* fur Ml· hi
re»l»lenre. loriltM at II > ant'- I*«».. I
^ III.i*c«·. M.iiit*·,· ••u-i»tlnir »ί II ut···'
ΜΟΟ·|<ι|)Τ(|, lill'l <>!»♦· «'M·· rt|
I.iml Thi luiiMing■> un» mhiikîi·»!,
η.'.it It w>w. «cil lin ι - nml con
«••nient I..mi! umler ri liljrh -lilc »f i ultn.illon
Any one w MU ins a |>|i*noaiit hou»ç \, it)· ··!»«·♦·r
fnl urn«un<liiii;>. id a nn I h't ou Tug \ iliac»·,
w ill rtn<| Ιι··τ*· (h*· very pla»'e »lei»lre<l ami it em
be ttouglil il a uurx-iiu, if applied for -ο..π
« Il \- It l.OVKJOY.
Ilr* .nut*- I'orwl, April S, I*»>Λ»
Farm for Sale.
I\ \\ ,.o.|.to k r<»iit.tiutn£ ο»«· humlml nrrr« n|
. I iml 1Λ n«*re· of *iM.i|inn>l — It rut» i.*> ton.·, of
li.4' ami ι« iimln ιτ··<··I cultivation.
Λl-··. I'nrinlni; Tool·, in·! two h· τ*·'«, <■ uc
ro« l \ »·λιImjr», oue unpin. iiml on·» «Iriifh
ΛρρΙι to ΜΟάΚϋ 8H AS.
WiKxl»t<>rk, Jtinr il, ΙίΛΐ* if
Life Insurance Comp'y
ΤΙ Κ r i»e-«* nn«l XI••^•Ιι.λιιϊ··■»* I.if»* Inninmc
I · ι , ! I tnt Ι'ι l.i'i» » on in_> of 1* <· follow
m» ('Inn- :
vhois i/:) urn /·»»/./< van. urn rs /'in
VU V IIFK J'"l II IA S, f ν DO WMA \ I
J'OUfll· s·. ft It ν I'ltl /< lb < aiut on
iscrkask r/toin »·/.%<; /-/ .i n.
ltlm«.i!-oa Μΐ'ΤΓΛΙ I'UV ι» · tiliar to it-rlf.
ami of jm*at tiuporbimc to nil who wi»h to «eeuie
|mi| . on the ino-t Γ*·.ι·»οηηΙ»Ιο term*
!.. HMU'OTT, igrnf,
nov I.» Itl MK(*KI> Ι'οΙΝΤ, Mt
s.im el it. «% it rr.it,
l'AIU> nil.I.. MK .
— IDIt —
S Κ Γ. reprt*M*nt* only flrst-i'l»*· CoiBp*nie»,
nml *» ill i»«tie l'olioie* al λ» J'a* οι alile rat»·· a· any
other \iiMit. \ppU<-.itions l»y mail for t_ irvulai ·
or tii'iiiai»»*«r, promptly an»w»-rv<l, ami «ην paît »<f
the « ount> viiiltd If requested. A pi 1
Life Assurance Society,
OK 1 UK Γ MM Kt> sr \ I ES.
No. 92 JJroudway, Now York Cit>.
Aint. AmhuwiI, . 5? 1Λ» ».i >Of ».0( >0
Ciuli ArWU. * ■·» ΐΜΐ,υι-υ
Annual I'ri-iniuni luiomr. f 6 <*11,000
I'ollcU'· Ι·»«·ιΙ, 3>».Ono
Nrw Buflnrodu'liicilii >ear » u Jinjt Srpt HO, '> *
It< 1'ullck« «rfrix*· thf I.AUtiKSPof any Am«r·
lean Company. It U»u··* all desirable Non-Korfrlt·
In# l'olici<-4 on a »ίηχΙ«· l.itr. Iroin f?50 to t oOO
All I'roflU dlrM ainoi·^' I'olicy Holder» annual·
ly from tlir start
It i« tli*· iwo»t »ui*c»n«fuI Company t-wr organirej
and. for it* tor·, tin· I.uu.h->r Mutual Hit· In>ur
mer CompaU} lu Ilit* M orltl
BENJ. COLBY, General Agt.
19 1-2 Kxchuug e St., I'oitliiitd, Me.
.1 a li. li. ly.'J
Insurance Amener !
y STA HI. IS II hi) Al (Il ST, l*«.
Twenty· Fire .Million
IF vou want Ittauraurr of any kind, < *11 upon
HOW F., ami lie will imt voii into one of th>i
following Companies, which an· the
Best in the Country!
Ami the b<*:-t i? always* the
( lieap^Nl in lli«* <*ιι<1.
Patronize Home Agents,
\ml not jret Dwindled by these wandering Jeter,
w ho represent irresponsible Companies.
statements of the be-t Companic» may lie «een
nt my Office.
iETNA, of Hartford.
HARTFORD, of Hartford
HOME, of New York.
KOGKR WILLIAMS, of Providence.
NKYV YORK LIFE, of New York.
TRAVELLERS, of Hartford.
March 5, Iî»î9,
Legislative holier.
AITI.U \T10N will lii! mailt' to (lit) Legisla
ture of M .line, for η Charter for a Railroad
from tone point upon the lino of the All mile ami
St. Lawremm Railroad to.the town of Audover,
and to Riehardeno'e Lake, with the right lo con
nect bv Cftn.il, the water* of said I.ake with Black
Brook'. HlLVAXt'8 POOR,
Kl.ltKllM.K I'tMiu,
Andover, Dee. I. is»a>.
To the Nfiutr mid II··*·· of H»prt»»uU·
Next to aaimmblc ftt Augu-ta. on the rtret Wed
ne»dnv of January, Α. I». IfTW.
f |l 11Κ undersigned, citiien· ol Mexico, in the
1 County of Oxford, State of Maine. reaped
ftilly repieeent, that it would In· greatly to their
latere»! anil advantage Hint the poition t»f Mexico
1 In w hich the* redde, being aU that part of the paid
ι town of Mexico, w hich lie* on the Went ·»»«!♦* of
SwIfX River, together with a |>art of loi No. I, in
ι the nth ι an>re of lot» in the town of Roxbury, be·
ginuinv' al ihe hank of Sw*ifl Hirer on the line be
twee η Mexico anil Koxbury, ι mining we*terl)
eighty three rod» ; thenee northerly All}-two n>d»
J to »aid river; thence *outherlv fifty four πμΙ* ami
i one lull' on nald river to the itr»»t mention· <1
bound», containing about ten acre* ami »ixtv two
r«»d». he net off from the «aid town.· of Mexico and
f to χ l»m \ an·! annexed lo the tow η of Kuinfbrd, in
•aid County : thai their property, by being annex
e·I to the town of Kumford, would 1>e greatly en
1 hanced in ralne; that llie river which ftepanite»
litem froiu the other portion of the town of Mexi
co. i« not «panned t»y any bridge, and at tin»··»
during (he year that they are wind!} unable to
cm»* «aid river; that their interest* more natur
ally lie with the town of Knmfoiii; that they
would In· Writer accommodated for Town Meet
in#··, ami nil other bu*inoM transaction* relating
to town affair*; that a |HiMlnn ot Itumford now
* lie» on Ihe en-t nide of Swift Itirer, which natnr·
allv ought to lie annexed to the town of Mexico,
and that the Sw ift Itiver ought to be made Ihe di
j vlditiji line between the town* of Itumford ami
ι Mexico; tliev therefore pra) that the Mid senate
; and Ifouee of Repre*entative* may take thi« mat·
I ter Into consMtentlon, awl make he wtof a*
; herein nvt forth, and make the swilt Itiver the di
viding line Iteiwcen the two afoie»atd town», and
a» In duty bouudwill everpra>
I' M. KD.MCNIïS, an·) other»
Dec. I, I*a».
To the Nrnate und t(«»··««- «if Itrprr*enta
Next to a«<*cnib|e at Vujiu»fa on the fli>t U ixlm·—
• lay of January, A Ο I-To
'J1 IIΚ undersigned, citizen» of the tow η of Rox
1 bur), re»pe«-tftally represent that it would U·
trreatlv to their int<»re-i that the portion of itoxhn
ry which lie» on the we-t aide of Swift River, and
including the two |o|« Irx the foiiith iCantre, four
lot» in the finh Range, an·! that part of the rijrhfh
ltaii|r>> extending to the line between Koxhury an.I
II)ron, be »e( off f'r· m the »aid Ma ol Itoxbiiry
ami annexed to the town of Andover; that the
principal part of their bu»ine»« i«. and for a lone
*erie« of tear» ha* been, naturally done in \ado
i ver; lhat \ndorer ι· the natural and mo*t central
I point for all their bnainc··· relation»; Kiev there·
1 fore prn· that they ma)· he *et ο (Τ from tbc "aid
tow η of Koxhury, and annexed to iIm· said town
of Audover, ami a* in dut\ bound ««ill ever pra ν
Alt \l> Κ \KWKI.L,
«> κ T.v vi.uk.
f»elreimrii, and other».
To Ihr lloiiornblr Nrlialr hiiiI Honor of
Itrprr «eut alive·,
to a«*cinhle at Vugurta on the «ixlh da ν of Janu
arv, \ 1» Kv
Il r I Ihe iind·migneil petitioner·, inhabitant»
ft of the town of Rvtwu. re«|Ue»t \oiir honora
ble bod) to «et "ff «mI annex to the town of An
dover all that part of llvron Ixin#r soiilliwe»t of
the mountain, c\ tnmencinif on the dividonline
Ιη·1 we»»n Rnmre < iiht nu l nine, and follow inu that
line thr >ueh the town, a- till* part <>t It % ron ι» in
rinded in \nd<>vcr vaticy, and tne inhabitant·· < >ιι·
not po»«Ib|x Ik· convened an·, where el»e, hav Ιηχ
to ifo llieie to tranaai't the inoat of then hu«ine*«.
ami their mail · oniing there, ,ύΐ for w!m:h we will
ever pray.
JO»EI'll <; UKKIi,
y. M TlloMA>,
Stdeet nei of Ft\ rou. and other·.
I - — 1
<\>iiiuiissionfr\ Police.
Flic iiinler»iirne«l hcrebv tri\· nolice (tint (ti·*ν
lia χ ' Im i'I) a|<p iut«''l liv tuf Η »uo;abIe JmU't1 vl
rp'hate f'»i · » χ t>·ι I » »ur.t), · 'oinini»iionrr- of In·
-· · I » ·»«>· «·» t «-t.»i«· ··! .|··Ι·ιι Ι(η·Μΐι, late ·Ί
• lift η W ■••Ni. It Λ If | » lîlit Χ , ill't ΓλΗΐΙ. RB'I that
th·.·* xvitl receive nii'l ··*anun« claim* *iuiin*t ».ι:ι|
< t.·.!'· .»· ι; \ κ·;··'» «Mtti··· In Bet bel, in mi kl
<ounty of Oxfonl, ou Siiurda , (lit* tui'iitx rt:lii
ι la χ >>t ΐΝ·Μ·ηι·»τ, 1*1». hih| mi ««limlny, the lit·
(•'•'ittl> «lax i»l January, 1K7<·. at t»o o'clock in lit·'
afternoon "ii ra<*li υ| ·»,ιί<1 «I r -
Μιi>K* 'Γ < IJi)>·*.
ΛΙΛ VN It (,»»|»H IN
Nov .toth. i-·.·.«
\o(i«*«* t«» ( rnlitor>.
\Ir I '»ι>>· bem appointed Co—ImIiim■ b]
If lite lo<lif>· ..Γ I'lolmtc I·» récrive ami c\*ui
In·· tin- ι Ίηιιιι· of the crv«litor« of Franklin Me
Kren. lute of m>>\» In the I'diiiiIt of Oxford, <!«·
era«e«|. *bo«r c«tiitf i* rr|tn''eiiU'il inro|xint;
hi· brit;l·; giw nolo ·· that ι»ιχ month*. · .>mmrnr·
. · inlrd TMfdti of XovtMlMf, Λ Π ML
hate Invii nllnwttl to <l|i|rri'<lltor· lubHnc in* ml
prove thHr rhiiui*. ainl *r Mill ntt· n«l the «lut)
Miliawl m ut tbt oûcf of A II Walker· la I ·»
» HI, on ill·· la*t ·>·ιΙιμ Ί i\-of I >· ·ί*ιιιΙ>ογ nn<l April
n<*\t. Γι··»» one to ti\ »< ι>'ι·|>«·1 |* M
-κ in w \kkki:.
t.ovell. Χ·.\ '.V>, Ικί». < omniU'r*
In thr Town of Μ·«οιι, lonnly of Οι·
fnrtl, Mf„ for thr jrrar Α. I». Ih«*.
T!m· following |»«t of tax···» on rr.il estate of non·
Γ··«·Ι·Ι«ίι1 oh lier·, hi tin Town if Μ.ι*·»η, fur tins
\. <i ΙΜβ, ο ·oil ♦ < oniniitt···! t.· El i.iΙι Κ M ■· 11 · 11,
('.•|[«»«-tor of t.ix··* for »ai<l Τ·>κη, ·>ιι tl»·· ITtli ·!.-»«■
of >ei»t ι * \Ιιχο|η··ίι rrliu η«··Ι t·· n»·· a* · · main mi;
ιι ιι |· ·. i*t I'll f Ii·· 1-tli « 1 :ι χ "f \nir . I»>".'· hv hi* certifi
cate of tli.it ilit·', iiikI iioh remain ηιψαι·!. »ιι·1
notice i* herehi jrivcn that if ·ι|ιΙ tiif*Anil in
t··!·· I. ami chniife*, art· in>t |·ηί·Ι into the Trra«urj
of n i 11·*» η m itliin ••itfhtern niontb·1 lro»i tin ·1ηΐ«
of the « "iniiiitinent of «aii| l>i|I*, »<· much of thr
real r»Ut·' ··· tiveil will he · 11 fli « ient to |i»y tbi*
amount «lu·· tlirrrfor, im lmlintf »nterr*t an·!
rimrjrri·, m ill, h ithoiit further notice. I»e a··!·! at
PuMi'· \ιι·Ίιοπ at th. «·< 11 < Η 11. 11 · ·( >K, in >·*ι·Ι
Town, on the i*th «lax "f Jlar· h. 1*7»', at 1 o'clock
: { £ > - < îï
2 ' 3 ^ - ζ < À
1 r I ί . 5 ; ί
Γ ; * -là
J«-Ο. Mc.Millen. «7 |nu f-o #15u#0tH
4U I«M< 40 I0U tl
i; ·ο ιλ s: l·:
11*1 >'t', ->i .*«·ι il
la; io lim li
I »7 iA U> II» ϋ
j.x «>i J.'i M i
je ΐίβ Ν -m te·
|vj «a» U »2f .'W
jjy » M l*>
17 Ml H .Ό ir ·
Jl t'»J 1J »i Π
if 70 10 Ά II
IraTovxIe, .*i<i l'O |ill IΛ .'W |«î
IM |UU iu liiu it
iui lui :m 72 Xi
Manon, Nov ΙΛ, Isli.
1000 Round Hogs
For which CASH will lie ι>:ι!Ί, bjr
s κ ν γ F κ ι: ι::
Auil «·Ι ΙΙ»Κ (ο tkr
G A HI) ES, for 1S70.
Published iu January. Every lover of flower·
wifiniiir tlii- new an·! valuable w<>rk, free t.f
charge, -lioiild utMre--inniifl;:iΫ h M O'KKKKK,
s«»X Λ < · · . Ellwauger Λ Barr\ '» Bl"ck, Roche ■»·
ter, Χ. V. " nov 12.
Maine Steamship Com'y
Seini-\Vr«'kl) Line.
ON an I nrtor the IMIi in-t., tlic fine Wtanifri
DlltHiO and FKANCOXIA. «ill until further
notice, ιuti a·· follow·:
Leave (Jail's Wharf, Portland, every MONDAY
ηικΙ THURSDAY, at P. M., and leave Pier S* Κ
It New \ ork, every .MONDAY and TIIURM)AV,
at » Ρ M
The Diri^o and F rançon ia are fitted up with fine
accommodation· for pna»enger«, milking thin the
most convcuieiit and comfortable route for travel*
er* b -tween New York and Maine.
Pa**uge ill Mate Itooin $.V Cabin Passage $4.
Meal·» extra.
tioods forwarded to and from Montreal, Quebec,
Halifax, St. John, and all part* of Maine. Ship
pers are requested to send their freight to the
steamer· as early a· t r. M, on the days they leave
For freight orpas.jifre applv to
1IKXRY FOX, (ialt's Wharf, Portland,
.1 F. AMES, Pier St» Ε It. New York.
July 9,1MB.
TU* new and superior eea go
iiiK Steamers Joint Hrouk·,
and Montreal, having been
fitted np at great expense, with
a large number of beautiful
State Room·, will run the season as follow s :
Leaving Atlantic Wharf, Portland, at 7 o'clock,
and India Wharf, Boston, every day at 3 o'clock,
P. M . (Sundays excepted.)
l'are in Cabin, $1,50
l»e« k fan· 1,00
Freight taken a· usual.
Rept 1, 1 i*ïJ. * L. BILLINGS, Ageut.
i* THF ηκ*τ ashoutmest or
Lap Kobe*, Trunk* and l alteM,
And everything in the line, in Oxford County, and
nt'prtrr* «· low «m ran he found
in the state.
11.true-· work all done hy lutin], aud werreal
rd to Rive «atUfartlmi.
•#-Order* for IforM***» β I led on ihort notice
Norway, Not. II, |ΗβΙ». ·2ιη
4711: It Η4* sakij;
FITCH, and
Buffalo & Lap Bobes.
— aij»<>, —
ΙΙΟΙ,λΤΚΚ A. HANMKLL'N, Mouth Parte.
Nov IS, l*W.
< *
Sewing Machine Agency.
and all -tandinl M.vMu·- oon«tantl\ on hand
Thread». nil. Needle··, and »ll kind* of Trim
miux* f«»r Sewing Msrhwu*·', at
Soyr*' llltM-k, Aorwu), Mr.'
Νυν. !Ί, If·^
lleavv Beaver Mollis
y . -.k: .i i.i .ss πι v > < ιτ\ i'Ri< kii by
vt ο ι. «τι: it λ ii%*ki:m~
Maine Central Railroad.
sVKi ijl. XOT1CE.
1)A4SKNUKK8 :'· ·'in Oxjbftl f'ihBrtJ OOMtefl
fn»m ·Ι;«ϋ··η« >u il:·· · ■ rami Trunk Kailru*·'
J nlMivr iMnvilh*. cm iirtoli \iipi-Ui by tin· Main
Cratnd RiUroid fttw Puvilit to Viatteop. aim
th«*nn· by Μιι.·«· to Vi>iru»ta SLitK·· I·-»*»'* Win·
llirop mi arittal <>f .iftfrnoon train f'r«>ni Iianvillr.
Train·· b*av«· Han villi- at i ΙΛ Γ >1 , or on Arrival
(if train ft<»m » *« » 111 11»· 1
Thr Kifh ti< ketn to Anipift· m ·· sold At Out ill#»
Jan Li. 1—W
I noir lost, non nnsroitrit.
II ->T l'l III INIII II .1 m*μ ι ·1ί(ι··ιι οf l»r ( t (.
\ KIÎW ► I.I. » ι H f lilt \TKM Κ*- \ > on thi '
! ILtUical » utf « illt->ut lui 'tn liM· of >ikK**t«>u
' Ullt> « or "m-minai Wcaknc ·, lnvr>luntar\ *>«·ιηι
■ nal I ·-·«·«, Uiuhm Mental nn<l ft*ka> Me* I In I
«'M(ui<*it>, Ιιιιμπίίιιιπιΐ» to M tiiiH».'·'. ι ii· ; al*<>
I ι'·**ι uithin, Ki*ii.u>v, owl Kit ν in<ltu'«<l In
! <·«·Ιι'-:η<ΙιιΙ*«·ιι<·ι· or ««·\η*Ι r\trnvatfiiiri!.
4#*l'rict hi Mini »if\ .-lop#, only ·! rrnt·
I The· ccli· author, in tin-· utlmirahl·· «.-(••ay, |
I r|«>irl\ ilfmon'triitc· In hi η thirty y at"*·' «ιι······-*·
fui |>ia«t«·'' tii.il tli· ^lariuiiij,' «'••u-oiikmu*··· ol
inlf-iil.ti»·· !> 11»· i. il ·«:!% atrtd * th >nt tit·
1 <l:in£«'ton« it· »? <>| ititt i u.il m«tli<nie or &«· aj»j>ll
ration of tl·»· Liiif··: |·ο[ρΗηκ oit a mot I# of «-nrc
at imcf t'crt.tiii a»·! ril«><ttial, liv inemioifahich
«•*«'ry itclfi'ifr, tin matter what hi·· « on«lition mat
Ι>«·, ma\ run· limnelf ι·Ιι«·.Ί|·IV. |»rivatH>, :ιηΊ rml
• a, lin- I <·! t ii τ «· ΙιοιιΙΊ 1 »·· in tit·· bawl « of »·ν«·π
I youth anΊ fx^ry man in thr Ι ιιι·I
nt, nntl»>r -i*aI. in a jil iin ι·ιιν»·1«»|ΐ«\ to mi) at|·
dir»· ou n >vi|il o| m\ c. nt*. or tv%·· Hi-lagr>
ι •lam|>4, l»y atMrv «ιηκ ttit* Diililinlicr·
Al«o. I'r < ulrcnicll1·· 'vil ιπκιρ ι .η··Ι»·," |»ri«·»·
ΰθΜ · A'tiir»·-- tin· |'ιιΙιΙικΙΐ(·Γ·,
« II \- .1 C Kl.INK A in.
137 ItiMirr) , \« %» link. I' Ο |t..\ I..*VSU.
1 Instant Relief from Painf
A Sure Cure mitl luttant Hrlftrf !
ν Diarrhœa, _
^2 Neuralgia.
c Colic, Cramps, 2.
£ Hites and Stings, M
<«. Sprains, Dysentery, 3
Sick & Nervous Head- 2
ache, Rheumatism, Tooth- <o
v ache, Pimple* on the Skin, ^
^ Chilblains. Worms in Children.
A*k your l)ruy<jist for it, and if he has
not 'jot it, ht u til order it for you.
Manu!»ctured by th·· Franklin Medical Associa
tion, Ν ·, Wintei Street» Botlon, Matt.
Thi·» Λ «ociation .tri· al-·» Proprietor· and Man
ufacturers "i t'r. F ·»^ΐ··ι *j:i»Uy celebrated Ca
lai · Keui .ή*·#· «η
y ΰ y «?; «ij ^ ^ 3 ;
T«» TiiK WoltKINii c an· now pre I
pareil to fiuni-h allila «o· with ion-taut cuiplov |
ment ut home. the uli< le <>( tl ·· time or for tl»«*
snare moment- Iîh- ue*« ne* . light .mil praita
bte Pi'i'ioM of (ill)'')' < \ · ι »dv e-irn from Mr. Ι
(ο | fi .M-iting, ,.ι··Ι ι (ι.ο,·οιttoit.il »ιιιιι 1>ν de· .
voting tli.'ir wlml·· time ι·· the bn«ine-s Hoy»
and girl·» earn n> ·*ιΙ a.- much ι\» meu That all
who mm thl· notice may μ·ιιΙ their add: em·, and J
te»t the bii«iu« \\r make thi* lut parai I 1«-·Ι offer:
Τη Mich a< r.re «tot «ell t, we will send f!
to par for the trouble of writing Full pa; t eulars.
a valuable sample, which «til no to comtut-nct
work on, ami a ropvof The Literary Cum
panto»—one of the largest and l»esl familv ueu*
papers puIdHhed—all uritlfieobv mail Header,
if \ ou w mit permanent, profitable work, addrcet
K. C. A? I.KX A · ·> \rot *r\, Mfc.
I)ee. 3, l*Hl».
Save the Children.
MlTLT!Tt*I>KS of them suffer, linger, and die,
because of Pin Worms. The only eflW-tual
remedy for these most troublesome and danger
ou.* of all worm»·, in children or adulti. is found
in IU(. <i»( FIX-WORM Ml KI P.—
1'urely vegetable, safe and rertaia. A valuable
cathartic, and beneficial to health Sold bv
4.KO. c. GOODWIN, Ho-tou,
and all drutfgi-t*. 6m octlS
jtk IIOItNK ΤΚΛΙ\Ι\<; lustout.abook |
Containing a new system of horse train- : .
Il Injr. from the young colt up It \ |>r Trid j ,
ball, the well known old English Il<>r«e Trainer ; |
and Farrier. Our most noted tri^k horsea hare \ |
been taught by this plain, practical sv-t» ui, and
wild and runaway horse» can l>« nompletely enb
dned. It also contain* η Ti-catiae on Shoeing and
HJO llecipee for the uiont common d ι-ease*. with
nnmeroue Trick* nroctieod by !Iom< Jockey*.—
Κ very hor-e biwW and owner should have It.—
^ ou will never regret buying it. Kent by mall for
only <«0 et». Address, GEO. 8. MELLEX, Lt-wU
ton, Me. A cents wanted.
RNGRA VER, - - South Parte.
Will be found at hie Residence.
Ayer's Sarsaparilla,
κ»· pimrn.fu the bluou.
The reputation tln< ex
cedent luotUeiuc eti|ove,
U derived irotn it* rtir*»
many of which are truly
nmrvcllons. Inviter ·..
ηι-ι'Λ t»|' "v-mftilou. ·ι .
eiu-c, whore the l
ceetue I »r.turate«! wh ι
corruption, hare 1,.
purified at. I etir»".| |ι> ,|
herofukiui nJTection- .in J
diêorder». uliieh w·
içrnvntcd bjr the un.; .
Ions contamination u, ι
they irerc painfull) allicMiir. have liera ι η■.i
rurcd i» ein'li great number» in ulmo»t »·\.
Ιιοιι «I Ihr country,that the ptiliUe *■ arcrly : ; ,
l>e informed ol its virtue» οι u-e«.
hcroftilou» pouon i- one of the mo«t · ■.«
enetttte* of onr ru r. Often. this un»een ami ■ t
ten.ini "f tlporfaniMi undermine* ti>. <· η ;
und invite·theattarkofenfeeblingοι fntaldl·» ι
without exciting u »uepii ion<>f iu pi <-< r,,-r. Λ:
it «eein* to breed infection thmiurhont tliV-1» ·!■ „i [
then, on *omc favorable <ν*γ;ι>ι·ίι, inpidly devt »
111t<> one or oth« r of it- hideout fnrm«,. ilnri
iitrface or anmnir the \ ilnl-. In llM lotii
elc> may l>e MnhUnly «lepoeiU I in tin· ! . ^
heart, or tumor» formed in the liver, <>r ir 1
it» pre*ence by eruption* on the kin, υι foul ι,ι
ation- 0.1 *otuè part ol the IkxJjt. Ileuei- the
eiou.nl use of a bottle of this Sorêtifut itl<i
vUable, even erlien no active *)n»f>t"iii ι ι ·
ai>|Hur. Γη·οιι* afflicted with tin· folk »n . ·
iw.iinu jnneraliv Mml immediate relief, . ·.[
length. cure, l»v the ii^e of tin» SA Its IIM 1(1 !..
1.1: Sf. .4iitltnni/'» t'irr, Amw or I'ryatprhn,
Trttrr. Sttll Khrutu, flrnlit llrttil, Hiii>f>rnrm,
&orr Fur*. S*rr t are, and othei t rill t -m
▼i»ible form» of Srrofnloua dÎM-a-e Ai-o :i t
more-roncea led ίυπη«, ο* bt/a^rj nia, //»»/ «ι/,
lirtirt IHamar, lila, I'ftflepatf, >rttrtthjin
and the uni ut f Irrritue affections of tin· i:u
ΙϋΓ and nervou* *yetem«.
.St/l>h ilia or I mrrral »ηΛ Vrrrtn lal 7ι».·<ν»,««
lie cured by it, though η Jour tune l* requited ι r
ι ul»ditinjrthc«o obstinate maladies |»v any mc l ι.
lint Ion? continued u.-e of Un* ine.ii. iuc will ι
the complaint. / mrot-rAra «r illtilra, t tm> ■
I Irr ration a, and t'lnalr I titrate», arc r
mou'.v toon relieved and ultimately « ure.l h\ ι
purifying and mvigouiing etfert. Minut·» In
tion« for each ea«e arc found in our Muittnuc, »i
pluvl jrrriii'. Uhrt$tiiaH»tn ni «t ijnnt, « ι
caused I'V aceueiiilatioee of extntnooii!» mar ι
in tl·.· ).I.·<><!, yield oui< kly to ι. .i- :· I - « > />
( l'Hiflniiité. luffAaity, CoHijration r luff »nu
mutfnH of the liver, nâJmttnéirr, tri*
n« they oil πι do, from tin· rankling poi»ont in :t ·
1 ι I. Tbi 8ΑΜΛΑ Ρ Λ Ri I. LÀ
Murer for the-trenjçth «ml »ιιτ·ί Ι the «y.-tr: .
1 h»>»e who ere Lanuttl'l . nil I tall»·*», Ifra/mii
rtrHt. Hhrflraa. anil troiiMed wtUi Λ>γτλμ· 1 ρ
)>r> lit iiaiioi* or fmya, οι anv ol tbe ilTe< t
t\ni|»t(»matk* of I· mkif ·«, will dnd inn -, :
relief and eonviin iur' evtdeinc of its reHtcrn
pow cr upou trial.
r it κ ι· a ii ι. n h y
Or. J. C. 4 1 t! It Λ ( «.. Uwfll, n ....
I'rarlietil ami tmilytlral < hnni*t*
Isold by all uklui;i>in km i:\uiu.i:i
In I'AltlS, by \ M. II VMMoNI».
caution .—Ail '/miruif haa the lurar " Piroiuk
Λτιιι-e." <not "Peruvian Hark.") blown in the g\a»»
A pair»' pamphlet «eut free J. F. Dtaenoa·,
!'p»prietor, 5β l>ey Ht . New y>>rk
β Id hy all Droisiata.
Vegetable Sicilian HairRenewer
Kerry year increases the popu
lariti/ of this valuable llair ΙΊ * />
a ration, which is due to tuent
a/one. M r ran assure our oh!
patrons that it »« Aept fut Γ if ο μ tu
its hi'/h sta tu ta ni, ami to tho*<
who hare never used it ire ran
confident! 1/ stiff, that if is the on!'/
reliable and fterf'ected prépara -
tion to restore HH K\ Ο It I ' 4. I> I C»
II 41 If to its youthful coloi , ma A
inff it soft, lustrous, and silken;
the sealp, luj its use, hecotm «
white ami clean ; it / » mon * · Il
eru/ttnms nnd ilainlru ff, and Un
its tonic properties prerents th*■
hair from fallimj out, as it stim
ulates and nourishes the hmr
j/lands. Ih/ its use tin· liaie y row s
thicker and stronger. In baldm ss
it restores tin· capillar// ylands
to their normal riyor, ami aill
create a new f/rout h except in
extreme oht at/*·. It is the most
economical ΙΙΛΙΚ Dill's*! M
erer used, as it requires ftwer
OjpplicatioiiM, ami yin.« the hair
that splenditI a fits*// a/i/iearanci
so much admiral hi/ all. A. A.
Hayes, M. !>.. Statr A stayer of
Mass., says, **the constituent* at »
pare ami at re fully selected f»n
excellent quality, ami I consult y
it Ihe ltl>Τ PBEPAB % NON ftn
its intended purposes.** li e pnh
lish a treatise on the hair, o ht' h
we semi free hi/ mail a/ton appli
cation, which contains loimmn
tlatory notices from cleryymrn.
Î\h ysieians, the press, ami other*,
f e hare mmle the slndi/ of tin
hair and its diseases a s/ncialtt/
for years, and know that in makt
the most effective /trepa rat ion jor
the restoration am! the preserra
tion of the hair, extant, ami so
acknowleilyed hi/ the best ]t|«'«Il
eal iind €'li«*niictil Authority.
Snid nil Dnufiutt arid l^tlrrt in ifrdtcin4
Prlff onr Dollar Per Hottlr.
R. P. HALL &. CO., Proorietors.
Will cure th· Α>ΤΠΜΛ. BR< 'VCHiriS ΒI - D
eff-ct tally remove the Cough u.at fréquent}/
U ··».·!<'«. tn>i any all ν 11* ri <ί the* re.-^i. a
U>ry organ*, u«i u.att-.-r of how l· ug standing, or
whatever the atr»· ' f th * pifon It acta a* a
■p I'iftr, it purely vegetable, and u plraaant to
the tatte ill rS-et I) t-wthlair allaying the * >
lenee of the oturh. fvtlit*ting np«-tor»·. r»n,
quieting the uvrvts and cxuiliraLag Uk ijttetn
Mothers, Save YourChildren
Vo child nred die of ΓΒΟΓΡ, If thu Syrup It
β»«Ι ία time: fAn it a /.»et dtmonttratui by
ttfxritn*·* No family ihoald he without thi*
Syrup, ai that taUl di»«-a»·. CROl'l*, come· like a
thief in the night, to »u-al away your little one·,
vbeo regular m--diral aid cannot be otKa.ned.
PrtpartJ vn*y by λ
Haihw*<srt, Jfi.
Mild Certain, Safe. Kflirient. It i-far tin· l.. -t
^Uliartic nmrtly yrt tli^rovriril, hikI ul · i"'r r··
tare* and in* igoiate« :tll th·· \ it.il function . w ill ·
nit canting Initinr to any oftliem. The ino ι <·. m
I<>i>jf ;· tC*-i«< it · 1 it- i.-i· 111 ιΐι,ι,
οι .iliti<\« : till·I it it now off»··»'! t.» t! ι»· :·|
tuldie » itli tin; <-··ηνι·-ιίοη that it cnti never laii ΐ·ι
ι«·«·.,inplirh all ilint i-claimed for ll It |*rodu ·
ittle or η > j>i»ln : Ι··;, ν «·.- the or ran»· Γι ec fi «·ηι irr ' :»·
ion, and never over uv» - or excite t|i< ι·« v< -
y Men) In all <li-i ·ι-« · .| :.<· -k η M I -·
K>we|p, liver, kldney> —ol'childrtii, and in man·
tiflicullie- ι - nl .ii Ί.· «· uni '< I ■ u._· | :
elief and certain care. Thebentphyeician* 11 run;,
ncml and |·ι e-» ribe il ; aiiil η'·» |>ei-on v\lm ··■ ο
!»e* till·· will vohwtarialy return to tin· i^e of «ι,
Kliei cnihartie.
.Sent by mail, on receipt of pt ioc and |>οί·ι.ι/»
l i^· ··.. l'oi4a^r, S cent»,
5 " I OU, " 1" "
1 " é.J5, ,T.i "
It is fold by all dealer· in dnig* and medicine.
ΤΙ ll\F.Il A lO„ Proprietor·,
ISOTremont βτκκκτ, Boston, Mis*
Dec. 3, 1809.

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