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r.viu ihv Livittoa Journal]
Whent lus succeeded very «fell in fa
vorable lor several jeers previous lo
the last. Some very good crops wore ob
tained List year. Imt I believe the crop
gwenllj was ii«h tOuiidprwl quite up to
that of l&vS. In some instances the
midgo injured the crop somewhat, but on
the whole, I think, a greatet hilling off in
the yield was caused by rust or blight.
Last season wai a verv remarkable one,
and of the chart 1er that tended to pro
duce blight. Sudden alternations trom
clouds to sunshine attended with more or
less wet. at tl e critical period when * heat
is iu blossom or the grains just begiuning
to till is very likely to produce rust
To be successful in growing .1 ciop of
wheat, the right kind ol soil should be
selected. Λ high. loamy ridge, not over
charged with moisture will l»e found a
favorabln situation. Klevated positious
that admit of η free current of air, seem
to be favorable, as I have known a crop
to be severely iujured in a \ alley, from
both cause spoked of above, while a crop
raised from seed sown the same day on
derated land, escaped injury. Λ slight
ly tenacious soil, or as it i> termed, a prêt
ty stiff l<>am, if sufficiently dry, would be
preferable. Stiff or clavey soil> are, how
ever, more reUntivo of water, and unle»s
drained are liable to l*> surcharged in a
wet *e:iy>n, anil this induces Night.
Wheat is a very good crop to follow
corn. The ground should be well ma
nured tor the corn c.op and kept clean
Irctu weeds. 1 his i.s belt· r than to appU
fresh barn-} ard manure to the etop as it
induces too rank a grow th of straw which
is vory apt lo lodge down, or it it d<ns
not is liable to rust. Wheat i·» not so
gro*> .1 feeder .ι» c »m. W iil » t is bare
ly possible lo make laud too rich for corn,
it U ait ι i\\ matter to do so for wheat,
much to tii·* detriment ol the 3 ield ol
gr.uu. A ligiit drevi-ing of n»tU n com
|x'>t in conncction wt'halcw Icadsol
a>hes to the acre, or a few hundred
pouud* of ground bono.s, form a good
fertilizer for wheat. Thr>e manures will
not increase the tendency to rust.
Salt ha> been found beneficial λ* λ η aj>
plicalion fur wheat, and in soi*» delieient
of the elements of coinmou salt, viz:
chlorine and soda, there can be no doubt
a> to its cffivacy. Mr. John Johnston,
near (ieneva, Ν. Y., one of the 1*·>1
farmer» in the otMiiilt j, ha> long been 111
the liHv>ii tf applying salt to hi> wheat
land at the late of from two to three
hundie i pounds jkt «ere. Its eflcct when
nppiied to wheat, is to check the growth
of ftlrnw, which thus becomes moro stiff,
less lia:Ίο to 1- dge down, and conse
quently would mature cal lier. gi\«·
b» ightcrstraw,and more plump and heavy
grain and of course a larger yield. On
manv *oils no doubt the application ut one
or two hundred j»oundi «*t plaster to the
acre would show go.*l result*.
fearly sowing is indispensable. The
earlier sown the better, provided the
grt Mid is iu good condition, for :he crop
will be more likely to escape rust and
injury f»on» the midge, and the better it
will d> on the whole. It is true, by
sowing lite, say fiom the l«t to the 5th of
June, the wheat will m* l»e f:tr enough
advanced lor the attack of the midge till
the season 1er it- rav ag< * is nearly or quite
passed, but then the danget frt>m ea» !\
frt -ts i> haidly less than th at incurred b\
the insect by sowing a lew weeks earlier.
Karly sowing, other conditions being
favorable, I think a pretty >ure and the
only lenteuy l· r the midge.
For a number ol yeais 1 maile il a rule
to sow my w heat the 2«*h of Mar. At
that time the midge was ool nearly so
commoc as now, and fair crops were
realised, ranging Mfh» ten t«» twenty
bushels to the bushel sown. After a
while, the midge made its appearance in I
mueh incieased numbers, and wheat-rais
ing became such a precarious business
that it was entirely abandoned by »uanv
farmers. Some still persevered in it. e>
pecialiy those that had new land to cleat
on hillsides and elevated positions, where
early fronts aie unknown, and the
northern wind> had a lair sweep. In such
localitic- goo 1 crops were :i!n»o*t alwa "s
realized; little, if any, injury l*ing cau»ed
by the midge. The culture ul wheat on
such lands became so successful that
many fanners on old farms bought w ild
lots and cleared the forests from them,
and w ere bountifully repaid lor their
labors in harvesting good crops of fine,
heavy, wheat.
Ol late years it ha· been found that
wheal town on .1 rich, light. quick soil a>
early a." the la>t week in April, is aliout
sure to escape the insect. I have taken
considerable pains to gather facts in
relation to this subject, and havccorac to
the conc!u.-»ion that it i* far preferable to 1
sow early, say, not later than the 6th of
It is an important matter to obtain good
•eed. Good, heavy, plump grain will
pt educe more rigoiou* plants than
shiunk«ii or light grain», and of course ,
will out be «0 susceptible to injury from
unfavorable agencies. Another point is,
don't be sparing ol seed. One am! a halt j
to two bushels to the Here, broadcast, is
not too much. Uobbcr* in the sh:ipe oi
weeds will spriug up it the plants aland
loo thinly on the ground, and appropriate
the food that belongs to the wheat, and
render it more liable to ] ust.
το ρκκνκχτ S3CUT.
Smut is what belongs to a class of!
spores or flowerless plants, and i* propa
gated by some of the sporulesoi particles
of smut adhcting to the round grain and
poisoning the »*p ot the new plant, caus
ing them : ο produce only beads of siuut.
A single smut grain contain* millions of
globules or spores. Among the antidotes
for Muut, blue vitriol stands at the head
of the list, although lime, ashes, salt and
many other alkalies and acids will be
found efficacious.
The m nlc of applying vitriol is to dis
solve a quarier of a pound iu two quarts j
υί hot writer, letting it stand ten or twelve
hour an»l stirring occasionally ; then add
one gallon of cold ivater. This is suffi
cient for thre* bushels of seed. Put the
wheat ujwn the barn floor or In some con
venient tub or vessel where it can be
turned over, and (>our the vitriol water
over it. stirring the grain thoroughly so
the liquid will eome in contact with ever)
grain. Let it stand over night, then
sow. No harm will come of it if the
seed is not sown for several days after
applying the \ itriol water.
1 have practiced sifting the seed again
in order to cleans· Irom foul seeds, and
then washing in twooi throe waters; this
latter process canies off many of the
lightei, worthless grains, and a large
proj>ortion of the oats ami some other
seeds that are always tound mixed with
wheat more or less.
Kktk, jk.
Lottes of Sheep by Dogs
The Keport of the Department of Agri
culture for lî<6S, contains some sevsre
strictures on this subject, and from the
I losses reported, they are timely and
should be beetled. Taking the Stato of
New Yotk n> a basis for estimating losses
j by the depredations of dogs during the
Vc-ar lfH>2, ths lo.->s throughout the United
States that year would amount to $2,UOp,·
00O. Returns made to the Department
by correspondents from 039 counties give
.nu aggregate loss during lN»ti <»t 231,427
she*, p. or an average of 242 in eaeh county.
On this basis the number killed in the
United Stati s would he about halt a mil
lion. "The proportion of loss," says the
i\ port, "is groat est in the Southern States
where the business ol w» ol growing needs
the mo-t encouragement and promises the
nio*t sueces>iul results." The State of
Mississippi reports an average loss oi 699
jht couru in 18t>7. The lo*« throughout
tho United Stales is e<pm aient to the
value oiM\ millions of pounds of wool.
"Il i> a tax." says ihe η port, "oi t λ ο per
cent upon the total sum invested in sheep.
"Such ν burden is intolerable—a drain
u|h>u the pioii: % of industry that should
! speedily be cheeked."'
The Stati<tican> oi the partmcnt c«>ti
lu.tt - the n;.:nbei oi do^- πι the United
Slates at six millions, live millions ol
which he says are utteily worthle». He
calls u)K>n our national legislators to
lcv \ .n national t.4\ njK»n tîog* of not less
than two tlollar* per rieail. llo*a\·». "ita
intlucucc would be in every war sa'utary.
l«ov»e> ol wool growers would decrease,
and the lmMne«> be extended into local i
tics, *htri it i> now unprofitable. Mon
grel cuis too worthies*· to l»e claimed bf
owners would 1κ· sacrificed. useful dogs
would Ιό protected, and canine tribes
would experience an improvement grat
it\ it;g to all who appreciate the desirab'e
qualities *»t the race, and a nuisance
would be abated to the benefit ol all and
the injurv of none.—[(iulf Mates.
Josh Hilling's Sayings.
When a rooster crows hp crows all
Krror will slip thru a oi-a -k, while truth
will git stuck in a doorway.
l'he in.in who has just found out he kant
adord to burn green wo<»d haz taken his
lust lesson in ckonoun .
Γ he re is only one thing that can beat
truth, and thai is lie who speaks it.
It iz hard work, at lu>l >iglit. to sec the
wisdom of a rattlesnake bite, but there iz
thousands ot lok«-s who never think ol
theit sins until the ν aie bit by a rattle
I'here iz a grato deal ov human natur
in a krab; if you don't pick tlu iuup in the
right way \uu will diskover it.
Take the humbug out ov this world,
and U'U won't have much left to do
bi/.ziues* wi:h.
Faith and curiosity arc the gin cocktails
of sukcess.
Advertising iz said tew bo a certain
nie ins of sukvess ; some tolks ate so im
pressed with this truth that tl sticks out of
their tombstones.
There iz this difleience between igno
ance and error ; ignoranc is stone blind,
and etror is short sited ; ignorance *tauds
still and error tuoves to run agin a post.
Kkonouiv iz a savings bank into which
men drop pennys and pit dollars.
—A lhihtdelphia Sun Jay School get
scholars by ruling a refrct-hmeni room
and giving free lunches.
Itf ΙΙΙΤΓΠ I Λ few more <·ο«>«! Abruti, Ιυ
WΑπ I LU I sell 'be >»o»i popular book in
M «titν One Λ_«-ut reports nu average ufjUrupiet
lardât A«Klr*s>
II. A. MrKEA.IEÎ à (Ο,
>epli-3w '2 Kim street, Portia ud, Me.
Railroad Notice.
rl"MIK stockholder* of the Portland A Oxford
1. Central aie In reb> notified thai a meeting of |
the 1 "in| w 11 he hoiden ut the fnitetl State·»
Hotel M tli· City of Portland. on WKl»K-t>Ar,
tlieiMi» «lay of >eptcmber current, at 10 o'clock in ;
tiu' Iwcaoe·, for the Γ··!!<»«rinjc purposes :
l»t To elect a Boaid of the Directors for the [
en«uin^ year.
id To receive and a<*t upon the Keports of the |
Pi evident an I Treasurer of the operatious of the j
Koad during the preceding year
3d. To transact any oilier business that may I
come before the meeuujj.
F. B. sMITII, Preel.
Canton, Sept 7th, IîCO.
; m id S0CIÎÎÏ
ν s · U I ; ·< ι iv ■ ' · «·'>.·:. -ι , >ι■ i im
portance. W ritten from a bijrh moral ;in<l physi- :
ological «landpoint. by au eminent physician and i
medical piofe*»or. it diou - l»o» Valait is w»rk:ug |
out hi* subtle auddangerous de«igus through our <
iuo>t sacred 1*>UKSTIC and SOCIAL RELATIONS !
Fi Kl vtxutl), but oat spoken and agirreseive. j
the author handl ·* the delicate subjects treated |
of k*i/A<'mI ffUxity hut in such a manner a* not to j
minuter to a prurient curiosity. 7*Ae /{t· !
<irifr.it ton of the /{act, is a subject justly ei listing
the ln'.er**t and sympathy of alt true philanthro ;
pists, and this >*»ok it is believed. will contribute ι
to that end just iu proportion a> it ha·» readers.— !
A circular «eut free, containing a full description
and !»\ iiop»i* of the vrork with liberal extracts.
C. r. VKNΓ, Publisher,
•ep« 5 College Place. Ν. V.
A Safe Investment ! !
Free fro·* UoTeruuif·! Tax ! !
TRAL KAlLKOAl> B«»ND&, of all denomi
nations for sale by the subscriber. The invest ,
meat is »afe, for they are secured by a mortgage
of the roads, car», depot*, iron. Ac. They are on ;
Railroads in our own sute, which do a rapidly in- J
creasing business, under our eyes. They pay six ι
and seven per cent., and are continually advanc
ing. «saving Banks and old capitaliste art buy
ing them rapidly.
For further information, call on the subscriber.}
F. E. SHAW. Pari· Hill. I
Desirable Residence,
THE subacriber, being about to move W««t,
offers for sale the plan· now occupied hjr him
on Paris Hill. For any one desiring a i>lea*ant
home in the country. this estate is one of the Une·!
! in Oxford Couutv. It includes four aerce of hin»l
of excellent quality, upon th.· main street in the
renter of the village. well stocked with the beet
variet»·* of apple tree» in full hearing condition,
and eut* Way enough lor a horse and cow.
' The House ha» twelve room·, is thoroughly
bnilt, ha* an excellent cellar, the he»t of water
brought into the kitchen. and a wood-shed and
' barn connected with the house.
The Chamber Furniture, the Carpet·, Stovoe,
Curtain·, Ac., will be aold with the house il desir
ed; but will not Ik* aold separately.
Application mar be made to the subseril>er, on
the premise·, until Sept. l-t; :iMei « ard-t" f. K.
i shaw. c; Ko κ», κ l. vost.
Aug. 17, 187a
Fine Residence for Sale!
Pl'RsUAXT to a license from the Hon. Judge
ot Probate, for the Connty of Oxlbrd, I shall
sell at Public Λ no I ion, (utile··* disposed of before
at private *aleô the Craft· *iand.(»o called,)situa
led in South Pari·», about forty rods from the
l>epot, on Tl'EsilAY, October isth, I£70, at S P.
M Auction on the premise·.
The hnOM is well built, in modern My le; con
tains eleven good tilled room» with mii excellent
ι cell.tr, and is supplied with an abundance of ϊιμμΙ
water The ground* embrace ·'< 4 acre of I ami, in
j eluding a good garden. lin-la NI ι·Γ Ihe MM
' location· in the Tillage. Posacs-don given im
mediately. Enquire on the premise* of
WILLIAM R. MOR>K, Guardian.
Farm for Sale.
• »
MESSRS Tl'TTLK A UOItlts offer for sale
their Farm, situated <n the tow η of itKTllKL,
on the »t ige rond leading from Urvant'i Pond R
Κ station to Rumfonl, and about four miles from
the depot at said tat ion
Mkl Farm contains ι ·> hundred and forty acre·
of land, sixty or seventy <>f which i* valuable In
tervale, and .'ut* from ttrty t·· sixty ton· of llav.
The buildings are in good repair, the barn being
new and vieil Uni «hod.
The above described property will In» sold at a
bargain if applied for soon, win! terms of payment
made ca«y.
For farther particulars, npph »o
Providence, R. 1., or to
Ε η Stkvκv«. on the premises.
Bethel, l»e<- Μ, Ηιϋΐ
House, EU, and Stable,
I INU. KLL and STABLK, ukmeeetlj situ
ated. on Main Street. Nmway Village, is offered
for sale. l'hc hoou+e i* in good repair, and well
calculated for two families
Will he sold ten chc ip if applied for »<hid.
For particulars, :n.|u:ie <>f \mo> F KOJM· or
V » Λ Κ SOÎ K8
Norway Village, July 1,1>"ϋ. tf
For Sale or Exchange.
'I'll*: ι γαμ:, Ft hmtiiu: a\i» fix
I ΓΙ lti s. ot a Hotel within two mile* of
Portland. W ill l>e sold at » bargain, or exchang
ed for Real K-tate I i»r paiticulnt·, inquire at
I? I |at«ltr Street. or of
jiinlTtf Coi i.r'-eii nnd Portland *»ta.
Michigan Southern
Buffalo and Chicago,1
Without rhaof t iu"·· . ronnrrliiiK with nil
K«Îlir*) l.ittfi
Fast. W>oi, >oilli ami Koulh.
Tickets for S· le l»y 1*.· I*. HTO\F„ Poet- ;
Ofttre, Soulli I'nrU.
Hociuctiori of Faro
of ί » 50 fr'»m ]t<)>ti>u to Chicago «ml nil point»
The Lake Shore and Michigan
Southern Itaihraff,
Prv*rnti IntluroinrnU to bu«tnc«« mon ηικΙ fami·
In··» uncqualcd |»\ nn\ line to the W'r»t. It· route
: lie- iiluns th· border of l.ake knciwl l.ak·· Mir h
•Ifan. commanding an uiiintcrrupw-d »i« w of Ihe-e
Inland S»**. and jm»-··» through mtmc of the nio*t
fertile and hghl? cultivated portion* of New ΐ ork,
rran^jltiiuU, Ohio. Miehigai, Indiana ami 11 li
j not*.
lu it- irrrat variety of scenery. it (nmfjif» at
traction· beyond any • •th«,r route to the Weet
Th·· ne# feature of Throujch Pi^Mtigtr Car*
mi 1 ( ombmation Drawing 1^·» A 1'alare Slcep
ι ing < ar» which rtin l>it*ecn lluflulonmlChicago
w uhout chang· .of new le-tyn and construction.
I peculiar to thi» line, 1* particularly adapted to the
! demand* oj ull traveler* who denire m let y, s|>eed
I ami contort.
t |o*e ami reliable connection· arc mule at
1 « ItrtUwi and TiilnU ·<>ι Mm Sooth Weit, ud at
J Chicago for St Loin», Milwaukee, St. l'aul,Omn·
i ha, Imnver. the tiold ami silver Mine* of Colora·
! .1·» ami Nevada, >a!t Lake City, Variante η to and
Bm ► mmIm·
Ticket·, for all the above pla es can be had of
Ε t "«TiiM l*o*t Office, .South I'art·, Me.
Aux I*, H7U
Counsellor <$* Attorney at Late,
Λο. ΪΟΙ Ι·3 t oii||ir«i Street,
POKTIi % \ I». "nk..
l*atent Ojjice fees.
ι»n every application for adeaign, for three and
man*. $io uo
>n every application for a de«ign, for 7 \ rs , ΙΛ 00
Ou every application fora dc»igu, lor II yrs., 'W U)
Ou every ca\cat, 10 00
On every application for a patent, 1.1 oO
On U;>uing each original patent, ίο no
On tiling a disclaimer, 10 00
i>n every application for a rriMiic, 30 ><)
On every a«l<litional pateut granted on reii»siie,30 «0
Ou every application for an extension, 5o («
On the grant of every extension, fto 00
·#*λΙΙ f«*e* nut-t be paid in advance.
The applicant foi a patent must furnish du pli·
cate drawing», and a model where tho nature of
the invention admit* of them.
All kinds of Drr.wing» and model» furnished 11
required. oct2i
— Fuit —
8. Κ C. represents only flrstdns» Companies
and w ill issue Policies ut a- favorable rates a« any
othrrAgent. Application·, by mail for Circulars
or insurance, p^mptly au»wervd, And any part ol
the County visited if rajue-ted. Api 1.
Attorney $ Counsellor at Latc,
( Oflct opposit? the Atlantic House),
49~ Collecting promptly attended to.
Drroted Exclusively to Female Invalida
W. P. MHATTTCK, ai. D.,
Superintending Physician atnl Operating Surgeon
X. 11. All interested will please send for circular
Will attend to the Practice of
— 18 ALSO —
Examining Mnrgeon for Invalid Pension·,
Will give special attention to the treatment o|
Nervous Disease*.
Saturdays, when practicable, will be devote·! to
the examination of invalid pensioners, and gener
al office business. June 'β»
dentist, :
Particular attention paid to filling and preserv
ing tlie natural teeth.
Artificial Teeth iuserted from one tooth to a full
§et, and all work warranted to gtve satisfaction.
Ether administered when desired if advisable.
CirWill visit BrcitKlELi» the first Monday iu
each Month and remain through the week. I
May SO. 187U. I
ALL kind· of JOB PBIXTINti done ·(
tkl· Ofltac. Mend order· by mal).
Dinrrh<*u, Dysentery, Cholfft
M orb»·, (t«lrra, 4kéi, certain and
our*?. Hkokmax's (tonner!y Vel|*ait'a) Uiab
RHbA Kkmkut, used with unfailing succès* alnee
the Cholera of 1«B. Hold by drngfflst* Κ·'nor·IIv.
Prepared only by A Co., If. 1 or*.
GOM>H2f mU 1ΛΚΤΙΤΙ TK, Hrirtjte
port, Oftaà,—9choo| Year bejjiti· Sept. 4ft.
For Circulars, apply to the Principal, Kev. I». It.
IBIIirilTADC addrkm κι»μ«.\ brow.,
I(IV CIV I UVIO Patent Agent*, 4.W Ninth St.,
Washington, D. C., for advice, let in* A refcrencce.
Cares 1>\ neuter*. Diarrhea and Hummer Com
plainte of Children. Price AO eta. ΙίβΟ. MDOKK,
['roprietor, (ireat Fall*. V II. Sold by |>πΐ£κί·*(>«.
A Hook of MSdiwlr printed page*, lately l*>u
fd. contain* η list of the Ικ·»1 Anu'rirmi Advertis
ing Mediums, ^rief the names, circulations, and
full particulars coocerainjc tin· lending I tally and
Weekly Political and Family New spapers, togeth
er with all lho*e having hrjre circulation·, pub
lished in (lie Interest of Re I iglen, Agriculture, Lit
erature, Ac., Ac. Κ very Advertiser, and «very
per non «ho eontemplate·» Incoming *nch, will fleet
till* book of great value. Mailed Ire»· I·· am ad·
drvxit on receipt of UfUvn cent· 4«i:oit<;t: I·.
KIMVI'I.I, 4k CO., Publisher-, No. 10 Park I tow,
New York.
The I'ittsbnrg (Pa.) Loader, in it* i»nuc of May
SO, 1ΚΓ0. way»: "The Ann of ti. Ρ Howell A Co ,
which issue* this interesting ami valuable book,
I· the lariret and beet Advertising Agency in the
l'nlted Mate·, and we can cheerftall) reeo'mmcnd
it to the attention of those who de-ne to adverti-e
their Internes· scientifically* and systematically in
such a way, that i*. so to secureIhe largest atnonnl
of publicity for the l<*a>l expenditure of moue}
U-flL U .
Should occasion reoulre von to purchase
Β A. Fahneatock'a vertniftige, be particu
larly careful to aee that the lnltiala are Λ.
A. This la the article that haa been ao
Favorably Known Since 1829,
And purchasers muat insist on having it
If thev do uot wlah to have an imitation
forced upon them.
4 VOID Ql At ΚΝ. Λ victim of early indi»
ji\. cretion, ruling ncrvoun debilitv, premature
decay, Ac., have tried in vain ever» advertised
reined τ. ha-λ «dmtde mean* of fell cure, which
he w 11 f -end free to nt· fellow -nlTerer· \ddrc*»
J. II. ΤΙ TTI.K, 7h Nx^u Street, New York.
CI1 VlOIlNt· — 4i<ι paire·; cloth Thi· \»·>η·
derlul book ha· full Instruction· to enable the
resder to fa«cinate either «et, or auv animal, at
will Mc«mcri»ni, Mplrituali«m. and hundred· »»f
other curloo· experiments It can tie obtained b*
aendina eddrese, with I#eants poitttg, »·» T. W j
KVAN> A Co., No. 11 >o. Kiglilh >t Philadelphia 1
To the Honorable Hoard of( oomIv Comiul»»ionern i
within and for the Count? of Oxford.
ΠΡΙΙΚ under»iirncd citi/en·» of aid ( ountv uaiild
X rv«|N*clfullt repre-ont that publie ron\ Vnience
ami nrcceoitr. rt^piire a widtmiiu; ·ι" the County
Ilnutre»* nu l other*, and lending lh)mllii('oiinl\ !
mail, known s« the ICive» road, m Mexico. and '
ne«r the dwelling houac of John II Klli·, in »aid
Mexico, to the Amln)«roffin HI vit, ni lot* water
mark nt KlliVs FciTJ Thcy, therefore rvspertfiilljr
n«k iii.it you will > iew «aid route, ,-tinl make «ικ·η
widening tn ι tu· «arue a· public convenience ruid
rmmiKj require.
i.ll>KON KLLI>, Jr.
Mexico, Sept. i, IfTO.
OxmRDt ss. — Hoard of County ConmUsloner*,
September Smlon, liCO.
Γροο the foregoing trtttion. iitliftetoryftidi'ttM I
having beet» received that the petitioner* are rmpon·
slble. and that inquiry Into the inrrtt· of their ν>· I
plication I* rxprdli nt. It I* ordered that the County
Commix Ιο—Γ» meet at the I > w ··! 11 njj ll»u* of John
II. Kill*, in M< \lco,on TL ES1> A \ , the eighteenth
dayofOct next, at ten o'clock In the forenoon, and
throe»· proceed to view the route ui»ntlou»d in «nlil
petition . I owned lately after which view,» hearing of
the partir* and w itnea»e· will be had at some οψ » ι ο
ί·· nt place In the vicinity, and ruch other tn· a»uret f
taken In the premise* a* the Com ml»* loner* «hall
judv'e proper. And it I· turther order» d. that ootuv
of the time,place and purpose of the Coaintasioner·'
meeting alore*aid 1» fheo to all person* and cor
poration* lolere»tr«l hv causing attested copie» ot
said pet it on and ot thta order thereon to t»-«» rv«-l
upon the rjerk of the town of Mexico. and al*o to
lie po*t»-d up tn three public pi.*· · « iu «aid town,
and published three week· »urcr**tveh In the Ox
ford l»eiDocrat, a new*pap« r printed m Pari*, m i»«id
Count ν of Oxford the first of (aid publication·
and each of the other not let-», to be made. *erved
and posted, at least thirty day· tu tor»· *aid time
ol meeting, to the end that ail persons and cor
poration* may then and there appear and «hew
c*u*e If any they have, why the prajer ol «aid
petitioner* should not be «ranted
Attest : W Μ Κ KIM HALL, Clrrk.
A true copy of said petition and order of Court
Attest : W1I. K. KIMBALL, Clerk.
Τ·» the Honorable Hoard of County Ι'Ίΐηιηι^'ίοη·
en», within and for the Count* <»t «»\foid
Γ11ΙΙΚ underoign»··! \ _r·· tit of the uihantiiit* of J
Χ Ι'ηιι-, «lui* «lUthoriztfd Γοι that purpose,
would re»|»eeifullr repre-eut that the publie con·
venience and neco«itv do not re«|ttin· the contin
uance of t tie "Old Count* It·»ad," n·» heretofore
tin veiled, leading from \Vι·-I Part* bv the dwel
ling house·» ol J»ml Young and Jacob Ι' ι °urti.«, ι
to and neai the dwelling tiou-e of Welcome Kin-· I
ley. lu tirvenwood He therefore respectfully r»·-'
ipie-t* *our Honors to view ~aid route, aud make
»ucli discontinuance· in m»id highway hitherto
travelled. leading from the dwelling hoaoe of Jn
red Voitng. in I'srm.bj >\'IIIi.·»* Mill* and the house
<d Jacob 1'. Curtis, to and naai the dwelling house
of Welcome Kinsley, in Oreenw.MMl, m -aid Cotin- ι
ty, a* in your judgment the public conveuieuce
and necessity re»|inn·.
of the Inhabitant* ol l'aria.
Paris. >ept iith, 1>Τθ
OxFOKt». as,— Board of County Commission·r*, |
September Session, ||·Γ0,
Γροο the foregoing petition. sati*factory evidence
having been received (fiat the petitioner* are r»- \
sponsible. and that Inquiry Into the merit » ol their
applicatioB I* expedient, it i< ordered that the Coun
ty Commissioners meet at the 1'ost I lifter at We»·
rari*. in said County of Oxford, on THUHSPAY,
the 20th day of October oext,at ten ot the clock In the
fomioon. and thence procetdto view the route men- !
tioned Id said netltion : I mine·] la tel ν alter w Inch view
a hearing of the partie· nod wltneue· will be
had at some convenient piece latin* vicinity. aud
such other measure* t*ken in the premise* a* the |
Commissioner· «hail judge proper. And It I·* fur
ther ordervd, that notice of the time, place and pur
po*e oi the Commissioners' meeting aforesaid be
given to all person· and corporation* interested by
causing attested copie· oi said petition and of till·
order thereon to he »erved upon the rtst>ci*tiveCle»ks
of the town* of 1'arU, Woodstock and Ureenwocd,
and alao |>o«led up in three public pince» iu each >1
mid town*, and published tliree week* *ucce*«ive· j
ly in the Oxford l'einocrat, a nev\>p*per print· |
id at Pari* in «aid County of Oxford, the tirat
of **id publication* and each of the other notice· to
be made, nerved and po*ted at least thirty day· before
raid time of meeting, to the end that all perron* and
corporation* may then and there appear and »hew
cause it any they have. why the praytr of *ald ρ ti
tionet* thould not be grunted.
Attest: WM. Κ KIMBALL, Clerk.
A true copy of sali petition, and order of Court
thereon. ·
Attest : WM. K. KIMBALL, Clerk.
Good Fits Warranted.
ΓΓΜΙΚ subscriber, at Mexico, having obtain···! |
1 the mm vices of good TAILOR, and having
ulwnvfc on hand a
»rc now prepared to dreae all desirous of so
doing, in
Made up in the Best Stylo.
Mexico, July 14,1870. eow
WHEREAS George C. Aldrich, η boy, bound
to me by the s*de«-tn»eu of the town of Beth·
;l, has left my premise·, I forbid nil persons har·
K>ring or trusting him on my account, u* I shall
i»ay none of his debt· after this «late.
West Bethel, Aug. 2". 1870.
Notice of Dissolution.
VTOTICE is hereby given that the llrm of Bean
A Mason, of West Bethel, is thi* day dis·
wived. The business will continue in the name
>f A. f*. BEAN, who will pay all outstanding
lebts, and to whom all persona owing said tirm
tre requested to mako immediate payment.
Weal Bethel, Aug. >4, 1870.
Sjfl J £ jiff (Formerly ATLANTIC lloi »E,)
ΙΒα^Λ South Paria, Me.
This well known House has recently been relit·
wl nnd is now open for the accommodation of the
he travelling public. *ir Passengers conveyed
ο aud from the I»epot free of charge.
Α. Β. * Α. Α. Α Λ DREWS,
tug 12 Proprietor·.
Noa-Heelienl Taxes,
In the Town of Mekino, County of Oxford, IL
for the year 1Λ5».
The fallowing Mot of Taxe* on Real (
ίο:·· ddent ow ner· in the Town ol Me>le iv..
lui· *· »r IHHW.iii hill* committed to Rcilj. V*. .
wed. ( ollivtor of mlil tow η of Mexico, ot> t I
lay of June, 1NU!», Iia« been returned %] ϋ<Λ -
m»' ai remaining unpaid on the ITlh clay of Jtt»»
I«70, hy hie cetiillcaf· of that date, un.| uov> rt
mnin unpaid ; ami uotlcc is hereby given that 11
the «aid taxe·· and interr.-t and charge*are not |M»ld
into the Treasury of said town within eighteen
month» from the date of the commitment of »aid
bill*, ko much of the rual estate taxed a* nil! be
-uflicient to μην the amount due therefor, includ
ing interest and charge·, will without fuitherno·
lice, be «old at publie Auction at my Store in
*aid town, on Saturday, the thirty fli nt day of I»e
r«mber, Α. I». IHTu, at 1 o'clock 1. >1.
ihrnrrt. Ao Lot. Hung*. Vain*. Tax.
l'arker, Amiui I>., L· fi flî2 (ASH
·· " τ» 5 100 4 JO
Raadall, Isaac, 12 « l.V) β 15
II 3 45 1.0*
Smith, \V»n. W., aland .175 2.US
HENRY W. PARK, Ti-ea*.
Mexico. Sept 12, 1*70.
I%t>n-Ko4idrut Tax<%
In the Town of Stow, in the County of Oxford and
State of Maine, for tbe year Inw,
The following f.iat of Taxe* on the Real K*tatc
of non re-ident owner-, in the town of Stow, fo»
the year lute», in hill* committed to Nathan An
drew», ('«Hector of «aid town, on the twenty-rtr»t
day of June, A. I>. I*a». ha» been returned br him
to'me a* remaining unpaid on the twenletli day of j
Julie, A. 1» 1870, by hi* certificate of that date,
and now remain unpaid; and notice i« hercliy
given that it the said taxe·, intercut and charge*,
art· not paid into the Treasury of said town with
in eighteen month* from the 'date of the commit
ment of the -aid bill», ao much of the Iti-al KM a te
taxed a# will be sufficient to pay the amount dur
therefor, including interest and rhargei*. will, with
out further notice, be -old at public auction, at
the Town llou.«e, in said Stow, on the th'rtv-ftrst
day of December, A. D. 137o, at ten o'clock Α. M
? ? 5 î S c
? .11 ai * ?
Thon M
John μιιι, 31 4 '25 Wm. Stark. $30 $ h 7*
do an i.lvJ ^harlon and » . ..
•io. w( Wm stark, 45 1 l#
do. 3 lo Caleb Heath, 40 I 04
do. 7 M " " Hi ♦ M
do. β 40 " " 100 2.·»
lie*». MTilev, 4 3·) Joseph Frye, 55 143
Ο. II. DAY, Trca».
Stow. Aug. 2*J, I«70.
KoiwKr»idrnt Taxe*.
• *
In the town of Albany, C'euntv of Oxford, and
Mate of Maine, for the year A 1). iNjatjd.
The following list ol Taxe* on real estate of non
resident owners in the town of Albany, for the
vear 1*61». iu hills committed to Amos Jj. I Wane,
Collector of Taxes of said town, on the 39th da>
of .luye, |*H», ha·» been returned by him to me as
remaining unpaid on the 27th day of June, I«7o,
by his reitlflrate of that date, and now remain
unpaid, and notice i* hereby given that if said
taxes ami interest, and charges are not paid
into the treasury of «aid town of Albany withiu
eighteen month» from the date of the commitment
of said bill», so much of the real estate so taxed
a· will be sufficient to pay the amount due there
for, including interest and charités, w 111 w ithout
fuither notice, be sold nt oublie auction at the
Treasurer'·· Office, tix : his dw elling house, in «nid
town on th·· llr»t Monday in February, 1*71, at 1
o'clock P. M.
.Ay<uti or
ι hrurri.
Μ ο se» Pattec,
Hanson, .1
Γγγ·ι all llonnett, 1
A I* Aftlrcn·, Il
JoMfth Ρ Wo»coU, (
John I*. Ma>on,
John Lyucli,
A. (Jrover, Τ rus,
A. Grovcr,
Lof. Range. Acr*i
3 Τ
a f
ι f
4 I
4 «
4 ί
3 f
l'aiur. /Ht<
4«)—|*2ott) $»*.00
13 !0
Κ U3
3 10
3 16
il 1.23
7 î 'W7 1300
AmtiMd Juno 10th, H5<, on «arac, I
supplementary com m it mont, »
I. 11. I.OVEJOY, Trea*
Albany, Anjr. 27, KO.
$0 77
1 <>.»
2 3.3
^oii'Krsidfiit TnYfN,
In (lie Plantation of Milton, County of Oxford,
Maine, for the year !*»>«.
The following lint of Tate* on Keel Estate of
non-resident ovnen in the Plantation of Milton,
for the year I*!», in hill* committed to Jefferson
Ja« V-on, Collector of said Plantation of Milton,
on the I»t day of July, If·», ha* l>cen returned by
him to n»«· a· remain'nc unpaid on tin· :tOth du) of
June, Js7o, by hi* certificate of that date, and now
remain unpaid and noti< «· i* hercb\ giwn that if
the «aid taxe», interest and charge- ffh· not paid
into the Trea-urv of -aid PIantation within eigh
teen month· inun tin* date of the commitment of
•«aid bills, »o much of the real estate taxed a* will
Ik· sufficient to pay the amount dnc therefor, in
eluding charge·, will, without further notice, be
«old at publie auction, at the shop of the subscri·
ber, lu Milton Plantation, on Saturday, the 31st
day of December, 1*70, at one o'clock P. M.
<hrn<rt. IaA. Acrt*. I'aJue.
Brown, Joseph, 4'U» 30 ||3
IhiT. Iliram. or unkn'n.38 >« 60
Estes, Enoch, Μ£>Λ> 2w» 130
Kelt, J. υ., P0 100 173
llenr, Henry O., — NO 30
Thompcon, Sewell, — 112 300
BF.XJ. sWETT, Trea*.
Milton Plantation. Aug. 2it, ltCO.
To the Honorable County C-omnti«»iofiers, of the
County of Oxford, at their September Session,
A 1> POO.
Γ|ΐ||Ε underiigned. citizen* of Walorford and vi·
X rinity, in saw] County. respectfully repiwnl,
that "the common convenience and necessity," re
•juin s alteration» in the old County Koad, »s now
traveled, leadiug fioin Lovell to North Water ford,
by th«· dwelling house· of William lie» aud Henry
A. Jewett, within the town of Waterford. They
further represent that a new location should l>e
made, commencing on the "Old County Koad" lead
tug from North ** aterford to I.ovcll, at or near the
hoaae of Jaeob II. fîreene in said Waterford, aud
runniui.· thenee In the most practicable mute to the
••New County Koad" leading from said I.oveil to
said North Waterfbrd, at or near the house ol Na
thatuel It. Hodndon, in said Waterfonl; or com
mrnHtiK at any point ou said Old County Koad, in
said Waterford, aud running to and connecting
with sud N«-w County Ko·!, in said Waterford
They then-fore nouent yuur Honor* to view said
roads, slid to make such alteiations, uew locations,
and discontinuances a* in your Judgment the com
mon convenience and necessity reuuirc.
H. A IEWETT, and 30 other·.
Οχηικπ, *h. — Hoard ot County Commissioner·,
September Session, i. D. 187^
Γ pou tli·· fcregoliit; petition, satisfactory evidence
having been rece|»«d that the petitioner* arr re
sponsible. and that iiKjulry into the merit» of their
application le expedient:
it is Ordered, that the County Commissioner*
ni't t at the Dwelling llou-e of Henry A. Jewett,
in Wateriord, on TUESDAY. the 11th day of Octo
Iwr next, at ten ot lh« clock A. M.. and thence pro
re«-d to view the route mentioned in Mid petition ;
immediately after which view, a hearing ot the
partie» and witnesses will be had at soute couve»
lent pince lu the vicinity, end auch other meas
ure» taken in the premises as the Commissioner»
•hall judge proper. And it it farther ordered, that
notice ot the time, place and purpose uf the Com
missioners' meeting aforesaid be given to all per
ions and corporations interested, by causing attest
•d copies of said petition and of this order thereon to
he served upou the Clerk of the Town of Waterfoid.
snd slso to De posted up in thrte public places in said
[own, and published three week* auccessivciy in
the Oxford Democrat, a newspaper printed at Paris,
•aid County ·! Oxford, the first of said publications
and each of the other notices, to be Made, served
mid posted, at least thirty days before <uid tiuie of
iiterting to the end that all persons and corpora
tions may then and there appear and shew cause,
If any they have, why the prayer of said petitioners
should not be granted
Attest: VVM. K. KIMBALL, Clerk.
A true copv of said Petition and Ord«.T of Court
thereon :
Attest: WM. K. KIMBALL. Clerk.
T1THKKKAS mv «ife, Ν a ne ν Goodwin, having
left mv bed and board without provocation,
thi* is to forbid all person· hnrboring or trusting
tier on my account.
Hiram. Aug. 12,1870.
Freedom Notice·
THIS certifies that I havegiven to my ion, James
Ο Lunt, his time for the remainder ot his
minority to act and trade for himself. I shall
therefore pay no debts nor claim any of hie wages
ifler thin «late.
\Vitni·*»— David Sewall.
Kast Sumner, Sept. 12, l£70.
Fine Watch Repairing
WE are prepared to do all geueral and difficult
WATCH WOilK, such ns resetting Pivots,
I'inions, Wheels, Balance Staff», ( y limiers, aud
Escapement Wheels; aud correcting depth».
Special attention given to Pallet Jeweling,
whether enclosed or exposed ; Polishing Pallets
»nd eorrectinir their Alleles, when repuiied;
Matching K*capement*; Duplex roller Jewels
ind K«ca|>enient Angle» corrected.
Hole Jewel» of all kind» r*v»et.
Oval, flat elded, round and three eorncred roller
lewel Pins.
All Work Warranted,
Watch Makers.
Sonth I'arii, Juuei. 1870.
Tlii# Remedy dm> not «imply relirrr for 11 short
time, bill it |ιπηΙιι<·μ perfect ami permanent cure*
of tlu· w«>r*t Oîise* of Chronic Na«al < atarrh, and
/ trill pay ·.*«*' rrwn rti/or a en* tk<U 1 cannot cure.
"Cold in Uie head"' and Catarrhal Headache are
cured with η few »Pl)lk«lloin. If you hare A «II··
«•lun ge from the nom, ofriiilvior otherwise, stop·
|>ing ιιρ of Ui«' noee ut tim»·*, partial loss of the
•ense of *mell. ta*te or hearing, eye* watering or
weak, feel dull, have |>ain or pre*»nr« in the head,
τσ· nviv rctt nsnured that you b«r< ( *t.vrh.—
Thousand· annually, without manifesting half of
the ahovu itmptom, terminate in Consumption
and eml in the grave. No fli-eiiw is m> oobwom,
more deceptive or less nn<ien«loo<l by physicians.
I will send my pamphlet on Catarrh to any «il
dre** free. Dr. sage's (atarrh Remedy l« now
Price 50 cent». Ment by mail, postpaid, ou receipt j
of i>0 cent*, or four package* i«»r two dollar*. Be- |
w are of ctmnttr/Htê and tcoriMU*.« imitulUmt. Sec
that my prirntr »towp, which is a /nnitim jf*<ir«in
Irr of ffenminrnrMM, i* upon the outside wrapper
Remember that this private Stamp. issued by the
I'nited Mate» Government oiur«aslj for stamping
my medicines, ha* my portiaft. name and address,
mid the words "U. S. Certificate of Genuineness"
engrave»! upon it, and need not be mistaken. I>on't
be β wind let! by traveler» ami other», representing
themselves as Dr. sage I a tu the only man now
living that h ι« the knowledge and right lo inann·
laeture the gtituinr Dr. >aac'<i Catarrh Remedy,
ami I never travel to sell thl* medicine.
R. V. P1KRCK, M I» ,
Jul I 3m 133 Seneca Street, Buffalo, Ν. V. t
Jl'ST published, a new edition of I»r. Culver
well's t'elebraled on the rtuiical
curt (without medicine) of SI'SIOIATOUUKIU. or
Seminal \Vc.»kne«s. In\•■luntai ν >eminal l.<>*.«e«,
IMI1JTKSCT, Mental and l*hy»i<*al Incapacity, In*·
Iiediment· to Marriage, etc. ; ali>o, CnSftrMlTION,
îI'ILKI'kV, an.) Km*, induced bj self-indulgence
or texnil extravagance.
•#-1* rice. in a *ealed envelop*·, onlv β cent*.
The celebrated author, in thi« admiralde essay,
clearly demonstrates from a thirty year·' -uccei»»·
fnl practice. Huit the alarming continence* of
*clf al>n*c may be radically cured without the
dangerous use of internal medicine or the appll ι
cation of the knife; pointing out a mode of cure
at once «impie, certain and effectuai, bjr means of
w hich every Miffcrer, no matter w hat hi* condi
tion ma ν be, may cuie himself cheaply, privately,
and nuticuJIff.
«*Thi< I ecture should be in the hand* of every j
youth and every man in the land.
Sent, under seal, in a plain envelope, to any ad
dre*·, postpaid, on receipt of si* cents, or two
jkost «tamps.
Also, Dr. t iilverweir* "Marriage Guide," price
Ά'ι ccuts. Addre·»* the Publishers,
( HAS. J ( KL1NL Λ CO ,
PiT Bowery, Ν V , Post office Bo* 4.CI*·.
Sept. id, 1*70. iy
3 Barclay Ht. *. Y. or 38 W. «th Ht.. OmImILΟ.
If they want the mont popularand »*wt «elling
lubnrrlption hook* pahlUhed. and tl»· moat lib.
eral Urns Hi>nd forrlmuUn. Theywlllorwtyoa
nothing, and may b· of great benefit to you.
The place to buy your
iPsernrn. Smarts. |
Pllle, Pl&at· re,
ROUTS >f II Κ JlftS,]
Book·. Paper, and
Envelop··, at
Drug S tor·,
Sewing Machine Agency.
and All *taudard Machine! constantly on hand.
Thread·. Oil. Needle·», and all kitids of Trim- J
tning» fur Sew in# Machine·, at
!*oyN' Bloc k, Norway, .tie.
Nor. 27,1888.
Λο. I I Preble St., Portland, Me.
«^-Κ»ΐηΙ»Ιί·»1ι»·ι| for the treatment of those dis
ais in both eexo* requiring Experience, Skill,
louor ami Delicacy.
Ladies or Gentlemeu requiring medical Ri)vi>e
r tffttnient, ari-ifur from »nv private ran»*--,
.'ould do well to banish nil diflldence anil make
u early application to DR. 111*«.HKS.
The Doctor'· long ami successful practice, to
ether with the marvelous cures ilecteil, are un
uertlouable guarantees of hie skill nmt ability.
All correspondence ftrictly confidential, anil
«ill be returned, if desired.
Address DK J. II HUGHES,
No. 14 Preble Street,
»'ext door to the Preble House, l'ui-tland, Me.
«£-Seud a -tamp for Circular. apll «ni ,
if aine Steamship Com'y
Semi-Weekly Line.
)N and after the l*th in-t., the tine Meamera
IMKIc.o and PRANCON1A, will until further
otiee, tun as follow*:
Leave Gait's Wharf, Portland, every MONDAY
ml THURSDAY, at 4 P. M . and leave Pier JW K.
t. New York, every MONDAY and THURSDAY,
t Λ P. M.
The Oirigo ami Prancouia are fltteil up with line I
ccouimodation* for passenger*, making this the
io>t COB renient and romfortalde route tor travel
r» between New York and Maine.
Parage in state Uooiu Cabin Passage (4. ,
leale extra.
Goods forwarded to ami from Montreal, Queliec,
lalifax, St. John, and all part* of Maine. Ship·
ere are requested to send their freight to the
teamer» as early as 4 P. ll., on the dav » they leave ,
For freight or passage applv to
HENRY KOV. Gait's Wharf, Portland
J. F. AMES, Pier 3b E. It. New York.
July 9, 18».
A MAN, with small capital in a very lucrative
A. businem» ; will bear the cJoMat investigation.
Vpply to, or addreee, wi'h t-tamp,
J. M. PI.Γ M M Kit Λ CO.,
ug. *&>. 3>( Washington St., Boetou, Mats.
New Store, New Goods
Γ Η Ε subscriber would respect ΠιΙΙ ν announce :
to the citizen· οΓ Bethel and vieiuftv. that she
as just opened a new store ou C'haeelh Street,
ne door north ot M. T. Cro»e\ where may be !
>und for the Lowest Prie··,
couhtautly on hand.
The public are respectfully iuvited to call and
xatnine this new etock of goods, before purchas
ig elsewhere.
Bethel Hill, May 24th. 197D.
Hair Vigor,
For restoring Cray Hair lo
its natural Vitality and Color.
Λ dressing which
is at our»· agreeable,
healthy, nud « ffrotu.il
for preserving tl.n
liair. Faded or y ray
hair is soon rr*tor>.l
to its original color
with the glose and
frcthnrs» of youth.
Thin hair is thick
ened. fulling hair checked. and bald
ness often, though not alway. cund
by its use. Nothing can rotore tin
hair where the follicles are <!c>ttm -J,
nr the glands atrophied aud dicaved.
Hut such as remain ran be saved f< r
usefulness bv this appli* ation. lust* nl
[>f fouling the hair with a j-as!y sedi
BMttt, it wfll k<?v*|) it ch :iTi ·Μ vigowww»
lis occasional use will prevent the hair
from turning gray or falling » ft'. aud
ron«cquentIy prevent baldi.· s«. Free
from those deleterious substance which
make some preparations dan^rous nt.-l
injurious to the hair, the \ ijjor < ;ιιι
only benefit but not harm it. it wauted
merely for a
nothing rise can be found m> desirable.
Containing neither oil nor dye. it «Iocs
not soil white cambric, and yet laMs
long ou the hair, giviug it a ricli μΙοΜ-y
lustre aud a grateful perfume.
Prepared by Dr. J, C. Ayer & Co.,
Practical and Analytical C hemists.
price $1.00.
Vegetable Sicilian HairRenewer
Every year increases the popu
larity of thin valuable Hair Prep
η rat ion, which i» due to merit
alone. We ran assure our old
patrons that it is kept fully up to
it h hit; U standard, aud to those
who have tiever used it we ran
confidently nay, that it is the only
reliable and perfected preimra
tion to restore 4·Ι<4 V OR FA DDI)
HAIR to its youthful color, tonk
in ff it »oft, lustrous, and silken ;
the tealp, by its une, becomes
whits and clean ; it removes all
eruption» and dandruff, and by
itλ tonic pro/terties prevents the
hair from falling out, a* it stim
ulates and nourishes the hair
glands. By its use the hair y rou s
thicker and stronger. In baldness
it restores the capillary glands
to their normal vigor, and will
create a new growth except in
extreme old age. It is the most
economical HAIR DKE39I!K«
ever used, as it requires fewer
applications, and gives the hair
that splendid glossy appearance
so much admired by all, A. A.
Haycst ΛΙ. I)., State Assayer of
Mass,t says, 44the constituents are
pure ana carefully selected for
excellent quality, and I consider
it the BKftT PREPARATION for
its intended purposesH e pub
lish a treatise on the hairt which
we tend free by mail u/wn appli
cation, which contain» commen
datory notices from clergymen,
physicianst the press, and others.
We have made the study of the
hair ami its diseases a specialty
for years, and know that we malse
the most effective preparation for
the restoration and the preserva
tion of the hair, extant, and so
acknowledgetl by the best Medi
cal un«l Authority.
Soli by all Drwgyitti and IkaUrt in Mediciw
Pr1«« on* Dollar Per B«IU«.
R. P. HALL A CO., Proprietors,
Ah w*»l!-Vf>«>wn rnnMlf ■'·>· « not <1rr up a fr»n?h. ard
leavu the r;m*«> Ι-·Μιι·Ι. *» M tl r.u·. «ithiiM· ι r· ■
itioni but it loosen* ami <■' ι .■■· « tli< lu-.ο, * ! * ι »
Irritation. thu·. mni-rima tKr <\i■·it of tlirt <·. r ,
SK.ru W foWLR λ nos. ιτ.,ν iKom. ik«t< ν,.α
by Urufcglata and doAitia lu tuvUi«lue» ««lierai.;,
Mild, Certain. Safe, Kfficient. It i* fhr the l>« ■>
Cathartic remedy >et discovered. »t muv η
lieve* ami invigorate* all the vilal function*, η ith
out causing Iniury tu any of them. The m«»«t « "in
Idete *ucceee lia» long attended it* umî in roaxn
ncaliti»·.-: and it i« now offered I" the jî» îi· rs !
public with the conviction that it rau never tail ι ·
accouipli->ti all that i« claimed for it It pr· · ·
little or no pain ; 1 ave» the organ* livefrum ι· '·
tiou, and ne*er over ta ve* or excite* the »en
-icm in all dUetien ·<ι the -w a,blood M
bowel*. li\er, kidne* .*.—of children, ami in ι
difficulties peculiar lo women it l»rinK* Ρ'· "I '
relief and certain cure. The best physician* κ 'in
mend and prescribe II; and no person \»Ιι«···ι «'
use-tin, will v.duntanah u turn toItalU· <
other cathartic.
Sent by mail, on receipt of price and postage
I It. ν .#·)«, . ρ
5 " 1.00, ·· J*
12 " 'i t\ ·· st ··
It is sold by all dealera in drug-· and iuc<l. m.< »
Tl'RXKK 4l CO., Proprietor*,
120 TltfcMoM STKKKT, Bo«Tl>V M i —
Dec 3,1*ΐβ.
The new and -u| · ri· r
k h»r "teanier» John Brook*.
Γ1·ami .Woulrral, having Ι·"'ΐι
JnHBjL Htusd up at greatexpe
a large number
State Rooms, will run the aeason a* fo||ou
Leaving Atlantic Wharf, Portland, at 7 o'· !<■· k
and India Wharf, Boston, every dn\ at 7 (Λ 1 ·· k
P. M., (Sunday* excepted.)
Fare in Cabin, fl.-V»
Deck fare i.oo
Freight taken as usual.
Sept 1,1*1». f. MIXINGS, Agent.
DR. J. W. Cl HTIS, - Driili*'»
Having disposed ol bis Office at Mechanic fal··4·
will continue to
roniing the FlB*T Monday in each in«ntii
remaining one week, or more, a* formerly.
«-All work waiTanted.
Oftice-Ht AndreM's Hou»e.

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