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(totality of i*ork Influenced by
Λ lew weeks ago. in replying it» *oifi«·
«pie lions ot a correspondent, we hadoc
rasK»n to «ay something in ia*or <>1 «;<«»*«
I ork. This was done lor two reason"
l'ilôt because we do iw believe that i:<i*
mo lernte um οί g»>od i>ork is unwhole
some. η nil secondly, because pork, in one
form or another, i- an auicle of prime im
p >rtance—we had almost said indis|»en·
sil.lt—in the family ci every farmer.
All this was said of good pork, iho
tlesh and fat of the animal* which were
healthy through life.lmving been properly
it .! on nutricious, but not too highly slim
tilaling food, aud fattened,not to obesity,
kH.l then slaughtered in a cleanly man
ner, and }iteserved with care.
Banish those products from the larm,
and the means of furnishing some ol the
iuo>t acceptable, nutritious aud whole·
» <me di>hes will be goue. The barrel o(
-ailed {»ογκ and vegetables from Ihc gar
den, lurnish the principal supplies of the
dinner ta-'le through the most of the sum·
int ι months.to thousands upon thousands
o| New EngLind families. Take them
away, and thousands of hou>e-wive*
v%»«uld be sorely puzzled to furnish an in
\iting feast to those daily awaiting their
welcome call.
lheie is nothing yet discovered tha
can lilt the place in the cuisine depart
un nt, ot good,sweet pork,fresh or salted,
ι in bacon or snowy lard. Butter will not
«!<> it. even it it were good butter; ami
that would be an auomaly. There are
*ome dishes that must be seasoned with
pork. Nothing else will supply its place.
It give.·» a seasoning and finish to viands
w hi eh i" as natural to them a* butter to
Γ bread, or cream t'^ the coffee.
But the flesh ol the nig may be injured,
h » doubt, by injudicious feeding, by ι ν
post!te or bad treatment. The flesh of
>w iae that run in the woods. and Iced up
on roots and insects which they find in the
so.:, and acorns and other nut*, is >troug
and unpalatable. If fed largely upon
< >h. brewers' grains or any other highly
emulating tood, the flesh may not be so
-•'.id and ι u:c as ii fed upon dry grains,
mc:d, vegetable- and young, sweet grass.
1 he flesh of a slaughtered ox will give
the taint of an onion which he eat several
huurs before So will the lit -li ot pou!
try be tainted by having acce»* to filthy
st wers and vaults
Let all who îaÎM pork, then givo the ,
living animals clean, and warm or cool
places to which they Can rrort at will,>.>
:t> to presetvc in themselves ·*η even,
agreeable a id healthful temjHrature at
all times. L ; their meals be regular, a!·
wu> s sutlicient to sati>!y the craving- ol
hunger, aud to promote a fair growth.—
L~t them have the light and the warm
rays of the sun directly ujnin thum when
they desir* it, it possible. (live them
• o·'! water and fresh vegetables frequent
ly. and during the summer season as
much short, sweet young grass as tlicy
w ii 1 cat. What i> of the first importance,
a > s i- a clean, wairn bed in cold weath·
« r, and one that can be darkened in hot
weather, so that they can lie undisturbed
Ι»ν Hies.
"15ut. all thi·, costs something.*" Cer
tainly, so does rearing a colt, or a heifer.
< ι a *teer, vet it is found profitable to
give them careful attention, day by day,
and many times in a day. I« it an> le>s
to rear the pig properly. that i-. to
supply the family with mj much healthy
I >od, and that which is >o delicate and
«•>sential too ? It c, rtainijr i> not.
We tind some sensible remarks upon
this subject b\ a correspondent ot the
I tica Herald. lit- ^ays:—
"The quality of p>rk is greatly influ
enced by the leed. The dairy makes
l»oor work—flabby and soft—pork that
will fry away much, and what is lelt be
worth but little. This is the ease whether
milk or w hey is fed. But it is îemiioer*
ative to make this pork ; it is therefore
made. It you want pork tor your own
u·".. >o!id, bearing the h eut. and a sweet
morsel when cooked, you must teed the
Old corn, makes perhaps as good pork
a* anything. Peas are excellent, and pay
well. We used formerly to fat with peas
with good results, but a mixture of thc»e
- ,\ od. Soak, am! th< η feed, and give
ι old water to drink.
Cold water, also, to eool the heated
•ody ol the animal i:i hot weather, is
e> iis«ary — tit at is access to water—bet
el h howered or dripping copiously, as
»\e liave .. vase in town where the race
< t a mill .· made to do this, keeping the
itog- and the pen clean and cool. There
.·» evident comiort and prosperity in th;*
l»en. 1 here is little or no stench, which
affecte ])ork. making \our tiuest Berk·
•hire taste strong, l'lenty of litter and
tbaoroent» are wanted. Any*hy mate·
. Λ will do, partially d.y muck, or the
< oolir g sawdust, or dust trom the road.
When will oar farmers avail thetn>el»v*
ascetous fermentation s*.ts in, and in the
end turns the cidei to vinegar, in the
erli.u*thi> is probably a ~erie^ «>t tonnent
alio:»>, rtcuuing at different period.» oi
the jwr. And the length ol time 4m
jm ihIs on the activity ot the lamentation ;
and that a,;..iu depend? ou the propor
tions of fermentable mallei and the leiu
jH iature. Air must bo admitted by tnc
Third. As to water cider, cold, pure
^oft water is added to the pressed po
i.tace. I do not know how much. No
rule was ever fixed within my olnerva
i ·η. Μ ν impression b that about halt
as much water, aa the ^uaniiiy ot the
tiret run ot cider expressed, will yield a
product which will make good vinegar.
The proportion must bo ascertained by
0m of the old empirical methods was
to remove the screws ai d cover from the
cheese alter it had been pressed pretty
dry. drive sharp stakes down from the
upper surface, pour in water, a- much us
the mass will absorb and hold, without
pressure, or as much as you desire for
u>e, let it soak thoroughly .and then press
ol this, and thus increase largely the
manure piles, abate a nuisance (in the
escaping effluvium)anil improve the qual
ity ol their pork f"
!:: reph to the statement that "the dai
i\ u»akc> poor pork," another writer,
\>i!h whom we entirely agree, says:—
"The above étalement ia too strong in
reference to the quality of pork from the
dairy. The refuse of a butter dairy,
skimmed milk, &c., makes very sweet
pork ; but being in a liquid and soluble
state, this food is so easily digested and
absorbed by the system, and tho ho·*
grow >o last upon full feed ol il. that tiie
pork i~ soft. But this delect is remedied
by feeding a few weeks previous to kill
ing, upon corn υι other »olid food. The
dairy is a ^ieat resource for pork-making,
and needs only to be properly managed
lo produce the be«t quality.—[ATctc Eng
land Farwt r.
Orchartlitiy and Cider- Making.
Edward Nelson, Esq., ol Minot Centre
furnishes his method ol vinegar making.
His uituhod of cleaning oil casks lor vine
gar i» simple, but worth knowing, and
is as follow* lie liils the cask with new
cider, without any previous cleaning,
le <·> ih*' bung out during the lei mcnta
tif»u, :ind l»v keeping the eask full, all the
«•il as weil .ι» the pomace and other
teiiimt-nls are completely purged from
t he > es m I.
V\ hen he bas young trees lo set, lie
take* hi» cart and goes into the wood lot
and gathers a quantity of rotten wood
and decay ing leaves, sufficient lo put a
bushel or more beneath each tree, mix·
ing it with loam. By this treatment he
obuuns a good growth the lirst year,
and a very rapid growth in after years.
li< believes the vegetable matter above
named, contains jus! the substance re
quited by the trees.
ili- method ol keeping his cider ap·
pi» s from la!l to mid summei lolloping,
without rotting, is by freezing them, and
putting them into a bin and covering the
whole with hay, in which condition they
are kept in a perfect state until July,
lie makes the most of his cider into
\inegar; and to give an idea of the
quantity he makes 1 will give you the
uumber and capacity of hi* casks, Ac., to
wit: 2cisterns, containing 1,100 gallons
each. 2,200; ÔÔ casks, containing 160
ga!.'on< each, r\tMJ0. 17 barrel*. contain
ing l·'gallons each, t>^0; Total number
ot gallon*· ll.t&O.
Vinegar— }fotrr Cider.
A correspondent of the Fat mer calls
on me "or tome one' to answer eertain
queries suggested, it eoms, l»y uiy λ* ιi
cle on the apple.
Information on >uei; subjects given to
the pu 'lie through the press, ought to be
exact and well continued by the practice
and experience, or the careful obeerva
vation of the writer. And as my knowl
edge in rctcreucs to the questions pro·
l*oumlkd is not exact, nud as mauy long
years have passed einee I have had any
practical knowledge ol such matter, 1
answer according to the best ot my abili
ty, only because no one else has doue so.
1-irst. Cider will make vinegar with
out water. Pure cider makes the strong
est ν iuegar,—when perfect by age, t.»o
strong for ordinary domestic use. I
have known it to be so strong as to de«
trov pickled cucumbers, reducing the
internal parts to a pulp.
Second. The time required to lui η
ci!er to vinegar depends on circumstan
ce By alt it may be done in a very
short time. By the ordinary method
I practiced in lamiltcs, cider will become
pretty good vinegar in a year ; and with
proper management, will eonUnuw to im
prove lor a considerable jK'riod longer.
The reader should understand that the
process ol turning cider to vinegar is
simply a process ol fermentation, or
rather of a aeries of fermentations.
First, the saccharine fermentation, by
which tho saccharine matter in the apple
juice is turned to alcohol, and cider is
the product. After a period of time the
Another method is lo take the cheese
I down, break it up 111 the vat, add th«
proper quantity of water, and when
well soaked, lay it up and press as at
I fir>t. I would recommend that the soak
ing mass lie in the vat until bubbles rise
1 often to the surface. And il a meat
quantity oi good viuegar is wanted, it
would probably be a profitable work to
grind over the pomace before it is put to
>ouk. ^l'oi Maine Farmer.
The Memory.
It was said of Thofeau, we believe,
that he could take up any number of lead
pencil*» without counting. A celebrated
trapper once assured us that he could tell
how many balls he had in his pouch by
simply placing his hand on it without
stopping to count them, and added, "I
ean tell the number ot bullets instantly,
without stopping to count them, as you
pronounce a word without spelling it."—
Southey' was accustomed to take in the
» . ν.'.'Λϊ ι>! a i'O ik in turning the leave·
over continuously, glancing down the
I' jt-. Houdan, the magician, trained
himself 1 » quickness ol (>erception when
a boj* by running past a show window
at full speed, and then trying to tell what
w.i-i in it. We once met a man on ;i
ι mal, who \\ m amusing himself by go·
i:iK from passenger t<> passenger,and tel
ling almost every one where ho had met
them betore, on * ich a train, in such a
hotel, in .-uch a street, giving dale and
place to people with whom he had never
exchanged a word. This training the
faeultie· in particular directions is car
ried to a marvelous extieme by woods
men trapper*, and men who guess at the
Height oi animals. Perhaps tue mosl
reiuaikable instance are the markers wht
.{> Iroui log to log at the mouth of m
•>>ra, standing on the floating log and
translating instantly an old mark into n
r.f ν remeaibeiing what.cquivalenl
to _i ve lor eaeh ot a huudied marks,
and chopping it upon the log in the lime
it floats its length. It is said that Thoreau
knew the relative 01 der of the flowering
of all the plants in the Concord woods,
and knew the note of every bird and a
thousand other out of-the-way things >e<
,i sides.
Iu order to accommodate pay.-coger· arrlvingln
l*oiliand by evening (mint,
The STAI WH Mid Μ Γ1.ΗΙΟΗ Sea-gnliiff |
Mrniiu r«,
«Τ<»1ιιι Ihooki· antl Montreal,
will, until fiirthc· not «·, leave AtlantU Wharf lor
Hotton, ilail> suu.lay» excepted at κ o'clock I*.
V Returning, leave'lndiu Wharf, Ro»ton, *amc
ilaj » at 7 I'. M.
Thcae. Steatncri have litrii iu>wl\ iltto«l lip with
stcain apparatus Sur healing cabins ami state
room ί, ami uow nfl >rd the iuo*t convenient and
comfortable muant of transportation between
lto*ton anil Portland.
Pa«*en*er* l>y this lon^ eMabll-died line, obtain
every comfort ami convenience, arrive in time to
take the earliest trains out of the ' it y, ami avoiil ι
the ineonvruicnce of arriving late at night.
Freight Taken at Low Rates.
Mark good-, rare P. S. Packet Co.
Fare il-VO. .Stall' Room· ma\ be «ttuml in
idruei hi L·· lill.i.i\<·*, Aftkt
Smi-Werkly l ine.
ON and after the istii in tt.. the line stenim r·
DIR1U4 > ami ΚΙί \ Μ ONI A, will, un tu I ti ther !
notice, run aa l"«»llo\%·: ·
! . ι ν e ι. ilt - Wharf. Portland, iven MONDAY
and TIU RSDA V, at 4 Γ M . and Irate Pier Si !
r Β . New York erei ΜΟΝΠ Ο am] TOURS·
I DA> . at .5 P. M
The I»irico ami Kraneouin are fitted up wite Un»·
j accommodation* for pa-scttgen·. makinx thin the j
[ mott convenient and comfortable route ίο ι travel
cr* between New York an I Maine.
Passagv in *lat< 10014 Cabin paatagc #1. ι
Meal* i-xtr*
lioods rorw*rili><||() :«u<l from Montreal, (jiicbco, j
j Halifax, St John m l .ill ρ-irt- of Maine. Ship·
' per· are rc<pie»ted tu aend tli**ir freight to the
steamer* a·» early »« t I' M . ou 11 «· day* th»\
j learc Portland.
For fr* ighl or parage apply to
ΙΙΚΜΠ ΚΟ\.<ί»ιΓ·« Wharf. Portland.
•I. F. AMES. I'icr SS K. It . New t'ork.
INCREASED Pcu'ion*, procure·! f«>* all 'ohliura
. w here the rate i* too .mall loi the disability
inclined in the t'niled *^t,11··* »ei\ re. Thow ile
siring the inerea- will write me the nature of'
their di»abihty, and in m lint way it Interferes with
manual labor'or former occupation. Alao «tale
when and w here the wound or injury waa i-ocelv·
ed or the dif»ea*o contracte*!.
1 AllSOklicrs who received *11» pcnuMOOl di-a
bilitt in the I ν «ervice aie antiileii t<» a peuMoii
i have blank* which parmit ut dcc«n>cd *wl·
diot» who ne md reçoit 11 g pnutmii·. >an till out
t!iem*clv < , ami forward to me. fr"m η hieii I «1 ill
iuform th"#o who wi»h. wthout chaige, whether
:ιι my o».ntou they can obtain a petition. In «end
laiK '* eent » po*Uxi.
Boouiy piocured loi all «oldicr· who enlisted
foi 3 y mi», before July ££, Ithl.w) · bave not been
paid any bounty.
M«i who wlwttil to the S>tj alter Jnlj 1. i*>4.
am! who were discharge ! befoi· their term of en
liatni'ti evpiiv i, e:i . U;n η ii<:! 1.» of inteicat
by MDilinf me their dite'i.trge».
It· uiity procured for heu> of ►oldier- whu have
1 died since ilitoktTfl, by TOMOti of diMWC e..u·
I Inn tcd or injunr or wound teeeitr-l «hilr in the
I' >. ή·ι \ ι < .w lien* 110 honnir h » 'n'en pal·! tinci
Jn!> ·>, N>..
Honutv for i <m ,t y».»r·' nieu «li«% harmed on a«
< onnt'c; llnpturf !<* · vo l m tu· I > «ci \ e,
where no bounty hi· Ικτιι pa:·!
soi liei . « !u> eultetrd for ore *»ai in 1 ν·5, whole
di«chai<e* were n»a.le out ·■ the fia Id, Hut who
were not tlnally paid <·(! UOtlt β BOIIIm boa late
of enl'^ttuen*. e«n ' « 1 »· u ! :i ' illm^at of
bounty by api lyinx to tue
Ml claim··, Wuntie·, Λ· . ad>*t ·< I to I*· pro·
eorod by othor agent», oan »«e at promptly obtain
e«l it tlii* oftloe
All lu «l'Mibt a· to wheihei lin y Ιιί*« elairui ι
a^atn«t the irovei-unient. will receive infunnation
Γτοιη tin- otUie frtt. by ttatinx llieii «.*»·· to ui«, .
and vmliuj »iv cent» postage.
ΐΊ.Λΐιιΐ' abandon· ·Ι by othf \tt<>no'y· -οΙ.· ιΐ··Ι
l'hi* i* "ne of tlx· «M> t wai claim iqrenrie< in
the ( ntieil Stat· -·. I have ree.-rtlsi·; all >!alne sol·
I Aient of th· 1 .«to wai. .uni Mriodt "[ atrriee οt
eoMMMiea · t the wm ί 1812 AddnWi
i.KO. LI. \\ I'KHS, I . Η. t'laliii Ακ«ιιΙ.
Augusta, M**.
ONLY $50.00 !
Tllr Wilaoti Λ r ντ t lltlrr-l'rrtl. Hliultl*
Snow'·» rails, lt|f.
##-/>« "-«hp* mut Set ΓΜι Hf/ort I'urchasing -t>t
Jan S0?i II
Η 'Γ A Ν U Α. Κ 1)
Sewing Machines,
jul30-lf Branch office nt NORWAY.
IT VKK uleaMtre in aunouiicln»; lo the peoph» ol
. Maiue tint I now ha vu ou hand the
'* bi>t ' Assortment
of · arna^'i·- ever exhibited in this >tate, embrac
ing almost every kinder a Carriage now iu use,and
several new *t} fee sol·! bv no other concern} for
-.nie ut greatly ι nlured prieen— much le*» than llrst
cla»« < arriage- r.»n bo pun lia-rd for at any other
μ! m e m New Knglaud.
Call au·! examine before ι uirhann;' cl«eH In γρ.
Book, of eut», with price -out free lo por*on»
! (Ifiirtn^ to purchaae.
Kohin^oii "ΊhiiiiI'arl«iriii£ Co.
The condition ol the Company July l»t, 1>TJ.
■ w a- a* lollow s :
Amount of Kxi-ting Capital Stork. *io>>,'*O
< apital paid in. 100,000
' invested in Keal K-tate an>l Machin
ery. 100,000
·' of Dent·> due, exclusiveot advance
ou -υ «le in -Haling Agent'- hands
in near, 43 ,"»00
As most of th·- property i* exempt from taxation,
no valuation by A-scwur» '.*an be given.
I! J LI BUY, Treat·.
ι July 2«»th,
CI MI.KKLAND, f»*;- -Sworn to before it:e.
IIOWAUI» t.Ol'I.I), Notiiry Public.
July du, 1K72. :tw
Brighton Nurseries.
T. H. Y II.i: A Co., Proprietor*.
ONK DULL Λ Κ sAVKD ii worth »■» much κ*
ι wo earned, m one ol" Dr Franklin's maxim·.
! Thin eau Im» done bv
Purchasing lour Fruit Tires
oi Miitoii Plantation, who are appointed Agents
for the Celebrate»I Nursery of T. Il Valu A Co.,
established iu IsiT.
Ail tree* bought uf us will l>«< warranted as good
( as any raised or brought into the State.
We have the General Agency of Oxford and
Franklin Countie?, and shall *ell good apple tree·
! for |T0 jH?r hundred, and other tree· in proportion
ι All person» wanting trees ran call on us or
write, and save ue the expense of caliiag on then,
which expense we will allow to the purchaser.
B. KIClIAItbsoN, JR.,
or WM 8WETT, South Paii*.
Milton Plantation Jttly 10,1^71. tf
Brown Earthen Ware.
All III want <h BltOWY EABTHE!* WAKE
can be supplied by addi easing.
juliWw ' *
Kitn- 1 hi on it It one of the richest portion· ot 111 ι unit
.iu:l In li iia, connecting Chicago by tbo sliorteat
rout· witii ι lit* celebrated Itlurk Coal field· of Indi
ana. and l»% n.tj'of Kvaiiville an I Nmdiville wit
llio entire-oiitli. lt» mortgage debt I· #18,300 to
h mill·. The road i- aim.ulv earuiug, after all
operating cxpenaot are paid, much
mi all in bond- While railroad bond· ιηιτ bo
plenty, those upon PAVING UNE·» and lor co «mall
a λιιιιι tt> the mile, ate v.ldom in the market.
The bond· ait! η Kirot Mortgage and nie for #1,·
UH) each, have forty year* to run, and bear inter···
at the rateo. 7 per cent, per annum, payable on
the Ilr»l o| April and October, both principal and
Interest beiug pa\ah|e In gold in New York.
Wb have solo ovkk One .Million in tiih
tub in\k»tmevt ok Τκι *T Kim>s, and to the
iu >·ι careful iuveitoi*. and have but, η -mal
amonul remaining.
Full particulars fdruiaheil on application in per
ion or hy mail, to A Κ MKN'SlsoN,Caahier Nor
way National Hank. II. M. HKAIK K, Treaaurer
Norway Saving· Itank. or
tV. R. Mil ATTIC Κ A CO., R«ukeie,
Jnnlrt itu UNAI»4t! ST..NKV YORK.
Noii-Kesident Taxf»,
In the Town of Newry, t >»uuly »»f Oxford, and
State of M »ine, ι*··γ the jear H7I.
l in· following llat of Tun on lie·! Bat·!· of I
iion-rcsidcnt ou net « in the town of Ncwry fur
the \ ear A. It. |.s7l, iu bill» committed to h'lijah
Power·, Collector of "aid to.*· of Snriy on !
the eighth day of dune, 1971 hit* Imvu returued
by him to mc *« remaining unpaid <>n the 4th
dajr of Juue, 187·, by hia certificate of that date, j
and non remain unpaid : and notice i.i horebj j
given Hint if the mid taxe-, interest and charge*
are not paid into the Treasury of -aid town with· I
in eighteen month* Irom the date of the commit· I
ment of »aul lull», ho much of the real e«t tte tax· !
ed a- will he aufticient to pay the amount due
therefor, including interest ami charge-, will, j
without further notice, 1*· «old at public mu-lion, !
at the dwelling houae of Orrin lo.ter, In ».iio
town, on the-id day «·ι December, ISTJ. at one
o'clock 1\ M. ^
I f ?
? I -
( harlea II. Il.irri». More at f
Ν -wry Corner, «
(•corge Hurnham, !·*>
l.eorge (i C bapmau. SO
Timothy Walker, Hv
( li.irh « Kimbail Λ Co , J"»*·
.lame-M. \Vi^ht.llou-eand I
land, '
Win. Kia^.oi unku wu, .Uo
K'hv. : I !.. Kichar laon. Λ Co., J.VI
Μ.π hli.il Samlet on .V Co
« »xfonl Plumbago ( ■» , ·.!**)
Kreeman Γ < ·· mnou ,1 arm (
atNewr. Comer. j
OHHIN KO-T1U liea-uo t
Ν· m r., July Jlst, IS72. uugv
$'«■' # I '» · Ό
l.*«o ο ta»
7i :;no
'ill «·>
l» »: mi
•.0 ;l M
7Λ η ι·7
7Λ ! no
!<X) I 1*1
ι jo »i :»ο
4ΰ» Ι·*» 74
ΐΨ *7 Hi I M
Νοιι·Ι{<"«ηΙ(ίιι Ta\f\
lu lit·· t«»wu «·I t.ieeuwood,County of Oxford, and
: .ι ι «· < ■ ι Maine, ι>ί uiiywi λ D i-ti
ΓΙιι· following li*t id Τ;ιχι·«»ι» real ••-t.it«· of lion·
ri -idcut owner» in (lie low η of t.recnwooU.for tlir
\ car 1*71, in bill» commillt <| (o 1-a.u W < ntw milt.
Collector of Tax·'» of »aid town, on tin· iilh da#
01 dime. 1-71. ami π-cotnmitted j.» David A ·
tin, on the U1 da; <»f April, I» I"»-', ha- been
returned bj Mid David \. CoflU to ne a·
remaining h a μ.'ml on tin· xhdat 01 Ma), l^U,
bv hi- certificate of (|«at <1 ate. and now rt-iiiaiu
unpaid; nud notice ι» hereby given tluit if ·η:Ί
taxe- ami interc-t, aii<l charges an· not j>a1.1 iu(o
the Trca-iny of-aid town ol tjrecuweod Hitliiu
eighteen month- It'om tin- dale · »f 11 ; «· · · ni ni it in - nt
ol -aid bill', -ο much ol lb·· real c-tat·· »n taxed
,i- will In1 -nfliricnt (o juiv tin· amount <Iit<* tlu iv*
foi including iiitcrv-t ai. l chatges, w ill w ithout
fui ther notice, In* μ·Μ at imlilii auction at Hit·
Mon1 of Israel F-Emmon·, iu ·.-11 » I town, ·η tlx*
.'- h day of Deceinl>·'!, i-Ti. at I o'd '«*1* Γ. M
t"" > 5 .6 ? S -r s
^ >. S; < — 55
T. Ciot'kei, Le
broke (arm. Λ ·'· 100 $150 $.1 73 fi lî» '.·(
same, Κ. part ol
\ oung fa nu, 1- !' j·'» W" 0Û t if» lotll
dame, new
liou-e, l 3Λ1 S 7i Κ
Tbw » llriggs,
W. part, 11 1 "·*
Snrab W. Hill,
uii'iiloH land, ^ S' ··*
>xntc '» * 1«·» 4<J lu» I (λ>
haine. [of SA 4 7 U> lut» lot»
Horace l u m
min.'· J. S _ _ _
Harm latin, >i · •p>* ' ·■*'
>. I ttniminr«,W.
)>nrl 11 »; |Λ «o I ou i lu .1 pt
H'luc) 11 a yi·», A ^ _
Cale Iniiu. ' '· ·*■·" " « 8 '
J BMa»on,Fi an
ci- Shaw farm, »«' 3·'" * ><'« ^
VhiK-iillluck.pi t
[Kt'iiiUi' faim, '·'« Jô W
\V > l'ingrec E·
part. 12 1 4!» * > 1 *»
H niSWilluiai·., 1 i -Il W l'« 1
S.U HuUiibLoii,
Mountain Ι·»1 ilO UUO 22 M t: M)
*ame.uear Bry
a ni ' gorc, W "5 1 W ' "·
\iuos Brvant, 3u 7i 1M I f*
II obbs.TutlloA ,
Jack«on, Il il M Jo 1 ίJ I -·'
Saint', 13 β 'w 100 · j0 » jO
KbnWentworth, i 9 loi) Γ5 I s?< l
Merrill J· Kowc,
«art of Brrant
farm. ^'· IV) .1 *3 J ··'
Kniuci» Κ < oie,
l.ullicr (,υΐο
larni, Iου »i ι %i Ί id
MHvlu Demon,
Kcntlall A I>c
mon farm, W .ViO t< 75 » «5
J. U. TebbeUs,
Hrowuell hotoe, Il 7Λ0 le 7à
same, lirifl Mil!, Ι*'*) ·17 M i"
•-.mue, Suit
:wo 7 ûo " '»0
h»me, wild land, 4'tt.i ma ô 03
Mme, Dearborn Iioum, 7-e» lioox'>u» 36 (M)
James Cole 10 Μ*ι i .V) i S0
K'Ivtiu Morgan, Viekey
-taiid, I âtl | il I il
DANIl) KMMONS, Trea»unsr.
Ureeliwood, Αιιχιι-t 1^72
Tki tHl'KKIt'fc tlk'FH K. (
Augiinla, July io, l>7J. i
1>l Ksi AN'1 to < bap ' ■ >» .·. ο; υί the Hovi-cd
statute-, I vsill at the Male Treaiurer'* of
lice, iu Aii^ii-ta, oil the louilli day ol >eiitenilier
in \l. at 1.' o'clock, uoon. m*I| aιι·I couvet iiy deoil
to the highest hiiltler, all tlu· intercut o( the >tatc
in the tracts of lati«I lier· inaftci -le .crilic-l, Icinjj
in tinineorporateil tuniiilil|i«-tbr -anl tract» hav
ing Imhii turfeitcd to the >tate for state taxe- anil
County taxe*, certified |o I he TrtaMirei of "*t,ilo
ι for tiie year 1k7(J.
ι Tho aile and convcTnucu of taeh tract Will be
made rtibjocf Ιο ,·ι riyht in tlie owner or part ow i;·
er, who-e right» have bi crt forfeited, to icdeeiu
the ί-ame at any time within one tear after the
. sale by payiag or ti-n-b rinj; (υ Ike purchaaor hi»
proportion of what the purcha-cr paid therefor at
the xale, with intere»t at llie rate of twenty par
cent. (>ei uiilium, from the time of the -ale, and
one doUai jt>> ramo; or aachuinoiay redeem
hi- interest In paying a. afoiT»aid to theTrca-ur
er of State as provided lu Chapter »>, Section of
the Kevieed Statute-.
No tract, however will be sold at a price it-t·
than th« lull amount due thereon for each iinjiaid
■ Mate and touutv laxea, IdImwI nul coal· m de·
•cribird i» tht following schedule :
Γ377 acre- No. 0, H. 1. (Stillc lax , * 1 * ·>
i:iî<0 acren No. 4, U. -, do ·'»
: Oachclor'9 Urant, fid it M
Frycburg Academy. do 11 IÙ
jal.io-Jw U .M, CALDWELL, Treat.
!\'o(ire of roict losure,
i IΓ IIKKKAS, Law son C. smith, of Newry, in
yy County of Oxford, did on the twenty-first
day of October, A. D. l»>7, convey in mortgage lo
Enoch Foster, ot Newry, in saul County, certain
tract- or paie el s of land, viz : lot No. ·.' Γη range £
in said Newry, ou the west side of Boar Hirer;
al-o oac-thipjk part of lot No. 3 in 2ud range of lots
! in o.Uil Newry, and about II ai res from the uorlli
ea-t corner of lot No. ·± iu the 2nd range of lot- in
«aid Newry, on the east side of said river, to se
cure ihe payment of the mi in of two hundred and
fifty-five dollars and forty cents utul interest; and
whereas the said mortgage deed was AHuigiim] to
uie l»v the said Knoch Foster, and the condition
; of said uiortifnjje has been broken, 1 claim to fore
j close the same pursuant to the Statute iu such
ca-e made and provtdedi.
Bethel, July Sist, lh?2. augtt
Potior ol" Foreclosure.
\irilKBKAS, Albion WashbiirUt ol Canton, iu
, fir the County of Oxford, on Ihe twelfth day of
Juh in ihe year eighteen hundred and sfxty-sefun,
I by tit· deed of mortgage of that date, conveyed to
ine certain pieces or parcels of land situated in
ι Hartford, iu said Conuty. and described iu said
j deed as "The east half o'l lxu timbered seven in
! Ihe eleventh range of lots iu -aid Hartford and
divided by the road runniug north and *outh
Wirongh sâid lot." "Al-o one other piecc, beinjt
theCiorel.ot numbered Are and lying dlre<tly
ea»t of said Lot numbered seven"—Said mortgage
being reconle<l in Oxford Bugistry of Deeds,
Book 15.">, l'âge 1»7, and the conditions of said
; mortage being broked I claim a foreclosure of the
; same, and give this notice for that purpose.
Turner, July 20,1872. JnlySO _
Til Κ - ■ibacriher hereby girea j»ut»l ι«· not n o that
he luth Ι><·ι·ίΐ Inly appointed b> the HoimruliU
Judge of »'nd..-tt«·, for the County (it Oxford. ami
a *umcd tli«· trustOf Adminiatratorof the estate ol
ΟΚΟΙΡίΕ C. WHITE, lato of Pari-,
iu taid Count., decease·!, by μi* ii»ri bond mm Un
law direct » : Vi*· therefore re«picst - all ρ«τ··>ιι» » ί m
aro Indebted to the cetatoof aalddt cι-«·«! mmako
Immediate pn;. nient; and those \vh ν catty de
mand* therooti. to exhibit tlic »aim ι
EOllEN II W ι;» -I I ^
July l«th, 1*7.'.
Oxroau, ex At a Court of Proban . it la at Paris
within and lor tin* County ot « ixford, on tli** tliird
Tuesday of July, A. D. Is7'.',
JAMES Μ. ΓΙ'Kl Ν TON, Administrator of the
estate of Aaron Cotlcu, late of llvroi·, in nid
County, deceased, ha ν Inn presented fit* ilr-t and
final account of administration ot tit·· estate «»«'
s«i I deceased for allowance
Ordered, that the » tîd \dinliiistrat ir^lw notice
to all persona Interested, by causing a copy of this
order tobe published three, weeks «ucct «aively in
the Oxford Democrat, printed »t I'arls, in said
Coutity, that they may appear at a Pro! it· Court
to be held at l'aria, or· liit· Hd I'uesday ot Allouât
next, at y o'clock in the foreuoon, ami shew cuu»«.
If any they have, why th<· same should not hv
A. II. N\ ΑΙ,ΚΚΐ:, Judge.
A tru« copy— atts.«t : J. llobba, U< gut«r.
OXFoKD, a> At a ' ourt of Pr· hate h< !d iitPiirl*
within and f<r the County of Oxford, on the third
Tuesday of July, \. !>■ l>s<-\
CVttiKBii 11 ES 16 V WIGHT, Executor* of the
/ lust Will and Testament of William Wi^ht,
late of (.Head, in said Counts, decca-ed, having
presented their flrat neconnt of administration «.f
the estate of >aid deceased fbr allowance :
Ordered, That the said Executor* giv·· notice to
all person· Interested by causing a copy of this
order to be published three weeks alccesaivtlv in the
Oxford Democrat, printed at I'aii·, In said Count*,
that they may appear at a Probate t'ourt to bt held
at Paris,ia said County, on the kl Tutsday Of
Angu«t next, at ^o'clock in tke forenoon,andshow
cause, if tiny 11κ·) have, ahy the tame *hould not
be allow· d.
Λ. II. WALK Bit, Jtid^e.
A truroapv—atte»t J.S. llotins. Uegt*t·r.
Οχκ·>ηυ, tta: — At α Court ot Probate luldat Purl*
within and tor t'ie County ot O xford, ou the t'drd
1°til'».lav Of Jufs * l> IN*-,
1> ΕΤί'ί'Λ C ΓΙΙΑ III.Ε*», nam -d E\ Mil·.* in a
) cci tain in^iriMtt. nt |·«ιι ixn tinir to t>.· I he la»t
Will u nd TeaLaitttnl ·>Ι Justus C lut rie» lat· ο I
Kryt'burif, in »aid · inmt), ·!*·« e«Md, h tvinj; pre
aeuU'd the -ante An probate:
Ordere I, Rial the -aid Executrix *" ·· »>oil« · to all
pcisous Inteiested, lit c.tu*ing a cop) ot this oi «!«■ r tu
Le publidted titrée «nk· successively in th> <>x·
fot'f 1>< inocr.tt, print ι d h! Purl· in said < ouitl). that
they uni) up ear at a Probate Court to I ·· held at
Pati», on' the third I uesda) of August next,at nine
o'clock In the forenoon, and shew cmu»··, t| »u> they
have, why tlit same should not be nrove,I tpjrovtd
and allowed aa the last Will and testament of said
\.ll \\ ALkEU, Judge.
A truecipv—attest J. S. Honits. Uejjlater.
(>xt ·>Kt·, S* XI a t'ourt ..t Probate hel.t ai Pari», j
within and t>»r tr i'outit) of ' »xl >rd. on theTl ird
Tn «day of Jttlv, Α. I). 1»Γ-,
ÎOKI. Μ Ι EI.Ε IT, named E\cci,u,r lit.« - eiiaitj
in"lr*tuenl purportilitC to bo tlx la.-t W :!1 and
re-t.Hinent i»t tl illett lat·' '1Γ Norwa), iu
said C«»unty dec, ι *ed Ita* ι Λ pre· < nted 11·. tin»·
for ptohalu :
Onler»··!, tii«*t I he *aid Ex»·· ι toi r "· «' itotne to
all per*oi:- interested, bv can-itiK a e->|»\ ol thi
order to l»r puldislied three η,'eks > tie. e* -i\, lv in
111 Oxford Democrat, prtotod «· Paris, IimU
Conntv, tliKl tin » nut) .'I'l" ,u ·'' ·' "bate ' <>ιηi,
tO be held n: 1'arls ·.· the third ln< twlaj ! Au·;
next, at nine o'clock in the forenoon, ami »1ι··\>
c;ill»e, i I t :i\ lite > ·' ι V« . W I. i cyanic «η: Id ·ι
he pr»ve«l, âppr ■» ·! and nl! «<··! i* the I»-! \\ ill
at,·I T«-atan»ent ·Ί 'id decense I.
A H Α Λ ! Κ Ε It lu.b ··
A tree e tpy —ntt«i-t. J ν IloUbs», Ιί··^'-1· ι
(J\t οκι», ικ — At a Court ol Probata It··id ->t Ρ tri»,
with ' ο and ft»r i!k Co Hal) «»î_ tlvford, on the
lîtlrd ltir»da\ of Julv. \. D.
VIA \ 16 A I"> H \ V I tMCD, nttiued Ε v<·· ιο; m
η ·'· rtain in«tr inn-til ptn |xirlii»s b'J'· tlsc
Ust'wiil and 1< tauieutol JAtti Kipje) , l«tc ··!
t ai.ton, m said > mut; , de ·· ι·· 1 · ·*'»;·« pr» ··'"'
ι·»| tin* · ι in ο fur probate
Ordered, I'lut ih* ajtd E*· · t"-Jr give in'ticv roall
per*on« Interest· J, Uv cauiln;; ·copy ol th;s order to
he publi-hed tlir· wt · k» succ··**!» · l> in lltettxford
Democrat, ι·πι·ί· «1 it Parla In »uiu Count», U»at
th'·· ;nav apoearat a Probate Court to be ■. id at
Paris,on the third lu ·Ι«ι of V'.r. ti. \t. .«t ·.» o'cl k
in the forenoon, and »h··*· c.iu««. it ury they have
urhj the mom abould not In proved, Approved and
alio,· · .1 .·· tin 1 r t Will an·! I ·*' ·ιη«·ι ■ ot »*·<! d· ·
or t » ed
\ . II. Λ A I.h Ε16, Jud-··.
Λ trus atl· *i J Η· 11 units, I, · κΐ» t · ι
ι M t ·Ί' I· >s.- M t t <·ιιιΊ ··1 Pi'··■ · it· I;··!· 1 at l'a
ι is. within <:··Ι ι··· the I nunl) ol Oxftwd, ontha
llnid l'uesd.i) Ί July \ D. Is·*
(' EOltOΚ li BKAHt Ε. named . « ' r In *
I crt.t n iu*lrtitii« iit ι··ιΐ |· Μ Mus u, m· lii.· .-»i
Will nnd Teatameut ol Joliu Κ Bearee, late ol
Sim'Way. in -aid · utility, de· fs··· 1, having |>i··
sentiil the >jiiiic tor probate
Ordered. I hat the -aid Executm *ivr uotic· l«· an
per on* Interested, by causing a ''vpy <>t this or I· r to
t»< published three w··· ks <itio **ive|·. In t!··· ox-,
f.,r<l Oemocral. j rlnt»·! ·» ParUbt · dd » «>iint) .t'iat
they iiwi)* appear at a Prot'at·· ί OttTt to lie held at f
Pari*, on tie third ruesdaf of 1*.'· eext, attune
o'clock in the forenoon, uad 4'iew cu't*e It auv th»y |
have »!i) th·· same ohonbl not be proved aj.ptov. d ;
nti 1 allow, d as the la*! SM I ami testament-d said
tlrCr4<,H, A 11· WAL.KKK, Jodg».
A fruf Copy—attest : .1. S. II < >n u*. lli'jlitfr
tut okI' s·* —Λΐ λ < «mri of l'iohate held al l'an*
w tihin ami foi the County of oxford, on the third
Tiiènlnv of July. Λ I'· l«sîi.
1)11 U.ltKK Κ A UK \1>Ι.ΓΛ , l.uardiaa »>f >-n»
ud \\ Itradlcv , milioi < lilld aad heir of miii
ne I \ llrndley, întc of Fi\rburg, m-ai I « otiiily .
ilc< < aaed, having pie«oi.tc»l h«« Ur«t account 01
guardianship of -«"I watd lot allow in <·
Ordered, That the *;»"l i.narilinn give notice
to nil pfi oil- int«<i«-»ted, by e.<iin.iiig ;ι < «·|·> "· ,1",
or»l«r to be piildi-hcdthie»· wei k sino«—-ivelv in
theOxiord Ι>ι·ιιιο.·πιΐ. printed ill I'nn-. that they
nil·· aiipeur at a Civliut» t oitrt to b«· h»hl i«t I ari»
in «ιιί'Ι l omit» . on tin· "·*1 1u» ► d λ \ Aug. u»*\t,
at y oMix k «il tli* lon-noou, .111.1 show > .ui«o, il
am Ihov hnvc.wh) tin' «.ame-hot'ld uol be ilhiwnl
\ il U \ Ml Kit. <JU<IIC<!.
• \ true CV py-alle·.! -J· >· UUBW. IU?.;.>t«;i·
11\ f ι>i;|»,>> - \l ., · 0111» ol T'inhale hold at Cans
with ι η and lor Hit· l <>nnty ol oxford, on tli··
tairil r.iesd»\ vl Jul), li. '
υ- \ il. I'tliliN >! jO&KPfl 11Κ LI' \ui.m··
tioloroi the e-t.it» ol I'aiuiHuJ lime-, lat»·
of Sitmii<T, ut «aid I ountv, dooca-rd, prawns for
ilccii-c to .-cllaudcouvc} at public or puvaletal»·.
ail of the réftl C4tat»· of ««id <!··· <· 1 -.-.I, lor til·· |i*^
luwit ol drblt ami inoid«'nta| charge-:
Ordered, Thai U>« »aid|Petitlou«r give uotlcot·
all |»er«>n- Intere-ted, by mti-iUK an ab-li.»«*t Ol
hi* in titiou with this η» dor thereon, to be inibli !ι·
I tiuvt* η·ί14 ·ιι. .·--!» <■! in lin' « » χ Γ· · it Memo·
rral. a ti«w>pap»T printed ut l'an-, thai lb»·)
111 iv aiiiK'.ir at :i Probate t. ourtto be hold ai l'aria.
In -nil ( .uiiih. on tho third lu flay 1 Augu»t
next at V o'clock ill tin- forenoon, an·! -»·« >·
cau-c. if an) they have, w hv the «ami· should noi
bo granted. . ..... , ,
Λ II. Η Μ.Κ hit J "!>:<·.
Λ ti ll»· 00,ι*—ι«11»·"Ι ' J· * ΙΙ·»Ιίΐ:> Κοι,'^ΙΡΓ.
Uxkohi», η*:—At a Court of Probate hold at Pur»,
within and for the County ol < >xford, on tho third
Tueaday of .faly, Λ. 1> l>CV
ON the lo tttiou or ilKAX U W il.fc\. A'I.m.i.
i-trati r ι·ι th«. cotatu of SuMivau J \\ile>,
lato of Kiyibur*. in «aid l'«»unty. »lo« i»rriv
inu foi » lteeo»e to aeU Md con*« · at puNb' an»l
prlv it»· Mile, · rtaiu ι»!··-·»'- and p ir<·» 1- ol real «*·
1 i»|e and timber vwiiilin« »nt ifnl r>fc«le, in η<-οι·
dan»*·' with hi- petition '·» 1:1c for tlmt imn·©-;·:
Orderc<i. I hat thr -aid l\tltlot»» r five nolle* to
«11 «..tioiih lui» routed by cuu-lrs an abftvact of lii*
uclition with UiIn order lliereon. Ι») I·»· |'ul>n*ue<l
, three *-oek« i»i»-····--iv. lv in the oxford Democrat,
, pri'itoil at i'url- i· iaid County, that they may up·
w-ar at a Piohifo Court tu hi held at Pari* :»
«nid County, uin' i' thild Tueeday ol Aujr· next,
ι at 1» o'clook in tbe lor»*noon and uln w cau««. il any
1 thev hu*«· wi" t »»· Miitn· shoul l not I'»· graptoo.
A II WAI.KKU.-Judge.
A tru·· οο|·ν -«ttost: J S. II'jHIih, ItogUter.
i)M ■ 1 it ι », h- : \ i .1 « <·ιι rt ol l'robali hubl ai Γ.ιπβ
! uilhiii'aii l ··' the ( <>nnt>. <if Oxfonl »hi iho
third TiicmI.-u ..1 .luly. Α. I» foî*.
ON the iietil «·ί ol hLl/A ·'. M All>II \l.l<,
Widon «·Ι I·.loader I». Mar»hrtll.laU· <d l'an·»,
I in «aidCounii.dtfretteod. i»rajm« lot .tu allow
a no ο out of il··· Ι'οκοηηΙ K-tato »l ln»i iiie im
1 bnorilered, l liat the said l'etitioner 1υ
I all per «un* int. rosted, by cau«in^ a e-opy»!
dor to '. r publi-hoil thr» «i weeks •ucceMfVOly in the
; Oxford l>oin ·» r it. a new -paper printed at 1^arl!·, in
1 naid Counly.tl·:·! they may appear ata I robate t ourt
to Le held at Carls, on the third Tu«m1i) ol \ujç<
ni xt al 'J o utu'-k :·ι the I r. noon, and -li»*vv cause,
it η η ν th y I. »vc ul,y tin· should not b<·
ffranted. A. H- WALKKK, JudKe.
A true c ipy—attest : ·Ι. 8 llobbs, lte^iiter·
|)XK<»K!>, SS- At a Court of Γ robate held at I'aiis,
within and lor the County of < >xlord, on th» third
i Tun-day of July. A. l>. ι*»*-'·
ON the pclitioti of Μ AIO HAI'tiOOl». wi.fow
of William ilajigMgd, Jijtt» ol Kryebturf. m
s.ilil County, tlMoea.-tMl, inaviil» tor nil .lU'ivvaneo
out of tlie |>erMm.nt u*t4U' oi lit*r |ul«i 1iu.m)î«iui
Ordered, fhatthe said IMitiut.i r give notice to
nil lierions inlen sted.by causing .1 c|.y of this
order to bepuWiehed three weeks moccsslvelv in the
Oxford Iicmocrat. printed at l*ari·. in ?aid county,
that they may appear at a CrobateCourttobeheld H
I'aris. on the third Tuesday ot Aug. next, at nine
o'clock in the forenoon» i^iiu chum·, il un) tn€»y
h ive why til." «ami; should not be ^ranlt d.
' w '' 1 A* li-WALK Kit Judjce.
Atruecopy—tlttll : J· S.I|'»Bwe, ltegist»rr.
" W « ·«· 07 Μ Μ Π · M
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tiiie all framed, and hccurely packed, at once.
II λ III1UDIIP about tin- extreuiely liberal
NU HUmDUa oiTor. Subscribere will not
pay the a^eut his subsi-riptiwu ι.,^ηρν until the pic
ture comes.
EXI'EKIEXCEI» Al.KS t s Wam ku Kvi uvw hkkk
αϊ ONOK, on liberal term*. Address,
Publisher* K1YKHSIDE KC110, Pout la su, Me.
7Hk V.
The·· 'fiibttti pie · Jit tlio \.td in Conildiiatioii
II h . ίι 1 ·:\« fllt'tCllt OHUmIm·.-, il! I j·■ >|»tlI ' ' t " II!
if ι ■ .ιιν<·; . 1 THROAI mid L'NG
iiuuicdintety H'Ilcviïd and Hlrttoui.'e.? -
ly hciuK cent I»» l!u; proprietor, * t" ι· II·
Tli η >;it- dlfllculttc-oi ν oars I mdi .
Ο Α1ΙΤ1Ω&1 1 *« " · ' t ί>" tjotcivfill·
UMU ι rUΓι i.'tioii- <»«'· ι ' W» .·■ 1
Tablets l'iituϊ·»ο. ρ·»' l>t»\. JOHN Ç KF.L10U,
I'latl St., Ν. > , S.tit.' \«ι·ηΐ lui I v.mli'" · .ι
fc y / \ \ MONTH i-i -i! un ' ai ilΙι I it
V νί )' / -.1 md Ivev-i Ιι· I. Hi· - .t int
Circular and -ani|>lcH /re· - M sl'KNi I· lî.
Πιattlelioro'. Vr,
N\"«· w ill· ι haiid'onie l'i '«pcclu · ί mil
S rtf JUto-tr,it*l llil ir ·■» ·ι(<■ ·itïttV iliMlt*
500 tin·· > >iptliro ill ι-ti .ill <!'·· I ' -in iL'-tW A.t »·!
net· of chaise. Vijtl.cf·. Ν νΐΊ<>>ΑΙ· I'l .U'Hr.ti
< Philadelphia, l'a.
Rare change for mms ;
AC Κ VI ■<, we well pay you f ID per « ni t a»li,
if you will <·ιι„'η>ΤΓ with u* ai onci Kvenfliiux
χ urn ; - in·· ι andexprn ι ΜΜ Adilrm·,
l\ A. r.l.I.N 1 CO., < linrlnttr, Mi. Ii.
Ι' ·*Λ) If) A'.V TS II'.4 X Tl·'./> /«/»· the ι ν
J \ι»ι:κ iîro(.\I) i:aii.itou» I J
Λ iv"ιinI οι Κκ'Ι", uni inline Hi*; liaul-hi|»·, t- ·?r
lireaill.ii ·■ -<·;»|>«*w uiul death *tru#ifii-» of Hit* SI«vi*h
hi their eflovt-I'm· lived, m, ji* u:,iruled It Hum
iieli··» :t in Ι other*. lllii*tiated l»y seventy fin»· en
Slaving». Ni» Imok lor yeiir· m«»r«* hiflth rerun»·
nit ιι·Ι·or iiit« i>-··!\ iiitcnMlujf. I'liUkc λιι %
utlier liook. Λ « leur Held. >end fur eireulnr au»l
I ι ο I». L. <·! It %S| V
I'llI» nid (itu. A^t'ul, ( ouml, Ν il
lid I
klu I·
nt.r ;«
Oil lilt
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nuiini ι
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ι···κ'««Ι ·
du lu!
Ill' ·■!
|>l tit
po II
I'd ■
I til
j >i Vie, wfiirli ui'iy £iv«j Ι··ιιΐ: >, .r^ e
« ulete· fur iiit· ill »l te»\ d.iM , iou
.in tutiiiniicd ii-·* liritt;;- I'll··· ,·ΐι·|
. a·· » to ni l in weakening Πι·· in val ·Ι
,ιη·ι"itil 1'ipior. nlii·-!·, uieler 11»·· |»··| u
··Hitι«-ι··" I. ·» e\tt»u«i\· |\ ρ.ι!ιιι.-». <»f|
-· \eifij<ll ΙΡΙΐηκΗΐ1·, illlt it i 1
• I (III Tool' Mini \ 111 I II I ( V ·', ;i .·
• lin· |· adiu? m·· t i·* * I aiith'i ι· ■···
• I * ι», an I Ιι ι « ini'i1 I··). · ιι-·«! h· .ne
ι m· ι·ι nther ·■··! iii.n» viiili nu .
·. ill rr-i.ll.
Ι)ίί. WKM.s·
I·· 4 ii«ii*«' ait* av.iiiI Γ art Ion in ) otir 11 vrr
mill «plrrii ! Γ· i · n·· . r t · < 111. . .■)
lirrom··* imiuii·· L . ·'· 1s t. s i· ιι ι -·,.·γ··ιι. a |ι <·
dlicili^ ·»ΓΓο|'»Ι··ΐι- tir Ι.ι-,ι .1ι»«· ι»-. I'.! .1 ι ». I· 1
mi-, ructulr* ι .inker I'inifl.· Λ· I".
I >V ■ Jin iilirlm lo ι · « .· . )·ιι ι. ! ,i a I i. »(o ·■
lliO viiiited l Ι·η I to Ιι··ιιΙΐΙι\ :ι··Ιi#»·»
llrtVjou η «Iy*p« p1lr ·Ι«·<ιιηι Ιι J I ..le κ
·ΙΙιγ··>ίΙ«>ιι i- pt >niptl} 'liti'··! ι|ι·· -y-ifiii ■« ·Ι«·I»ii
tat. lui'lil.·· Γ iUI Ι'οΐι···, |·» vi'rl» ··! lin» I : !o« ». I,
1>Γ<»μ·ι:ι| 1 · Ι·«ι.···ι ,i»t'|ii ·1 \Vi.iVin ·· . l.ai·
Til.· 'f I· -! > I " - I It ». ι Λ itilOUl It · i(a Ii
will i i rt ' te.thlul ν :,r r ι ■ ' '.·· « eat n nVi ·ί .
ilm r \ oil M'rnkiii'·· ·ιΓ III·· ΙιιΙμΜιικ!
V«»!l «If III ·. .1 I II:·. ill. I . ι I )>t| , .. ! I|l'
•In nil' I Iιιtl.·intii ιT» ι ··ι tin· {( wrl- .
I'.tke if !·· :»l! ι· ill :lal '* i» : .* .1 ·. tl tmniuil \
t" .iitl.iiiiniaiif :i*.
Ilu»· >·ιιι *» «·■» I· in·»» ni' lin I ImIii·· .ir
I rlimry Οιιςηιι· I \ ιι i. ; »
relut ι \ hi .re ί. ι|ι ι ι - ·· :|. · ίι..; ·, ■-·· ι ■ · · ; ι
T.ikt tt In ·ιγ· li^lll. li οι^ i.l. '· ike. ' .· lite
iH'coiue· iiiii leu
Ι Μ»., ί. » 11 Nhntthl 'h fmtuentli taken to k*rp Ihr
·. \ -hill III i" ( t e lie,ill» ΟΓ ) · " If' ■ l|f| ··· ill
itcjiI 11 ; 11» _·, · ·( u.. Im ι in! ii*m tip 01 e.»u'.i : ι· >u -
• Ii·· ι e
IOIIN ι.» Κ Kl.I.« .··'.. I» I'jilt ^i . N. v· \.»ik
>lt· \.· lit ι ir tli·· ί ιι.t···I Hfa···,
I'ril <« · >!·· I' !;JI |I' l»»!ti .villi I.II I Ilflllai*.
(JtA II Ι I · II. · · ill .1!.·! \ t III :
υ IU
ΐζιΐ ijnink tnr#H< Κ ι XVi»I,rt>TT t*l < Ii thani
- ιι . ι». \ι « ^ ·»ι κ all»*, lu
|H|| I l.wi< nt'u .hi·! κ · ιΙ··»ΐ ν ·>rk .» mii im τι··»i ·
-ίγ ·-■» ! It· ΊΙ.il.·! in ι *. Λ ,_'»·ΐιΙ-· ί · Ί . : t <* · ι
;ir I · · liitj uii'iir\ \'JE Ν TS W Α Ν Τ Γ D \ u I:· r.·
ill <> >1 l« I i. V Ν l'il M - I , It -tm
ilps*< lion I \< \ SOI I. ( II V U M I M. ·
ι I (ou ·· '. Iit-ι -I· V II. IllKlRlitt· fwl pin II.··
fovr 'tillI .ill· Il II ·. .HIV ι I'll· Hi lil 1 «*It hi-··, in
Mnntly. Ί ι■ -ιΐιι;·Ι·'im i. .1 ij iirinciit .ill · .111
••ο·'» .· ,:· 1 ··.■■. uiiN furtirl».. tojrutbei with .·»
M in u^·* i·iti·ι* . I..'\|ΐΐΙ··ιι <Μ.ΐ'·Ιι·. I>i<am-. Hint»
Ι·ι l.nlir-, ι\ι· Λ <|ΐΐΐΊ Γ, οχπίιηκ i Iho.imi
««dd-Addo· »'Γ W11.1.1 \Μ Λ <ΓΟ., l'ub», l'hila
II 1·; A LÏH!
I be ni'.ot popular modirint for ncrvoii» iroabl»·
. tli·' -oiirrr "Γ nil other miment- i»
IIOIHI s > 1; It \ I \ I-!, mill luvigoi'Mf ur.
Iwr -rtl·* l»y all I irtijf · ι »t-. I'rimr Oat· I » · > 11 ;t r
For ( i< MlDSl'KKl»
Pir%Hlniliiil Giiiiipai^n Book·
ΛI-ο Το t \ >| I * vlit\ i.Oi >!>■>, Aildie·»,
(·ιιιιιΙ<|ΐπ il\ Γιιΐ|ιίι«- I'm lilUh1114; lloiltr,
|i»7 l.lbcrti Npw ^ urC
pC| R"CJJR. " J HAM'S ^
Η % r.w rni it 1 \ 1:
I III i'_'t · · t : » lit - I - \ i»i\ :11 i- ) I I
L » ι » ι
j 1 '", 'Λ t 1 ! I < L J
It ν 11Γ · ·ιιΐι·Ιι·tt<*i!oi> il··! til· 1» ·-t tr il HlH
, t u mil-, r, i l' . it III II· «ι M.il. r f- ~
lu·. I r , · Λ 'II III. I" III. ill I· I |i ···■
(lOi.Li^i A ri: a vi» ro.it wi;h« 141.i\
MTITI 11 , !¥·%* ii ivcn,C'onii. ι* ι
Ι<·γ> t'i ί·Ί1ΐ'»ι·. llti-nii·»-, *H-ji nlii;it Nch.>o|-, I >
Militari tii· I Nioal V nhui ··* I ill ·» - - ·ϋΐι {-.tli
Tfii'i br^iii ~··ι»l ι i r h ι 4'ιι|ι·ή'ΐι·>, iulilri··».
l.«n.U»t II. ICI sfiMIJ,. Principal.
± . *-> '-c..' .Jr-* Λ'-2Γ
Λΐιν :···Μνι· ιιηη or ir<>T:in «rll f·» ··M Tlir
lloitar liolil t y cloiutiln. I «I. ι · ι". · ·. ·· I y.
Ill])Ιύy eqrîoi <"l rrtçe low. Çoin?ttii*;»loiitf lib·
•Mal. ^«'ii'i for IH'M rii'tlvi· l*:i
ll« )Ι!Λ(. Κ Κ1 Μί, Τ)ι··ιιΐ| - »m lîle, (. ·»ηη.
VU.XTs \\ 1ΛΤΚΙ» t.» vnuv .·· !· ι · •The
I.If*· of llrm y Wll-on," lijr .11 |iii>: lil »
«1.1.1. Λ III I !î Î- Λ Kl.|l> Ν A *» i> —III! ilih w< 1 it toll
i'tilili-Ικ·ι! «villi Mr ii«ou - approνal. Now ·»ιΙ»ο
tiim· to make money, ft i; i;t »*»KI.I., Publisher,
l»o-ton. Ma»*
CvHP.tlUS (.TOOWS <2 1872.
Λ,οΐιΐ- «»Ηϋ···.ί m» ''wi ' amplijpi Λ·*!*. Sri! at
Siffhl. Pay IOO |»rr eritt. proflt \n« ι· thr
time. Srnd at ourc lei I »·'-<·ι ;|·Ιιν e CirruJii mi«J
l.i*t» ο Γ our Kim· i>!iid Kn;· «ν ί·ιχ* ol .ill th<*
C*nii<|i«tat· -, C:impri(>;·· Ibojiiiipliie.», ι'Ιι.ιιΙ-, ΙΊιο
li·νίι,ιιιΐι-. Π;ι·ί^ΐ"» Γίη-, Fias», ;»»ι·Ι · ·<·ι \ tlun^
Milite*! tu t lie tirait i vi! tlpUnr# uer >!a> cn»ilj
m ule l ull <>aio|ilt'· »«;lit for $ !. \«I*ii ··»- MuttKK
Λ ϋ<Η»1·Μ'ΚΜ», >7 Ι'.ιι ν Ι{·»Λ , Nov, \ ·>ι k
\ Wwill» 1··γ 4'hniiibrrlla'· <.rc»l
i'iilil|>nl^ii llitolt, ι ill.
Struggle oi' '72 ;
I \oi vUii iiι t'olilîciil <m4 l'<>jiul>tr I.iteruturt.
\ (.ΚΛΙΊΙΙΓ lli>toiy οι tl·*· lÎi jiuMio.ui mal Ρ··ΐιΐ
ot ratic l'nrtii^; a ni< y •kt*i« h of tlip -·» «*;ιΙΙ«ί|
l.ibi'inl K»'|)iiblii i i l'aity; ail iiul·!·· rirtr of tlm
• ini innali ('onvcnii 'ii. J'h" niii»or ti'-k··!* oi it·
iidr <h< »e i»l '.bu ··:!in|i.n^u. Il)·· Ι|η·.'»1 illu^tiatcil
Book l'iibli-ln··! \ Itook win.toii bv ι .i ij Amer·
icail ΙΊΙΙ/I H Γ·' -·· Ι|ΓΙ· ti'n :.I| \ ,ι;ΐι·(·. 4Ι||)|| $ I
fui- oui lit. I MoN H BI.IHlIlSu, ιο, ι !ιί·*>ικ·ι,
III , l'Iiil»., Ι'λ , or .*ju injfllrifi. Μη.-»
('Λ \fPA TCN 1Ί. π f y
Vvil.ll ill Jil ι t, f
HADGES* τ ,:· richards co,
n'l,jUlj° MVrs 47 Murray St.- N. Y.
AiillM s Q uilted.·· Vjti iiie iiûiko ι»ιθη· money
ni uni k for tii than al anything t* i m· Humiic*
llylil îiiiiI |irrtiijiDcnt. l'rutiouUr· ΐΊι·«·. <· >τιν·ον
Λ ('·»., Fiiir Art J'ublnhtr*, l'orlliui I, Μ.τίικ·.
Uç l»l ΙΛΟ < «., Λ. l. ΙΊΙΚ ΓήΛΛΛ
I Ο I Ν ι* Ι|((ίι(ι. Circular* fin·. Q Lvvl
ltrjrct all \ iolr ut Purxallv···. Τ bey ruin
tht! tone of lin» bowels and weakon Che digestion.
Tamkant'.s JBfPKKV ι.m i.m SE ΠΕΕΚ \i EE1EN1
ί« iiîciI by rational people an a mean· of relieving
all 4erui«gefH«:nt<i id tlu: stoniu<*ll. |iv«*r au l ίηίΐ'Λ
tinee, Imv-.u;-,· ti iciuo*u · oU-u 14'M'»iih wilbont
pain and impart» vi^or t<> tlie «nyau» wbn-b it pu
rifle- ami regulate*.
Na I I II 11 I Korar·)'ι of nunc'
#|1 I eI 11 11 f IMccdiiiK ItibluK or ΓΙ
V4/·4"! V W Vrerated IMU- ih«f
fail- to cure, iti· prepari'd cxpr»--»ljr to ruie tlie
rile, ami uotiiing el-c. ^oM by ail l>: uj;^i-t.-.
J.'r'r^ *i .nn
For Sale
V Splendid WOOD'S MOW'Iift MACIIl^K
fur fa{c :;t ;t Ijai^nin; Hie owner having moved
away, has no utu k»r l|. Till* nuelijiie may be
seen by calling on tlie gubfcriber.
l'arià Hill, July tub, lb"2.
adr Vigor,
For restoring to Gray Hair it a
natural Vitai.ty and Color.
Λ dressing
which is at
once agreeable,
healthy, and
effect ual for
preserving the
hair. It soon
restores faded
or tjrntj halt
to its original
• rotor, with t/io
rjl,, ν and fresh act* of youth. Thin
hair is thickened, falling hair checked,
and baldness often, though not always,
cured by its use. Nothing can restore
the hair where the follicles are de
stroyed, or the glands atrophied an-1
decayed ; but such as remain can be
saved by this application, and stimu
lated into activity, so that a ικ·\*
growth of hair is produced. Instead
of fouling the hair with a pasty sedi
ment, it will keep it clean and vigorous,
its occasional use will prevent the hair
from turning gray or falling off, and
consequently prevent baldness. The
restoration of vitality it gives to the
scalp arrests and prevents the forma
tion of dandruff, which is often so un
cleanly and offensive. Free from those
deleterious substances which make
some preparations dangerous and inju
rious to the hair, the Vigor can only
benefit but not harm it. If wanted
merely for a JI AIR DRESSING,
nothing else can bo found so desirable.
Containing neither oil nor dye, it does
not soil white cambric, and yet lasts
long on the hair, giving it a rich, glossy
lustre, and a grateful perfume.
Prepared by Dr, J. C. Ayer L Co,,
l'raeticsil .nul Analytical (. hciuiaU,
lu 1ΆIlls. Ι,ν Λ Μ ΙΙΛΜΜ«>Μ>.
In Wm»I" r.Vlllsb) Κ. Α. ^ ·M Ni».
•lit* wrJl-knnwn r. n,·· !v »' -■* not dry tip :» Cnuyh,
|o.%vt; tlio-caii?·· l*-liiu<>. ."· ι Ibu cam* vrttn n>«»t umnu'·
lit torn»; hut It Itfwwi·* *·ιΊ · I»»—m the longs, ainu ·
Irri' itl >n. thu^ r / .·Γ ι'ι. .. , nl.i · t.
sktu « rowr.κ a on. jt.* -t· y. i. ·»
bï (lfl|.'i't»,.« «nil tll.Jif.l lit lln-tli Uu-I, KU4K.V.)
!)>V' .
Thi» i- die m«»-t thorough blood purifier »«■'. di»
rovcml, ind Cam nil luiuor» from lb· worst
SeroÎnlι t<< ι common Kruptiou. Pimpl··· and
Itlotch· ■ "ι· tin· I .tee, ami »:il· or Itongh >km,
which art ntcb anno hi|blemldie· to usai j vomm
|tor»oii!t. η··ΙιΙ tu llir ii.-«uf a Un !>·.( . · «Γ tliii·
«vimK'Ifui ι it··· I «·· i ι · «■ Kioni o|i»· to f if Ιι» Ixilll··»
will rui e - til It'll'tiiu. hrT^ipcl.nt. - ni l Head,
King Worm- It I-,*» .«1· Kru| lion» «.f tut· -kin
Seiof'ila soie». I !«·« r» and M,'aiik«r" t · ttic Mouth
ami Stomach It it a pure medicinal «\!ι<Ί of
•milvt· roots ami plant», comhiting in h.irtnony,
Nature ino«t *. . · ign > ιιι alit e pr· pe lir».w!i'li
(•oil lii · iti-tillei till·· tin· vegetable kingdom for
healing tin· tick II n a great restorer fot the
hln tijitli and vigor <>l th« ->»tem Tln>»f who aie
languid, leeplr*». have Ncitou· \ppifhcnMon·
or fear», or anv alïc tton·» vmptomati·· of weak·
in·»*, will ilnd convint ij* evidence ot it· rcAtorx
t»r«· power upon trial It yon teol I>ull, I>r»w ··..
licbBlliteil and iltMuomlMt, lure frequent HmiI·
iclie, M mill t.i*»r« badlv »·» tin' in tilling. I regular
Λppetiie. nul tourne eo.u>-<l.nn ai· -t leiιιικ rr«·n«
Torpid Llrer or ·*ΒίΙκ»ιι»ιΐΓ»ί>." lu man* rini of
"Liver « oinpl*inl,' onl> ι |t.t; t of tiir »»· -τ uptoini
arc experienced. Λ» a ι einedj l'or .ill ·ιι· ίι ι·»»γι,
Dr I'ifi*·«·*- Uttl'ltn Midetl Uimoviti. Ii:·» no
«••pial. *» it «-rt.-t-l~ p«*i left fint ·, leaving tin· livur
Mi· ngthencd and lit*allh . Ι'»ι πιη· >· hsbir · tl
t.'onatipation of the Itonel it ι- λ neverfading
remedy. aiul t h« wljo h;·*· «"til lor llii- iur
ρ<>»<· are loinl in it - prai*»·. In Itionchial, ΓΙιη at
ami Lms Oi«MN«i il lia» product·! in my tiH·
riniaik.iiilf cure*, nlnr« uibir uic<lieinw» li.te
failed >ohi by drucgi*t■« at tl 00 per bon It· Pre
paiv-l ni the ( hemic il Liboratory of It \
PtERCB, M l> . Buir.il··. Ν V Juntl 3m
Just |nil»li-l · I Λ new ι 4iln il "I I>r< Culver
Hell*· Crlrbrntnl Ki»») ·>» tin· rmiicul > nr4
fwill ont iiictlit-iiir : ui Μ ι ItMAltiKHlitÎlA, or *·« >»i
mal WoikiiMi, luvoluntaiy seminal l»aae·, Ivi·
IotKnCY. Menu! ami l'liy-iml Incapacity, Imped
iment» to Marriage, etc ; al«o ConM'MI'TIOn, I. F
iLKi'M and Fits induced by -elf indulgence or
covtial rxtnuriKann·.
Av'Pricc, In tie·à envelope, only t> e« ,-nt».
I'lic celebrated author, m thi» admirable
clearly demon-irate», front thirty year»' Micee-·.
fill practice, tLai the alarming con-et|uenee» ι
•ell ahiiM· can be ratlieally cured « iflioul the dai
g trou* u»c of internal medicinc οι ι be application
oi the k ii ι le ; pointing oi.t a mode <T cure at omo
oiniple, certain and effectuai, by mean· of wlitrli
evtn Hiiffcier, no matter what hi» condiUou iiih·
1>c, may curc hhn.»elf, fheajilr, j .i\htely ami rail
Uv I'll!» !· · turc -hou! 1 · e in tiiehamUoi' ei *
ytjulh and every man in Mt·' land.
Sen:, tindi:r -·;»!, in a ρ! tin cu\elo|»c. u» any :ι·I
• In -f on r<—eipt I >·;\ · . Ii*,ortwο po»t
! tani|·».
A too, Dr. Ciilrcrwcll'H "llaiTiagc Cîttidc, prit*·
25ccMa. ,
Xd'ti·'*» (he piihli»Ιι·'ΐ ».
4ΊΙ.%h. j. r. hum: ι co„
1' > ». llo\, !J7 Lionel . , New York
apr>lo'T'i iy
You Can Find.
J. η se Mi So YEP It III'ii HT* Hit.,
Norway Village,
Λ Lhoji c \ .ii iet.v Ί'
i:\Tit u ts,
&IL·X.S Sc
Toilet Articles,
All bold at the Very LOWL'^T PRICKS.
lUof.mt.oi· the |>laeo
A. OSt Alt VOVllh* Hit I ii STOHL
Norway VHI«Mf'·
Norway, Mar h 12t!i.
Ii νυι wish in ut \ 111 κ
%.\l> S.tVF 915.IM», »end for Circular to

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