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Γ/ι«* .»/*1 of Hiijhrr Mental Cui
ttn-r for Hirutrrs.
Αι ι lie t'tankliu Co. Fanners' Aimuc la
titat ·»ι Kau Wilton, recently, Dr il.
Κι ) uwlth· of that plaiv, rea<l :i pap«-r on
tlnatjovcsubject.au abstract <->( «luth
»t· take from the Maine Farmer:
Agriculture is a jcienw a* well ai tin
art. The itt'k'iut' of agriculture iuaV bo
·Ι«Ίΐιι· «1 as tli· principles upon which tl>0
practice of agriculture m founded. That
thn practice of agriculture inay be the
most -uccessfully carried en, Un» princi
ples upou whicn it h fouudeu iuu>t be
• learly understood It is the case with
most of our farmers, that they have
learn» J iho arl of agriculture Iruai uen.
who were equally or more ignar·
aat o! the science ol agriculture
tliau themselves. Thus it happens
that a wronjf and erroneous system
ol lanu . ractice lws di-cc tided from
tath . to Mon. generation alter genera
tion. l itis old sysieiu ui tarm manage*
uien;. »iil do very well for h new coun
try, with a rich. virgin >oil, hut alter
lon^ practice it fails. And why? He
cause it is at variance with the lawe of
mlut That farmers may relorm their
sjatc.u *.>1 agriculture, there is need of
higher mcuUl culture among them.
Πιο turner in something more
than a mi-re tiller ut the «oil, and sus·
laia» tuanv other relation·* beside· Am to
the world and society . He cannot pos· ;
•ess t<>o much general information, but 1
ol that pursuit which be toi low» as a
lutûiis ot gaining his livelihood, be
*ln*uld po&iess a very iuliiuatc. thorough
knowledge. It is iu-t here that the ma
jority of (arment are deticicut. They
»ve not a thorough scientific know ledge
ot agriculture. Few ot the let tus of
luis >iato par a quarter part as intî^li
protit a- they ought. Not one (armer iu
tills, Iroiu the ptoceedsol the tariu ean
pay six jier cent, ou the uiouey in\ ested,
together atih the other expenses aud
have enough left to give him lair day
:igcs. What reason is there lor this?
VV e believe il is the laulty ma iner in
• hicii it is practiced. There are isolated
• uMancvs where larming is made to pay
a* well as could be wished. A farm of
t wenty six acres uetu Newpoit, Κ. I., j
m l»7o, kept iweuly-tive cow*. aiu! the
dairy products ot which amounted to
#1.£*62, or nearly $70 jK'r cow. The
.VUoIe JUUOUUt ol proUOCts» fcoiil Iroiu tlllS
i.ii'tu was which would 4v*râ{c
il44 per acre. This was accomplished
by a syeiem ot good farm manageun ul.
Higher mental culture would vn^bie
the taruicr* ol Maine, tu approximate
nearer to thc^o tiguros. thauthey arc now
able lo do. Bone and muscle have" l«ecn
thought the all impoitant qualifications
tor the farmer. Braiu aud mind have
not keen thought su essential to hi» »uc
*ess, aetothatuf lhe merchant, mechan
ic or teacher. lhi» same idea prevail· in
the mind* ol bojs and girls at school.
The hoy idling aa a* the golden oppor
tunity for study, solaces hi? miud with
ihè thought that he is to he a Intuier. and
trill not need a largo sloe* ol learning,
l'he »cliool girl excuses ci inattentiouh
to her studies, with the tetieclion that
uio?. Kkely she will be the wile ol «»me
\ oui 4 farmer, and ha\ « no u>»· tor her
cdnc ·ΐ'>η. Thi·» idea is t ulirely wroiij.
The iarmer> of to-day need to utivU : -
«,1*: h tin"* theory and practice of
neui' ; e. He caauot know too niu ii
about t!· i-. his chosen pu. -uit. Rook < Ί
■ c.u η is nece-*aiv, but that which .u
iute! ngent man learu» by observation
aud c\j erieuce i·» equally important
Te it i ooks uj»o:i agriculture should «
used in our common -*.hools. it i> hcie
the lutuie iartucu aus educated. lioje
shot. 1 !>e induced to attend the Agricu.
tura: Collige at Orono. lhere they
would receive a theoretical am! piactical
agricultural education. Returning to
their homes, they would teach their
neighbors, bv their example, and improv
ed system of farm management. V\ inter
evenings and storey days afford tho
tanner much time lor study. lhe care· !
lui perusal of practical agricultural
books, will suggest new thoughts and
i.leas, and ImMi the enterprising lanu
cr to take a new departure in turn oper
ations. Farmers* Clubs aie not accom
plishing what was expected of them.
r The speaker here gave the leaaons why
they are not. all of which were directly
tmccd to a want ol enterprise ami
k".>n . tig··, 1 h<· ir.if.u! -J·
tir»> would be remedied, a* last a* these
qualities are cultivated.— Rtr.] 1 "e
tirst «norce of improvement, is Irmu «>1»·
rvation. but the Rook ol Nature i- «litli
eult to read, aud but lew will make the
close application necessary to oblaiu ν il
u ible results. The second source of im·
provemont, is Irom the kcowkdge im
patted 1'V Ilk··· who undcr»tand the M .
ence ol agriculture, and apply it with
piactical and prolitable re-ults. Rut
these teacheis aie too lew to do the wort,
and therefore we must look t*> the third
means ol improvement—knowledge ob
tained from books. Obtain books *iitlen
by practical farmers, who ha\c tested
their knowledge ami theoiies by practi
cal larm application. What we need to
improve our in Clubs, i> lor each one to
glean all lhe knowledge possible, bear
ing upon the question, and make it the
common propeity ot all present. 1 ne
farmer is a member of society, and a
citizen ol the State. These relations
call for knowledge, intelligence and cul
ture that he may he enabled to discharge
his «'uties and responsibilities with hoi <»r
to Llmself, and respect to community.
The me rits of Dr. Reynold's paper were
pre»·y thoroughly ventilated by Seveial
—A kirk luminary recently aeked l.is
pet -cholar why they took Stephen out·
sid·· the walls of the city to stone him lo
de ι ii. The little fellow «r.ti client for a
moment, as though :ib >rbed with the
problem, when, brightening up sudden v
h« repied, "So they cou id git a better
crack at him "
Mr. i'nje on Fish Culture.
in ill" X.uiniiiil Iion^o on Tuesday
th e was an interesting dnbutu ·»» an
it· ι in ihe Appropriation bill providing
ho <!i«tribulion «>1 !«»<►*! into tho
I ι \\ u.t> ι the United Slates Mr.
Κ ιι>λonli ol Illinois, who, it will lie
ι «π lembcrt'il, en me to Main·- hist hill ami
•»p at \ ariou» pointe in favor of Mr.
(il uh'), moved to strike out the item,
M MTmed MiiMl such an MtpMrfltBf·.
M F rye ol this District came to the ι ta
ctil oi the amendment, when the follow
ing debate took place : —
Jr. FKYE, 1 do not blame the gentle
η i η Iron» Illinois [Mr. Farnswortli] for
e\ · »s»ing on his own part piofound ig·
η »·*ηοβ about this matter of fish. Tho
g mtleuian went down to the coast of
? tine last I all to fish,and from the catch
1' Iliade I judge he was quite correct in i
s mg that he was ignorant of the whole
η . ter ol fulling. [Laughter.]
For my own part I admit that I have
ν n:e ignorance on the subject. Still I
I i« examined this matter I b·.· tug to
a ot .ingcl;r> w hich lia* mado it a study ;
1 I siv here i l the prt-enee of this
!i ise, that ttr.ro i· no appropriation in
t ippti'piiaii. n bill i.ew under cousid·
t l'ion by Uiia committee of more import
it id than thi* -tnn appropriated lor the
b ding ol foin! tiahes. And I will >:iv 1
t ior th.it there was no appropriation
iti t to la>t Congre» which paid the >ame
pi 34>oitionate teturn to the Government
oi ::ie Uuited States a·» that appropria·
ti uiot $ 1A,000 did.
J ust look at the tacts tor a moment. !
What became <M the $15,"οψ appropri· j
ate·! · Plrolessor liairt! only got charge ol
it on the 1st ot July !a»t year. Ife put ι
*0· MX» of that money in the hands of the
ti«h ng commissioner of Maine. That
tishing eoiniuiooionei went- down t·» the
eastern waters of Maine, lie purchased
six hundred live salmon. He yarded
those live salmon for four month*, keep
iug them ία a pond until they became ripe.
Then he took trom tho females their eggs,
and from the males their milt, and im
pre go at ed the eggs to the number of
tiftoen hundred thousand, woith in the
markets oi the world then #6θ,·ΚΧ) in ;
gold. One-hall of all that product be
longed by virtue of the contract to the j
United State> ol America, and the value
of that one-half, according t«j the price
demanded for them at Ontario, in Cana
da was $ ··'.ι*K) ; which wi- the return
for the $0'\ 0 invested.
.ς.lin. the Professor sent lo "German?
to lunkM· eggs ihe hImoD| std Ger»
rnt.uj indelicate recognition ol the irieud
ly ùçjt of America, presented hi m *itb
tw hundred and fifty thousand llo
bo ight five hunt)red thousand mort. and
lh«< whole number arrived safely ;it New
Yi k, la^t week.
Ygain. th« commissioner -ent Seth
Gr· en across the continent to the waters
of ι ho Purifie tu gel être» tbeie. i he
>a mm there breed in September. lie
v...,- late in arιiving,and o«»iy got twenty
0. ilum thousand *gg«»· Thoee eggs
w» m impregnated and hatched, and t«»- (
ι' «y are in the waters ot thi-· country.
: · d will bring their burden o( wt ilth to
en- people.
Further, sir, the commissioner sent
ι I ions of shad from the eastern coast lo
t. ο western, and had them put into the !
1, · rs and the lakes «»t the went. And u
ι · » new experiment this, no untried
I V, that tiie Mississippi, the Mi»> >uii,
liven eniptviug into them, the rivers
ι ·ί\ir.g into the Gull ol Μ· \i< <>. niay
rid;· literailv full of the>o «!< icious
t": h was tried years ago on a iimiu d
► e and the experiment ·.:■ «. led.
Λ in t -u year - fi *ui to <! ·) withprejH
« tire and recognition on tue j I ol
t. Government · ! thi l liited Stites.
! -·· uughlj water· washing a di/en
> os in the great West may b« liu·. .1 y
It: . >f shail: so that whereas today the
p. c le have to pay Ucnty-fivc oint- a
p.jtind lor tin 111, they will be enabled to
parchase them lor oue ccut a pound and
t!.«*v wi.. be a drug in the market. Shad
ar· the natural inhabitants ot evciy riv- (
or on the Atlantic coast, and filty years,
a^o every river trom the St. John's
in Florida to the l'euobscotin Maine, whs
liteially full of thU delicious lisli fur peo
ple, while to-day there is hardly a shad to
be lound in any of those rivers, except
the Deleware. the Potomac, the Hudson,
and the Connecticut.
Why. sir. look at the Connecticut river ; !
it used to be literally lull ot these tish,
but destruction eouimenced and continued
until finally the shad wore reduced in
number, so that they commanded tweuty
live tu thirty cents per pound I'lie poor
people living there could not u»e theui, |
ibej were a luxury lor the rich.
Λ low years ago Setb Green went to
H alley Falls and established hatching
bt uses. In he had hatched tilty
m lliuu shad up thcro. In lï(< I he had \
htr.ched seveutyone millions, and in
lb *2 these fishes were returning lrum
tl sea in immense numbers, and shad
01 the Conneticut river were a drug and
se J lor live cent* per pouuJ. To a cer- j
la η extent the same is true ol the llttd
* 11.
Now, sir. why should the Government
l* called upon to help I he Slates in this
antler? Not only Maine, but New
Y.»rk, New Uampsthire, Vermont, Cali
fi nia, and other Slates, have taken ae
ti η iu regard lo thii matter. In tali·
lc<nia there are six hundred square miles
η lakes, one hundred rivers entering
from the western slope into the Pacific
ocean, and hundreds more emptying in
to lire Sacramento and St. Joaquin, and
. i- proved conclusively that those lakes
..a I rivers are ol more value in the
r eding ot food, acre by acre, than oven
.e rich and beautitul lands of California
:lt. But the United State» must recog
β and help this work because here are
èrs running through a dozen States;
> Slate protects ta-he* and breeds them ;
Stale immediately below «1 h s neither,
. . >teals the products ol the Slate above.
I ' nee discouragement comes upon ihem
. 1 the sv stvm is entirely destroyed.
llero .no hammer fell.]
Mr. FAKNSWORTII. There is one»
lis.ng I will uever attempt to do again,
and that is 10fry ti-h. [Laughter.j
Mr. FttYE. If you do, you will gut !
/ri< J y «mu self [LaughtorJ
:»tr. FAKNSWORTIl. Il I caught no
iêit in Maine last summer, there was
en« tijjh caught to make a i*ood /V"»/.
[Laughter ]
Mi*. Faroew«»rtli * motion whs then it
tHuh Cult tin-.
Messrs. G. ami Ο. O Hijford.ol lVru,
have λ largo lot ol Irout spawn at Uieir
fl«hl>reediiig establishment. The eggs
are trnnb|>ortcd in boxes of damp moss,
with a gauze bottom for drainage and
air; these boxes tire two Inches kiju.iio
ami contain about 1300 eggs. of which
about 9.8 |H*r cent, become trout. Tlic
Me-srs. 1 lay ford have a pond ol .«.Uoiit
Uirce acres. The trout, alter hatching,
n> 0 reared on white curds—boiled sour
rni!r£. Ilencc, when our Xituiod come.·»
along, bursting with expectation, with
w vm-bail, the speckled leautu·» have
n > eye lor hi.·* le. d. Mr. l(a) fof<l « at
M> iso.ciucguutio l-awc Ι.ι-t lal . at the
spawning season. 0} |·ι·ι 'UÎs-mu ol the
lilt commis ooihi ·, when* h< obtain» I
20,000 spal* n.
The trout .ire cau^l.' in ! e.ucfnllj
kept until "ripe" (leadj foi -pawning)
when they aret iken. and I ν ;> title pies·
sure tho spawn isprts.sjd from them n to
till paus. As ν; ·ιι .·.» .ι ·ΐι>.ι i ',ιι.ιηία; ol
spawn is gathered, the spawn i- lerlilizi d
by pie^iu^; the male tuiit ftom the m ile
tioul into tho spawn. l'hu-> t* 11 the
spawn arc impregnated. Wh· n thi< nil·
pt conation ta'.es placi ill I lie - tram-, of
course, α large pro|M>riioi) ol the sp*An
is eaten by thu fish. Dl the 200,000
spawn oltaiued, a percentage was given
to ihe State Fish Commissioner*. and of
his own part Mr II. sold iô.OOO «pawn at
95 per thousand to Ilaylord Λ- 1'hinney
cf Turner, who are giring » nm· atten· :
tion to trout t iisin<*. and another «'0,000
to J. Μ. Κ ι m bit 11 ol l'oitland, wiio ha» a
beuutitul trout pood at Cape Klizabctb. j
The spawn are hatched in this wise:
Th<>y nre placed on λ gi.ttelh loam in
fresh running water, ut a teuiperutuio ι
of Itoin 40 ty ôo degrees. In about lilty
or sixty days the spawn ordin irily hatch· J
es. l'lm live while in the «pawn con
dition un lko btuieiiHiiee within the a.ic. |
When tho egu* aio hatched, the li>h is
led on thin curd» dissolved iu the water.
1'h·· importance oi tne <iem ol li*h
culture, now carried forward, i* not n^·
pr« jiatcd. In a few year we -hall begin
to «-ee more tangible rouit».
--Πιο Scientific American pats an end ,
to the line ►. nliun ntal wilting about Ili··
other planets of our > dai System being
int abitcd. The reason i: assign* lor their
uninhabitable condition is, not rnily that
they arc loo cold, :m is general! ν suppo- j
ed. but that they are ton hot. Οιιο of th« ■
condition^ υί organic lit··, it is α
tetiijK'iature between and HK) degret s
Fahrenheit, and this condition pu v ii!
on.·, on two ol I he planet.·», t : » < · 1. nth iiid
M If the :·|Η·οΐη»' Ope had not demon
strated that tUe celtstial b·· ·■» wci com
pounded ol the tame elements »» our
earth, we might perlmp» argue that, lor
other elements unknown : > us, another j
range »>l temperature might ! ·· required i
1er organic lile. I it tli** revelation» w: ah
tiii- admirable instrument has gi\»n, ex
c tide such a suppo-ition ; aiid m <·
ι ertiou with the telescope and |·1ι>>ι ιιι
( ι ., it !·.ι- ι No ta.ight us il./. . i i t -
ρ iture ol 1." ι» Γ th., and ·. - :
\ - » ■ .· . i in*· plan*.- « α» p; M h *.
it!» ι ti. .! tlioy at. inhabited i- l.ili »r > i~- <
— v tiue on · h»- - u ! "ι ;t ι \oung
u .! r i> the most » lutitul t'uii^ ί·ι na
ît Win qualify it' i.i.j \
A < η<· . > iu iht'i- . u. , . I'he
5 . iiil· i.'al outsj It· behold· ι tu:iv i t ι lei
y with in th> preltj picture^ bat I am ui· (
ci ! ίο think thai s m.·» t! i ii ι^ιι'· r·,
who arc m >st intima'ei) ι· »ιι et I i.
the matter, love nuil :ldiuitc iIn·if iu»tii
er- most wiiou they are >!<1 il >»v - g·
ge.stive ol something holy and vemi.t
able it is when a person talk·· <·ι his
•'dear mother." Away with your mine
ing "mammas," suggestive y .> a fine
1 idv, who deputes her duty to a uur»».·— a
drawing room maternal parent who is
afraid to handle her offspring for fear of
soiling her now gown. Give im: the
homely mother, the arms ol wluue love
are all embracing—who is benulilol al
wajs, whether old or yotiug, whether ar
raye»! in satin or modest I) habited in
—Paul lays: "There was given tome
a thorn iu the llc&b, the messenger i»l
Sa'.au to buffet nir lest I should bo . \
ailed above measure ' Now note every
W( id lure. Fii-t, he sa» s. "Uinie was
given to Ulu.' 1I<· nekoned Iii- gio.i!
triil to be α gilt, ll ι· Well put. II·:
does not say, "There was inHioted upon
iu· a thorn in the llesh," but "There was
giveu to me." This i» holy rtckoning.
() child ol God, amongst all the goods
ol your house you have not one single
ar: icle that is a belt·τ token ol Divine
Io»e to you than >our daily cro-s. You
would lain be rid of il, but |ou would
lore your choicest treasure it it were
withdrawn. Blessed be God for the
crucible and the turnace.—itpuflgcon.
—The man who never failed is a myth.
Such a one never lived, and is never
likely to. All tucccs? is a «cries of
clî jiis, in which, when closely viewed,
ar·; spen iloio or less failures. The
ui tuntain is apt to overshadow the hill,
but the hill is a reality, nevertheless. II
vou fail now and then, don't be discour
aged. U'»ar in mind it is only tho part
and experience ol every succosslul man,
:.nd tho most successful men oltcn havo
the most lallrrcs.
-"In mall things,1' says Spurgeon,
••'ie tli·; crucibles and the touchstones.
Any hfpociite will initio to the babbath
toiship. but it is not every hypocrite
ι l \\ . ,t attend prayer meetings, or read
ti, !. · in s» i ret, · r >i eak privately ot
t :e things <·ί God to the saints."
— llC Οι- ' i. I » A*r III.*' ι » · ) j til·': u, hoi/·
• τ I ···%·, h ι- rights and IV lings. In all
cntenti >n- \Ί pea··.· be r tiii r your ob*(
j el than triumph Valur tliuinpli only
a» a means ut peace.—SiUmy SmUJi.
—In ft S u» Frnnctaco «viurt, ι ho other
tl,t\, ;i lilllu dialogue uni tluiv Counsel
lu <■ i* m·.- "You say you we ιό «t h in
liui -<■ > \ i l y nighl?" "Υβΐ*. fir." "Were
y»»ti I'm p.'ii'tiit*)*?" "No, sir." "Any
<· "i hi?*?"* ' No." "What wore
>ι·ι. «! ·ΐι··_' «ι M* house oveiy niglil Ρ" "Ι
« «ί *|> «r». injj lii* wife's »ι>«14·γ."
-*■ 11 " 1 ι
l I.I.TIîS'I ICAl Kl)
K UMANI \Il Y, Ihît. NOW ol τ. I éiietl :tk a
i) ,«rt< rlv. The four immluua μ*ι toeny uidrct·,
l , M ill i' >r ϋ < Vul«. 1 Ιιβ ι icbi'ii an; 1 nia«t ι net ι ne
li c Hlii-IrMi <1 nul JVrlptlr< 1Ί« il ιJolile ι ver
|>ifl»liHb*ii< Tho*c οί nur patron* wliu ι·ιί|ι>π<(Ι
(«<< I» la*. yrai ri ml urt cri'lited *.tb ai renti,
m ill rwciMvctlw fou ι Qn.irtci !ι<- ίυι l^JS. The*··
ν ■ anb ;>#<■) 1· fhi· >··.:r will l··· or 1κ··.| with .ι
ι iMvipUon ι<·ι 1-74 Tin Jittttin punkir con·
t:« IW ncarlv ΊΟΟ 1'.»*(««vlUK·· Two kuprrli
< ilornl IMatia. «iiitabl·· ι train ... Λ al-o
TiatMl PUImoI eeri ^ ι ι
I. "rotation rvl»liv< to I low ι : s. \ · „, uiilii, Λι·..
λ t'icir cuUitatl^u, Λ nil ιι- li nuilvr a- mi for- ;
in :!v Γι ·ιπ I in · li Vnnnal 1 Vnt will
■1 '. »·* .I'bM * ' Ml |£K«
t III·».·» Ql 1 ItTI til » W.
• »<·· ; · '>' "f ·····» 1 ■ I · ■·'" · 1 ■ ι ·
<i * t ill* uJiii'i AU \ uui < il hln ι ι»
η ίΊ l'rii · 1.1»·. ί«ι IK7il." .11.. \ l lr>
- mtn.<.«· λ h .<ο ri< ι κ
ν . Nuit II Λ Klori.U, U(>« til «.fi 11, \ . I .
Se C.
r >KN.~il<)N r «oldior wl . « n-1 ur .li- ι
J bllitv ri·. »1 In l «. . ι / or m*
• I·.. Ιό" -r eld iere now 4 '■ :»< Mh>
•il .il.
it'ii mi I ·»· ulni.u · r toi Γ. u '. ·« <.!. tod with
I r m t ('»·. ' 'to I;ι* w ..n i |n»|. r :■ ■ .
il.at II «II» h.iai-11·Iter* y. H - .M»·, or by ten·
.o>i ut iroMM /« or injury.
tk>l *11, >i! ι h · I . ι I. ι # li ul
-οΜκί·» who illil n»t ratvivr jmjr Ιιι Ιιί« lifetime·
an I w m bate .lu ι - .Ι,· 'ι tita ·. ι- ι «.(
• Ιι nbiiit^ re>wiv«>«l in I' "ν ."-.-ri nv
r»ts»»ii«\> Mr ummIi in part <i wn t o i η - ι 1
ι ·ι ■< wli·· lia*p .In .I l>r 11 <tn otdi» ilillHv r<i en ·
od in U.S. -i'ivim·. nhtra -oMier lell un whIow or
Ί \*|uNs lor ul>Iί« · ·| |.| ι - '.»!ι ' ai ι) Ιι ιτι·
ilir.l a< aliovo altitnl.
• v\nv 1·. r πι .1 - roui it lufunnali n wni tlirr
111 \ m ι ν ίι.ινκ ajttiit rlniH βκιιίιι·! the I'. *» will
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Sheriff's Sale.
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I ·. It«'.l»tr> ··; I»· · I-. Β··· 4 1 «J Γ.ιι." I <11. 11
by -ai«l j I1.1. h Λ » Mli Ige tO iMw C. WWTI
I nam ·γ<*. in lb· ι oiinty of \11dr.·» oKgin, t" -e·
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et l'i>lwiiJ>e>>iy mil, bit·
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Ν l; tu iid; cit«luii.« »t .Γ, Κ··ί«». 1"<
diva.it Λ Γ Μ
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Freight Token at Low Rotoe*
irk ni», . ai · Γ "· l'aeLet t w
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H. !.. MIT. I.I >».··, Afiil.
. Ιί. i OX M Jr., <; il. \ I'orl li.rul
i irtli £ STEAMSIlli - SIPANY·
λ ι: b 11:i at mi \ / s.
Scini·1^ « t LI; 5.it .
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Γ. M
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I. 4ii' I'iMllnnil.
l'orfreightoruauai»»PPb'„ .
JIKMO 111\. < ■ ui - U liar: I ■ ι liant!
J. κ ami >, Picr3S i: u . New i'ork
•July jM'·
MAM ΙΛ< Il Ul.l S nf
imicis him.. y vim:.
Λγρ non |ir> ]ίι.h| ι·· iiirtii-l. t cir Manufactory
•>r at their W are Itooinv South Paris, (in charnu
of A. shurtl,-tf A S"U
A h and Pfnc Chant l..*r 3*1*. Kxlun.l'jn Table.·.
Perl m and hiatal Salts, Chairs, Loaag*·, Mut
in» ·β". "^j'rinir RM». Ac , Ai·.
AllLIuili or II U.YITI KKUïfAlUCn.
I' Hill, S. ptcmber Sd, I8T4.
UuM l.DSi', Hnw UK»'lnl;ii w:
Ρ Jii I | ! lit ι jli* .i .1 *.·« lit ι ni ut Ui .
jM^^CiiIti rwfll'» Ctlrbriliii
li ι I ι i.r ν ,'i».iι niw: I
■* ->PKiiN,ATi'imil· k. r Scmisal vv. .ik.
:· Involuntary >uu.: il 1.» ». ν Iroicsir.
Meulal au 1 l'iiy-i".·.! Ineapall;, ItapiUmeaU t«»
M.irriH^i·. tli·. : .:!.o (. s,.! m Moi, i.i lLi:i »v, à
FIT*. Induced by InduopM ce: *v.\ua! sxtritv
/ •"l'i .· ill ι -raid run-lope, etily * *nl«.
Taa oeli bnted author. iu ihla ntaunUii· ■ m >»
i li irijr deutuu*trntee, iront a thirty year»' *uecei>«
lui |.ι iMtiat tin· aiaruinii/ oun»o.|uunc«» of aclf
bu ι' may be radically ι ureJ without iliu danger
dN ni lateisal Btdhlwer the aftpllaatioa ·(
ι ho knife ; jointlr «nf a modf nl <·ι:ι« at #ni'«
-inipK·. cortain ami eflcclual, lijr aieaui. ·Γ which,
< \ery MtflVri'r, no matter what h - roruliiiou may
I , inaj cine himself choapij, pnr.it el y aed nidi
i :U«.
«é-Thi.H tee turc >bouiii :.·· in the hniJaof iren
youth ami ■ rciy man in the land.
"M-nt uiidi'. »ral, iti a plain cnrtl.i|ie, to any a·!
dreaa m> rci'clpt ol ilacaatt,οι 4posuf· -t.»u.. .
by ,ιιΗ.ι .ί:,ί Un· nubli-l.»i .
o Dm. ι ί ι λ mjvvki.i. . Patriae· euid·,"
price '*i coat*.
A li!re>a ttie I'tiblUli. ι·,
« IIAH. J. < . KLUE A CO.,
1' Ο. 1ί«\, UT lîowwy, New York.
aprJO'Ti ly
Diss^lullou of €'opar»iirr*hi|i.
Nr«rrii Κ ί. Iifreliy isivcn tli.it th . opartm ri>liip
lion lufurv o.\i~'tili|C bctw.cn 1'ciry λ Jacob*
• ι U'i'-t Pari* and ItrvantV I'ond, i- lni« day dU·
-olved. ' .1 < . I'KKKV.
Det'einber 4S, IS?·.'. janll 3w
■ laving pnr. ha-cd the inti-n t of hi- lata partner,
V. F. JAi'ii:·», will continue tin- hUMUc*·* at In* old
'.ι I it AVF.SÏ l'AHIa, w litre lie i.^ pre·
a:cd '.υ υ λ cuti to orden for all kindi nf
Gi anite Work I
{•iiiiiuieiit^, Tnblt-tn, Cnrblu^ tor t'ci.ir
Irry l.oti, Ac.,
In thu I ·: nvlu .in 1 at m;i-Motor |·: .··
i:u .M.VKIU.i: fuml I edtn ι . r-'-î
A »\\ I'till !î Dcrriik Ίο
L(>l by the Day t»r Week.
Pn-t Ofl' -e Bildre J. C. VKIt"Y, Writ Pa -, >fe.
Gentlemon, u-o tlje C >uibinalion Ka/.>r Plri»i>
*jrntmvsnte<liorttaneTrnnil atnrttfnfrboolr. Ttw
DlTl/li " υιτ. Ly liiw author of "Uo.l in
Lit V I L I lull τ." Illuati At<<l liy I >«>r«· ail·! N.i«t
timtor--<rd by ruiuieut divine*. W. It. TUHAT,
'ub., c>ai J'.i «a lw.iy, Ν. V· tw
in ι:ι.κ«-Α!ΐτί.τ not un *
BOOH I·1 r Ch.· ι ···; rheapost k;iuii 1 ν lllbl·
ίτιτ imbiiihc'l. >»ll be »«>nt fit·· of rlinruf t > uoj
mok ;ijritt. It i-outaln» nearly ΛΟΟ rln·· ·» *rtj»%«u«
lluatratiou». bim! un· meeting with nnprr·
•oli'iiUd Adtlre»*, vx|>rriimiu,
•ti·., Λ '«Γ will ·1η»»τ you \th*l uri^cni atad·»·
n*. NATION'Μ ΙΊ'ltl.lsiUM; CO . rhiln . I'a
■ e drrrlvrd, I· t f· ι · :_Ί .ridda » · tin· al-,
îoiti-eiie- ιιιχΐ bronchial ililtl· allies, iiaeonl»
n<irthl«·· tmtlnf ton· arf ι.α the iu.il Let.but
Ibtoil) Mlestiflc |iii |«!iinti#ti ->f CtAtlld \r:<1
• l.uiig u wh.-n eoiuMnfd Willi other
M· II in < «il ifiu. ili. - in tin;#, ι AUI ι 1» :ιιι·1 all
■ λrt ·■- in; ι utilioited i„mIii»1 tifclnj my oth· r
Ik all iu>· > «I III llAUnU ul lk« BUi'UtU) VU··
ape th.· ' ι »ltl.f.r* tlntuM he ireety ir-« I. Μκ-ir
"I· ι loin* 'H I ht.iUiif |»rw»ierti· tie antolusliii g·
BewuMtiiinvr uegltei <i tot» I. It Η «ή -11 y
Mil «*. I III II - ΙΙΙι'ψ t lit ilju.wht II il In «· < · ». t · ·Ι1
ί<· ι : - .mu·· Ι- oviOdlnjilv Ilirtl -nit, ii«C Well»' t'.ir·
Γ.ιΙ·!··ι χ■- λ «urt'illc.
J|»IIN 1} Kl I I.OO H i'Iatt st.. s wVrtrk.
1 If IICI'lit |ι·Γ ι II·' 1 Mate».
l'i i' e . ■ l't'i.U a uux - u 11 . t u niilar.
ι ή ' .1 M Mil 0N£ MONTH <»ur
Hitut t.*. · ..
W jLfcfct * M t I t . I J lik
ΙΊΗΚ. nuit , è. ι (*..:,·». Jlorr
t . lit » H «lit r ■>.
NUTIOÊ—B·'nu' ·;<Γ"ίτ<Ί t* nil»rf|iwi>e|itHf'|
I' -Wul
Λ I V I » Vt A \ 1 ι i>. -
I, I ti I ·. . W.< \l .«'A.
1ΊΙ» l< ·· » »;» i:
I» il. it « '.V
lu. . il | I il I 11; il! tfi lU.I I «H·
I . .il· π ■. οΓ ill.· tv >ud ι lui ι iitvr οι the
ι. ι tel , «UunaJ . \auvt-, iiuuiiug. Ac.
• w ' A , li'iowl
. >t ! 1.1. |·χ· ιlinf'· I. v| I t til il.» y. \ t : [tub
I' 1. »· nil t .-Ι II ill »j λ ι » I is»»
ι ι » · ι· I
I φ I ι ."'it ·> Mr. !«· W Kt IN f Λ
u I .tit 11 1111 u, I*a., or *|>rlu*:lletil. U.i I vv
Tl e I.a lit j' Kriwl. A-k \our jfiot-er l.>v it.
.ι · . ι·· mil-' .·· . hi fry ·
ι ι the l.i . H i. iiOrijUïl. >OIil· ItY (.illt»i KI!>
II A KAKI I.I I I i. Ι ι Ii'i. 117 Ν Kion t-.l'liila.
It 11 Iir.mt-T. «t.. St. Y . 0 BmH >1 I: '«ten
Ajoute /*V( Wanted for
kJ or tui: kJ iiible.
l:« l'.iti Hi!.· κ.· .· I' ■»·' '.Kilni.. I'wl.,
1'rMHMa, Women \|..>«fl»«, INHtlHin!
Βιι!··γ» an I « rlin nal». Urinal a» I'ortn <n<S · ν
ι.u4 . ΙΙίΜΛ ti e\et .ιίαα ι» iaiiltl· ·» lu
Hlwî&atléwi w»Étawilte»! It ι- ;ί .ι tbelMM
f,.. the ma»·«», <>r ail wh'· kir* Iflitwrr, th<· Duii|i
(if Cliai .. tt:r, t ι t !it*<*iful Kexl ΚXtrt let nil
to Afent·. Seotl fir riir.ular·. Also. Affcnt» «t ant·
!li Prtplr'i ·> η 4 n t <4 Till.I., vt It 1*
ΛΛ«· 111 it·· « ·ι(·η·. Oui tan f.ini-. mil my
Acvnta othai PaklMwn -ir· acUieg tlila Itibw
wtlli «on li-rlul . ■·. , I·· *.ι·«· κ ι· i.'ie ». t
ti j-iit ir e«!iiit»ii |ι«Μι·ΐκ-ι1 CMrwdathaok» Ireo
·· » Λ 4β· à : . /ι ι ·. 1 I I: a
M ' l HI 11 . Hi t'lalflu* I'.t ι · »i (»lllo,
||o ··. ! Η · - ι
111. « *m
Ο'.ιΓ» <\ I . -χι .Hill lull·.il»
Κ»ί·|> ' mire m l Iv itih I < λ . r ·-·!.
JUlIN .'!i ·»(,,! Γι α *. N.'U i.uk
-> ' \'4fut tli I'nitfil -t !U
f»i ι . ο on.· 1 · ; ·. 11·.t{.'· >«. u<l for I i; . h >.
1 Ο * ' it . ι ·· I' * '■*/■ ι κ tai . k
I (fir (I .. I Pftioaf Mil Mlfcm HqMHjl.Î
I^mpisyn- .* ♦! > |ι«ι werk. AjfUl· Λ uihfi ■ («
j ill .ι η > .j 'le, m il , . .1·.. lu uu. diant·
.t:.·! imnul 1 - ΛΊΊτβ *. * U lamp
1: It - dl l'll Λ < <>.. 'Jj i.il « -rly M V > .
\Vi'V..li| » ;|l u.;iut· ί ♦·· | ·ι »»«ek »'i Ctiik, wbO
twU νϋβ.ι^ι 1.U1 U* At M->| L. J.. «.I; LU.li» lUll.otl
! ·π I . > .· : 11 A I'l ■
A. I o| l.Tl.i: A t «·., < tinrlulitt, Mick.
A YlK*T('t.AITTSrîfF.HH fitr il ;.iïn» > mi»
η ith tli" r · ι m :ι Win μ ir> · * f: f>< to fι (mi
i \ .1, t.. !.. c t t -1, in ««Mine» l:et «ill. an
gt'U< J !.t! *.·'·!-· »f νιιΓ Γ Ι,π.ΐι ; Ut.r
! Il NTfl U . 1 . (VlU 1 >M Ci I.UI lIl.T
a\t. Ilut iki ·* nr«Sim»t Λ M · it« l'or
I vili ill 1, - j J i'. 1 1 '!ti' ίΙ'ο.,Χι » V· : Β ti
lt il, Chit ι.:·1 ; ^11 Κι «ν - ο.
7~/~} Ι
nil ι'1*··λ· ο Ι ι »ι>[ι|* il·» mitltll·
»*·* Τ~ a .. t'it. ^ wli.t ai r ι ι-ι rnlurin^ life, ami
C— 4 ~ »·!!·.. ■ b"tli -ΐ'Μ ι i«u» anil ruml with
I 3ihipt l't·.! μ. οβί
v' My Jolly f-iiond'$ Secret.
M *2. > 1 ÏVI5ιλ Ja-t aiitj·.
—u. i, is witb Ui· Jn iImI ·■· im;
sJj Vaim I! w( V* 1 ι Y n
-1^ S η·! f.» ιιιγ circulai ·. »l·· , uLtirli ara
H «■« *«iil l>t·. 1. to. lit 1,1. χ V, I ίο «ton
I r* < 37
The <iu 1- ptib|i«hel t,M aim cm τ
ι>.ι\i 'i tin >ftu .wliu h it nat IihIi tin· re :. Thu.-e
• lui .Iltff vt .ii,I* »i»U III.Illev lo l.'ic :irui ant oi ( irt
foi Settle, BUT I IS (tit
ivorlb uti.i—the prk'C pawl tor ll 1 · <·υίϋ·. The
I ; Νii 11.1. ί · . · mtifiil, (.u itis |>i.in» f..r making
ICimil Hkiurt, Dining Ttiblr Prrornllon·,
IVlnilow ι··ηΙ(η·, i .autism., ο nforina
>n iuvalu.ilife lo the lorei »f newer* ISO pp.
>B flno UM< I p4|<N, MM HO CBgT · IMIH u
l>/!i»rril I'iM* ιπ<1 ('bin., ι Γαι tr.
ι h;,-t κ.lit >1 1 ao«,ooo j.i ; |»iiatc i in
Un(lUb an.I *· rnuii.
.1 V>1 i.S \i( Ii, Hur'i trr, Λ. Y.
Il i.il n i-.il To HI I int
i> t.<S HOrKi SEWIS6 UAGHIilE,
V ·« l> IATK nt ; 11 ι [nilu to
1 » Ml 1)1 U.T« Hfi , PORTLAND,
int-fO u'
\ >i ;.'!\Vt s \V M.iHioN \f ill buv White- A ah
rim ,.. tr Mt η · I li n. ;ip , to Le chHlvtwl *1 the
•U .1 F·· 'toi .
km' 1 he Ιι,,'ίιυ-ι pu». Will he puni.
l'ari·1. M:i;ne, Jan. 11,1&Γ3.
_m *
8 Τ A Ν D A U D
Bewing Machines,
ICti JIII>DI.I" ST.. l»OICTI.4*V>.
ltrjm. il o(l. «* at ollWAV.
I - b· 'otnlng very com· η In rttfr roin:aunitr,and
lie ·ιι ! I.· I diMtil* r> »ult ,«r*ru U* I· ·*'« aoine
'•lief. The linn·». Miuuir· many <1iOit«u| (orra»
iroon,' which »ro,ΡβψΜβϋφ» k'ntiryem»ut
indication (>r Λλιι^ f'^ntmU· » of Iht lirari. λ'Λ«<
mutuM, (jtiural IhbitUy, H'at> ■ uivat t<·· U%*rt,
MnMaf ■ / /*< >7<irw«. Mm to Μι >·Λ<· μγ ι s»<<,
M; uiM, bimjjuh CirciUettvi» uf Ui* liloixl <*>*1
il u Uiiry Stopi'ay*<*f <λ· J.lwu u< In Mtarl
ι ID NH kin l>**u ctnd
Dr. Urjrr'i Urtri ll((«lâl*r, m ! ·· <to
• l ·..· HUU to il «.it < >ii« Ikta ΛΜΛίΐί. Any
f'irn ff lli iirt III». . · « III rre liijr yicll ». u u·»,
10)1 we Ι»τ· jHlelMtne< »"> r»·· wutr«< ih·
il. . tKc{ lUtoi haa hrm litw prmnrlj in< t'■·
I'irly ικ·| received it marktf'l l>^»· ÛC
» »ur a.:^nt, on appiiratio·, will farm «h yo>t with
■ ir ' in ular, irivinp full ihwriplieo of the diae««e,
Mi"! ,|«·> λ nunilx»r of t.»lmi.)0i·!· "I en ι β» ·η·|
il yon would like .urtlior jnoof from · partie,
nho have Riven the testimonial», wriUi ih*·. and
»«v w hat they nay,
Wt: U.ire »old thou»JL..la or boltlea of lb· llmrt
I. . .1/ r, nnl II.· 1· iiiaikI it «(III ιη·ι»*·Ιη£ W ·
ι. fanlrttBt f >r* dQlQf the puUlieaUeueflt.and
ι '.,τίιικΊ. nu].· r en thoui * η-irthlet· imitation
The |>rhv fif the II· ιrt fitgnlator la On» im>i.·
i« !· i: t'Ir ·μι·| < in '«nfciaine.1 a'e'ir
UtMMOMI), Dr«i«c<i(. F*rl», M«.
janO'T; It
Public House for Sale.
"I "!1L" «rll ki *■ il l ι nant'lmui ta»»· a alaafl
£ aie J· ι JukM liuuM ia
I lay». Thi* atamt aau t>« i.aujhf at a targaia,
kill a tt <i*» ·« aa ·♦
• . I ' H ' I à·
The ti<>u*a · II L>« kapt pea »« aauai. for (k·
• v« I'M Jaaft
• ifgi , . . fê aaa·
ι ι » · It · Iif · ^ puUlia a ill il il >kal ho·
' - » (h it baa *\rr l a*< aanaiac
• at
'7Sί,Ί :. , - ;
Κ «
j) lv M"· **
ml at. - „ —
n i «*» m«n « hila muter ih
<λ \t \v |;·ι.·>μκ.
Kl « »K1lM lkK I. J A1 KioM
L lacuiai ·
l. 11. laTI ®<il
' · I j · , Ul r^lli Uf«
» -, .. . ι. tiv a: meut, »ul bo
■ ι a i rr.itim.· uu lJia
- i Α ιIrca*
Γ,Π. H. Q.-ytTT-jP.3\rgf
!, T.r.rU Z^tlcz, l»ai3.
.ι. n r ί· the l>e*t prepa
ai α
r discovered, Iwtli
— !' ■: ·! idrrrtinr.
. vi iJr. Uivene'i Hair
; ι .υ n>> poieonnn* meta!» or
> \i>t m ;l.
Ί JACKSON, htate Aiaartr.
ι L)ii· ι 'f tin.· iUiranU
•Pitmen:, sent free. Addr«M
.. > ijËumTsr-my
. ,ωι*'.« r.jLC·, Boiion, Mm*.
VtoLTINE is made excluaively from ih· Juic#a
ïf carefully «electeil biirki, rn«M «·4 karka,
aglj concentrated that it will elkctulljr
..ι* the ai stem every taint of ·*γ·Λι
la, Si rofuloua lluuter, Tunaara, CaaMr,
I nncrroiia Iliiiuor, Kryalpalaa. *«11
Hlirum. ftyph little THaaaaa·' Caakrr.
I alntucaa at tin- *tnni»ak. and all dieea·»*
that ariac Irom impure blood. Irlatlaa lilin.
niator)' and <hmnle Hkaiiaallaai, ."lenritl
tin, l>Dnt aixI *|>lmnl < aia|latata, aaa ouly
r. ibcuwllj ι m iknntf tbo blood·
l'or 1'lrera an I Kraiette· illaaaaaa of the
iktn, l*walnla«. Ptniplaa, «letrh·#, ••lia.
Ttttfr, Kralilhaad ami IUa|i*ana, V|<iK
1TVK hah ne»''i fa;.· I t·» effrct a permanent cur*.
Γ Pilat In th·- Bark. kl4a*y lam
plalat·. Dropay I'rmal· ITfakaaM, I.an
narthea. aiuu| (kan internal alcaraUaa, noil
iterine di-ca-e-and Waarral rMektlttr, \ RGB
1 INK net-> dire· tiy u|M>n thea-atiaet <>t tn»«a com
[>lainu. It invigorate* and strengthen* thd whole
. ιΠιτη argan·. allay* m
n«iumatiou, cure·» ulceration and ilatra the
For Catarrh, Oyapepata, Flabltoal Coa
Llreneaa, Palpitation of tkr llrart. Vlaail
ifhf, Plica. \rr« ouanraa mil titaaral pre
ι atiwi of the -yatam, no medicine ha* J
·'· : >«n anch ittfectaailatactionaatbo VI
ΙΊΝΕ. It j iirifîo- the bl^o*l, clcaiue* all of the
>r«;irn and po«ae- re a controlling power over
,hc Nirvana «>!>teru.
The remarkable enre* effecte<l by VKCETiNK
tiavc iii'liM ι·ιΐ many physician* βιιΊ apothecariaa
Λΐινιιι wo Ikiioiij to (if-crlbe ·'·· ·· ,n their
η famlliea.
In la t, Ν I.'jKTIXE i* the b>· t nmcly yet di».
>oreml foi the ainni· <ll«ea»c«. »'"l la the oily re
i:ibl<· itl.ooia PI ltll ll.lt yet placid beiora
.ίο. public. _ _
Γι ρ trcl I» Π. R· STKVT-^V Raaton, ilaaa.
Prie- il Sold Ly all Drugiil'ita.
Ί.ιι j'T.' eowlf
Paralysis & Deformities
C U* Κ Κ 13 .
ΤΙ.ρ Orient springs Health liutitote ia located
κ. tii.· t >net Vinhcr.-t, Μη»-1 , I'or the treat
, m ! τ<· r ; H:r 'v- in all it* form·, Spinal
:>i ι ('·.... ΐ( ··ι .- and l.iinb". I.'rooked
11! ; l-.'nla ' JointM, Wry Neck,Cnr
• tur. ■ ·■ · » : .· ne. M I>;.-e.t««·*. lUcketa, >t.
ι Uu Dance, n>l nil i· (un)iliu,Si ural|lijM·
n.it ■ -il■ I nil lament -* ; Nervous Dlscaaee.Gout.
I'oih I η-, Diwi-fs ai' the Brain, Heart aud
uiin,: ,( ' .π'·ι . IfTHtcrla, otc.
Apply M MltOK \V. KIIODES, il. D., Am
ι·· -t, nr l'. E. irAXON, A^ent tor the Ina-ituie,
•«ο. 1 rcnibenou i>iuare, U«»tou, octlWia
The fir»t and culjr ctev-lr· ^ bbtnrr </
Ik* Pacific Slope ; l>e.cripu-·»» of m. ■ 11.· =>«e#oei
Produit», M<M»ntaln*,Sc*n<rjr Λ «I lay».kiv<«·
Lakct, Fame, Weceriûl·,I—V».A "** ·»· l Λ 1 ·»··»
eu» and U*v 1» I >»cul*n I f.j
In order tu meet the eoe»Untlf linieaeiug tl»
umnd ιΐ|··η I k lor ikH'l Tl«l ». »· bare #β1;>1>
liklifit «(Aille, for It' proration epou - aret ill »
·< (η If 4 lieilcia. Tlie 1) IMNI Ueed I· »l lie »·
known Iteaufem %" aieck, ·η·Ι Importe»! by < -
••■I» .·» « iprctalT lof thia »urp<»ae fbe eatebli»li
inoiii i· under tlt' céff ei · competent phya.·
• ho will iper»· un païaa R» produce » perwttly un
UAUMt end rt *K article, wbi< b we uro im#w prv
pared lu I ut'un-li I ItWU IUILT
H e ran al»oiurui»tt ta tho·* who prefer II,
miiakikku τ m m.
froni HKAiTilT CHll.imK*, urejiarrl l -r <»* bjr
phyidi ian» Of uudouHed reliability.
I NOM thi: UKIk'KK.
10 I.ai|f«· leory Point*. #1 5"
ι ( rwatof Primary Formation, ··
l it·M Mi:*Ll'IIV ΙΜ ΛΛΤ».
Itfffitd Ivor· r«inla< $1 VI
M ιιι-ι fioio uiiniptuitnl λ ■·»< ·1 J"»
• w. rOInmnitnii p..,.,. «ι p*iiu ma
o\ r r ι r.-t λ . a Ir ·1ι 11 · ι1 '. lU ·' : ' '
Ui. ri |>«r!< 'l ι» Λ 'eee «tta<r* lor pointa .i"d thirty
d..> ^ loi ι u -1 - -
Onl -,·· '.V 1 r. I I) KM ΠΝβ«^ mm η
a» .ni.
ai u Vai<le>lun «ι Ί nNMMf LMMti >>r
r·. ι ry ·ί> » r.»»»u kind.
< Oh H J A <r >//' UTI / > /·
A/.iTi i| /'·; «. · ■·.·,·. j, i ■' "I'd iiiitr**·
air,'ti. I l Jiiil IB Treinoiit et., Boafnu.
febl |w
Dental tfotico !
J)If (ÎKO. m. twitcukw.,
lu . -.«-red liκ l.rgltli. aufilclMUy ItxaakU
liitL n»utne bMkMaa MM llilorm (II# Η!)!!·
thaï tut mai lia fevadat bia ο®···. »»a » ilia Pwt
. |'1 Cl 1 M J N| i« jJr 1 ' ··"· I l" Al.l. ·»
airnitf ll.i crrn <·» «I a 1>ι uUW, eiîlwr lor killiux
an l .-il · t.rk n.i!nr il '· I· ι "· ■
ari:il· ill'iU JJ^viUiC ail lin ■* i.»UuWiuU
ani impu »'αι»·.ι!- Ιι Γ. i, e-. 1ι· JftPl"· *'
(ion, la ment · · oatiaua#'a ol lliv i':>w i'«
lu· lecfnxl in )· 4Γ» | j-:
Helhel. O.'toU ι yeili laTi.
Brighton Nur$eri$*·
T. U. IliXi: 1 to., l'reprlalara.
OKK l'Ol.i.A·. SAN 1.1» ι» .vorlii *· mufcll ··
(an» u.trnrd. i# "iiv oi l'i KiaLklli»'· maxii»»·
TUiai-an Im» iluuv br
PKiciiVkiai; l'vur Trull Tree»
ok uR'UAitnsox è cnrLD,
of Miltan ri&ntatioii. arlio arg ai· ·οΙη(0<1 A*«ui)
fur ifce ι «'le lirat» I kui »■·! j vil II Uil At.'ii
Mtabliahetl la IW7.
AU 11···'» UOUAltlofii· will «■ wiiiutttmlM
a· any ·ι···<1 or Urou^UI iulo Uir Mata.
Wa a tu.· (ienaral Agm r af 0*fa . ««
Franklin ( «aatle., au4 .bail 4*11 a^ilwlr-»»·
for pt-r buujrr-l, »*·1 aibrr ΐι·»·β· .a iiro(Mirliwu
Ail peraoea aantio^ (ree· < «a Mil on a· 01
*ri:e, an<l aure u* the np«u>e af '-alliaii on ibeui.
«hkbtii'i'iiae *t' w ill a I Iwar lo (he yurciia·· ι
li UJ* U A Ui» V)N', J It-1
J.. W CUH D.
or WM kWJ£TT, Hoiith Kiria
U >aa I'Uiiiatiaa iul> i#, laTl. W
< φλ M by ιητ ·■· wiphinjf s l-L«*U
K.aflVi, anJ In foo.l rapalf Α!·β.
whlrfe hare n< rer t»oae Inj«re4. In«alra af
ri.UI Kltti «'*»., I«atk Part·, M ·,
ï»r »< ni;
T«o nit Is· Tr .m Κη·( Sumner i \/ >1.
T»iera I» Uenil vrk. -piuc·. I'ir. A*h lifakar aaa
ranl W'»e>l ·β(·ιπι κι (■> »ι »ra Λ-era ·βι·1 la· u»,if < u»
an 1 ka ι aa I iM depot, pa; far ika
a.ime Α ι oina'.rie -*l ">f far·· fcml l"»· '-attig
i«orHlkr|(# 11 ··' »«··'' I
• h* f mile of «ame · ^■■■•4 la-lar*. «mal! or
ι ',ir>' aa··1! aater anl g··». 1 a"· «a· λ «
a for a h· ·■ >.»· « ' 1
t. bulitlkni Γwe furtnei li(#rMl η « , 1 · ·
«'l'a -·- ,.*·«» - v ■·
JiiNA·» «iHKhMK
,Tan « «. I<· ,
IKK· ' . ■ bar h# «1 < ft ' JJ ■· ' · »'
ha - · · ' ·. ■ « . a '! a . ·
Judctof I'robeie. f,■ r tlia · ounl> vl ·»»ι'·γο h J
». ...a··.·'»· ·1·'·
A wl HBIIM.I ·» ·.· I Ρ a »»
In »:n>! t "tint* '!»·'·* »"··!. I'J <'f,uk 1 ·* ι-*
l:i«r 'lir«· (· lie (li»-r« l ·ι« γ···ι>·«·-»«-» .ill I naoiia "·»»··>
ara lndetite<l τ«» fli»«»**ai·' of ·ηι·1 ·I·*<*»'·*·'·!: ► ma»·
iwaMUuite puncBl; And tkoa· who Iuti uj ·!β·
maii 1> ΙΙ·.«·γγοιι, If >·ι! Ibll Hie » UM t·
y >» ι a Mel I r >»
January 41. I-" ·
Ί*ι ι · "* |K
1 all I 111 >V* A U1 a a-, a f . -a, · ·«»
luaUiaiK <· ll'IMlli··*,
« auliuue . .1 · . » aa·,. a
if Mi. Howard > - * ·1 > . · ·#
tha ι λ»ι< ·ί il M ·■ · ■· iiaici 1"^· a·· #i
lie haaallllie Policiva a#U |.|ei.vf W H,
au,j j, . · · » . to - l · ·. r ι I - ■,< -·
V\ M i H Ul.fc 1 M.
> . Kl . Le l'< *. a
F O-R 8 A L-E.
rpill I AKW ** '· I - « « I 1 " ll* 4*
1 Ciark k v( ; , ... .ujr >e ira. «a Υλ· ι· II
W ..I luakr ta , ο 1 I. «· ■ «""* «" W" « .1 li»
t.»wa (kafldlnga ooeaflletil for laro iMuili·»—
la# ^a ni |inaàuri, ί i,4iJ», la · a 4 fc··
■Il rood land b aa»-· Ua I a:, t. e plac# I' β f
.. Γ ^ · af A^r.i. u^» ..»--■ a
!r f| il ·. ia »j·· »' a·· n-· »illaw· a L« · - · I
like I ' ·--...·■·■ w
φ ■ » a M# I uia ai a ·· »
(iru'ara la jmre m( li. i l'uli u · -ul ·' 1 '
.ute-.Nr HI KI/LU
l'ana Ma , l>e.·· lu, 1»TI. lamtai.r
Mill for Sale!
TU· ïilaia ■ ill, a.iua'«J t# ëil»«<e I" »·'■»» ··
Oaforil C'oantf Va u* -a aaa.! .eaJ, *#;» »·*
Bilaa Ooui (ha railraad. aai-1 #»ill ··» kail» »v··
(lira· »aara êja, »t # roai af #bv»i #1.aa· ϋ
,-aa aa U»i;fht ai · k· (a a if «ppliad ^r Mua. l!
.-.t- aaa a: th· ae«( circulai «e t«ar<« la I M|
la aaa. a»d a lath taa· Maa . tiret ma Hue #·«
oiher β·»1Ι p#· t-inera. ka< ) MIU »e ia I"** ^
uirii i ia tu ewlle#i ehiii^ror a ιρ<·#1 fketury,
»ith plenty «f while ble« b »u l >oylar lunber^.
Kxaaipt fro»« taiaiiou.for 10 yaar·^ ^ A I LBM
■lia,a iMaataUuK, duly i#tb, tifl. »i
Ato^iia#, T· ka L Sdntt F· H. R.
Hituateil in ami ncur the ïiHKj
FiruU i>ortp>n of Kuraa* '
Kleren rear»' Cre«l.t. Sa\an p#r oeut Ibtereal
,'jJ per cant, redu'-lioe to aaltlar» *bo iruprora
77/K rACTH abeut ihia ijrautare—L·· I*ri. <»·,
I.ong Cre.li(, ai l a llebaie lo aatilera of neaily
ene.fourtb; a Hich Soil, ββ·Ι SplaaUiU Clunaia;—
•hort »utl raild Wiatar*; early plabimg ao>l u j
wihtcriag of Slock, pl«#»y #' lUialall, ai ljuai a»
the rigbi *ea»ou; "CjaI, Sloùa au J ilrick <fu lia
hue, Cheap liiki ui Luuibcr.Coal, !>'.; υβlaiult
o*»e<i by apeculatora, ileiueaiiail au J l't« eiuy,·
(iotia uaw abuu'l inl, u llr»i la-·> k nîiaad < n '.lia
line of a grout Tbroagh Route; PtoUu··!» wiil j'ay
fur l.aatl an<l linprovcnieuta.
It ia tka ULkT ·ρρο» ΙυυΙ(> ever affirrd to
the Public tkr»u|b tha recant com
pletion mtthe Head.
lo; Circular·, and general information a<!<lrw«
kltSA'.CB I.A.VD l)KK»T.
Ground Plaster,
\W h.ira "ti ΙπιιΊ about
go TO>* UIIOI \i> PLIiTEIt.
ready lor delivery. AWo, A IK>LT WHK VT
SCOl'KKK UDtl ItUl 1.1Mj >Clil· t-Λ. neai ly all 01
which ura ill geod rei air, ( Ullc Λ· . «Itncli. I.
To any percoaln want, we will η greal ear·
K.iiv in theae null iiiiurc-.
AMiunvtA ui:*r
VV f»t l'a ri», I»o-'cnib<·!· S.

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