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pistoti gmocrat.
TH>f«U7 Et^Om*
loaJar every
r^^nk P. TImmhiumiu of Portland
IJ^ HiiNharii Hmn la*t week.
_ Uror* Hammond ami MU*
***** *"ur iu H°*to° tor
^ lBt«rr.f^i lu having a bird
"»**« ** ,h* hall
^1(rn«" <: " 7 unlock lu chooee
^ j,«f. s. Imdlejr (revived a
band (hlM Imhc (bra
ftfl fr*»m f*-r aunt, Mr*. H. D.
. utttL Uk- it all iu all, was quite
I *1^ mrtk. .\« • consequent* a
trv«» are laid low, aod
tr*«*« Injured.
I ,-*!*!**. f. r. man In the Demo
I U »t Wilekl for a week's
t «ith hi* m cl«\ Henry O. Stao-1
"^ggdgiui** tttiunlaaiooer.
. p v. •. Kn|., one of o«,
— fUfq-ri* k' roung farmers, la
waluft Miftuloo to hU already
J^fcrts*tl"' Hubbard plaice.
I «■ K v* • J, K».|., of Sumnrr,
^ ,*nio)t • •• n»nd lury, leave* |
.>!*•"*r»t • « M-vrral very baud
.. .;«,aKii' the -Kiujc Tompkins" i

" N H Enterprise ap
• 1 ' * tli«* tlrm of A. D.
r^«(vJ Jt1 f which Ann K. K.
iygti. fortwr v of this phce, U
jjrptrtBfr. >uiv*se to tbenii
yf »*« t>' bate t*rn an eiodus
Ir II K iinfurd Kalla Nitur
Lf. iy*s »| «•> * IlitlM Of Muperlu
yjtf ftttro£i!- <>f tbe Kumford Fall*
xn«: : it ibeexudu* didn't |
jt 1 tkrrrfu' H reside via* good
Mfttorjwk*. in and *pectatort.
>i h. i< .Miirrvd an llluv
Mti.'t • Ki|>li»t church Krl
i i«cture was on the
|>,f«hri-r. •:»• t»fiu«c "From
Lrf t» Ih'' Hid «ia* Illustrated
kimlditr picture*. It came at *h«irt
L». *ad di*i ' • ' a j^nnI h<>u*e.
|ir*rrf«rtfd xhJ by tho*e who
t« • v the Wiling much.
m Mitt.i- flioaC the pc**Mtaf
,»aid m <• "f the court ofBcvra,
»:«1 »fT ll.f |>bv to «|*nd two
'<%•he light fi»oU»tle.M
»«• » -un*** In rrtry way,
important lent
Urr(«>m <•! tl»«- I.ewUtou Dlatrict
-•«r» .t ?»■■ M. K. (hun-h wit
-:u »*•■!,,■ <Ktuber 17th. Sub
I (»•. IVket* 10 ifiiU
*,;«?'• ; U building the* new
rtu Kuritf> : I Kill*. I»«»u't fall lo
•»*nt »« !.• • ue of the bright?*!
nw» in lit* «i »te.
\<1.1 «» will hold their ai»
ilunr«! f.tir 1 liurxUr, t Mober llHh,
r~« II til \n antiquarian «U|>
•ndlwcfuu will t«* wnnl. l>»u't
r» W |>r»-• • Kioc; article* will
HtrxhiNit :<-!i ui<i for *al? and t>M*
r*r will u- i.tw of th«* be*! e*er
•tivll \ t»Me.
v .uit.-u <i< itt. M. W. Chandler
<!r, wi,; V»ve next Thursday for
• ••rid * (tir. Mr.» handler ha* been
> -i.| -v«I :h- (.mod Trunk !weo
tmyvar*. and lit* not had a *aca
il»(t»fl\> \fir«. He will heabteut
■ tkrw wrrk*. lie will go bjr
f H ..li ifiuu aud rvturu bjr
• *f Moolrral.
'■ f»! •• present and liear
. ll>rrfl ( UvtUrVOQ the I.if? of
I. , ■ ,. ;,t Odeou Hall, Oct.
• TWVt* for adult* !■'> centa;
u.-n nu.l.r l *> ve tr* of age 15 cent*.
f«.r«> • v v\ ilev'* drug *tore on
'v tn-mii it i.oiild Academy Thura
''Mnin* wa« w^ll attended and
giin h number o*er the one
'••♦k br|iire. I he following pro*
'Wtl N«nl»rv.
Kttol UrlanlMHi.
• H* - »nl, riml lalrM|terMr« U
■Wlru« i.| > rlin*.
l.rltitf. Nl>« Wltey.
vat>r, W ..bl, Klhcl llwUl|«.
Ifch ll«l«atua.
A ktaio I ha|>man.
!«• K»ma itaadbr.
V». Lk.i. A lira I haiul«rbUa.
»ru were Jwu Mf tru*.
i' Iwr. • r. WlllUutMiu. Tliwr
* t Hr «f .1 to 0 In favor of the
IwWr. The iwit debate will be
WTW»«I«\ • >filing at 7 JO I*. M.
k*. Mr. m„,„. ,u,| |ji* jmrty return* d
|i.t *i*k, and aenrlce l«
*M»uhf >«nl«nbur(Un church.
IK. W ifjfin, Km|.« of tioaton, with
^'ifjio iuil attendant, treat the
k-ud Mm. K. r. Kurrlnftoo of Au
»t s. W. Klfe"§ la«t week.
>•« U-en attrodlnjr court at
*' «d Mm. II. Wright <'ou«ln» and
■""••ml Mi*« Ahby N. I*i|t itartfd
"UtjpM.i, Monday. MIm l'*(C« will
•>( h«-r cou*ln. Wot.
Via»1»kM|{.». Mr. and Mr«. Coualnt,
t,! thfir journey to WU
•j"'»*Wli hi* mother.
"■ M*ri« o<(imn1 lui |»M back to
jTjy- Her daughter, Mr*. Carter,
hue b»tn to the worki'i
W Brrti- Abbott W taking a
'••i Mi«« Mttwl Sawyer, an acad
f «i*irnt. took her pUce at the or
I'MUn-fiiloMl church laat
**• K*r>.l«II h«« gone to Chicago;
Uw„ur. 1
v Frank and wife reached
••a iur.,|4r and Thur*di»T MU«
,kr-«l l»-fi f«,r llw fair lu co«
Mm. T. I- K«*tm >n mm I
•*t»*?niin Mud Mr*. I.ucy Lot! «'f
S r»iu.
b*)l»ltle ||ow« und MIm MInrb
***»r»»t IkMton learning k»n«W
^ I*. J'»hn Buiaell of Portland
■tea daughter*, lira. Kendall and
Itu/jeii, are at the Oaford.
*\ Brv.lio and Mis* Tyler leave on
«r* wrr buay gvttlng their ap
whWh cone in rery aeat
* «»>•• aerere gatooof UU taking
N ilita tf»i the Irm.
at North WaUrtbni waa «
*«ua large delegation of our peo
J H. W.MMlhury bu > r*ry nk-« u#w
Katey organ which waa pat Id
/ J. Whiter of South Parto.
Watt«, of Woharn, Mau., to at
?WH. L Planner.
J. II. Evano sad daughter Eva
"*»»* friends in Worceater, Man.
shower paaaed oeer thto
J1***Hajr aflwaoM, (M. hh, hi
J to the night by a severe gale. We
?•* yn learned that It haa d
^ Mra. Prcd Torrer, tad Mr*.
• hth*r, and Mr. and Mr*. Uer»
J**« aud Mr. and Mr*. Load and
JJ* »re topping at O. F. Dyer**
?*^hon Itoekland, Mau.
riftoMto Parrar of North Sunner
L*!'" Mr*. O. F. Dyer.
I^f* f- I'arlln and daughter are
Jl *»toU?«w la Weld.
The eaaaty quant loo to
•id* by the uaj Intrk*. :,m arfaingout
of soulrrel hunt «MM. TIm gaU*l«**
youths who paid far sup; r ad dun.*
with propriety claim a r- unt ** bl • k
ch Ickoui' Immais v^ff ioc cfwt*
old squirrels' tells of but jmh teal
w*ra rung la; dlflfcreat Mobm of mm
•Ida look fret of HBtMftbof aad two
other* look, ooo Um head aad the other
the tall. thereby gettlag a oount of 1*00
potato, when 4«« tu entitled Hat.
Although ll (H understood UmI tba
U«or|t Wublnnton cod* of oonb «u
not to t» ilitotljr enforced, such diaboli
cal swindling U looked upoa with dis
gust—especlslly bjr tha losers. 1 fear
some of our you eg uien are qualifying
for tha asw jail.
The weet ruder* have "knocked Dm
starch" completely out of Hop City aad
eael alder*. Uncle BUI Merrill, laat
Wedaeeday evening, gave aa old-fash
loned husklag baa with old style supper
and dance. Wbeo Mr*. Merrill gets up
an old-fashioned fanner*' supper the
rest might Juat a* well take In their slgoa
and don't you forget U. Baked beans,
puddings, pie*, uakes ant sauce* aad
apple*, that would melt In your mouth.
Loava* of brow a bread that stood so
high and so largo on tha table, Fresl
Abbott (6 feet nigh) had to stand on
tiptoe to get a light of his partner on
the other side. Forty gueats surround
ed the table, while sixteen b*blM were
laid away In beds and cubble* to revel
In Innocent dreams. After supper
music from four viola ami a tambourine,
with fleuuent choruses from the babies,
made old age and youth forget all care
and sorrow. Abraham, a three years'
cripple, was so elated be took the floor
and gave a splendid exhibition of fancy
dot dancing, a bile Geo. Maher wore a |
hollow In the door stone dancing. After
dancing Into the am*II hours of the |
night all went home with happiest of
remembrance* of the festivities. When
Uncle BUI give* another husking don't
fall to be there.
Two * rencbmen, I raw eveulnga ajro,
lUrtid from Gum Corner for poplar
camp oo Buckflel-J BUI, aod encountered
a bear that seemed Inclined to deoy the
usual court esk* of the road, aod they
beat a rapid retreat to llwd'i atore, and
haatlly fathered a poaae to enforce right
of way. Bruin had left before they got
Mom Mason of Bethel made ua a call
lieo. I.loder aud wife, and Ferguaon
A >V«lte from ltumford Fall* were In
town thU week.
Mlaa Kmnta (illne* la vlsltiug her
Mr. J. Ilough'on aud wife have gooe
to Maaaachu*etta.
Tola Constat, wife aud children, i|N>ot
Sunday with Iter mother, Mr*. 8. Knapp.
That thunder shower Monday after
noon waa a smart one, ao waa the wind
that followed It for the uext twenty-four
hours, filling the air with leave* aud
making-It cold enough for overcoata.
Uut there, It U well into October and
tlie beauty of the fore«t« ha* moatly dis
appeared. While those chromatic color*
la*ted there waa more real Iwauty to be
«**eu on a square acre of hillside loreat
than In any city In Christendom, even
If examined with a mlcro*co|«.
There la quite a curlo*lty on the place
where John Hobeita formerly lived. It
beiug nothing leas than an apple tree In
bloom; we have heard of such freaka of
nature before, but never saw anything
of the kind. Hardly think the fruit will
mature before the ueit frost.
The llrst of the week «everal young
meu took too much "medicine', aud
oue of theui became so tlll«*«l with hilar*
Ity that he went to a house during the
uightwberea worn hi happeued to l>e
alone, and made hlm«elf conspicuous by
throwing «toues through the window*,
ami such like. The wounu, although
armed with a gun, did not u«e It, but
did what a linos' any other woman
would do under similar < ir«'>iinstances—
«cr«Min« <1 tli it »h<> - heard
than half a mile; aud the folka, knowing
that something must be going wrong,
hurried to the scene of action, and thus
put • atop to anr further hilarious
demon st rat ions on the part of the youug
gentleman. Six lights of glass were
broken aud one aaah Injured. The
name* of parties are withheld for the
present by requeat.
Bryant a l'ond cattle show aod fair
waa a success. There were forty-one
pairs of cattle In one at ring with Charles
lUcoo's slsrr* oo shssil, aud he waved
his goad over th< m apparently with aa
much satisfaction aa the monareh wavea
hla scepter over hi* auhjevta. It waa
estimated that there were a thousand
people preaent.
Mr. ami Mr*. A. W. Bfk-hcr h»v«
bwo to New tilouceater (or a few day*
oo a visit to their brother mim! wlh of
the Belcher House.
Mr. Geo. A. Illll U apeudlng a ahort
vacatlou with hU mother, Mr*. C. K.
The work of labeling and wrapping at
the corn ahop waa finished Monday.
Mr. Frank Whale* haa moved' oo to I
the old Whale* place, now owned by
Fred Sanborn.
The fhrlatlan Kndeavor Society will
hold their convention In Odd Fellowa
llall, Friday, CM. M.
Mr. K. W. Ilodge ha« been on a vlalt
to hi* aunt, Mra. Augu-tlue Infill*, who
la very sick.
Mr. J. X. Smith ha* bought the Kd
Smith place and la preparing to move I
Into the tame.
Mr. W. L. Jonea U at Pari* at a wlt
It. A. Storey went to Camp Caribou
Krneat lleonett ha* been at vtork fori
W. I.. Fickctt the past wtek hauling
Ilarvey Bennett, Zlba Dutkre and
Will Durkee and famllr have been at
Kllaa Ilennett'a to tee their tick mother.
Almayr llU-hardaoo haa goue to I'm
bagog Lake to cook for a party of
Mra. llertlia Storey haa been to Cole
brook the |M*t wrek to aee a deutWt.
Elmore Bennett of Kuuiford haa been
up, secured a deer and came very near I
getting a bear. 1
Klpley A Bean are now stw log wood
by ateam powrr at the hotel.
The logging business la hioklng up a
little. Several have taken job* oo the I
(Julte a number of people weot to (lie
fair at Bryaut'a l'ond. The weather
waa Hue aod a good time enjoyed by all.
The a how waa excellent especially for a
rtr«t one. May they have another next
Bean} Kendall la vlaltlng relative*
Cummlog* Lawrence ha* been grant
ed a peosloo.
Moaely Foaa and wife have vlalted
hi* mother thl* week.
Grmovllle Fuller la making repair* oo
the building* ou the Murvh place before
moving lo.
A amall party weot to the top of
Mouot Molly Ockett Sunday, Oct. K. It
waa a hard climb but they felt well paid
for their excrtloo*. It waa a beautiful
day aod a floe view waa had of the sur
round lug couotry. From the summit
eight lakea were vlalble aod fo«r vil
lage*. It la a climb that will repay ooe
well to take.
C. M. Elliott has hMt om of bla
horiN. About » week before ibt died
It waa noticed that bar Upa awl under
her chin waa *w*lUng. The swelling
kept growing worn* until bar lags war*
swollen ao aha partly loat tba uaa of oaa
of them. On opening tba •walling*
nothing but water cone from then.
Mr*. C. M. Elliott nod Mr*. W. A.
Wjmau went to Boat on, Oct. 11. They
went ou tbe Orand Trunk railway on
nctrdaa. Will raturn tba lnai of tba
W. Clark returned froui Creacent Beacb
Camp Weld POud, Oct 1 lie shot a
fox nod caugbt lota of pickerel during
tbe tbree week* be wa* (bare.
E. E. Abbott and WIU Collla bad •
colllalon when Ed vu coming bone
from tba fair at Andovor. Ed'* wagou
wna not damaged, but Will** waa b*3ljr
•mashed. Fortunately bo one waa hurt,
but Ed bud to buul about ton nlnutaa
biforu bo found bin bat.
Mr. nnd Mr*. P. E. Lowe from Ram
ford Fall* flatted at M. L. Wrman*
Bundajr, Oct. I. A- *• C.
llev. Mr. Ramadoll of Booth Pork
pn«eM ham Maadif.
IUv. II. B. Marshall baa baao In tba
pi »ao o fr* d»y*.
MlaaCrica I'ampua spent Saturday
ood Sooday a uoom.
MUa Orkaa Ooold baa baao visiting
frkoda bare.
Mr*. Hawkaa returned to Boa ton la at
Dr. J. 8. Sturtevant and llttk Jamla
ara at J. D. Hturtevant'a.
Mr. aid Mrs. Illbba ood Rebecca art
rived home from Machlaa Tuaaday.
Mra. Kara Maraball U quite sick thU
II. M. Baarc* baa not baao abla to
work for several weeka.
Tho Hanmt Homo featlval will ba
bald Oct. 17th.
Prof. Sargent had green corn froai
hla garden Oct. 10th. We can claim a
llttk better than that aa wo had It oo
both the 10th and 11th. Wo alto had
green peaa Oct. 10th. The paaa wara
planted a* a teeood crop, part of them
the tecoud week In Augu«t.
Wa ara Indebted to C. II. Oeorg* for a
copjr of tba Report of tba Secretary of
Agriculture, which eontalna aaany lo
tr retting engravings and much valuable
Information. C.
Alfred Cok waa distributing clgara
yeeterday to the lovera of nicotine.
What fort Oh, beeause It la a boy. I
believe that k the rule In thk town.
Hard timet or eaay timet, Alfred pro
poeee to heed the divine Injunction and
act well hit part In the populating busi
I waa down to Auburn to-day and
waa told that the Unkna were to build
a co-operative ahoe factory, and the
money baa been pledged and they are
deciding ou the location. A >40,000
order baa already been placed. 1 think
there ara throe factories that never Join
ed tba manufacture^' aaaoclatlon. They
claim that thay have no dlspoaltlon to
quarrel with their help. They have
work aooogh and things ran along
emootbly with them. Pushing with the
borna starts tba temper and Mats tba
blood. Kveu a workman who Is com*
CI led by clrcumttancea over which he
a no control, to labor for the meat
that perlabeth doeant enjoy having hit
note pulled. No matter how poor he Is
and how dependent on others, a alsp In
the face kindles passion, and sometimes
be It quick to strike back. Well, I hope
that co-operative concern will prove a
tuccets. Arbitration won't fetch the
shoe magnates. They bog up ou their
dignity. They teem to act at though
there la an almlghtlneat In the wealth
that thete tame workmen and women
have brought them, ami whom they re
gard aa to much machinery.
The pott kindles a campflre at the
village Saturday. Many guestt are In
vited. Program: Musk, beans and
Dr. ItoCoster a ml family are about to
move on to High Stmt, (ierrish moves
Into the lllnes house. We think the
doctor nliwi It lu moving. However,
we are not ruuulug the shebang*
Farmers are busily engaged In pre
paring for winter.
Seth Sargent hat lea ted the Jewell
farm for a term of years.
In the ranks of *pr»*l"n>u« farmers
in this county will be found Alvln
Jonea. From this year's crop of pota
toes he has already'about l.VX) bushels
for Mle.
Kverv Issue of the Oxford Democrat
Is a welcnnie visitor to Its subscriber*
here. It seems to grow better and
brighter every week. l<ong mav It
I,. <>. Giles Is to occupy the house re
cently vacated by Mr. Ilrlckett.
Mr*. K. N. Krye Is not improving. Her
recovery Is doubtful.
The experience of this week has en
abled u« to realise the fact that Maine
possesses a vast variety of climate, as a
heavy shower passed over this place
Monday, with thunder and lightning as
an accompaniment.
It la reported that one of our young
teachers Is soon to assume the charge of
a school of one pupil. We are certain
she will find it more Interesting; there
fore. tender congratulations.
Mr. and Mrs. W. II. Wlswell spent a
part of last week a 1th friends In Urldg
A. I*. Gordon lias purchased Chas.
Gordon's timber.
Fry• bur* Centra can boast of th«
prettiest glrU In the county.
Moses Chandler has added a commodi
ous barn to his beautiful collection of
new buildings.
Most Indications at present point to a
short potato crop In many of the east
ern states this year, 'nils fact should
stimulate Oxford County farmers to set
about plantiug au Increased acreage of
tubers next season. There does not
seem to be the least doubt of au active
demand during the winter and early
spring months, and our farmers should
not sell at the preseut price, but wait
and take advantage of that demand.
tyulte a number of our |ieople were at
North Witcrlonl (air Thurnday and
brought home quite a favorable report.
THom* of our (tropin who engaged to
th« squirrel bunt last week uiet at the
Congregation il vestry Krld.iy evening
autl partook of ao oyster supper provid
ed by InrlnK lleckler aud hU party, the
losing party. It took eight gallons of
oyster*, beside* other fixings to supply
them. 173 sat down to the tablet.
Lut-lan Andiewa Ins just returned
from hla summer's work la Andover,
Irvlug Beckler, who ha* been eugug*
ed the pa»t »Mion as coechman at a pub
lic house at Conway, N. II., has made a
short stop with Ids father, Geo. W.
Heckler, and lust gone to Doetoo to
serve as a family coachman at a very
good salarv.
Joseph W. Cummlogs U quite feeble.
Ills daughter has, for about two weeks,
been a great sufferer from a bad tooth,
resulting lo an abscess, which required
Itnclng through the cheek.
Mr. Kverett Mathewson of Providence,
It. I., returns to his home this week.
Itev. G. C. Wilson la /pending a few
days with our people, giving ut much
A. W. Judklns and famtlr are at Nor
wav visiting friends and relatives.
ltiebe Thompson ha* gone to Norway
to work for G. Q. Abbott.
Mr*. 8. M. Abbott had a quilting Wed*
David Richard* and wife of Andover
were In town laat week.
Mr. J. W. Ballard la stopping at E. E.
II. B. Fuller haa moved Into Tom War
reo's bouse on Mill Street.
Master G. II. Gttlgnon of Andover la
boarding at A. Brooks' and attending
Over 11000 baa been paid to the opera
Uvea In the corn factory In tbla place for
labor thle fall. Tbla does not Include
the amount paid to buakera or outakle
belp. The pecking waa completed In
about two weeka' work, aa the corn crop
waa light owing to the aevere drought.
The enterprise hat been n greet help to
the vicinity and many needy persons
have been able to earn n few dollars
thereby. Host of the belp resided lo
and Mar the vicinity. If another sea ion
la favorable the company will do an ex
tensive business as they have used their
help and patrons well.
Business at the mills Is dull, as there
to a scarcity of water.
Several persons from this place were
over at eourt oa Wednesday.
The high wlad of Monday did some
damage to fruit trees, fences, etc., snd
blew off nearly all the apples not har
The preachers of the Latter Dsy
Saints deaomluaUoa are holding meet
lag* at Dtckvato scboolbouse nearly
every evealag.
Geo. W. Gordon and family of Auburn
have moved to Dtekvale.
Thomas Wymaa to finishing the
second story of hto bouse.
Geo, L. Howe to building the A1 Far
rar road. Be has M per rod.
Bod eoldaare quite prevalent.
Still Melntlre to laying out the foxee
as usual at this season of the year.
Harveetlng to nearly done. We notice
a shortage la ltoi^ini<HM| crops.
Mil ton Holt U Uilntluf Ma buildings.
N(h Wight l»M iimDtajiiot the
i heap ride to Boatou this w**-L to visit
llio city ami it the m ine time toteehl*
(lllldteu tesldlflf thurr.
A1IU> Fu«lw, * foruMtr resident of I lilt
place, It yUltlng frieuds here thla week.
We are fled to meet him and to team of
hU prosperity In hit chosen home.
Mr*. 8ar*h Ma*on, of Masou, ao loaf
su Invalid, celled on u> thU week sod
eleo her deaf hter, lire. J. U. Beta.
At unoccupied house oo the old
Wheeler hoeeeeteed, now owned by the
drover brother*, wee vialted • few days
ego, eod tome thirty llghta of fleet
broken by throwing apples through
We leers that the achool houee Id the
vlllafehas been damaged to eome ex
tent by the reckleesuee* of enme parties.
Such acie of vandalism thou Id be con
demned by ell food cltlient thut the
perpetrntore may be broofbt to aee
themselves aa othcrt aee them.
1 have pumpkin vloee In bloeaom and
new pumpklne forming at thla writing,
Oct. 11th.
There la eome complaint of late nf po
tatoee rotting.
A stranger, n buyer of lambeend
poultry, wat through the plaoe recently.
The Poplar Hotel baa been told to
pertlee from ebroed and will be flUed up
for a club house. J. II. Karrar of Graf
ton haa taken the job to make the nec
eeaary repairs.
E. B. knapp hat gone to Waterford
to vltlt hit daughter, Mrs. Horace Fos
ter, and attend the town fair.
W. B. Wight of thlt town ttarted for
Parla Monday to tenre on the grand Jury.
The partontge It to have an Inmate at
A heavy thunder tbower at thla place
Mondtv afternoon.
Tueeday was a very windy day.
Applet and potatoet are about all
harvested. The former are few In num
ber, small and poor, the latter an aver*
age crop.
Fin* weather for harvesting. Farm
en mostly done. The potato crop U
better than was expected. Mr. Amoe
Blaso dug one that weighed two pounds
and nine ounces.
Mr. Moses 8. Moulton gets 900 barrels
of apples.
Mr. WUI Whltten found quite a bunch
of strawberries In blossom In J. W.
Towle's field.
Not verr heavy fro«t* ss jret.
Mr. A. J. Parker Is moving to Cornish,
lie has sold his pssture la this place to
Nancy Towle.
Mr. Kred Weutworth and wife are
stopping at hla father**, Mr. Daniel
Went worth's.
Getcheli and Giles of lirowufleld and
Gordon of Fryeburg are buying timber
In this vicinity.
Mr. J. A. Howden nud wife are In
tending to move back to Massachusetts
Charles I). French and wife are here
on a visit from Kennebunk.
Jacob French, wife and daughter,
Klmer Ilolmes aud wife, and Henry C.
French have gone to Uo*ton on the ex*
cur* Ion.
F. P. French snJ John Rice are paint*
lug the old church at I.lmlngton.
Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Mclntlre are visit
ing In Connecticut.
Miss Elizabeth Kimlmll I* staying
with her niece, Mra. V. II. Johnson.
I>. O. Pride I* building a piggery 20x
30 fret with a chamber for corn.
K. P. Goodwin Is home from Newton,
Two hunters from Massachusetts are
boarding at D. G. Pride's.
Grace and toren Pride went to Ilos
ton Wednesday to be gone ten days.
l^eJune Hurt his moved to Norway,
and Fred Webber of Oxford has goue on
the Itaker farm.
Gua Whitney and wife have been vls
Itlnc at P. N. Ilaftkell's.
Horn, In Waterford, Oct. 7th, to the
wife of F. II. Morae, a aon.
(Mia Martin and Mrs. Catherine H.
Pike, who haa kept house for him sever
al Jionths, were married Oct. 2d.
Our town Is to be represented at the
world's fair, John Heed and wife have
Joseph Conant waa culled before the
grand jury this week as a wltneaa.
Further developments later on.
George Klchardton Is In falling health.
M. A. Huston Is still sick.
Hunters are out this flne weather, hut
small game U very scarce, especially
Another flne October day.
guile a number from Brownfleld have
taken advantage of the cheap excursion
to Boston.
There la to be (so gossip says) an old
folks' dance and snpper at town hall In
the near future.
We are having flne schools In the vll
Isge this term, under the Instruction of
Mr. Morton and Miss Stone. l*erfect
satisfaction, we hear, Is given. Mr.
Morton also has quite a large claaa In
Quite a number have taken advantage
of the low rate excursion to Boston
among whom are Mr. and Mrs. W. 11.
Stlckner, A. K. Johnson and L. 11.
Giles, also Miss Mary Stlckney, who has
gone for winter styles.
W. O. Stlckney has returned from
lutervale where he has been the past
L. K. Giles and wife have returned
from Chicago.
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Howe of Oak
dale, Neb., arrived In West Bethel the
Uth on a short visit to Mr. Howe's
grandmother, Mrs. Sarah 1*. Bean. Mr.
Howe Is mall clerk on one of the western
rallroada and Mra. Howe was a teacher
In an Indian school when she was Miss
Mrs. Sewell Walker, rm Belle Tvler,
la very low. Consumption has claimed
her for a victim.
l*hon Penlcy waa up from Bryant'a
Pond the 13th. He la working In the
atone quarry.
Wm. Chapman haa had a hen house
built flfty feet long.
Married In Columbus, Neb., Sept. 10th,
bv Kev. O. A. Klllot, Howard A. Howe
of Oakdale, Neb., and Miss Anna C.
Turner, of Columbus, Neb.
Mr. Freeland Doble and wife of Paris
are vlaltlng friends hero.
Lena Packard Is quit* sick from the
results of a bad cold.
Fred Farrar la sick with typhoid fever.
Garrison Doble's live stock la fast in
creasing. Ills cow gave birth to twin
belfer calve* lately.
Or* Bird of Paris called on C. M.
Packard • few daya ago.
Oscar Swift and his father, Ira Swift,
have each bought a pair of large oxen.
Moses I». Dow and wife and D. D.
Small and wife went to Bryant'* Pond
to the fair.
Mr*. James Davis and son Kddle of
South Paris visited friends In thl* vicin
ity lately.
John Ueald has been to Camden to at*
tend the funeral of his sister's husband,
Mr. Blsbee.
Krnest M. Noyes of Greenwood vlalt
ed hla sister, Mrs. C. M. Packard.
Bad cold* have been prevalent here of
Mr. Child* and daughter of Canton
and Mrs. Ward well of Boston visited at
£. A. Harlow's.
Tb* Unlveraallst and Baptist societies
have begun holding their circles for the
euanlng season.
James Tuell and wife of Norway were
with their friends here Isst week.
I*na Packard t« clerk In the post ofllce
K. H. Muroh aUrted Thursday for
liooeehead Lake.
A. It. Packard of North Norway call
ed oo bla brother, 0. II. Packard.
Mr*. Polly Howe U home from Uum
ford fill*.
There la a rood Use of flovee and nlt
tem at C. ■. Parkard'a store.
▲ severe teespeet of wind, tbaader
tod llffhtnlof, eod rata aod hell pasted
over tale vtflsfrn Monday, the 9th lost.
B. ftf. Soul I, Kan*, wife ud habjr, of
Wilton, visited hie pareaUi O. M. Mall
The B-yoar-old ton of Mrs. Bcammoa,
Um dmi maker, died rmallr of heart
trouble, after iboal i year's Illness.
IIob. A. P. Booaey Mi Horace A.
IrUh went at Portlaad aa JoryaMa at Um
U. d. court.
Mr. and Mr*. Charles Poratar of Port
la Dd won at Hotal Loaf recently.
Horace Oimmon of Dumaer received a
Mvero wound oa bU right ana br a cir
cular av. lie waa brought to too offloe
of Dr. DeOoeter, who dressed U under
t( bar.
Bora, to tba wife of Alfred Cole, Ksq.,
a roo, October Mb.
Rev. B. P. and lire. Lawrence are
visiting friend* In Nov Hampshire.
Mm. Cjrnthla Parrar haa cloaed her
bouae and for the preaent will reside
with bar daughter, Mra. Bang*.
BenJ. K. Gerrish ha* moved to tha
upper tenement In the Ulnea stand.
The recent performance of Burktleld'a
great trotting atalllon, Koblnaon D., at
ltlgbjr l'ark, I* deserving of more than
paaalnf notice when all the dream
atanoee are conaldered. 'Hila horae bad
not been campaigned tlila aeaaon and
had but little fitting for the race which
he won *o easily and bandaomaly. He
drew fourteenth position la a field of
fourteen starters. This brought him *o
far back of the wire when the word wa*
jrlven that the time given him, 1:19, In
the fir*t beat was no measure of bis
•peed In this heat a* be trotted more
than a mile on account of bis disadvan
tage of poaltlou, and came under the
wire a good two lengtha ahead of anv
competitor. In the second heat which
be won easily nuking hi* record of
3:17 3-4 he wa* neither proceed nor
urged at any part of the mile, nor wa*
the whip once held over blm. It looked
to many good judgee of apeed that he
could have made a record of 3:16 or
better In this heat had It been neoesaary
to have done *o. In the third beat
which be won In 1:18 1*4 he was never
beaded and had a long lead oomlng
down the atretcb. Previou* to this race
the fattest mile the horse had been drlv
eo this aeaaon waa 3:33, though he had
demonstrated his ability to do quarters
In SI aeconda. It waa the feeling of
every oue who witnessed his work at
Rlgby that the horae was capable of
making the mile several aeoonda faater
thau hla record of 3:17 3-4, itnd we be
lieve another aeaaon will demonatrate
thla theory. He goea perfectly amooth
and frlctlonleaa never making a break
and certainly uo one can deny that lie
haa already demou«trated that he
la one of the very best of the noted
Maine horsea, both a* a trotter and a
producer of s|»eed.
Work If progressing floeljr on the
furnace foundation lu the Congrega
tlonallat church. The chimney U up
and the excavation done.
Thirteen of our cltlxena are enjoying
the tight* at the world's fair, vl*., it. L.
Melcher and wife, F. P. Thomas and
wife, Charles Andrews, John I.add, Dau
Barnes, Sidney Abbott, K. 8. Poor and
daughter, Miss Alice, K. M. Bailer,
Fred and John French, and twelve took
In the excursion to Boston.
News was received lately of the sick*
ness of Hon. J. N. Wlnslow from which
uo possible hopes are entertained of hl«
Little stock has been sold In town ret.
The drouth Is responsible for the In
ferior condltloo of beef In this locality.
The Good Templars aro reminded of
the county lodge which meets here Wed
nesday of this week at 10 A. M.
Auctioneer Caldwell advertise* to sell
the personal property of Mr*. Henry
Ilillbrlck on Saturday, October list.
W. O. Brown and wife and Salmon
McKeeo and wife have been visiting Dr.
Andrew* and wife of North Anson.
The hone team* are drawing the pick
of aweet corn from the vlllago to Frytv
burg station.
Mr. Solomon S. Klllott. a life-long
resident of this town, died on Saturday,
Sept. 30th, aged 01 years. Ills health
had not been good for some years, but
he has attended to his farm work uutll
Will Vance has moved to the village
Into the house of W. A. Kasttnan, and I*
working for D. 1*. tord In the black
smith shop.
Mr. Joseph Dresser, an old and es
teemed resident of this town, died on
Tuesday. Ill* age wa* about 80 year*.
Funeral aervlce* held were Friday after
Walter Luck, the me<tt man from
Denmark, wa* buying a few cattle In
town Friday.
E. F. Stearns I* having a stable made
by taking aome room from hi* shed, and
the remainder from hi* barn.
We learn that Areta* K. Stearns will
locate, for a while at least, at Bumford
T. 8. Steam* and family are to move
to Norway, for which we are sorry.
Mr. J. II. Bean I* ou a trip to the
world'* fair.
Mr. and BenJ. Tucker started for the
world's fair last week.
BenJ .Marston and George Wood and
wife went to North waterford ftdr
Mr. Frauk Whitman and wife are vls
Itlng at Alfred Shattuck'a.
A Urge delegation from the Oxford
Division of Son* of Temperance vlalted
the Norwav Division Saturday evening
for the anniversary of the organisation
of that order. , _
Bev. Mr. Clark preached attheCon
gregatlonallst church Sunday.
Frank lx>rd has returned. There Is
not much Improvement In his health.
Mrs. Barker l* very lick and can lire
but a short time.
lira. Kmmi, wife of Joseph H. Kar- ,
gent and daughter of William and I .a- ,
vlnla W. Cotton, died suddenly at home ,
In South Rrldgton, Oct. 4, aged 32
years, lacking two days. She leave* a
child rtto weeks old; aUo m*ny friend* to
lament her earlv death. We remember
her from her childhood a* one of n fam
ily of nine amiable and eatlmable sUtera,
aud while we regret her absence, we re
member her kind, nure and Innocent life
and the mnny radiance that It conferred
upon the home circle and upon her
frtenda and nelghhora.
Mr. Ctiarlea Kred Moulton, a graduate
of Maine State College, la Uklug a
course In literature and chemlatry at
Harvard College.
We learn that Mr. Harry Nason of
Saoo, late United Statea vice-consul In
Germany, who has been aerlouily III at
Mra. Albion Mllllken'a with pneumo
nia, la Improving.
Charlie lllll, whoae akull waa broken
by a kick from a horse, U now about the
house and meana to live.
Rev. John T. McLucas, ton of Dea.
Royal McLucas of Hiram, preached
Sunday at the old church.
The aelectmen arc repairing the cover
ed bridge at Hiram.
On Oct. 13 a rousing camp fire waa
held at Orange Hall, Illram, hv the fol
lowing Grand Army posts: Thompson,
No. 8A, Cornish: rarragut, No. >7,
Drldgton; Daniel A. Rean, No. 100,
Rrownfleld; Charles A. Warren, No. 73,
Standlsh; Graver, No. ISO, of Pryeburjr.
Eloquent addroaaea were made by Obi.
Joseph P. Twltcbell of Hiram, Rev. K.
P. Eastman ot Rrownfleld, Hon. Chas.
O. Pendezterof Denmark. The flery
adjectives of the latter were directed
somewhat to an lacldent that occurred
earlier la the day when some of the In
vited pensioners were referred to aa
state paupers. The picnic dinner waa
excellent, contrasting favorably with
the bill of fare at Llbby Prison during
the war.
Mr. and Mrs. Z. C. I>rrr. Mr. and
Mr*. J. MadUon Bartlett, Mrs. N. P.
Bwan, Mr*. KtU Burtlett and Mr*.
Janet 0. Brown of thla pUoe have none
on tba excursion to Boatoo.
Mr*. Hutle Bean and lUUa daughter of
Boatoo are Halting relatlree 1o thla
Mr. and Mr*. Hiram II. Bona left hero
the 10th eo root* for the world'a ffclr.
Mlae Katie IIowo will kefp honae dar
ing their abeence.
Mr. Farrlngton la again gathering tin
crean of the place. It pnjra well to bare
Last Monday a valuable horse belong
Im to L 11. Heed got frightened o«r
TUayer's uw mill sod itirttd for bli
hmue acroas the ferry at Mexico Corner.
When be arrived at toe ferry, not (Ind
ia* a boat awaiting him,be boldly atruck
oat to reaeb tbe other abore. But hav
ing a Urge delivery wagon attached to
blra, the whole team qnlokly aeok In
about twelve feet of water, never to rise
again until resurrected.
Thursday afternoon another team,
consisting of borse and buckboard, be
longing to Abel Farrlngton, ran from
the station, aud after throwing tbe
(ward from tbe forward wheels, auo
cceded In awlmmlng tbe river at the fer
Yf. F. Wjman captured a fine buck
last week. Will captured bla three deer
last fall and saya that only two deer. a
moose and two caribou belong to him,
and thoae he expects to bring In.
II. W. Park has recently newly silled
bis store.
Chas. SmaU'a new house Is fast near
log completion.
The selectmen are making some Im
provements on tbe highway, and uuny
others are needed.
Geo. A. Stevens attended court at
Parts last week.
Quite a number of onr people rvluo*
tantly visited the grand lury, and a few
who stayed at home are trembling.
Mrs. II. E. Small visited friends In
Brunswick and Freeport last week.
Mrs. Abel Farrlngton, who has been
sick with a fever, la oonvalescent.
Geo. Bonney, wbo has been conflued
to the house for a time, Is able to be out
The nam*, "Midway rialaanoe," la
not, aa a great many auppoee, a term
manufactured to be appli* d to one fea
ture of the world'* fair. It la tbe name
gIven by tbe city of Chicago to tbe
boulevard connecting Jackson Park aad
Washington Park, two of tbe chain of
parka which encompasses tbe principal
part of tbe city. Tbe Midway IMaisance
It haa been heretofore, and the Midway
1'lalaance It will continue to be, after
the Oriental and other temporary resl
denta have departed thence, and the
boulevard haa rtsuiucd Ita normal condi
For the occasion and the purposes of
the world'a fair, however, the "Midway,"
aa it U popularly called, has been con
verted Into a great side-show ground,
with shows of a rather higher order than
those which furnish an lndl»pensable
feature of county and town fairs. It
waa one of the Itaopy thoughts of the
fair management thus to separate the
commercial, uiouey-maklug features
from the fair pro|ter, aud everybody
commends the arrangement.
My far the moat Interesting claaa of
ahowa on tbe Midway are the foreign
villages. Ily paying your money aud
pausing through the gate, you nre at
once In another land. You see the
hounes or the hutaof a foreign laud, you
see the industries of that land In opera
tion aud Ita producta displayed for sale,
and you ae« genuine uatlvea aa a rule In
genuine costume. There are some ex
ceptioua to this latter statement. The
Orientals, as a rule, have become Amer
icanised aa to their footwear, aud oc
casionally you will see one who has be
come fully Americanised aa to his cloth
lug,—except his fez. He clings to Die
fes to the last extremity.
It Is also Insinuated that Hibernians,
in various foreign garbs and speaking
various klnda of "glblwrlsh," may lie
found In aeveral of the villages, but such
an insinuation may have no basis of fact.
There Is a fascination and an Interest
lug studv In thus traveling through
twenty different countries iu the space
of a mile, and some of our party made
the fair a secondary consideration, and
started out each mornlug to "do the
Midway" uutil they got tired of It and
wauted a change.
Hut by the war, one wlto la going to
take In the Mldwav thoroughly mutt
have a pocket full or change, or elae he
muat have a press pass to the fair and
have autllclent check to work U on every
gate-keeper that he want* to get by. 1
had the pass, but waa bom without the
amount of cheek that a newspaper uian
really Deed*, ao 1 probably missed cou
•Iderable that I might have eeen with
out expenae. The money which It takoa
to get iuto one of the foreign villages la
aa a rule ouly the beglnulng of aorrowa.
Onceloilde you And a native theatre,
with a characteristic performance, for
an extra admission, and of courae you
want to take that In. Alao a muaeum of
antiquities, a native temple, or Fome
nting of tliat kind—with an extra adiula
alon. Then on every aide are the native
shops, where the ''Yankee notion*" of
that country are told, and If you buy
everything you waut It will take a big
truuk to get It home. The attendanta
In many of the thop* are American*,
whether becauae they can talk Eugllth
eaaler, or becauae of their greater enter
prise, I do not know.
Doe Irlah village waa established on
the Midway, aud then, with the Irish
pro|Nsn*lty for getting Into a row, there
wa* a quarrel, and another lri*h village
waa opened. One of theae villages baa a
reproduction of Ularney Castle, with
the real, original and only Blarney atone.
For a fee of ten ceuta oue may have the
privilege of endowing himself with a pe
culiar gift of tongue by pressing itla
llpa to that atone which ao many other
llpa of all aorta and condltlona have
preased. I am deatltute of the gift of
I fab, but I prefer aome more reliable and
lyglenlc meana of aecurlng It. And
theu, I don't believe In audi promlacu
oua klaalug, anyway.
There la a Javanese village, where a
large colony of theae little people live In
their warm weather Itousea of bamboo
with roof of thatch. There was a wed
ding In thla village the day I went In—
not a atage wedding, but a real, genuine
marriage ceremonv, aa waa atteated by
the excited coudltion of the little women
uatlvea. 'l*he crowd waa ao druse 1
couldn't aee much, but I did get a
glimpse of the happy couple borne aloft
lu a palanqulu at the head of the wed
ding proce**lou, and heard a beating of
drum* and a picking of strings, Intended
to represent rnuilc, but without time,
tune or harmony. The muilc of the
Midway la very largely of the tum-tum
There la a German village, and a atreet
In Old Vienna, each of which la all Ita
name Implies; and the realism of them
la heightened by the fact that all availa
ble apace Inside them Is occupied by beer
garden*—with magnificent bands and
oreheatna, of course. There la an en
campment of Dedoulna, a Johore bunga
low, a Constantinople atreet, which U
mostly shops, and various other villages
and settlement*, with theatre* galore;
but the one that la unlveraally patronised
la Um Cairo Street.
I'm through the gate, and If you can
ahut out from your Bight the American
crowd, and from your eara the broken
KuglUh of the natlvee, you oan readily
linigtne youraclt In Cairo. The atrcet la
narrow, crooked, and without aldewalka.
U la well aupplled with ahopi, and there
la an opportunity to have your fortune
told, to vialt an Egyptian temple, Ac.
While you are taking a look at all thU,
a voice behind you crie«, "Look ouert
der vay for Ta-ra-ra-boom-de-ey." You
turn and see an Egyptian boy of some
twelve aummera leading a camel, and
admire the readlneaa with whleh the
foreigner "catchea on" to our popular
aonga; but afterward you learn that thla
particular camel haa been endowed with
the name of the aong mentioned.
The donkeya and camelaare kept buay
In the Cairo Htreet. A lady who la
ventureaome enough to mount one of
the little donkeya, renllxev, ia aoon aa be
atarta off at a brUk trot, how Inaecure la
her foundation, and In terror ahe clutchea
at the aaddle and emlta feminine acreama.
The louder ahe arreama the harder the
wicked darkey behind lara the whip on
the donkey. It'a one of their trlcka.
But the camel riding la the moat fun.
The eamel la flat upon the ground to
atart with. A "fellow and girl" mount
and aeourt themaelvee by atrapa and
atlrrupe ao that there la hardly a poeal
blllty of their falling off—* ueoeaaary
precaution. It may be aoneceaaarr to
mention that a young lady who (a to
ride a oamel ahould be neatly and ba>
coming! v attired aa to fret and anklea.
The load being la place, (he oamel riaea
to hla feet by a aeriea of andden and
■lrtb*pro Yoking lurchea, wfilch threaten
, lo precipitate the rlderi, Irtt otm M#
bead aero** the *trr*t. thrti a* tor to tha
oppotlte direction. He tlm travel* Km
length of tin street villi n «lt bwl !o
which (he pitching of a bmtln ihurj
mi te ttnootbneea llMlf. Back to the
atartlng pltoe, where he U made to re*
verae the gettlnjj-up pro. eta, drawluK
newahriekaof terrlfled liughter from
Um rktora, and now Jeer* from the look
I had mil tint KHB-wh-w on il««
Midway war* iUwm ao 1 inuiumI llut
tho board of lady manager* had to go
down thara and m Lbciu, to they could
know whether thaj www It to be allow
ed. Of ooura* I wnntvd au oppoituull)
to Judge for my*elf. It wasn't hard to
find, for placard* oo Um front of Um
theatre announced that the tl.ii.co hi J
been oondemnod by Um papera. It waa
ft great advertising cjrd. '11m place
waa filled at every performance. The
dance la defended by many who nitrrt
that la Um genuine ami ordinary itage
dance of thoae Orkutul countrfc*; but
then, aomeof thoae oountrle* are no
Eat ahakea oo morula anv war. I
II venture no opinion aa to the dance,
except that It ahowa great aklll and
dexterity; but I do not think there U
any likelihood of Ita becoming a popular
feature of church or Handay School en
tertainment* to thU country.
Bealdea the foreign villagea on the
Midway are a number ofihowaofa
different character: A beauty thow,
"forty ladlea repreaentlng forty nation
alltlea"—and I will wager that all but
three of them were born In America;
two glaaa manufacturing pianta;areai
Ice railway; Hagenbeck'a trained anW
mala, "the only trained anlmala In
America," Ac. The trained anlmala are
wonderful. After aome preliminary
performance by lata interesting anlmala,
a lion rldea horaeback and doe* aome
leaping acta. Then the attendanta fatten
bracket shelve* to the bar* of the cage
which forma the arena, and Um whole
troupe of anlmala come In and take their
placet oo the shelve*. The troupe ron
■lat* of oo* polar bear, two black bear*,
alx ilona, two tigara, two panthera, and
four boarhounda. IJont and tlgera ride
velocipede*, beara walk a rail and roll on
a ball on their hind feet, and so on.
I suppose It U foolish, but I did ool
mora than half enjoy tlila performance,
becauae of the sympathy I had for the
poor wild beaata. If I knew I muat end
my daja Inside * little cage, 1 should
thank aome one to shout roe; and wlien
the Hon nearest me, ttie king of bea'ta,
born to roam untmmmeled, got dow n
from hla ahelf and wearily went to lnke
hla part In aome trick, and then cairn
back, climbed u|k>o hla little ahelf and
bowed hla kingly head against tin- Inr*.
It seemed to roe that he waa rtullxlu#
and grieving over the Intense humilia
tion to which he waa subjected. Thr
king of beaata, caged and made to call
out the laughter and applause of feeble
'Hie one pre-eminent attraction of the
Midway, a conspicuous object for miles
around, by day or by night, la the Ferris
wheel. It la MO feet Iii diameter, unit
the hlgheat point of It ataods feet
above the grouud. The thlrty-slx cnr»
which awing between Ita rims will sent
over 1400 people at one tline, and It run
night and dav. One of the thins* tint
Impresaea a Yankee moat about It Is the
way It U making money. It begau turn
ing the aotli of June, had paid for Itself
about the first of September, mid sine
that time the fair managers and the
owner of the wheel have each been
cleaning up about $4000 |ier day from It
A trip twice around the wheel costa fifty
cents, occupies about fifteen minutes,
and la well worth the time and mone).
The motion of the car W hardly pel
ceptlble, except by watching the frame
of the wheel. Tlie scene gradually un
folda aa you rlae, until at the top, If It |»
a clear day, you can aee, on the east, the
apparently boundlesa water* of I*ake
Michigan; on the north and west, n
cloud of black smoke which Indicate*
the location of Chicago; under you the
White City aud the.Mldway. It is w|'h
a feeling of regret that you realise you
are descending, to come to a halt at the
bottom and be turned out at the other
end of the car.
Notwithstanding all the beneflta of the
Midway, from an educational or an
amusement point of view, the money
making spirit Is rampant lu It. The ua
tlvea or most of the countries represent
od here are by no mean* slow al»out
making a dollar; nevertheless, many of
the attractions are evidently run by
Americans—sharp Yankees, whose
monev-roaking disposition sticks right
out or their facea, and tends to give the
Midway almost the cheap character of
the fakers' row it a country fair. This
fact Is especially noticeable In coutrast
with the fair proper, where so many mil
lions have been put In with no ex
pectation of direct return. Aleck.
Monday night the ate.imer Florence
Percy on Itangelcy Lake Mnk at hrr
mooring* In twenty feet of witter. Tlw
terrific wind cauaed a break In her tide.
The DamarWcotta Herald newapaper
and lob printing ofllce. eatablUhed by
Dunbar Brothera In 1870 and alnce roo*
ducted bv them, lu* been purchased by
J. P. Ogler of Camden, w ho haa taken
The body of a man found on the track
near the Top*ham fair ground* Friday
morning ha* been Identified a* (Jeorge
drown of IlowdoluhMn. Humor* of
foul play had been circulated, hut the
coroner'* Jury found no wotinaa Indicat
ing It. l1>e railroad wii exonerated.
It la not often that a fire will burn for
hearlr four month* without attendance,
but tnla la the ca*e at Waldoboro. The
Medomak Houae waa burned June 11
and laat Sunday live coala were aeen In
the rulna. The fire haa been (moulder
In* In a pile of aeveral ton* of coal ever
A three yetra old aon of I*vl Foren
waa ln*tantly killed it Mlllbrldge Satur
day, the 7th. He was playing In a quar
ry when a atone welching a ton rolled
on to him, crushing him Into a ahapelea*
maia. It la auppoaed he undermined
the largo »toue In getting out tmall one*
under It.
Tim return* an far made to the board
of atate aaaetaora by the local aa*e««or»
reveal a clrcum*tince In the condition
of agriculture In Maine which la to he
regretted—that I* a large falling off In
the valuation of live *tock. Complete
return* have been received from only a
few of the countl*a.
A Thomaaton ladv recalla that the
aoundlng board overhanging the pulpit
In the "old church on the hill,** wa* *u*
K'nded by an lmmen*« wooden hand.
er flrmeit childUh conviction waa that
If the mlnliter aald anything that wa*n't
tme the hand would unclaap and the
aoundlng board come craahlng down on
hla head.
A Waldo County horM breeder m m
ured between two telegraph polea on a
level utretch of road In bit vicinity and
multiplied tbe dlatance by polea euoiigli
to make, aa be auppoaed, a half mile
atretch. Ills borae made wonderful
time over It until be came to couteet by
another borae on • track. Tbe owner
then discovered that the number of polea
heuaed an multiplier was one too
Judfe Foater will not paaa over light
ly any attempts to Influence Jurjmen.
In the Androacoggln Countr court he
aentenced Kelson On (roe of Lewtaton,
and Harry K. Jordan of Auburn, to six*
ty day* each at hard labor In the countr
Jail for tampering with Jurymeo. A
uror who conveyed the meaaaga from a
third tamperer to a Juror on tbe other
panel was reprimanded and discharged
from farther aervloe at court.
Edward Wentworih, a Dayton fanner,
waa the victim of a mysterious and
murdetoua aaaault while walking
through a piece of wood road on bla way
home Saturday night. lie waa struck
from both sldea by clnba without aeetng
hla asaallants. fie warded off one blow,
but was felled by the other, and for
some boon he lay nnoonsetoua In the
road. lie waa then found by hla wife,
who had been told by herbuabend'a
brother, Eageoe Wentworth, that
Edward bad fallen la a lit ta the woods
and waa probably dead.
Nojres 6 Aadrewa, Norway, Maine,
ean aave von money on men's over
shirts, underwear, hosiery, gloves, sad
all Mods of gents' faraisnlags. Qlva
tbsm a sallt
T. L Webb's Blue Store,
will bo opened in the
next door to DUAL'S HOTEL.
Store all fitted for a
AU invited to the opening.
T. L. WEBB, - Norway, Me
It Prevents
The common ailra-nts
that .are the usual inher
itance ol people, Wt-ak
through childhood.
Lacking the projirr
flesh and tissue of
healthy, vigorous
ence, they are winning
battlefields lot Scro'u
lous attacks, Consuiti|>
tion and attendant ill*.
hM ky *0 iraolMi.
Louk toe Iks BCD StsI on
every Ubsl.
TM RH teal lwt<) Co.
Cod Liver Oil
A l|j /a^bAZ*
tttrmicoot mctx
Rt4 Seal ltrm«4y Co.,
find Carts.
The living qualitiei of
thi* ftkilfully prepared
Kmuluon of Cod Live*
Oil arc widely acknowl
t-dgrd. New fle»h it
liuill; wcakneM !j
wrought lo Urcngth|
appetite l*eon»e*
In >ily; children are
made healthy and vigor*
out| and men and
women are equalled to
the model ol dear
I >jme Nature.
RkMm4. M«.
Couch 5balSAM
Xa oompoaod of puro and v!i j In^rxHont*, and is tho moat reliable
remedy in tho marlcot lor 00 JOE3, COLDS and ASTHMA. lOo. 6 90ot»
When You Need Rubber
Boots, Shoes & Arctics,
PIciiM* Inur in mind that you can buy them of
iih a* cheap uh any placc in tho State. We
curry firHt-eluss goods and they arc all new and
the latest (.tyles, and we carry the Largcat Stock
in Oxford County. Do not forget this is tho
leading Shoo Store of this County. We also
repair all kinds of boots and shoes.
Smiley Shoe Store,
Opposite Elm House, — — Norway, Maine.
E. N. Swett, Manager.
Our Store is Crowded
i with New Goods from Hoor to
' ceiling.
Cloaks, Shawls, Dress Goods, Bed
Blankets, Comforters, Woolens
for Men's Wear.
And everything you can think of
in ITrv Goods. We carry the liest
lino of Fancy Good*, Ladies* and
Gents' Furnishings to be found in
town. Men's Over Shirts, Under
wear, Hosiery, Gloves, &c.t at less
price than you can find elsewhere.
Visit our Store or send for samples
and we will savs you money.
Respectfully yours,
11* Mala Street. Nerwaj, Maine.
Hamlin db BloUnell
Arc always to tbo front with BARGAINS. Look these up :
It IW. Sweet PeUUeee,
t Peek CmkerrlM,
1 Peek Oatom.
II casts*
II ewca.
•I ceaU.
These prices are for the Best Jersey Sweets, Cope Cod
Cranberries, the best goods on the market and lowest prices.
Crockery, Glassware and Lamps at prices that mean quick
sales. Gunn mid Rifles for sale and to let at
LBADINO SlOCm 1M Si* Il«rw*r»

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