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^Oxford Democrat
^ -J)!» *«*'· ~
»"V ρ \. Taylor entertain*
fr^foï able- »« ">°k « """
•J&anday eveniDi?.
S , r Briczs bas recently pur
^ J»mM :· ^«re« farm 01
*?,· înd hw takeu possession.
P inBieand ©■» Kerr were al
•îli Bwton la»t week, called bj
Henry Kerr.
*J η 'nh philûps of Portland hai
Κ··»· *■£[. ,( her sister-in-law, Mre.
gfiwSS· Lî tbe pMt ίβ"
* ,y ichooto of the village were
lH^^day *hiie tbe teacher·
cou at) teachers' conven
« w Κ eu hi" been »Pend
days of vacation from her
w:th her parent»,
»*·.'·'■ Kio?.
λ s-ift acd fa·' J have moved
1 * farm id Suttuer which they
.«M to tt· '"Jee on Croa·
ji .-*1 °< l°°· a
^«ooeioi the .· '■"? CMT.etion
Λ ,mc- at Wee· Λπβ on the 21et,
*îrâï Miv Beetle of the Sooth
f c. τ. v. ** pwatponed un
- tu» Barrow·» bas the position of
^»[£ Λν-^Ι.Γ.« Wee.
SS sbeba* let L house on Park
Mr and M Otie Maroon,
a »»e noted in.
ta Lillian A. Snaw ha* been at the
i Sari* Hoes : - ι few day· to
2^a.wrtmg a housekeeper in
JLtioe wb.ch M«· Shaw baa held
J0 a privions seas>" ».
-^oaMDd youoj pine trees were
-*bytbe Par. Manufactnring Co.
lai/on the burn,-,1 -ver land which
Lgggpaoy cleare· - -ie years ago in
iiicBitj of the "Majbanks."
*r» Sae N'ewton an ttle daughter,
«ιαιτί WD visit ?t '"r several weeks
ofMBilTof Mr S * ton's mother,
κ&«orge L D»v - e'urned WecW
Dsorsioii to tbe : h -ae in Rockland.
MilL. Maeou, «b with Mrs. Maeou
V'û Florida ; τ a number of
m irrited in S. u' ans Tuesday
gû(. Mrs. M «ru stpped in Hos
^udvillrcma<r :t;«rre for a week or
isîîSÎ. Robins 3, wbo baa been at
jsurdoiiog tbe * - ?r, baa been here
*i!ew dav< with h:·* brother, W. H.
iiNUOD Hereturt - ' ^umner, where
»»eegaged for tbe jext six months
on Id Bunney.
In ?er!ey F Rt>? underwent a
cgtcaloperation at Ler home here laat
"iniay. the opera-υ g surgeon being
it fibber of Lewis: η She is under
aa« of two nurse», and it is thought
a. saie a good recovery.
jfn Frank 3. Dudley bas received
mdfrorn her son, A bert Wbeeler, who
sSttd in the med a department of
kitiy, that be ha* been promoted to
SIMM sergeant lie is at an em·
itii OQ hospital at Hoboken, N. J.
.Mitoo, son of Mr and Mrs. J. N.
isr.ll years )f age. was operated upon
uppendicitis at tbe home of bis par
te here Thursday afternoon, by Dr.
"«oefof Le«iiton. It was a rather
•weed case, but tbe boy is reported
£3g veil.
.':aa s. Carver, former principal of
vi Hgh School bas resigned bis
moo u principa of Camden High
a»i where be ha" been teaching for
ι*Boothi, to go on the road for a
1$ pabliihing b use selling educa
s* peNicatione
ïîws «u received here last week that
a ittie daughter of Mrs. S. Kaspar
~R;*asill with pneumonia, for tbe
cud ûne within a few months, at
&»r,S. Η , where Mrs Wight is now
"«M* Lieut. Wight bas been dis
3rgtd from the service, and is at pres
*a Oregon.
j the window at the Paria Trust
^P«y there ar» on display two
*rwo ielmeu. One is to be awarded
•ipristo tbe persou who bas secured
* v;mc number of individual sub
^iw· ;o the 5th Liberty Loan. The
helmet goes to tbe person who
"Wthe largest subscription.
-aere ii a picture of happiness any
JJJJ*. it is a youoi couple, the man
JJ* in khaki or ;n citizen'· clothes
'"■c are evidently c-wly put on, and
* fît with a rapt expression on her
-'Jticince, strolling along the street
^ werything was sunshine and tbe
* - vu theirs. And it ought to be.
dates to note at the Baptist
May 11. Mothers' Day service.
■**?!> May 18. Preacher exchange.
^"- arence Emery of Mexico, Maine,
and events.
May 25. G. A. R. attend
T*°nal lervice.
May 30. Memorial Day exer
*« the church.
**^7. June 8. Children's Day.
•'«Q-jeeo Esthers of Deering Me
Iborch held their regular meet
SLJf J**?· **· * Morton at Highland
•a* j 7 eveniog. a social time
^i. joyed, and a c vered dish supper
•*Z 1000 4iter *'* o'clock. Misa
^ the deaconess home in Port
vskτ18.βη<^Κed m missionary work
ctai'il 408 1D Portland, gave the
«ν tlfk001>βΓ wot*· Eighteen of the
sitberi were present. Miss Vose
«fût0*1 i4r8' ^orton over
Morton aD<* family came
Tuai ν π MoDday °' laet from
ktadv « and Tuesday morning
j. Xri. Morton and the daughter
•τοβ^π0 Portland. where Mrs.
«ο» ,n l'®D underwent oper
j^^Pontheir throats at Dr. Cousins'
"Tlini^ Mort('D returned to Cry··
"β the 8on Hugh, who
remained here, joined
wLI. ,wenl to €Γ*β1»'· Mre
XUrκf». j 480 wi" le*ye the hospital
^ mstii71' 8tty' aod W|U P'O&'MJ
^^•fhom MAsaachusetta before
WÏ*"®* the Central District
^«L , 1 convention at Bethel
^kiier r\T°!? ^ere w®r® Re*· D· '■
^Ϊπρ Buck, Mr·. Harold
?arnuu1· 4od Mrr
^ΪιίΖιΓι» ® lil® Methodist Sun
lï w- Ro«®re *nd Mr*
*Co«~!! *od d»agbter Elinor frono
iCStt,0*1 •choolî »nd M ». I
**** Βμπ i" Am' Dobie aod Mtsi
^deiû'om th® Baptist school
report one of the moai
Profitable sesaiuna e?ei
•W^tally they bave coo·
^ tu J·''n Pr»iae of tbe dinnei
LÛ? lhe,n· Dr· C. L· Br ok
• H. 0 ^*,d*·* of tbe association
J?*9' of Norway Tice
^I»edtr' Barrow· sec
SSLS""*· The next meetinfi
?*£ Elation will be held at Sont!

r*l oe ihr* h*rinR ·* tbe court hoas<
i^^ernck**, dW CM**i before Hon
^ **« Km ° k u rofsree. Twi
·Λϊ? b* William S. Ροζ ο
. 1">β ^*®ββ Tbomes ο
d,k ρ®η|·ϊ of West Pal
S Co tbe Diamo»
** «Λ0·· by Tbomee Λ Penle
a »n0~|*®°od Match Co. Tb
ÏV 'roa it ,or dri?»o(? » lot ο
S Ri»H ~PP®r Kes*r Lake into tb
laa,b*r »" «old b
5? Ν v ®y *> the Diunond Mate
fis» Λί2ί·° I7 Mr *»·and th
ί M»t*kT *· 4 Penl*F 0
wÎ?*·* m · «bon Id pay fo
7 -bvi2 » *oz was represent»
lSail-'i Whitman of Norwaj
fci*w.WaU«L· «
ti * àîï? * Match C<
5S m LHt 01 ''jekorg. Th
^portad at the Ma
warren svMt tad son Roger of Win
. Chester, Mm·., »« at Sou'h Parle ove
the week-end.
The J. F. PI animer house on Plm
Street he· been cold by Mre. Plumme
to H. E. WUeon.
There will be · eool·) den ce et Aoadem]
Hall, Peris Hill, thle Monday evening
Maeio by Shew'e orcheetre.
The Ladles' SocieJ Union will meei
. with Mre. J. A. Kenney Tharedey alter
> noon to sew for the fall fair.
Mre. Ν. H. Cerr end Miee Hilda
I Corkum of Portland spent the week-en4
• with their sister, Mre. M. C. Weeks.
William C. McArcHe went to Freepor!
Thursday to vlsi* hie daughters, Mre,
ι Gay C. Been end Mre. Gertrude Grey.
Sbew's music will play for the deno
ing in connection with the eoldiers' wel
come at West Paris next Saturday even
Mr. and Mre. A. W. Welker were el
East Brownfield Sundey to attend the
funeral of Mr. Welker'e mother, Mr*.
Mary C. Welker.
Sheriff Herry D. Cole end Yerne Wal
ton drove to Rumford Thursday to see
the parede In connection with the wel
come home given the eoldiers of that
Mr. and Mre. William Cookson, former
ly of West Paris, now of Auburn, who
have beeo spending the winter in Florida,
visited Mr. and Mrs. Erneet H. Herrick
laet week. Mre. Cookeon le e sister of
Mr. Berriok.
The summer train schedule went into
effect on the Grand Trunk Sunday, and
the time of leaving South Paris la aa
given in tbe Democrat laat week: east,
5:35 and 9:31 A. M., 5:45 P. M.; west,
9:31 A. M., 3:39 and 9:31 P. M.
Miss Sue Thompson, who had been for
tbe past few months at Mrs. L. C. Mor
ton's, went Satardey to the home of her
sister, Mrs. Davie, In Rumford, Dr. Bred
bury accompanying her on the trip.
Mise Thompson ie in poor heelth.
P. E. Wbeeler, who haa been with hie
eon Herry M. Wheeler in Wakefield,
Maee., daring the winter, ceme Sandey
to tbe home of hie son Alton C. Wheeler,
where he will remein for the summer.
Mrs. Alice Bibber of Lisbon is employed
et Mr. Wheeler'e for the seaeon.
Rather a backward eeaaon at present,
bat tbe thunder ehowera ere not back
ward. That of Friday night wee e fair
starter, and tbe ooe Sunday night was a
good one. When yon lie awake listening
fearfully to the thunder, jnat think how
insignificant tbe danger la compered
witb a night bomoing raid such as mil
lions have experienced in the paat five
The girle' class of the Firet Congre
gational church at Sooth Paris held e
business meeting last Thursday night,
May 1st, et tbe home of Mise Ethel
Hardy, and chose the name "Tawici,"
meaning helper, for their olaaa. After
the business meeting a social evening
wee enjoyed. Tbe next meeting Thure
day, May 8th, will be held at the home
of their teacher, Mrs. Rogers.
Parts High Second In Track Meet.
The track team of Paria High School
came home Saturday afternoon from the
ioteracbolaatic track meet at Hebron feel
ing a fair degree of justifiable jubilation.
Without a gymnasium and with very
little special training they secured
second place io the meet. The first
place was generally conceded to Edward
Little High School of Auburn, and no
one was disappointed when that school
secured a total of 45 points. Paria came
second with 23, Rumford got 21, and
Mexico 1. Woodstock Sigh failed to
The surprise of the day came oo the
last event, the discus throw, when Glenn
Ross of Paris went beyond the mark set
by Galvariski, tbe big Pole from Rum
ford, and landed it at 100 feet 10 inches.
This decided the contest for second
place between Paris and Rumford.
The points for Paris were made as fol
Balf-mile run, Robert Sbaw 1st, 5
Three fourths mile run, Hollia Mc
Ginley 2d, 3.
Mile run, Robert Shaw lat, 6, Carde
3d, 1.
Forty yard dash, Gustave Porter 2d,
Shot put, Glenn Ross 3d, 1.
Discus throw, Ross lat, 5.
Ernest E. Talbot, eon of Mr. and Mrs.
Arthur B. Talbot of Pore Street, Oxford,
formerly of South Paria, and Miaa Lois
Pelf of Parmersburg, Ind., were united
in marriage in Worcester, Mass., at noon
of Wednesday, April SO. The ceremony
was performed by Rev. Mr. Pinley of the
Old South Church of Worcester, at tbe
parsonage. The bridal couple were
guests while In Worcester in tbe family
of Mr. Talbot'a unole, H. W. Clifford.
Mr. and Mrs. Talbot came Prlday to
tbe borne of bM|>arenta, where tbey will
reside. Mr. Talbot is eogaged in farm
ing and milk business with his father.
Mrs. Talbot has been of late engaged in
teaching in Indiana.
A reception for tbe bridal couple will
be given at the home on Pore Street this
Monday evening from 8 to 10 o'clock,
and all friends are invited to be preaent.
George W. Whitman.
After an illness of aome mootba,
George W. Whitman died Sunday after
noon at bi· home on Alpine Street,
South Parti. Mr. Whitman waa born in
Woodatock Feb. 14, 1839, the aon of fiar
riaoo and Delphfna (Perham) Whitman.
He waa a reeident of Woodatock until
middle life, then moved to Norway, and
about forty jeara ago went into the
houae wbieh he baa ainee occupied,
which ie on tbe Paria aide οI Alpine
Mr. Whitman married BUza Davia of
Woodatock, and abe survives bim. He
ia alao survived by two obildren, Mra.
Bertha Suirtevant of Norway, and Walter
Whitman of Salem, Maae. One brother,
Rev. H. S. Whitman of Portland, alao
aurvives bim. %
In tbe oiwil war Mr. Whitman aerved
three years in tbe Seventeenth Maine
Regiment. He waa a member of Harry
Ruat Poet, G. A. R., of Norway. He
waa alao a member of tbe Norway Uni·
verealist cbarob.
The funeral will be held at 2 o'clock
Tueaday afternoon, attended by Rev.
Cheeter Gore Miller, and burial will be
in Ri?eraide Cemetery, South Paria.
Mra. Mary C. Walker. '
Mra. Mary C. Walker died at ber home
at Eaat Brownfleid Priday, at tbe age of
86 years. Mrs. Walker waa tbe widow
of Charles J. Walker, who died ia tbe
aervice In tbe oivil war. One aon sur
▼ yea ber, Albert W. Walker of South
Paria. Two other aona, William, wbc
lived on tbe old home plaoe, and Cbarlea
J. of St. Louie, died about six years ago.
There is also an adopted daughter, Hat
tie, wife of George W. Trotbingbam, ol
Haverhill, Mass., who became a mem be ι
of the family at an early age and re
mained until abe bad grown to woman
hood. Mra. Walker's funeral was held
Sunday afternoon.
Baae Bell.
In a bard fought battle Paris G ranimai
School defeated Norway Independent!
IS to 12 at tbe high achool grounds Sat
urday afternoon. It was a oloae and a
clean game. Tbe eooree for Paria are m
follows: J. Judkins 4, A. Leaob 2, Ceoi
Kimball 2, A. Aldriob 1, Howard Jack
soa 1, Llewellyn Ruasell 1, C. Hubbard
1, La wren oe Boyoe 1. Tbe scorea foi
Norway are Payne 4, Smith 4, Toung 1
Lebroke 8.
Tbe Paris Grammar Sohool will play ι
doable header next Saturday, by playinj
f I Bryant's Pood Grammar School an<
f I Canton. Everybody show their spirit.
Universalis! Food Sato.
A food sale will be held la the Uulvei
. aalist veatry tbie Wednesday, May 7, a
f I 2:30 P.M. A fine assortment of edible
a ! will be oa hand. There will also b
served for tbuse attending bot frank
furters and hot rolls, ooifee, etc.
r| Card of ...
r We wish to express our appreciatio
a I to our friends for their klndnees an
ay m pa thy la oar reoeaft sorrow and a Is
for the beautiful floral trlbntee and ooa
forting words of oar pastor.
Mas. Hjurar Kua in> family.
Mm. αμώ Mas. Ronvr Eux.
PVtMk Aaalvtreary.
Γ τ 0,1 J**1·!» May 2, Hon. and Mr·
ν mi> or8outh Pari· reeobec
, the fiftieth idqItmhtj of their marriage
. Oo aooount of Mr. Wright'· poor health
no formel observance of the oooaaloi
waa hed, hat It wu celebrated qaletlj
A camber called daring tbe day, ant
flower· and other remembranoee wen
received from pereonal friends and organ
; ixatione.
Pew people in Oxford County have
had a wider aoqaaintanoe than have Mr,
and Mri. Wright, and few are ae highlj
■ eeteemed. Mr·. Wright waa Hannah E.
Woodbary of Sweden. They were mar
ried May 2, 1869, at Dixfield by Rev.
John Blliott. Mr. Wright waa then in
the praotice of law at that place, having
been admitted to the bar in 1868, and
King into partnership with Hon. W. W.
liter of Dixfield.
Later tbey moved to Betbel, where
Mr. Wright went into partnership with
tbe late Samael P. Gibson. Their stay
at Betbel was less than a year, Mr.
Wright being elected clerk of courts for
Oxford County, and tbey moved to Paris
Hill, then the ooanty seat. He was olerk
of courts from January, 1873, to January,
1883. Por tbe next four years be was
county attorney for Oxford County. In
1887 he was representative to the legis
lature from Paris, and in 188Θ was in the
state senate from Oxford County. In
189Q he was supervisor of the oensns for
the western Maine distriot.
In 1891 the family moved to South
Pari·, where their home ha· since been,
and where Mr. Wright has continued In
tbe praotice of law, without further pub
lic service exoept a term in the executive
council in 1913-14.
Mr. Wright has always been a Repub
lican, and maoh Interested In the welfare
of tbe party, and frequently a speaker in
its behalf in the political campaigns.
As a couoselor and as an at'orney be
baa been safe and sound, and ban enjoyed
tbe oonfldence and regard of every one
to an unusual degree. Por many years
be was moderator at tbe town meetings,
baa always taken a great interest in all
the affairs of the town and village, and
his judgment and opinion have always
been valued highly.
Mrs. Wright since living in Sooth
{ Paris has been prominent in the activities
of the Congregational church and its
affiliated organization·. She has also
been aotive in Mt. Pleaaant Rebekah
Lodge, being an officer in it for several
Mr. and Mrs. Wright have bad two
children. Tbe son, Pred N., is in the
grocery business at South Paris, at tbe
head of the P. N. Wright Co. The
daughter, Lena, died some years ago at
tbe age of seventeen.
uoiveraaiiat Debt Campaign.
At a very largely attended spécial
meeting 0f tbe First Univeraalist parish
Wednesday evening, April 30, at tbe
church, it was voted to commission the
minister, Rev. Cheater Gore Miller, to
raise tbe aom of $3500 to free the sooiety
of indebtedness, so that the property oan
be deeded in trust to the Maine Uni·
veraalist Convention in conformity with
tbe common practice of tbe Univeraalist
denomination throughout the United
It was also ordered by unanimous vote
to transfer tbe property in trust to tbe
Maine Universalis! Convention on the
express condition that the full mortgage
and note Indebtedness of tbe parish
be paid.
Tbe effeot of such transfer in trust to
the Convention, a religious corporation
existing under the laws of the State of
Maine, is to forever save the property
from being mortgaged, sold or in any
way taken for debt or alienated from tbe
fellowship of tbe Univeraalist denomina
tion. Rev. Mr. Miller has already
effected the transfer of the Bryant's
Pond and West Sumner Univeraalist
churches to tbe Convention.
The minister and Mr. Howard R. Car
ter were appointed collectors of the
moneys to be subscribed whiob will be
known as tbe Univeraalist Mortgage and
Note Fond with the Paris Trust Co. as
depository. Mr. Carter was appointed
special treasurer of tbe fond.
It was further voted that no money Is
to be collected until the full amount of
tbe indebtedness has been subscribed.
WUIiam H. Rlchardaon.
On Friday tbe remains of William
H. Richardson were brought to South
Paris from Lowell, Mass., accompanied
by bis son-in-law, F. W. Putney of that
city, for burial in tbe family lot In River
side Cemetery. Mr. Richardaon was 77
years of age. He was formerly a resident
of South Paris, the son of Hiram Rich
ardson. Both father and son were black
smiths, and are remembered by the older
people as excellent workmen.
William H. Richardson went from
South Paris to Massachusetts, and later
some years ago came back to West Paris
for a time. Being in poor health, be
went to Mr. Putney's and bas been oared
for there, where he died on Wednesday.
Tbe direot cause of death was Intestinal
Mr. Riobardson's wife died in 1906.
There are now surviving of tbe family,
Mr. Putney, tbe son-in-law, and three
grandchildren, Edson Bernard Putney of
Medford, Mass., William Herman Put
ney of Ottawa, Canada, who bas just
been discharged from tbe United States
servioe, and E. Louise Putney of Lowell.
Mrs. Harriet Wltham.
After » long period of fsiliug health,
Mr·. Harriet M. Witham died at her
home io South Paria Thuraday night,
lira. Withaxn waa a lifelong reaident of
Paris, born in tbia town Maroh 10, 1871,
the daughter of Iaaac and Sarah P.
(Hicka) Cnmminga. She married Frank
Witham, who died aome years ago. She
leaves four sona, Roy of Sonth Paria,
Kenneth of Pittafield, Masa., Freeland
and Arthur of South Paris. She is alao
aarviTed by her mother, and two
brothers, Freeland Cummings of Paria
and Beede Cnmminga who lirea in Col
Mra. Witham was a member of tbe
South Paria Congregational churob, and
of Mt. Pleasant Rebekah Lodge.
Tbe funeral at 2 o'clock Sunday waa
attended by Rev. C. W. Rogers. The
bearers were Nelaon G. Elder, Ε. N.
Haakell, Irving O. Barrows and Sherman
T. Oliver. Mt. Pleasant Rebekab Lodge
attended in a body. Barial was in Riv
erside Cemetery.
Tbe May Court.
Tbe May term of Supreme Judioial
Court for Oxford County opena at Rum
ford Tueaday, May 13, with Chief Juatice
Leslie C. Corniab presiding. Tbe grand
jury organized in February will be in
attendance. Venirea for traverae jurora
have been retorned as followa:
Ralph M. Baoon, Woodstock.
Harold &. Bennett, Norway.
M an ley Blanchard, Romford.
K. C. Boa worth. Sumner.
George J. Brown, Mexico.
■no· A. Farnom, Milton Plantation.
H. K. Flake, Greenwood.
Robert L. Foster. Newry.
Fremont H. Field, Parla.
F. C. French, Andover.
W. A. GlTena, Mexico.
Charles L. Bodadon, Byron.
Earl H. Hoyt, Magalloway Plantation.
Charles M. Johnson. Parla.
Ε. Ο. Redder, Romford.
Leon MarooUe, Oxford.
RldenC. Mills, Mason.
B. D. Mitchell, Roxbory.
Charles D. Morse, Waterford.
Harold X. Parsons, Hartford.
H. Arthur Bobbins, Norway.
Β orchard J. Rusaell, Hanorer.
Samuel A. Roasell, Dlxflekl.
Leon L. Snell, Hebron.
Hoxh D. Thurston, Bethel.
Gilbert W. Tllten. BookAeld.
Wesley Wheeler, Bethel.
War Exhibit Train Here Tuesday
Tuesday is the day when the wa
exhibit train now touriag Maine in tbi
interest of tbe Victory Loan comes U
South Paris. It will arrive here at 8:3·
P. M., and leave at 5:80. Its arrival wil
be announoed by whiaties and belie, aw
tbe firing of one or more aerial bomb
from the train itself—which we hope i
tbe only kind of bomb tbe air of tbi
part of the world will ever know.
On board tbe train will be war materia
of all kind a each as we have all res
about, with more or lesa oaptured Get
man material. A number of men ar
along la charge of tbe train, prepared t
answer all Imaginable queatlona, and tb
train also oarrles several speakers.
Everybody Is invlfeed and urged t
corns, see, bear, and ask questions.
j Notice to Taxpayer·.
Poll taxes ass due May 1st. I am asi
lag every poll tax payer to be prepare
lo pay tbia tax wbaa be reoeives bl
ÛAMMIM. iBAWt Collector.
Citizens' Otter on Street Railway.
Following is a copy of a letter ad
dressed to the Public Utilities commis
sion by Attorneys A. J. Stearns and
Alton C. Wheeler, replying to the report
and recommendations of the commission
regarding the case of the Citizens of
Norway and Sooth Paris vs. Oxford
Eleotric Co. The letter is self-explana
Publio Utilities Commission,
Augusta, Maine.
Re: Citizens of Norway and Paris vs.
Oxford Electrio Company.
As connsel for oomplainants in the
above entitled action, we have, since
receiving copy of yoar report, taken the
matter op very carefully with the citi
zens of these two villages, and are
authorized in their behalf to say to the
Commission that they are willing to act
upon the suggestions of the Commission,
and to negotiate with the Oxford Elec
trio Company along the lines of your
recommendations, provided one further
condition be added, viz.:
The citizens of Norway and Sooth
Paris will undertake to raise one-half
the amount that shall be found to be
actually necessary to rehabilitate the
Street Railway, said one-half part not
to exceed, however, the sum of 910,000,
uuder the conditions suggested in the
report and recommendations of the
Publio Utilities Commission of April 9,
1919, provided that the Oxford Eleotric
Company shall not be allowed to declare
any dividend or dividends upon any of
its stock—oommon or preferred—until
it shall have retired all bonds subscribed,
paid for and held by said oitizens, and
provided further that the Oxford Elec
trio Company shall not be allowed to
invest or expend any of its revenues or
earnings In any extensions or additions
to its present plant, nor to inorease its
present surplus, but shall apply its net
earnings or net revenues to the retire
ment of said bonds.
We think that an explanation of the
above condition or conditions, which we
ask you to bave inoluded, is unnecessary,
as you will readily see the purpose for
which we desire to have the same in
oluded and the reasons why.
We believe that these ootid Itions will
impress you as being reasonable, and we
desire to avail ourselves of your offer to
use your good offices In promoting a
happy solution of the difficulties wbloh
the company and the communities are
facing. If this suggestion meets wltb
your approval, we would be pleased and
are authorized to request that yon allow
us to bave tbe benefit of the servioes of
your engineer, who will go over the
road with representatives of tbe com
munities and of the Company, and assist
us in fixing tbe approximate amount
necessary to rehabilitate tbe road-bed
and equipment, In order that we may
have a reasonable basis upon whloh to
proceed in solioiting our part of the
necessary funds.
Awaiting your further advioes, we are,
Albebt J. Stkabns,
Alton C. Whekleb,
For Complainants.
Prisoner Took a Vacation.
A young man by the name of Leon
Knapp, though the name under whiob
he was committed waa Joe Smith, took
French leave from the jail last Monday
forenoon. With two other· he was sent
down stair· to taw aome wood for the
kitohen range. Sheriff Cole was with
some of the other prisoners who were
rebuilding a piece of fenoe at the aouth
aide of the oourt house lot, and the three
men who were sent to saw wood were
left to themselves.
Knapp was in a priaon auit, but bunt
ing around in the baaement of tbe build
inga he found an old pair of trouaera and
an old blue frook that belonged to the
janitor, and pnt them on. Then be
skipped ont through the rollway door
which was open, and up over the hill at
the rear of tbe oounty buildinga into the
His absence was discovered after some
minute·, and Sheriff Cole, Deputy Sher
iff Shaw and others immediately got
buay. In a aearcb of the wooda they
found aome tracks in a wood road whiob
they were satisfied were those of tbe
runaway, but they led on to grass ground
aod disappeared. The roada and tbe
railroad were watohed all night, bot II
waa not until late Tueaday that trace ol
tbe missing man was found.
From what he afterward said it seemi
that tbe prisoner bid In a dump of plnei
near Oxford Park, and from bis retreal
•aw tbe officer· driving over tbe road.
He remained in tbe plaee until aftei
dark, when he atruok out northward.
Above West Paris he took to the rail
road traok, and near Bryant's Pond left
the traok and swnng to the west side oi
the lake, under the shadow of Mounl
Christopher. At one of the camp· on
tbe west shore of the lake he unexpect
edly ran aoross a man working up wood
who knew that the offioers were looking
for a stray. Tbe man got word at onoi
to Deputy Sheriff Billings of Bryant'i
Pond, who took a oar to Locke's Mills
and from there went down the rallroac
and met the man he was after. Tbli
was a little before dark Tuesday night
Koapp says be Is 17 years old, bo
looks older. His home Is In New Hamp
' shire, and It Is said tbat he some tim<
' since left tbe reform sohool In tbat stato
1 without permission and cams to Rum
I ford, where he assumed a new name
> He Is awaiting the aotlon of tbe gram
jury on the oharge of breaking an<
' entering and laroeny at Rumford. Dur
1 ing the time that he was out he says b
1 got something to eat only onoe. Hi
1 made no attempt to escape when Depot;
j Sheriff Billings met him.
I rUoy Children are Sickly.
Mother Gray's Bwset Powders for Chlldre.
a break up Golds la M hoars, relieve Psvsrtshnesi
-, Headache, Stomseh Trouble·, Teething Dtsai
dors, more and regulate the bowels, ana Dsstio
• Worms. They are so plsasaar to take ehlkire
like the·. Used hgr mothers for orer SO year
Dyspepsia Is America's ourss. To restore d
gestion, normal weight, good health and nurll
m blood, use Baraock Blood Bitters. Bold ι
" all drag •Sot*·. Price tlJB.
. BWousf reel hsavr after dinner? BUD
P. H. Noyee left the first of last week
for a trip to Boeton and Detroit, Miob.,
aod expects to return the middle of this
Panel window· bave been pat in at the
baok of tbe show window· at tbe Ε. N.
Swett Sboe Co., separating tbe window·
from tbe rest of tbe atore, aod giving a
cbanoe for better display.
Frank Grover, wbo formerly worked
in tbe stitobing room of tbe Spinney
aboe factory here, and has been in Lew
iaton ainoe tbat concern went ont of
business here, baa returned to Norway
and is in the factory of tbe Carroll, Jel
lerson Sboe Co.
"The Adventures of Grandpa" ia the
senior play wbioh will be presented by
Norway High Sohool at tbe Opera Houae
Friday evening of tbia week. A dance
will follow tbe play. Tbe oaat la:
Marie Be bean, French dancing Instructress,
Doris Foster
Officer HcCormack, policeman Orin Stone
Mrs. Pansy Hopscotch, fair, fat and forty.
Muriel Μοα66π
Kloompy, maid (Swedish) Bessie Durrel
Dorothy May, Mr·. Hopsootoh's
Tod Hunter, dancing master Albert Parker
Lucy Hunter, his little wife Doris Brooks
Monte Bay, Grandpa's grandson,
Arthur Descoteau
Otis Hammerhead, Grandpa—Carlton Barker
V. W. Hills Is re-installing bis wireleaa
outfit, wbloh was dismantled by military
order· when we entered the world war,
and will soon be taking the time from
Washington twice a day as formerly..
Wednesday evening of this week tbe
men of the Universallet cburob will Rive
their annual supper at Concert Hall.
Following tbe aupper the entertainment
will be given by tbe Jolly Gentlemen
Glee Club of South Paria.
The Norway W» C. T. U. will meet
with Clara W. 8mitb, 8 Parla Street,
Wedneaday afternoon, May 7.
▲t a special town meeting held April
26, at whiob a amall number of oitizena
were in attendance, it waa unanimously
voted to discontinue tbe private way
aoroia tbe triangle at tbe corner of Main
and Fair Streets, in Ward Eight, now ao
called. Tbia way baa for years been
uaed aa a abort out, dividing a practi
cally triangular plot from tbe Foater lot
now owned by C. Elmer Ruaaell. Tbe
oitizena of that part of the town are in
prooeaa of converting this waste land
into a memorial park for *tbe ereotion
of a monument in honor of the soldiers
who went into the world war from that
section. It la underatood tbat Mr.
Ruaaell would qultolalm tbe plot to tbe
town if the way waa abolished, to be
uaed only for park purpose·, and to
revert In osae it ibould oease to be used
as a park.
Hazen P. Nevera of Honlton, who
•ucoeeded Perolval E. Hathaway ae
principal of the high school at the be
ginning of tbe achool year, baa reaigned
to beoome assistant cashier in tbe First
National Bank at Honlton, tbe resigna
tion taking effect laat Friday. Sub
master Albert C. Parker baa been'.eleoted
principal for the remainder of the spring
term. .
Dr. F. E. Drake bas returned from
Manchester, Mass., where be haa been
for some weeka, and la again at hi·
dental rooms.
Abigail Whitman Chapter, D. A. R.,
will hold ita annual meeting with Mra.
Emma Cullinan Wedneaday evening of
tbia week, when officers for the yesi
will be eleoted. Tbe program of the
evening will include roll call, "Faota on
Noted Women"; paper, "Reciprocity,"
Mra. Harriet Brown; "Regular Arm]
Man," Mrs. Edith Bartlett.
About 5:80 Thursday morning a blaze
was discovered by Officer Cbarlei
Ruggles in the boiler room of tbe C. B.
Cummings & Sons Co. The fire alarm
mechanism waa out of order, and when
Box 28 was pulled the bell gave onlj
two atrokes. With a sharp fight th«
blaze wis extinguished. The fire itirted
on the upper floor, oaùae not known
Brick and oement construction aided <ii
the oontrol of the blaze.
When Coras and Bunions Ache
T>0 as the soldiers do 1 8hake Into your shoei
each morning some Allen9· Foot-eaae, the anil
septic powder that makes tight show feel es*j
and gives rest and comfort to tired,.aching
swollen, tender feet. Always use H te break u
new shoes. "·*>
In Pari·, April 9·, to the wife of Wllber 8toi
lev act, a dioibter.
In North Buckfleld, April 25, to the wife of X
V. Pearson, a daughter.
In North Buckfleld, April 29, to the wife 0
Merle Jack, a ton.
In West Buckfleld. April 97, to the wife ο
Paul M. Bennett, a ton.
In Bethel, April 94, to the wife of Carl Browi
In Bethel, April 98, by Ββτ. Η. 8. Truemar
Mr? Andrew a. Britt of Lynn, Man., an<T Mil
ι Iona Edith Tlbbetts of Bethel.
In Bomford, April 80, by Bar. Fr. A. J- Barrj
! Mr. Charles 8. Mariano of BelfMt and Ml·
Loulie Orlno of BnttfOrd.
ι in Worcester, Maes.. April 80, Mr. B^aet 1
Talbot of Oxford and Mil· Lois Pelf of Farmen
. burg, Ind.
In South Paria, May 1. Mr·. Harriet λ
Wlthaa, widow of Prank Wftham,, aged 48 year
I In Sooth Piula, May 4, George W. Whltmai
I **Pn Kait^Browufleld, May 9, Mr*. Mary <
. Walker, aged 88 yean.
. la Yarmouth, April 98, Mr·. Kama L., wife <
1 Tristram 8. Blake, aged 78 yean. A native <
» Bethel.
t la Lowell, Ma».. Aprtl 80. William H. Biol
ardaon, formerly or South Paria, aged 77 year
In Sweden, April 19. Mr·. Marj Smith, wide
of Alonao Smith, agea 78 years.
In Lynn, Maaa-Aprll K, Mr·. Mary August
ι Bcaae, a native of Andover, aged 88 years.
inMexloo, April 97, Mrs. Julia X. Wood war
. widow of Dexter Woodward, aged 77 yean.
One barrel churn, nearly nev
Churns twelve gallon·. Also tw
λ butter carriers with ice boxes, hol<
ing sixteen and twenty-four pound
S Wheeler Street, South Paris, Maini
Stock and Cattle Owners. Attention I
Dr. Merrill's Veterinary Remedies
Preparations for Horses, Cattle, Sheep,
Swine, Dogs, Cats and Poultry.
Colin Drops—Used in the beginning
will oure 05 per cent of all case* of oolic.
Fever Drops; for all oases of fever and
acclimating greeo horses.
Cougb Powder; following pneumonia,
strangles, eto.
Diuretic Powder; for kidneys and liver
and a preventative against Blackwater.
Spavin treatment that is a wonder.
Worm Powder, very effective.
Liniments for sprains, braises and all
forms of acute lameness.
Heave treatment, that gives the de
sired result.
A speoial liniment for caked and
swollen adder.
Absorbing Liniment for removing
shoe-bolls, carbs, eto.
A concentrated tonic for horses and
Send a 3o stamp for olrcular giving fall
Information and prioes.
All remedies gaaraoteed for parity
and fnll medicinal strength.
C. M. ME BRILL, D. V. S.,
South Paria, Maine.
Telephooe Norway Exchange 147 11.
Pythian Building Association.
Notice 1b hereby given that the annual meeting
of the stockholders of the Pythian Building As
sociation. for the election of officers for the en
siling year and the transacUon of any other
businées that may legally come before said
meeting, will be held at the 8outh Paris Savings
Hank on Monday, May 19th, at three o'clock, P.
17-10 Secretary Pythian Building Assn.
- · *
General Holiday in South Paris
War Relic Train
Tuesday, May 6,3.30 to 5.30 P. M.
The schools, factories, stores and offices will close to give all an oppor
tunity to see the 5 cars loaded with Guns, Trench Mortars, Naval Depth
Bombs and German Trophies.
An aerial bomb will be fired from the train to signal its approach.
Be on hand to see this great exhibition.
Ripley & Fletcher N. D. Bolster Company
Alton 0. Wheeler Paris Trust Company
Noyes & Pike , F. N. Wright Company
Eastman & Andrews Stevens Pharmacy
Chas. H. Howard Co. W. L. Gray.
Suits of|Fine Quality Serge and Poplins
Not only in looks, but in quality. The styles are "certainly beauti
ful" as one of our customers expressed it the other day. Suits are being
worn more this season than they have been for a long time. In fact, we
have sold more suits than any other season, this means that quality, style
and price must be right. Let us show them to you.
A variety of tailored and semi-tailored models, box styles and many
with belts. Many are trimmed with buttons and braid.
$19.76, $22.45, $24.76, $27.46, $34.76, $37.46
A garment that ia very popular
$13.46. $14.96, $19.76, $24.76
Materials are unusually good Velour, Wool Jersey, Serges and Silvertone Velour.
$13.46, $14,96. $19.76, $24.76, $27.46, $32.46, $37.46, $46.00
Many styles, plain every day ones and the dressy ones in white, black, green and brown, neatly
76c, $1.00, $1.60, $1.96, $2.46, $2.96, $3.96
Bonnets for the Babies, 26c to $1.60. '
You will want at least one of these attractive skirts tp wear with your pretty waist. Made from the
best quality Wool Plaids, in a great variety of style*, many plaited models.
PLAID SKIBTS of Silk and Worsted, $8.98, $9.98, $12.46, $14.96, $16.46.
Skirts of French Serge and Poplins, very pleasing styles, $6.96 to $12.46.
You need Corsets for style and for service, and when we offer you such brands as
Nemo, Royal Worcester, Begal and Thompson Glove Fitting
we know we are giving you the best wearing and most economical Corsets made.
New Nemo Corset Style 361, at $3.60
Λ new self-reducing model suited to the average stout figure of medium height. Other styles for
any figure, $3.00, $4.00, $5.00.
Royal Worcester Corsets $1.60, $2.00, $2.76, $3.60
Regal and Thompson Corsets $1.60, $2.00, $2.60, $4.00
Brown, Buck & Co.,
Buy Now and Save Money
<%*ON YOUR-%*
Sim ii Siintr fmmt
The prices of footwear are continually advancing,
therefore, the early purchaser will get the benefit of the
present moderate prices.
Our line of Men's, Women's and Children's up-to
date Spring and Summer Footwear is now complete and
ready for inspection.
Trunks, Bags and Suitcases
for all occasions. Call and inspect.
W. 0. Frothingham,
from our Clearance Sale
One large lot of Women's Button Boots which we are
sellingr for $2.00. They are worth $4.00 and $4.60.
Also a lot whioh we are selling' for $1.60. These arq
r small sizes, but are worth from $4.00 to $6.00 per pair. If
t your size is here, they are surely great bargains.
Ε. N. Swett Shoe Co.
1 Opera House Block, Telephone 38-8.
We pay postage on all mail orders.
'·· make this pleasant laxative. %
. California Figs—Senna
; a. d. s.
« Fig Syrup with Syrup Senna Clomp.
Γ. Safe, pleasant and most effective for baby. A larger dose is just ai
r Sood for grown folks.
* as AND es CENTS
A. D. S. preparations are not Patent Medicines, but valuable prépara
= tions selected and warranted by an association of ao,ooo qualified druggists
• The Stevens Pharmacy
u SOUTH PARIS, - - -, - MAIN!
The Drag S tor· On th· Oorntr
These Are the Times of New Decisions
Decisions which will determine the out
come of this, the greatest Recon
struction Period.
The millions who have saved for the first time in their lives,
buying Liberty Bonds and Thrift Stamps under stress of national
emergency, must arrive at this decision to
The American people must decide, forthwith, to make Thrift
a permanent organization. ·
To practice Thrift intelligently and successfully requires the as
sistance of a strong progressive bank.
Norway, Maine
It is now a good time to purchase the necessary
Underwear for Late Spring, Early Summer and
Summer wear.
Our line is now complete, comprising the leading
grades of well known makes, both in two-piece and
union suits.
We know that mistakes will occur. But it is our
firm, insistent purpose to see that no sale is ever con
sidered final until the customer is entirely satisfied.
We stand behind everything we sell and we want
our patrons to tell us when anything it unsati«ractory
so that we can right it immediately.
This is the spirit of our store and we live up to it.
Eastman & Andrews
ζ7 ·
Clothiers and Furnishers
κ /
31 Market Square, South Paris.
Only American Flag.
Than an flax· made of red, wldta
, and blue «tri pea, but the American
flag haa not only the afrlpee made in
certain proportlona, and number, bat
the «tare ai well arranged upon a blue
field In certain proportion» In a cer
L tain erdar. No one ahoold mistake
«É bunting tor the Aaadcan flag.
Hm flutter.
Ike gnttw ta aa tnetrnmcct of etx
itfttp, Tie, ■, A. D, Ο, Β, ■. TM
striae·· U mbdM tofothar, would not
make a chord accordtaf to the rolaa
d modem harmony. It la «at a dt*
«on tertrt^toj^âgto^
■μοΓοτ the ficela Mafia*

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