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Social and Personal
( p ¥ William Griffith )
sprint Hong
. 4.*n a whisper stole
P" If m (,rm n House on the
, 1 ! lf|g rn ,iny a ghostly bole
' i nt with the ancleht
>ttl * WMI 6
.„ n the countryside,
' „ j the w andering breezes
Spring Jll ' l “ v
’hr ivvn Heaven open wide
the thrushes out today. t
Oftrrr'' , h'* s 1°
i,ln lnlrmal iMnees
the 1 Miieera’ Mess at the
, \ ,y uni their friends will
an informal dance to
ti iturdav evening. August
r i ~, jock at the Officers* Mess.
Th*- <iio.• wail be under the auspices
, ' ~| iielouglng to the Mess
tar their guests; only. The
, H ... ~, die Mrs.! i aiiitemplate glv
innal alancen frequently
, ; :l ; tin remainder of the SUdi
i:i,l tiji functions should add
, i the trial life of the Acad
v ,|.. |.'> the pra cut quiet season.
Hum Taken House
Oil *t, Jailin'* St.
| jlin t .iiul Mr Herkey have taken
i'.m i mi St John's street, ro
iMitb vacated hy Lieut, and Mrs. |
Alex’inal'T S Wot In rspoon. Mrs.
p,rk‘ v ha just arrived here from
lit* Wist Coast.
He. Joined Ship
it Newport, 11. I.
Lit til and Mrs McCloy and their
W :l da lighter, left on Sunday, to go
tu \• wpert. H I, where Lieut. Mc-
Cloy'.. Idp Is now statoined.
iti \ Visit
To Tlae S'Mitli
li w W.ahab, of 77 Prince George
utrvft. ,K coiupanied by Ills daughter,
Miss Keatrice Wuliah, left Monday
rvenlng for an < xtended visit to Ocru
eok< \ C. ami other points in tlint
mil Ocracoke is Mr. Wahab’s
h ne town .uni this is his first visit
thr> in twenty-four years.
On the return trip Mr. Wuliah and
hh tl.iu;;lm r intend to visit relatives
In Norfolk ami Portsmouth, Va.
T* Npeml Two
Wwlc. In Kaltiniore
Mr Kate Martin, ot Prince George
I'rrft i:, leaving today to spend a
fortnight with her sister in Baltimore.
Hogsr I’nrl)
At Hrsi (.<(>
!!on:.lry entertained a
’r* lumae puly .it his hcine at Heat
last wtrk-end. Among Ilia
t' wst • "riv Mr- Fred Snader, Miss
Brown. Mrs Frank Smith, and
Jane Smith, of Annapolis; Mr.,
Mr Vinton Dove, of Washing*
ft Mi and Mrs. Oden Tucker, of
| r ("oneberry, of Slant*
'''ini, and Dr. Jasso, of Ken
tic ky
ml Mr Teddy Stevens, of An
’l’rtit I lie w eek-end with Mr.
Benjamin Hrashearn. of
HowMy Corns, Bunions and
Calloused, Burning, Tired
FwtHmt - , -
Foot / Succcitful
D !• f I Re*ult l
A Wcndrrfnl / in evets case or
r / money back.
fc f*ttrom ( 4;>M iu thu city
{*• De.ert, b
Away \'■ T. Kent Green.
J Foot Vh >' twtan
Troublea KfaJi Gilbert and
|>. K. Smith
b *beze Tnn
Minute* Out
J: UN CH and TEA
‘: k ? '‘lnner. $1.73.
f|i„ n , M I * ,; -GAUDS.
Fa >Rlea farm inn
\vifc ,uj y Bnteh.
fl i t... a 1 ihhl m *i>eelakty.
jv** 4 ’* n. ls a T ,:~ v
I!uterilnned At
Bridge leterday
Mrs. F. K. Libenow entertained at
a four table bridge party last night
at her apartment on Htate Circle, in
lioiior ot Lieut.-Commander and tftrs.
Oavaldo lt petto, who will leave
shortly for Boston, and of her house
guest. Miss Kllse B. Howell, of Spo
kane, Washington.
Mr. and Mrs John Popham, of An
napolis. visited their daughter, Mrs.
I a Roy Martines, this week at Mrs.
Marlines’ home at Mayo.
Visitor From
Hail future Here
Miss Elizabeth Livingston, of Bal
timore, is the guest of Commander
nd Mr i Douglas L. Howard, of 49
Rodgers Row.
Now I,Ring At
71 County Bond
Lieut.-Commander and Mrs. W. O.
Henry, who, since their marriage this
year, have been living at 217 Hanover
street, are now residing at 74 County
Road, Naval Academy.
Lieut Commander and Mrs. Henry
recently returned from a visit to Mrs.
Henry's sister, Mrs. Warren Nixon, at
the latter’s cottage at Wiano, Cape
►— i 4*
To Live Here
Next Winter
Mrs. Frederick G. Richard and her
young son are spending the summer
with Mrs. Richard's mother, Mrs.
Charles Ligon. at her home in How
ard county. They will spend next
winter ill Annapolis.
To Visit Fa (her
In Huston
Mrs. James 1). Moore, wife ol j
Lieut.-Commander Moore, of the!
Navy, accompanied by her children,
will leave Annapolis on August 8 to
go to Boston, where she will visit her
father, Mr. Drake, of that city, for a
month. >
Party In Honor
Of engagement
Mr. and Mrs. Tagalos, of Main
street, were hosts last night at a
party, at which was made public the
engagement of their daughter. Miss
Aggolikc Tagalos, to Nickles Kendro
tLa, of Washington. Mr. and Mrs. P.
Cokinos and Mr. and Mrs. 1). Cokinos,
of Washington, relatives of Mr. Ken
rtriitis were among the guests.
Or ( 1 '-.'m
t Mi i ? < \ *; t 4 - *
YOU would not go
back to the old fash
ioned car.
-_w r.Nor to the old fashioned
'W * in some ways.
IdPkl The gasoline of. today is cor
rectly balanced for the work
' Jiidi it has to do. 1 It is called
I Rrw U. S. rat. Off.
> Thd llalanccd Gasoline!
Happenings At
Mrs. Luusden and Mrs. Peters and
the latter’s small daughter. Elizabeth, j
are th* guests of Mr. and Mrs. George ,
E. Saulsbury.
Mr. and Mrs. Lampkin Robertson. ■
of Arndel-on-lhe-Bay, yesterday re- j
celved word of the safe arrival in j
Europe of their daughter, Miss Doro- j
thy Robertson. Miss Robertson leftj
on July 5 with Rev. Dr. Morgan, uf <
the First M. E. Church, of Baltimore,
and Mrs. Morgan for a trip abroad.
She is now in Italy.
Mrs. Rita Weller has closed her
cottagq at Arundel-on-the-Bay and
sailed for Boston. From there she
will go to Canada. Mr. and Mrs. An
gelo Weller, of Washington, will oc
cupy the cottage on week-ends.
"Locust Lodge,” which is owned by
Howard Bokee, is now being occupied
by Mr. Bokee’s brother-in-law and
sister, Doctor and Mrs. Naylor, of Bal
timore, and their four children.
I Bet urn* From
Unh. Of Illinois
Kenneth Vansant. son of Mr. and
i Mrs. D. R. Vansant, of this city, who
has been attending the summer school
at the University of Illinois for the
past seven weeks, has returned to his
home on Franklin street.
Transportation By Bus
To Woman's Hull Parly
Persons who desire to attend the
card party to be given next Thursday
by tlie Woman’s Club of Anne Arun
del County at the. bopte of Mrs. St.
George Barber, on South river, will
liml a bus awaiting them in front ot
the Woman's Club headquarters on
Church Circle at 2 o’clock Thursday.
This bus will carry its passengers to
the bridge over South river, where a
boat will be ready to carry them up
the river to Mrs. Barber’s beautiful
home. The committee in charge re
quests that reservations for the card
party be made as soon as possible
through Mrs. Joseph S. Bigelow, Jr ,
(Telephone 1828-F-14), or Mrs. Bar
ber, (1820).
* “Benfzlown Bard"
To Give Beeilal
Folger McKinsey, familiarly known
as the “Bcntztown Bard," will enter
tain the St. Margaret’s Community
( lub in the Parish hall tomorrow
night, Friday, August 4. with ou c of
his popular recitals. All of the people
of the community and their friends
from Annapolis and elsewhere are
most cordially invited to attend.
There will be no charge for the en
Visiting Sister
111 Mississippi
Lieut.-Commander Paul J. Peyton
is spending his vacation with his sis
ter in MisttiHMinni
American History
By T. I*. Green
Columbus, on his moment
! ous first voyage of discovery,
sailed from Palos, Spain, on
] August 3, 1492.
Pennsylvania opened first
English Council on August 3,
Six witches condemned to
death by a Massachusetts
court on August 3, 1692.
Bombardment of Tripoli by
U. S. squadron on August 3,
Kentucky placed under mar
tial law on August 3, 1863.
Standard Oil Company lined
$29,000,000 by the United
States District Court on Augr
u.;t 3, 1907.
Arbitration treaties betweeu
the United States and Great
Britain and the United States
and France sigued on August
3. 1911.
American troops reached the
outskirts of Fisrnes on August
3. HUS.
Visiting Relatives
In Howard County
Mrs. J. H. Bruahears and daughter,
Miss Jimmie Brashears, arc visiting
Mrs. Brashears’ aunt, Mrs. J. Law
rence Clark, at the latter’s home at
Dalton, Howard county. ♦
Spending Vae.ition
In Maine And Canada
Prof. George A. Bingley, of the De
partment of Mathematics at the Naval
Academy, is spending his vacation in
Maine and Canada.
S|H‘iiding Bay
At Pen-Mar
Mrs. R. Ross Vansant, Jr., and her
guest. Miss Phelton Cromwell, of
Norfolk, Va., arc spending the day at
Pen-Mar, Md.
Miss Blanche E. Veazey, of 118 Col
lege avenue, has gone to Pen Mar
for her vacation. She will be gone
a month.
Chill Tonic
For Pale.DelicatcWomen
and Children. 60c
f " "j " *

I’restou Gates and his father, who
have been visiting Mr. and Mrs. Frank
M. Duvall, of St. Margaret’s, have re
turned to their home in Washington.
D. C.
Miß3 Florence Dorsey, of Howard
county, is visiting at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. Richard Duvall, of St. Mar
Miss Frostburg and Mrs. Williams,
of Baltimore, are visiting Mr. and
Mrs. Orlando Ridout, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Chapman and
their three children will be guests
next week-end ta the home of Mr. and
Mrs. Wcmns Duvall.
Mrs. W. W. Cockrell, with her llttl*
Mi 33 Ruth Chauncey, of Virginia, will
daughter, Margaret, and her sister
visit Rev. aud Mrs. R. C Cowling at
the Rectory of St. Margaret’s thi
week. *
Mrs Singleton, of Washington, who I
came to attend the Dov-lUdout wed
ding recently, is visiting Mrs. George
W. Norris, wife of the County Agent.
Services will be held in St. Mar
garet s ( hurch every Sunday morning
at 11 o’clock. The general public is
most cordially invited.
Margot Asquith says this country’s
trouble is too much money. And Eu
rope is enthusiastically willing to
share our troubla.
14th Annual Carnivail
• *' * ' 'ft - r
Every Evening Until
■< * r ' ‘ - - • r |
The Big Show of Anne Arundel County!
’j ' I Cm in and ae*
; .li fat ' m
sl3 Afew BUICK
' Jgg for 1923 J
The Seasons finest
{>J and most complete line j|A
of motor cars E)
Fourteen Distinctive Models
*ll The H. B. Myer’s Co. g
<lutliiu£|l From l’|o 1.)
when the place for a time was under
the management of the late George It.
Buffham. A few years prior to that,,
interest in the resort steadily began
to lag. the buildings became dilapi- j
dated, ami finally it was cloved.
Bay Ridge was the greatest place of;
its kind in those days, said Mr. Low- j
He Knews llad Ones
Mr Lowmau lias been on the city
police force for a score of years, lie j
first became a “bluccoat" during the
administration of the late Thomas
Martin, for four years Mayor, ilii
present tour of duty covers tin- past
16 years, he having been re-appointed
by each succeeding Democratic ail
uinistration. The veteran patrolman
terbaps enjoy b as wide an acquain
anca as any one in the city, lie
( lias an especially keen pulse upon
those of the populace numbered among '
This coming Sunday at 7:30 p in.. |
in the Knights of Pythias Hall, Prof
Hildcbrandt will deliver the third of
the series of progressive Bible lec
tures upon the Divine Plan of the
Ages. The subject of the lecture will i
lie “The Kingdom Which Shall Never*
Be Destroyed.”
The discussion is of particular im
portance to every one, because there
will be examined in detail "the times
! of restitution of all thlugs, which God
hath spoken by the mouth of all His
holy prophets sinre the world began."
(Acts 3:19-21.) Inasmuch as God has
! planned "the restitution of all things’’
! there cannot be a single person in
Annapolis who is not vitally ooncern
ied iti those times Matters of import
; ance to those who are seeking ihe
; truth will he presented and at the end
of the lecture an opportunity will be
given the audience to ask questions.
A cordial invitation is extended to all
to come, to hear, and to be convlneed.
M’s toasted. This
one extra process
gives a delightful ‘
quality that can
not be duplicated

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