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trumntg (Haptta)
1884 1922 ;
ANNA POU!, M t*.
Fnblletaed I Hill/ K*pt Sunday by i
!• op )* at the following places:
George W. Jones 1M Main Nree
W.illain KcbuUxe HI Wf*l Hrect
(jr- >gc .1 i'.tv1*.........71 Maryland An
Cl (j Koldnicfrr TiB Marjlamt Av*.
“I ..cbtrd Coftfertletlv* jr" King <l*ige I*l
j wiillam Eaker 1 . ....V\>*t a utliniMi s a..
V. B. A A. Newsthiid. Short 1.1 or Terminal ]
Mr MlWer ill V. cat Rueel |
N. Matidrla. Third K ft-vern Ave.. Kan port :
Di . i'lvM li. Henkel.,.29 Maryland Are. |
Delivered In Annapolis. Kaotport. Ger- !
nAßtnan ami Wwl Annapolis by carrier!
fiii 45 rents |>r tiiwfttii.
fun tan have tin* IvVKNINi! CAPITAL!
culled in >'iii when <wr frniii tlit* city
by learlog >nr u.nih* ami address at tbe
iitiiA for li per nionlb; $5.00 |>nr
pa<iliii> In advair*. to any poatoffloe
n ibe lulled Ktato* or Canada.
Entered ni Annapolis Post office aa
he •iinil-Claaa Mat U-r.
*E=--i=.— - =^t—
(Mmtirr of Th Associated Press
Tito Associated Press la rxcHu-
Sin-li entitled li tlio tiao for re
linblb atM .i of ail now a credited to
it nr tin’ ■•iiiorwlop credited In
tli t | i.’ w anil alao tho looai nowa
published herein. All right* of
re ■ puutlesUou of Kpeclnl dis
patch *a n“ioin ore alao reserved
, MUNHAY. AUGUST 21. 1922.
tr — —=
Nmv that the nominations for
United States Senator from
Maryland have closed and full
9J)portunitj given for measuring
the qualifications of the respec
tive candidates, the affiliated vot
ers of both parties are confront
ed with the necessity of making
a choice to he registered at the
primary election to be held on
September 11. The Evening
Capital, being a Democratic
newspaper and believing in the
principles of that party* naturally
look:! for a standard - bearer
among its candidates. This year
there are three, all of whom pos
sess strong qualifications for the
office in question. One of these
candidates stands out, however,
its conspicuously qualified, name
ly, William Cabell Bruce, former
President of tin* Senate of Mary
land, counsel for many years to
the Public Service Commission, a
lawyer of preeminent ability and
a lender of the Bar of Maryland,
a profound student with a nat
ural aptitude for statecraft, of un
impeachable character, —in short,
a gentleman and a scholar in the
highest sense of the term. This
latter expression has come to he
used so often of him that it is
almost commonplace, but, as it
fits him exactly, it is applied
to him from all sources of criti
In this day and generation
when real statesmanship is usual
ly overlooked or forgotten, it is
refreshing to have a man of Mr.
Bruce’s calibre submit his candi
dacy to the people, for the need
was never greater. Of all the
nominees of both parties, he best
typifies that kind of statesman
ship which in years gone by made
many of Maryland’s representa
tives in the upper house of Con
gress leading national figures.
Moreover, at this juncture in
the political affairs of the State. 1
his entrance as a candidate for the]
senatorial nomination is particu
larly fortunate, as his candidacy j
is such that all elements of the]
Democratic party and of the In-!
dependents can rally to him with
the complete assurance that he*
is a man whose private and pub
lic life guarantee courageous,
capable and conscientious devo
tion to duty and that he cannot
he swerved from it hv fear, favor
or affection, political or other
That he is thoroughly sane and
practical, as well as possessing
the attributes of a gentleman and
a scholar, is further shown in the
statement published by him in
announcing his candidacy, and in
the sincerity and soundness of
" hich position 'we fully believe.'
e. therefore, have no hesitancy
in pointing to Mr. Bruce as the
strongest candidate, in our judg
ment, now before the electorate
of Maryland.
One demand that has been!
growing continually in connec-j
tion with the coal'strike is that!
the industry he thoroughly inves-j
tigated to get to the bottom of
the conditions that have been
causing trouble for so long. It is
emphasized that strike after
strike ha* taken place without
either the industry or the public
learning much from it to guard)
against a repetition of such up-'
Now that there is a prospect
of a return of peace in the coal
activity,, we must not just fall
back into c<ntentment on the sub-J |
] ject as if the trouble were ended
| forever. Remembering the peri
jodic upheavals, steps must be {
I taken now to prevent them. End- i
ing< of these troubles caijnot bflf i
I admitted as an t-nj*o> ihllity. It j
is jtut a matter of getting the •
farts and applying to them the |
I common sense and sound busi- ;
in'*** practice that never fail to <
j solve the problems, in other in-
I dustrfes.
I rjgrnjg President 1 to
appoint a tribunal to
j the bituminous coal imftistfy. A.
(M. Ogle, president of,4he Na
jticnai Coal Association* says that
confusion in regard to the many
; ramifications of the industry ex
■lists as much within the latter as
II with the public. “The immediate
resumptit/n of mining may bt
I most important in the minds of
many.” lie says, “hut if we are
, to avoid further conflict in the
1 mining industry beginning April
1, the essential facts must
he investigated properly and
given full consideration in order
that a proper solution may he de
That is common sense. Why
is it that the coal industry has
not been running as smoothly
: other activities? It certainly"ia
! time the American people were
■ ] getting the answer. ncv,v..-
■ ■;
Beacon Lights
Of Business
Along perilous coasts, light
houses throw' their guiding rays
• far into the night to warn the
mariners and help them safely
1 past the shoals.
Spend a few minutes a day
’ running through the advertise
ments in this paper. Then buy
. the products that have proved up
,jin the light of advertising.
Business, too, has its beacons.
. They are the advertisements,
. which throw a powerful lijpht to
guide you in your buying. ’ They
. show you what to buy, where to
. buy and when to buy.
I.et the Beacon of Advertising
i guide you as it is guiding so many
i ] astute buyers.
' Wheel Look At The Skyrocket!
! Mo b.'ruck a match In a careless way,
“I’ll smoke a hit.” said he. * -
! The price of pas went up that day.
•j Ami ao did Mike Magee.
—Baltimore News.
Chivalry >
i When knight of old met a lady fair
He knelt at her feet. *tis said.
But a modern knight in a subway car.
He stands on them instead.
—New York American.
- \t t
m The Evening
] Capital brings results.
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- ■ ■ - ■ - - - - - - - ms* I J - !!*■ I ■ - - -- - - ■
Governor’s Constitutional Amendment Proclamation, 1922.
WUERKAS. at the January Seaakm of
the General Asaeahly of Maryland, bald
la the year Mai, tire At were nasaed.
pro* <?tl uk addittoua and außeaduievits to
,tu j I'niitiiurtov of the Stttf. to-wlt:
vttai'ter T. vropoMtun an ameailimat to
of aiilcie 3. tlUe. *‘Le*ia)aUre
IBet-artmekt*'; Chapter as. impwatM ju
lo Srctiofl 4 of Artiflf
legislative liepartmeut '; Chapter IIL
an aweiilnHNt to SectiOU 1 Of
.%rtltle ti. title "Treasury Ik fart went ’;
•'banter I'-T. (tronoalug an addlUopal Ar-
Uele so the i ouaULaUou. to he kaowu at
Article XVII thereof, title. "QuailrrilnlaJ
Kiecticna '; avid Chapter J 75. propane
aiuenilujent to Section 10 of ArttHe In.
title. ' Mla*el)anet>ks‘: and which aaW Hr*
A< ta *n In the words and figures follow
tn*-. “I*
AN ACT to propose an -tonedmerit to ev-
Uou 2 of Article 111. Of Ike Con art Ul
tlon of the State of Maryland, title
• Leatatstl.e Depart lncreatlug
tle number of lesialatlve districts of
liaitltuore city, auu prowdla* for the
suhuitßSian of said amendment to thy
unallhed voter* of the State of Mary
land for adoption or rejection:
SeUion 1. Be :r enacted hy the General
AaaMobly of Marylaud. three-C.tha of aU
the members of raeh of the two liooaev
cuiM’urriUK. that the following Section bt
and'the same Is hereby pfo|maa as at.
juiemlment to iiectlon 2 of Article 111 of
the Conatitutlon of the State of Maryland,
title "Legislative Depurtiueut.” the aawe U
adopted by tbe legally qualified voter* nl
tl*e State, as herein prtwMted. to becomt
Section Z of Article 111 of the Cpnatltutioa
r>[ the State of Maryland. *
2 The City of Hulliinore Miall he di
vided into all legislative district* a* neai
aa may he of equal population and of eon,
tigu.nm tcriltory. ami each of aald legia
lativc dltrlcta of Baltimore City, a* they
,na t fronv time to time be. laid out. in ac‘
eordance with tbe orovlalon* hereof, and
each e-oiHity lu Ahe State, aliall br l eutltlav
to one Senator, who aliall be elected >
Uhe qualified, voter* of the aald leglalMtvi
-iatejete of Baltimore City and of thi
Rjfttflfti of * *ehe State, respectively, am,
slialr serve for four year* from the daU
of hi* electioa. anbject to tho classifies
tlem,Of Senator* hereafter provided for.
See. 2. Amt he It furthef enaeted by thi
nivfhurHv aforesaid. Thai afltd -aforegotn,
•ectloif, harebv proponed as an auienduieni
to the Conatitutlon. shall he at the neat
general eliytlvß for Members of the Ilona*
Of Representatives of Congress held li
I lila State submitted to the legal ano
, i ual I fled voter* of the State for adoptlm
or retectlon. lu pursuance of the fllm'tlom
routallied- In Aetlcle XIV of the Coastltd*
tion of this State, and at the aald general
election the vote on the said prouosefi
amendment to the Constitution shall be
bv l,allot, and upqn each ballot there
shall be printed the words “Kor the tott
atirntional Aiaendment’’ and “Against thi
Constitutional Amendment,’ u* now prrt
vldad bv law. uud Immediately after., aald
Vloetlon due returna shall bo made to tb*
of tbn /or oud against bml4
proposed amendment, as directed' by salfi
Fourteenth AvH.de of the Conatitutlon.
and further proceedings had In accord
ance with said Article Fourteen.
Approved March 1. 1922.
AN ACT to propose an amendment to Sec
tion 4 of Aftl< v le 111 of the Cqnstltu
tion of the state of Maryland.- titke
"Legislative Department*” regulating
the representation of the Otyof'Bal
timore! In the Honse.of Delegates; and
providing for the submission of said
amendment to the qualified voter* ol
the State for- adoption or rejection.
’ section 1. Be It .euacted by the General
Assembly of Maryland, threerttfths of all
the members <n each of the two House*
concurring, that the following Section In
and the asiue is hereby proposed as nt
aiucuumeut to Sectidtt 4 of A*rttrle 111 oi
the Conatltntlon of the Slate of Marjdand.
title "Legtslntlve Departmeut.” the aamt
if udopted by the legally qualified voter*
of the State, aa horelu provided, to beeorn.
Section 1 of Artivle 111 of the Couatltn
tlou of tbe state of Maryland
4. As soon as may be. after the taking
and publishing of the National Census of
19U). or after tbe enumeration of the p.opu
la tlou of thia State, under the authority
tfccreof, ther* shall he an apportionment
of representation In tfie lfouae of J*olb-.
gates, to be made oil' flie follt>W‘liiE basis,
to wit: Kacb of the several, counties oi
tbe State, having a population of elghteot
thousand souls or lets,’shall be entitled to
two delegates; and every county having
a population of over eighteen thousand
and lese than twenty-eight thousand
souls, aboil be entitled to three delegate*:
and every county having a population ol
twenty-eight thonaand and lets than' forty
thousand aoula, aliaßl be entitled to torn
delegates: and every county having o
pop illation of forty tlu>usaud an.l lea*
than fifty-five thousand souls, shall be
entitled lo five delegate*; ahd every eoun
tr having a population of fifty-five thou*
idid soula ami upwuTda'alinll be entitled t<
six delegates and no more; and each of
tb six legislative districts of the City til
Baltimore shall l>e entitled to the number ot
delegarr* to whll'h the largest county shall
or may bo entitled under tbe aforegoing ap
portionment, and the General Assembly
shall bn re the. power to provide by latv.
from lime-to time, for altering and chant
ing the houtirthries of the existing legis
lative districts of the City of Baltimore,
so as to make them s near as may be of
equal population; but said district ahajl
always consist' <>f contiguous territory.
11l case the General .Dsomhly. nt the regvi
!*r session of nineteen hundred and
tweotv-twn. fall* to fix the boundaries of
tin* six legislative district* of the City of
Baltimore, th* Board of Supervisors of
Elections of said city ahull fix the bound
aries. of the six legislative districts, sub
ject to the limitations contained herein,
and shall give adequate notiee of the
same; anil the honmlarlea so fixed shall
remain until altered or changed by the
General Assembly.
• Sec. 2. And le It further enacted by the
authority aforesaid. That aald aforegoing
section, hereby proposed as an amend
ment to the Constitution, sball be at the
nevt general election for Member* of the
House of Representatives of Congress beM
in Mils State submitted to the lega! and
; qualified voters of the State for adoption
or rejection. In pursuance of the direr
' tiona contained- In Article XIV *of the Con
stitution of this State, and at the Said
-general election the vote on the aald pro
posed amendment to the Constitution shall
lie hy ballot., and upon each ballot there
shall he priatftl the'worda “For the Con
stitutional Amendment” and “Against the
Constitutional Amendment.'' as now pro
vided hy law. and Immediately after *#td
election due return's ahall be ma.de to the
Governor of the vote for and against said
proposed amendment, as directed by said
Fourteenth Article of the Constitution,
snd further proceedings had lu accordanee
with said Article Fourfeefl.
Approved March l, 1922.
AN ACT to propose an amendment to Sec
tion 1 of Article 0. title "Treasury
j Department." of the Constitution -of
Maryland, prescribing - the . salary of
the Comptroller and tbe terms of office
of the Comptroller and the Treaaurer;
and providing for the submission of
said amendment to the qualified voter*
of the State for adoption or rejection.
Section 1 Be it enacted by the General
Assembly of Marylaud. three-fifths of ill
the members of each of the two Houses
concurring, that the following be aad the
same hereby Is proposed as an amend
ment to Section 1 of Article 6. title
"Treasury Department.” of the Constitu
tion of Maryland, tbe tame If adopted by
the legally qualified voters of tbe State.
;s herein provided, to become Section 1 ef
Article 6 of the Constitution.
Section 1. There shall be a Treasury
Department, consisting of a Comptroller
eboaeti by the qualified electors of the
Stutr. at each general election at which
:he Governor Is choaen. who shall receive
<uch salary as may be fixed by law; and
i Treasurer, to be appointed by tbe twtr
Houses of the Legislature, at each regu
lar session thereof, in which begins the
term of the Governor, on Joint ballot, who
shall recetve an annual salary of twas
thousand five hundred dollars; and the
terms of office of the said Comptroller and
Treasurer shall be for-four years, and tub
til their successors shall qualify-; and
neither of the said officer* shall be allow
ed. or receive any fees, commissions or
perquisites of any kind tn addition to. his
salary for the performance of any doty or
services whatsoever. In case of a vacancy
in either of the offices by death or other
wise. the Governor, by -and with the ad
vice and consent of tbe Senate, shall SB
such vacancy by appointment, to continue
until another election or n choice by the
Legislature, as the caae may be. and until
tbe qualification of the aurcesser. Tbe <
Comptroller and the Tre usurer shall keep ,
their office* at the sent of government, and
shall take aach oath, and enter into such
b* nils for the faithful discharge of thetr
duties aa are now. or may hebenfter be
prescribed by law.
Nee. 2. And be It further enacted by the
authority aforesaid. That the aald afore
going section hereby proposed as an
amendment to the Constitution, shall at
the next ensuing general election for
m ambers of Coagreas. to be held in this
Stajc on the Tuesday next after the first
Monday of November, one thousand nine
linudred and tweuty-two. be submitted to
the legal and qualified voters of the State
(or their adoption or irJcvUau In con
formity with the direction* contained In
trUdc XIV ot tbe Constitution of this
State, aud at the aald election the vote oq
(he said proposed auaeadmest ta tbe Con
stitution shall be by ballot, atnl apon each
ballot there shall be printed the -word*
‘For tbe Constitutional Amendweat” aud
'‘Against tbe Constitutional Atoendinont,”
as now provided by law, and immediate!v
after said eiertton due return* shall be
made to the Governor nf tbe vote fof aud
against said pre posed amendment, and
further proceedings had liu accordance
with Article 14 of tbe Constitution.
Ap roved April 4A '1022.
AN ACT to propose an amendment to the
Constitution of the State of Maryland
by adding thereto n hew Article to be
uuml-erctT "Article XYII,” entitled
“(juadrenolal Klectlopa,” tbe same
providing that fell Stfete officers, ex
cept Judges and all county officers
elerted by qualified votere shatt be
elected In every fourth year for terms
of four year*:-and adjusting terms of
State end county appointive officers;
and providing that all provisions of
the Constitution Inconsistent with th*
provision* of this Article he repealed
to the extent of such inconsistency:
end providing for he submission of
said amendment to the qualified voters
of the Ntiite for adoption or rejection.
Section 1. Bo It enacted hy tbe General
\sssntbly of Maryland, three-fifths of all
be members of the two Houses concur
lug. That the following new Article to b*
tubihered “Article Xvli.” title “QUad
vnnial Klecrtons.” be and the same Is
lereby proposed as an amendment to the
oh st it nt ion of the State of Maryland.
Th* same If adopted by the legally quail
ted voter* of the State, a* herein pro*
•Bled, to Became a part of aald Ocmvtltn
'on. sM to be numbered and titled n*
aforesaid. ,
. Quadrennial Elections.
Sevtlou i. All State officers elected hy
inialtfled voters (except Judges of the
Circuit Courts of tbe several circuits, the
- member of the Court of Appeals front
I Baltimore City, aud members of tbe
Aui nine Bench of Baltimore t’ltv). and alt
I county officer* elected by ‘qualified voters,
i ahall hold office for terms of four years,
. and until their successor* ahull qualify.
Section 2. Election* by qualified voter*
for State aud county officers ahall be held
>n the Tneatlay next after the first Mon
day of November, lu the year nineteen
hundred and twenty-six, and on tbe same
day In every fourth year thereafter.
Sectlou :|. Members of the lidnae of
Delegate* and all other State and county
; cihcer* elected by the qualified voters at
the election to be held'on the Tuesday
>iext after tbe first Monday of November,
in the year nineteen buudred and twenty
three for term* of office heretofore fixed
1 oy law at two year*, shall hold office for
terms of three yc&ra; the Governor, At
i terrier General, members of the ft late Sen
i <tc aud all other State and county officers
, elected by the qualified voters at the ejec
tion to be held on the Tuesday next after
'.he first Monday in NovegiberHn the year
1 xlnetceii hundred and twenty-three, for
, terms of office heretofore fixed by law at
t four years, shall hold oflhw for term* of
! three year*; Reglstera of Wills, Clerks of
Court and fell 6ther State add county offi
;ers elected by qualified voters ,'fet tile
dectlon to be .held on the Tuesday neat
tfter tfie first'Monday of November, la
• ;he year nineteen hundred and twenty
-1 brer, for terms of office heretofore fixed
by law at six year*, shall hold office _f*r
1 terms, of three years; and all such State
’ rod county officer* elected by qualified
voters thereafter shall hold office for terms
f ,if f6ur years. , .
Section 4. All officers to be appointed
' or the Governor under existing, pravlalans
pf law in th* year nineteen-'hundred and
| twenty-four for terms of< office heretofore
\ fixed by law at-two years, a lull hold office
. tor terms of Three yearfe: all offiesrs so
l ippointed for terms Of -office heretofore
fixed by law at four yegrs. shall hold office
for terms of three years; ail officer* so
, *pj ointed for terms of office -heretofore
, fl* c d by law at alx. years, shall bold office
e >r term#' of fire -yehrs, and thereafter
eppoifitmenta by the Governor shall be for
the terms heretofore fixed by law. uulaaa
Otherwise’duly changed by-law. An'-offi
f .-v* nppolnted by tounty rominiafeioovrs
, a/tfer the election to be hold on the Tumi
. day -uext after tho first Monday lu Nov
, ;mhcr. nlneten h.iudred and tw*utv-tbtee.
- ■? r ot two, four or alx years,
shall hold office for firms of three year*!
knd thereafter apiKdntment by the I’ounty
• l oir.tnissioners shall be for terms of fohr
. years, nnloss .-otherwise duly changed by
f Section Si. Tho terms oft all State and
i comity officer* heretofore elected by
. qualified voters, and whose successors
. would not be elected until the Tuesday
I ‘text titter the dust Monday of November,
f nineteen' huddred itn\. twenty-five, ahall be
f increased W one year, and tbelr aucces
f aor# ahall be elected for the regular term
. at the election to be held on the Tueadfey
. next after the firat tAlomlay of N’orembev.
. nineteen hundred nnd twenty-six. The
f term* of, all State’ and county officer*
i SerMoforc sleeted hy qualified voter*, and
whose snei ossor* would not be elected un
ttl the Tuesday next after th* first Mou-
<la.v wf November, ulueteen hundred and
r twentj-seven, Bliall • remnln uuchanged:
.. tbrtr successors shall be elected for a
c three ysor* at the elections to be
r* b , 'lo ou the Tuesday pext after the first
l Monday of November, nineteen hundred
I xnd twenty-*!*, but shall not take office
> o*Ul tbe expiration of the full tefrn for
which their predecessor* hate been elect
,h*‘,r auroeasora shall be elected
l regular term nt the election to br
. held _oii the Tuesday next after the first
l Monday of November, nineteen hundred
* herein, ahtill aSect
‘ r ‘ , H. th * •fyfT# Circuits, tbe member
; fourl hl . Appeulk from B* If (more
1 tHp BftPrtffiVßegch
* ;*f llaTthnore City;. If the ten* of any Hitch
! ]itofsr H S U fo ? wp ln which no
I rtrt'tlon for members ofthe . General Aa
aembly is held, the Goverqor shall an
‘ •"** ? l*r*on dnlr qualified to fill said
office, who shall bold- the safiie until the
next general ejection for member*"of
General Atweaibly. when a sucroaser shall
he elected for the term elsewhere provided.
The terms of aR State and county officers
' Heretofore appointed for terms which will
r a /Ptr (Ue year, nineteen
r hundred and twenty-five, nineteen hundred
snd twenty-six. nineteen hundred and
fZZZIZ ? v ,>T „ hundred and
I twenty-eight shall be reduced by one vesr
, ‘h 4l s am-ceesors shall *e-appointod for
I the tetm BOW provided by law in tbr
vesr* winoteen hundred and- twentv-four
nineteen hundred ami tweuty-flve. nlneteeu
hundred and twenty-alx or nineteen htto
dred and tweaty-seven, respectively. i u
the event that tbe term sf anv officer an
poiatod by the Goueruoro with the advice
and consent of tbe Senate shall expire iu
the year nineteen hundred snd twenty-five
or tweuty.-utx. tbe Governor shall have
power to appoint a attecessor. who ahall
* eT 2? for the fuM term. Subject to- confir
maGon by the Senate at-the regular ses
aloß to be held under this Article in the
year nineteen hundred tnd twenty-sU-^
Section -6 The -General • Assetsblv shall
m 4 on the first Wednesday of January
othetofn hundred and twenty-four.- for a
rfegidar session, and ahull not weet again'
J™ • reeulmr session until tbe first Wed
uq*y of Janusrr. nineteen hundred sod
A nd the Gawrst Assembly
•hell mset ob the same d#y In every aec
ond yerr.thereafter and at no other-time.
fiidM convened by proclamation of the
.. SrtMlon •7. The term of the Treasurer
ffieeted by the Geaera! Aaseaablv at fh
regnly.session of nineteen hundred xnd.
tWenty fonr- shall be three years. There-1
■ h * l! h* tb * HDe *• *<ac
where provided.
_ flection 8. Tbe terms of tbe Members of
tbe vßofird of Supervisors oft Elections of
Baltimore City and of the several counties
shall commence ca the first Monday of’
next euwlnj tb Hr appointmeut.
9. Tb* Tote to be held under
the provision* of Section * of Article XIV
nf the Cenatiluttou for the purpose -of
taking tbe sense of the people lu regard to
caLUug a Constitutional Couveotlon shall
be neld at the general elec tlou ln the
year nineteen - huudred anl thirty. ‘ and
every twenty year* thereafter, v-
Sectlon 10. The Governor shall aubuilt
three budgets to tbe General Assembly at
the regular scasiou of nineteen huudred
and twmjr-four. iu accordance with the
provisions of SeeHou 82 of Arth'le 111 of
the Couatltutloo. for the three fiscal year*
beginning October first, ulueteeu hundred
aud tweiuy-four. aud ending September
thirtieth, nineteen hundred aud twenty
aereu. aud two budget* to the General
Assembly at tbe regular session of nine
teen hundred sad twenty-aeren. aud
thereafter as now provided by said sec
Section 11. The purpdse of thi* ArtlWi
I* to reduce the number of election*, by
providing that ail State and county trlrt -'
tions shall be held only 1n every -fourth
year, und at the time trow provided by, law
for holding . congressional election*: and
to bring the term* of appointive offleerr
Into liarniorty with th? change* affected to
the time of the beginning of the terms of
elective officers; and the administrative
and judicial officer* of the State ahall con
strue the provision* nf thia Article so a*
to effectuate that purpose. For the pur*
p# of thia Article only the word -?‘ofil
cert” ahall be construed to Include tho**
holding position* and other places of em
ployment ln the State and county govern
meat* whose terms arc fixed by law, but
It shall not Include any appointments
made by the Board of Fiibtle Work*, nor
sppolutment* by thr Governor for term*
of three- year*.
Section 13. Tbo General Assembly. •(
the regular session lu the year nineteen
hundred And twenty-four, shall xnalu
snob changes in the primary and genera
election law. and otfeetwla*. a* may hr
' ueceaaary to carry out the prorlatoh* ol
this Article. There shall be no election
for State or connty -officers In the yeni
nineteen hundred and twenty-Sr*.
Section 11. lu the event of any inconx
alatency between the provision* of thlt
Article and any of the other provision* of
the Constitution, the prevision* of thlt
Article ahatl'prevail. nhd all oilier pr
visions shall l>e rrjjctiled or .abrogated tc
the extent of aftcl gtitfmklstohrji.
Sac. i2.-4.nd bw]tif<TUf*r an acted by thf
i ftnlhorlly aforeashlj Tuiat salt) aforegoing
■ section, lierelty !prt>pdned'-a aa amend
meat to .the ConsiLtutipta shall be at the
next, goiubd) ritffiram fir Members of the
Hoahe of RppvdanMidlfek af Congress held
lu this State submitted to the legal and
; qunllfied enters of the State for adoption
or rejection, in pursuance of the direc
tions contained in Article XIV of the Coti
stlMitlon of this State, and at the said
general election the vote ot* the said pro
posed aticndment .to the Conatltiition shall
he by ballot, and upon each ballot there
1 shall be printed the following synopsis oi
> said amendment undi-r-tlie caption of
> i '
“This amendment provides that all State
| officer*. except judges, and all county offi
cers elected b.v qualified voters shall be
elected In wrefy fourth yeur for terma wl
, four years beginning with the election lr
November, nineteen hundred unrt twenty
six. The terms of.-State and county offi
‘ ters to be elected m nineteen hundred and
[ twenty-three-are reduced to three years.
1 and the terma of other elective officers an
' increased or reduced,- as hecessary. so tbart
• their successors may be elected In nine
: teen hundred and twenty-six. Terma oi
1 officers appointed by the Governor uud by
r GfVi.ty Commiratouere are adjusted It:
- harmony with the terms of the officials by
• whom they are appointed. The General
• Assembly shall meet in uineteen hundred
• aud twenty-fotir for a regular session.
p and aguin In nineteen huudred and twen
r ty,seven, and every two yefira thereafter
[ other provisions of the Constitution find
' of-the Laws are adjusted to harmonic
f with the above changes"; and the word*
> “For Fdwpr Flections Amendment" and
• "Against-Fewer Flections Amendment," at
\ SJF provided by law, and immediately
1 after said clcbtlOn due returns shall *b<
> ingde to the Goweraor of the vote for ape
- vgain at said proposed aniandment, aa ul‘
1 reoted by sain Kohrteenth Article of th<
[ Constitution. and’ further proceedings baa'
5 Hi dlct-ordatjce with said Article Fourteen
j Approved April 13. 1622,
J "AN ACT to propose aa amendment to Sec
• tiou 10 ef‘Article XV of the Conaißfi
1 tion of the State of ffiarylaud. till*
• • “Mlwceilatieoua," providing that werdt
or phraaea used in ereatlng public *7
t tires and positions shall be construed l
2 to include the feminine gender; aU.I
providing for .tbe submission of aakl
r urueudment to the qualified voters of
** thy State for adoption or rejection.
\ 1 Section J. Bo lt efiuete#-b#*the Genera
a Assembly of Maryland (three-fifths of al
. the members of each of the two Houser
s concurring). That the following section b<
. and the same is hereby proposed aa ai
. amendment Xh Section 10 of Article XV oi
i. the Constitution of the State of Maryland
i, title "MispeiUueojas,” the same if adopter
< by the legally-quallfled votf-fa of the State
Y aa herein provided, to become Section It
r Of'article XV of the Constitution of tin
t st*te ot Maryland:
Section 10. Ahy officer elected or aa
, pointed In pursuance of tbff provision* oi
: .Hl Constitution, may qualify, either ac
• cording to the existing provision* of law
in re!-ition .to officers under the preseat
: Constitution, or before the Governor of tin
2 Rtdte. or before any Clerk of anv Court w
.. Record in any part of the State; but It
rate an officer shall qualify oht of thi
~ County in which he realdek. an offid*
: copy of bia oath shall be filed and ree
• orded in the Clerk's office of the Circuit
Crtnrt of- the OoUnty lu which be may re
, side, or in the,Clerk's office of the Huneriai
Conrt of the City of F.aUUnare. If he *hal
. reside therein. Ail words or phrases, used
, In creating public offices and positions tin
. der the Const’tgUon and lows of thi*
#’ s i*r- wl,, **h denote the masculine geudei
" shall be ropstfbed to ttidud# the feminine
t Centex, jinleae the contrary jnteuHon 4
, aperiflrally expressed.
f Kcc. . And m U further enacted by thf
r authority aforesaid. That said aforegoing
. ectlon. hereby propuhed as an nmendtneu'
, to-the Cormritutlon/almlL be at tb nrg
r general elect iotf fof Member* of the llouai
i °L Representatives of C’ongres* 'held lr
1 ‘StVte- snbmltted ;to- the legal aid
t qualified voter* of the State, for adoptlot
i nr . rejection, in pursuance of the 'direction*
r contained la Artfete XIV 'of-the. Couatitw
e tiou of Ibis State, and at- U±e aaid’gep< r
, faction the vote oli the said' propose
, -uheiidqient to tbo;Cqfistltutipti *hai| he bv
, nqd.npw each bkllbt Jbcre aliifll be
orinted the words “For the Coustirntfon*’
- ‘.wwlnat tW- i'onmibi
I Jyoaal* Amendment, as now prbtidcg br.
i* IW. and Iminedhrtelr after said etectioi
i return* shall be .made to the Ooyerno:
v Of the vote for and against .aald proposed
. amendment, * direried by said Four
, tee,nth Article af the CohatM-ntlon. and fur-
I iher proceed in :* bad In accordance wHI.
i said Article Fourteen.
1 Approved April JSI. 1923.
r L n Pnrmimtet of the dlfectton contained lu
Section 1 of Article 14 of the Conatitotlon
hereby order and dlroct
, that thla Proclamation, containing a full.
• * nd correct cony of tbs text of said
i 0“P t * r * 1 7 - • 22t and 573 of the Actr
of the General Assembly of Maryland or
t 10 “- pubßahed in af lokst two new.
, papers fn each of the countie* of the State
. wbete so many may be published and
. where not more than one t**y be ptfb-
I *£,*■ *■ tb *l nowagnper. and In
newspaper* nubUshed In the Cltv of>
Baltimore, one of wbteh shall be put>-
r lisbed -ln the German language, once a
. | week for at least* three months -next pre-
II ceding the election to be held In the State
, ® B Tuesday. November 7fb
re-2, at Which said election the *atd pro
i< '**ed amendment* to the Constitution of
the State shall be submitted in the form
and manner prescribed try tb General
Assemble, to the leg*t and qualified voters
Stitt for their adoption or rejec
tion: k t
, cxpr W hand
. MARYLAND.- Done at tbo
'i* , **t City of Annapolis, this 25th
Seal.) day of July, in fbe year of
our Lord, Ode Thousand Nine'
Hundred and Twenty.two. .
By the Governor:
fi-S-fiob Secretary of State.
—OF —
part of "Oavdfii Fsrs#“ sd Also Lot# •*
Cedar Dfk. Msrytaad.
Bv virtue of the order of the Circuit
Court for Anno Arundel county, posaed on
the 10th dav of April. 1f32. "In the *u**f r
of the trnst estate of Kebb *-oub*. No.
4H5 Equity In the Circuit Court lor Annc
Arundel county, the undersigned Trustee*
will offer at public sale at the Court
House, door, ou
Tuesday, August 22, 1922.
At Eleven O'clock A. M..
the following lota of ground, all of
arc laid down on the >■> ..
•Garden Farm*" of record In tbr efficaof
the Clerk of the Circuit Conrt for Anar
, Arundel county, el*: . .
\\ Lot No. I. cousloting of fonr-tl) ncreo
1 It), consisting of four (4) acres
f A 11. consisting of alx and nine*
’ hundredths l-i) *ce* of land.
Lot No. 2®. conalstlng of four and nine*
i ty-ttnee b.mdradtb* iiJWJ aefe* ot Und,
Lot No. . conslatitif of al* sml aeven
' tv-two-hsndredth* I<LI2I jeron of land.
Lot “R" of Rlook Six (). ounaiottng of
* two and one-half (2V,) acre* of land.
Lot "B" of Bloch Alt <), c<mal*tlng of
I two and one half (2V) acre# of Uhd.
And nlao the following lota at led at
! Park, vis: All those lota designated aa
Lola M* and 21 In Block "B” Did ow n
1 the plat of Cedar Park In Plat Book O. w.
No. L see. 1. folio 2d. in. the Circuit l onrt
for aald county, aud being the aatne lota
which war# oopvwri by Auule Se#r#
sod bnsband to Robb Cofnb" by tlwl
dated the fitb day of Febrnncy. ll*l. and
recorded In the Land Record# aald
oounty In Llhw W, N*. IV, No. S. folio
27, Ac.
TERMS OF SALE:—Ca*h on raiiAcatton
of sale. A deposit-of of the pnr,h.iw
money on each lot will be required of Ihe
pnrehasee oft Slat of Hate. For farther
particular# apply to the nnderrlgtiM.
Aniuinolla Md
.tohn a soHiLrr.
$4l Calvert Bldg.. Baltimore. Md.
Solicitor, Annapolia. Md.
Contractor and Builder
Sliap: . 149 tileurester Kt., Annapolis, Md.
Modern dwelling, So. 93 Conduit
St.; 6 rooms, Including bath; electric
lights; overlooking Spa Creek; HMRI
cash, balance on time.
PHONE 459. J, a2l
ItePMlng the Tt Bat* far the Fiscal
Year Ending Jana BV 19ta.
• Section 1. Be It' established and or
lained by the Mayor, Couuaeler add Al
dermen of the City of Annapolis, that the
tax rat* of one hundred cent*, be and the
same ia hereby imposed on each one hun
dred dollars of the aascasable property hi
ibe>C|tyi of Annapolis for the nawl year
ending June 30. XsfA. to be collected pur
suant to the iawe as contained in the
Charter, and-the By-Laws and Ordinances
of the Mayor, Counselor and Aldermen Of
the City of Aunapolls.
Section 2 And be it farther established
i' ami ordained by- the authority aforesaid
that out of the amount named in the firft
section of this By-Law the sum of twelve
’ I'ents out of each one hundred rente col
lected be and the came is hereby eet.apart
for the sinking fund to pay the interest
on the bonds of the City of Annapolis, an
required by the Acts of tba General As
sombly of Maryland at the aeaalons of
IKM, 1900, ltffifi. 1610 aud 1922.
Hectlou 3. And be if further established
add ordained by the. authority aforesaid,
that out of the amount named in the said
first section of this By-Law. the sntn of
one m>d one third cents out of each one
hundred cents collected be sad the same
Is hereby set apart for the sinking fund to
meet the bonds Isaned in the year 189 b.
upon maturity.
ttectlbft 4. And b* It further established
and ordained by the authority aforesaid
that oat af the amount namod In aald first
section of this B.t-I-aw, the smn of three
gents out of each one hundred rents eol*
(Bled be and the same Is hereby *et apart
fof a sinking tnnd to meet the bonds is
sned In the year 1900. njjon matarity.
Section 5. And be It farther established
and ordained by the authority aforesaid
that ont of the amount named in the first
section of thla By-Law, tbs sum of oae
and one-third rents out of each one hun
dred cents collected be and the sama Is
hereby set apart for a sinking fund to
meet the bonds Isaned in the year 1900
open matortty.
Section . And ue tt further established
and brdained by the authority afotesi4
that out of the amount named In the
said first section of this By-Law the inn
of one and One-third rents ont of each one
hundred cents collected be and the samt
la hereby aet apart for n sinking fund to
meet the bonds issued in the yesr 1910.
npnn maturity.
- Notion 4. And be.lt further established
sad ordained by the authority sforessic
>at out of the amount named ln tbs said
rst section of this By-Lgw the sum of
three cents onj of each one hundred cents
, corrected be and the same It bweby act
Apart for a sinking fund to meet the.
bond* to be i**ued in 192 t!. upon
, .lievQnn 8. 'And be It further estabUshsd
and ordained by .the anthdrity sftires.itii
ttjsf it shall be the duty of ‘ the Clef.‘ter
Treasurer-to collect the sums so sef
Spiff for fbo several sinking fund*, and - to
icep separate receipt* and apeounm tber*-
or. and to deposit the same to the credit
t the said Staking funds, as required by
the several Acts and Ordnances relating
to and providing for said several bond I*
auea. and to receive on account thereof
uotblng but current money of the Fnlted
State*, and it shall be the duty of the
! said Collector aud Treasurer, and he ta
hereby directed to exprss on the tax bills
fur the said fiscal year seventy-eight cent*
out of rich otte hundred cents collected is
for the ordinary expenses of fbe city, and
that twelve eeftts out pf each one hundred
cents collected i* for ■ sinking food to
nay the interest on the bonds auTqorh-ed
bv ' the different Acte of Assembly, as
aforsald: and that one snd onc-thtrd nts
out of each one hundred cents collected Is
for the sinking fond for the payment of
,the -bonds tssued under the authority of
the Act of Assembly of fbe year 1898- and
that three cents out of each one hundred
cents collected is for the linking fund for
the payment df fb bond* issued nndsr the
authority'of the Act of Assembly of the
year 19w); and that one and oDe-thUd
cent* ont of each one bunded cent* edb
leeted is for the sinking fund for the ->av.
UMt~of bonds issued for the year 1906;
aud that one and one-third cents ont of
esd. one hundred '•enfs collected is for ri.s
ffiuMkte fund, for the payment of bunds
Issued for the year 191 ft: and that three
csiffu vrat of each one -hundred cent* colt
lpeted la for the sinking fund for the pay
umnt of bonds proposed to be Issued In
’ And be lt estabUsbed aad or
fisjued bv the authority aforesaid, that
this-Tty-Law a! Sit take effect from the
<bitc of lta passage.
, Apprwegd. July 28, 1922.
* CUy Clerk. ]
)'Ot M)—SI I vet i\ r.,, T ■'
Shape Owner m v V I
identifying Jt H tn| i, aM * *ai,. ?■ ■
verttsement Appu' \* p ,' r K
( ftbu. ■
’4 I
FOK KAI.K- l'l, 1
SjamUrd : in rfv r . , H I
small for present ', B Ult ’ u I* I
Thompson street. Tol, s*} p I
FOR SALE A to * .** I
38 tVe*t street Kpt. I
j Ftrit BAI.K~ fln-vrolw 'TIT I
rtinning condiUon. e „„ *< I
reasonable offer l lhb * r X. I
Tailey. r.Kstport 1 A ‘r Jr I
Ft) BAi.K~im.~r; 1
4U,ftCh; one go-cart: b ■
l,n * rH <*■' i I
FOB UAIJv titir fl nr. |,| e _ J
cheap. Apply it. t h.t I
No. L Box tsv Phone It* r j f *-■ I
roR SALE One nli.'^.i,’ V ~TlT I
springs r mstiiss. a w , ;> \, ■
. street. * ** * "•n**, ■
~ 1 —__ O I
FOE"HAI.E- K ii.I1;,:,.-
l: '■•*'. A|.,.i, I-’ r” .J" I
. phene <WJ. “'" u ' !. (, ■
loiiiti..., ,rTr * I
•S. 1- It. ;.. College t I. ; l?''* I
street. I>iinei t t„ti* j Ji\j 2‘ ■
$2,250. Estate of IhomM > I
Apply to Charles r i,.... I
For hale—Ueacttfii int it
fronting on two afreet* p***
all around; water m
quick buyer. Apuir 13 f>m ! J
FOR RENT Two tent* f,.r
Bay shore. Pine **„,lr t wr L* 1*
battling for riiililren. n a
PhoDe lftlf-F J. '
FOR RENT—I'D ml she- 1 l.cd
, convenletu-es Apply fi I n ti,n ,t rw ,
_ '- ¥
FOR RRNT Apartment; (uriilth*,;
tmDirulshed. Apply l'tenitif r,i|. # t
IOR RKXT -llootn* No T \lnrrin **, I
litre. Phone m* it
FOR RRNT—Bouse nt SB MurrsyTteTJ
beginning June 15. Apn|* j,C
Brewer and Hon.
FOR RENT—Hollar at 18 State C!r.> h.
three months Apply JnUsti Rrsvtr w
— r
W'AKTEIi—Two or thro* rtionm fn? I
! "' househoeptnK. Apply Hoy -jp. uq
I ** C
FOR SALE Waterfront lot*, gw t
$1,250. Bmi pains-* n.iro to gi.jM: g t
miles from Anunpolis ou the WaaMu
ton and Annapolis l’lk Apply C. p.
Neely, at offliv Srnitli B!ter riirk,
j Arundel Connty. Md. i!
i W. B. & A, Electric
r Hslf-HoOrly Berylce Morning nrt Ereolit
Between Annapolis. Baltimore sSfi
t Washington and Cemp knW
I -A (Washington and Csstp Mste
f passengers change at Naval
Academy Junction.)
t t ' West Street fltstlos
; 5.10. 15210. fi.2o. x 6 an, 1T.50 820, 10
; 10.20. 11.20. A. M. 12 20. 1 OT. 2,j£
. 4.20. X 4.50, 5.20. 6.20, 7.oft. 8.30. Vt
* * 11.20, P. M.
f Leave Naval Academy Gnte in mitWt
earlier; State House Station. HMf
1 Street and College Avenue, seven#
minutes earlier.
1 Connecting at Odrntnn with F. B. I
\ (Bffaetlve Dec. 18. IWI
') Blades Street Htstlsn
'• 5.20 A V. and half-hourly theresfwv t'
, and DO mluutes afier each bnr W
* 650 p. M.. then at 7.50. 8 SO, ,*•
and 11.50 P. M. „ „
: 8.20 and 5.50 A. M. trains daily •BW
.*. 7.55,' 8-‘{s. 9.55. W.*. H*
) 12.55. 1.9 - 2.75. 3.15. xl. J
n.tt, 6.55. 7.J5, .w. n ra. P M ' '■*
t Acdk. .
* All train* receive or dls bsrgv pM^w;
* at local point* between Annspoli*
* Naval Academy Junction and *t
* ley and Llnthuum on signal.
(Effective Dec. 18. 1021.►
I Howard *d Lombard 6tl.
f 5.15 A. M. aud balf-bourly theresfw •
and 45 minute. sP" e*.-h host
► 615 P. M.. then at 71'. ".W. **.
* 11.15, P. M . sn-1 12.15. A it
i* 6.15 and 5.45 A M. trains dally
•* Sunday.
\ 8.00. 8.45. 8.00, 9.oft. l*M- A-Jj 'j*
t 1.00, 2.00. 5.00, xWa, *">■ L x
t 6.00. 7.00. 0 00. 1100 1 M - T
a x—Dally excejtt Sunday.
>■ Fof ticket* and informatlo®
city tU-ket offices W*t
State Hotiae Station. nVi/ VH-l'***
1 Bladen Street: Catrsl “•
j Hotel.. . Hi. , ■ —j
\ 1, George F. Quaid. Hav^
( been elected as Collector
l Treasurer of the Corporation c_
a AAnapolis, hereby gi y ®
; that! will be ready to begin
i collection of taxes for the e
\ 1922 at my office in the Muntf-P
| Building, Gloucester street.
* and after Monday, Au^
? 1922. from 9:30 A M. to 3 *
f All bills not paid by Sc P ,
I 1. 1922. interest at the rate
l per cent, will be charge •
[ Bills will be mailed on
> and receipts promptly retu
Collector and Treasure
Afinapol’ s,
I *-31- —'TiaS
Water halted Tt 4 rrvwte*
' i H WEST ST.

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