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Eimrtug Capital
1884 k 1922 .
ANNAI* O L 1 *. MD.
mf ■ 1 sajK-'g-j-ma.. ' —~
Published Dally Except Snnday by
la <m. wla nl (lur fallowing pkh&s: ,
Qe-cgr \V# J'.npa UK Multi Street
William Si tiuit*- ~4 Meat Street |
(Jp rpi J Davie. 74 Nt.uyiauU A.,
Cfci.. <1 F-Milueyer M Maryland A*e..
T.iAlnl Confectionery" King Geerge St.-)
W, itbnt tinker...... Weat A S:a.
W Ik A A. Nure-ptaml. Sln*rt Line Terwilim: '
M. NOllPf . ,‘£U U'st Street
N. Mnttrtii*. fluid A Severn A**.. KaM*rt i
Jjr. Cbsrirs 11, Ueukei. ---V Maryland A a*. |
I llt'A#il lit Annapolis, Fa at port. tier
to ..ifown ai"l H Aiitttitiulia by carrier,
1> 4a cent* 4*f ftionthi
'. <• c.ih hi ve lit.' FVF.VINtJ CAPITAL)
ainued to >"ii sbeii a*m;> from the city
' bv leaving vaiir uHiue and address at the)
office, for 4 i -ents per iioi.th; WOO l>er
re. r. |*nviiti - |<t .trtvsi.ee. tn any postuffice
in the Putted .dliitee <fr CatAub,
Kuternl Mt Annapolis Postofflee aa
S< ■ ii.nt-i'iwaa Alatter.
Member of tlir Atwiriulcd Fe*s
The Atnn'Ulnl Press la eselu- |
alvelv entitled t the use fur re
|ii.hifi'nil< ii of ail ttriva credited to
It nr n<*t otherwise credited In j
tlnh uii|h- i,m| iitao the ItvnJ new*
pol!l!'iil herelu. All rights of
le ■ pil>:|rfloii of special <lia
|n till > ml ein ip re mlmi r served.
w’J VKSD.VY, AI'CH'ST 22. 1822. j
i/. r::r.iK prevention
.imp- t~
L^jp.Afi, ia/r.t.4 <*f theories l\av.e been,
advanced tu account for tlic wide-;
xpreatj lawlessness, but the recent
intlictnu-nt brought by the law en
forcement committee of the Am
erican liar Association after its
searching investigation of crime
and its causes, goes right to the
root of the matter.
After asserting that “The crim
inal situation in the United
States, so far as crimes of vio
lence are concerned, is worse
than that of any other civilized
country,” the committee directly
attacked the problem of pre
venting crimes of violence
by recommending a curb on the
present ease with which deadly
weapons may he procured. It
found that ninety per cent, rtf the
murders are committed with pis
tols, and it surely is an anomal
ous situation when the sale of
fireworks is prohibited in many
states and restricted in practically ;
all. while deadly weapons can b j
bought in most states by anyone
who has the price.
In urging regulation of the sale
of firearms the liar Association
U4jiot make the mistake of sup- j
posing that the states by them*)
selves can bring about the desired i
reform. Judging from the daily!
reports of the gunmen’s activities..
New York has not been partial-!
lafly successful with its law de
signed to curb .-evil. Its prac
tical working hhs been to allow
criminals to _jrm themselves,
while preventing and
law-abiding citizens from taking
measures for thcic own protec
tion. It should he made at least
as difficult for anyone to buy a
pistol as to purchase poison..
Distasteful as is the prospect;
to utativ persons of the extension
of federal powers and the decline
of state authority, it seems that
eventually congress will have to
take up this matter of firearms
regulation in the interests of the
general public safety.
91 iiWHep a mans in a lutrry he
oftentimes throws discretion to
' the winds and does his best to
“get there.” Many men do. at
any rate, and the records show
that no type is proof against the
impulse to take a risk. Rich men
and poor ones: those with repu
tation for good citizenship as
well as those with no reputation
at all —when they are intent on
going somewhere, they usually
This has been the practice al
ways. i>ut it is more noticeable
now that automobiles are so
numerous. If one has not allow
ed himself sufficient time to get
to his destination at a lawful rate
of traveling, slight pressure on
.accelerator curr.eeoriginal
error, provided one does' not get
caught. Because of this natural
propensity for going regardless
of speed regulations made in the
interest of puhljc sttfetvj main
communities have Tofcffd ft neces
sary to adopt special measures to
enforce the rul s and punish vio
lators. The more vigilant their
representatives are the more they
seem to lc hated by those motor
ists who are contemptuous of
danger to themselves and others.
A town ia which serious efforts
are made to stop unlawful speed
ing is given the name of “trap”,
and stories oftentimes are spread
that over-sealons or unscrupu
lous officers make false accusa
tions while unjust magistrates
mulct the luckless motorists who,
of ccmrse. are sure they were not
Unusual interest attache* t a
recent story front Le Rov. X. Y.
because the owner and occupant
of a car stopped tuvl whose chaui
feur was fined was reported to
have been a prominent manufac
turer of automobiles. The arrest
,mg officer testified the car was
j going forty-three miles an hour,
’which is tvtenty-eight miles fas
! Ler than permitted by lijgal Jaw.
j h'xcuse was made, according to
the dispatch, that the manufac
turer was in a hurry to catch a
jU>at at Buitalo. The tine assess- ,
’ed against the chauffeur was paid
j without more than perfunctory j
j remonstrance. The story ought
jtu end there, but wo are further
informed that Le Roy is a notor
ious -peed trap: that officers there
receive' commissions for arrests
and that stiff fines are customari
ly imposed. Also that the cam
paign against speeders has been
j waged since last fall when a pub-
I lie official was killed by a speed
! ing automobile.
Le Roy is a community of more
than four thousand inhabitants on
one of the most used state high
ways. The road is inviting to
, speeders and everyone who lias
i traveled by motor car knqws
what that means. Possibly er
rors are sometimes made by of
ficers assigned to catch “fliers”: >
!it may be that they Sometimes
“make business” for themselves,
but common experience proves
tliat drivers who are observant of
the law and who use ordinary
discretion are in small danger of
annoyance even in “speed traps.’*
B sssaosoßsa m
m ■■ ■ * ■ ■—m
pMERSOJf, wisest of all American
essayists, says somewhere that
every man must sooner or later make
up his mind that he and bo one else
must determine his future.
We omi learn from Others knowledge.
tnetlMKis, even wisdom,
other men ran teach us how to
! think, as they ran teach us how to
swim or play golf.
Hut they cannot swim for us, they
cannot play golf for s, and they can
not think for us.
We all employ a great deal of
1 thought tlrat is not our own. That
mrtst he. for we should be foolish not
j to profit by the accumulated wisdom
j of those who have gone before. *'
Hut these ••‘used'’ thoughts, while we
• must at times employ them, serve not
at all to develop our minds. •,
And while we might get along fairly
well through life without original
thought, we should die little wiser than
when we began, and contribute noth
ins whatever to the progress of the
‘ world:
All thnt Is of value in education la
learning how to think.
From Idography we derive a great
• deal, lint most of it consists in know
ing how other men thought, and liow
their thought made their careers.
If we carry all our problems to oth
ers to solve for os, we shall some day
be eonfroiited with a great problem
amPlack the understanding of how to
grapple with It.
■ Am I in that time there will be no
one to help us, and we si util meet with
a fuilure that may change for the
worse the course of our lives.
Most of Us will do anything rather
than think, for thinking is labor of the
hardest klmT.
Hht Ii is the sort of lahnr that
means development, that enables us to
use otir minds for our own atlvstn*e- j
m#Ut, that makes us resonrcetpl and '
Independent and not afraid of tickling
whatever comes along.
There are small differences between
, the outsides of our heads. There are
, ■ tremendous differences betweeb the in
sides of them. And those of ns who
j have lfnrned to think have developed
I machines which steadily and industri
! onsly through the years will work for
our prosperity and - our happiness. But
those whose thoughts ire second hand
wonder why they never arrive, '
, tOpyrtght by John Blaks.) * -
Beacon Lights
Of Business
' •
Along perilous coasts, light
houses throw their guiding rays
tar into the night to warn the
mariners and help them safely
.past the shoals.
Spend a few minutes a day
running through the advertise
ments in this paper. Then buy
the products that have proved up
i in' the light of advertising.
, Business, too, has its beacons.
Thry ’are the advertisements,
which throw a powerful light to
‘ guide--in your buying. They
show vop what to buy, where to
anovvhen to buy,
•f Let the Beacon of Advertising
guide you as.it is guiding so many
r|MlUtPJttUSEfc_ ,
-**k E-v •*—-v vj c.\i il.vL, uLiO/ M. lk i L.v. i), i c D.v i , nuk
But Little Material Needed for
Making Hammock.
Hammock Taka Up Room Uoually
Occupied by Third Poraon Riding
In Roar Scat and Is Easily At
tached or Dotachod.
Six screen-dour springs, a barrel
hoop, jtuti a yard of heavy cloth were ;
the materials necessary to make a !
baby's hammock ft>r the auto tonneou,
which gives useful service and com
fort. The hammock takes the place of
tiie third person lu the rear seat, as
shown. It esn he quickly attached or j
detached, and swings baby safe from
Jolting. The hoop was from a barrel,
16 inches in diameter, and was cut In
half, each half holding one end of the
hammock. These half hoops were held
3o Inches apart by means of heavy

Tho Baby Is TNorwugMy Comfortably
on Dally Auto Airings Whon Rooting ;
tho Hammock.
'ridtli sewed to them. Attached to each |
lliW T hp are three screen-door
springs, cut the right length to hold '
the hummock In a nearly horizontal
poeitlou, when the baby is not !u it.
The springs are wired to a ring at
each end. ahd the rings slip over hooka
at the supports. When baby and the
pillows are placed in the hammock. It
sags down Just enough to be couifort
table. The blanket and pillows cun bo
placed to cover the springs also, thus
accommodating a larger child.—Popu
lar Mechanics Magueine.
* To obtain a clear view ahead ~
S through the glass of the wind- £
£ shield In rainy and snowy weath- £
£ er is vitally Important to the Z
£ safety of the motor car and its £
£ occupants. Many schemes are £
£ used to keep the glass clear in £
£ wet weather, but perhaps the S
£ old-fashioned alcohol and glye- E
E erlu- mixture, which la carried sr
3 iu a small bottle and rubbed s
S on the glass as needed. Is best. S
S If the bottle containing the sola- jj*
H tion is wrapped iu a. cloth and
S stowed away la the side pocket £
It will always be ready for use £
| and & cloth to apply It with will- £
£ he at hand. £
01l the spark and throttle-lever con
nections at Intervals.
• • •
Common stove polish will keep the
rims in good condition.
• * •
The right temperature for the motor
to run is about 140 degrees Fahren
heit. t
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The Mill Csaia! Hone
In these rotary dtj-a, when squad-j
| rons and fleets of automobiles are
; sailing through city streets and
! streaming along all the country
I roads, it is easy to forget that there
; are still some horses left. A remin
der that this is a mistake is given in
i the announced subject of an address
! by the secretary of the Horse Asso
ciation of America at the eototng con
vention of the National Hay Associa
tion. He will speak on “Stoking 19,-
000,000 Hay Burning Locomotives.”
i It is a curious fact that horses aro in
i creasing in number. One naturally
.asks: “Where are ihey?”--Chri*;ian
{Science Monitor.
- ■— M ■
Squeeze the Juice of two lemons
into a bottle containing three ounces
of Orchard White, which any drug
store will supply for a few cents,
shake well, and you have a quarter
pint of the best freckle and tan
bleach, and complexion wliitener.
Massage this sweetly fragrant
'lemon lotion Into the face, neck*, arms
and handa each day and see how
freckles aud blemishes bleach out and
how clear, soft and rosywbite the akin
I hecoineH.—(Adv.) , ,
Lenfn' is reported as saying Itus
j sia Is heaven. In which case hell
must he worse than is commonly be*
; lieved. —Toledo Blade.
i —.■1.1.11. ll—. I ... ■ - I, .mmmmm, —
Itr the Miittor T the Sute of tlie Mort-
Iteul KhlhDi* *f Tin* <’tr,'lv
l'U)t|(iUW. Hie.
No. hi7 Kquliy.
In tlie Circuit <'<uirt for Auue Arundel Co-.
Ordered, Mils Zlnt day of April, W-St.
tliat the liepor! nnd Aeeount of tlw*
Auditor, tiled this day lit the above eu
tltled eause, be ratitieo and inullnuel, tin
l**ss cause to the eoturary be shown on or
before the
stzud Day of nkptkmkkk. nfvt ■
( I’rovltled, a eojiy of tilts order he Inserted
In some newspaper iitihMiUied la Anns
j Arundel county, mo-e tn eneh of three su<
er solve weeks before the Jttnd. day of Sep.
1 temlirt* next.
I VVM, N. WOOmVARU, Clerk.
In the Mutter of the Sale of the Mort
gaged Heal Ksuite of Wtlltaiu C.
Fowler aud Wife.
No. Kijulty.
In tho Clretilt Court fur Anne Arundel Co.
Ordered, ttils 2Jst day, of August, 1022,
tliat the Iteport, and Aeeount of tlie
Auditor.-filed ttils day tn the above en
titled --ttuse. lie ratified' and eontlrpied, un
less cause to the contrary be shown on or
before the
Provided, a copy of this order be lusi-rttnl
In some newspaper published in Anne
- dbntffp. once til ee.-h ol" three sue
- I'cesslvoJweeks before the 22nd day of Sep
-1 temher next.
f WM, N. WOODWARD, (lerk.
In the Matter of the Sale of the Mort
gaged Heal Kstate of Clnreneu W.
Ilrooks. et al.
. .. . Xo. 4C44 Equity,
in the Circuit Court for Anne Arundel Co.
Ordered, this 21st day of August. 1022
that the Iteport and Account of tin*
j AtoMtor filed this day In the above en
| titled i'.-tinti|l he ratlfieil and confirmed, un
i {less cause to tht* contrary be shown on or
before tlie
| Provided, n copy of this order he Inserted
’ In Rome newspftper published In Anne
! Arundel county, otne In each of three suo
j i*esstve weeks before the 22nd dav of Sep
tember next. - -y '
I ~w f* ——
' WM. U. MOSS AovtbmMr.
Oa Market Space an<l West street. Aeon- (
petie, Maryland, and i.l at East port.
Older and lij virtue *>f a 1 >o<rt-e of tbe
Circuit t <urt I**r Aiilie Arnu-Scl UhfiUtry* ,tl ,
Equity, iwoMd <>a the tiintli uaj nf ■
August. F. 22, In the nun- cniincd "t.eurirv
L. Kugelte. Berth.) \ . l>Miia and otliera, '
vs. William 1„ Fugelke and othera.” N*.
4*oB Equity, the niiOc (Signed. '"as the ;
Trustee named H< said IVuree, will offer
tur sale by public auction at the Court
I Hi,use door, in the City ut Auuapolia.
: Maryland. on
Thursday, September 7, 1922,
At 11 oVkK-k A. M. i
all tot tbs pr.-prrity. tneaffdsed anil le
■v tilled in the Haul pruciH-Uluita. namely .
tl. All that lot of promto situated ou
Market' Space u> the i tty of AuAnpolla.
Mary land, ah-1 runulsgxbaik to and abut
ting ~u l*rlu e George a erect, Improved by
a large afore and <ivve!linp hdiiae and u
anitiil brick garage, Doing the property
• that for many ’yv-ara vtn*-.vupleu by the
late John Nns-ii nf Ida home and pine*- of
btisltiees, which acid lot of ground was
conveyed unto Mary 11. Nason ttben Mary
It. Kugh-kei by Mary J. Mint and Gorge
W. Moss, her filiabniid. by deed dated May
25), Tt#G, and" recorded utonr tl.e Land
Records of Anne Arundel county in Liber
S. 11. No. S 3, folio iWfk,
(S.l All tli.it lot of ground situated on
the solttn aide tif West at rot in the City
of Annapolis, Maryland. fronting twenty -
live (Sol feet, mote <*r t<s, tbea-ou with a
depth of one hundred and live (106) feel,
iui proved by n two-story frame dwelling
lioi.se designated as No. LiTi West slty-et.
and being the Identical property which j
VIA conveyed tint** tip- said Mary t U
Nason by Basil A Rawlings and l.ualmtn!,
by tleed dated February 2,'t, 1901, iuhT rc<
ceded among the Lund Records of Anno
Arundel County In Idle r G. W. No. 35.
10110 392; and
Cl.) AH that lot of ground situated In
tile village of Knot port. Second Flection
District or Anne Arundel Comity, Mary
land, lipated on the southeast niue of the
K public rood leading’ frmi Hast port to
Tbomns rolnf.-ort* IdCßl'gnoted as Lot No
11 m block 11, urpl lu-ltcg tier Idem lea I
property tnciiflmicn and deacrined In I In
deed theriuif to tjie said Mint It. Nason
from William It. Horns and Sarah M
| Burns, Ids wlfk.-Mated September IH, 11*07.
and recorded ;MuonK the liitxl Records
' aforesaid in l.ilier G. W. Ni. tic. folio 13.'
IN SAID WROREK: A deposit’ of live
hundred dollars itSW.Nti at tin* time ot
sale will lie required* of tlie pufrliasi-r oi
purchasers of the Market Space property;
a deposit of two hundred dollars (>2olMh)>
at the lline tif sale of the purchuser or
IMircliasPts of lln- West street projierfy.
and ji deposit of two hundred dollars
($200,001 at the time of sale of the pur
.chaser or purchasers of the Kart port
. property, and the balance <>( the purchase
money, with Interest tlierhen at the late of
six j>er centum per atmmn to h paid In
- cash upon the tlual ratification of sale. > ]
" Pm
Desirable business location and store
on Main and West streets.
Dwelling No. 93 Conduit street, part
cash, balance on time.
Dwelling, llanovor street, part cash,
balance on times
- Dwelling, (bungalow), Chesapeake
avenue, part cash, balance on
To Accept a Portion of Bpa View Avenue
Now Dedicated to Publir 1 sc.
Whereas, a section of Spa View Avenue,
'■ rumiitiK from'Fifth Street to the limits ot
( the City of Annapolis, together with other
streets, Is indicated' uUd laid out on ii plat
[ * <<f Spa View Heights, tiled lu the office of
• the Clerk of the Clr--ult Court for Anne
'. Arundel County. In Plat‘Book No. 1. Sec
rjtlolK:t, folio INK;
And Where**, a certain < Harry L. I’d*
llngh.i u sen and HHzubeth Llllnghansi-u
1 hi* wife,* have sold lots from stu b plat,
e whereon the said section of Spa View
. Avenue hi indicated and laid dit as i
. public street. Htul in so doing have iledl
ogled Sin h Section to public use;
And Whereas, certain public functions
• have- been eNorclged by the Mayor Coun
selor a ml. Alder men the city of Anna
polis over, upon and in connection with
said sc-tlon of Him VU-vv Avenue; there
Section 1. Be i; established rtnd ordain
cd by tlie Mayor, Cottuftclor and Aldirmeii
of the Pity, of AiiUMfiolls, that the so. (ion
of Spa View Avenue, running from Fifth
Street to the boundaries of the City ol
.Annapolis, be ocis-pted through dedication
by Its former owners and fhaf If is hereby
declared to be a piili{i<- atfoet.
Section 2. And lie It established and
ordained by .the nuthorUy aforesaid ihaf
thia ordiiutn---- shall take effect from Up
date of h* passage.
Approved An gnat 21. tj?3.
t'Sivil.) Mayor.
‘ f
City Clerk.
v I, George F. Quaid, having
I been elected as Collector and
5 Treasurer of the Corporation of
| Annapolis, hereby give notice
t that I will be ready to begin the
\ collection of taxes for the levy of
p 1922 at my office in the Municipal
) Building, Gloucester street, on
9 and after Monday, August 7,
j 1922. from 9:30 A. M. to 3 P. M.
? All bills not paid by September
i 1. 1922. interest at the rate of 6
v per cent, will be charged.
| Bills win be mailed on request
} and receipts promptly returned.
ft Collector and Treasurer of
| Work Ckliad For *nd Promptly Udlnredl
/] M WEST ST. *2l
Hyde Brothers
p! Flambing ted Healing
phone lw j.,"
|l >L •*
port of "Gordon Forms" ond Also Lots ot
Odor Pork, Marylond.
Hv virtue of the order of 111* Circuit
Court fur Ann.- Arundel . oumy. passed on
Hie 10th day f April UCi "In the matter
of the trust estate of Kobb 1 timbs. No.
MHS Kquiry In the Circuit Court fur Anne
\rundtd county, the uuderslgurd Irusti-es
will offer at public sale at the Court -
House, door, on * 1
Tuesday, August 22, 1922,
At K.leven O'Clock A. M..
the following lota of ground, all of which I
i,re laid down ou the ilut and survey ot
••ardu l’aruis'' of rwaril lu the olhce of
the Clerk at the' Circuit Court for Anne ,
Arundel county, vis:
Lot No. 'J. consisting of four (4) acre*
o, Lot n ‘k. 10, eonalatlng of four (4) acres
0, l!ot* No. U. eonsistlliff of six and nine
hundredth* W-.h.*l etc* *d land.
Lot No. 20. consisting of four and idtie*
tV-three-hundredths (4 *.K!> acn-s of land.
Lot No. 21. consisting of six and seven
ty-rwo-huii.iiedths t072l acres of laud.
Lot ••" of Block Six (ff>. conantiug or
twti and OIK-tin If acn-s of laud.
Lot "S" of Blbek Six (01. consisting or
two and one-half C2 l ,*> acres of land.
And also tle following lots at t clnr
Bark, vlx: AH those lots designated us
Lots l!l and 21 lu Block **B" labt down ou
the plat of Cedar Park In Flat Book (•. M
No. 1. sec. 1. folio 2*;. In the Circuit Court
Tor said county, and being' the same lots
which were couveyed by Annie \ Hear*
nml husband to llotib Comb* by deed
i dated the fitb day of February. 111, :hhl
recorded In the Land Ue-or,ts of stild
countv In LIU-r IV. N. W. No. C. folio
27f<. fir.
TPUMH OF SAI.F > Cshli on ratlllcatlon
of sale. A deposit of 25*', of the purchase
money on each lot will lie reijulretl of the
purchnscr on day of sale.. For further
particulars' niffdy to the nndcrstgmvl.
V4l Culvert Bldg . Baltimore. Md
Solicitor, Atinapnlls, Md.
Anuntioli*. Md.
In the Matter of Hie Kstu|u of Thomas
Sye, :i Lunatic.
No. K(|tiUy.
In the Cricult Court for Anne Arundel Co
Ordered lly the Court this 11th day of
August, 11122, that the aforegoing account
of James M. Muuroe, Trustee of tin- Fh
late of Thomus Sye, N. C. M.. In- finally
rUIlu-'l utul coullrmed. unless oiti-.-o- to the
contrary be shown on or hefOTe tin*
Provided a copy of this or*l<-r be pub
tisiiad once a week each week befon- said
2nd day of September In n newstia|*er
published in Anne Arundel county.
Tyne Coj.y, Tent;
WM. N. WOODWAUD, fieri..
Contractor and Builder
Hliop: 149 Gloucester Nt., Annaiiolla, Md.
Imposing the Tax Kate for the Fiscal
\ ear Ending June ail. 1913.
Section 1. Re It eslalillslied un<l or
dained by tbe Mayor, Counselor and Al
dermen of the City of Annapolis, that the
tax rate of one uuudred cents, be and the
aauic- is hereby imposed on each one hun
dred dollars of the uonhunblc property In
the City of Annapolis lor the ffacul year
1 ending June .10, 1923, to oe collected pur
suant fo the laws us contained in tin
Charter, and the By-Laws and Ordinances
of the Mayor, Counselor and Alderuieu of
the City of Annapolis,
f Settlou 2. And be it further rstiibilsheu
and ordained by the authority aforesaid
that out of the amount- named in the Ur*t
• secflnff -of this By-I.aw the sum ol twelve
1 cents out ot euch one liundn-d cents col
' lected be'nnd the entue Is hereby set apart
■ tor the- sinking fund to pay the Interest
ou the bonds of the City of Annapolis, us
renhired by the A- ts of -the tlem-ral As
sembly Ol Marylaud at tiie sessions of
lNiiM, laoo. lilts}. 1910 nnd 1922.
Section And be if further ealabltshed
and ordained hy the authority aforesaid,
. that out of ;h<- amount named in the wild
- tlrst i section of thin By Law, the sum ol
i one and une-thlrd cents out of each one
hundred cords collected he and the same
I* hereby set apart for tbe sinking fund to
i meet the bonds' Issued lu tbe year IN9S.
upon maturity.
Section 4. And be it further established
i and ordained hy the authority aforesaid
that out of the urn on tit named in said tirst
section of this By-Law, the aum of three
cents out of cadi one hundred cents col,
i leted be and the game Is hereby set apart
i for * sinking fund to meet the hnda in
i sued in the year 19(H), upon maturity.
I Section 6. And bit further established
. and ordained by the authority aforesaid
- that out of tile- amount lianied lu the tirst
section of this By-Lotw. toe sum of one
I ami one-thlrrt cents ont or each one hun
f ilrod cents collected be uud tbe same Is
hereby sf apart for a sinking fund to
meet the bonds Issued In the year 19fsi,
upon maturity.
Section 0. And jm- it furt’ier established
and ordalnpd by tlie authority uforvsuio
that ont- of the amount named in the
said first section of this By-Law the sum
of one nnd one-third cents out of each one
hnfidfe*!' cents collected be and the same
is hereby set apart for a sinking fund to
tnFt the bonds Issued lu tire year 15)10,
I upon maturity.
, faction 7. Ami be It further established
I and ordained by the authority aforesaid
’ that out rtf the amount named In tic- said
Urst section of tb!*i By-Law tbe sum of
three cents out ot each one hundred rente
J collected be and the saute is hereby set
1 apart for sinking fund to meet the pro
posed bonds to he issued in 1922, u]hui
[ maturity.
Lection ft. And lie K furtlier established
5 and ordained by the authority aforesaid
, that It shall be the duty of the Collector
■ and Treasurer to collect the-.sums so set
[ apart for. tin: several oinking funds, and to
. keep separate receipts ami accounts there.
1 of, and to deposit the same to the credit
, of tbe said sinking funds, as requir.-d bv
* the several Acts and Ordinances relating
to and providing fur said several bond Is
sues, and to receive on account thereof
. nothing hot cnrr*pt of the I nlted
r States, anil It shall tie tbe duty of the
1 aaid Collector and Treasurer, and he Is
) hereby directed U exprss on tbe tax bills
for the said liac-al year seventy-eight cents
ont of each one hundred cents collected is
, for the ordinary expenses of tbu city, and
1 that twelve cents out f each one hundred
cents collected is for a sinking fund to
-lmy flie lm!efesf pp tbe-Ronds autuorßcd
'bf. tie . (li/sefeut..3U(E a-f Assetilhfy, a*
afotsnid; .and that ohe and one-tldrd ctnts
ont of each one hundred cents collected is
for the Minkins fund for the payment of
the bonds issued under the authority of
the A t of Assembly of tip. year !©•' ami
that three <-ent out of each oue Hundred
. *nts collected is for thd i inking fund for
: the payment Of th*- buTTds Issued unde? Hit
authority of the Act of Assemble of the
year IiXH); and that one and one-third
•s.-nta out of each one homin' t crriM c-d
leeted is for the sinking fund for the f.ay-
I mrtlt nf bonds Issued for the year 1000;
and that one aafl one-third centa out of
eari. one lmndrrs: cent* coltect,-d is for the
sinking furnl for the paytuent of bonds
Isataed for the year ltttff; nnd that three
, cent* out of- each one hundred cents col
, Jorted is for the sinking fund for th“ tiav
njgif tot bonds To be Issued in
Section-'ll. Am! tic it established and or
detned bv the athotlty aforcssid. that
thhK Ry-Law s’ ill take effect from the
•late of its iiaseage.
Approved July 2s, 1922.
Attßti- Mayor.
- - .MuAU4L.-Q9Jt*M<- *A- - ■*
I classified A^i'l
fr —
- LOsr
LOST—-DOG si„ . I
reward for tie r,. A ‘ ‘‘ Tt
t-- the nli,
14e**le hoiiu.i si . T**
chest, partly V' s ’ - rt
heavy tali. \,. - . *1
inert- Farm," v ~,, |
I.NT--Satar4.,y. ut
gold watch - liuin i '
ward. Itttieuhuiis, ,' - ’?!
LOST - Dis-rl. : , t ,- '
automohue t.. , . . - - ' M
!t..: |la • . .
FOR NAM: T\\ ~~" — _
!--, afed . ,
air Road, m- u - i. r , - •*,
MM., coiklitinux ‘ s ";' • :•
proved U\ A irm,,. . u . ' •" t
jtroperty mtunt, iu
tv. near > '
acres, in tiro <.i i,. h , r
<Jr, I . |
William 1 i,i-i, . . '
deilty Blfie- Buiiba- : 1 h
i (•!< - \ i
School. • t -
Nm kari
Standard; in >„ ' ", Vv| * m
small fbr j res, et ‘ !
'Tli i tup son r.twt,
.’IK Wes’ sir,-, i
I (tK UU < —C
. runulug (.mill
reiHMOiiable ..It. . r,t„V V. k
Talley, lokfttpi,, t,
FOR Hill
4(-,11. Il • ,
•ie*e; ore |,.|,i,|., ,", '. "
9*21 It. ' ' 1 s
I oil --tit
cheap. Apply H. I I. ',, " , ‘ l
No. 1. B-v 00, Finn ‘ * k
I H Ml!
Just, lit, |IC\. Vt.f.iv 1,,'- l
You Hk>i
FOR HP NT S.-w,,
li is lied or iiiiliii tiislii-it; n .
ami garage; Wevms |,.j
Itlver. Beaut ilul
Itunsonabie. i ~u m j
near Naval Aiad'cm. it',., ■ ,
FOR RENT - Hi id
l,„ afed; st< ,i,i ■ i
Bay shore. line amah t„‘J
tiatlilnir for •-tiil.ti,-i. h \ i
Finnic 1N.17 I 3.
c >Breaiences. Apply i,i i ■
FOR RFN ' A |,-illin. :M . ,~:;~
uafuritlslieii. Apply I . , .
HIK KENT I ms 7 Murray ,
line. Fiti,nr ki.s it.
F4)R ItKNT —Ifoiise t HI Murrkt ties
begtnDing June 13. Apply bn
Brewer und Son.
i'UK RENT House at lx Suite tlr r |
three months. Apply Julian Hrnm
Son. jk
WANTED— Two or tin, r,„,uni ! ;l
hoMßkeeplug. Apr.ly lira
FOR SALE Wtdcrfr .i.l 1 ,:h. l>
sl.2.*it). OungulowK, $1 Cd i,i LJUii i
miles from Aenupoli-, „u Us- WaskUj
toff and Annapolis Fit,- Apply 1 I
Neely, at oAee Hoiitli ÜBer Fsrk. Au
A rundej Couaty. Md. i
W.B. &A. Electri
Half-Hourly Servh-e Momliif u.-l Wh
Between Annapolis. l',aitlßirr id
Wnsiilngton uud * '.-imp M-x*
(Wasldngtou und <’jip Mr**
pass- ngers i-lmnge ut N*vJ .
Academy JunetloDJ 1
West Hire*! Stalh*o
5.10, xf, 50, fj.2d, ><'. M. v 7.50, *24 }|
10.2*1, 11.20, A. M . 12 20. 1-
4.20. x4.5t1, 5.20, tl.'Jlt, (t2 J , *
11.20, F. M.
Leave NavaJ Academy <<‘d* > 1,1 * ?
earlier; State H<,iim<- Niatia.
Street and College Areuue,
minutes earlier. .
Connecting nt Odcntoa with F
■ 4 (Effective l*ec. Hi. IKM
Bladen Street Motion .
5.20 A. U til'd half-hourly
anti SO tuiinius after each u'’±!
V,U) F M . then Hi 7., r b. SA
litwi 11.60 F. M. j.ii# n-t
0.20 arid 5.50 A M. train* d>‘f
<5.35, 7.35.'
12.35. 1255, 2.."A --25. **.'*•s
5255. (5.25, 7.30, 9.35, 112., t
A. M.
All trains receive .r <1 la- barge !-• .
Ht local points hetw's-u ADWt J
Naval Academy Juiu Uon ici
ley and Lltitbh om on m ***•
(EBeeUve Dec. 1.192 L) j
Howard and Loadmed
5.10 A. M. uud half- h*jurly *j
and 45 mltiuUs after en- J , £
e 15 F. M.. then at ; V>,
.11.15, F. M.. and 12.1 c, A *
5.15 and 5.45 A. M. train. d- 1
<l.OO. 0.45, 8.00, ;.(/!. I<M. 5 5
1 DO, 2.00. 3.00. J - ' i -ic t
15.00. 7.00. 9.W, 11 -00 E.—••
* —Dally except Sunday-
For tickets and lnfanr)*tl
City ticket offices „ Are*** *
State House Station. • / g,rjd
Bladea Street; ‘at*'* l Ha ‘‘
Hotel. —^
•pouting. tiUtf* M.tsl *" "**
PHONE Ml-* __—
and BnU> EB
Raff mate* Ct *"**** * ,

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