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Social and Personal
( ;i i ushinned, man-sized
i4 i, r i in* for me, j
, < ide the fire where logs ,
(r ,i(k!iiiK sociably— I
■ •■■■ atmosphere invites j
t, •,!, a 'ties and tea.
_. I, n • xvrinkle incense from * ,
\ ,jivi r i>nw I and vase—
„ ,jimi •• lights, discreetly veiled <
of silk and lace, j
.„ hii tie glistening samovar—
on in' my bands and face! j
T , : j(i,,nadi' Just a moment more,,
\ij.| tlnn I"* "ill be here— , ‘ .
,n who doesn't know, although ,
To 11 • it's very clear,
Tijj,, , v ~ leaves my house tonight
11, ;i . t nK.tged! Poor dear!
, \ c.iruthers, in N. Y. Titucs
T„ Ulrinl I*i nc‘‘
in Kolaint I’ark • ,
Mi i oiheth King, daughter of ,
i “j. I Mr- Ernest J. King, will *
, ii,, (-nest ot Miss Martha Hawlilis,
li, jhl I’ark. on Hep tom her 28. *
, ,i, i do m e will he given by .Miss \
parents, Mr. and Mrs Louis
M'lrrr% Rawlins. in honor of their
who "ill he one of this sea
•mu'* debutantes. Mr and Mrs. Wil-
Scarlett of RoJand Park, will J
ii.tertain at dinner before the dance,
lunclieun Hel'nre
Htse Shun
v ii,!,' d'hote luncheon will be Berv
rl ~t the tSreen Spring Valley Hunt *
i xt Saturday, during the an-
nua! II inter-' Show. A dinner dance 1
will i. given at the club after the *
uni reservations will be limited
to joO guests. |
Idling Of
grillin' Club *
Tin Tuesday bridge dub met today *
it tlie residence of Mrs. George J, f
Turner, of Wardour. f
H*rk f rom . •c|[4
V lark Visit
Mrs. W. <> Stevens returned Sun- i
civ night from New York whore she •
lias been for the past week.
Tkltors It -Wild *
Hose l.iulge” r
Mr and Mrs. Floyd Waggaman l
*hi> spent the week-etnl with Mr
WaKganiiin s mother. Mrs. John F '
M,icr,mi,in. at "Wild Hose laidge," 1
her summer home on South River,
returned to Washington yesterday 1
iftermion. *
Mr and Mrs Frank Medley, of Hal- *
tun,ut, were also guests of Mrs. Wag* M
liniuti over the week-end. ’
Mo, I |\ Hniigh's *
Week-1 itl Hursts , 1
Week .ml visitors at “Urhllyn-on- j
S*'erti," Mrs. Edwin Pugh Baugh's
u Jid rv house near Hevell includ-i 1
ei Mr .uni Mrs. Edward Florcnz 1
is ami John Wagner, of Phila-1 *
tklp’iii!; Mrs Lily M. Lee. John Gil-
Enir ami Alfred Miller, of Haiti- |
a re .uni Colonel Thomas Haborg, oi
Mirk Mrs. Kennu Elkins, who
"ii upending the past six weeks
h Mrs. Haugh. returned to Wash
sc mi \e terday and will reopen her
*Ptftment for the winter. H (
- i
M - I' M.imhleton, of 16J7 Eulaw (
Baltimore, who has been visit- (
'i e mddaughtor, Mrs. Thomar '
■'tder foi the past fortnight, has *
ffiurncti home.
Kirsts of Mrs. 1
J, l. May Iranian
iti< 1 and Mrs. Colby Hucker and '
M.dshipman Hucker. who ‘
-Mis. J. F. Waggaman
' ''"' h left on Saturday for Haiti- 1
■ re they are now staying. 1
Hacker is chief quarantine 1
' the Panama Zone.
'‘"Ttrx u it ; .j
'luting ( inh
ic of cam tiers who spent a 1
'' end at the Hay Bulge Out
-11 V Keyes' attractive prop- • j
! i.nk Walnut Creek, includ- |
1 ' .nan Ivleczka, of Milwau
i Cae Misses Packer and Ger
•' same city; Mr. and Mrs.
an. Charles Shearman.
Chester G. Collison. Mr.
'*n Hay and Mr. and Mrs.
I —■ 'Q 1 and daughter
* hotographic Portraiture
Commercial Photography
tllltl.K. PHONE 973-J.
freeze Tnn
2" Minute* Out
. LUNCH and TEA'
9M|| f . .
\V * VMnoer, |LIS.
ftc-nc Arulger. ID Fl 6
Ch klS'* w' r>p S*ndv Reach.
' ami * t'ea h oud a pecUlty.
f ‘“ ‘ ‘ ‘ 'V‘ a V f'trouah South River
to• from s.iutn Ktter Urldge.
iw-. ! n/, J”* by telephoning
between 7 P. M. and 9 A. U. *
House Party
Ob The Severn
Mrs. Frederick Cotton of Boston,
who has been spending the summer
at "Sanrocco,” her home on the Sev
ern river, entertained a house party
there over the week-end in honor of
her daughter. Miss Jean Cotton. The
guests included Miss Elizabeth Dully.
Misb Sarah Thomas. Robert McLean.
Jr.. Henry Steele, Arthur Hundley.
James Sloan. George William Bender,
Cornelius W. Abbott. Jr., and Harry
Miss Cotton will leave next Sunday
for Boston, where Bhe will study art
during the winter.
Guest tl
**Brgu yah’’
Mrs. M. E. Pue Buck, who spent the
summer in Europe, is the guest of
Mr. and Mrs. E. Bartlett Hayward at
their home on the Severn.
Mrs. Roscoe Bulmer went up to
Washington from "Primrose Farid”
yesterday and entertained informally
at luncheon at the Shoreham.
.Stopping In
New York
Rear-Admiral and Mrs. William F.
Fullam are spending a few days at
the Vanderbilt Hotel in New York, en
route to Washington from York Har
bor where they passed the summer.
Leases Emergency
Henry B. Sunderland, who has been
111 at the Emergency Hospital for the
past fortnight, has improved suffici
ently to return to his home near
Return From
\S IlsllillgtOll
The Misses Munford have returned
to their home on Prince George street
ufter a week in Washington with their
sister, Mrs. William P. Upshur, who
is a patient at the Columbia Hospital
Mrs. Upshur continues to improve
from her recent .serious illness.
I k t
Returns To Western
Mar} land College
Miss Miriam Strange, eldest daugh
ter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E
Strange, left this morning for West
minster to resume her studies at
Western Maryland College.
To Make Debut
This Winter
The Misses Helen R. C. Thom and
Annette 11. Thom, who have been
spending Ihe summer with their par
ents. Mr. and Mrs H. R. Mayo Thom.j
at their summer home in the county,
will be among this winter's Baltimore
debutantes. Mr. and Mrs Thom will
give a dance for them at their Boland
Park home on November 17.
Thomas E. Strange, senior member
of the lirm of Strange and White, has
returned from Atlantic City, where he
went for a holiday.
(Itr The Ankorlalrtl Pres*.)
LOUISVILLE, KY.. Sept. 19. —Gov
ernor Morrow of Kentucky and for
mer Governor Woodhridge N. Ferris
of Michigan are two of the speakers
on the program of the national con
vention of the Exchange Club of Ant
erica, to lie held here Sept. 25-27.
Other speakers include C. D. Hardy
of Chicago. John B. Merrill of To
ledo, Judge Charles R. Brlgkeu of
Montgomery, Ala.. G. L. Dussault of
Little Falls. N. Y„ Charles A. Butler
of Indianapolis. Col. F. M. Massey of
Pulaski. Tenn.i l\ L. Harris of Grand
Rapids. Mich.. Judge Anthony F. ltt
ner of St. Louis. R. L. Lange of Bir
mingham. Ala.. Judge Frank E. Ruth
of Columbus. Charles A. Berkey oi
Detroit and C. I>. Sharrow of Grand
Rapids. Preparations are leing made
to receive several hundred delegates
and their families.
Railroad labor is finding out that
its goal is not within striking dis
tmkes be sting oat of bites. Pre
vents Infection. Rub it on freely —
It won’t Mister. Won't ntnin cfoth
tng. Good, tod. for Summer Colds.
Hey Fever. Sprains, Bruises and Sun
g> *
Squirrel and Reed
Bird Season
Opened Friday, September 1
Buy Western Field
JOS. LEVY, 73 West St.
TIIL Lx Ei\liNv- AN'NAPOLiS, atARVLAiiD, Tl ITL .* 1
Woman Diplomatist In Capitol
> The first woman diplomatist to be
appointed to any country is Miss
.Yadcja Stanciofi, who will take up her
duties as first secretary of the Bul
garian legation in Washington in Oc
tober after attending the Assembly of
* the League of Nations being held this
Miss Standoff is the eldest daugh
ter of the Bulgarian minister In
London and Madame Standoff. At the
r age of 26 she speaks six languages,
is a Sorbonne graduate, and has taken
r part in the Paris Peace Conference, the
f General Assemblies, the General Cou
, ference and the Genoa Conference as
secretary interpreter of the Bulgar
* tan delegation.
. verms-**. •
* ♦
t ! ;
- * i
Squeeze the Juice of two lemons
into a bottle containing three ounces
Of Orchard White, which any drug
store will supply for a few cents,
shake well, and you have a quarter
pint of harmless and delightful lemon
bleach. Massage this sweetly frag- j
rant lotion into the face, neck, arms
and hands each day, then shortly note
the beauty and whiteness of your
Famous stage beauties use this
lemon lotion to hiekeh' and bring that •
roft, clear, rosy-white complexion, i
also as a freckle, sunburn, and tan
bleach, because it doesn't irritate.—
Advertising Tn The Evealng
Capital brings results.
1 ■ ■■ - ' ""
(CntlßiMl From Pag* 1.)
the time of the trouble with Mcx’co in
1916 he went to (be border as the cap
tain of the Salisbury company of the
First Maryland Infantry. The next
year the regiment, with all the Na
tional Guard, was called out and sent
to France, where Col. Woodcock won
the rank of lieutenant-colonel.
Last year Col. Woodcock was elect
ed commander of the Maryland De
partment, American Legion, a posi
tion he only recently relinquished.
He is a riicniber of the law firm of
Woodcock and Webb, of Salisbury,
and is recognized as one of the lead
ers of the Wicomico county bar.
Backache, rheumatic pains, dizzi
ness and blurred vision are symptoms
of kidney trouble. "My husband had
a bad back.” writes Mrs. M. McCul
lough, Easton, Pa. "When he sat
dow n he could hardly get up and then
he would be drawn over to one side.
He tried Foley Kidney Pills and they
cured him.” Foley Kiduey Pills quick
ly relieve kidney and bladder trou
ble. —(Adv.)
They say a poor man can be happy;
but a happy man isn’t poor.—Cincin
nati Post. \
| EAGLE No. 174
For Sole at your Dealer Made in five grade* <> ‘ m
{Bv Tlie .\s*K*iatMl
Island, where rose the shipbuilding
industry during the war that gave
the l nited States renewed prestige in
the maritime world; soon will te the
flat field it was before- l ncle Sam in
vested 5270.000.00 n there. But the 946
acres will be habitable, a. sanitary
engineers have made it so.
Where once an -army of 36,000 men
were building high-cl:!tis vessels at
record-lreaking speed, there now is
a detail of 50 men armed with ox
acetylehe torches and other instru
ments with which thb demolition of
the gigantic ways tirid other equip
ment is being wrought. The work of,
dismantling the mammoth machinery
of war is progressing at a rapid pace.
The government's attempt m dis
pose ot the plant by auction having
brought only low l ids, it was decid
ed to sell it piece-meal. Ponderous
as is much of the equipment, the
government's investment at Hog Is
land represents nearly everything
that man requires. In the words of
J. T. Eason. tin government's
agent in charge of the sale,
"everything except airplanes, pianos
and oil paintings.” Nearly every day
auction sales are hold to dispose of
tilings ranging from household furni
ture to steel in 100,000 ton lots. It
is estimated that by the time the sale
closes December 1. $25,600,000 will
have been realized on rtce! and equip
ment alone. One of the recent large
purchases made at the yard was by
a New York steel brokerage house
which bought 106,000 tons of steel.
KilltThat Cold With
Colds, Coughs L Grippe
Neglected Colds are Dangerous
Take no chances. Keep this standard remedy handy for the first anaaca.
Breaks np a cold in 24 hours Relieve*
Grippe in 3 days—Excellent for Headache
Quinine in this form docs not affect the head--Cascar- is has. Tonic
Laxative— No Opiate in Hill’s.
—— l
PHONE 1807-Fl2 (
I PURE Jersey Milk rich
iir Let Us Leave You Trial Pottle FREE TOMORROW
y- ■■■ . y
Twenty-five of the i 0 huge ways,
representing high engineering skill,
are already down, and the general ap
pearance of the yard today Is that of
a tornado-swept place. It is expect
ed that some large manufacturing or
storage plant will he erected on Hog
Island after the government has clear
-1 cd it off
The man who wakes np and finds
himself famous hasn’t been asleep.—
< nlnmbns t’itiien.

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