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turning (iiaptta)
ICK4 1922
Published Dally K****|tf *n<lr toy
lilt! KVt'.NISO (‘A I*l TAL
!■ •. *lt!c a! Ill** following p!;i'<‘:
t**nrg \V. Jvio a I’.'l M.ilo Sr***-t
Wlllla >■ S !.ii)i?v .21 \t>at JPf-vt
(ban <l. 1 r*<_\Hn'y r ...” hri Msc.Cmi*! A**-
"Rlm*llr*l < 't-ty* Klitu iimii*f )*i
Wllllaui A t:tbvti*i S:>
W. Jl A A. >Vwafin<!, Short Lta* Terminal
M. Ml' 131 Wear St reel
N. Mr iirla, Third it Severn Aire., {Saati*>rt
Dr. o, irief ft; Maryhpfct Av.
Lieihereif "in Aiiimp.A>. Lamport, Jer
mautti.vn and \Vet AMap-.lia by i-arrler
for 4f> unf* f.r irAtritli.
To.i ran luive Die KVI'MXU C.U’ITAL
n>llN to riu v ln*h i:i.r f i*.ni Tl*• city
bv leeili.jf y.iui in* ami j*d*Uea*> ,-tj IHr
office, for i* .-i* ill. ji**r fi.ontb; f: no imr
year. | •* !>< ui atlinncf*. *■ •*;r
111 lll** Tnli...’ Mi ■(>. On*
liuliK il I X >llllll 11..*I 1 ..* u.nice Ha
'<—• < ~ iJnll. A
Member of 1 lie AMiHinlrd Prrta
Tbi* Aaanclaleil I’reaa I* eXctil
alvelv entlt;*••! >, t|n* Hue f**r re
publli ntK Ii "f il iicu a cre.lltcl (*>
II nr in*l m(lientile credited In
Ibla i>a|** , n ail tilao Ibe local lien a
pUttfiafeod li. In. All rights of
re • tilihllo*U.i:i *f special illa
e *</ii i i art* I<> reserved
FUiDUt.( TUBER 27,
Democratic Ticket
For l'lilled States Senator
of Baltimore, MU.
For CongrcNN, Fifth District
Prince Ueorge'e County.
I lie American Fair Tariff
League, an organization that
believes the tariff should equal
the difference in the cost of pro
duction at luune and abroad, lias
contributed some highly interest
ing information to the dissection
of the l ordney-Mcl nmher tariff
law. lo illustrate how the new
tin iff law operates fo iiicrcase the
ost nf li\itv., it has taken a laivv
numb* i of articles in nnnnmii
use, inelndintf household nccciibi
ties and wearing apparel, upon
which the tariff taxes have been
Apnm emnliams, the cheapest
(l"ih suitable for women’s and
children's dresses and working
men's shirts, were taxed fifteen
per cent under the old law. B\
.i system of compounding four
separate rates, the Fovdncy-Mc
l umber law makes the tariff tax
thirty-one ami a hall per cent
upon these cheap , ginghams.
There was no foreign competi
tion in ginghams under the old
tariff of fifteen per cent ns none
were imported, due to the fact
that we make ginghams cheaper
than any other country in the
world. Behind the new tariff
wall the New England manufac
turers will be able to raise prices
to suit themselves with no tear
of competition. Their monopoly
of the domestic market will he
The people who will have to
pay the increased price of ging
hams naturally w ill wonder why
the tariff was raised 110 per cent
to protect the American nianu
facturcrs from competition that
<loes not exist. An answer may
he found in the admission of Sen
ator Smoot on the floor of the
senate,that the committee adopt
ed the cotton-goods schedule,
word for word as it was prepar
ed b\ former Senator l.ippitt, of
Rhode Island, one of New Eng
land’s ptomin at manufacturers.
A well-known manufacturing
company in New Hampshire
makes these ginghams in large,
quantities, and it is reported toj
own the richest and most protit->
able cotton mill in America. Pub-;
lished figures show that this com-1
panv has increased its capital out.
of profits from $l.Out),000 to SH.-j
r*UO,OOU. jnnd that during the last
eight y liars. Possibly 1 our law-]
makers. Justify thj> additional tax 1
burden upon, the backs of the
people on the ground that this
another _* infant industry that]
should I*V tyiti.ii a decent start in
life. ’ ; I
I here is an old proverb w hich
says that it i- not things that tor
ment nun. I>*’i iiuj opinion men
have of them. The fact is that!
there is an infinite varietv of
tilings in every person’s life, far
too many to be grasped at once,;
•oi l he must choose what he will j
see. In the same situation or
surroundings one man will be
wholly cast down because of the!*
black outlook, while another will'
be greatly chereed by its bright
ness. Obviously the difference'
lies not in the situation but in
the point of view.
It is foolish to invent excusesj
to be cheerful, when no reason'
exists, and just as foolish to close I
one’s eyes lo the unpleasant side j
{of thing-. It is another thing.!
i however, to realize that there are'
both bad ;nd good in the world.,
jam! (hat men are at liberty toj
choose either. When oilc is ac-(
costed by a pessimistic individ-J
ual w lia i> sure that everything’
is approaching a canine dcstruc-:
I tion. it is well to reimmber that i
die is blind to w hat good may ex-j
Even Were one so omniscient,!
'that he might count every badj
vid every go<-d circumstance, h< j
‘i? mid not thus determine whether'
■ till’ result were • good or bad.
Taims Bryce has said that in an
election opinions are counted, not
■ weighed, and that while an ex-'
• pert’s opinion may be worth
tho. e of a thousand ordinary
men. it is counted only as one.
In counting good and had cir
cumstances, one must renumber
that they must be weighed, not
counted. < >ne good circumstance
may overbalance a thousand bad.
(ftiillniiwl w— S*f- * •
'h* St-a ato does
“'I Uie upper rcerq!.'• t*.
jiJiat there i ruoOld of and
( nay vole recorded Un ft. fe>n>r.!ug a
i conference ropoft. The ease v. ,i! h!-
1 vnnceij'on iho docicet of t*'e App'dl**t>
; Cuiirt docket o 11 t *-•.cf;y decinion
might be rendered.
>t Inwtiai.iteci, IVns <l^ini
Against the contention uaee by ti:c
defendants, the appelant* claimed the
j failure of the journal to show iho fr. :l
. iactiop on the I*lll, could no* invalid
jete the law, especially in \’hiv > ;. the
:; direct testimony of President Norris
1 |nml Senator Mlsh. who said ihcy ro
-j member the passage of the hill, or iu
. oilier words, ihe adoption of a confer
' cice committee report,
i' Tlie ease wa*rnicd Oelobcx iJ by
I . Ifnriy behalf of Hie Mun
fy fJpmnilfsiolierß. iyid CliosteM F.
J Morro% and Alfred S. Niles. Vor
Italic, AVatbi icmJl.Conipany.
j . As 'n> l.i'eal Mrastirr
In. the Anne Arundel sltnatimi Ho*
, Ihiimls were Imught by l'ranli M. Culm
font puny, of BalUmore. T!*e hill
•*\:iaori/log ti*,> bond Iss*i V.-:>S eTcr
ed in the Set*.it by Hen .tor llva-ty. H
] passed that body *nd also llie Mouse.
1 <>e la Met taeking a minor .unenihiicn;
- ‘o It. .
i It W;is (ihjeoyered that the yenate’e,
itn;>! action on jhp hill apun its retur I
. from *,tlie llcb#* waa .not prop.*rlyj
s>r,rtisllzed f iod_-the foi
~ Cnm^t ay notified the Board
‘ o'f Ocniity' Cljmml Akloner- 5 , lh' ffMy
n.il does mo Mumv n yea and a wT - ,
• vc‘o on the passage of the
>mended. Legal action has hear* do-;
! erred pending the decision in ihe
• Washington suit.
Meat’while, the McLean Coostytc-,
. lion Company, of Baltimore, holders
. "i ’he conrtact far the bridge. Lave,
begun work on it. The county being
Habit to the contractors. It is under
stood funds will he borrowed to cover
’ the contract until provision can he
made in the next levy.
K'eutlnurd From Fag* 1.)
phnnient *o its workers The parties
with whom thejiesot;atmn&JwuaiJ*eer.
v*'iducted regarding im* ojfccsiiti of
Hio plant hcra, are ftajc 'ln.ule
a thorough study of tne jAtiitr..situa
tion in and around Annapolis and ex
pressed themselves j 3 bcir.j ver>
much pleased at the outlook.
Before actual work on the plant is
W’rte'. Mr. Lee stated that a fe y
minor details would have to he work
id out. These include the matters of
extending water mains and Hie a pees-
M r; electric facilities to the site o{
the propose*! structure. However. ..*
i.s believed that all of these details
1 will t e worked out in short tiipe. and
j that, discounting uni'oidable oelays.
'he * lant will be completed aud readv
! Ij” operation within several mouth’s
i ir v:-
* laeitiftl location of the new plant
not yet rradv for annouuccmcnt.
j oendinr* the c*mipl*xio: jU lormalitics.
I but Is expected to ho nade at an early
j date.
' ? ~ ;
: Says Cream Applied in Nostrils I
| Relieves Head-Cold* at Once, t
9“9 •..• ■.-• --•
If your nostril arc clogged and
' our head* b stuffed arid you can't
I rcathe freely because of a cold or
I catarrh, just get a small bottle of
lily's Cream Balm at any drug store.
Apply a little of this fragrant, anti
septic cream into your ‘nostrils and
let it penetrate through every air pas
sage of your head, soothing and heal
ing the inflamed, swollen mucous
u’oaabrane and you get instant relief, r,
Ah! hu*v gdod it feels A’our nos- ]
trils are ot*en. your head is clear, no
more hawking, snuffling, blowing; no ]
more headache, dryness or struggling <
for breath. Ely’s Cream Balm is just
w hat sufferers from bead colds and
i catarrh m*ed. It’s a delight. I
t • i
(M* The XiH.ialnl I'rrM.l
I HOIK, Oct. 27.—Benito Mussolini,
‘leader of the Fascist!*-expected toj
'arrive iu Home tod;iy. davLug been |
I called here l y Brejuicr I'acta, who
Swishes to discuss Ih,* situation.
This action Inis ujiuiscA rumors to
; circulate that, the , Jo^ 'nation of an-,
b’ihfir J'acta cahiitoi tvitij the aid of
j '*tf , Eas- : sti is a possibsMty„
lung Victor Kiunianjiei ,U1 arrivo
lin Rome tonight. -|4e .-exftrciiacd
a desire to coiuuk. Voumrrow uu die
situation with Signors Tit ton i u,nd
!)• Nicola, the president*, respective
ly. of the senate and Chamber of
Deputies, with Benito MUssoUna the
leader of the Fascisti, and with Luigi
Fiderzoui, jeader of the nationalist
H <*litiiiu**) I ron* l'|r 1.l
j quarterback. Conroy (captain); left
j half. <*ullcn; r*ght half, McKee; fuli
j Pack, F*r.-*rhcs:
ij laical followers of the game feel
jibat thV mltidies will down Pcnti by
. ;’U apiffxsciabh* trfaTglu.
c jf 'oi*<ttJttA. of Vfre Qhaire'rr footns at a'
Tdlrirr.lilb th*? •‘hidtßCsi' TUtVe
jaffo 8‘ til^mdutill *rtia.sj is for *liis. Ir
j will 1 £ a gala day at Franklin Field.
Not only will he footbrli mm of th*.
Navy and Penn go to work op each
■ oilier, but it is the odcKkipn for th
i opening of the new stadium. Many
diguitarics will Lo among those pi'es
"•(. the eye-: ef the football world Fi!i
be focussed on the uew ii*ld with
much pres’iffo awaiting .the winner.
And then tnerc is the nor Pali <1 fond
l I (’tween Coaches Folwoll ami Mobs
man. The former hutn'.; forgotten th*
• being the Ifoismnu cosehed (Johlen
i Toms do slipped the Fed well coached
Bonn team hi 1017.
I’cnn KcnedM I’lays
rwo jli.Miiiti back field conibiiritious
ipoundetl away at the
Benn’s IlnaJ drill on tiro
. t-'rday afternoon, and both showed liie
• force and power which will gfvj; ihe
Navy plenty to worry about, ? Tlic
'riniinage lasted over an hour ait' 1
( each Mriouufi sent every jiluycr on
bin roll into ihe drill.
Johnny Thurman, tip* big quarter
back, h;is in the early )ir‘ >,r the
a: rimmnge. bat left ihy-field eri\
w.icu ho bad some f.l'ghl *tomaeh
tryuhli. lie will he ha-k ;t f)r<clicc
U"Juj', however.
With Thurman in the first baekfleld
eomhination were Caplafn Boss Mil
ler. Frank Willmer and Woodward,
ibe fullback, just lack from the lioa
piisil lis.. tVHtmor and Thurman
were tearing through th junior ’var
si.y line until Thurniah wan rent to
” the showers.
j Without trying to patch up thv
piuiiflehl, Coach Heisman sent u
whole new combination into the affair
In the new hack field were (leorge
Sullivan. Hank MeGraw. Cqnis and
Brydon. Brydon has just been shifted
from the line into the buekileld, and
did well In forming interference for
tl;c speedy backs.
Sullivan and MeGraw ripped the J
V. line to shreds, going through al
most at will. Sully Scored twice and
MeGraw once, as part of the after
noon’s work, marching the ball the
entire length of the field each time
The tliort pass, end run. and genera!
open field formations were sweeping
down the fields, the 'varsity gaining
on every play. „ .
WEST Y.. Oct. 27 —The
Army football squad took its final
gridiron practice yastoidu* before
lining up agaiust Yale iu the bowl at
New Haven tomorrow. AH the var
rity men -"ere in their peaces and'V
vharp signal sud puuting drill was
bld for half an hour. A high wind
played havoc with the forward pass
ing and kicking formations, but the
fine spirits of the men and their ex--
ccllenf physical condition furnished a
Pleasing feature.
There was no announcement of how
the cadets will lino-up against the
Elis, but thc‘varsil>- pent thrydgh i:, !
evolutions with fbirhlsq ai Tnj,r*;:’
Farwick and (Snfnin Brcidslrr.
kOarrls; Goodman biid AluHiy;\jt. tnck-
M hit" ami M'y rrs. mjl >: Smyth",
quarterback; Tiruherluk" a*d L*odd ’
halfbacks, and tß*ot*d. ('itlo.'n-k.
It is thought that this lin<-up vJII 1
face Yale at the bjrk-irr.
left here for New tfnven via New
York at 7:10 this morning. They will
bfi quartered at Derby/ Conn., until
game time on Saturday. "
Thlrtv-eigh*: players, under Head
Coach Maor Charles L>. Daly, made
the trip. t They were accompanied by
the staff of assistant coaches and
handlers. The corps of cadets will go
to New Haven on Saturday morning.
1 ouujp Lady—'’Were you pleased
with the school, liflc boy?” Little
Boy—“Naw! Dey made nie wash my
face an’ when I went home de dorg
bit me ’cause be didn’t know me."—*
The Antidote (Peekskill).
Kr*AdrertHln* Tn Tle F.realag
Capital brlnfs result*.
AnnapoiLs Woman, At 71, Says
She Has Regained Splendid |
Health ~ Praises Tartlac , v *
- >*- ■ * .- J ’L r \
advanced age who suffer
frqin sUMBa&i trouble, loss of appe
tite, aclme and pains, and a feeling of
f'nuerali tys&itude. are apt to think
their condition all due to *dec!ipiag
>cars vetHfiL in truth. U\e!r ailments
are no different front the troubles suf
fered l>r younger people and will j[i|kt*
as readily yield to the right
This fact h.’is been substantiated
thousands of times over hv such state
ments as the following from Mrs.
Mery E. Bastard. f 20 Woodland
Avc., Annapolis. Mil. ’‘Grandma.” as’
-he is known to nearly everybody in
Annapolis, states:
*‘l have had *< many ailments anil
was no rap-down that 1 feared my
■ I useful days were about over. But ‘l
declare since taking Tanlac 1 haven’t
an ache, pain or uncomfortable feel
ing and have not enjoyed such perfect j
health in yearn.
“Before 1 look Tanlac 1 would often
’ wake at night ’-offering such pain and
[ shortness of breath on account gas .on
mv stomach and indigestion that I
could hardly stand it. 1 also had
i headaches and dizzy spells and was
. troubled. w!*b pains nearly all over
, my body. I am now seventy-one years
old awl thought my age was against
mo getting well, hut I have found out,
, all 1 needed was the right medicine,
o Tanlac certainly was thp right one,
, tar I am feeling fine.”
Tanlac is sold in Annapolis by hi!
, good druggists.^—(Ady.)
(By Tlm> AKoiH'iitfil I’rcoji.*
NEW YORK. Oct. 27. American
ships cannot carry or sell liquors in
; any part of the world, Federal Judge
1 Hand held u*da;; in ditpnis:'jpg tiic pc
* tfilnn of. two American ship cohipau
* ics to grant an injunction preventing
' Llic application of the Daugherty rul
* jug. ” ‘ ‘
From Curtis Qrccli Mining. Furnaefc'
1 ind Manufacturing Company to The
■ -t?te Head Comty'tjfiou of the State
* ,*f Maryland. Ino lota at Glen Bur
uie. Fifth district.
From The Maryland Title Guaran
-1 J e' Company to Steven J. Ever*! and
wife, lot ink Fifth district.
'■ From The Maryland Title Guvatn
* ‘ee Comnany to HoLert W. Brownley
* :nd wife, two lots in Fifth district.
■ From The Marxian i Title Guaniii
' tee Company to Walter G. Cornell
end wife, four lots in Fifth district.
From Steven J. Event and wife to
- vYalter G. Cordeil and wife, two lots
■ it Green Haven, Fifth district.
From Wilhelm Rusch and wife to
' Edwin !,. Otio ‘and wife, tract hi
Fifth district containing 17 acres.
' From Bay Ridge Realty Corpora
> tion to Hugh Pierson Baldwin and
wife, lot of ground at Bay Ridge, Sec
->n*l district.
From William F. Butler and wife
o George W. Phipps aud wife, lot
of ground Gambrills. Fourth dis
I From The Maryland Title Guaran
■ teo Company to August Davis aud
* others, lot at Green Haven, Fifth dis
From George G. Chaney to Frank
G. Chancy, tract in Fifth district,
containing 20 acres*
■From Bernhard Uelmer pnd wife to
August P. Clauss anil wife, tract iu
-•'iflii district.
From Margai'ot Newell to Barbara
ieuuings. tract at Laurel Heights.
Fourth district, conUining 17 61-100
From Jehu 11. Hopkins. Jr., and
rite and others to *M. Hammer Bur
3tt aud others, tract at, Chalk Point,
Eighth district.
From George K’oszczynski and
■ -vita to William J. Fredortt-k, l o(
•’lfili di.-tri*t. . ...
From Harry T,, IrAply. .sbviiff. to
rbc >iast-.ru
■ met in this county, coutalliiiig
i *crca. ®
From Fhilip Morgan ami u if- to.
] loh n, H. Mark and wife, tract,in thij
county, contyfniug one acre.
I'rpnt Albert G. Collins aud wife
Daniel It. Vansant. Jr„ and wife,
lot at Murray ItIH, this city.
From The Maryland Title Guaran
tee Company to Walter Kortyo and
wife, four lots at Green Haven. Fifth
From Carrie P. Enniss to Joseph
H. Enniss. four lots in Fifth district.,
containing in the aggregate two acres.
From Aladdin Realty am. Home
Builders Corporation to Jane Du* son
lot of ground .at Colonial Perk, this i
From Aladdin Realty and Home
Builders Corporation to Basha
Brooks and others, lot at Colonial L
Park, this county.-
From James F. Lnrrimore and wife
to Elmer B. MeCahn and wife, lot a#
Lifuhicum Heights. Filth tfietrlct. J ]
From United Realty and Home 1
Builders Corporation to William >H. t
Blanchard aud wife, lot at Arundel]
Manor. Third uLtrict.
From Joseph E. Bouchal and wife-'
to Mary C. Guutt, property situate 6n |
Duke of Glouce. tur street, this city, jj
From J. Charles Lint hid m and' :
wife to Anthony Reiser. lot of ground 11
at Linthlcutn Heights., Fifth district, 1
, Froia Hoary Wicdcck and wife to
K. Lynch aud wife, three lots ,
\'i Usfjuml iu Brooklyn Park. Fifth'
From John W. Hollatrnyjand wife 1
UF; Ed ward A. Gadsay. two -lota of;
Jitntiid at Marlcy Beach Park, Third
dmriec.-'- J • . j
, Ifroip John W. Hollaway. and Bite to
P#ife O. I>ornor, four lots of ground'
Beach Park, Third district.)
FronCJohn W. Hollaway nnd-'wifc to j
Wltliold F. Duitidonis, two lot ft d
ground at Marley Beach Park. Thim ,
'iistricl. #
From John \\\ Holla wry and wife to j
Louis Reinhardt, two l**ts of ground j
at Marley Beach Park. Third district, j
From Joseph it. Wilmer and wife i
■tid others to Severn Council No. 1 Bs.
Junior Order Fnited Ain-rii an Me- I
chnnies. Inc., proper'..’ c*n Cathedra!j
street. Annapolis.
From John C. "Kraft and wife to
jOrnp Edgar. two lots ot g\mu 1 at
jHiJlcfest Kifth district.
From John L. SteifY anti wife to .
Joseph K- Tjtomajtn, lot. of ground in '
I".tird districij! '
. From and o^ers
i;* Johp Itc.rgcjt,' .Jr'j Ju4" * it*. Vv i J
iois of gpo^.l { ; H t Height?.. !|t
Ftflfc . b , t ~ , f
From Thel,pp<;r Reaity ]
C'ujnpan.y, Inc., to Thyugis 11,. KrujjunJ
atwl wife, lot of ground at NLuihaU;iiil
Uoach. Second district. *
.From Charles M. Carlson and wife!
and others to Thomas J. Fvffe. five 1
lots of. ground at South River Park 1
First district.
(B.v Tlif .Issocmtrd Press.)
MEXICO CITY. Ofct. 26. - the
Spanish game of poluta. a cornbiua
tiou of handball and tennis, is easily
the most popular sport iu Mexico.
This is attested by the fact that the
promoters of the game in Mexico will
desire more thm 1.000.000 pesos in
dlvibemls from their lirutits of the
part 12 months. tnt \ T • >
Pelota is uitilUorpst i ngf'TTffliVs ;\t
l ended by betting and Miofjsanda or
pesos change bands every night af
Mo; I- ronton here where tly; gamer,
arc played four nights a week.
Americans and Eugliahineu <ir
great, followers of the sport which.
Jo the impartial observer,, To'juiros
myre skill than .brniii i or. baseball,
mom eaduritn.ee,-Uun CwuUmJl. . ;oi<J
more dexterity t\;n handball.
I T. = >. 1 •
Once -hi a groat while there comes
a motion picture which can he lviil
el ns almost perfect. ’tGit-h” a pic
lure Is the Rex Ingram l iMj<lucl.ioti for
Metre of the famous Pris
oner of Zenda." which will 1 e shown
at the RonuMic Theatre Monday,
Tuesday and Wednesday. This pho
toplay. which is based on Anthony
Hopes novel, lias been sklllfujly
adapted by Mary O’Hara, gorgeously
mounted ly the Metro company and
Mia excellent case—which in earlier
days would have been labelled ~a ll*•
*• ir"—shows the inspired direction of
that young wizard of the screen, Rex
No ,oue who lias thrilled to the
call of romance should fail to see
this extraordinary picture which is
pi,eked fail of actiop. Intrigue and
d. vilish plotting is matched against
heroic endeavor and ultimate victory
for the thy Ruler
of tb<j of Rpritapia,
The settings are magnimßiii,. Tfcp
coronation, jibe Rroco*ndous. the toy*]
ball are massive, beautiful and im
pressive. sword play, in
trigue, danger. plofcrp action
oud charm.—(Adyrf 030
Nature Clrts Timely B antings Thatl
>o Annapolis Citizen Can Afford
To Ignore.
from the kidney secretions. They
"ill warn you when the kidneys arc
weak. Well kidneys excrete a "cigar.
• Miher fluid, DihOf&cnHj kidneys send
owl a tain, pale and foavpy. or a thick
rvd. iM-smel.ling urine fujj
went end Irregular
DANGER "ir~- il !
fxoi- the back. Back and
h'-j ..-. r. r and ♦
* kidneys and f v *h a f rH£j . v , a rn
you of the danger of dropaw.’vrt
and Bright’s disease. Doan's Kidncy
T, ll*s are endorsed by- thousands,
litre’s Annapolis proof:
Mrs. Wifliam E. M’hitc, 101 Charles
St.. Annapolis, ays: “My kidneys be
came disordered and I felt dull and
run down. I had no energy or ambi
tion. The action of my kidneys was
irregular and annoyed me consider
ably. I used Doan’s Kidney Pills
from Green’s Drug Store. They
strengthened my kidneys and my
energy returned. I felt better in every
Price 60c, at all dealers. Don’t sim
ply 33 Wr a kidney remedy get
Doan’s Kidney Pills—ihe same that
Mrs. White had. Fostcr-Milburn Co.,
Mfrs., Buffalo, N. Y.—(Adv.) 1
(Br Tttc A*orlfttrl I'ou. >
GLASGOW. Oct. 26.-—An order has.'
lecu placed by a New Zealand steam
ship company for what will ho the
largest motor driven steamer afloat. 1
She will displace 22.090 tons, will be
600 feet long with a beam of 72 feet
aud will have oil totalling
12.000 horse-power.
i'amuT 1 * Kart*' - I ItawV," i al. I
t'liadce. M idvi’ ik'Uou Cytupaug.
No. ■ 40tt> Kpiil.v. i
Hi iho I’lrcnlt Coma for Anne Arua.lc] C v
i OnlcMhl. by the Clr. nil C>urt for .Vm.,*
I Anmdd)ln Buulty. Ibis 21r.l day >f O
toLor, 1v22. that iUc
; ,n, Acvo'lßt -f Uubi.'s M, Mnutw at "
( M. liol.is IT. Ur cn. lUe<dvrrs. i' lim)i>
i mtltli U mid .N.uUrno d, nnb ** '-su***' to lee
j contrary be showp iii mp before thi*
Jlrd |;.\V <l NOVKMHDK. >K\T:
i l*rovU>ed. a forty of this 0r.1.T be pub
Ili shell at leant three timer ell or before the
: > ipy of .November, next, hi ti e K\--:tih;-
< ".udtai
HOItKUT M<*ss. A J.
‘ Til t’o:-.*. t'fr* :
\ if v. ton-um:iv • terV
.Notbe is li-rtby clv.vi that tbe *tib
S. fitter, of Auae Artuutel eonuty. hua ob
: t.th,e,| frtui tht> orpliaj-s’ t’ottrt of Auto
j A model eonuty. lit Maryland. Let torn
TeKtametiturt on the |a*rsoti:il estate ttf
L JWU>Ur.T, *.
; u>te’ .tf Annet’AfUßilJl Mt-.fji^e.t.
J Ail *|’eroliS ' lfstvlliu eb.UItV liguluat tbe
fceaivetl itrv- liereby wart>etl fo hvlitbit th*
evhu;. with the votu-ber* ttiereof. to the
’ stmscriber on or before the
;t*< t>\v t)i MAKCir.’mn.
I TV* may otherwlne. by law. bo excluded
i Tix>ut alf Tteneifr of estate.* All l p'-r-,
l rttps IntH'Wtcd to .said eat ato art* rc|Ueste.) |
iio -'V'ke ote.i'-te
• Given under toy baud this Itth day of
September,. ta>-2* •
* A T. niiAPY.
|W. B. & A. Electric
Hmf-Httnrlj- Kenrlee Morning and Evening
Between Annapolla. Bnllluior* and
Washington and Camp Meade
(Waahliigton ami Camti Meade
papaengerarhangeat Naval
A'lidemy Junctiou.)
West Ptreet Station
B.ltt. *3.00. 6.20, a 0.60, i7..V. B.M. t*.2ti,
10.20, 11.2*1, A. M , 12.20. t. 20. 2.20. 3.20,
1.2*1. *1.30. 6.20, 0.20. 7.00. 8.20. 10.20
11.20. B. M. ~
f.eare N>vol At-atk-'uij ,Uate Ift ndtiutet
earlier; Stine* Honlr Ntatlort. ttlatleu
' Street ntul t'ollege Aveuue, aereti <7l
miuuu-a ‘g.ifHpr. • .
t Couneetrtii It Odeiifoa'WlAi P. It. R.
Illaden Street N tat Inn
3.20 A V. nut) liuif-boiirlj thereafter at 20
and it tuiinia-s after each hour until
. ft.3o P. M.. then at 7.30. B.fit), t. 30. 10.3 t),
ami 11.30 *. M.
3.20 and 5.66 A. M. train* dab/ except
I ' LfcATB RAI.TIMORK—W., |. * A.
"9.33, 7V, 8.36. 0.55. 10:86. tl ::3. A M .
i 12.% I.Si, 2%, 3.25, I*o6. 1,55, 5.u3.
. 0.:t5, 0.36. 7.%; VA6. 11.33, V. M.. 12335
• A. M.
All train* wieatae- or tllaeharge j*aaaetigera
At leeal Qolritji between Annnitnila aud
Natal' At-Mil'eruy JuneCltiU "aoti at Ship
ley aud IdrtthliMim aisnal.
lit)bard anti l.ortibartl Sta.
3.15 A. M. avid tialf-bixirl.r tliefeafter at 13
and ,15, .rulptuea after ca* l until
6.16 I*. M.. then at 7.1.1 8.15. O.lfi. lo t,,
lt.ifi, I’; M. hi).l 12.15, A. M
3 16 ami 3.15 A. M. truiiia tlally ett-epi
i.r.tvic ti %*uNti'roN
0.00. c. 15, B.tN. tl.iH,!. to.on. I t ip) a. M , 12 oo
I tty, 2.imi, ::.in), C;.;:o. | tvi, *i.;o, ~ <mi
•).00. 7.00. B.W, 11.00 I*. M„ I2.it) A. V
s—Daily eicvpt Sunday.
For tb keta atn) Inft.rinailnn apply at our
city ttetset olfl.ca; West Street Statlnn
Carrel llfill. Short Line sStaUon, Bladen
' IptUlli, Bheel Matal •ad ntata W ark
piionb m.
~ anordTnance
Ti' U'ltl ni new Aecfibit to Hrilele 23 of
the City Cotk* of AhiinpolU, to follow im
-mediately after Section 22., .ami to be
known 5s Section iT A.
Seetloft J. Be ll estabttlhcd aud drdain
d-by the Mayor, Counselor and Aider
men or the City o/ Anuapoli9 that a new
se.-tio.i by- ddded tu tUe CX$ Codr of An
■luptili* to follow immediately after Se<--'
Uoji 23, of Article 2y. to be known as Jjce
tion 23-A. and to read as follows:
Section 2:;-A. Every person uppiying for
a I erniit to bulb) a garut;'.'. or other build
uig in which nil autouiobih- Is kept, or for
a building which may be used for tip
storage of hay, grain or other inflammable j
material, shall state the character of the
. building to be created when so applying.
• and no permit i-hull be grunted hi aueit
I ease* unless it la plMinty stated that ftu.-h
j btuhiing shall be cons/ru.-ted as Tr.Jlows
| the wiilis and root shall be entirely or
metal, brick, cement, tile or other noti
eoiubustiblc suhataiiee. except that the
frame may be or wood, aiul th- floors nmv!
be of wood; it shall be unlawful to erect
an; building of the character Indi-Htwl in
gois ordinance or to use any building not
non- used for the purpose except it con
forms to 11*<- nsnilrenputs of this or<li
Any . violaUo of thie ordiuam *-
-hll be puninh-d |fb u, tin.. ..{ tin -d-i
ta-a f**r t*- tirjt oWand from'u-u t.,‘
*Wettty dsdlws f r *w!i Subduin' or
fena,.. be n-ov-red a3 tines aud .cats
f* M imiw rfccrrpitd
v -ti-*n 2. Aliil he it further established
an.J erd*itp-<l taf .dl -rdtfl.jrf)e- aM>6T s
•*r ordlaußce- tfacon-*tsiat vßh thi 3
.tian-c ore hereby repealed . .
ijectlou ... And h<* It estsfillslp <] and
*y*)a)n*(i that, this ordltunee shall tuk* it
ie. t from the f it*
Approved Oct' 13. 1022,
‘ I.’MMA ABBOTT GAGE. Mjy ° r '
City Clerk, , uls
Photographic Portraiture
Commercial Photography
CmdtMUr mi BuiLUr
Hhp: Its Cton.rstrr g f „ AnnapMi*. *1.1,1
f -1-
I'ttn S.U.I title l,Tby'
good vmudltieu. 1 ,
Utoti'vsti'r strict
<)i: -Mt
at rent. Apply i\itii;i; ‘ ’
11oh v\i. p,. \ ——:
| model. Jti-t incrli-iu ll ’ !•< j
A3..1. Apply !*• \|t,’ .
831-W. “ | .
toil B\I.L - one J.TTTTT ~
Apply ua pritulsi s
lot; SAI F -111, K e.
lliered Ui p-wt \ |t .,
' 'C.tßip I’ureje. ,M.; i-j,*;',, * 1 .a,.
IT*K SALE In .iu k. ,\ „
tst l*?irk<r. Cingp l■ ; r ,.
I'OU b.vu U.k vii-ci - ■ -
dry pine. lTi,m- . w ’' ’
Foil Mil l:- 1ir,..,!, ( „i s ■
eliltii- In icrtc. : ~! n, , ” .' -
easy nuiuinp. with ew-..- , ->
I’oSt sN'i. Brice s.til v . . .
west SI reel ’ * ’* 1
198 MUt W
tltlikload. I'll.lll. prj 1; ‘ ’•• >'•
l*i; Mil: fru 11 v \ 7,
Apply ,0 Burnrlij. m : • 1 , *
I'OK HI NT Large. 777 -
leg bath; steam I■. ~t '
centrally located, bi ..... , 1; . w
f'OK UKNT s ,
gerage; all i teivi.nl. ~,., 1 , ' ,
loan. Hirst •tr-<-t. 1 , t. .
1 1* M 3. '*•
run Ri:vr- r.mß;.#i,
faUjily ; ,i*r, in..; .. .
• -v me mVs 1,1.1 , .•*
. -.--g-t-—-* <’•-* >| „ ,
I'UB RENT -JmiliLlm.k, e,.
1 With cvineni ft. . . ' T ’ .
i water.’ on .1,.
, the pinlti. get**. Apply y... ~ \; : , t ~
lot; ti 1n 1 I
without children, „ r t-.,,
'atai tuieiits Apply I", 1,1
sm* tiue,
1m; hi nt I'urnist
low and garage, jt .S vi'rii i p, ,t, p",
w.tier heat, ttre place, ♦•h-tri.- a a-l v 4t ,,
service; near Mtnti-n, I•• -ui.--.. r !
liver. Select uctghhorli .ad
f<>r inspection. Btiouv s. ~: ;u y.
I roll RENT—Furnished tv, he lor 7.
Ui-ms; also single room-., c*it.. 7
etreet. near t’ollege uveam \ ,
able for na\a I onh*ers, A,| ,i r.., >
S-hilllug, St. John 1. or e.i.l 71;. „ ;
I’OU KENT —I'llruishe.l apartia, n*
land avenue, 3 rooms mol hug, nv..|i
tioii hall, coutuiuliig piano, st<.im
ami water. Also four loom hoiix
Maryland dwotb* Apply i;,u v.e
’ k* reef, or phone 6J .t. ’
IDIi ilßNT—l'urrflslA.d riio
saioll; siemu heat; eeutrulli ij ,i, I
• I ,' . I
I, EUR . KEN I. - t limin'.cd ..tt..,7* 7. .
Severn f<r v ltitei m,mil's. mile I .
Annapolis Shit Lite-; iToi.cl
plant, reason.ttile rent. Bi one S-n-.
1N . bit '."J
) f ==g
ni'i t.i Alii
, nipt jmts -W.h MDh t-. atlatil ivllKp
Ewatrc,'He. BhoUe 2> ,1. t,y '
w ftwm :
r . - yrriofl. AiJOr* m T." < u;'d'n’ •<%"*
s.m.Esmi.n Exception i
Hustlers . earnings big Writ- M 1 -f
ret'dsr IViifMj-' tri'viHr-nno tMn*
1 *. ' '
. ’ >k y., DIED
AHAM>—On Oetolier 2ti. d ■'
• iionce, 2d Washington 4 ir. '. 1 l.i >li
• TINE \V„ aged l> year*. '■ '
child of Walter and N-I!i \d
Funeral Snndav afterno-'.i "
o'elot k from M!. Mu'd.ib A -I i’ <
.Interment In Brener Hi: 1 •
i I-...—■ .in. —“
: Central ('ht-tniea 1 foTiipany. he l’ l ‘
Thotnas A. Oomwell. et al, h'!'
, No. bk';7 Ikpilty.
In the Circuit I'oiir: for Atm-
By virtue of an ordd -*t 'I- |T
Court for Anne Arundel •- ti
fSrttltly. passe.) In Hie nbo-.-
flth day of August. R*22. !e u“"' '
Re- "Ivors, hereby give noli • '■> '•'* ' ‘ .
tors of the said I t)out j * 1 ' ,
flic rbolr claims agall'St th" ! ‘ ,!
A Cromvrell. In ll.l*. *k‘S.
13th day of Steßteuibyr. . (l
r ’ \
■•' i*|;rKElf 11 pMiUB'tM
‘ ~ „ JOU.N,
WM. N. WOODWABD. Clort- ? ' :
- * •*’ -■ ski)
Notice is hereby gi\en t.u _ u
scriber, of iiiu> Arun
taliiod from th : Orphan*' ' "’j 1 ’,."'.. i,-
Arundel county, iu Maryland 1-" ■
lamelitary at the periioiiyl •
late pf Anne Arumlel • ou:'V- ’.’ '
• All persona having claim- ag
, eeaaed are hereby waned t' , ~,
saint, with tbe voucher* Bi
auhs-rlber on or before He
•:sth BAY or M'blt.
TWy may otherwise, by l-i". '•* ' :
from all benetit of -aid e*'.'' , f 7.
. sons indebted to said eslat' . ' '
' to make immediate pa; an!"
Given under >ur hands tin* • ' -
October, 1922.
THE nitLi.rn ll;l ', r j .-. j
fclove ivffrtS" wri -
TlUtltog, Ttowfln*. B|*otle* s*J
JTumhioa H-pal's
IM H 1 , ,u *
PJbOMPTI.T bonk:
Brk Called Tor and Prompts *'
PHONE 852-M.
T* Whom H May
This is tv’wHfy M'"'9
MoiHTty on )-<•'
ai enpe mud Cal -M ’ , ,;,
atr-vta are to b- tin I"" ?• •
All a!> r ae*l gaa Jal'Ye l"" r ‘ lt ’ !! i!
must be tatd .(br „jn ul'
proretnenta are made. " _ tfW t* f‘-*r 8
permissible to dig up tb*.e
pwdod of five <5) J^f„ r fenesr'-r =-'
tty Order <*f the Sa)™*
Aldemieli u „ tVf;^,
Oily ’ *'“* u *
I‘kAled Sept, 23. I'-'--

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