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turning QiapttaJ
1884 1922
ANNAr OLI H. M t>.
f'ut*llati<l I>ilt St, *<uj l,
!• •** •! at ti* Mlowtaf ptaeea:
W. 10 Main Slri
SWUUm.. I<> italic :4 vvv<
' " *'!• 7t Murj Ijmi.J An
I -I .V, M.<l t ';ll ■ V
Conffecttotu-ry" Kiutt ;•>tg.- bt
JJUIUIII llHUfl Wot .V otli*-.|11,l >,.•
2 5; f ~ A. Nt-wafand. Short I.lim- 'I
“• JC “*■ ill Ww
N. aim <irl, Tlitf'l A S‘V*rh Aii*.,
Dr. Charles 1. Iterk**l...2 , j M.irjlai-I Are.
iJeU'ennl in Aiii*uj.i|i. Lamport, ;#r-
Banrimu mi-1 \Wi AniutpolSa by rarrier
tor “to •■eufa |ht tnuitlD.
Ton <-hii lunv in.- I.VI.MNU CAPITAL
nutHe*! to jiiu u-h i.w;i,v from teltv
by leaving jwin ..itiio- mi.i ni tin
<>Oi-e, for -I I • ~ |n i Ui.iulli; a.VUJ lor
year. I fliii- i- wl'it---' to tin* poatoffl. e
In tuc l uitr-l Hiii> or CanuiiM.
1-btt nil .1 Aiuun- lit ('•jatolll. e ue
Hi*. Jll.l-Co M.-lllc.-,
Meinbrr of lit \m.. imr.| l*rea
The Am-,- Met l*rea t otcln
alvei t rnlllU.l i i ih# 1141* for rc
pilbll. ,tt o ..f .1 .... * . re.llfo.l to
It or not ... l.ri nl* ir,-,|lt.-,| tu
Ihl I*ll (M-r 1.1 .1 Kill) til,, lo.nl lIeWM
PUIiIUIm-.I lior|ii. All 1 1 if tit a of
ro • piibli Miioii of >fK>. |ni <Ha
|i#t> l> loot-kii of*, aiao rtarrvr.l
■ r - "...
, Democratic Ticket
lor F tilted Males Srnntor
of Baltimore, Mil.
For Congress. Hull District
I’rinee George's C'ouuty.
voti: for Burn; and Roberts
The electorate of Maryland
will decide at next Tuesday’s;
election whether ii wants to re
tain as one of its representatives
in the United States Senate a
man who ly his utterances both
on the Hour of the Senate and
elsewhere has shown himself as
aligned with radicalisms that are
widely at variance with the Am
erican form of government or
whether it prefers to send to tin
upper blanch of congress a sena
tor win* by temperament and
ability has shown himself to be
pre-eminently a statesman.
Since be has occupied the sen
atorial chair. Senator Trance has
repeatedly basked ill the lime
light because of his radicalism
his has been a notoriety gained
not because of any constructive
acts he has performed but rather
because of his advocacy of “isms”
that have been patterned after
his own peculiar line of political
thought and which have fallen far
short of expressing the sentiment
of his constituents.
And >et the senator's worst
enemy could scarcely accuse him
of being insincere in bis strange
opinions. Even when he made
his New York address in which
he termed..a gatiu ring of radicals
as “those splendid young liber
als," there were many who \vet\
convinced that the senior sena
tor from Maryland was sincen
in his praise of the radical ele
ment And believing him pro
foundly sincere, they also believ
ed him. for that reason, to he a
dangerous factor in American
politics. The people of Mary
land are tired of hearing this
istato called “radical" simply be
cause of the weird views of Sen
ior Trance, and we arc of the
ilpinion that the rank and file will
gladly welcome the opportunity
on Tuesday to send the senator
into retirement in so far as the
Senate i' concerned.
1 his year the i )enu>cratic party
is particularly fortunate in hav
ing a man of \\ illiam ( abel!
Bruce's calibre a> it' standard
bearer. and if be is elected to the
Senate a great step will have
been taken toward bringing by ci
te Maryland some of the formet
distinction that it enjoyed in day
gone by. Mr. Brtiee not onh Ini'
rattled b*r him elf an enviable
reputation in lln legal world but
also be has shown marked abil
ity in the legr litive told and a:
B close tiidetu of public ques
tions. His id<p> .if government
are not flighty theories but are
based on sound principles that
have proven tried and true. In
other words, Mr. Bruce is of the
safe-and-sane ty pc that is need
ed it democracy i* to survive, It
is a real pleasure to support Mr.
Bruce because we believe him to
be one of the best men the Dem
ocratic party has put forward in
rears, and we hope that the vot
ers will roll up a big majority
for him next Tuesday at the polls.
Clarence M. Roberts, of Prince
George’s county, the Democratic
nominee tor Congress t from the
Fifth District, also is a man who
is well qualified to take part in
the deliberations of Congress.
Throughout his whole campaign j
for office, Mr. Roberts lias made
a forccfuL,appeal to the voters furl
their support, and in all >f hi
talks be ba< 'how n a breadth of
vision on public matti r-> tliat 11
i' well t* behold in a candidate
for pubiic office. We, therefore.
i hope that tii ■ voters of the Fifth
Di-tr ct will cast their vote'* for
him and thereby help to create ;
l>em<iai.e : .ajority m the sixty
i eighth c-'tigress.
t *
!. " * —*
• ileeciit I'arade Of hu Kluv klan
r Draw* CritieiMM Of County Hesi
. dent Who Consider* Onninj/.atloii
' < oitr/p To All I’rfhciples Of
r True Anierieaiiisni.
/" the Editor o] Evening Capital
According to the printed account
• jof the Ku Klux demonstration given
in your issue of October 30. the Klau
wi Icontea bonest criticism. This be
’ ing the* case 1 submit the following
, 'n order that the Klan might have
| -he opportunity to explain itself. It
I : in the interests of and for the p.ub-
I lie good of the community that tin
Ku Kiux Klau must be understood
for the community is very much con
. corned, very much affected by any
thing that arises to disturb its peace
. tnd friendliness.
in the lirst place— the Ku
i Kiux Klan? In the old awful days
immediately following the Civil W;t;
lln-re was good reason. Those con
ditions were overcome, Kluxism laid
' I aside, aud people went about the
; business of American citizenship.
( Hut now, WHY?
I The Ku Kiux spirit of 1922-23 is
not the spirit of the Ku Kiux Klan
of the reconstruction period of the
south. That Ku Kiux came of do-
I I'ettac, necessity, and when the strain
11 tnd terror and desperation of llicful-
J 'on South was relieved, Ku Kluxism
. Aanlslied as the clouds vanish when
, they are emptied of rain. Hut now
this “revival" is in name only; that
which is masquerading under the
1 mine of the Ku Kiux Klau is no more
I 1 ho original Ku Kiux Klan than the
II Americanism which they profess i
' true Americanism.
It is racial prejudice, bigotry, ro
; ifciouK jealousy, hatred, superstition
i viiTcli in* amount of flag-tvavliig, bal
. .vino and -mouthing or tlie name 01
can disguise, in-democratic,
in-Christian, un-American, it is tin
, Inly of thoughtful and true Ain or
: 'c iiu and ClfrJstians to stand against
rol light it as a disgrace to America
jatnl the high ideals for which Amcr
of the world.
Spiritual and practical unity of
i n cos and creeds, brotherhood, fel
j io vship’, friendship and co-operation
. is the spirit under which America
r | prosper*, not the stirring up of white
. against black, not the setting against
each other of Protestant and Catholic
1 lew and Gentile, foreign-born Amer
! icans and American-horn Americans,
r Let them beware of the fire of hate
l \liich can destroy far more than the
oreca of peace can ever replace!
i :un a soldier s smtor. I am the
j sceudanf of ’soldiers utid patriots
>! every war of American history,
•iv lpisband's father is a Slav who
aiue to this country iu his early
' wenties because his poetic heart was
bed by tlie study of English and Am
- -rican history in an Austrian school,
ic sought w ith others, the harsh and
urged places of the far west to make
uid buiid an American home, to rear
n American family and to send op
vurd through generations to conic
hat spirit of love and loyalty and
-acrilice to America which brought
i tint to America and which America
1 ueds, to say nothing of the ?16'0
axes which the couutry yearly dc
. -ives from his holdings. And thisj
rue and honest Slav gentleman and
housands of others like him in this
•oufttry are discriminated against by
. tlie modern Ku Kiux Klan. tirst. be
ausc he is foreign-horn, second, be
huse he is a Catholic. The same up
'.dies to other Americans who are
It wish and negro. And this is the
-pirit which the Ku Kluxers detinc as
‘pure Americanism!"
The Ku Kiux Klan of today calls it
, elf a Protestant organization, but
’rotestantiam as an organization has
repudiated and denounced the Klan
n no uncertain terms in a recent
ouiuil of tlx* Federated Churches of
Ease >our t'ght aching chest, Step
the pain. Hrrak up the
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matism, backache, stiff neck or sore
at any drug store. You will have the
muscles, just get a jar of Rowles Red
Pepper Rub. made from red peppers,
short time.
yht: evening Capital, Maryland. Wednesday, November i. ins?
| Christ. The activities of individual
Totestart ministers who are trying
|*> further the'r petty chuMt iuter
*Mj through Klan ballyhoo may give
■c improiwidn that Protestant Chris
adorn has taken up the Klan, but
•i<h is not the case. The Federated
oiincU of the Churches of Christ
ha- declared that the Ku Kiux Klan
las no right or authority to so use
Hh d.sgrace the Protestant religion.
There is still route Christianity iu
Protestantism. Not only has Protes
tant Christendom officially repudiated
Kluxism. 1 ut to their credit be it said,
here are individual Protestant min
sters even in this county who will
not have the Ku Kiux visit their
htirches even though they may bring
•‘CRlfcil offerings! *
The 23rd of Gctoler is the anni
versary of the day my young brother
gave his life upon the battlefields of
France. He was an Annapolis High
School boy. and with other Annapolis
toys of all races and creeds, he glad
ly volunteered to give his all for the
ideals of America. Aud 1 am glad
tnd proud that he did. even though
he is always missed In our home
where his absence will be felt for life.
There was no Ku Kiux Klan offering
themselves for sacrifice and service;
there wan no sneaking and spying
eecause of creed or color, no distiuc
'ion or discrimination because of a
uan's religion, no question of Jew or
Jentile. Catholic or Protestant, but
T uddies” iu the trenches and at
home. The spirit of those days was
>hot, love, sacrifice, united in one
‘ rotherhood for the cause of Atner
ca. And did not the victory of Am
erica show w hat united Americans
.an do! Can this glorious thing be
hj easily forgotten? And when we
remember and live over those days.
i?ul recall what the “doughboys" told
*f the way they were treated by the
lifferent relief organizations, it
must be remembered that they had
noth lug but praise for the Salvation
Vrmy, the Red Cross, the K. C.’s, the
Icwish Welfare, but wholesale com
plaint for the “Y," which is neither
Catholic nor Jewish nor negro, but a
Protestant auxiliary. 1 bring this up
not to depreciate the **Y” wholesale,
which is a wonderfully good and use
ful organization, and cannot be
blamed for individual profiteering
.lone by “Y" war-workers, but to
mint out to Protestants the fallacy
>f the Ku Kiux id'M of Solf-aancUfi
catlon and snobbery. In arrogating to
themselves "pure Americanism" and
pure Christianity GOI) forgive the
Aside from the fact That the Ku
Kiux Klan is antl-Catholie, anti-Jew-
Isit and anti-Negro, the mob-lntcntion
•I' tlie tiling is intolerable. It Is an
Insult to American police institutions,
in affront to American laws. There
nay bo corruption in our police,
ibusc of our laws, trut the way to
.•orrect that is not by outlawry. Am
ericans must stand by tludr iustitu
lions and correct wrongs from within
according to the law, not by mob?
from without.
We need efforts to ‘bring people
closer together, not drive them upaTt;
e need harmony anck co-operation,
sympathy and friendship, not jeal
ousy, bigotry, suspicion aud hate.
Take Annapolis, with Its small sub
•irls and little country districts where
icoplo have lived together, done busi
icss. inter-married, lived, worked.
bod together in ucighborliaesa for
“Open Sesame!”
' * '' '' . < Glttlih /*t||i*i i
/\ LI BABA murmured the magic words, the cavern ,dopj ' * v
x \ swung open and costly treasures lay at his feet. J f j
. * • v* f Ml •
You, too. have an “open sesame” to the treasures of.the world.
Read the advertising and you open the door to countless com
forts ami conveniences you otherwise w'ould miss. For adver
tising will spread before you the product of fields, looms and
factories the world over—things that make life easier, happier,
more interesting and more fruitful for you and your family.
' The rois no questioning the real ‘benefits that come from regu- *
!at and systematic reading of the advertising columns. No
other one thing win give you such economy and keen satisfac
tion in every-day buying.
Ajh*c! Using is far too important to be overlooked.
It* t
■•m . . I
* • - * ■'-j *
Read it every day. It is a
profitable practice.
, i
JZ——_ : (
years, with amiable toleration and no • i
actually bitter differences, —but with i 1
the 'pread of the Ku Kiux Klan this':
is going to be broken up. Attacked j:
by suspicion, discrimination and Mg- \
utry. there will te retaliations and -
hate and anger will spread until only
GOD kuows where It will end
Put I hate faith that the real Am- j
ericaua and real Christians of the
country will not let these things corue j
to pass. I
(uee Eva Dorsey Cam.
Anna (Hills. Md.. Oct. 31. 1922.
■: i
* -r
Dr. Lyman Abbott, who died on Oe
- 11 tuber 22. was one of America's great
• i spiritual leaders. He was writer, edi
■ tor. publicist and minister. And al-j
1 ways an Iqspirationalist. What he j
I said assured him a following among |
1 the churches. What he wrote will as-!
• sure him a place In American Litera- 1
. ture. For he was a Constructionist.;
; He believed in building things up; 1
; not tearing them down. He taught
; 1 Christianity of universal service.
His theology was one of Faith, Hope ]
m and Love. He taught the need of
rCourage not Creeds, Reverence uot |
I Dogma, Service not Piety. Every
t where is the mark of simplicity. And
s |of sincerity.
1 He succeeded to the pulpit of a
-jgreat man. And became greater than
- I the great man himself. Not as a
5 : preacher. Few men could excel Henry
2 Ward Beecher there. But as a Writer
c He took as his pulpit the printing
i. (press; as his congregation the rcad-
I I ers of a weekly magazine. Here his
c| in tight into the solving of spiritual
t ! problems became a household prop-!
Deny. Ai Editor and contributor
•i ito the "Outlook" he built it into a
r j spiritual ontlook for thousands. Fot
- | lie knew how to think. Aud to help
r' others with his thinking. Ho knew
' how to build faith where despair had
9 i been; understanding where doubt
•! had begun; courage where fear had
-, grown. For above all lie was an in
i' , spi rationalist. He was a man who
5 Built Up.
u It is characteristic of him In hav-
V j Ing once said "He who denies the
- Brotherhood of Man denies the Fatli-
, r rhood Of God." He found HlO test
J of Christianity through service of
0 ; one's fellow man. He was an apostle
of Co-operation, a missionary of the
u Greatest God for the Greatest Num
- j her.
11 ! What has been called tlie greatest
11 of his books is the simplest. It is
'• called “The Home Builder.” It is not
e! 1 religious book. And yet it is the
1 most religious of all. It Is a eulogy
0 of the Mother. It is eulogy, descrip
' j tlou and explanation mixed in one.
• It has the beauty of simplicity, tlie
B force of originality, a style of charm.
f ; It .stands, out as especially significant.
(Because it bears the stamp of Lyman
e Abbott.
I Personally he was kiud. helpful,
l *; friendly. I think I know. For I was
-1 once his neighbor. He seemed the
spirit of Courage—of that Courage
- that goes on triumphant "even unto
6 Death." It expressed Itself in every
- mannerism. But best of all in- his
1- writing
r There he revealed himself ns few
men have his understanding of 1
Chiistiantir, his estimation of useful
ness. his appreciation of the things
men live by. What he was had a
habit of revealing itself It is pre
eminent in his writings. It is above
all a spirit rich in insight inspiring in i
beauty, and strong in tsith. it is n •
spiritual landmark of the Twentieth
Mvr ni*l Furnace \Vrl> n special! jr.—
Tinning. Rooting, Spouting and
IMtunbing Repair.
I 105 Compromise St. Fhoue 435-.1
Farmers National Huai, et ul.
C'bauce Marine Const ruettou Company.
No. 1670 Equi.ty.
In the Circuit Court for Aunc Aruudcl Co.
Ordered, by the Circuit Court for Anne
Aruudcl. la Equity. this 23rd day of Oc
tober. I!' - .-.*, tiiat the aforegoing Report
and Account of Janie* Alum-pe and
Nicholas It. Uracil. Iluvtwrs. lie flinty}
ratitied and continued, uuic*i cause to lue
• eoutrary be showu on or before the
i Crowded, a copy of this order be pub
lished at least three times on or before the
3d dsy of November, next. In tie livening
IvOltliliT MOSS, A J.
True Copy. Test:
WM. N. V. OODWAKD. Clerk.
In the Matter of the Sale of the Mort
gaged Real Estate of Dorothy l).
Graves and Husband.
No. tote Equity.
| In the Circuit Court for Anne Arundel Co.
! Ordered, this 21th day of O'tobrr, 1922.
, that the Report and Account of the Audi
! tor. tiled Itis day in the above entitled
i cause, be rat I tied and continued, utile
, | cause *o the eoutrary thereof be shown on
or before the
2#th DAY or .NOVEMOI.K, M.\T;
Provided, a copy of this order be Inserted
In some newspuper published in Anne
Arundel county, once in each "f three sin
cesslve weeks before the 20* li day of
November, next.
True Copy, Tent :
Notbe is hereby given that the guh
ssribers. of Anno Arundel county, have oh
, talncd from the Orphans’ Court of Anne
Arundel County, lu Maryland. Letters Teß
: tuinentary on the personul estate of
. j late of Anne Arundel countr. All persons
having claims against the deceased ore
hereby Warned to exhibit the same, with
the vouchers thereof, to the subscriber on
or before the
wth day of February, 1923.
They may otherwise, by law, be exe)tided
from all beoelit of said estate. All per
( sons indebted to said estate are requested
to make immediate payment,
Given under our hands this Bth dav of
August, 1922.
WILLIAM II MOSS ... - Auctioneer .
By authority of the owner. I will offer to
public sale at No. 11*9 l'riace George street. |
Annapolis. Maryland, on
Thursday, November 2, 1922,
Commencing at 10:20 A. M.
the following household furniture:
One parlor *uit. library table, lamps
electric table lamp, dining room table and
chair*, one book rack, lot picture*, one
),dcc:i*e atd writing desk combined, 7
rug*, wash stands, white Iron bed*, mat
tresses and springs, one ball rack, refrig
crator. mirror, chairs, one *tugle ward
r >Pe. bedroom elmlrs. lot of blanaet* and
comfort*, lot dtshe*. lot of glassw-.
• •x.king utensil*. one kitchen table, chif
fonier. one leather rocker, several *uisll
tables, pillow* and spread*, lot of win
dow shade*, curtains, portiere*, silver
ware, lot of binik*. and other articles too
I mimeron* to mention.
TERMS OE S\l.K :—Cash. Goods to be
1 paid for before moving suin'*.
Agent for Owner.
To Whom II May Concerns
This is to notify all persona owning
property on Thompson street. Murray
avenue * and Calvert stn-et that these
streets are to be Improved at once.
All water and gas pipes and sower*
mast be laid for renewed) before the im
provements are made, ns it will not be
permissible to dig tip these streets for a
period of live (5) year*.
|sy Order of the Mayor. Counselor aid
City Commissioner
Bussed Sept. 25. 1922
IVsrk Called For and Promptly Delivered I
PnOXE 552-M.
•to WEST BT. 524
W. B. & A. Electric
Ha if-Hourly Service Morning and Evening
Between Annapolis. Baltimore att d
Washington and Camp Meade
(Washington anil Camp Meade
passenger* change st Naval
Academy Junction.)
West Rtreet (Motion
5.10. X&.50, 11.20, xf1.50. x 7.50, 8 20, 9.20.
in.2o. 11.20, A. M . 12.20. 1.20. 2.20. 8.30.
1.20. x4.r.n, 0,20. 0.20, 7.00, 8.20. 10.2tt.
11.20. I*. M.
Leave Naval Academy Gate 10 ml notes
earlier; State House Station. Bladen
Strpct ud College Avenge, semi (7)
minutes earlier.
Connecting at Oden ton with I*. R. K.
Bladen Street Station
5.2*) A V. and half-hourly thereafter at 20
and 60 minutes after each ho*ir until
0.60 1* M.. then at 7.6*1. 8,60. it,6o. 10.60,
and 11.60 I*. M.
6.?0 and 6.60 A. M. (rains dally except
6.35. 7.25, 8.35. 9.35, 10.35, 11.35, A. If.,
12 33, 1.35, 2.35, 3.35, xt 06. 1.:6. x 5.06,
6.35. 6.35, 7.36. 9.35, 11.85, I*. M , 12 33.
A. M.
All trains receive or discharge passengers
at local poiuta betaraeu Annapolis and
Nava) Academy Junction and at Ship
ley and Llnthicuui on signal.
Howard and Lombard St*.
3.15 A. M. and half-hourly thereafter at 15
and 45 minutes nfter each hour until
6.15 I*. M., then nt 7.15, 8.15. 9.15. 10.15,
11.15. P. M.. and 12.15, A. M
6.15 and 5.46 A. M. trains dally except
t 00. 0.45. 8.00, 9.00, 10 00, 11.00 A. M., 12.00
1.00, 2.00, 3.00. xr.,30. 1.00, *4.30, 0.00.
6.00. 7.00, 9JKI, 11.<M) P. M., 12.10 A. U
x—Daily except Sunday.
for tickets and Inform atlou apply at our
•!ty ticket office*: West Street Station,
Carvel Hall. Short Line Station, Bladen
•poatlag. Bbeet Metal and Hist# Werb
T<> add a new Motion to Article 25 of
the City Code of Annupolla. to follow im
mediately after Section ‘Si, aud to he
known as Section 23-A.
Section 1. He it established and ordain
ed by the Mayor, Counselor and Alder
men yf the City of Annapolis that a new
ac tion be added to the City Code of An
napolis, U> follow Immediately uftcr Sec
tion 23. of Article 26. to In- known us Sec
tion 23-A. and to read as follows:
Section 23-/ . Every person applying for
:i permit to build a garage, or other build
ing hi which an automobile Is kept, or for
a building which may be used for the
storage of hay, grain or other inflammable
material, shall state the character of the
building to In- erected when so applying,
and no permit shall be granted lu such
cases unless it is plainly stated that su.-h
building shall be constructed as follows
the walls and roof shall be entirely of
metal, brick, cement, tile or other non
comhustlble substance, except that the
frame may be of wood. and tin- doors may
1m- of wood: it shall be unlawful to ere-t
any building of the character Indh-ateq in
tin* ordinance or to u**- any building not
now used for the purpose c.v cpt It on
Torn i* to tb- requirements of t J,t j
uunce Any violation ~l M,i a ordluau-e
Sloill lw? t>uni*h“d l*b :< tin*- of p.-,. ,j fl i
( ars for the Orst nffeu*" a ud from ten to
tvpnf\ dollars for ea> *• -anbaequout of.
frr3 to be recovered u 3 Bnes and cost*
arc now recovered
Section 2 And be it further established
and ordained tiiat all ordinances nnfl r.ar s
ot ordinance* tncomrlatent with this ordi
nance are hereby lepesl^'l
Section 3 And h tt established and
ordained that fids ordinance sba’t ta't tt
!*■ * from the dat* of its passage.
Approved Oct 13. 1922.
City Clerk. n j 3
Photographic Portraiture
Commercial Photography
S* STATE LUIILL. most 973. J
Contractor aijj KtjHJrr
Shop; 149 Gloucester 8t„ AssspsUt, Aid.
*" "** * *
Waiting—“ Why do they call this
course “piece de resistance?” Waiter
—“Wait till you try it.”—Puppet.
Between ,
Store, blue poi ki-tbe-- V *
Hcturn to 12U Oi.nrli * \(1,
LOUT 1 ki aTiit
;tt St. John s c .....
ovonsMt, || f v j,
Howard i* •
ofTii tv 4 I ‘ Uv,i ’
*lnvt: all me.i,., ~ V " ’
Apply 161 I.
FOR *\ 1 I
Star <4l ri p . -
I’rie.. .*■ , all K , M -
lR SAM On,. !i,u ~ , TT —■
Apply Yin preiitis. v
FOR BAl.E—ltutigni /
'few Height h , hi
time IL J w. _
IllSUratleo, gt 5e11.,!.! Mr ,l,
I'UII BALE Wheeler
machine. \-- y. in , , ' .
Apply 21 Nurthv - -
FOR >VI E I i.-Ul r. ~ „
eb‘elrieit>. Large ..., \" ■ hat.
•*t ncct. l*i Ice $1.7,10 ~ u *
N". .**l Wc*t *treel I’ri. ,■ \ .
brick *torc and <lw. :ii t ... -
l#t B'l klain
• uliwt. Easy terms .1 i.i , ;! i
Sell. !< School v-ttee
For -VI *
*'• half .ol d : Buy h-ngt t, i
l OR -Ml
I'iuc. l'liotio
FOR *\i i
•freer. Apply within.
lot; RENT Large
idshed room. Ex. client unit'll',
like atmosphere. Apph Cl ,
‘OR RENT Dweitm.
monthly. Apply s. ,i. w ,
Estate ami liisurnni. _ | .
FOR It *n i Dwelllui
Apply 108 Main stris-t
lililic.l; for geutlcuieu ; Murr.iv m i
C 2, Gapilnl office.
FOR RENT l ive rcn. cm- \ ",
I- Kotxln, 109 Cotnproml*. sir.-.!'
FOR REN r I'lirnlsh- d r...*n i ; ~
family: lady or geptleaisn * .
Vcnieriee*. Appl) In* n, Hr h-s
l"B *I NT li
Apfdy 109 We*i MftpS-.-t.
IOR REM Nice I \ furri*!,. ;
Boor apartmen) ; stnw , - -
*•*'•* from Naxal ,\ , iem
Maryland avi-uu
lOX RENT Individii il, all
villi cement tli.i.r*. . 1.-.-trl jigiit,
water. Kntrun.'e on Huicwr tr.-ei ,
the liiulu gale. Apply No 5 .Mir-1e,,,
a\ enuc.
tv,', vi KD lisp
reference. Apply l Oklahoma 1. rr..
R Oil ED Itellatrtc won
housework and live with fuiully Appl
I Murray avenue. at
v* %N1 ED Room
< cuple in re lined private f.iuilP : mu
be *els-t. State ti rm Address I
i Capital office. \
Cooper. Wnrdour. Telephone id
polls. Ghs heater retailing for St Cost
cent Uii hour to burn and li
enought to cook. Condon. l-V'.tl 9
I’ratt. Baltimore.
BOH HALE OR IM A I i’ w Dim.
• client tone. Applv t I'nuih- riind t
We desire to thank our relathe
friciida for the many kiiulii-*!•■ - ■ '
Airing oar ttctni ben vein*
death of our hu*hand and fall.*-:. J
Holland, and to express apprt >'
the beautiful troiai trihute* seat
time of hi* funeral.
Mother and son.
M i;s. limuM'.
Notice 1* hereby given that t!j'
Briber, ot Anne Arundel County
tained from the Orphans’ Court ■ '' 1
Arundel county, in Marylun-i Letter* .
ciliary Administration on tin ;
tat-* of
late of Tue*on. Ar4*-na, de- ease-.
|rt-rsons having claim* again*: ' (
ceased arc hereby warned f" ‘ ■ 1,1
same, with the voucb&is thereof,
sulrscriber r*n or b*-fore th*-
eth DAY *4 MAY. 7-3-
Tliey may otherwise, bv law, he ''i‘
from all hcnellt of said es'.r
sons Indebted to said estat*- a- 1 hi-'
to make Immediate payin'-"*
Given under my iiand thi* •
October. 1922.
Ancillary \duii***~ 1 ...
Notice is hereby gl'cn *' ‘ ‘
sertber. '•! Anne Arundel ' ~ .
tsinpd fr**ni *bc OrpUnu?' ‘ V r '.. - i>-
4rnnd*’l County, in Maryland L
♦anentary on ♦!•* per?-:- 1 r?'*
M VP' r mom •
la'e of Aare Aroa-Jt 1 - u’-" *
-T?* v®?sena b* v t*-g - ])!'"? ■ ...
’ ar r Cereb- warn* ! *•• ‘ r ,
seme, n-|ttj i|f *oii r Vt" th rt
suhe* fiber on'or tf'-r • “
?lt DAY Of Ftßß'-Uil 1?
They nay otherle*. t
from all lr*>i*?ttt <-f said
!>'*ns indebted to said Mta" jr* ' •
to make tmfjlate pay rod** . ..
Given under uiy hand thi* >■''
August. 1922 tr> , TH rIT
8-17-td. Administratrix - ;L. 1
Notice is hereby given * j •,
scrlber. of Anne Arun-iel cou" *- , A , n
tained from the Orphans ‘ •
Arundel county, in Mary,an d - , ,
Administration on th*- pt-rsoßaJ
te*e of Anne Aruudci veunty. .
All peraous having • iairos •*•--■* h „.T. • ■
ceased are hereby v arced - y ,j.-
satne. with the v->u‘’b r r* th .
aubacrlber on or b*for‘- the
They may otherwise, by ■**• ‘\]j per
from all benefit of said * tat '
sons indebted to said ' aT * T ' 1
to make immediate payment. , , v ,f
Given under mi hand ttii" 1
July, 1922. taYLOK.
JOn - AdoiiniMtster-

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