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burning (ItfipitaJ 11
1884 1922
.* N'Ut' 01.1 *. Mn. ;
I hMni*d IHHIy Rx**ept Snndij hr
I* mt tats tit hi# pines*:
firorg* W. Jen*** .... t'*4 Main xtrset
William 4*stoul|w :S4 West Street
t 1 J. vi*.. .. ...71 >!nryUm<t Are.
(hat. O. Iftltttnrrn :si M.irylsnU Are.
M fl*HWtd OwrflvfWnwry" Kl*b <i*oire kt.
Wllflam mkr„ l4U A'<t h C:ithsdrat te*.
W. It. As A. Ncwmusu. Khsrt I.ln# T^n#!a i
M. .Miller... JZi VI V*r Si-re.*-
N. Alamtria, ’l'bir<l A Severn Arc. Msstpsri
Ifr. t han. • is. Henkel...?! Sierrmtui v*r
Detlre ■ i to Annapolis, R*n>rt. O#-
raantowp a:ul V'<-w AunsjMHt* iiy carries
for 45 eet,t per tiat’in.
y<H ran litre itie lA’I'SIX*. I'.tHTAI.
mr\llxl iii yon irl,'n •:■) ftnm ilir ritj
li* laavlri: vonr wiki# .-inil ait.trftM at Ilia
oflt,*, fftt *•" rv-titr i<*r inatilii; Sa.QQ per
rest, payable In an* • e. in *ur postoffi.'*
Itl III# 4 nlinl Sr.ifc i.r f':ui;nlii.
DnHrH a* *-•*•, i.nV. i'wrnAl<e am
Member nf Ttn V.Mclated I’reee
The Aanrl.lie I l*rr*e U i-xrln
alt fly enillleil in Ihe nae Tor r-
IlUblU f ••• • tin'll W
♦ or lou ..u—i"*iki‘ rreillirtl in
Hit* paj • new a
litltVllaP'”' !i'ftn til rlplila nf
re - ptihlli-aHo*- f aortal flit
lißScfr* hrnii .re also tmervhl. I
gSB-asarrr r.- - -*• * - -—r r—~~=—rr-. acss
\ tlJt IMim W. N’-IVivMIIKU 24. 1*22.
—— . -
ritfflAl. TEST'S FOB ST. J4HIN*S
*Sofdrint if over h.x* football cn-|
thtisiasm in local realms hern at
higher pitch thmi it i- today. On:
th* cvc of the service clash bc-|
tween the Navy and Army I
teams, in Philadelphia, and the;
St. John’s-Jlopkins fray, in Bal
timore, local supporters of the;
two Annapolis elevens are verit
ably thinking, living, breathing,!
talking and dreaming football, and
lor them tonight indeed will he a!
long, long night. On the morrow, j
however, this pent-up enthusiasm |
will lie let loose in lively fashion ;
both in the Quaker City and at;
Homewood Field.
While it has been the custom]
in former years for the greater]
jiart of the local rooting contitt-!
gent to attend both ganies, this]
year, of courge, such action is im-]
possible because they arc being
staged the same day. But whether
tin* local fan elects to jour
ney to Franklin tField or to
Homewood it is certain that his
interest and allegiance will be. so
far as possible, in both places at
the same time. A victory for
both the Navy and Sp John’s is (
the consummation devo u t 1 y
wished, and such a “happy end*
ing” to tomorrow’s foottsmll story
will bring much joy’ to the
Ancient City by the Severn.
Navy will face W est Point j
with a team that has met with
but one reverse throughout the
whole season. Such excellent
elevens as Bucknell, Georgia
Tech and Penn State have been
laid law by the Middies, and the
only blot on the escutcheon is
that administered hv l niversitv >
of Pennsylvania. However, de
feat of the Army tomorrow* will
wipe out all memories of the
Pennsylvania encounter. West
Point undeniably has a top
notch trams this war. as cvidcnc-:
eil by the tied games with Yale
and Notre Dame, hut despite the
imposing showing ot the*Armv
lads, the feeling is strong in this
section that the Navy will rise to
. the emergency and again lower
the colors of the cadet* from up
Hudson-river wav.
St. John’s will journey to
wood tomorrow with a record of
five victories ami one defeat dur
ing the playing of this season’s
games. W ashington College. Geo.
Washington Cnivershv, Mi. St.
Mary s. Drexel Institute and W est
ern Maryland already have been
tucked away b\ the Cadet eleven,
while the only team to take the
measure of the \nnapolitans was
that representing Dickinson.
Although the Orange and Black
lost to Dickinson. IS to 2. the fact
must not he lost sight of that this
year the Dickinsonians have one of
the best elevens turned out at that
institution in a g aod mam rears.
When the dope-chart is carcutliv
perused, it shows that Dickinson
defeated Swarthmo: e. 27 to 7. and
an inkling of the strength of • <
Swarthnjore i< clc .rly gained w hen i
it also is shdwn that the l niversitv !
of Pennsylvania hem Swarthmore :
bv a 14-7 score and that Princeton
was played to a 22 to M count hv
the Swarthmore eleven. And. *
bear in mind. l>ickiu*o defeated
the Quakers by larger 'cores than f
either Penpsvlvr.nia or Priivreion .
flirited the trick. t
Again. Die’ : :v a <! o f cate d *
Franklin and MarsUnil. Id to 7. *
while the Cniversity of Penns\l
vania was able t • trounce the lit- *
ter by only 14 to 0. 1* ranklin and
Marshall also cauv lack later and
heat Swarthmore. l‘> to 0. Inci- >
dentally. Dickinson and t*niversitv y
of Pennsylvania have been the onl\ d
teams to defeat the Lancaster,
team this year.
It is true that comparative*
scores in football count for very
little, but it also stands mu that. 1
taking the Dickinson game as rn
index of >i. John’s potential
strength, at least, tiic Cadet eleven
i* ent possessing much latent pow-|
cr and one that should give a g***dj
arenunt of i’.self when i face* its!
obi rival—Johns Hopkins—tomor-j
* While St. John’* was able nj
heat Western Maryland last Satur
r- v b* the margin of only one
vbttchdoß'a. the 35-0 defeat meted
•/'? Westminster lads bv thoQMack
:..td Blue two week* before may
<.fgm formidable ns comparative
-cores go. But it must tie* taken
ir.-o consideration that St. John s
undoubtedly was not showing anv
thing more than was absolutely
necesarv in that fray, for Hop
kin* scouts a-plenty were said to be
■watching the play.
In Johns Hopkins the St.
John’s eleven will find, as in for
mer soars, a foeman worthy of
it* steel. The Black and Bine,
• although defeated (.3-0) by the
l I’ttiversity of 'Maryland last
t week end. has a strong defensive
eleven and one that also ha*
shown considerable offensive
power in some of its games. St.
John's on the other hand, prob
ably has one of the best attacks
in the State, the stellar work of
its lugh-class backfield standing
out prominently in all of the
games so far played, and confi
dence reigns supreme up at the
| old college that both the attack
land defense of the Orange and
Black team will be able to more
than cope with all Hopkins has
:to offer.
Should St. John's win tomor
row’* game, it w ill mean that the
i coveted Maryland Fooilkill
C hampionship title will come to
{Annapolis, and if the Navv team
i defeats the Army, it will bo ac
-1 claimed one of the very l**st teams
•in the country. But, win or lose,
jw e are confident that both St,
j John’s and Navy will fight to the
I last ditch, and in victory or defeat
j the loyal, ardent rooters of the
teams will stand fast and true.
Best of Navy 1
Bring home that title. St.
! John’s!
—iL wsL
t *' " f
(font!nn#.l from t.)
jj St- John’s ftridriers were on rhesr
t loos yfisierrtr.y. Contrary to expeeta
i ions, llohan rovorsod the order of
i.iitrrs hv allowing his fiupils io trot
. i ’•' ■> brief periods of aerlmmarting in
1 rrdrr io carry out the day's program
fir lioth offensive and defensive work.
These brief periods were marked
by lively mixups against the strons
femiis, and llohan expressed much
pttintaetion with the manner in which I
the team went nhout its work. All of
the regulars now nre in top form
Ccin. Ilidgely, Sleeker and Alexander
hi vine recovered entirely from
hntisrs received in the Western
Maryland st-tio Inst Saturday.
Nobs Hot A Chance
iMrinx the scrimmaßinß. all of the
first substitutes were Riven a chance
for n workout in the repnlnr Une-up
Although Feinborß, the hip center,
has recovered from a foot Injury sus
tained several weeks apo, llohan an
nounced that he had not definitely de
eidei wl.o will fill the position ; the
st irt Of the pame. Perry, who was
fhifted from tackle, played a mighty
strong game there In Feinberß’s ab
, scnce and it is practically a toss-up
between the two.
It is regarded as practically certain,
that Kid Norris will start at Quarter
in place of Harley, the former Hop-
It’s Grandmother’s Recipe To
Bring Back Color and
Lustre to Hair
* ..
Von can turn pray, raded Ivair beau
tifully dark and lustrous almost over
night if you*ll get a bottle of • ’A'ycth’s
Saac and Sulphur Compound” at any
drug store. Millions of bottles of this
oi.l famous Sage Tea Rpcipo. im
proved by the addition of other in
gredient*. are sold annually, says a
well-kootrn druggist here, because it
dirk*ns the hair o naturally and
evcaiy tha? no.ono can tcli it jias
been applied.
Those whose hair is turning gray
or becoming faded have a surprise
awaking tlieni. because after one or
two applications the gray hair van
ishes and your locks become luxur
iantly dark nud beautiful. “
This is the age of youth. Qray
hoired, unattractive folks aren’t
wanrod around, so get busy with
V.ycih's Sage and Sulphur Compound ;
to-night and yon’ll be delighted with*
yvir dark, handsome hair and your
youthful appearance within a few
IEI fy/L’nKfj CAPIV.vL, Aa'CaPOLIA, Z\i akVLa'.CD, aOVF.MBFR 2i, lt*22. >
American History
It; T. P. r.reea
\U\ b MULU 21
South Carolina S ate. Coti
vontiou. apssin'r the nullifica
tion ordinance, threatened to
secede on November 24. 15.22
Battle of Lookout Moan ai:i. !
or "Baule Above th* C!o*?d-.*’ 1
fought on November 21. lßtt3.
Federal retreat under Sena
fteld reached Columbia. Term., 1
where h stand was made, on
November 24.
Sherman bnrned mills.fo tn
dties and works at ltonie. Ga..
on Novemlter 24. 1804.
France* Hodgson Burnett,
author, horn; Cass Gilbert. .
architect, born; Samuel A.
Hitchcock. American philan
thropist, died; William B. As- t
tor, died; and August Bel
mont. financier, <}ied. rc<pce- '
flvely, on November 24. 184 P,
isr.9, 1R73. 1875. and 185*0.
kins player, who is ineligible. Kelso
is running a disc race. The rest of
the team remains intact, with Ander
son and Bnnfifld. ends; Alexander
sod Barger, tackles: Stecker and Lon
ger. guards, and Captain Kirkpatrick.
Cain and Hobo Ridgely %he back
flobl trio.
“Watch Kirkpatrick and Ridgely,”
tie ulngan reported from the Hopkins
training* popped into St. John’s head
quarters last night, li tnot with the
prompt response: “Thev‘l! have more
than that to watch.”
Ofificiuls For tig me
TXficials for the game have been an
nounced. The referee will be Dwyer,
of Notre Dame, who refereed the Hop
kins-ilaryland clash. Farrier, ot
Trinity. "jll be the umpire; David-
jPT No cure for it, but welcom* •
m \ relief is often brought by—
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rop for Winter Use I
urnace heat in hou*e cellar* make* an outside cellar nec- *• 1
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iter necessities You can build a Concrete storage cellar £
t will save crops that be spoiled without i. A good J
ign is shown above and we will furnish full detail plans of
h which you can build it yourself. Or we wit! put you in '"S
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Paul Peterson
Jones Sta., Md.
Fon. of G<orgetown. field judge, and
Sigrftan. of Lafayei le. head linesman
pon. of Georgetown, field judge, and
Sigifian. of Lafayeite. head linesman
hbluet iiwease Are Two Baugeran-
F.ir lanapolU Peopk* To NerL*<t.
Tl.p groat danger of kidney troubles
is that they so often get a firm hold
before the sufferer roengui/.es them.
Health will oe gradually undermined.
Backache. headache, ttc-wonsness.
Inmenesß, soreness, htmbago. urinary
| troubiea. dropsy, girvel aid Bright's
disease may follow as the kidneys get
worse. Don't neglect your kidneys.
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PilD, which are so strongly recom
mended right here in Annapolis.
Mrs. Reltecca Connell. 29 Hoi kind
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ply ask for a kidney remedy—get
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Co., Mfrs.. Buffalo. N. Y.—(Adv.l
Enrich the Diet
• When the diet is deficient 5
i in health -building vita- |
S mines, children and adults |
I suffer in body and strength, f
Scott’s Emulsion
| of pure cod-liver oil abounds J
* in health-building |
l> vitamines, If the I
I v,w' body is run doum in I
| il vitality, add the |
5 pure vitamine - rich- jj
| ness of Scott’s Emulsion to |_
!the diet. It builds up health. |
Scott it ownt Mtoomtif.d N.j. 2J-?' §
SassKanapasaMßwos. sou■
invalid* &
The Original Food-Drinfc for All Arm-
OuickLonrh at Home Office
Rich Milk, Mai ted Grain Extract in Pow
derfc Tablet forms. Nouri*hing-No cooking.
MT Avoid Imitations and Sabotituter
To mid a new so-gioa to Article 25 of
die Oliy Code of Annapolis, to follow Im
mediately nftor Section 28. and to he ■
knot* it: us Section 28-A.
Section i. Ho. it established and ordain-!
0.l h> ilie Mayor.' Counselor and Alitor-j
men of tHo I'ttjf of Annapolis that a now :
section Is- adilo.t in tlio illy Code of An
napolis to follow immediately after See-1
tlou 2H. of Art into Vo. to lie known as See- j
tioti 23-A. and to read av follows:
Section 28-.- lively person applying for;
n permit to build a garage. or other build- i
lug in wld.-li an automobile la kept, or for
a Imitifrnp whi.-li ntay lie used for the
storage of liny, prnin or other inflammable
material, shall state the character of the
huildinp to he erected when so applying,
and no permit shall be granted ia shell
ease* yinfess it Is plainly stated that stt.-li
tNilldinc sitall he eoustrneted as follows:'
the walls aud roof shall Ih> entirely of
metal. liriek. cement, tile or oilier non
eombiistible substance. except that the
frame may be of wood, aud the doors may
be of wood; it shall lie unlawful to croet
any building of the character indicated in
tltis ordinance or to use any building not
now used for the purpose except it con
forms to the requirements of this ordl
naner. Any violation of this ordinance
shall be pvtiishod w}th a flue of fire dpi
lars for the first offense, anil from ten to
twenty dollars for each subsequent' off
fettge. to be recovered .a* linen and | costs
are ~,\v recovered.
Secflon And be l't fun her established
vxt iii'iiained Hint nil ordlnonccg and (<(trtis
of ordinances inconsistent with this unit
donee are hereby repealed.
Section 5. Aud, he it • established and
ordained that this ordinance shnll take cf
feet front the dale' of itrf passage;
Approved <M. 1.2, 1422.
svMrni. .voxns.
Vitest: Mayor.
City Clerk. i1 r
Itlds will lie received by tticCity Clerk
t.mll IV o'clock noon, Haiiirdny. Novem
ber Vo. for 100 linear fi'et of coii.-retc curb
Mid gutter, more or less, on Southgate
Avenue. Cor further Information. :nplv to
VV. if. V \ .SHAN'T.
hVI City Commissioner.
~ 11 11 1 ’I
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ns i)ver. Ot|r priced enrtnot lie
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j Remington f*ninp Ifl.tHl
' j Water Double- Ihirrcl. It.gauge likOO
rarl.ee Rro., Ithaca and
Other Jtrands, ;
Special price on qunnMly loaded
. J.fV*"WMgf&Vi .repair tilt kjndn sit
191 MAIN ay. IMIOMI iim-g,
Gi'orgettit M. Gale
Susan M. Anspacb. et. al.
No. 330 Kqttity.
In the Circuit. Court for Anne Arundel Co
Ordered, this 21th day of November.
10W. that the sale of the property men
tioned in these ixroeeedlngs (being a pur;
of Belie Grove Karmf, utitde and reported
bv Lillian S. A. Kee<h and Georgio M.
Gale, Trustees, be ratified anti cottlirnied
tinlets cause to the contrary thereof be
shown ’on or before the
Provided, a copy of this ord.*r be inserted
in soui)' newsiMtpor published in Aurte
Arundel county, ouey in each of three sue.
ecsslve weeks before the Vdth dnv of De
oembor. next."
Tit*- report states the amount of sales to
WM, X,. WOODWARD. Clerk,
True Copy. T5-iM : * *.T
M M. N. WOODWARD. Clffrfc^
Gcraldiue boring Moore , ,
*•5 V J
Nelson lluel Moore.
No. 31! Divorce*.
in tlr 1 Circuit Court for Anne Arnadel Co
The object of this suit is to procure a
i!o..c*.„ f.,r divorce a viu-ttlo matrimonii
from the dcfemlnnt. Nelson Hart Moore.
The hill states that ttic plaintiff, Her
abilne Norma Moore, was married to the
d< fondant. Notion Hue! Moore. In the City
of Annapolis. on tjie 7tll da> of .Itine, CHS;
That. day or so after the sh:<l n.ar
ringe. the said defendant. Nelson I’.eel
Moore, deserted the plaintiff without just
cause, and has not contrib lit ml to ‘;.it
support and maintenance since the <|e
aorilon. which took pin * about turee mi |
;i half years ago.
That the defendant's desertion of the
plaintiff was deliberate, and that the
separation is flnul and without i, vive of
That the defendant's. Nelson P.ticl
Moore, address when last heard of w
flrwoliljß, New York.
It is thereupon this loth day of Notem
l(cr. 1322, ordercl by the Circuit Court for
-Vatu* Arundel Comity, that the piniat'fi.
by caitring a: copy of this order to lte in
serwd in some newspu|ter puhPshed in
said County, oui-e in each of three g-j.-c- .
vice weeks before the lth day of Decem
ber. 1924. give notice to the said <’■ G-nd
ant of the objtss and substance of this
bill, warning him to appear It: this Cenr-
In t eraoh or by solicitor, on or before tne
3jst day ot IlivriHlivr, next, to show cause.
'■{ any he has. why a decree ought not to
!e pa*cd as prayed.
' WM. V. WOODWARD, fieri;.
True Conv. Test :
Two scow# and a motorboat will be sold
by public auction at the Court iiou.o
*ioor at 12 ft'dtsk. -Kron. ..oveuiher VS •
13W. One s*ovv and motorboat can lie i
seep on south jde of South River ;tt I
Riverview I'erry. and the other uenw oe
the Severn River at Whiinev.'s Ferry
Terms of sale cash.
l!y order of
cor NT Y. MD. J
Wctvr Caused Blindness.
Afier In thing in e river ‘r. K.tst j <
'.fi-icst white J'.RRter’ noß<;i--.! f.op | !
**•! )•;•;.ry MtHtbn-f*: tc'.:'i;Hts<'i to It ! -
up t) raqise io*v:;!;;ir vtt*lW ip fR. ! |
D,. J.
For Q un Shells k ee
, PAROLE Telephone 126 AV
i To ISegut.tie \ etilcte I r.iltii :i C.ve streets,
laKra and \lley* of *l*e X tt>
of tßuatHao.
i He it ordained and enacted by the
1 Mayor, Counselor and Aide-men of me
1 *uV of Aunapo.i* thnt a stth article t*c
I a.oicd to ArUv.c /.* •; tllf t tty • C'Mic, to
1 fo..evv tmmettiatety ttic tast w'ctPMi m
! Min art tele, to e enutn-d "Vdltiav imt
tir,' aiwt to re.'Ul a* follows ?
tigrttnu I. “I tie wYit ''strvt> an ttacil
In tms sub-section snail a | qly to oil
streets, lnut-s au<t alleyb or itEuer tbor
orghfare.s .o the t'ity yl Auu.t;>qux,
I xln- worn *w nice, as tisist i.i tuiß suit
I section, shall v to all <•<*>') mes s
list'd in tnc't'if., of .VjtJtapoUp Him pro
, it,.,it'd In any way. and shall lliouuc
! lO'-ycics. ’
! .vit erdinaaecs or i.arta ol ordinances in
. eo.isis.cnt wftu inis snn-**ctlon are berr
; o> lepeaicoi; sncit ontlniinccs or parts of
j o.tß.o.ios'a widen arc not iiicouwsteut with
i tu.a Mtb'hH'Uou rent at it in tun lusts'.
vi oleif is parked within the meaning
j „r this sub-section wdten it la left unat
ti'urtcti by mu auttiorUed driver t*r licensed
o, orator . . ,
cm V. No parking shall be permit
too oa |M>rtlons ot tbc,sirts't Indicated by
to' -wa.vor, t.'otnist'lor and Aldertuct: ot tin*
i t t.v ot AnUH|n>lia, out the Mayor, cottu
,t st ,r anti AldtMliieu of the < tty of Anun
■ u may, lit its discretion gtaht permits
! to private persons to erect ' ji> parking
, l signs in certain designated places tit a
uunimmi) cuargti ot live dollars per mh
j ni.ni, stn-U signs to hate tlte same for,.a
, and elleot as M erts-ted by the Mayor
t'otinseior am! Aider.uctt ot the city of
Heoiiou 3. Parking hIihII !' allowed bin
[ cast side of Holland street, but not mi
west side, oxeept that portion of str-s'i
v im , wi'ea t'rltuc vreorgb and Johnsou l'lacc
• 1 llf tg parking Khali be allowed on east side
~ ox ltaiinait stree, and mu t*u vv'st side,
j tltsr pnrdi-dg a trail allowed on cast side
Ijt Mary'(inn. av> iiitc jiikl c*t on west side
.i'iiUiUtk 'hgll not he prt'iuitled on the f*t-
ItHeme streets parts ,if site,its); Holttu
sine , i 111m,teg street; east slue,of Frank
I n.t street ,I'rotn iiuren t tretc to t athedral
st reel ; cn-i side ot Green street; Fleet
street; t art oil s Alley: north side el' Com -
lit:l stris'tSchool stn'i t. from Cbtireli
Ilrcle l, |blii indlcaied i,y sign; or the
Inside of Mate t irclo.
•section t. Southeast bound lratl'ic only
. slotii ne pcritnmsi in l’>laden street feoin
College avenue to State'Circle.
Spc.toil A. l.'iyklng oil tne south side ot
, Clitu'ch ■'l relo, between l'rtnklln street
amt dke of tibnu'ostiT street, shall tie at
an angle of forty-five degrees t ttn - curb
' Nn stopping shall be | term it ti*,l wllliin ten
feet ,-t any itiiersectlng trn‘t, or within
’ flieeti feet of any ntv plug.
bin d. No repairs to any vtdilcb
' shall Im iimolo on Ole streets ol the city
except tlirtsc which itiity be necessary
tlii'oicrh an einei gettcy and In order to
make it prnelleab!,' lir st|c|i vehicle to
pir * i d.
Section 7. No pari.Tug or sioriug of vc
lllcies on the st feel s for a lunger period
that, two hours between tin' hours of
ivvtSve, midnight, mid live a. in., shall In
permitted, except by physicians engaged
in the practice of their profession or itti
oertakers pursuing their oectipalloli.
i Sev'tlon s. The Mayor shall Ituve (tower
!to stispend provisions ,of Half. ordinance in
! Heiatbrti to Hirking and to
reinergbltcy' rcgtflalioits as be bini"'ilfk-m
j 111 eessar.y pluriug! tile houra llleldeifl ,Jo
j some slhs-liG event #tr eejebrutjop. When +1
Is for Wit That tmmnial (riHlb' xtlll! tVsnll ;
>j,rt,vfidwd (luit notieo'iof such ircgulntJoyt
.•lutll be, puhtjHliod qt least forl.v-eight
hours before the sathw :m> (ilttivn in effect
if is an 4i |Ulhlleafb,n is prtteslenble. ,
, i O, ( ,Mt MJberjv of the iiolieo force
of votia j>,iis may. Ih t'hefr ’ dlVretlo'n, dl
rec; frame ill atieh :t t*amier' :as vvlM fa
elHljtle Ijaimq. Ivnd .prevent, eangestlon aip'
; fonda sMis'mJoief so -Ustasl rdUfl lutvC tlh
effi'ci of a (irovisifot of this ordinance.
Secuon Iti; Whenever airy vehicle is
parked or sio|t|,ed ott any street, lane, or
alley, both the front and rear wheels n# .;t
|;tp ihc sidewalk shall not be distant there
; from Store than twelve inches. ex,s't>t as
j ottierw'Tse |irovldoa| in liii!t„rri!niiiirc.
3|,fieitlrtn 11. It shall be iT*l:iwTbl‘for titiy
'Ly?jft!cle to follow or trail aov Jm app.trs"
1 im gfiibj: to a tire withiri&dwlwi of the
tali'.-, or to stop within of the
i *otpue tv-hen working diirini.jL ti: ;
;l >f.'ll<)ii 12. Ii shall be iilWi fullt,) wt|Kli
''HfTy vellh'le by means of wipir mafer t,H>
or by means of hose upon JL oflfec
’J streets, lanes or alleys of too S.
.Section 13. It slmli lie iiiilawTul to move
i or in any way tamper with any sign used
j In connection with this ordinance bv
I authority of the Mayor. Counselor anil
| .1 Mormon of the City >4 Annapolis or any
| of its agents or emplove<>s or nlai ing any
; sign designed to Mlfe.-f truffle without
I prope- authority.
Section 11. Whenever Are apparatus on
the way to a fire comes within vtew or
!trri"g. (t sit at I be the duty of nil drivers
. of vebicies to draw to the right hand or
the street and stoo until such ap pa rat us
It: s passed to a distance of 3<io feet.
> Section 13. Any person violating any
provision of this slmli be fined a
sum not less than two dollars or more
than twenty dollars, with coats in each
so. to be roeovered as lines for violations
Of ordinances are now recovered.
Section Id. Aud he it enacted and or
''allied that this ordiuance shall take ef
fect December 1. 1022.
Approved April 51. 1022.
Ain -n.led November 20, 1022.
Ae*C, . Mayor.
city C>),‘rk.,
t ?enf.) 1 * . . 11
j W. B. & A. Electric
Hatf-Honrly Service Morning and Evening
Rc-tween Annapolis, ilsitimore and
Witshlngton and 4'atnp Meade
tWashington and Camp Meade
passenger* change at Naval
Academy Junction.)
West (Street htntlon
5.10. xS.SO, 0.20, xflV). xI.M, 8 20. 6 2*l
1H.20. 11.20, A. M.. 12.20. 1.20. 2.20. 3.20
luil \t' W " 5 ' 20, fl ' 2o, 7W ' 8 - 20> 10 -* u -
Heave Naval Academy Oate 10 mlnatea
earlier; State Home Station. Bladen
Street and College Avenue, seven (7)
minutes earlier.
Fonnectiug at Odcnton with V. H. B.
Bladen Street fetatlaa
3.20 A. M. and half-hourly thereafter at 20
and 80 lulunies u/ter each boor until
ti .rf) I*. U thorn atiXjO, 8.60. 1,50. 10.50,
and 11.3 m V. M.
5.20 and 5„0 A. Jit”*lralna dally except
* M - -V! 5 ' iff?®' >133, A. Jf.,‘
SrWWdR 1.53, X 5.08.1
\M f ’ "*‘ *““ J ' J ' ll ‘ 1, - 3R p - M.. 12.35 i
All trains receive or disc harge passengers
at I‘wai point* between Aimapolla and
Naval Academy Juncrlot. snd at Ship- *
ley and LAntbU-uni on signal.
Mtiward and LMularit Hi,.
3.15 A. M. and balf-bourly thereafter at 15
and 45 minute* after tv.ich hour until i
11.13 I'. M„ then at 7.18 X. 15. 9.15, iais
11.15. P. M.. and 12.15. A M
5J3 and 5.15 A. M. fraii*a dally except t
Sunday. 1
> 00. BAS. 8.00, 9.00. 10.00, 11.00 A. M . 12.00
IMO, 2itU. 8.1 Rl, xC-il i_JO. 11..t0
0.00. 7.00, 9 00. 1100 K M. A V
s—DaUy except Sunday. * U W
For tickets and Information apply at our
farvrl llall, Short Line Sutton, Bladen
Si I'm.
f — —ljE
I.OST -White. Short ;, -~p
brow n ‘•l'.us —with cite. I; \
Cantler M I‘rin. eG, ~ -- ,
• <*'T -<>n SHtiuday. t„ lVii
Hlt'e.'t. and Iriglt sehmd lot yt,,
ward if returned to Capital „•
Ml .~ POB sale
* **** wai.k—New /rjliiiol r it-! .
.1. ytackmanii. Cedar Park.
- Dig sail ♦’rttir-hnrn, r too
vgper oil *b>ye. In good ,• m, '
call ITB-M.
FOR SAIJK-lr,qvhead f-U :rt i- ... ]
nearly M w Coat Jkf
Also a DroplnvaA Wltreh-r x x
l>erf',rt order for pj
ixtK HW.Ii Desirable dw'eliln;
ventciwes and large bo.; at \\ . -
polls. For particulars, ate,;, .
F. Is'C. Ir-e Utiildlog.
I'DH SAl.l7—Ford Coupe] i
aPlf-startor, tlotnouutaide
••uglify overhaul, ,! and r. r,
exeettont cop,tit top. \\ |
i!G i Ik'niiih'qKc avenue, Ram..,,.
FOR sAI.K-Dodgc Road.ter' ;• . a"
tiott. May be seen m w t i
West street.
r<R SALE—Frep< h Speci-d r -
Apply 870 West oir,!, ■
FOR SALE—Oak w00,t.~„7~
• pine. FhotM' ;:;3 u .
1 ” -* ——... m ■
FOR S.4l.E—Sensoiifsl oak w..... . X ,TH
I’d lutlf-eord; any leogtli
'Dull: Rhone 19? It. ~
: yB Rif NT
FOR BpT XhfM ■
1 No.'lid Main* slikM't' -\ip;h i: . l J.t
gard. Real Kstatc ;uoi 1a.:,-.)
i School 'sreoe*.' —• * V?
Foil HI NT -rFFurutshod
i Duke of Gloit,-ester street >
t Apply 11. \\ ij-g.ird. licit| ’i
l FOR RENT CotuloflNble <**ruts' ~
near. .Naval Academy. Cult 17 ; m E
t I (lit HENT -House No.'ll C..|!.-. ,1
I \pply Ills King George street ’
1 l)K RENT Five-room foroi-. .
FOJR 111 NT Three-room fund ■
FOR RENT Large newly I ere'-!, .1 .
for gentlemati only. Apply ,
FOR RKXT —Six-room npnrlun 10
I street. Fhone 51.1.
> , , , . , WANTED
1 YVANTKD -Coltg'dtl girl wishe* rnMb
ij ( as n.trtje. or housework., ippii -
: " INII.It While
t ‘ ol rann. to ea're for I*, ,-,ws.
t (IWvpi team when tti-ecsmiVv. -is.*
(innn-iv'l. with small fainily. Aim
■> Jotu-s, IDdl.y l'o-.-ieli Farm.
.. Ki'.cnUoual opi ■
. j 1 lust tors earnings big. Wr't, \,e
. j Calendar Factory, Washington, |>■
■ i,,r “ * B|
I tiiLe pftrticular pains le nl-H
tain Trsulto U*ai will be
’j: i ffcMsin£. *
ii; Appoinimpnfs now.
i! Pliwif 975. J. 2S Sliilr ( Irtlf H
Photographic Portraiture I
E. 0. LFAGufI
bhrvt Ktit so t ■•-
*tfl** *ll* ft KMi f,< s i ■
AMD Kf.PS 11* Et •
vntms t|t.,
i".,., ;l1 CASING
B*rh Called Far And t*Vtnirt!jr beiosWjß
Poole, Jr. I
Tho handiest and most crony- B§
w*tKhing machine. Ksfgfinile
for light and dainty fabri' --
malic a wonderful Xti:aa pr< -y. ( B
or write for demonstration.
n 2 30 lireu r
' to --
And hare them look like nett I
A Trial Hr Ml Convince Yon! fl
ty> Ml> l ST.
To lYhnm It M.iy Iwnccrn:
* This Is to notify all perse,'!*
property on l'hotur,*on trcc. - v ' li H %
avenue aud Catverr frc. t t
st reels are to be improved at
All water nud gas j,i[,es ana
ID it -it be Itttd tor renewed) lef''S fl'
provemetifs are UiOdc, as it vi' c /
|,crmtsslble to dig up these sir'*'* f ' f fl
(•erlod of five <5, years.
By Order of the" Mayor. Cs.tms, >r V
W. 11. VANS ANT - ■
. City
I*a**ed Sept. 23. 1922
MA GLOFI F,taTi.lt TBD '
Cttlnulc CbMu-futl* <4tv

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