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I ■ 11 3
Social and Personal
;; \
, r i.r< -nough iu Farm Life.) J
m iwn ! ird in the stubble,
j, , n t, ;> life foil of trouble,
i■ n i i away!
-I 100 t wnlve-gange’s spray— j
jiti lr* bird, llfe’R a bubble!
vb it a fihtful of feather,
y i that tt long to the heather,
i ~ n>r the brush!
1 .mother wild “flush"!
1 i\. ]i:tie fi.'lfui of feather.
I,’an. )itU< bird, in the clover —
c, ~r little life, nearly ovor—
S .my there! Rise!
1,, ,i bird! O what a prize!
♦inTtio liiti’ bird in the clover.
I.jriie ! rr;\-/n bird In the Btublile,
1> ,hi id a life full of trdl'hle,
: away!
i t n it the t wHve-gango’s prny
\i, i tie bird, life’s a bubble!
South Hirer Club
Meetitia \ eterday
Tie 1- t Hireling of the year of the i
old nth Hirer Club was held at
|. club home yesterday afternoon.
Ir. X 11. Hero Igleliart, of Balli
iAore, \ ;is the Steward-of-the-Day.
]!.• hi ’ .. his guests ltenjnmiu AV.it- 1
kina, Jr., of Davidsonvillc; l)r. Wade
I’ni l, lr, George Brnnott and Fld
,irt TiiOtnas. all of I’ultimore. The
1• i• ris the of the late Dr. Henry I
It Thomas.
Otli. r meml ert pre.-ent were:,
Fran'. Munroo, James M. Munroo,
Allen lb ah Howard. Eugene AA'. lg’o
liiirt, Sam it id llrotke, Nevott Steele,!
Vi’ Me.tib Holladay, of Annapolis; !
,b i A. W. Igleh.art. .1. SpeniSi
Howard, Dr. James 1). Iglchart and!
1 iD ! R. Randall, of Baltimore;
I’ra l kil l \A' • .*!.• anti I)r. Frank Ft.
H. -gr.tr. v.t Washington, anil Ucnju-j'
min Watkins, Heale Worthington,
Alexander Murray and William H.
Murray, of the county.
After :t most delightful Thanksgiv
ing dinner. consisting of roast turkey'
and ether delicacies, the clnb n.l-J
.burned to meet again, nn the third
Thar I.' in Amy. when Oden Howie j
Ducket! will bo the Steward-of-thc-1
Day. | '.3
i aniuglou-i ttoper
D(dtUug Vesterday
The wedding of Miss Miriam j
O iner. daughter or Mrs. Minnie!
Hardijiyf, of Annapolis, and Harold Al.I
(arfmjftin, of -ItoMon, Muss., took]
plate av 2:1.. yesterday afternoon inti
duty's Church here, the Rev.
F.ULri- Duke pet forming Iho marriago !
n reaiony. Following tho wedding, a
n oepiton \\as given the oounle at the*
jisi.ii- of the bride, 13C Main sirecl.j
owi ' eiu;; about fifty guests pres- 1
' nVy The newly-married couple re-i
"'ivn! many beautiful gifts. After!
'in i "i- pvion Mr. and Mrs. Tarring-]
i m A -t tor a honeymoon trip to New
York, boston and Dangor, .Ale. At
’ln* end of a month they will l;o At
home In Brighton, Mas \
Leave For i’hlln.
After Visit Here
Major ami Mrs. Robert C. Brady
'ft ye.-ierday for Philadelphia toat
“d il* Army-Navy football game, at
Franklin Field. Major and Mrs.
H: M> have been the guests of Major
Heady> motlpr. Mrs. James K. Brady,*
Green Mroet.
le 'Toler To I'hila.
'Aith Party Of Friends
AD; < Ague.- Brady, daughter oTMrs.
'” R- Drady, of Green street, with ;
' ’< of friends from Fort My or, I
''■ A'TH motor to Philadelphia, I
ere she will attend the Army- I
V ;’ v >' VoMhail game at Franklin j
t*n Visit To
s Mcr Here
.ml Mrs. J. M. Girault, of lial-j
re vi-hting Mr. Girault’a sis-!
V J. Munroo. at her reai-|
Dm Glonreeter street.
'•pftiding Several
AAccbs in Baltimore
Aliuuie Biles and Mrs. Warren i
- r. of this city, arc vishing:
■ 1 t-r. Mrs. T. F. liamhsch. of j
' lore, for a few week#.
I‘tire Awards At
' • • A. < ard Party -
j -rj party given last night in
of rolumhus Jiut. under
• aspiei of liio O. D. of A., was)
'tiled. The first “500** prize j
"on by Miss A. Naughtoo, thci
•'> J. Kcpplcr and the third b? j
Mttt.iv. The prize for pinochle j
: awarded to Conrad Davis. As
’’ mrsduy is Thanksgiving Day i
l>e no card party that night,
"ill skip a week, the next
- - being on the night of Dc-
T " Mead Week-bud
I, 1 bcrmantimn. Pa.
, 'dr. and Mrs. Rush Fay, '
r " ar, v, iu leave this afternoou
1 ixii-lii.i to attend the Army- I
"tb-il! game. They will be J I
-' Jr -< until Sunday ot’ Mr. aadll
A- Altemus. at their residence I
1 " r:v.nr.:ov. n. Mr. Altemus is en- ] I
!"V l r 'be new Severn River tj
- > v. r nv under process of enr.-fj
ruction. 1 • , |
■ - _ ]
I :
fining Te iUltimAre
Tn Attend Football Game
Mr*. William E. Oliver and her'
daughter, Mirs Francine Olivet, on
going to Rfiltlmorc today to be the
guerta of Mr,*. M. W. Garrett, at her
home in University Place. Professor
Olivet will go to Baltimore tomorrow
to attend the Pi. John’s College-Johns
Hopkins football game on Hotncwood
To Stay In Pbila.
For Week-End
Mrs. Wells Goodhue and her
daughter Miss Louise Helm Goodhue,
of Onrvel Hall, left today for Phila
delphia to attend the Army-Navy
game on Saturday. While in Phila
delphia they will stay trt Hotel Wal
ton *
Misses .Munroo To
Go To Philadelphia
The Misses Elizabeth and Mary
Munroo, of H& Gloucester street, left
today for Philadelphia, to attend the
Army-Navy football game. They will
be chaperoned by their aunt, Miss
Eleanor Girault.
Ensign Cruise To Ga ’
On Daty Bee.
Ensign Edgar Allen CrnlAe will '
leave today with his bride for Mrs,
V'ruise's former home in Overbrook,
lV They wili attend the Army-Navy
game tomorrow.
Ensign Cruise will leave *for Bos
ton on the sth of December to go
! aboard the F. F. S. Delaw are, to
which he has recently boon ordered.
To l.eaic Tomorrow
lor Philadelphia
Mr. and Mrs. George Turner, of
Wardour, accompanied by their
laughter, Miss Katherine Turner, and
Nelson and Edmund Turner, will
leave tomorrow morning for Philadel
phia to attend the Army-Navy foot Ist 11
cuiiili *
,-T - ' ,
f „ ' V- T ' *
Our Banl: extends to man, woman and a IjjyjP
vouNowm child in our city and community, a special invitation *
I 1 ■ to come in and join our new CHRISTM AS CLUB. tart you ,
ItffIRISTM&S aPB 'll having money next Christmas and enables those |
lH 1 ** ' Jf ol small means, thosem moderate circumstances and ki Itw ’V* a ***a^.,. -1
" lou wThauo mt? deposits epch week. Christmas
yw. r -T- Vgj, UO U wiU haVC
0r W It IS a Sure Way to HAVE MONEY flf
t-tt; *- - 'ie> ■■ “*■ - - ‘je ! . **s■ ’ ■ ,
You can start with ic, 2c, sc, 10c and increase your deposit the same amount each week, or you can start with 25c, 50c,
SI.OO, $2.00, $5.00, SIO.OO, $20.00, or more and put in the same amount each week.
1 cent club pays $12.75 - : r^ 2s ' ,12 - 5 .°„. Y ■
2 cent pLUB PAYS $25.50 You begin with the largest deposit and | $2.00. CLUB PAYS ]H SICO ’ .
- . CmontZ Decrease your deposits each week. $5.00 club
5 cent club pays $63.75 A Very Popular Plan SIOOO ' SSOO
10 cent club pays $127.50 $20.00 CLUB pays SI,OOO
The Annapolis Banking & Trust Company
Comer Main Street and Church Circle " |
5 si—^. ■ ■
"fhk evening Capital, annapolis, Maryland, Friday, November 2t, 11*22
T Attrai
I.irat.-Commander and Mrs. Edwin
S. Earnhardt, of Murray avenue, wili
go to PhiiadVlnhia tomorrow to at
teml Hi. Army-Navy foatta!l contest-
Their house gaei. Miss Gertrude
Dutton, will make the trip with there
as far as Philadelphia and then will
go r,u to attend the Harvard-Princo
ton game fit New Haven.
Prnf. and Mrs. Fern?tide/
Fntenaiuing At Hole! Maltr
Prof, and Mrs. Arturo F-.*raaudez
left today for Philadelphia where they
will r.tay at the Hote! Walton. They]
wil! entertain the following guests at *
• dinner there tonight: Dr. and Mrs.]
Paul H. Kliunhanp. of Ret'ulehoni, Ps.;,j
George Hill Lewis. Secretary of the]
National Radio Cham ler cf Com-i
mcree, of Nr-?; York: and Mrs. IywTs,‘
and Edmun-i Howland, of Baltimore.
The entire pat-tv will attend the
Attny-Viw frnti nli fame Saturday
and will le the guevtp of Prof, and
Mrs. Fernandez, at the Hotel W’al
ton. for the remainder of the week
Al Home Again
After Operation
Mrs. Daub! Wells, who wed oper
ated upon alo.it throe weeks ago at
the Emergency Hospital, is now in a
much improved condition and is at
home at her residence, 3 Hill street.;
Denpliter Of ( apt. And
Mrs. Moody To Marry F.iislcn
Cards have been received here an
• no’.mcing the approaching marriage of
Miss Fileanor Moody, daughter of Cap
tain and Mrs. Iloscoe Charles Moody,]
to Ensign Rolert Strite. U. S. N. The
wedding will take place on Saturday,)
December IC. at 4 r>. m., in Trinity]
Church. Newton Centre, Mass., and
will 1 o followed by a reception at)
11 Rice street, the home of the
1 ride's pa reins.
Captain and .Mrs. Moody have manv
friends in Annapolis, as Captain
Moody was on duty at the Naval
Academy here during the regime of
Admiral Eborle.
Mr. and Mr. Willi am F. Moran,
with a patty of friends, will motor to
Philadelphia to attend the Army-
N’avy game.
To Step At
Hotel Walton
Mr.i. M. W. FJjuble, accompanied
by her guest, Mia* Belle Whitney, of
Peekskil!. Vow Yo-k. left An nape 11
today to attend the Armv-Navy foot
ball game tomorrow. While in Phil
adelphia. they will stop at the Hotel
Wa it on.
Mr. and Mrs. H. Henry Wiiking and
daughter, Elizabeth, of Iglehart. left
today for Berwyn, Pa., where they
will be the guests of Mr. and Mrs.
FVank Wandless.
Sale Of Fancy
Articles Tonight
A sale of articles suitable for
, Christmas gift-i will be held tonight
from 7 to 10 o’clock in the Sunday
School room of St. Martin’s Lutheran
Church. The proceeds of this sale
will be added to the fund being
aside for an audition to the Sunday
School room.
Attended Rananet Of
Catholic Womea
Miss Elizabeth McCuekcr Smith at
tended the convention and bauquft < f
the National Council of Catholic
Women, held yesterday evening at the
Willard Hotel, Washington, D. C.
Visiting Parents
For Week-End
j., ..Miss Mary. Johnson, who .is a’ pt.-
pil nt s?t.- Hitda‘* Hail, Charlestown,
W. Va„ will sneud the wesk-end with
her parents, Co.arcuader and Mrr.
Tlieodfare W. .tolrn-Nan at tbeir hone
here. Commander and Mrs. John
son and Miss (Johnson willx-le
; among the spectators at the Armv
. Navy football game on Franklin Field.
! Philadelphia, tomorrow.
To Motor To Phila.
F’or Week-End •
Mr. and Mrs. George A. Myers.
Lieutenant and Mrs. Louis E. Heub
| ncr and Rob Roy McGregor moiorcd
to to remain over the
week-end. They will attend the Army-
Navy game there tomorrow.
More Room Wanted.
.Tills i.-. is country of limitless
tb-tatJivs. but the parking nu-ilities an*
ianih-tjiiate evoepr in a f.w isolated.
Ea:y to Ccnirh Ali Tr?-.
Iftilf your troubles- vrsd■= . :h*
mi r.i you f.:c-* tlictn. cod fU*- • '
half l'.tsappear if y->n e*m nt- s.
them. —Bosom T’-'t --*—<**
I; Ti.ncoliY
!Get Behind the Wheel ll!
The 6?.gc of mind und pense of secm irjß in jpE
c n driving a Lincoln endures irom the minute {:s
{ ' en*assen ger yen open the throttle until you arc Kick jra'
, an front the trip. • ’ 1 •
| IpTfJXX/W. The S'cylindcr motor—cylinJer Mocks net at
r. oi l. Detroit angle of 6c' , the retinetnefiir, of dk
L- en Rtv 4 v T\. nf ,. which chow the greatest engineering skill in ’ jir } *
Y >P the rooter cur industry, given to the Lincoln, I M,
without quaiilicution, the iincst automobile '
power plant ever developed. lil j !
|f 5
240 # WEST ST REET OLIS, MD. ffi
■■■- --- .'.i.v.'J'.'.’ija-;"- —rr —-ir ■■ ■ J -—j— —■—• —r-~- :
f •
Fir-sous English Town.
Siflfarxl-on-Avx-p traces Ms hlst.iri
l.ltkt ycjirs. ii iv t hirth(daee
-x, Sl;ui.-si-ni-. afi.l is ;i *en
j 1 11 ' iv-<.)4< annua tty,
To Cure a Told in One Day
Take Laxative RRGMO QUININE Lab.
kir. The Inv lo'ar; the nignnture of
K. \N. driHo, tfle Bre iou ot
BROMO-i AiV. tAdrl

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