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#* ' •
Social and Personal
-- . - -- - i
" i
; t;i \<-i \t imi m
. r 27. 1922.
: lilt*'; and, tired.
• lurks in all Uc
.. i t ;n the blue Imju
,, : ;.j<shjgii of a nmg,
wot test thoughts
•bought of thee waits
jdci*n. >•! bright;
.. r never come In
i,ri of lh< e*tlie whole
, i, , tunes to close each
I .pause to the long
i i I need niUKt loose,
v.ill as raiment laid
Pr< i:n that comes with
c first ■ l-ep
r i am fathered to thy
t ,irlislt) flijliaer and j
Ms: • Carlisle Huliuur
v i U-ctid at “I’rlOtroflC!
i/,. ( | Mil, , whose husband ;
*i! l . i* Miles, Is stationed
me base at Hampton
ilie week-end with the
s ia r lii'h!her, Professor John
. \a\ai Academy Depart-,
M i:la maties. Mrs. Miles is a
.j; a ~r Mrs U (J Hteveus.
ii 11 ip
Ijiiv,ai <1 .\h t’ormlek has re
..in Kuropi*. v. here slu* has
r i ' pas: lour inont its, ami i
1 a. •hi Mi t 'i>i mi, k at Carvel (
■ r. Miss I.Otlie Houston,|
' \ ,t'a .Mi McCormick
n . en months' sojourn*
s ' one to Salisbury, where
at ia i of her cousin, Mrs.
HiV'CU'ii, at the latter's coim
,v ' Poll v tank."
en nt Penrose, of Bnltfsr
•i'lll . \\ eek-ellll with Pl'OfcS-
Mrs W u Stevens.
tul <iui*t
i- Hall"
I !. rd. daughter of Doctor
I Walter l.ord, of Haiti* .
in* ii.iN a summer home on the j
s, t the week-end with lilt j
\ Strait, of Phlladcl* } •
• w rdity with Mrs. Prod* 1
. . I
I -
rirr T.uuglicld in a guest at !
i Hack Hay, Boston, for
while tho U. S. S
i O' which her husband
■ attached, is at the
* Hiu and daughter
he i making an cx-
McMillin’s hro-,
'Ot. Mr. and Mrs
1 ii . gone to Norfolk
or, Mrs. E. II
tie> will remain ,
1 ini.dmaa holidays.
T<* . ’ * - I .
•> . ■ t Mrxandria
not 1 . : topping at
o Her aottß, Mid*,
i'd M. I>. Sylves
'til and Third
’ Academy. Mrs
trom Philadelphia !
1 derate to the \V. C i
.uni where t he war
•'ii. l.e ut E. W. Syl* j
\t aiv-Navy game. ■]
>! I.iiin ht-oii
i Baugh was in
iv to attend tin
'he I.lk Ridge Ken
i'u .ms in honor ot
ier-ai-law and sis
-i>"ui Oilntor. whose i
■ t.H'k place. .Ik
* |
arieila. assistant
languages at the
cent the Thanksgiv
’ Uou;-Commander
‘tie at the sub
i’..;npton Roads.
< lllii
‘ tl {*
1 ":il meet at the
• \ander Sharp, 81
5 o'clock tomorrow
1"’ • l*n ..
r Hunt
■ • j”d r. W. Carlton. of!
: r ‘ irr.cd yesterday from s''
l’ mountains of Tenu- \
'-e hunt was a most sue
deer being plenufu ,
and Mr. Carlson enjoy-,
■ *be sport.
i. n
t >ew Vurkrr ( mu lling
Walter A. Plummer, <*T New York
win j ir. assisting in coaching the Mid
' { shipmen Masqueraders, is the guest
of Mr. and Mrs. George A. Myers. 1
To Lire In
gontb Carolina
i Mrs. J. M. Muukert and daughter. l
, Muss Thelma Maukert. left yesterday
to Join Mr. Maukert at their new
home in Columbia, S. C.
i ( lose Country
Mr, and Mrs. William Haigh closed
their summer home on the Severn to
day and. with their daughters, the
, Misses Lillian nnd Franco* Haigli, und
son, William Ilaigh, have gone to Bal
, timore, where they will spend the win
ter in their town house, 926 Cathe-,
. dral street.
Mißfl Eleanor Llloyd, of Lynn
Mass., who lias been visiting her aunt.
Mrs. Barton L. Wright, Ims returned
to Boston, where thc is at school, pro
; paring for Vasaar.
•IcJus Family For
1 Thanksgiving
Lieut.-Commander Walter B. Tardy
l*. S. N, (retired), and his daughter
Mias Dorothy Tardy, Joined Mra
Tardy for the Thanksgiving liydlday
While waiting for her house to be
converted into apartments. Mrs
Tartly i; living at 228 Princo George
| street.
House Party Over
Thanksgiving guests of Lieut.-
Commander und Mrs. Thomas Lee
Catch, who have returned to Wash
ington, wore: Lieut-Commander and
Mrs. 11 A. Seiller, Limit.-Commander
nnd Mrs. Stephen Robinson and
Lioul,'-Commander and Mr*. Donald
Godwin. The party came down
Thank-riving Eve in time to attend
the buffet supper given by Mrs. Hatch;
and to go to the dance in the Naval
Academy. j :
—: — i ,
IMst iiiguislied Cleric # j •
Vt Naval Academy
The RV. Henry vunDvke. D D., mj *
Priiueton. was the week-end guest ot:
Chaplain Sydney K. Evans in the!
Naval Academy.
Mrs. James Ferguson is spending
this week in Baltimore as the guest ot
lier sister-in-law, Mrs. William II
Brnue. ;
The Cost of Telephone
Telephone service has become of such
universal use as to justify it as one of the
various items which go to :nake up the house
holder’s budget.
That its cost has not mounted to the extent
of the other items is shown by the following
comparison of per cent increases in costs
throughout the United States since the year
1914, taken from the reports of the National
Industrial Conference Board.
Par Cent Ovar 1914
1920 1922
Housa Rents 58 68
Clothing 166 83
Fuel 66 81
Sundries 88 72
Food 119 40
Maryland Telephone Rates . 23 23
This table shows that in 1920, the period ol
highest prices, die increase in die cost of trie
phone service over 1914 was less than a fourth
of the average increase in the cost of the other
items; end now, with prices largely stabilised,
the increase is less thsrn one-third of the in
crease in the other items.
I The usefulness of die telephone service to
the patron in a city, town or community de
pends largely upon the number of persons with
whom he may communicate; in other words,
the value of telephone service increases as the
number of telephones increases.
In some places in Maryland since 1914, the
number of telephones has increased as high as
100%; in the entire state the increase has been
53%. In other words, the increase in the vglue
of the telephone service to the user in Maryland.
has greatly exceeded the increase in our rates.
The Chesapeake and Potomac^
Telephone Company ~ v.
of Baltimore City
® '
- = --
I Worsts At
1 Footall I.unclie,,u
Major and Mrs Julian Hatcher and
th y latter's mother. Mrs. Robert B
Dashiell. motored up to Bnltimore tc
attend the Army-Marine Corps gamf
i on Saturday, and were among the
i guests at the Mayor's luncheon gives
at the Lyric before the game.
The wedding of Donald Spier Stew
*n, of South Orange. N. J.. B >n o(
Rear-Admiral Edwin Stewart. l\ S
-V, (retired) und Miss ITiscilla
Stearns Heffenger. daughter of Doc
tor and Mrs. Arthur C. Heffenger. ol
Austin street. Portsmouth. N. H.. took
place on Saturday aftentt on. Novem
)>er 2,i. at 4 o clock, ct the residem-c oi
thi* bride's parents.
The drawing room floor of the hand
some house, which is buiit in Colonial
atyle, was decorated throughout with
yellow and white chrysanthemum?
and roses, and candles used for light
tug added to the effectiveness of the
The ceremony was performed ly th<
Rev. Alfred Gooding, pastor emerimi
of the Unitarian Church. Portsmouth
The bride entered the drawing roon
to the strains of the Lohengrin wed
ding march on tbc arm of her father
who gave her in marriage. She wor<
a handsome wedding gown of whit
satin and chiffon, with bead trimming
Her Russian laee headdress wai
caught with a spray of orange blos
som ~ and she carried n fhowor bou
quet of bride roses and lilies of the
Her younger sister, Mrs. James K
Cogswell, of Hinghani. Mass., war
matron of honor. She wore a gown of
French blue crepe, embroidered ic
gold, a brown laec hat, aud carried r
bouquet of pink roses.
Llriit.-Conunandor Laurence Stew
art, U. S. N., brother of the groom
who is stationed at the Naval Acad
emy, acted as best man.
The ceremony was ’followed by f
reception, after which Mr. and Mrr
Stewart loft for their wedding trir
at the conclusion of which they wll
live In South Orange. The bride’i
traveling suit was of green tweed
worn with black hat and black foJ
The bride is very well-known locr
ly. Her father’s family was originall
from Annapolis and her aunts am
uncle lived at Murray Hill for man?
years. She has frequently visiter
here while her brother-in-law am
sister. Commander and Mrs. B. P
NVygunt. were living in the Nava
spasmodic Croup is frequently
relieved by one application of—
▼ Vafoßu®
Coer 17 Million Jan Used Yeat Iff
widely kunnu artist of
Jersey City, who. In a state
ment lo the pnblle, declare*
Tania:- ha* re*tored both her
self and mid her (0 splendid
' JS
Mias H|lda Wldman, 242 Hancock
Are., Jersey City, N. J., Is- now- an en
thusiastic witness to the merits of
Tanlac. Miss Wldman Is a talented
artist, whose beautiful paintings have
won her an enviable reputation In
New York and vicinity.
“Knowing Tanlac as I do,” said Mis?
Widtnan, “I could not doubt anything
food lrcad or hear about It. Before
I took this medicine 1 had so little
energy that I dreaded to see day come
for I just dragged myself through my
work, so to speak. 1 fairly ached
from tiredness and got up mornings
feeling just as worn-out os when 1 re
tired at night. Some days. 1 could
lot cat, and being right down sick
3ouldn‘t be much worse than this
•niserahle, run-down feeling I suffer
ed from.
“By the help of Tanlac 1 have over
come that condition and am feeling,
iust tin- way i like to feel. My appe
tite never fails me. ray sleep is sound
iml restful, and 1 am just as full oi
energy as 1 was listless and tired be
fore taking Tanlac. The good. Tan
lac has done me is also very notice
able iu my improved complexion as
*i*ll as in the ease with which I do
nv work. Tanlac als-> made a differ-j
‘nt person of my mother after she
l td Loon ill and complaining for over
four years ami T rhirtk stic h a medi
cine is deserving of the higher.*
Tanlac is sold in Annapolis by all
food druggists:—(Adv.)
Jr 2F%
l--- •
You, Too, Can Have
a Motor Boat
brjlmplyclamping r. CailleFive-Speed
Rowboat Motor to the stem of your
boat. Takes but a jiffv. The
provides five positive speeds. If is
equipped with a starter — no crarking.
Develops two horse
power. Drives boat
v seven to ten miles an
hour. Magneto or hat
m tery ignition. Let
tnu * * cs show you our
hli lineof rowboat motors tomeet
e ' cry P urse * Come in,
•Ii latrobe & CO. -
Marine KuKiaeer*
' AnnapoHn, Mil.
This simple treatment
dears t>*s hand- - oonens imtating
rhiegD, asoteTsffaaad,tia4fmjr
tlasn*© and break* tea ec!d
See botd* lor nlniuie dimericza
Go to yoai drng*is? —eee
ydnreelf serious trouble —start
near to take
1 -asyrupfiramghs&colds I
1 .
Young Women's j
Christian Association j
j “1 am come thalt thej Might liatt
j liiV and that they might ha \t
it more a him da nth.**
■ ■— /
Christinas Tret* Bazaar
There are fat and lean Rifts.
And long gifts aad short gifts.
Aad gifts for friends both near and
There are heavy gifts and light gifts.
But, after all. the right gifts.
Are gifts that you will find for sale,
Down at the Y. W. C. A. Bazaar!
And the grab-bag is one place to
find all of these gifts. The Old
Woman who lived in the Shoe will
be there with her big shoe and it will
be full of 500 or more grabs, each
grab having something pretty in it.
To help sell these grabs will be Lit
tle 80-Peep, Little Miss Mullet. Mary,
Mary, Quite Contrary. Old Mother
Hubbard. Little Boy Blue, Little
Tommy Tucker. Red Riding Hood and
Jack Be Nimble. All of these little
folks will be- at the Grab-bag at the
Christmas Tree Bazaar on December
7 and 8 in the Armory on Bladen
street. Be sure to come and get some
thing protty for a Christinas gift. Be
sides the interesting Grab-bag booth,
there will be many other attractive
booths. The White Elephant Booth
will be another surprise booth for
there everything will bo sold already
For Cold on the Chest
Musterote is easy to apply and it
does not blister like the old-fashioned
mustard plaster.
Muster ole is • dean, white ointment,
made with oil of mustard. Simply mas
sage it in gently with the finger tips.
You will be delighted to see how quickly
it brings relief.
Get Mutter ole at your drug store.
3Sh6sc, jars*tubes; hospital size. $3.
1 [X photographing the children, I
| I take particular pains to ob- |
; tain results that will be most J
* pleasing.
| Appointments now. |
i| l'liont* 9TCS-4. 2s Stale Circle. |
3 Photographic Portraiture |
■, | muiuJ ~
Merchants _ AT _
is particularly called to IB La
STiSojf fixture *“*■ * tiers
Candy Cases
Ice Box We are going out of business* and are of
fering our former customers the advantage
Bowser Oil 1 ank of our re duced prices.
Every article in the store will be sold, in-
Tables eluding the fixtures and store equipment.
| and other complete —o—
store equipment..
= This a real closing I
N. B W. aUo out sale . and NOT a
sell to merchants quarr- plan tO fid OUTSeIvCS of
tities or our stock at 1 , . .
special prices. OIQ StOCK.
(wrapped up and none of the packages
,v. tn cost more than 25 cents.
A delicious supper will be served
: both evening.-, a supper of chicken
•salad, ham and hot roils, tea and
J coffee, with lots of other good tliir.g
--!to eat The tickets for the supper
j are now on sale at the Y. W. C. A
! for 50c each.
H The Fancy Work Booth will havi
j many kiuds of beautiful gift s and
there one may select unusually lovely
'remembrances for Christmas among
jjtho embroidery, lingerie. scarfs,
japrens. boudoir accessories, hags of
j every variety and size, guest towels
• and larger towels, things for the few -
i lug basket, collar aml cuff sets and
j handkerchiefs. Every article sold at
, j this tooth will be hand-made which
i j brings added attraction to each piece.
At the Cake Booth ones “sweet
I tooth” will be sorely tempted, for
, what can mere mortal do. before such
an array of cakes as chocolate.
I orange, coeoanut, pound cake. Lady
Baltimore cake and even cookies, .ex
cept to buy some of these delicious
, cukes.
The Doll Booth will offer dolls of
every size and variety as well as toys
for very little children from the ages
• of one to five years. The infant doll j
in beautiful array will be there, and
all the other dolls, both large and
small, each doll ready for Christmas.
At the bazaar will be found all ol
> these beau|ifui things and many more
i eu -~-‘-' 11,1 r
• aummußHnmuuuimißuuuumuum
j Ara shew nn Uglay. My M4>rt
mnot U not only Urge. bat thn ;
KentUnnait are plowing.
REED KikdWwiin
CEO. J. DAVIS, 76 M<L Aye.
f.'H: .ucsk ::ru:z : t mijsasstaa srt.s tvx in: Kt%yscczzkas*rcsr rg
| Where You May Find a Gift for
>h* : • •
Will Remain Open Evenings Until 9 P. M.
i ~ ’
jiH Dolls, Toys, Fancy Glass, China and
besides these, so come early to the
Armory on December 7 and K. The
Rntaar opens at S p. m ami closes
at 11 p. ic. with the supper served
both evenings.
The Gift Shop of The Heurv
Myers Coitipuny. on West street, is
showing u beautiful iine of fancy uj.
i’WI Glass Bowls and Vases. Haod
nted China an i Novelties: prices
ranging from 25c up.
This is the first year The Gift Shop
has had toys?, and they are showing
a wonderful collection of ’’Mamma
Dolls” and oither tyoa. The store will
remain open every evening until 0
o’clock, beginning tonight.—(Adv)
Lying and Perjury.
A lie is a statement which is thought
Jo be Iklse l.y the person who niters
it. and Is intended to deceive; while
perjury is a false statement made au
dio- nftih
Cough, shortness of breath. !
vhcery breathing, quickly ]
relieved with
i mm
E*Ublih*4 l VS
Stood the test ol’ timeserving three
Free from opiates ingredient*
plainly printed on wrapper.
Urfßll oeltln* rnufh mtulclM In I
t>* World. I

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