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S Social and Personal
(V H' H
W >, .itii Reese, in
jn> Grief;
,| ,j. ■!)• with me.”
; i,;r' til hear;
’.Vi t •.>•- to see.
u t . hi the wind
-,mu '.in ever hold;
j.j jj, M ivr i< white
T* r ' ||Um • rmy gold."
oj-, house,
■ lS ,lure of him.”
*. i-.fttinK memories
i..,,,.1 to the brim.
D- '
, , i,-.,! rroi.k your hand,
.• ; s \our side,
i ~!id more loved
JT if in- had not died!"
ti Part j D
,ti„. Mansion
!i ■ hh- gave a buffet
, . i hundred or more
~ , ■,.* i ions agricultural
.... , State, who were
r "i n am icnltural pro
in l>ini*s
, vlnt
t ., X [ i; !!/ if the Hooklov
v, ,11 I I :tl Mrs. I*. E
. I'M? West street
>, ;i i;o. i.ou.i. lid. The sub
v • .• 111• ri non will l e George
, : i < i play "Candida."
W-lnil. \
„ i,o, a !'rice, daughter o
■ ■ I!..rl’rice, of South
i.i ■ ml the week-em
.i. Mai!. Burlington, N, J. :
:',"n which she was grad
ia;<t June,
lr Mrs.
M, rln it V W ilc.v is entertain
a ,• 'ho, .ittcrnooti in com
ii 11 Mr fliarles 11. Itlack.
it Irmii
1 ■''! v I n Iv will come froil ]
r • -rt- iii-st week for a live
r t rum
Inulaml • *
i h u'. II Itlack. i.f Chelsea
■ i'll- cue i of her son-in-law
■ I. l.ieutenant and Mrs
'' Tr'iesilell, whom she has
ii'-' ny since Christmaa. •
H Vtiii Mrs.
'* ha ii re
> r'liteniient of the Nava
:Mr Wilson gave a sup
!"■ ••■! n mit at their qunr
' ■ V:\iii Academy. Thert
o i guests. A Imffet sup
Mi: ami was followed b> t
* For
' - !' irker. Jr,, left this
s a i'r.itu isco, where she
' the sudden death Of her
B ' o r l.anghorne. She
' lll,l u< Biß, ago by her sis
>’i i!• ■ v.ard. of Montreal.
3f Win, j
V’.ar '
1 ho among ttu
'< v to lie given in
’ rvow night by Miss
' of the Secretary of
Mr? Weeks.
KHdrnt To
"*b! Par.)
! it U.mdall has issued
i party to be given
her home on St
; Act. Baltimor?
*>f l’riirs \t
a’ party was given
Catholic Daughters
Knights of Colum
•o the series they
t "-' ' • ’i Thursday nights
' for the season's
nd pinochle, about
11 eo a good deal of ;
v most desirable. |
id pieces. M. J. E. j
prize, his high
ving him front :
of the list. Mrs.
"as t!ie winner of •
the best pinochle
ft* { ,
‘-ht s games went
First. M. J. E. j
Tilghman; third. 1
.'.ay; fourth. |
' Charles Shearman.
\ 1 hn Kramer; sec
t ( . 7,. 1 " r:u ' r - A drawing was
oohv" prize, which
restano. After the
refreshments were
' a Specialty
7" " rr
Bridge Party
Mrs W. O. Stevens entertained at
two tables of bridge on Tuesday after
( oming For
Mrs. Roscoe Carlisle Bulmer will be
w eek-end guest of Commander
and Mrs. Charles C. Soule.
Here To See
Midshipman Son
Mr. and Mrs Claude Bailey, who
have com e from Burnt Hills, N. y., to
see their son, who is a midshipman,
will remain a month or more In An
napolis. They are stopping at 202
King George. Midshipman Bailev has
recently recovered from an attack of
iilshop Of Rhode
IMmiiil Coming
Bishop Perry, of Rhode Island, will
e the preacher at the Naval Acacl
■my on next Sunday.
Invitations have been received here
rom the Charcoal Club and Peabody
institute, of Baltimore, for the private
/lew which opens the fourteenth an
nual exhibition of Contemporary
American Art. at the Peabody Instl
ute Galleries on Monday evening
nVh Th Kii eX ? ,biUOn wIU be opened j
o the public January 30 to February •
<•>., Tea will be served every after
toon at 4:30 o’clock.
ongint illations
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Crutchley,
>r 4 ! I)ean street, are receiving con
gratulations on the birth of their fifth
ton, born yesterday afternoon at the
Emergency Hospital. The young
,orfJ "daddy.” (his friends call him
Bob ) is foreman of the composing
oom or The Evening Capital, and ho
nodeatly accepted congratulations of
he additional dignity that has come
o him.
I’o Take Part
in Pageant
Mrs. Kenna Elkins, who is well
mown in Annapolis as she lias fre
luently visited Mrs. E. p. Baugh at
•t’chliy n-ou-Severn." will represent
m emerald in the group of the Earth
•t (he Child Welfare ball, to be given
• t the New Willard in Washington on
Innuary 31. The group, which forms
tart <.r a pageant to be given at the
‘all. Is being arranged by Mrs. Syl
anus Stokes. Jr.
Iml Furnished lly The Help Of An
napolis People.
Those who sufTer with kidney back
icho, urinary ills or any little kidney
>r bladder disorder, want kidney help
Aho can better advise than s.uno A:t
tapolis resident, who l*as ai.-o sut
ered. but has had relief. Annapolis
teopie recommend Doan’s Kidney
’ills. Ask your neighbor!
Win. 11. Ward, stationary fireman.
12 Madison St.. Annapolis, says: ,- My
work is hard on the bark and kid
neys and I had attacks of kidney
‘Oinplaint. My back ached so k was
ill I could do to stoop and I was lame
md stiff. My kidneys acted too freely
it times and I knew they were the
•ause of the trouble. I got Doan’s
Kidney Pills at the West-End Phar
macy and they were just what I need
ed. Soon m£ back was well and
strong, my kidneys were in good or
der and I felt fine."
Price 60c. at all dealers. Don’t
simply ask for a kidney remedy—get
Doan’s Kidney Pills —the same that
Mr. Ward had Foster-Milburn Co.,
Mfrs.. Buffalo. X, V. —(Adv )
"Hello! 1 want to order a box for
tomorrow." “W’hat size?" "There
will be six of us in the party." "But
they only come in single sizes—-we’ll
have to have it made special." “Is
this the Lyceum?" “No. this is the
undertaker.” —Widow.
—■ 1 =
Circle Playhouse—.Monday-Tuesday
■■ T
I Coughs
For Bronchial cough*
Whooping cough*
hacking cough* use
EitmMUM 187$
Largest selling cough medicine
in the World.
Free from opiates—ingredients
plainly printed on wrapper.
(By Tk A Mortal frM
EVANSTON. ILL . Jan. 26,-The co
operative movement to the very "nth”
degree has entered the apartment
field, created for the same purpose
as those in grain and live stock—
for a reduction in rent and the cost
. at building and home owning.
Prof. C. E. Tharaldsen of North
western University promoted the pro
ject. a twelve-apartment structure,
and care was taken that liberal yard
space was provided. Jt is about ready
for occupancy. Tenant-owners are to
include several other members of the
Northwestern staff, a banker, editor,
attorney, government employe and a
few Northwestern alnnuii.
“Other co-operative flat buildings
have been erected, but so tar as 1
can ascertain they were built by
apartments to new owners. Our
building started as a co-operative
project, was built without overhead
costs through free service of the ten
ant-stockholders as supervisors, and
will be paid for at actual cost of op
eration plus interest and part pay
ment of principal year by year. Fund
ing and financing will Le completed
within fifteen years."
Tlie building cost about SIOO,OOO
and has all the latest conveniences
arranged onthe family style.
A jury In fowa has found a woman
guilty of first degree murder, and all
she did was kill her husband—her
own husband.—Philadelphia Record.
. — —_—= — —mn
117-119 Main Street (Oppo. The A. &. P. Tea Co.)
For Our Many Friends And Customers!
j We have just added to our store, a complete line of Ladies’, Men’s
and Children’s
For Dress and Work [ Best Brands at Lowest Prices [ Come l \f D Convinced
• *
- 11 ■ ~ L ~ ~ - - "
[Mlnza headed off
Vapor-Eze Gives Instant Relief To Bad Colds
Which, If Not Checked, Lead To Influenza
Stop taking chances with influenza. 1
[ Bad colds, grip, sore throat and ach
• ing head are easy prey for influenza
i You can get instant relief from all
, cold troubles and grip misery with
Sterling's Vapor-Eze. Vapor-Eze is!
[ the quickest, safest relief for such
troubles because it soothes and heals
i tlie inflamed membranes and breaks;
up tlie congestiou on which colds
■ feed.
It is a healing antiseptic. Vapor
, Eze penetrates through every air
Peacock Is North American Bird
(Hr Tlie Arurliird frtn.)
ST. LOUIS, MO.. Jan. 26 Dr.
Frank Blair Hanson, head of the de
partment of zoology at Washington
University says that a bed of asphalt
i found In California, which had caught
and preserved the skeletons of ani
mals, birds und reptiles, has been of
"hmneasurable value to science.”
Animals are caught in the asphalt
bod as flies are caught ou fly paper,
he explained.
"One of the Interesting facts dis
' passage. Apply on your chest and
throat at hed time, then as you sleep
the healing, germ-destroying Vapor-j
Eze gets to the seat cf the trouble j
easily and readily.
Vapor-Eze is absolutely harmless,
even for infants. Relief is certain.
Don’t play with the “Flu" any long
er. when Vapor-Eze will head it off.
At your druggists—2sc u jar on a
money-back guarantee. Be sure to
get the genuine wifll the name Sterl
ing's on every jar.—(Adv.) ,
covered in this fossil bed.” he con
tinued, "is that the peacock, formerly
believed to be a native of Asia, was
a North American bird."
Advertise in the Evening Capital.
| Circle Play house— MnndH)-Tuesday
(By Th Aasorlalrd I'mii.l
BERLIN, Jan. 26.—Colleges and
universities in the United States have
been held up as examples of practical
and'admirabie efficiency for the train
: ing of students, in an address deliver
ed at the University of Berlin' by a
j Chilean professor. Dr. Jose M. Galvez,
i one-time exchange professor at the
j University of California. Dr. Galvez
I is now an exchange professor at the
University of Berlin.
Dr. Gnlyez spoke before a medical |
association immediately following a
discussion on the scope of German
science by the noted clinician. Prof.
Wilhelm His. Dr. His warned Ger
mans against "the conceit and a- j
tional self-satisfaction with which we
not rarely overestimate our own
science and its researches.”
Professor Galvez' address was illus
trated by lantern slides showing
American university and college
grounds and buildiugs, including as
semblies, libraries, scientific depart
ments. and social quarters. The
speaker explained how these institu
tions fulfill a double function of im
parting knowledge and developing the
student's character. He emphasized
that individuality is encouraged, per
sonal inclinations are taken into con
sideration. and opportunity is pro
vided for the students to become ac-
quaintod at first-band with citiren
ship and the maintenance of public
“The members of teaching staffs,
who are themselves often trained and
informed In other callings, are not
haughty and reserved toward the
students.” Dr. Galves explained, “but
rather do they foeter a camaraderie
with them. Furthermore, there Is no
social class distinction between col
lege and public-school teachers. The
work of students is very highly de
veloped. because every honorable per
formance is given appreciation, re
gardless of what it is.”
Dr. Galves* recital of the many
types of schools, their historical de
velopment, local characteristics, and
the wide scope of American rollegiale
life was distinctly interesting to his
German audience.
Perhaps it might be a good thing
to tell the K. K. K. about autosug
gestion. Save a lot of rough stuff and
| mussv work all a'round
Til. Or.;.i. T .! ( 1 ... ... ....
Quick Lunch at Home Office
Rich Mil W, Malt ed Grain Ext ractia Pow
der 4 Tablet fcrms. Nourubinr-NocooMag.
s** “Avoid Imitations and Substitute-

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