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V fiffl IH COURI
„H :i:nl wife and!]
i 11, part of 11
' \j ;r:roe Estate,
i’/>r Ice and wife
' [ !;,is <>f ground ,
' : Fifth dint rift. 1
i ad wife to
. i 2 lots of
' i ark, Fifth di
\", .;..v VV. Harri-
Green Haven,
;;r.d wife to
aBJ-, ‘ . i ground at Fhip*
, j j i. and wife to
p* • ground at Fltlp
' j-,;.;, <!i; t net.
H| n ‘‘| ; ■ Fr.to! cl and wife
wife, trad of land
((..Paining 1 1-4
y act ,■) and wife to
HT" ■/ wile, tract of land j
, . onti.ininf? a acres.
II I lambroch to i
H :.r, \\ Me, lot tf grOtfiql
H .ml district., con
t ? 1" acre,.
BH, t to l'.lea:i’oj-"Vj‘
i j.io'ni'l tt\ Colonial
Ta.- aiidv.
■■ ■ Cot:cr.ttive
H lie-, to Walter H.
H of ground in
H ,A . : iii:- t'u H|K relive
H, (ltm , t(i Frederick
B, ~, i vi,a , lots of ground at
Hi j; ili Fifth district.
K, lti .1,.-.'; Frank Jncolii to
~1 Ja. el i. lot of ground
IB&dv 1 •‘"fc . this < ity.
H*o .'ire;-.! Iloiliaau Jacobs and
HV.)-;,. ;n I. i’.ol erts, 2 lots of
Hgci a; t ! r.ei I'ark, Third (lis-
H • | ■ lloftinan dacotis and
Htu J.ita-s K Morgan and wife,
Hi- of rrmi'i l at Cresson Park.
He- (iiMrii t.
:n Curtis- Creek .MiikHMi
H;- - : W.t iui.it 11,ring < mi:unn
■ S-!u.r.| Martin an 1 wild, lo(|fin
H)ni at Clen I'.urttic, Fifth -011*1
Bvri John W I lava s and wife and
B’’' te KVk.-r Thompson. lot >?"
H>~f Holland Point, in this
The Workman's Co-Operative
Mx: (Vunpanv, Inc., to Frank H.
B" - Ims of r,round it: the Third
. d. .ci c Hyde and wife to
Hi" l ''. Clinton Vewshnw to
I'.mu t'd hnsl-atid, 2 lots of
.1 Pro, klyn Heights, in the
■ a F IF.II and wifeand]
! -trd S. Hall, tract of
B* "* s --"11(1 district, contain-j
JH •"'liu’.re feet of land. j
■ P'elvn m Cromwell to Ellen j
traei of land in the Fifth;
B > T."> too acres, i
h- \ u s Cromwell to Jantlm j
|B ; ' l .“ t"f land in the Fifth
lttaiiniiK 2 3-1 acres.
■I : 1. Shipley and wife and
|B l ' :; Shipley and others.
■I ' 1!; i Ft ti’i> Fifth district.
H M| Mary .Pastas Wilson
H s " Penjamin K. Pumphrey
l . : ' : : J " Magothy lteach.
Turner ajtd wife to
■ t-t'.i wife. 4 lots of
? St!tl in tins t minty.
■- “ l r ' ; !i j. Shipley And wife
Hi ' nhrrv 11 John M. L|hUo and
of lar.d in 141 bounty,.
*i t'.t) acres. iW j
■ l. A: ‘ iril !l r Wiiey lul wife
H !{ ; te;|-t lof lan !
Hr ' -‘'cm Junction. Ffnrlh dis
■7; s in 3-4 airote.
,! i,ir *’’• Humphrey and
I v Crotuw. il and wife,
H.;. 1 i:1 tiie Third district,
H! ,n:r f ! ! ' s acres.
B ; !I Civ.vper and wife to
Btc .Ic-Jsband. tract of
Hi....” ' I'hirtl district, con-|
hC V s ;un,s -
Hm. ‘ N Fr.niertield Tracey and
H ■ P Henson, tract of land
■ ’ ! - containing S 4 acres.
I The Wire
I %%arrc rr \vy r ;l' n * g - .
■ " A •• 1 aternitv?"
[ les **
B*‘£c\ uv ‘' ! ;Vrc r‘ . 1
H ; * Kitve"* :
I iVf' i ?
I , l‘i 1 !: - "Vuiily loiK^ome.
■ v > a tonic over’?"
■ A'KyJ
■ e Vv - ,v - "-to is this?”
BV ‘ ■
H '*■ Pit; Panther.
I s T'ips ,oi , il|s VNl> t()LD g
' ‘ u r h 3 and colds lead to,
■ii- \ - ‘i’pe. asthma and bron-
I tr, ° old method of "letting
ir*J ' cse" ;s rapidly giving
(g . . ' u i. \e treatmeut. Three
users have testified to
cf given by Foley’s
r from coughs, colds.
. ' chest and bronchial
J Hitains no opiates ln
kv ; ’ 'd on the wrapper. Ro-
11 '’’is and sulrstitutes.—
Farm Bureau Activities And
Other Items Of Interest To
Anne Arundel Co. Grower
The one gold star organization in i
the Farm Bureau movement In the
county falls to the Jacobsville Farm
Bureau Club. This club held several
meetings last month, whrch resulted
In JarobsviUe Co-operative Associa
tion. whijCU is a stock company de
si fined, primarily to handle* the pur
ciaJktg'Tor the odiarnunfty. This is
4 W lirftt organizarfon to be'organized
under the new State law. which went
into clTecl July 1. These men are all
Farm Bureau fans, and are doing j
splendid work.
At the meeting last Thursday night
there ’were 30 members present,
which resulted in the formation of a
program committee as follows: Mah
ion Disney, Robert Took and George j
Took. These three men will meet to- :
get her in the near future and discucs
ways and mans of putting on n pro- i
gram for the betterment of the crops
grown In this locality.
Tho incorporators of the Co-opera- ,
tive Association are: F. Shipley, Wil
liam Klug. Alfred Btinehcomb, Wil- ;
liam Moore, William Cook, Charles 11
Heinlzman, Samuel Dunlap, George
j Jenkins. J F. Shipley was elected
| president; William Moore, vJpo-prc/M
(lent; William Moore, secretary; Al
frud Stine,hcomb, treasurer. These
men will go into business Qt
ing along lines similar to rhtgMj.ptap.
ticed by the liar me tin
Epciation at the present,\lrne. [ ' ‘
*' ' l (K.jl 'J
At the meeting of theCMmp Puro't
Farm Bureau Club, hold Montiai’,
night, moving pictures were on the
program. Two splendid educations?
reds were run during the course o r
Hu* evening. One reel, "Putting Your
FncJe to Work," was e peciaily in
fercstlng ahd Instructive for treating
‘teed with formaldyhyde for smut. P
is needless to say that the juvenile
branch of the club were interested ii
'he second filmf “Ways of the Wes',’
in which tying of stee s ar.d lacjOlnf
on Western plains r r-* , n -p.
The program << *mitt-.*e made :
splendid report a*i cuiod 1: sccop
meeting for Monday nl.yht, K>) ruar.
12. Members of this committee nri
Messrs. W. P. Harrison, C. A. Duvall
Joseph S. Fischer and Luther Nichol
A,ifirther committee v,es appointed t
intlki'' aft or outbreaks of hog choler.
live slock adisenses and re
MujijtfcUsie. to the college or oounty
rtgrat]' This Committee consists o
Harvey F. Myers, C. A. Duvall, Pcrc;
Garner and Ernest Mueller. The oh
ject of this committee is. to investi
gate any reports of .outbreaks ot dis
ease among cattle, swine, e*c., an
transmit these outbreaks to Dr. 1. 1*
Atherton, or College Park. If an'
outbreaks of disease occur, it is ad
i lufflTli
! mu joins
i :
What is rheumatism? Pain only,
i St. Jacobs Oil will stop any pain so
j quit drugging.
Not one case in fifty repuires inter
nal treatment. Rnb soothing, pene
trating St. Jacobs Oil directly upon
ithe tender spot and relief comes in
stantly. St. Jacobs Oil is a harm
less rheumatism and sciatica lini
is produced with the same care *| ,
for your interests, and Toy the 1
same organization, as your ad
vertisements and publicity in the
columns of the Evening Capital.
'**o*l+:"+9i -r,*’ n*. -
vißed that the nearest committeeman
be notified at once.
A big meeting of the Farm Buresu
at Millersville is scheduled for Febru
ary 13. Tlit-re wul b§ Jjvp reels ot ,
moving pictures and addresses
Farm Bureau. Se\eral other in.\t*(
ol itniwrtance will comp, up t-,uclj r!c
reports of program cpmnijttfe ’an,:
discusslcu of work of fertilizer com
raJifee for the county f
The monthly‘meeting’ of the To
bac*i Growers’ Association will 1>
held on Wednesday February 14. at
Tracey’s Landing, in Ciaggelt’s Half
: Tills,meeting will l;e’ addressed by DV •
F. R. Bomherger, of the Extension
Service. Ail who have beard Dr
Bomherger will surely want to hear
! him again. One new member, wit'
‘en hogsheads of tobacco, ivas signed
1 ip this week and the prospects look
good for more members. It H hoped
'hat all farmers, whether tbev arc a
member of the Tobacco Growers’ As .
sociutiou or not, will make an eiT >r
to attend this meeting on We'rtcs Fty
and if he is not a member the to
bacco growers of the county exten I n
hearty welcome for him to become a
member*, , , , . , *
After,-tJ,P Af"-t a? wpjrl; in tho
. tounty iu, f|;e, of Ijeg cholera
ft, ds, a to Report' that
I ?pr
del cuuiUy. has a clean, slate as
-j or yts outbreaks ip hog cholera goes
We must. 4}owpver, keep in mind ilial
there are. twelve months in the year,
ind in order to keep a clean county
*ve must have it for the whole year.
.Vhereevcr sick hogs exist it is hoped
hat the people will take advantage
*f the inspector in charge cf hog
holera and get him on the job as
oon as possible.
It must be remembered that feeding
>f table refuse, garbage, etc , is very
| harmful and is more than likely to be
he cause of outbreaks, judging from
*ast performances along sueji lines.
In buying new stopk and putting it
>n your farm, one must be very care
ul in selecting this 3tock and from
Ahcre it comes. When buying new
bogs it is always 1 eH to look into the
premises upon which these hogs were
torn and raised, remembering at all
lines that t’te bog cholera germ can
not walk, fly or jump, but must be
carried. With this end in view, if
vour neighbors have sick hogs be
careful where you walk. If there are
ick hogs in your neighborhood be
'areful where dogs run; try to keep
hem penned up. These precautions
mist be borne in mind if you want to
keep Anne Arundel a clean county.
i ment.. which never disappoints and
can not burn the skin.
Limber up? Cult complaining! Get
1 small trial bottle from your drug
; ’ist, and in just a moment you’ll h<*
•ree from rheumatic and sciatic pain,
soreness, stiffness and swelling. Don't
sutler! Relief awaits you. Old. hon
est st. Jacol s Oil has cured millions
of rheumatism sufferers in the last
half century, and is just as jjjuod for
sciatica, neuralgia. I rckache. sprains
and swellings.—(Adv.)
Splitting infinitives, according to
recognized grammatical authorities,
does not hurt them. They have leer
I split so often that they no longer suf
fer.—Chicago News.
r j . 4
— * |
I i
> <?*
<Fo!low!:g is the slvtli of a
"crh-s ; article* perb.Hr.litc to In
come tax returns, for the year
1 r.s prepared by the Bureau
of Internal Revenue.)
Anomalous ns it m?y reem. a per
son may !e married and yot single
for the .purposes of the income-tax
JsijW. A, taxpayer's stafns with regard
to,exemptions apJ credits is dete:-!
1 mined as, of bbt* !fa?t day of the tar-j
able year De emler 31. ir*?s. Hf the
return is made on the calendar ye:.r ]
Insis. as most are. If cr that dtr a !
;uaq his wife were living tc;,e*h-j
,er. t|oy arc entitled to an exemption 1
-Of fJ.oeb f cr ?2,500, cccordir.g to the |
am oust of their net income for 1f22.1
f, however, they were separnted 1 y
mutual consent or were diverted,
each is allowed only the sl,oo*.' ex
emption granted a single person.
In the al s'ence cf continuous res!-!
lence toye'her. the quejtion of who-!
ther man and wife are living together]
in the eyes of the income-tax law de
pends uj on the character of the sep
aration. If, cccrrts’onaily ihe hus
band ia away on business, or if for
any necessary rensc-a a temporary
separation oTsts. the full exemption
is allowed. The presence of 0 wife
at a sanitarium, or hei; unavoidable
al fence 1 jeeause of ill health docs
<ati f cbfnsc th? marital and,
the huelantj Is eutitlcd to the fu'.kgx
amp.Ui.q, the .husl nvd- dfp
iil azsd jCOntinuously ma'rgfs. his
hnn-.a. fit. one place ar.4 his \y?ip. al.
apolher, they are not living tiv.eAUor
for the purpose of the income tax
The law works both ways. A man
ma£ wed on December 31, yet he is
granted the exemption allowed a
married person for the full year. The
bride’s income for 1922, however,
must he considered with that of her
husband in filing a return. A widower
whose wife died before the end of the
taxable year is classed as a single
man and allowed only an exemption
of SI,OOO.
Similar conditions exist with re
spect to tho head of a family. If dur-
the year his support of relatives
in his home ceased he is entitled only
to the SI,OOO exemption. A man who
has a dependent child, not mentally
or physically defeqtive, that attains
the age of IS just before the
close of the , taxahjjm year can not
claim the SIOO for a dependent. Like
wise, if a dependent dies before the
end of the benefactor's taxable your,
the S4OO credit is no| allowable.
Advertise in the livening Capital.
PvS?^ ss*BnwT:s 5 s*BnwT:s 1 i c"---7^l
I gki*i m
ms £\ i 1 i
I 1
. ■ ...
T 8
l] W
8 |
1 lip :3® i
j fete j |
1 I**'/?’/' {pV-sricun •*U r . i .<.'!%•! 9 1
i’ '--■-ii 1
: . - . . •,
' r W *■
ImpoHan'i. to all y’emen
T::iizrs cf tUs Paper
Thousands upon thousands of wo- j
men have kidney or bl,<tidir trour-le
au.l never suspect it.
Women's complaints often proveto
else b t kidney trouble,
t>r ‘tVe rsrstft cf Li’ney or bladdJr
- Lisea"e, . . ;
Ir the ?„. Ineys are" not in a healthy
fc-onditiAuAtiey may ecuse the ckhar’
ORjuas to
You may fruncr pain'lii tlie back,
fcea lie lie and Idas of ami itiou.
I-a-ir .makes you -nervous
ilritabie ;- dc may be vie: --ntr: lent; it j
mg'ns an;r>:(j yo. .
I|ut tmodreds of vvoneu claim that I
X'r- ki’.mirr's Swauip-Root, by resCor- !
i:ig health to the kidneys, proved to J
be just the remedy needed to over- j
come such condition",
Alanv send for a sample bottle to i I
sec what Swamp Root, the greet kid- i I
ney, liver ar ? bladder medicine will jl
do tor their 8.-euclodug ten cents [
tc l?r. XF.nirr - c i Co., Eiugfcanitcn, N. t.
Y., you n: iy le.eive sample si-e lx>t
tlehr Pafvel pest You can purchase |
me Imm and large size bottles at at] *
drug stores.
c H
m-. *■ , o**
Sidney Olcott, who directed I'ato j
DchrUfs Wiggins "Timothy’s Quest"}
which Is now showing ft the Circlet
Playhouse, says that it isn’t every day J
that a tachelor gets : n opportucitv
for vicarious fatherhood. Nor, be |
adds, does every lacboior love chil
dren well enough to seize the chance {
when he gets it. But he is cue of
the lacholors that does love e'artl
drtn. aii;l it wrs hit sheer delight
to have tw o of tht *ia©at, iovai !e chil
-1 drert •; .*HI jwfn'l c-'s of
ibis cih in< v Thnt‘y*A' Qw-lf"
h!c -yt'cr-Ttd i Joloa* Rowland and
j her' gallant •eft'-yAar-old UaigM. Jas
'tph Bedew, who tend the cast, were
! great favorites? with tiioir director
jvsho is known fcr his* “weakness"
I >hc e children are concerned*. N'ut
1 or^c.’df cohr.-e, did he apeak* a cress
word to them. A l?rge measure of
It's it- sympathetically direct
ing children comes from his patient
ua ’erslantiing of them.
"fmlle for Uncle Sidney. Helon,"
; sno! en in a coaxing tone, persuaded
'the tiny octrees to 1 re.ii. into many
! of the 1 entile smiles evidenced i:j the
At night, when the clay’s work wrs
over. Director Olcott could never l e
rersnadui to join a game of cards in
the :lly cf the Maine hotel where
the company was quartered, until
j MTbtmvaiariiiii
iti I® Bus Bay ■,
•1 f t £ ■’
l. , |
> Vva {
1 \\xfn
/.jr laxstivo \ 'b>4> N
: #'
*| vatsa
■! 'S s
Hk { ~ b:C ' 3 SO?
Be sure you get
; @!i'#Hlll
’ i ’ " The box tears this s:^2turu
. .. ... V ---- .V l L\~2r.T ,r "' 11 .*: ' k 1 '
| February Credit Sale!
65x80 Wool Mixed Blankets; double bed size; each $6.95
81x90 “White Star” Sheets; best quality; each $1.95
42x36 “White Star’ Pillow Cases; best quality; pair 95c
181x9*0 Satin Bed Spreads, scalloped; each $4.95
81x90 Crochet Bed Spreads; each $3.95
88x90 Colored Bed Spreads; each. . $3.95
Mercerized Table Cloths, square; each $1.95
Mercerized Table Cloths, round, scalloped; each $1.45
Bungalow Aprons; all colors and sizes 85c
New Spring Gingham Dresses $1.85
Childrens All-Wool Sport Hose; pair 55c |
Girlc’ Top wonderful values; sizes 5 to 14. . . ! $3.95
9 Cloth Dreslespsizeg 46, 18,'36.. .$4.95
Ladies’ Wool Sweaters; a bargain for .$1.95 y
Children’s Wool Sweaters; all sizes and colors $1.95
Men’s Wool Sweaters; assorted $3.95
Men’s Wool Shirts; good value for $1.95
Men’s Dress Shirts; $1.75 values 95 c
Men’s Collars; all sizes and styles*6 for 85c
Ladies’ High Vamp Rubbers. 95 c
: Men’s All-Wool Dress Pants. . .V. ' ; .$2,95
z-zy now all you can use while these bargains last, and pay us as
little as ONE DOLLAR per week.
I -
117-119 MAIN ST. (OPPOSITE A. & P. TEA CO.)
Telephone 435-J.
a I
I'e'on had l can llddcn
' With the little lady on h's knee hr
re.aiated nightly ell the fairy tate-3
; ,-*f h's childhood in Ireland an!, his
r*> ware a nevcr-end'ng • nrotvoi
; deUj ht to 1 oth Helen and J. e;>h.
Co marked were h’s attentions
’ the children Shet he was subjected to
■ a great deal) of “kidding'* from the
* *>
The Fair Price Grocery Co.
Opened February Ist , 1923 *
He incite the public to com and see our stock ar.d prices.
IVe give to our customers the clerk ar.d delivery cost.
Saturday | G Qfj) Special
5 lbs. PilJsbury's Flour.
> 1 lb. Crisco.
1 can Lib. Soup.
1 “ Corn (Fawn Shoe Fc^).
1 “ Tomatoes (Hill Top).
, / 1 “ Peas (Admiral Early June).
■ 1 “ String Beans (Chalinge).
'* • 1 bar Ivory Soap.
1 “ Arrow Borax Soap.
1 Car-y All'Bag. • '
. i :—£XLCj
ROY V'. TYDINGS. Manager
V. /
D wDisatgry
“W '
Incessant coughing that breaks you l-niger— try Dr. Kind's New
up sleep—stuffed-up nostrils that l>iscovcry—a good old family
blowing does not relieve—oppees- cough icn .y, used for over half a
five Congestion in the throat — century. 'i hr af■ ■st svrttp for clul
these arc the warning signals! dr. n. Vou u--. <•. tig, sootlm:-
i>u not let your cold torment druL!st'* i!avc itT "■ ’ M -°"
other members of the camrany who
had mttrh to jest alout bachelor dad
One authority now says Ikirope can
le (roe of dett in 63 years, but that
; ml af'ly is tased on the assumption
that ii won't fight again in the ineaa
timo.—Kadsaa City Times.

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