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pocial and Personal
| ...vii'*• f i r
( Mil'll up
mi it i i rim
ult, wonder
t J?:
F ■ t, In ini.
ju ;ifr;tii|
•r> betrayed,
■ t.i in*'.
. 1 nice inoro,
. i .i .1 i s;
: ire now Its 1
■ fur tears.
H"* I '' . 1
who has been
■ r ai :: Randall
Lieutenant W. j
v uf mi Tliurs-,
i.nusvillo, Tenn. j
Mr ( harU's A. j
ii.i after the
.i, ■ r ! r.ame on Sat -
r ( , ’ iin■ lii<l***l among
\ i' Fairfield. Lieut.-
S S Payne and
*| Mr- i; T Halite. who
Id a n to see the in- j
ill 111-ley, of 1627 j
, lii" week-end guest!
\V Alexander,;
K li,hi led Hayward,
ip ni tiieir fishing |
K. V I'Ll . where Uu>y
r nue-|s Mrs. .lohn Pat-j
1.. |) Harry Mordccui, of i
j".; Mrs K. M. St rite were
Hill k.lasts of Mrs. Oil*
pi iiiiilii rlu ini Court. Mrs, |
S' a recent bride, was
Jib" l - ', lea nor Moody, da Ugil- j
iiinl Mrs. li. C. .Moody, i
i Party
' Morton, the second
r Mr .uni Mrs. Richard j
K Nairn.'' will go to Hal- j.
1 i'*\v to attend the card!
i> Sophie Miller will give at ■
1 In r parents, 1012 St. J
honor of Miss Path-1
I I' >ri 1 uni. M*>., who is ,
I Allen Lycctt.
'••■"rge li. Nelson, of
Lave been visiting
-lit* r-in-law, Lleu-
Haiadtl J. Nelson,
i to \\ ai liington.
k* Usit
<i Henson Swindell
\\ ardour, who are
or in italtimore,
from a week's
" here tliev were
■ v\ iidell's brother.
p joined lier fatli-1
t'arvel Hall, for
has eonie from
1 rother Charles, I
ntfy place, near
N in
f evpi, rector of
I'avidsonville. is
tuitiinore hos
•>as returned ;
L . r ' hi went to nt
v ’ii Griffith. of
L d been staying!
tennis Malian,
ns is back
' ek-end with
of Baltimore.
I tt * I
Java Farms,*’j
urned from a
• ht ami is stop- !
- jpertain- J
L> this after- j
e m Cedar Park.
imeyer and Mrs.
v a : 'ing at the tea !
's Club meeting j
'Wdieswith T 8
Itirlhda} Tea
Persona attending the Birthday
Tea t< lie given this evening by the
Ladies* Aid Society of Calvary Church
iti the Hcligious Education Building
of the church are requested to bring
as many pennies as they ar e years
)M or to give a dollar to the So
ciety’s funds. An attractive program
lias been arranged for the evening’s
entertainment and refreshments will
!>■ served.
(l ickea Salad Supper
Auspices la stern Star
The Annapolis Chapter of the Order
of the Kastern Star is planning a
chicken salad supper for Thursday,
March 1. The supper will be held in
the City Assembly Booms, and serv
ing will begin at 5:30 o’clock
Commander And
Mrs. Boones' Bursts
Commander and Mrs. John Downes,
of 11 Porter Row, Naval Academy,
had as their week-end guests Mrs.
Downes* sister, Mrs. Fairfax Leary,
and brother-in-law. Commander Wil
son Brown.
entertainments For
Bridge Club
The ’ Tuesday Bridge Club” was en
tcrtaiiied yesterday by Mrs. Arthur
Hunt, of Severna Park. Miss Eliza
Lane Dugan, who is resigning from
the club, is entertaining it this after
noon at Carvel Hall. Miss Dugan’s
place will be filled by Miss Zita
To (<le Luncheon
For Hiss Woods
Mrs. It. M. Teel lias sent out in
-1 citations for a luncheon party on Fri
day at Severna Park in honor of Miss
I' ranees Woods whose engagement to
Ensign O. C. Wierum was recently
tssDflng ~\t
Auto Show
Among those assisting yesterday in
Hie lea Room at the Auto Show were
Mrs. John Douw, Mrs. Nicholas Har
wood Groen, Mrs. G. Abram Moss,
Mrs. T. it. Kurtz, Mrs. J. p. Morton.
Mrs. Lynde Dupuy McCormick, Miss
Katherine Taylor, Mrs. Conrad
1 Drove, Miss Laura Steele, Mrs. John
Manners, of New York, who is visit
i Mtg Mrs. Kurtz; Mrs. St. George Bar
ber. Mrs. T. I). Griffin, Miss Sara
i Green and Miss Louise Hclntz.
Kiri Inlay Party For
>lhs lioisseaii
Mr. and Mrs. Boisscau entertained
recently in honor of the twenty-first
birthday of their daughter, Ethel
Marie. Musical selections were ren
dered by Prof. Hoisseau and his ac
companist. Miss Cochran and Miss
Moss, of Baltimore, gave vocal solos,
and Mr. Sweeney sang “Rocked in the
Cradle of the Deep.” Because of the
inclement weather, a number of
those expected were unable to attend
the party, but more than forty guestv
were present. Mis 3 Bcisseau was the
recipient of many attractive gilts.
To Go lit Bushiest*
In New York
Edwin Haupt. stepson of William
Hambruch, of 5 Cathedral street, this
city, has left Annapolis to engage in
the automobile business in New York.
Women Weed Swamp-Root
Thousands of women have kidney
and bladder trouble and never sus
pect it.
Women’s complaints often prove to
be nothing else but kidney trouble,
or the result of kidnev or bladder
If the kiduevs are not in a healthy
condition, they may cause the other
organs to become diseased.
Pain in the back, headache, loss of
ambition, nervousness, are often
times symptoms of kidney trouble.
Don't delay starting treatment.
Dr. Kilmer’s Swamp-Root, a physi
cian's prescription, obtained at any
drug store, may be just the remedy
nee*led to overcome such conditions.
Get a medium or large size bottle
immediately from any drug store.
However, if you wish first to test
this great preparation send ten cents
to Dr. Kilmer & Co., Binghamton, N.
Y., for a sample bottle'. When writ
ing be sure and mention this paper.
/ JffiSj
11 ]
Palmer Engine
Phone 601-M Annapolis, Md.
Visiting Cninniauder
r And .Mrs. Multan
Mrß. Henry H. Flather. of Wash
ington and “Tulip Hill,” West River,
has been the guest of her uncle and
aunt. Commander and .Mrs. Dennis
Multan, whose son. Dr. Eugene Mul- ,
. lan, of Canada, bas also been staying
with them.
Mrs. W. C. \t erntz. who has been
ill for the past month, suffering from
f a severe attack of grip, is slowly ira
s Proving, though still confined to her
i home at 168 Gloucester street.
i (t'ftnltnn+ri From Pare
J 1
tiniik, nor w;*q there indication of any- j
thing out of the ordinary iu other re
spects. One of the first thoughts that I
flashed through the mind of President
Holladay was to stop the alarming
bell. But that could not be done. The
automatic time clock works are lo
• cated within the big vault, and the
1 safe would not open until y in the
morning. Satisfied that nothing was
wrong, the crowd soon began to dis
. perse.
Trouble In Alarm llox
This morning at 9 It developed that
one of the buttons of the automatic
attachments in the mechanism of the
alarm box registered “No. 4 ” This,
it was explained, indicated that the
alarm was due to something wrong
with the box on the outside, ,mul not
in any department on the .aside. Of
ficials of. the company that installed
tin* alarm works were communicated
with. A representative is expected in
the city some time this afternoon, and j
then the real reason for the bell go- I
itig on a rampage will he learned.
Stop your coughs and colds before j
they become serious. If neglected
they lead to influenza la grippe, !
asthma and bronchitis. Three gene
rations of users have testiiied to the
quick relief guen by Foley’s Honey
and Tar from coughs, colds, croup. |
throat, chest and bronchial trouble !
Largest gelling cough medicine in the i
world. Mrs. S. L. Hunt, Cincinnati.!
Ohio, "writes: Foley's Honey atul Tar
cured me of a backing cough, wheez
ing atul pains in chest.” Refuse sub
stitutes. —(Adv.)
Even More In Demand
The Ford Sedan is accepted everywhere as
the car for the family. A convenient car to
drive, comfortable to ride in and it affords
so much pleasure at such low cost that its
use is practically universal.
Finer upholstery, adjustable window repu
' lators and refinements in chassis construc
tion have built up quality and yet the price
has never been so low.
The demands for this car are so great that
delay may prevent your getting delivery.
List your order now. A small down pay
ment—the balance on easy terms.
Ford prices hat e never been so low
Ford quality has never been so high
For Sole at your Dealer Made in Five grades
(Continord Fram Pace u
Although officials of the Tolchester
, CYmpany fully expected to put the
steamer Annapolis on the run to this
! city yesterday, after a lapse of ten
days, this was found out of the ques
tion. because of the ice conditions.
The steamer will make the trip to-
I morrow, however, according to word
received by Luther Francis, local
agent,, front officials cf the company
at Baltimore. The last run made by
the Annapolis was on February 16.
; as the icc embargo was steadily get
i ting worse. A number of merchants
of the city have felt the effects of
the steamer not being operated, as
! considerable freight is received by
them over the water route.
Oyster Tongera Again At Work
Yesterday was the first time in more
than two weeks that oyster tongers
in any great number were able tc
get out to the bars. Good catches
were reported which means that the
local market, as well as the packers
have replenished their supplies of the
shell fish.’ In consequence of the
scarcity, the bivalves are bringing
Guard Against “Flu”
With Musterole
Influenza, Grippe and Pneumonia
usually start with a cold. The moment
you get those warning aches, get busy
frith good old Musterole.
Musterole is a counter-irritant that
relieves congestion (which is what a
cold really is) and st imulates circulation.
It has all the good qualities of the
old-fashioned mustard plaster without
the blister.
Just rub it on with your finger-tips.
First you will feel a warm tingle as the
healing ointment penetrates the pores,
then a soothing, cooling sensation and
quick relief.
Have Musterole handy for emergency
use n It may prevent serious illness.
35c and Gsc, in jars and tubes.
Better thar* a mustard plaster
higher prices, all of which means lots
■ of money jingling in the pockets of
Rig Hauls Of Fish
A number of bay fishermen also re
port big catches of rock and perch
frcm the waters in the vicinity of
Bloody Point lighthouse. 15 miles
southeast of Annapolis. Some few
of the fish were brought to the lo
cal market, but the bulk of the
catches were shipped from points
along the Eastern Shore.
f oal For Sir. Harrington
Captain Bert Kelly, master of a bay
schooner, returned to the local port
front Baltimore yesterday, bringing
a load of coal for the steamer Emer
son C. Harrington of the Claiborne-
Annapolis ferry line. Captain Kelly
had to pick his way carefully through
the ice fields. He reports the ice
worse since last Saturday than at any
time since the cold snap, due largely
to the heavy fields coming down the
To Cure a Cold in One Day
Take Laxative BROMO QUININE tab
lets. The box bears the signature ol
E. W. Grove. (Be sure you get
<RO.MO.) 30c.—(Adv.) • • ’
Has your
mealtime drink said
“Pay upr
A GOOD many people have had free from any possibility of harm \\
xTI that message from coffee or to health. \'
tea after the drug, caffeine, has Try p ost um with your meals |
its effect upon nervec or di- f or a f ew d a y S and j et t^e whole
gestion. family, the children included.
Frequently the message comes share in its appetizing, invigorat
# at night, when nerves won't quiet ing goodness. It will bring better
down and sleep won't come, after nights and brighter mornings,
the dinner cup of coffee. Your grocer sells Postum in two
There’s no unfriendly after- forms: Instant Postum (in tins) pre-
,, , y , , pared instantly in the cup by the addi-
Ucm that good CercJll bev- tion of boiling water. Postum Cereal
cragc, Postum. (in packages) for those who prefer to J i?'
.u . , make the drink while the meal is Heine ! PntTim’eJ
..sgrsSd sssi: 5355 S? —* filing ** |
©. Postum FOR HEALTH P
tt rn t to K
In ere s a Reason
Made by Postum Corral Co., Inc., Battle Crook, Mich.
When you'Buy a Closed Car
buy one that's COMPLETE
c tke Oldsmobile Brougham
Completely Iquipped'tfyCitotySTS^^^^
Be sure that the closed car you buy is complete
—no extras to be bought later. The Oldsmobile
Brougham is such a car—ready to drive away
from our showroom at a minute’s notice for a
J/ cross-country trip.
Mr Ur Insist on standard closed car construction*
M/ a product of The Oldsmobile Brougham is sheathed with
Mr general motors steel panels from floor to roof. No compro
m mise with composition materials which are
m. apt to warp.
II lo’ cj The chassis is the famous Four chassis which
II Is known all over the country for endurance,
V speed, easy riding, and operating economy.
jk Kv™ Don’t buy a car of the Brougham type without
seeing the Oldsmobile Brougham! It’s not only
an Oldsmobile, but a General Motors product
as well—double assurance of high quality.
There b unusual leg room and eat See and drive the Brougham today!
room for five grown-up people.
Division of General Motors Corporation
1 1" "! Telephone 15M1
(rantlnued From Pag. I.)
found unconscious early today near .t
burned boat house at Clarksbari, a
short distance from here. Moll also
had a bullet wound in the head. He
was brought here and takea to a lu-s
Near the bodies were found two
notes, one signed with the name of the
girl, in which she stated she intended
to kill herself because of a quarrel
with Moll. The other, signed by Moll,
said that he, finding the girl u sui
cide, feared ho would be considered
her slayer and had decided to take
his own life.
The police said they questioned the
genuineness of the girl’s note and are
working on the theory that Moll shot
the girl and then tried to commit j
Harry Moll, found shot at Clarksboro.
X. J.. today, near the body of Miss
Viola Staley, has a wife and an eight
year-old son in this city. The wife
said that while her husband stayed
away at night she had no suspicion
1 that he was paying attention to an
other woman.
NEW YORK. Feb. 27.—Mrs. Anna
Ruxxi. known also as Anna Schneider,
housekeeper for Frederick Schneider,
wealthy contractor, who was found
murdered in his automobile in a lone
ly section of the Bronx yesterday. Was
arrested today as a material witness.
She denied all knowledge of the crime
rfter detectives had questioned her
and became hysterical upon being
confined to a cell.
Mrs. Buexi. who is 20 years old, was
divorced from her husband in a suit
in which Schneider was named as co
Meanwhile, police continued their
j search for a blond woman, who was
! seen to leave Schneider's automobile
; thortly before th* dead man wi s dis
covered with two bullet holes through
his body.

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