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Social and Personal
|'|Ml <>l'l
v York Sun )
I ‘J,., iving,
* r <!one.
, : •':!<• sun
• Made the day,
ri and Kray,
•a inds them in, j
• handmaids spin
a cave again
w men
fair '
j, , ■he air,
. ar „ a ■ it'll.
; ami line.
. (waving,
.j, ; 'i'ii he done
r Klt - fii< *
entertained a ]
iioner last night.
mi.' Mr and Mrs.
ij , oi Baltimore; j
. Mrs Proctor |
. .-'i(•ii( and Mr. Ste- j
, .'i i mi Wednesday }
r . h .iw for a week’s
jj,- ...i.i M Maruch.
ij,- ,i i : will in* entertain- j
r ... .Mi Kal jili Foster, of !
ye George street.
smiY ll‘|i
, v. h.-eler aml tii<> Misses
mAn 11 lnk were among ■
I, girls 111 | lie midship- ,
if mi Saturday night.
f; , • i ,ioyd. of Lynn, Mass .
ling !u r ‘i>ring vacntioi with
1 Mrs nar?nn I- Wright, of
(C-'orge street.
tit it
null In rm
r Mrs II U Mayo Thom, of
ton June I. will open Hooky
'em, their home on Chesa
h\ near \miapolis. They
iii'il Hillsdale," their home
:: Park, to Mrs. Lawrence !
for the summer.
Will I lull
N On tTidily
M : ih'.i.ly cluh. an organ!- i
tf . hildreii of this city and,
s.is i ntertained at a social !
eii las' Friday evening in
of the Junior Order Fnited !
: Me. hanics on Cathedral
Mr an,l Mrs ('. J. Lynch in j
! ;■ r sen, John. Mr. and Mrs. |
Harnniyim assisted at the I
V'h'unh had weather kept I
o, who would have attended,
• about to guests present.
>' "c was spent in piayingi
• i Han. mg. The rooms were j
Hi .rat.-.l with Japanese j
American flags and bunting, j
i- • a. refreshments, consist- ;
■ .team, cuke, and fruits of j
i were served. I
present w. re- Mrs. L. C.
Mrs Melvin Smith, Mrs. Roy ]
- K"> Morgan, Mr. and
H Itrigh:. Jr.. Mr. and Mrs. I
' 1 and Mr. Dolan; the i
i- keit. Mary Hall, Evelyn ,
wr-i 1 ' cvaig. Cornelia Craig.
Hew ir.l. Ellen Howard.
*’ ku;s.-'a, Dorothea Roett
a.ie Fa ton. Klfroda Shawn,
N 'Jra Howard and Mat*
Meuvs Robert May be w.
Ko'.vri C.ardner, Henry
arrv Lockett. Oswald Nel
c w vd. Hilly Cornell and I
* Bridge ,
k Huiirigan
Mn How nos is entertaining
>n liri and tea
’ Mrs | w Hourigan. who
3 't a month at the Foggy
P Snyder is herb on a
• fjnii 'v. 9 „
i To
C;kon. who has been
six weeks on ac
■'ss of his son, Cotn
• V.oi Auken. returned
In no in Ptica. Oom
r. \ , ts convalescing at
from a serious
with complica
V: orson returned
on Friday night
■ nna Cusachs. who
• in Philadelphia for
re i A. Norwood are
nations on the birth
i horn yesterday at
- A West street.
Roscoe Arnett
mdelphia on Satur
■ week-end with Mrs.
J E. Jefferson, for-,
t_ v ( ' is . now living In
| B
(ißMitt Of
.Mrs. Slayton •
Mrs. Charles C. Slayton, of Duke of
I Gloucester street, had as her week
end guests her cousin, Miss Elaine
Arnaud, of Washington, and Miss
Peggy Weeks, daughter of Colonel
Weeks, U. S. A., now stationed at
Washington Barracks. Miss Weeks
is a frequent visitor in Annapolis.
Visitor At
Mnrnty Hill
Eugene Cherry, of the Frontenac
Apartment, Philadelphia, has return
ed home after spending the week-end
here as the guest of Mrs. J. T. Jeffer
son, of Murray avenue.
To Speak At
“General Assembly"
Mrs. I. W. Sylvester, the only
IjGulKiana member of the “Daughters
of the American Colonists,” will at
tend the general assembly in Wash
ington and will be one of the speakers
at the luncheon at the New Willard
on April 23. Her subject will be “The
Pilgrim Daughter.”
, Bridge flub
Meeting Tomorrow
The 1917 Bridge Club will meet to
morrow afternoon at 2:30 at the resi
, deuce of Mrs. George K. Webber, 185
Duke of Gloucester street.
House Party
Mrs. Clarence Vernon Fowler en
tertained at dinner on Saturday and
Sunday in honor of her week-end
guests and their midshipmen escorts.
Miss Corinna Reat-Fenner Fowler
brought with her a Goueher College
classmate, Miss Helen Horton, of
Baltimore. The rest of the house
party consisted of Miss Mary Kay, of
Philadelphia, and Miss May Gwyn
Anderson and Miss Priscilla Fansler,
of Bryn Mawr College.
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence O’Neill, of
II Hill street, are receiving congrat
ulations on the birth Of a daughter,
born this morning at the Emergency
Hospital. Mrs. Hill was formerly
Miss Anne Cromar, of Richmond.
G nests Of
Mrs. Gearing
Miss Bertha Keeley, of New York,
and Mrs. Sydney Thomas, of Wash
, ington, will arrive this afternoon for
a few days’ visit to Mrs. Wallis Gear
ing. ,
Arranging Summer
European Tour
Miss Elizabeth Persons has return-
I ed from New York and Wells Col-
I lego, Aurora, where she secured four
members for her summer European
| trip.
Mrs. .jenies Going
into Business
The latest recruit to the business
j world from the ranks of society is
Mrs. Nathaniel Willis James. Jr., who
will be the Baltimore representative ,
l of Hie firm of “Francise.” Mrs
James, who is a cousin of Mrs. J. C. ,
Joyce, of 197 Prince George street,
was formerly Miss Beatrice Howland
and is well known in Annapolis.
| Grlitith-HeroM
B. D. Griffith, of Brooklyn, N. Y.,
and Miss Henrietta Herold, of Bal- i
timore, were married at 6:30 last Fri- i
day evening at the Presbyterian
Church by the pastor. Dr. Persons.
The church was very prettily decor
ated with sweet peas, tulips and laurel,
i The full ring ceremony was used. Mr.
Sprogle at the organ played a pre
lude and the wedding march. A num
ber of friends of Mr. and Mrs. Grif
fith came down from Baltimore to at
tend the ceremony. The best man
and matron of honor were Prof. P.
J. Kiefer of the Post Graduate School
and Mrs. Kiefer, who had been school
friends of the bride at her former
home in Springfield, Ohio. Following
i the wedding the party drove to Bal
timore where they enjoyed a splen
did wedding supper at the Hotel
Emerson, after 1 which the bride and
groom left for a trip through the
middle west.
Mrs. Poindexter
Here For Week-End
Mrs. Miles E. Poindexter, wife of
the newly-appointed Ambassador x to
Peru, came from Washington to spend
the week-end with Mrs. F. E. Libe
now. On Friday evening Miss Elise
Howell entertained at a party for Mrs.
Rack From
Philadelphia Visit
Miss Birdie Jefferson has returned
home after a two-months’ visit to her
brother-in-law and sister. Captain and
Mrs. Roscoe Arnett, at the Philadel
phia Navy Yard.
Miss Marguerite Linthicum i$ visit
ing her sister. Miss
principal of the Annapolis High
Former Annapolftan
Visiting Here
Mrs. M. P. Morrison, wife of Major
Morrison, of the Army, is the guest of
Mrs. Maurice Ogle. Before her mar
riage, Mrs. Morrison was Miss Helen
Pfeiffer, of this city.
Leroy Tull, of New York, is visiting
hit parents. Mr. and Mrs Tull, of
Murray Hill.
David O. Parlett is the guest of his
mother, Mrs. Parlett. of this city.
ICwUuiS Frm rut IJ
The High School and Tracey’s
Landing recalled the stateness and
beauty of the oid-time dancing in a
Weavers dance and a rhythm dance.
Tiny tots, from four to six years of
age, gave two delightful bits of the
terpsichorean art. apparently un
aware of the admiring families and
friends looked on.
The older dancing class danced the
Highland Fling with charming grace.
Millers* ille Flag Drill
Millersvilie showed true military
precision in their Flag Drill and
worked out some pretty figures.
West Annapolis received honorable
mention from the Baltimore judges in
their original exhibit of outdoor
And the Arnold club, who closed
the health program, was presented a
prize for the clever rendition oi a lit
tle health play.
The Spirit 61 Knowledge then
called for the educational activities of
the clubs.
Boone School (iets Basketry Award
Boone School was awarded a prize
for the, best original exhibit of bas
ketry work. An enthusiastic imperso
nation of a basketry class conducted
by one of the girls dressed as Miss
Burch was received with much ap
plause. A crab-net was presented to
Supt. Fox and a basket to Miss Wiede
feld, Supervisor of Grammar Schools.
Prize To High School, Too
The High School was also awarded
a prize for the picturesque gypsy can
tata which showed no little musical
talent among its young participants.
The Sixth Grade, which has been
doing creditable work in hammock
making, presented Supt. Fox with a
big hammock.
Eastport’s Odds And finds
The Eastport club displayed the
House of Odds and Ends—an Ingeni
ous little doll house completely equip
ped with furniture, carpets, curtains,
pictures made from scraps.
Owens*iHe’s Absent Member
The Owenaville girls were not pres
ent to do their part for the pageant.
Their vacant coner told Its own sad
story. Almost without exception their
separate home circles were bound by
family ties to the bereaved family of
the young girl whose tragic death has
cast a gloom over their little com
But perhaps more impressive still
was the appearance of the Tracey's
High School club, a hand broken by
the absence of this vivid young mem
ber. Being scheduled to interpret for
the entire Girl Reserve body, the code
of that oganization, they realized that
the loyal spirit of Roberta Shepherd
would not want them to fail in their
mission, and with admirable fortitude,
in symbolic white robes and with
lighted candles, they went through the
beautiful service, even to the song
“Just As 1 Am,” which Roberta had al
ways led in singing.
An exquisite excerpt from the play
“Ruth and Boaz’’ was next given by
the Eighth Grade, in oriental costume.
And the afternoon was brought to a
close by a Service play originated and
given by the Germantown club.
Presentation Of Pennants
Girl Reserve pennants were pre
sented to Boone School and the High
School for having one hundred per
cent, attendance.
As a whole the pageant was a tre
mendous success and gave to the peo
ple of Annapolis a clear idea of the
breadth and scope of this one of many
important phases of the work of the
Surely the Annapolis people will
not fail these six hundred girls, but
stand behind them with heart and
soul—and purses!
“Standing on the brink of woman
They hold the whole creation in
their brimming cups.
They pause with thirsty lips be
fore they drink
’Good health to you and me sweet
neighbor mine
And all these peoples!'
The June is in them and rosebuds
Where the calyx splits
They feel so young, so strong, so
sure of God.”
Get Dr. Edwards’ Olive Tablets
That is the joyful cry of thousands
since Dr. Edwards produced Olive
Tablets, the substitute for calomel.
Dr. Edwards, a practicing physician
for 17 years And calomel's old-time
enemy, discovered the formula for Olivo
Tablets while treating patients for
chronic constipation and torpid livers.
Dr. Edwards’ Olive Tablets do not
contain calomel, but a healing, soothing
vegetable laxative.
No griping is the “keynote” of these
little sugar-coated, olive-colored tab
lets. They cause the bowels and liver to
act normally. They never force them
to unnatural action.
If you have a “dark brown mouth”—
bad breath—a dull, tired feeling—sick
headache —torpid liver—constipation,
you’ll find quick, sure and pleasant re
sults from one or two ef Dr. Edwards*
Olive Tablets at bedtime. . , .•
- Thousands take them every night just
to keep right. Try them. 15c and 30c.
Young Women's
Christian Association
"I am come that they might have
life sad that they might have
It more abuadaaUy *
Watch For Anti Protective Legisla
tion. Says Legislative
The Legislative Committee of the
National Board. Young Women's
Christian Association, is deeply con
cerned over the activities of the Na
tional Women's party to wipe out all
protective legislation for women.
Commenting upon the “Equal Rights”
Bills the Committee expresses fear
that such proposed amendments or
changes will imperil all progress in
this direction.
To obtain the -eight hour day and
a living wage without legislation
would require 127 years, judging from
the rate of progress to date, the Com
mittee says. Except in States where
laws fix minimum standards for 'wo
men, hours of labor are longer for
women than men and wages fall far
below standards of living.
To ask for legal protection for
women workers is not to ask for spe
cial privileges but merely a specific
kind of protection which may or may
not be needed by men, it points out.
Men ask for the kind of protection
that Is needed by them.
Mrs. Harry D. Nims of New York
1b Chairman of the Legislative Com
mittee. Miss Margaret Hiller Is Ex
ecutive Secretary.
Government Schools Closed Since
October— Csed As Barracks
By Soldiers
The small boy who longs to play
hookey from school would find Foo
chow a paradise. Since October, due
to the civil war, the Chinese govern
ment schools have been qlosed. The
school buildings have been taken over
by the soldiers and occupied as bar
The Young Women's Christian As
sociation, which for a period of six
weeks closed Its doors, has now re
opened and resumed work. The tem
porary closing was due to the Chinese
girls’ reluctance to appear upon the
thronged streets, thus crippling the
attendance. During the interval the
association staff joined the mission-
Eases Quickly When You
Apply a Little Musterole
And Musterole won't blister like the
old-fashioned mustard plaster. Just
spread it on with your fingers. It
penetrates to the sore spot with a gentle
tingle, loosens the congestion and draws
out the soreness and pain.
Musterole is a clean, white ointment
made with oil of mustard. It is fine for
quick relief from sore throat, bronchitis,
tonsititis, croup, stiff neck, asthma,
neuralgia, headache, congestion, pleu
risy. rheumatism, lumbago, pains and
aches of the back or joints, sprains, sore
muscles, bruises, chilblains, frosted feet,
colds on the chest. Keep it handy
for instant use. 35c and 65c. jars and
tubes; hospital size, $3.00.
Better than a mustard platter
| Screen
J! Frames
m 1 IP** (Screen
iL-LJ Wire
screens before the flies
1 The Henry B. Myers Co.
49 WEST ST. PHONE 108.
c ; ; 1-/
aries in Red Cross work in the hos
pitals. working in twelve-hour shifts.
"With the change of the Military
i Governor, conditions, white not re-
I stored to normal, have greatly im
j proved," said Miss Gertrude Steele
i Brooke yesterday. "The grea; exodus
j of people who left the city last Oeto
! her are gradually returning."
Despite conditions the Foochow As
sociation just finished a highly suc
cessful financial campaign. The new
Military Governor gave a large dona
tion. the largest given by an official
to a Christian organization in the last
ten years.
Miss Steele-Brooke is doing post
graduate work at the National Board
Training School in New York. She
was head of the work in Foochow for
the last three years. Within the year
she will resume her work. Her home ,
is Ssn Francisco.
(Continued From Foe* 1.)
Cornell, Intercollegiate champion,
found TimberiaXe an aggressive
wrestler and both spent the early
part of the bout in sparring. After
eight minutes Roberts secured a
crotch-and-wrist hold. Timberlake
managed to keep Roberts from a fail
until just two seconds before the
whistle, when the 'Cornell man forc
| ed his opponent's shoulders to the
Derision To Harrison
In the 135-pound-class event a last
minute substitution was made by
Cornell when Ryan was found, just
before tho bout was called, to have
a temperature of 101. Wigsten was
substituted and proved rather easy
for Harrison. Wigsten kept on the >
defensive and the best Harrison
could secure was a wide time ad
Erleeson, of the Navy, secured a
time decision over Burr, of Cornell.
H After Every Meal
811 each meal
a bit of
in the form
llsfies the
tooth and
sure and
■ combined.
f PAZO OINTMENT instantly Re-
I lieves ITCHING PILES and you
|| can get restful sleep after the
■ first application.
■ Ail druggists are authorized to
■ refund money if PAZO 01NT
■ MENT fails to Cure any case of
■ ordinary cases in 6 days, the
I worst cases in 14 days. 60c.
in the 145-pound class "by five min
utes in a rather uninteresting event.
In the 15S Arnold put the Navy
ahead. and then, with the event prac
tically resting on the 175. Hanson,
intercollegiate titleholder. easily won.
and then Wright played his waiting
Summary Of Bouts
115-Pound Class—Won by McWil
liams. Cornell, over Rhea; referee's
decision. Time aavtantage. 6m. 225.
126-Pound Class—Won by Roberts,
Cornell, over Timberlake by a fall,
crotch-and-wrist hold. Time, 9m.
135-Pound Class Won by Harri
son. Navy, over Wigsten; referee's
decision. Time advantage, Sm. 325.
145-Pound Class—Won by Erleeson.
I Navy, over Burr; referee's decision,
i Time advantage. sm.
158-Pound Class —Won by Captain
Arnold. Navy, over Read, Cornell, by
a fall on a head-scissors hold. Time.
4m. 255.
175-Pound Class—Won by Hanson.
Cornell, over Viewig by a fall on a
body hold. Time, sm. 265.
Heavyweight or Unlimited Class-
Captain Wright, Cornell, and Her
lihy, Navy. draw.
Referee— Sheridan. Lehigh.
Again—an old -
almost forgotten
- delicacy
APPLE butter i How
long since y °u have butter made from the
fted rt that good old choicest of juicy apples,
spread always on your boiled down with spar
mother s table.. Now kling cider and piquant
again you can enjoy it, spices. Renew the old
as temptingly delicious, time pleasure; let your
too.. From Libby’s sun- family enjoy it too.
it kitchens comes apple Order Libby’s from your
own grocer today.
<jjor übby ’ m s & Libty
Sip, ? dan
I A Still Greater
Never before has a Ford Sedan been
sold at such a low price.
Never before has there been such a
well-built Ford Sedan —improved with
’ finer upholstery, window regulators,
and with many refinements in chassis
► 1 * <<i
This is the family car which fully
I meets every requirement of economy,
comfort and sturdy service.
So meat is the demand that deliveries
will soon be almost impossible. List
your order now, make a small down
payment, the balance on easy terms.
Ford prices have never been so low
Feed auaUty has never been so high ,
A Good (Inni'fr
A piece of brown paper, well
sprinkled with salt, is an excellent
thing to have on the end of the iron
ing board to rub the dirt off the iron
after heating. It not only prevents
ugly smudges on clean clothes, hut
protects the ironing board as well.
- Baltimore Sun.
Mr Howell—Health is better than
wealth. Mrs. Powell- Not for your
prospectne heirs.—Houston Post.
I Coughs
For Bronchial cough,
Whooping cough,
hacking cough, use
EttablUhad 1875
Largest selling cough medicine
in the World.
Free from opiates—ingredients
plainly pnntcd on wrapper.
HHBBV"’ ~ - - n 'newsMBJMU

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