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, Active In Various Kinds v
\! Humane Work During 1
Pa: t Month
—— ! i
______ j
Agent investigated 36 *
tin* last month. One *
• >i from work because ' (
Thirty-eight small
imam ly destroyed; 19
Two offenders were
One was convicted and
j.j'v i line of $lO and costs—
This prosecution was
,PT>:r 1 a horse. The proper
• horses was looked after
!!:<■ ml weather. Five check*
- in re distributed. Homes
f 3u'l f‘>r 6 small animals.
;i i ■ve is a summary of the
<ivil. s in which Mr. Blais- ■
()'*■.i lie is always on tip* j
: I ,i phone call of 336-J will
v ni-ci:re his services. It must i
*er mi I, however, that it is not
■ to kill perfectly sound and 1
vm .m ils. He can usually se
for good dogs, and ell
tr* vnod, when they are prbper- j
i cl week is observed ns •
in- Week” hy all humanltar;
*i imut the country, and it
i> ! . nne notice will le taken
j n .1 Sunday in the churcho3. i
ut rct'.il reading of the follow
l i.riii le is ri commended ly the
h!M*M SS vs. CRIME
Hy W. F. H. Wentzel
y dr pcriite criminals? What
if fur ontl-socla! habits-are
ns tliat have troubled all civ-’
i •: Since tut a small fraction I
public frequent the House of
is evident that a more general
pr.'ucJi is essential. We look to
i hliool i hul find that crime, in
nf Icing eliminated by educa
kei piug pace with it. Aoeept
; that there is ho simple remedy
may nevertheless assume, without
lr.ate philosophy, that the spirit
dullness and* wholesome respect:
r'hi' riyliis and feelings of others
kJ eliminate a mass of human
Mlur-ea ruing capacity may be a
’■ 'Hide goal in education but what
world needs is a culture which
' human excellence above the
ii.iifiition of seltbh desires. Active
is; i‘ ami ministration to the com-j
i" *'f lesser creatures begets a hu
l emotion which may ultimately
R imte every conscious interest in !
> Kindness, like a garden plant.
**!■• r< under cultivation. Cruelty, i
a weed, will stifle every good
' vo We do "not expect bitter and |
*' v t water from the same fountain, j
f it can n child bo cruel to the '
i>.i! ire without developing tile capa- J
'? ( rime and misconduct toward J
* fellow matt.
’ 1 us remember three virtues of,
fc-lness: tirst, kindness pays; sec- 1
kiminess is right; third, kind-!
■ - gives reflex moral values. At
" f tirst it means, more milk from j
'■ cow. 1 otter service from the i
! richer songs and service from
iM-. and more joy out of life,
cud. conscience and hu- i
bgatimis in dealing with God-I
1 demand that we do right!
omi si ration. As to the third,
kelps us to keep alive with
urs< Ives the liner elements of
excellence, it cultivates synt
' justice, and mercy, the cor.-1
b’etors in human betterment,
i and roughest boy in fhe j
n.cniiy is wont to be transform-j
accepts the task of doing
g kindness to add to the com
•ai i happiness of dumb crea-
I e teacher who interested her
! in school in feeding birds. '
: i i s of suet to trees, and
”-g their increased joy and hap
h-.j solve l her problem ai-i
14 Concrete will
j Modernize your Place >
I ■ ,vnys, v> alks. steps and other desirable conveniences of Concrete
8 your place more attractive and more liable, and add to the
c value of your property. Concrete is the home owners most
1 'niicui material for any kind of an improvement around the home.
■ I ' rac work is not expensive. Any local contractor can do the work |
II .11 cost. You might even do some of it yourself. The few dollars
lb \ vi spend will be a small price to pay for the satisfaction, con
jfß vcmcnceand service these Concrete improvements give you.
1 9- Anv Security Cement dealer will iumish free Blue Prints
v and information on how to get the work done at least cost.
M T ■
I?- ITY Makes Good Concrete
most before Bhe was aware of it. j
There was a new spirit of tenderness I
an.) interest in things worthwhile.
The criminals, murderers, and cut
throats of tomorrow are moulded
from the youth of today. One of the
divine tests of human fitness is
wrought oat in our habits of dealing
w;th God’s Creation. Where kindness
dominates wars cannot originate and
institutions with iron bars receive no
patronage. We believe in plowshares
ins tead of swords, so let us substi
tue for the loy the camera for the j 1
gun. teach him not to be a killer,
give him a splendid dog or other pet |
for his daily diversion, and interest 1
him in acts of kindness and deeds!
of love.
** sporting goods dcler of
t’liUudelplila, who Is often mis
taken for President Hardin';. .Mr.
Williams, wl>o recently was in laid
health, give* To nine full credit for
Ills recovery.
“1 suffered for yea v.ith ctontch
trouble, but the Tanlic troMmenilias
put me on my feet feeling line, and
l don’t hesitate to speak my mind
about it," declared William H. Wil
liams, 10 S. Fifth St., Philadelphia,
well-known and popular dealer in
hunting and fishing equipment.
"I suffered so fearfully with indi
gestion that often the simplest foods
caused me terrllic pains, and I didn't
know what it was to enjoy a hearty
meal. My food would not digest and
ft.lt like a lump, heavy as a bag of
shot, in my stomach. I was forever
taking something to try to get relief,
but it did no good.
"The best thing I ever did was
when I got Tanlac. I can now eat
i anything, any time, and never have
a trace of those awful after effects.
I certainly can go on record as a
Tanlac advocate.”
Tanlac is for sale by all good drug
gists. Accept no substitute.
Over 37 million Lotties sold.—
! (Adv.)
It’s Easy— lf You Know Dr.
Edwards* Olive Tablets
The secret of keq ing young is to feel
young—to do this you must watch your
liver and bowels—there’s no need of
having a sallow complexion—dark rings
under your eyes—pimples—a bilious
look in your face—dull eyes with no
sparkle. Your doctor will tell you ninety
per cent of all sickness comes from
inactive bowels and liver.
Dr. Edwards, a well-known physician
in Ohio, perfected a vegetable com
pound mixed with dive oil to act on the
liver and bowels, which he gave to his
patients for years.
Dr. Edwards' Clive Tablets, the sub
stitute for calomel, are gentle in their
action yet always effective. They bring
about that natural buoyancy which all
should enjoy by toning dp the liver and
clearing the system of imparities.
Dr.Edwards’OiiveTablets are known
by their olive color. It c and 30c.
From Itichard Thomas Williams to
Elsie M. Williams. 2 tracts of land in
the Second district, the first tract
containing 1 1-2 acres and the second
track; containing 1 14-100 acres.
From Sarah E. Dicus to John T.
Dicus and wife, tract of land in this
From Sarah E. Dicus to Louis Hill
man and wife, tract of land near
Jossups in the Fourth district.
Freni The City-coßealty Company,
of Baltimore, to Elizabeth B. Leslie,
lot of ground at Shoreacres, In this
From United Realty and Home
Builders’ Inc., to Joseph Toomey and
wife lot of ground at Arundel Manor,
Third district.
From George W. Crowner and wife
to ftuther Fountain, tract of land in
the Great Swamp in the Seventh dis
trict, containing 1 acre.
William Dotson to William C. Dot
son and wife, tract of land in this
county, containing % of an acre.
From The City-co Realty Company,
of Baltimore City, to G. Fred Bach
and wife, 6 lots of ground at Shore
acres, in this county.
From Waltor H. Wheeler and wif
to Joseph E. Muse and others, tract
of land in the Third district, contain
ing 12 acres.
From Janies Green and wife tc
John E. Green and wife, tract of lan<
in this county, containing 4 acres.
From John K. Culver and wife t<
Ernest Jagerman, 2 lots of ground at
Brooklyn Park, Fifth district.
From The Severna Company to Jos
— :
of Interest to
“/ will build a car for the multitude ’ ’
Said*Henry Ford in 1903—Read how the fulfillment
of that prophecy is now made possible through the
For many years it has been Henry Ford’s personal ambition to make the Ford
the universal family car —to put it within the reach of the millions of people who
have never been privileged to enjoy the benefits of car ownership.
During the past .fifteen years over 7,500,000 Ford cars have been placed in the
hands of retail customers —more than a million and a half of them within the
past twelve months—and yet there are still millions of families who are hope
fully looking forward to the day when they can own a Ford.
And now the way is open.
Under the terms of this plan you can select your Ford Car, set aside at small
amount each week and you will be surprised how soon you will own it. In the
meantime your money will be safely deposited to your credit in one of the local
banks where it will draw interest.
Think it over. Five dollars will start an account. The whole family can par
ticipate in it—father, mother, brothers and sisters each doing a little.
Why not start today. Stop in and talk it over with your local Ford dealer. He
will be glad to fully explain the details of the plan and help you get started to
ward the ownership of a Ford car.
Ford Motor Company
Detroit, Michigan
l * . _ , _
eph A. Stewart ami wife, lot of ground
at Severna Park, in the Third dis
From Fenryn Watts and wife to!
Emory A. Kelbaugh. tract of land In j
this dounty, containing 77% acres.
From John W. Turner and wife to
Harry E. Fairaii and wife, 2 lots of
ground at Odenton, Fourth district.
From Joshua S. Linthieum and wife
to Frederick Ditz and wife, tract of
land in this county, containing 10 9-10 j
From Charles H. Jeffrey and wife
*o Joshua S. Linthieum. tract of land
la this county, containing 22 acres.
From John T. Dicus and wife to
3arah E. Dicus. tract of land near
Severn Station in the Fourth district,
containing % acre.
From Rudolph Kaiser to Charles
Hromadnik and wife, property at
West Annapolis, Second district. j
From James Alrjjims and wife to
John F. Neal, Jr., and wife, lot of
ground at Camp Parole, Second dis
From Maria Caroline Franklin to
Anne W. Iglehart, lot of ground on
Cathedral street, this city.
From Walter H. Hart and wife to
Harry Ivery and'wife, lot of ground
on Acton Lane, this city.
From J. Frank Harwood and wife
‘o John Becker and wife, 2 lots of
ground at Curtis Heights, Fifth dis
From Christian Miller and wife to
Sinter M. Herpich and wife, lot of
ground at Manhattan Beach, Second
From John K. Culver and wife to
Luther S. Banning and wife. 2 lots of
ground at Brooklyn Park, Fifth dis
From Howard M. Pumphroy to
Emma Knob loch, 2 lots of ground at
River!a Beach, in this county.
I From Charles H. Neely and wife to
Margaret May Felton, lot of ground
st South Riypr Park, 'First district.
From Roland Terrace Corporation |
to Carlo Marangone and wife, 2 lots ! <
of ground at Roland Terrace, Fifth ; i
i district.
From William L. Lush and wife to |
I Felice Ferrero and wife, tract of land
in the Second district, containing 94
j From The City-co Realty Company,
of Baltimore City, to Kate B. Moltz.
2 lots of ground at Bodkin Plains,
j this county.
From Thomas L. Roche end wife
to Harry Perkins, lot of ground it
this county, containing 2 68-100 acres
From Agnes E. O'Cain and husband
and others to Robert G. Middleton
and wife, property at Eastport, Sec
ond district.
From Addie C. Davis to Lee Al
, hin McNew.cnd wife, lot of ground
at Germantown. Second district,
j .Front David Scarlett Ross to Johr
E. Kehoe and others, 2 lots of ground
' at Thompsons Farms. Fourth district I
From August Danihak and wife to
Jacob Peltz and wife, lot of ground
> in the Third district, containing 2 63-
100 acres.
From Clarence W. Douglas and
| wife to R. Marie Baldnian, tract of
land at Furnace ranch, in this coun
ty. containing 75-100 acres.
From Charles M. Carlson and wife
: and others to Henry McCoy and wife,
■ lot of ground on Clay street, this
From Kate Hutton to John M. Tay-
I lor, 35 feet on Duke of Gloucester
! street, this city.
From John K. Culver and wife to
John L. Williams and wife, 2 lhts
f cf ground at Brooklyn Park, Fifth
■ j district.
From Bay Ridge Realty Corpora
• tion to Carey B. Stokes and wife, lot
t of ground at Bay Ridge, Second dis
) From Bertie Nixdorf and liusland
1 to Anastas Spiro Bob, lot of ground
■ 1 In the Fifth district.
From Joseph Gottschalk and other.'
to Sam Kamenetx and wife, property j
on corner of Main and Green streets, j
this city.
From Aladdin Realty and Home I
Builders. Inc., to Christian H. Rags
dale, lot of ground at Colonal Park,
his county.
From The Workman’s Co-Operative
Realty Company, Inc., to Samuel M.
Saunders and wife, 2 lots of ground
in Third district.
From Henry Mlerzejewski and wife
to Gertrude Olkowski, tract of land
in rthis county, at Outing Park, in
the Fifth district.
From Joseph E. Tayman and wife
to Daniel L. Paget and wife, prop
erty at West Annapolis, Second dis
From The Workman's Co-Operative
Realty Company, Inc., to Walter F.
Coppersmith, lot of ground In the
Third district.
inira district. y .
What to Eat and Why
“Proteins” in Your Food Important for Tissue-Building
' ■■■ 1 ' * ■■■■■■■■■■!■■■■■ I ■
The Proteins in our foods are in
charge of an important work for
us. They are a necessary fnctor in
building and maintaining the body
tissues. We need a certain, definite
quantity of Proteins daily from our
food—and the quality as well as the
quantity of the Proteins is im
Grape-Nuts includes the excellent
Proteins of the wheat, and the
supply of Proteins is supplemented
by the cream or milk with which
Grape-Nuts is eaten.
The Proteins in Grape-Nuts are
combined with a very desirable
form of carbohydrates (the grain
starches) which are partially pre
digested through the long, slow
baking by which Grape-Nuts is
made. In its easy and quick diges
[ tion and assimilation Grape-Nuts
helps prevent the unfavorable in-
Song 01' The Mi.Mlr.Hrs(
We heard of an old - fashioned
housekeeper soliloquizing as follows
when her husband presented her with
a vacuum cleaner, which she accepted
with suspicion:
“A cloth and a broom are a cloth
and a broom; and a pail and a mop
are a pail and a mop. Behind them
there’s me. I’m doing the cleaning,
and I'm doing it thorough, and I know
I’m doing it thorough. But what do l
know about it when there's electricity
instead of me, and instead of brooms
and mops a stick that sucks and a
machine that purrs? No matter how
well it cleans —and I've promised to
give the thing a fair show—this 1 will
say: Housecleaning that way will
never feel like real housecleaning unv
more, and a cleaned house can't be
expected to exhale celestial peace and
soap the same old way!"—(From the
testinal conditions which often
occur from other sources of Protein
supply and which greatly interfere
with nutrition.
Grape-Nuts, with cream or milk,
■ is a complete food, containing
! phosphorus, iron, calcium and
• vitamins—elements vitally neces
sary for the body’s needs but of
; ten lacking in modern, “refined’
s foods.
1 You will find Grape-Nuts won
i derfully crisp, flavory and appetiz
ing—a delightful part of any meal
> and an important aid to health and
i Ready to serve from the package
• ’—order from your grocer today.
r Many servings to a package of this
s genuinely economical food. Grnpe
- Nuts—the Body Builder. “There’s
5 a Reason.” Made by Post urn
- Cereal Co., Inc., Battle Creek, Mich.
i - --J ~

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