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{turning (liajrttaJ
Ixs 4
Ptibllalieri 1•!!)• Ki<r. t ,t Sunday by
18 ah •nl<> ni I la; Pillowing |iU< >'•:
(ieorgt- 'V. Jnnti WVI S*r,-.-t
William S.liult/4- .14 Ktr**el
(•eorgi- J. Inla ....'I Maryland A\e
(’baa (j Keldnieyor .'•*! Maryiiml t‘~.
"Hli-ablrd Confectionery" King ileorjre St
William Hal.er Wi-at A <'attMnb.il Sta
W. H t A. NviUud, Short Lio 'lVeminai
M. Mile * .an MVI Mnti
N. M in<i ia. Ttilr.l Ar Kewrn K.nliaiii
I*r. Chaiti*a It. HerbH...*l Mu I *'t.
Wiirtlo* Muaual Slwre. U.H > 'nei
Samara* . Mihi A • *••• ’*>•’
Delivered ill Ai"tiM'*lta li.->al|iurt. ‘ i*-r
rngntUWli anil WVei Vj.nuj> dl* i>> i-anler
for 45 i-i-iita |-r mouth.
You (iiii linvi- 11 .* MV I 'CAPITA!,
nialleil tn you wi, • awr t,• -i tin* city
by leaving v< u> ,>•• .-iidreaa ut tle
office, fur 47 ■ I’iiin i 'iiouiti; so.no imr
year, puyabig |i >- t. < ••• any p-rMoittr**
111 the l liitftu Sidle* r Cioiuda.
Kntereil ni Annaimlta P-*t office aa
Keen lid -Clue* Mnitfr.
Member or n Umi lninl I‘reaa
Tin* Aaaocl <i.*• I I'(-<••* la evrlii
alrelj’ cntiMi-'i to flic uac for re
iiubll'Hilou nr nil m-wa credited to
It or not oUierwlae credited In
thla paper and aI an the local m>wi
publtabcd herein. All rlghta of
re • publication of apeclal die
patrliea herein are nlao rea-rved.
THURSDAY, APRIL 2fi. 192;t.
Ohio is undertaking an inter
esting experiment in Jurispru
dence. Governor Donaliey has
approved an act of the legislature
providing a thirteenth juror in
jury trials. The additional juror
will hear all the evidence and the
charge, hut will not vote on a
verdict unless one of the othci
jurors is unable to complete the
Adoption of this statue was
prompted largely by the num
of instances in which mistrials
have occured on account of a
juror becoming incapable of con
tinuing in the case. The remain
ing jurors \tcre not permitted to
agree u||on a verdict, hut it be
came neCessiiry for the county to
assume the costs of another triuj.
If the adaption of the plan of
having ; tl frtcenth person id the
jury ho* sflouhl have the effect
of rendering unlikely the loss in
volved fit I mistrial, it should
serve a j|sc7ui propose in expe
diting Ibstiixi - Htid -uv<Mig. tlwi
money of the taxpayers. That
would couxtilute. all the julUica
tion it needs.
in a iintitv
A traffic observer why is"also
an observer of human-flat lire re
marks that it is the “hurry bug”
that causes most of the accidents.
He thinks it ,w almost as definite
a thing as the hookworm, which
makes people naturally and i
sufferably slow. It simply works
in the opposite way, developing
a mania for speed.
The victims of this mania
imagine that they have to he al
ways going at maximum velocity.
They try to keep up their speed
regardless of obstacles, laws or
other people's rights. So they
are always smashed up or smash
ing up somebody else. And what
does it get them, even if they es
cape violent damage? In plung
ing around at break neck speed
they may save, it" they are lucky,
a few minutes of time, but what
do they do with tlie time tints
saved ?
They waste it. in all proba
bility, smoking or chatting, to re
lieve the strain, t>r else they
plunge just as feverishly into
their work, and probabh waste
the time saved, and more, by ner
vous and unwise action.
It is all right to be in a hurry,
but all wrong to have one’s mind
in a hurry. The biggest and
most successful men. the men
who get the most done, are near
ly always men who do not let
themselves get hurried, and who
therefore see clearly and act
calmly and make no mistakes.
Wild flowers are in danger of
extermination in many sections
of the country. The fact that
they are so eagerly sought af
fords the greatest reason for tak
ing measures to perpetuate
them. The charm of the wood
land and all the great out
doors has become available to
thousands who formerly knew
little of such beauties through
the present extensive use of the
automobile and the improvement
of roads. \\ ith the disappear
ance of forest- there i- a real
danger that many of the finest
wild flowers may become ex
If care were used in gathering
wild flowers they would continue
to propagate themselves, but in
many instances the plant is de
stroyed by taking away the fol
iage, or by leaving no blossoms
I for the development of seeds.
Protection f wild flowers by law
i v uld be difficult, although wild
j animals are protected against
iUiuitir-.. L he*, worst vandalism i:;j
practiced by those who pick wild}
! flower - and throw them away be
: fore reaching home because they
wilt quickly.
An aroused public sentiment}
J w mid do much to presiyve wild!
■ i\\ jrs that are rapidk,’ disap-J
t p* aring. They are much more}
! f .auiiful in their natural sur-l
■ rounding.--, than in a vase, to be}
di. carded in a few hours and!
never again to reproduce their}
ti e Beautiful
Morning Brides
-; Tin popularity of the Improved
' n urnir.g brides (Scabiosa). contin
jik to grow as their value for cut
j tln't 1 ecotnea more appreciated. Some
J strikingly tcautiful new colors are
| offe-cd. These- see.ls should be start
! e.l Indoors and transplanted into their
j I ormsnent quarters, as they need a
j long growing season to develop their
* blooming qualities.
While the mourning l rides do no: j
j land themselves to large I c:ls or
! marses, as well as many other an
nuals, their colors being soft and dc
liertc. they are strikingly beautiful
j in small groups in the annual border
J or in conjunction with other annuals.
, They are also excellent to plant in
| bays in the shrubbery, where they
I will be displayed against the hack
i ground of foliage.
The lavender shades of the Srabi
, ‘ sa have become a favorite with cut
flower growers, especially when as
sociated with the flesh-colored varie
ties. With their long wiry steins,
which often, are gracefully curved,
they are one of the finest of annuals
for indoor decoration, and the flowers
keep a long time.
Azure Fairy and Amethyst tiro vari
eties in lavender which are very pop
ular. The Scabiosas are not partic
ular as to soil, and will flourish in
almost any situation, but they need
lull sunlight for their development,
and if a full crop of blossoms is to
bo secured the fading flowers must
Le kept pkiceri. Thov may Ic sown
• n the open ground as soon as it aim
to worked, but from this sowing thiiy
}l# no# (t-rmo .full Hoorn 1 ofttto
tIA- 1.-taL of Aii'iit't/ K.nrlier sown
seeds may be had in bloom in the
1 gubrtnt In July.
-T --
Why Father Is \ Hit
Father is a nice article tc hJtlf.
|< -*tt>und> the -houM). unti-nt,k j.
Father dtgt.; not arrive, uirtii 6 p. nil,
ilrfu- YhVdWPIVMh’YW mw.
Father is a newcomer from the
oitffildc word’; mother is a l ack"huhV
ler from the kitchen.
jn his pocket,
fvliidS hi? turns over kids.
wli/tVm s nmtlu.j; holds on to thp.pct:-
' nicn p. nay for the milk amt qggs.
| V.any a father is the only sprxfl
inen ot rtches which thc'rhlldrenj ara
- awtu-W qf; ;uoth#r is the Sahocli. do
• martdfnif her pound of i*tick st-aw
i Father is amused by the children;
mother thinks they ought to be in
; bed.
r l’apa lies in bed on Sunday morn
ing; mother gets the children up for
[ j Sunday-school and makes them wash
their faces and comb their hair.
Papa is lazy on Sunday; mania is
art of irritable and her nerves are
c u edge.
Father is soothing to the nerves,
but mother is a seething volcano of
■ activity.
No wonder father captures the
■ fancy of the family.
Ha is a good sport.
He is lazy.
Ho does not fuss.—Baltimore Ain
i rican.
t a mile Test For Fxsrs
There is an absolutely certain,test j
• j for the freshness of eggs which any
one can carry out.
Egg shells seen under a powerful
,i microscope are found to be full of tiny
. pores, through which air gradually
j leaks in ar, the egg grows older.
! When it is quite fresh the egg con
i tains a bubble of air little bigger than
; a pea. This increases in size day by
I day until at the etui of a fortnight
ill is almost the size of a walnut.
> The air bubble can be seen quite
easily if the egg is placed between
-a strong light ami the eye.
, The best way cf carrying out the
le.--', is to make a cardboard screen
containing a hole the shape and size
of an average egg. Place this in
front of a lighted candle and hold
the eggs up one by one to the hole.
The air space can now be seen quite
easily. If the egg is quite new laid,
it will he no larger than the little
finger nail; but. in the case of an old
stager, it will appear as large as a
half dollar.
is an acute attack of Nasal Catarrh
Those subject to fre-.-ient “colds” are
generally in a “run iwn" condition
treatment consisting o! an Ointment
to be used locally, and a Tonic, which
acts quickly through the Blood on the
I Mucous Surfaces, building up the Sys
tem. and making you lass liable tc
Sold by druggists for over 40 years
F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo. O.—Adv
r - n
Yon Fan Tell This To The World
The meek may inherit the
earth, but they don’t seem to
have much luck in clinging to
; their inheritance.
j TT WAS nearly dusk In the forest, but
| Dot one of the trees around the big
j oak tree was ready to be quiet for the
( night. And no wonder, for they all
' were very much upset,
j That day u woodman had worked bis
| way through the underbrush and had
<-areful!y looked at all the trees. He
had walked all around the Big Oak and
finally made a mark upon the bark.
None of the trees needed to be told
what the mark meant! Year nfter year
the same thing has happened to the
unfortunate tree that bore the cross.
Men with huge axes cut away the un
derbrush to make a path for their
team, and then the dreadful sawing
would begin.
But perhaps you do not know- about
the cruel saw. It is a long piece of
steel with sharp, jagged teeth, and at
“Pine Tree, You Are Very Small.”
each end Is a handle, and with this saw
(he men work back and forth making
a ringing and singing sound us they
saw deeper and deeper Into the trunk
of the tree, but If you are not a tree
tlie sound is quite pleasant to hear.
And this was the reason that all the
trees around Big Oak were awake and
.sighing that night, for they knew it
.would soon be gone, though their sym
pathy tlid not moke It any easier for
Kig oik to bear the thought of its
;fnto. j{
Just beneath the Oak grew a small
pine trfip, not very old, but, oh. so very
wise aspou will soon, learn. Vainly had
Rind tried to make its voice
heard above the moans and sighs of
Hie larjier trees, and when It was about
ready give up Chestnut Tree, sway
ing nesr, bent a branch low enough to
notice jittle Pino.
■ * 11 ! -I
It is a very hard undertaking to seek
to please everybody. —Publius Syrus.
TT IS a usual comment that men like
bright lights in their homes while
women like the softly shaded light,
uml the reason for the latter prefer
( nee no doubt Is due somewhat to the
fact that the “dim, religious light” Is
far more favorable to one's complexion
;han the bright light that finds favor
in masculine eyes. But, of course,
men do not like bright, glaring
light, nr do all women like the light
that is dull.
There are some newly rich people
who find some sort of comfort in hav
ing all the lights in their homes burn
ing in all the rooms of their houses
during the evening. To them there
I seems to he rare satisfaction in never
having to snap out an electric light but
to pass from one room to another
with no question ns to the matter of
lights. Somehow a flood of artificial
lights indicates luxury to some folk.
But truly It is not considered in the
best taste to indulge in such an orgy
of light. In the dining room the light
should be subdued to a certain extent,
preferably the light on the table should
!>e given by wax tapers, and the side
lights only bright enough to make it
possible for servants to get about.
There is a look of coziness about the
dining room. that is not too brightly
lighted that the one that is a blaze
of lights cannot possess.
When you have guests, you should
to some extent consult their wishes
concerning lights. That is, see that
ihey have a convenient bedside light,
especially If you know they are wake
ful, and see that they are seated near
the living room light if they are sew- I
ing or reading. Again, be sure, if your
guests have a headache or eyes that
are not strong, that you arrange the
lights to be agreeable to them.
{© by McClure Newspaper Syndicate.)
Drums of Skulls Used by Tibetans.
Brums, made out of the tops of i
skulls, over which is stretched human ;
skin, are used to make “music" in va
rious parts of Tibet. But skulls are
not the only portion of their ances
tors from which these fascinating peo
ple extract melody and rhythm. Many
an intriguing tune is played on a na
tlve_trumpet formed from a human
thigh-bone drilled and holed and
adapted to the production of sweet
Thomas—l'd give my life for you.
Maria—Cheap Bkate! -Nine or
“What is it you are trying to say 1
away down there. Pine Tree?” it asked.
“You will have to grow faster if you '
wish to talk to us." 1
In a brisk tone that made its needles 1
stand quite straight it said: "I have
something to say to Big Oak."
"It is very kind of you to t*e sorry,"
sighed the Oak, but tonight I really l
cannot bear any more sympathy."
Little Pine Tree saw that It had
them all interested and bristling its
needles it spoke in a sharp, clear voice
so that ull could hear. “Big Oak," it
asked, “what have you ever done that
was really useful?"
Big Oak lifted its branches in dis
may at such a question; it swayed a
Tittle too, before it could find voice to
reply, for everyone bad looked upon
Big Oak as the most important of the
forest dwellers.
“Why, ray big branches and leaves,"
it managed to gasp, “do they not fur
nish shade for all the forest folk who
run about below and do not my strong
limbs make homes for many others as
well, and you ask me, who is the
mighty one of the forest, of what use
I have been in the world? Oh, this is
too much, too much.”
“Pine Tree, you are very small to be
so wise, but If this be true," said the
Chestnut Tree, “how did you find it
out? You have never been out of the
“It is rather a long story, but if you
will be patient I will tell you ull about
it,” answered the Little Pine.
“My mother was a Christmas tree,
of course. Sjhe lived in the forest first,
hut she was marked and then one day
she went to a big house and was
dressed in gayly-eolored trimmings and
little children clapped their hands und
danced about when they saw us—l
mean her, my mother.”
“How wonderful,” murmured all the
trees, looking with envy upon Big Oak,
who now had raised itself to its full
height and no longer felt sad.
“Did you see anything made of my
wood?" asked the Chestnut Tree.
“I had only a little time to peek at
things," replied the Pine, “but I know
this, that every wood has its use nnd
that if you all grow big and tall you
Will some day be chosen 'just as Big
Ouk Isr-tv le carried out forest
nnd become useful and pktrfiaps beau
“Thank you. Little Pine, nnd good
lilglit," murmured ail t,lie trees, as they
quietly folded their leaves and went to
sleep, contented and happy.
> Little Pine had taught them a les
son that the things most dreaided
sometimes turn out to be the greatest
blessings in life.
($. lOir, by MrClUrf* Newspaper Syndicate.)
YOUR- IITTHow to'ReacrYotn^
IJANn oi Characteristics
nonnminm Tendencies the
Mocnmnnaai Capabilities or Weak
(V nesses That Mike for Success or
|j Failure as Shojwn in Yotar Palm
* "
TX7HEN the lower joints of the fln-
J V g r ers, and especially of the finger
of Saturn, the middle finger, are well
knotted, it is a mark of skill in mu
sical composition. Skill in execution
•f music is indicated by fiuger tips that
are well padded.
Some authorities on palmistry hold
that a very good sign of skill and tul
ent—perhaps even genius—in music is
indicated by a linger of Jupiter (or
forefinger) that is bent or curved; In
rare cases, even to a degree approach
ing the semi-circle. Tills mark or sign
is accentuated and strengthened If tlie
linger of Mercury, tlie little finger, is
also bent in similar fashion. This
shows a good musician of any sort, but
especially a pianist. If only one finger
is bent, some hold, It Is a sign of a
person who simply has a great love of
music, while tlie bending of both fin
gers means performer of music.
A short, sharp vertical line on the
mount of Apollo, at the base of the
third finger, is held to mean. Invaria
bly. skill in music. If the line of for
tune (running from the line of life
toward Mercury) leaves the line of
life at a sharp angle, It means love
af music.
(© by the Wheel-r Syndicate, Inc.)
! <7r,
Mother (aside) —Edna, your color
looks tight
Edna—Oh, but mother, he isn’t.—
Orange OwL
Strawberry Bavarian ( mini
One pint crashed strawberries. 1 *
ni|* sugar, juice of half a lemon, 21
tablespoonfuls granulated gelatine, 1
pint whipping cream, cup water.
Stir gelatine and water together
and let stand 5 to 10 minutes. Hold
over boiling water then to dissolve. I
I’our into this the strawberries, su
gar and letuon juice mixed together.
Cover bottom of large bowl with
cracked ice sprinkled with salt. Set
smaller bowl containing straw! orry ;
mixture on this ice and stir until it
thiekens. Then fold in die cream,
which has been whipped until stitT.
Pour the strawberry cieaai into a
fancy mold and set in refrigerator
for five or six hours, until stiff
eaougii to hold in shape when turned I
out. Serve with plain cake. —Evening
Would Help Some
Father—Have you had any encour
agement from niv daughter.
Suitor -Well, she said you would
probably be willing to continue her
montly allowance after our mar
Carlson & Carlson
ice, Gloucester sr.
Agents for Johns-Manvilie Asbestos.
Estimate* Cheerfully Own.
I*ll ONE 37
Notice Is hereby given that the sub
scriber. of Anne Arundel county, lias ob
tained from the Orphans' Court <*f Aline
Arundel County, in Maryland. Letters of
Administration ou the personal estate of
'ate of Atuie Arundel county, deceased.
\ll persons having claims against the de
•eased are hereby warned to exhibit the
tame, with the vouchers thereof, to the
subscriber on or before the
They may otherwise, by law, lie excluded
from all benefit of said estate. Ail persons
ndebted to said estate are requested to
itake immediate payment.
Given under luy hand this 2fitli day of
February, 10211.
N.Mee is hereby given that the sub
tcriber. of Anne Arundel county, lias ob*
ained from the Orphans' Couit of Antic
\rundel county, in Maryland, Letters oi
Administration oil the personal estate ol
ate of Anne Arundel eounty, deceased.
I .All persons having claims against I lie de
eased are hereby warned to exhibit the'
tune, with' flu* vouchors thereof, to the
subscriber on or oefore the
2Utli DAY OF JULY, 1023,
They may otherwise, by law. be excluded
from all benefit of snid estate. AIJ per
Sons indebted to said estate are requested
i make immediate payment.
L Glvyu under my hand this 29tli day of
?iiiuary, 19231
\ ♦ * > *f*— rf- j * ■
jt Notice is hereby given that the sub
‘♦•riber. of A line Arundel comity, tms ob
tained from tho orphans' Court of Anne
fArutidcl County, in Maryland. Letters Tes-
on the personal estate of
•fcite of Aline Arundel county; tleeeased.
Ml jiersons ihavrirg,claims . amiinst lUq tie
'teased are lteiVby waruetKtA i'vliibtti <th|
'same, with the voftclierscojeri'ii tb flit
Subscriber uaror before tin- 1
2th DAY OF NKPTEMHER, 11123.
They mat otherwisd, diy law. be excluded
Jftfoin all tieaelit of said estate. All |s.*V
•ions indebted t<( sahl estate stre request id
to make immediate ' payment.
Given .under my , hand this 2<gU day of
March,’ Ur.’*.
Notice is hereby given that the sub
criber. of Anne Arundel county, has ob
ained from the Orphans' Court of Anne
Vrnndel County, in Maryland, Letters of
Vdmiuißtratiou on the personal estate of
ate of Anne Arundel eounty, deceased,
vli persons having claims against the de
eased arc hereby warned to exhibit the
tame, with the vouchers thereof, to the
übkcrlber on or before the
291 b DAY OF JULY, 1923.
'hey may otherwise, by law. lie excluded
rout all benefit of said estate. All per
ons indebted to said estate are requested
o make immediate payment.
Given under my hand this 23rd day of
laruary, 1923.
Notice is hereby given that the sub
scriber, of Anue Arundel county, lias ob
tained from the Orphans’ Court of Anne
Vrnndel County, in Maryland. Letters of
Vdiaiulstratiou on the personal estate of
late of Anne Arundel county, deeesaed. All
•ersous having claims against the deceus
d are hereby warned to exhibit the same
with the vouchers thereof to the sub
scriber on or before the
12th DAY OF AUGUST, 1923.
They may otherwise, by law. be excluded
from ail benefit of said estate. All per
sons indebted to said estate are requested
to make immediate payment.
Given under my hand this 6th day of
February, 1933.
Notice is hereby given that the sub
scriber. of Anne Arundel county, lias ob
tained from the Orphans’ Court of Anne
Arundel County, in Maryland. Letters of
Administration on the personal estate of
late of Anne Arundel county, deceased.
All persons having claims against the de
ceased are hereby warned to exhibit the
same, with the vouchers thereof, to the
subscriber on or before the
2Gth DAY OF AUGUST, 1923
They may otherwise, by law. be excluded
from all benefit of said estate. All persons
Indebted to said estate are requested to
make immediate payment.
Given under my band this 29th day of
February, 1923.
Notice is hereby given that the sub
scriber has obtained from the Orphans'
Court of Anne Arundel County. In Mary
land. Letters Testamentary on the per
sonal estate of
late of Aune Arundel county, deceased.
All persons having claims against the de
ceased are hereby warned to exhibit the
same with the vouchers thereof, to the
subscriber on or before the
12th DAY OF AUGUST, 1923.
They may otherwise, by law. be excluded
from ail benefit of said estate. All per
sons indebted to said estate are requested
to make immediate payment.
Given under my hand this 6th day of
February, 1923.
Personalty and chattels located j
on the farm of Lars T. Leaf
and wife, near Chesterfield,
Anne Arundel county, Mary
As we arc retiring from farming, wc will
offer for sale by public auction, on the
premises near Chesterfield, Anne Arundel I
| county. Maryland, ou
Monday, April 30. 1923
At 3 o'clock I*. M ,
the following property, namely:
One si t good harness: 2.ton tobacco*
*-:i<kw: 1 spriug wigou; l bugu.v body; tj
double drag: 2 double plows; 1 single |
plow: a brooder stoves :1 gasoline engine
in good eondltiou; 1 wash bowl: 1 seed ,
planter; 1 tobstci-o planter; 1 airtight j
I stove; 2 incubators: 3 hogs: 11 bags of j
fertilizer: 4 tons lime: 3 bags cement; 3
{hogsheads for tobacco; t butter churn; 1,
wash wringer: 1 swing; 3 12 liogshuads j
J tobacco; 2 uil stoves; 2 sewing ibiieliiues: j
7 beds: 1 parlor set; 2 chiffoniers: ."
bureaux: 1 parlor stove; 1 ilaver.port: ! I
looker; 7 chairs: 1 kit lien table: I round j
table: l cook stove; 1 lot glass jars; tj
lisibv chair: 1 Rest Jacket pump: 1 hot
water heater and parts; 1 l”t lumber, and,
all other chattels now located on said j
For Sale
Dwelling on First St.. .$2,100.00
Dwelling on State St... 4,200.00
Dwelling on Green St.. 7,000.00
Bungalow. Little Aber
deen Creek 2,500.00
Dwelling, Murray Ave.. 7,300.00
Dwelling, Murray Ave.. 7.000.00
Dwelling, 54 Southgate
Ave. 8,500.00
Dwelling, 95 Conduit St. 6,000.00
Bungalow, West St 4,500.00
Bungalow, Severn
Ave 2,400.00
Bungalow, Severn Ave.. 3,090.00
Real Estate & Insurance
31 SCHOOL ST. a26
S|Niii(ln|, Sheet Metal slid Slate Work
l I * .1
VMONK 151-W.
j Min-riTY TKirtoivAi.s
- -- .
Half riourly Service Morning nnd Evening
Between Annapolis. Baltimore n d
Washington nn d Camp Meade.
(Washington and Camp Mcadq .1
passengers change at Naval
<- Academy .1 miction.)
► ;j i 1 ——
West Street Station
510. xs.ji(>. 6.20. 'x6.50. x 7.50. S2O 0 **o
l 10.20. 11.20. A. M.. 12.20. 1.20. 220 320
4.20. xl.no. 5.30, 6.20. 7.00, 8 20. 10 20
I 11.20. P. M. , .
Leave Naval Aeademv Gate 10 minutes
r earlier: Store Tlmtse Station, Bladen
Street and College Avenue, seven (7t
minutes earlier
Connecting at Odenton with I*. R. R.
Bladen Street Station
5.20 A. M and half-boiirly thereafter at 20
and 50 minutes after each hour until
> 0.00 I*. M„ then at 7.50, 8.50, 9.50, 10.50
f ami 11.50 P. M.
( 5.20 and 5.50 A. M. trains daily except
,„ EE * VE BALTIMORE— W.. B. * A.
i 5.35, 7.35, 8-35, 9.33. 10.35, 11.35. A. M .
12.35, 1.35, 2.35. 3.35, *4.05, 4.35. x 5 05
5.35. 6.35, 7.35, 9.35. 11.12), I*. M., 12.35
A. M.
All trains receive or discharge passengers
l at local points between Annapolis and
Naval Academy Junction and at Ship
-1 my and Li nth leu in on signal.
Howard and Lombard Sts.
5.15 A. M. and lialf-bourly thereafter at 1J
and 45 minutes after each hour until
6.15 I*. M.. then at 7.15, 8.15. 9.15, 10.15
11. la. P. M.. and 12.15. A. M.
5.15 and 0.45 A. M. trains dally except
1 5.00, 6.45, 8.00, 9.00. 10.00, 11.00. A. M„ 12.00
1.00, 2.00, 3.00. x 3.30. 4.00, x 4.30. 5.00.
6.00, 7.00. 9 00, 11.00. P. M.. 12.10 A. M.
1 x—Dally except Sunday.
For tickets and Information applv at our
- city ticket offices: West Street Station,
Carvel Hall, Short Line Station, Bladen
f For the purpose of fixing and establish
ing a special tax to cover the cost of
making connection with sewer on
Monroe Court.
Section 1. Be it established and or
dained by the Mayor. Counselor and
. Aldermen of the City of Annapolis that a
. new section be added to Article 36 of the
. < *ty l*°de of Annapolis, to follow Section
f of said Article, nnd to read as follows:
f “Section 10. Ail owners of property
abutting on Muiiroe Court shall be as
sessed the sum of twenty dollars, or a*
• much thereof as necessary, for the purpose
■ of covering the cost of the outlet from tin
’ main sewer to a point near su<‘h abutting
property, affording easier access to said
sewer," and all portions of this sewer be
yond the “Y" attached to main sewer and
1 connecting with abutting property shal
t he considered the sewer of the owner of
1 such abutting property.
Section 2. And be It established and
f ordained by the authority aforesaid that
this ordinance shall take effect from the
date of passage.
Approved April 16. 1923.
Attest: Mavor.
_ City Clerk.
On and after Monday, April 23rd. the
. City Clerk will be prepared to issue all
- City Licenses, including Cart and Wagon
s Licenses. Carriage Licenses. Pole Licenses.
1 Pool and Billiard Room. Slot Machines.
Hucksters’, Theatre snd Moving Pictures.
Bowling. Fish Cart, Amusement Halls.
I ete.. etc.
Clerk's office open from 9 a. ni. to 1 p.
I m.. and 2 to 3 p. m. City's fiscal year be
gins May Ist, and all Ib-enses MI ST BE
f RENEWED prior to that date, or offender
Is subject to line.
£2O-tf. City Clerk.
ads 4km
LOST-Between |„ .. _
College Green.
>Mt!i pearl in
torn to Capital .on ,
FOR RENT- iiaTA. .'“T , , l
wished; *i\ r..,.n,s 1
ou-thc-Bay. l\,ur ' '
on 1 lie Chesapeake
Apply 5 school ss
FOR KENT store-. \ v ' f
1 ply Oscar Shacks. u ,
I FOR KENT Six ", ' |
venieucuu. Applv :\\
FOB RENT—ApniTnit-n! .. .. ,
nii dcni kiiivui,. ■
Main street.
| F'R KENT—Apartment; ,• , f
vetilences. Apply tsut si.
| sttai*f. " •
J FOR SALE -t>ne c,dt.
1 harness and 1 mn ; i
cheap. Apply 2t I';,in.il !. H
I l>K SILE Coluuitda s, \ •
driven 4.5tN) miles; pi-.,.,,
Price reusonablc. 1
Phone ItKt-.J. after 6 ::o p. , u
FOR SALE - Cadillac i „.p,T :
iiing condition: four new ~,r,‘
Will sacrifice to qiii, k tun. , , .
School stri*et Phone '.sir, ,1
for SALE Mot.nlmat~.,Mn .u-~~~ JS
fwt; fully equipped \,. u , ~ h
Palmer, eugliie. Sleeping
tltilis for four people or m,,r, H
runiiing water. eUs-trlc u-i,. s M '■
trip to Florida ami return. Ap, , H
School street. Phone :MC> .1 a
FOR SALK—RoII-top - dcsk~ |
Fashion,'’ 35 Maryland avenue' M
FOR SALE- Four pieee living , ~7i~
Apply 3 First street, Annapolis
FOR SALE- Haywood W ~k, ii.~.|' |. :l ),l
carriage in excellent condition. < !,..efl
Apply 230 West street. jjffl
FOR SALE Wilcox an-! ;.!.> fl
sewing in mil lue in perfect r ni ,|H
everything complete. Cost Ho; p,;,S
$25. Apply 21 Northwest street. ||
for SAU —Baby -fl
new. Apply 25 Randall street.
FOB SALE —Seven-passenger t'oirb , -,.l
Standard “8"; excellent condition k.,,S
a little over a.uoo miles. Phone M .1. ,1
FOB NAl.K—Bicycle; Motorbike
t’s'd for less than NOO miles. Wmfl
cyclometer. Phone 90 to 111.1U1
inent for inspectlpn.
FoK HALF.—Drophead Doinesti • ,1
1 chine.; cost SBS. Price sls. Al e „
lti’sd Standard, $lO, and a Wli,-el, r amfl
Wilson No. 9, for sl2. Apply -I Nirti.®
West street. •:J
! FOR SALE- -1923 Oakland Sport touring.
Apply 38 Brewer avenue. as|
t'OK SAI.F. One modern bungalow, fits
iU I rooms and,bath;, rtmnlug water, ftirn<-
. lH’t hud electric lights. R'rjht 11! Hit
lpigh Heights Station. A|qdy thutu*
' Tisclier. Earleigli Heights. fl.'*
tIEI.P W ANTED - Ladle- 11, tie wort
earn sls weeks mailing music < lr* iPhts in
your city and vicinity; send to.- f,.r
music copy and details, .bmcpl, I '.cue
nail. 447 Hast 17th street. New sorg
15-30. *2S
WANTED —t.irl for work In afterinmiis
Apply t Martin street. a-”'
WANTED Clerks.* Railway Mall. 1“ m.
ward. Exam. May 26: $1:53 me. IN
peiience unnecessary, lor free parth ,
1.-trs, write It. Terry (former < ivil mtv
its* examiner), 2t2 Barrister Ifidk
WasliiugUin, I>. C.
WANTED —Girl for general liousi-.v>rl
Family of two. Must be competent. ' - l!
and willing. No lautnlry. Apply V"'
Hanover (lower apartment). Phone 91
WANTED—Man with lawn mower to •u’
grass. Apply 42 Bay Uidge iivrina
East port. a -'
WANTED—Voung man to work on i">i;
try farm. Apply Rosevlale l'oiil'ry
Farm. Phone 492-W. a -'' j
WANTED —Competent woman for g*tf ■
housework. Inquire 109 Burnside #'■
uue, Esstport. '
WANTED —Work by the day. Laundry,
cleaning, or plain cooking. Apply <> 1
roll street.
SMITH—On April 25th. at the Eicrc
aged 26 years, beloved wife of . v
D. Smith.
Funeral tomorrow (Frldavi
at 4 o’elock from East|Mrt M. L < i ,ir< •
Interment in Edwards Chapel rein 1 -'
Aune Arundel County. Md.
Notice of Registration for
the City Election
Notice is hereby given ths* the Re:,
for the City Election will be held on
MONDAY, MAY 21, 1923
Offices of Registration open from 0 *
to 9 p. m., at tho following places:
FIRST WARD— Polling House. ■**
Street, next to Wster Win h Hook sen
der headquarters.
SECOND SVARD —Polling House, F‘
jtoor Municipal Building.
THIRD WARDD— Polling House, Becon
FOURTH WART)—Polling House, (tinr
Street, near Star Theatre.
This Registration Is lieM for s’ ,T '
are qualified to vote at the coming ‘ )
tion to be held in July.
a2l-td. _CdyU^
Dwelling, Bay Ridge Road, lot
50x160, electric lights, fruit trees.
SSOO cash, balance on time.
Real Estate A* Insurance
21 SCHOOL ST, 826

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